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  • Op-Ed What's missing when you hike the California backcountry? People of color

    08/28/2016 12:06:40 PM PDT · 59 of 120
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to PROCON

    Back in the 1970s, the Boy Scouts got a bunch of leftist weeners in the national organization. The first thing they did was purge the BSA manual of anything useful or manly, and replace it with “inner city scouting/community organizer” crapola. Among collectors, that edition is regarded as the worst edition ever made.

    Then they had a *real* brainstorm. Why not invite a whole bunch of inner city “yoots” to attend a summer camp on a BSA reservation?

    In retrospect, they should have called it “vandalism camp”.

    They really, truly trashed the place. The buildings were ruined, trash everywhere, even the mattresses they used were either burned or thrown into a river. Damages ran into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    I mention this as an example of what will happen if you take such people out of their environment to offer them things they neither appreciate nor respect. Such things must be offered at a young age under adult leadership.

  • Vanity, Michelle/Barack flick "Southside With You" Bombs Badly on release.

    08/28/2016 9:23:41 AM PDT · 34 of 115
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to JLAGRAYFOX

    It had only a $1.5m budget, comparable to a typical Lifetime channel made for TV movie. It also opened in a modest 813 theaters.

  • Trump Rocks Iowa! Vows to ‘Swiftly Remove’ Criminal Illegals on ‘Day One’

    08/28/2016 6:49:08 AM PDT · 41 of 42
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Cobra64

    Even “Operation Wetback” had a bunch of different and essential components. Some are the same as today, but there are many others that have to be part of the plan.

    Likewise, at the time, Mexico was indifferent to US deportations to Mexico. Today they are not only opposed, but encourage illegal immigration to the US, because they send enormous amounts of cash by wire transfer back to Mexico, from their “surplus population”.

    Here are some other major variables.

    Former president of Mexico Vincente Fox created the Plan Puebla Panama, with the blessing of W. Bush, hoping it would lead to an “EU of the Americas”. The American parts of this included continental rail links along the coasts from southern Mexico to Canada, and the Trans-Texas corridor bisecting the United States. (As well as the introduction of a common currency, the “Amero”, to replace the USD, the Canadian dollar, and the Mexican New Peso.)

    Definitely an open borders scheme.

    The biggest part of the PPP in Mexico was to turn the southern part of their country into a gigantic transportation hub for shipping, aircraft, rail, and truck.

    And here’s the zinger: to do this they would first have to depopulate southern Mexico. So the Mexican government ordered all the people who lived there to migrate to America. A HUGE surge of illegal aliens.

    I mention this because getting rid of all these Mexican citizens has to be part and parcel of Mr. Trump’s plan to suspend, or at least renegotiate, all these trade treaties that underpin mass migration.

    This is just one part of the deal.

    But a part of Operation Wetback that was essential to its success still is needed today: a propaganda campaign to both convince Mexicans to not come here; and to convince those already here to go home. Self-repatriation is much cheaper than deportation.

    There are so many other elements, such as non-Mexican deportees, and the aforementioned criminal deportees. And while we’re at it, the vast number of “green cards” work visas we issue.

  • Trump Rocks Iowa! Vows to ‘Swiftly Remove’ Criminal Illegals on ‘Day One’

    08/27/2016 5:49:10 PM PDT · 24 of 42
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to eyeamok

    Unless the Mexican government gives them a travel visa in the US airport, they cannot even board the plane. This is why the “kick them across the border problem.”

    And right now, criminals we send down come right back, so it is dependent on the wall. If they join a cartel, they aid and abet cartel members bringing drugs and murder back into the US.

    So while I’m not disagreeing at all with the concept, the logistics need to be hammered out. As far as the Mexican government, they *are* willing to take the criminals; but they can only take them so fast. Their criminal justice system is incredibly weak, especially in the north, where there are enclaves run by the cartels.

    So bottom line, it’s a good idea, but it needs a really big plan to make it work.

