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  • Nevada Gun Control Referendum Ruled Unenforceable

    01/20/2017 6:36:04 AM PST · 7 of 15
    i_robot73 to marktwain

    So, it only matters that it be ENFORCEABLE, never mind it being Constitutional....Unless it border\immigration\etc.

    Banana Republic. Got it.

  • 28% of federal employees may quit their jobs when Trump assumes office: Poll

    01/19/2017 3:52:29 PM PST · 199 of 230
    i_robot73 to markomalley

    28%? Well, that’s a start. At least we wouldn’t have to pay them unemployment if they voluntarily leave.

    Tack on the other 20% promised reduction and *I’LL* be sh!tting skittles

  • JPMorgan Chase agrees to $55 million settle of mortgage discrimination complaint

    01/19/2017 2:59:30 PM PST · 9 of 22
    i_robot73 to capydick

    Jamie Dimon was an early backer of Obola, I have very little sympathy for him or the firm on this as well as the other fines the firm paid over 8 years - I wonder if he has any regrets?

    Regrets? It’s called a ‘kick-back’, not a fine.

  • Sharia law promoted in Indiana public schools

    01/19/2017 2:55:43 PM PST · 30 of 63
    i_robot73 to heterosupremacist

    And the OUTRAGE and ANGST of the ‘Seperation of Church-n-State’\atheists? Sure the ACLU is *right* on the case, no?

    Wait. What? No?! That can’t be correct.../s

  • Sharia law promoted in Indiana public schools

    01/19/2017 2:52:10 PM PST · 25 of 63
    i_robot73 to plain talk

    >Just provide facts to the kids and let them draw their own conclusions.

    Seems you’re missing the point of govt indoctrination centers, I mean schools. /s

  • $1.9B miscalculation adds to California deficit projection

    01/19/2017 9:38:19 AM PST · 37 of 37
    i_robot73 to dila813

    Well, SIMPLE solution: Don’t allow any expenditures to occur for 1, maybe 2, years AFTER the budget it passed /s

  • Trump To Immediately Sign As Many As 200 Executive Orders

    01/19/2017 9:30:17 AM PST · 36 of 36
    i_robot73 to Trump_vs_Evil_Witch


    How ‘bout just *ONE*: Any\all prior E.O. are hereby null\void, as are any rules\regulations not specifically debated and passed by Congress or pursuant the Constitution.

  • Obama should pardon Hillary Clinton, former assistant US attorney says

    01/19/2017 9:26:06 AM PST · 65 of 68
    i_robot73 to CIB-173RDABN

    >If she was pardon, she could not claim 5th Amendment protection.

    How’d that work out w/ Lerner? Fail to recall any frog marching. What ‘bout ‘IT Boy’?

    Expecting govt to follow the law...cute.

  • Losing Power Has Left the Democrat Party Dazed and Confused

    01/19/2017 9:17:18 AM PST · 56 of 63
    i_robot73 to RoosterRedux

    Unless their platform of destruction is set back 100 yrs or better, they have still pushed our country, and the ‘public conscience’, from a Republic to Democracy.

    It helps not that those elected to ‘fight’ haven’t a clue on how to posit or debate. Hell, just look at some here on FR, postulating on how to ‘fix’ h’care that involves GOVT, or SS (”Don’t touch what *I* ‘paid’”), etc.

    Damn near impossible to reverse a century of indoctrination and dumbing down of the populace.

  • Trump signals he's softening on immigration as he says he's 'working on a plan' that will make DREA

    01/19/2017 8:58:59 AM PST · 97 of 130
    i_robot73 to kelly4c

    What laws can I, as a LAWFUL Citizen, break and skip punishment? Would it matter the crime(s) if I could prove ‘hardship’? If I was doing so ‘for the children’?

    At the LEAST, non-Citizens shouldn’t be getting ANY form of taxpayer funding\assistance (IMO, welfare of any\all types should be abolished as unconstitutional).

    Prosecute any\all that flout the law (criminal, citizen, elected); reciprocity should be in effect.

    THEN build the wall, if needed. But, I suspect, the cutting of the goodies\draw will be enough to drive out 90% of the problem.

  • Car-theft victim handed over to immigration agents sues SF

    01/18/2017 7:09:28 AM PST · 15 of 18
    i_robot73 to artichokegrower

    ...Spero said in his ruling on Friday that the sheriff did not violate state or federal law by prohibiting his deputies from telling immigration officials when an inmate is released. An email to an attorney for Steinle’s family was not immediately returned....

