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  • It's Time to Criminalise Serious Scientific Misconduct

    09/15/2014 1:39:46 PM PDT · 23 of 51
    Hostage to lbryce

    Beware this slippery slope!

    Criminal or even harsh civil procedural provisions can be used from both sides. Al Gore and his followers would not hesitate to imprison scientists who disagreed with them.

    The way to uphold scientific standards of searching for the truth is to control the money and come down harshly on entire institutions that harbor even one fraudulent scientific investigator.

    Justice in the military is often meted out to entire units and not individuals. If one member of a unit fails or violates the code, the entire unit is punished.

    So it must be with centers of science; let one principle researcher be convicted of fraud and punish the entire center. Then watch how science center leaders climb all over every research project to save their own hides. The peer review process would once again become a serious endeavor, (my apologies to the thousands upon thousands of scientists and researchers who take their profession seriously and already act to uphold the highest scientific standards).

  • Why Apple Pay Will Change Electronic Payments Forever

    09/15/2014 12:33:59 PM PDT · 200 of 215
    Hostage to Swordmaker

    Still evading backup for your claim in Post #90 that PayPal has signed on to Apple Pay?

    And in #162 you changed your claim from PayPal signing on to Apple Pay to “they knew about it”.

    And still you can’t be bothered to address the good reporting from only 2 days ago:

    Instead a lame online analytics report is trotted out that relies on online surveys! Yes that’s right ComStore Mobilens is a cheap online survey shop (

    You going to bet the farm on an online survey?

    So what is your ComStore puff report about? It concerns a 3rd string member of the financial press goosing a stock. There’s so much of that crap flying around Wall St. these days; and it goes on unabated. Unfortunately there’s no Limbaugh observing the Wall St. financial press to call them out on their crap.

    I hold a doctorate in statistics from one of the top 3 departments in the world. My mentors included a knighted professor at Oxford and my thesis chair was a former chair of the department at the University of Chicago (#1 in Statistics) and also a personal friend and longtime colleague of Milton Friedman. I usually don’r have to advertise these facts except when it comes to taking the queer master race and their pervy sycophants on the internet down a few notches which is quite easy to do.

    You want to go up against me with analytics? Be my guest but I will warn you the results will not be pretty for your sake. In fact they likely will be gruesome.

    Here is an analytics firm with a lot more credibility, power and efficiiency in their data sampling and inference:

    They’re not cheap like ComScore. Here’s IDC’s report from last month:

    IDC is much more respected than any gutter variety online survey tracker. IDC’s report is much more objective, comprehensible, informative and reliable. It shows Apple is being pummeled globally and from my perspective for the exact parallel reasons that Apple fell to Microsoft in the 1990s (Note I built my first computer in 1983 and my second at JPL in 1985).

    The reality is that Android is eating Apple’s lunch and is operating on top of incredible attractive and inspiring innovations in graphics, speed, battery life, and ease of operation. Consumers don’t want their smartphones to be a wallet any more than they want their cafe chairs to be Segways.

    As of the time Cook took over until almost all of Q2 of this year, the S&P 100 (that where the financials are grouped) whipped AAPL by more than 20%. But don’t worry, Cook has been juicing his company’s stock price through his newly appointed spokesqueer Steve Dowling (

    Cook had to resort to propaganda juice because he had pissed off investors earlier this year when he said “business isn’t just about making a profit” and told ‘profit obsessed climate change denying investors’ to sell their Apple stock.

    And now Cook sees the light as even his homo cluster could not save him from investor wrath. Suddenly in one quarter AAPL jumps and leaps on nothing new in iphone/product releases but with inexplicable BS profit reports to follow; and of course you are a drinker of that Koolaid.

    In just weeks following that progressive toned anti-capitalist shareholder meeting where Cook revealed his true angry fascist character, suddenly there’s a surge of buy volume without explanation. Yes indeed it’s likely the SF queer oligarchs came to the rescue of their poster boy with an obvious order to turn it all around before the right wing had more ammunition. The bean counters and PR people were likely given a plan to goose the stock and the profits to remove the reality that Apple was slinking without the magic of Jobs. And just coincidentally about the same time Cook pinches Dowling as the new PR Boss.

