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  • Would it kill you to hire more black cops? (Yes) ... Ann Coulter

    08/27/2014 4:13:18 PM PDT · 25 of 39
    PapaBear3625 to Mr Ramsbotham
    Is Ferguson deliberately turning away black applicants for the police department? If they are, they should be prosecuted. If not, we should ask why there aren’t more black cops on the force. Could it be because (1) blacks aren’t interested; and/or (2) you need a clean record to become a member; and/or (3) black applicants can’t pass the entrance tests?

    Or (4) potential black applicants know they have criminal relatives and criminal friends and criminal relatives of friends and criminal friends of relatives, and just DO NOT want to deal with the potential complications.

  • An Open Letter to Duggar Defenders - "you likely do not understand the Duggar’s subculture"

    08/27/2014 3:20:23 PM PDT · 92 of 93
    PapaBear3625 to stonehouse01

    All I care about is that they are not consuming tax dollars from me.

  • Israeli teenagers: Racist and proud of it (barf alert)

    08/26/2014 3:51:23 PM PDT · 3 of 40
    PapaBear3625 to Olog-hai
    “For me, personally, Arabs are something I can’t look at and can’t stand,”

    Growing up with them shooting rockets, mortars, and whatever at you and your family, does tend to produce a little bit of resentment.

  • Chris Matthews Plots Strategy With Dems on How to Use Ferguson Unrest for Midterms

    08/26/2014 3:41:44 PM PDT · 10 of 16
    PapaBear3625 to CyberAnt
    Primarily because the dollar donations in Ferguson for the Officer’s family is extremely higher than the funds for the Brown family.

    The Brown supporters may not be willing to donate money, but they are evidently willing to torch the town over it.

  • An audio recording of the Michael Brown shooting has reportedly surfaced

    08/26/2014 12:05:04 PM PDT · 30 of 88
    PapaBear3625 to NKP_Vet

    Presumably Officer Wilson loaded his gun to capacity, as prescribed by dept regs. Certainly, they would have taken Wilson’s gun as evidence. They can count the number of rounds left in the gun. They can count the number of recovered shell casings. That will determine the number of rounds fired.

  • An Open Letter to Duggar Defenders - "you likely do not understand the Duggar’s subculture"

    08/26/2014 10:41:41 AM PDT · 43 of 93
    PapaBear3625 to fishtank

    As long as they are in a marriage, and they support themselves through work, I think they should have as many kids as they feel like.

  • The story of the A-10 and why the F-35 cannot replace it. (video)

    08/26/2014 7:25:24 AM PDT · 37 of 47
    PapaBear3625 to The Antiyuppie
    “All of the equipment and tooling used for construction of the A10 is also destroyed.” WHY do they do sh#$ like this? Do they think that the Commies are going to get their hands on it or something??? This is a big country. Don’t we have the space for it????

    Why? It is to ensure the A-10 stays dead, and cannot be resurrected. It is done to totally commit us to the new stuff, to ensure that we cannot say "The A-10 replacement sucks, let's just cancel the project and go back to making A-10s, or enhanced A-10s".

  • Miss. man beaten after he's warned restaurant wasn't safe for whites...

    08/25/2014 4:30:00 PM PDT · 36 of 62
    PapaBear3625 to yefragetuwrabrumuy
    Seriously, anyone can go to any big city in the world and find an open all night place full of denizens willing to stomp on them. Invariably alcohol is involved.

    The crucial difference is that, if it were a black man stomped by 20 whites, thousands of blacks would descend on that location, burn down the establishment where the attack occured, burn down half the town, and the MSM would cheer them on.

  • Miss. man beaten after he's warned restaurant wasn't safe for whites...

    08/25/2014 4:26:23 PM PDT · 32 of 62
    PapaBear3625 to armydawg505

    In comments at a linked article, it’s noted that the town police chief is black.

  • Miss. man beaten after he's warned restaurant wasn't safe for whites...

    08/25/2014 4:21:00 PM PDT · 29 of 62
    PapaBear3625 to armydawg505

    According to the article, they (victim and friend) left the Waffle House and were apparently followed by 20 people, who jumped him when they stopped further up the road at a Huddle House.

