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  • Blue State Blues: Sen. Ted Cruz is 100% Right About Gang of Eight

    12/17/2015 3:03:56 AM PST · by St_Thomas_Aquinas · 28 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 12/16/15 | Joe Pollack
    Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is being honest about his position on the Gang of Eight immigration reform bill in 2013. He opposed the bill, and he introduced an amendment to allow illegal aliens to gain legal status as long as they never became citizens with the right to vote. He did so to show that Democrats were more interested in new votes than in helping illegal aliens. He also did so to show there were conditions under which conservatives would accept immigration reform. That is the story Cruz is telling, and that is exactly how it happened. But Bret Baier...
  • Biden: We Have to Pass Amnesty to Grant Illegals the ‘Dignity and Respect They Deserve’ (Video)

    05/11/2013 8:36:17 PM PDT · by montag813 · 46 replies
    Stand With Arizona ^ | 05-12-2013 | John Hill
    Por La Raza, Todo! Joe Biden in full pander mode, totally without shame.- by John HillStand With ArizonaFew can equal Vice President Joe Biden as a race-baiting panderer. And Joe is increasingly making his professed amor for "Hispanics" standard fare for his stump speeches pushing amnesty for illegal aliens. Biden never misses an opportunity to put Hispanics - and especially illegals - on a pedestal. In January, addressing a group of newly-elected Latino members of Congress, Biden insisted that "now the nation -- and I might add the hemisphere -- understands the Hispanic community must be courted. Must be courted....
  • ICE Agent Suing Obama: 'Mr. President, You've Overstepped Your Boundaries'

    05/07/2013 6:36:30 AM PDT · by montag813 · 13 replies
    Stand With Arizona ^ | 05-07-2013 | John Hill
    ICE Agent Crane to Obama: "Mr. President, you've overstepped your boundaries. It's your job to enforce the law, it's Congress' job to enact the law."- Last week, ICE union chief Chris Crane won a stunning initial court victory in his lawsuit against the Obama Administration. As we reported, Federal Judge Federal Judge Reed O’Connor told the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that they had no power to refuse to deport illegal aliens, and that he was likely to strike down Obama’s virtual “DACA” amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. The ruling stunned Washington, and Crane’s lawsuit could derail Obama’s four-year...
  • Illegal Alien Border Crossings TRIPLE as 'Gang of 8' Amnesty Talk Heats Up

    05/02/2013 8:14:40 PM PDT · by montag813 · 13 replies
    Stand With Arizona ^ | 05-02-2013 | John Hill
    Here they come: Migrants bound for the U.S. border ride on top of a train in Ixtepec, in Oaxaca, southern Mexico (AP).- For months, Stand With Arizona has been reporting (most recently here, here and here) on the massive increase in border crossings since Obama and the 'Gang of Eight' started promising amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. And I have been interviewed by two dozen media outlets from the Washington Post and L.A. Times to CNN and even FoxNews. Each time I begged them to report the truth about what border agents were telling me - that a tidal...
  • On Naivety and Marco Rubio (Rush)

    04/30/2013 6:14:30 PM PDT · by servo1969 · 42 replies ^ | 4-30-2013 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: This is A.J., San Francisco.  A.J., thank you for holding.  Great to have out program.  Hello. CALLER:  Yes, I had a question Rush.  On your Friday show you took a call and you said that if the GOP passes the immigration law, it's the end of the GOP, they'd be dead.  On yesterday's show you took a call from somebody and you said that Marco Rubio is a true conservative, basically we should still support him. So my question to you is, how can we support somebody who is sponsoring a bill that will kill the GOP?...
  • Arizona Gov. Brewer Refuses to Stop Using Term “Illegal Immigrant” (Video)

    04/29/2013 8:37:40 PM PDT · by montag813 · 42 replies
    Stand With Arizona ^ | 04-30-2013 | John Hill
    It’s a good thing Jan Brewer is a politician and not a journalist. The Associated Press recently struck the term “illegal immigrant” from its lexicon. Not so Arizona’s feisty governor — and she’s not backing down on this one. Brewer defended her use of the word during an interview with a clearly irritated ABC News Senior National Correspondant Jim Avila, who repeatedly pestered Brewer to change her language, to no avail: “I’ve heard you use the phrase over and over and over again. They’re insulted by the term, ‘illegal immigrant.’ That that brands a person. What they do is illegal...
  • Disgusted ICE Agent Faces Down ‘Gang of Eight’ in Dramatic Senate Testimony (Video)

