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  • Wikileaks:Journalists Dined at Top Clinton Staffers' Homes Days Before Hillary's ...(trunc)

    10/23/2016 9:21:31 AM PDT · 16 of 19
    i_robot73 to GOPJ
    It's time for a new conservative network...

    Far, far to long overdue. Fox was the thrill up the leg for quite a few...the hope and dream, 'til they noticed that wasn't water raining down.

    Hell, it's time for an HONEST news outlet. No talking heads, details w/out bias. At least the 'net has loosened the strangle-hold over the 'news'; guess that's why it's being given away (too much THINK starting).
  • Clinton says she has 'no concerns' that Trump will try to jailher

    10/23/2016 8:55:14 AM PDT · 46 of 70
    i_robot73 to NonValueAdded; bk1000; JudyinCanada

    >There is no such restriction in the Constitution. The power of the Pardon is absolute.

    Govt created to ensure, defend and uphold our inalienable Rights too, but we all know that not to be the case in many a moon. Try bringing up your 5th A. Rights in a ‘tax court’ or 2nd in any ‘may issue’ State, or...

    The Constitution is only cited/upheld, strictly so, when it favors those whose asses should be in Club Fed.

  • If Clinton wins, America, kiss your right to self-defense good-bye

    10/21/2016 3:59:21 PM PDT · 32 of 49
    i_robot73 to richardb72

    The same for the any number of Rights...

    Property being just one of said inalienable. Yet, I have a hard time remembering it being staunchly defended. In fact, I have a ‘pay stub’ showing how little of this Right, as they steal a goodly % to give to others and ‘save’...for ‘my benefit’ (should I live that long and they *allow*), of course.

    I haven’t seen any roving bands of Patriots removing these tyrants from office nor head from shoulders. So, call me skeptical if one wishes

  • Hillary Clinton Defends Killing Babies in Partial-Birth Abortions: “Government Shouldn’t Step In”

    10/21/2016 10:34:42 AM PDT · 65 of 65
    i_robot73 to detective

    >“Government Shouldn’t Step In”

    Gov’t stepped-in it when it created a ‘right’ out of thin air which directly contradicted the Rights of all Men (”...*Life*, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness...”).

    Course, what does one expect from the logical shallows of those supporting killing a baby in utero while championing the abolition of the death penalty.

  • ‘I Had Nothing to Do With That!’ Obama Dodges Blame For Skyrocketing Premiums

    10/20/2016 3:44:31 PM PDT · 65 of 89
    i_robot73 to Liz

    >...Intended to be his signature domestic achievement, Obamacare is well on its way to becoming the Royal Idiot’s biggest failure...

    Au contraire! It was another coffin nail in the final destruction of our Republic, illegally Federalizing 1/6 of the economy, proving GOVT can FORCE that was once voluntary into a mandatory state and allowing all 3 branches to run roughshod upon the whole of Constitution (Legislate outside the bounds of authority, Judiciary to re-write the ‘law’ to their liking and the Executive to re-write and harass the People w/ the IRS+).

    The (R)NC\GOP??? Crickets, in an election year of all times!

  • Voters Support School Choice

    10/19/2016 12:24:29 PM PDT · 5 of 5
    i_robot73 to MNDude; MichCapCon

    >Problem with school choice is it’ll start bringing the riff-raff into the good schools.

    If/until ‘school choice’ = paying one’s own way for their own brood (IE: Biz [results = more want = more $$ = no riff-raff])

    Plus, how WONDERFUL it would be to restore FREEDOM again and drop the ‘you’ll NEVER own it’ property taxes for the same reason.

  • Hillary stole State Department furniture

    10/18/2016 5:31:34 AM PDT · 92 of 93
    i_robot73 to thoughtomator

    This woman really does think she can treat the US government as her own personal property.

    You mis-typed ‘US tax-payer’.

    What does one expect when selling State secrets and quid-pro-quo aren’t prosecuted, let alone larceny and theft

  • The Easy, Uncomplicated Way To Get Rich

    10/17/2016 11:28:34 AM PDT · 10 of 18
    i_robot73 to 2ndDivisionVet

    The Easy, Uncomplicated Way To Get Rich....

    A: Get elected (or the ‘on the inside’). Then get fat off the public Treasury....’legally’.

