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  • Ted Cruz: ‘I Salute Donald Trump’ for Speaking Out on Immigration

    07/04/2015 7:35:29 AM PDT · 33 of 51
    ncalburt to oldbill
    Who wants that village idiot Jeb Bush !

    Jeb is another stupid DC insider clown but not a very clever one.
    Cruz could have been a hero BUT Sold Out to the K street and Wall Street !

    Do you think we need more H1 Visas for Cruz's Semiconductor billionaire donors in Austin ?

    No, we need to demand American first .

    There is no labor shortage but we have 25 million foreigners taking American jobs.

    Enough with the H1 visas Con Artist scam.

    I am not fooled by Cruz trying to jump on the Trump bandwagon.

    The DC Gop elites know the Gop base hates this illegal alien invasion that is why they ram thru Fast track so Barry the soros puppet had the power to unleash the K street street Amnesty invasion and the Gop can blame a retiring Left wing President.

    The Gop will be toast in 2016 thanks to the disastrous treaty and Cruz and the rest know it that is why they hid last week when Barry was celebrating his new unlimited power ! I am tired of the games being played by the DC GOP. Trump is gaining support because he said SCREW IT ALL and STOP Barry the America hater from getting Fast track power and stop the Future DEM voter invasion from overseas .

  • Ted Cruz: ‘I Salute Donald Trump’ for Speaking Out on Immigration

    07/04/2015 7:17:54 AM PDT · 31 of 51
    ncalburt to servantboy777
    Cruz could have been a hero if he had stopped the Treason treaty and giving a dangerous Soros radical unlimited power.

    But he help ram it thru with Paul Amnesty Ryan because they sold us out to K street and H1 Visas Billionaire crowd.

    We DONT need any foreigners stealing American jobs our children and friends need jobs not India or China foreigners willing to work for peanuts.

    Now we have 25 million foreigners with US jobs and 95 US million citizens are unemployed thanks to this foreign H1 visas and other foreign labor scams!

    Cruz is trying to Gain momentum using Trumps tough talk.

    But Cruz sold out our country to K street .

    Please note the entire on Gop all hide from the cameras in DC when Barry the
    Soros puppet bragged on TV about his new Fast Track Unlimited Power !

  • Ted Cruz: ‘I Salute Donald Trump’ for Speaking Out on Immigration

    07/04/2015 6:32:59 AM PDT · 6 of 51
    ncalburt to mtrott
    Ted Cruz who wants 400,000 H1 Visas so Foreigners can steal US citizens jobs for his Billionaire donors in the Austin Semiconductor sector,

    Cruz who promoted giving Soros Puppet Barry unlimited power to open the flood gates of massive cheap foreign labor invasion with an Open treaty How Machiavellian of this DC insider who will make Millions along with his Goldman Sachs employed wife thanks to this Treason Treaty.

    Cruz and all the other Gop traitors will regret empowering this Radical American hater once the details of this Treason treaty are unleashed in 2016 election cycle.

  • Change: 59% of Americans, 58% of southerners now oppose flying the Confederate flag in public places

    06/25/2015 7:54:08 PM PDT · 30 of 54
    ncalburt to SeekAndFind
    Allahidiot strikes again with another Push poll . this left wing troll poster at Hot gas carefully screens only the polls that push his left wing views .

    A DC insider troll that Malkins should have canned before selling out to pro Jeb front group that run this website.

  • Ted Cruz says fighting the 'Washington cartel' has earned him few friends in Congress

    06/25/2015 7:08:20 PM PDT · 14 of 20
    ncalburt to markomalley
    Ted don't worry when you help ram thru Fast track with two cloture votes,one bill vote and a. lovely ghost written Op -Ed with traitor Paul Ryan and help empower the most dangerous left wing radical ever in the white House you made big friends with

    Goldman Sachs Billionaire crowd
    WSJ Hedge Fund billionaires
    Austin Semiconductor billionaire gang looking for Cheap H-1 visas aka cheap foreign slave labor.

    You screwed the average working American .

    Keep spinning traitorbr /> Your Pres Campaign is Bone Dry.

