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  • Chris Stevens Family Member: Do Not Blame Hillary For His Death

    06/29/2016 9:23:54 AM PDT · 56 of 57
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    I was thinking as I read..”for the right amount of money....”

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 26 June 2016

    06/26/2016 1:20:40 PM PDT · 187 of 207
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    Today is my birthday and Christine O’Donnell wished me Happy Birthday!

    And a whole bunch of other people, thank them very much.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 26 June 2016

    06/26/2016 8:35:14 AM PDT · 149 of 207
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    I see Marco Rubio on Face the Nation.

    What’s up with that?

    Now he’s running for Florida Senator?

    Or is he slipping nose under tent to pop and replace Trump when George Will et al get Trump outta there?

    Seems suspicious to me.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 26 June 2016

    06/26/2016 6:38:34 AM PDT · 61 of 207
    Fishtalk to ROCKLOBSTER

    I saw that about George Will. As if anybody’s going to miss that loser.

    Also, Hillary has a new ad about Trump and Brexit and it’s kind of cute.

    Because folks, I watched the entirety of the Trump speech in Scotland the morning after the Brexit vote. And he did, you got to smile, talk about his new golf course but unlike the campaign ad of Hillary...I ADMIRE HIS SMARTS FOR TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE EXPOSURE!!

    As if the Clinton foundation, if it could get publicity and more funds by taking advantage of an exposure opportunity, wouldn’t do the same thing.

    The Hillary ad is poking fun at Trump’s blatant advertising ploy but hey, this is why Trump is successful. The Clinton Crime foundation has to pretend to be paying for expensive speeches of Bill Clinton to hid the bribes.

    I thought Trump advertising his spiffy new and updated golf course while the whole world awaited his thoughts on Brexit was sheer genius.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 26 June 2016

    06/26/2016 6:06:35 AM PDT · 37 of 207
    Fishtalk to rodguy911

    I’ve been, as have many of you I suspect, following this Brexit thing and while I am a political junkee I admit to being confused.

    I wish I understood how these trade partnerships work. Best I figure, this EU had all the big decisions being made in Brussels and the Brits, God bless, just didn’t like it.

    The vote was a slap in the face of the elite bureaucrats as I ascertain and folks, nothing in the world more stifling to freedom than a bureaucrat.

    Because they are not elected.

    Anyway, will watch the talk shows today that I better understand it all.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 26 June 2016

    06/26/2016 5:41:43 AM PDT · 22 of 207
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    Good morning AB, All,

    Beautiful day here in the swamps. Taking it easy today, lot of stuff got to be done next week. God rested on the seventh day and so shall I.

    As always, thank you AB for doing this thread so reliably, thank you Bray for wisdom given, thank yon commenters for fleshing it all out for me.

    Mostly good things happening here in the swamps, mostly lots of people reading my book and goodness folks, I really need an agent. They are actually coming to my house and STEALING my book….copyrighted in 2005 for God’s sake.

    Below, a snippet from an email from a church buddy just got done reading the book.

    I finished your book. Great JOB!!! LOTS I did not know about YOU!!!!!!  WOOOOW!!!!!
    Phyllis is still not done the book and as soon as she is we will figure out how to get the book back to you.

    Phyllis is the guy’s wife because folks, while I got me a bestseller here, I ONLY GOT ONE DAMN COPY OF THE BOOK! So it’s being shared around, God bless.

    Yes I am going to re-publish it but on that note, another snippet…..

    My neighbor, who also read the book and had to return it….and she loved it….I must add….well below a copy of my Facebook post about this intriguing little tidbit.

    So I got a newspaper clipping left in mailbox by neighbor, who is fairly familiar with story of daughter who is trying to kill me, an article on Marc Feldman, expert on Munchausen syndrome or now known as factitious disorder. I happen to know Feldman as he had the Discovery channel people contact me for what is OBVIOUSLY a case of Munchausen syndrome in my own daughter. Munchausen people like to make themselves ill, they love hospitals, they are addicted to sympathy.

    It’s an article about Munchausen by Internet and yes, there is such a thing. Below a quote from the Feldman article:

    “They go to extreme to tug on the heartstrings of Internet strangers with sad updates and photos of patients with shaved heads, photos not their own.”


    Now below, a DIRECT QUOTE from my own book, referenced above:

    Then she was all over the Internet. Ralph did some digging and discovered Sky was posting to some medical newsgroup, bragging about how she was going to have a baby and how she was going to keep it.

    We also found some interesting posts made by our Sky. Seems she had muscular dystrophy and also was being treated for brain cancer. It got so bad Ralph had to put up a post stating that everything Sky had written was a lie. She was driven off the board by the outrage of those she had fooled. “

    Ralph is my husband, Billy, now departed. Sky is my daughter. All I had to do was boom, call up my own electronic copy of the book and boom, through the miracle of copy and paste…..I pull out of this book written in 1999, copyrighted in 2005, an exact description of the same behavior as described by the Munchausen expert above.

    Dr. Feldman is going to be working with me on my NEXT book because….well surely you know I am going to write a book about all this?

    Everybody in my family has read this book, including my son-in-law and my precious granddaughter, a book I thought she’d never read, a book I wrote way before she was even born. I wrote that book because like I told Billy, I am going to write all this down because someday I am going to need to have this documented. God was looking over my shoulder because the world can’t ignore this book and I ain’t done yet guys.

    The Delaware state police have seen this book, my lawyer is totally in love with the book, he wants me to write a book with him, the Delaware Attorney General office comes to my house and takes one of the two remaining copies of the book and now I got to get it back.

    And I add, modestly, it’s a great book!

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 19 June 2016

    06/19/2016 9:32:03 AM PDT · 138 of 167
    Fishtalk to mac_truck

    I thought so too.

    I pondered that if they ever get rid of Steffy he’d be a great replacement.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 19 June 2016

    06/19/2016 8:38:06 AM PDT · 120 of 167
    Fishtalk to Fishtalk

    Forgive me folks, one more thing about that book, and it’s really, really sad.

    I read the dedication.....guess what it says?

    “To Melissa, who I only want to be happy”.

