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  • Merkel: Yeah, I guess we should spend that extra money on defense after all

    02/27/2017 6:03:29 PM PST · 9 of 9
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to mandaladon

    The one exception to this should be Britain. The US should work closely with their government to recreate their shipbuilding industry. Especially warships.

    The US is vulnerable to military draw downs by Democrat presidents. Not too long ago for a time the US had no aircraft carriers at sea. And now both China and Russia have the intent to regularly deploy blue water fleets.

    Aircraft carriers cannot be everywhere, and are often sent on priority missions leaving vast areas without. But if Britain again had warships, granted smaller ones, it would go far to filling in unavoidable gaps.

    I’m not talking a permanent subsidy to Britain to have a Navy, just a jump start. And hopefully they could sell much of their production to other friendly countries.

  • Will Republicans Renege on ObamaCare Repeal?

    02/27/2017 5:27:56 PM PST · 39 of 45
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Sopater

    Actually, with President Trump at the helm, things happen that he promises, despite their improbability and novelty, way too often for us to be cynical yet.

    I think he did something critical to the repeal process just in the last few days: meeting with the governors to get their input. The biggest suggestion they had was that they liked the Medicaid expansion. And while that was made as part of Obamacare, it really isn’t Obamacare, it is Medicaid.

    Next, just as important as President Trump in this is what Republican congressmen and senators are doing. As well as what they are *not* doing.

    That is, they are all working and motivated to do *something*. Typically there is a large group content with the status quo, the ‘inertia bloc’. But not this time. The argument is solely about degrees of change and methods. And once that is agreed on by the caucus, it turns to tactics, how to actually make it happen.

    Even “the usual suspects” are not stamping their feet and refusing to play ball. The political momentum is there to do *something*.

    And the clock is running, and they know it.

    Oddly enough, one of the most important messages President Trump needs to get out has to be directed at all those doctors and health professionals who were driven out of the business by Obamacare.

    “Restart your practices, reopen your offices, let your old patients know that you are back in business. Because the government is no longer going to pile back breaking demands on you.”

  • Trump to call for substantial increase in military spending, cuts to several federal agencies

    02/27/2017 9:58:12 AM PST · 24 of 25
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to bobsunshine

    Comprehensive Current List Of Budget Cuts & Reforms

    (Gleaned from a bunch of different sources. Subject to change without notice.)

    OMB cuts (The list is to be finalized by March 13):

    Corporation for Public Broadcasting
    the Legal Services Corporation
    The National Endowments for the Arts
    The National Endowments for the Humanities
    White House Office of National Drug Control Policy
    The Export-Import Bank

    Other cuts:

    Departments of Commerce: Economic Development Administration, Minority Business Development Agency, International Trade Administration, Manufacturing Extension Partnership.

    Department of Energy: Office of Electricity Deliverability and Energy Reliability, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, as well as the Office of Fossil Energy.

    Department of Justice: elimination of Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, Violence Against Women Grants, the Legal Services Corporation, Civil Rights Division, Environment and Natural Resources Division.

    Department of the Treasury: Abolition of the IRS. Tax collection and enforcement activities would be moved to a new, smaller, and more accountable department at the Treasury. Applicants to the new department would need to undergo a rigorous evaluation of their work performance before being hired to positions of trust, and would be subject to discipline and termination if they failed to honor that trust.

    Misc: The Overseas Private Investment Corporation, the Paris Climate Change Agreement, and the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

    (indirect bureaucratic controls)

    Federal agencies should have the ability to fire Senior Executive Service employees for serious violations or place them on unpaid leave while they are under investigation.

    Limiting Bonuses for Federal Employees, and limiting how many can get them annually (current annual bonus *average* $10,560 per employee.)

    Reform of Federal Employee Pension Plans. instead of basing the amount of a retiree’s benefit on the highest three years of earnings, the benefit would be calculated from the highest five-year period. And all federal employees would be required to contribute more towards their retirement.

    Reduction of the Annual Across-The-Board Adjustment For Federal Civilian Employees’ Pay.

    Reduction of Premium Support for the Federal Employee Health Benefits program (FEHB) from current subsidy of 70% of premiums.

    Overall reduction in the Federal workforce by attrition.

    Limits on Agency spending on conferences.

