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  • Is someone hacking our 7th Fleet? Navy to investigate after USS John S McCain collision

    08/22/2017 9:34:25 AM PDT · 41 of 54
    i_robot73 to Blue Jays; mandaladon

    One would think that as a contemporary warship of the United States Navy we would be aware of every ship, boat, dinghy, canoe, kayak, paddleboard, surfboard, swimmer, airplane, drone, and seagull within one hundred miles of our technically-advanced fleet.

    Technology can only compensate for ignorance\stupidity so much

  • (Democrat) Delaney wants Lee statue removed from Antietam National Battlefield

    08/21/2017 4:33:35 PM PDT · 42 of 68
    i_robot73 to Ray76; 11th_VA

    >There was no “Civil War”.

    You are correct, there was never a civil war. Much like the Revolutionary, they seceded to govern THEMSELVES (as the Declaration reinforces). They never fought to rule what already was.

    No offense to you personally, but the Right is *TERRIBLE* for beginning every discourse by using the Socialists language/talking-points. Hard to win even the battle(s) when you’re beginning the play on your own 10yrd line.

    Look how easy it was to plant the seed that the ‘Nazis’ (aka Socialists) were the ‘alt-*RIGHT*’...

  • Jeh Johnson: Confederate Monuments Are ‘Rallying Points for White Nationalism,’ (TR)

    08/21/2017 4:09:24 PM PDT · 15 of 33
    i_robot73 to originalbuckeye; Extremely Extreme Extremist

    .....the statues are supposedly riling up ‘White Nationalists’. What phonies!

    Can we P-L-E-A-S-E *STOP* using the lingo of the Socialists. There is NOTHING wrong w/ being White, nor a Nationalist.

    IMO, there’s nothing wrong w/ being a Nazi/KKK. You *ACT* upon those ideas/ideals/thoughts....

    There is nothing to apologize about for a (D) maybe/gov. flaming the racial tensions from the agitator in the W.H. from last 8 yrs.

  • White people, here are 10 requests from a Black Lives Matter leader

    08/21/2017 4:05:33 PM PDT · 37 of 98
    i_robot73 to TigerClaws

    Entertaining? We have differing ideas on that term...

    To the original bigot/racist:

    Donate? We taxpayers have been ‘donating’, by the end of the govt gun (violating OUR 5th/13th A. Rights) since our 1st paycheck/early 1900’s (thanks FDR, you Socialist F*).

    We’ve seen the condition of *free*\low-income housing, just months after being opened. The styes they become a few years after.

    ‘Generational welfare’ is only ‘cuz you don’t want to ‘act White’, be an ‘Uncle Tom’ or ‘Oreo’. Black people, you may wish to look up the words: ‘education’, ‘job’, ‘self-respect’...and get you some.

    The only need for Blacks & Browns is to get off your asses and out of our pockets. Those whom freed some of your ancestors paid in blood LONG before your self-inflicted low-IQ self came along. Those, and others, whom came to the U.S. later, don’t owe you SH!T.

  • Bannon Plots Fox Competitor, Global Expansion

    08/20/2017 5:14:52 PM PDT · 158 of 171
    i_robot73 to PhiloBedo

    Hannity’s a ‘social safety net’ *conservative* the mold of G.W.B. compassionate conservative.

    Shame, I can’t think of many whom can articulate their stance w/o using the vocabulary of the Left, thus losing the debate from the word GO.

  • Demand the removal of all statues/monuments to FDR NOW!!! (vanity)

    08/20/2017 5:02:15 PM PDT · 13 of 23
    i_robot73 to God luvs America

    Statues? How ‘bout every bill/reg/declaration/etc. signed by FDR be null/void instead? /semi-s

  • New York Is Named After A Horrendous Slave Trader (Oh Noes)

    08/18/2017 6:19:24 AM PDT · 46 of 58
    i_robot73 to KyCats; All

    If we have to eliminate everything that has some historic connection to slavery, there will be nothing left. Actually, I think that’s their goal.

    We’re moving into the realm of the absurd here. 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon territory.

    IMO, they are focusing upon the Confed. (if only) as they were ‘REBELS’. A People whom would, for lack of a better phrase, break-away to be self-reliant (min-Revolution. To call it a ‘civil war’ would, again, pervert definitions. They did NOT seek to rule over what was, but be ‘their own’).

    The Socialists cannot have that reminder around the public eye. People may start to question the status quo and their subjugation. The idea *MUST* be so divorced from reality, when the final shackle clinks closed, no one will even THINK to resist.

