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  • Indict Andrew McCabe, Who Says Impeach Trump

    06/17/2019 2:08:44 PM PDT · 7 of 8
    rx to Starman417
    "I’m not a political operative. I respect the House leadership."

    Something about that gives itself away.

    He's a product of the SES, Deep State, and C_A nepotism. (But I repeat myself.)

    He never would have gotten where he was on his own merit and if he hadn't lived near the Clintons' Chappaqua home.

  • Hillary Clinton's brother Tony Rodham dies

    06/17/2019 8:32:14 AM PDT · 42 of 48
    rx to tired&retired

    You think maybe helping Hillbilly launder Libyan gold through the Haiti mine would let the Rockefellers give him an allowance in these last six years or so?

    I suppose that was doomed not to be sustainable.

  • Breaking, Barr Tells Congress They Are Not Getting Trump’s Taxes

    06/15/2019 1:59:26 PM PDT · 39 of 65
    rx to Brian Griffin
    When asked, you just know they would say they thought it was possible that his deals with the Russians would show pay-offs from them. Those would have helped PDJT win steal the 2016 election, they would claim, no matter how absurd the claim is.
  • Breaking, Barr Tells Congress They Are Not Getting Trump’s Taxes

    06/15/2019 1:07:44 PM PDT · 31 of 65
    rx to Engedi; Lent
    Next, Dems will shop and get a friendly Judge when this goes to court.

    If that's the way it goes, we have a serious problem.

    When it was Holder being slapped with a contempt of Congress, it never went to court because (we were told) it simply could only be sent to the DOJ as a referral and we all knew how that was going to go. And that's exactly how it did go and where--nowhere.

    If Dems can on there own take this kind of thing to court independently, we were lied to about how the DOJ was able to stop the Holder Contempt Citation and referral in its tracks.

  • We started tracking former President, Barrack Obama’s movements over 4 months ago and frankly, I

    06/14/2019 9:43:19 PM PDT · 53 of 68
    rx to Lurkinanloomin

    Government Of the People, By the People and For the People was certainly declared ancient history on 9/11/91 when George HW Bush, announced the coming New World Order in a speech to Congress. GHWB has been co-conspirator in JFK’s assassination and was the likely instigator of the Hinckley attempt on RWR’s life in 1981, which, if it had been successful, would likely have added almost four years to GHWB’s presidency.

    Satanists (think C_A clowns, 322, Skull & Bones, JF’nK-types) have repeatedly abused 9/11, the most likely actual birthdate of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as a date to commit heinous acts, so Christians would revile at that date instead of celebrate it.

  • Baby pterodactyls could fly from birth

    06/14/2019 9:24:23 AM PDT · 16 of 91
    rx to SunkenCiv
    "known as flaplings" recently so dubbed by one of the guys on the project, no doubt. The OED shows no extant uses of that made-up word in the literature. Note how it coincidentally aligns with their deceptively appealing, new claim.

  • Once thought to be asexual, single-celled parasites caught in the act

    06/13/2019 5:38:10 PM PDT · 12 of 37
    rx to ETL
    "The good news is we generated offspring with new genetic combinations, which are perfect for our purposes," Beverley said.

    Vee hat fun creatink mawnsters, bwahahaha!

  • Confirmed: The State Department and a Leading Democrat

    06/12/2019 11:23:01 PM PDT · 49 of 60
    rx to lonerepubinma

    Of course, she had gone rogue —NOT!
    She also probably got a nice bonus in that time-frame.

  • Kamala Harris: If elected, my DOJ would have 'no choice' but to prosecute Trump

    06/12/2019 2:03:04 PM PDT · 75 of 84
    rx to Boogieman

    One of the not-very-well-known facts about whyTeam Obama’s illegal antics were allowed to spill over into the PDJT Administration is quite in synch with your thought.

    Barry‘s top tier folk certainly would have wanted assurances that they wouldn’t be prosecuted for their following Barry‘s potentially criminal Directives, but such Directives’ coverage by Barry inherently couldn’t extend into the time window of the PDJT Administration..

    Think about the disclosure that the three FISA renewals were deemed illegal well before a determination about the original was made.


    06/11/2019 3:24:32 PM PDT · 106 of 106
    rx to MF27
    From your article...
    "The Russia Collusion investigation was a coup launched in response to the exposure of THE HAMMER.