  • Sununu warns: Don't let Trump debate, will turn into 'reality show'

    06/25/2015 3:53:25 AM PDT · 44 of 52
    ncalburt to tschatski
    thank you for pointing out that facts on Sununa .
    A Jeb operative who is terrified Trump will openly mock the DC insiders talking points as pure crap and pt Jebster in the spot again and again.
  • Fox News Special Report: Ted Cruz "conservatives across this country are frustrated"

    06/24/2015 6:51:22 PM PDT · 14 of 32
    ncalburt to CatherineofAragon
    You poor thing.

    You have no argument anymore to defend Cruz ‘ s treasonous acts so you use some tired childish crap.

    Cruz a documented K street Bag boy and his wife appears to be cashing in thru her Goldman Sachs employment while the US middle class will be crushed by the Treason treaty he voted Yes on three times.

    Explain again why fraud Cruz and yourself promoted the wonders of Fast track before he voted against it ?

  • Jim Webb Stands Up For People Who Memorialize The Confederacy

    06/24/2015 6:27:29 PM PDT · 13 of 23
    ncalburt to Tulane
    And what are the phony Gop doing about Obanmacare ?

    Fully Funding It ever since they took power in 2010 !

    Bonehead and Mitchy wanted Obamacare too but they used it as a Wedge issue to gain back power.

    Now the Dems will use

    the TPP Treason Treaty to take back all three section, the Senate, House, and WH in 2016.

  • Boehner-vs.-Freedom-Caucus Battle Escalates

    06/24/2015 6:19:25 PM PDT · 8 of 21
    ncalburt to cotton1706

    It is time to get rid of these dangerous creatures Bonehead and Mitchy.

    they are beyond dangerous in power.

    Vote tea party or third party .
    Pray Palin enters the race

  • Fox News Special Report: Ted Cruz "conservatives across this country are frustrated"

    06/24/2015 6:16:13 PM PDT · 11 of 32
    ncalburt to Twinkie
    Voting for Fast track Three times for a far Left wing Radical Soros puppet is great conservative leadership.

    Folks , Cruz and the Gop are dead in the water in 2016 thanks to this Treason .
    they committed political suicide for the Street Amnesty - Crony capitalist owners and the screwed over the US middle class quite nicely.

    The Dems will have a field day with this Treason treaty.

  • Fox News Special Report: Ted Cruz "conservatives across this country are frustrated"

    06/24/2015 6:07:34 PM PDT · 10 of 32
    ncalburt to Timber Rattler
    Boy Cruz has some gall.

    Cruz who SOLD the US out to a Soros front man who hates this country plus his pals at Goldman Sachs, Hedge Fund billionaire, and Semiconductor billionaire who wanted thousands of HI Visas fir foreigners taking US jobs calls himself conservative.

    Let him explain how this Treason treaty that will let the flood gates of unstoppable slave labor masses on to our shores is conservative ?

    The Gop is dead and this guy along with Ryan and the rest of the K Street traitors helped drop the guillotine on its neck .

    The Treason Treaty votes will be the reason for the Gop’s Waterloo election disaster in 2016.

  • America’s Sovereignty is Slipping Away

    06/24/2015 5:51:08 PM PDT · 12 of 22
    ncalburt to Randall_S

    depressing and true

  • Senate approves fast-track, sending trade bill to White House

    06/24/2015 3:51:11 PM PDT · 42 of 43
    ncalburt to conservativejoy
    Excuse me.

    Cruz voted for Cloture TWICE on this treason and then for the Fast track bill during the first round when he was really needed by his Hedge fund and K Street and Goldman Sachs owner's traitor treaty jump started !

    He took so much heat for showing his the fraud DC insider true self that
    this time around the traitor got let off the hook because Sen Enzi from Wyoming decided to show up to vote to destroy our country.

    Its time for a third party .

    the Gop is DEAD.

    And with this treason treaty the Gop will be crushed by nit only the base will revolt and not vote but once the details of this treason are carefully released by the Dem blue collar base will show up to stop the treacherous GOP .

  • Bush leads in N.H. poll; Trump is second

    06/23/2015 4:59:34 PM PDT · 41 of 49
    ncalburt to entropy12
    Wow i just this crappy poll.

    There are 144 undecided voters in this pure garbage poll. Old Commie Leftico is getting desperate to get Loser Jeb on the ticket peddling this junk.

  • Toss Up for Governor in Kentucky (Bevin 38%, Conway 35%)

    06/23/2015 4:56:06 PM PDT · 15 of 18
    ncalburt to Georgia Girl 2
    I agree

    One of the dumbest comments ever.

