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  • Michigan State to fund $500 million sex-abuse settlement with bonds

    06/22/2018 12:23:46 PM PDT · 7 of 20
    PeterPrinciple to Presbyterian Reporter

    It wasn’t clear how the school planned to cover the payments on the bond. School officials didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

    Kicking the can down the road...……………...

  • Rolling Stone Sees End of Democracy at Trump's Duluth Rally

    06/22/2018 10:14:43 AM PDT · 7 of 54
    PeterPrinciple to PJ-Comix

    I don’t know, I would like to think Rolling Stone is right.

    I would like to see the rise of the Republic.

  • California separatists feud over how best to carve up state

    06/22/2018 10:08:31 AM PDT · 24 of 50
    PeterPrinciple to Dr. Sivana

    Beginning in Reconstruction, and for several decades thereafter, the two states disputed the new state’s share of the pre-war Virginia government’s debts, which had mostly been incurred to finance public infrastructure improvements, such as canals, roads, and railroads under the Virginia Board of Public Works. Virginians—led by former Confederate General William Mahone—formed a political coalition based upon this: the Readjuster Party. Although West Virginia’s first constitution provided for the assumption of a part of the Virginia debt, negotiations opened by Virginia in 1870 were fruitless, and in 1871, Virginia funded two-thirds of the debt and arbitrarily assigned the remainder to West Virginia. The issue was finally settled in 1915, when the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that West Virginia owed Virginia $12,393,929.50.[51] The final installment of this sum was paid in 1939.

    And that will be when the discussion gets interesting. For further reference, what happened to all the debt of the USSR? There is an example of a more recent breakup.

  • When the left wins

    06/22/2018 9:24:45 AM PDT · 8 of 25
    PeterPrinciple to MtnClimber

    There is going to be a fight, lets get it started and over with...…………………

  • Why stay Protestant?

    06/22/2018 9:04:52 AM PDT · 57 of 107
    PeterPrinciple to aMorePerfectUnion

    I support your decision to let nothing take you from the simplicity in Christ!

    There is nothing wrong with milk, but getting people to chew on meat and gristle was very frustrating for Jesus and the Apostles.

    We need both for a healthy diet...……………………………..

  • Why stay Protestant?

    06/22/2018 9:00:53 AM PDT · 56 of 107
    PeterPrinciple to metmom

    Seems that in a lot of areas there is a huge discrepancy between the official position of the church and what actually happens at the grassroots level.

    That is the same with the democrats, all positions are covered so they can argue any position they want.

    And maybe even the Republicans…………………………...

  • Microsoft Employees Demand Cancelation of $19.4M ICE Contract over Trump Border Policy

    06/22/2018 8:51:23 AM PDT · 30 of 56
    PeterPrinciple to Sacajaweau

    The letter, signed simply “Microsoft employees,” listed several demands:

    yep, they really believe in their cause

  • Massive Genetic Study Reveals 90 Percent Of Earth’s Animals Appeared At The Same Time

    06/22/2018 8:25:06 AM PDT · 226 of 226
    PeterPrinciple to BroJoeK

    So nothing ever “spontaneous” about abiogenesis.

    Again, the chemical reaction you seek either exits or doesn’t exist. There is no in between. Now the potential may exist, but it takes some sort of energy or organization to make it happen. Chemicals reactions by nature are oxidation, a lower energy state, that is the chemical reaction “goal” UNLESS energy or organization (one and the same) are introduced.

    Time and randomness have neither. For the love of logic and science, take time and randomness out of your equation and propose something that makes sense.

    Now instead of looking at a simple chemical reaction that you think you understand, put that in the complexity of system after system and the amount of energy and organization required.

    And a further thought regarding randomness. Randomness is anti science. It means you can’t replicate anything to get to the truth. Everything is random, every time you add two chemicals together you get a different reaction. Do you believe that? Or do you believe there is a design that you get the same response so you can get closer to the truth.

    NOW THE PROPER QUESTION IS WHAT IS THE ENERGY AND ORGANIZATION THAT BROUGHT ABOUT THIS REACTION and it sure as hell is not time and randomness. (pardon my French)

    Science with out philosophy and logic is derelict. Your abiogenesis by definition is the same as spontaneous generation and when taken IN ISOLATION sounds good to the ears, but when placed in the realm of known scientific truth it FAILS.

  • Massive Genetic Study Reveals 90 Percent Of Earth’s Animals Appeared At The Same Time

    06/22/2018 7:20:09 AM PDT · 224 of 226
    PeterPrinciple to BroJoeK
    Otherwise it was just all part of billions-year processes from simple organic chemistry to... everything we see today. That's the abiogenisis hypothesis, in a nutshell. ------------------------------------ Your colleges don't agree with you. a·bi·o·gen·e·sis [ˌābīōˈjenəsəs] NOUN the original evolution of life or living organisms from inorganic or inanimate substances. You argue life comes form life and organic chemistry. That is not the definition. Do you accept the above as the definition of abiogenisis?
  • Massive Genetic Study Reveals 90 Percent Of Earth’s Animals Appeared At The Same Time

    06/22/2018 7:07:44 AM PDT · 223 of 226
    PeterPrinciple to BroJoeK

    So explain to me exactly how time or randomness changes things. There is no energy or organization in time. Lets me at least a little honest in argument. Time is meaningless as is randomness. At least argue it is something within that time, that cause the event.

    So there is no spontaneous event, It only LOOKS like a spontaneous event. THE EVIDENCE AS YOU STATED looks and acts like a spontaneous event but YOU REFUSE TO GO WHERE THE EVIDENCE LEADS YOU. You deny the evidence, what science is that?

