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  • Best Mini PCs 2019

    10/18/2019 8:43:49 AM PDT · by fireman15 · 33 replies
    Tom's Guide ^ | October 15, 2019 | Brian Westover
    Power in the palm of your hand
  • Pack Your Bags – Systemd Is Taking You To A New Home

    10/17/2019 3:00:18 PM PDT · by ShadowAce · 14 replies
    hackaday ^ | 16 October 2019 | Sven Gregori
    Home directories have been a fundamental part on any Unixy system since day one. They’re such a basic element, we usually don’t give them much thought. And why would we? From a low level point of view, whatever location $HOME is pointing to, is a directory just like any other of the countless ones you will find on the system — apart from maybe being located on its own disk partition. Home directories are so unspectacular in their nature, it wouldn’t usually cross anyone’s mind to even consider to change anything about them. And then there’s Lennart Poettering.In case you’re...
  • Call me crazy, but Windows 11 could run on Linux

    09/18/2019 7:06:41 AM PDT · by ShadowAce · 36 replies
    ComputerWorld ^ | 17 September 2019 | Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols
    With Microsoft embracing Linux ever more tightly, might it do the heretofore unthinkable and dump the NT kernel in favor of the Linux kernel? No, I’m not ready for the funny farm. As it prepares Windows 11, Microsoft has been laying the groundwork for such a radical release.I’ve long toyed with the idea that Microsoft could release a desktop Linux. Now I’ve started taking that idea more seriously — with a twist. Microsoft could replace Windows’ innards, the NT kernel, with a Linux kernel.It would still look like Windows. For most users, it would still work like Windows. But the...
  • A Closer Look at the ‘Trojan Horse’ That is exFAT Inside Linux

    09/04/2019 4:10:46 AM PDT · by ShadowAce · 23 replies
    TechRights ^ | 30 August 2019 | Dr. Roy Schestowitz
    Summary: Microsoft and its boosters (media insiders) spread the illusion that Microsoft is “opening up”; the reality, however, is that it’s looking to tighten control over Linux while at the same time profiting from exFAT patents owing to back room deals TECHRIGHTS has come to the saddening realisation that entryism inside Linux is in an advanced phase if not a “terminal” stage.The “4 Freedoms” of Richard Stallman (RMS) are probably not enough for Software Freedom. There are glaring loopholes or workarounds. We’re not talking about stuff like systemd here. We talk about changes/passage of ownership/control. If you allow moles, entryism...
  • Microsoft's only gone and published the exFAT spec, now supports popping it in the Linux kernel

    08/29/2019 6:34:29 PM PDT · by dayglored · 42 replies
    The Register ^ | Aug 28, 2019 | Tim Anderson
    exFAT heading towards Open Invention Network's Linux System Definition Microsoft has published the technical specification for exFAT, a file system widely used for removable storage devices.exFAT is widely used for high capacity SD cards in cameras exFAT stands for Extended File Allocation Table and is widely used for things like memory cards. It is the most recent iteration of Microsoft's FAT series, a simple file system that is lightweight but lacks the resiliency and security of file systems like NTFS.The original FAT was used by DOS in the late 1970s. It was expanded to 8-bit, 16-bit, and then to FAT32,...
  • Online Censorship Is Coming--Here's How to Stop It

    07/08/2019 5:06:11 AM PDT · by ShadowAce · 17 replies
    Linux Journal ^ | 2 July 2019 | Glyn Moody
    EU's upload filters are coming. Why and how the Open Source world must fight them. A year ago, I warned about some terrible copyright legislation being drawn up in the EU that would have major adverse effects on the Open Source world. Its most problematic provision would force many for-profit sites operating in the EU to use algorithmic filters to block the upload of unauthorized material by users. As a result of an unprecedented campaign of misinformation, smears and outright lies, supporters managed to convince/trick enough Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to vote in favour of the the new...
  • TOP500 Becomes a Petaflop Club for Supercomputers

    06/19/2019 7:22:21 AM PDT · by ShadowAce · 4 replies
    Topp500 ^ | 17 June 2019 | Topp500
    BERKELEY, Calif.; FRANKFURT, Germany; and KNOXVILLE, Tenn.— The 53rd edition of the TOP500 marks a milestone in the 26-year history of the list. For the first time, all 500 systems deliver a petaflop or more on the High Performance Linpack (HPL) benchmark, with the entry level to the list now at 1.022 petaflops. Top 10 rundownThe top of the list remains largely unchanged, with only two new entries in the top 10, one of which was an existing system that was upgraded with additional capacity.Two IBM-built supercomputers, Summit and Sierra, installed at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)...
  • Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Standard