    04/27/2013 10:01:13 AM PDT · by montag813 · 43 replies
    Stand With Arizona ^ | 04-27-2013 | John Hill
    “Never before have I seen such contempt for law enforcement officers as what I’ve seen from the Gang of Eight” - Chris Crane, ICE Agent union president.- Last week, ICE union chief Chris Crane won a stunning initial court victory in his lawsuit against the Obama Administration. As we reported, Federal Judge Federal Judge Reed O’Connor told the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that they had no power to refuse to deport illegal aliens, and that he was likely to strike down Obama's virtual "DACA" amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. The ruling stunned Washington, and Crane's lawsuit could derail...
  • Judge Sides With ICE Agents: Says Obama Admin. Can't Refuse to Deport Illegal Aliens

    04/24/2013 8:20:21 PM PDT · by montag813 · 25 replies
    Stand With Arizona ^ | 04-25-2013 | John Hill
    Above: ICE Union President Chris Crane, who filed the lawsuit against DHS.- In a stunning order, a federal judge Wednesday said that the Obama administration is likely violating the law by telling immigration agents and officers not to arrest illegal aliens they deem "low priority", in a lawsuit brought by ICE agents that could derail Obama’s plan to undermine immigration enforcement nationwide.Federal Judge Reed O'Connor said in a court order Tuesday that Congress, not the president, sets priority for arresting illegal immigrants, and said the law requires them to be put in deportation proceedings.“The court finds that DHS does not...
  • On First Day, Democrats Propose Eight Anti-Gun Bills

    01/04/2013 4:04:04 PM PST · by Nachum · 27 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 1/4/13 | Ben Shapiro
    With the left looking for its next big cause, Congressional Democrats have latched onto the Sandy Hook massacre as an opportunity to push gun control. Yesterday alone, eight new bills were introduced relating to gun control. Two conservative bills were introduced relating to ending “gun free zones” under federal law. Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) led the way with four bills introduced. Her husband was shot to death in 1993 and her son was severely injured when Colin Ferguson, a mentally unstable black militant (he spent time in his apartment chanting, “all the black people killing all the white people”), shot...
  • Timeline / Eight hours of terror in southern Israel

    08/18/2011 10:17:38 AM PDT · by Nachum · 5 replies
    Haaretz ^ | 8/18/11 | staff
    A series of terrorist attacks took place near Eilat on Thursday, killing at least six people and wounding dozens. * 12:00 P.M. - Terror cell fires at Egged bus from a private vehicle, 7 hurt * 12:30 P.M. – IDF forces called to the scene of the attack hurt by explosive device * 12:35 P.M. – Mortar shells fired from Egypt into Israel, no one hurt * 13:10 P.M. – Terror cell fires anti-tank missile toward private vehicle near border, 7 hurt * 13:11 P.M. – Another anti-tank missile fired toward private vehicle, six people killed
  • Stampede for housing vouchers

    07/14/2011 6:42:39 PM PDT · by silentknight · 43 replies
    UPI ^ | July 14, 2011 DALLAS, July 14 (UPI) -- Thousands of people seeking housing assistance gathered at a field house in Dallas Thursday morning and stampeded when the gates opened, rescue workers said. Read more:
  • The Eight States Running Out of Homebuyers

    01/19/2011 11:16:06 AM PST · by Sprite518 · 57 replies
    Yahoo Finance ^ | 1/18/2011 | Douglas A. McIntyre, Michael B. Sauter and Charles B. Stockdale
    The devastation in some regions will never be repaired. Parts of Oregon, Georgia and Arizona have become progressively more deserted. Since jobless rates may never recover, there is little reason to hope that the populations in these areas will ever rebound.
  • Eight Commandments of the Left (with apologies to Irving Janis) - vanity

    07/24/2010 1:17:27 PM PDT · by Eddie01 · 4 replies
    Ed's Head | 7-24-2010 | Eddie01
    Eddie, why am I reading your vanity? Because I am going to share a discovery with you that explains everything the left says and does. First, let me introduce you to Irving Lester Janis (26 May 1918 - 15 November 1990). He was a research psychologist at Yale University and a professor emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley. He is most famous for his theory of "groupthink" which described the systematic errors made by groups when taking collective decisions.So what Eddie? Groupthink is a tired slur that gets tossed around, make this quick or I’m outta here. Wait! Groupthink...
  • "The List", Obama's Sixty Eighth Week in Office