    The Federal Employee Accountability Act (H.R. 1658) would ensure that no federal government employee could use official time to engage in collective bargaining, or participate in arbitration on behalf of a union against their employer. The budget encourages adoption of this legislation.

  • Navy secretary nominee withdraws from consideration

    02/27/2017 9:48:59 AM PST · 42 of 44
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Drago

    President Trump has a peculiar problem with his Secretary of the Navy. This is because the Navy has a persistent, bad problem with procurement, and has for several decades.

    So instead of bringing in a former Admiral, who has likely as not been part of the problem, he needs to bring in an efficient and experienced businessman, to cut through the nonsense and get ships made on time and on budget.

    Not easy, because the Navy is top heavy, and every one of their flag officers wants to put “his stamp” on new ships by changing something or adding something. Added to the incestuous relationship between former Navy officers and shipbuilding companies.

    The end result Trump wants is that once a ship design is finalized, that is it, no more changes. If some part is frequently upgraded, it must be in a compatible, plug and play module. Construction delays and cost overruns come out of the hide of the shipbuilder.

  • Senate Democrats blunt free speech

    02/26/2017 4:31:45 PM PST · 39 of 41
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Mark
    Janet Nguyen

  • A referendum on Trump in Newt's old district

    02/26/2017 4:22:34 PM PST · 15 of 40
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Lazamataz

    Maybe some insider information?

    Of the candidates can you rate the Republicans by how conservative they are?

    Eighteen candidates filed to run in the race. They are as follows:

    Judson Hill (R) (former state senator)

    Mohammad Ali Bhuiyan (R) (Cobb County economist, Muslim)

    Bob Gray (R) (Former Johns Creek Councilman)

    Dan Moody (R) (former state senator)

    Karen Handel (R) (former Secretary of State and Susan G. Komen For the Cure executive who engineered a ban on funding for Planned Parenthood in 2012.)

    Bruce LeVell (R) (head of Trump’s diversity coalition, once led the Gwinnett GOP)

    David Abroms (R) (business executive and former Congressional aide.)

    Keith Grawert (R) (A U.S. Air Force pilot and Dunwoody resident who wants to ‘return public service to Washington.’)

    Amy Kremer (R) (A Republican Tea Party activist)

    William Llop (R) (A Sandy Springs accountant who said he will run as a “financial expert” who can help reduce the federal debt.)

    Kurt Wilson (R) (A Roswell small business owner)


    Ron Slotin (D)
    Jon Ossoff (D)
    Ragin Edwards (D)
    Richard Keatley (D)
    Rebecca Quigg (D)


    Alexander Hernandez (I)
    Andre Pollard (I)

    Notes: while president Trump may have had a narrow victory there, Tom Price (R), the incumbent, beat the Democrat by 61.7% to 38.3%.

  • Stockman: "After March 15 Everything Will Grind To A Halt"

    02/26/2017 3:43:24 PM PST · 57 of 97
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to blam

    Economists are frequently wrong with their predictions because they invariably use something close to straight line projection.

    “In just four years, the Nazis conquered most of Europe. By 1950 they should be ruling the world.”

    See the problem?

    Stockman’s dilemma is the assumption that only he can see the problem and the deadline. Or at least he is the only one that cares about it. Yet he can also not imagine some way around the problem.

    “The United States debt ceiling or debt limit is a legislative limit on the amount of national debt that can be issued by the US Treasury, thus limiting how much money the federal government may borrow. The debt ceiling is an aggregate figure which applies to the gross debt, which includes debt in the hands of the public and in *intra-government accounts*.”

    This last bit, intra-government accounts, is key to the solution.

    Almost one-third of the US national debt is money the government owes *itself*. When every agency in the US government gets its appropriation from congress, they do not get physical money. Instead they get “credit” from the US Treasury. Credit that counts as budget debt.

    So a way around this problem is for the appropriations committees of congress to start slashing agency budgets. No appropriations means no credits or budget debt, which delays approach to the debt ceiling.

    Total outlays by agency:

  • Outrage as judge saves teenage football player, 19, from jail over locker room....

    02/26/2017 11:52:07 AM PST · 18 of 32
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Morgana

    While this may have been spontaneous bullying, there should be at least *some* mention if it was not spontaneous, though it wouldn’t have any bearing on the outcome.