    06/19/2019 3:36:47 AM PDT · by ShadowAce · 22 replies
    Linux Journal ^ | 17 June 2019 | Kyle Rankin
    What are these weird directories, and why are they there? If you are new to the Linux command line, you may find yourself wondering why there are so many unusual directories, what they are there for, and why things are organized the way they are. In fact, if you aren't accustomed to how Linux organizes files, the directories can seem downright arbitrary with odd truncated names and, in many cases, redundant names. It turns out there's a method to this madness based on decades of UNIX convention, and in this article, I provide an introduction to the Linux directory structure....
  • Microsoft doles out PowerShell 7 preview. It works. People like it. (tr. Even ElReg likes it.)

    06/02/2019 7:02:28 AM PDT · by dayglored · 15 replies
    The Register ^ | May 31, 2019 | Thomas Claburn
    Popular admin tool shifts to .Net Core 3.0 amid talk of future features Microsoft on Thursday released a preview version of PowerShell 7, its command-line shell and scripting language for administrators. The software was once was limited to Windows but opened up to Linux (including arm64) and macOS three years ago.Steve Lee, principal software engineering manager, announced the software's availability in conjunction with a roadmap of future features. He said the next preview release will follow in accordance with the established monthly release cadence; preview 2 is expected mid-July.The full list of changes has been posted on GitHub, a recently...
  • The Two Solitudes of GNOME and KDE

    05/22/2019 4:56:11 AM PDT · by ShadowAce · 21 replies
    FOSS Force ^ | 20 May 2019 | Bruce Byfield
    The debate over whether KDE or GNOME is the better Linux desktop has been going on since before the turn of the century. Actually, it boils down to choice and what works best for you. SOURCE: Pixabay Novelist Hugh MacLennan once described Canada as “two solitudes” — an English-speaking one and a French-speaking one, neither of which had much to do with the other. The description is decades out-dated, and today a dozen solitudes might be more accurate. However, the phrase echoes in my mind whenever I think of the gulf today between GNOME technologies and KDE software compilations. Although...
  • 10 Places Where You Can Buy Linux Computers

    05/20/2019 11:26:18 AM PDT · by ShadowAce · 39 replies
    It's FOSS ^ | 17 May 2019 | Abhishek Prakash
    A couple of disclaimer/information before you see the list of shops offering computers with Linux preloaded. Please make a purchase on your own decision. I am simply listing the Linux computer sellers here, I cannot vouch for their product quality, after sale service or other such things. This is not a ranking list. The items listed here are in no particular order. The numbers are used for the purpose of counting the items, not ranking them. LetÂ’s see from where you can get desktops and laptops with Linux preinstalled. 1. Dell Dell XPS Ubuntu | Image Credit: Lifehacker Dell has...
  • South Korea will ditch Microsoft Windows for Linux

    05/19/2019 8:56:27 AM PDT · by DUMBGRUNT · 55 replies
    Beta news ^ | 18 May 2019 | Brian Fagioli
    Windows 7 support will end in January of next year, and that is a huge problem for both business and home users that are still running the aging operating system. Can't these people just upgrade to Windows 10? Well, yeah, but many just don't want to. Windows 10 has extreme telemetry that many people consider to be spying. As a result, they simply don't trust Microsoft's latest operating system. Not to mention, for businesses and organizations with many computers, the upgrade to Windows 10 could prove to be a costly affair.
  • Mother of eternity[charismatic]

    05/12/2019 7:08:51 PM PDT · by Jedediah · 1 replies
    My absoluteness extends into forever as Loving kindness and so My Faithfullness equates The sum of My Love for you for I AM ever with you being in and through all things . . . Therefore there is No need of reaching out but merely and graciously just a laying down before Me (Jesus) All your cares and woes for I AM ever listening and caring for you even when it seems I AM distant to your needs, your cries and your joys for Truly I KNOW your beginning for I AM YOUR COMPLETENESS and Final Joy Eternally waiting for...
  • Microsoft will ship a full Linux kernel in Windows 10

    05/07/2019 6:28:56 PM PDT · by jonatron · 82 replies
    The Verge ^ | May 6, 2019 | Tom Warren
    “Beginning with Windows Insiders builds this Summer, we will include an in-house custom-built Linux kernel to underpin the newest version of the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL),” explains Microsoft program manager Jack Hammons. “The kernel itself will initially be based on version 4.19, the latest long-term stable release of Linux. The kernel will be rebased at the designation of new long-term stable releases to ensure that the WSL kernel always has the latest Linux goodness.” Microsoft’s integration of Linux in Windows 10 will interface with a userspace installed via the Windows Store. It’s a big shift for Microsoft, and marks...
  • True Oneness[Charismatic Caucus]