  • Miss. man beaten after he's warned restaurant wasn't safe for whites...

    08/25/2014 4:15:00 PM PDT · 27 of 62
    PapaBear3625 to armydawg505

    One time I was on a road trip with the family, and we got off the highway to grab dinner. When I saw the place was predominantly black, I got us back in the car, got back on the highway, and went another couple of exits. Not ever going to chance it.

  • Residents Protest After Man, 19, Shot by Cops: 'They Killed My Baby'

    08/25/2014 3:46:52 PM PDT · 78 of 89
    PapaBear3625 to smokingfrog
    Police depts would probably save a lot of problems by having cops wear a video recorder on their uniforms. A recorder able to store 12 hours of 720p-quality video can be gotten for about a hundred bucks, retail.

    Of course there would be issues with the cops, over what they dont want recorded during their days, but they can learn to live with it.

  • Time for Libertarians to Put on Their Big Boy Pants

    08/25/2014 12:18:59 PM PDT · 47 of 53
    PapaBear3625 to ansel12
    The same platform as today, far to the left.

    Meanwhile, Democrats would consider it "beyond radical right wing", due to it not compelling people to associate or do business with other people.

    Libertarianism would allow unions, but not allow unions to engage in violence and intimidation, nor compel businesses to recognize them, which would effectively gut unions.

    Libertarianism would allow people to associate or not associate, hire or not hire, rent to or not rent to, other people on any basis they chose to. No more "anti-discrimination" laws. If a baker didn't want to bake a gay wedding cake, he wouldn't have to. If a business owner wanted to hire only red-headed Irishmen, then the government would not bother him.

    You think the average Dem would agree with you that libertarianism is left-wing?

  • Time for Libertarians to Put on Their Big Boy Pants

    08/25/2014 11:39:11 AM PDT · 44 of 53
    PapaBear3625 to ansel12
    It is obvious to a conservative, you support the libertarian platform?

    I was just curious if you would give a non-evasive answer.

    As far as the platform:

    Regarding abortion, it wants government out of it, so on the one hand it's pro-abortion. But it doesn't want government financing abortion, nor giving special protections for clinic against protestors, nor mandating that medical students study abortion procedures if they don't want to, nor mandating employer health coverage of abortion or abortificant birth control, so it's more pro-life than what we have.

    As far as "gay rights", it is against government passing laws restricting "voluntary sexual relations", on the one hand. On the other hand, it specifically upholds the right of people to choose not to do business with others. So libertarianism would not compel Christians to associate or do business with homosexuals, which again is better than where we currently are.

  • Time for Libertarians to Put on Their Big Boy Pants

    08/25/2014 10:32:54 AM PDT · 29 of 53
    PapaBear3625 to ansel12
    Nope, their first pro-abortion, pro-drugs, pro-gay, etc., party platform was ready for the 1972 elections.

    The 1972 Libertarian Party Platform. Please point out the parts you object to, and why:

    Adopted in Convention, Denver, Colorado, June 17-18, 1972


    Adopted unanimously by the delegates to the first national convention of the Libertarian Party, on June 17, 1972.

    We, the members of the Libertarian Party, challenge the cult of the omnipotent state, and defend the rights of the individual.

    We hold that each individual has the right to exercise sole dominion over his own life, and has the right to live his life in whatever manner he chooses, so long as he does not forcibly interfere with the equal right of others to live their lives in whatever manner they choose.

    Governments throughout history have regularly operated on the opposite principle, that the State has the right to dispose of the lives of individuals and the fruits of their labor. Even within the United States, all political parties other than our own grant to government the right to regulate the life of the individual and seize the fruits of his labor without his consent.

    We, on the contrary, deny the right of any government to do these things, and hold that the sole function of government is the protection of the rights of each individual: namely (1) the right to life -- and accordingly we support laws prohibiting the initiation of physical force against others; (2) the right to liberty of speech and action -- and accordingly we oppose all attempts by government to abridge the freedom of speech and press, as well as government censorship in any form; and (3) the right to property -- and accordingly we oppose all government interference with private property, such as confiscation, nationalization, and eminent domain, and support laws which prohibit robbery, trespass, fraud and misrepresentation.