  • Black Gun Rights Activist Launches ‘Black Guns Matter’

    08/27/2016 5:31:42 PM PDT · 13 of 19
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Red in Blue PA

    A huge impact could be made with a relatively small amount of money. Take a poor neighborhood. Figure out which households can legally have a gun, and which of them *want* a gun. Just guessing, say 1 in 4 households.

    Buy a whole bunch of .22LR revolvers, cheap, shoot for $125 each. Then engrave each one with “Property of (organization). Reward if returned.” Then a box of bullets. Total cost about $150 each.

    For just $20,000, you could get about 130 such guns, engraving, and bullets. At 1 for every 4 households, this would randomly cover 540 households.

    This is less than the pay of a single cop for a single year.

  • Hollywood Movie - "Desert" - EVERYONE Wanting the Trump Wall is a Crypto-Murderer

    08/27/2016 5:14:22 PM PDT · 26 of 28
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to gaijin

    If somebody has a sense of humor and Photoshop skills, they should replace the sniper’s scarf with a Palestinian Keffiyeh.

    “Muslim sniper waits on US border to kill helpless Mexican immigrants, for Islam.”

  • Hollywood Movie - "Desert" - EVERYONE Wanting the Trump Wall is a Crypto-Murderer

    08/27/2016 5:11:15 PM PDT · 25 of 28
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to gaijin

    The truth of the matter is that a sniper is unnecessary.

    “The bodies of as many as 850 illegal alien men, women and children who died trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border unlawfully now lie frozen and unidentified in a morgue in Tucson, Ariz., according to an Arizona medical examiner.”

    That desert is freaking vicious, especially in summer.

  • Trump Rocks Iowa! Vows to ‘Swiftly Remove’ Criminal Illegals on ‘Day One’

    08/27/2016 5:02:37 PM PDT · 14 of 42
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Rufus Shinra

    Practically speaking, just booting the criminals is not easy, precisely because the Mexican government has no place to put them, so if just kicked across the border, they immediately join the cartels. A problem for us.

    The best solution is to build detention facilities under the auspices of ICE, right next to the border, to “hold” the criminals, under customs authority, until Mexico is ready to take them back.

    Customs authority is weird. If you’ve seen the Tom Hanks movie The Terminal, he was essentially stuck in limbo in a customs area. Importantly, there is no habeus corpus in customs areas.

    That these detention facilities are effectively prisons, even though these *former* criminals have no outstanding crimes against them, and are just waiting for deportation.

    This means they are not walking on American streets, and committing more crimes. Nor are they forming or participating in gang activities.

    And even if Mexico suddenly says, “send them all back”, we can delay their return for months or years with paperwork.

    Finally, years ago Arizona had a great trick. It put illegals on chartered 747s, with a direct flight to Mexico City. Which is almost 1,000 miles away from the US border. Darned few of them ever came back to the US.

  • On angry white manhood, feminism and the presidency

    08/27/2016 4:51:30 PM PDT · 6 of 39
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to artichokegrower

    Meanwhile, feminism strikes in Burkina Faso.

    Burkina Faso bans big buttocks beauty contest

    (What this boils down to is that feminists want women to be able to have ginormous glutes, but bitterly resent it when men decide which women’s bulbous buttocks are more attractive to them, the men.)

  • TB Spiked 500 Percent In Twin Falls During 2012, As Chobani Yogurt Opened Plant

    08/27/2016 10:45:35 AM PDT · 29 of 30
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to george76

    Fortunately, I suppose, almost all of the TB cases in the US from immigrants are “plain, vanilla” TB, with no antibiotic resistance.

    If you are ‘exposed’ to TB, it means you have the bacteria in your body, but it has not yet turned active. It is treated with an antibiotic for about six months. If it has turned into an active form, you take different antibiotics for about a year and a half.

    The reason treatment takes so long is that, unlike other bacteria that typically reproduce about every half hour, TB only reproduces once or twice a day.

    TB is one of only two common Mycobacterium that infect humans. It’s cousin is leprosy and behaves much the same way.

