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  • Soros, Birchers fight constitutional fix to limit Obama, Congress

    03/25/2015 7:41:21 PM PDT · by VitacoreVision · 76 replies
    Convention of States ^ | March 16, 2015 | Paul Bedard
    Soros, Birchers fight constitutional fix to limit Obama, Congress Convention of States March 16, 2015 A nationwide drive by mostly conservative states to throttle President Obama and Washington's grab for more power and taxes is running into an odd left-right combo of opposition: Liberal financier George Soros and the conservative John Birch Society. Documents provided to Secrets show that the Soros-backed Montana Budget and Policy Center recently urged the state's lawmakers to reject the so-called "convention of states" pushed by advocates such as radio talk show host Mark Levin as a way to pass constitutional amendments limiting the power...
  • Would Ted Cruz Make a Good President?

    03/24/2015 2:12:45 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 42 replies
    The New American ^ | March 24, 2015 | Steve Byas
    Not bothering with an "exploratory committee," Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has jumped with both feet into the 2016 presidential race. Cruz openly identifies with the Tea Party, and has done so since before his upset victory in the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate in 2012, when he garnered big-name endorsements from then-Texas Congressman Ron Paul, Senator Rand Paul, former Senator Rick Santorum, and then-Senator Jim DeMint. In his speech anouncing his candidacy Monday at Liberty University in Virginia, Cruz offered the students and faculty of the conservative Christian college some red meat: Imagine abolishing the IRS.... Imagine a president...
  • Article V and the John Birch Society: Allies Separated By A Common Goal (Vanity)

    03/14/2015 8:43:48 AM PDT · by Strawberry AZ · 85 replies
    Vanity ^ | 04-14-2015 | Michael Alexander (Vanity)
    Of the many people I've met over the last two years who are opponents of an Article V Convention of States to Propose Amendments to the Constitution, one of my greatest regrets is that there are many with whom I would most likely agree on virtually every other issue in modern-day political discourse. Many of them, however, almost proudly admit that their positions on a COS are rooted in a decades-old fear of the unknown and an inability to trust their fellow citizens, while most COS proponents put their faith in stringent, new safeguards and an optimistic view of the...
  • An Angry Tea Party and Vocal Ted Cruz Prove America Is Becoming More Liberal

    06/30/2014 8:03:30 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 36 replies
    The Huffington Post ^ | June 26, 2014 | H. A. Goodman
    Christopher Hitchens got a chance to analyze the Tea Party in 2011, the same year cancer took his life. In a Vanity Fair article titled "Tea'd Off," the great polemicist explains that populist movements like the Tea Party are a reaction to social and political change. Hitchens writes that before the Revolutionary War costumes, America had seen a somewhat similar phenomenon with the John Birch Society: The John Birch Society possessed such a mainstream message--the existence of a Communist world system with tentacles in the United States--that it had a potent influence over whole sections of the Republican Party. It...
  • “After America Comes North America,” Gen. Petraeus Boasts

    06/27/2014 4:11:27 PM PDT · by robowombat · 84 replies
    New American ^ | Friday, 27 June 2014 12:30 | Alex Newman
    Friday, 27 June 2014 12:30 “After America Comes North America,” Gen. Petraeus Boasts Written by Alex Newman “After America Comes North America,” Gen. Petraeus Boasts Former general and CIA chief David Petraeus (shown), a key figure in the globalist Council on Foreign Relations and the shadowy Bilderberg network, boasted at a recent conference that the United States of America is set to be merged into the continental regime being erected under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Speaking at the Margaret Thatcher Conference on Liberty last week in London, the ex-commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan and Iraq essentially...
  • Answering the John Birch Society Questions about Article V

    02/18/2014 1:39:08 PM PST · by Jacquerie · 61 replies
    Convention of States ^ | Michael Farris, JD, LLM
    The John Birch Society describes itself as a constitutionalist organization, yet it is highly critical of a very important component of the Constitution. The JBS does not like Article V’s provision that allows the States to unilaterally propose and ratify amendments to the Constitution. George Mason demanded that this provision be included in Article V because he correctly forecast the situation we face today. He predicted that Washington, D.C. would violate its constitutional limitations and the States would need to make adjustments to the constitutional text in order to rein in the abuse of power by the federal government. Current...
  • The "New" John Birch Society