    And the fallout continues with flunkies projecting that Apple Pay will rule the world!

    Ever hear of xlisp superiority versus C++ or Segway’s inevitable takeover of the way humans transport themselves? ... and countless others.

    I have a slide that shows a sieve with an odds ratio of failed innovations to those that make it to commercial success; 97.7 failures : 2.3 successes. And that parameter estimate is robust. Apple Pay will not be among the 2.3 because they have resorted to lies and coercion (hallmark of the Left) versus Job’s force of attraction and inspiration. The mass consumer market wants the latter and not the former. It’s as simple as that.

  • Why Apple Pay Will Change Electronic Payments Forever

    09/14/2014 11:44:51 PM PDT · 182 of 215
    Hostage to Swordmaker

    Oh, and tell your kooky partner in techno buffoonery that my personal belief in God is none of his goddam business!

  • Why Apple Pay Will Change Electronic Payments Forever

    09/14/2014 11:42:04 PM PDT · 181 of 215
    Hostage to Swordmaker

    You evade the detection of your own dissembling.

    You tried to create an image of a working operational relationship between Apple Pay and PayPal and you offered nothing to support your assertion after the link of news only 2 days old demolished your assertion:

    You didn’t even bother to comment on this news which goes to show you’re more interested in balancing the chip on your shoulder than addressing the faggy hype by the less than mediocre writer Berman.

    The dissembling, the chip on your shoulder and your cheerleading of the Head Queer of the Rotten Apple all combine to lower the value of anything from the legacy of Jobs.

    For your limited tunnel vision stemming from your near religious kookery in defending Cook’s failings and your expected distraction with the minutiae of IDCheck, FindMyPhone, ineffective secondary security transaction codes, expected bloviations on network tokenization and all manner of expected alphabet soup belching, the gaping hole I see is simple and could lead to a great heist of cash that could be easily pulled off by a ring of moderately clever crooks without stealing a single phone which purports to be an electronic wallet holding things of value.

    A ring of hackers having obtained a stolen data list of consumers and their bank card account information could use the encryption tokenization secure element inside a local Apple Pay device bought anonymously, proceed to load the stolen bank account card information via Apple Pass or some such rot, then further proceed to purchase cash cards and monetize them for physical cash. And there would be no way for Apple or banks to shutdown the conversion in time. A clever criminal hacker ring could easily pull off a heist of millions and likely tens of millions before banks could respond by segregating and deactivating the stolen account information.

    Perhaps you should consider giving credit to the original DARPA supported DIA decision to throw the internet on the junk pile of innovations not meeting military grade security because in fact it can never be made secure any more than a garden can be made forever weed free.

    Let me also point out that Apple has underperformed the S&P in the years since the financial collapse and is losing to Samsung in market share as well as giving ground to HTC and Lenovo EVEN IN THE FACE of one quarter of increased iphone sales of which there were a substantial number of previous iphone owners trading in for newer models.

    For Berman to say that Jobs did not use ‘features’ to build his empire is lunacy. Jobs used features everywhere to build his following and the ensuing loyalty. Cook has no magic dust to match that of Jobs; that was my point!

    Contrary to Berman’s feeble analogy, Apple Pay is not an iTunes parallel, not even close. Because with iTunes there was a market abandoned by the shutdown of Napster. Whereas there is not even a market or a need for a phone to be a wallet. Such gimmicky bloviation of gadgetry is not an improvement to the consumer and as I pointed out above it is not a panacea for security issues in the electronic transaction industry which is doing well despite breakins because the security response is well-managed, maintained and is a tax writeoff. In other words it is a tractable problem with a long track record of successful response. Whereas Cook’s feeble foray removes the response infrastructure to his ‘platform’ where he has no response structure because he and his clustering of homosexuals think they are so goddamned superior to everyone else that they think security response is not needed! Idiots blinded by their perversity and supercilious asininity. Yes I don’t like them and they don’t like me. Hearing of the recent news of a federal court judge issuing a fascist order to Arizona to recognize California’s queer marriages makes the seething social anger boil over to the point that a puff piece on Head Homo Cook and his Rotten Apple deserves a take down of several notches.

