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  • At least 97 dead in new 'Boko Haram' attack in NE Nigeria

    07/02/2015 7:42:12 PM PDT · 10 of 10
    robowombat to ForYourChildren; All
    True. Buhari’s regime sucks worse than his predecessor but it is a relative degree of squalor. Unless the Us SOF and Rangers were given carte blanch (no chance of that with a turd world government) could anything much be done. In reality Nigerian Army personnel are afraid of BKO and for good reason. The Islamacists are serious and willing to sacrifice their lives for their cause. The Nigerian Army is willing to sacrifice some ill trained clueless enlisted people to check the block that they are doing something.
  • Bay Area news crews robbed on live TV while reporting on homicide

    07/02/2015 4:20:18 PM PDT · 9 of 20
    robowombat to BenLurkin; All
    Local news described the event thusly:

    Police say they’ve detained a person of interest Wednesday evening in connection with a fatal shooting that took the life of a 31-year-old woman on Pier 14 in San Francisco’s South Beach neighborhood.

    Around 6:30 p.m. officers responded to the vicinity of Embarcadero and Mission Street and found a woman suffering from at least one gunshot wound to the upper torso.

    The victim was transported to San Francisco General Hospital where she was later pronounced dead, according to police.
    Police said she was walking with her family at the time when she was shot.

    Officers flooded the area and detained a subject matching the description of a “possible person of interest” on the corner of Embarcadero and Townsend.

    If officers ‘flooded the area’ how did the camera crew get stuck up and pistol whipped?

    This happened in tourist territory.

    Were these acts of ‘Trayvon Martin Avengers’?

  • Egyptian airstrikes kill 23 militants in North Sinai

    07/02/2015 3:54:21 PM PDT · 1 of 9
  • At least 97 dead in new 'Boko Haram' attack in NE Nigeria

    07/02/2015 3:50:27 PM PDT · 7 of 10
    robowombat to The Ghost of FReepers Past
    I do not understand why we have not helped these people.

    Even with a government not completely adversarial to the US taking the lead in confronting Islamists it would be difficult. The Nigerian and for that matter all the West African militaries are worse than bad jokes. Corrupt, dysfunctional, products of a brutal screwed up culture that is neither tribal or modern. Resistant and arrogant towards any outside guidance and totally incapable of conducting the most elementary sort of mil operation they are also to a fair degree infiltrated by Islamists agents.

  • China close to finishing airstrip on reclaimed South China Sea island

    07/02/2015 3:45:30 PM PDT · 1 of 4
  • At least 97 dead in new 'Boko Haram' attack in NE Nigeria

    07/02/2015 3:40:21 PM PDT · 1 of 10
  • Egypt at War

    07/01/2015 4:19:57 PM PDT · 1 of 12
    Arab Spring, Obama's legacy to the Middle East.
  • What Will the West’s Many Concessions to Iran Produce?

    07/01/2015 4:15:13 PM PDT · 1 of 19
    So, after all the concessions; after trashing UN resolutions that prohibit Iran’s nuclear program and substituting a UN resolution that permits it; after giving the Iranian regime the financial resources to consolidate its rule at home and its expansion abroad; after approving an industrial-grade nuclear program with early relief from sanctions; after agreeing to a sunset provision that will eliminate the key provisions of the agreement; after leaving Iran’s ballistic missile program and terror-sponsoring activities off the table and completely unaffected; and after destroying the respect for American leadership in Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other U.S. allies (not only in the region, but in those watching from other areas of the world as well), the REAL BREAKOUT TIME IS NOT EVEN GOING TO BE A YEAR.
  • Lawless Administration Won’t Enforce Law Against Israel Boycotts

    07/01/2015 4:09:24 PM PDT · 1 of 3
    This is a real question. Was not Tobin one of the conservative writers who furiously attacked the birth certificate issue saying it was just crazy to even begin to discuss such a thing?
  • Hillary Clinton’s Emails Expose Washington’s Culture of Duplicity

    07/01/2015 4:04:40 PM PDT · 1 of 6
    Those in the establishment press would acquit themselves well if they were to treat this affair with the seriousness it deserves. To fail to do so is to become complicit in a scandal that appears to be slowly engulfing much of Washington D. C.