    Yes, I dedicated the book to her, back in 1999 when I wrote it and included is the story of how she tried to burn down our house.

    Sad....breaks my heart.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 19 June 2016

    06/19/2016 8:33:55 AM PDT · 117 of 167
    Fishtalk to All
    I just got to tell y'all about this book of mine....a best-seller though I only have two physical copies.

    It's titled "Attention, Please!" and it's been my salvation in that one character in the book, Sky, is based on my daughter who wants to kill me. The book is copyrighted in 2005 when I wrote the book then because why? BECAUSE SHE WAS TRYING TO KILL ME EVEN BACK THEN!

    I'm doing a lot better folks. Got some great time with the Delaware State Police, the best police force in the country I am serious. Also got a lawyer and he was very impressed by the book and he says both PFA's are bogus, which they are.

    I walk into his office and I tell him that he Attorney General office came to my house (and THEY took a copy of the book....I bet they just want to read it). HE says "You like Matt Denn?

    I shrug and tell him that Denn's ok (aside....our former AG was Beau Biden may I remind...who I also knew, btw....he was a really great guy) but he's a Democrat.

    Lawyer jumps up and points my way to his collection of pictures and there he is with George Dubya, couple of Governors..."I'm a Republican" he kept shouting as I looked at the pics, God bless and that lawyer, our minds gelled. Nothing romantic....nothing like that.....but...well read on.

    He tells me I might not like some of the pics and there he is, as I smiled, in about 15 pics with Joe Biden. I turn around and look at him with a smile cause Joe Biden, he always makes me smile I don't know why.

    "Joe Biden might be a goofball to a lot of people," I smiled, "but he's OUR goofball."

    "I'm so glad you said that," lawyer jumped up and down in joy.

    We clicked and yes I am paying him but folks, he loved that book, he went on about how he was going to retire in a couple of years and write books.

    "Did you really write that, or have a ghost?" he asked. What the hell, I ain't anybody would be hiring a ghost writer, that made me laugh. But this lawyer, I'm thinking HE might be looking for a ghost writer....insert wink here.

    The book is about a woman who is a PR rep for a Republican presidential candidate. She witnesses that same candidate molesting a child.

    The book then goes on to describe how she couldn't get anybody to listen to her, how she went to the molested girl's parents, who she discovered were being paid off but for a reason.

    She cultivates some friends in the press and well....

    I tole y'all enough. I sat and read that book last summer and it was such a great book and yeah I know it's low class to be praising your own book....but the protagonist DOES get attention and....

    heh....well like I said....a great book. With a sub-plot of a daughter who keeps faking illness and harming herself (all TRUE) because SHE is addicted to attention.

    Well this book is taking off and so far so many people have been reading and I'm pretty sure the AG's office stole it though they say they will return it.

     photo backofattentionplease_zps3s0fzl2a.jpg That's me on the back but about twelve years ago.

    Neighbor borrowed book, I made her bring it back. Son-in-law reading book, that I signed to him: "To Mike, the only other person in the world to know what it's like to live with Sky."

    Granddaughter is reading a book, a book I wrote before she was even born, with her mother as a star.

    All of it provable.

    Of course I still have the intellectural and you can believe this book will be re-released, some day a movie even.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 19 June 2016

    06/19/2016 7:43:52 AM PDT · 83 of 167
    Fishtalk to NKP_Vet

    It seems like she is defending the FBI.

    The FBI is in bad light over this Orlando shooting but I don’t see how they could have done anything much different.

    The libs, they get a talking point and logical, fair...or NOT, they stick to it....AND THEY WIN!

    This “assault rifle”....the libs won. People, even people who should know better, think an assault rifle is a machine gun .

    Now they got this new and neat talking point to not give guns to people on terror watch list.

    Let them get away with this people and soon we ALL WILL BE ON A TERROR WATCH LIST!

    People not thinking it through, especially the very dumb ones.

    I’m betting those FBI agents, at least the decent ones, can’t stand Loretta Obama Lynch and let’s not forget her loyalty to Hitlery.

    It looks like she’s on the Sunday talk shows to defend them against....well their own voters. THEY are the idiots.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 19 June 2016

    06/19/2016 6:14:02 AM PDT · 33 of 167
    Fishtalk to Fishtalk

    Chuck Todd on Meet the Press asks a really stupid question....

    “shouldn’t the delegates, if they are having second thoughts, have a chance to best express their preferences?”

    NO CHUCK TODD THE DELEGATES DON’T GET TO CHANGE THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE....I can’t believe anybody would even pose this question!

    At least Ryan seems to be trying to back off of this stupid rule change thing.....Ryan is tired of being a general without an army I’m thinking.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 19 June 2016

    06/19/2016 6:10:05 AM PDT · 32 of 167
    Fishtalk to All

    Meet the Press begins with what I’m thinking is going to be the meme of the day....


    So goes the headline.

    Somebody said that these GOPe, to include that awful Paul
    Ryan and Mumbles McConnell....are “Generals with no armies”.


    I been hearing about delegates all forming some kind of cabal to change the vote of the people through some kind of rule changes.

    I am now watching on Meet the Depressed the big story the media has that there’s a move afoot to get Donald out of there.

    All these generals with no armies ain’t going nowhere. No way they’re going to get Trump out of there people, through deceptive and devious means, without us silly retards out here in la-la land where we carry this country on our backs going apeshit and God knows what we’ll do. But the generals without armies just ain’t going to get away with it.

    But here’s Meet the Press first thing chanting and singing that “they’re after Trump,” Todd sings, joy in his voice.

    Screw all these generals without armies. You’re not going to get your way.....a**holes.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 19 June 2016

    06/19/2016 5:22:26 AM PDT · 18 of 167
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    Morning AB, All.

    Happy Father’s day to all you Dads.

    As always, thank you AB for doing this thread so reliably, thank you Bray for weekly wisdom, thank you commenters for fleshing out my comprehension.

    I had a great Dad, seriously, and he affected my life greatly. No, he wasn’t perfect, and I do come from a rock ‘em sock ‘em family, ask my cousin Mike on this thread. My Dad is a McLaughlin and he would regale me with tales of his forebears coming over on a rocky boat….none of which turned out to be true. But Dad believed it was true and so I believed myself to be descended from brave immigrants.