    There is no vision in Cook and his queer cluster. They are not attractive. Jobs’ inventions were attractive, inspiring. Cook’s perversity is rooted in a bid to show superiority in an arena that is all in their heads! A design feigning to be ‘superior’ in security in practice that is falsely founded.

    You see that’s the schtick with homosexuals, it’s all about superiority, master race crap; forcing themselves on traditional society as its superior masters and in this case thinking they will control our wallets. Homosexual fascism is not about being attractive as the world of Jobs based itself. They are not attractive, they are perverted and sick.

    Watch them fail and then whine about their victimization.

  • Politico Lead Story: 'Is It Time to Ditch the Star-Spangled Banner?'

    09/14/2014 5:42:11 PM PDT · 45 of 72
    Hostage to Kaslin

    Politico Lead Story: Is It Time To Ditch The Star-Spangle Banner?

    No, it’s time to ditch Politico.

  • America On The Edge

    09/14/2014 12:04:39 PM PDT · 3 of 23
    Hostage to Kaslin

    GOP Control of the US Senate will do nothing to stop Obama’s use of illegal EOs to grant amnesty.

    What is needed is for at least one State to file for a federal preliminary injunction order and transfer enforcement of the order to State LEOS to arrest any federal officer or official that violates the federal order. This will stop Obama in his tracks. There is no other way now to stop him.

  • Why Apple Pay Will Change Electronic Payments Forever

    09/13/2014 8:29:55 PM PDT · 153 of 215
    Hostage to Swordmaker

    I asked you first for your inside information.

    Your move.

  • David Haines 'beheading': Latest updates after ISIS video claiming to show execution....

    09/13/2014 4:14:49 PM PDT · 48 of 131
    Hostage to McGruff

    Yes it’s very likely a fake drop scene with overhead lighting.

    These criminals are smart enough to know there are spy satellites trained on every small unit of surface.

  • New York Times Sees Drastic Swing In Alaska Senate Race

    09/13/2014 12:21:01 PM PDT · 13 of 15
    Hostage to Chuckster

    We lose by design. We vote, we lose. We don’t vote, we lose.

    But these are some losing battles. They haven’t won the war and I don’t think they will.

  • New York Times Sees Drastic Swing In Alaska Senate Race

    09/13/2014 12:19:29 PM PDT · 12 of 15
    Hostage to GeronL

    GOPe has cheated their way to another election cycle. They don’t know yet just how many millions and millions they have soured or angered. They will find out over the next 2 years.

    I won’t be happy until I see Rove and his ilk begging the DNC for a job.

  • Tradition vs Scripture or Sola Scriptura

    09/13/2014 12:17:06 PM PDT · 18 of 96
    Hostage to Blind Eye Jonez

    This is the biggest pile of nonsense I have seen today.

    Jesus taught by tradition? Say what?

    > “Neither Paul nor Jesus ever said “You will only believe only what is written in the Gospels or my letters.” But they did say you will believe in what is transmitted and taught to you.”

    Say what? Believe in what is transmitted? Did Jesus have an RF device? An iPhone?

    Were the writers of the New Testament scribbling away for no good reason?

  • New York Times Sees Drastic Swing In Alaska Senate Race

    09/13/2014 12:05:29 PM PDT · 6 of 15
    Hostage to sunmars

    Sullivan is for amnesty, abortion, a GOP version of Obamacare etc.

    He defeated Miller with a pallet of dirty tricks and fraud.

    He’s a Karl Rove kind of candidate. No thank you.

  • Iranian Parliament Discovers Lots and Lots of Gays in Iran

    09/13/2014 11:58:47 AM PDT · 9 of 20
    Hostage to SeekAndFind

    > “At 17% Iran would be far gayer than America. Or most places.”

    Well there you go! A homeland for homos.

    I would vote for a one-way ticket to Iran for any homo anywhere.

    Would solve a host of problems.

