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  • Inhofe: New Congress will examine ozone rule

    11/26/2014 4:57:02 AM PST · 5 of 10
    i_robot73 to Cincinatus' Wife

    How, exactly? By ‘looking’ at their rules/regulations?

    I didn’t read/hear about 0’ing out their budget, alone removing them from the budget entirely. Did he site some former President’s rise-from-whole-cloth beginning? Maybe even that the Congress, let alone the EPA, has NO authority over the Earth, wind, fire, water??

    My reading comprehension must have been on the fritz.

  • Why people vote Republican but support liberal policies (lib spin!)

    11/24/2014 11:37:20 AM PST · 23 of 26
    i_robot73 to Vaquero

    You’d be correct: No safety net; that drugged stupor you reference would matter not; nor would I need to worry about $$ spend on booze/smokes/etc. If biz/someone wishes to give their own my guest. No drug test would be needed, unless those giving out so required.

    Assuaging ones own guilt by using the power/force of gov’t to steal for those whom WON’T work is morally worse, IMHO.

    You note a ‘viable’ nation...please define. We currently lack the reproduction numbers; we are already non-viable (mostly BECAUSE of anti-Liberty/Freedom gov’t)? Gov’t has a 120T+ unfunded liabilities debt. Again, non-viable.

    Unfort., even here, there are a number of busy-body nanny-staters...As long as it is THEM being the King, there’s no wrong.

  • Obama’s Cares About Expanding Executive Power, Not Immigrants

    11/24/2014 11:19:53 AM PST · 10 of 10
    i_robot73 to yefragetuwrabrumuy

    I almost choked on a mouthful of lunch....Even when the GOP controlled all of D.C. (note I didn’t say conservative, let alone a *gasp* Constitutionalist), the only time the Const. was even mentioned was when it used to make another political they passed NCLB, TSA, DHS, etc.

    There will be ‘reset’ until the War of Indep. II; which I fail to see happening as the bread and circuses are in full swing (sports and TV).

    I’d LOVE to see even the most basic of Law passed: an authority declaration needed for ANY/ALL Bills before voting (as if that’d make a difference, I know).

  • Two GOP Senators Wage Turf War Over Top Senate Spot

    11/24/2014 10:53:48 AM PST · 9 of 12
    i_robot73 to mouse1

    BUT, but, we held our nose THIS time (again).....

    MAYBE, if we only had the White House too! *rolls eyes*

  • Why people vote Republican but support liberal policies (lib spin!)

    11/24/2014 10:51:35 AM PST · 20 of 26
    i_robot73 to Vaquero

    Funny. My personal fav. summantion RE: why I’m a (L) instead of (C):

    I’m smart enough realize I don’t know the answer(s) that would apply to ALL Men that should trump their own choice(s).

  • Precedents and ‘Prosecutorial Discretion’: Questions Defenders of Obama's EO Must Answer

    11/24/2014 10:42:51 AM PST · 5 of 6
    i_robot73 to SeekAndFind

    I MIGHT see the dichotomy of ‘no limit vs. limit’ IF the LAWS WERE ENFORCED. That is the one, and ONLY way, our immigration system is ‘broken’.

    Now we have criminals with more rights than Citizens. *I*, sure as sh!t, wouldn’t be given the revolving door treatment for driving w/out a license/insurance, using fraud to work...IF I decided to pay taxes, etc.

  • Ted Cruz Proposes ‘Detailed, Systematic Plan’ to Stop Obama’s Amnesty (says 'Let's play hardball)

    11/24/2014 8:13:27 AM PST · 17 of 25
    i_robot73 to bestintxas

    Yet, wasn’t the Turtle re-selected (unanimously) as leader just recently??

    Where was the outcry, etc. then? And, if being behind closed doors it was ‘fraudulent’, why no outcry since?

    Sorry, but as with all things in D.C., until a bill is written/acted upon, it’s all bovine blathering

  • Taking the Crony Out of Capitalism

    11/24/2014 8:09:16 AM PST · 21 of 21
    i_robot73 to Bryanw92

    I never said the highway system didn’t have MERIT...What I said is it was a project best left with the States (IE: not post roads). Of course, with the advent of the ‘great’ highway system, the once Right of Travel has now been eviscerated, let alone the power/authority of highways are now Federalized (national speed limit, gas taxes, $$ back to the States....).

