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  • Rifqa Bary's Saviors Escape Prosecution: Sharia law Didn't Prevail in Ohio

    04/05/2011 2:32:44 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 13 replies
    Atlas Shrugs ^ | 03/20/2011 | Pamela Geller
    What gorgeous freedom looks like. Rifqa made it. She's free. The case of Rifqa Bary resonated nationally at a time of tense Muslim-Christian relations. One of Rifqa's primary supporters is a blogger who a year later led a campaign against the development of an Islamic center in New York City near ground zero. AP [Christian should come before Muslim, just sayin'] And they can't bring themselves to write my name -- bloody cowards.Despite intense pressure from the Islamic supremacist machine, charges will not be filed against those righteous souls who helped Rifqa Bary escape her devout Muslim household after...
  • Attorney: Muslims a 'protected class'

    01/11/2011 2:08:14 PM PST · by tutstar · 20 replies
    OneNewsNow ^ | 1/11/11 | Chad Groening
    A Florida attorney says the misconduct complaint filed against him is a frivolous motion from a disgruntled opposing lawyer for his legal representation of a Christian who converted from Islam. The complaint was filed by The Florida Bar on behalf of Columbus attorney Omar Tarazi as he alleges that John Stemberger, who represented Rifqa Bary after she ran away from Ohio to Florida in 2009 because she feared persecution from her family, appeared on TV as the girl's attorney after he stopped representing her. Tarazi had represented the teenage girl's parents as they hoped to return Bary to their custody,...
  • Muslim Hacker Destroys Website of Florida Group Defending Christian Convert [Rifqa Bary]

    09/14/2010 7:56:19 PM PDT · by marshmallow · 18 replies
    Orlando, Fla., Sep 14, 2010 / 06:07 am (CNA).- A hacker has attacked the website of the Florida Family Policy Council (FFPC), a group assisting the Christian convert Rifqa Bary. The hacker said he made the attack because of the group’s thinking about “Great Islam.” The loss of the website could have consequences for the 2010 election in Florida, the group claimed. In an e-mail to supporters the FFPC said the hacker gained access to its website last Friday and “disabled the entire back-end controls on the site, erased most of the data, disabled the blog and left an obscene...
  • Hacked: Radical Muslim Goes After Rifqa’s Attorney

    09/14/2010 4:08:39 PM PDT · by Nachum · 15 replies
    Big Peace ^ | 9/14/10 | Sun Tzu
    There is more fall-out from the Rifqa Bary case. Rifqa is the young girl who converted to Christianity and fled her home in Ohio on the grounds that she feared for her safety due to her parents’ Islamic views. Just weeks ago Rifqa turned 18, and we saw a great victory when her freedom and status were secured as a “Permanent Legal Resident” in the U.S. Now comes word from one of her lawyers: “Last Monday, the lawyer who represented Rifqa’s parents in Ohio – who claims to be a “Muslim scholar” – filed a $10 million lawsuit against me...
  • Teenager who converted to Christianity, from Islam, granted permanent US residency.

    09/07/2010 11:35:20 AM PDT · by CharlesMartelsGhost · 25 replies
    Orlando Sentinel ^ | 07 September 2010 | Andrew Welsh-Huiggins
    COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A lawyer for a runaway Christian convert from Ohio who was also an illegal immigrant says the 18-year-old woman has gained permanent residency in the United States. Kort Gatterdam, a lawyer for Rifqa Bary, said Tuesday the news means Bary can now start applying for a driver's license, Medicaid coverage and college scholarships. Gatterdam says Bary, a native of Sri Lanka, received her permanent residency card last week and can apply for citizenship in five years.
  • Rifqa Bary's New Problem (Christian convert from Islam just turned 18)

    08/17/2010 1:31:55 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 7 replies · 1+ views
    American Thinker ^ | 08/17/2010 | Pamela Geller
    Rifqa Bary, the teenage girl who fled to Florida from her Ohio home in fear for her life after her Muslim parents discovered her conversion to Christianity, has just turned eighteen. Her life is now hers, and her Florida and Ohio lawyers have embarked upon an unseemly victory dance to spin their appalling and failed legal strategy. I have stood silently by watching this, but now they are spinning their failure into a fundraising circus and smearing me and my colleagues, and that cannot stand.  Now that Rifqa has turned eighteen, one of her lawyers, Kort Gatterdam, has done an...
  • Ohio convert leaves state custody as she turns 18