    11/23/2013 3:19:50 AM PST · by defeat_the_dem_igods · 164 replies
    Tampa Bay Times Socialist ^ | November 22, 2013 | Robyn E. Blumner
    Conner contends that today's tea party is the modern-day rebirth of the John Birch Society. They share a worldview, she says. The same paranoid distrust of government. The same desire to protect the rich. The same cruel streak that blames the poor for their poverty and seeks to deny government help on that basis. The same willingness to believe all manner of bizarre claims against political leaders they don't like.
  • If Zimmerman Walks, Media-inspired Riots Anticipated

    07/06/2013 5:49:14 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 163 replies
    The New American ^ | July 6, 2013 | Alex Newman
    The city of Sanford, Florida, already has a secret law-enforcement plan to deal with potential riots and unrest in the wake of a possible acquittal of George Zimmerman. Miami has efforts to keep the peace underway as well. Across America, pundits and analysts have been warning that a “not guilty” verdict in the controversial case could set off an explosive wave of deadly violence rivaling the mass riots that ensued following the 1992 Rodney King trial. If mayhem does strike, analysts say the establishment media, President Obama, and assorted race-profiteers would bear much of the blame. Well before the verdict...
  • Freedom Index: Top Rated Constitutional Congressmen and Senators

    07/04/2013 10:55:35 AM PDT · by VitacoreVision · 54 replies
    The New American ^ | 04 July 2013 | Freedom Index
    The Freedom Index: A Congressional Scorecard Based on the U.S. Constitution rates congressmen based on their adherence to constitutional principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, national sovereignty, and a traditional foreign policy of avoiding foreign entanglements. The percentages below are cumulative scores are based on key votes from 1999 through 2013. Click on a senator's or representative's name to get a detailed breakdown of his or her voting record. Senators: Sen. Rand Paul, Kentucky - 93%Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas - 90%Sen. Mike Lee, Utah - 90%Sen. Ron Johnson, Wisconsin - 86%Sen. James Risch, Idaho - 84%Sen. Jeff Flake, Arizona...
  • The Rise of the Neo-Birchers

    04/30/2013 7:07:38 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 128 replies ^ | April 30, 2013 | Paul Greenberg
    A cancer is eating away at a once Grand Old Party, and if the party doesn't wake up and take precautions, it may wind up only a shadow of its better self -- a hollowed-out refuge for haters and paranoids and the kind of ideological parasites that can reduce a major party to a minor one. The historian Richard Hofstadter spoke of a "paranoid style in American politics," and noted its "sense of heated exaggeration, suspiciousness, and conspiratorial fantasy." He called it "an old and recurrent phenomenon in our public life," one that it isn't confined to left or right....
  • Abraham Lincoln, Stepfather of Our Country

    12/15/2012 3:17:01 AM PST · by IbJensen · 157 replies
    The New American ^ | 11/11/2012 | John J. Dwyer
    “Anyone who embarks on a study of Abraham Lincoln … must first come to terms with the Lincoln myth. The effort to penetrate the crust of legend that surrounds Lincoln … is both a formidable and intimidating task. Lincoln, it seems, requires special considerations that are denied to other figures.” — Robert W. Johannsen Lincoln, the South, and Slavery Indeed, it would not seem a safe time to critique the wisdom, motivations, and character of Abraham Lincoln. Steven Spielberg’s reverential motion picture epic Lincoln fills screens across America. The public increasingly accepts him as America’s greatest leader. Academics from the...
  • Birch and Tea

    12/05/2012 3:06:24 AM PST · by Cincinatus' Wife · 25 replies
    National Review Online ^ | Daniel Foster
    To toil at National Review is to know what it’s like to read “Buckley must be spinning in his grave!” at the beginning of umpteen letters, e-mails, blog posts, and tweets from less-than-gruntled critics supremely assured of their originality. The beauty of this evergreen — and its cheap presumptions about a great man — is that it can be wielded with equal convenience by trolls of every political persuasion and in response to any number of detected heresies.But, with the whiff of bigotry and malice that so many smell in popular politics since the tranquil days when the last Bush...
  • Hoffa Says Tea Party and John Birch Society Are One and the Same

