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  • Report: GM may kill Chevy Volt, Sonic and four other cars

    07/23/2017 5:49:05 PM PDT · 80 of 87
    taildragger to Hojczyk
    I want to know more...

    As my gnome told me after it came out, it's competitors looked it over real close and they thought what they did was real clever and the real deal. But engineering exercise successes do not guarantee it will win in the marketplace. I have one of it's plug in competitors in my inventory at the moment and I must admit I am smitten by the quiet and smooth of the 20 something miles under pure electric, the torque of the line is addicting.

    However, the article last week @ "The Financial Times" that the magical battery is more about Physics and Chemistry ( and unless someone really stumbles upon something ) we are looking at incremental improvements, No game changer at this moment on the Horizon. Although, their are those that claim the have 2X, 3X and up to 5X batteries waiting as they are in various funding before going public mode, including "Store-Dot", "Prieto" etc. I had to the pleasure of meeting a high tech guru who might be a household name ( soon ) this time last year and I was told it about energy density and we can't get beyond 400 kw/hr, again physics and chemistry.

    This move by GM could be as simple as the Plug-In / Hybrid will be replaced by the Mild-Hybrid 48V Architecture that all the Tier Suppliers are peddling and that is here or about to be here soon, as it is a much more cost effective solution....

  • People Are Freaking Out Over Video Of Su-35 Practicing For Moscow Air Show

    07/23/2017 5:33:06 PM PDT · 29 of 36
    taildragger to sukhoi-30mki
    Have anyone of your Freepers had the blessing of seeing...

    * Wayne Handley in the 90's with his highly modified Stephen's Arko and his "Agrobatic Routine"? It would make you sick to your stomach watching what he did.
    * Or Sean Tucker with his latest mount with the eliptical / Shark wingtips as he hangs off the prop?
    * Or any current generation R/C acro aircraft, ICE or electric behaving more like a helicopter than a fixed wing?

    What the Ruskies are doing is cool, but with enough thrust ( vectored ) to cover your butt when your are at the edge of the envelope when normally, you did run out of thrust, you can do anything, and they have.

    Will it beat our Gen 5? Heck If I know. However think of this... If this thing has the typical Ruskie robust landing gear and rough field air intakes, why not mount a center pod with A-10 type weaponry and you have a later day A-10 with that maneuverability. It could use more of a high bypass type engines, but that can't be done, lets face it. If it did and they went the A-10 / Su-25 route, I'd be worried, that would be one kick-ass support bird....

  • Two more GOP senators defect on healthcare bill [Repeal Dead]

    07/17/2017 6:08:48 PM PDT · 28 of 166
    taildragger to Rockitz
    Illegitimate dogs, and that is what I have to say good about this. It is about not draining the swamp and K Street Money.

    Anyone read Avik Roy here? or heard Betsy McCaughley on Lou Dobbs last Week? Avik spilled the beans, it made Medicaid means tested via the angled "ladder" to overcome the barrier the was in the prior version and frankly combine that with the Exec-Orders and $ for Direct Primary Care trials in the new bill ( again via Avik Roy ), it had IMHO the ability to transform Medicaid ( and other programs ) to potential free market options at the State Level which would forever change things for all of us for the better. Betsy said while it has the tax added via the Senate it still got rid of the mandate and employer mandate. You take your victories where you can and go on. These guys gave up the fight... It is time to get rid of the 17th and or go back to an old fashion Filibuster. Not to mention it is time to endorse Matt Bevin ( President Trump if you are listening ) because Mitch didn't get it done.

    Worse I get that The economy can't rebound with the milstone of Obamacare around our necks, it was the foundation of the Fundamental Restoration of this country and they kneecapped it, and by extension the Trump Adminstration. For what? So they can run Jeb! or his Mini-Me Rubio in 2020? Seriously they all need to go play shuffleboard. They can't surrender the power, shame on them all...

