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  • Kavanaugh’s Accuser Max Stier Is Former Clinton Lawyer, Obama Donor

    09/18/2019 5:47:21 AM PDT · 9 of 23
    jazzlite to Liz
    …”Dems are social predators and sociopaths with no conscience and in a perfect world, would be hunted down and caged for the protection of humanity and society.”...

    I really believe that normal citizens of all political persuasions are becoming “woke” to this revolutionary effort by our very Democratic government and media institutions who have designed themselves to kill the American way of life and liberty for all not in their little club. In my mind, what we are seeing from the New York Times and the far left is very close to demonic. We have seen it before in the late 30s in Germany. Is this desperation on their part or is it a lust for dictatorial power that is willing to go to any length of criminality to impoverish and subject our nation to unbelievable suffering to satisfy their lust to dominate all wealth and to determine who lives and who dies? We live on an awesome and wonderful planet and, in America, we fought a civil war so that all here could taste freedom and we have, but, the bottom line is that envy and hate is corrosive to the human soul without God. And, that is where our political enemies who fit the mold of liars and cheaters are. God help them. Pray that their eyes will be opened.

  • Julián Castro Calls for Impeachment of ‘Sexual Predator’ Kavanaugh

    09/16/2019 8:30:36 AM PDT · 75 of 87
    jazzlite to odawg

    ...”The Leftists are using incrementalism. They publish these smears and get the sought after anguished outcries, and then correct the record later. They feel sure that sufficient thousands of people never get the correction and will vote accordingly. Month after month with these smears and the thousands add up, they hope, to sway an election.”...

    These elites, few of whom are real writers or journalists, who have an extraordinary interest in making everything heterosexual dirty, but great interest in making anything LGBT worthy of protection along the lines of race, within our nation. The NYTimes and their colleagues in the other major media are like the boy who cried “wolf.” Their drama and lies are wearing Americans out and we are beginning to greet their outrageous claims with a “Ho-Hum.” How do we analyze their illogical madness? Is it natural, does it reflect what living so far from real life in New York and California, does to people. Are they addicted to substances? Are they all narcissists and wealthy so they do not have to go to real jobs everyday to feed a family? Do they have families, considering that they love infant deaths brought about through abortion? Boggles my mind to try and figure it out because most of them look so normal. And, oh yes, Mr. Castro, does not hesitate to enter into elder abuse which we saw him carry out against Joe Biden in that debate. Don’t you wish you could know what is going to happen to Castro, healthwise, when he gets old? I sometimes doubt that his generation and beyond will make it to old age. They will bring down their country so that others will rule or new diseases will come along to take down those who live too long on rage and substances, partying and lusting for power, without ever knowing what it was like to have a real job. My faith tells me that God will have the last word. I believe my Bible says that the Creator is not fond of lies and that old thing called, envy. Carry on, folks. Humanity has seen this kind of thing since the beginning of time.

  • Ted Cruz: Trump Will Lose in 2020 if He Cuts Deal on Gun Control

    09/14/2019 5:22:20 AM PDT · 79 of 162
    jazzlite to conservative98

    I totally agree with Cruz. This is not a time to cave on people who merely know and understand the realities of life and of the distinct possibility, considering the collapse of our culture on the left, that we may have to defend ourselves against a tyrannical government. It is perilously close to that this very day. I have just read from Drudge and the WSJ an article describing “woke” medical schools who are now teaching social justice rather than how to heal sick people. This is straight up Nazi stuff and it is darn scary. Do you want your Dr. indoctrinating you concerning how you think and live your life and if you do not comply, you do not get treatment? We are on the brink, folks. They are coming out of the woodwork.

  • O'Rourke: Yes, I'm taking your guns

    09/13/2019 3:00:27 AM PDT · 70 of 75
    jazzlite to Trump20162020

    These are the rants of a wealthy “Trust fund” baby who never saw the inside of real life for 95% of Americans. I seriously doubt that he could pass a test for citizenship in this country due to the lack of learning about our nation, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Mr. Beto does not realize that when he takes the First and Second Amendment away from the majority of Americans, he will also lose his rights because his Revolution will not be for just us. I can hardly stand to watch his ignorance displayed. His narcissism, his feeling of entitlement, the boredom he has felt in his privileged life where he made no real contribution to anything that could not be bought with money, is just so disgusting, I cannot even find the words to describe it.

  • North Carolina’s special election is great news for Trump’s reelection chances

    09/11/2019 1:49:02 PM PDT · 14 of 23
    jazzlite to 2ndDivisionVet

    I thought it was a great win considering the name recognition and the 2 year campaign the Democrat had run on. The Republican had only been campaigning for what, 6 months?

  • North Carolina’s special election is great news for Trump’s reelection chances

    09/11/2019 1:46:29 PM PDT · 13 of 23
    jazzlite to Governor Dinwiddie

    ...”They don’t even have a clue about the real America.”...

    Exactly right! Most real Americans are not talking and they certainly are not answering the phone when pollsters call. They do show up for Trump rallies, though.