    Antibiotic resistant TB is determined by trial and error. That is, a stain must be used in a culture to determine if the TB bacteria are dead or still alive. If the first antibiotic fails to kill them, then the TB is a Drug Resistant or DR-TB. If additional antibiotics also fail, it is a Multiple, or MDR-TB. If *most* antibiotics also fail, it is an Extensive or XDR-TB.

    Only twice have Completely or CDR-TB bacteria been discovered, both times in India. Those bacteria died out with every single person exposed to it.

    In practical terms, mortality for TB, with treatment, is very low. There is a higher mortality for DR-TB, much higher for MDR-TB, and approaching 50% for XDR-TB.

    However, the government will officially freak out with DR-TB or better, and put you under confinement until you get better or die.

  • Man charged with murder in the killing of Mississippi nuns

    08/27/2016 8:22:19 AM PDT · 66 of 93
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to pawpawrick

    Two things.

    First of all, note that he is being held in an “undisclosed location”. In the “good old days”, a savage murderer like this was almost guaranteed to be lynched, color notwithstanding. Think about that next time you read an article disparaging lynching.

    Second, does this individual have a prior criminal record? I would suspect so. And if that’s the case, this should also be remembered when discussing defensive gun use. For had some previous victim killed him, he could have not done this horrific thing.

  • Human-induced climate change began earlier than previously thought [barf]

    08/27/2016 7:50:40 AM PDT · 22 of 24
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Olog-hai

    MMGW advocacy has become an old standard of tabloid newspapers. Many years ago, they had the theory that the Chinese government was ordering all citizens to stand on chairs, than at a given moment, to jump off, their combined weight knocking the Earth out of its orbit.

    Why would they do this? To show the rest of the world they mean business. Or something. Communists are insane.

    The mass of the Earth is 5.972 × 10^24 kg

    5,973,600,000,000,000,000,000,000 kg

    Today, there about 1.3 billion Chinese people. Now assuming that the Chinese gorged themselves so much that they each weighed 220 lbs (100 kg), they would have a grand total weight of

    130,000,000,000 kg.

    This is 0.000000000000021762421% the mass of the Earth.

    Yep, pretty much the math of MMGW in a nutshell.


    08/27/2016 7:36:03 AM PDT · 2 of 2
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to sukhoi-30mki

    There are far too many submarines in the world. As with the proliferation of battleships prior to WWI, this will inexorably lead to naval conflicts.

    The way around this problem is that there needs to be a “cull” of submarines, as with what happened to battleships after WWI.

    For the more dangerous, aggressive countries, this should mean accidents at sea, with the loss of all hands, who are a vital part of the boat and take a long time to train. In other cases, mechanical problems that ruin engines too expensive and difficult to replace. No need for loss of life.

  • 5 Questions Pro-Amnesty Republicans Never Seem To Answer

    08/27/2016 7:28:37 AM PDT · 17 of 18
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Kaslin

    The Republicans who support open borders are effectively “Whig” Republicans. They do not see the public as their constituency, but instead multinational corporations that want internationalism.

    As such, they truly need to be purged from the party.

    Their end game is as loathsome as is international socialism. It is international corporatism, where a wealthy elite of corporate owners control a massive, unelected bureaucracy, ruling over everyone else.

    They actually *embrace* many elements of socialism, though they regard socialists as mentally deficient defective units, because socialism means taxing “the peasants” to pay for their own health care, government services, and retirement. So the corporations don’t have to.

    So yeah, but the international socialists on the same boat as the international corporatists, then sink it.

  • Don’t Bee-lieve the Latest Bee-pocalypse Scare

    08/27/2016 7:22:37 AM PDT · 14 of 30
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Kaslin

    The funny part is that for beekeepers, their hives prosperity is their prosperity, so being a smart group of people, they have acted wisely, judiciously, and cooperatively with each other, (with minimal government involvement, I should add), and there are now far *more* bees than there were before the “colony collapse disorder” was first recognized.

    How do they do this?

    In past, beekeepers intentionally limited the number of hives instead of propagating new ones. Because larger hives equals more honey (and less work). However, when their hives were at risk, they began cloning their hives.