  • Face it: Property taxes are forcing Illinoisans out of their homes

    10/14/2016 11:33:16 AM PDT · 61 of 110
    i_robot73 to Uncle Lonny

    The property tax is the most unfair tax of them all. You can be on your deathbed with no income and if you dont pay your tribute to the county mafia you will be thrown out of a home that you may have worked a lifetime to buy.

    The ‘problem’ is in your presumption: They cannot tax what you own. Ergo, you bought the house, but NOT the ‘property’.

  • Hey, Millennials, Do Deficits Matter?

    10/14/2016 5:12:38 AM PDT · 19 of 26
    i_robot73 to expat_panama

    IMO, the most important will never be discussed: the illegality and unconstitutional of said Acts, counter to our Rights.

    The Right has no idea how to successfully counter the narrative, arguing from the premise of the Socialists, never the root

  • Hey, Millennials, Do Deficits Matter?

    10/14/2016 5:08:22 AM PDT · 17 of 26
    i_robot73 to cgbg

    At some point the government will just issue a new currency—call them Patriots—at 10 cents on the dollar and everything will be worth 90% less including the deficit.

    That is how it is normally done in third world countries, and we are well on our way to becoming a third world country.

    Been done once when we went from a Republic to a Democracy (Treasury\silver\gold to Federal Reserve Notes)

  • SHAME! Juanita Broaddrick and Paula Jones SLAM Joy Behar for calling them tramps

    10/11/2016 8:47:19 AM PDT · 16 of 23
    i_robot73 to Steely Tom

    It’s all politics now.

    Global warming, abortion, rape, sex, bathrooms... all politics.

    Did our side do this?

    A: Yes. Evil to prevail and all that....


    10/10/2016 6:43:06 PM PDT · 40 of 51
    i_robot73 to ViLaLuz

    >Moderators should not be journalists.

    That’s easy: ‘cuz they AREN’T either.

    Don’t conflate the teleprompter-reading talking-heads *opinion* for that of *news*.

    Unfort., the (R)NC could give 2 sh!ts about ‘objectivity’; they want to be LIKED and invited onto said shows. You can’t be principled in Constitutional ideology and be part of the ‘round-table’...

  • World Leaders Try to Ban Another Greenhouse Gas

    10/10/2016 6:15:28 PM PDT · 48 of 60
    i_robot73 to PROCON

    >It seems I recall John Efin Kerry also wanting to eliminate our use of air conditioning or make it unbelievably expensive to use it.

    Start w/ Congress and EVERY govt building, station, outhouse and doghouse (ESPECIALLY each/every elected govt persons house(s)\car(s)\etc.)....THEN we’ll pencil in the ‘talk’.

  • Bank of America has a recession warning that's downright 'scary' (Wall St & MSM pivot on Hillary)

    10/10/2016 6:11:22 PM PDT · 51 of 58
    i_robot73 to EnglishOnly

    I’m inclined to think that all will suffer in this Nation, for their Stupidity in putting the Obama’s into the White House for 2 terms.

    Finance is not something the current administration knows anything about , and it shows.

    Smart money is moving off shore, and when (not,,-if) the bottom falls out..............when it gives....get out of the way because there is no bottom or Safety Net this time. We will all be long.............gone, to ever see it come back.

    Obama has been a complete disaster for the USA. Nobody rides for free. Enjoy the show, because you’ve paid a steep price for being foolish America, -it will be here, (in my opinion) ...soon!.

    Administration? The whole of GOVT doesn’t ‘understand’ economics.

    First, and foremost, the Prez. doesn’t do D!CK w/out the consent and approval of Congress (keepers of the ‘purse strings’). The ‘small govt’ (R)NC\GOPe have done *NOTHING* to suppress, let alone halt, the (illegal) run-away spending of Zero.

    “Mr. Finance”, the SotH, can’t get a ‘balanced budget’ outside of 20yrs!! Talk about kicking the can down the road (as if the road will be there in 20 yrs). 3rd rail of politics won’t EVER be touched, regardless of how unconstitutional and illegal it may be.

    Going to place blame, place it where it is due.

