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  • McCain hits Trump where it hurts, attacking ‘bone spur’ deferments in Vietnam

    10/22/2017 9:58:18 PM PDT · 49 of 111
    Hostage to be-baw

    John McCain - Little Man, Little Mind, Little Meanie

  • McConnell Dismisses Bannon: One of the ‘Specialists in Nominating People Who Lose’

    10/22/2017 7:59:38 PM PDT · 19 of 44
    Hostage to markomalley

    > “This is not about personalities. This is about achievement. And in order to make policy, you have to actually win the election.”

    Right McConnartist. You back candidates that have no vision, no principles, no passion for the Constitution, you get them elected and then what happens? Nothing, of course.

    We remember how you had you and your stable of GOP RINOs throw PAC money to Thad Cochran to buy ads decrying McDaniel as a racist, and the ‘walkin around money’ to get black democrats to crossover and vote against McDaniel by voting for Cochran.

    Now we see your ‘achievement’ and we see your ‘policy’.

  • Beyond the smoking gun: The new JFK files fill in 2 holes in the assassination story

    10/22/2017 4:21:47 PM PDT · 106 of 180
    Hostage to jmacusa

    There are people today that talk about that Muslim SOB known as Obama. And he is indeed a Muslim SOB.

    If there is some dingaling Oswald type sitting at a bar listening to some spooks blab on about that Muslim SOB, that dingbat might just try to bag an Obama trophy to show off to those he wants to pal around with.

    Yeah, sh*t like that happens.

    And what else happens is that two dingbats get the idea to work together and pull it off.

    Oswald was murdered shortly after the JFK assassination. There could be others who were hit that we don’t know about.

    For many years there was a standing hit contract by the CIA for $250k to take out Castro. It is entirely plausible that a similar contract was put out on JFK.

    The point is no one knows and no one will know because those that know are dead either by a hit or by natural causes.

    What the current news is revealing is that the CIA has some dumbass pricks inside it that either work as rogues or by command. Which is it? That’s the relevant question for today. Many of us know the answer already but the public does not yet know for sure.

  • Beyond the smoking gun: The new JFK files fill in 2 holes in the assassination story

    10/22/2017 2:00:31 PM PDT · 60 of 180
    Hostage to DJ Taylor

    Some of the best witnesses to the mystery have since died of old age and confessed on their deathbeds. That to me weighs heavier than most other known confirmed evidence.

    The spook assets in news media carry out what is described as ‘information poisoning’ which puts inadvertent truth disclosures into a maelstrom of disinformation rendering truth as crap conspiracy drivrl. Everybody becomes turned off when a truth is thrown in with a bed of lies. People don’t know what to think which is the aim, to sow doubt and confusion.

  • Beyond the smoking gun: The new JFK files fill in 2 holes in the assassination story

    10/22/2017 1:11:59 PM PDT · 24 of 180
    Hostage to jmacusa

    CIA Operatives are not always the brightest bulbs. Oswald did not live and work in a vacuum. He liked the spook world and was meeting certain CIA good ole boys who had a beer or two with him unofficially just to yak it up. So he got to know a few. Doesn’t mean the agency HQ had designs involving him. It just means he was chummy with a few.

    There were some CIA that were hostile to Kennedy. Very plausible Oswald tapped into that and got the idea he could make the assassination a reality. No doubt there was an agent who over a beer would say “someone should take the SOB out” and Oswald thought it was serious.

    Because of the Zapruder film, and police audio tapes, it is more probable than not that a 2nd shooter was involved. It doesn’t mean there was a 2nd shooter but the evidence weighs to a 2nd shooter. The Warren Commission was an incompetent body. Many unanswered questions.

    What do I believe? Not a damn thing. Do I believe there was a conspiracy? No. Do I believe there was not a conspiracy? No.

    Those that claim more than two shooters have greater weight. Those that say it was only Oswald are blowing smoke out their *ss.

    Neither group that is ‘sure’ gains my respect because they don’t have enough evidence to be ‘sure’. I respect those that consider the evidence and don’t draw a conclusion. It’s Ok to discuss the evidence and where the evidence points to. It is NOT Ok to jump to any conclusion.