    Since government has only one legitimate function, the protection of individual rights, we oppose all interference by government in the areas of voluntary and contractual relations among individuals. Men should not be forced to sacrifice their lives and property for the benefit of others. They should be left free by government to deal with one another as free traders on a free market; and the resultant economic system, the only one compatible with the protection of man's rights, is laissez-faire capitalism.


    The protection of individual rights is the only proper purpose of government. No conflict exists between civil order and individual rights. Both concepts are based on the same fundamental principle: that no individual, group, or government may initiate force against any other individual, group, or government. Government is instituted to protect individual rights. Government is constitutionally limited so as to prevent the infringement of individual rights by the government itself.


    We hold that no action which does not infringe the rights of others can properly be termed a crime. We favor the repeal of all laws creating "crimes without victims" now incorporated in Federal, state and local laws -- such as laws on voluntary sexual relations, drug use, gambling, and attempted suicide. We support impartial and consistent enforcement of laws designed to protect individual rights -- regardless of the motivation for which these laws may be violated.

    Due Process for Criminally Accused

    Until such time as a person is proved guilty of a crime, that person should be accorded all possible respect for his individual rights. We are thus opposed to reduction of present safeguards for the rights of the criminally accused. Specifically, we are opposed to preventive detention, so-called "no-knock laws" and all other similar measures which threaten existing rights. We further pledge to do all possible to give life to the Sixth Amendment's guarantee of a speedy trial, and shall work for appropriate legislation to this end. We support full restitution for all loss suffered by persons arrested, indicted, imprisoned, tried, or otherwise injured in the course of criminal proceedings against them which do not result in their conviction. We look ultimately to the voluntary funding of this restitution.

    Freedom of Speech and The Press

    We pledge to oppose all forms of censorship, whatever the medium involved. Recent events have demonstrated that the already precarious First Amendment rights of the broadcasting industry are becoming still more precarious. Regulation of broadcasting can no longer be tolerated. We shall support legislation to repeal the Federal Communications Act, and to provide for private ownership of broadcasting rights, thus giving broadcasting First Amendment parity with other communications media. We support repeal of pornography laws.

    Protection of Privacy

    Electronic and other covert government surveillance of citizens should be restricted to activity which can be shown beforehand, under high, clearly defined standards of probable cause, to be criminal and to present immediate and grave danger to other citizens. The National Census and other government compilations of data on citizens should be conducted on a strictly voluntary basis.

    The Right to Keep and Bear Arms

    In recognition of the fact that the individual is his own last source of self-defense, the authors of the Constitution guaranteed, in the Second Amendment, the right of the people to keep and bear arms. This reasoning remains valid today. We pledge to uphold that guarantee. We oppose compulsory arms registration.

    Volunteer Army

    We oppose the draft (Selective Service), believing that the use of force to require individuals to serve in the armed forces or anywhere else is a violation of their rights, and that a well-paid volunteer army is a more effective means of national defense than the involuntary servitude exemplified by the draft. We recommend a complete review and possible reform of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, to guarantee effective and equal protection of rights under the law to all members of the U.S. armed forces, and to promote thereby the morale, dignity, and sense of justice within the military which are indispensable to its efficient and effective operation. We further pledge to work for a declaration of unconditional amnesty for all who have been convicted of, or who now stand accused of, draft evasion and for all military deserters who were draftees.

    Property Rights

    We hold that property rights are individual rights and, as such, are entitled to the same respect and protection as all other individual rights. We further hold that the owner of property has the full right to control, use, dispose of, or in any manner enjoy his property without interference, until and unless the exercise of his control infringes the valid rights of others. We shall thus oppose restrictions upon the use of property which do not have as their sole end the protection of valid rights.

    Unions and Collective Bargaining

    We support the right of free men to voluntarily associate in, or to establish, labor unions. We support the concept that an employer may recognize a union as the collective bargaining agent of some or all of his employees. We oppose governmental interference in bargaining, such as compulsory arbitration or the obligation to bargain. We demand that the National Labor Relations Act be repealed. We recognize voluntary contracts between employers and labor unions as being legally and morally binding on the parties to such contracts.