    Is not the army under the control of the CiC/Fed (private army)?? I can’t recall any authorization on the War on Terror, Libya, Syria

    Would we have won WWI/II/etc. w/ just voluntary militia? IMHO, yes...IF they were ‘regulated’, as they should. Each able bodied would be well versed in their own PRIVATELY owned M4, M16, etc. Then again, I don’t think those Leftists should have brought us into the conflicts to begin...We (the U.S.A.) is NOT the world’s police, nor the piggy bank for front line fodder, ‘nation building’, etc.

    We might have actually WON wars if not for the ridiculous ROE because of the above..gotta win the hearts and minds, y’know?! *spit*

  • Taking the Crony Out of Capitalism

    11/23/2014 6:13:54 PM PST · 19 of 21
    i_robot73 to Bryanw92

    Yes, there ARE legitimate government functions, those spelled out in the Constitution, and the rest are left up to We the People through the States.

    Merc armies? I’d never call the unorganized militia anything so demeaning. And, there were plenty of roadways BEFORE Fedzilla spent untold $$$ on interstate highway systems (again, much better left to the States to determine ‘need’)....ATC you’ll have to spell out for me. Even your nuclear ‘deterrence’ don’t matter much when the gov’t is the one GIVING such technology out to our enemies

    As the Fed RARELY enforces the Laws as they are currently...Welfare is theft, pure and simple (Takings, 9th/10th/13th)...There is NOTHING benign in the unlawful power of regulations in every unconstitutional Dept of XYZ...making busy work to keep their (cushy) jobs. Nor would I chalk up what’s left as EVER ‘benign’ nor helpful; not with the crony Socialism we’ve had over the last 100+ years.

  • Taking the Crony Out of Capitalism

    11/23/2014 5:35:38 PM PST · 17 of 21
    i_robot73 to Bryanw92

    I will take umbridge to your one statement: ‘The government is part of the economy and that’s not a bad thing.’

    Yes, it is a ‘HORRIBLE thing’. An entity that produces NOTHING but regulations, rules and the like for everyone ELSE (when was the last time someone was jailed, let alone prosecuted or, heaven forbid, FIRED?) There is NO accountability like the Capitalistic system (we have not had a ‘Free Market’ in...forever).

    It is one of the reasons for the whole of the Declaration...swarms worth; and We have not learned from the past (as usual)


    11/23/2014 2:25:59 PM PST · 123 of 125
    i_robot73 to fortheDeclaration

    Americans could not understand the Constitution if their lives depended upon passing a Civics test.

    Republicans understand only so much as to pervert their Oath of Office to enhance their re-election chances and pad their bennies from the taxpayers. IF they understood it, and followed the same, we wouldn’t be getting such nonsense as ‘to protect our Democracy’, nor the TSA, DHS, NCLB, etc. etc. etc.

    If we were STILL a Constitutional Republic we would NOT be having these debates on the ‘issues’...

  • Bill would make immigration executive action illegal

    11/21/2014 1:59:07 PM PST · 14 of 14
    i_robot73 to molson209

    Sorry, but neither the States, nor We the People, have EVER approved Congress delegating ANYTHING to the Executive branch; let alone any Department (IE unelected bureaucrats making law our of thin air ala ‘regulations’)

    Course, that too was known when we HAD a Republic

  • Focus on Obama amnesty should be on the work permits, not the deportations

    11/20/2014 7:37:46 PM PST · 11 of 15
    i_robot73 to FlingWingFlyer

    There aren’t any jobs....because the majority of any new job WENT to the (illegal) immigrants.

    Couple that w/ the reduction of hours ala ACA and you have a return of the Bush era ‘McJobs’...though nobody in the MSM will call it so.

  • NRA: Obama Support of UN Gun Treaty 'an End-Run Around Congress'

    11/20/2014 7:35:23 PM PST · 14 of 25
    i_robot73 to KarlInOhio

    And some believe that if the Prez signed over his authority to the U.N. it’d still be ‘legal’.

    Sorry, but the Constitution if the (basis of) Law in the U.S. No treaty can supersede the power delegated by the States and We the People.

    Course, the same thing could be said about Dept. XYZ and the numerous ‘regulations’ (that have the weight of ‘law’...somehow) w/out being ‘hindered’ by the the People....

