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UFO's (General/Chat)

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  • Aliens made me do it: Man vandalizes Sheboygan home

    10/14/2017 1:36:51 PM PDT · by BenLurkin · 19 replies
    When interviewed by police, Inphachack admitted to trying to set fire to the home twice, painting the letters “DNA” on the house twice, causing damage to a van by kicking it, and busting out the kitchen window using his skateboard. Inphachack did not know the house was under new owners and appeared to be targeting the former owners, police said. He also told officers that he has an alien virus from outer space and that the aliens were making him upset and were making him vandalize the home. Inphachack said the aliens used black magic on him and altered his DNA to make him...
  • Inside Knowledge About Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Could Lead To World-Changing Technology

    10/11/2017 8:57:37 AM PDT · by BenLurkin · 98 replies
    earthmysterynews ^ | October 11, 2017 | huffpo
    Tom DeLonge...spent many years studying UFOs, and essentially left his previous lucrative career to devote himself to this pursuit, using his own personal income and resources to set up an entertainment company called To The Stars (TTS). It had the goal of disseminating information about UFOs, consciousness, the paranormal and other unexplained mysteries through artistic pursuits such as fiction and non-fiction books, feature films, and television productions. Most importantly, while doing so, Tom was gradually able to establish relationships with flag officers and other highly placed insiders in the aerospace industry, intelligence, the Department of Defense and NASA. These independent...
  • Man Claiming To Be From The Year 2048 Says He's Back With A Dire Warning

    10/06/2017 10:16:36 AM PDT · by EdnaMode · 77 replies
    Huffington Post ^ | October 5, 2017 | Nina Golgowski
    A Wyoming man accused of public intoxication allegedly told police he traveled from the year 2048 to warn mankind of an impending invasion by extraterrestrials. Bryant Johnson issued his grave warning to Casper police Monday night after officers were called about the man and his out-of-this-world message, according to an arrest report obtained by HuffPost. Johnson, who police said smelled of alcohol and spoke with slightly slurred speech, allegedly told officers that “the aliens were coming next year and we needed to make sure to leave as fast as possible.” According to the report, he didn’t specify an exact date...
  • Has any Freeper here ever seen a ghost ?

    10/02/2017 4:39:46 PM PDT · by Eagles Field · 255 replies
    10-2-17 | Eagles Field
    I haven't. Do you believe in or not, and why.
  • Asteroid the size of a HOUSE to skim past Earth at one-eighth the distance of the Moon

    10/02/2017 10:06:26 AM PDT · by Red Badger · 43 replies ^ | 16:26, 2 OCT 2017 | By ophie Curtis
    An asteroid the size of a house will pass very close to Earth later this month, giving scientists a chance to try out their planetary defence system. The asteroid, known as 2012 TC4, was first spotted by the Pan-STARRS observatory in Hawaii in 2012, but its orbit meant that it could not be tracked. Early observations indicated that it could come as close as 4,200 miles from the Earth's surface - well within the ring of geostationary satellites - on October 12. However, new observations by the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope in Chile reveal that it will miss...
  • Airplanes passing overhead way up high in the sky. Where is that plane going?

    09/24/2017 1:44:13 PM PDT · by SamAdams76 · 95 replies
    Perfect day here in Connecticut. Just sitting on my back deck and not watching NFL football. Bonus summer day even though it's officially Autumn now. Yesterday I had gone to the Big E fair in Springfield, MA and ate pounds and pounds of deep-fried things that I never should have eaten. But at least I washed it all down with beer and cider. Mowed some lawn which is surprisingly still lush and green for this time of year. Some leaves are falling but not many. But what I did mostly was look up at the deep blue skies where I...
  • Are we being watched? Tens of other worlds could spot the Earth

    09/08/2017 11:56:13 AM PDT · by Red Badger · 30 replies ^ | 09-08-2017 | Provided by: Royal Astronomical Society
    Diagram of a planet (e.g. the Earth, blue) transiting in front of its host star (e.g. the Sun, yellow). Left: The lower black curve shows the brightness of the star noticeably dimming over the transit event, when the planet is blocking some of the light from the star. Right: How the transit zone of a Solar System planet is projected out from the Sun. The observer on the green exoplanet is situated in the transit zone and can therefore see transits of the Earth. Credit: R. Wells ======================================================================= A group of scientists from Queen's University Belfast and the Max Planck...
  • Nearly 3-mile wide asteroid to pass close by Earth Sept. 1