  • Why Apple Pay Will Change Electronic Payments Forever

    09/13/2014 11:55:57 AM PDT · 136 of 215
    Hostage to ReignOfError

    What does Berman say? Read post #82.

    Apple was a Jobs phenomomenon. Without him they were nearly bankrupt and extinct. He failed at neXT and other pursuits and was allowed to come back to Apple when their pulse was flat. Now they are without him again. They will again slide again into the abyss because they bring nothing to the table that the consumer will want to buy at their elevated prices.

    Oh and this faggy hype about network tokenization? Wishful thinking on Cook’s part with his scribe Berman bending over for him. Network tokening will happen but Apple will not be king of it and it will not be as grand as Berman believes.

    This is all a puff piece for the homosexual poster boy that is Cook that addresses his deficit in visionary leadership.

  • Why Apple Pay Will Change Electronic Payments Forever

    09/13/2014 11:44:28 AM PDT · 135 of 215
    Hostage to Wyatt's Torch

    You missed the point. IF IF IF Apple makes it so they are only game in town which this article’s dimbulb writer posits, THEN THEN THEN there’s always cash.

    One can always fall back on Cash if certain oligarch A-holes think they can form a monopoly.

    Got it now?

  • Why Apple Pay Will Change Electronic Payments Forever

    09/13/2014 5:58:37 AM PDT · 120 of 215
    Hostage to SkyPilot

    You’re a prime candidate for this service:

    I am sure you can get many endorsements from Freepers for acceptance in the above link.

  • Why Apple Pay Will Change Electronic Payments Forever

    09/13/2014 5:49:14 AM PDT · 119 of 215
    Hostage to Swordmaker

    > “Banks are signing up, PayPal (which is a bank) has signed on.”

    Oh really? Do you have inside information? Because according to CNN Money from 2 days ago, PayPal is not signed on.

    Getting ahead of yourself there ... just as you are with this faggy hype about Apple Pay.

    Oh by the way, I can see gaping holes for cyber thieves to create new picks in network tokenization.

    Apple’s goose is Cooked!

  • Why Apple Pay Will Change Electronic Payments Forever

    09/12/2014 8:56:41 PM PDT · 84 of 215
    Hostage to IDFbunny

    Guck Fold and the Chariot it rode in on!

  • Why Apple Pay Will Change Electronic Payments Forever

    09/12/2014 8:22:40 PM PDT · 82 of 215
    Hostage to SkyPilot; Catphish; Mr. Jeeves; Mad Dawgg; IDFbunny; lacrew; RJS1950; driftdiver
    Well Monsieur Le Skypilot, did you bother to read the article? Read it in depth before getting your lingerie panties in a wad?

    The salient points are not the 'superior' (with nose high in the air looking down at the little pipples) security or technology. No no no, it's not anything to do with being 'superior'.

    Let's look a little at the thread evolution.

    My post was #2. And along comes lacrew at #3 with a sensible practical observation that this is much ado about nada. And that is pretty much the sentiment of RJS1950 and driftdiver who chimed in with posts #4 and #5.

    Now what did I write in #2?

    Big whoop-tee-do.

    Which pretty much summarizes more than half of the collective post wisdom on the thread.

    Yeah, big frickin whoop-tee-damn-do. This is NOT as Monsieur Joe Schmoe Biden would say "a Big F'n Deal".

    Let's pick this Berman guy apart and see where his wee little brain is really taking us.

    If you want to play in the electronic payment business from now on, you’re going to have to do it Apple’s way.

    OH REALLY NOW? Ta Ta Monsieur Berman. You must be very happy with your fudge packing tranny partner and the goat that both of you abuse.

    Apple Pay is a transformational moment in electronic payments. Kudos to Tim Cook.

    Aha! Now we are getting to the truth of the matter. Let's continue....

    Everybody said that the spirit of Steve Jobs died with his physical body—I don’t know if that’s true, but with Apple Pay, Apple has changed the world again.