    F* it. The Constitution is dead, long and buried. We now live under a Banana Republic at best....

  • Deportation Reprieve Will Not Include Parents of Young Immigrants (Dreamers)

    11/20/2014 5:25:46 AM PST · 18 of 18
    i_robot73 to 11th_VA

    Per the 14th, they are NOT U.S. Citizens in any way, shape, matter or form.

    For some ‘Ivy League educates’, they sure can’t seem to read the plain English of MOST of our Amendments....

  • Swedish Ambulance Workers Want Body Armor Against Machete Attacks

    11/19/2014 9:22:27 AM PST · 10 of 28
    i_robot73 to SeekAndFind

    Theirs is a Muslim problem, ours is (mostly) Mexican. Same creek and still no paddle

  • Business boiled over EPA’s water rule

    11/18/2014 5:57:49 AM PST · 16 of 27
    i_robot73 to Adder


    From whence did the People authorize ANY Department to create anything that is tantamount to Law?

    Only those hired into Congress were given any such authority...Oh, how far we have fallen

  • Uber Executive Suggests Digging Up Dirt On Journalists

    11/18/2014 5:30:41 AM PST · 7 of 10
    i_robot73 to Steven Tyler

    One person donates $$ RE: ‘gay marriage’ (Firefox) and is drummed out of his position, but another actively (thought they were not being recorded) goes anti-1st Amend and condones thuggery, and....apologizes.

    Now, how can one make comments and STILL claim ‘they didn’t reflect his...views’???

  • Obama AG Appointee Loretta Lynch: Voter ID Laws are Racist

    11/16/2014 7:58:43 AM PST · 46 of 54
    i_robot73 to Adam Taxin

    How about this: When I don’t require ID/paperwork to purchase, use and carry a firearm, of my choosing, I’ll THINK about no IDs for voting

    Until then, let’s also require ID/paperwork for abortions, and compare the gnashing of teeth/heads exploding trying to twist their logic to make it all ‘mess’

  • First-day glitch shuts state’s health-insurance exchange

    11/16/2014 7:56:03 AM PST · 9 of 10
    i_robot73 to Oldeconomybuyer

    Let me see here: MONTHS pass since the initial roll-out cluster-F*, and (State) gov’t STILL hasn’t gotten it’s sh!t testing, no validation, no verification.

    How much MORE $$ was blown ‘getting ready’? Who was FIRED (yeah, pipe dream), like *I* would be if I did this in the real world (’unfortunately’ *I* have to show progress, metrics, testing know, actual WORK)

    Glad I live in FL

  • ‘Dreamer Moms’ fast near White House, hoping Obama will grant them legal status

    11/15/2014 6:07:14 PM PST · 62 of 69
    i_robot73 to cloudmountain

    Sorry, no. FIRST, remove the incentives, for illegals and the rest...get rid of the welfare state, Fed and State (NO property shall be taken...).

    Biz are not obligated to do the job the Fed was tasked to accomplish; and 30+million IS an invasion.

    Then the States that harbor (’sanctuary cities’). If it was ‘bad’ for AZ, it should be worse for LA, NY, etc. NO Fed. taxpayer $$ to any State/city that flouts the immigration laws (non compliance). Let their citizens know why the gravy train ended.

  • U.S. to give $3 billion to international climate fund

    11/15/2014 2:01:13 PM PST · 26 of 26
    i_robot73 to nathanbedford

    What/where is this ‘push back’ of note? It def. won’t be from the ‘leaders’ of the (R) party.

    Of course, I cannot remember when the last time the question of ‘by what authority’ or ‘where will $X come from’ was uttered by the MSM...

    I mean, even if the (R) opened up with that question, it means a Costo sized can of worms get opened; and D.C. might actually have to start answering some questions/doing its job.

