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  • Breaking: House passes DHS funding 257-167

    03/03/2015 7:44:48 PM PST · 174 of 178
    sand88 to eartick
    Elections will not fix what is broke in America.

    100% correct.

    It is hard to accept but it is now a certainty that the extremely evil left, the very evil GOPe and all who voted for this evil bill have overthrown our Republic as Founded.

    The United States is being turned into a third world, balkinized anti-english, anti-Conservative, anti-white sewer.

    There is no peaceful way back from the evil that has been unleashed across our land.

  • Boehner expected to allow vote on clean DHS bill as soon as Wednesday

    03/03/2015 6:47:26 PM PST · 38 of 39
    sand88 to chris37

    LOL the truth hurts :)

  • ‘We were never going to win’: House GOP caves on immigration

    03/03/2015 6:31:05 PM PST · 81 of 83
    sand88 to grumpygresh
    Secession or military coup. A conventional political solution is impossible.

    You are correct in your assessment.

    The GOPe and the evil left are literally destroying our Republic as Founded. This is as serious as it gets.

    We cannot survive an invasion by 10s of millions of Anti-English, anti-American third world criminals. (the very act of crossing our border without permission makes them ALL evil criminals).

    They are pouring across the border and being distributed to states that need RAT voters. They are here to reproduce like rabbits and replace the native population. To add further insult to Conservatives we are being force to shower them with taxpayer goodies and money.

    The left with the help of the evil GOPe have successfully carried out a coup.

  • ‘We were never going to win’: House GOP caves on immigration

    03/03/2015 6:23:24 PM PST · 80 of 83
    sand88 to KeyLargo
    I would be taken away if I truly expressed how I feel about the evil Boehner and the evil McConnell.

    They and all who voted for this bill have committed high treason against our Republic.

  • Boehner expected to allow vote on clean DHS bill as soon as Wednesday

    03/03/2015 12:07:21 AM PST · 16 of 39
    sand88 to chris37
    How long did it take you to plan that?

    Your posting history shows you to be one with the evil left that is destroying this Republic.

    I hope you enjoy watching our Republic being turned into a decaying third world sewer.

    You leftists are all about hate and sadistic control of others -- truly a pathetic lot.

  • Landmark Internet rules approved

    02/26/2015 11:46:07 PM PST · 225 of 273
    sand88 to SengirV
    f by "screwing you over", you mean forcing the ISPs to allow the internet to work as it has for the last 30+ years, by forbidding the telcos to look at every piece of data coming through their networks an blocking anything that competes with the ISPs? Then yes, the feds will prevent the ISPs from blocking the content you request over the ISPs networks. HOW DARE THE BIG BAD GOVERNMENT DO THAT. THE ISPs SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO BLOCK ANY AND ALL CONTENT TO THEIR CUSTOMERS, THAT THEY WANT!!!!

    LOL you post this leftist dribble as though the government is some knight to come and save us from the mean ISPs.

    If there are any problems as you describe and if you have a rational mind and dig deep enough, then you will realize that these problems are caused by these big companies having the government do their dirty work.

    This is known as the evil of crony capitalism.

    This FCC plan is all about control of the people by evil sadistic humans in government.

  • Landmark Internet rules approved

    02/26/2015 11:34:40 PM PST · 224 of 273
    sand88 to SengirV
    The ISPs want to examine EVERYTHING you access on the internet, and then THEY want to determine, in the ISPs best interests, if they are going to allow you to access the data or now. And you all are in favor of allowing that? Net Neutrality = ISPs can not screw you over - PERIOD.

    You are truly delusional. You are truly sick if you believe that.

    You will fit well in a totalitarian world.

    You truly do not belong on this site -- Liberty means nothing to you.

  • Student gov't rep removed from office over opposition to in-state tuition for illegal immigrants

    02/26/2015 8:49:28 AM PST · 20 of 20
    sand88 to eyeamok

    Bravo! I support your entire post 10000%

    If if takes 50 years, we should round up every last one of these illegal criminals and ban them forever from entering the U.S.