    Because each person has the right to offer his goods and services to others on the free market, and because government interference can only harm such free activity, we oppose all intervention by government into the area of economics. The only proper role of government in the economic realm is to protect property rights, adjudicate disputes and protect contracts, and provide a legal framework in which voluntary trade is protected. All efforts by government to redistribute wealth, or to control or manage trade, are improper in a free society.


    We favor the establishment of a sound money system. We thus support the private ownership of gold, and demand repeal of all legal tender laws.

    The Economy

    Government intervention in the economy imperils both the material prosperity and personal freedom of every American. We therefore support the following specific immediate reforms:
    (a) reduction of both taxes and government spending;
    (b) an end to deficit budgets;
    (c) a halt to inflationary monetary policies, and elimination, with all deliberate speed, of the Federal Reserve System;
    (d) the removal of all governmental impediments to free trade -- including the repeal of the National Labor Relations Act, the Interstate Commerce Act, all antitrust laws, and the abolition of the Department of Agriculture, as the most pressing and critical impediments;
    (e) and the repeal of all controls on wages, prices, rents, profits, production, and interest rates.


    In order to achieve a free economy in which government victimizes no one for the benefit of anyone else, we oppose all government subsidies to business, labor, education, agriculture, science, the arts, or any other special interests. Those who have entered into these activities with promises of government subsidy will be forewarned by being given a cutoff date beyond which all government aid to their enterprise will be terminated. Relief or exemption from involuntary taxation shall not be considered a subsidy.

    Tariffs and Quotas

    Like subsidies, tariffs and quotas serve only to give special treatment to favored interests and to diminish the welfare of other citizens. We therefore support abolition of all tariffs and quotas as well as the Tariff Commission and the Customs Court.

    Interim Reforms

    In order to effect our long-range goals, we recommend, among others, the following interim measures: the adoption of the Liberty Amendment, and provision for greater use of the referendum for reducing or repealing taxes.

    Long-Range Goals

    Since we believe that every man is entitled to keep the fruits of his labor, we are opposed to all government activity which consists of the forcible collection money or goods from citizens in violation of their individual rights. Specifically, we support the eventual repeal of all taxation. We support a system of voluntary fees for services rendered as a method for financing government in a free society.


    Government intervention in current problems, such as crime, pollution, defraud of consumers, health problems, overpopulation, decaying cities, and poverty, is properly limited to protection of individual rights. In those areas where individual rights or voluntary relations are not involved, we support an immediate reduction of government's present role, and ultimately, a total withdrawal of government intervention, together with the establishment of a legal framework in which private, voluntary solutions to these problems can be developed and implemented.


    We support the development of an objective system defining individual property rights to air and water. We hold that ambiguities in the area of these rights (e.g. concepts such as "public property") are a primary cause of our deteriorating environment. Whereas we maintain that no one has the right to violate the legitimate property rights of others by pollution, we shall strenuously oppose all attempts to transform the defense of such rights into any restriction of the efforts of individuals to advance technology, to expand production, or to use their property peacefully.

    Consumer Protection

    We shall support strong and effective laws against fraud and misrepresentation. We shall oppose, however, that present and prospective so-called "consumer-protection" legislation which infringes upon voluntary trade.


    We support an end to all subsidies for childbearing built into our present laws, including all welfare plans and the provision of tax-supported services for children. We further support the repeal of all laws restricting voluntary birth control or voluntary termination of pregnancies during their first hundred days. We shall oppose all coercive measures to control population growth.


    We support the repeal of all compulsory education laws, and an end to government operation, regulation, and subsidy of schools. We call for an immediate end of compulsory busing.

    Poverty and Unemployment

    We support repeal of all laws which impede the ability of any person to find employment -- including, but not limited to, minimum wage laws, so-called "protective" labor legislation for women and children, governmental restrictions on the establishment of private day-care centers, the National Labor Relations Act, and licensing requirements. We oppose all government welfare and relief projects and "aid to the poor" programs, inasmuch as they are not within the proper role of government, and do contribute to unemployment. All aid to the poor should come from private sources.