  • Dem Compares Obama’s Unilateral Action on Immigration to Lincoln’s Freeing of the Slaves

    11/15/2014 12:44:21 PM PST · 47 of 51
    i_robot73 to Flash Bazbeaux
    Slight correction: Lincoln freed slaves in portions of the country in open rebellion during a war that had legally seceded. He did not free slaves in New Orleans, or Kentucky, Missouri, Delaware Maryland or Washington DC. There was NO 'civil war'...The South did NOT wish to over-throw the North. The Const. only says how a State can be added; it is presumed the State can remove itself as well, or the whole idea of the Constitution itself, Federalism/9th/10th, is a farce. IE: We the People, of the independent States, giving the Fed. SOME authority, that we could, somehow, NOT get back?? Defies logic.
  • Why the F.C.C. Should Heed President Obama on Internet Regulation

    11/15/2014 9:27:29 AM PST · 25 of 37
    i_robot73 to ViLaLuz

    Like everything gov’t....’boogie-man’, ‘only the 1-3%’, voluntary then mandatory.

    Income taxes
    seat belt laws

    Freedom and Liberty, once relinquished to gov’t, rarely exists...let alone returned.

  • California woman is charged with fraud after she uses injury photos from the Internet

    11/15/2014 7:40:43 AM PST · 14 of 15
    i_robot73 to dennisw

    How much to the State does she have to pay for filing a fraudulent/frivolous lawsuit??

  • Oregon: White flight from schools should be stopped, says group.

    11/15/2014 7:36:47 AM PST · 95 of 115
    i_robot73 to Altura Ct.

    Easy solution: Remove public funding of schools (of all types) [IE: property taxes], and let those that need it PAY for it themselves.

    ‘Learning centers’ would spring up on every corner, attracting the best ‘teachers’ available (of course, that entails removing ‘accreditation’ and ‘teaching degrees’ as being mandatory to teach. I think the CEO of any local major business can teach economics/biz and not need any other [ esp. gov’t] approval).

    Why should K-12 be any different than anything after?? And a better question, why are those that don’t need the services of ‘school’ PAYING forever for them?

  • U.S. court rejects religious objection to Obamacare contraception deal

    11/14/2014 10:38:47 AM PST · 17 of 23
    i_robot73 to GIdget2004

    Again, when did businesses become the slaves of their employees re: health-care?

    Biz should wise up, band together and DUMP the lot of the benefits of their employees; telling ‘em to ‘go cry to gov’t, it ain’t my job nor worry’

    Course I’d be too hopeful the new Congress would pass a bill to allow (damn I hate that phrase) taxpayers to have the same benefits biz does re: paying benefits/healthcare/etc.

  • Chadwick Banks: Florida man executed for stepdaughter's slaying

    11/14/2014 8:51:52 AM PST · 16 of 16
    i_robot73 to Secret Agent Man

    I love a story with a happy ending...though years too late.

    IMHO, I’d say a good limit would be 5-yrs. All capital crimes should be fast-tracked to the top of the docket; not dragged out at a snails pace (might also whittle down the smaller/frivolous B.S.).

    And, for those instances where Justice was thwarted by those in positions of power; especially AFTER the 5yr. termination??? Again, if I were king for a day: if before 5 yrs, all in the know get a stay in club Fed w/out parol for 20yrs. (all bennies revoked and/or restitution paid personally). AFTER 5: immediate termination with personal restitution paid to the family.

    Over-zealous prosecutors/etc. (whom have the backing of gov’t $$ to drain and kill any defense) [IE: Duke lacrosse] should be just as punished...10 yrs. behind bars w/ personal restitution.

  • Cornyn stresses prospects for cooperation with Democrats

    11/13/2014 4:24:50 PM PST · 36 of 42
    i_robot73 to yefragetuwrabrumuy

    You presume they FIGHT....hard to fight when you capitulate before the battle. EVERY. F*. TIME. (and some wonder why I’m a (L))

  • Boehner, Republicans Blast Surprise Obama-China Climate Deal

    11/13/2014 4:21:02 PM PST · 57 of 57
    i_robot73 to CatherineofAragon

    ONE...of MANY

  • Federal Judge strikes down South Carolina marriage ban

    11/13/2014 9:42:45 AM PST · 52 of 56
    i_robot73 to All

    I’m sorry my FRiends, but the fat lady has sung...IMHO, our Republic has long been dead; we are only now seeing just how long the carrion will last. We’ve not lasted longer than the 200 year average I’m afraid, because the People have long ago lost their teeth (and our Constitution never had any).

    Look at Roe vs. Wade. 40 years later, settled science upon report after report: life in the womb begins at conception. Yet, still the SCotUS have ‘written’ this ‘right’, and never righted the wrong (and 30+MILLION have paid). No State Amendment, nor I believe any Const. Amendments, could be passed to make it otherwise.