    Also, we should invalidate any fraudulent birth certificate from the babies they had while here.

    If we cannot stop this anti-English, anti-American, anti-capitalist invasion then our Republic will be utterly destroyed. It will be a third world decaying sewer in 25 years.

  • Condemnation after Kurds drag ISIS bodies through Kirkuk streets

    02/26/2015 8:43:29 AM PST · 37 of 54
    sand88 to servantboy777
    I thought the Kurds were primarily Christian.


    There is no excuse for this sort of barbarism...none!

    Are you serious? You truly don't have any idea of the evil that is ISIS.

    I seriously suggest you talk with people who have been in the Hell of War.

    I applaud the Kurds.

  • Democrats: We’ll Block DHS Funds Until Boehner Surrenders

    02/25/2015 9:31:50 AM PST · 53 of 53
    sand88 to Old Retired Army Guy
    I predict a temporary funding through March as a wait and see how the Court Appeals go.

    Wishful thinking.

    The evil Boehner and the evil McConnel cannot wait to fully fund 100% amnesty.

    Their only concern is the "timing." They hide their deceitfulness by acting as though they oppose the RATs.

  • Democrats: We’ll Block DHS Funds Until Boehner Surrenders

    02/25/2015 9:28:32 AM PST · 52 of 53
    sand88 to BenLurkin
    Democrat Party versus America

    Be more truthful.

    Democrat Party and the evil GOPe versus America.

    The evil Boehner and the evil McConnell are desirous of the same goals at their RAT comrades. They want 100% Amnesty and totally open borders.

  • Mayor Emanuel To Face Chuy Garcia In Runoff Election

    02/24/2015 8:09:15 PM PST · 5 of 44
    sand88 to 2banana
    The Free Sh*t Army votes!

    Yep. There are over 2.1 Million illegals in the city of Chicago. Wonderful dreamers.

  • Mitch McConnell goes into fetal position. Harry Reid is the new leader of the Senate.

    02/24/2015 8:05:44 PM PST · 93 of 105
    sand88 to terycarl
    A write in....Wow...that'll show them that you mean business and instead of that evil Jeb, we'll end up with that ultra-capable champion of right and justice....Hillary

    So be it! I will be totally at peace. The evil GOPe does NOT deserve a single vote from anyone who cherishes our Constitution.

    Do you not understand that Bush is a rabid Statist? He is for 100% Amnesty for any and all third world criminals (illegal border crossings) that can get here. The United StatAmerican culture will be destroyedes as it existed for over 200 years has been an English speaking, free-market oriented society. All of that will be utterly destroyed by the invasion of anti-English, anti-American invaders -- welcomed by the likes of ole Jebbie.

    The Statist Bush is also for Common Core.

    I truly feel sorry for fools that think a vote for Bush means anything other than a slower path to tyranny.

    The day is coming soon when more and more Conservatives will be quite outspoken about never again voting for the lesser of two evil Statists.

  • Mitch McConnell goes into fetal position. Harry Reid is the new leader of the Senate.

    02/24/2015 6:51:45 PM PST · 88 of 105
    sand88 to terycarl; wmfights
    THANK YOU...THANK YOU....THANK YOU....THANK YOU....if I can only get a few more of you to STAY HOME...I've got it made..../signed Hillary

    I will NEVER vote for the statist pig Jeb Bush.

    I will, with great satisfaction, state to the world that I will NEVER again vote for a Statist from any party.

    I will do a write-in.

    Jeb and the rest of the evil GOPe can FOAD.

  • Mitch McConnell goes into fetal position. Harry Reid is the new leader of the Senate.

    02/24/2015 6:48:07 PM PST · 87 of 105
    sand88 to terycarl
    Oh good grief....another attack on Republicans by about we wait two or three days and see how this works out,,,,,SHEESH

    LOL. did you forget the /sarc ?? If not, then you will sadly disappointed in two or three days. when things DON'T work out.

  • Need your prayers, please

    02/23/2015 11:42:07 PM PST · 56 of 81
    sand88 to patriot08

    Prayers have been sent.