    The principles which guide a legitimate government in its relationships with other governments are the same as those which guide relationships among individuals and relationships between individuals and governments. It must protect itself and its citizens against the initiation of force from other nations. While we recognize the existence of totalitarian governments, we do not recognize them as legitimate governments. We will grant them no moral sanction. We will not deal with them as if they were proper governments. To do so is to ignore the rights of their victims and rob those victims of the knowledge that we know they have been wronged.

    Foreign Aid

    We support an end to the Federal foreign aid program.

    Ownership in Unclaimed Property

    We pledge to oppose recognition of claims by fiat, by nations or international bodies, of presently unclaimed property, such as the ocean floor and planetary bodies. We urge the development of objective standards for recognizing claims of ownership in such property.

    Currency Exchange Rates

    We pledge to oppose all governmental attempts to peg or regulate currency exchange rates. International trade can truly be free only when currency exchange rates reflect the free-market value of respective currencies.

    Military Alliances

    The United States should abandon its attempts to act as policeman for the world, and should enter into alliances only with countries whose continued free existence is vital to the protection of the freedom of all American citizens. Under such an alliance, the United States may offer the protection of its nuclear umbrella, but our allies would provide their own conventional defense capabilities. We should in particular disengage from any present alliances which include despotic governments.

    Military Capability

    We shall support the maintenance of a sufficient military establishment to defend the United States against aggression. We should have a sufficient nuclear capacity to convince any potential aggressor that it cannot hope to survive a first strike against the United States. But, as our foreign commitments are reduced, and as our allies assume their share of the burden of providing a conventional war capability, we should be able to reduce the size of our conventional defense, and thus reduce the overall cost and size of our total defense establishment.

    Diplomatic Recognition

    The United States should establish a scheme of recognition consistent with the principles of a free society, the primary principle being that, while individuals everywhere in the world have unalienable rights, governments which enslave individuals have no legitimacy whatsoever.


    We shall support recognition of the right to secede. Political units or areas which do secede should be recognized by the United States as independent political entities where: (1) secession is supported by a majority within the political unit, (2) the majority does not attempt suppression of the dissenting minority, and (3) the government of the new entity is at least as compatible with human freedom as that from which it seceded.

    The United Nations

    We support withdrawal of the United States from the United Nations. We further support a Constitutional Amendment designed to prohibit the United States from entering into any treaty under which it relinquishes any portion of its sovereignty.
  • Time for Libertarians to Put on Their Big Boy Pants

    08/25/2014 10:23:39 AM PDT · 26 of 53
    PapaBear3625 to Beagle8U
    The Libtardian party was formed in the 80’s when those Hippy stoners found out they were going to be stuck with the bill for the socialism they pushed in the 60’s and 70’s.

    The original libertarians were from the Republican party, concerned that both the Dems and the Pubs were pro-big-government, with the only difference between them being what to use the power of big government for.

  • TX: Good Guy With Gun Stops Attempted Murder outside of School

    08/25/2014 9:21:36 AM PDT · 9 of 11
    PapaBear3625 to marktwain
    In PA, at least, you can carry within a school zone if you have a CCW, per PA State Police(2nd page)
  • Catholics and the "Men's Rights Movement"

    08/25/2014 8:55:22 AM PDT · 10 of 20
    PapaBear3625 to matthewrobertolson
    I make note of what I call "practical polygamy" (80-90% of women chasing after 10-20% of men)....Finally, I warn that we are just about in a matriarchal society, which will then resort to formal polygamy, and which will after that turn back to tradition

    A lot of women seem to be more willing to "share" a desirable man, than to "settle" for the kind of man who will commit to her and only her.

    This is a formula for societal collapse, as more women spend their 20's "hooking up" with desirable men, and then expect to find somebody to "settle" for in their 30s who will be willing to marry and support their high-mileage butts. An increasing number are finding disappointment.

  • Peak Of Hurricane Season,So Where Are The Storms,Tornadoes&Floods Al Gore?