    Et Voila! There it is. EVERYBODY is a sayin that Apple is missing Steve ol' boy's creative vision!!! Yep. The Alpha Homo at the Top of the rotten Apple is a creative dunce! He's a SUPPLY CHAIN GUY!!! That's why Jobs chose him because all the creative guys did not know how to run the fricking business end of it! That's why Homo Mono Queer Dog Cook is where he is!

    I don't give a damn what my homosecual friends think of my opinion about Cook and the homo crap we face today with their attacks on the Church and what not. I don't give a damn. And I no longer subscribe to "well, you can love the sinner and hate the sin". Rubbish!

    Let's repeat what this brilliant Berman monkey has to say?

    If you want to play in the electronic payment business from now on, you’re going to have to do it Apple’s way.

    Well if that's the case Monsieur Berman, I will use cash thank you.


    Cash is still king.

  • Why Apple Pay Will Change Electronic Payments Forever

    09/12/2014 9:20:31 AM PDT · 2 of 215
    Hostage to lifeofgrace

    Big whoop-tee-do.

    Cash is still king.

  • Senators ask NFL to institute no-tolerance policy for domestic abuse (Lifetime ban)

    09/12/2014 9:08:18 AM PDT · 11 of 51
    Hostage to C19fan

    Only upon clear convincing evidence or conviction, never as a result of allegation or accusation.

  • Don’t Give the Masters of the Universe Their Amnesty

    09/11/2014 3:51:00 PM PDT · 9 of 37
    Hostage to WaterWeWaitinFor

    Voting won’t do a g*ddam thing! The GOPe is complicit in this!

    The way to stop it is to get at least one state to file for a federal court injunction against executive orders for amnesty and then have state LEOs arrest any federal officer or official that violates the court order.

  • Ted Cruz Is No Hero For Insulting A Room Of Persecuted Christians

    09/11/2014 12:48:57 PM PDT · 42 of 190
    Hostage to Pyro7480

    Hey Mollie, Bite Me!

  • Why the College Board Demoted the Founders

    09/11/2014 12:45:31 PM PDT · 22 of 22
    Hostage to itsahoot

    Started 1st grade 1942? My oh my you have seen it all! I posted that thing about AD because a lot of people confuse it with After Death and those that read here will learn something.

    But you should keep posting about all the changes you have seen in public school education because I am sure your witness will bring a lot of learning to people.

    God bless you for your witness.

  • Mississippi State Supreme Court agrees to hear McDaniel election challenge

    09/11/2014 10:53:29 AM PDT · 26 of 29
    Hostage to txhurl

    There’s a block or field for a write in on the ballot. All candidates for write in will be counted except those candidates that ran in a previous primary (sore loser law).

    So a voter can write/type in Chris McDaniel but it won’t count unless no candidate gets more than 50% or a federal judge orders it be counted.

  • Why the College Board Demoted the Founders

    09/11/2014 10:41:16 AM PDT · 20 of 22
    Hostage to itsahoot

    AD can’t be after death because that would leave a 30 year gap between BC and AD.

    So AD is the year of His birth and BC are all the years before His birth.

  • Mississippi State Supreme Court agrees to hear McDaniel election challenge

    09/11/2014 10:33:21 AM PDT · 20 of 29
    Hostage to txhurl

    I am fairly certain the MS Supremes will not look at any of the voting irregularities. They will only look at the ruling of the lower court judge who ruled that McD needed to file within 20 days.

  • Mississippi State Supreme Court agrees to hear McDaniel election challenge

    09/11/2014 10:31:30 AM PDT · 19 of 29
    Hostage to txhurl

    Voters can write him in but it won’t be counted. But it is said that if no counted candidate gets 50% or more, then McD would be counted or allowed to enter a 3-way runoff.

  • Mississippi State Supreme Court agrees to hear McDaniel election challenge

    09/11/2014 10:29:14 AM PDT · 18 of 29
    Hostage to txhurl
    My expectations are low because I think the MS state judiciary is controlled by the political network of Barbour-Cochran.

    The excellent point made by McDaniel's attorneys over the issue of late filing is as follows:

    In fighting dismissal of the lawsuit, McDaniel's legal team has also pointed to now House Speaker Philip Gunn's successful challenge against former state Rep. Jep Barbour in 2003.