  • WATCH: Netanyahu Is 'A Man Who Fights for His People, Unlike Our President'

    02/22/2015 8:45:09 AM PST · 12 of 20
    sand88 to MeshugeMikey

    Giuliani was very passionate in this speech. He was on fire! He really took it to the Marxist.

  • JRandomFreeper (Johnny) Needs Our Prayers

    02/20/2015 10:31:41 PM PST · 100 of 295
    sand88 to JRandomFreeper

    Johnny, you are in my prayers.

  • Luis Gutierrez Predicts Unprecedented ‘Militancy’ Among Immigrants After Amnesty Injunction

    02/18/2015 10:48:49 AM PST · 33 of 47
    sand88 to BradtotheBone
    The disgusting anti-white racist, anti-English, anti-American communist pig speaks.

    Behind closed doors I am sure his vicious anti-white tirades are something to behold.

  • VANITY--Trip To NOLA Recommendations

    02/16/2015 5:18:01 PM PST · 59 of 63
    sand88 to AbolishCSEU
    I am from New Orleans. All the food places recommended are excellent.

    If you happen to be Uptown near Audubon Park go on Magazine St. There is a French styled restaurant called Bistro Daisy. It is family owned. The food is outstanding.

    I don't think you will find a better French trained chef in the city.

    Also, I think the best Po Boy shop is Bears Po Boys. (It has been rated for years by locals as the best in the New Orleans area) It is located on Metairie Rd under the Causeway Circle. It is in Metairie, a suburb of New Orleans. If you are coming from the city, hop on the River Road to Causeway. Your GPS should guide you. Bears is actually located inside Gennaro's. The Roast Beef Po Boy is fantastic.

  • High-Dollar Kravis Funder for Bush Raises ‘More Than $4 Million’

    02/14/2015 8:07:23 AM PST · 18 of 22
    sand88 to Steely Tom
    I would have figured Henry for a Hillary supporter.

    He likely is a Hillary supporter.

    Many leftists will funnel money to Bush. They know the highest probability of the GOP losing is with someone like the Statist Bush as the nominee.

  • Want To Start A Blog in Philadelphia? You’ll Need A $300 License For That!

    02/11/2015 11:59:12 PM PST · 76 of 88
    sand88 to napscoordinator; Lazamataz
    I think he is saying that building inspectors, plumbers, doctors, nurses, carpenters, etc should be licensed. I hope you don’t disagree with that.

    Milton Friedman stated that most, if not all, government licensing is against Freedom and damaging to a free society.

    Milton Friedman has written at length about the "evils" of government licensing. He works are pure genius.

    If you have a chance read up on his writings. In a few of his writings he specifically addresses the damage done by requiring doctors to be licensed by "the government."

    He has written at length about how "the market" solves ALL the problems that government licensing is purported to solve. Hint: government licensing involves "the monopolistic power (force) of government -- source of corruption and sadistic abuse.

    His writings are a joy to read because he views human action from the viewpoint of Liberty. His logic is impeccable.

    If you read his works just on licensing you will gain a new appreciation of Freedom and true capitalism.

  • Two Cheers for Legislators on Licensing

    02/04/2015 9:21:53 AM PST · 5 of 5
    sand88 to Robert357
    In my opinion, some occupational licensing is the proper function of government, as it involves public health and safety

    I suggest that you read Milton Friedman's extensive works on the evil of government licensing.

    He brilliantly discusses how market based solutions would address, in a superior manner, ALL of your concerns.

    In no way should government be involved in any licensing -- it only distorts (or destroys) freedom based market solutions.

  • The Romney Statement: Not Running. "I’ve decided it is best to give other leaders in the Party...."

    01/30/2015 5:24:20 PM PST · 230 of 287
    sand88 to shove_it
    I see, you admit misquoting Walker, now you claim to have the ability to read his mind and heart.

    LOL. Most politicians lie.

    I know enough about politicians to state with near certainty that in regards to Amnesty if Walker is elected, he will most certainly move hard left and do the bidding of the Chamber of Commerce and the evil GOPe.

  • The Romney Statement: Not Running. "I’ve decided it is best to give other leaders in the Party...."

    01/30/2015 3:18:05 PM PST · 223 of 287
    sand88 to shove_it
    Have you read the links that quote his statements on amnesty? He is 100% "for LEGAL immigration" and that's a direct quote. Look it up.

    That's to fool Conservatives.

    Besides, the numerous statements he has made over the issue of illegal criminal invaders clearly shows that he will work with the Chamber of Communists and their buddies on Congress to make that(illegal invaders) which is now "illegal" legal.

    Please don't fall for he rhetorical foolishness.

  • The Romney Statement: Not Running. "I’ve decided it is best to give other leaders in the Party...."

    01/30/2015 12:12:00 PM PST · 168 of 287
    sand88 to shove_it
    Don’t give up on Walker. We need to pin him down on his priorities regarding ILLEGAL immigration...

    Under no circumstance should we reconsider Walker.

    He has expressed his true "feelings" and position on Amnest -- he is for 100% Amnesty.

    Whatever backtracking he undertakes will be an outright lie.

  • The Romney Statement: Not Running. "I’ve decided it is best to give other leaders in the Party...."

    01/30/2015 12:06:57 PM PST · 165 of 287
    sand88 to Windflier
    What this country actually needs, is a twenty-five year moratorium on ALL immigration.

    We've already got tens of millions here who haven't assimilated, and who are busy creating foreign countries within our midst. If that's allowed to continue, our America will be diluted into nothingness

    Bravo! Outstanding post. America will be destroyed if these invaders are not rounded up and deported -- every last one of them.

    Thomas Sowell in his writings has brilliantly discussed the destructiveness of just such a situation -- invading cultures with no intention of assimilating.

  • The Romney Statement: Not Running. "I’ve decided it is best to give other leaders in the Party...."

    01/30/2015 11:55:48 AM PST · 158 of 287
    sand88 to stephenjohnbanker
    Thanks for getting the links! Freepers are the best.

    It is amazing that the so called Conservative politicians on our side cannot see destructiveness of 10s of millions of citizens from other countries invading our land with the intent of getting "freebies" and with the intention of never assimilating, nor learning English.

    Thomas Sowell has written about the destructiveness of just such a situation.

    A nation can survive only if it has secure borders, a single culture and a single language.

  • The Romney Statement: Not Running. "I’ve decided it is best to give other leaders in the Party...."

    01/30/2015 9:30:55 AM PST · 52 of 287
    sand88 to for-q-clinton
    Personally I love Ted Cruz, but I think Walker is more viable and has a proven track record in getting the job done over the objections of liberals.

    Look up the many statements Walker has made regarding Amnesty.

    Walker is essentially for letting the 10s of millions of illegals (criminals) remain in our Republic.

    Walker is pro-amnesty which negates ALL other positions. Amnesty will utterly destroy our culture and Republic as founded.

    No Conservative should support any candidate that is so weak on protecting our way of life.

  • 2016: Scott Walker versus The Establishment

    01/29/2015 6:56:53 PM PST · 14 of 16
    sand88 to Awgie
    Walker will continually gain momentum until his nomination and eventual election as POTUS. He will bring back American pride and leadership.

    Walker would be a terrible President.

    I suggest you carefully read his positions on illegals (criminals) flooding our dying Republic.

    Walker is essentially for 100% Amenesty -- which will destroy our culture and our Republic.

    The flood of anti-English very anti-American third world scum is literally destroying our Republic.

    Sarah and Cruz hold positions that actually would reverse the disgusting third worlders flooding our borders.

  • Limbaugh: Scott Walker ‘The Blueprint’ For GOP If They Are ‘Serious About Beating The Left’ [AUDIO]

    01/27/2015 9:21:03 AM PST · 43 of 55
    sand88 to DoodleDawg
    Hate to disagree but the blueprint for Republican victory in 2016 is Ted Cruz.

    Cruz has a deep reverence for our beloved Constitution.