    08/24/2014 5:11:49 PM PDT · 4 of 21
    PapaBear3625 to SoFloFreeper
    The peak of hurricane season in the Atlantic is September 9th to 12th, actually.

    Which means we should wait until October to have this conversation with Gore.

  • Doctor Who fans, how was it?

    08/24/2014 5:05:48 PM PDT · 26 of 30
    PapaBear3625 to MNDude

    One of the “issues” was that Clara was used to flirting with the Matt Smith Doctor and considering herself to be his girlfriend. The much older Capaldi (he’s 56, she’s 26) produces an “ick” factor.

    Then again, nobody had a problem with 31 year old Matt Smith Doctor being married to River Song, played by 50 year old Alex Kingston.

    I guess older man/younger woman produces issues with the feminists.

  • White Folks, Listen Up and Let Me Tell You What Ferguson Is All About

    08/24/2014 3:17:38 PM PDT · 44 of 73
    PapaBear3625 to 2ndDivisionVet

    Kathleen, fewer and fewer white people care. We just want to figure out how to not get hit by black crime.

  • Westboro Baptist Church to picket Michael Brown funeral

    08/24/2014 2:07:41 PM PDT · 15 of 69
    PapaBear3625 to TigerClaws
    Popcorn time. They are going to go into a black neighborhood to pocket.

    I doubt they will actually show.

  • The Massive Trucker Shortage Could Hit Your Wallet Soon

    08/23/2014 12:27:40 PM PDT · 81 of 97
    PapaBear3625 to GrandJediMasterYoda
    Why is that though, who is holding back the pay? If they are having this mass shortage of long haul drivers I would think they would pay through the nose unless companies like UPS are taking the biz of transporting?

    There is no "shortage". There is never a "shortage". There is only "we are not getting many takers for the pay we are offering, and we don't want to offer more".

    The solution to ANY company which needs more of X, is to offer more money. They will get people applying then.

  • (Video)Shocking:Chinese Fighter Jet Buzzes Within Feet Of Taking Out U.S. Jet In Inter'ntl Skies

    08/23/2014 12:01:15 PM PDT · 38 of 61
    PapaBear3625 to ROCKLOBSTER
    Hmmm..probably the Chinese fighter, and not the lumbering surveillance craft.

    Back in 2001, a Chinese fighter collided with a US EP3 surveillance aircraft. The P3 managed to land safely, the Chinese pilot had to eject.

  • US gun culture has police arming to keep up

    08/23/2014 4:43:31 AM PDT · 64 of 94
    PapaBear3625 to Vendome
    And how many incidents like that have occurred in the nearly 20 years hence?

    None, which is why they have to keep referring to an incident from over 20 years ago.

    When was the last time you heard of a SWAT team taking down a heavily armed gang? How often do you hear of a SWAT raid as ANYTHING BUT a raid on a single individual who's asleep at the time?

  • Montana, Wyoming Brace for Snow, Cold Temps While Much of the U.S. Sizzles

    08/22/2014 5:19:32 PM PDT · 12 of 23
    PapaBear3625 to knarf
  • feminists stay silent amidst genocidal war on women

    08/22/2014 3:31:29 PM PDT · 15 of 17
    PapaBear3625 to NYer

    The various women’s groups will bravely speak out against misogyny — as long as the perpetrators aren’t people who would slit the women’s throats if they feel offended by the women.

  • Woman fired for this Facebook post about Ferguson

    08/22/2014 3:26:09 PM PDT · 34 of 108
    PapaBear3625 to Sarah Barracuda
    So posting that on facebook is wrong, yet a Democrat in Missouri went on Megyn Kelly’s show last night and said that if Wilson isn’t prosecuted that the riots we have seen til now will look like a picnic, well isn’t that a threat?

    The crucial difference between them is the woman's employer would get heat over their employee's statements. The Democrat will not.

  • Google's Driverless Cars Now Need Steering Wheels

    08/22/2014 11:04:29 AM PDT · 6 of 29
    PapaBear3625 to Citizen Zed

    If there is nobody in the car able to control it, then what human is legally liable for any accident or traffic violation by the car? That’s the real issue behind this.