    09/04/2012 10:39:44 PM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 63 replies ^ | Sept. 4, 2012 | Lauren Fox
    When James Hoffa, president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, looks at the Tea Party today, he flashes back to 1964 and sees the John Birch Society. "The Tea Party, these right wingers are basically the modern-day John Birch Society," he told U.S. News. "They are being extremists." The John Birch Society gained traction in the earl 60s with its vehemently anti-communist rhetoric and distrust in government. Hoffa says just like in the early 60s when the John Birch Society pushed for Barry Goldwater, who was the more conservative candidate, to be the Republican presidential nominee, the Tea Party has...
  • The Real Newt Gingrich (video)

    12/11/2011 8:47:08 PM PST · by Right-wing Librarian · 16 replies
    Liberty News Network ^ | July 30, 2011 | RightWingLibrarian
    I received the link to this video clip in a recent email and I don’t know what to make of it. Years ago I remember my Dad (God rest his soul) contributing to the John Birch Society whenever possible. They seem to be pro-conservative and pro-Constitutional. Pardon me if I am among the last to learn all the information contained in this video. I find it quite disconcerting. I’m one of the ones who just loved (and prayed nightly) for Sarah Palin and thought for sure she was going to run. When that didn’t happen, I then looked to Bachmann,...
  • The Real Newt Gingrich (For all you Romney haters, Gingrich is big government too)

    12/07/2011 2:50:42 PM PST · by Halfmanhalfamazing · 77 replies
    You Tube Video ^ | John F. McManus
    John F. McManus anaylzes the voting record and actions of former Congressman Newt Gingrich, revealing that Gingrich is not the conservative he portrays himself to be.
  • Mind blowing speech by Robert Welch in 1958 predicting Insiders plans to destroy America

    11/15/2011 12:09:17 PM PST · by marty60 · 27 replies
    JBS Founding meeting/ JBS Council Meeting ^ | 1958 first half-1974 second half | Robert Welch
    Welch was right!
  • Time For A Constitutional Convention?

    10/06/2011 11:11:12 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 50 replies ^ | October 6, 2011 | Ralph Benko
    Last week the unthinkable happened.  While you were distracted by the banal and only marginally important presidential primaries, the lion, Harvard Law School, publicly lay down with the lamb, the Tea Party Patriots.  The long-term political implications are, potentially, far more potent than a mere presidency. The SuperElite and the SuperPopulists convened at Harvard for a “Conference for a Constitutional Convention.”  It was co-hosted by Lawrence Lessig, from Harvard, and by Mark Meckler, co-founder of the 850,000 member Tea Party Patriots. Lessig is a leading figure on the social democratic left, the director of the Edmond J. Safra Center for...
  • John Birch Society: Rick Perry Proposed Bi-National Health Insurance with Mexico

    09/05/2011 4:59:14 PM PDT · by Tempest · 166 replies
    The New American ^ | 05 September 2011 | Kelly Holt
    The article focused on Perry’s comments at a Border Summit speech in south Texas (8-22-01), days before the 9-11 attacks, about bi-national health insurance — Texas-funded coverage for both U.S. and Mexican border residents. The governor’s statement favored a study, required by the Legislature, about "the feasibility of bi-national health insurance.” The DMN continued, "Katherine Cesinger, spokeswoman for Perry’s campaign, downplayed the topic of bi-national health insurance. 'A bill was passed by the Legislature that authorized a study to look into this issue, which ultimately concluded there were numerous barriers to accomplishing that idea, and the Legislature took no further...
  • WikiLeaks Exposes North American Integration Plot

    05/26/2011 11:48:52 AM PDT · by justlittleoleme · 59 replies
    New American ^ | Monday, 02 May 2011 21:00 | Alex Newman
    As early as January of 2005, high-ranking officials were discussing the best way to sell the idea of North American “integration” to the public and policymakers while getting around national constitutions. The prospect of creating a monetary unit to replace national currencies was a hot topic as well. Some details of the schemes were exposed in a secret 2005 U.S. embassy cable from Ottawa signed by then-Ambassador Paul Cellucci. The document was released by WikiLeaks on April 28. But so far, it has barely attracted any attention in the United States, Canada, or Mexico beyond a few mentions in some...
  • [2007] Chinese sub pops up in the midst of a US carrier battle group

    11/11/2010 1:46:11 AM PST · by Sprite518 · 114 replies · 1+ views
    Hot Air ^ | 11/10/2007 | Bryan
    US Pacific Command’s Adm William Fallon says the group wasn’t conducting anti-sub operations, but the fact remains that the submarine did slip past the group’s security screen undetected and popped up within firing range of the Kitty Hawk.
  • Of Beck and the Birchers (is there an internecine warfare on the right?)