    Fine. They didn’t *have* to inform ICE.

    But, FAILING to uphold/enforce the law (deportation order, DUI, etc.), which led to the death, nay DIRECTLY CONTRIBUTED\ATTRIBUTED, of this lady....*THAT*, the ‘judge’ won’t touch (if they allowed it in court to begin)??

    The (LAWFUL) Citizens are denied their Rights by the institute designed protect instead.

  • Georgetown to students: Stop inviting inauguration protesters to stay on campus

    01/16/2017 6:58:18 PM PST · 12 of 16
    i_robot73 to DoughtyOne

    Exactly right...or they don’t want to worry about actually *doing* their job.

    If the Occupy period of theft and ‘rape culture’ didn’t teach ‘em a lesson, their indoctrination $$ paid off. Course, I don’t think I’d want someone associating after ‘switching sides’ if they are/were too dense to learn from observation, but had to ‘go through the process’ instead (IMO, they’d go to the other extreme...”There outta be a law...” zealots).

  • Paul Ryan: Trump mass deportations "not happening"

    01/16/2017 1:59:25 PM PST · 96 of 99
    i_robot73 to Rockitz

    And that my FRiend is the recipe for illegal immigrants to continue to flourish and have absolutely no reason to return to their home countries.

    Continue? What’s been done to CURB the problem to begin?

    E-Verify, the ‘panacea of solutions’. Govt that can’t track visa overstays, sends 20+ EITC checks to the same address w/o question, vets our current ‘refugees’ ala San Bern/Boston/etc....But they’ll do JUST FINE here.

    R-I-G-H-T. Typical “(C)” solution: MORE ineffective, unresponsive govt to a solution of THEIR creation.

    Thanks, but no. No Citizen requires the permission of their servant to do squat...Well, when we were a Constitutional Republic, I guess.

    Say, just how many days before yesterday WERE you born? /s

  • Paul Ryan: Trump mass deportations "not happening"

    01/16/2017 8:33:39 AM PST · 93 of 99
    i_robot73 to Rockitz

    >No business is going to voluntarily comply with E-Verify

    Nor SHOULD they; it’s not the responsibility of biz to do the job that Fedzilla is tasked, but refuses to do. More so when biz gets ‘dinged’\fined\harassed should anyone slip up.

    >The big LOOPHOLE is hiring independent contractors.

    As would I, if I was self employed. IMO, it’s how is *SHOULD* be done: Here’s $X for Y work done. Contractor handles their OWN affairs (taxes, h’care, etc.); same tax benefits\etc. biz gets, so should The People.

  • Peruta Team Asking Supreme Court to Hear Appeal

    01/16/2017 8:29:54 AM PST · 11 of 11
    i_robot73 to Celtic Conservative

    The answer to that is reverse creeping incrementalism. the same way we lost some of our rights is the same way we’ll get ‘em back- a little at a time if necessary. The progressives have been real good at playing the long game-we should be too.

    Why should illegality be met w/ ‘the long game’?? It is, or is not.

    2nd, we’ve all seen just the reversal *our side* does when it’s in power: One step forward, two BACK. Oh, they love to nibble here and there and call it a win. The only ones ‘winning’ is govt.

    There’s nobody in govt on the side of the Citizen or taxpayer; they don’t equal VOTES\power\influence.

  • Major advance in solar cells made from cheap, easy-to-use perovskite

    01/16/2017 7:08:01 AM PST · 59 of 85
    i_robot73 to aquila48

    When it start to be sold w/out ‘incentives’\rebates\taxpayer funder gimmicks, or the utilities start to gripe, THEN I may start to take a gander....

  • Head of Ethics Office is Obama Donor, now concerned about Trump nominees.

    01/16/2017 6:49:59 AM PST · 16 of 16
    i_robot73 to gattaca

    There’s ‘ETHICS’ in anything related to taxpayer $$\power? Our Founders were not so naive, hence their limited power(s) and everything State\local!

    Just some of the reasons why there should *ALWAYS* and *ONLY* be over-view made up of PRIVATE Citizens, none of which EVER had *any* dealings w/ govt\’taxpayer funding’\etc. personally or by blood\family (too many wink-wink nudge-nudge otherwise).