    08/10/2010 8:55:41 AM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 15 replies
    Associated Press ^ | August 10, 2010 | ANDREW WELSH-HUGGINS
    COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- A runaway Christian teenager estranged from her Muslim parents has been released from state custody by an Ohio judge on her 18th birthday. Attorneys for Rifqa Bary (RIF'-kuh BAY'-ree) said Tuesday their client is relieved but won't discuss her immediate future or the status of her attempt to stay in the U.S.
  • Rifqa Bary Turns 18! (Vanity)

    08/10/2010 1:17:11 AM PDT · by rae4palin · 16 replies
    8/10/10 | rae4palin
    Today is Rifqa Bary's 18th birthday! She is now Healed and Free!!! Thank you, Lord!
  • Court rejects motion to compel Rifqa Bary to undergo chemotherapy

    08/05/2010 8:51:03 AM PDT · by CedarDave · 8 replies
    THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH ^ | August 3, 2010 | Meredith Heagney
    Rifqa Bary will not be forced to undergo chemotherapy for uterine cancer. The Christian convert's parents were trying to compel Rifqa, who will be 18 in a week, to follow her doctor's recommendation: 45 weeks of chemotherapy. A doctor said Rifqa is disease-free, according to "available imaging techniques," her attorney, Kort Gatterdam, said today in Franklin County Juvenile Court. He assured Magistrate Mary Goodrich that Rifqa will continue to consult her doctors but has chosen against chemotherapy. She has had surgery for her cancer. "She is mature enough to make the decision's she made," he said. Gatterdam also took exception...
  • Rifqa Bary refusing chemotherapy, court document says

    08/03/2010 10:55:02 AM PDT · by inflorida · 71 replies · 11+ views
    The Columbus Dispatch ^ | August 3, 2010 | Meredith Heagney
    Christian convert Rifqa Bary is refusing chemotherapy for cancer because she believes that she was cured at a faith-healing event, according to a motion in Franklin County Juvenile Court. Rifqa was to undergo a year of chemotherapy after her cancer was surgically removed, the document filed by her parents states. But Rifqa, who is in foster care, was taken to a faith-healing event in Youngstown a couple of weeks ago by Franklin County Children Services, without her parents' consent, according to the document. A motion to force treatment is to be considered today in Juvenile Court.Rifqa's attorneys, meanwhile, are asking...
  • Rifqa Graduates!

    07/14/2010 9:43:36 PM PDT · by rae4palin · 13 replies
    Atlas Shrugs ^ | 7/14/10 | rae4palin
    Finally some sweet, happy news to report on Rifqa Bary, the besieged Christian convert out of Islam who was dogged and hounded for her apostasy. The straight-A student graduated with honors. She turns 18 in August, still without the immigration status that her lawyers have been promising her for months, but her life will be her own and we will continue to pray for her health.
  • Rifqa Bary's Lawyer Charged with Illegally Disclosing Confidential Information

    06/01/2010 10:06:59 PM PDT · by rae4palin · 8 replies · 381+ views
    Atlas Shrugs ^ | 6/1/10 | rae4palin
    COLUMBUS, Ohio — A lawyer has pleaded not guilty to charges she illegally disclosed confidential information regarding a teenage girl who converted to Christianity and ran away from her Ohio home. Attorney Angela Lloyd entered the pleas Tuesday in Franklin County juvenile court after a magistrate approved bringing two misdemeanor charges. Lloyd is accused of placing confidential child welfare reports into the public file of 17-year-old client Rifqa Bary (RIHF'-kuh BAYR'-ee), making them accessible to the media.
  • Teen runaway Rifqa Bary now fighting cancer