    Just pure stupidity

  • Bush leads in N.H. poll; Trump is second

    06/23/2015 4:53:39 PM PDT · 40 of 49
    ncalburt to entropy12
    A fourth rate polling firm called suffolk has a poll and its the gospel !
  • GOP Gov. Nominee Matt Bevin calls for removal of Jefferson Davis statue from Kentucky capitol

    06/23/2015 4:47:20 PM PDT · 6 of 38
    ncalburt to SeekAndFind
    what an idiot .

    Bevin just lost

  • Obama's trade agenda moves past key Senate hurdle

    06/23/2015 10:39:53 AM PDT · 58 of 101
    ncalburt to bergmeid
    The gop will be wiped out in 2016 but they don't care .
    I wont vote for any of them .

    Any Gop candidate linked to this Trade treason will be clobbered .

    This fools were set up by the Dems and Barry the white hater will make the treaty a disaster of historic levels to guarantee a 2016 election tidal wave. Mitchy, Rubio, Bonehead , Ryan , McCarthy Scalises all need to be driven from power now.

    Vote third party.
    The Gop are more dangerous than the Dems now.

    There loyal WSJ K street owners will get all there goodies,
    cheap H1 Visas , massive foreign labor , new taxes , crony capitalist laws to block competition, global warming taxes,

    The Gop killed the country when they gave this American hater radical unlimited power to destroy.

  • McConnell asks senators to cast pro-trade vote once more

    06/23/2015 4:19:04 AM PDT · 10 of 28
    ncalburt to Olog-hai
    If American hating left wing crazy Chuckie Babington at All Propaganda peddling this evil as free trade then its something so awful for the US and must be stopped.

    Chuckie is a Obama worm propagandist of the lower form and a true ragging left wing mental case.

  • What happens if you have out-of-state plates and are involved in an accident?

    06/21/2015 5:40:41 AM PDT · 25 of 35
    ncalburt to PLMerite
    Actually AZ has a huge car theft and break in rate thanks to all the invaders from the south.
    Karl Rove and the Bushy pals that are doing the car theft Americans wont do !
  • For Ted Cruz, The Hard Part Comes Next

    06/20/2015 9:43:43 AM PDT · 15 of 96
    ncalburt to Isara

    I wish you Cruz folks would STOP the Misinformation campaign here.

    Your Lies are just INSULTING now.
    The posters here know the facts about this TROJAN Horse which is really all about amnesty and a massive H-1 Visas Scam for Cruz and Ryan and McCarthy and Issa ..... Billionaire donors who want cheap slave labor to replace the pricer American workers .

    First, When Cruz and the rest of the Gop Senate RAM thru cloture on TPA it
    insures TPP will get passed with a simple majority not a standard treaty 66 votes.

    Second ,Your comparing a Radical far reaching Secret OPEN TREATY to previous treaties . We have to deal with a Radical Soros American hating puppet is given unlimited power versus previous small limited treaties which were not Open and not Secret and not controlled by a hostile American hating radical hell bent on destroying our country. Deal with reality and stop spinning the truth.
    Its gotten real old.

  • Will Team Obama-Boehner-McConnell Get TPA Through Congress?

    06/19/2015 8:23:51 PM PDT · 29 of 91
    ncalburt to odawg
    The left are playing chess while the power happy K street party thinks they can sell out the US to the highest bidder to stay in power .

    The Dems have nicely set up themselves are being pro American with there fight against TPP and Obama while the Gop party have sold us out to foreign lobbyists and Billionaire donors.

  • Will Team Obama-Boehner-McConnell Get TPA Through Congress?

    06/19/2015 7:58:15 PM PDT · 26 of 91
    ncalburt to odawg
    The Dems have set up all these greedy Stupid party GOP crooks like Cruz, Rubio , bonehead, Mitchy , and Ryan for a 2016 election blood bath .
    First, the Dem Senators filibustered the deal and get great press for it.
    K street whores Cruz and Ryan spit out a WSJ Op-ed that looks like its ghost written by Goldman Sachs !
    Dem congress kill the TPA-TPP treason treaty and get more great press!
    The utterly corrupt amiral K street whore party votes to empower the most dangerous anti American hater ever to have unlimited power over a open treaty !

    The Bonehead, Ryan , Cruz and Mitchy party is screwed by screwing over whats left of the US middle class .

