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Posts by yefragetuwrabrumuy

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  • Weather Channel founder calls Bill Nye ‘a pretend scientist in a bow tie’

    05/02/2016 7:17:40 PM PDT · 13 of 24
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to ghosthost

    He has a B.S. in mechanical engineering. Approximately 17,000 students graduate with a Mechanical Engineering degree (Bachelor’s or higher) per year.

    Only about 1,440 jobs in Mechanical Engineering are created each year. So more than 10 graduates per job. And, with the radical increase in H1-B Visas, that ratio may double or triple.

    So had Bill Nye not become an “entertainer”, odds are that his job experience would equate to french fry cooking.

  • Trump: 'I'd have to think about' Cruz for Supreme Court

    05/02/2016 6:50:10 PM PDT · 44 of 279
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to BlackFemaleArmyCaptain

    Other than a SCOTUS justice, Trump could make Cruz his hatchet man. That is, put Cruz in charge of the radical reduction in the size and power of the federal government.

    This is a widely used technique in big business. That is, to hire someone whose job it is to fire people, slash spending, close unprofitable branches, etc. All the flack is focused on the hatchet man, not the big boss.

    He could make Cruz “the last American Czar”, eliminating that unconstitutional mess at the same time. As a Czar, he would work directly for the POTUS and not be confirmed by the senate.

    His first job would be the creation of a very slim federal budget, much smaller than the budget submission these days; and to hold congress’ feet to the fire. Right now they deal in terms of trillions of dollars. So the first budget submission would be, say $800b. Think “Pawn Stars” but with real money.

    “I want $10,000!”

    “I’ll give you $10, but I’ll be generous and offer you $20.”

    If congress wants to appropriate more than that, they will have to justify it or risk a veto.

  • Copyright expires on Bolero, world's most famous classical crescendo

    05/02/2016 9:28:04 AM PDT · 48 of 57
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Borges

    Maybe not. Remember that after years out of copyright, Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” (1927) was recently put back in copyright by treaty.

    “The film’s U.S. copyright was restored in 1996 by the Uruguay Round Agreements Act, but the constitutionality of this copyright extension was challenged in Golan v. Gonzales and, as Golan v. Holder, it was ruled that “In the United States, that body of law includes the bedrock principle that works in the public domain remain in the public domain. Removing works from the public domain violated Plaintiffs’ vested First Amendment interests.”

    “This only applied to the rights of so-called reliance parties, i.e. parties who had previously relied on the public domain status of restored works. The case was overturned on appeal to the Tenth Circuit, and that decision was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court on 18 January 2012. This had the effect of restoring the copyright in the work as of 1 January 1996.

    “Though it will remain copyrighted in Germany until 2046, 70 years after Fritz Lang’s death, under current U.S. copyright law it will be copyrighted there only through 31 December 2022 due to the rule of the shorter term as implemented in the Uruguay Round Agreements Act; the U.S. copyright limit for films of its age is 95 years from publication per the Copyright Term Extension Act.”

  • California extends coverage to kids; more docs needed

    05/02/2016 9:17:10 AM PDT · 19 of 20
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to artichokegrower

    This so blithely ignores even high school economics that it is almost comic. It comes across as a fairy tale, one involving spinning wheels that spin gold from flax, magical treasure chests that spontaneously refill themselves when emptied, and a greedy Republican billionaire named Smaug who keeps a giant heap of gold in his environmentally insensitive mountain stronghold, which he refuses to share.

    And, as a modern twist, the cloning of tens of thousands of fully trained Medical Doctors, all of whom work for free, and poop expensive pharmaceutical drugs.

    The best part is that it won’t cost anything. In fact it will save so much money that they can double their state budget to spend on stuff they whimsically want.

  • Europe's liberal illusions shatter as Greek tragedy plays on

    05/02/2016 8:55:44 AM PDT · 12 of 14
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Lorianne

    Greece should follow a plan similar to that which was used in Weimar Germany, and tragically, recovered its economy just in time for the Nazis to take over. But the recovery plan still worked.

    Germany’s problems began with its horrific war debt. France openly wanted to destroy Germany’s economy to reduce it from an industrial nation to an agrarian one. It demanded prompt repayment of Germany’s debt under threat of a military occupation to force repayment.

    However, at the onset of war, Germany had replaced its gold backed currency, the Goldmark, with a fiat currency, the Papiermark. So with enormous demands for reparations, the German government started printing Papiermarks like there was no tomorrow. They wanted inflation, because inflation favors debtors. But they got hyperinflation, and the Papiermark became worthless.

    So how to get out of the hole?

    The US sent over an executive of General Electric, who came up with the idea of first creating a new currency, called the Rentenmark, that would again be backed by gold. But it would not be a public currency, but reserved for government, bank, and corporate use only. The idea was that resolving debt at the top of the economy would make it easier to repair the economy on the street.

    They were right. After the Rentenmark did its work, the worthless Papiermark was replaced with the new Reichsmark, also backed by gold. In fact the Reichsmark was so stable that even the Nazis avoided tampering with it. It survived the war, only to be replaced by the Deutschmark, another fiat currency.

    In any event, for this idea to work in Greece would first require them to leave the Euro. The Grexit. While still using Euros for a time, they would then create a new, if not just gold, than specie backed high level only currency.

    This would pave the way for a return to the specie backed Drachma.

  • Winning the Culture War with Switchblade Knives

    05/02/2016 5:24:26 AM PDT · 11 of 42
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to marktwain

    A good argument for both switchblades and gravity knives has been that they are needed for those who only have the use of one hand, and even that one hand might be compromised, such as by arthritis.

    But knife makers seem to be missing a market segment by not specifically designing switchblades and gravity knives to be of particular utility to the handicapped. Instead their focus is on fixed blade “adaptive knives”, mostly for kitchen use.


    Yet knives remain a primary tool no matter where you are. To date the handicapped are limited to switchblades and gravity knives that are more stylish than practical. Many use lower quality steel and have fairly dull blades.

  • The number of middle-aged whites killing themselves has soared

    05/01/2016 7:37:33 PM PDT · 67 of 79
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Tours

    This finally closes the circle of the first unhappy generation that as children were never socialized with children of the opposite gender.

    Always kept busy, never allowed to interact in a chaperoned environment, and always allowed to self segregate by gender, these children grew up like dogs kept away from other dogs. They cannot relate to others, and don’t know how to socialize with them in a healthy way.

    Oh, of course they still wanted sex. But they had no idea how to find love or a mate. As such their lives have been lonely, if they were ever married it didn’t last, they are deeply distrustful of the other gender; and when finally too old, they resigned themselves to lives of empty despair.

    So for many of them, suicide becomes a very real option.

  • Women More Resistant to Beheading: Executioner

    05/01/2016 6:18:24 AM PDT · 24 of 29
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to nickcarraway

    “Convicted women sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia have been more resistant to beheading than men.”

    According to the holy Korn, some women can regrow their heads, making it necessary to cut their heads off repeatedly. They can also make a man impotent just by laughing at his genitalia, which happened to the Prophet, which forced him to cut their heads off.

  • The Link Between Mosquito Spraying and Autism

    05/01/2016 6:12:37 AM PDT · 42 of 76
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to nickcarraway

    Anything involving Pediatrics has to be closely examined. This is because the extremely leftist American Pediatric Association is far less interested in caring for children than it is to advance the leftist agenda.

    The Pediatric Academic Societies meeting is sponsored in part by them, but also by their competitor, the “conservative” American Academy of Pediatrics (who put caring for children first, practicing medicine instead of politics), and others.

    So who is behind this “study”? If it is the APA, it is likely a scam. The left are firm believers in corrupting science for their political ends.

  • FLASH: Bukovsky on Hunger Strike

    04/30/2016 3:12:16 PM PDT · 7 of 7
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to No One Special

    “Bukovsky faces five charges of making indecent images of children, five of possessing indecent images of children, and one of possessing a prohibited image.”

    As far as making indecent images, the UK law specifies either photographs or pseudo-photographs (Photoshopped images).

    Conclusive evidence would be the identity of the child or children pictured. That is, if the accused had access to them, or at least the ability to photo manipulate to create unique images.

    Possession also has criteria. That is, there must be a known origin to the images, and he made an effort to obtain them. However, there is vagueness to the separate charge of possession of a prohibited image.

  • More U.S. gun regulation is inevitable (dumbasses)

    04/30/2016 3:00:56 PM PDT · 18 of 20
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to rktman

    For years, socialists have touted the “inevitability” of socialism. And they see it with such idealism that they can no longer see its glaring and repeated failures.

    In effect, it remains nothing more than superstitious nonsense, sustained by endless rationalizations.

    It is no longer able to supplant reality in the minds of the people, so with a petulance like other cults, if they can’t have what they want, then they want to destroy the world.

  • One Top Taxpayer Moved, and New Jersey Shuddered

    04/30/2016 2:44:38 PM PDT · 29 of 40
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to reaganaut1

    The funny thing is that at no point did they even hint that with a big loss in revenue, they will have no choice but to cut spending.

  • When You Ban the Sale of Ivory, You Ban Elephants

    04/30/2016 1:20:55 PM PDT · 21 of 31
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to OddLane

    It should be noted that Asian and African elephants are very different species. When you think of a friendly elephant who lives with a trainer for many years and are very helpful, working animals, those are Asian elephants.

    If a wild African elephant sees you, it might very well chase you down to kill you. The effort to domesticate and train African elephants only began with the Belgians in the 19th Century. So while it *can* be done, it isn’t easy. The end result will be a trained *wild* animal, like a trained lion.

  • koran capitalized but not Bible, THE PROMPT

    04/29/2016 7:55:10 PM PDT · 37 of 50
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Pfesser

    This is pretty weak. Etymologically, the word “bible” (lower case) also means any book that is authoritative in its subject. When referring to the sacred text, it is either capitalized or even prefixed by a capitalized “The Bible”.

    So, two spellings are legitimate, so no spell correction.

  • Lawmakers demand Census ask about sexual orientation, gender identity

    04/27/2016 10:26:05 AM PDT · 36 of 80
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to jazusamo

    The Republican response should be a simple one: that the US Constitution authorizes an “actual enumeration”, which means just that. The Census should have no authority to coerce *any* more information out of people.

    1) Are you a citizen? yes/no (If you are not, you do not count.)

    2) How many citizens live here with you?

    And *that* is an actual enumeration.

  • Fed-up GOP mega-donors sitting on their checkbooks

    04/27/2016 10:22:58 AM PDT · 15 of 43
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to McGruff

    And those check books will stay closed. The loyalty of these mega-donors is not to the Republican party, nor even to the United States, but to the Chamber of Commerce, now dominated by multinational corporations.

    As one of the Koch brothers recently noted, he thinks it might be more to his advantage to support Hillary over Trump.

    Hopefully Trump with kick these mega-donors in the newts, and end their push to internationalist corporatocracy.

  • The Mirage of a Return to Manufacturing Greatness

    04/27/2016 10:19:12 AM PDT · 30 of 47
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Johnx22x

    I wish. It was at least 20-30 years ago, in a book review in an academic journal, and I’ve looked for it since, but only as a reference, since my interests are in mining, not economics.

  • 120 Arrested In Bronx Gang Takedown; Largest In NYC History

    04/27/2016 9:19:51 AM PDT · 15 of 21
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to sheworelemon

    One estimate says as many as 22,000 gang members in NYC.


  • More than 24 Stories Prove Bathroom Policies are Dangerous to Women and Children

    04/27/2016 8:15:51 AM PDT · 45 of 52
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to HomerBohn

    Importantly, the wildly overestimated number of transers in the US touted by the left is about 700,000, though the reality is far fewer. But the number of *government registered* sex offenders is 750,000.

  • Oxford council rebukes Target bathroom policy with new ordinance

    04/27/2016 8:13:19 AM PDT · 19 of 23
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to BO Stinkss

    As an aside, Oxford is next door to Anniston, AL, former home to the US Army Chemical Corps and Military Police schools at the now closed Fort McClellan. Also in the area is the Anniston Army Depot, where US Army tanks are sent to be repaired and reconditioned.

    It is a peculiar place, in the foothills between the rather primeval Cheaha National Forest, and the Talladega swamp, known for its NASCAR Race.

    On the other hand, the nickname of the newspaper at least used to be the Anniston “Red” Star.

  • The Mirage of a Return to Manufacturing Greatness

    04/27/2016 8:03:42 AM PDT · 25 of 47
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to expat_panama

    Years ago, a rare individual, an “economics historian”, made an astounding discovery unlike any other known principle in economics. He refused to believe it, and spent the next 20 years trying to prove it wrong, but he was unable to.

    The discovery was of a 100% correlation in economics, that applied throughout human history, location indifferent.

    When he finally published his findings, his book was mostly references and footnotes, and so arcane in character that only serious economists could wade through it. Worth the effort, because he figured it would upend both economics and history.

    Simply put, he had discovered a 100% correlation between mining and economic prosperity in a nation, kingdom, empire, any other form of government, or economic block.

    That is, as a nation (etc.) mines, it prospers. The more it mines, the more it prospers. If it mines less, its economy is in decline, and when it discontinues mining *for any reason*, the nation nears collapse or collapses.

  • For two moms, different paths — and experiences — led to concealed-carry permits

    04/27/2016 7:49:06 AM PDT · 3 of 6
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to rellimpank

    “Sometimes, she says, she can’t help but wonder if she’s attracting “negative energy” by carrying a gun.”

    Just the opposite. As martial artists have long known, having the means to defend yourself gives you a carriage that means it is far *less* likely that you will *have* to defend yourself.

    Lots of robbers have been profiled to the conclusion that they are much like wild predatory animals, preferring to attack the weak, crippled, old and young. But adults that look nervous or timid are right up there on the list.

  • 2 Dead, 6 Wounded In Tuesday Shootings Across Chicago

    04/27/2016 6:46:30 AM PDT · 9 of 11
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Oldeconomybuyer

    Current Chicago tallies:


  • Sexual predators are taking advantage of ‘transgender laws’ – A MUST SEE VIDEO

    04/27/2016 6:43:51 AM PDT · 10 of 32
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to UMCRevMom@aol.com

    Just today:

    A Boy Scout troop leader was sentenced to 19 years in prison after pleading guilty to charges of sexual exploitation of a minor, according to the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.


    “But it’s not *fair* to bar homosexuals from being Scout leaders. Just because they are ‘gay’ doesn’t mean they are pedophiles!”

  • Fr. Hans Kung Says Francis Responded to Request for Free Discussion on Infallibility Dogma

    04/27/2016 6:41:04 AM PDT · 3 of 14
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to marshmallow

    I don’t think the current Pope should be given a millimeter’s slack on the infallibility doctrine, as he has shown a willingness to rewrite what the church is to satisfy his own, trendy tastes.

  • Watch: MGM Drops First Trailer for ‘Magnificent Seven’ Remake

    04/26/2016 7:02:03 PM PDT · 39 of 64
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to ImJustAnotherOkie

    I have a feeling that p.c. modernizing this Kurosawa classic is going to be as big a stinker as was the reboot of The Alamo (if anyone remembers it).

    That is, production budget of $107m, domestic b.o. of $22.4m.

    Hollywood lacks pattern recognition.

  • Teens allegedly assault Iraq War veteran over 'Black Lives Matter'

    04/25/2016 3:21:36 PM PDT · 15 of 25
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to 2ndDivisionVet

    I think this was a set up for the robbery. In similar circumstances, “trying to avoid being seen and leaving” is what the robbers want you to do. So, what to do?

    First, don’t be in a hurry to leave. If you have a phone, call for backup. In such a place, police might take their time getting there, so you need to get crafty. Call for paramedics, for example, and complain of chest pains.

    If nothing else, call for a cab.

    Go into the “anything can be a weapon” mode. Try to find something, anything, that you could use in a scrap.

    Do not go into the restroom unless you can lock the door from inside. Ask the store manager for an employment application. etc., etc., etc.