  • Back us so we can block Clinton agenda, say some Republicans

    10/10/2016 10:15:50 AM PDT · 26 of 49
    i_robot73 to Brilliant

    I read that Hiilary is going to impose a 25% tax on new guns. The only thing that stands in her way is the Congressional GOP. I dont think there is any doubt the GOP would block that if they have a majority. But if they are in the minority, I am pretty sure it will pass.

    Block it because of a majority? What did they BLOCK, *BEING* the majority, of Zero??

    I say, go for it. Attach the verbiage to abortions, voting, welfare, etc.: Some Rights are more inalienable that others it would seem...not as if the (R) could articulate what a ‘Right’ is to begin, let alone broach the subject [that might get People to start thinking].

  • Iceland to sentence ninth banker found guilty of market manipulation that helped caused 2008 crash

    10/09/2016 4:28:36 PM PDT · 17 of 21
    i_robot73 to Freedom_Is_Not_Free

    How about the politicians that caused the problem in the first place. How many US politicians have been convicted?

    Silence. All are above the law.

    Correction: This IS *NO* law.

  • House Bill Protects Members of 17 Failed Obamacare CO-OPs from Uninsured Penalty

    10/09/2016 4:19:59 PM PDT · 6 of 6
    i_robot73 to george76

    Like any other boogey-men of the ‘small govt’ (until they’re elected (R)NC\GOPe: Nibble around the edges, pass some ‘feel good’ legislation but never, repeat NEVER, take it head-on.

  • (Stefan Molyneux) The Truth About The Donald Trump Controversy

    10/09/2016 3:59:28 PM PDT · 16 of 28
    i_robot73 to Hulka

    Brett opened Fox News by saying that Trumps performance tonight is to “save his campaign.”
    I had no idea it needed saving.

    Unfort., the ‘education system’ has had 100+yrs to do what they set out to do from the start: build a population of non=thinking factory workers.

    Those that conflate the talking-head, teleprompter-readers OPINIONS for ‘news’ are *not* whom you’d want voting to begin.

  • GOP seeks to block ObamaCare settlements with insurers

    10/07/2016 9:09:16 AM PDT · 24 of 24
    i_robot73 to Extremely Extreme Extremist

    You miss my point, FRiend. If there WAS an opposition party, Mrs. Snowjob wouldn’t have been ON the committee to allow the vote; if not IN the (R) party to begin. Any blow-back from that fiasco?? Nope.

    Hard to vote against that which, at the time, the (R)NC\GOP(e) were busy, rushing to the cameras and news shows claiming, “But...but OUR plan...”.

    Not a Constitutional basis\done in the whole friggin’ lot....’cloture’ or not. Didn’t stop SCoTUS or the Prez from re-writting\changing on the fly either.

  • GOP seeks to block ObamaCare settlements with insurers

    10/06/2016 6:22:22 PM PDT · 20 of 24
    i_robot73 to M-cubed; Extremely Extreme Extremist

    If it wasn’t’t for that b-—h Olympia Snow, Obamacare wouldn’t even be alive today.<<

    Bingo!!!.....she sold out the Republicans and voted it out of committee knowing full well the dems would pass it and then voted no on it to cover her sorry a$$!!!

    Sorry, but bullsh!t. She is but one cog in the machine known as ‘GOVT’. Controlling the purse strings, and the GOP\RNC gave Zero the blank check EVERY single time.

    They couldn’t even counter it on the basis of the Constitution, ‘cuz that would make people start to take note.

    They didn’t even TRY to stop the process ala ‘every trick in the book’; it was the wink-wink nudge-nudge of the Uniparty.

  • Kaine: Clinton Wants To Increase The Payroll Tax

    10/05/2016 8:29:09 AM PDT · 50 of 61
    i_robot73 to wgmalabama; Mr. Douglas; pieceofthepuzzle

    I get tired of people who want to remove the cap when they don’t even understand the benifits formula. SS is she’ll game that just enriches the government. Why on gods earth would any conservative be for removing the cap? We should be fighting to remove all SS tax and programs.

    Thank you for the return to reality moment. Holy schnikies!

    As if the Ponzi scheme were valid, let alone VIABLE, to begin...stealing one’s property, to ‘invest’, to be given (if you survive) at THEIR leisure and stipulations.

    Next I’ll hear is the ‘(C)’ clamoring for outright theft, “Well, the ‘rich’ don’t REALLY need to be ‘paid back’, they should forego...”

