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  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 26 July 2015

    07/26/2015 2:22:00 PM PDT · 113 of 121
    Fishtalk to NKP_Vet

    You talking about Perry?

    If so, I think you’re right.

    He wants so bad to be in the debates I almost feel sorry for him.

    Trump, heh, says that Perry needs to take an IQ test.

    Man....Trump is gonna fry sooner or later.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 26 July 2015

    07/26/2015 8:21:21 AM PDT · 77 of 121
    Fishtalk to kabar

    Hello Cousin Mike!

    I sat and wrote my rant about this Planned Parenthood atrocity, upthread a bit. Good to see you weigh in.

    Cause this is just so horrible my mind can’t adjust.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 26 July 2015

    07/26/2015 8:19:27 AM PDT · 75 of 121
    Fishtalk to bray


    I am listening to the Planned Parenthood nut job and all she keeps saying is “It was taken out of context.”

    WHAT TAKING OUT OF CONTEXT? It is what it is for God’s sake. We got eyes and ears out here in la-la land where we carry this country on our backs. We see the PP woman discussing proper ways to kill the aborted baby that the organs remain intact.

    How is this “out of context”?

    Another thing I wonder about....the PP lady said repeatedly that certain customers of PP agree to donate their aborted child’s body. I really wonder if that’s true. Cause it kind of sounds like a lie to me.

    I’m thinking all week they been calling PP, SOME of the media maybe, and asking if this tissue as donated is done so with approval of the mother.

    You know what I’m thinking? I’m thinking they’re lying. I’m thinking absolutely nobody signs and agrees to this.

    Just a hunch. That PP woman has a tough job but she’s giving it yeoman’s effort. We hear about breast and cervix screening women get, birth control (she herself even got her birth control from PP-maybe too much information there), rape victims use PP, PP helps with women’s health...


    Our guys need to get out there cause if this don’t bring that quasi-government agency under control, then nothing on earth will.

    And don’t forget, PP probably donates quite a bit to Democrats.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 26 July 2015

    07/26/2015 6:35:47 AM PDT · 31 of 121
    Fishtalk to ReaganGeneration2

    I thought Carly did a great job and I think that mostly because Fiorina is so far the only Repub. talking about this.

    And when are they going to march Hillary to the jail?

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 26 July 2015

    07/26/2015 5:18:45 AM PDT · 9 of 121
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    Morning AB, all,

    Thank you AB for doing this thread. Thank all yon contributors whose commentary brings me wisdom.

    Hmmmm, president of planned parenthood on This Week. That should be interesting. Because if harvesting body parts of unborn babies isn’t bad enough....THEN WHAT THE HELL IS?

    Further....forgive my shouts...BUT WHERE ARE OUR ELECTED GUYS?? Why aren’t they out and about screaming about this? For that matter, why isn’t The Donald talking about this?

    Went to the Delaware state fair yesterday. Manned the GOP booth, it was a nice. Pretty day. I always used to take my granddaughter to the state fair but why is it like this? Why can’t I have my family?

    Anyway, taking deep breath. The Delaware state fair is the best of them all. We got great big farms and beaches. We get tourists and farmers and it gets packed.

    Everybody passing by the GOP booth liked Donald Trump.

    Just pointing that out.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 19 July 2015

    07/19/2015 9:59:11 AM PDT · 155 of 191
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    I stand corrected.

    He still has done nothing for veterans and calls us wacko birds and other derogatory names.

    It’s a matter the love not lost by the Repub base for McCain enough to survive the media assault. I think Trump will survive, based on what i saw of that interview of T rump vs Raddick.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 19 July 2015

    07/19/2015 9:33:53 AM PDT · 152 of 191
    Fishtalk to pugmama

    I think Trump was making a really dumb Yukyuk joke. Cause come on, HERO...McCain didn’t save any fellow soldiers. He didn’t kill any enemy or stop an enemy attack. He wrecked the plane and was captured.