  • McCain’s Surgery May Be More Serious Than Thought, Experts Say

    07/16/2017 6:01:44 PM PDT · 77 of 123
    taildragger to The Westerner

    Agree Westerner and I think I alluded to the fact the MD I noted is in a teaching role.

  • McCain’s Surgery May Be More Serious Than Thought, Experts Say

    07/16/2017 5:04:20 PM PDT · 46 of 123
    taildragger to DIRTYSECRET
    "There are at least 25 Senators in their 70’s now. Too much at stake to let it continue."

    They make Airlines Pilots Retire @ 65. Good, it is good for them it is good for the Senate. Their is a top Doctor in the MI who is No.1 in his field, I heard he gave up surgery and is now teaching only as when you reach 72ish the hands aren't as steady anymore.

    65, 72, somewhere in between, if it is good for careers with lives in their hands, it is good enough for the Senate.

  • 9 Ways Sarah Palin Was a Trailblazer for Donald Trump

    07/16/2017 4:54:17 PM PDT · 37 of 45
    taildragger to KC_Lion
    The Irony of it is...

    We essentially have our Tea-Party / Palin Presidency with President Trump, and maybe the TDS we are witnessing from both sides of the UniParty is they know in their gut that is what we have.

    And I love every minute of it. Tangent to this, I'd love to know what was discussed at the Palin / Trump Pizza meeting and afterwards....

  • Senator John McCain Undergoes “Minimally Invasive Craniotomy”?…

    07/16/2017 4:14:01 PM PDT · 82 of 104
    taildragger to libstripper
    "“That’s a huge brain clot. May explain a lot.” "Even more important is what it might lead to. All that blood had to come from somewhere or some thing. Unexplained bleeding, like McCain’s, is a prime symptom of cancer. There could be terminal tumor, like the glioblastoma that killed Teddy Kennedy that caused this clot. Time to wait for the next episode."

    I am scanning the now 320+ postings over @ CTH. My focus is folks opining with a medical background, since I am not in that arena. You nailed it LibStipper, this maybe bigger than we realize, you don't open the skull and go home, and someone noted discussions with the family. Hmmm especially with HIPPA. I hate to be a cynic, but we are not getting the full story here. He is probably in worse shape than we know, just like when Hillary banged her head and was out of Commission for 2 months and we still so not have a straight answer as to what went on.

    What makes me more cynical is a comment from a liberal friend involved with the "medical codes" and "common paperwork" and the interoperability and availability between providers. As they said, anyone can get your data ( HIPPA was never about protecting you, it was about them getting your data ), but isn't it funny we never get a leak as to the health of the vaulted 535 in DC?...

  • Here's How to Solve the Healthcare Crisis

    07/13/2017 10:35:44 AM PDT · 28 of 50
    taildragger to so_real; All
    " I'd rather buy health insurance in a group plan through my church (which would not fund abortion, gender re-assignment, etc) or through my health club (which encourages exercise and diet). Either one of these organizations as a group would give me *FAR* better rates than any employer could, because the group as a body is healthier on average."

    Interesting you say that...

    In the original Obamacare debate I called my Congressman ( McCotter) and pleaded with an aide to allow Churches. My reason?

    Insurance Law...

    * A Natural Group is any group who is formed who's not sole purpose is to acquire insurance.
    * That means the Elks, The Better Business Bureau, Your Camaro Club, and yes a Church etc etc etc.
    * Those are all Natural Groups, they could offer it Now!

    So I got some positive interest from the aide, but no call back, Nothing.....

    It is enough to make you revile anything swampadelic. Beam Me up Scotty... Their is no competing against K Street Lobbyist and it took me until 2010 and realize they were the problem and pleaded here, wasn't wasn't the Tea Parties going after them? Then I realized ( it didn't have a name ) The GOP and the DNC are all Uniparty, we thought our guys were the good guys, and they would look out for us and do the right thing.

    Man did we get screwed...

