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Posts by rlmorel

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  • Former Jets QB Greg McElroy Says Cam Newton Quit' On Panthers In Super Bowl 50

    02/09/2016 7:46:43 PM PST · 67 of 71
    rlmorel to Vermont Lt

    Yeah, Brady was frustrated, but he kept picking himself and fought to the end of the game. You can bet if that had been his fumble, he would have been in there fighting for it.

  • Former Jets QB Greg McElroy Says Cam Newton Quit' On Panthers In Super Bowl 50

    02/09/2016 7:41:57 PM PST · 66 of 71
    rlmorel to henkster

    Not only did his teammates see him sag and melt under pressure in that game, his opponents did and fed off of it, and the rest of the NFL players who watched it as fans saw it.

    He’s toast. My prediction is that he will be a serviceable quarterback, but he will never be great. He is going to get injured, and is always going to have excuses why he isn’t taking the next step. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear him eventually play the race card.

  • Former Jets QB Greg McElroy Says Cam Newton Quit' On Panthers In Super Bowl 50

    02/09/2016 7:38:52 PM PST · 64 of 71
    rlmorel to W.Lee
    Those were some tough guys back in the day. Billy Kilmer was one tough SOB, no doubt. Check out this funny video where he was the first NFL player miked up for sound, and he takes a beating (when he was with the Saints): Billy Kilmer wired for sound in 1967!
  • The Denial About Super Bowl 50 Having a Gay Agenda is Laughable!

    02/09/2016 7:29:19 PM PST · 35 of 48
    rlmorel to InHisService

    It is a feature of the Left, the appropriation of symbols and language.

    The rainbow used to be a beautiful thing. It was a symbol of God’s Covenant. Now, If I see anything resembling a rainbow other than a real rainbow in the sky, I am almost always instantly repulsed by it it.

    Gay used to be a perfectly good word to be used to define something positive and cheery. Now it exclusively refers to homosexuality. Interesting how the world “homosexual” which was perfectly and clinically descriptive, cannot be used in mixed company with eliciting uncomfortable emotional squirming in some people.

    Just amazing. How I detest the Left.

  • The Denial About Super Bowl 50 Having a Gay Agenda is Laughable!

    02/09/2016 7:24:12 PM PST · 32 of 48
    rlmorel to Chode

    This stuff is crazy. Every day, the hits keep coming, it seems.

  • The Denial About Super Bowl 50 Having a Gay Agenda is Laughable!

    02/09/2016 7:22:21 PM PST · 28 of 48
    rlmorel to dp0622

    If it wasn’t before, it is now. I hope they get the JC Penney treatment.

  • The Denial About Super Bowl 50 Having a Gay Agenda is Laughable!

    02/09/2016 7:09:38 PM PST · 16 of 48
    rlmorel to InHisService; Fai Mao; dp0622; Cowgirl of Justice; ViLaLuz; ClearCase_guy; 05 Mustang GT Rocks; ...

    I wonder if a lot of people missed this, because I hadn’t heard anyone talk about it. I only noticed it because it set up a funny debate. In the Mini Cooper commercial, they had some butt-ugly butch woman standing in front of the car saying: “It’s a gay car.”

    The following ensued between Franco and my best friend, Dave:

    FRANCO: “Hey, they just said that was a gay car in that commercial!”

    DAVE: “No they didn’t.”

    FRANCO: “Yes they did!”

    DAVE: “No they didn’t!”


    DAVE: “No way...no way!”

    FRANCO: “I’ll bet you five bucks they did.”

    DAVE: “No way, you’re on!” (handshake)

    (Host rewinds broadcast, replays the commercial. Commercial says “It’s a gay car.” All mouths gaping. Dave pulls five dollar bill out and hands it to Franco.)


  • Triumph the Insult Dog Visits College to Invade Students’ Safe Spaces (Univ of NH)

    02/09/2016 4:37:28 PM PST · 34 of 43
    rlmorel to Chode

    I should feel sorry for them. I know at some level I should. But how can some young people avoid that pitiful state, when others just fall right into it????

    I KNOW there are young people out there who aren’t as crippled and stunted as these people.

    There has to be. There has to be.

  • Triumph the Insult Dog Visits College to Invade Students’ Safe Spaces (Univ of NH)

    02/09/2016 4:20:58 PM PST · 29 of 43
    rlmorel to RightGeek

    I have to thank you for posting that. That was priceless. When they brought in the guy to sketch him...brilliant”

    The looks on the faces were profoundly telling, but I just could not help laughing...as sad as that was, it was hilarious at the same time.

