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  • Ryan could retire after 2018 midterms: report

    12/14/2017 10:20:34 AM PST · 12 of 31
    pepsionice to Angels27

    In this case, there’s at least one serious GOP who was intending to primary Ryan, and I think he might have issues in winning his district.

    The end of Ryan in DC? No. I think he’ll be on some foundation group and wait out the end of Trump era, and return as some Treasury Secretary.

  • Clinton Struck Deal With Obama State Dept. to Keep Records Private

    12/14/2017 9:06:10 AM PST · 28 of 61
    pepsionice to blackdog

    I would be curious to know what government regulation they used in this case. Based on this interpretation....any idiot in the State Department could ask for the same ‘deal’ and they’d have to give it to them.

  • Struggling Subway is now facing a franchisee revolt

    12/14/2017 7:35:10 AM PST · 16 of 117
    pepsionice to SoFloFreeper

    This discount gimmick is what really messed up franchise Burger King owners in Germany all peeved. The franchise HQ’s was pumping out discount coupons every single month to get more people to stop in and buy BK products. But the franchise owners weren’t seeing any profits with the increased sales. The franchise big guys were making the profits off selling burgers, buns, the individual franchise shop operations.

    Subway is basically repeating the same formula.

    I used be a twice-a-week person at Subway, and I think they still have a good decent product.

  • John McCain, battling brain cancer, in Walter Reed from effects of treatment

    12/14/2017 7:26:04 AM PST · 55 of 131
    pepsionice to null and void

    It would not surprise me if the Governor appoints himself.

  • I no longer go to for my news

    12/14/2017 7:25:04 AM PST · 21 of 90
    pepsionice to The_Republic_Of_Maine

    I would offer this analysis of Drudge. Early in their development....they were hyped up and covering a wide-array of things. I would suggest over the past five years, that they’ve lost of their steam, and the stories tend to support the ‘unity-party’ or some lobbyist slant on things. I probably still review the page....but now it’s more like twice a week....not twice a day.

  • A Big Corporate Tax Cut in the United States Will Bring More Prosperity to China and Europe

    12/14/2017 7:20:41 AM PST · 15 of 16
    pepsionice to Moonman62

    If you were a company’d find that your tax situation (at least in the US) will decrease, and you can become more competitive. That puts more pressure on Chinese and European companies because they don’t have someone standing there and discussing tax reform on their behalf.

    Two or three years of this competitive nature, and they’d have to react and reform their tax base as well.

    So presently, don’t expect any European political guy to be happy about this because it’ll make tax codes in Europe a top-three problem shortly.

  • John McCain, battling brain cancer, in Walter Reed from effects of treatment

    12/14/2017 7:15:55 AM PST · 48 of 131
    pepsionice to null and void

    They already have a list of people, and are ready to go.

    One of the listed folks is Martha McSally, former military and has been fairly respected around the southern part of Arizona.

  • Germany owes Greece €185billion in WWII reparations, say German researchers

    12/14/2017 5:52:43 AM PST · 12 of 17
    pepsionice to Leaning Right

    Let’s say that some decision on an interest-rate could occur with the ‘loan’ come to this interesting problem.

    As you pay it back you pay it to the stock-holders of the bank in 1942-1945 era, or to the stock-holders of today?

    And don’t you think the gov’t of Greece will be quick to jump in and claim 100-percent of the loan, when the max they could expect is roughly one-third because of the limited ownership? The Greek government officials would be arguing about this for years and years.

  • Cologne To Distribute ‘Tolerance’ Wristbands to Combat New Year’s Eve Sex Attacks

    12/14/2017 5:32:52 AM PST · 9 of 50
    pepsionice to C19fan

    Not to disrespect the Koln city council....but this is more or less the 199.99-Euro solution. You get some local guy who makes wristbands to just print out 5,000 of these cheapo bands, and have them handed out to people....who will wear them under their jackets and gloves because of the weather expected on New Year’s Eve night.

    Local cops from the city have to be sitting there and laughing over the wristband gimmick. Sadly, some naive German gal will be heavily disrespected and assaulted somewhere....where the camera-guy will take the picture of her being attended by ambulance personnel....with the tolerance wristband in full view.