    The “mainstreaming” of mentally disabled children in schools doesn’t always work out. And the system goes to lengths to insure they are given maximum care and consideration; sometimes at the expense of the other children. Done injudiciously, this can generate anger and resentment at the disabled children.

    Screaming tantrums, violent rages, very inappropriate scatological and sexual behavior during class, are often excused. Though for normal children, “disruptive behavior”, so much as an inappropriate garment or crude joke or sharing a piece of gum, can result in immediate suspension or expulsion.

    The end result for the normal children is that particular classes are so stressful that they cannot learn in them, and they must always be on guard lest the mentally disabled student physically attack them.

  • Mississippi Governor Says He Will Assist Trump in Illegal Immigration Crackdown

    02/26/2017 3:58:42 AM PST · 2 of 16
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to GonzoII


    “Work on the wall President Donald Trump has promised to erect along the nation’s 2,000-mile southwestern border will begin near Tucson, as well as El Paso, Texas, and El Centro, Calif., according to the Department of Homeland Security. Details about that initial work, first reported by the Austin American-Statesman, was released with documentation accompanying memos by Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly.

    “CBP said it is also evaluating “priority areas” where it can build a wall or “similar physical barrier on the border where it currently doesn’t exist.” That evaluation, which will be completed within 180 days, will include current security, geography and federal and state resources to achieve “operational control” of the border, the agency said.”

  • Trump won’t go to White House Correspondents Association Dinner this year

    02/25/2017 7:47:12 PM PST · 47 of 59
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to davikkm

    He should show them his generosity by increasing the percentage of alcohol in the beverages they are drinking. For example, wine is typically 9%-16%, so have them increase it to 25%. Because they are on expense accounts, it is unlikely they will object to it.

    Imagine how much more entertaining the event would be with a room full of sloppy drunks.

  • Treasury Secretary Mnuchin: We're committed to 'very significant' tax reform by August recess

    02/25/2017 7:11:39 PM PST · 8 of 16
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to 1rudeboy

    As of 2016, the federal tax code is 74608 pages long.

    “Very significant” tax reform would begin by reducing that number by say, 50,000 pages. It would still be 24608 pages long, but hey, it’s a start.

  • AG Sessions Is Now In Session: Orders Prison Utilization Increase To Handle All-New ICE Roundups

    02/25/2017 7:08:06 PM PST · 24 of 24
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to zerosix

    I should also mention that the “medical problems” from at least 40 years of heavy marijuana smoking have not materialized. Marijuana actually includes ingredients that *prevent* the growth of some cancers. Some types have been proven to normalize pressure in the eyeballs, significantly slowing the onset of some types of blindness.

    By now if it was medically bad, you would expect widespread emphysema, cancer, cardio problems, etc., etc., all attributable to marijuana use. And they have not happened.

    So how long does it take? If you are a regular marijuana smoker for 75 years will it make you sick?

  • AG Sessions Is Now In Session: Orders Prison Utilization Increase To Handle All-New ICE Roundups

    02/25/2017 7:02:59 PM PST · 23 of 24
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Just mythoughts

    So are Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Carl Sagan.

    While I don’t care for their politics, they all regularly smoked marijuana.

  • AG Sessions Is Now In Session: Orders Prison Utilization Increase To Handle All-New ICE Roundups

    02/25/2017 7:00:04 PM PST · 21 of 24
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to zerosix

    Again, if you think of the problems from marijuana users, is it truly worth it to spend $100 billion a year to just keep treading water? Way too much money has already been spent with *nothing* to show for it.

    Don’t throw good money after bad, and do not reinforce defeat.

  • AG Sessions Is Now In Session: Orders Prison Utilization Increase To Handle All-New ICE Roundups

    02/25/2017 6:56:22 PM PST · 20 of 24
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to shelterguy

    “Hard drug use almost always starts with marijuana use.”

    The vast majority of the exploding number of heroin addicts became so because of *prescription* opiates. Also, as a class, they are no longer exclusively poor, but middle, upper middle, and wealthy classes are just as prone to become junkies.

    This is not helped by black market prescription drugs running around $100 a pill, while heroin prices have dropped to about $5 for a greater amount of opiate.

    And with the introduction of Fentanyl and its analogs, most of which are far more potent than heroin, and far cheaper to make and smuggle, the end result is going to be a lot of dead junkies.

    Bottom line: spending $100 billion a year to stop marijuana is even dumber than alcohol prohibition. We need that money for many more things than to waste it on dope.

  • New National Security Advisor doesn't believe in "radical Islamic terrorism"?

    02/25/2017 7:03:43 AM PST · 44 of 87
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to KyCats

    I can see his point of view from a military counterinsurgency point of view.

    That is, Muslims themselves do not distinguish radical from moderate in their numbers, and the military rarely engages in fights with non-Muslim allies fighting Muslims. So, when both your allies and your enemies are Muslim, calling it “radical Islamism” achieves nothing.

    This is very different from the leftist perspective, that by calling “radical Islamic terrorists” what they are, you will *make them angry at you*. Which has got to be one of the most pathetic, lame brained ideas ever.

    So, enter the National Security Council. Those who want to call it “radical Islamic terrorism” are strictly thinking about “calling a spade a spade”, which is a sensible thing to do *domestically*, when referring to terrorism in the western world.

    However, as National Security Adviser, his view has to be worldwide, *including* Muslim nations, who get confused and upset when you call “radical Islamic terrorism” by that name.

    We need their help or at least cooperation in stomping out “radical Islamic terrorism”, and to some extent they are willing to negotiate for it, if you couch it in diplomatic terms.

  • AG Sessions Is Now In Session: Orders Prison Utilization Increase To Handle All-New ICE Roundups

    02/25/2017 6:39:14 AM PST · 6 of 24
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to GonzoII

    I hope cooler heads quietly prevail on Mr. Sessions quietly dropping his “marijuana crackdown” idea.

    Nixon’s “War on Drugs”, mostly against marijuana, cost the US perhaps a trillion or more dollars in one of the most inane and downright stupid campaigns ever created. A declaration of war against the Moon.

    Its biggest success was in stripping Americans of a huge number of constitutional and legal rights, and caused a repulsive growth in both the “industrial prison system” and the abhorrent property seizure practices (something else that Sessions favors) that still confiscate hundreds of billions of dollars of property every year with no, *zero* criminal complaint. A corrupting influence on police at all levels.

    This confiscation amounts to “Hagar the Horrible”-style taxation, of a tax collector showing up at the door with a brute with an axe.

    A thousand times worse for our nation than alcohol prohibition, which created the organized crime syndicates that still exist.

    Just kill the monster. Focus exclusively on the “hard drugs” like opiates, amphetamines, cocaine and synthetics.

  • A Speech to Denounce Meryl Streep

    02/25/2017 4:35:24 AM PST · 34 of 34
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Elsie

    You’re talking about reality. Streep deals in hysterical fantasy. She could have just as well said that unicorns are killing our children.

  • Some Doctors Prescribe Food Instead Of Pills To Treat Certain Patients

    02/24/2017 8:19:41 AM PST · 12 of 16
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Brad from Tennessee

    There are a huge number of foods and especially spices, as well as some OTC herbs that have been scientifically established to be just as good, or even better, than their pharma equivalents. For example:

    Silymarin (active ingredient in Milk Thistle), is perhaps the “ideal liver drug”, protecting and healing it, as well as eliminating fatty buildup within. It takes some months, but can substantially improve the condition of the liver.

    For diabetes, there is quite a laundry list.

    Leading the pack is an Indian herb called Sylvester Gymnema, whose nickname is “the sugar killer”. As a tea, it mildly inhibits the sugar taste buds so that it doesn’t taste as good. But its real action is in the intestine, where it blocks the absorption of sugars.

    Other spices that have a strong impact on blood glucose and other blood components are Ginger, Clove, Turmeric w/black pepper, Garlic, Cassia Cinnamon (disputed), and others.

    To avoid diabetic complications, R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (specifically) against diabetic neuropathy in the extremities; Bilberry, which normalizes eye capillary pressure, reducing the odds of diabetic blindness; Vitamin B-1, to protect against excess albumin in the urine, reducing the odds of kidney damage.

    There are many alternative therapies to pharma. But they should always be explored with an open minded doctor.

  • A Speech to Denounce Meryl Streep

    02/24/2017 7:54:59 AM PST · 24 of 34
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Kaslin

    Meryl “ALAR IS KILLING OUR CHILDREN!!!!” Streep.

  • LA churches ready underground network of safe houses for illegals

    02/24/2017 7:41:41 AM PST · 25 of 66
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to SeekAndFind

    It should be noted that the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) has several “predicate offenses”, any *two* of which are enough to define “racketeering activity”.