  • Police swarm CVS after man with toothache does something that leads to arrest

    02/09/2016 4:00:12 PM PST · 8 of 19
    rlmorel to Citizen Zed

    My first thought is this is not in a great part of town, and that they have had stickups for oxycontin and things like that. I’ll have to check out the area.

  • Released felons gain right to vote in Maryland following veto override

    02/09/2016 3:58:02 PM PST · 88 of 96
    rlmorel to knownfact

    You could have made your point without the bite. I would have disagreed, but not bit back.

    I make it a point to write as exactly as I speak, I sometimes project that same approach to those I have discourse with. Sometimes that isn’t a good idea.

    If you meant it, that’s fine. I’m good.

  • Army and Marine Corps chiefs: It’s time for women to register for the draft

    02/09/2016 2:21:57 PM PST · 169 of 169
    rlmorel to Terry L Smith

    You are most welcome, TLS.

    Every time the subject comes up, someone mentions how advanced the Israeli army is, and how Soviets used women for snipers, and so on.

    You are correct. The Israelis do not use their females as combat troops, all the pretty pictures not withstanding, and if the Nazis were knocking at our front doors the way they were with the Soviets, I would expect women to fight back with everything they had, including sniper rifles and combat units.

    But as you accurately state...we aren’t in those positions.

  • Patton on Profanity and Prayer (Part One – Profanity

    02/09/2016 2:18:02 PM PST · 65 of 66
    rlmorel to Larry Lucido

    Another excellent book you might like, one of the best ever written on the subject (of surface warfare during the Solomon Islands Campaign) is: “Neptune’s Inferno” by James D. Hornfischer.

    It is a phase of the war that is often overlooked with all the island campaigns (for good reason) most people don’t have any conception of the ferocity and sheer butchery that took place in and on the waters around the Solomon Islands from August to December 1942. Around 1000 Marines and Soldiers were KIA in this time frame, but around 4000 ship-based personnel, mostly Navy, were killed.

    The carnage is astonishing, and one most people don’t know much about. It was a phase of the war when the Japanese Navy and the US Navy did have a degree of parity, and in more than a few cases, the advantage in tactics and equipment went decisively to the Japanese. But not all...there is extensive discussion of radar technology, how it was in its shipboard infancy (first use of radar directed gunfire) and how we had to learn how best to use it (and how the Japanese Navy did NOT learn how best to use it)

    I just looked on Amazon, and most people seem to be giving it five stars. I certainly did...

  • Released felons gain right to vote in Maryland following veto override

    02/09/2016 1:08:25 PM PST · 74 of 96
    rlmorel to knownfact

    Or you could sit on your rear end on Internet forums being a keyboard warrior and condemning people. That’s pretty easy too.

  • Released felons gain right to vote in Maryland following veto override

    02/09/2016 1:06:46 PM PST · 72 of 96
    rlmorel to knownfact

    If you want it changed, change it.

    If we enforced laws on the books, there might be less people driven to the margins, as you say.

    So we have established there are certain “rights” under the Constitution that can be taken away, and for good reason.

    You’re so passionate about it, do something.

    I suppose you could exercise your civic rights to change laws, or you can condemn people who want people do abide by the laws, so that’s convenient.

  • Released felons gain right to vote in Maryland following veto override

    02/09/2016 12:43:40 PM PST · 64 of 96
    rlmorel to knownfact

    It is the law and those laws were put there by people who dealt more harshly with felons than we do today.

    If it isn’t right or just, it should be changed by lawful processes.

    But I don’t support just giving them back as soon as their sentence is up, or if they have been out of jail for a year or whatever.

    But if enough people disagree with me, they are welcome to engage the legislative process to do so, although I suspect what we see here in MD is not the will of the people, but the will of a portion of the legislature.

    This is the same state that thought nothing about giving looters “space” to loot. I lived there for a few years and have spent time in it since then, and it isn’t my favorite place.

  • Patton on Profanity and Prayer (Part One – Profanity

    02/09/2016 12:37:30 PM PST · 63 of 66
    rlmorel to TheStickman

    I’m sure you have read it, but Eugene Sledge’s take on profanity in boot camp in his book “With The Old Breed on Peleliu”.

    There were men who were profoundly shocked by it, hadn’t been exposed to that level of extreme and omnipresent profanity in their entire lives.

    I know when I got out of boot camp and went home for Thanksgiving, I said the “F” word just as loud and naturally in a story I was telling to the entire family as if I had been having a beer with my best friend. I had no idea I had even said it, until I looked all around the table at the twenty or so people we had sitting there from Grandpa down to some very young relatives and saw they were just staring at me with gaping mouths.