    06/28/2010 7:07:22 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 36 replies · 1+ views
    National Review ^ | 06/27/2010 | Daniel Foster
    This Matthew Continetti  cover story — on Glenn Beck, Rick Santelli, and the Tea Party — from the latest Weekly Standard has recently been the locus of a bit of internecine warfare on the right.One of Beck's producers called it "intentionally misleading," a "collection of lies," and "a hit piece barely worthy of Media Matters." He also provided a toll-free number readers could use to cancel their subscriptions to TWS (while bizarrely claiming that he didn't support boycotts).Now, Beck and his associates have been known to avail themselves of the full emotive power of the English language to press home...
  • Robert Welch's 1958 predictions about the U.S.-Video

    06/09/2010 11:13:23 PM PDT · by 51773photo · 21 replies · 64+ views
    Things that are going on today with the economy, and how the goverenmet is handling all of it, was specifically predicted back in 1958 by Robert Welch.
  • The NAFTA Superhighway Is Alive and Well

    04/20/2010 5:06:50 AM PDT · by IbJensen · 34 replies · 733+ views
    The New American ^ | April 14, 2010 | Kelly Holt
    On March 19, 2010, Jerome Corsi’s weekly financial strategies newsletter, "RedAlert," reported that Canada‘s Manitoba province is devoting a portion of its website to promoting Canada’s portion of the NAFTA Superhighway system, the Mid-Continent Trade Corridor. While interested parties, especially the State of Texas and many national publications, have downplayed or denied that plans even exist to build Superhighways from Mexico through Canada, our northern neighbors have gone full steam ahead with their plans to augment this system. The website displays a map showing the connection of the Mid-Continent Trade and Transportation Corridor with the much-vilified American NAFTA Superhighway (IH-35)...
  • McCain Proposes Indefinite Detention Without Trial for Citizens (MCCAIN ASSAULTS THE CONSTITUTION)

    04/18/2010 7:09:37 PM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 221 replies · 4,555+ views
    The New American ^ | 2010-04-18 | Thomas R. Eddlem
    Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) has introduced a bill that would allow the President to imprison an unlimited number of American citizens (as well as foreigners) indefinitely without trial. Known as The Enemy Belligerent Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010, or S. 3081, the bill authorizes the President to deny a detainee a trial by jury simply by designating that person an “enemy belligerent.” The bill, which has eight cosponsors, explicitly names U.S. citizens as among those who can be detained indefinitely without trial: An individual, including a citizen of the United States, determined to be an unprivileged enemy belligerent...
  • Misreading the tea leaves: Media can't figure out the tea party

    04/18/2010 12:54:03 PM PDT · by Coleus · 5 replies · 737+ views
    Star Ledger ^ | 201004/ | Paul Mulshine
    Watching my fellow members of the media try to dissect the tea party movement is endlessly amusing. They tend to seize on the first thing they encounter and then employ it to describe the rest. The effect is that of a man approaching a smorgasbord, picking out the boiled potatoes, and then deciding Swedes must be vegetarians. As a connoisseur of conservatism, I like to sample from all the plates. So when the tea partiers congregated on the steps of the Statehouse Thursday, I gravitated to the John Birch Society table. Like the tea partiers, the Birch Society is something...
  • On Safari in the Healthcare Jungle

    03/30/2010 9:36:29 AM PDT · by rrstar96 · 221+ views
    The New American ^ | March 29, 2010 | Joe Wolverton, II
    There are many frightening aspects of the new healthcare law hidden around every corner of its legislative labyrinth, camouflaged behind dense impenetrable briars of legalese. But, like the purloined letter of literature, there plenty of the law’s detestable provisions hiding in plain sight. Any document that runs over 2,000 pages (unless it is a young adult book about angst-ridden vampires) discourages even the most cursory of readings. Even skimming such a tome would likely precipitate carpal tunnel syndrome. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act signed into law last week by President Obama is no exception. As House Minority Leader...
  • Obama's Health Reform Deceptions