    05/14/2010 10:44:12 AM PDT · by Nachum · 5 replies · 218+ views ^ | 5/14/10 | Nachum
    Obama's Sixty Eighth Week in OfficeThe List" for 5/13//2010 VIDEO: (2008) Elena Kagan Jokes She Doesn’t Have the Worldly Experience Required for The Supreme CourtElena Kagan Donated to Pro-Abortion Women's Group With Ties to Emily's List.  Emily’s List,  is an organization that works to elect pro-abortion Democratic women to Congress, and NARAL Pro-Choice America (NARAL), an organization that advocates for increased access to abortion.Kagan: Confirmation Hearings are a "Charade"Government funds must not be granted to any religious organizations seeking to prevent teen pregnancies, since such groups may "inject" religious teaching, argued Elena Kagan, President Obama's pick for the Supreme Court....

    01/06/2010 7:50:26 AM PST · by safetysign · 62 replies · 3,191+ views
    Breitbart.TV ^ | 1/6/2010 | Staff
    See Eight Clips of Obama Promising Televised Healthcare Negotiations. Video at link:
  • Tiger Woods 'used bodyguards to lure his lovers'

    12/05/2009 7:55:00 AM PST · by Dr. Scarpetta · 76 replies · 8,904+ views
    Herald Sun ^ | 12/6/09 | Carly Crawford
    TIGER Woods used his wealth and loyal friends to conceal his adulterous lifestyle, seducing his mistresses with gifts and confessions of love to keep them quiet. The billionaire golfer's bodyguards approached women in nightclubs on his behalf and he would turn to close business allies for help arranging later meetings. His childhood friend Byron Bell, who heads Woods' golf course design firm TWD, is believed to have chaperoned one alleged mistress, Rachel Uchitel, 34, to Melbourne last month and Woods has offered to buy others jewelery, plane tickets and even cosmetic surgery. A source close to Ms Uchitel said: "She...
  • 8 Mistakes Men Don’t Make

    09/23/2009 8:40:08 PM PDT · by george76 · 36 replies · 1,627+ views
    business pundit ^ | September 18, 2009 | Lela Davidson
    I saw two amazing women speak this week about mistakes that men don’t make. They presented eight ways that women sabotage their own credibility and results in their business and personal lives. Here’s the short list: 1. Seeking Validation 2. Hoping for the Best 3. Avoiding Confrontation 4. Resisting Duality (this one’s very interesting….) 5. Blending In 6. Diminishing 7. Making It Personal 8. Taking It Personal
  • Eight Is Enough: Your election night guide to the swing states McCain needs to win.

    10/26/2008 10:19:11 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 45 replies · 1,631+ views
    The Weekly Standard ^ | October 25, 2008 | Jeffrey H. Anderson
    As you settle in with your bowl of popcorn and drink to watch the quadrennial competition for America's highest office, you need a scorecard. You are eagerly anticipating seeing the national map light up in red and blue--a welcome reminder of our federalist design--but what should you be watching for? How will you know whether John McCain is doing well enough to have any shot of pulling off the upset? There are only ten states that were decided by 5 percent or less in each of the last two presidential elections: Ohio, Nevada, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Oregon (yes, Oregon),...
  • Eight Suspects Held in Yeshiva Massacre, Jordan Bans Mourning

    03/08/2008 10:06:52 PM PST · by Nachum · 12 replies · 636+ views
    Arutz 7 ^ | March 9, '08 | Hana Levi Julian
    ( Jerusalem police arrested eight people over the weekend in connection with the massacre of eight yeshiva students at the Merkaz HaRav Kook Yeshiva last Thursday night. Jerusalem District Police Chief Aharon Franco confirmed on Saturday that eights suspects had been detained on suspicion of involvement in the terror attack, which police said was well- planned. No details on the eight suspects were released. Franco also said in an interview with Channel 2 TV that the killer did not fit the standard Palestinian Authority terrorist profile. “He is not known to the security forces. He was a normal man who...
  • Coalition Forces in Iraq Seize Several Weapons Caches, Detain Eight Suspects