    One of these is:

    “Bringing in, aiding or assisting aliens in illegally entering the country (if the action was for financial gain).”

    On the surface, it would appear that these churches could claim that what they were doing was *not* for financial gain. However, if they are receiving outside money to abet them in doing this, it may either expose them to RICO, or almost as good, to losing their non-profit status as churches.

    But “obstruction of justice”, such as a criminal conspiracy to prevent the arrest of criminal aliens, is *another* RICO predicate offense.

    And, icing on the cake, yet another RICO predicate offense include those statutes against slavery and human trafficking. This is actually different from the other offense of smuggling illegal aliens, because it has to do with the *purpose* of those aliens once in the US. For example, prostitution of women and children. Or if those illegal aliens are being controlled by a “mule”, who will not let them go until their family gives them money.

  • Billionaire Pritzker Tells Men to Use Women's Bathrooms to Protest Trump

    02/23/2017 4:53:57 PM PST · 16 of 36
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Zakeet

    I think this is a fine idea, especially in places where women carry concealed firearms.

    “Hey! you prevert! I’m giving you three seconds to get the Hell out of the ladies room before ah start shooting! ONE...”

  • Republicans Are Already Trying to Raise Taxes

    02/23/2017 3:24:08 PM PST · 59 of 60
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to TBP

    It truly depends what is being imported and exported. For example, during the Chinese import boom during Bush, one of our most expensive imports was the steel shipping containers that contained other goods. At $30-$50,000 each minimum, they would be sent here, unloaded, but *not* returned to China.

    In California there are still rusting mountains of those shipping containers. And yet these definitely counted in our massive trade deficits with China. And this paid for China’s boom in coal and steel production, that supported their huge boom in construction.

    The US top exports are:

    Machinery including computers: US$190.5 billion
    Electrical machinery, equipment: $167.2 billion
    Aircraft, spacecraft: $134.6 billion
    Vehicles : $124.3 billion
    Mineral fuels including oil: $94.7 billion
    Optical, technical, medical apparatus: $82.0 billion
    Plastics, plastic articles: $58.4 billion
    Gems, precious metals: $57.8 billion
    Pharmaceuticals: $47.1 billion
    Organic chemicals: $33.9 billion

    Looking at the list, a lot of these products are vital to the economies of other countries. So tariffs on their part may hurt them far more than they hurt us.


    02/23/2017 11:18:39 AM PST · 7 of 16
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to C19fan

    The best way to fight the grotesque is to offer something much better. The way this could be done by a Pentacostal is to cooperate with other more conservative churches to create a far more “family friendly” version of Shrovetide, separate and apart from the disorderly crowd. And even encourage parents with small children to leave them in the “safe place” as the parents go to attend the party.

    Instead of the excess, they could offer more nutritious food and drink, religious spirituality expressed through quality sacred music, friendliness and kindness instead of excess and revelry.

    This is a “long game”, to teach children a more polite way to live, which they can consider as adults. The assumption that people are naturally attracted to extremes is not true, especially if they know of better ways.

  • CBS New Slogan is "Real News" (Seriously)

    02/23/2017 7:56:00 AM PST · 38 of 41
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to tony75034

    The way we should treat this is by calling it “the first attack of the media wars.”


    “CBS launches attack against ‘fake news’ CNN by declaring itself as ‘real news’.”

  • UMich students demand no-whites-allowed space to plot ‘social justice’ activism

    02/23/2017 7:49:47 AM PST · 24 of 25
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to VaeVictis

    U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights enforces several Federal civil rights laws that prohibit discrimination in programs or activities that receive Federal funds from the Department of Education. These laws prohibit discrimination on the basis of race...

    These laws extend to all colleges and universities under Title VI. This includes that:

    (iii) Subject an individual to segregation or separate treatment in any matter related to his receipt of any service, financial aid, or other benefit under the program.

    (iv) Restrict an individual in any way in the enjoyment of any advantage or privilege enjoyed by others receiving any service, financial aid, or other benefit under the program.

  • Trump Eviscerates the Liberal Media -- What Took So Long?

    02/23/2017 7:40:00 AM PST · 12 of 14
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Kaslin

    Sneering at them truthfully accomplishes little.