    Granted more work, but more hives also produce more honey.

    Next, beekeepers will transport their hives to fertilize particular crops. This created a problem because a healthy hives territory could overlap with an unhealthy hive, typically a wild hive.

    Their solution was to both set exclusive territories and timetables from each other, and to keep a watch for wild hives.

    Lastly, they work with farmers to avoid areas that have been recently treated with pesticides. By working around the problem, like using pesticides after the flowering cycle is over, no problem.

  • A Swing And A Miss: How Triggered Hillary Screwed Up Her Chance To Take On The Alt-Right

    08/27/2016 7:09:38 AM PDT · 29 of 60
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Hojczyk

    It should be noted that the *opposite* of the “alt-right” is the “ctrl-left”, specifically the “control freak left”.

  • The Washington Post Gushes In Love Over Obama First-Date Movie(Laugh or Puke)

    08/27/2016 7:03:18 AM PDT · 48 of 56
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to MarDav

    Haven’t they done this already?

    “Barack Obama’s nomination is so extraordinary
    that another chapter could be added to the Bible
    to chronicle its significance.”
    — Jesse Jackson, Jr.

    “In a way Obama is standing above the country,
    above the world. He’s sort of god. He’s going
    to bring all different sides together.”
    — Newsweek editor Evan Thomas

    “Don’t compare me to the almighty, compare me
    to the alternative.”
    —Obama, fundraiser in California, 09-24-11

    And, last but not least:

    “F*** off! It’s enough that I have to see you
    s***-kickers every day, I’m not going to talk
    to you too! Just do your G****** job and keep
    your mouth shut. Get the f*** out of my way!
    Get out of my face! Stay the f*** back, stay
    the f*** away from me! Don’t come within ten
    yards of me, or else! Just f***ing do as I say,
    — Hillary Clinton, to her Secret Service
    detail, (consolidated quote, as reported by
    former Secret Service personnel on her security

  • Bad news for baldies: Men with hair are perceived as 'more attractive, approachable and successful'

    08/25/2016 1:06:55 PM PDT · 28 of 98
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to C19fan

    And I'm too sexy for your party

    Too sexy for your party

    No way I'm disco dancing.

  • Zendaya's 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Casting As Mary Jane Watson Sends Haters Into a Frenzy

    08/22/2016 5:10:06 PM PDT · 63 of 82
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to drewh

    Just one word about their “brilliant casting decision”.


  • Climate change will mean the end of national parks as we know them

    08/22/2016 4:34:48 PM PDT · 23 of 74
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to PROCON

    I know a faster and better way to end national parks as we know them. Give those land takings back to the individual states!

    The time has come
    A fact’s a fact
    It belongs to them
    Let’s give it back.

  • German Far Right Leader: We Need A Right To Bear Arms

    08/22/2016 9:27:13 AM PDT · 18 of 22
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to rktman

    She has an unexpected ally in Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Front in France, who also advocates for gun liberty and leads a much more powerful political party.

    Both the socialists and the liberals that call themselves conservatives in France have ganged up to prevent her from getting power, but she is getting stronger, and they are getting weaker.

  • New Anti-Gun Movie Shows Women Refusing To Have Sex with Men Until They Give Up Their Firearms

    08/22/2016 9:13:56 AM PDT · 93 of 121
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to rktman

    Seriously, do a Google Image Search for “Hot Girls With Guns” and you will get page after page of bikini clad women with firearms.

    The “Girls of Bloomberg” will just get some hideous looking Social Justice Warriors, whose sexuality doesn’t matter because nobody, even drunk truck stop hobos, would ever date them.

  • Asassination attempt? Panic for Julian Assange as intruder scales Ecuadorian embassy wall

    08/22/2016 8:30:46 AM PDT · 26 of 52
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to traumer

    I suspect that this was less about assassination, and more about installing listening device(s) to the exterior of the building. They are less interested (less, not dis-) in killing him than knowing what he is going to do before he executes it.