    The truth is almost as good, even better. Cause I got a cousin what wrote a book about my family (later I just got to share with you guys the story of MY book, which is in great demand, you should smile) called “McLaughlin’s Mountain”-note that Kabar, you need to read that book.

    Anyway my ancestors came over in the mid 1600’s, they fought in the revolutionary war, yes they did, they were tough and free and didn’t take any shit from anybody. Indeed it was MY ancestors who fought and won the revolutionary war….and no doubt the ancestors of many of yon readers. I am proud of that fact.

    My Dad loved to play games and if ever I had to encapsulate what great joy my Dad left it was endless hours, and endless hours, and endless hours, of playing games….you name it, we played it….chutes and ladders, pitch, canasta (hours of canasta), poker, Clue, chinese checkers….on and on and on and on. And after we got done with the board and card games we played outside, croquet….endless hours of croquet. And ARCHERY…indeed yours truly can hit a bullseye from very far away.

    My Dad flipped houses before flipping houses was popular. And do not forget he had three children as cheap labor and indeed, people, my Dad was a carpenter and this lady can wield a hammer with the best of them. In my young lifetime my Dad bought, remodeled and sold maybe eight houses. One a farm he bought with no running water and an outhouse.

    So happy father’s day you Dads……Dads’ lives matter.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 12 June 2016

    06/12/2016 1:05:25 PM PDT · 223 of 236
    Fishtalk to Fishtalk

    I don’t know where I got Jeff Head from people, his Freep name is Jeff Chandler.

    I do believe his real name is Jeff Yochim, book author, but damn I’m a mess today.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 12 June 2016

    06/12/2016 12:00:28 PM PDT · 213 of 236
    Fishtalk to bray

    I think that you, and others, who badmouth those who are smart enough to get the victims to welcome them with open arms, to feed them, to look away when they rape the women....I think these are really smart people.

    They don’t have any kind of army yet they manage to have their victims stand by and allow them to kill them with no rejection....these are really smart people.


    And the fittest don’t stand by while people kill them with closed mouths for fear of hurting feelings.

    These are the people nature meant to die.

    The fittest don’t invite their enemies into their property and let them destroy as they sit and watch.

    These are the people nature meant to die.

    I think the lazy nothing-burgers in the Arab world are waaaaay smart, able to achieve world domination with sub-standard humans.


  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 12 June 2016

    06/12/2016 11:44:53 AM PDT · 210 of 236
    Fishtalk to All

    So it’s the Sunday political show thread and folks I admit I didn’t watch many Sunday political talk shows.

    Which doesn’t matter in that most of them were mostly pre-empted by the current event of the mass shooting in Orlando.

    So I got some thoughts on that event.

    President Obama gave a very non-committal little talk but he did get in that bit about taking away our guns.

    I’m so glad Obama did that. Cause Trump, if he’s smart, first thing tomorrow he comes out two guns blazing, you should excuse the pun.

    First he tells us that he told us so, that these Muslims are dangerous....Trump wins that argument. He needs to blast it far and wide. My guess is Trump will up to the task.

    Second, he pounds on the left’s insistence that every time there’s some kind of shooting they want to take the guns away from the GOOD guys. He should real loud challenge Hillary, ask her very publicly whether she still thinks we should give our guns up.

    Because every time there’s a mass shooting like this, Americans don’t buy this giving up guns nonsense. In fact, Americans become MORE protective of their gun rights.

    And my final thought, for now but allow I am at my thinking time of day, is how very difficult this has to be for those people handling this Pulse nightclub matter.

    I live near one of the largest homosexual communities on the east coast. I know how it works.

    At two in the AM....those clubs are filled with all kinds but most important, quite a few homosexuals who don’t want the world to know of their sexual preferences.

    Do NOT fault me for this.....quite a few homosexuals don’t want the world to know of their sexual predilections, this is just a fact of life.

    So while they probably can identify MOST of the victims, I’m thinking they will have to get permission or something from next of kin to let the world know they were even in that night club.

    If I’m making any sense.

    Because I heard complaints that many relatives don’t know whether their kin is still in that night club dead, in the hospital dead, in the hospital alive.....

    They’re dealing with social sensibilities in other words.

    Not saying I agree or disagree but I do understand it.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 12 June 2016

    06/12/2016 11:35:42 AM PDT · 209 of 236
    Fishtalk to All

    So it’s late in the day and I am doing a favor for a fellow Freeper who often joins us on this very thread.

    His name is Jeffrey Yochim but we know him as Jeff Head.

    And he wrote quite the book so I am including my link to a review of his book but don’t tell Humblegunner on me.

    Just want to give Jeff a good send off as it is quite a good book my review.

    It might be a semi-truck wreck, a ride in roaring rapids, scary airplane rides or even riding a skittish horse. Then we have blazing guns, strange government cabals, thugs who shoot on sight and eating rattlesnakes. It all ends on a sweet note, if your nerves can handle it.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 12 June 2016

    06/12/2016 8:02:16 AM PDT · 149 of 236
    Fishtalk to rodguy911


    My sister is always inviting me to come visit but sorry, RG, right now Florida is the LAST place I would visit under any circumstance. Having that stupid Iman on TV assuring us idiots that all is safe didn’t help much I would add.

    My niece just came home from Port St. Lucie after visiting her mother....arrive Friday night, in fact.

  • (Islamic terrorist) Gunman opens fire at Orlando gay nightclub

    06/12/2016 8:00:16 AM PDT · 392 of 492
    Fishtalk to maggief


    He saw two men kissing a while back and it made him angry, says the murderer’s father.

    It’s just a coincidence he’s of Muslim descent, raised in the hellacious religion of hate known as Islam.

    It would have happened had Omar been a Presbyterian, so claim his fine and honest parents.

    Oh, and they are really very sorry about this “incident”.

    America is going to love this.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 12 June 2016

    06/12/2016 7:54:56 AM PDT · 140 of 236
    Fishtalk to kabar
    He must be part of the Chamber of Commerce. "I'm going to Disney World" is more important than recognizing that there are terrorists in your midst. Bad for business.