  • Trump interview with Maria Bartiromo, this morning

    10/22/2017 8:59:47 AM PDT · 14 of 30
    Hostage to Jane Long

    I agree.

    Maria is a very good reporter, loaded with facts and quick on her feet.

  • Corey Feldman arrested for marijuana possession after speaking out about Hollywood ‘paedo ring’ (tr)

    10/22/2017 8:53:45 AM PDT · 15 of 66
    Hostage to JudyinCanada

    Naming names would protect just him.

    He’s already said it’s about protecting others close to him.

    He said he’s working on another way to solve the problem.

    I would guess he’s passing the info to someone who can bring charges without him becoming a material witness.

    Where is Sessions?

  • I Will Be Allowing, As President, The Long Blocked And Classified JFK FILES To Be Opened.

    10/21/2017 7:39:34 AM PDT · 61 of 89
    Hostage to Jim Noble

    Good Point. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for McCain.

  • I Will Be Allowing, As President, The Long Blocked And Classified JFK FILES To Be Opened.

    10/21/2017 7:35:57 AM PDT · 54 of 89
    Hostage to Enlightened1

    An investigation of the CIA’s complicity in the JFK assassination would bring about a reform of the agency.

    A reform of the CIA will do the agency a lot of good. So Mike would be off on this one.

    The nation’s federal government needs a lot of reforms, massive reforms, to restore its bond with the citizenry. CIA is just one agency of many needing reform.

  • Mueller’s Role in Delivering Uranium to Russians Raises Questions

    10/20/2017 10:34:41 PM PDT · 29 of 29
    Hostage to Revel

    Assange released it twice. The first time during the campaign, the Mueller cable went unnoticed because he wasn’t in the news and because there were so many other disclosures that pertained to Hillary.

    The second release was timed when Mueller was brought onboard by Rosenstein because by then he was in the news. Assange ostensibly aimed to alert of the connection between Hillary and Mueller among other things.

    The article wasn’t “dishing out false” anything. It cited the May 2017 release as the “latest” release.

    Hopefully, this fills in some context for you.

  • Corey Feldman is trying to finally get justice

    10/20/2017 5:56:09 PM PDT · 39 of 87
    Hostage to sparklite2


  • Judge won’t throw out ruling explaining Arpaio’s conviction

    10/20/2017 1:59:14 PM PDT · 39 of 41
    Hostage to Jacquerie


  • Trump vs. Hitler: Let’s Run the Numbers

    10/20/2017 1:12:20 PM PDT · 21 of 21
    Hostage to dfwgator

    Yep, agree, except it wasn’t so much Jews as it was Jewish Communists and Jewish Bankers that were funding them.

    The Nazi propaganda was quite effective. Today’s liar media rivals that effectiveness. I always ask what was the result of all that Nazi BS? The result was total devastation.

    Today’s Nazi followers will tell that the reason for the devastation was in the betrayal by and weakness of certain German Jewish scientists and a propaganda war against the German people, In other words, they lost the war because of liars. BS. They lost the war because their factories came to a literal grinding halt for lack of fuel due to American strategic bombers destroying their refineries and bombing their railroads. Then Patton and others finished them off. Yes, the Russians played a part but only after the Americans destroyed their critical infrastructure.

    Find the classic war film ‘Twelve O’Clock High’ starring Gregory Peck as General Savage. It’s based on true events and is still shown in War College today as a profile in leadership. That film shows the critical force and leadership that brought the Nazi War Machine to its knees.

    And a good thing the Nazis were defeated in ‘44 because in another year they would have had the Bomb, and with their V2 rocket success, we would all be goose-stepping to the legacy of Hitler today, I kid you not.

  • Frederica Wilson vs. Trump and Now John Kelly? Easy—Go With Wilson

    10/20/2017 11:02:14 AM PDT · 26 of 33
    Hostage to dontreadthis

    > “Did I leave anything out?”

    Yes, you left out they are users and abusers of widows of honorable veterans.