    Even when the (R) held D.C., there was not a PEEP from Congress. No talk of even taking the issue away from the Courts (as they rightfully can).

    NO talk from the States re-affirming the 9th/10th Amendments

    NO action from We the People. No angry throngs of People with firearms, bats, pitchforks, tar, feathers and rails...

    But here, on THIS issue, the tide will somehow turn?? What else needs be slipped through (’deemed’ or gaveled) before the light finally turns on? Has the Cryer or Gobble given ANY indication they have anything but capitulation (their ‘jobs’) on their mind?? No budget, no more ‘shutdowns’, talk of amnesty, etc....and this from a tidal wave of (R) backing!!

    Sorry folks, hunker down, reign in the $$ going to D.C., teach your children well; but the war is over. I only hope the pendulum swings mightily before I finally slip this mortal coil...but I doubt even the hope.

  • Boehner, Republicans Blast Surprise Obama-China Climate Deal

    11/13/2014 9:10:05 AM PST · 55 of 57
    i_robot73 to CatherineofAragon

    Even impeachment will not stop the leviathan....Congress is complacent and complicit in the status quo.

    Unless/until the UNCONSTITUTIONAL Dept. of XYZ are gone, nothing will change.

    No ‘tax’, no ‘treaty’, no ‘authority’ need be passed/signed/sighted when the regulations can be handed out like candy on HWeen w/out a worry/peep from We the People...let alone Congress.

  • 42 Percent of New Medicaid Recipients in the Last Two Years Were Immigrants

    11/13/2014 5:28:59 AM PST · 23 of 42
    i_robot73 to IC Ken

    Moot point. MY great-grandparents+, when they came to this county, had to show they would benefit the U.S. when they (LEGALLY) immigrated.

    D.C. keeps the barn door open, and seemingly only benefits those from outside the U.S.

  • Republicans warn of ‘chilling effect’ from Obama’s push for more Internet regulation

    11/11/2014 9:50:21 AM PST · 32 of 51
    i_robot73 to Dallas59

    With the continuation of the current ‘leadership’, regardless of the latest tsunami of new incomers, I’m not holding my breath to wait for the ZERO’ing out of the FCC budget, let alone the cries of ‘by what authority’ (IE: TALKING about the Constitution....that’d open a WHOLE cans of worms neither side wants)

    So, let me get this straight: Because of some ‘abuses’ by the cabal of telecoms/internet providers/etc., it’ll be better under the monopoly of Fedzilla, whom has the power of FORCE for compliance....Say, whom do I call in D.C. when I want to complain?

  • How much money do we really owe? More than the government is saying and amnesty will kill us

    11/11/2014 9:41:49 AM PST · 14 of 22
    i_robot73 to Oldpuppymax

    $18T?? He left off a 0 somewhere...entitlements (including those some even here believe they’ve ‘pain into’) tally over $120T.

    That’s no whole one can EVER dig out from...

  • NY Couple Who Refused To Hold Lesbian Wedding Ceremony On Property Facing $13,000 Fine

    11/10/2014 5:55:35 PM PST · 36 of 38
    i_robot73 to taxcontrol

    In a true Constitutional Republic, here can be no conflict: Rights require no 2nd/3rd party to utilize. A nation of Laws (consequences of actions).

    Course, that means the 16th/SS/welfare can’t negate the 4th/5th/6th/13th/etc., nor would there exist SS, Welfare....IE: The issue would be moot; as States would tell the Fed to F* off and worry/do their job as delegated.

    Yeah, an antiquated notion these days

  • Gun sales in Spokane soar after I-594 passes

    11/10/2014 10:15:47 AM PST · 20 of 27
    i_robot73 to rktman

    Excuse my ignorance, but ‘if or when’?? Has the NRA or the like filed anything yet?

    I mean, it’s not like the courts will side with anyone when it comes to ‘....shall not be infringed’ (or the ‘incorporation’ BS)

  • Obamacare Is Headed For Another Supreme Court Showdown, And It Puts The Law In 'Dangerous Territory'

    11/07/2014 6:38:30 PM PST · 81 of 106
    i_robot73 to DaveyB

    Or better yet, uphold the power to tax...for those things enumerated as Powers in the Constitution that should be paid. ‘Healthcare’ not being in that list; at least not in MY version.