    05/24/2010 6:37:44 PM PDT · by My Favorite Headache · 34 replies · 1,612+ views
    Teen runaway Rifqa Bary now fighting cancer Christian convert Fathima Rifqa Bary made headlines last year when she fled Ohio and sought shelter in Orlando. Fathima Rifqa Bary, the Muslim teenager from Columbus, Ohio, who converted to Christianity and ran away to Orlando, is being treated for uterine cancer. Rifqa, now 17, has already undergone two operations and will have a third one on Thursday, according to a close friend and her former Orlando lawyer. "The only reason she wants this to be known is she wants people to pray for her," said John Stemberger, who represented Rifqa in her...
  • Rifqa Bary Suffering from Cancer, Her Lawyers Bring in Her Parents

    05/24/2010 9:59:28 AM PDT · by Pyro7480 · 76 replies · 2,706+ views
    Atlas Shrugs | 05/24/2010 | Pam Gellar
    There has been a terrible development in the case of Rifqa Bary. According to Rifqa, she has been diagnosed with advanced uterine cancer I ask all Atlas readers to put Rifqa in their prayers. While this is a tragedy, how she is being victimized by her lawyers and her parents is an atrocity. Her lawyers kept her in the dark about her condition – cancer – for well over a week, while they conferred with her parents and their CAIR appointed lawyers about her treatment. While most cases like this result in a hysterectomy, she is only having the advanced...
  • Teen Christian Convert Rifqa Bary from Islam Fights to Avoid Deportation

    04/07/2010 12:11:51 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 13 replies · 517+ views
    Christian Post ^ | 04/07/2010 | Jennifer Riley
    The teen convert to Christianity who ran away from her Muslim family last summer is fighting to stay in the United States. An attorney for Rifqa Bary asked an Ohio judge Monday to declare that the girl is unable to reunite with her parents by her 18th birthday. The order would allow Bary to apply for immigration status and avoid possible deportation to her homeland, Sri Lanka. Though there is no move to deport Bary at the moment, her attorney, Angela Lloyd, said reconciliation is unlikely to happen by her client’s 18th birthday, which is Aug. 10. Lloyd said obtaining...
  • Rifqa Bary Update: Stemberger's Public Meltdown

    04/06/2010 4:23:11 PM PDT · by rae4palin · 8 replies · 387+ views
    Atlas Shrugs ^ | 4/6/10 | rae4palin
    [From Stemberger's Facebook] Folks I do not know how to say this more kindly but Jamal Javanjee and Pamela Geller are not trusted or accurate sources of information on Rifqa Bary and her case. They also do not represent Rifqa or her views and neither one of them are Rifqa Bary spokespersons. Rifqa is in the hands of some of the best legal counsel available.
  • RIFQA BARY UPDATE- it is time to speak boldly and plainly.

    04/06/2010 7:34:33 AM PDT · by rae4palin · 10 replies · 298+ views
    Jamal Jivanjee Facebook ^ | 4/6/10 | rae4palin
    [from end of post] I have said this before and I will say it again. This case is entirely spiritual in nature. I am convinced that Rifqa’s own legal team’s blindness regarding the threat that Rifqa faces, as well as their legal blunders, are endangering her life as much as the Muslim CAIR attorneys are. Rifqa herself will have to be the one to take charge over her own defense if anything will change. She is the only one with authority to do anything. I ask all who read this to set aside time to fast and pray for Rifqa....
  • Rifqa Bary's Parents Try to Block Emmigration

    04/05/2010 8:38:29 PM PDT · by rae4palin · 24 replies · 568+ views
    The Jawa Report ^ | 4/5/10 | rae4palin
    Basically they [the family] all are here illegally, Rifqa is applying for special emigration status to prevent her from being deported to Sri Lanka where she does not feel safe. Her parents are trying to block her application so she will be returned to their control. ... Rifqa is seventeen, why this girl has not been granted emancipation is beyond me. In Texas and several other states she is of age. She could marry and or make her own decisions. But in Ohio it's strictly 18 to become of age. One can only hope that she can make it to...

    03/27/2010 3:23:18 PM PDT · by rae4palin · 17 replies · 797+ views
    Jamal Jivanjee Facebook ^ | 3/27/10 | rae4palin
    The passage of the recent health care bill by the U.S. federal government was a significant piece of legislation that will go down in history as a tipping point in the life of this nation. This bill was almost 50 years in the making, and the process of getting it passed was no small feat. I feel compelled to share with you some of my thoughts about what has occurred, and some possible ways that the church of Jesus Christ in America may be able to respond to this legislation. I am convinced that the church needs to be informed...