  • Why stay Protestant?

    06/22/2018 6:56:19 AM PDT · 42 of 107
    PeterPrinciple to ealgeone

    One of the biggest issues I’ve notice amongst our Roman Catholic posters is the lack of understanding on how to interpret the Bible in context. It seems many are bereft of Biblical knowledge. I know when I’ve tried to introduce this concept of context it has seemed to be alien to many Roman Catholics.

    Sadly it is true of many including P. I was told by one young enthusiast here on FR that “I would be pleasantly surprised that there is nothing about forgiveness of sin in the New Testament.” When challenged on the Lords prayer (forgive us our sins, as we forgive others), the response was, “that is just something we say.”

    And to be honest, I was a similar young enthusiast at one time, until someone took the time to challenge me with Gods word...………………………..

  • Why stay Protestant?

    06/22/2018 6:48:07 AM PDT · 41 of 107
    PeterPrinciple to ealgeone

    yet Roman Catholicism continues to double down on the dogma.

    Yet another one is the catholic 10 commandments vs. what the Bible says. I will let the reader do their own research on this...……………

  • Why stay Protestant?

    06/22/2018 6:32:18 AM PDT · 38 of 107
    PeterPrinciple to 21twelve

    . However, I do like some of their traditions,

    Further thought. What does the Lord say about traditions. And this is not all he says for those that seek the truth (meaning, get your Bibles out folks):

    (Matthew 15:3) Jesus replied, “And why do you, by your traditions, violate the direct commandments of God?

    (Matthew 15:6) In this way, you say they don’t need to honor their parents. And so you cancel the word of God for the sake of your own tradition.

    Mark 7:8) For you ignore God’s law and substitute your own tradition.”

    (Mark 7:9) Then He said, “You skillfully sidestep God’s law in order to hold on to your own tradition.

    (Mark 7:13) And so you cancel the word of God in order to hand down your own tradition. And this is only one example among many others.”

    I don’t think Jesus is saying all traditions are bad. The problems with traditions are they change over time so much that they replace Gods word. The solution to that is to always go back to Gods word as the test of truth, not church or tradtions. And yes, P have the same problem, so what is the solution?

  • Why stay Protestant?

    06/22/2018 6:18:47 AM PDT · 35 of 107
    PeterPrinciple to 21twelve

    However, I do like some of their traditions,

    And that may be the major point.

    Most people going from P to RC will comment on traditions, music, emotional, visual things.

    Most people going for RC to P with talk about truth and logic, and the Bible being the source of truth, not the church.

  • Why stay Protestant?

    06/22/2018 6:15:47 AM PDT · 33 of 107
    PeterPrinciple to YogicCowboy

    Equally, I reject the premise, hidden or not, that any one theology is perfectly correct. We see through a glass darkly - all of us. For that reason, I am much more interested in the Bible than any theology.

    Just a point of clarification. We should all be theologians, It would appear you are very much interested in Theology, but not worldly theology.

  • Why stay Protestant?

    06/22/2018 6:11:00 AM PDT · 30 of 107
    PeterPrinciple to Elsie

    A ‘worldly mindset’ caused divisions in Christianity, the Pope said.
    What has caused divisions in Catholicism??

    Now, Now, lets give credit where it is due:

    Luk 12:51 Do you think I have come to bring peace to the earth? No, I have come to divide people against each other!

    We have all heard the old joke, “there are two kinds of people in the world...………….”

    What is the point Jesus is deviding on?

    The answer to this is what we should be deciding on first. (note I said first) I have no doubt a few P will make it to heaven, and maybe even a few RC.

    Division beyond the major point can lead to destruction or construction. But that does not mean we should avoid division, but maybe we should understand the math and check our work...……………………...

  • Killing dogs for meat ruled illegal by South Korean court

    06/21/2018 10:03:23 AM PDT · 33 of 50
    PeterPrinciple to freedumb2003

    Every morsel should be respected.

    And this is the essence of kosher. God wanted the blood drained from the meat to show that life is in the blood. All who attended respected life.

    Now it is just a word and a tradition for Jews and the rest of us, a process at the packing plant. It is mechanical now but it is a gruesome process. The hammer comes down AFTER the animal has the blood drained, The eyes of the animal during the process will haunt you.

    The knock out before the process is much more humane. Next time anyone buys kosher, I hope a picture comes into the mind.

  • Scandals sanitized with linguistic trickery

    06/21/2018 9:28:26 AM PDT · 7 of 20
    PeterPrinciple to Texas Fossil
  • New 1040 tax form will be the size of a postcard

    06/21/2018 9:09:15 AM PDT · 25 of 57
    PeterPrinciple to PeterPrinciple

    The Paperwork Reduction Act mandates that all federal government agencies receive approval from OMB—in the form of a “control number”—before promulgating a paper form, website, survey or electronic submission that will impose an information collection burden on the general public.[18] The term “burden” is defined as anything beyond “that necessary to identify the respondent, the date, the respondent’s address, and the nature of the instrument.”[19] No one may be penalized for refusing an information collection request that does not display a valid control number.[20] Once obtained, approval must be renewed every three years.[21]

  • New 1040 tax form will be the size of a postcard

    06/21/2018 9:05:04 AM PDT · 22 of 57
    PeterPrinciple to Libloather

    There is only room on the card for the notice regarding the paperwork reduction act, who are they kidding?

    By the way, the paper work reduction act was passed with Reagan and ignored for the most part but still operates an expensive office rubber stamping all govt requests and forms instead of asking , “is this necessary?”

    But they do prepare nice reports on the time burden on tax payers but it doesn’t change anything...…….

    The plain writing act of 2010 is also interesting: