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  • Coverage of Montana At Large at 10PM ( and other web sites)

    05/25/2017 9:41:21 PM PDT · 410 of 434
    kabar to Stentor

    My bad. You are correct.

  • Coverage of Montana At Large at 10PM ( and other web sites)

    05/25/2017 9:33:55 PM PDT · 398 of 434
    kabar to Jane Long

    Michelle Fields and her boyfriend, Ben Jacobs, are both losers. They both tried to set up Reps.

  • Coverage of Montana At Large at 10PM ( and other web sites)

    05/25/2017 9:13:59 PM PDT · 364 of 434
    kabar to laconic

    There are no moral victories.

  • Coverage of Montana At Large at 10PM ( and other web sites)

    05/25/2017 8:56:19 PM PDT · 309 of 434
    kabar to LS
    G winning by 20K now and 7.5%. 54% reporting (369 of 681 precincts)

    Turn out the lights, the party is over.

  • Coverage of Montana At Large at 10PM ( and other web sites)

    05/25/2017 8:49:43 PM PDT · 291 of 434
    kabar to MinuteGal

    GA is next. The Dems have a real shot at the former Price seat. Handel is not a strong candidate.

  • When it Comes to Deportations, Trump Can’t Hold a Candle to Obama

    05/25/2017 7:44:00 PM PDT · 9 of 19
    kabar to Lorianne
    But you have to read three-quarters of the article to learn that Barack Obama was arresting more than twice as many immigrants as Trump -- 29,000 a month -- back in 2011, and you’d have to do your own research to learn that Obama arrested and deported even more people than that in his peak year, 2012. At the rate that Donald Trump is going, he will have to become far more aggressive if he ever wants to even come close to Obama’s immigrant arrest and removal record.

    What a bald-face f'ing lie. Obama had the fewest deportations since Nixon. He changed the way deportations were recorded, counting those found at the border as deportations.

    ICE Deportations Hit 10-Year Low

    Since Obama took office, the groups opposed to immigration enforcement have relentlessly leaned on their allies in the administration to ease up on deportations. At the same time, aware of public and congressional expectations that the laws be enforced, the administration has tried to create the impression that enforcement has been robust under Obama. The administration and its allies frequently point out that more than two million removals have occurred since 2009, an accomplishment that they characterize as record-breaking.

    But counting only removals as deportations presents a misleading picture of the level of enforcement. Removals are just one form of the deportation process that can be executed by any of the three DHS enforcement agencies (ICE, Border Patrol, and CBP officers at the port of entry). All three enforcement agencies also can process deportable aliens as a return (sometimes known as voluntary return), which is a lesser consequence. In general most border deportations are processed as returns and most interior deportations are processed as removals, but in recent years many more aliens apprehended at the border have been turned over to ICE for a brief period of detention and then removed in recent years, in a departure from the traditional "you catch 'em, you clean 'em" policies, where the arresting agency typically handles the deportation process. In addition, illegal border-crossers who have been removed previously, or who are prosecuted for smuggling or other crimes are turned over to ICE for processing. Under these scenarios, the Border Patrol will count the case as an apprehension, which is their marquee enforcement metric, and ICE will count the case as a deportation.

    Under Obama, a much larger number of Border Patrol cases were transferred to ICE for processing than had been the case under prior administrations. In 2008, the last year of the George W. Bush administration, just over a third of deportations credited to ICE were border cases, and two-thirds were interior cases. In 2016, more than two-thirds of the deportation cases credited to ICE were border cases, and less than a third were interior cases.

    Thus a comparison of removal numbers alone is not meaningful or sufficient to evaluate the relative deportation performance of the Obama administration. Focusing only on removal numbers produces an inflated picture of enforcement.

    For a more accurate apples-to-apples comparison of enforcement from year to year, it is more appropriate to examine interior deportations and border deportations as separate and distinct types of enforcement. As noted above, the interior deportations have declined considerably since 2010. Neither the Border Patrol nor CBP publishes the total number of deportations executed, and many of the cases are transferred to ICE, so year-by-year comparisons of border deportations alone are impossible using open source statistics. However, it is possible to compare total deportations executed by all immigration agencies using figures on removals and returns that have been tracked by the immigration agency since 1892, and now appear in the Yearbook.

    The Obama administration has completed a total of 5.3 million deportations, counting both interior and border cases. That is a little over half the number of deportations under the George W. Bush administration. The true record for deportations was set by the Clinton administration, which completed 12.3 million deportations.

    As Table 1 shows, the Obama administration completed the lowest average annual number of deportations since the Nixon administration. Notably, the number of border-crossers (and probably the number of recidivists) is much less now than was the case under the Bush and Clinton administrations, and that is probably the main reason total deportations are lower; but the Obama administration simply could explain that, rather than try to artificially manufacture a record by cherry-picking one type of deportation to count.

  • Bozell: 'Terrible Liars' at USAA Claim Hannity Ad Pulled Because It Doesn’t Advertise Opinion Shows

    05/25/2017 7:27:24 PM PDT · 10 of 21
    kabar to whistleduck

    I am a 49 year member of USAA with car, homeowners, umbrella, and life insurance with them. I will be making my views known on Tuesday as well. I am disgusted with their actions and their response.

  • Jared Kushner Now Under FBI Scrutiny in Russia Probe, Say Officials

    05/25/2017 4:12:24 PM PDT · 18 of 96
    kabar to mandaladon

    Old news. Already declared “person of interest.” They just keep repackaging this stuff to keep it on the radar.

  • Sanctuary cities lose access to federal grants that require complying with federal immigration...

    05/25/2017 10:51:41 AM PDT · 56 of 59
    kabar to Monkey Face

    When you reward something, you get more of it.

  • MELTDOWN IN MONTANA Fox News team witnesses GOP House candidate 'body slam' reporter

    05/24/2017 10:41:41 PM PDT · 56 of 167
    kabar to TexasRepublic

    He asked him politely several times to back off. The guy persisted and got his just desserts.

  • First on CNN: AG Sessions did not disclose meetings with Russian officials, DOJ says

    05/24/2017 6:25:30 PM PDT · 67 of 72
    kabar to Cementjungle

    He then amended his Senate Judiciary Committee testimony to note the two reported interactions he had with Kislyak. In the amended testimony, the former Alabama senator said he spoke “briefly” in July 2016 to the Russian ambassador during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. He also said that he spoke with the Russian ambassador in September 2016 in his Senate office with his staff members. He said he did not initially list those meetings because he did not think they were relevant to the questions asked during the confirmation proceedings.

    He added: “I do not recall any discussions with the Russian ambassador or any other representative of the Russian government, regarding the political campaign on these occasions or any other occasion.”

  • First on CNN: AG Sessions did not disclose meetings with Russian officials, DOJ says

    05/24/2017 6:22:27 PM PDT · 66 of 72
    kabar to EDINVA
    One of the "meetings" with the Russian ambassador was invited to the Rep Convention where Sessions shook hands with him in public. No private meeting. This is all nonsense.

    Sessions is the person the Dems fear the most and the one they would like to remove at all costs. Not going to work.

  • How a dubious Russian document influenced the FBI’s handling of the Clinton probe

    05/24/2017 3:19:00 PM PDT · 16 of 40
    kabar to navysealdad

    Sounds like a big story is about to break and the WP wants to put its spin on it to soften the impact on the Clintons.

  • PBS 'Frontline' Director Wrongly Claims 7-Year Navy Vet Steve Bannon Had Zero Military Experience

    05/24/2017 3:16:41 PM PDT · 22 of 39
    kabar to DoughtyOne

    The recusal was probably a mistake, but it may have been strategically the best course given the Dems and the MSM’s attacks on him for his “Russian contacts.” Hopefully, he will have a narrow definition as to what he must recuse himself from. Investigations into the unmasking of Americans, Obama’s use of the IC to spy on his political opponents, and the operation of the Clinton Foundation should not require Sessions to recuse himself.

  • Sanctuary cities lose access to federal grants that require complying with federal immigration...

    05/24/2017 3:11:14 PM PDT · 9 of 59
    kabar to Cheerio

    Right you are.