  • Mueller’s Role in Delivering Uranium to Russians Raises Questions

    10/20/2017 10:58:33 AM PDT · 22 of 29
    Hostage to ForYourChildren

    The Awan Spy Ring are part of the Pakistani ISI 111th. This is the military group that is subversive. They are involved in anything and everything illicit or illegal that makes large profits. They will do anything for money. There is no moral judgment, no conscience in any of their doings other than grow their monitoring, control, and enforcement networks. They provide themselves as advancing on the path to be more covert and crafty than any other similar group around the world.

  • Trump vs. Hitler: Let’s Run the Numbers

    10/20/2017 10:51:45 AM PDT · 18 of 21
    Hostage to T Ruth

    Speak in terms of ideology. See #17.

  • Trump vs. Hitler: Let’s Run the Numbers

    10/20/2017 10:50:47 AM PDT · 17 of 21
    Hostage to dfwgator

    He started as a Nationalist. He developed into a diabolical monster.

    When you first start listening to Nazi propaganda, it can be quite confusing as you may be led to believe Hitler was a sympathetic figure. It can be quite convincing. And there are still people that push that garbage. All one need ask of these bastards is “What was the result?”. If they don’t acknowledge that Hitler’s grand scheme, grand experiment was a total complete devastating failure, they deserve to be called crazy as in truly nuts, or otherwise ignored and shunned.

    The same happens when one starts to read the Satanic Bible, the account of Lucifer, the “Original Rebel”. You read a few chapters and it is written so deceptively as to make one feel ‘Sympathy for the Devil’. All one need ask is “What was the result?”. The answer is ‘Death’. Any more takers for Satan?

    The same happens when you hear Muslims arguing about Mohammed and Jesus. They argue that Jesus could not have been the Prophet of Allah because God would never allow his Son to be killed? Ask them if they ever heard of the Resurrection. Ask what the result was, ‘Victory over the Devil and his jealous Sentence of Death’. The Muslims are misguided, they have no understanding of the Messiah and the Resurrection. They view everything in Earthly terms including a reward of 40 virgins. But their propaganda is a closed system, else it collapses. The Resurrection annihilates all their ideology. They can’t cope with its truth so they ignore it or deny it.

    Yeah, Hitler was a nationalist early on, he deceived a lot of Germans who should have known better. The Left is trying to paint Trump as a Hitler but Trump’s whole life is a contradiction to their irrational claim. That they would stoop to Hitler comparisons means they’ve got nothing else.

    As Bannon says let’s encourage these Leftists to stay on the message they’ve chosen, it makes them look foolish. That’s good for the Trump movement.

    Trump is Hitler? Yep, sure.

  • Trump vs. Hitler: Let’s Run the Numbers

    10/20/2017 9:21:09 AM PDT · 3 of 21
    Hostage to SeekAndFind

    The only parallel is that both are nationalists, But any other similarity ends there. Hitler was a diabolical madman. Trump is a great American who has no mission to conquer foreign lands for America or to set up extermination camps.

  • Mueller’s Role in Delivering Uranium to Russians Raises Questions

    10/20/2017 9:16:28 AM PDT · 20 of 29
    Hostage to mac_truck

    You obviously haven’t seen the evidence uncovered, yet you conclude it must be fake news. Shows what you are.

  • Mueller’s Role in Delivering Uranium to Russians Raises Questions

    10/20/2017 8:48:10 AM PDT · 18 of 29
    Hostage to Revel; b4its2late

    > “If it is then this is not new.”

    It was buried among thousands and thousands of Wikileaks disclosures a long time ago and is just now coming into focus.

    George Webb’s investigation tied it to the Awan spy ring scandal months ago. Awans were sending diplomatic sealed shipping containers from Karachi, Pakistan to Savannah, GA which receives depleted uranium in exchange for cash. In the process of that investigation, Mueller was discovered to have been used by Hillary as a uranium salesman.

    Mueller could claim ignorance but the fact is he was handing out samples to many foreign states, not just Russia. His pattern and practice reveals his intent. The profit reveals the motive of the Clinton Foundation.

    $40B was set up by Congress to purchase depleted uranium received in the Port of Savannah. Clinton was keen on grabbing those funds and used Mueller as a salesman. It is highly improbable that Mueller was unaware of what was up.