    08/30/2017 6:17:25 AM PDT · by Red Badger · 25 replies ^ | 08-29-2017 | Staff
    Asteroid Florence will pass by Earth on Sept. 1, 2017, at a distance of 4.4 million miles (7 million kilometers). Image Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech A large rock will fly past Earth on Sept. 1, 2017, at a distance of 4.4 million miles (7 million kilometers). Asteroid 3122 Florence, named after modern nursing founder Florence Nightingale, is the largest object to make a close-encounter since NASA began tracking near-Earth objects (NEO) in the 1990s. “While many known asteroids have passed by closer to Earth than Florence will on Sept. 1, all of those were estimated to be smaller,” said Paul...
  • GOP on eggshells as Trump storms into Phoenix

    08/22/2017 3:50:01 PM PDT · by Mariner · 45 replies
    Politico ^ | August 22nd, 2017 | By ALEX ISENSTADT
    PHOENIX — President Donald Trump faces a decision on Tuesday evening with profound implications for his already strained relationship with the GOP: whether to attack a vulnerable Republican senator on his home turf. White House officials won’t say exactly what’s on Trump’s agenda when he holds a campaign-style rally here. But it's widely expected he will go after GOP Sen. Jeff Flake, a loud critic of the president who recently published an anti-Trump manifesto, “Conscience of a Conservative.” Whatever he says about Flake, the president is clearly determined to send a message. State Treasurer Jeff DeWit, who is weighing a...
  • The Darkest Day: Eclipse to leave KY in the dark, sparks fears of alien encounters

    08/19/2017 2:26:56 PM PDT · by McGruff · 20 replies
    WAVE3 NEWS ^ | February 20th 2017
    The date August 21 may ring a bell for some, especially for Hopkinsville. While covering the eclipse story I uncovered an interesting twist that not only raised my eyebrows, but even the ones of famed movie director Steven Spielberg. It seemed like a horror story for one Kentucky family, the Sutton family. All 11 of them gathered in their house on August 21, 1955. It was just after sunset less than a quarter of a mile down this road in Kelly Kentucky where Mr. Sutton went out to the well. Shortly after that a night of terror began for the...
  • USA! USA! Neil deGrasse Tyson claims humans ‘invented’ cows, Ben Shapiro’s mockery is MOO-rific

    08/08/2017 6:35:55 AM PDT · by Sir Napsalot · 34 replies
    Twitchy ^ | 8-8-2017 | Sam J.
    eil deGrIf you had told this editor she would spend two days in a row writing about cows at Twitchy, sheÂ’d have laughed and asked you to stop eating paint chips Â… and yet here we are. Day two covering cows, all because PETA decided it was SEXIST to eat cheese. Oh you didnÂ’t see that one? Promise weÂ’re not making that up, see for yourself. And now THIS: Neil deGrasse Tyson âś”@neiltyson A cow is a biological machine invented by humans to turn grass into steak. 6:38 PM - Aug 7, 2017 2,914 Replies 19,215 Retweets 62,451 likes (snip)...
  • The Inside Story of Disney’s Mythic UFO Documentary and Conference: Part One

    08/07/2017 8:58:21 AM PDT · by BenLurkin · 8 replies ^ | 08/06/2017 | Robbie Graham
    In 1995, an intriguing documentary was broadcast on TV stations across the United States. It was titled Alien Encounters from New Tomorrowland and supposedly was produced with the sole purpose of promoting Disneyworld’s then-new “ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter” attraction in Orlando, Florida. ... The majority of the documentary is focused on UFOs and extraterrestrials as a factual reality. The ‘ExtraTERRORestrial’ ride itself receives very little screen-time, and seems like an afterthought. The documentary was aired in only a handful of US cities at seemingly random times on selected dates in February and March 1995 with no notice... ... become engrained into...
  • Is this an alien spaceship on Mars or NASA debris?Curiosity spots mystery object on red planet

    06/28/2017 2:10:08 PM PDT · by Red Badger · 86 replies ^ | By Shivali Best
    Nasa's Curiosity rover has snapped a photo of a mysterious object on the surface of Mars, which conspiracy theorists believe could be evidence of aliens. The high-definition image appears to show the object glinting against Mars' rocky landscape. While many people believe that the object is made by aliens, others have suggested that it is merely the rover's own entry debris.
  • If Trump would only get a haircut. (vanity)

    06/24/2017 3:54:15 PM PDT · by RoosterRedux · 73 replies
    I think most of Trump problems would disappear if he only got a good buzz-cut.I appreciate his love of uniqueness, but a good buzz-cut is unique and would devastate the media.Make it a tribute to the military.
  • What Does The Bible Say About Life on Other Planets?