    In my life, I had never, ever heard my father say that word until he was in his seventies, and I remember how shocked I felt to hear it come out of his mouth (He was relaying something someone else had said!)

  • Patton on Profanity and Prayer (Part One – Profanity

    02/09/2016 12:24:19 PM PST · 62 of 66
    rlmorel to Larry Lucido

    Great book: “The Admirals” and it discusses the lives of Nimitz, Halsey, Leahy, and King. Absolutely a brilliantly informative and entertaining read.

    I gave it five stars.

  • Released felons gain right to vote in Maryland following veto override

    02/09/2016 12:22:03 PM PST · 56 of 96
    rlmorel to wardaddy; Travis McGee; knarf

    My biggest concern would be both the bureaucracy and liberal bent any kind of tribunal or board hearing it would take. I fear it would be a rubber stamp. It would be a governmental jobs program for more liberal losers with degrees in psychology.

    But I do feel there should be a way.

    Someone very close to me got hooked on heroin, and his life spiraled out of control. His older brother had been beaten by a gang of neighborhood guys, and he went to the house they were at with a baseball bat and yelled for them to come out. (He was and is an extremely muscular guy) When they did, he beat a couple of them severly with the bat, putting one in the hospital. He was convicted and spent several years in jail for it. They guys he beat were scum. He wasn’t an evil guy, and I always had a great relationship with him. He was weak, like many of us are, and he paid for it nearly succumbing to the drugs and letting his emotions get control of him.

    But he took full responsibility for what he did, and vowed to turn his life around.

    When he got out of jail, he worked hard to turn his life around. He opened his own business and works like hell at it. Tries to raise his kids without a psychotic and criminal mother and give them the best chance and discipline to succeed. He has kept his nose clean and to the grindstone.

    It is people like him (and from what I have seen of the posts on FR, knarf) who should have a pathway to restore their full rights.

  • Released felons gain right to vote in Maryland following veto override

    02/09/2016 10:01:29 AM PST · 9 of 96
    rlmorel to knarf

    I don’t believe felons should be given back all their rights by default in any way.

    But I strongly believe there should be a fair and navigable pathway to get rights re-instated to those who deserve it.

    Like you.

  • Patton on Profanity and Prayer (Part One – Profanity

    02/09/2016 9:55:37 AM PST · 55 of 66
    rlmorel to Drawsing

    Not bad, but I would alter it:

    Using profanity does not make you braver or more honorable, but it can make you weaker and less honorable.

    Not using profanity does not make you weaker, but may make you more honorable and effective.

  • Cruz: “There is no stronger advocate for legal immigration in the U.S. Senate than I am” (H1B)

    02/09/2016 9:52:31 AM PST · 27 of 80
    rlmorel to xzins

    I have absolutely zero problem with controlled immigration.

    The key word here is: “controlled”. And that includes the spectrum including H1B visas and the like. That should be up for discussion, how to do it, who to let in, how many, in what industry, whatever.

    What I am rabidly against, are two primary things:

    Legal immigration that takes place in an environment where the best interests of US citizens are not taken into account (Letting huge numbers of unskilled/un-assimilating people in, from parts of the world who hate us and what we stand for, while restricting immigration on skilled people who might actually contribute to society)

    All ILLEGAL immigration, and granting of any rights to those people above arrest and deportation, most egregiously, giving those already here illegally a “pathway” to citizenship that isn’t “Get out, fill out the forms, and get in the back of the line to come back in legally.”

    The problem is, people like me are accused of being “anti-immigration” when I am nothing of the sort. And that is where the entirety of the left goes, and a portion of the right when vilifying us.

  • Patton on Profanity and Prayer (Part One – Profanity

    02/09/2016 9:41:10 AM PST · 49 of 66
    rlmorel to inpajamas

    I don’t have a problem with a leader swearing on some occasion, like “damn” or whatever. But I have an issue with leaders who descend into personal ad hominem accompanied by foul language.

    I am no prude. But I don’t want to hear the “F” word coming out of any of my elected officials. You are expected to be in control of yourself.

    I once knew a Captain of a carrier who lined up crewmembers and used the most foul epithets while yelling at them. As I said, I am not prude, but watching this spittle-lipped red-faced performance, it startled, and to a degree, frightened me.

    I am not fully against bad language, and those crew members who had brought it on fully deserved it, IMO.