  • Germany owes Greece €185billion in WWII reparations, say German researchers

    12/14/2017 5:23:13 AM PST · 7 of 17
    pepsionice to Leaning Right

    On the loan deal, it has a bit of interesting history to it. Germany could have ‘robbed’ Greece at the time, but oddly enough signed a loan paper, with ZERO-percent interest. The loan, by the way, is not with the government of Greece....but with Greek national bank. If you use the no-interest equals somewhere in the ten-billion Euro range. But there’s this odd feature of the Greek national bank....after the war, the government limited itself to only one-third ownership...the rest is private funds. So the gov’t of Greece (max) could only get around 3.5 billion Euro off this deal, and the rest would go to private stock-holders of the Greek national bank.

    On the topic of deaths and private property destroyed, the West German gov’t paid out 115-million DM in the early 1960s. Greece accepted the money, and readily spent it. No one has ever said that private citizens themselves got any part of the money.

    The only way that the 185-billion number can really work is that people pretend there was an interest rate stated on the paperwork (there wasn’t), and that the 115-million DM pay-out in 1960 never covered everything.

  • New Strzok Texts with Mistress Show Vile Anti-Trump Bias in Mueller’s Office

    12/13/2017 9:57:13 PM PST · 20 of 21
    pepsionice to rdcbn

    Having worked in the federal gov’t environment for a number of years, I can vouch that when you create a funnel-like device for requests, and they all have to go through one single person, who has this power as a part-time function...they usually don’t manage it themselves and just leave the password/log-on for other office personnel to approve.

    I think in this case, if you dug into what Samantha Powers said, and asked co-workers about the lax-nature of the’d come to find out that five or six people had the password to approve as well.

    In this case, you really need a federal judge appointed with the sole job of FISA requests, and it’s his only function in life. I doubt if anyone wants to go that far.

  • EU Suing Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic for Refusing Islamic Migrants

    12/13/2017 8:46:11 PM PST · 19 of 22
    pepsionice to metmom

    In general, as migrants were dispersed to EU countries willing to accept them....they left their designated country (the EU doesn’t track this or keep numbers). Chief reason? Ninety-percent of the EU members don’t pay enough to survive in this status. So these folks drift off pretty quickly to Germany or France. You make up a new fake ID and just show up....the Germans have to accept you.

    The other little thing which I doubt that the EU wants to admit in court is the Schengen Agreement (all of the EU members signed to it) says that where you land, is where you must apply for a visa. So the bulk of these 160,000 refugees....landed mostly in Italy and Greece. By the treaty, they’d all have to stay in Italy or Greece. On this fact alone, a court would throw out the the EU lawsuit.

  • German lawmakers opt to increase own pay

    12/13/2017 8:22:14 PM PST · 6 of 6
    pepsionice to Olog-hai

    Four years ago, they voted up a raise...going to around 9,100 Euro per month. I think part of the problem is the lifestyle thing in Berlin. Other than Hamburg, one might speculate Berlin’s trendy stuff would be a problem for some of these guys to afford. What gets me is that you could retire with 20 years in Berlin, and easily make 75,000 Euro.

  • Mitch McConnell Is The Reason Doug Jones Is A Senator

    12/13/2017 6:35:49 AM PST · 48 of 67
    pepsionice to Alberta's Child

    If you sat and looked at the whole landscape of Alabama since 2013, you’d come to realize that there is an epic saga of a story to be told.

    The Republicans in Montgomery (the state ‘thugs’) are considered to be a problem now (corruption, lobbyists, etc). So we had this episode brew up with the Governor (Bentley). He got all lusted-up with lobbyist married gal who helped to get him into office. He rewarded her with a $200k a year job with the state, and even got her husband with a big state job.

    Bentley’s wife eventually figured all of this out....then divorced Bentley.

    The state folks figured this out, and the job deal got them onto an ethics situation. They wanted to impeach the guy....but hold on...first, they needed the state attorney general to investigate.

    Who was the state AG? Luther Strange. Yep.

    Luther played out a delay game, and spent a number of months pretending do something. Then the election occurs....Trump wins....and Sessions leaves.

    Folks believe that Luther Strange made a deal with Bentley to get the job of Senator. Luther went to DC, and Bentley ‘retires’. Then we get Ivey as the replacement governor.

    Ivey knows nothing about this deal, and is mostly uncorrupted. She thinks Strange is unethical, and calls for a special election (she didn’t have to do it). Some folks think she’s fed up with the corrupted system in Montgomery and wanted to fix things. I doubt if she wanted Moore to be in this race.

