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  • POLL: Should President Trump Pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio?

    08/22/2017 3:16:39 PM PDT · 14 of 40
    Safrguns to Jeff Chandler

    Not only should he be pardoned, he should be appointed to a cabinet position in charge of border security.

  • Epic Imagery

    08/12/2017 7:13:37 PM PDT · 14 of 15
    Safrguns to Salvation

    >>> Mythical, symbolic or real?

    Real.... Very Real... but why stop there? Let us not forget the Nephillum. They are in the bible as well. One such creature is described in revelations as a small humanoid flying creature with a stinger... and we have video of it now.

    There is a very good reason why the appearance of such creatures is kept under very tight wraps... and it centers around the opening of your post. Quite simply, if their existence was common knowledge, it would actually validate the bible, and your friends would no longer have a good reason to dismiss it.

    This is not the only area in which truth is withheld from the public by governments. They would say “we don’t want the public to panic”... but the truth is they don’t want us going to the bible for answers.

  • Twitter users are reporting Trump's account for 'threatening violence' against North Korea

    08/11/2017 10:17:35 PM PDT · 45 of 59
    Safrguns to TigerClaws

    Ummm... I don’t have twitter, have never been interested in twitter, and dont see any use for it.

    However, IF I were to consider joining, Trump’s use of twitter would be my sole reason for doing so.

    (his important tweets end up here anyway, so... naw)

  • Why Is the Left So Anti-Baby?

    07/21/2017 5:27:42 PM PDT · 39 of 40
    Safrguns to Ancesthntr

    >>> As I related in my first post, in the Hebrew Bible the angel ha satan (translated: “the satan” - a title and NOT a name) has a role ONLY as God’s servant - it can be no other way. It is utterly absurd, and frankly blasphemous, to believe (let alone teach others) that God could possibly be challenged by one of His creations. The Creator of the Heavens and the Earth could wipe out Satan and all of his/its supposed minions in the blink of an eye if He wished to do so - NOTHING is beyond His power. Thus, it is clear that the angel ha satan, evil and temptation are part of God’s plan for life on Earth.

    Ok... what about Genesis 6?

    Were these angels doing God’s “will”?

    What role were they fulfilling as “temptor” when they interbred with human women?

    You telling me God wanted them to do that???

    were they not punished for it?

    How can they be punished for something God wanted them to do?

  • Why Is the Left So Anti-Baby?

    07/21/2017 4:49:16 PM PDT · 38 of 40
    Safrguns to Ancesthntr

    >>> That says, quite specifically, that the message of the Bible is limited to what is in the 5 Books of Moses.

    And your telling me that Lucifer/Satan is NOT in these first five books???

    Who was the serpent in Genesis 3?

    When God passed judgment on the serpent, He put enmity between the woman’s seed, and the serpent’s seed... prophesying that his seed would “bruise his heel” and her seed would bruise his head. (Gen 3:15)

    Who was He referring to?

    Did not Jesus claim to be this one Whom God said would come?

    You did quote Jesus I think... and since you did quote Him as a credible witness to make your point, I have to ask you...

    “Was He a good man or not?”

    Who do you say that He is?

    Who crucified Him, and Why?

    If He was worthy of crucifixion, what was his crime?

    Jesus is either Who He claimed to be, or he was a raving lunatic.

  • Average Americans Can No Longer Afford Average New Cars

    07/21/2017 9:37:21 AM PDT · 39 of 264
    Safrguns to nevergore

    >>> Although Unions are a factor, excessive federal regulations have a far greater impact on base cost....

    Could be... and it wouldn’t surprise me.

    Speaking of which... that is most likely the primary reason why market forces have been unable to compensate through alternate means and/or competition.

    Unions + Government = Socialism.

  • Why Is the Left So Anti-Baby?

    07/21/2017 9:29:42 AM PDT · 36 of 40
    Safrguns to Ancesthntr

    >>> Puhleeze - their is no “Devil,” if by that term you mean a renegade or rebellious angel that opposes G-d. The very idea that one of G-d’s creations could oppose him (let alone be successful for even a microsecond) is absurd beyond belief.

    I think the primary questions for you are “Is the Bible true?”.... “Can it be taken literally?”. It sounds like your answer is no to both. That is where we differ.

    I agree that Lucifer had to be totally wacked out bonkers when he conspired to overthrow God... but it gets better than that... Satan somehow managed to convince a third of the entire angelic host to join his cause.... so the question then becomes “What could possibly have happened in heaven to generate so much pride and anger to the point that all these angels actually thought they had a chance at succeeding?”

    My guess is that it had something to do with the creation of mankind, and the role which was revealed to the angels in serving mankind. (They are much more powerful than we are)

    All I think I can share with you on this, in answer to your reasoned question is... “Emotion OVERRIDES reason”.
    We see it all of the time here on earth.
    Look around you... the world is going nuts!
    Even regarding this topic. It does not make any sense whatsoever to oppose new life... and yet they do... and for reasons which defy logic.

    Yes... Pride and anger IS capable of making you a total loon.

    Don’t lean on your own understanding. You should take a harder look at the reliability of God’s Word.

  • Average Americans Can No Longer Afford Average New Cars

    07/21/2017 9:11:49 AM PDT · 6 of 264
    Safrguns to Lorianne

    Lets not blame the rich for this one...

    Unions have driven the cost of cars up more than anything else.

    Retirement plans for many in the industry are the envy of even congress itself.

  • Why Is the Left So Anti-Baby?

    07/18/2017 5:51:14 AM PDT · 13 of 40
    Safrguns to Delta 21

    certainly fits

  • Why Is the Left So Anti-Baby?

    07/18/2017 5:26:16 AM PDT · 6 of 40
    Safrguns to Kaslin

    The agenda and reason for this all leads back to it’s ultimate source.

    Let us not forget that the ruler of this world, who is pretty much in charge of the “world system” is Satan himself.

    Satan hates human life passionately. We are made in the image of God and are deeply loved by Him. Therefore, Satan wants every single death he can achieve by any means possible.

    This is first accomplished by separating us from God... Convincing mankind through the world system that there is no God. Then, once a majority of people are deceived in this (at least the ones in power), it is a very simple matter to take this belief (no God) to the most logical conclusion about what their duty is as rulers of the earth.

    They call it agenda 21. It is the systematic reduction of the earth’s population in order to conserve resources...

    Because if you don’t believe in a God Who provides, it is quite logical to view our environment as a very FINITE resource which must be carefully preserved by and for those who are most worthy of perpetuating the human race.

    Otherwise, they see our fate as an overpopulated world which will self destruct from the over-consumption and lead to an untimely death for everyone.

  • Professional runner outruns 2 bears while out on morning run in Maine

    07/07/2017 6:16:59 AM PDT · 9 of 17
    Safrguns to onona

    You don’t have to be faster than the bears...

    just faster than the other runners.

  • The Red Pill Moment...salvation as escape pt 1

    06/28/2017 1:12:42 AM PDT · 8 of 12
    Safrguns to pastorbillrandles

    >>> That is fine, I can see your point, although I am not teaching that salvation is in any way our work, I agree that “Salvation belongs to God” and God alone.

    Thanks for seeing my point. I see yours as well.

    I like analogies... they can be very helpful.
    Unfortunately, they can also send unintended messages.

    If I were to attempt to improve upon the analogy, I would submit that the red pill is actually representative of false religion... giving those who know they are guilty a means of finding self forgiveness or self righteousness without actually being saved.

    I recall an episode from star trek that had some similarities with the matrix... where the characters were caught in a virtual reality or illusion which seemed real.

    Once they realized they were in a simulation, they sought escape... and the antagonist/villain conveniently gave them one which presented the illusion they were back on their ship.... and in order for them to break the cycle, they had to identify the true source of the illusion. I mention this, because in order expand upon my correction, I would note that Neo did not have to take a pill in order to “wake up” to reality. It just happened... and the aliens immediately tried to destroy him when it did. The red and blue pills were something offered by the aliens to those within the matrix as a means of compromise in order to prevent everyone from leaving... but we never saw the actual outcome of that... now did we?

    I see this as the problem in the body of Christ today. We go to church and sing our songs and read our bible, and think our religious practices is evidence that we are free.
    Too many churches have succumbed to the pressures of society and accepted the cool-aid of coexistence and gender neutrality. We don’t stand up anymore against what is clearly wrong... we don’t study doctrine anymore... and most unfortunately we rarely apply God’s teachings to our daily lives. We just talk about how good things are going to be for us when we go to heaven.

    If we are looking for a reason why christians are not going to church, I would submit that the real problem is with elites and leaders within the church organizations who are not willing to go to war with the enemy... not the individual christians who are experiencing their red-pill moments. (slap not intended for you personally... I have seen this pretty much everywhere)

    We perish due to our lack of knowledge.

  • Veritas: CNN Producer Admits Hyping ‘Mostly (bleep) Trump-Russia Scandal for ‘Ratings’ (Trunc.)

    06/27/2017 7:08:33 PM PDT · 114 of 135
    Safrguns to libstripper

    Trump owes O’Keefe big time!

    When is Trump going to award this guy some kind of medal right there in his Oval office?

    Better yet, O’Keefe should be awarded a permanent front row seat at the DC pressers just to piss off the MSM.

  • The Red Pill Moment...salvation as escape pt 1

    06/27/2017 6:50:49 PM PDT · 3 of 12
    Safrguns to pastorbillrandles

    I don’t like this analogy.

    The red pill is equated to reality and hardship?

    Salvation is a conversion and transformation which is God’s work... not ours.