    But on a warship with thousands of men and weapons (including nuclear ones) I want my Captain to always be in full control. And that day, it didn’t seem like it to me.

    My father was a naval officer, and only once in my entire life did I ever see him become emotionally “unhinged”. Any time he had to discipline us, it was in a low, terrifying tone of voice, and deliberate, measured words with only the most infrequent oaths mixed in. It was his measured approach that scared us. Of course, my mom scared us too, but she was Italian and Armenian, and would completely go off the deep end.

  • Patton on Profanity and Prayer (Part One – Profanity

    02/09/2016 9:31:05 AM PST · 48 of 66
    rlmorel to going hot
    Christopher Columbus was never known to swear, but his universal phrase when he was really angry at someone was to say "May God take you!"

    LOL, the equivalent of "Eff off and die!"

  • Patton on Profanity and Prayer (Part One – Profanity

    02/09/2016 9:28:09 AM PST · 46 of 66
    rlmorel to Larry Lucido
    LOL, he would have made a TERRIBLE President, IMO.

    But as a General, he definitely must have been who General Lucian Truscott had in mind when he spoke about the necessity for all commanders to have some "sonofabitch" in them.

    (I admit one of my favorite anecdotes is about Ernest King, who was known to have a salty mouth: Someone once asked Admiral Ernest J. King if it was he who said, "When they get in trouble they send for the sonsabitches." He replied that he was not -- but that he would have said it if he had thought of it..."

  • Patton on Profanity and Prayer (Part One – Profanity

    02/09/2016 9:18:52 AM PST · 43 of 66
    rlmorel to Larry Lucido

    There are a lot of people that make that kind of association.

    Most men I have known try to suppress that as they get older. Me...well, I try. I try every day to hold my emotions from ruling my tongue, but I fail. I tried keeping a swear jar (in conjunction with a woman in the same area who was trying to do the same thing) at work, but...it got silly. Just kept filling up.

    But, that is, to me, a conservative trait. I am imperfect, but I don’t accept that and decide to live with it. I grapple with it to defeat it, even if I fail. (I succeed more than I fail now, I figure by the time I die I will have control of my tongue perfectly by then...of course, that sounds suspiciously like the passenger who asks the pilot of the plane that is low on fuel if they are going to make it to the ground, and he wryly replies that they will, one way or another...:)

  • Patton on Profanity and Prayer (Part One – Profanity

    02/09/2016 9:13:34 AM PST · 42 of 66
    rlmorel to ohioman

    I agree. You could not find two more opposite men in temperament in many ways.

    Washington, the icy, calm exterior, fighting constantly to keep the emotional beasts inside him from getting out. He was, by all accounts, a passionate man about many things who struggled not to let people ever see it.

    Patton, who liked letting his emotional beasts run wild, both as a matter of personality, and as a player on a stage or a general trying to make a point, but harboring an inner calm area that he presented as a shell and used as a tool.

    I do believe Patton did have brain injuries that contributed to his wild mood swings, particularly from the kick to the head he got from a polo pony.

    But both great men who rose to the occasion when needed, and both had vision of what they had to do. (Of course, Patton also had memories of what he had done thousands of years before...:)

  • Patton on Profanity and Prayer (Part One – Profanity

    02/09/2016 9:06:05 AM PST · 36 of 66
    rlmorel to xzins

    Patton was a fascinating man.

    He was a bundle of contradictions and contrasting interests. I have read a few biographies on the man, and is one of the most complex and interesting personalities I have ever heard of.

    Sane, crazy, out of control, sublimely controlled, educated, coarse, erudite, illiterate, prudish, lusty, fearless, terrified, passionatly empathetic, brutally unfeeling, all living in some kind of bizzare harmony inside the same skin.

    A flawed man, and a perfect warrior.

    I admire the man.

  • David Bowie had coke-fuelled closet threesome with Mick Jagger, claims late legend’s bodyguard

    02/09/2016 8:55:23 AM PST · 36 of 59
    rlmorel to Impala64ssa

    You coulda knocked me over with a feather. Like you said, these people were half out of their minds most of the time, so anything is possible.

  • I Miss Barack Obama

    02/09/2016 8:50:00 AM PST · 30 of 59
    rlmorel to Baynative
    "...Obama has not had to do that. He and his wife have not only displayed superior integrity themselves, they have mostly attracted and hired people with high personal standards...


  • Politics: VIDEO: Hitler reacts to the Doritos baby commercial

    02/09/2016 8:38:37 AM PST · 6 of 17
    rlmorel to Morgana

    The people who invoke “Godwin’s Law” when one of these Hitler videos come out are completely missing the point of the Hitler videos.