  • Best Buds Mueller and Comey Target Trump

    05/24/2017 3:10:02 PM PDT · 16 of 22
    kabar to Mozilla
    And Comey was "hiding" in the middle of the audience directly in front of Trump:

  • PBS 'Frontline' Director Wrongly Claims 7-Year Navy Vet Steve Bannon Had Zero Military Experience

    05/24/2017 3:02:03 PM PDT · 17 of 39
    kabar to DoughtyOne

    It shows you whom they fear most. Jeff Sessions is number 1 on the hit parade. He is the most dangerous person to the Dems and their agenda. They will do anything to try to take him down.

  • Sanctuary cities lose access to federal grants that require complying with federal immigration...

    05/24/2017 2:56:25 PM PDT · 5 of 59
    kabar to A CA Guy
    Obama used the cut off of federal funding to schools that did not adopt Michelle's school lunch program. The Federal government used highway funds to force states to comply with federal speed limits. This resistance to federal law is all BS.

    I would like to prosecute the mayors and governors who openly defy the law. There should also be federal supplied lawyers to assist people who are victims of illegal alien crime in sanctuary cities so they can sue the local officials and government.

  • White House leakers identified; to be fired

    05/23/2017 6:47:45 AM PDT · 204 of 225
    kabar to Blue Highway
    Only a year or so ago someone would react the same way you did if you claimed Paul Ryan or Scott Walker were RINOs and we ALL know that they are.

    I never had that opinion of Ryan, whom I consider a RINO and the epitome of the GOPe. Walker's true colors were revealed during the presidential campaign.

    we ALL know that they are. Jeff Sessions is today’s conservative darling (not sure why really as I can see through the veneer) only time will tell and then Freepers will be saying they never liked him.

    That will never be me. I have worked with Senator Sessions and his office on the issue of immigration for nearly ten years as a member of a grassroots organization that lobbies on the Hill. Jeff Sessions is a man of character, integrity, and principle. His constituents know that and so do the Dems, which is why Sessions ran unopposed by the Dems in his last reelection bid.

    The Dems fought his nomination to AG viciously despite being a member of the Senate club. When the Reps took over the senate, McConnell and the GOPe screwed Sessions in committee chairman assignments. He has been a thorn in the side of the GOPe.

    In the short time that Sessions has been AG, he has taken many actions that fulfill the promises and positions he has taken on law enforcement and immigration.

    I supported Trump from the day he came down that escalator because of his positions on immigration and trade. Those positions come from one of the best political templates for victory ever written by a Rep. I am referring to the seminal, brilliant piece that Sessions wrote in March 13, 2014, i.e., Becoming the Party of Work--How the GOP can help struggling Americans, and itself. It should be required reading for every Rep candidate seeking elective office. Trump obviously read it, which is why he won.

    The transfer of Steve Miller from the Sessions senate staff to the Trump campaign early on even before Sessions endorsed Trump was the harbinger of things to come. Steve wrote Trump's campaign position papers on immigration and trade. As a side note, he also was the main author of Trump's speech in Riyadh.

    Trump is not a conservative. He will take actions that you and I might not like, but overall he is doing more conservative things than Bush 41 or 43. As long as Sessions and Miller remain in place and Kris Kobach enjoys an advisor role, I couldn't be happier, especially considering the alternative. Trump has learned from Sessions that the way to break the Dem dominance, i.e., the Dems have won the popular vote in 6 out of the last 7 elections, is to go after their traditional constituencies using the protection of American workers and jobs. Immigration and trade provide the tools to do that.

    If Trump were ever to remove Sessions or Miller, he would lose me. This is why I totally disagree with your assessment of Sessions based on my personal and professional assessment of him. He is the indispensable man for me.

    Is there any discernible difference between a Mike Pence and a Jeff Sessions? To me they seem like a distinction without a difference.

    Immigration is one issue where there is a major difference. Pence's "touchback amnesty" is an example. That said, I think Pence and Sessions are loyal to the President. And I am not going to allow the perfect to be the enemy of the good. The GOP needs to unite and develop a consensus on policy to take advantage of their current control over Congress and the WH. It is a rare opportunity to reverse what is going on. The current circular firing squad led by McCain, Graham, Flake, and Sasse is sure to make the GOP the permanent minority party.

  • Comey to meet privately with Mueller before Senate hearing

    05/22/2017 5:27:11 PM PDT · 68 of 111
    kabar to navysealdad

    I suspect that Comey will cancel the Senate meeting after meeting with Mueller.