    SoT rump kind of lamely was trying to point that out. MCCAIN did graduate the very bottom of his class. He did wreck a couple of airplanes. Come on! T rump is finally bringing this thing we’ve all known public.

    They hate the truth and as T rump is successfully doing, let’s not forget that McCain has done nothing for veterans.

    This so called gaffe of Trump might backfire on the joyous media.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 19 July 2015

    07/19/2015 9:21:41 AM PDT · 147 of 191
    Fishtalk to KC Burke

    I am going to do that. I will have the florist write, simply, “I’m sorry.”

    No name.she’ll figure it out.

    The absolute BEST interview today, Martha Raddick on This Week, and Donald Trump.

    Best q and a-Journalist”don’t you think you’re insulting people is not nice?”

    Trump , heh, immediately brings up the endless comments about his hair.

    It was of the week.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 19 July 2015

    07/19/2015 8:41:20 AM PDT · 139 of 191
    Fishtalk to PlateOfShrimp

    Well thank you for your two cents.

    She was like a size 7 or something. To add to my dismay, with my by-then twisted tongue I am trying to make conversation. So I ask how long she’s been married. She tells me six years. So I ask if she has any kids. She says no.

    so who knows the story? Maybe she and husband are trying to have kids and I, big galoot, hit a sore spot. This is a family with babies all’s like they love to reproduce and they’re not even Catholic!

    Come on guys....WHY DID I DO THAT?

    Seriously, I left. I just up and left, went home, after paying my fifty bucks and not eating one spoonful or talking to no one.

    Yes I am devastated. I will get over it.

    But I will not do this again.

    And someway I am going to make up for it.


    Go on, laff with me. Laughter means you’re healing.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 19 July 2015

    07/19/2015 8:34:27 AM PDT · 135 of 191
    Fishtalk to onyx

    Aw’re being nice.

    I didn’t mention the glasses though I swear that was the issue.

    Where I failed was not following my own inner voice. NEVER mention a woman’s pregnancy until SHE does.

    Let me get that in my head.

    It’s just not working for me, going to these things without a husband/date/significant other. Now I don’t have a husband and come on, I’m 65 years old. I don’t have a boyfriend and don’t want one.

    But I don’t do going alone to this sort of thing very well. Meetings and the like I’m okay with....but everybody there was with a date and I just don’t have what it takes.

    I used to be a Women’s Libber of the highest order but I was wrong.

    So this widow woman is just going to keep a low profile and I dunno, maybe find a guy or something to go to these things with me.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 19 July 2015

    07/19/2015 8:10:40 AM PDT · 122 of 191
    Fishtalk to onyx

    Speaking of Diane friend Pat, who I often said looks exactly like Diane Feinstein, was here the other day. I called up pictues of Diane F. and showed her.

    She said she thought Diane Feinstein was pretty and she thanked me for thinking she was pretty too.

    Or something.

    So I went to a county GOP event, hosted by the former Chair of the Sussex GOP and former Sussex county campaign manager for Christine O’Donnell.

    Guy has eleven kids and his wife was Delaware’s mother of the year last year.

    So I went by myself because....well who else I got to go with? And THIS is part of the problem, more on this later.

    So since I envision myself as the people’s scribe or some sort, as I drove I prayed that I be quiet and LISTEN to people, that I work the room, that I pre-think everything I say.

    So I’m in the kitchen of this event, meeting the mother of the year, who I only knew vaguely. Sweetest woman on the planet, home-schooled her I felt blessed to be with these people. Her children were all about, preparing food and stuff.

    I am inquiring about who is this and whose grandchildren are these? Man there were kids and babies all about and don’t forget this woman had 11 kids and there were sons-in-law. I am terrible at names but I did my best.

    Over at the sink is another daughter, mother of two adorable little girls and one baby languishing in the baby chair. She LOOKED to me like she was pregnant but the voice in my head told me NOT to mention this possible pregnancy because it wasn’t all that obvious.

    Because the WORST thing a woman can do to another....besides taking her man which I did not mention her pregnancy if she’s NOT pregnant.