    Yeah, pipe dream, I know.

  • Prisoners Freed Quickly After Voters OK Prop 47

    11/07/2014 6:35:22 PM PST · 17 of 29
    i_robot73 to GeronL

    I’m sorry, but isn’t this the idea of Federalism? 50 experiments...some being warnings to the others.

    IMHO, we need MORE like this...and more telling the Feds to F* off ala 9th/10th (at the minimum)

    Citizens can always vote with their feet, just like Detroit.

  • Time for the Fair Tax; Ted Cruz is a sponsor

    11/06/2014 5:57:10 AM PST · 135 of 135
    i_robot73 to arthurus

    Yours still is theft by gov’t and only exists for those whom STILL are in the work force...go retirees, nothing ‘under the table’, no ‘grey/black markets’, etc.; it doesn’t cover EVERYONE.

    Fair Tax shows, on EACH receipt, how much gov’t is costing the consumer. X% to Count/City, Y% to State, Z% to Fed...they are ‘writing the check’ on EVERYTHING they choose to purchase.

    Hence, the flourish of individualism again under a Fair Tax....barter, trade, 2nd-hand. People looking for the bargain, making informed choices and all of it VOLUNTARY.

  • Now That The GOP Has Won, What Does It Stand For?

    11/05/2014 7:38:35 AM PST · 29 of 46
    i_robot73 to JRandomFreeper

    But...but, we *won*, right?

    Wasn’t that the prevailing screed? “Hold your noses, because the OTHER guys are....worse”? It’s not Fascism when (R) do it, eh, comrade?

    Party over principles and another shot into the foot....I’m hopeful, but not holding my breath (and might not even give a ‘told you so’ post :D)

    We should get a pool going on how long The Gobbler and The Weeper will hold the power before ‘reaching across’ and ‘turning back’ what Reid had pushed through.

    God forbid they give us MORE TSA, HSA, Patriot Act, etc. like the last time they took all 3....

  • Time for the Fair Tax; Ted Cruz is a sponsor

    11/05/2014 7:18:56 AM PST · 129 of 135
    i_robot73 to redinIllinois

    NP. Though, I am quite surprised at the number of Flat Tax cheerleaders (even noting some of the cons in my original post).

    Aside from the pre-bate, and the rate of the Fair Tax (22-23% being WAY too high), it’s the only ‘across the board’, ‘everyone pays’ and VOLUNTARY system.

    Any shenanigans from any higher level and the lower level cuts off the $$ flow upstream.

    THAT is where the power lies, back with We the People.

  • Time for the Fair Tax; Ted Cruz is a sponsor

    11/05/2014 7:15:28 AM PST · 128 of 135
    i_robot73 to arthurus

    Neither did the original 16th (as it was ONLY to be levied against the top 3%...IIRC [still Socialist us vs. them])

    Plus, you fail to account how a flat tax would encompass ALL...not just the ‘favored’ (IE: ‘elderly’ and the ‘poor’ whom DO use services as much as the ‘middle class’...and the former more likely to BE the ‘upper class’).

    Though, I’m not in disfavor of your last point ;)

  • Tennessee Voters Approve Constitutional Income Tax Ban

    11/05/2014 5:38:20 AM PST · 15 of 26
    i_robot73 to Morgana

    Nice. But, how long until some Fed/compliant judge strikes it down as ‘unconstitutional’ or some such?

  • Daylight Saving Time Is America's Greatest Shame

    11/03/2014 9:48:07 AM PST · 42 of 68
    i_robot73 to C19fan

    Only the stupidity of gov’t...much like the bucket and shallow/deep end analogy, only they could come up with a law that they could tout as ‘saving/costing’ an hour.

    The Sun is not amused, and the cock still crows on his rise...not the gov’t time.

  • Time for the Fair Tax; Ted Cruz is a sponsor

    11/03/2014 9:36:44 AM PST · 14 of 135
    i_robot73 to All

    Prebate not withstanding (it’s the only detractor, IMHO):
    FAIR, not flat. The latter does not ensure everyone pays ‘their fair share’; the former is the only voluntary payment system.