    03/19/2010 12:04:53 PM PDT · by rae4palin · 19 replies · 445+ views
    Jamal Jivanjee Facebook ^ | 3/19/10 | rae4palin the pills I took began to take effect, a strangely wonderful thing happened. I felt as if I was falling, and there was a great chasm beneath me, waiting to swallow me whole. All of a sudden I had a blinding flash of light break through the blackness, and I had a vision... There He was, the Lamb of God, Jesus. And His eyes were filled with infinite sorrow and compassion as He looked at me. He held out His hands, and His palms were bleeding...

    03/18/2010 8:11:20 AM PDT · by rae4palin · 8 replies · 310+ views
    Jamal Jivanjee Facebook ^ | 3/18/10 | rae4palin
    I (Jamal Jivanjee) received this email from a former Muslim convert who is also living in fear because of his conversion from Islam to Jesus. He heard about Rifqa Bary's situation and was encouraged to not give up. In his message to me he expressed his desire that the truth be made known about what Islam is about and what converts from Islam to Christianity go through. He is still living in hiding at home.
  • Running the Out Clock on Rifqa Bary While the Dhimmi Media Sleeps

    03/12/2010 12:17:41 PM PST · by Nachum · 16 replies · 539+ views
    Big Journalism ^ | 3/12/10 | Pam Gellar
    Rifqa Bary is the 17-year-old girl who converted from Islam to Christianity and fled from her family in fear for her life. For more than nine months now, the Islamic machine has been trying to make an example of her, as a warning that even in the U.S., those who try to leave Islam will fail. Rifqa’s entire legal strategy, meanwhile, has hinged on ignoring the Islamic aspects of the case, although Islam’s death penalty for apostasy is the only thing that explains why she is in danger. Instead, her lawyers are trying to obtain for her Special Immigration Juvenile...
  • Judge Urges Teen Convert, Muslim Parents to Reconcile

    03/03/2010 8:20:11 PM PST · by StarCMC · 66 replies · 1,406+ views
    Christian Post ^ | Wed, Mar. 03 2010 05:38 PM EDT | Jennifer Riley
    The Ohio judge overseeing the case of Rifqa Bary, the teen who ran away from her Muslim parents citing fear that she would be harmed for converting to Christianity, has urged the broken family to continue counseling with the aim of reconciliation. During a court hearing Tuesday, Franklin County Juvenile Court Judge Elizabeth Gill rejected Mohamed and Aysha Bary’s request to cancel a reconciliation plan developed in January, which includes counseling. The plan was created by the county child welfare agency, which has custody of Rifqa. The parents are upset that the agency has allowed their daughter to contact the...
  • RIFQA BARY VICTORY: Dependancy upheld!

    03/02/2010 2:00:04 PM PST · by rae4palin · 10 replies · 401+ views
    Atlas Shrugs ^ | 3/2/10 | rae4palin
    JUDGE GILL REJECTS PARENTS ATTEMPT TO BREAK AGREEMENT: Ohio judge denies the request of Rifqa Bary's parents to scrap a deal reached in January that includes counseling as part of a reunion effort. Infidels 1, Muslim Brotherhood 0 The CAIR appointed attorney for an Ohio couple says they just want a reasonable chance to reconcile with their daughter. What has been reasonable in their actions? Have they respected her choice? Was it reasonable for the parents to turn over her personal diaries and her computer to CAIR who then handed them over to the media (sans the parental abuse I...
  • Rifqa Bary: "Reconciliation Impossible"

    02/25/2010 11:34:40 AM PST · by rae4palin · 16 replies · 512+ views
    Atlas Shrugs ^ | 2/25/10 | rae4palin
    Rifqa to parents: We're done. Runaway convert says reconciliation impossible ASSOCIATED PRESS COLUMBUS -- A teenage runaway who fled Ohio with the alleged help of Christian pastors, claiming she'd be harmed for converting from Islam to Christianity, says a reconciliation with her Muslim parents is no longer possible. Efforts by Ohio and Florida courts to reunify Rifqa Bary with her family have failed and she continues to fear being hurt by her parents, according to a court filing by Bary's attorneys. "Bary continues to refuse any contact with her parents and has made clear that she does not foresee a...
  • A Message From Rifqa Bary [Great News!!]