    Yeah, the voice in my head said keep quiet.

    So another daughter...remember this woman has like 8 of them....comes over to say Hi. I was sitting down, had just gotten new glasses the day before. As the young woman walked over to me, I could swear her belly was sticking out like she was 7 or 8 months along.

    Yes I did, I asked her when she was due.


    I wanted to die, right there.....just die.

    Her sisters, all 99 of them, gasped at my comment and I’m sure her mother heard. Man, she really looked pregnant to m.

    But my apology was worse than the gaffe.

    So the young woman goes outside and I’m burning inside, wondering how to get out of this mess. I glance outside at the young woman and she looks like a most ordinary un-PREGNANT woman....all I can think is I was seated, with brand=new bifocal glasses and my sight was altered with the newness of it all.

    Or something.

    So I went outside, located the young woman, took her aside, and told her that she was a perfectly slim young woman, that my position was seated and misleading....yada, yada.

    She, of course, told me it was perfectly fine. Well she had to say that, didn’t she?

    I looked at her sadly, knowing I FAILED....and I said softly “No it’s not.”

    And I left. I went home. I am finished. I will not go to any events like this any more by myself.

    Because of all this with my daughter I am trying desperately to find my life again, going to a Therapist, attending events that I not be constantly lonely and isolated.

    But I failed.

    Anybody got any ideas how I can possibly make it up to this young lady?

    Cause I feel awful.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 19 July 2015

    07/19/2015 7:31:09 AM PDT · 102 of 191
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    So I thought I’d give it a try.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 19 July 2015

    07/19/2015 7:00:54 AM PDT · 77 of 191
    Fishtalk to grania

    There have been many questions about McCain’s time in captivity. And I hear he was a lousy’s no wonder he got captured.

    Further, the man should, but does NOT support our veterans....he didn’t get behind the VA with the spate of recent issues with that organization.

    And let’s not forget that McCain called me....and all of you...WACKO BIRDS.

    I’m still with Trump though like most people I don’t think he’ll go to the finish line.

    I know the media is jumping up and down and screeching with joy but I don’t buy it.

    Yesterday I did the worst thing a woman can do to another woman. Later I shall elaborate.

    Now I need to breath and get courage.

    At mass today we had our NEW priest....the associate pastor, who I have yet to meet. His name is Father Jonas....he is from India, and don’t tell anybody, but I didn’t understand a single word of his homily.

    Another update....guess who called-and emailed!- me Friday?

    THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL! Yes they are doing a special called “Fakin’ It”, all about Munchaussen...or “factitious disorder” as it is called now.

    We all got interviewed a couple of weeks ago but guess what? IT LOOK LIKE I MIGHT BE GOING TO CALIFORNIA!!!!!

    So I ask yon female readers out there to guess....what’s the worst thing one woman can do to another? Cause I did it.

    And I need suggestions on how to make it right. I figure yon posters can give me guidance.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 19 July 2015

    07/19/2015 4:51:32 AM PDT · 6 of 191
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    Morning AB and thank you for doing this thread.

    Got to go to 8:30 am mass....will be back.

    Keep me up to date.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 12 July 2015

    07/12/2015 9:38:43 AM PDT · 184 of 270
    Fishtalk to rodguy911

    And you got to love that he shouted over and over again about Jeb Bush “He’s terrible”.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 12 July 2015

    07/12/2015 7:45:59 AM PDT · 131 of 270
    Fishtalk to Fishtalk

    Now that I think about it, maybe he had on shorts under the vestment?


    It was just odd as all get out.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 12 July 2015

    07/12/2015 7:43:33 AM PDT · 127 of 270
    Fishtalk to ROCKLOBSTER

    Well you made me smile Mr. Lobster, because I stuck that blurb in there just to cause puzzlement.

    First, he’s around 56 years old though he looks in his late 30’s...y’all might remember the pic I put up last week on this thread...?