    Another reason why it is important to switch the narrative to Confederate battle Flag causing mass murder and the giddy joy of queer weddings.

  • IDF Appoints Special Team to Plan Strike on Iran

    06/30/2015 6:39:23 PM PDT · 34 of 44
    robowombat to Olog-hai; All
    Listened to a pretty drunk Washington lobbyist the other week. Drunker than he realized as the Hurricanes were not watered down as he thought (the host tipped the bar tender and told him to keep wonder boy's glass filled). One insight was that a small nuke or two from Iran hitting Israel would be useful as the US could step in and provide a sort of shield if the Israelis (the Jewboys as he called them) would not nuke the region. With a million or so casualties the Israelis could be thoroughly arm twisted into returning to the 67 borders and start to end being ‘The Jewish State’ and become the ‘State of All Peoples’. There would be so much destruction that the so-called settlers (those Zionist f-ckers in wonder boys argot) could be made to evacuate into the 67 borders as part of the backstage US requirements for long term relief. In this way a suitably weakened Israel (’taken down a couple notches (hiccup) so they don't think they are so damn high and mighty’ in wonder boys discourse. ) can be forced pretty quickly to agree to most Arab demands . Why want to do this “Israel is a what cha call an an anachronism, got mack way for the future. Besides lots of dough to be made doing deals with the Arabs if the f-cking ‘Jewboys’ can be just sat on.” According to wonder boy. He was drunk and while not as smart as he thinks he is obviously parroting what he has heard on K Street and Capitol Hill.
  • Data Proves that Slavery has Little to do with the Current Plight of African-Americans

    06/30/2015 3:33:42 PM PDT · 1 of 52
  • Russian, Iranian loyalty to Bashar Assad tested as Syria approaches ‘tipping point’

    06/30/2015 3:09:35 PM PDT · 3 of 17
    robowombat to elhombrelibre; All
    Money quote:

    Many U.S. analysts say the Obama administration’s hopes of building up moderate forces, not the Islamic State, to fight Mr. Assad’s government are too optimistic and that Washington’s leverage — with Russia, Iran or the various jihadi groups now dominating the war — is limited at best.

    “I just don’t think there’s about to be a recalculation by the Russians and the Iranians,” said Joshua Landis, a longtime Syria analyst who heads the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma. “They’re going to hang on and hope Assad gets through this without collapsing so they’ll have a piece of the pie at whatever negotiating table may one day come to the fore.

    “The standard American goal is they would like to reach some kind of balance where Assad feels the need to negotiate and leave Syria, but he’s not going to leave. It’s just not going to happen,” said Mr. Landis. “The trouble is that there are so many moving parts to this war and the U.S. has almost no leverage at this point.

    Read more:

    Syria is definitely the biggest bad outcome of the administration Wizards of Smart idea ‘Arab Spring’. Ironically Israel may be the ultimate gainer by the descent of much of the Arab Middle East into protracted chaos and anarchy.

  • Nearly one in three Americans owns a gun

    06/30/2015 12:46:50 PM PDT · 38 of 56
    robowombat to dware; All
    This roughly equates to the size of the conservative or traditionalist community in the US. It leaves out the population of felons and members of the criminal class who buy, sell, trade and rent guns within a completely illegal black market. The left studies these figures closely as it gives them a rough order of magnitude as to where their enemies live. I recently got to endure a K Street type mouthing off after the recent court decisions. I hope to have time to write up his remarks. He was a little drunker than he realized and was thus more candid than he would have meant to be. One thing he was really hot on was ‘getting the guns away from the ‘G-D- Christers’. Needless to say his political hero is Bill Clinton who ‘represents the future’.
  • British PM to Broadcaster: Don’t Call Islamic State ‘Islamic State’

    06/30/2015 12:35:42 PM PDT · 1 of 20
    No comment necessary.
  • FAKE HATE: Black Activist Admits Hanging Confederate Flag from Black Soldier Memorial(MA)

    06/30/2015 12:19:52 PM PDT · 25 of 32
    robowombat to rlmorel; All
    ‘I don’t think I have seen a more comprehensive dork and douchebag than the guy with shorts, sports jacket and bow tie.’