  • House to vote this week on contempt for former Clinton IT staffer

    09/26/2016 6:05:30 PM PDT · 19 of 21
    i_robot73 to Attention Surplus Disorder

    I don’t understand why there is a vote.

    They subpoena’ed him.

    He didn’t show.

    That is contempt.

    Right now.

    Like A = A. Or X = X.

    There is no decision to make, this isn’t an FBI deciding to not prosecute HRC. It is a perfect equivalence.

    Well, you see, it’s MUCH easier to go back ‘home’ and tell the pleebs, “But, I T-R-I-E-D”, while having done NOTHING that their power\authority ALLOWS. The ol’ slight-of-hand...bait-n-switch if you will.

    You don’t expect anyone to rock the boat do you? Why else, in an ELECTION YEAR, would the GOP(e)\RNC be so demur and quiet re: so much malfeasance from the ‘opposition’??

  • Orlando smuggler sentenced to 21 months in federal prison

    09/26/2016 3:59:42 PM PDT · 4 of 10
    i_robot73 to omega4412; ColdOne

    Yet, fail to report to the PENNY the taxes one ‘owes’ in the Democratic Socialist of States and they’ll go after you like a pack of pit-pulls

  • Isaiah Washington calls on African-Americans to boycott work to protest recent killings(T)

    09/25/2016 2:16:09 PM PDT · 65 of 66
    i_robot73 to rktman
    Day Without A Mexican Black - Part Deux? SOMEHOW, I think, the working taxpayers of the country won't notice a difference (except the lower than avg. traffic I'd guess).
  • American Experts: Religion Unlikely a Motive for ISIS American Followers

    09/25/2016 11:14:22 AM PDT · 24 of 54
    i_robot73 to fuzzylogic

    This “soft science” is obviously about as soft as flaming marshmallow!!

    It’s astonishing how deep you head can be in the sand. An obviously supremacist ideology that empowers men to embrace all their dark thoughts - so long as it is directed toward non-Muslims, the “wrong kind” of Muslim or helpless boys & girls.

    I think there’s another, better, hole their heads are inserted...though I think, sometimes, they have a hard time finding even with both hands.

    This could be *THE* shining example of Socialist ‘higher learning’: “*FREE* college funding” *point here*, etc.

  • Obama reportedly used pseudonym to email with Clinton on her private server

    09/24/2016 11:24:33 AM PDT · 33 of 45
    i_robot73 to All

    Wasn’t it Zero whom said he had NO idea about the server?

    What personal email would Cankles have with Zero to begin...isn’t that her excuse?

  • Thousands gather as Smithsonian's new African American museum opens today

    09/24/2016 11:06:36 AM PDT · 47 of 73
    i_robot73 to bgill

    Slaves in America? Taxpayers

    One by the 16th, the 2nd by the Welfare State.

  • More NFL Anti-National Anthem Crap. (Update @ 43)

    09/24/2016 8:32:22 AM PDT · 29 of 47
    i_robot73 to stevio


    How many walked out w/ kids in tow?
    Anyone paid to ask a refund?
    How many kids walked off the field in opposition to the snub?

    The trial balloon was floated, seeing what comes about the ‘new normal’.

  • Home schooling ripped by Obama education chief

    09/24/2016 8:25:42 AM PDT · 41 of 82
    i_robot73 to Spok
    Anyone who tries to defend public education probably went to a public school Socialist college.
  • Healing The Black, White Education Gap

    09/24/2016 8:23:29 AM PDT · 7 of 14
    i_robot73 to sparklite2

    You can thank LBJ’s Great Society for initiating this malady.
    Having a black male around the house resulted in loss of benefits from his War on Poverty. To keep welfare payments, the man had to go. The alternative was for taxpayers to fund poor families forever. It’s a lose-lose situation with no end in sight.

    False dichotomy. The ‘win’ was keeping govt in its rightful place in the matter: OUT of the matter entirely.

    There is not an ‘issue’, that I can recall, ‘solved’ by govt. I can give numerous examples of the reverse.

    The problem(s) of our world rest at the feet of one entity: Govt.