    Seriously, there were two law enforcement types standing behind him and I wonder why they didn't slap him silly. If my priest would have stood up there and declared an area safe, would they have let him? Shouldn't such as the safeness of an area be the purview of law enforcement?

    My sister lives in Port St. Lucie, which means nothing but this is only the second person that I know from there

    Man, somebody's got to get a hold of Donald Trump. Hillary's already put out some pablum drool. Trump's people should be abuzz because THIS is going to get him elected.

    I think Americans have reached their point....these people have got to be stopped and my feeling is that we're just not going to by this nonsense to shut up and go away.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 12 June 2016

    06/12/2016 7:31:57 AM PDT · 118 of 236
    Fishtalk to Cboldt

    Watching this Muslim guy on TV saying shooter has no connections with any groups.

    He is telling the world that Orlando is safe, who the hell is he to say that?

    Muslims.....liars and murderers....I can’t stand any of them and will never trust a single one of them.

    I know this is damage control but it’s just not going to work.


    Nope....we ain’t going to buy it you bunch of desert hoodlums.

  • (Islamic terrorist) Gunman opens fire at Orlando gay nightclub

    06/12/2016 7:27:26 AM PDT · 331 of 492
    Fishtalk to gop4lyf

    Wow....fifty dead!

    This is not going to go over very well. Next week’s going to be interesting, to say the least.

    I am watching Meet the Press and a couple of the liberal pundits are going on about how easy it is to get a gun.


    If Trump is as smart as I think he is, he jumps on this terror act and he reminds us, all week, every other sentence, how TAKING AWAY THE GUNS OF LAW ABIDING PEOPLE WON’T STOP THIS.

    Guy had a bomb on him for God’s sake.

    Fifty people dead....just very sad is this?

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 12 June 2016

    06/12/2016 5:25:55 AM PDT · 19 of 236
    Fishtalk to rodguy911

    I am a little confused.

    This is a Gay nighclub of some sort?

    This is going to occupy most of the news this morning, be interesting to see how the political talk shows handle it.

    I hate to say this, but I hope this is some kind of Jihadi thing so the world can see who the nuts are that hate homosexuals and it ain’t the people who don’t want men dressed as women peeing next to their granddaughters.

    I’m jus’ sayin’.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 12 June 2016

    06/12/2016 5:17:21 AM PDT · 16 of 236
    Fishtalk to Fishtalk

    Now don’t go trying to get this book though it is still listed on Amazon.

    Cause back in 2005 my daughter managed to get a hold of this book. She called me up and told me if I ever wanted to see my granddaughter again I would pull it from publication.

    First of all, yon readers...WHY DID SHE CARE?

    Could it have been that character Sky that she didn’t want people to see?

    It’s quite a good book and guess who else read it? I attended a course with NAMI, y’all might remember me mentioning it? The lady who taught the course read it and she loved it.

    Lots of others are reading this book as I found about a dozen of them out in the shed. Now I only got one copy left. Neighbor lady also reading, Father Flowers loved it, kissed me twice after reading it, insert smile here.

    Niece read it, lots of friends on local Republican club.....heh.

    Take that Jeff HEAD!

    More on him later.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 12 June 2016

    06/12/2016 5:13:10 AM PDT · 15 of 236
    Fishtalk to pugmama
     photo attentionpleasecover_zps5mpv4zy3.png
  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 12 June 2016

    06/12/2016 4:54:45 AM PDT · 8 of 236
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    Good morning AB, All.

    Let me send out a big thank you to AB for reliably doing this thread. Thanks to Bray for weekly wisdom and thanks to yon commenters for filling in my blanks.

    Big nightclub shooting as I awake this warm Sunday morning. Sign iin to FreeRepublic, and NOTHING in the Breaking News? I am hearing numbers about 42 victims. And they aren’t denying terrorism, at least so far.

    Got big news and it’s personal. Y’all been indulging me but this is really, really big news.

    And to those of you who follow me on Facebook there’s information on THIS post that I cannot put on Facebook, hold on and you will see why.

    Friday afternoon I got a call from, of all people, my BANKER! Now understand that, stupid me, a couple of years ago put my evil daughter on my checking account and when all hell broke loose over a year ago as she began her methodical plan to kill me, either by fake PFA’s, isolating me, being mean to me, causing a heart attack to my self who comes from folks not long-lived. The very FIRST thing I had to deal with was getting her name off my account as she began, with no hesitation, to write bad checks that, while she had a separate sub-account, I had to make good. My bank, big here locally and let’s not forget I am very much involved in my church’s Finance Council (or was….more on this later) so they know me quite well. Thanks that the bank quickly got daughter’s name off of everything but they saw what she did, this over a year ago.

    Oh, and yeah, I got some money at that bank as well.

    So my banker calls me and says “We take these things very seriously, Pat, and today you will be hearing from the Feds.”

    He’s a friend of mine, actually, as they all are at that bank, one of the best things I did after husband died was move all my money to my own bank, under my own control.

    So guess who came to my door Friday?

    THE FBI!

    The lady stayed with me almost two hours, watching videos I made of daughter’s trashing of the house I bought her, listening to that awful radio call in (good story on that, hold on), looking at all my pictures of daughter’s fakery. I even got to take fed agent over to the actual house my daughter destroyed!

    “This is going to go to the Attorney General,” was how she left me.

    Heh, and guess what the hell what?

    Y’all know I wrote a book about this, copyrighted in 2005? And you know everybody and their brother is reading this book to include my beloved Father Thomas Flowers, who was, ahem, very much involved in this turnover to the Feds, as I learn more.

    It’s called “elderly abuse” and it’s exactly what that horrid creature I gave birth to has been doing for this past year. Thank God I have all kinds of video and audio cause guess what me and that FBI hear as we listened, me for perhaps the fourth time, to that radio?

    “I just want to sell the house,” daughter says, very plainly, OVER ONE YEAR AGO, right on that tape. FBI took radio station as it’s still on the Internet, eyebrows in the air. Seems daughter made her intentions very clear, very publicly, over a year ago!