    Flat would still require an IRS, fair would be a ‘tiered’ payment system...user -> biz -> State -> Fed. and thus, no need for ‘tracking’.

    Fair would also encourage thrift and ‘home grown’ (baking, sewing, trade, barter, etc. to reduce taxes even farther)

    We need to STARVE the beast, not find alternatives to feed. Sad that is even talk about ‘the poor poor’...when they come out ahead of those working 40hrs.+/wk (IE: Leave charity up to those whom voluntary do so, not by the power of the gun of gov’t)

  • Feds Retaliate against the Bundy Ranch and the Southern Nevada People

    10/30/2014 5:55:01 PM PDT · 29 of 38
    i_robot73 to lacrew

    Maybe my reading and comprehension skills need a brush-up (RE: A1S8 and A4S3). Either a State encompasses all within its boundaries (aside from that specifically designated as per above. EG: Forts, roads, etc.), or the same has been usurped by Fedzilla.

    Course, that was back at a time when we HAD a Constitutional Republic....

  • Hill panic: 300-600 Senate Dem staffers would be fired in GOP win

    10/30/2014 10:33:46 AM PDT · 118 of 157
    i_robot73 to Ann Archy

    We’re supposed to jump for joy that ‘our’ guys will fill the void (and swell the ranks more likely) instead?

    The staffs should be SEVERELY curtailed; on BOTH sides of the aisle

    Wasn’t there a story, not that long ago, about Congress-critters having too many meetings they could not attend; let alone the same critters being known to not even read the bills they pass for the ‘benefit’ of We the People (but they are usually exempt)???

    Here’s a novel idea D.C.: Do your OWN homework, reading, etc. Maybe y’all will slow down enough to actually DEBATE when gets onto the floor. But, then, you might have to be held accountable if you ever showed up for a REAL ‘town hall meeting’

  • Another Reason Why Decent and Moral People Are Libertarians

    10/28/2014 5:55:01 AM PDT · 61 of 68
    i_robot73 to Westbrook

    As is your Right, as much as mine to vote for someone I believe would mirror my own values from the needing poking/prodding to follow the Rule of Law/Constitution. When the (R) already state they will ‘work w/ Dems’ or ‘pass immig. ‘reform’’, just what do you believe a phone/fax will accomplish??

    1) I’d rather work within the party to change a plank or two..

    2) A) No kids (not for lack of trying unfortunately) B) Schools are a whole other can of worms. Parents should be responsible for the payment and assurance in the education of their own brood. What did you expect gov’t indoctrination centers to DO otherwise??

    As for C) Houston/etc. - rogue gov’t, that’s plain to see to everyone. IMHO, the backlash is beginning, as people are noting it no longer is about ‘acceptance/tolerance’. Again, as a (L) I see an easy solution: remove gov’t from the equation (biz licenses, etc.)

    3) There is no way to determine ‘peaceful’, but there is a way to ensure visas/etc. are followed...HARD jail time, deportation, tracking....You know, the actual JOB of gov’t. Again, no SS/welfare/etc. there is little to entice anyone to overstay their welcome.

    4) I’ve never seen anything to the contrary (IE: punishment fits the crime); nor would I support excessive/tiered: robbery on booze vs. pot vs. is still robbery, I see no argument to make one weigh more than the rest.

    Appreciate the deliberation. I don’t believe our two parties to be THAT ‘out of sync’; but it’s been too many years since *I* have heard anything BUT lip-service from the (R) party to cast my lot.

  • "They Just Want The Money!" The IRS Can Now Seize Accounts On Suspicion Alone

    10/27/2014 11:03:31 AM PDT · 41 of 48
    i_robot73 to OneWingedShark; Swordmaker

    Why do we never hear of the word-smiths on OUR side?

    IE: Assets = Property. All property belongs to SOMEONE (possessions being 9/10’s and all); thus, suing a THING *is* farcical on its face.

    Hell, I’d love to start up a suit to go all the way to the top on how income tax supposedly does NOT equate to slavery, and thus unconstitutional. Even using the most liberal of definitions: Slaver = involuntary subjection to another or others (IE: welfare, etc.). As the IRS ‘wins’ 99% of its cases, there can be no Justice.

    Course, as you postulated, it would most likely be tossed out for ‘standing’ and I’d wind up in prison as the whim of the black robed oligarchy.