  • Hit List: CNN Publishes Map of Confederate Monuments in U.S.

    08/18/2017 6:02:23 AM PDT · 61 of 110
    i_robot73 to joshua c; detective

    Some thoughts on the strategery of this:

    Let it play out.
    Let the Democrats support the “Whiteout” movement while they are trying to woo white blue collar voters.

    When an enemy is destroying itself, do not interfere.

    Once the Democrats are recognized as the radical fringe party that they are, the statues can be rebuilt.

    The important part of this is letting the Left marginalize itself.

    Great, even LESS educated electorate, crossing the aisle to pull the lever for....SOME ONE. As if we need any more ‘friends’ in govt than we have today....

    Lastly, when has that OTHER 1/2 of loaf *EVER* materialized? Illegals? Taxes? Like the O’Care battle, just 6-7 yrs. after its signing, does anyone think it’ll be meekly accepted to rebuild that which was removed/taken-down??

    “It was GONE, why do the (R) want to remind everyone of SLAVERY??”
    “Why do (R) want to spend our *hard-earned* taxes on *HATE*?”

    Yeah, cede the hill, the battle to reclaim will be MUCH easier *rolls eyes*

  • Colin Kaepernick: History's Hero?

    08/18/2017 5:54:54 AM PDT · 29 of 57
    i_robot73 to Vlad The Inhaler; Kaslin

    Remember when identity politics didn’t push it’s ugly snout into every aspect of our lives?

    There was a time when we could go to a restaurant, a concert, a football game or walk past a monument a memorial or a historic park without being put upon by bug-eyed raging liberals spewing their hate and venom.

    Democrats have torn great holes in the fabric of the nation and our culture by destroying civilty and making every breathing moment about leftist politics.

    IMO, if the Right hadn’t meekly slithered off EVERY time the Left said “BOO!”, you might have a point.

    Textbooks rewrite history\bad teachers - poo-poo’d.
    Communist professors - “Well, just don’t GO there...”
    More of our property & freedoms stolen & given to another - “Compassion & charity”

    One abhorring head after another popped up: ‘Tolerance’ turned to ‘acceptance’ turned to COMPULSION, w/o push-back.

    No wonder the Left feels the need to press further, who’s going to STOP ‘em? The (R)?? BWAHAhahaha. There’s no more ‘hills’ to cede.

  • Colin Kaepernick: History's Hero?

    08/18/2017 5:46:47 AM PDT · 26 of 57
    i_robot73 to North Coast Conservative

    They cease to be multi millionaires when enough of us stop watching, and stop paying high ticket prices.

    Now, if we can only get the pols to stop giving away our taxpayers to the same...

  • Leftists Are Tearing America Apart While the GOP Stands Aside

    08/17/2017 1:43:54 PM PDT · 47 of 59
    i_robot73 to Jim 0216; Kaslin

    Leftists Are Tearing America Apart While the GOP Stands Aside

    So what else is new? The GOP is the stealth Enemy Within.

    Correct. But, come ‘18, when the party throws all it has behind the same sell-outs, a majority here will still be posting, “Well, they’re still better than the (D)”, “throw away vote”, “3rd party is voting FOR the (D)”.

  • Weimar America

    08/17/2017 1:37:26 PM PDT · 20 of 37
    i_robot73 to TBP

    >”Charlottesville is what happens when civil society fails.”

    IOW, (D) plans are coming to fruition while the (R) sit on their thumbs.

  • It's gone beyond Orwell

    08/17/2017 1:31:56 PM PDT · 22 of 33
    i_robot73 to taxcontrol; dirtboy
    The right believe that Orwell scribed a warning.
    The left thinks it is a playbook.
    The right allowed their plan to unfold.

    Sorry, FRiend. The Left played the long game. The Right chuckled it up, poo-poo'd the warnings and, election after election, voted in the lesser-of-two-Socialists.

    Does anyone see the (R)\GOP(e) de-funding the colleges\'public' schools? Dismantling the union\(D) power couple?

    Hell, we have an 'honorable' AG who couldn't say BOO about the last 8+ yrs., but RAN to defend some 'civil rights violations' (still can't noodle THAT one out, 'cuz it ain't going to be vs. Anfifa, the Mayor nor Gov.)

    Sorry, that's no 'tide' (nor can it be rolled-back), the tsunami is coming.
  • A warning from George Orwell on the ‘monument wars’

    08/17/2017 1:16:55 PM PDT · 71 of 82
    i_robot73 to Oshkalaboomboom; All

    He wheeled on reporters and tried — yet again — to suggest an equivalence between the alt-right and alt-left at Charlottesville.