    The state high court heard that case, which Gunn filed 34 days after the primary. There was at the time no argument from either side, or the court, about a deadline.

    All of the above quote negates Cochran's argument that some Mississippi judge in 1959 ruled that a state election challenge needed to be filed within 20 days.

    But it did not hold water for the circuit judge who I imagine is back on his easy chair with his remote soaking up his retirement check.

    And I have my doubts that the MS Supreme Court will side with McDaniel on anything because they already tossed out his writ of mandamus to get the election records for review. They treated him not as a candidate but as a member of the public. I am still appalled at this treatment. McD is a candidate! He is not John Q. Public off the street. He has every right to those ballot materials as a county clerk or election volunteer. McD is a primary stakeholder in that election and those ballot materials are the product of his work. And yet the MS Supreme Court tossed him out.

    The Cochran-Barbour camp which also comprises all the election clerks they control dragged their feet on requests for access to ballot materials and then pulled every delaying stunt possible so that McD could not finish his investigation and then they slapped a late filing charge on his legal challenge and the selected retired good old boy judge agrees with them.

    So I don't hold much hope for any justice in Mississippi for the near term. The law there is manipulated by the political network in power. That is the reality.

    It is curious that the MS Supreme Court decided to hear the case because I would think they could have declined to hear it. But I still think they will find on behalf of Cochran that the Gunn case quoted above was somehow under some other special statute or under something they can manage to pull out of their butts.

    McD could have pursued a federal court injunction allowing him to run as an independent or write-in but I think the time for that has passed.

    Voters could still write in his name even though it won't be counted.

    BUT one MS reporter wrote that IF voters write in McD and neither Cochran nor Childers gets more than 50% of the vote, THEN a 3-way runoff would ensue where McD would be eligible to be counted.

  • Why the College Board Demoted the Founders

    09/10/2014 8:19:53 PM PDT · 18 of 22
    Hostage to itsahoot

    Actually it’s BC to BCE and AD to CE.

    I’ve challenged many on the internet for this corruption of the terms BC and AD.

    For those in learning mode BCE is defined as ‘Before Common Era’ and was meant to replace BC or Before Christ. CE is defined as ‘Common Era’ and is meant to replace AD or Anno Domini which is latin for ‘Year of Our Lord’.

    Non-Christians are behind the altering of these terms because of racism or something. Actually the terms were originally configured as BCE meaning Before Christian Era and CE meaning Christian Era. But this posed the problem of having to explain the meaning of the word ‘Christian’ to non-Christians. So they changed it to Before Common Era/Common Era.

    To me it reveals insecurity and fear on the part of non-Christians and it reveals what certain groups will do to suppress Christian heritage. To me if there was an objection to BC/AD, the complainers could adopt their own calendar conventions. For example, it is 5774 in Hebrew years. But by altering the Christian calendar conventions, non-Christians encroach upon Christianity because they publish the altered conventions in media that is international.

    A reasonable mature adult publisher would for example list the Hebrew year 5774 and put in parentheses (3761 BC). But the encroachment action is chosen because the publishers and writers are not mature and not wise.

  • Why the College Board Demoted the Founders

    09/10/2014 7:50:55 AM PDT · 8 of 22
    Hostage to afraidfortherepublic

    > “...but is simply “a more rigorous reflection of the current state of knowledge and practice in our discipline.” “

    In other words academics get bored with the ‘old stuff’ and have to get creative to keep themselves feeling somehow relevant.

    The Founding Visionaries and their impact mark the single most important seminal event in history after the resurrection of Jesus. Yet certain historians can’t be bothered to be satisfied with presenting these visionaries to new generations of Americans as an educational honor and duty, rather they must feed their own egos first with a subjective, jaundiced and uncalled for reordering of priorities.

    I descend from a Mohican Indian Princess and I say ‘Indian’ knowing full well that PC dictates ‘Native American’ even though Indian organizations refer to themselves as Indian ( and knowing full well that the term ‘Indian’ was historical error in reference to peoples of the New World described by those that followed Columbus thinking he had landed in India.