    Even Comrade Hillary has backed away from this Treason Treaty

    Pres VJ will leak the utterly treasonous sections of this treaty treason throughout the 2016 campaign and the Gop will wiped out.

    The TV commercial ads will be devastating.

  • Will Team Obama-Boehner-McConnell Get TPA Through Congress?

    06/19/2015 7:35:28 PM PDT · 17 of 91
    ncalburt to Mollypitcher1


  • Hillary says she'd vote against 'Fast Track' without guarantee on worker aid

    06/19/2015 7:22:27 PM PDT · 49 of 59
    ncalburt to lodi90

    I forgot about the leaders of the stupid party namely

    Mitchy and Johny would never let the Insurance industry donors lose money under any circumstances .

    Only the American taxpayers are supposed to be screwed in there world..

    The utter contempt the Gop leaders have. for the base is amazing.
    You should have heard the snide contempt Marsha Blackburn's aide had for me when I asked him what it was like to work for a bought off political hack who sold out there fellow American for money and are they enjoying doing Obamas dirty work on a treaty so awful the Dems are running from it.
    This Gop leadership is a lost cause.

  • Hillary says she'd vote against 'Fast Track' without guarantee on worker aid

    06/19/2015 7:07:57 PM PDT · 46 of 59
    ncalburt to lodi90
    A very astute assessment of 2016.

    The Dems and Obama will use this god awful treaty that he created in secret as a spring board back to complete power and probably for decades thanks to the treaty being set up as Open so The Dems can set up a massive uneducated third world invasion.

  • Hillary says she'd vote against 'Fast Track' without guarantee on worker aid

    06/19/2015 7:00:08 PM PDT · 44 of 59
    ncalburt to lodi90
    The Cruz supporters can not deal with reality anymore.
  • Hillary says she'd vote against 'Fast Track' without guarantee on worker aid

    06/19/2015 6:57:09 PM PDT · 42 of 59
    ncalburt to Democrat_media
    It very sad and true .

    The worst part is the Dems have set themselves to regain power after this treason is passed in 2016 by blaming the utterly corrupt Gop . then the Dems will abuse this open treaty for decades thereafter. The stupid corrupt party will be finished. P> The Dems know how corrupt and amoral and stupid the Gop leaders are plus the leading Gop are supporting this Anti American Treaty enen thiugh most of these Gop crooks have never even read it but were told by K street to support or else. The Dems and Clinton are going to retake power by having a PR campaign fighting this Awful treaty which they actually do love thanks to the massive amnesty . They will trash the corrupt Gop and turncoat Obama in a massive ad campaign The Gop base will stay home thanks to details of the secret Treaty being released and the idiot Gop candidate being on record supporting this Anti American treaty.

  • Hillary says she'd vote against 'Fast Track' without guarantee on worker aid

    06/19/2015 6:33:07 PM PDT · 34 of 59
    ncalburt to American Constitutionalist
    Don't insult me some tired website Crap cooked up by the DC Gop spinsters
    Can you folks ever wake up .
    Spare us the nonsense

    I could care less about One little stupid website no one ever heard of except from from disinformation from DC insiders trying to fool everyone.

    The GOP including Cruz have betrayed my family and my country with a treaty deal so awful the details are hidden from us by a far left Soros puppet who hatesxthis country .
    Giving this monster
    an open treaty that can be manipulated at any time thanks to fast tracks
    is treason.

    Drudge is right.
    The utterly corrupt bought off Gop will pay for this treason.

    The Dems have set themselves up nicely for 2016,

    But only the stupid corrupt party would
    Put Bonehead the drunk with the highest number of former aides how running K street lobbyist firms in charge and not care !

  • Hillary says she'd vote against 'Fast Track' without guarantee on worker aid

    06/19/2015 5:32:29 PM PDT · 21 of 59
    ncalburt to 2ndDivisionVet
    Is that a photo of you after a few too many Cruz Kool aids?

    Watching the Dems set up Cruz and his crooked K Street Hedge Fund billionaire groupie party has been interesting to watch.

    Ted has nicely wrapped this Treason treaty anchor tightly around his neck and I can't wait to see how the Dems pushes him and the entire DC K street traitor party into high seas in 2016 !

    Its kinda hard to peddle that good conservatives image when you sold out your countrymen to foreign lobbyists and Goldman Sachs and Pfizer and GE and Goggle plus millions of American lose there jobs because of your treachery.