  • Scientists Build a Better Incandescent Light Bulb… Six Years After Last US Factory Closes

    04/25/2016 8:22:11 AM PDT · 52 of 126
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to The_Victor

    All light is not equal, according to biological organisms.

    This was strongly established by photographer John Ott. And the Ott light bulbs are still regarded as the best available full spectrum lighting.


    By increasing or decreasing the various light bands in the spectrum, he was able to manipulate plants to flower, bear fruit, and even change the gender of plants.

    So every time you read of a new kind of light bulb, be aware that its light might indeed be bright, but not very healthy for you at all.

  • Israelis optimistic Obama's successor will be more pro-Israel

    04/25/2016 8:07:59 AM PDT · 5 of 11
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Lera

    The next Republican president is going to have to apologize for Obama’s incivility to outright hostility to our allies; and reiterate to our enemies that though Obama encouraged, respected and admired them, the party is over.

  • Bill Kristol Names Romney, Rubio, Tom Cotton As Third-Party Prospects If Trump Wins Nomination

    04/25/2016 8:06:07 AM PDT · 18 of 121
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to mandaladon

    Conservatives should be clear that if RINOs and the GOP-e do *anything* to cause a third party, that is the end for their being Republicans. They should consider themselves expelled from the party, and cut off from the conference and any funding at all.

  • Donation of surplus peanuts from US dismays Haiti farmers

    04/24/2016 7:37:46 AM PDT · 31 of 37
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to huldah1776

    Haiti’s persistent problem is the lack of arable farmland. So one of the best things for them would be to send in an American corporation, with American equipment, to create farms from scratch. Farms with their own water supplies, rich, improved topsoil, and probably a closed community of farmers, to include their local government.

  • NBA Commish: ‘Necessary’ to Change Bathroom Law to Hold All-Star Game in Charlotte

    04/24/2016 7:32:44 AM PDT · 92 of 102
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to doldrumsforgop

    The Charlotte Hornets are the local NBA team. Likely heavily subsidized by the city. So why not pass a state law that all subsidies to corporations must have the approval of the state?

    Then, if the NBA really wants to get shirty, then another law that requires professional sports teams in the state to be licensed. A license requiring transparency in ownership, that is, that the owners must disclose their financial holdings.

    While all of this sounds severe, it is past time for states to fight back against corporations that are trying to force them to adopt repulsive laws and regulations. And the only stick that works on those mules costs them millions of dollars.

  • Did Donald Trump pay attention in class???

    04/24/2016 6:38:15 AM PDT · 84 of 103
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to E=MC<sup>2</sup>

    In all fairness, that statement is a lot more complicated than it sounds on the surface.

    To start with, about 30% of the national debt is money government agencies have given to the Treasury to keep for them. For example, all the money that Social Security and Medicare collect goes right into the Treasury, where it is then counted as debt.

    So, right off the bat the (approaching) $20T debt is actually about $14T.

    Next off, the money spent by federal agencies over those lands amount to perhaps $100B a year. No matter what happens to those lands, as long as they are no longer owned by the federal government, that money is saved.

    The real money again enters the picture because all the resources on those lands are again available for mining, drilling, forestry, and finally sale at good prices.

    So by selling that land, the federal government can actually *make* a lot more tax revenues, while slashing the debt.

    Importantly, the vast majority of the lands would not be sold to corporations or individuals, but returned to the individual states.

  • (Wisconsin) College Students Conduct ‘Refugee and Migrant Simulation’ to ‘Raise Awareness’

    04/24/2016 6:04:38 AM PDT · 17 of 19
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to ghosthost

    Your assignment: You are an MS-13 gang member who wants to travel to the US to enlarge the gang presence on the east coast. You also have a penchant for rape, especially of young girls, and nothing but utter contempt and hatred of the US government and Americans. You have already tortured and killed three people who were tied up and helpless, then you mutilated their bodies. Because you are under the age of 18, you are protected by deportation and called a “dreamer”.