    Cruz is by far the closet to our Founders in understanding the inherent true evil that is government.

    I laugh at the fools who think that executive experience is some magical bromide to slay big government -- how naive. Government is not in any way a business. It is a sadistic out of control bureaucracy that needs slaying.

    It is much more important for someone who clearly understands the United States Constitution and is willing to for example wholly repeal every last vestige of Obmacase. That person is Cruz.

  • Limbaugh: Scott Walker ‘The Blueprint’ For GOP If They Are ‘Serious About Beating The Left’ [AUDIO]

    01/27/2015 9:16:10 AM PST · 40 of 55
    sand88 to napscoordinator
    If the American public were smart, we would be swearing in President Walker in January 2017

    Please don't insult Conservatives.

    Walker has repeated stated positions that clearly show he is completely in line with letting ALL illegals(criminals) who are here now stay.

    Walker never talks of seriously of securing the border.

    Walker is a good choice is you truly have no desire to restore our Constitutional Republic.

  • Caution! 'American Sniper' Is a Dangerous Movie (Lefty "Indigenous Person" is concerned)

    01/26/2015 5:56:22 PM PST · 56 of 105
    sand88 to Drew68
    This author is an extremely evil human being.

    Extrapolating his thinking, it is easy to see that his ultimate fantasy is shoving the white race into ovens.

    Unrestrained, the left is truly that evil.

  • Scott Walker Wows 'Em in Iowa

    01/26/2015 2:55:06 PM PST · 12 of 12
    sand88 to servo1969
    Right now I put Walker slightly above Cruz because of his proven record of smashing Democrat and Union forces. But I like both.

    Early on I liked Walker but his position on Amnesty is pretty much in line with the GOPe.

    Amnesty is an absolute deal breaker and Walker fails terribly on that issue.

    Amnesty as defined by the GOPe would devastate our culture and destroy our Republic as founded. That is why it is an issue that is an absolute.

  • Palin says she’s ‘seriously interested’ in 2016 campaign

    01/24/2015 10:58:04 AM PST · 108 of 123
    sand88 to Lib-Lickers 2
    Gov. Walker.. a proven inspirational Conservative leader

    Conservative? I don't think so.

    Walker has repeatedly hinted that he is for full Amnesty for most of the illegals (criminals) here. He is a non-starter.

  • A State Of Illusion

    01/21/2015 12:04:33 PM PST · 11 of 12
    sand88 to xuberalles
    • Workforce participation is at an anemic 62% (the lowest since Jimmy Carter),
    • a record 12 million Americans have dropped out of the workforce equation (thus the fictional 5.6 jobless rate),
    • black unemployment is the highest in 30 years and black home ownership is at its lowest level in 20 years,
    • welfare recipients have nearly doubled to 47 million since 2008, median household income has dropped by $4,000,
    • the national debt has skyrocketed by 7.5 trillion dollars – more than the first 42 Presidents combined – a law-mandated budget has not been passed since Barack Obama took office,
    • the FED is pumping 40 billion a month into our markets,
    • business closings are now outpacing new openings,
    • Democrats have stonewalled the Keystone Pipeline costing Americans countless jobs and increased energy independence,
    • Obamacare Architect Jonathan Gruber admitted the White House deceived the American people and the Supreme Court, millions of Americans have lost their health insurance because of the individual/employer mandate,
    • Obamacare will cause insurance premiums to rise by an average of 41%,
    • Free Speech and the Right to Bear Arms are under attack by radical statists,
    • federal agencies are targeting Christian conservatives and liberty lovers as part of a political vendetta,
    • the President has repeatedly bypassed Congress and the Constitution by unilaterally creating new legislation, our borders – like our sovereignty and immigration laws – are being abandoned so Democrats can tip the electoral scales and stuff the ballot box,
    • our government is transporting criminally and medically unvetted illegal immigrants all across America and giving them free benefits,
    • once eradicated or subdued diseases like measles, mumps, and Enterovirus 68 are reemerging due to Obama’s open border policy,
    • Muslim extremism is on the rise in America, Europe, and the Middle East, ISIS and Boko Haram continue to commit mass murder,
    • Washington is suing states for banning Sharia Law,
    • over 200 loyal and decorated officers have been purged from the military in lieu of Obama’s New World Order,
    • over 50,000 veterans are homeless and millions continue to suffer from lack of competent and urgent care,
    • race relations are at their worst point in over half a century, our President, the DOJ and the media have exploited race and incited racial animosity/violence for political gain,
    • the government continues to act with impunity by impeding criminal investigations into Fast & Furious, Benghazi, the IRS Scandal, and Obamacare fraud,
    • liberals are fueling Global Warming hysteria/regulation despite the fact the Arctic ice cap is now larger than it was in 1990,
    • and Barack Obama continues to spend far more time and money fulfilling his radical agenda than telling the truth, honoring the Constitution, and defending the rights of all Americans.