    But although I descend from Mohican people I also descend from Robert the Bruce as well as Irish settlers to the eastern seaboard before there was a United States.

    So I am an American in every sense of the word ‘American’ which derives from Amerigo Vespucci.

    If I want to learn more about Native American history, and I do spend time in its study, and if I was attending a school, then I would expect to first learn classical history including Christian history and Western Civilization followed by American History followed by focused studies in Native American History, in that order. Only then would I understand the importance of the Founding Visionaries to the World at large.

    Educated people everywhere all over the globe understand the enormous impact of the visions of the Founders of the United States. It is lunacy to demote these Founders. Their impact and relevance goes far beyond the Continent of North America, their visions go to the core of all human behavior and its governance.

  • Ted Cruz: Amendment threatens SNL

    09/09/2014 7:31:19 PM PDT · 16 of 22
    Hostage to GeronL

    Yes it’s a liberal amendment but the liberal media will window dress it and launch corruption investigations in an attempt to make the public want an end to the political corruption ...

    and voila, an anti-corruption amendment that they can use to squelch conservative financiers and conservative voices.

  • Ted Cruz: Amendment threatens SNL

    09/09/2014 7:27:40 PM PDT · 14 of 22
    Hostage to Amendment10

    You underestimate the persuasive power of the liberal media.

    See Post #12.

  • Ted Cruz: Amendment threatens SNL

    09/09/2014 7:25:52 PM PDT · 12 of 22
    Hostage to Steely Tom

    Yes 3/4 states are required to ratify but the danger is the amendment will be advertised as an ‘anti-corruption’ amendment that reverses Citizens United and it may just get enough moderate and liberal dummies to believe the amendment is valid and necessary. Ted Cruz is sounding the clarion call to reveal it for what it truly is.

  • Sarah Palin finally gets real

    09/09/2014 12:52:39 PM PDT · 31 of 45
    Hostage to mosaicwolf

    They were bleeding her family dry with legal expenses. Short of filing bankruptcy she had no alternative. She could not ask for legal defense donations, she could not recoup attorney’s fees. You would do the same thing in her position.

    Alaska should pass a law that vexatious litigation against a publicly elected office holder should be initially funded by the state treasury or public donations and another law that the loser pays.

  • Sarah Palin finally gets real

    09/09/2014 12:46:20 PM PDT · 29 of 45
    Hostage to 2ndDivisionVet

    > “For most of us, she is but a receding image in the rearview mirror of human history — ....”

    Who is “most of us” Romano? You and your cubicle monkeys?

    And how would you know about human history Romano? From the echo chamber inside your quorum of whackadoodles?

    You’re lucky to even be able to write about her let alone write in general.

  • In D.C., a 12-year-old piano prodigy is treated as a truant instead of a star student

    09/08/2014 2:52:03 PM PDT · 14 of 49
    Hostage to 11th_VA

    Someone should accuse her of being gay, ... or something.

  • Sure sounds like Ted Cruz is getting closer to running for president

    09/08/2014 2:15:47 PM PDT · 13 of 23
    Hostage to Jewbacca

    Ok I’ll give you that. He’s ignorant and misguided in any case.

  • Sure sounds like Ted Cruz is getting closer to running for president

    09/08/2014 1:42:50 PM PDT · 7 of 23
    Hostage to SeekAndFind

    > “I think it was a combination of his age, his short tenure in the Senate, and the ***political damage he suffered from the shutdown*** (which he’s ***still trying to undo***).”


    This guy’s on drugs.

  • GOP’s Sept. goal: Do no harm

    09/08/2014 12:01:28 PM PDT · 15 of 30
    Hostage to maggief

    > “Republicans believe they are on the cusp of capturing full control of Congress for the first time since 2006. They don’t want to squander the opportunity.”

    And if and when they do capture “full control” of Congress, they will do the same thing they do now and the same thing they did in 2004 which is to “do no harm” which translates to lie low, tuck your tail between you legs and don’t make any sounds lest the voters think you’re extreme or something.