    She’s been planning right along to force me to sell that house as it’s half in her name and half in mine, don’t ask me why I did it that way, it seemed a good idea at the time. Now she has destroyed the house and I sit, unable to do anything with it wihout sinking in a lot of money on it, which was exactly her plan.

    I don’t think the FBI is fooled, please pray for me.


    I got exactly one printed copy left of my book, titled “Attention, Please!”-which Father Flowers read by the way and he does fit into this story. Now I do have the intellectual property, ie the words, and I can have it printed again.

    My book documents my awful daughter’s adolescence when she also tried to kill me and then, my beloved husband. She tried to burn the house down….TWICE!

    That adolescence was so horrible, constantly fakery, constantly in the loony bin, constantly stealing from school mates, hooking school, fake, fake, fake.

    I sat down and wrote a book about it, it’s fiction, about a woman who finds a presidential candidate close to winning molesting a child. She desperately tries to get attention but everyone is ignoring her because….hey, the guy looks like he’s going to win.

    So the protagonist has to figure out a way to get attention and so she does.

    My son-in-law is reading this book, even my granddaughter is reading it, God bless. Cause one of the characters in this book, Sky, is my daughter. Now nowhere in the book do I mention Munchausen syndrome, which is what my faking daughter has. Because at the time I knew she was faking and dangerous but I did not know why.

    Now how many people actually sit down and write an entire book about their awful child? I wrote it because I knew that someday I would need proof of what she did to us. I hurt a little because granddaughter is reading it and she is hurting enough with her mother totally abandoning her. I never thought I’d see the day when SHE’d be reading the book.

    But hey, the FBI took a copy though I am promised return.

    Turns out that the bank AND Father Flowers, and some others in my church I suspect, got the Feds involved in this as a sort of group thing. That’s what my banker told me, he’d been working all week with people over my desperate email and of course he’d check with my church, what with the church being one of their biggest local clients. Of course Father Flowers knows all about my daughter. For whatever reason, Father Tom came into my life at EXACTLY the point my daughter ambushed me and got that bogus PFA. Oh, and by the way, those nasty family court magistrates are going to have answer as to why a 172 pound women with quadruple bypass 7 years ago, 50% blood flow in left leg, coming from not long-lived family with never a second spent in a mental institution and committing NO CRIME EVER in 66 years of life is some kind of big danger to a 258 pound nothing-burger, in hospital over 25% of her life and known to have destroyed the house I bought her with my life savings.

    Isn’t there some common sense involved in this or if the accusation is made than the accused is automatically guilty?

    Anyway, speaking of books, we got another author on this board and I did a review of his book. More on this later and thank you guys for indulging me.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 5 June 2016

    06/05/2016 8:37:43 AM PDT · 125 of 175
    Fishtalk to pugmama

    All going fairly calm and well.

    Got two people checking on me daily.

    Got someone to get me if I get arrested, take care of dogs.

    Am still very scared but fighting back.


  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 5 June 2016

    06/05/2016 6:10:16 AM PDT · 21 of 175
    Fishtalk to All

    I suppose we are going to hear about Mohammid Ali all morning.

    I remember when he was Cassius Clay “I am the greatest!”

    I also recall that Vietnam debacle as me and my first husband were right in the midst of it.

    It was a war fought by politicos and last week President Obama went to Vietnam and hailed them as victors.

    They only “won” because America gave up, although we probably should have.

    Do you know that there is a public memorial to a shot down American plane (the actual plane itself!) in the middle of its big city?

    Saw it on Amazing Race, couldn’t believe my eyeballs.

    Still and so, Ali was no big hero but he was colorful.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 5 June 2016

    06/05/2016 5:10:16 AM PDT · 10 of 175
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    Good morning, AB, All

    As always, thank you AB for reliably doing this thread every Sunday. Thanking Bray for written wisdom, thanking yon commenters for filling in the edges of the narratives.

    I am so sick of hearing about Trump University. Is that all those people have on Trump?

    That Clinton Foundation is a cesspool of bad money yet this silly little college thing is what they’re beating Trump up about?

    Things going fairly well here though my daughter is, do not deny, trying to kill me. The Sussex family court gave her six months to continue trying.

    If anything ever happens to me, please don’t let her get away with it.

    Meanwhile, I’m done talking about it except on my Blog. I am writing the whole story, very publicly, just like she did to me with the radio show.

    If you want a link to my Blog posts on this matter, not that y’all don’t have lives or anything, freepmail me and I will send along.

    Beyond that, I’m watching the Sunday talk shows today and enjoying my Sunday. Went to church yesterday with Diane Feinstein. By the way, Diane Feinstein is very much in my posts about daughter trying to kill me, but I use her real name. What? You thought I really was hanging around with Diane Feinstein?


    Anyway it was nice, we went to Arby’s and Food Lion because you got out with Diane Feinstein you got to run all up and down Route 1. So we did, with the Jeep leading the way.

    Carry on. Cause when you’re lost and alone, and sinking like a stone, carry on….as the song goes.

    Next week I will walking the Georgetown circle.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 29 May 2016

    05/29/2016 8:02:13 AM PDT · 121 of 191
    Fishtalk to rodguy911

    Dear Lord the old “infrastructure” argument.

    First, no govt entity goes around assessing infrastructure and methodically plans to replace and repair with funds set aside for such things.

    They wait until the bridge is almost collapsing then they flap their arms and shout the sky is falling, we need money now!

    It ain’t how the government works and us people out here in la-la land who the elected elite think were all born at night, LAST night.

    Bah, humbug!

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 29 May 2016

    05/29/2016 7:58:06 AM PDT · 119 of 191
    Fishtalk to kabar

    Morning Cousin Mike!

    I put the McLaughlin family crest you posted last week on Facebook. Man all the McLaughlins came out of the woodwork and they had all kinds of different crests.

    Anyway my granddaughter is out helping her father load the truck. She’s 12 and doing a bang up job. Granddaughter’s name is Frey and son-in-law has to deal with crazy daughter, only she is his WIFE! she had so many PFA’s against him and she had him arrested so many times my head spins.

    She manipulates the system with ease and fluidity.

    Anyway I say to son-in-law that granddaughter’s expert journeyman skills come from the McLaughlin side of the family.