    06/05/2017 4:26:12 PM PDT · by Sontagged · 58 replies
    The Alien Resistance ^ | 2014 | Alien Resistance
    I’ve found over the years that whether or not God could have created life on other planets is not the question that usually needs to be asked. The real question is, “Are the entities that people are reporting communication with, and torment at the hands of, in this modern era, authentic extra-terrestrials, or not?” But that being said, there’s one more point to be made pertaining to how contact with, or a passionate belief in, extra-terrestrials affects people who are Christians… which I’m offering largely as a warning to those of you who might be opening the door to belief...
  • Deceptive Anti-Biblical Messages of "Extraterrestrial Aliens" As Reported By Abductees & Contactees

    06/05/2017 3:47:51 PM PDT · by Sontagged · 54 replies
    The Alien Resistance ^ | 2014 | Alien Resistance
    So far you’ve seen the opinions of both a few Christian and a few non-Christian researchers, and you can take or leave their opinions as you will. But now we’re going to look at the actual messages of these “alien” entities, from what contactees and abductees themselves say the aliens are telling them, and let’s see what you think. I want to preface by saying that there have been historical changes in the aliens’ points of origin. In the 1950s, the entities typically told the contactees of the day that they were from Mars and Venus. But we’ve since sent...
  • DNA Science Disproves Human Evolution

    06/01/2017 6:17:48 PM PDT · by lasereye · 248 replies
    Institute for Creation Science ^ | 06/01/17 | Jeffrey P. Tomkins, Ph.D.
    The Bible describes humans as being created in the image of God—the pinnacle of His creation. In contrast, those who embrace the presupposition of naturalistic origins have put much effort and even monkey business into a propaganda crusade to claim a bestial origin for man. The idea that humans evolved from an ape-like creature was first widely promoted by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck in the early 1800s and later by Charles Darwin in his 1871 book The Descent of Man—published 12 years after his acclaimed evolutionary treatise On the Origin of Species. Thomas Huxley, a friend of Darwin, also did much to...
  • Clinton jokes covfefe 'a hidden message to the Russians'

    05/31/2017 3:16:43 PM PDT · by McGruff · 61 replies
    CNN ^ | May 31, 2017 | MJ Lee
    At an interview hosted by Recode on Wednesday, one of the moderators brought up covfefe -- "I thought it was a hidden message to the Russians," Clinton said, to laughter from the audience. Later in the event, when an audience member again mentioned covfefe, Clinton mocked White House spokesman Sean Spicer's explanation from earlier in the day. Spicer had said that only Trump and a small number of people knew the meaning of the word.
  • CREEPY: Mysterious Red Strobe Lights Flash From Inside The White House (VIDEO)

    05/28/2017 9:07:36 PM PDT · by blueplum · 88 replies
    GatewayPundit ^ | 28 May 2017 9:47pm | Joshua Caplan
    Well this is odd. WSVN anchor Robbin Simmons tweeted out a video of red flashing lights from inside the White House at 8:30pm EST Sunday. (embedded video) Breaking 911 reports: What appeared to be flashing red lights appeared from the second floor of the White House Sunday evening. Livestream webcams showed the strange sight—the flashing stopped after about 20 minutes. There was no official statement from the US Secret Service or The White House.
  • Did UFOs cause Marilyn Monroe's death? Documentary claims proof

    05/24/2017 7:25:01 AM PDT · by BenLurkin · 39 replies
    A new documentary claims that Marilyn Monroe was killed because she was going to leak evidence regarding extraterrestrials and their existence. Directed by Michael Mazzola, "Unacknowledged" goes into a wide range of conspiracy theories, including one that offers up a possible explanation for Marilyn Monroe's death -- that she knew about UFOs and threatened to leak classified documents. In a clip first spotted by technology website Gizmodo, actor Burl Ives claimed that Monroe did not die from a drug overdose. Dr. Steven Greer, who is the subject of the documentary holds up a so-called death warrant after Monroe had had...