    In the matter of schooling, remove the DoEd, the oppressive property taxes ($$ in perpetuity) and return to a service oriented endeavor paid by the USERS thereof. Then watch the magic.

  • Hillary Clinton: We Cannot End Terrorism Without Gun Control

    09/24/2016 8:02:41 AM PDT · 45 of 74
    i_robot73 to Gasshog

    >2ND amendment all that stands between us and total slavery

    Unfort., it already has a bit more than one foot in the grave: Multiple infringements on multiple fronts, The People no longer understanding inalienable Rights.

    Govt could decree it dead tomorrow and more than 50% would applaud from news, to Congress, to...

  • IRS to target 20 million Americans who didn't buy Obamacare

    09/23/2016 2:38:07 PM PDT · 28 of 31
    i_robot73 to justlurking

    I predict the IRS will start enforcing the law as soon as Trump takes office, so that he takes the heat. People that were given a pass until now will think that Trump changed the policy.

    IMO, I hope he ORDERS them to do so on day one. Hell, I WISH he’d rescind each and every exemption in the process, “You wanted the law, I will enforce EVERY letter of the same...Go to for a list of phone numbers for your local Rep\Senator.”

  • Senators Call For ... Wells Fargo As Warren Buffett Vows To Keep Silent Until After Election

    09/22/2016 5:23:06 PM PDT · 6 of 12
    i_robot73 to WilliamCooper1

    >It really is time to bust up the big banks....

    ....and LONG past time to break-up BIG GOVT (right after the former)

  • Betsey McCaughey: What's In Your Wallet?

    09/21/2016 12:03:34 PM PDT · 9 of 10
    i_robot73 to expat_panama

    My biggest gripe about the plan: “Trump proposes a zero income tax rate for singles making $25,000 and couples making twice that. Instead of paying the government money, they’ll file a one-page tax form that says, “I win.” “

    NOBODY should be paying $0 in taxes; those that get a pass don’t care on the effort\cost of said ‘free ride’.

  • Connecticut pledges $220M in incentives to keep Sikorsky

    09/20/2016 5:15:15 PM PDT · 9 of 13
    i_robot73 to Olog-hai

    Any tax breaks to the plethora of small-biz under the boot heel of oppressive taxation, unable to acquire a sweet-heart deal for NOT moving out of State?

    Crony Capitalism at its finest.

  • 21 US states sue to block expansion of overtime pay law

    09/20/2016 5:11:50 PM PDT · 3 of 4
    i_robot73 to Olog-hai

    “A coalition of 21 states sued the U.S. Department of Labor Tuesday....”

    On what grounds? I’d bet dollars to doughnuts not a mention of the 9th/10th or A1S8 (aka more smoke and mirrors on the infringements of our Rights)

  • NYC Mayor Says Islamic Terror ‘Vanishingly’ Rare, calls for more Muslim migrants

    09/20/2016 12:09:30 PM PDT · 44 of 67
    i_robot73 to Mr. Mojo

    >“Militant violence is vanishingly rare...”

    “....because it hasn’t happened to US (yet) to care.”

    Guess it’s that selective-editing going around /s

  • Three Steps to Deal With Illegal Immigration in the U.S. and Citizenship isn't One of them

    09/19/2016 8:56:30 AM PDT · 40 of 40
    i_robot73 to Balding_Eagle

    It seems to me that you are dancing around a very important part of our illegal aliens issue, those who are already here.

    Now, or when the fairy tale of 1) govt doing its JOB a\o 2) return of Constitutional limits?

    I cannot see how expanding govt, to further infringe the Rights and Freedoms of We the People will help in either case...

    >What is governments role in this issue?

    One they refuse to do properly, efficiently or effectively.

    >How do we identify them, and once identified, how do we make sure they have every incentive to quickly leave on their own accord?

    Good question. Aside from the visa over-stays and the like, how DOES one identify a ‘gate jumper’ (aside from an all seeing, all knowing Big Brother)? IMO, it sure isn’t to make EVERYONE else subservient to Fedzilla.

    BUT, if we still were a service oriented economy, we’d have a damn easier time finding ‘em.

    >Building a wall doesn’t ‘crush’ anyone, rather it provides thousands of jobs and all the opportunities that go along with have a good income.