    When two four-star flag officers of sterling reputation brought THE HAMMER to America’s airwaves the Deep State panicked.

    U.S. Air Force General Thomas McInerney (Ret.), U.S. Navy Admiral James A. “Ace” Lyons (Ret.), and Dr. Dave Janda, during the March 19, 2017 broadcast of Janda’s “Operation Freedom” terrestrial radio program, dared to bring the truth to the American people.

    Within a matter of hours, the Deep State jumped into action."

    Mary, this is messed up and you should have realized that it was proved to you earlier that the 2014 Phoenix New Times article (regardless of whether any Judge Snow-released info was dissed therein) already informed the public (and the Deep State (DS), of course, as they surely were aware) that DM had disclosed the HAMMER. Though Dr. Janda, you, or his listeners may not have been up to speed on the HAMMER's disclosure prior to that radio program, Clapper and Brennan were the Deep State instigators of the HAMMER project authorizations and would have known that Dennis Montgomery (DM) had disclosed information about it years earlier as at least that one article has remained continuously available now for almost five years.

    As you know, the recorded Blixseth interview with Sheriff Arpaio and CCP head Zullo is dated in 2013, even though it only came to light nationally on the internet in 2015.

    The way you breathlessly report the 2017 Janda interview with the two great military men, you seem to want to say it was your johnny-on-the-spot reporting that brought about DS panic with newly-revealed info. That's just not so, as actual timing facts make clear.

    That 2014 article quoted DM as mentioning the HAMMER, which you have said non-disclosure agreements kept him from ever being able to reveal, which of course has been proved false as well. How is it you made these mistakes?

    But in that, don't call me your critic. Let the facts be your critic.

    Until I'm pointed to evidence that might prove otherwise, I understand DM personally used the HAMMER clandestinely to invade the Hawai'i Department of Health (HDOH) statistics so as to change particulars in Obama's birth record in the 2010-2011 time frame. (I see it as implicit that DM was ordered to do that. I'm not in that trying to impugn his reputation as being a self-made, evil guy, as I would otherwise do with Clapper and Brennan.)

    Perhaps a DM associate learned from DM how to use the HAMMER to remotely allow changes to be made the the HDOH statistics, then make it happen. Perhaps you can tell us exactly when DM moved from darkness to light and distanced himself as a whistle blower.

    Furthermore, in the quoted article, you bring forward an assertion attributed to Attorney Klayman that DM's disclosure precipitated Clapper's resignation, which became effective as PDJT was inaugurated. As a reporter, do you not question when Clapper's resignation would have become effective had DM not been granted immunity? Your readers simply will never get back these seconds spent contemplating your momentous news.

    I'm as happy as anyone that DM blew the whistle on Clapper and Brennan, but no one should want to whitewash the record of what and when things happened or see people take credit when no credit is due.

  • Jerry Nadler’s Trump-bashing show is a bust

    06/11/2019 11:59:27 AM PDT · 65 of 72
    rx to eCSMaster; Innovative
    Innovative's comment that would have us ignore Obama's past transgressions runs counter to the country's and the electorate's Constitutional interests.

    The multi-tiered justice system that so many see at work, with highly-placed government workers being given free passes (e.g., Jim Wolfe, Hillary Clinton) has millions outraged for the legacy such leaves with succeeding generations. We people around FR constantly dampening patriots' enthusiasm and lifeblood with their "T'ain't never gonna be fixed attitude." No, these evil-doers must be punished, lest we lose heart

    History instructs that whatever transgressions are given a pass come back next time even more virulently, e.g., illegal alien amnesty.

    But to answer the question, Barry's crimes could not have been proven during his administration. Despite their having ears, they didn't want to hear the evidence. I know, as I was one of those presenting solid evidence. Institutionally, Congresscritters simply did not want to hear the evidence, notwithstanding that the proof of his ineligibility and related malfeasance was beyond doubt. There simply would have been too high a political price to pay, beyond what any Republican was willing to endure.

    Now, a renewed effort by President Donald "You'd be in prison!" Trump points toward renewed hope. Let's see it happen! Many are ready to go into the breach rather than allow a Democrat President to be fraudulently elected in 2020 or 2024.

    Barry can still be impeached. He could be stripped of his pension, USSS detail, support resources and expense account. Perhaps we can save all that expensive process for $4 of rope. The known evidence of his guilt is beyond doubt.