    04/28/2019 11:44:55 AM PDT · by Jedediah
    Do you see my children True Unity is not agreement it is Oneness with My Will and My WORD . I AM in and through all things. I AM The Answer , I AM The Beginning , and I KNOW The End. Without Me there is only futility . . . Ah but with Me, " With ME" in and through ALL things, There IS PEACE, There IS ONENESS, There IS TRUTH. My LOVE has many facets. COME Learn of MY LOVE ! COME KNOW MY LOVE ! Do not live in yours it is futile , it is True...
  • Windows Gets a New Terminal (Linux Subsystem, PowerShell, CmdPrompt users will rejoice)

    05/06/2019 6:03:43 PM PDT · by dayglored · 23 replies
    TechCrunch ^ | May 6, 2019 | Frederic Lardinois
    Windows 10 is getting a new terminal for command-line users, Microsoft announced at its Build developer conference today.The new so-called “Windows Terminal” will launch in mid-June and promises to be a major update of the existing Windows Command Prompt and PowerShell experience. Indeed, it seems like the Terminal will essentially become the default environment for PowerShell, Command Prompt and Windows Subsystem for Linux users going forward.The new terminal will feature faster GPU-accelerated text rending and “emoji-rich” fonts, because everything these days needs to support emojis, and those will sure help lighten up the command-line user experience. More importantly, though, the...
  • Microsoft is going to ship a full Linux kernel in Windows 10 (and No, you're not hallucinating)

    05/06/2019 5:47:11 PM PDT · by dayglored · 21 replies
    The Verge ^ | May 6, 2019 | Tom Warren
    Microsoft has surprised many in the Linux developer community in recent years. Surprises have included bringing things like adding the Bash shell to Windows, or native OpenSSH in Windows 10, and even including Ubuntu, SUSE Linux, and Fedora all in the Windows Store. Microsoft is now going even further, with plans to ship a full Linux kernel directly in Windows 10.“Beginning with Windows Insiders builds this Summer, we will include an in-house custom-built Linux kernel to underpin the newest version of the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL),” explains Microsoft program manager Jack Hammons. “The kernel itself will initially be based...
  • Back in the Day: UNIX, Minix and Linux

    04/29/2019 10:03:13 AM PDT · by ShadowAce · 11 replies
    Linux Journal ^ | 18 April 2019 | Dave Taylor
    Twenty five years of Linux Journal. This also marks my 161st column with the magazine too, which means I've been a part of this publication for almost 14 years. Where does the time go? In honor of the historical significance of this issue, I wanted to share some of my memories of the very early days of UNIX, Minix and Linux. If you're a regular reader of my column, you'll recall that I'm in the middle of developing a mail merge Bash utility, but that'll just have to wait until next time. I promise, the shell ain't going anywhere in...
  • Why Linux stands out amongst other OSes

    04/25/2019 8:34:14 AM PDT · by ShadowAce · 53 replies
    Tech Republic ^ | 24 April 2019 | Jack Wallen
    Up until recently, Elementary OS was my platform of choice. It's an elegant, simple, and user-friendly solution for the desktop. One thing that the Elementary developers do that I believe is fairly wise is to not allow upgrades from one major release to another. In other words, if you use Elementary OS Loki, you can't upgrade to Juno. To get the benefits of Juno, you must do a full-blown re-install of the OS.Why is this route wise? My latest adventures in Linux will help explain.A few months ago, I purchased a System76 Thelio. It's a beast of a desktop, while...
  • Pattern Matching In Bash

    04/22/2019 4:44:05 AM PDT · by ShadowAce · 4 replies
    Linux Journal ^ | 15 April 2019 | Mitch Frazier
    Wildcards have been around forever. Some even claim they appear in the hieroglyphics of the ancient Egyptians. Wildcards allow you to specify succinctly a pattern that matches a set of filenames (for example, *.pdf to get a list of all the PDF files). Wildcards are also often referred to as glob patterns (or when using them, as "globbing"). But glob patterns have uses beyond just generating a list of useful filenames. The bash man page refers to glob patterns simply as "Pattern Matching".  First, let's do a quick review of bash's glob patterns. In addition to the simple wildcard characters that are fairly...