    03/22/2010 7:34:58 AM PDT · by rrstar96 · 5 replies · 502+ views
    The New American ^ | March 22, 2010 | Ralph R. Reiland
    What became quickly obvious while watching President Obama’s recent interview about healthcare reform with Bret Baier on FOX is that we’re still not getting straight answers about the proposed reforms — and this after a year of healthcare being the No. 1 priority at the Obama White House. On something even as elementary as making the exact legislation available to the public and to legislators in a timely manner prior to voting, we got more hype than candor from Mr. Obama. Said Obama, regarding the timing of the vote on restructuring one-sixth of the U.S. economy, “I hope it’s going...
  • John Birch Society and Mormon Prophecies about the US Constitution

    01/10/2010 12:47:27 AM PST · by CondoleezzaProtege · 123 replies · 2,813+ views
    Evangel Magazine (?) | 2002 | Dennis A. Wright
    "...G. Vance Smith, a committed Mormon, now leads the Society. Vance Smith is systematically removing people from leadership positions within the John Birch Society and replacing them with Mormons. One gathers that Smith does not feel that he is accountable to the membership concerning his reasons for the replacement of longtime leadership. There seems to be no accountability factor. Longtime Birchers are leaving the Society en masse. There seems to be a major concern that the Society is fast becoming a puppet for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. One document that I received suggests that Smith's course...
  • Romney's Radical Roots (his "John Birch Society" connection)

    01/09/2010 9:09:37 PM PST · by CondoleezzaProtege · 149 replies · 3,006+ views
    The National Review ^ | August 6, 2007 | Mark Hemingway
    ...Romney’s argument with the Iowa talk-radio host starts with the two discussing their shared affinity for W. Cleon Skousen. “You and I share a common affection for the late Cleon Skousen,” the radio host says. The former governor agrees, affirming Skousen was his professor." Who is Cleon Skousen you might ask? In answering that question, it’s hard to even know where to begin. Skousen was by turns an FBI employee, the police chief of Salt Lake City, a Brigham Young University professor, consigliore to former secretary of agriculture and Mormon president Ezra Taft Benson and, well, all-around nutjob. Skousen was...
  • The John Birch Society Announces CPAC 2010 Cosponsorship

    12/15/2009 2:15:47 PM PST · by Rodebrecht · 127 replies · 3,186+ views
    John Birch Society ^ | 12/15/09 | Bill Hahn
    The John Birch Society Announces CPAC 2010 Cosponsorship JBS to provide leadership, educational presence at nation's top conservative gathering APPLETON, WIS.—December 15, 2009—The John Birch Society announces it is cosponsoring the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2010, to be held in Washington DC, Feb. 18-20. JBS will have a double booth with half dedicated to offering educational and promotional materials and the other half housing a TV studio that will stream live video from the booth and broadcast onto JBS, a website that will feature archived JBS video and live video streams. Last year, more than 8,000 attendees were...
  • Free Republic Founder Joins Boycott Of CPAC

    12/21/2009 12:14:29 PM PST · by icwhatudo · 300 replies · 14,222+ views
    Free Republic ^ | 12-21-09
    The founder of the website "Free Republic", Jim Robinson, has joined a growing boycott of the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) due to a homosexual activist group sponsoring the event. GOProud, a group that advocates same-sex "marriage," a repeal of the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy, and "expanding access to domestic partner benefits" for homosexuals, is listed as a sponsor of the event at CPAC's website. Mr. Robinson has joined a number of conservative activists including Liberty University Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr., Liberty Counsel founder and chairman Mat Staver, and Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association of...
  • Ron Paul Has the Council on Foreign Relations Worried [CFR attacks Fed audit, call Paul "extreme"]