  • Head of Ethics Office is Obama Donor, now concerned about Trump nominees.

    01/16/2017 6:44:07 AM PST · 15 of 16
    i_robot73 to Doogle
    ...there are no ethics when it comes to anything Odungo GOVT.
  • Obama’s Waning Days Of Power Grow The Government By 1.5 Million Acres

    01/15/2017 9:32:09 AM PST · 9 of 12
    i_robot73 to Bob434

    >would be nice if Trump put much of the land up for sale

    Sale? It’s up to the State for in which it resides; it was *never* Fedzilla’s to do with as it pleases, the ‘Antiquity’ act\law being as illegal\uncon as 99.9% of the last 100yrs+ out of D.C.

  • George Will Called Me An Idiot - Case for a Larger Congress

    01/15/2017 9:08:20 AM PST · 30 of 65
    i_robot73 to freedumb2003; Mean Daddy

    >>Really good article from Jonah Goldberg from 2001. I agree with his premise that congress should be larger to be more representative of the will of the people. When the country was born, the population ratio was 1 to 30,000. Today, it’s 1 to 600,000!!<<

    Do you really want the House to be 2,000-5,000 representatives?

    That would be unwieldy to say the least. I am all for gridlock, but since the House controls the purse strings nothing would ever get financed, even the good stuff.

    Care to define ‘the good stuff’? My copy contains *VERY* little Congress need ‘worry’ about to begin.

    IMO, nothing should be done until the 17th is abolished. Even so, I see nothing wrong w/ a better ratio of representation.

    Nobody would be saying the same % would be just swell if it came to doctors or the check-out lines.

  • Repealing Obamacare Has To Include Consequences

    01/15/2017 8:57:28 AM PST · 57 of 85
    i_robot73 to Lopeover; Kaslin

    Most people get their healthcare through work. The group with the issue is those on Medicaid because of the expansion. Need to move forward with states taking costs for that. Others will just go back on regular insurance, moved to plans their carriers have already had for years.

    1) Like O’Care, MediXYZ the same problem: (illegal\uncon) GOVT.
    2) H’Care options *should* be the prerogative of the user. ‘Through work’ is another example of the perversion brought about by #1. The People should have the same opportunity\benefits of buying their OWN plans, like all other insurance.

    And, no, I no longer have ‘compassion’ or ‘tolerance’ or ‘charity’ or...while being trampled under boot heel of nanny govt and bled dry because of personal choices\ability; for want of political power of the few over all.

  • Repealing Obamacare Has To Include Consequences

    01/15/2017 8:41:06 AM PST · 48 of 85
    i_robot73 to a fool in paradise

    Saying that the “Republicans own it” if they repeal Obamacare is a shallow lie.

    IMO, not so ‘shallow’ as some might suggest.

    Not a *single* push-back on the multiple delays of portion X, Y, Z; none on the exemptions on the favored group(s); and, to me, the WORSE offense: pushing that Congress is a ‘small biz’\exempt from the same law they allowed to fester.

    Then, finally pulling the wool off some eyes with their inability over 6 yrs to put together *ANY* single cognoscente idea that doesn’t involve govt where it doesn’t have authority\permission (no Free Market solutions).

    I doubt there will be any converts come ‘18 when the ads\e-mails for $$\votes come around saying, “In order to fight O’Care...”.

  • Millennials are falling behind their boomer parents

    01/15/2017 8:28:01 AM PST · 37 of 88
    i_robot73 to thoughtomator

    It’s going to take generations to dig out of the debt hole that the Boomers dug for posterity.

    Dig out? Cancel the illegal\unconstitutional Ponzi scheme and call it a wash. The only ones naive enough to believe they ‘paid something to get something back’ IS the older generation(s). No Gen-X+ even thinks that SS will be solvent to get $.01 of what was paid, I mean stolen aka taxed.

    There is not one shred of logic that would allow the future to be held in economic slavery for the sins of the past (”But, we were *PROMISED*...”).

    Wipe the slate clean and give our posterity the opportunity to rise, or fall, on their own. Grand-ma\pa should suck it up for their kids\etc. sake.

  • Dead People Doled Out $2.6 Billion Worth of Food Stamps

    01/15/2017 7:18:57 AM PST · 42 of 51
    i_robot73 to Gritty; All

    Get rid of the SNAP and EBT cards and instead hand out powdered milk, bags of beans, cans of Spam and TVP, and surplus cheese to the needy at the welfare offices.