    GOPe = Cowards = Losers

  • Italian Bishop's Startling Words: If Muslims won't denounce Islamic brutality, move ...

    09/08/2014 10:07:07 AM PDT · 20 of 27
    Hostage to BeadCounter

    Bishop Ghirelli should sit down, watch the following and take notes:

  • Conservatives Warn GOP Leaders Not to Pull A Fast One on Them

    09/08/2014 9:56:28 AM PDT · 15 of 19
    Hostage to cotton1706

    > “The issue is a tricky one for McCarthy, who just took over as majority leader for the defeated Eric Cantor in late July. ***In running to replace Cantor, McCarthy came out in opposition*** to the bank, but ***now lawmakers expect that he’ll attach a amendment reauthorizing Ex-Im*** to the stopgap spending bill that leaders want to rush through the House this week.”

    Why yes of course! Who would of thunk it?

  • UKIP Leader Nigel Farage Slams EU, Piers Morgan, and Admits 'I'm Flawed'

    09/07/2014 12:12:53 PM PDT · 2 of 15
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    He’s spot on.

  • Obama reforms should allow tech companies to hire key talent

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    This is about H1B not border insurgencies.

    But H1B to a democrat is a far cry from an H1B to a Ted Cruz republican.

    Note that not all H1Bs are the same.

  • Obama reforms should allow tech companies to hire key talent

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    What you see is not racism but clustering and it is illegal as a form of discrimination. The Chinese are not the only ones that do it, people from India are notorious for clustering.

    This is an abuse of the H1B system that reveals lax government controls which should not surprise anyone.

    The purpose of the H1B was to grab those that are genetically profoundly smart, like Einsteins and Von Brauns. Such people exist and are born in each generation as genetic anomalies including inside the USA. Further, there are millions of accomplished scientists and engineers with track records of publications and products that become known to competing American corporations and those corporations need to grab that talent without the government getting in the way.

  • Obama reforms should allow tech companies to hire key talent

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    Ted Cruz also supports an increase in H1B visas for tech stars but it is presented much more realistically as a benefit to the United States more than anything Obama’s people concoct which you can bet is geared to create illegal democrat voters.

    And I agree with Cruz, why?

    Look at it from the view of sports. If a team can find a superstar in a foreign country, they will pull out all the stops to bring that star to the USA to make their team more competitive.

    There is nothing wrong with the pool of US talent but look at it as a market for talent.

    Say there are ten million abnormally high IQ persons in the world including the USA. You can bet that about half of them are homegrown in the USA. And a sizable portion are found in Russia, Eastern Europe, India, China etc.

    If we can grab a good portion of the 5 million or so of these foreign grown super brains so that we control the market of talent, then we are the top competitors and the Russians, Chinese and others lose. It’s that simple.

    To get the controlling market share of brains we need to maintain and enhance our image as the place that foreigners want to be. Even with Obama and his sick socialist sycophants, and their lapdog media, America is still the greatest place on Earth to most of the rest of the world’s population. And we need to increase the reality of that for the very best and brightest in the market of brains.

    So before we jump on the close the borders bandwagon which I am in agreement with, remember that super brains are an asset to any nation and we should have the lion’s share of all of it only if we deserve it as a nation; do we?

  • Progressive RINO Establishment Losers

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    Yes they do. And even further they refrain “Remember Mississippi”. That shows they not only get it, they nail it.

  • Romney: 'My time has come and gone'

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    If he wanted to do something genuine for his party and its base, he would bankroll a national debate on Mississippi, and Mark Mayfield.

  • Mayhem Is Everywhere

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    Writer’s perspective is warped and misguided.

    Reagan’s contagious optimism is what gave American society the confidence to overcome its biggest problems. Therefore, conservatism is NOT a “limited proposition” but a discipline of faith coupled with experience yielding a confidence that is essential to dealing with life’s problems.

  • If Dave and his pals are our 'clever elite' why does Nigel make them look so stupid (GOP MUST READ)

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    > “Peter Hitchens wrote this column about the UK situation, but I think it applies to the US where the Republican Party despises its own grassroots voters.”

    My thoughts exactly.