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  • PDJT In First Interview On Sentencing Of Michael Cohen

    12/13/2018 12:38:47 PM PST · by CincyRichieRich · 12 replies
    Fox News ^ | 12-13-18 | Harris Faulkner
    It's about 9 minutes; Speaking to Faulkner, the president also addressed John Kelly’s departure as White House chief of staff, and his search for a replacement. “I want somebody that's strong but I want somebody that thinks like I do,” he said. “It's my vision. It is my vision. After all, at the same time, I'm open to ideas.” Asked what he loves about being president, Trump said, “I love getting things done for the people” but acknowledged it’s “a nasty job because I get hit so hard, so unfairly by so many.”

    11/14/2018 8:59:07 PM PST · by bitt · 15 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | 11/14/2018 | BENNY JOHNSON
    WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump sat for an exclusive Oval Office interview Wednesday with The Daily Caller’s Saagar Enjeti and Benny Johnson for approximately 31 minutes. The transcript is as follows: THE DAILY CALLER: Let’s get the news of the day out at the top. There’s all of these things that are being discussed about the chief of staff [John Kelly], about Kirstjen Nielsen. Why are you disappointed in the DHS secretary and is John Kelly going to be staying in his job right now? POTUS: So, you know, always in an administration after the midterms you make changes, so,...
  • Sean Hannity Won't Be Campaigning for Trump After All

    11/05/2018 3:12:19 PM PST · by SMGFan · 63 replies
    Hollywood Reporter ^ | November 5, 2018
    Trump's campaign had announced the Fox News host as a "special guest" at a Monday night rally. Fox News host Sean Hannity "will not be on stage campaigning with the president" at a rally on Monday night, a day after Donald Trump's re-election campaign announced him as a "special guest," along with radio host Rush Limbaugh. On Monday, Hannity cleared up the confusion on Twitter: "In spite of reports, I will be doing a live show from Cape Girardeau and interviewing President Trump before the rally. To be clear, I will not be on stage campaigning with the President. I...
  • I will be interviewed by Laura Ingraham tonight at 10:00 P.M. on @FoxNews

    10/29/2018 6:37:22 PM PDT · by SMGFan · 85 replies
    Real Donald Trump Twitter ^ | October 29, 2018 | President Donald Trump
    I will be interviewed by Laura Ingraham tonight at 10:00 P.M. on @FoxNews 8:31 PM - 29 Oct 2018
  • ’60 Minutes’ Was Outmatched by Trump

    10/14/2018 11:07:46 PM PDT · by Trump_vs_Evil_Witch · 173 replies
    Variety ^ | OCTOBER 14, 2018 | Daniel Daddario
    The President talked over Lesley Stahl in a relentless blast of rhetoric that seemed more rally than interview ......the President’s interview had effectively the same impact as a rally; it allowed him to bulldoze his chief enemy, the media, while airing his own points at ceaseless length..... Lesley Stahl’s interview with Trump was an undeniable get; he’d been scarce on mainstream media since around the time he appeared on tape with NBC’s Lester Holt and indicated he’d fired former FBI Director James Comey in part due to the Russia investigation. But the interview seemed governed by two motives, both of...
  • Trump wonders why Kavanaugh accuser didn’t ‘call the FBI 36 years ago’

    09/21/2018 8:10:30 AM PDT · by E. Pluribus Unum · 33 replies
    New York Post ^ | September 20, 2018 | 11:52pm | Updated | Nikki Schwab
    In an interview before a Las Vegas rally Thursday night, President Trump wondered why Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser Christine Blasey Ford didn’t “call the FBI 36 years ago” to report his sexual misdeed. “To take a man like this and besmirch,” Trump said to Fox News personality Sean Hannity of the allegations that have rocked his second Supreme Court pick. “That being said, let her have her say, and let’s see how it all works out.” Trump spoke to Hannity directly before the Nevada campaign rally, where he continued to hold his tongue when speaking about Ford – who accused Kavanaugh...
  • President Trump’s exclusive interview with Hill.TV