    He looks as queer as three left feet.

  • Iraq PM 'retires' army chief of staff: spokesman

    06/30/2015 9:58:26 AM PDT · 1 of 2
  • IS threat grows as 'caliphate' enters second year

    06/30/2015 9:54:29 AM PDT · 1 of 6
  • NYPD Officer Bumps, Grinds, Simulates Sex with Gay Pride Parade Member

    06/29/2015 8:04:23 PM PDT · 21 of 86
    robowombat to Dilbert San Diego; All

    ‘the city of San Francisco is concerned about the declining number of families with children living there.’

    Might have something to do with the median price of a single family home in SF now being $1M.

  • Two arrested removing Confederate flag at (SC) Statehouse

    06/27/2015 5:11:50 PM PDT · 33 of 54
    robowombat to Resettozero; All
    So far the cultural cleansing act does not seem to be getting any sort of mass resonance. After the first wave of vandalism of some monuments following the Charleston shooting there have been no more such incidents. In New Orleans where Porky Pig's understudy is the mayor and who made a big deal of calling for removing the Lee statue from Lee Circle (it is the biggest monument in the city) and the Beauregard and Jeff Davis statues there hasn't been much comment. Yesterday some professional blackamoor staged a burning of the CSA battleflag at Lee Circle. This was undoubtedly the bright idea of some of the local poverty pimp preacher types. What is interesting is that the event drew a gaggle of less than 50 assorted idlers, curiosity seekers, and the usual turkeys that populate a local group called Eracism. Even with the media types keeping the camera close up one could easily see the big empty space of Lee Circle dwarfing these turkeys. The ‘black leadership’ will have to gin up some ‘instant mobs’ to push the narrative of how millions of black people roil in fear and anger beneath CSA imagery down in Dixie.
  • Charleston Murderer: a Drug-abusing National Socialist

    06/27/2015 5:02:51 PM PDT · 1 of 21
    I post this because there has been a (to me) suspicious lack of interest by the media to digging into the background of Dylan Roof. That generally means the subject doesn't fit the established template in some way. Some of this is a bit foil hat as it is from the JBS publication. It is the only longish article I have seen in print on this person. He clearly had no involvement with any Southern Heritage group or the media types would be yelling incessantly about the connection between the Confederate heritage groups, racism, and murderousness. Roof appears to be another drug addled loner who , like the Colorado theater shooter or Adam Lanza, withdrew into his own personal dark world of insanity and drug generated deadly fantasy.
  • Confederate Flag Controversy May Be Just the First Battle

    06/26/2015 9:23:38 PM PDT · 61 of 66
    robowombat to 11th_VA; All

    ‘I think it’s time to furl the Battle Flag and replace it with the Bonnie Blue’

    Interesting idea. Most erages of the left are to ignorant or stupid to have any idea of what that flag means. The song does say pretty clearly what the feelings Southrons had in ‘61.

  • Confederate Flag Controversy May Be Just the First Battle

    06/26/2015 4:16:13 PM PDT · 1 of 66
    Years ago I stated here that if the leftist start with purging Southern symbols and statues they will end with purging the American flag and representations of Washington and Hamilton . Hamilton is scheduled to be struck from the $10 bill to be replaced with a female , minority if possible, figure. Eventually Lincoln's quite well known views on blacks will get him purged as well to make way fore who? Harvey Milk? Malcolm X? For the rest here are some pertinent paragraphs:

    Radio commentator Rush Limbaugh theorized on his program that the push against the Confederate flag was part of "an effort to marginalize the Republican electoral strength in the South." He argued that the flag was not really the issue; rather, it was "really an attempt to segregate and isolate the entire South and to [quote Saul] Alinsky, you know, the [author of] Rules for Radicals — you seek the target, you isolate it, you attack it, you humiliate it." The reason the Left hates the South so much, he noted, is because it is "the last remaining Republican electoral stronghold in terms of presidential politics."