    Second, he’s very heavy which means not much of nothing and the co-pastor is Father Jonas and, of course, he makes jokes about Jonas and the “Whale”-which is him.

    Finally, well the guy has health issues, which concerns me. Father Jim, former Pastor, had health issues and I worried about that too. I’m not sure what Father Tom’s physical problem is but he has a great difficulty walking.

    He does walk down the aisle for the mass beginning processional but we can sing almost ten verses of the opening hymn before he makes it to the nave. Yesterday, at the 4:30 mass, which was packed to the rafters because of summer tourists (wearing bathing suits in church) and many parishioners down at the beach are quite curious about this new Pastor at St. Jude the Apostle.

    He goes up to the seat behind the altar and stays there pretty much during the entire mass, not giving out communion and not going to the podium to give the homily. He delivers th homily right from the chair behind the altar and he does a fine job. He has a microphone.

    I noted during the processional at the beginning of mass that he HAD NO PANTS ON UNDER HIS VESTMENT!

    All I saw was shoes, socks, and bare legs! I am sure I was not the only one.

    Not that it was a problem but darn that’s odd.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 12 July 2015

    07/12/2015 7:29:27 AM PDT · 115 of 270
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!



    And Mr. Lobster, this past weekend I made just the best shrimp it on Facebook.

    Melt a stick of butter of a pan meant for the oven. Add shrimp, uncooked and peeled. Add one packet of Italian Salad dressing seasoning and squeeze the juice of one lemon over top of it all.

    I used about a pound of big shrimp fellows....cost about ten is so expensive and I don’t get food stamps.

    Bake at 350 deg for about 15 minutes.....and good eating.

    Listened to Carly Fiorina on This Week....she sounds real good. I did not know she was a cancer survivor....that could be a factor blocking a possible VP nomination.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 12 July 2015

    07/12/2015 7:23:34 AM PDT · 109 of 270
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    Why can’t Jonah Goldberg buy a pair of pants?

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 12 July 2015

    07/12/2015 7:18:02 AM PDT · 101 of 270
    Fishtalk to Cheerio

    Heh. The Rainbow Hut.....I like it.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 12 July 2015

    07/12/2015 6:56:37 AM PDT · 90 of 270
    Fishtalk to DanZ

    New Pastor told me the Pope is a work in process, that we’ll have to set him straight.

    That man annoys me more than one can know. Obviously he’s in the land of the left.

    He speaks for very few Catholics, believe it.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 12 July 2015

    07/12/2015 6:54:51 AM PDT · 88 of 270
    Fishtalk to DanZ

    Couple of things on my mind here, some of them involving the Sunday talk shows.

    -did y’all see the Arianna Grande video of her licking donuts and telling us how she hated America? She is the picture of Hollywood elite know-nothings. And her manager, get hosting a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton.

    -I jut don’t get Bobby Jiindall. Seriously, he’s not going to get the nomination. I suppose he could be trying for he VP slot. He’s a nice guy but that field is huge and Jindal just can’t complete.

    -I listen to Jim Webb and suddenly dawn breaks over my marble head.....I think he’s campaigning for Hillary’s VP slot. BUT...he could be eyeing the top of the ticket....he’d be a good one. But Hillary’s VP....and goodness he spends his time damning Trump and I’m thinking Hillary told him to do so.

    -did y’all hear about out in Oregon a 15 year old can get a gender-reassignment sugery WITHOUT any parental input? Serious.....cut off his genitals....the whole nine yards. FIFTEEN YEARS OLD!

    -now this show Jazz is coming on, the real life series bout a ten year old that is a boy but was born a guy.

    They’re driving me nuts.

    They dance in the streets dressed as scrotums (I got pics), naked....they’re not moral in any way, shape or form.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 12 July 2015

    07/12/2015 6:18:46 AM PDT · 64 of 270
    Fishtalk to onyx

    He got to do something with that hair.

    We can’t have a President of the Unied States wih hair like that.