    I have seen some that were absolutely hilarious.

  • In Defense of Football

    02/09/2016 7:00:59 AM PST · 56 of 56
    rlmorel to Alberta's Child

    LOL, you gotta be the first hockey player I ever met who isn’t a big fan of “Slapshot”! (At least American or Canadian)

    It is most definitely an insight into minor league hockey as it used to be...a caricature, but a window nonetheless.

    And I have seen those you mentioned as well.

  • Kicked in the Bowls: Beyonce sparks race row after controversial Black Power (short)

    02/09/2016 5:24:30 AM PST · 63 of 79
    rlmorel to Entrepreneur

    Yeah. It is like talking about deflated footballs after a Super Bowl, and things like that.

    Funny how inconsequential things like racist halftime shows and contrived controversies like deflated footballs dominate the discourse.

    You would think they would let the teams that actually win the Super Bowl (and their fans) enjoy the afterglow.

    Irritating, isn’t it?

  • Kicked in the Bowls: Beyonce sparks race row after controversial Black Power (short)

    02/09/2016 5:19:04 AM PST · 62 of 79
    rlmorel to wbarmy

    You would think so...hasn’t been the optic for them lately, though.

  • Kicked in the Bowls: Beyonce sparks race row after controversial Black Power (short)

    02/09/2016 4:35:08 AM PST · 53 of 79
    rlmorel to wbarmy

    I soiled my browser and went to that link.

    I only recently became aware of this when the NFL aired its reconstructed footage, and I went out of my way to watch it because that really interested me. They paint the guy like a victim, which is standard fare for the NYT.

    When I read it, it seems to be a straightforward standard copyright thing. The guy’s father was able to record it for his own personal enjoyment, but due to law, cannot sell it for money without the consent of the NFL.

    The guy sounds like a complete petulant, whining, dummy. He asked for a million dollars, and the league came back with $30K. If he had said how about $100K, they might have purchased it. The guy should have known the NFL had him over a barrel, and there is not a single whit of a thing he can do about it. Absolutely nothing. The dumbass NYT thinks there might be a hue and cry from the fans to make it available, but there really isn’t.

    I really hate to side with the NFL on anything these days, but in this, I do. Granted, a million is small potatoes to the NFL, and they spent far, FAR more than that on the stupid deflated-football faux controversy, but...my guess is the guy was probably treating them like they had no options, and the NFL decided to play hardball, which they could do because the law is on their side. Even the stupid liberal law professor in the article said as much, lamenting the NFL should do it anyway simply because people want to see it. Typical liberal.

    As it is, it sounds like it is missing part of the game. All the issues about color fading and all that, they could digitally fix without a problem.

  • In Defense of Football

    02/08/2016 7:41:41 PM PST · 51 of 56
    rlmorel to Alberta's Child
    "...Acquire a strange, eccentric habit that will make other players (opponents and teammates alike) certain that you are a lunatic. This is one of the defining characteristics of hockey goalies. LOL.."

    You must definitely be a fan of "Slapshot"!

    Before I fell victim to kidney stones, being hit in the big toe by a blistering slapshot ranked up there pretty high in the pain level, even wearing the goalie skates.

    LOL, defensemen and blocked shots, now THAT is hazardous. At least I had padding in the right places...my best friend played hockey in league when we were in High School, and the night I told him I was joining the Navy, he had shown up at my house while I was working on my van, and he stuck his head in the door...his nose was twice its normal size and on one side of his face! I had to take him to the hospital where he got the forceps, cocaine drops and cotton up the nostrils!

    This is in the days before they made the kids wear face cages...he had been skating backwards as a guy came in on him. He had his stick out in front of him, the guy fired the shot, it hit the shaft of his stick and ricocheted right into his nose!

  • In Defense of Football

    02/08/2016 7:08:58 PM PST · 49 of 56
    rlmorel to Alberta's Child

    LOL, I became the goalie because I moved there and had never ice skated before, so the only thing I could do was be the goalie, if I was going to play pond hockey with all the guys.

    I found out a couple of key points to remember:

    First, everyone ALWAYS needs goalies. Always.

    Second, as a goalie, you could never bail and not show up. People would excoriate you if you did that. The worst thing to do was not show up, and hear later they had to turn one of the nets around.

    Third, playing goalie could be painful. When I first started playing with friends (as a transplanted southerner) and became the goalie, my equipment consisted of a first base mitt, a regular hockey glove with two squares of wood paneling sandwiching foam attached to the glove with phone wire, and folded up carpet samples stuck up the pants of my dungarees.