  • Here's How to Solve the Healthcare Crisis

    07/13/2017 9:20:57 AM PDT · 20 of 50
    taildragger to Kaslin; All
    "On the mandate issue, both Democrats and Republicans have it wrong. There is a “mandate” with my plan. Just like everyone must carry car insurance, everyone must take a simple, cheap, no-frills, bare-bones insurance policy. But not the onerous, super-expensive mandate Obama demanded. Obama’s mandate bankrupted the entire middle class. Who can’t afford $100 to $200 per month? THAT’S what should have been the national plan from day one."

    If they made Medicare, Medicaid, and maybe the VA accept that as well ( hang with me for a minute... ) sure, it would be cheap for uncle sugar to pay for it, compared to what they are paying now. The question begs is the 1st out of pocket (10K), especially if no one has the 10k for their HSA.

    Now, I do know a couple that are members of one of the "Health Care Ministries" that are exempt from Obamacare. Their is a feature in these plans that no one in the media or body politic will talk about a success within those programs that I am lucky to have heard of. It goes like this. My friends enrolled in one of these ministries notes in their monthly paperwork, it is often a note of someone in need, their 1st name, what might be wrong with them and how to donate. They do, and so does many others in these plans send extra money for those in need, they are asked not forced that is the difference.....

    We are a generous nation, this feature at the State Level IMHO would work, especially the 10k for an HSA. Talk about win on top of wins...

  • Kid Rock Teases Senate run (My Title)

    07/12/2017 7:25:46 PM PDT · 11 of 25
    taildragger to so_real

    That would be great, but who is the most Trumpian? Bob Lutz, he’d give McConnell fits, do you know if his years as an automotive legend @ Ford and Chrysler? Did you ever hear Rush talking glowing of him? If Bob Lutz got in the Senate, they ought to make him majority leader, he makes the rest of them look like chumps. The problem is he’s now in his 80’s if my math is correct... With that said, I money is on Lena Epstein....

  • Kid Rock Teases Senate run (My Title)

    07/12/2017 7:09:26 PM PDT · 6 of 25
    taildragger to usafa92

    No thank you. You got an African American Judge running that visited local tea party meetings looking for support (I was their) , and a serious Pro-Trump Jewish Female running against Stabenow. Remember this about beating Stabenow. You want a private sector titan to run from Michigan ? Good get Bob Lutz or Jack Roush to run. Joe Dirt with a voice ain’t gonna do it.

  • ‘Best damn meme I’ve ever seen’: Latest entry in the meme wars is so perfect (truncated)

    07/10/2017 7:16:56 AM PDT · 9 of 36
    taildragger to Sir Napsalot

    Got to see the Bugs Bunny one this a.m. too funny, Greg Gutfeld nailed it last week that they will continue to get teased because of their thin skin.

  • Dinner diplomacy: Melania Trump sits beside Putin at G20 banquet

    07/07/2017 3:25:37 PM PDT · 41 of 126
    taildragger to Chickensoup
    "I understand both know Russian and German."

    My guess she wowed him with questions of his children, and what it takes to raise them etc, anything but Russian/American/Intl Politics. Again we see Team Trump leveraging the relationship aspect of international politics, by treating it like business. She was their to build a bridge via a relationship. I am sure she'd love to meet the unofficial Mrs Putin and their child and talk about family...

  • Vatican police break up drug-fuelled gay orgy at home of secretary of Pope Francis's key adviser

    07/06/2017 1:39:11 PM PDT · 25 of 46
    taildragger to SeekAndFind
    Perhaps it is time to Close the Vatican, fire everyone their, and rebuild with a new center in Poland. Start with a cadre of Poles as the hierarchy. I am sorry if that offends anyone, but the more I hear about the our Polish brethren ( especially after the last 48 hrs) , their is no way they'd put up with this defacing their Church.

    So missing John Paul it isn't even funny...