  • Exposing Gateway Pundit’s Dishonesty: He Altered a CT Scan Image to Trick His Readers

    08/22/2014 9:42:05 AM PDT · 58 of 67
    PapaBear3625 to 2ndDivisionVet
    LGF went lefty about two or three years ago, didn’t they?

    More than 2 or 3. I used to post there. I got banned for being a Tea Party supporter. Charles Johnson is radical left now.

  • "Mythbusters" Drops Bellaci, Byron, and Imihara from Cast

    08/22/2014 9:07:12 AM PDT · 39 of 44
    PapaBear3625 to hoagy62

    Kari was hotter when she first started in 2003. She’s 39 now. Time to get some fresh eye-candy. Possibly the other two were let go to not make it seem like they were getting rid of just her.

  • How to Deal With Friends’ Racist Reactions to Ferguson (Come see what they consider "racist")

    08/21/2014 5:02:04 PM PDT · 46 of 57
    PapaBear3625 to workerbee; 2ndDivisionVet

    FR is my Facebook/Twitter

  • Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Snaps When Ferguson Update Interrupts Segment On Slain American Journalist

    08/21/2014 2:07:19 PM PDT · 37 of 50
    PapaBear3625 to EveningStar

    It is my opinion that Ferguson is being deliberately pumped up, in order to drive events in Iraq and elsewhere off people’s attention.

  • St. Louis police release video of shooting of Kajieme Powell near Ferguson, Mo.

    08/21/2014 9:43:59 AM PDT · 89 of 91
    PapaBear3625 to PLMerite

    The impression I got about the South American incident (not the St Louis incident that started this thread) was that the guy had been acting menacing for a while.

  • Samaritan’s Purse Doctor Recovered from Ebola

    08/21/2014 9:42:28 AM PDT · 27 of 78
    PapaBear3625 to C. Edmund Wright
    Well I’m not sure why he was released, unless he really didn’t have Ebola. Also, the historical 90% mortality rate seems to have been reduced to 50-50 now. Still horrible.

    It might just be that the mortality rate is 90% under African medical care, and 50-50 under first-tier US health care.

  • St. Louis police release video of shooting of Kajieme Powell near Ferguson, Mo.

    08/21/2014 8:51:47 AM PDT · 86 of 91
    PapaBear3625 to yldstrk
    yes I missed it and no I wouldn’t wish stabbing on anyone

    Thanks. My point in introducing the video in #31 was to show just how quickly a guy with a knife can take people out.

    In the training I had, it was emphasized that I consider any hostile person with a knife closer than 7 yards to be a potentially deadly threat, who should be shot without hesitation if he doesn't drop the knife immediately.

  • St. Louis police release video of shooting of Kajieme Powell near Ferguson, Mo.

    08/21/2014 7:38:41 AM PDT · 80 of 91
    PapaBear3625 to yldstrk
    yes, I liked it, the guy was alive at the end and the police called the medics to put him in a pickup truck

    My point, again, is:

    A) Did you miss the part, starting at 7:30, where the guy stabbed to death several cops? Or,

    B) Did you LIKE that he stabbed several cops to death before they took him down?

    A or B? Either watch the video before commenting (not just the last few seconds of it) or don't comment on it. It makes you look bad to the people who did watch the video.

  • St. Louis police release video of shooting of Kajieme Powell near Ferguson, Mo.

    08/21/2014 7:31:09 AM PDT · 73 of 91
    PapaBear3625 to yldstrk
    Note that the video I put in my post #31 was of a different incident in South America where cops tried to arrest a guy with a knife, and DIDN'T initially just shoot him.
  • St. Louis police release video of shooting of Kajieme Powell near Ferguson, Mo.

    08/21/2014 7:26:15 AM PDT · 71 of 91
    PapaBear3625 to yldstrk
    no, did someone get stabbed? I admit I skipped to the end where the dude was arrested

    Watch the video from 7:30 to 8:30 to see how fast a guy with a knife can take out several armed police officers.

  • Why Jews Are Worried

    08/21/2014 6:29:36 AM PDT · 15 of 61
    PapaBear3625 to Thane_Banquo
    Traditionally, Islam did not treat Jews this way.