    No mask.

    They wanted to “practice” with me while we waited for the ponds to freeze, so I stood in front of a metal shed at the top of a driveway, and they laid a sheet of paneling at the bottom of the drive way so they could slapshot the puck off something better than asphalt.

    The shed was “the goal”.

    The puck was not a regulation puck, but a street hockey puck, one of those ones that is just a tad lighter than a real puck but is made of some kind of harder material like plastic, not rubber.

    It had sharp edges.

    The kid wound up and slapped the puck at me, since the driveway was somewhat slanted, as the puck came flying at me, it was rising.

    It hit my unprotected thigh right above the knee. Holy crap, that hurt. I jumped around in place for about a minute, cussing and breathing heavy, gritting my teeth. Damn, did that ever hurt. But I did what you had to do. Cussing and shifting in pain from foot to foot, I got back into position in front of the shed and set myself up again.

    He wound up and fired the puck...it rose as it came, and hit me in the exact same spot. Unbelievable. That REALLY frikking hurt. I hopped around for twice as long, cussing guttural curses through my gritted teeth, than, shaking my head from side to side thinking how much this sucked, took position again in front of that shed.

    He reared back and slapped the puck with a full swing, and as the puck came towards my stick side, I stuck my paneling/foam/phone line homemade blocker in front of it, and the puck deflected off and came up hitting me at nearly full speed high on my cheek right under my eye.

    I took all the stuff off and threw it angrily on the ground yelling and cussing about how much this game sucks!

    That was my southern boy intro to hockey! To this day, my buddies still laugh about it. They were watching me throw that shit on the ground and were saying to each other “Holy crap, I can’t believe he got back in front of us that third time!”

  • In Defense of Football

    02/08/2016 6:47:52 PM PST · 48 of 56
    rlmorel to Elsie

    When I was eight years old I moved to Japan and lived there for several years. The first time I saw sumo wrestling was at some warehouse where a bunch of Japanese guys worked, and at lunch time, they would do sumo wrestling. I had never seen it, didn’t have any idea what it was, and saw two big fat guys facing off and throwing salt in the ring (I didn’t know it was salt, I thought they were just throwing handfuls of dirt...it was very puzzling)

    And when they started doing the posturing like the picture shows, it was utterly befuddling. I had no idea it was a sport.

  • In Defense of Football

    02/08/2016 6:42:06 PM PST · 46 of 56
    rlmorel to Alberta's Child

    I don’t think life expectancy and health risks have any bearing on whether someone is an athlete or not, I just don’t think there are objective measures. Someone who does nothing more than watching his diet and living everyday life may life a healthy life to the age of 99, but they can’t be called an athlete.

    If an athlete must engage in a sport, then it boils down to what the definition of a sport is.

    We can all agree that at one end of the spectrum (from a purely physical point of view) taking a nap in a comfortable hammock isn’t a sport. At the other end of the spectrum might be a marathon run. What lies in between?

    I played hockey for a long time, and that seemed like a sport to me, even though as a goalie, I didn’t have to skate the same way everyone else did. I played basketball and that seemed like a sport, football as well. Wrestling, definitely.

    Is skydiving a sport? How about scuba diving? Or mountain climbing? That is pretty specialized, and doing it can’t be healthy or lifespan extending, especially if you are climbing Everest.

  • Indian Leopard Injures Six in Bangalore School [Article and Video]

    02/08/2016 6:29:11 PM PST · 88 of 112
    rlmorel to Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America

    One of the things I love about cats, from the 800 lb Siberian Tiger down to the smallest house cat: They are constructed nearly the same way from one end of the spectrum to the other, and they exhibit many of the same behaviors.

    When you see a cat with prey in its mouth, its countenance takes on a very wild and feral look, even if it is the most pampered and lovable house cat.

  • Indian Leopard Injures Six in Bangalore School [Article and Video]

    02/08/2016 6:25:19 PM PST · 87 of 112
    rlmorel to xone

    I read a while back about three poachers who had gone into a protected area in India or Bangladesh, at night in a flat bottomed boat. Naturally, they could have no lights (to remain undetected by the authorities) so they were going along with an electric trolling motor in pitch black on a narrow waterway with some shallow banks on each side. They heard a muffled splash, and switched on a light. There was a huge tiger on the shore, dragging one of them along by the head.

    The tiger had apparently leaped through the air from the shallow bank grabbing the guy by the head in mid-flight silently plucking him from the boat without even making it rock.