  • Hillary says she'd vote against 'Fast Track' without guarantee on worker aid

    06/19/2015 5:23:08 PM PDT · 19 of 59
    ncalburt to lodi90

    Idiots like Cruz and Rubio and Walker will be clobbered by supporting this treason Treaty and destroying the US workers for Pfizer , Goldman Sachs, Silicon Valley , Austin Semiconductor Billionaires, and Hedge Fund Slime,

    These fools were set up by the Dems .
    But this is the most utterly corrupt amoral Gop run Congress in my lifetime.

    Frankly , Bonehead and McConnell are way more dangerous when in power.
    They need to be driven from power by any means.

    We are screwed in 2016 if this Treasonous Treaty is passed and its detailed released which the Soros Puppet will drop like a bomb on the Sleazy Crooked Gop traitors right around Sept 2016 . The details of this treason treaty will wipe the base and will be motivate the Dems. I can hear the 24-7 news reporting eagerly spitting out how the Gop sold out the nation. The Stupid and corrupt party needs to be killed off for a new party free of K street front men

  • Hillary says she'd vote against 'Fast Track' without guarantee on worker aid

    06/19/2015 5:10:25 PM PDT · 17 of 59
    ncalburt to 2ndDivisionVet
    Ted just issued phony press releases on amending fast track which was illegal and impossible to fool people and when caught in that lie spins out a few more whoopers in Op-ed written with the most corrupt weasel and Amnesty Snake Paul KStreet Ryan . Ted is helping ramming thru to secret treaty so awful its top secret .What we do know is that
    Ted support screwing the middle class and small business with taxes , amnesty, H1 visas , global warming fees and massive US corporate tax dodges which are all reportedly buried in this Treason

    Good old Ted Goldman Sachs Cruz just cooked his reputation and the Gop will deservedly loose the House and Senate after the lovely detail of this Treason are made public.

    The Dems set up the K street whore party for thrashing in 2016 by fighting against this Treason.
    Drudge called it Gop Suicide and Treason

    the Dems will have a field day trading the most Congress in my lifetime with ads about
    Screwing the US workers for foreigners and Hedge funds and Big pharmacy corporations .

  • Why Americans secretly love a gladiatorial blowhard like Donald Trump

    06/19/2015 5:41:29 AM PDT · 50 of 69
    ncalburt to ncalburt
    The word hate got dropped by spell check.

    I meant to add that Evil Putin does not hate his base unlike our Gop candidates and Leaders.

  • Why Americans secretly love a gladiatorial blowhard like Donald Trump

    06/19/2015 5:38:53 AM PDT · 49 of 69
    ncalburt to grania
    I agree .
    Trump could blow away these tired facades and tell it like it is.

    He will unmask these frauds from both parties before bowing out from the race. The gop main candidates are all owned by various Billionaires so why can't a Billionaire call them out for the Bought off K street whores they are.

    After this TPA treason we have only various snakes pretending to be conservative while lying to our faces and selling us out to a radical left Soros puppet and Goldman Sachs and fat cat Hedge fund billionaires .

    The US looks just like the billionaires in Russia that keep KGB henchman Putin in power but at least Putin does not his country and his base voters like our Gop.

  • Why Americans secretly love a gladiatorial blowhard like Donald Trump

    06/19/2015 5:30:41 AM PDT · 44 of 69
    ncalburt to Ann Archy
    I had lunch with Ross at the Dell cafeteria in Plano I Was at Dell for a class and Ross knew my relative I met for lunch.

    The guy is very funny and charming and very candid.
    He made the lunch hour fly by.

  • Amen: How Ted Cruz Has Already Won the Faith & Freedom Conference

    06/18/2015 10:10:06 PM PDT · 61 of 85
    ncalburt to Marcella
    why do you Cruz folks think you have the right to threaten anyone
    that call out Cruz for the fraud he is,

    who put you Cruz posters in charge .?

    You can't handle the truth.

    Today's vote was a smart set up by the Dems and will allow Pelosi to regain the House and Clinton the WH

    The ads write themselves.

    Dems fought unpopular Obama which sold out America and the Gop lead by Ryan and Cruz sold out the American worker.
    The GOP base is fed up and will not back anyone demanding a third party

    Good bye Cruz any other Gop option

    As Drudge put it GOP commits Suicide ..
    time for a third party the Gop is dead.