    Across Alabama, there was no real enthusiasm for Strange, and only mild enthusiasm for Moore....but beyond one really had any appeal. Moore had one single plus....the church-crowd in the state. On the other side of the coin, probably 40-percent of GOP voters considered Moore a nut.

    That’s how we got to this position. I think it’s all an epic story....fitting of a Forrest Gump-like saga.

    Here’s the last observation thought. Jones has to run again in 2020. To be honest, he just ain’t going to get 40-odd million again from all those PAC groups, and it was simply a lucky one-in-a-million election where Moore was the only real option with no one really hyped up much for Moore. Jones likely loses in 2020, and things shift around again.

  • Republicans fear deep losses in 2018 elections

    12/13/2017 6:20:51 AM PST · 21 of 204
    pepsionice to C19fan

    What’s a Republican? Is that like a freaky part of the Unity-Party? Didn’t they go extinct back in 1964 when Goldwater lost? Is it kinda like a FRINO (Fake-Republican In Name Only)?

  • Alabama Secretary of State Election Results Dec 12, 2017

    12/13/2017 5:44:07 AM PST · 29 of 61
    pepsionice to IamConservative

    I tend to agree...even before this tramp-episode came out, if you asked most Alabamian Republicans, they weren’t that fired up for Moore. But it was more the case that they felt Strange was corrupted and part of some pro-McConnell crowd episode (they were correct on that part). I would take a guess that out of a hundred GOP voters in the state....maybe thirty-percent of them who would typically vote...stayed home.

    It’s an off-year. Some folks would have to waste an hour leaving early for work and stopping off at the local poll site (which some folks weren’t that hyped up about that).

    On interview rating with Hannity, I’d give Moore a B-minus rating.

    He just wasn’t the better candidate to run, but no one wanted Strange at the job because of the way he and Bentley worked out this deal.

    So I look at 2020 and Jones having to run another campaign. He won’t get tons of campaign funding like he did this time. He has to accomplish something in 18 months or face a voting crowd with no action. It’s entirely possible that Strange might mount another campaign in 2020 and end up running against Jones, but I doubt if the public wants to view that type of scenario.

  • One Mueller-Investigation Coincidence Too Many

    12/12/2017 8:01:07 AM PST · 5 of 45
    pepsionice to billorites

    At this point, Mueller has an anchored-down ship that can’t go into any court situation without looking tainted. If he’d hired all outside people...he might have had a chance to take down folks. But at this rate...he’ll have to go and look at the team, the angle of their politics, and if they were screwed up in the ethics department.

  • Trump team wants second special prosecutor to probe Russia investigators (shoe drop?)

    12/12/2017 7:56:54 AM PST · 28 of 51
    pepsionice to txhurl

    Christie was the guy I was thinking of. He would basically require all of Mueller’s folks to come in for an interrogation and provide all evidence pertaining to the dossier and the NSA info they’ve gleaned. I think this was on the to-do-list for at least six months. And I doubt if he’d even let ‘Forest-Gump’ Sessions do the appointment.


    12/12/2017 7:35:05 AM PST · 70 of 398
    pepsionice to alancarp

    Without the tramp-factor and the news media focus, I think a quarter of the folks voting would NOT have shown up. Because of this negativity dumped on Alabama stirred up enough folks to show up and vote for Moore. In July, I was thinking he’d pull a seven-point win. Now? I think it’s closer to 12-points.

    As for the Democrats? They should have gone for Boyd (the black minister) and left the tramps-media out of this race, and it would have been a lot closer.

    The one odd factor I’ve seen....a ton of money spent by the Democrats and by McConnell. And it simply didn’t work.

    It’s an epic saga of an election, and worthy of a Forrest Gump-like movie. All Moore had to do....was run.

  • Kirsten Gillibrand fires back at Trump: 'You cannot silence me'

    12/12/2017 7:15:42 AM PST · 44 of 96
    pepsionice to LostInBayport

    Maybe there’s one or two idiot lobbyists pushing Gillibrand for the 2020 primary, but zero chance for Iowa-attention. She is ultra-light-weight.

    Ask folks from her state....what she’s done since taking over for Senator Hillary. See if they can come up with more than two lines.