    The next target, Limbaugh predicted, would be the U.S. flag, which he explained symbolized a country that those on the Left do not like. And he didn't hold out much hope that Republican politicians would fight for the American flag when that attack comes.

    In fact, the attack on the country's flag has already begun. A group of university professors have circulated a letter in support of leftist students at the University of California-Irvine who want to ban the U.S. flag on their campus.

    "U.S. nationalism often contributes to racism and xenophobia," claimed a letter obtained by the website Campus Reform. Hundreds of left-wing professors from across the country signed the letter, commending the students for their "courage." In a bow to cultural diversity, the U.C.-Irvine student government association recently voted 6-4 (with two abstentions) to remove the U.S. flag from a campus lobby. Breitbart quoted an unnamed student who said the student government association feared the flag might hurt the feelings of illegal aliens.

  • Christians in Deep Danger: 'We Dare Not Be Silent'

    06/26/2015 3:56:20 PM PDT · 1 of 17
  • Conflict at a Crossroads: Can Nigeria Sustain Its Military Campaign Against Boko Haram?

    06/26/2015 2:41:27 PM PDT · 1 of 3
  • Coordinated or not, attacks show Islamic State's growing reach

    06/26/2015 2:37:02 PM PDT · 1 of 3
    The Jihad on the march.
  • Terrorists strike in France, Kuwait and Tunisia, killing dozens

    06/26/2015 1:46:13 PM PDT · 1 of 9
    Compare coverage of these attacks on the evening so-called news to coverage of the Mahdi's Charleston bloviation.
  • U.S. Troops Face Eating, Drinking Restrictions During Ramadan

    06/26/2015 1:42:01 PM PDT · 10 of 53
    robowombat to Nachum; All

    Serious question, not a joke. Could you in good conscience encourage any young, straight white male to join the US military today?

  • Confederate Call to Prayer

    06/25/2015 7:29:45 PM PDT · 4 of 20
    robowombat to ButThreeLeftsDo
  • Confederate Call to Prayer

    06/25/2015 7:23:47 PM PDT · 1 of 20
    A lot more dignified and more scripturally relevant than most of the bloviation over the Charleston Church massacre.
  • Democrat Jim Webb gets it right as he breaks ranks with the fashion of the moment

    06/25/2015 9:31:50 AM PDT · 22 of 26
    robowombat to rlmorel; All
    Yep. There was quite an uproar a few years ago at the University of Washington for allowing a statue of Pappy Boyington to be placed on campus.
  • The Cross and the Confederate Flag

    06/20/2015 2:41:35 PM PDT · 89 of 149
    robowombat to Ohioan; All
    ‘Another note, are you aware that Stonewall Jackson taught a Sunday School class for Negro children in Virginia, before the War?’

    Yes and in so doing T J Jackson was violating Virginia statute law which forbade teaching slaves to read and write. (These laws which emerged from the Nat Turner uprising seem to have been largely ignored by quite a few upper class and even just regular southerners. I think Booker T Washington learned the rudiments of reading and writing before 1865.

    In any case Jackson in the uniform of a CSA general graces one of the stained glass windows of a black church in Roanoke, I believe,. It was founded by one of the black children who learned to read at Jackson’s Sunday School class.

  • Top Democrat advisor ‘cannot imagine the horror’ if S.C. churchgoers were armed

    06/20/2015 2:30:31 PM PDT · 11 of 50
    robowombat to PROCON; All
    Liberals today appear to be abject physical cowards. I suspect many of them are the same people who I saw on weeping the campus of the college I was attending when the Selective Service finally announced that student deferments would no longer be given for new grad school admissions. It was amazing to see the sons of the generations who fought WW2 and Korea/Cold War to, in so many cases, be such pansies. But look at how week some of the parents were. After all Robert S. McNamara who was an LTC in the USAAF in the big war couldn't summon the guts to tell his privileged son who was attending Stanford but home for the summer , to take the Viet Cong flag off his bedroom wall if he wanted dad to keep on signing those tuition and housing checks. The fact that Robert Strange didn't have the guts to do this just because he was directing men to go in harm's way every day in Viet Nam while his self indulgent son openly displayed his hatred and contempt for those same men tells you a lot about the parents of people such as Schrum and liberals in general.
  • Poles take Russia to court over 1940 Katyn massacre

    06/12/2015 2:04:21 PM PDT · 14 of 14
    robowombat to jlhawthorne; All
    That was a post from long ago. I was struck with the power of your father's account and found his book one of the few that I could not put down. He apparently spent most of his life in the US hiding his identity to keep NKVD assassins from finding him. These people were and their successors most likely are still present and at work in the US today.
  • Unprecedented Demonstration in Jerusalem of Christian Schools

    05/24/2015 5:16:40 PM PDT · 29 of 49
    robowombat to Petrosius; All
    ‘They are doing the same to Jewish schools. This isn’t mentioned because it interferes with their persecution complex and desire for leftist help.
    So an attempt to economically squeeze Jewish schools too in order to be taken over by the state justifies the same attempt against Christian schools? Christians should just keep quiet and let the state close down their schools? ‘

    This is fascinating. Is what is going on here a salami slice campaign by the Israeli version of DOE to strangle denominational schools and force students to get their education from a very secular-liberal state system? The only exceptions are the Orthodox Jews because they band together and wield enough electoral clout that the secularists have to play nice with them to make them potential or actual partners in some coalition government or another.

    I know I have read that the Israeli educrats detest ‘settlers and their settlements’ because most ‘settlements’ have their own self governing schools.

  • The Mythology of an Anti-Christian Bigot

    05/24/2015 3:02:09 PM PDT · 4 of 32
    robowombat to OK Sun; All

    ‘deconstruct the Bible by claiming that the discredited position that the Egyptian Book of the Dead is the source material for the biblical Book of Samuel,’

    Come again?

  • New Orleans Cop Shot Dead in Cruiser

    05/24/2015 2:58:38 PM PDT · 5 of 38
    robowombat to E. Pluribus Unum; All
    Interesting case. This was a Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO) officer not the NOPD. The picture with the story shows other police walking an area looking for dropped evidence items that appears to be one of the new mixed population housing developments built where the old massive New Deal style developments were. These are definitely mostly black tenanted but are heavily senior citizens and very middle class. Pushing ahead with flattening most of the big public housing complexes was the one positive thing Ray Nagin did.
  • The Case For Reparations: 40 Acres and a Mule Would Cost America at Least $6.4 Trillion Today

    05/24/2015 2:50:32 PM PDT · 42 of 44
    robowombat to robowombat; All

    Not the mysterious William T Herman but William T. Sherman.

  • Democrats call for 'flood' of Muslims to U.S. [Allah or Yahweh - Psalms 2]

    05/24/2015 2:48:23 PM PDT · 53 of 58
    robowombat to Arthur McGowan; All
    ‘I’m sure you’ve tried to give people the evidence that Obama’s “birth certificate” is a crude forgery, and been met with nothing but rage.’

    No, people that I have mentioned the topic to just feel it is a kind of foil hat kooky thing. Sort of ‘who cares, what's the difference’ attitude. Now lets see what happens if Ted Cruz gets in striking distance of the GOP nomination. McCain, who was born at the US Navy Base at Coco Solo, Canal Zone had to spend a good bit of money opposing a court challenge mounted by a high power Dem lawyer that tried to argue he was ineligible to be President due to the location of his birth. This is in spite of the facts of the location was a US possession and both parents were natural born US citizens.

  • Democrats call for 'flood' of Muslims to U.S. [Allah or Yahweh - Psalms 2]

    05/23/2015 6:41:45 PM PDT · 44 of 58
    robowombat to Arthur McGowan; All
    ‘Polygamy is already tolerated in the U.S. It will be completely legal in just several years. This is one purpose of flooding the country with hundreds of thousands of polygamists.’

    Yes, you get it. It is almost impossible to get Americans to understand this long term Muslim scheme. They know they will never be the majority here but the goal is to get above 5% of the population so they can really leverage their power.
    The SC is poised to make queer marriage a Constitutional right. at that point the Free Exercise clause of the 1st Amendment will be used to get the ant-polygamy laws voided. The Mormon schismatics will be the staking horse paid for by the muzzies. Then every Muslim man will be able to get his four wives into the US and that opens the gates to all their family members. Also with white working class men being marginalized in an economy that is in many was deindustrializing outreach by the muzzies to these marginalized and bitter men will gain some converts and they can be offered the ‘4 wives deal’ as well. It is amazing but not only to Americans not understand this maneuver but they just get angrily confused if you try and lead them through its steps.

  • The Case For Reparations: 40 Acres and a Mule Would Cost America at Least $6.4 Trillion Today

    05/23/2015 6:27:36 PM PDT · 21 of 44
    robowombat to Williams; All
    ‘to my understanding the whole 40 acres and a mule thing was a promise and being made by certain carpetbagger politicians to get elected.obviously, no one ever passed any such law and nobody owes anybody 40 acres or a mule.’

    There were several authors. Interestingly one was William T Herman who wanted blacks settled on abandoned lands and given a government mule and some food and seed so they could raise their own food and not be permanent recipients of army rations handed out by the Freedman’s Bureau. Curiously by the late 1890’s the United Confederate Veterans passed motions supporting the 40 acres scheme. The idea was the US government would pay for the land and livestock and that would pump cash into the perennial cash starved South as well as settle indigent blacks on small place that were theirs thus reducing the incredible poverty of these people and take some of the pressure of competition off white tenant and share croppers. Life in the post bellum rural south was one of perpetual struggle to try and just tread water and keep from drowning or to use another analogy like being in a room where the oxygen was being steadily pumped out.

  • ‘That Part of Our History Needs to Be Buried’: College Professor Plans Memorial Day Event..

    05/23/2015 6:16:40 PM PDT · 13 of 32
    robowombat to Impala64ssa; All
    I wonder if Julian has made the connection between the Florida State Flag and the CS Battle flag yet?

    05/23/2015 1:01:26 PM PDT · 86 of 124
    robowombat to MamaB

    ‘I read that Lincoln was gay or bisexual ‘

    There seems to be an Abe for every taste; Martyr Abe, Saviour Abe, Tyrant Abe, Clever Operator Abe, Racist Abe, Clinically Depressed Abe, and now Gay Abe. The gay part comes from some rather emotional sounding letters he wrote to guys he knew before marrying Mary Todd. Victorian Americans regularly gushed about their same sex friendships in a way we would find well odd, otherwise when Abe was on the court circuit he regularly shared his bed with other young lawyers. Everyone did. Inns rented sleeping space not rooms so individuals could end up sleeping three to a bed when court was in session. Doesn’t mean some sort of queer sex treesome was underway.

  • Special Forces Frustrated with Obama 'Hamstringing' Their Ops

    05/23/2015 12:53:10 PM PDT · 17 of 47
    robowombat to LeoWindhorse; All
    ‘it’s not only Obama , but the entire cabal of pro-muslim collaborators that he surrounds himself with .’

    The Mahdi is pro-Islime, however, and this is what isn't much picked up on, he and even more the CIA chief Brennan who sold him on Arab Spring, thought they were the Wizards of Smart. They were going to use the template the CIA started perfecting with Solidarity in the 80’s and then the color coded ‘revolutions’ in the 90’s in places such as Georgia to pacify the Arabs. The mechanism was going to be stirring up ‘popular Islam-ism’ to either topple ‘oppressive’ anti-Islamist regimes such as Gaddafi’s or firmly implant a Muslims who were Islamists in places such as Egypt. Soon with a bit of fighting Muslims would be enjoying the blessings of stable popular Islamic regimes and the US fingerprints would be nigh invisible. The Saudis with some reservations went along with this and made up their quarrel with the Muzzie Brothers and provided a lot of petro dollars for the effort. To SA the prospect of toppling the Shia regime in Iraq and getting rid of the heretical Assad regime in Syria seemed to be an excellent idea as it served both orthodox Sunni interests and would cripple Iran's reach into the Middle East.