    We would save hundreds of billions of dollars and the genuinely poor would still get fed.

    Please define ‘needy’ and ‘poor’. There’s the rub, no?

    Do the ‘needy’ pop-out need brood every 9-mo? Do they buy the latest\greatest electronics\vehicles\etc.? Do they still have A/C, cable, internet, WiFi, phone, etc.?

    How ‘bout the ‘poor’? How ‘bout those whom live off savings\under-the-table (never get a ‘pay check’)...along with the points above?

    Sorry, but we either HAVE a Constitution, and (some of) the Rights it affirms (5th and 13th specifically), or we are discussing a moot point (being serfs\chattel).

    Govt has to ability, no authority, to define ‘charity’, let alone ‘gift’ to those it deems worthy; never a $$ it has that wasn’t taken from another.

    Fraud BY and OF govt gets rectified....BY (more) govt? P-L-E-A-S-E.

  • Peruta Team Asking Supreme Court to Hear Appeal

    01/14/2017 5:45:57 AM PST · 4 of 11
    i_robot73 to marktwain

    IMO, it’s futility to argue ‘rights’ once you’ve conceded the suppression thereof.

    If you affirm that permits are required, what matters if they are may\shall??

    Not that I’d expect the Left to allow a case where ONLY the phrase ‘...shall not be infringed’ to come before ‘em (hell, they couldn’t agree on the definition of ONLY when it came to ‘ONLY State exchanges’ in O’Care).

    Especially as they perverted everything else w/ ‘penumbras’ and looking outside the U.S.

    Govt would shit its pants if SCOTUS ruled, correctly, that any/all arms @ any time, in any fashion they wish to be bared. What OTHER Rights might The People realize are being suppressed\trampled?

  • Push to Protect Addiction Treatment Under Health Law Is Primed

    01/13/2017 7:48:23 PM PST · 25 of 25
    i_robot73 to Alberta's Child

    The idea that a government — especially the Federal government — should me mandating ANY kinds of coverage for ANYTHING is what made ObamaCare such a disaster to begin with.

    We need to stop debating from step 20 and go from the beginning: The idea that govt, ESPECIALLY Fedzilla, has ANY authority to mandate XYZ is what made our Republic what it is today.

    Those needing coverage for ABC should be paying for ABC, not forced as ‘basic’ to be paid by the majority. I have yet to meet many addictions that falls within the definition of insurance: UNEXPECTED.

  • Paul Ryan: Trump mass deportations "not happening"

    01/13/2017 4:48:58 PM PST · 45 of 99
    i_robot73 to Rockitz; All

    Strict enforcement of E-Verify will effectively result in mass deportations.

    1. Create a federal agency that does nothing, but audits business books to make sure E-Verify is being enforced.
    2. Make it so that agents are rotated through communities to prevent bribes.
    3. Make sure all remittances to foreign countries require SSN and employer information.

    Jeezus, not *another* federal agency! Don’t we have enough that are tasked w/ the job of border enforcement that DON’T do their friggin’ job? How well did that ‘auditing’ go in the IRS vs. ‘conservative’ groups? The DOJ\FBI\etc. on ‘vetting’?

    Restore the friggin’ Constitution: NO e-Verify (not Fedzilla’s biz WHOM biz hires and Citizens don’t need govt PERMISSION to do SH!T, let alone ‘work’), cut any/all taxpayer outlays paid to 3rd parties (aka ‘welfare’), be that ‘foreign aide’\corp. welfare\HUD\etc. Open a bounty, say $25/head/deportation.

    You want to see ‘em leave Dodge is a jiffy? Pass an immigration reciprocity rule\law. Illegals will be held to the same standards as their home countries.

    Then you prosecute, fire and jail any/all govt employee whom flouts the law. No ‘slap on the wrist’, no ‘benefits while in prison’, but HIGH fines and LONG sentences.

  • Grave Danger Elite Bankers Might Make Trump Fail

    01/12/2017 5:56:46 PM PST · 41 of 43
    i_robot73 to TheNext

    Believe that was Iceland, not Ireland...Regardless, stocks and cash are practically worth\useless in your scenario: print enough $$ and it’s worth less than the paper; stocks\receipts can be ‘deem swapped’ = loss of ‘ownership’.