  • Don't Boycott Target Over Transgender Bathroom Issue: Here's a Better Alternative

    04/24/2016 5:45:42 AM PDT · 22 of 218
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to SeekAndFind

    I still think the only *practical* alternatives are not “soft” ones. That is, only liberals and fools think that staff meetings, counseling, and hand holding, while at their strongest to “deplore” the evil acts of evil people, actually accomplishes *anything*. They does not.

    So what are the “hard” alternatives?

    1) Target needs to install surveillance cameras in its restrooms, assuredly monitored *only* by security personnel appropriate to that gender. And to prosecute any obscene, indecent or harassing behavior by those in their restrooms. And restrooms must be posted according to these criteria.

    2) Prohibit children under the age of 18 from entering their restrooms, unless accompanied by an adult parent or guardian. And if there is no available adult parent or guardian, the store will provide them a chaperon of the appropriate gender, to help insure them that they are not set upon by a sexual predator.

    Of course, both of these things are far more tangible than what Target has done so far. But it gives Target the opportunity to “put their money where their mouth is”, instead of just risking the lives of their customers.

    And unless one or both of these means are carried out, then Target should be financially liable for any harm that comes to someone using their restroom.

  • Prince Treated for Drug Overdose Days Before Death

    04/22/2016 4:06:14 PM PDT · 60 of 65
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to DoodleDawg

    Influenza can sometimes cause acute reactions including difficulty breathing, and an hour is a huge amount of time in such a situation.

  • 'Islamist' teens arrested for blast at Sikh wedding in Germany

    04/22/2016 8:02:52 AM PDT · 10 of 10
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Cronos

    I am all in favor of Sikhs remembering their martial history and smiting Muslims “ ‘til who laid the chunk”.

  • UN signing away national sovereignty today

    04/22/2016 6:52:43 AM PDT · 25 of 34
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Sean_Anthony

    The Republican president can solve a lot of this nonsense simply. Suggest that Beijing and Moscow build their own UN complexes, and that there be a 25 year rotation between them.

    I would start with sending the UN to Beijing. They deserve each other. The Chinese will quickly get disgusted with the antics of the “primate delegates” which make the UN the monkey house it is.

  • Democrats are winning their war on big banks — but look who else pays

    04/22/2016 6:47:34 AM PDT · 19 of 45
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to expat_panama

    Surprisingly, Sanders has a simple and very reasonable selling point, that Republicans should consider as a good idea.

    If a bank or financial business is “too big to fail” without harming the US economy, then it is “too big to live”, and should be, in an orderly and careful way, subdivided into two or more competing organizations that do not share ownership or management, until they have been “rendered safe”.

    And this concept should not be limited to just banks.

  • Conscientious Objectors

    04/22/2016 6:42:00 AM PDT · 19 of 36
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Kaslin

    At least the US Army has some pretty effective tests to determine the legitimacy of c.o. claims.

    For example, fake c.o.s are usually lazy and malingerers. So if, for example, they claim to be a Quaker, they probably figure that if some Quakers vouch for them, that will be enough. Not so fast. The Army will ask them to describe the doctrines of Quakers, their history, etc. Almost no fake c.o. will pass that test.

    Typically, a c.o. will claim that their faith prohibits them from killing others. But as has been pointed out, there are a LOT of non-combat jobs in the military. Even by Vietnam, combat support and combat service support outnumbered combat arms by 13 to 1. (Today that ratio is even greater.)

    Which brings up the next point: even if they are forbidden to *aggessively* kill someone, are they permitted to kill someone in self defense?

    Once again, it should be noted that while Quakers refused to fight, themselves, they had no problem with selling arms to combatants. This blows away any excuse that they are forbidden to do anything to *facilitate* a war or killing.

    In real terms, the Army is more than willing to ship c.o.s to the combat theater and *not* put them in combat arms, like with Al Gore, who was issued a typewriter in Vietnam, and became one of the numerous REMFs (an acronym that speaks for itself.)

  • Hands Off the Ladies’ Rooms

    04/22/2016 6:25:29 AM PDT · 10 of 65
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to reaganaut1

    I see three reasonable outcomes here.