    08/18/2006 4:53:04 PM PDT · by SandRat · 6 replies · 398+ views
    WASHINGTON, Aug. 18, 2006 – U.S. soldiers in Iraq seized several large weapons caches and detained eight terrorist suspects in operations yesterday. Multinational Division Baghdad soldiers from the 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team seized a large weapons cache during a cordon-and-search operation in northern Baghdad shortly before 1 p.m. The weapons cache included 21 AK-47 assault rifles, 55 magazines of 7.62 mm ammunition, 2 PKC machine guns, a Russian sniper rifle, tens of thousands of rounds of 7.62 mm ammunition, a fragmentary grenade, four jihadist propaganda magazines, and a martyrdom recruitment poster. Earlier yesterday, soldiers from 7th Squadron, 10th Cavalry...
  • Four Police And Eight Robbers Die In S Africa Shoot-Out

    06/25/2006 6:50:41 PM PDT · by blam · 10 replies · 527+ views
    The Telegraph (UK) ^ | 6-26-2006 | David Blair
    Four police and eight robbers die in S Africa shoot-out By David Blair in Johannesburg (Filed: 26/06/2006) Paramedics rushed to the scene of a "bloodbath" in central Johannesburg yesterday when a daylight gun battle between South African police and armed robbers left 12 dead. Four of those killed were policemen. The other eight were among a gang of 20 criminals. The shooting raged in the suburb of Jeppestown, east of the city centre and barely half a mile from Ellis Park stadium, one of the largest sports venues in South Africa and a key location for the next World Cup...
  • Eight Bodies Found At Canada Farm

    04/08/2006 3:46:24 PM PDT · by blam · 44 replies · 2,267+ views
    BBC ^ | 4-8-2006
    Eight bodies found at Canada farm The bodies of eight men have been found in several vehicles in woodland on a farm in Canada, police say. The grim discovery was made by a farmer on his land in Elgin County, Ontario. Police have launched a murder hunt and say it is possible more bodies will be found. They say all the men were white but have given few other details. "We are not in a position to release any information about the persons, the motive or the cause of death," said Ontario Police Sergeant Dave Rektor. The farm is near...
  • Two Insurgents Killed, Eight Captured; Weapons Cache Found, Destroyed

    04/03/2006 4:41:45 PM PDT · by SandRat · 7 replies · 399+ views
    WASHINGTON, April 3, 2006 – Two insurgents were killed and eight captured near Kirkuk, Iraq, April 1 after 101st Airborne Division soldiers spotted terrorists planting a homemade bomb near a road the soldiers frequently travel, military officials said today. The soldiers initially spotted eight men exit a suspicious truck stopped alongside the road. The men quickly dropped several artillery rounds before driving to a nearby village, where about 10 more men gathered around the truck. Within minutes, the truck drove off, and four insurgents started walking toward the makeshift bomb. Splitting into two teams, two team members positioned themselves off...
  • Eight Suspects Detained in Iraq; Forces Find 30 Weapons Caches

    03/11/2006 3:57:10 PM PST · by SandRat · 3 replies · 326+ views
    American Forces Press Service ^ | Multinational Force Iraq news
    WASHINGTON, March 11, 2006 – Iraqi and coalition forces detained eight suspects today in a joint operation in Baghdad. The men are suspected of kidnapping, manufacturing car bombs, and financing and supporting terrorists, officials said. Four men were detained at the Al Khayr Mosque Complex, identified as a possible al Qaeda safe haven, and the others were detained from sites raided during the operation. Iraqi forces led the joint operation and discovered several rooftop fighting positions, AK-47s and Molotov cocktails. In other news, over an 11-day period, U.S. and Iraqi servicemembers together have discovered 30 hidden weapons caches in Baqubah,...
  • Catholic Caucus: Sunday Mass Readings, 02-26-06, Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

    02/25/2006 8:28:34 PM PST · by Salvation · 26 replies · 379+ views American Bible ^ | 02-26-06 | New American Bible
    February 26, 2006 Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time Psalm: Sunday 12 Reading IHos 2:16b, 17b, 21-22 Thus says the LORD:I will lead her into the desertand speak to her heart.She shall respond there as in the days of her youth,when she came up from the land of Egypt.I will espouse you to me forever:I will espouse you in right and in justice,in love and in mercy;I will espouse you in fidelity,and you shall know the LORD. Responsorial PsalmPs 103:1-2, 3-4, 8, 10, 12-13 R. (8a) The Lord is kind and merciful.Bless the LORD, O my soul;and all my being, bless...
  • Millions Get First Tap Water in Eight Years