    What President Trump really needs to do is to break up the giant media conglomerates. In effect, to take down the media puppetmasters that have caused this situation from the start.

    It takes a while to get antitrust figured out, so he needs to get a very well written bill before congress sooner rather than later. If he begins now, breakups might happen as early as 5-8 years in the future.

    The irony is that it is not *just* the media that needs to be broken up, but several other “industries” as well.

    In recent memory, the US was confronted with financial institutions that “were too big to fail”. If this is the case, then they are too big to continue as they are, so need to be broken up.

    And breaking up must mean strict rules: no shared major stockholders, no shared board of director members or proxies from the same other companies, and “strict scrutiny” to insure they do not engage in market manipulations in restraint of trade.

  • Straightforward From Here To The Left’s Fascist, Maybe Violent, Endgame

    02/23/2017 6:39:11 AM PST · 6 of 16
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Rummyfan

    The odd truth is that as a group, the left are much more inclined to mental illness. And unlike its stereotype, most mental illness is not violent, but depressive and degenerate, that is, leading to inertia and psychological/physical collapse and self destructive behavior.

    On Drudge right now, in two different articles, leftists are caught up in the throes of irrational apocalyptic thinking, *as well as* UFO sightings, which in both cases are psychological pleas for unnatural salvation.

    In character it is different from those who suffer from rational fears, and instead are people who are wracked with terror from the unknown, the lack of support from family and faith, and the feeling of helplessness.

    This does not just afflict the younger leftists. The older ones may not respond the same way, but just as harshly. Drug and alcohol abuse as well as suicide may become very common for the older ones in the short term.

    I almost hesitate to mention Nancy Pelosi’s breakdown on stage as being clinical, but it might just be.

    The bottom line is that right now, even under Obama, many leftists were borderline mentally ill. With President Trump, the “floodgates” of widespread mental collapse may soon come.

  • California Bans Students From Traveling To ‘Anti-LGBT’ States

    02/22/2017 3:19:40 PM PST · 56 of 67
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to ColdOne

    So, traveling from slave states to free states is right out?

    Sounds vaguely familiar. Like the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, except students cannot travel from perverted states to non-perverted states.

  • Podesta: 'Forces within the FBI' may have cost Clinton election

    02/21/2017 7:29:11 PM PST · 53 of 61
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to 2ndDivisionVet
    So, the FBI is in cahoots with Russia to defeat Hillary?

  • Was ‘Weird Al’ the real star all along?

    02/21/2017 3:41:41 PM PST · 38 of 74
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to billorites

    “Polkattack!” - Weird Al Yankovic’s polka medleys from 1984-2011 is a consolidated collection of live performances. About 34 minutes long.

    Difficult but not impossible to find on the Internet, and with copyright take down warnings against it. And variable quality starting with poor and moving to acceptable as the years pass.

    It’s a pity that somebody didn’t buy all the rights, clean it up a lot, and put it out on DVD.

  • Alabama press conference held to support tougher gun laws

    02/21/2017 3:27:34 PM PST · 14 of 35
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to PROCON

    Substitute “negro persons” for guns, and see how they like those potatoes. I could do a list like the one they gave, but it would be in bad taste. Yet it demonstrates what tinkering with civil rights can get you.

  • Archaeologists Discover Remains of Egyptian Army From the Biblical Exodus in Red Sea

    02/21/2017 11:52:35 AM PST · 103 of 163
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Beowulf9

    Moses is believed to have lived some time in a 200 year period between about 1400 BC and 1200 BC. About 3200 years ago. There is only one dig on land that evidences the Jews were in Egypt at all during the New Pharaonic Kingdom, which lasted from the 16th Century BC to the 11th Century BC.

    No other evidence of the exodus has been found.

    My point is that we live in a *very* destructive world. The dry sands of Egypt are very good at preserving archeological artifacts, but even there it is very hard to find more than little bits here and there.

    Under sea water? Likely almost nothing more than a thousand years old. The Red Sea has plenty of oxygen, enough to support 1200 different species of fish. And where there is oxygen, there is bacterial decay.

    Perhaps the most definitive evidence is an utter lack of any Egyptian ships under water. They had some pretty impressive ships, we know because in they stored ship sections in man made caves near the Red Sea, that still exist. And where there are large ships, there are shipwrecks.