    Well, yes, IF and ONLY IF the Jews submit to "dhimmi" status, pay the "jizya" tax on infidels, and are properly subservient to Islamic rule.

    In the Islamic view, the sin of the Jews is that the rebuffed Islamic rule, and dared to fight against the Muslims when attacked.

  • St. Louis police release video of shooting of Kajieme Powell near Ferguson, Mo.

    08/21/2014 6:26:12 AM PDT · 44 of 91
    PapaBear3625 to yldstrk
    Yes, now that is what should have happened

    ???? Are you saying the cops should have gotten stabbed?

  • St. Louis police release video of shooting of Kajieme Powell near Ferguson, Mo.

    08/21/2014 5:46:17 AM PDT · 31 of 91
    PapaBear3625 to wbarmy; yldstrk
  • Modern Humans Arrived in Europe Earlier Than Previously Thought, Study Finds

    08/21/2014 3:48:59 AM PDT · 51 of 56
    PapaBear3625 to UCANSEE2
    "If they were able to interbreed with the newcomers from Africa" -- If that were true, then why is there NO NEANDERTHAL DNA in African Negroes ?

    When I said "newcomers from Africa", I meant those humans who had left Africa and who went on to become Europeans and Asians.

  • Modern Humans Arrived in Europe Earlier Than Previously Thought, Study Finds

    08/20/2014 3:13:32 PM PDT · 19 of 56
    PapaBear3625 to mountainlion
    I'll keep looking. I thought it was interesting that they said King Tut was first Irish and then half of Europe was related to him.

    King Tut appears to be Celtic. This does not mean that his ancestors lived in Ireland. It means that the same people that Tut was descended from ultimately migrated there.

    Regarding the argument that "Egyptians were Africans", agriculture was first developed somewhere around Iraq. I could see people spreading out from there in search of fertile farming land, finding the Nile valley, and displacing/killing any black Africans they found. Thus, while living in Africa, they would be no more "African" than the whites of South Africa.

  • Modern Humans Arrived in Europe Earlier Than Previously Thought, Study Finds

    08/20/2014 3:02:51 PM PDT · 14 of 56
    PapaBear3625 to Uncle Miltie
    She's cuter than the average woman that men go home with at bar closing time.

  • Modern Humans Arrived in Europe Earlier Than Previously Thought, Study Finds

    08/20/2014 3:00:09 PM PDT · 13 of 56
    PapaBear3625 to Fractal Trader; mountainlion
    Nature article referred to by the WSJ.
  • Modern Humans Arrived in Europe Earlier Than Previously Thought, Study Finds

    08/20/2014 2:57:41 PM PDT · 9 of 56
    PapaBear3625 to Fractal Trader
    Neanderthals are our closest known extinct relatives, with about 99.5% of DNA in common with humans

    If they were able to interbreed with the newcomers from Africa then they were not a different species, they were just another race of human.

  • North Korea Just Moved Some Of Its Most Advanced Weaponry To The Chinese Border, Rising Tensions

    08/20/2014 10:01:27 AM PDT · 8 of 39
    PapaBear3625 to McGruff
    Umm, I think that’s the wrong border to be threatening.

    I doubt NK has ideas of invading China. They might be worried about China invading THEM in some upcoming scenario.

  • Officer in Shooting Will Not be Charged [Rumor]

    08/20/2014 9:38:50 AM PDT · 46 of 102
    PapaBear3625 to lacrew
    Barring federal interference, couldn’t the DA simply choose not to even present to a grand jury?

    That would leave Wilson up in the air, as some future DA might choose to bring it up again. He's in a better position (legally and PR-wise) if the grand jury sees the evidence and "no bills" him.

  • Taylor Swift's New Music Video Attacked as Racist

    08/20/2014 9:16:14 AM PDT · 27 of 44
    PapaBear3625 to Cringing Negativism Network
    “haven’t watched the taylor swift video and I don’t need to watch it to tell you that it’s inherently offensive and ultimately harmful”

    The entitled little twerp is under the impression that the rest of us are under some obligation to avoid offending him. I disagree.