  • John Dean on Trump calling him a 'loser' and 'sleazebag': 'I'm honored to be on his enemies list'

    06/11/2019 7:37:38 AM PDT · 12 of 47
    rx to OttawaFreeper
    Watergate has a slight usefulness, by comparison.

    This current coup episode is easily 100x worse than Watergate ever was!

    But of course, using John Dean is simply a misguided stunt by the left, but here they are, nonetheless, wasting our time with it.

  • Robert Mueller exploited cellphone GPS to track Trump associates

    06/11/2019 4:24:06 AM PDT · 46 of 61
    rx to CitizenUSA
    By the way, though it's possible that in some circumstances, one's location within a few feet may be ascertained with cell tower information, it's more likely not. GPS is a far better determiner for that, but potential echoes and obstructions plague both technologies. Fortunately for the tracker, tracking over time almost always reliably removes the doubts and outliers.

    It's a darned good bet most were not suspects for whom there was a legitimate probable cause of a crime. Yet, the investigators certainly ran roughshod over their rights of all of us as they used all the levers of the mightiest government surveillance tools to prompt to them that something might appear out of place.

    In other words, the "investigation" relied on the principle of a witch hunt left, right, up and down. When a name like Erik Prince came up, out came the figurative drool that reflected the political and hatred-oriented motives of Team Obama.

    There was no presumption of innocence nor protection of the rights of Trump's campaign entourage. The proper predicate for all of this full court press against PDJT NEVER EXISTED!


    06/10/2019 6:27:59 PM PDT · 105 of 106
    rx to rx

    you -> your


    06/10/2019 9:27:18 AM PDT · 104 of 106
    rx to MF27

    I find it difficult to understand what you point could possibly be.

  • Don’t ask why US acted against China’s Huawei. Ask: why now?

    06/09/2019 12:08:42 PM PDT · 10 of 10
    rx to Zhang Fei

    And why are Boeing 737 Max crashes, China’s leveraged desire to have the licensed Boeing aircraft they manufacture be able to be flown in the US airspace (not allowed under the original agreement) and Trump’s negotiations with the Chinese over trade issues conveniently left out of this?

    Probably for the same reason that the DS knows how Boeing’s catching a cold over the 737 Max could convulse the entire US economy just as quickly things going poorly for Huawei could cause a downturn in the Chinese economy.

  • FBI Dumps More Hillary Related Emails – Providing More Evidence to “Lock Her Up”

    06/09/2019 11:27:01 AM PDT · 22 of 40
    rx to politicianslie

    The only sense in which Barry is Kenyan is that his adoptive mother, Stanley Ann (SAD), made an arrangement with Kenyan BHO I to pretend they were married. The deal allowed BHO I to extend a visa for his schooling and the bastard kid CIA-grifter-child SAD knew would soon be coming her way could borrow a supposed father’s name and national identity that would throw late-arriving sleuths off track as to his man-without-a-country status.

  • Pride gets Peaceful

    06/09/2019 10:35:32 AM PDT · 10 of 19
    rx to southern rock
    They moved their Pride Day from August to fall on Pentecost, when Christians consider the first fruits of Jesus' ministry on earth, as a larger extension of the Jewish holiday Shavuot.

    This is a constant for Satanic forces to pollute days when G-d has done wonderful things so people will instead think of their heinous acts. That is part of the ritual of 9/11, for which is best evidence of the actual birth date of Jesus, the Christ.

    Instead, they foisted 12/25, their Saturnalia, their celebration of Saturn, the Dark Sun, telling Christians that's when they should celebrate Jesus with focus on materialism, just so they can laugh at what they consider to be stupid G-d worshipers, whom their chief demon has so long aspired to emulate.

  • Ex-DHS secretary: 'I'm not quite sure' Trump's tariffs on Mexico will solve immigration problem

    06/07/2019 9:20:15 AM PDT · 10 of 85
    rx to yesthatjallen

    Former PA Governor Tom “Flight 93 Cover-up” Ridge is a Deep State tool, bought and paid for. (<= That’s a period.)

  • Van Drew wants end to Mueller Report bickering, talk of impeachment (Dem NJ -2)

    06/05/2019 6:21:15 PM PDT · 6 of 15
    rx to SMGFan

    Ah, but they relish the thought of making the seemingly sound idea that an impeached PDJT shouldn’t be allowed to nominate RBG’s replacement.

    Of course, they’ll weigh RGB’s health in regard to that question.