    02/22/2010 2:15:42 PM PST · by rae4palin · 6 replies · 294+ views
    Atlas Shrugs ^ | 2/22/10 | rae4palin
    "Rifqa wanted me to convey to you her great appreciation for your wonderful effort to encourage people to send her cards and to thank you and the over 500 people from all over the world who sent her Christmas cards and gifts. She was so grateful for the love and support she received when she needed it. She wished she could thank everyone personally but in her situation she cannot do that. They truly blessed her and encouraged her when she needed support during that intense isolation. God bless you and thank you for all you have done for Rifqa....
  • Sharia Compliant Law Enforcement in Ohio Confirms Persection of Rifqa Bary Pastor, Brian Williams

    02/20/2010 5:59:31 PM PST · by rae4palin · 8 replies · 445+ views
    Atlas Shrugs ^ | 2/20/10 | rae4palin
    Law enforcement, in a perverse twist of reality, continues persecuting the Christians in Ohio who helped a teenage apostate escape the death threat (sharia law) made by her family. They are investigating any "criminal wrongdoing with anyone involved in getting her from one location to another." How many other runway cases are pursued in the way? How many other teenage girls in America have this sharia attention paid to them by law enforcement? How many teenage girls who sell their bodies for sex and drugs for an adult pimp are pursued this way? And their pimps? Brian Williams allegedly drove...

    02/20/2010 3:49:22 PM PST · by rae4palin · 6 replies · 485+ views
    Jamal Jivanjee Facebook ^ | 2/20/10 | rae4palin
    Update from Jamal Jivanjee's Facebook regarding The Thomas More Law Center representing Rifqa Bary's rescuer Brian Williams pro-bono
  • Eureka! Thomas More Law Center to Represent Brian Williams Pro Bono

    02/18/2010 4:16:33 PM PST · by rae4palin · 7 replies · 376+ views
    Atlas Shrugs ^ | 2/18/10 | rae4palin
    I am thrilled to report that the Thomas More Law Center will be representing Brian Williams pro bono in the sharia-like charges being brought against him for helping an apostate escape a death fatwa. The Islamic supremacists pursuing Rifqa Bary and the Christians who helped her are trying to enforce sharia law. They will be met with a vigorous freedom of religion defense. I am proud of the role Robert Spencer and I had in connecting the parties.
  • Arresting Rifqa's Rescuers? Criminalizing Christianity in Post-Islamic America

    02/13/2010 4:03:15 PM PST · by rae4palin · 11 replies · 307+ views
    Atlas Shrugs ^ | 2/13/10 | rae4palin
    While Rifqa Bary's lawyers busy themselves making back-door deals with the Islamic machine that goes about breaking every agreement with the infidel, the truth that would set her free is suppressed. The latest deal for dependency was broken, reneged on by CAIR-appointed attorney, Omar Tarazi. And so on March 2nd, the court will hear motions filed by Tarazi to void the latest back-door deal. According to Jamal Jivanjee, Rifqa Bary's friend and pastor, the authorities are trying to arrest Brian Williams, the man who helped her escape. If you missed my interview with Brian Williams, listen here. The impending arrest...
  • For Rifqa, A Small Freedom After Months of Sharia: Restricted Contact with the Lorenzes

    02/02/2010 7:42:04 PM PST · by rae4palin · 7 replies · 290+ views
    Atlas Shrugs ^ | 2/2/10 | rae4palin
    Rifqa's isolation from people she loved was/is cruel and inhuman punishment, but is typical in this case. Few people understand what this girl has taken on and what happens to girls who leave Islam. There was a glimmer of good news yesterday fresh on the heels of the news that the Bary parents reneged on the dependency deal. Rifqa will be allowed to have limited (supervised) phone contact with the Lorenzes after the outrageous prohibition that was imposed upon her two months ago. Last week, Rifqa's parents - Mohamed and Aysha Bary - withdrew their consent to resolve the case....
  • Rifqa Bary's Failed Lawyer makes Excuses for Failure -- But Send Money!