    Apparently “strong” has a new definition: An imaginary state of mind where Marxist unicorns slide down racist rainbows and poop secular gold coins so the masses won’t bother thinking for themselves as America is systematically destroyed within.

  • Ted Cruz builds his White House team

    01/19/2015 11:38:59 PM PST · 97 of 168
    sand88 to Chad_the_Impaler
    With his prestigious degrees...Obama, check.

    Wrong Obama didn't "earn" his degree.

    proven success in his legal career...Obama, check.

    Another LIE.He was a lazy do nothing Senator.

    ability to win a senatorial race...Obama, check. Irrelevant

    superb debating ability...Obama, check.

    LOL How could you type this with a straight face? Another lie. If somehow Cruz could debate Obama he would leave him cowering in the corner crying. I don't think Obama every truly had an open "fair" debate with anyone.

    Do we really need another person with no experience running anything and never having a real job?

    Wow! You sound exactly like every other GOPe puke. What a pathtic attempt to damage Cruz.

    Without a doubt you are NO Conservative.

    Cruz has exactly the Experience most needed at this time. That experience is a crystal clear understanding of our United States Constitution. Cruz clearly understands the Founders belief in Limited government.

    Oh, so you seem to imply that being a Governor is "valuable" experience? How utterly ridiculous in today's perilous times. Most Governors are RINOs. Very few every speaking of the evil of big government.

    Government at all levels is sadistic and out of control. I can't name one Governor who would be as bold as Cruz in taking on the evil establishment of both parties.

    We are about to lose our Republic. We need someone who will view government as our Founder's viewed government --as a necessary Evil.

    Again, your statements clearly show that you are NO Conservative.

  • ISIS executes 13 teens for watching soccer

    01/19/2015 5:27:27 PM PST · 16 of 38
    sand88 to lowbridge
    What's George Cloony or Ben Afleck's response? I am sure they will will say, this is not islam, Christian's are worse!!
  • ‘American Sniper’: 5 Reasons for Historic Breakout at Box Office

    01/18/2015 4:16:48 PM PST · 72 of 95
    sand88 to Paladin2
    Against such a ghoulish adversary, we are fully within our rights to use nuclear weapons to reduce the enemy to radioactive dust across the entire swath of the Islamic crescent from Morocco through Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Arabia, Iran, Pakistan up to Malaysia and the Indonesian archipelago.”

    In a hundred years our descendants will curse this generation for NOT doing what you state.

    Islam is an evil that is out to devour and destroy the West.

    Islam must be obliterated or the West will die.

  • The Prime Minister Of Australia Is Calling ISIS By A New Name That It Absolutely Hates

    01/12/2015 2:10:27 PM PST · 44 of 60
    sand88 to cotton1706
    A national leader with some guts! Not a worthless pantywaste like we have.


    I pray that the next President berates islam on a daily basis.

    I want the next President to attend NO islam dinners or events.

  • Santorum Criticizes Potential G.O.P. Rivals as ‘Bomb Throwers’

    01/12/2015 2:07:45 PM PST · 21 of 33
    sand88 to Engraved-on-His-hands
    He has taken the arrows. I won’t bad mouth him here.