  • Melania Trump was the showstopper at Kennedy gorgeous blue caped-gown [tr]

    09/10/2019 5:59:19 AM PDT · 13 of 38
    jazzlite to nwrep

    ...”That is truly a crime.”...

    YES! The radical, leftist, women’s fashion “sorority,” doesn’t want to compete with Melania. She is way too smart, charming and feminine and she loves being a Mom.

  • CNN's #ClimateTownHall Does the Nation a Great Service

    09/06/2019 6:06:48 AM PDT · 24 of 28
    jazzlite to photodawg

    How much do you bet that when Civil War actually begins, these pajama boys and girls will run and hide. I believe many of those who love to cover their faces and beat up innocent people are using drugs and that is where the cowards get their courage. I hate to think it, but, in some of the leftist states, I believe that drug use may rampant in the leadership, as well. Only paralyzed frontal lobes could bring us some of what we are seeing. Remember the 60s Revolutions, with all the drug use, violence, free love and Charlie Manson? If you are not old enough, look it up, because we have been here before. What makes today more dangerous is that some of these types now hold government jobs and the major media is no longer about journalism. Leftist propaganda is their gig and big tech is the monopoly promoting a lot of the bad stuff going on in America today.

  • Pete Buttigieg: It’s “Immoral” for Christians to Ignore Climate Change, But Abortion Up to Birth OK

    09/06/2019 5:48:39 AM PDT · 17 of 30
    jazzlite to DrPretorius
    …”There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever in my mind that this country is downright doomed, since a majority of the people continue to elect, re-elect, and re-re-elect adulterers, sodomites, and murderers as our leaders.”...

    Ephesians 6:12-13 “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore, put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground.”

    I pray for those whose narcissism and lust for power over others blinds them to truth and wisdom, so that they fall into a place where neither truth nor wisdom cannot be found.

    When such people gain power, many years of civilization can be lost through poverty, war and, yes, disease. Dictatorships never promote peace or anything else positive for humanity. Hollywood blacklists are yet another sign of the hedonistic class wanting their brand of dictatorship as punishment for those they hate. “Payday, someday,” as they say.

  • Pro-Abortion Kamala Harris Tells Trump Admin: ‘A Society Is Judged Based On How It Treats Children’

    09/06/2019 4:48:20 AM PDT · 13 of 26
    jazzlite to Morgana
    My Bible states that death is the enemy of all humanity and that Christ came to overcome the sin which results in death. It gives me chills to think of those who love abortion and the death it brings to our most innocent. Of course, we all know that a dictatorship which endorses abortion would not stop at the love of the deaths of innocents. They would expand that to other groups they want to eliminate. The practice and brutality of pedophiles and the love of abortion, to me, is plain evidence of the existence of the dark principalities and powers which infect our world. One day all that will end and then justice will come. Until then, those who oppose the practice of abortion will be hated by those who love it and gain wealth from it.
  • NYT Keeps Readers In The Dark On Bernie Sanders’ Population Control Comments

    09/06/2019 4:32:36 AM PDT · 8 of 19
    jazzlite to Morgana

    Does America understand what dictatorship looks like? I wonder, because I cannot think of a single Democratic candidate which is not a constant and clear endorsement for the establishment of a brutal dictatorship. Dictatorships take by force all of your rights and freedoms right down to your right to live. They get power through promoting division through lies and they promise freedom and stuff while garnering power with the naïve and ignorant. They love to blame the innocent for the sins of the guilty in hopes that the guilty will prove to be a reliable force when they get the revolution they so desire. Why anyone would vote for a Democrat for any office what-so-ever in 2020 or in the future with ideas like we heard about through that CNN seven hour town hall is mind boggling. Is 75% of our population on mind altering drugs?!

  • Success Breeds Failure

    08/30/2019 9:01:38 AM PDT · 25 of 53
    jazzlite to BEJ

    Well said!

  • Success Breeds Failure

    08/30/2019 8:58:49 AM PDT · 23 of 53
    jazzlite to BBQToadRibs

    “Even today’s poor live lives undreamed of by royalty less than a century ago.”

    Yes. Air conditioning, running water, indoor bathrooms, medical care, vaccines to prevent terrible diseases, all kinds of entertainment, public schools, food stamps, automobiles, airplanes, world-wide travel, libraries, a church of your choice, predicted life span between 70-80 years. Free nation to live in (until now. remains to be seen whether the left ruins that), etc. etc.

  • Ocasio-Cortez warns that melting glaciers could release ancient diseases (We're all gonna die alert)

    08/29/2019 4:06:09 AM PDT · 5 of 50
    jazzlite to Zakeet
    When I go the the library, I can choose between fiction and nonfiction books. How I wish Americans would do the same regarding fairy tale news. Anyone who claims to be a prophet of what is going to happen in the future, especially someone who is NOT trained in science and history, is no more than a fortune teller or a spinner of stories for entertainment. AOC knows she is a celebrity more than a politician and she is doing and saying anything she can to get film and air time. It is working for her because our nation is now running on the noxious gas of ignorance, rather than wisdom. That is the real environmental danger we face.
  • Oregon official objects to diversity training on white privilege, could be ‘shaming to Caucasians’

    08/24/2019 11:47:14 AM PDT · 8 of 39
    jazzlite to Vaduz

    One day, something will happen which will do away with all of the delusions which have been constructed to give certain elites all the power over the population, so they can decide who should be enslaved, who should be free and who should, unfortunately, be eradicated. Out of that will come war and devastation which will promote those who know how to do commonplace things to the head of the pack because commonplace wisdom will be the survival tool. All of these imaginations will be history because they only exist in the evil part of human hearts for some kind of personal benefit. When basic survival is the goal, things change.