    02/01/2010 1:59:46 PM PST · by rae4palin · 1 replies · 225+ views
    Atlas Shrugs ^ | 2/1/10 | rae4palin
    I understand that John Stemberger, in his continuing efforts to rehabilitate himself, has written a ten-point self justification for the corner Rifqa has found herself painted into now. And in a shameless, craven, self-serving act of money-grubbing, he has the naked audacity to beg for money even though his legal strategy has been shown again and again and again to be an abysmal failure.
  • Rifqa Bary Betrayed By "Asinine" Legal Team

    02/01/2010 7:11:06 AM PST · by rae4palin · 15 replies · 458+ views
    Jamal Jivanjee Facebook ^ | 2/1/10 | rae4palin
    The point of this article is to question the legal strategy that Rifqa’s attorneys have been using. To be blunt, the only word that I can think of that describes Rifqa’s attorney’s legal strategy is ‘asinine’. Please know that I do not say this lightly. It has not been easy for me to come to this conclusion, but for the sake of truth and Rifqa’s well being, I am not able to keep silent about this horrendous legal strategy that has been employed. It cannot and must not continue. After learning some disturbing things over the last several days, and...
  • Rifqa Bary Betrayed Again

    01/29/2010 12:56:33 PM PST · by rae4palin · 37 replies · 670+ views
    Atlas Shrugs ^ | 1/29/10 | rae4palin
    Rifqa Bary's parents and their CAIR-appointed attorney have reneged on the deal for dependency and instead want to go to trial. As I long suspected, Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas front CAIR had no intention of allowing an apostate from Islam to live freely as a glowing example to other Muslims dying to leave Islam. An anonymous source tells me Rifqa wasn't told of the terrible development from her lawyers. She had to read the hijabed Heagney's account. I contend, yet again, that Rifqa is ill represented by an uninformed counsel chosen by John Stemberger. But I hear Stemberger inked his...
  • CAIR & “Star Witnesses” in Rifqa Bary Case Facing Multiple Charges

    01/23/2010 6:18:05 PM PST · by rae4palin · 14 replies · 692+ views
    The Jawa Report ^ | 1/23/10 | rae4palin
    Perhaps the most disturbing element to the crimes committed by Brian Smith, Tom Sanchez and Jeff Parker is that they have illegally embezzled and/or misappropriated funds sent to the church from all over the country by Rifqa's supporters intended for Rifqa’s legal defense fund. The Orlando law firm overseeing her defense fund, Fowler, O'Quinn, Feeney & Sneed, confirmed this week that they have not found any records of EVER receiving any monies from Global Revolution Church sent to the church designated for Rifqa’s legal defense. I have been provided copies of checks sent to the church designated to Rifqa's defense...

    01/21/2010 4:42:11 AM PST · by rae4palin · 7 replies · 413+ views
    Jamal Jivanjee Facebook ^ | 1/21/10 | rae4palin
    Many of us are probably aware of the great news surrounding Rifqa Bary becoming a dependant of the state of Ohio. This is truly great news as this means she remains protected from being forcibly sent back to the home of her parents that she fled from due to the fear of her life that she faced as a result of her conversion from Islam to Christianity. While this is good news, she is not yet ‘out of the woods’, so to speak, just yet. What should happen next? In recent days, there have been a number of direct and...
  • Runaway Ohio girl to remain free of Muslim parents (17-year-old converted to Christianity)

    01/20/2010 5:19:51 PM PST · by Libloather · 19 replies · 960+ views
    Runaway Ohio girl to remain free of Muslim parentsBy The Associated Press Wed Jan 20, 2010, 02:31 PM CST Columbus, Ohio - A runaway teenage girl from Ohio who converted from Islam to Christianity has reached a court settlement that allows her to remain free of her Muslim parents. The agreement Tuesday says that 17-year-old Rifqa Bary will stay in a foster home under state custody in Columbus until she turns 18 in August 2010. After that, she'll be an adult and free to live where she chooses. Bary's attorney read a statement in Franklin County Juvenile Court, saying that...
  • Rifqa Bary VICTORY -- Ohio Court Rules for Dependency