    My brother and I were discussing this one night, and we speculated how awful it would be if there were predators like tigers with wings. We were silent, thinking of it for a few seconds, and then both looked at each other and went “Nahh. They would be hunted to extinction. There would be no such thing in a short time.”

  • Panthers' Cam Newton refuses to answer questions, storms out after Super Bowl loss to Broncos

    02/08/2016 1:14:36 PM PST · 322 of 340
    rlmorel to dowcaet
    "...It was a dominating defense by the Broncos last night..."

    It was indeed. Their front seven was very impressive.

  • Panthers' Cam Newton refuses to answer questions, storms out after Super Bowl loss to Broncos

    02/08/2016 1:13:17 PM PST · 321 of 340
    rlmorel to Zman516

    The thing about it is, we as the fans weren’t the only ones who saw that.

    His own teammates saw it.

    The opposing team saw it and fed on it.

    The rest of the NFL players watching saw it too.

    Once you know you can get inside another player’s head, as an athlete, that gives you a huge advantage. In competition, players will try any way they can, like someone with a ring of keys trying to fit one in the lock, to find the one that sets a player off.

    On the fumble, I give him a small measure of “benefit of the doubt” in that I wonder if he was trying simply to figure out where the ball was going to bounce. But that margin is small indeed. To the majority of people viewing it, he looked reluctant to put himself at risk in a critical moment.

    My feeling on that is, if it is game 9 of the regular season, your record is 7-2, perhaps you don’t dive into the pile.

    If it is the Super Bowl, you may never, ever come back again in your entire life. You jump for that ball as if it were a life line saving you from a sinking ship.

    I admit I dislike Cam Newton as a player. I haven’t liked him from day one, and I detest his hot-dogging. I don’t have a problem with a player getting emotional and spiking a ball or yelling, or even doing a little celebration. Coming from him, it always seemed to be all about him, not the score. Doesn’t mean someone can’t change.

    I disliked Richard Sherman, thought he was an obnoxious loudmouth blowhard. Give me a guy like Charles Woodson or even Ed Reed, who never came across that way to me. But when he approached Brady at the end of the game last year and extended his hand, that told me a lot about him that never came across in his trash talk.

    Cam Newton may change, and my opinion of him may change as well. But the spoiled brat I saw last night is going to have to show some changes before I respect him.

  • Panthers' Cam Newton refuses to answer questions, storms out after Super Bowl loss to Broncos

    02/08/2016 12:36:40 PM PST · 318 of 340
    rlmorel to Mom MD

    Yeah. Jealousy and envy, because it sure isn’t logical or rational, that much is clear.

    Funny, people here on FR are supposed to be rational and analytical, but there are people like you who display all the traits of liberalism, mental processes driven by pure emotionalism.

    I am pretty sure you are one of those people who openly accept everything they hear on the news. Obviously, you are one of those, because the vast majority of thinking people (a group not including you) have looked at this malarkey about footballs and inflation and realized it was all a vendetta from the start. An embarrassment to the league.

    Not surprising someone like you, who apparently has no knowledge of football whatsoever, would completely buy into that.

    Dirty teams? Sure, a twit like you has room to criticize. Your team has a guy like Talib who nearly decapitated that guy with the ultimate of dirty plays, an intentional facemask designed to injure, and another guy who said he wanted to rub his nuts on the face of another player, but was gutless enough to let it be attributed to him. That is your idea of “clean”. Any other vapid analysis from you?

    Pretty pathetic. Your ignorance is evident in your posts.

  • Bill Romanowski calls Panthers QB Cam Newton ‘boy’ on Twitter: Social Media Explodes

    02/08/2016 10:50:47 AM PST · 84 of 98
    rlmorel to SeekAndFind

    LOL, good choice of graphic!

  • Panthers' Cam Newton refuses to answer questions, storms out after Super Bowl loss to Broncos

    02/08/2016 10:45:50 AM PST · 312 of 340
    rlmorel to dfwgator

    I don’t know anything personally about Von Miller, but boy, is he one hell of a player. I would still take J.J. Watt, but Von Miller is pretty good.

  • Panthers' Cam Newton refuses to answer questions, storms out after Super Bowl loss to Broncos

    02/08/2016 10:06:59 AM PST · 308 of 340
    rlmorel to dfwgator

    I think most of us thought Carolina would win, but Denver showed that their defense was not a one-trick-pony.

    Most of the fans I watched the game with last night (All Patriots fans) were somehow concerned most of all (humorously enough) whether they were going to give a charity MVP to Manning, or give it to Von Miller who we thought rightfully deserved it.