    That is, in the latter case, they might get a heads up as to who is leaking data, and quickly move to plug the leak.

  • Should You Own an AR-15?

    08/22/2016 8:25:34 AM PDT · 199 of 204
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Lazamataz

    That is likely 40 Watts input, not 40 Watts output.

  • S. Korean Navy to arm frigates with tactical ship-to-land missiles

    08/22/2016 7:35:32 AM PDT · 3 of 3
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to sukhoi-30mki

    Maybe South Korea could invest some in Israeli Iron Dome technology.

  • Anthony Weiner thinks The Post is trying to ‘catfish’ him

    08/22/2016 7:33:27 AM PDT · 42 of 52
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to NYRepublican72

    (with non-apologies to Pat Benatar’s lyrics writer)

    Your lust is like a tidal wave,
    spinning over your sense
    Takin’ pics of your naughty bits,
    better left in your pants
    You’re the wrong kind of stupid
    to release your inner perversity
    The insatiable Wiener
    and you know that you were born to be

    You’re a d*ck picturer, Wiener wagger, online predator
    Don’t you mess around with me
    You’re a d*ck picturer, Wiener wagger, online predator
    Don’t you mess around, no, no, no

  • Germany to tell people to stockpile food and water in case of attacks - FAS

    08/22/2016 7:03:11 AM PDT · 15 of 18
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Berlin_Freeper

    Leaders often wax apocalyptic before they leave office. In the US this began in earnest with Eisenhower who, with time on his hands, pondered contingency plans about US disasters and enemy invasions. Successive presidents did the same.

    By the time of Gerald Ford, he was fretting about UFO aliens.

    In this case, Merkel is clearly on the way out. Her idealistic and horrific screw up will likely kick her party, the Christian Democrats, to the curb for a while. So having nothing better to do she is fussing about “UFO aliens.”

  • Slimed! Gross 'black slime' creeps over Washington DC's most famous monuments

    08/22/2016 6:57:32 AM PDT · 26 of 36
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to V K Lee


  • People of no religion outnumber Christians in England and Wales – study

    08/22/2016 6:56:00 AM PDT · 15 of 20
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Cronos

    It is not just a situation of “no religion vs. Christians”, because the Christian religions in the UK are weak and corrupt.

    The semi-official religion in England is the Church of England, that is nominally Anglican, but in fact is nothing like the vibrant, growing and strong-in-their-faith Anglicans of Africa, the largest portion of that faith.

    So why should Christians want anything to do with a religion that has lost its faith and spirit, lost its belief, lost its will to live? A sect whose former leader claimed to also be a Druid priest? A sect that embraces perversion in its clergy, at least some of whom even question the divinity of Jesus?

    Certainly there are other Christian denominations in England and Wales, but how many of them are strong and steadfast in their faith, unwilling to soften their beliefs to fit the tepid and uncertain culture in which they practice?

  • Should You Own an AR-15?

    08/22/2016 6:08:35 AM PDT · 193 of 204
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Lazamataz

    As an aside, I remember that many years ago, somebody showed up at a Star Trek convention with a homemade “phaser”, which was a 5 Watt laser in a phaser housing, connected to a large battery. He bragged that it could easily burn through a cinder block.

    They wisely refused to let him in with it.

    This happened before lasers became very regulated. However, more recently, somebody noted that many ordinary green light lasers had a ‘limiter’ chip that could be deactivated with a soldering iron, making them strong enough to ignite paper or burn skin.

  • Should You Own an AR-15?

    08/21/2016 9:58:17 AM PDT · 94 of 204
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Kaslin

    I do not like the AR-15 or the M-16. Both of which I have fired a lot. Personal preference. My criticisms?

    1) Too fragile. I want better durability.
    2) Too hard to properly clean. Seriously, if you want to do a good job, you have to use dental picks and dental mirror. It takes three or more times longer to clean.
    3) Too difficult to maintain. Its “1 shop, 2 shop, 3 shop” maintenance overlaps too much.