    01/18/2006 4:39:29 PM PST · by SandRat · 25 replies · 1,440+ views
    Defend America News ^ | Jan 18, 2006 | Norris Jones
    Millions Get First Tap Water in Eight Years Iraqi workers completed repairs to two water treatment plants in south Baghdad. By Norris Jones Gulf Region Central District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers BAGHDAD, Iraq, Jan. 18, 2005 — Despite insurgent activity, Iraqi workers completed repairs to two water treatment plants in south Baghdad after nearly four months of work. Due to their skill and bravery, an estimated one million Baghdad residents will benefit from the renovations that continued regardless of insurgent attacks. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Gulf Region Central (GRC), provided oversight for the restoration project. Local...
  • The 8 Ball Behind Live 8

    07/06/2005 3:29:09 PM PDT · by forty_years · 2 replies · 636+ views ^ | July 6, 2005 | Donnel Jones
    I’m pleased as punch that Roger Waters and the rest of the original Pink Floyd troop (Gilmore, Mason, and Wright) reunited for the first time since 1981. At its very best, back in the day, Floyd was one group that never had to apologize for being so “studio.” Their use of special effects in sound was always subservient to the content and art of the writing, playing, and production of their work. Their music had the casual sophistication of something “Brit” even though these guys were blokes. Their album, “Animals,” for example, is a seething bestiary, ridiculing human foibles with...
  • President Bush pardons eight, including convicted bootlegger

    03/04/2005 2:16:48 PM PST · by Libloather · 66 replies · 1,988+ views ^ | 3/04/05
    Bush pardons eight, including convicted bootlegger WASHINGTON - President Bush has acted to pardon eight people, including a man convicted of bootlegging 45 years ago. It's the first round of clemency orders in the president's second term -- and brings his total since taking office to 39 pardons and sentence commutations. Those pardoned include three men from Texas, and one each from New York, Florida, New Mexico, North Dakota and South Dakota. Their offenses range from misusing mortgage funds to theft of government property. The bootlegger, Charles Russell Cooper of Corpus Christi, Texas, was given three years' probation. By historical...
  • Navy Helicopter Crashes; Eight Survive

    01/25/2005 7:58:17 PM PST · by crushelits · 5 replies · 822+ views ^ | 01/25/05 |
    VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) - A Navy helicopter based on an aircraft carrier crashed into the Atlantic Tuesday afternoon. All eight people aboard were rescued from a life raft. The helicopter from the USS Eisenhower crashed about 30 miles off Naval Air Station Oceana, according to Lt. Mark Jones, assistant public affairs officer for Commander Naval Air Force U.S. Atlantic Fleet. The MH-53E Sea Dragon, primarily used for minesweeping, was part of a helicopter squadron from the Norfolk Naval Station and was doing exercises with the Bataan, an amphibious assault ship. The eight crew members took refuge on a life...

    08/16/2002 7:39:49 AM PDT · by Merchant Seaman · 735 replies · 30,137+ views
    Annoyed Reader
    The purpose of's multiple message boards is to limit the topics for each board to particular topics. Posting the same message on all the boards defeats the purpose of multiple-boards for special topics. It is very annoying to see the same message on every bulletin board. PLEASE! DO THE READERS A FAVOR. STOP CROSS-POSTING YOUR MESSAGES!
  • A Few of FR's Finest....Every Day....09-15-04....A Finest "Play Day" (Re-run)

    09/15/2004 12:22:05 AM PDT · by Mama_Bear · 127 replies · 1,136+ views
    A Few of FR's Finest....Every Day Free Republic made its debut in September, 1996, and the forum was added in early 1997. Over 100,000 people have registered for posting privileges on Free Republic, and the forum is read daily by tens of thousands of concerned citizens and patriots from all around the country and the world. A Few of FR's Finest....Every Day was introduced on June 24, 2002. It's only a small room in JimRob's house where we can get to know one another a little better; salute and support our military and our leaders; pray for those in...
  • ALL OF GOTHAM IN CROSS HAIRS (New York City terrorists plotted 'holy war' on eight targets)

    08/29/2004 3:26:40 PM PDT · by Libloather · 21 replies · 1,224+ views
    ALL OF GOTHAM IN CROSS HAIRS By PATRICK GALLAHUE, LARRY CELONA and ALY SUJO August 29, 2004 -- Two men charged with plotting to blow up the Herald Square subway station were also planning a "holy war" rampage against seven other crucial targets around the city — including at least two other stations, three police precincts and the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, officials said yesterday. "They had the intention to cause damage, to kill people," said Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. But "they did not immediately have the means to do it." Shahawar Matin Siraj, 21, a "loose cannon" from Pakistan, and...
  • Bird Flu Reaches China As Death Toll Rises To Eight