    I’m jus’ sayin’.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 12 July 2015

    07/12/2015 6:04:42 AM PDT · 42 of 270
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    Good morning AB, All.

    As always, thank you AB for doing this thread.

    I am sitting on my deck watching Fox News Sunday on my IPhone. It’s a pretty morning and I shall take it easy today.

    Been following Trump this week and am intrigued and amused.

    New Pastor at church continues to amaze. Yesterday went to 4:30 pm-fought the tourists, almost killed a few-and for he daily things to pray for one was, heh....”that our country maintain and protect the borders”.

    Damn I love this guy. Only I don’t know why he doesn’t wear pants under his vestments.

    More on this later.

    I also thank yon contributors.....keep me informed.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 5 July 2015

    07/05/2015 12:37:22 PM PDT · 154 of 166
    Fishtalk to Fishtalk

    From Father Tom’s homily last week:

    “In 2011, the Dept. of Health & Human Services required coverage for contraception & abortion, leading the Little Sisters of the Poor to file suit against the US Government. (If they lose their case, they may be left with no choice but to close all their homes for the indigent elderly.) In 2012, Christians were threatened with loss of their businesses for refusing to take pictures, print invitations, or provide floral arrangements for same gender weddings. During remakrs before the Supreme Court, the Solicitor General made it clear that our tax exempt status will likely be challenged if atholic clergy refuse to perform same gender weddings.

    In a visit to Ireland in 2013, the President called Catholic schools a source of division in the community. The same year, an instructor at a US Army base in Pa. included “Christians” among the groups who mut be watched because of terrorist tendencies.

    We have a God-given right to freedom of religion, not just “freedom of worship,” as stated by some of our political leaders. Like Hitler, Staling, and other dictators, there ae those who want to silenceus in the public sphere. But the freedom for which many shed their blood and sacrificed their lives is given by God, not the government. IF we fail t be informed about what I going on, if we do not participate in the political process, then we fail our responsibility as Cathoics and as citizens. Let us stand up and be counted!”

    Isn’t that great? Reprinted from this week’s “Pastor’s Pen.

    I also winked at Father Tom and asked him what the hey is with this Pope Francis? He winked back and said “He’s a work in process. We’ll set him straight.”


  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 5 July 2015

    07/05/2015 8:16:47 AM PDT · 112 of 166
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    Well you got me sitting here laughing. I never heard it called Sharknado but I like it.


    They had a special recently about , heh, Hurricane Sandy....Dateline or something like that.

    Mostly the show boo-hooed that these people weren’t getting enough money from the gubmint....first I’m wondering....WHY DO THEY GET GUBMINT MONEY? They didn’t have their own property insurance?

    Next they show the inside of many of these not-yet-fixed houses and go on, those were the most horribly built houses mine eyes inherited from a carpenter ever saw. Also I lived on the water....near the gotta do things....maybe built on got this beach shack sitting on a bunch of loose sand and now you want the gubmint to pay to build you a brand new home up to standard?

    During this show they kept calling it “Hurricane” Sandy and I shake my had and say....badaboom, they just start calling it the wrong thing and it becomes the truth! We have no opposition party out there telling the truth.

    Same sort of thing happens down here in Delaware. We got an entire beach now composed of imported sand as every year they get federal funds and go out and fill the beach up with sand lost during the winter as nature tries to reclaim what is its own land.

    They kiss some butt to get this sand....Rehoboth Beach, one of the largest homosexual communities on the east coast, not saying that means anything.

    But it’s funny how they don’t worry about nature when its doing what it does but their donors don’ like it.

    Rehboth is in Sussex county and our Republicans got to play nicey and....well I don’t have the answers but I at least ponder the matter.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 5 July 2015

    07/05/2015 7:48:06 AM PDT · 95 of 166
    Fishtalk to bray

    Christie’s response to this would be that he had to do that so his constituents could get federal money for Hurricane Sandy.

    HOLD ON....I know that it was not a hurricane, that it was a “supersorm” and every time I hear it called any of those things I want to scream.