  • Cruz, Paul and Rubio Make Their Case to the Faithful

    06/18/2015 5:03:09 PM PDT · 13 of 23
    ncalburt to wastedyears
    Those two creatures are barely human anymore .

    But these three snakes are trying to play the Gop base as fools..

    I just called Traitor Marsha Blackburn office.
    and the moron on the phone could mot even explain why She stabbed us in the back.

    I asked why Marsha peddles herself as some conservative and sells all of out to Obama and Goldman Sachs and the Chamber !
    The guy was nasty and i told him to ask Marsha what it's like to sell out her community to Likes of Soros and Obama for her pieces of gold.
    The clown shouted then why did the Democrats not vote for it and I said because they are too smart and will gain back the riding the betrayal of Masha and all the phony conservatives who voted to flood the country with cheap labor for billionaires .
    She is toast and the guy heft and hung up !

  • 190 Republicans who voted to ignore 2/3 vote requirement for trade treaty (TPP)

    06/18/2015 4:53:25 PM PDT · 50 of 129
    ncalburt to Freedom_Is_Not_Free
    Sadly correct.

    This treason treaty will flood the YS will more overseas slave labor and kill us off.

  • Cruz Moves to Fine State Department for Illegally Withholding Key Iran Report

    06/18/2015 4:36:55 PM PDT · 9 of 11
    ncalburt to MN_Mike
    Who cares what this DC K street traitor does!

    This traitor sold out his country for his pals at Goldman Sachs , Hedge Funds Billionaires, and Semiconductor Billionaires..

  • Cruz, Paul and Rubio Make Their Case to the Faithful

    06/18/2015 4:34:04 PM PDT · 8 of 23
    ncalburt to TNMOUTH
    Sadly. the useful idiots like you that follow that DC insider Ted Goldman Sachs Cruz and the rest of the K Street Whore Party will be regret the day they voted to destroy this country

    The gop will be dead in 10 years .
    This treaty is all Really about massive amnesty and H1 visas by cheap foreigners who will flood this country like they have swept into England and France and Germany after the EU was created.

    And You Helped destroy your own country.


  • Cruz, Paul and Rubio Make Their Case to the Faithful

    06/18/2015 4:18:31 PM PDT · 6 of 23
    ncalburt to Diogenesis
    These three traitors need to be tarred and feathered and driven from office.

    They sold out everyone in the USA.

    We look upon these days as the days before the invasion of Rome.

    Cruz wanted his H -1 Visa and Ryan massive amnesty for there billionaire owners at Goldman Sachs , Austin Silicon valley ,and Las Vegas .

    The Gop is officially dead as of today.
    Obama and Soros owns them too !

  • Jim Jordan Puts GOP Leadership on Notice

    06/18/2015 6:00:13 AM PDT · 16 of 22
    ncalburt to Patton@Bastogne
    Can we stop posting these insulting LIES.
    and put down the Cruz kool aid.

    You folks should worry about Your Country and the massive damage this treason will do and not the DC insider hack Cruz.
    This treaty will destroy our kids future.
    and wipe out millions of US jobs so I could less about crooked Cruz.
    But snake Cruz is busy trying to ram this thru behind the scences like the rest of these traitors.
    Cruz is a Traitor.and. very sneaky DC insider.

    The guy is Goldman Sachs bag boy and a H-1 Visa whore.

    There is massive amnesty is this Secretive open treaty which gives a evil Anti American Barry, VJ and Soros unlimited power.

    Its lets the Amnesty whores like Ryan, McCarthy, Bonehead, and Cruz off the hook while selling us out to there major donors who demand cheap slave labor.They can lie later saying that Obama fooled them blah blah, blah
    This treasonous treaty will destroy this country forever.
    Wake up.


    06/18/2015 5:44:08 AM PDT · 4 of 41
    ncalburt to sheikdetailfeather
    Read and weep its really about giving VJ , Soros and Barry the ability to ram thru amnesty without the GOP traitors all over it.

    TPA is all about Amnesty which is why traitors
    Cruz who wants Massive flood of H-1 visas for his Austin billionaire donor and K street friends and Paul Amnesty Ryan who
    is owned by Adelson and every other K street money bags .

    Its all about Amnesty folks.

    Didn't Ryan and Cruz lie to everyone about this fact.