    01/27/2004 5:29:16 PM PST · by blam · 8 replies · 270+ views
    Independent (UK) ^ | 1-28-2004 | Jan McGirk
    Bird flu reaches China as death toll rises to eight By Jan McGirk in Bangkok 28 January 2004 Bird flu sweeping across Asia has reached China, authorities said yesterday, after dead ducks tested positive to the virus. A second boy died in Thailand yesterday, pushing the official number of human fatalities from bird flu in Vietnam and Thailand to eight. Five other suspicious deaths may be linked to avian influenza, but the test results in Bangkok are incomplete. Officials were due to gather in Bangkok today for an emergency health summit. The infected Chinese duck farm is located in Dingdang,...
  • 8 Palestinians Killed in Gaza Strip Raid

    12/23/2003 5:29:10 AM PST · by prairiebreeze · 1 replies · 156+ views
    Suburban Chicago Newspapers / AP ^ | December 23, 2003 | IBRAHIM BARZAK
    GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) -- An Israeli raid on a Gaza refugee camp killed eight Palestinians on Tuesday in a flare-up of violence that came just hours after a high-level Egyptian peace mission to Israel. The one-day visit Monday by Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Maher was marred by a confrontation with Palestinian extremists at the Al Aqsa Mosque, Islam's third-holiest site, that landed him briefly in the hospital. Israel earlier told Maher it would abide by a cease-fire with the Palestinians, though it would not sign a truce with militant groups. Early Tuesday, about 40 Israeli tanks and armored...
  • Eight divers rescued after all-night ordeal at sea

    09/23/2003 11:31:04 AM PDT · by bedolido · 14 replies · 386+ views
    Charlotte Observer/Miami Herald ^ | 09/23/03 | CURTIS MORGAN
    After their boat overturns, friends swim for hours toward safety before being rescued. Coming up the anchor rope after scuba diving with friends off Miami Sunday, Raymond Gill looked toward the surface and knew something was amiss. Instead of the bright white bottom of their boat, a weird dark thing loomed overhead. At first, Gill thought they'd somehow found the wrong boat in the murky 70-foot depths, but as they swam up, the truth became all too clear. ''Oh [blank], that's the boat and it's upside down,'' Gill said Monday, only a few hours after he and seven friends had...
  • Van crash kills eight Oregon based firefighters

    08/25/2003 8:40:38 AM PDT · by bedolido · 17 replies · 418+ views
    NW Cable News ^ | 08/25/03 | Staff Writer
    VALE, Ore. - Eight Oregon-based firefighters were killed Sunday when their returning van collided with a truck on a remote highway west of this Eastern Oregon town, Malheur County Sheriff Andy Bentz said. He said all were under the age of 23 and worked for First Strike Environmental, a Roseburg-based contract firefighting company. Flags at Seattle fire stations were flying at half staff on Monday in honor of the eight fallen firefighters. Fire coordinators said the van was coming back from the South Fork fire, burning since Aug. 10 on the Boise National Forest about 25 miles northeast of the...
  • Astronomy Picture of the Day 6-16-03

    06/15/2003 9:46:57 PM PDT · by petuniasevan · 9 replies · 266+ views
    NASA ^ | 6-16-03 | Robert Nemiroff and Jerry Bonnell
    Astronomy Picture of the Day Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer. 2003 June 16 APOD Turns Eight Credit & Copyright: Elana Kestrel (Dreamcircle) Explanation: The first APOD appeared eight years ago today, on 1995 June 16. To date, we estimate that APOD has now served over 100 million space-related images. We again thank our readers and NASA for their continued support, but ask that any potentially congratulatory e-mail go to the folks who created the great pictures -- many...
  • New pet regulations force families from homes

    07/27/2002 7:47:02 AM PDT · by vannrox · 33 replies · 607+ views
    Boston Herald ^ | Saturday, July 27, 2002 | by Marie Szaniszlo
    Chelsea pet regs force families from homes by Marie Szaniszlo Saturday, July 27, 2002 The notice arrived yesterday giving Stanley and Eileen Green 30 days to leave their Chelsea home of 45 years. Their crime? Having two cats. Frank and Dianne Stephenson and their three children are expecting a similar letter any day. Their crime? Having a cat and a 66-pound German shepherd - 46 pounds over the limit. They are two of dozens of Chelsea families who have suddenly found themselves faced with a terrible choice: give up pets they consider members of their families, or give up the...