    Not a trace underwater, though. The Red Sea is littered with wrecks, but most of them are modern. The further back you go, the less there is to find, until at a particular point, nothing. Even when the Red Sea was a very busy shipping lane.

  • 'It's about to be a girl fight!': Huge group of Florida women brawling is captured on video as

    02/21/2017 11:24:09 AM PST · 55 of 78
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to simpson96

    Can’t resist.

    MTV’s Julie Brown (the red head) “Girl Fight Tonight”.

    (a little bit of salty language.)

  • Do you really need a Laser/Flashlight on Pistols for Home Defense?

    02/21/2017 8:26:35 AM PST · 52 of 66
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to w1n1

    It depends on the likely demographic of your potential home invader. If they are drunks, a strobe light and air horn work great. Otherwise, a normal light so you can clearly identify your target, and maybe cost them some night vision at night.

    Remember, do not “go hunting” for them. If you stay behind cover, you have much more advantage if they come to you. If others are there with you, locate and inform them immediately, so you do not have people walking into your firing line.

  • Burger King owner could buy Popeyes as early as this week

    02/21/2017 8:12:42 AM PST · 38 of 55
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to rktman

    Among African Americans, Church’s Chicken is favorite, with Checkers and Rally’s second, and Popeye’s Chicken & Biscuits third. Popeye’s ranks highest among Hispanics.

    Hispanics are however divided with their two most popular chicken restaurants being Pollo Tropical (more Caribbean oriented Hispanic) and El Pollo Loco (more Mexican and central American Hispanic).

    So if BK is making a push for the Hispanic market, they will likely have to change the menu, and even the name, of Popeye’s. Since Mexicans far outnumber other Hispanics in the US, this will mean moving to popular Mexican chicken dishes.

    Chilaquiles (breakfast)

    Chicken Pozole
    Baked Salsa Verde Chicken
    Cilantro-Lime Chicken
    Chile Verde Chicken
    Pan-Roasted Chicken Breasts with Mole Negro
    Slow Cooked Chicken
    Mexican Chicken Pasta

    Elote (Mexican corn on the cob)
    Street Corn Salad
    Mexican Rice & Frijoles

  • "I Will Not Cover Myself Up": Le Pen Refuses To Wear Headscarf, Cancels Meeting With Lebanese Cleric

    02/21/2017 7:34:17 AM PST · 26 of 28
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Helicondelta
    Nancy Pelosi wore her headscarf, only pulling it down for the photographers, when she met with the 'V for Vendetta' guy.

  • Nets Decry Trump’s ‘All-Out War on Journalists,’ Making Press ‘A Constant Boogeyman’

    02/21/2017 6:44:20 AM PST · 21 of 34
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to rktman

    As of 2015, Comcast Corporation is the largest media conglomerate in the US, with The Walt Disney Company, Twenty-First Century Fox, Time Warner, and National Amusements ranking second, third, fourth and fifth.

    In 1983 there were 50 major media corporations.

    Now there are five. They control 90% of the media. About 200 billionaires and multi-multi-millionaires control them all, many controlling more than one, directly or via proxy.

    They is way too monopolistic. They need to be busted up.

    Already, “the revolt of the billionaires” is underway, actively seeking to censor what news we can see and hear, *in any forum* Very few billionaires are left who are not party to this effort to establish multinational corporate government.

    They must be stopped. Their corporations must be busted up.

  • Edmonton police issue ticket for wearing a ferret while driving

    02/20/2017 7:19:29 PM PST · 16 of 37
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Rebelbase

    “I’m sorry, Ma’am, but this is the carpool lane and you must have a three ferret minimum.”

  • One Month In - is Obamacare still around? [Vanity]

    02/20/2017 11:12:39 AM PST · 26 of 44
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to fwdude

    Obamacare is a metastatic malignant tumor. President Trump has already done the surgery to eliminate the taxes that were feeding it. However, it is a much longer process to use chemotherapy to get rid of the rest in every corner of the nation.

    The end result is to destroy all of the cancer, not the cancer patient. If anything, the Republicans are very averse to harming people if at all possible not to.

    So we need to still be polite, but firm. Get rid of the cancer as carefully as you can, but get rid of it. Chemo doesn’t end until our nation is Obamacare-free.