    Santorum did support Medicare Part-D and No Child Left Behind.

    To his credit he did tell Iowa farmers that he would end Ethanol Subsidies.

    Santorum has little charisma. It is a factor in firing up people to vote.

    Ted Cruz is miles ahead on Santorum on reverence for the Constitution.

    All around Cruz is a superior candidate.

  • US Central Command Twitter feed hacked by ISIS supporters

    01/12/2015 11:06:32 AM PST · 49 of 113
    sand88 to CivilWarBrewing
    My guess is that a shadowy group WITHIN our gov't has hacked CENTCOM and published General's addresses.

    It is NOT a shadowy group. It is an unspoken rule that Obama and his gang of Marxists push on a daily basis, all ways to weaken and turn America into a third world sewer.

    The Marxist head of the NSA is probably turning over vast quantities of data to ISIS.

  • US Central Command Twitter feed hacked by ISIS supporters

    01/12/2015 11:02:29 AM PST · 46 of 113
    sand88 to tcrlaf
    The head of our NSA is an evil Muslim. It is the anti-American marxists that infest our government that provided all the data to their buddies in ISIS.

    I pray that the next President berates islam on a daily basis and that he/she works to end completely ALL immigration by any muslim.

  • French People Put Bomb Right Next To Mosque, And Detonate The Explosion......

    01/09/2015 2:18:32 PM PST · 42 of 60
    sand88 to Travis McGee

    Brilliant! This image should be on billboards all over Europe and America.

  • Scott Walker: "Our Next President Should Be a Governor" (Yes to Scott Walker for President)

    01/07/2015 2:20:06 PM PST · 24 of 96
    sand88 to Kaslin
    Wrong answer Walker.

    The next President should be one who reveres the United States Constitution and who believes in the ideals of very limited government.

    There are many RINO governors and some Senators (Cruz ) who revere the Constitution.

    Also, Walker is very very weak on Amnesty.

  • Three Paris Terrorists Identified

    01/07/2015 2:15:53 PM PST · 53 of 99
    sand88 to Bon mots
    Disturbing picture. That poor cop. Not allowed to carry a gun because of the ROE of the leftist politicians.

    islam is a murderous Satanic cult. It should be outlawed in every civilized country.

    Every mosque in all Western countries should be leveled.

  • Three Paris Terrorists Identified

    01/07/2015 2:12:35 PM PST · 52 of 99
    sand88 to peyton randolph
    Fox is partially owned by the Saudis. Spins accordingly for Islam.

    Exactly right. I gave up watching FAUX news years ago. I don't have to ever see that evil puke Rove and all other RINO lovers.

  • Crowds gather in central Paris in solidarity (Short Title)

    01/07/2015 2:09:03 PM PST · 75 of 78
    sand88 to Forward the Light Brigade
    The night sky will be illuminated by burning mosques and Arab neighborhoods. The Nazis killed 6 million Jews the THOUGHT were a memace—These Islamic people ARE a menace.

    It would good to see very mosque leveled and every muslim removed from Western civilization.

    Unfortunately, I think millions of Westerners will have to die before the people take it upon themselves to go medieval on them.

  • Is Huckabee the next Reagan? (DEFCON 1 Barf)

    01/07/2015 12:29:55 PM PST · 15 of 35
    sand88 to PROCON
    Huckaphony is a rabid Socialist who seeks the office in order to have everyone glorify him.

    Reagan sought the office to glorify Freedom and the ideals of limited government.

  • Boehner takes revenge; Foes find themselves losing plum committee posts.

    01/06/2015 6:44:22 PM PST · 40 of 66
    sand88 to RginTN
    Boehner is so dang stupid. His buddy Cantor is gone. Next election more of his buddies can suffer the same fate.

    Boehner is an extremely evil human being -- his soul belongs to SATAN.

    Boehner and McConnell along with the RATS are governing explicitly against the consent of the governed.

    It is not wrong to state that our Republic as Founded has been overthrown by evil Statists in both parties.

    Our Founding documents provide the solution.