    09/10/2009 2:52:55 AM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 24 replies · 1,642+ views
    The New American ^ | 2009-09-09 | Steven Yates
    Near the start of this year Ron Paul (R-Texas) introduced H.R. 1207, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009. The bill was referred to the House Committee on Financial Services. As of this writing, H.R. 1207 has 282 cosponsors. A Senate equivalent, S.604, the Federal Reserve Sunshine Act of 2009, has been introduced by Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). It has 23 cosponsors. Both bills have received a tremendous groundswell of grass-roots support. Much of the support is coming from ordinary people who have become aware of the fact that the Federal Reserve has created trillions of dollars literally out of nothing...
  • [JBS] The Real Newt Gringrich

    09/05/2009 8:31:24 AM PDT · by freepersunite · 22 replies · 1,471+ views
    Google Video ^ | 4th Sept | John. F. McManus
    President of the John Birch Society, John. F. McManus gives a damning presentation in 1996 on the real Newt Gingrich, who at the time was Speaker of Congress. Here's an excerpt: 'In addition to Gingrich's disdain for the constitution he has managed to acquire a reputation as a brash, unfeeling and arrogant know it all. His negative rating among the American peoeple is higher than Bill Clinton's. Democratic candidates from coast to coast are looking forward to tying their Republican opponents to the controversy surrounding the Speaker, controversy that has been created by the speaker himself. A very astute observer...
  • Obama warned at summit: No North American Union

    08/08/2009 8:06:01 PM PDT · by Man50D · 17 replies · 1,202+ views ^ | August 08, 2009 | Drew Zahn
    With President Obama expected tomorrow for the North American Leaders' Summit in Guadalajara, Mexico, a coalition of American legislators and activists took a message to the Mexican media, denouncing economic partnerships that would undermine national sovereignty and blasting Obama's failure to keep his promises on transparency and the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement. Howard Phillips, chairman of The Conservative Caucus and head of the Coalition to Block the North American Union, spoke to Mexican print, television and radio media about the summit, which was known in previous years as the North American Security and Prosperity Partnership, or...
  • Robert Welch's 1958 Predictions Against American Liberties

    04/27/2009 9:39:40 AM PDT · by Sound of Liberty · 19 replies · 1,336+ views
    The Voice Magazine ^ | Jonas Clark
    In 1958 Robert Welch, founder of the John Birch Society, made some startling predictions against American Liberty. He believed there was a group of insiders intent on “the surrender of American sovereignty piece by piece and step by step to various international organizations of which the United Nations is the outstanding but far from the only example.” He laid out his predictions in 10 points and repeated them in a 1974 conference: 1. Greatly expanded government spending for every conceivable means of getting rid of ever larger sums of American money as wastefully as possible.
  • Bedrock of the Constitution

    02/25/2009 12:20:09 AM PST · by parousia · 4 replies · 457+ views
    New American ^ | October 30, 2008 | Edwin Vieira, Jr.
    Understanding how the Constitution was based on the Declaration of Independence provides the knowledge needed to defend our God-given rights. Would any reasonably prudent businessman sign a proposed contract involving a large-scale venture to be conducted over many years, if the other party admitted that most of the contract's terms were undefined, that some terms were so vague as to be undefinable, and that in the future he intended to interpret all of the contract's provisions in whatever matter might suit his own purposes at that time? Obviously not. Yet this is precisely the theory of "the living Constitution" that...
  • Obama's Health Plan

    11/17/2008 12:19:38 PM PST · by djsherin · 21 replies · 1,029+ views
    The New American ^ | November 17, 2008 | Alex Newman
    President-elect Barack Obama's "Blueprint for Change" calls for "affordable, accessible health care for all." After a quote from a speech he gave in Iowa City explaining that we have an "obligation" to "turn the page on the failed politics of yesterday's health care debates," he outlines his plans "at a glance." According to the brief summary, 45.5 million people aren't covered, costs have doubled over the last eight years, and not enough money is spent on preventative care. The legislation Obama plans to sign into law by the end of his first term would somehow reduce the cost of healthcare...
  • The Hard Truth of Hard Money

    11/14/2008 10:17:02 AM PST · by Patrick_Krey · 200+ views
    The New American ^ | 11/14/08 | Patrick Krey
    The Bailout and the Constitution | Print | E-mail Written by Patrick Krey Friday, 14 November 2008 00:52 The $700 billion bank bailout plan will use taxpayer money to purchase troubled assets. How does this stack up against the limited federal powers granted by the Constitution? It is sadly ironic that one of the first things new law students get is a pocket Constitution because, over the next three years, they learn that modern federal laws have nearly nothing to do with what is specifically enumerated in that document. This unconstitutional trend continues with the recent record-setting bailout, which is...
  • The Bailout and the Constitution