    Son-in-law laughs and says it sure ain’t from the Fish side.

    Well of course granddaughter is NOT a Fish and this is important in that we are going to Mass. this summer and visit brother-in-law Mike Fish and mother-in-law. Mike, a great guy, my beloved ex-husband’s brother, has a son, Matthew. I want Kaitlyn to meet Matthew as they are NOT related.

    Finally, I got a little rant about Hillary Clinton.

    Every day I sit and ponder when is the hammer going to come down. When is that woman going to get kicked out of the race because folks, day and night and night and day I do not see people voting for that woman.

    She is very unlikeable, she is obviously so crooked. Already the polls show her falling behind.

    The email thing is not helping her and I pray let it go on and on and on.

    I predict she won’t last beyond end of June.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 29 May 2016

    05/29/2016 6:09:36 AM PDT · 39 of 191
    Fishtalk to rodguy911

    Fay Voshell is one of my best buddies and she is a friend looking out for me. Gave me her number and told me to call her anytime.

    I am also recruiting an army of volunteers to help me with fixing up that house.

    In court she admitted selling all the appliances.

    Delaware hires the stupidest people to be a family court magistrate that they can. That woman hated my guts because if someone’s calling abuse, they must be being abused, right?

    Anyway, yes, a lawyer. I know what I got to do. I need an advocate.

    Even if I broke a window out of sheer maliciousness, this gives her the right to destroy the house?

    Anyway, asking for you all to look out for me, daman I hate this. But I really think she is trying to kill me, either by being patient and wearing my heart out and it giving up, OR getting those crazy people to do it.

    Cause the only way now she can make me sell or have her get the money is for me to die.

    I am taking a risk and hoping those people who know me believe me and will help me out.

    Prayers again, and freep mail me if you can help me in any way.

    I don’t want to weigh down the board any further with this and, in fact, want to discuss the Sunday talk shows.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 29 May 2016

    05/29/2016 4:36:14 AM PDT · 6 of 191
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    Thank you AB for reliably posting this thread. Thank Bray for his wisdom and yon commenters for expanding my knowledge base.

    I hate to do this yon readers but if you have patience and indulge me, I promise not to bring up the subject again.

    I am very afraid for my life.

    Now before freepmailing me to contact authorities, lawyers, etc….know that, methodically but with shaking hands, I am doing all of that.

    For this past Thursday she got an extension of the Protection From Abuse for six months, the same one that she obtained a year ago. All because I allowed her husband to break a window to get to the dog.

    Breaking a window is considered a form of abuse. Even though she wasn’t there, even though she left her dog alone though she swears she had someone caring for it (she did not).


    I think she’s trying to kill me. At the least, she is working with all her intellectual might to force me to sell that house that I bought her with the proceeds of a reverse mortgage that I made on MY house.

    So if I don’t die from stress or some method she dreams up that will get her away with murder (I’m thinking talking a crazy person into doing the deed, something she could easily do), she has, as of right now, destroyed me financially.

    Let’s get a few things square now. I am 66 years old. I have never spent one day in a mental institution. In those 66 years I have never committed a crime, not even a speeding ticket.

    Daughter has been in the mental institution around 25% of her life, in 2015 she was in the mental hospital for all of August, September and most of October. As for crime, I do have a warrant out for her arrest as she ripped out the appliances in the house we jointly owned, the washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, built in microwave and the oven! In Sussex county, Del, this is a crime. While the house is half in her name, the other half is in mine and she was NOT given permission to sell those appliances. It’s theft.

    All I am asking yon readers is to check on me once in a while. If I don’t show up on a Sunday talk show thread, which I almost always do at some point, freepmail me, call me (freepmail me and I will send you my phone and email), make sure I’m not laying dead somewhere.

    Anybody who would like to talk to me, I’d be glad to set up a time, I am doing this in desperation. I figure the more people looking out for me the less likely I am to drop dead.

    She has totally destroyed the house I bought her. Never mind the appliances, which she claims she sold because she needed to go live somewhere else for her fear of me and she needed the money.

    What she wants is either by scaring the hell out of me, or by state authority, to force me to sell that house and give her half of the proceeds. She doesn’t want to live there and that fact is a major part of the story but I won’t bore just yet.

    Your plentiful prayers are, of course, always, always welcome and thank you for your time.

  • Trump Now Leading In National Poll Averages

    05/23/2016 6:31:43 AM PDT · 44 of 53
    Fishtalk to thoughtomator

    OMG great post by the way.

    With words even truer and prettier.

    Because like you, I sit and watch the Dems, all of them KNOWING Hillary is not going to work.

    Because if nothing else, Donald Trump is going to bring up the infidelities, the mean-ness of this woman, the scandals of her past.

    Without the Lamestream media able to bottle it up, the American voters are going to hear all about this and like you said, the Democrats are so beholden to Hillary and that corrupt Clinton foundation that they will stand numbly by her side as she implodes.

    Yeah, the notion makes me smile.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 22 May 2016

    05/22/2016 11:53:05 AM PDT · 200 of 235
    Fishtalk to Morgan in Denver

    I’m a big bird-watcher.

    When I read Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” I was a liberal what fell for it.

    Oh my, I sobbed, DDT is making the birds’ eggs too thin. The eggs are crushed by the weight of the mother’s incubating, something that wouldn’t happen because of the DDT.

    They even made raptors an endangered species because of the stupid book...eagles, hawks....that kind of thing.

    But I was a boo hoo liberal and so in Africa, a country/continent that could not care less about birds for God’s sake, ban DDT.

    So the humans begin to all catch malaria and the corrupt dictators in charge find out that all kind of money rolls in to help the malaria victims, which they get to keep most of.

    The birds never entered into it and, in fact, it was all a lie.

    A much deeper and more nuanced subject than you might think.

    Now there’s too many damn raptors....although I love them all.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 22 May 2016

    05/22/2016 9:59:08 AM PDT · 181 of 235
    Fishtalk to Morgan in Denver

    That whole thing about the birds was also a big lie.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 22 May 2016

    05/22/2016 8:40:59 AM PDT · 153 of 235
    Fishtalk to All

    So it’s late in the afternoon, I been behaving, the thread has several pages now.