    09/19/2018 6:05:11 PM PDT · by Presbyterian Reporter · 17 replies
    Hill ^ | 8/10/2018 | John Solomon
    snip---ON ATTORNEY GENERAL Jeff Sessions Buck Sexton: Mr. President, why haven’t you replaced your attorney general, given all the things you’ve said and everything else that’s come out about his actions, or inactions? President Trump: I’m so sad over Jeff Sessions because he came to me. He was the first senator that endorsed me. And he wanted to be attorney general, and I didn’t see it. But he came very strongly he really wanted to be. And, I let him be. And then he went through the nominating process and he did very poorly. I mean, he was mixed up...
  • Watch CNBC's Full Interview With President Donald Trump | CNBC

    07/21/2018 2:20:54 PM PDT · by Freedom'sWorthIt · 6 replies ^ |
    Many topics discussed, including Trade Deficits, Federal Reserve policy, Russia, Jobs-training, Surprisingly fair interview, IMHO. The President made several good points on a variety of topics.
  • BOOM! Trump Accuses FBI Cheater Peter Strzok of Reporting to Barack Obama (VIDEO)

    07/16/2018 7:31:13 PM PDT · by bitt · 128 replies
    GATEWAY PUNDIT ^ | 7/16/2018 | Jim Hoft
    President Trump held an interview Monday with Sean Hannity from FOX News after his meeting and press conference with Vladimir Putin. President Trump: Before I won he said this is nothing and it can’t happen. It’s a very dishonest deal. We have to find out who did Peter Strzok report to because it was Comey and it was McCabe and there was also probably Obama. If you think Obama didn’t know what was going on, when you watch, and I said it today when you watch Peter Strzok’s performance, the lover of Lisa Page, the FBI, I tell you I...
  • Trump Makes Impromptu Visit to 'Fox & Friends,'

    06/15/2018 8:18:11 AM PDT · by georgiegirl · 26 replies
    Fox News Insider ^ | 6/15/18 | Self
    Trump Makes Impromptu Visit to 'Fox & Friends,' Claims IG Report on Clinton Probe 'Totally Exonerates' Him
  • Did Trump just make a ‘hugely damning admission’ in the Stormy Daniels case?

    04/26/2018 9:02:02 AM PDT · by bitt · 54 replies
    WAPO ^ | 4/26/2018 | Aaron blake
    President Trump made a rare public comment about the Michael Cohen-Stormy Daniels case Thursday morning, playing down the lawyer's work for him and insisting that he didn't know about Cohen's business activities. But Trump also said something that would seem ... less than ideal. While describing Cohen's allegedly limited work for him — a “tiny fraction” of his legal work, Trump assured — Trump confirmed to “Fox and Friends” that Cohen “represented” him in the Daniels case.
  • Donald Trump says US could re-enter Paris climate deal

    01/28/2018 10:24:05 AM PST · by E. Pluribus Unum · 38 replies
    The Guardian ^ | Sun 28 Jan 2018 08.10 EST Last modified on Sun 28 Jan 2018 11.50 EST View more sharing options Shar | Graham Ruddick
    In ITV interview US president also says he would take tougher stand on Brexit than Theresa May Donald Trump has said the United States could re-enter the Paris climate change agreement –and that he would have taken a “tougher stand” in Brexit negotiations than Theresa May. Sign up to the Media Briefing: news for the news-makers Read more The US president said his country could join the international accord if it had a “completely different deal” but called the existing agreement a “terrible deal” and a “disaster” for the US. In remarks on Brexit that will add to the pressure...
  • Don’t Answer His Questions, Mr. President