    Certainly it has some good stuff as well, but these drawbacks take a lot away from it.

  • UPDATE: Names Released of Five People “Gruesomely” Murdered in Citronelle, Including Pregnant Woman

    08/21/2016 9:24:20 AM PDT · 31 of 47
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to BenLurkin

    As a side note, the murderer already had a warrant out for burglary. So the next time someone suggests that victims should not be able to kill burglars when they catch them in their homes, think of this.

  • UPDATE: Names Released of Five People “Gruesomely” Murdered in Citronelle, Including Pregnant Woman

    08/21/2016 9:20:23 AM PDT · 28 of 47
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to BenLurkin

    Details of the murders will likely be limited, but a friend of the family said they were not just murdered, but mutilated.

    “Alabama has the highest per capita death penalty rate in the country. In some years, it imposes more death sentences than Texas, a state with a population five times as large. Intentional murder with any of 18 aggravating factors can be charged as capital murder.

    “From 1983 to January 2016, 57 people have been executed by the state of Alabama. As of 2015, Alabama had 195 inmates on death row, the 4th highest number in the US.”

    Mississippi also has the death penalty, so it should not be a bar to extradition.

  • Could sex robots and virtual reality treat paedophilia?

    08/20/2016 7:33:32 PM PDT · 74 of 92
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Salman

    I think such dolls should be powered by ungrounded AC current.

  • What Did the First Living Cell Eat?

    08/20/2016 10:06:13 AM PDT · 80 of 87
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to fwdude

    Methane is just a carbon atom with four hydrogen atoms attached to it. It is believed that Jupiter’s moon Titan has oceans of liquid methane.

  • What Did the First Living Cell Eat?

    08/18/2016 6:59:05 AM PDT · 16 of 87
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to fwdude

    The answer to that question is found in another question: “What looks like a bacteria, but isn’t?”

    All life on Earth can be subdivided into just three Domains. One of these is bacteria. Another is called Eukaryota, which are all plants and animals. The third Domain is something most people have never heard of.

    It is called Archaea. They look like bacteria, but have more in common with plants and animals than they do with bacteria.

    And they eat things that bacteria do not eat, in places so hostile that bacteria cannot live there. They can live in boiling or freezing water, very acidic or basic places, yet one variety is so ordinary that it lives in the human gut, and actually improves our digestion, indirectly.

    And the answer to your question, what do they eat?, is many things that nothing else eats. They can eat methane gas, hydrogen gas, sulfur, carbon, and nitrogen.

  • NY Rabbi Argues for ‘Transgender’ God

    08/16/2016 7:26:37 PM PDT · 19 of 19
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Morgana

    Pleasantville Community Synagogue

    “PCS is a widely inclusive “trans-denominational” community drawing on the best teachings and practices from across the spectrum of liberal Judaism.”

    In other words, they like to think of themselves as Jews, but not actually do anything that religious Jews do. Probably vehemently anti-Israel as well.


    08/16/2016 9:14:22 AM PDT · 37 of 37
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Arthur McGowan

    In the final analysis, the Pope is only a man. A good Pope is a righteous man. A mediocre Pope is a weak man. A poor Pope tries to lead the church astray, but generally fails.

  • Black Lives Matter Is Pushing Our Cities Back to the Brink

    08/16/2016 7:52:27 AM PDT · 31 of 37
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to reaganaut1

    This is actually an illusory fight. Let’s change the axiom.

    The left like to believe that the police are public *controllers*. That with enough guns and equipment, the police can keep the public in check. The left is very, very wrong about this.

    The truth is that the uniformed police are a convenience to the public, and little more. But how can this be?

    A different axiom is that the public itself is the police. It hires the uniformed police to jobs that are too time consuming, specialized, and persistent for the public to want to do them.

    A 24/7 day/night watch. Gatherers of evidence for the courts. Dogged pursuers of those the courts demand. Coordinators of emergency services. And finally traffic and crowd control.

    And because we do not want the police to run roughshod over us, we create strict rules and protocols for them to follow.