    I am mellowing out so I thought I’d write a thoughtful piece on Lovi.

    Just some random thoughts; give me credit for trying to comprehend.

    Lovi Vasquez is my landscaper. Been my guy since my daughter refused to help me as she promised when moving here. He told me to call him Angil, then he said “BELOW”...just like that sounds. I’m thinking he was trying to tell me LOW-VEE, as his name is spelled and how it’s pronounced.

    I think.

    Lovi does take text messages on his cell phone so that’s mostly how we communicate as he can get someone to help translate it.

    Of course he’s illegal. Now I didn’t know that when he left a card in my mailbox when I was about ready to pour weed-killer over my entire lawn in desperation. And Delaware is chock full of Ecuadorans, Guatamalans.....the chicken industry thing.

    But about Livo.....he’s a nice guy, does a magnificent I don’t understand much of what he says. He never mows without blowing off all sidewalks, the driveway, the porch, the back deck....yeah. He also uses a weed whacker and trims around all trees, buildings, etc.

    Last month he, to my surprise, shows up with an entire crew, truck, long thing in the back, riding mower (you stand up on the thing!), leaf blower he wears on his back.

    His crew mulched and trimmed and cleared all my gardens and he did a great job.

    Now I have hired “American” landscapers before....they charge a fortune and then THEY hire Mexicans to do all the work.

    I am just so impressed at how Livo does his job, the pride he he went from one little lawnmower to outfitting a full landscaping company.

    Now Livo wants my help. He can’t speak English, he’s seen my Blogs and he’s also seen a couple of books I wrote.

    No, I am not going to get involved with Livo’s business, whatever it is. He also works a full time job, by the way, doing his own work on evenings and weekends.

    But the guy is stuck. He can’t speak English. He got a lot of calls from here in my own community when they saw how great he did my lawn.

    So that’s all. Just some musing.

    Livo seems to drive all over the place, now with big carts and stuff....evidently nobody plans to deport Livo.

    Please understand, I do not know Livo’s situation. But I’m pretty sure he’s illegal.

    Y’all heard about that nut job in Delaware...Baumbach...yeah I know the guy...putting up a bill to make the entire state of Delaware a sanctuary state?

    This elected gubmint just keeps flipping us the bird that they make the rules. With the Republicans always looking the other way.

    This Baumbach is in big trouble. Because guess what? We understand such as fences, walls and locks out here in la-la land where we carry this country on our backs.

    THIS is a big reason why the electorate is revolting against the elected. We want rules, we want the rules to be enforced, we don’t want a wild and wooly running amok country with everything chaotic and scattershot.

    And when Trump deports all the illegals but let’s them re-apply....which Trump says he’s going to do and I am certainly okay with that....I will personally help Livo reapply, maybe even teach him English.

    Cause they say we have no heart when we send them away. Oh yes we have hearts, big hearts us Americans. But we also want sanity and reason.

    I’m jus’ sayin’.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 22 May 2016

    05/22/2016 8:23:02 AM PDT · 141 of 235
    Fishtalk to rodguy911

    OMG RG!!!! You are so right. He is freaking obsessed.

    And thanks to you Cousin Mike. You’re right....when the going gets tough the tough get going.

    And don’t forget....I am a McLaughlin.

    First we drink some whisky, then we get going. Insert wink here.

    So RG....I feel exactly like your words....somebody knock this guy off of his nut perch. He is obsessed and, indeed, he did mention Sasse who is I don’t know who.

    Is Krystal kidding?

    I say leave him on the ledge. Maybe he’ll fall down.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 22 May 2016

    05/22/2016 7:49:17 AM PDT · 114 of 235
    Fishtalk to Lakeside Granny

    Yeah, I heard that stupid anecdote of hers to Chuck Todd.

    I was guffawing the whole time.

    This woman can lie....well like they say....if her lips are moving, she’s lying.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 22 May 2016

    05/22/2016 7:48:07 AM PDT · 113 of 235
    Fishtalk to kabar

    Hiya cousin Mike!

    Forgive me as I go on a rant here.

    What the hell is Bill Crystal’s claim to fame?

    This guy ain’t giving up recruiting a third party candidate, he goes on and on.

    I know he’s considered a neo-con, which is a Jewish Conservative as I am to understand.

    And he admitted on This Week with George Steponallofus that he knows Romney is not the third party guy.

    How can we make this asshole go away?

    Forgive my language.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 22 May 2016

    05/22/2016 6:34:55 AM PDT · 68 of 235
    Fishtalk to Qiviut

    Thanks for the prayers.

    Again, I ask all of you to pray for me, please.

    You might say I am strong but not always. There are times....awful, depressing times.

    But like the song says “When you’re lost and alone, and sinking like a stone....carry on.”

    I am carrying on people but I have lost thousands of dollars, my’s awful.

    Know too, yon nice people, that I am really a happy person. I like to laugh, write....yeah I argue at times, don’t we all?

    But for whatever reason God hates me. So I ask others to pray for me.

    I will read the link later Qiviut....again, thank you.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 22 May 2016

    05/22/2016 6:31:40 AM PDT · 64 of 235
    Fishtalk to newfreep

    I am so not surprised.

    Hillary is so disliked. Give Trump some time and she will get the public drubbing the witch deserves.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 22 May 2016

    05/22/2016 6:30:35 AM PDT · 63 of 235
    Fishtalk to All


    Hillary on Meet the Press explaining her plan to have husband Bill in charge of the economy or some ridiculous thing.

    “Every -first lady- has taken on some kind of project” Hillary says.

    Heh. So Bill is now the first lady?

    Also....guys....MARK CUBAN???

    I love the Shark it. Shows how investors work, teaches capitalism....also “After the Tank” I also love.

    I have forever lost respect for this guy who wants to be Hillary’s VP pick?

    Man, I didn’t know the guy was an idiot.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 22 May 2016

    05/22/2016 5:13:20 AM PDT · 30 of 235
    Fishtalk to CincyRichieRich

    Thanks CRR.

    Anyway, some political thoughts.