  • Hewitt: Right Now, Ted Cruz Is the GOP Frontrunner and Would ‘Kill’ Hillary In Debates

    06/18/2015 5:01:59 AM PDT · 24 of 45
    ncalburt to 2ndDivisionVet
    The DC insider and former Bush employee and pal of KStreet who sold us out to his wife's employer Goldman Sachs and to his billionaire donors demanding 350,000 H-1 visas which take away our fellow Americans jobs to chesp foreign labor .

    The guy is a traitor to thus country.

    We need a person who does not collaborate and connive behind closed doors with Pres VJ , Soros,Paul Amnesty Ryan, Bonehead, and Mitchy to sell out us to massive corporate soulless creatures.

  • Business groups vow: Trade pact will not die

    06/16/2015 5:23:35 AM PDT · 11 of 27
    ncalburt to bert
    Crony capitalism is RUNNING DC and wrote this secret Trojan horse that is SO awful they are hiding it from the USA tax payers .

    Crony capitalist demand a rigged market in which only they flourish and competitors dies off./> The little guy is crushed .

    Why do you think Goldman Sachs is running the Slime House

    Why was the GE CEO practically living at the Slime House .

    TPP is meant to kill off open markets and kill off small firms with rules and regulations written for massive Corporations like GE or Pfizer or Goldman Sachs or Google or Apple or VISA .

    Its an anti free trade monster that our bought off DC hacks are eagerly trying to ram thru in order to get a cut and before someone leaks the whole disaster to us the screwed US middle class. But you know all this and still post some nonsense about free trade

  • Business groups vow: Trade pact will not die

    06/16/2015 5:02:12 AM PDT · 8 of 27
    ncalburt to bert
    Can we please stop the telling the big LIE that this treason is about free trade.
    There is NO FREE TRADE in this Crony Capitalism Trojan
    horse cooked up by Goodman Sachs, Chamber of Crony Capitalism and phony Trade Groups run by GE and other multinational corporations.
    Its a seas of protections barriers to stop free trade and benefit only the K street and WSJ elite.

    What has been leaked from a secret document banned from the Little people shows the US middle class getting screwed Obama global warming taxes,
    US job getting shipped overseas, Explosion of amnesty , and Giving the most far-left dangerous and radical President EVER open treaty power to add anything he wants after it voted on.

    Its is a reckless and dangerous treaty meant to destroy the US laws replace it with some international court.
    But You well aware of these facts and still post misinformation.


    06/14/2015 9:57:09 PM PDT · 138 of 218
    ncalburt to 2ndDivisionVet
    Why are Cruz folks not concerned about the US middle class class that will be crushed by this deal but freaked out over poor Ted Cruz damaged political ambitions ,

    ?Read the list of Goldnan Sachs employees below that are Obana staffers .
    in the last Seven long years

    Goldman is everywhere! Goldman employee is going to make millions and so are there clients .

    So whose side is Cruz on again?

    Obama and Goldman's vs the US middle class. i.It the reality here.
    He has huge credibility issues taking VJ / Obana /Soros side against Regular Americans.


    06/14/2015 9:22:19 PM PDT · 136 of 218
    ncalburt to 2ndDivisionVet

    06/14/2015 9:21:09 PM PDT · 135 of 218
    ncalburt to MN_Mike
    Hey Can you Cruz folks please stop the half truth's and disinformation siege. /> You left off half of Heidi Cruz resume .

    She was a VP at Goldman until 2012. and her expertise is international trade .
    What are you trying to Hide by leaving that out ?
    How long has Goldman Sachs been working in this treason with VJ and Obama . Drudge calls it treason. Well its been cooking for Six years . A VP at Goldman get paid for work when finally is pays off years later such as TPP by the way. In her new recent position , Her clients are investors with 45 million portfolio and up.

    Who is going to benefit from the Crony capitalism disaster TPP cooked up by Goldman Sachs ?...
    Goldman employees and there Big clients ! Its fact and not a attack .Goldman help write the Secret deal. Does Cruz worry worry about the little folks and TPP.
    Whose side is Cruz taking here ?Think about it. Once Cruz help get cloture for fast track the cast was set for TPP to pass.All this other disinformation.. its tiring.

  • Ted Cruz ,Pit of Vipers and the Council on Foreign Relations member in his family

    06/14/2015 8:19:27 AM PDT · 172 of 334
    ncalburt to bray
    I do not have the time to explain how Corp VPs are paid.

    I have pool duty for the kids .bye