    01/25/2018 12:22:04 PM PST · by Governor Dinwiddie · 52 replies
    American Spectator ^ | January 25, 2018 | Ben Stein
    n September of 1967, I was a first year at Yale Law School, returning from a year recovering from acute colitis. My then gf, soon to be my wifey, and I went to a demonstration in the Graduate Student Commons in support of striking cafeteria workers. We were milling around, probably shouting slogans, and a hulking campus cop came up to my classmate, an extremely self-confident, smart fellow named Walter D. Waggoner. The cop said, “What’s your name, boy?” Walter looked him dead in the eye and said, “I don’t have to answer your f–king questions.” The cop stared and...
  • Trump Accuses FBI Agent of ‘Treason’

    01/11/2018 3:29:15 PM PST · by smileyface · 184 replies
    Wall Street Journal (via Sputnik) ^ | Jan 11 2018 | Rebecca Ballhaus
    WASHINGTON—President Donald Trump said Thursday that an FBI agent once involved in the special counsel’s Russia probe committed “treason,” and he called for Republican investigators in Congress to conclude their probes swiftly. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Trump, unprompted, labeled as “treason” a text message written by Peter Strzok, an agent at the Federal Bureau of Investigation who until late July was a top investigator on the special counsel’s team investigating whether Russia colluded with associates...
  • Trump interview with Maria Bartiromo, this morning

    10/22/2017 7:46:36 AM PDT · by cba123 · 32 replies
    Fox News ^ | 10/22/2017
    Good interview.
  • Trump warns McCain: 'At some point I fight back, and it won't be pretty'

    10/17/2017 8:27:39 AM PDT · by bkopto · 206 replies
    The Hill ^ | 10/17/2017 | max greenwood
    President Trump warned on Tuesday that he would "fight back" after Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) delivered a blunt denunciation of nationalist forces that was seen by many as a thinly veiled attack on the president. "People have to careful, because at some point I fight back," Trump told WMAL radio host Chris Plante. "I'm being very nice. I'm being very, very nice. But at some point I fight back, and it won't be pretty." McCain responded to Trump's comments moments later, saying that he has "faced far greater challenges than this," according to CNN.
  • President Trump to be interviewed on Chris Plante radio program at about 10:17 am

    10/17/2017 7:14:16 AM PDT · by Perseverando · 12 replies ^ | October 17, 2017 | Self
    President Trump to be interviewed on Chris Plante radio program at about 10:15 am This should be good. Chris Plante is one of the good guys.
  • Trump: NFL owners 'afraid' to take action against kneeling players

    09/28/2017 7:33:21 AM PDT · by Hojczyk · 130 replies
    Fox News ^ | September 28,2017
    President Trump, in an exclusive interview with "Fox & Friends," said that NFL owners are “afraid” to act against their players protesting the national anthem at games across the country. “The NFL is in a box and they have to do something about it,” Trump told Fox News' Pete Hegseth, in the interview aired Thursday morning. “I think they’re afraid of their players, if you want to know the truth,” Trump said. In the same interview, Trump also touted the newly released Republican tax reform framework, describing the plan as the “largest reduction in terms of dollars in any plan...
  • DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I would stay in Afghanistan

    Now for the top story tonight. Donald Trump giving a big foreign policy address yesterday in Washington. He joins us now from Evansville, Indiana. First of all, you did not mention Afghanistan in the address. We have got about 10,000 troops there right now. The place is still in chaos after 13 years. What exactly will you do about Afghanistan? DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I would stay in Afghanistan. It's probably the one place we should have gone in the Middle East because it's adjacent and right next to Pakistan which has nuclear weapons. So I think you have...
  • Trump sets red line for Mueller on Russia probe, warns he'll expose 'conflicts'

    07/20/2017 7:18:26 AM PDT · by Strac6 · 117 replies
    President Trump’s frustration with the Russia probe boiled over in a fiery new interview where he set a red line for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, warning against digging into his family finances beyond the Russia scope and suggesting he’ll soon start talking about the ex-FBI director’s “conflicts.” The president has regularly complained about the Russia meddling probe, before and after it was placed in the hands of the special counsel. But his comments to The New York Times indicate he’s preparing to get even more aggressive in challenging the credibility of the investigation. Significantly, he said Mueller would cross a...