    01/19/2010 7:34:56 PM PST · by rae4palin · 18 replies · 715+ views
    Jamal Jivanjee Facebook ^ | 1/19/10 | rae4palin
    This afternoon (Tuesday, Jan. 19th 2010) Rifqa Bary was declared a dependent of the state of Ohio! This is very good news for Rifqa because it ensures that she will remain in foster care until she is 18. This protects her from being forced to return to her parent’s home. Apparently, Rifqa’s parents realized that they were not going to win the dependency case should it have went to trial. The dependency trial that was scheduled for January 28’th is now cancelled. In exchange for dependency, Rifqa agreed that she violated rules by fleeing her home.
  • Rifqa Bary's Life in Imminent Danger - CAIR Knows where She Lives

    01/15/2010 3:02:14 PM PST · by rae4palin · 15 replies · 594+ views
    Atlas Shrugs ^ | 1/15/10 | rae4palin
    There have been many disturbing developments since the Rifqa Bary case returned to Ohio, particularly in recent weeks. Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas front CAIR has found out where Rifqa is living. Omar Tarazi knows the address of Rifqa Bary's foster home. How? What Islamist enemy leaked her location to CAIR? She must be moved at once. Who put Rifqa's life at risk? I would demand a change of venue. The court room has been infiltrated, her best interests subverted. Atlas readers are aware of the increased chatter on Muslim forums, social networking websites calling for the death of Rifqa Bary because of...
  • RIFQA BARY UPDATE, & URGENT REQUEST FOR HELP (01-13-2010)[Jamal Jivanjee Facebook]

    01/14/2010 10:29:49 AM PST · by rae4palin · 6 replies · 434+ views
    Jamal Jivanjee Facebook ^ | 1/14/10 | rae4palin
    Latest update on Rifqa Bary's struggle from Jamal Jivanjee's Facebook. I'll copy his post below for those who don't have Facebook access.
  • Frantic Facebook Jihad on Rifqa Bary: "In Islam, yes, apostasy is the death penalty"

    01/13/2010 8:45:25 PM PST · by rae4palin · 13 replies · 495+ views
    Atlas Shrugs ^ | 1/13/10 | rae4palin
    [More Facebook groups devoted to the murder of Rifqa Bary] In Islam, yes, apostasy is the death penalty. However it is a ruling that is made by the Islamic Courts of Shar'iah and not done on an individual basis, hence there's no legal ruling in Islam allowing Shari'ah to be carried out in dar ul harb.
  • Facebook Fatwa Against Rifqa Bary: "Don't Save Rifqa Bary Let Them Kill her"

    01/13/2010 12:47:17 AM PST · by rae4palin · 6 replies · 565+ views
    Atlas Shrugs ^ | 1/13/10 | rae4palin
    Is Judge Gill and Rifqa's crack legal defense team going to continue to ignore the apostasy and sharia law for those who leave Islam? Are the CAIR militants going to thug, intimidate and pervert the American justice system to enforce Islamic law?
  • CAIR attorney lies in Rifqa Bary case about connections to CAIR and Ohio terror mosque

    01/07/2010 4:14:35 AM PST · by rae4palin · 10 replies · 506+ views
    The Jawa Report ^ | 1/7/10 | rae4palin
    The CAIR attorney representing the Bary parents in the Rifqa Bary saga has not only committed a major legal blunder, but has perjured himself in motions recently submitted to the Ohio court. In the filings, CAIR attorney Omar Tarazi denied connections to CAIR and to the Ohio terror mosque responsible for pressuring Rifqa's father, Mohamed Bary, prompting the threats to his daughter about her conversion to the Christian faith.