    Those who are truly saved are continually transformed and conformed to the image of Christ.... Again.. His work not ours.

    Our choices DO have consequences, and can result in a harder life here on earth than need be... but our faith is in Him who transforms us. Not our own works.

  • How Will The Media and Governments of the world explain The Rapture?

    06/20/2017 5:52:56 PM PDT · 144 of 246
    Safrguns to VaeVictis

    >>> Why should we consider the Rev. 12 prophecy using Astrology symbols?

    It’s not Astrology. God said He put the stars in the heavens for signs.

    Astrology is a corrupt version of the story God wrote that is displayed in the heavens.

    >>> If there was a red dwarf approaching earth, why is it not visible yet?

    It’s position relative to us has it near the sun... so it cannot be seen with naked eye... but it can be seen with infrared... and all that access is restricted or blocked.

    We won’t see it until it crosses the eliptical... hence it is referred to as the planet of the crossing.

    btw.. i don’t claim to be a 100% believer in all this Nibiru stuff.... its very interesting to follow, and I find some very strong evidence including biblical references that make it a very strong possibility... thats all.

  • How Will The Media and Governments of the world explain The Rapture?

    06/20/2017 1:02:12 PM PDT · 132 of 246
    Safrguns to TruthInThoughtWordAndDeed

    >>> The Great Sign of the Woman (Revelation 12:1-2) appears on September 23, 2017 exactly at sunset in Jerusalem - exactly at the end of Rosh Ha Shanah, exactly at the time of the blowing of “the last trump.”

    I am with you on this... the Rev 12 sign happens to be (reportedly) the highest trending topic on the internet.

    I think i can do you one even better... and I got this from a series of videos on this particular “SPECULATION”... but it’s a very interesting one....

    Sept 9-13 is when Jupiter actually starts it’s exit from the womb of Virgo... and according to the rev 12 sign, the great or red dragon appears as if to devour the child as it is born.... and its tail swept a third of the stars down to earth....

    Now... we have heavenly bodies represented by the Rev12 sign that we know about in the 2 constellations, the moon sun and other planets that will form the picture described on Sept 27th... but we DONT know about this red dragon thing... or do we?

    The video series I watched basically linked the Rev 12 sign with the prophecy given by God in Genesis about the seed of the woman crushing Satan’s head and Satan bruising His heel.

    In a nutshell, this video SPECULATES that we will see a collision between Jupiter and Nibiru during that 2nd week in September. They further substantiate the claim by using mathematical models to forcast that IF something DID hit Jupiter, it would take approximately 2.5 to 3.5 years for the debri from that collision to intersect with earth’s orbit.

    They also made note of comet Shoemaker... Remember that one?

    Comet Shoemaker (aptly named) if you remember broke up into like 24 peices in 2009 (I think) and collided with the bottom segment of Jupiter effectively drawing a dotted line around the bottom of the planet.

    Now... if you are not a believer in Nibiru (or planet x or whatever), keep this in mind... The bible speaks about the sun going dark for THREE HOURS when Jesus was crucified.
    The MAXIMUM time that the moon can possibly eclipse any part of the earth is just over 7 minutes. It would take a heavenly body at least 4-6 times the size of the earth to cause an eclipse that lasted that long.... and if you have seen pictures of this red dwarf out there that Google sky and NASA has been blocking from view sites, it DOES look like a red dragon.

    For those of us looking for signs from God... I really don’t see how He can do any better than this.

  • How Will The Media and Governments of the world explain The Rapture?

    06/19/2017 11:08:53 PM PDT · 16 of 246
    Safrguns to righttackle44

    Personally, I think (don’t know) that the rapture will occur seconds before some worldwide catastrophic event such as a nuclear exchange or large meteor impact. The bible says nothing as far as I remember about how people will react to the disappearance. It does say that those left behind will be sent a strong delusion so that they will believe the lie, so I seriously doubt the rapture itself will get very much media attention if any.

  • Myanmar Military Plane With 104 Aboard Vanishes

    06/07/2017 9:31:42 AM PDT · 18 of 47
    Safrguns to rdl6989

    I’m not looking forward to a sequel to “Lost”.


    04/28/2017 8:21:57 PM PDT · 39 of 57
    Safrguns to PJBankard

    The space agency in North Korea is known as NATRS.

    Their primary mission in life is not to explore space, but to get an ICBM into it... (not really caring where it lands)

    Their N.A.T.R.S acronym stands for:

    N eed
    A nother
    T eam of
    R ocket
    S cientists

    (failure is not an option)

  • Iran Arrests 30+ Gay Men, Forces Them to Take ‘Sodomy Tests’

    04/23/2017 8:09:16 PM PDT · 82 of 89
    Safrguns to Chauncey Gardiner

    >>> Wonder if Obama could pass such a test

    If rumors are true about Michelle, not a chance.