  • The Fed can’t rescue us from the coming supply-shock recession

    08/24/2019 11:35:31 AM PDT · 70 of 81
    jazzlite to GOP Congress

    Your post is full of wisdom. Too bad so many people do not understand what is going on. At some point, events will bring down the house that George Orwell warned us about decades ago. Lately, I have read several examples of how the left constantly changes our language in a way that confuses our perception of what is said. Recently, I have read several articles which no longer refer to a spouse as a husband or wife. Now, they are referred to in elite circles, as “partners,” so that one does not know whether they cohabitate or are gay. I resent that. I want to know whether people are married or not, and, it would be helpful to know if they are gay. Such a thing would not discriminate against anyone, but would just give us an idea of the culture we live in. Some of us are slow learners and need time to change perceptions we always thought were timeless.

  • Epstein’s Web

    08/24/2019 11:10:48 AM PDT · 11 of 24
    jazzlite to cymbeline

    Yes. This was an excellent article and very interesting and believable analysis.

  • The Charlottesville Hoax That Would Not Die

    08/16/2019 4:11:59 AM PDT · 3 of 17
    jazzlite to Kaslin

    Forget a specific political party and just consider intelligence, logic, the ability to think, and simple human decency when you contemplate how this President has been treated. Anyone with those qualities surely would be appalled at the distortion of common decency and morality as he/she looks at how what the President said about Charlottesville was twisted and distorted in a ghoulish way to present a lie to the public. He, like the majority of his accusers, has done plenty to be accurately criticized for, but not from that Charlotte statement. The brutality thrown at this President by those who lust for the power over this country and it’s resources surely must be unprecedented in our history. One has to look a the fallen nature of mankind and contemplate what true wisdom is to understand such a departure from the things all of us need to know about the relationship of truth to our existence. Not one person who lives is perfect or even near to perfect. Good and evil are real, and some individuals truly are evil in a spiritual sense. President Trump needs to go to Psalms in the Bible and read the words of King David, who had many enemies, and, like our President. had sinned in his personal life. However, he was God’s man for his time, though that did not relieve the angst he felt from the hatred of his enemies. “My enemies say of me in malice, ‘When will he die..when will his name perish?’ Whenever one comes to see me, he speaks falsely, while his heart gathers slander and then he goes out and spreads it abroad. All my enemies whisper together against me, they imagine the worst for me, saying, ‘A vile disease has beset him; he will never get up from the place where he lies.” Psalm 41:4-7 The Psalms showed that a very imperfect King David was God’s man for his time. I believe that too many of us, in this time, are so damaged by prosperity and the false communication of what we are to hope and strive for during our brief time upon this earth, that we have corrupted, through the very development of technology and mass communication, falsehoods, in every respect, that could end life as we know it on our planet. It is not climate change which will do us in. It is our spiritual deafness which will destroy us. President Trump will be fine, win or lose. He has already survived relentless attacks which would have destroyed most other people. I believe that only spiritual strength and love for his countrymen & women could have provided him with that strength. Enemies, like the President’s, who are willing to play as dirty as they have to, in their desperate grasp for power, will face consequences at some point. I have no idea what those might be, but I believe such things were set into place upon creation of this world and will not be denied. I do not practice the same kind of religion that Marianne Williamson does but the tenets and values of mine and hers are very much the same. Those who practice situation ethics should consider what she is saying. Good and evil will never depart from us in this world, but wise, tolerant people, willing to risk speaking the truth and willing to confront evil, even when threatened by powerful forces, could possibly save us from our darker tendencies which will prove, in the end, to be our real enemy.

  • Watching The View (Involuntarily)

    08/15/2019 9:35:29 AM PDT · 19 of 25
    jazzlite to Williams
    ...”Only heartening thing is a woman in the waiting room started talking about how she hates this show, how disrespectful they are to the president, but never criticized Obama.”...

    People like this lady are out here by the millions. They just fear to say anything because the goons represented by the Democrats, they think, might hurt them, literally and figuratively. The “silent majority,” will speak when the time is right. They are not going to be willing to allow themselves, to be sent to any gulag.

  • Conservative Teenager Banned from YouTube for Her Respectful Opposition to LGBT Movement

    08/15/2019 3:26:05 AM PDT · 20 of 24
    jazzlite to Tolerance Sucks Rocks

    Special interests and identity politics now rule the information that can be put out there for discussion. I don’t think the first Amendment is useful only when the special interests agree. We have entered Orwellian territory in America. Sad and dangerous.