    I had to laugh. It wasn’t that anyone actively disliked Manning, we just thought it would expose the Super Bowl MVP process as a total farce!

  • Panthers' Cam Newton refuses to answer questions, storms out after Super Bowl loss to Broncos

    02/08/2016 10:01:20 AM PST · 307 of 340
    rlmorel to Mom MD; Mears

    Brady cheats? In what way? Please educate us.

    Brady isn’t exactly well liked in Denver? Really? Did Brady say something derogatory about the Broncos before? Did he trash talk the Broncos? Did he taunt them on or off the field?

    Or do minds like yours just “hate” him because he has the temerity to play as hard as he can and try to win, instead of just rolling over and handing you the game ball?

    Really. I am curious. Why, specifically is he so “unpopular” in Denver? Please provide some examples.

    Or, will you just say it is all irrational emotion such as jealousy or envy?

  • Panthers' Cam Newton refuses to answer questions, storms out after Super Bowl loss to Broncos

    02/08/2016 9:49:59 AM PST · 305 of 340
    rlmorel to dmzTahoe; dfwgator

    Yes. I gained a huge amount of respect for Wilson last year, and also Sherman. They were both very humble and classy in defeat. They DO have character.

    I am a Pats fan, and there are a lot of people (maybe even you two as well, for all I know) who knock him unmercifully (and unfairly, in my opinion) for being timid, weak, and a whiner.

    But watching that game last night showed that while Cam Newton may someday be a good quarterback, he will never be a great quarterback. Brady got his butt kicked on the big stage a few times, both of the Superbowls against the Giants, and a couple of weeks ago against the Denver team that won last night.

    In those games, even though he was being pounded, sacked, and intercepted, he never gave up. Ever. He can put on a negative face as all players do (When Peyton Manning has issues, we good-naturedly call it his “Peyton Face”)

    But even when Brady, Manning, Brees, Rodgers, et al have games like that and put on a face, they don’t give up. In all of those games with Brady that I mentioned, he kept himself in the game, he kept leading, and he kept trying.

    Last night, Cam Newton gave up. He stopped leading his team. He could be a “leader” when things were going his way, but who can’t? Anyone can be a leader when everything is going well. It is how you deal with adversity that defines your leadership, and Cam Newton failed as a leader in every way possible.

    When he was rolling all over the sideline on a bad play, it was a disappointment to see, but not surprising. When he took a hit in the end zone and actually looked like a toddler having a temper tantrum, laying on his back pounding his feet and hands (it seemed to me) that isn’t leadership.

    And when he pouted, sulked, and showed his true colors on the podium after the game, that wasn’t leadership either. ANYONE can win with dignity, grace and humility, but only true leaders can lose with dignity, grace, and humility.

    I can abide and disregard some offensive lineman (Stork on the Pats) or a running back (Marshawn Lynch) being a jerk, because they aren’t considered to be leaders on a team in many cases, and there are all types.

    But if you are a leader, no matter your position, you must lead. You must conduct yourself accordingly. Others take their cues from you. And that is what people like Brady, Wilson, Sherman, and others do.

    That is why they are great players. Will Cam Newton change? Perhaps. But he is 26 years old now, and has had several seasons of intensive coaching to handle this aspect of his game. He reverted to his nature when the going got tough. Last night he had the look of a player for whom the moment was far too big for him.

  • In Defense of Football

    02/08/2016 6:33:47 AM PST · 41 of 56
    rlmorel to Alberta's Child

    Perhaps he looks like a “fat slob” who will likely die an early death. From what I have seen of him, he understands full well how his image presents to people (and pokes fun at it) but people who have played with and against him have thrown that image prejudice in the trash after they have encountered him on the field of competition. 100% of people who know what it takes to be an athlete on an actual field of competition who have played against him would disavow you of your superficial analysis.

    But if you say he isn’t an athlete, you really don’t know what you are talking about. Nothing personal there, but if you say he isn’t an athlete, without knowing anything about him, how can you say that? Based on his physical appearance alone?

    What “objective measure” do you use to define an athlete? How fast he can run? How much weight he can lift? How high he can jump? And so on...

    And if those are the “objective measures”, what are your parameters? Someone who runs the 100 yard dash in 10 seconds? 12 seconds? 20 seconds? Someone who can bench press 150 lbs? 250 lbs? And so on.

    And who is the arbiter of those “objective measures”? The AMA? The NFL? The NBA? The USA?


    I don’t really know what “objective measure” you refer to.