  • California Closer to Creating Sanctuary State

    07/06/2017 1:03:26 PM PDT · 55 of 80
    taildragger to Windflier
    " Indeed. California is now in a state of insurrection. Defying federal immigration laws, the way they're doing, is tantamount to secession."


    Time to pull out all Military and Close their bases. While we are at it, all purchases required by the rest of the Federal Apparatus needs to be curtailed including Boeing, Northrup Grumman, and Lockheed. Sorry boys, you make great toys, but you are behind the lines of what might not be US Territory by the way they are behaving.

  • Merkel Wants $10 Billion To Expand Russian Subsea Gas Pipeline

    07/06/2017 10:03:52 AM PDT · 32 of 33
    taildragger to DesertRhino

    Sure.... An off shore LNG terminal to load for Europe, would have made your pipeline concept work.

  • Poll: Poland Would Rather Leave The EU Than Take In More Refugees

    07/06/2017 8:53:08 AM PDT · 12 of 21
    taildragger to Mr. Mojo

    Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Solvakia, Hungary, and the Czech Republic also have said No

    Predominately Catholic Countries that get that their culture and religious heritage matters.

    Google the 12 Countries of the 3 Sea's Initiative, and who also has Shale Formations for Fracking under their feet, and look for the overlap with the 7 mentioned ( and add Poland ) IMHO, it is not out of the question that if these countries get fed up you could see a whole Eastern European Alliance form and tell the EU to pound sand.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Merkel Wants $10 Billion To Expand Russian Subsea Gas Pipeline

    07/06/2017 8:43:53 AM PDT · 27 of 33
    taildragger to MarMema

    This image was forever etched in my mind after I saw it a new years back right after things went south in Syria. It is clarity.

    Isn't it interesting our "Lion" PDJT and this Admin and others are starting to nudge Qatar into the stop enabling despots column? Hmmm, and they were one of the pipeline starting point options...

    And.... No one will discuss Israel's Off Shore Natural Gas abundance and their efforts to extract and sell it (after they become self sufficient). IMHO they could be a 3rd Source for Europe and everyone has to compete on price, quality, delivery etc.

    I have been saying since the whole Syria mess started and seeing the pipeline picture here on FR ( 2 or 3 years ago ) why aren't we supplying Europe and heck why isn't Israel. I hope someone stole my idea!

  • Merkel Wants $10 Billion To Expand Russian Subsea Gas Pipeline

    07/06/2017 8:32:47 AM PDT · 25 of 33
    taildragger to artichokegrower
    "Merkel is so in bed with Putin and this relationship is totally ignored by our main stream media"

    I think the bigger question is why is she so in the "Climate Change" column when everyone here on FR see's it is a crock? What underlying assumptions or debt in the German Economy require that they "sell" anti-global warming cars, buses etc, how does she and Germany benefit? Is it ideological or is their more too it?

    The only thing I can think of, is Siemens makes a kick-@$$ "Combined Cycle" ( some say "Co-Generation" ) Gas Fired Powerplant with Thermal Efficiencies of 61% which is huge.

    That is good, but what good is burning clean and efficient if you have to buy the resource to power said plant from a Former KGB Agent, unless you are hell bent and everyone buying Siemen's powerlants? What other "Value Added" products would Germany sell to a world in need of low carbon using devices?

  • Gov. Rick Snyder vetoes bill that would have allowed 'choose life' license plates (RINO Rick)

    07/06/2017 5:17:37 AM PDT · 33 of 35
    taildragger to Darren McCarty; All
    Their is a subtext to this...

    Who got the bill going, what is he doing, and does Rick Snyder like him?

    State Senator Pat Colbeck got it going, He is running for Governor since Snyder is term limited, yes he is conservative and he is well known and loved with the grass roots base and no, it is obvious Snyder doesn't like him...

    That is as Paul Harvey would say is the rest of the story....

    Google Senator Pat and his background, he is a rocket scientist, literally!