    11/14/2008 10:17:01 AM PST · by Patrick_Krey · 17 replies · 586+ views
    The New American ^ | 11/14/08 | Patrick Krey
    The Bailout and the Constitution | Print | E-mail Written by Patrick Krey Friday, 14 November 2008 00:52 The $700 billion bank bailout plan will use taxpayer money to purchase troubled assets. How does this stack up against the limited federal powers granted by the Constitution? It is sadly ironic that one of the first things new law students get is a pocket Constitution because, over the next three years, they learn that modern federal laws have nearly nothing to do with what is specifically enumerated in that document. This unconstitutional trend continues with the recent record-setting bailout, which is...
  • Ron Paul keynotes John Birch Society's 50th anniversary

    10/02/2008 4:25:13 PM PDT · by flyfree · 16 replies · 845+ views
    Madison - Former Republican presidential candidate U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas will keynote Saturday's session of the 50th anniversary of the Appleton-based John Birch Society. Paul will be one of three speakers at the 8 p.m. Saturday event at the Best Western Bridgewood Resort Hotel in Neenah, according to spokesman Bill Hahn. Also speaking at that event will be Hilliard Welch, son of Society founder Robert Welch, and Society chief executive Arthur Thompson. A physician and an icon among some conservatives, Paul calls himself "America's No. 1 defender of liberty." He did not win any Republican presidential primaries, however....
  • What's On The Desk (ONOZ! JBS Mag Spotted On Palin's Desk!)

    09/19/2008 7:38:10 AM PDT · by steve-b · 62 replies · 362+ views
    In a picture supplied by Sarah Palin's family to the Associated Press, Palin appears with some rather odd reading matter: The magazine of the ultraconservative John Birch Society. The picture, dating to 1995, when Palin was a member of the Wasilla City Council, ran beside a profile of Palin in Saturday's New York Times. The magazine, The New American, is sitting on top of her calendar on her desk, unopened....
  • 25 years ago today: KAL Flight 007 Remembered

    09/02/2008 7:56:11 AM PDT · by SilvieWaldorfMD · 22 replies · 510+ views
    The New American ^ | 9/1/08 | Warren Mass
    It has been 25 years since Korean Airlines Flight 007, carrying 269 passengers and crew, including Congressman Larry McDonald of Georgia, was fired on by a Soviet fighter jet off the coast of Siberia. At the time, McDonald was chairman of the John Birch Society (a subsidiary of which publishes THE NEW AMERICAN). Although several speakers eulogized McDonald at a Washington, D.C., memorial service 10 days following the September 1, 1983 attack, the words most remembered by both this magazine’s editor, Gary Benoit, and this writer were delivered by the late Senator Jesse Helms, who passed away on July 4....
  • Gun Rights on Trial

    08/21/2008 9:58:32 AM PDT · by djsherin · 4 replies · 181+ views
    The New American ^ | Edwin Vieira
    A homeowner suddenly confronted by a knife-wielding intruder reaches desperately for a handgun with which to defend himself. But the firearm lies disassembled and unloaded in a drawer, useless. Before the homeowner can reassemble and load his pistol, and confront his attacker, the assailant strikes, and strikes again — with fatal results. The real cause of the homeowner’s death in this scenario? That he had the misfortune to reside in the District of Columbia. For besides banning most semiautomatic pistols (the type of firearm that most knowledgeable Americans prefer for personal self-defense), the District requires that all registered handguns possessed...
  • A Housing Bill of Horrors

    08/08/2008 8:04:21 PM PDT · by djsherin · 15 replies · 166+ views
    In response to the housing crisis, the American Housing Rescue and Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2008 (H.R. 3221) passed in the House (272-152) on July 23 and in the Senate (72-13) on July 26. This legislation added another new agency to the goliath federal bureaucracy, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), to oversee and regulate three Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs): Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Federal Home Loan Bank System. The new FHFA is required to consult the Federal Reserve before issuing any regulations, orders, or guidelines concerning GSEs through 2009. Thus the Federal Reserve’s power has been enhanced...
  • Algae May Be an Energy Answer (Interesting concept but still ethanol)