    Only the tangibles would have any value: precious metals\stones, ammo\arms, food\water\liquor, etc.

    Hell, I’d love to see a return of barter\trade should\when a collapse occur. Talk about knocking the beast down even FURTHER (confiscation would cost in lives\blood, and they can’t tax free exchange between parties.)

  • Grave Danger Elite Bankers Might Make Trump Fail

    01/12/2017 5:50:59 PM PST · 40 of 43
    i_robot73 to Buckeye McFrog

    Central bankers should not have the power to undermine democratically elected governments.

    They don’t. Just because a ‘law’ was passed doesn’t make it lawful, let alone Constitutional (mine still show no authority to abdicate responsibility to a foreign entity, for that which govt is specially tasked. Doubly so when doing so was *FREE* [no ‘borrowing’ magic $$/bits in a ledger @ X%].).

  • Grave Danger Elite Bankers Might Make Trump Fail

    01/12/2017 5:46:01 PM PST · 39 of 43
    i_robot73 to Buckeye McFrog; T-Bone Texan

    There were financial panics and depressions throughout the 19th. Century.

    Would keeping a central bank have prevented them all? That’s what the propaganda supporting the Federal Reserve Act would have you believe.

    The history major in me doesn’t quite buy it.

    The one thing it *WOULD* prevent: The runaway\unconstitutional spending we have going on SINCE the institution of the F.R.; let alone the 98%+- depreciation in the true value of the FRN in the century of its creation (where a *single* head of household can no longer: buy a house, buy car, save for retirement, save for college, raise family\children, etc.).

  • Officer Shot In Ambush; Citizen Shoots And Kills Gunmen

    01/12/2017 5:16:44 PM PST · 47 of 49
    i_robot73 to nodwam

    This is the advantage of Arizona having the foresight to allow all of its citizens to own and carry firearms.

    Ah, yes. All hail the wise and benevolent govt. *spit*

    Nothing about restoring the once tramped Right(s) of We the People. Unfort., the ‘great protector’ (Fedzilla) allows the same usurpation in a much of the U.S.

  • N.S.A. Gets More Latitude to Share Intercepted Communications

    01/12/2017 2:20:47 PM PST · 5 of 10
    i_robot73 to mrsmith

    Remembering the lost lives and destroyed property that resulted from Jamie Gorelick’s unconstitutional “wall” I tend to support this, but it is dramatic. Need a lot more info on this than what the traitorous idiots in the Obama administration and in the ACLU think.

    What’s the saying re: security vs. Rights?? Expecting our unconstitutional govt to protect We the People, while holding the flood gates at the border\’refugees’\etc. open is beyond ludicrous; it’s asinine. Especially SINCE 9/11.

    For now, tech companies seem to be hoping the Constitution will be bent to their present business methods.

    And nice of Obama to toss this ‘hot potato’ into our lap!

    Zero? He couldn’t do SH!T w/out the Congress. Too many to count ‘squandered opportunities’.

    An awful lot of Fourth Amendment concerns with new technology could be addressed by “all in US” networking. Just a matter of installing servers in the US. Having one’s email, etc. protected by US law would be worth a little extra to a consumer

    Right. The govt would NEVER abuse the unconstitutional powers it gave itself, would it?

  • Senator John McCain 1st to hide behind Obama’s Citizenship

    01/12/2017 10:42:05 AM PST · 16 of 18
    i_robot73 to Sean_Anthony

    Where’s the Party to censure McStain?
    The calls to determine where\how this ‘info’ got into HIS hands?
    Anyone else in the GOP\(R)NC raising their hackles?

    *crickets* Silence is consent, it would seem.

  • "Deeply Concerned" Schumer To Vote Against Sessions, Fears For "Immigrant, Gay, Disabled

    01/12/2017 10:36:06 AM PST · 53 of 75
    i_robot73 to Alberta's Child

    I believe the dude from West Virginia who is up for re-election in 2018 has already said he’d vote for Sessions.

    Trump is going to find that Democrats in “red” states are going to be more helpful to him than a lot of the pr!cks in the GOP.

    IOW, those in the Uniparty that are more concerned w/ their re-election chances than those ensconced for the next X years.