    1) Posting of signs saying that surveillance cameras are in use, and being monitored by a female employee, and that any acts of harassment or indecent exposure will be prosecuted.

    2) Giving women’s restrooms an ‘R’ rating, that females under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a female parent or guardian, and if none is available, by a female employee.

    3) That women start carrying pepper spray, and if they meet a pervert to liberally spray him in the face before leaving. That this will contaminate the restroom for a while is not her fault. If the pervert later protests, she can just claim that he exposed himself then lunged at her.

    While it is also a good idea for women to carry a concealed handgun, in this case it should be a backup to their pepper spray.

  • Prince Treated for Drug Overdose Days Before Death

    04/22/2016 6:17:56 AM PDT · 5 of 65
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to RayofHope

    Please note that this has the sole source of TMZ. While their credibility may be a little better than Nigerian Scoop, I would not proclaim it as righteous until someone else backs it up.

  • Trump just said it's OK if transgendered men share the bathroom with daughters, granddaughters

    04/22/2016 6:15:21 AM PDT · 126 of 145
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to reaganaut

    Man Does Social Experiment About Transgenders and Bathrooms, Finds out Most Women are Uncomfortable With it


  • Trump just said it's OK if transgendered men share the bathroom with daughters, granddaughters

    04/21/2016 4:04:08 PM PDT · 104 of 145
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Crucial

    In practical terms, I can see two outcomes to this foolishness.

    Cameras and signs put up in women’s restrooms that say this restroom is under surveillance by a woman, and that any indecent display or behavior will be prosecuted.

    Second, that females under the age of 18 wanting to use this restroom must be accompanied by a female parent or guardian, or by a female employee.

  • Why Conservatives Should Cheer for Harriet Tubman on the $20 Bill [Republican who shot Democrats]

    04/21/2016 2:39:04 PM PDT · 45 of 122
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to grundle

    The next Republican POTUS should quietly replace the Tubman $20 bill with the Reagan $20 bill.

  • Gay waitress: Instead of a tip, women left a Bible verse (NC)

    04/21/2016 6:12:16 AM PDT · 94 of 100
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to wardaddy

    That’s the trouble, though. There are a lot of women who are more masculine looking, or just plain-plain out there, but are also very straight. And there are many attractive, very feminine, ‘pink’ lesbians as well.

    So, as I originally wrote, unless they are wearing a t-shirt proclaiming they are a lesbian, or tell you outright, directly or indirectly (like mentioning their “girlfriend”), most people wouldn’t know.

    The same problem exists with homosexual men, many of whom are burly blue-collar type guys, very different from the stereotypical ‘pink’ homosexuals.

    In any event, back to the original story, how could the customers there tell beyond a reasonable doubt that she was a lesbian?

  • Gay waitress: Instead of a tip, women left a Bible verse (NC)

    04/20/2016 1:21:47 PM PDT · 89 of 100
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to wardaddy
    Here's a picture of the waitress. Other than the Jay Leno chin, nothing really screams 'lesbian' to me.

  • Youth Indoctrination..

    04/20/2016 10:52:34 AM PDT · 7 of 8
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Paul46360

    I truly hope that James Hansen’s retirement will be with Michael Mann in a cell in a federal penitentiary.

  • Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill

    04/20/2016 10:51:19 AM PDT · 160 of 212
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to ChicagoConservative27

    With the next Republican president, the “unloved” Tubman 20’s should be replaced with the Ronald Reagan $20 bill.

  • Fake Calls Avoid tech support phone scams [Many Fake "Microsoft" Calls Lately: Just Hangup!]

    04/20/2016 10:33:43 AM PDT · 23 of 49
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to catnipman

    My favorite call from Microsoft was with a heavy Hispanic accent, and in the background I could hear small children screaming as well as the sound of chickens.

    I decided to infuriate him by using a strong Hindu accent, and insisting that “It is not you who are being Microsoft, but we who are being Microsoft. And as soon as I finish my roast beef sandwich, I will be sending Microsoft security to your home to give you a very bad titty twister, sirrah.”

    He just yelled a bunch of obscenities at me and hung up.