    Unfortunately, and this is the amazing part that the Beltway types thought they were so smart they could orchestrate this operation, we are dealing with Arabs and the Middle East. Instead of some sort of sophisticated hidden hand Cardinal Richelieu style operation we have the ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ enacted on a grand scale. Official DC is absolutely dumbfounded at the tidal wave of armed chaos it has unleashed. BHO and his crew have no real ideas about what to do about it other than look lame and they are equally at a loss as to what do about pieces of the chessboard from the Baltic to the South China Sea starting to move in disturbing and ominous ways. BHO is a leftist who doesn't much like the USA but he is also a psuedo-intellectual completely out of his depth in a world of profound cultural differences and real politic players such as Putin and the Chinese. He will be gone but really bad things are going to come out of the witch's brew he has cooked up.


    05/22/2015 8:47:27 PM PDT · 54 of 124
    robowombat to rockrr; All

    There was an article in the NYT (where else) about some evil old fag who has a book published on this. It was picked up by the Times-Picayune and run as the featured book of the week review. I will try and find it and post a stub here. This crap is starting to stir. Believe me it is.

  • RIP Maj. Daniel J. Keating Jr. - May 22, 1968

    05/22/2015 8:45:09 PM PDT · 20 of 30
    robowombat to keat; All
    I would sincerely suggest that you write a biography of your father even if it has to be self published and then distribute copies to relatives and to libraries at all Marine Corps posts and stations at least in CONUS. Without such a document your father's memory will vanish in a few decades and he will be another of these melancholy footnotes in some history either of Force Recon or Marine operations. The Army official histories are studded with these small footnotes noting a sergeant or lieutenant was awarded (often posthumously) the DSC for some engagement in Europe or the pacific or Korea. These names are hauntingly ghostly as the identities flit past.

    05/22/2015 8:35:13 PM PDT · 51 of 124
    robowombat to jeffersondem; All
    ‘I can't help but wonder how soon liberal fundamentalists will begin to demand the Washington monument be torn down. ‘
    Actually it will be renamed to incorporate the new understanding that Geo. Washington was an older gay man who had numerous relationships with handsome young aids such as Alexander Hamilton (who was a bi-sexual) and Col. Scammel and possibly Light Horse Harry Lee who also was the lover of Col John Laurens the son of Henry Laurens.

    Also Lincoln was a gay man who had numerous affairs of varying lengths with among others his law partner.

    You think I jest. This stuff is all over the net and the queer brigade are pushing it hard.
    American history is about to get another bit of Orwellian remake to further destroy any common basis of narrative and heroes.


    05/22/2015 8:27:42 PM PDT · 49 of 124
    robowombat to MHT; All
    The St Andrew's cross battleflag. From the photos they appear to have been the Beauregard square or French pattern battleflag.

    05/22/2015 8:25:45 PM PDT · 48 of 124
    robowombat to FreedomStar3028; All
    To the best of my knowledge none of the 25 or so CSA soldiers that are my ancestors owned slaves, to include the one who was a commission merchant in Cincinnati, Ohio and who left his business and home to travel to New Orleans and serve in the Confederate Army. What they were interested in was in expelling yankees such as you from their homeland.

    05/22/2015 8:22:21 PM PDT · 47 of 124
    robowombat to Vermont Lt; All
    The flags were originally place on CS veterans graves by the United Daughters of the Confederacy to recognize Confederate Memorial Day which is, I think, the first Sunday in May. The UDC is a private organization of volunteers who were organized over 125 years ago in part to maintain the graves of Confederate soldiers.