  • Republican-Led Senate to Move Forward on 'Obamacare' Repeal

    01/11/2017 3:50:21 PM PST · 23 of 23
    i_robot73 to max americana; fwdude; MrEdd

    True, we were ‘fine’ before it, but none should dare to call it ‘fine’; it sure isn’t ‘insurance’ (by any stretch of the definition) and the ‘h’care’ side of things was increasingly CYA medicine *BECAUSE* of the hand of govt.

    We\it were much better off before ‘mandatory minimums’ and the like.

    I’d eat my hat if they did anything more than flirt w/: Inter-State plans, HSA a\o catastrophic-coverage (TRUE health *insurance*).

  • Republican-Led Senate to Move Forward on 'Obamacare' Repeal

    01/11/2017 3:40:14 PM PST · 22 of 23
    i_robot73 to NorthMountain

    “We must act quickly to bring relief to the American people,” said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.

    Do it, Mitch. Prove me wrong. Prove you’re not the detestable cowardly sack of monkey dung I think you are.

    Sorry, he’s stabbed We the People too many times for me to give him anything but the benefit of the doubt there, FRiend.

    Call it ‘pleasantly surprised’ should D.C. get out, even once, of the “The House lags, now the Senate lags..” game of non-committal governance; so they can play the “Vote for ME and I’ll *FIGHT* D.C. for\against XYZ”.

  • Police, Parents Call Fight Caught On Camera At Central Mall ‘Disturbing’

    01/11/2017 12:09:21 PM PST · 17 of 24
    i_robot73 to Morgana

    Hell, FILM IT. Post it on the interwebs THEN call the police and turn it over.

    But why even attempt to put yourself in harm when the evidence won’t even be used to arrest\prosecute? Nor worry ‘bout those that scream, “I put *my* life on the line every time I put on the uniform\gun”, whom refuse to enforce the law, let alone get into the middle of the melee\protect the peace?

  • Ending Obamacare would mean up huge hit to California budget

    01/11/2017 5:21:25 AM PST · 10 of 55
    i_robot73 to artichokegrower

    Not a HINT of irony that taxpayers of the Union be required to pay for an entitlement without their State; let alone one taxpayer is beholden to pay ANYTHING for another (as if we had Rights or something)

  • Poll: 80% Want Justices Who Apply Constitution as Originally Written

    01/10/2017 7:22:39 AM PST · 13 of 13
    i_robot73 to Olog-hai

    R-I-G-H-T. 99% of the populace couldn’t name the 5 freedoms of the 1st Amendment, nor noodle out how welfare doesn’t jive with the 5th/13th, or ‘shall not be infringed’, nor....

  • 80 people detained, 2 arrested in Huntington Beach flash mob robbery

    01/09/2017 1:43:47 PM PST · 31 of 38
    i_robot73 to SJSAMPLE

    How many ‘1st time offenders’ in the mix?

    Guessing.... 0

    Hope they dusted for fingerprints. 2 arrested sure doesn’t seem to be a job well done.

  • Washington Post Media Columnist Now Wants to Retire 'Fake News' Term

    01/09/2017 1:38:04 PM PST · 33 of 50
    i_robot73 to Jim 0216

    Yup. Let’s go back to calling these liars who really are: the LYING LEFTIST MEDIA.

    Better yet, the LSM (Lying Socialist Media).

    Hard to counter the charge when the e-mails that came to light show the extent of the collusion of the DEMs v. LSM (I repeat myself)

  • Teachers union spent millions on baseball, retreats and food

    01/09/2017 9:59:44 AM PST · 6 of 9
    i_robot73 to GOPJ

    You’d think the American school system was a poor charity in a third world country...rather than an educational system that spends MORE per pupil than any country on the face of the earth.

    That is to presume said monies were spent ON the students’ education. No such thing will/can occur when going *through* govt.

    Return it to the service based\pay-per-use it is. Rip out all property taxes and when mom\dad\guardian must write the check\mo, you’re damn tooting they’ll start caring about quality\poor attendance\expulsion\etc.

  • Obama says he's fine with changing 'ObamaCare' to 'TrumpCare'

    01/08/2017 4:00:58 PM PST · 42 of 81
    i_robot73 to Kaslin

    I’m sure he’s fine with it’ not like the (R)NC\GOP is going to favor Free Markets, personal freedom\choice.

    It’ll be the same core...just ‘worked around the edges’. Then, it’ll be *JUST* fine, since “we” are running it now.

    Prove me wrong, dopes in D.C. Bring out ALL the ‘plans’ over the last 6+ yrs. Let’s have a REAL debate of ideas, see what wins.