    Like any large endeavor, it’s a boon...until the project is ‘complete’. True, it’s not going to crush anyone, but (my $.02), a bill not needing to be paid.....yet(?).

    Do appreciate the civil back-n-forth @ least. Bigger/better minds than mine, I’d think, have more ready solutions for the task at hand.

  • Why You Can Expect To See More Violence In Schools This Year

    09/18/2016 3:32:58 PM PDT · 14 of 21
    i_robot73 to JBW1949


    How ‘bout ‘pay your OWN way’ instead? There is NOTHING *free* about ‘free’ public education, let alone exemplary with > State control too.

    Kill the property taxes, write the check for the service and watch mom/dad really start to give-o-sh!t about little Johnny\Jill’s education.

  • Marijuana Could Be the Answer to Curing Alzheimer's Disease, Study Shows

    09/18/2016 2:47:33 PM PDT · 67 of 94
    i_robot73 to NRx

    I don’t know if this is legit or not. But I do know that the so called War on Drugs is the most misguided government policy since its predecessor back in the 1920’s

    Misguided? At least Prohibition went through the legal\PROPER so much since or after (yet, is still the ‘law’ *somehow*).

    Even if found conclusively to be legit, there are enough drug warrior cheerleaders (aka GOP nanny-stater’s) here to ‘keep up the *good* fight’....for the children, y’know /s

  • Federal Appeals Court to Hear Two Cases Challenging D.C. Gun Law

    09/18/2016 2:36:51 PM PDT · 16 of 17
    i_robot73 to murron

    >I thought this was decided in a 5-4 Supreme Court decision a few years ago.

    And here I thought it was ‘settled’ ~1776

    I’d say, courts wish to have the same RE-settled, just keep it up

  • Gary Johnson

    09/18/2016 5:09:52 AM PDT · 32 of 46
    i_robot73 to xzins; logician2u; mazda77; Stirner

    It’s a gotcha question, pure and simple. Hell, I admit I had to go look it up to put it together...He could just have easily been asked about the Syrian war or the like.

    They didn’t ask about ‘Apello, Syria’. Hell, in almost every newscast, they give the city name along WITH the country; unless it’s been in the ‘know’ for so long (Moscow, Baghdad, etc.)...But, no.

    GJ and Weld were what had me turn in my (L) card. Nothing even closely aligned w/ the platform; just a GOPe disgrace.

  • Three Steps to Deal With Illegal Immigration in the U.S. and Citizenship isn't One of them

    09/18/2016 4:40:47 AM PDT · 36 of 40
    i_robot73 to Balding_Eagle

    Should we treat bank robbers the same way, shop lifters?

    Just ignore them, as we have no obligation to society or the rule of law?

    Or am I missing something in what you’re saying?

    Oh, I said *nothing* about ignoring the obvious.

    Unfort., govt isn’t doing its job on multiple fronts (be that State > Fed); calling the cops\ICE+ just begets a revolving door effect (”Oh, you *promise* to come back to trail? Well, we’ll let you out until then.”). And, no We shouldn’t stop doing our due diligence.

    That doesn’t mean govt gets (nor has the authority) to saddle BIZ with the attempt to clean up the mess for ‘em (while they wash their hands of the matter). And, if biz doesn’t do a ‘good enough job’, get fined out the wazoo.

    You get govt out of the things it shallNOT be doing (welfare, sanctuary cities, etc.) and back to that which it SHALL (protecting Citizen Rights\border) and the illegal problem mostly disappears.

    I’m all for a wall, if need be. But, it should be the FINAL task in a long laundry list, instead of burdening (or crushing) everyone else.

  • Three Steps to Deal With Illegal Immigration in the U.S. and Citizenship isn't One of them

    09/17/2016 6:50:58 PM PDT · 32 of 40
    i_robot73 to Balding_Eagle

    What if they don’t want to ask for those proofs that the illegals are here legally?

    What if they just want cheap sub-contractors?

    Well, it’s a free country (or, was): Take your chance(s).

    Used to be, maybe even more-so today w/ Yelp and the like, word of mouth would be enough to shut down people thought others might wish to avoid. “Hey, guy\co X employs illegals!”.

    Let the market decide.

    Course, someone burns their house down so Paulo can work for $5\hr cheaper, I’m sure the insurance company would have some say as well...