  • Farrakhan...Saviours' Day in Detroit 2-19-17

    02/20/2017 11:02:56 AM PST · 5 of 7
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Trumpnation

    Top quotes of Louis Farrakhan

    “Death is sweeter than to continue to live and bury our children while the white folks give them killer hamburgers.”

    “You see everybody always talk about Hitler exterminating six million Jews. That’s right. But don’t nobody ever ask what did they do to Hitler.”

    “The Mother Wheel is a heavily armed spaceship the size of a city, which will rain destruction upon white America but save those who embrace the Nation of Islam.”

    “The same year they set up the IRS, they set up the FBI. And the same year they set up the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith... It could be a coincidence...”

  • President Trump is just Rubio or Bush with a Twitter account, Mitch McConnell says

    02/19/2017 2:32:09 PM PST · 21 of 31
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to 2ndDivisionVet

    I think the major difference is that while they might promise *similar* sounding things, president Trump actually intends to carry out his promises, unlike Rubio of Jeb, who imagine promises as just a means to get elected.

  • McCain reacts to Trump: Suppressing free press is 'how dictators get started'

    02/18/2017 3:03:41 PM PST · 56 of 140
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to ColdOne

    The best recent description of John McCain.

    “He is like the elderly patriarch of a large family, who years before was a great man who commanded respect. But in his dotage is both senile and afflicted with satyriasis. So the family still has to invite him to formal dinners, but have to watch him carefully to insure he keeps his clothes on, is stopped from grabbing the women, is strictly kept away from the children, and doesn’t throw his food at others or lose continence at the table.”

  • McCain caught debating US policy to Russian phone pranksters!

    02/18/2017 2:37:43 PM PST · 31 of 31
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to WAcoondog

    The best recent description of John McCain.

    “He is like the elderly patriarch of a large family, who years before was a great man who commanded respect. But in his dotage is both senile and afflicted with satyriasis. So the family still has to invite him to formal dinners, but have to watch him carefully to insure he keeps his clothes on, is stopped from grabbing the women, is strictly kept away from the children, and doesn’t throw his food at others or lose continence at the table.”

  • Torrential Rain Will Threaten The Desert Southwest This Weekend

    02/18/2017 2:28:53 PM PST · 31 of 31
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to Harmless Teddy Bear

    Yes, except ten thousand times bigger.

  • Torrential Rain Will Threaten The Desert Southwest This Weekend

    02/17/2017 5:48:21 PM PST · 22 of 31
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to blam

    I’ve long thought that it would be a grand idea for some of the states prone to drought to create a series of cavernous cisterns along the major flood routes. That is, mine some deep, gigantic caverns in hard rock, lined to reduce seepage, and put great drains on the bottom, and once they are at capacity with flood water, slowly and methodically filter out the silt, salts and detritus.

    Think of it as a below ground dam reservoir.

  • Milo Yiannopoulos Says He Will Start Gay Conversion Therapy

    02/17/2017 5:37:02 PM PST · 38 of 57
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to 2ndDivisionVet

    He should make a deal with Maher, that if he undergoes gay conversion therapy, Maher has to agree to do something that would be equally ridiculous for him. How about attending an entire service given at a “liberal” mosque?

  • 'Hunting Is Not About Killing for Me': Trophy Hunter Sees Shooting Big Game as Form of Conservation

    02/17/2017 10:52:10 AM PST · 11 of 18
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to nickcarraway

    A big push for pro-hunting organizations should be with a program that breeds greater numbers of healthy animals for release than are typically attrited in a season, until that species reaches its maximum population for that region.

    Importantly, bred under good conditions, with good nutrition, vaccinations, even dentistry, attrition on reintroduction will still be high, but those that survive will mix with wild populations to produce healthier offspring. It also helps to create more genetic diversity, itself a good thing.

    Creating an optimal natural balance for a region takes a bit of planning. Predators need prey, and prey needs vegetable foods, which means that increasing vegetable crops in the region will help sustain the food chain.

  • [Dhimmi] Swedish court approves of child marriage

    02/17/2017 10:36:58 AM PST · 24 of 31
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to markomalley

    “Swedish court rules that Muslims are inferior beings, and incapable of being civilized.”

  • Group wants to eliminate ‘human black silhouette’ targets (VIDEO) {Racism}

    02/17/2017 10:35:17 AM PST · 30 of 47
    yefragetuwrabrumuy to PROCON