    01/04/2010 11:27:50 AM PST · by rae4palin · 27 replies · 1,935+ views
    Jamal Jivanjee Facebook ^ | 1/4/10 | rae4palin
    I'll paste Jamal's Facebook post below for those without access to Facebook
  • Pamela Geller in DFW Metroplex on Muslims and the Media

    12/31/2009 1:08:53 PM PST · by RGirard · 8 replies · 424+ views ^ | Dec. 31, 2009 | Réne Girard
    Speaker/Journalist Pamela Geller spoke at the McKinney, TX performance hall for the Collin County Conservative Republicans on November 7, just two days after American Muslim soldier Nidal Malik Hasan opened fire on his fellow soldiers at Fort Hood, TX. Ms. Geller is the editor and publisher of the Atlas Shrugs website and former associate publisher of the New York Observer ... ... She opened the meeting with video footage from London, telling the audience "Europe is finished and I will tell you why you have to care about this: Because we need Europe ... Ms. Geller proceeds to talk about...
  • Pamela Geller in DFW Metroplex on Muslims and the Media

    12/31/2009 1:08:53 PM PST · by RGirard · 7 replies · 640+ views ^ | Dec. 31, 2009 | Réne Girard
    Speaker/Journalist Pamela Geller spoke at the McKinney, TX performance hall for the Collin County Conservative Republicans on November 7, just two days after American Muslim soldier Nidal Malik Hasan opened fire on his fellow soldiers at Fort Hood, TX. Ms. Geller is the editor and publisher of the Atlas Shrugs website and former associate publisher of the New York Observer ... ... She opened the meeting with video footage from London, telling the audience "Europe is finished and I will tell you why you have to care about this: Because we need Europe ... Ms. Geller proceeds to talk about...
  • CAIR appointed lawyer requires Rifqa Bary's mail to be screened

    12/29/2009 10:14:17 PM PST · by rae4palin · 10 replies · 572+ views
    Jihad Watch ^ | 12/29/09 | rae4palin
    Rifqa Bary has now lost her right to receive mail from supporters. All mail will now be "reviewed" to "ensure that no inappropriate messages are forwarded to Ms. Bary." The CAIR appointed lawyer for the parents is running rings around Rifqa's court appointed attorney.
  • The Prosecution of Rifqa Bary (Christian convert from Islam faces forced Muslim counseling)

    12/24/2009 7:13:30 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 26 replies · 1,087+ views
    American Thinker ^ | 12/24/2009 | Pamella Geller
    There is a war of attrition going on in the Rifqa Bary case. Rifqa is the girl who converted from Islam to Christianity and fled from her family in fear for her life -- and the Islamic machine is attempting to wear her down, grind her down by constant mental abuse. The persecution is so obvious, and yet so mundane that no one seems to take notice. The banality of evil. Some sources say that a Muslim psychiatrist was assigned to Rifqa while she was in Florida, where she fled from her Ohio home (now she has been returned to...
  • Report concerning today's hearing for Rifqa Bary - Dec 22, 2009

    12/22/2009 9:01:05 PM PST · by tang-soo · 13 replies · 623+ views
    Me ^ | 12/22/2009 | Me
    Today - December 22, 2009 a hearing was held in Franklin Country Juvenile Court in Columbus, Ohio concerning Rifqa Bary. People began arriving around 8:30 AM for the docket that began at 9:00 AM. I glanced at the list of cases and Rifqa's was listed as the second one, so I thought that was good news. Little did I know at the time that the order of the list has nothing to do with the order of the cases - her case ended up being the last one for the day. I also noticed the nature of her case listed...
  • Magistrate rules that runaway doesn't have to sit down with parents (Rifqa Bary)

    12/22/2009 11:08:15 AM PST · by flutters · 20 replies · 840+ views
    The Columbus Dispatch ^ | December 22, 2009 | Meredith Heagney
    The magistrate in the Rifqa Bary case ruled today that the 17-year-old who ran away from her Columbus home in July does not have to sit down for mediation with her parents. There were several issues resolved today at the hearing in Franklin County Juvenile Court, including: Mediation. Magistrate Mary Goodrich said issues now being discussed would best be resolved with individual counseling instead of group mediation. Third-party messages. Bary's parents don't want her to receive Christmas cards, and had filed a motion that any third-party messages first go to Franklin County Children Services. Omar Tarazi, the family's attorney, withdrew...