    It seems that with each passing minute Trump gets more support, even some from the elected elite. Jeb Bush notwithstanding and not that anybody cares. But the jerk is out and about and trying to make good with Trump supporters. The Bushes and Romney need to just go away.

    And folks, Trump is going to CRUSH Hillary. Because if we all know one thing it’s that the lamestream media does not pursue Hillary like they should. Even now that the many women mistreated by Bill Clinton are coming out the Lamestream says all their claims have been DISCREDITED.

    Where have they been discredited? Because the Lamestream doesn’t want to talk about it, this means those women’s stories were discredited?

    Trump is going to beat Hillary to a pulp and it will be easy doings. Because not Jeb, not limp-wristed Mitt, not, no. Surely not Kasich. Ted Cruz perhaps but still and so....


    While the other side lies and throws every brickbat available.

    I kind of understand.

    Because for 38 years I have been mistreated by my daughter and finally I took a stand.

    There is a warrant out for her arrest.

    Cause sometimes you gotta fight back.

    And Trump will do that.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 22 May 2016

    05/22/2016 4:44:22 AM PDT · 14 of 235
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    Morning AB, All.

    Thank you AB for doing this thread so reliably. Weather so icky here good day to sit, watch TV and monitor the FreeRepublic Sunday talk show thread.

    Yes I had a lousy week....a horrible week. But I am not going to write about it, thank me very much.

    Thank you Bray for weekly wisdom, thank you yon commenters for keeping the thread flowing.

    I do have one favor I ask all of yon readers.

    Please pray for me.

    Because I can’t pray any more for myself. Prayer seems to be making things worse. That and God hates me.

    Don’t tell me not. No innocent person would have so much misery piled upon them unless God hated them.

    No lectures.

    God hates me.

    So I ask yon reader to please pray for me...maybe God will listen to other people, not one he hates so much.

    Beyond that, I’m going to smile, type and enjoy some political discussion.

    Finally, I am currently reading a great book and y’all know the author.

    I’ll shut up now.

    Carry on.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 15 May 2016

    05/15/2016 12:54:01 PM PDT · 207 of 245
    Fishtalk to Fishtalk

    So all day I been watching Reince Preibus and man can that guy move his lips and say the same thing over and over?

    Not that this is a bad thing, necessarily. But I can’t get why all this hesitation, explanation, reasons why they don’t support he who the voters chose.

    And this trump John Miller story....whatthehey?

    Some guy, allegedly John Miller, calls up the Post. And the scuttlebutt is that it was TRUMP who released this story. Which makes me laugh but scratch my head.

    Why would TRUMP release a tape of himself talking about himself? Then he denies it was him and by me, it kind of sounded like him but not all that much to be definite.

    And as for Trump tax returns, it’s only the MEDIA worrying itself to death over this. I could care less about Trump’s taxes. I’m thinking they’re huge, complicated things that will cause the WAPO to hire CPA’s to find bad deductions, etc.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 15 May 2016

    05/15/2016 12:23:07 PM PDT · 203 of 245
    Fishtalk to pugmama

    Thanks Pugs but the commenter has a point.

    As usual, I insert smirk here, he or she doesn’t take the time to wait around and learn the landscape.

    Because the Sunday talk show thread, by its very nature, has ebbs and flows. Bray and I, myself having been on this thread for fifteen years dear Lord doesn’t that cut you some slack....get some indulgence because, well, we both like to write.

    And B)....there’s those ebbs between Meet the Press and Fox News Sunday.....longer comments, posts with short stories, are read, goodness I got so much Freepmail from my poast and believe me, folks, I’d rather not ever get a Freepmail again if my torment would stop.

    But don’t feel sorry for me Argentina. It’s my daughter craving sympathy, not me. I have learned that sympathy comes with a cost, unless, of course, you are a fake. Then it’s the best of both worlds.

    I’ve been on repetitive threads...the Rush thread, the gardening thread.....people do ten to congregate on some threads repetitively due to their mutual interest. I’ve noted little essays about personal lives.

    I was not so stupid as to jump in with snark and nastiness.

    I also go to great pains to contribute to the thread purpose, as does Bray.

    Finally, one of the greatest keys on our keyboards is that SCROLL key.

    Just scroll down people, scroll down,....pass on by.

    Anyway, I got some political thoughts....surprise. Hang on.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 15 May 2016

    05/15/2016 9:03:40 AM PDT · 159 of 245
    Fishtalk to All
     photo wallmelissahouse_zps8n9tpcdx.jpg

    A quick look at some of the artwork she did on the walls. This woman is 38 years old. She did this "painting" on every wall in the house.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 15 May 2016

    05/15/2016 5:41:23 AM PDT · 26 of 245
    Fishtalk to PaleoBob

    Thanks for taking the time to respond.

    The big problem with daughter....she FOOLS EVERYBODY!

    She’s had almost thirty years, beginning at age 14 when she deliberately got pregnant by a retarded school mate. We had DNA tests, signed all adoption she tells everybody some old guy down the street got her pregnant.

    We caught her at age 16 on what they then called NEWSGROUPS, anybody remember them? My beloved deceased husband caught her telling everybody she had brain cancer.

    Last year she put on Facebook an ultrasound belonging to somebody else and telling them that the red shaded parts means cancer. To look at it you’d think she would die in a day or two.

    But I wrote the book, now read by many, including the woman who taught my NAMI class (National Alliance of Mental Illness), an organization, like Al-Anon, helps people like me cope with mental illness. That lady is now my personal friend and oh....oh, oh, oh....she LOVED the book and agrees totally that daughter has severe Munchausen.

    Well I don’t have all the answers but folks, dealing with her is one thing, dealing with everybody she fools is a daunting task.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 15 May 2016

    05/15/2016 5:34:49 AM PDT · 23 of 245
    Fishtalk to rodguy911

    I saw that smarmy George Cloony on TV saying, smarmily, “There will never be a President Trump.”

    Who the hell does this guy think he is?

    Then I see this Bill Crystal, another nothing-burger, all full of himself, hinting at a third party candidate.

    Anybody remember Dick Morris? Told us Romney would win by a landslide?

    Heh. You don’t hear much from Dick Morris anymore.

    So too shall Bill Crystal and George Cloony be nobodies someday.