    Bet none remove govt from that which it has NO authority to begin.

  • Travelers lose 25,000 items after Florida airport rampage

    01/08/2017 3:51:14 PM PST · 22 of 70
    i_robot73 to Hildy

    >Give them back their freaking things. Police don’t need their wallets. For crying out loud.

    Sure they do...How else can they afford everything in the ‘17 Tactical Gear Catalog?

  • Servitude Ends In Kentucky: State Kills Prevailing Wages, Passes Right-To-Work

    01/08/2017 3:34:12 PM PST · 6 of 45
    i_robot73 to Flaming Conservative

    I’m a staunch conservative, but there’s got to be something better than the intentionally misnomered “right to work” legislation. I’m not a union supporter, either, but right to work is only good for businesses, not employees. I live in a rtw state. Basically, an employer can terminate an employee for any reason or no reason at all, without notice. Employee handbooks explain it as “You can leave for any or no reason, without notice, without penalty, and the company can terminate under the same terms.” But if a person leaves without notice, when his prospective new job HR calls the company he left, he will ask, “Is he eligible for rehire?” Which is just a sneaky way of getting an illegal bad report. If a person deserves to be terminated, fine. But companies can easily use this law unfairly.

    Easy solution that doesn’t take the govt to institute: Hire yourself.

    The positions filled by employers are NOT the possession of the employed.

  • Senators Murray,Cantwell,Demand Speaker Ryan Cease Path Toward Defunding Planned Parenthood

    01/08/2017 1:30:23 PM PST · 61 of 82
    i_robot73 to Publius

    Amtrak has been recognized by the Supreme Court as part of the government in recent litigation originated by the Class I railroads.

    I can read the original text of the Const. myself...still fail to see any mention of fascism, let alone RxR.

    Good thing we have lawyers\judges, so I can learn what I missed

  • California attorney general pledges to take on Trump over stop-and-frisk

    01/08/2017 6:44:40 AM PST · 16 of 17
    i_robot73 to Moonman62; Fai Mao

    ...This reasonable suspicion must be based on “specific and articulable facts” and not merely upon an officer’s hunch. This permitted police action has subsequently been referred to in short as a “stop and frisk,” or simply a “Terry frisk”....

    Yes, and like govt prosecution, how many cases brought up about it get the ‘rubber gavel’ (another 98% ‘success’ rate)? We’ve ALL seen how well the justice system\wall-of-blue protects their own.

    “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated...”. What is ‘unreasonable’? Cop on every block stopping? Ever other?

    ...if the police officer has a reasonable suspicion that the person has committed, is committing, or is about to commit a crime and has a reasonable belief that the person “may be armed and presently dangerous.”...

    The rub, IMO, is that last part...In our once Con. Republic, we were ALL under the presumption of being armed; and thus ‘presently dangerous’.

    This gets into the ‘thought crimes’ area and I, for one, don’t like it.

    “S\he was *thinking* of robbing the place”. I’d presume those that commit crime don’t casually WALK down the street\side-walk....they RUN, drive fast, etc.

    And no gumshoe is going to ask nicely to frisk someone CURRENTLY committing a crime.

    As usual, the ivy league have educated themselves to stupidity.

  • California attorney general pledges to take on Trump over stop-and-frisk

    01/07/2017 4:49:11 PM PST · 13 of 17
    i_robot73 to Moonman62; Fai Mao

    I believe this practice violates “probable cause”
    The SCOTUS has already ruled on the issue. Provided their guidelines are followed, no problem.

    SCOTUS? Well, damn, I guess there’s no argument then. *rolling eyes*

  • Penn prof called out her racist dad; now she's taking aim at faculty hiring (Moral Narcissist)

    01/07/2017 4:37:58 PM PST · 27 of 31
    i_robot73 to fungoking

    >”,,,even though he never met an African American.”

    I too can’t say I’ve met more than a hand-full of African Americans.

    Blacks a plenty, but not many African Americans.

    *Off to re-education camp I go?*

  • Father Flies Across the World to See Daughter, Injured in Fatal DUI Accident

    01/07/2017 10:00:52 AM PST · 17 of 18
    i_robot73 to Blue Jays

    They will take away his drivers license and admonish him in the strongest possible terms.

    But that might hurt his F-E-E-L-I-N-G-S