    Did I miss something here?

    KKK\Nazi - Socialist\Left
    Antifa\BLM+ - Socialist\Left

    I presume they’re painting the broadest of strokes by including ‘white nationalists’; as if that were TERRIBLE, in so many/matter/form...

    Again, the (R) concedes the language and thus the narrative.

  • THIS Is CNN: Guest Rules the GOP ‘Are’ Neo-Nazis, ‘Old Slave Owners’ Ignoring Lynchings

    08/16/2017 7:46:55 PM PDT · 26 of 32
    i_robot73 to ForYourChildren; All

    The msm, schools, etc., seem to ignore history.

    The demoncrats have been the party of slavery.

    The demoncrats started the KKK.

    The demoncrats did not want integration.

    Lincoln was a Republican

    R-I-G-H-T. ‘Cuz, who’s going to educate the masses to the truth? Govt indoctrination centers? What good is self-reliance and independent thought to POWER? A Free people need not a nanny state. The Right merely ‘grumble’ as they turn over their brood to the State, then wonder how we got into this mess.

    Fox News? Drudge? Preaching to the (small) choir w/ no converts.

    SCOTUS? The (R)\GOP?? They’re stabbing each other in the back to be 1st to the mics to squeak anything the Bolsheviks want to hear. How’s that ‘lesser of two evils\holding feet to the fire’ working out??

    Brave new world, indeed.

  • Every Republican must sign a censure of the president

    08/16/2017 4:28:50 PM PDT · 63 of 68
    i_robot73 to Chgogal; Rome2000; All

    WhiteSupremacy=WhiteNationalists=Socialism=NAZIs/Hitler=Democrats=AntiFa=funded by Soros.

    ONE of these things is NOT like the other: White Nationalists’.

    White - (duh) Nothing nefarious here
    Nationalist - love of (ones’) country

    Just another co-opt and perversion of definition. Shame to see too many on the ‘right’ willing to concede the debate from word one.

    ‘18 is going to be REALLY interesting w/ all the (R)\GOP(e) running for the hills a/o mic to ‘disavow’ the President. 8 years and they *NEVER* had a bad word to say for the 1st black provocateur in the W.H.

  • Mitt Romney Defends Peaceful Antifa Terrorists – Gets Schooled by Twitter

    08/16/2017 10:31:14 AM PDT · 44 of 44
    i_robot73 to G Larry; Enlightened1

    Law Enforcement is there to address unlawful BEHAVIOR.

    Both sides BEHAVED unlawfully.

    But only one (that I can discern currently), was the ‘agent provocateur’.

    IMO, the ones w/ the permit brought along tools, knowing there might be more than just a ‘counter protest’.

    Unfort, the ‘thought crimes’ are already out of the bottle (vs. gays/Muslims/etc.).

  • 'I feel like I was raped,' woman says of invasive roadside strip search (Harris Co. TX)

    08/15/2017 5:09:46 PM PDT · 35 of 42
    i_robot73 to Does so; MrEdd

    Most of us are for the police when they abide by the constitution, and opposed to them when they make themselves above the law. At one time this was a common position in America.
    ...and then came along marijuana...and the doper class.

    ....followed by the Fascists, and their enablers on both ends of the spectrum.

  • 'I feel like I was raped,' woman says of invasive roadside strip search (Harris Co. TX)

    08/15/2017 5:08:10 PM PDT · 33 of 42
    i_robot73 to MrEdd; All

    Let me explain something to you that you may not want to hear.
    One hundred percent of law enforcement who would stand down when ordered to and then not resign after a situation like this are bad cops.

    Here is something else for you.
    One hundred percent of the aforementioned group who would then round up the citizens who fight back are precisely the people Alexander Solzhenitsyn warned about, and if free Americans are to live to see the next decade they will have to respond in the manner Solzhenitsyn suggested.

    Should be on the wall of ‘Great Posts’.

    Not only police, but govt in general. We the People are no longer the master; haven’t been in some time.

  • 'I feel like I was raped,' woman says of invasive roadside strip search (Harris Co. TX)

    08/15/2017 5:01:33 PM PDT · 32 of 42
    i_robot73 to lizma2

    There’s are good cops and very bad ones but I can’t believe cops not dealing with rioters are their decision.

    Those decisions come from the higher up ruling elites for political gain. (Baltimore, Ferguson, Berkley, Charlottesville, All rat controlled.)

    Then, the cops should be the FIRST on the list of defendants and work your way up.

    “Just following orders” hasn’t been valid for a VERY long time.