  • Three Steps to Deal With Illegal Immigration in the U.S. and Citizenship isn't One of them

    09/17/2016 6:47:34 PM PDT · 31 of 40
    i_robot73 to hal ogen

    What is the problem with stopping ALL benefits to these illegal invaders...including allowing their children to use the schools? Do you love America or are you a hopeless naive romantic? Give them 6 months to self-deport. After that, seize their assets and arrest them for immediat6e deportation.

    ?? I think you got the wrong FRiend, I’ve been a BIG proponent to upholding the 5th\13th and ending any\all welfare/crony Capitalism.

    Hell, I think schools, and many other ‘govt services’ should return to service orientated: Those who use PAY.

  • Food stamps may soon be available for online shopping

    09/17/2016 6:45:00 PM PDT · 62 of 68
    i_robot73 to Pearls Before Swine; tbw2; Cowboy Bob

    >I don’t think it should be abolished, as there are some food needy people. It should go backwards in time. Government trucks/distribution warehouse should make available basic staples, like they used to. Beans, canned pork, some of that orange cheese, rice, sugar. It shouldn’t be a luxury charge program, or worse yet, delivered straight to your welfare door.

    Yet another example of WHY we’re in the boat we’re in\lose the debate before word one. “I think we shouldn’t violate the Constitution...except in *this* instance...”. (Facepalm)

    Whom defines ‘needy’ better than those whose time\$$ is being DONATED? There’s certainly very little ‘poor’ in this country.
    How long before a ‘fixed’ system turns into the same quagmire that it is today?

    We either have a 5th\13th+, or we don’t.

  • The Imploding Leftist Establishment

    09/17/2016 4:18:44 PM PDT · 41 of 41
    i_robot73 to 98ZJ USMC

    Yeah. The author gives your average, dupe on the street, way too much credit. Your current crop of college ...graduates, (LOL!!) over the last ten years, are just not all that bright and little more than angry infants; now looking for someone else to be Mommy and Daddy.

    IMO, I’m not so sure if it’s more of a perceived injustice (shape\matter\form). Just my $.02, but I think we’ll be seeing a tete-a-tete of young vs. retired when they start realizing the tax burden the GOVT is imposing upon them for the Ponzi schemes promised (and rightfully so).

    Unfort., the ‘everyone in college’ thinking just = more govt indoctrination. Real life is going to bring that into focus RIGHT QUICK.

  • Three Steps to Deal With Illegal Immigration in the U.S. and Citizenship isn't One of them

    09/17/2016 4:15:07 PM PDT · 28 of 40
    i_robot73 to Balding_Eagle

    SO how would you deal with self-employed illegals who are not using any government services?

    I’d say that’s another unicorn (not using any taxpayer provided ‘services’) but, to answer your question: The same as I’d hope every OTHER Citizen would do. AKA: their due diligence (IE: Ask for their license and insurance, verify their references and the like).

    Now, you talking picking lettuce\tomatoes\seasonal work...

  • Three Steps to Deal With Illegal Immigration in the U.S. and Citizenship isn't One of them

    09/17/2016 5:44:18 AM PDT · 19 of 40
    i_robot73 to Reno89519; Kaslin; Ann Archy

    NO! Enforce e-Verify on ALL EMPLOYERS for current and future workers, wither temporary, part-time, or full-time. No exceptions. Make it a felony for anyone, even a private citizen hiring a lawn care worker or maid, to hire an illegal alien. No jobs, no illegal aliens. Simplest, most direct solution that really costs the taxpayer nothing being making e-Verify work, simple, and be accessible to everyone.

    Sorry, no. 1) No more foisting upon the masses that which is solely the authority of govt (see: employer mandated h-care and the like). 2) As a once Free nation, I have issues requiring ‘permission’ from the govt to work\live. Making it accessible to everyone creates, yet another, large bureaucracy of sloth and ineptitude (records would never be update, let alone complete) thanks.

    As Ann, and I in the past, have said: end welfare. Not just for illegals, but any\all *ALL* welfare (we have a 5th\13th\9th\10th specifically stating why\so).

    Now, I’m ALL for the fines (firing, loss of benefits and jail) for ANYONE in *GOVT* failing to uphold the law.

    Lastly, I think we can agree upon amnesty.