    Importantly very importantly, many of these rules DO NOT apply to armed citizens.

    So, can armed citizens stop a riot? You bet they can.

    A great example is from the Rodney King riots. The first night, the rioters invaded a Korean neighborhood. By the next night, every rooftop there had an armed Korean on it, and there were many more at street level. So any rioter who dared enter the area would have been a dead rioter.

    The rioters knew this as well, so steered clear of that neighborhood.

    And this is how it will work out elsewhere. Which made the call for the rioters to go to “the suburbs” to attack white people, so hilarious.

    The typical suburb probably has equivalent small arms and ammunition to an infantry platoon. Not counting any police at all.

  • Acetaminophen Use During Pregnancy Linked to Childhood Behavioral Problems, Study Finds

    08/15/2016 7:12:06 PM PDT · 17 of 24
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to BenLurkin

    Seriously, acetaminophen is a deadly poison, and is lethal to many animals, especially mammals and reptiles. That, in small doses it acts as an analgesic in *humans* doesn’t change this basic fact.

    “Acetaminophen overdose sends as many as 78,000 Americans to the emergency room annually and results in 33,000 hospitalizations, and 300 deaths a year, federal data shows. Acetaminophen is also the nation’s leading cause of acute liver failure.”

    Yes, when properly used, it makes a fine analgesic. However I would *never* give it to a pregnant woman or a young child.

  • The Media is the Devil's Tool Box

    08/15/2016 5:14:48 PM PDT · 23 of 26
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to AuntB

    The media are the devil’s colostomy bag.

  • Suspected shooter in Queens slaying of Imam and friend taken into police custody, may have been set

    08/15/2016 5:11:12 PM PDT · 34 of 49
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to ColdOne

    A really important question is what variety of Hispanic is he? Demographically in NYC, Puerto Ricans still dominate at 33% of Hispanics. But 25% are Dominicans, and 13% are Mexicans.

  • Why the Next President Should Forgive All Student Loans (grab your Barf Bag)

    08/15/2016 4:58:17 PM PDT · 26 of 55
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Lorianne

    Truthfully, when Trump becomes POTUS, he needs to establish strict ground rules about what student loans can be used for.

    For high value degrees, such as nursing, education, STEM, etc., loans can be up to 80% the cost of the degree. For less valuable degrees, loans should only cover from 40% to 60% of the cost of the degree.

    For CRAP majors, like ethnic and gender study, exercise science, creative writing, radio & television & film production & journalism, etc., etc., etc. NOTHING, ZILCH, NADA. If students want these degrees, they can pay for them themselves.

    Not only should government loans be forbidden them, but states should be encouraged to forbid commercial loans for them as well.

  • Tim Cook addresses Apple's US taxes, says no repatriation without 'fair rate'

    08/15/2016 9:02:35 AM PDT · 38 of 39
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Olog-hai

    The Democrats see the purpose of taxation as to punish those they hate. Actually bringing revenues in to government is trivial to them. Republicans always focus on revenues, so are on a different sheet of music.

    However, things may significantly change with this next election: the Greeks are about to create a wealth tax; something that Hillary would be more than happy to do, in that she is already promising punitive taxes on the middle class.

  • Tim Cook addresses Apple's US taxes, says no repatriation without 'fair rate'

    08/15/2016 6:29:14 AM PDT · 28 of 39
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Olog-hai

    The simple solution is to make multinational corporations a “nationalist” deal. If they want to do business in our markets, they must support our nation to the degree of that market involvement.

    If they do not hire Americans at all levels, do not produce their product or service in America, do not pay US corporate taxes; or receive tax incentives at any level, or involve themselves in US politics, then our markets should not be open to them.

    Of course, calculating this needs to be an orderly process. But the goal is that if corporations want access to our markets, they must contribute to America and its people, beyond just selling us what they make or do. And if they want to involve themselves in changing our laws or form of government, they must demonstrate patriotism, and the rejection of internationalism, first.