    08/06/2008 4:58:21 PM PDT · by djsherin · 13 replies · 137+ views
    The New American ^ | Ed Hiserodt
    A modern society such as that in the United States requires personal transportation — cargo trucks, planes, and cars — to make a market economy work. Any serious effort to move our country to mass transportation, such as trains and buses, for everyone and everything all the time — or even most of the time — would destroy not only our economy, but the American way of life. To provide our personal transportation for the foreseeable future, the United States needs oil or an oil substitute. Electric vehicles, the proposed solution by many for America’s transportation problems, have serious drawbacks...
  • Restraining Orders Out of Control

    08/05/2008 5:19:55 AM PDT · by marktwain · 15 replies · 187+ views
    The New American ^ | 4 August, 2008 | Gregory A. Hession, J.D.
    One day in December of 2005, Colleen Nestler came to Santa Fe County District Court in New Mexico with a bizarre seven-page typed statement and requested a domestic-abuse restraining order against late-night TV host David Letterman. She stated, under oath, that Letterman seriously abused her by causing her bankruptcy, mental cruelty, and sleep deprivation since 1994. Nestler also alleged that he sent her secret signals “in code words” through his television program for many years and that he “responded to my thoughts of love” by expressing that he wanted to marry her. Judge Daniel Sanchez issued a restraining order against...
  • The Big Bailout: America as a Full-Spectrum Kleptocracy

    07/31/2008 12:03:58 PM PDT · by nicola_tesla · 21 replies · 430+ views
    Blog - Pro Libertate ^ | 7/27/2008 | William Grigg
    Its name somewhat anachronistically means "assembly of old men." George Washington famously -- and, it must now be admitted, with excessive optimism -- characterized it as an institutional saucer intended to cool legislation passed in the intemperate heat of the moment. Its members demand, with entirely unwarranted self-approval, to be called, collectively, the World's Greatest Deliberative Body. Sober observers understand it to be the most corrupt legislative assembly in human history. To those characterizations of the United States Senate we must now add another, perhaps the final one: Gravedigger of the republic. With the Senate's passage of the Fannie Mae/Freddie...
  • Bias in Media Coverage (Global Warming)

    07/30/2008 1:35:54 PM PDT · by djsherin · 7 replies · 126+ views
    In June 2000 global-warming prophesier Ross Gelbspan lamented, “Over the last seven years, the fossil-fuel lobby has mounted an extremely effective campaign of disinformation to persuade the public and policymakers that the issue of atmospheric warming is still stuck in the limbo of scientific uncertainty. That campaign for the longest time targeted the science. It then misrepresented the economics. And most recently it attacked the diplomatic foundations of the climate convention. And it has been extraordinarily successful in creating a relentless drumbeat of doubt in the public mind.” A lot has changed since then. In the past seven years, forecasters...
  • Oklahoma House Affirms Sovereignty Over State Powers

    07/28/2008 4:26:22 PM PDT · by djsherin · 12 replies · 194+ views
    The New American ^ | July 21, 2008
    On March 13 the Oklahoma House passed House Joint Resolution 1089, sponsored by Rep. Charles Key and Sen. Randy Brogdon, “claiming sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States over certain powers,” by an overwhelming vote of 92 to 3. Opponents of the measure in the Senate managed to keep it from being debated and voted on before this year’s legislative session ended. The rest of the nation took little notice of the Oklahoma House’s affirmation of the Tenth Amendment at the time. However, suddenly in mid-June news of the vote on HJR1089 went viral. Google...
  • Lessons to Learn From Healthcare in the Netherlands

    07/15/2008 2:33:32 PM PDT · by djsherin · 6 replies · 111+ views
    The New American ^ | July 9, 2008 | Nima Sanandaji
    The Netherlands was for centuries one of Europe’s wealthiest economies. During the 17th century, the country arguably had freest economy of that era, and it is one of the birthplaces of the modern free-market system. That legacy was not abandoned until the 1960s, but there are now encouraging signs that the Netherlands has begun returning to its roots, though admittedly the still-socialistic country has a long way to go. Such is the case with its universal healthcare system, where the latest reforms are occurring.