  • Katie Pavlich: 'There Aren't as Many Conservatives in the Country as We Thought'

    08/15/2016 6:13:28 AM PDT · 58 of 120
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Sir Napsalot

    Conservatives are nationalists, not internationalists.

    Socialists are effectively the same, whether they call themselves just “socialists”, or “democratic socialists” (and variants), or “anarcho-socialists”, or communists (of all varieties), or national socialists. Conservatives reject socialism, even when it is the status quo, and seek the day when it is stripped from our society.

    Conservatives are constitutionalists, almost originalists, because they reject the gross manipulations carried out on our constitution by “progressives” and socialists. Especially the embrace of minor clauses (”interstate commerce” and “general welfare”) to overwhelm the rest of the document.

    Conservatives believe in limited government. As such, they can readily offer grand cuts in reducing the size and power of government. Entire agencies that are unconstitutional and thus should be eliminated unless the constitution is changed to permit them.

    Conservatives believe in limiting military, intelligence, police, and commercial power within our nation. They believe that such power does have some legitimate applications, the vast majority of which should be directed at foreign citizens of other nations, not US citizens.

    Conservatives insist that the corruption of science for political ends has strongly inhibited both scientific advancement and scientific ethics.

    Conservatives are strongly anti-slavery, and intensely dislike *all varieties* of slavery. They truly believe that all men are created equal, and that people are individuals, who deserve to be treated with respect as long as they display civil behavior to others.

  • Man harpooned in brawl over photo of women in burkinis in Corsica: Fracas between North Africans and

    08/14/2016 7:07:19 PM PDT · 45 of 66
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to RightGeek

    Napoleon Bonaparte was Corsican. Not a good people to rile up. He knew how to handle rioters, with grapeshot fired from artillery guns.

  • Shock Video–Milwaukee Rioters: ‘They Beatin’Up Every White Person!’

    08/14/2016 4:16:45 PM PDT · 86 of 111
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Nachum

    I so wish that those drivers were armed.

  • BREAKING: #Milwaukee Man Shot By Police Blood Gangbanger & Cousin Calling For “Gallon Of Blood”...

    08/14/2016 11:37:06 AM PDT · 75 of 88
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to blueyon

    I wonder how long it will be before rioters try to stop a car with legally armed citizens? While granted, the temptation will be to hit the gas, if the vehicle has already stopped, and say, two individuals in the front have .45 ACP and the one in back has a 12 gauge with 00 shot, there is going to be a par-ty.

  • Trumped nationally, Ted Cruz looks to get his Texas groove back

    08/14/2016 11:15:35 AM PDT · 82 of 89
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to fluorescence

    Truthfully, Ted Cruz is too much of an asset to write him off.

    What Mr. Trump should do is instead figure out what Cruz would be good at, and invite him to join the administration in that capacity.

    One role could be as “government slasher”. In corporate America, a very valuable and useful role is as a “hatchet man”, who is hired specifically to close unwanted departments and fire people. He is the “bad guy”, and he goes from corporation to corporation doing just this job.

    Critically important: once a cabinet secretary has been approved by the senate, the president can shift them to another agency at will. So say Cruz was made secretary of Veteran’s Affairs. This would make sense as Mr. Trump has said he wants to reform the VA.

    He would likely be confirmed by the senate, just to get him out of there. But once confirmed, he could mow through the VA with a battle axe, purging thousands of useless and malevolent bureaucrats whose actions have killed veterans. He could then get the agencies’ books in order to provide much better healthcare to veterans.

    Once he had done that, Mr. Trump could shift him to an agency where the senate would have *never* approved him. And the senate could not stop either of them.

    Agency after agency: Department of the Interior, Energy, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Homeland Security, Education, Treasury, Labor, Commerce, etc. Try to limit his time to six months for the smaller ones, and an entire year for the gigantic ones.

    Slash and burn.

    Animosity to Mr. Cruz aside, what’s not to like? Sure, he will get so many enemies that he could never become POTUS, but in that role he will do the US so much good that he will be remembered warmly by conservatives for a century, and bitterly cursed, vilified and hated by Democrats for twice as long.