    There is NO such thing as a superstorm and Sandy was NOT a hurricane. What it was....a damn thunderstorm that hit a very vulnerable bunch of houses built badly on a beach of shifting sands.

    But hey, beaches are a big deal for New Jersey....I live in nearby Delaware and they somehow manage to get federal money to come out and fill the beaches up with sand even with nature asserting it wants to eat the beach as nature has done for many many years.

    But humans....RICH humans, are making money on the beaches and so okay.....I understand thhs.

    But having to kiss butt to obtain federal funding IS THE PROBLEM....somebody should tell Christie. They use it as an it’s okay that the horrible President states you must give photo op of us playing nicey and I will get you money for superstorm/hurricane Sandy that those people do not deserve.

    Or something.

    The Republicans play nice-nice/kissy-face cause it’s just easier than taking a principled stand.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 5 July 2015

    07/05/2015 7:33:29 AM PDT · 93 of 166
    Fishtalk to patriotspride

    I’m serious about Ted Cruz.....this guy has never said a single word with which I have disagreed.

    He states firmly, that he admires Donald Trump for taking a stand on the problem of ILLEGAL immigration (key word here is “ILLEGAL”) and he will not engage in that media game of forcing Republicans to badmouth each other. A game into which Bush, Rubio and Perry eagerly joined in, I must add.

    I’m telling you true, my ear is to the ground and Cruz is rumbling. And he’s not like Palin, filling a VP slot and subject to a mighty media attack.

    I also, ear to ground my political junkee self, also think that Rush Limbaugh likes Ted Cruz. Cause I know Limbaugh and I adore Cruz so.....

    I know Rush doesn’t like to endorse candidates....but this upcoming election is so important....we must not elect either Clinton or Bush....gee those names sound familiar.

    I’d sure like Rush to back Cruz is what I’m saying here.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 5 July 2015

    07/05/2015 7:16:52 AM PDT · 91 of 166
    Fishtalk to patriotspride

    I’m okay with that ticket.

    Love Ted Cruz.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 5 July 2015

    07/05/2015 6:57:00 AM PDT · 85 of 166
    Fishtalk to ROCKLOBSTER


    Forgot to mention that Father Flowers is also a terrific singer! In fact, at the end of his introcutory mass lastMonday he says, I roughly paraphrase....”Bishop Malooly says that we shouldn’t clap in church as it detracts from the real star of he show....GOD. so let us applaud God for bringing us such a wonderful choir to help us celebrate in song.” And they clapped and never, in my 12 years, has this ever happened.

    So yesterday-4th of July, we have first 6pm mass of the year cause the tourists, folks, they’re everywhere, wearing bathing suits to church and stuff. The church was about half full as it was first week but that’s still about 300 people, we have a big church.

    My friend Diane Feinstein....ooops....Pat, is the Cantor and she tells me before she goes up to altar to sing real loud cause with these few people we have to sing they are tourists....wearing bathing suits and stuff.

    So I do....I sing nice and loud....more on this later. All of a sudden I hear the sound of a beautiful male voice....loud and pretty. IT WAS FATHER TOM!

    Of course he sings/chants the parts of the service as required and as priests must do. But Lord he was singing a communion hymn and it was beautiful...just glorious.

    So I join in nice and loud and of course my friend Diane....oops, up there leading the song and it’s just us should smile. Song was “Spirit of God” in case yon reader knows it.

    I don’t care what anybody says, the three of us filled that church with beautiful song, yes we did, Diane the soprano, me the alto, and Father Tom the tenor.

    Anyway, at mass end, people in front of me turn and tell me that I sounded beautiful.

    Well go to hell......hey, I liked it.

    Guy’s a Tea Partier and beautiful singer....what’s not to like?

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 5 July 2015

    07/05/2015 6:46:07 AM PDT · 79 of 166
    Fishtalk to Sooth2222

    I know that bridge has its issues. But a colleague of Christie closed a lane to punish a contender that didn’t support him. It was in all the news.

    Somehow they say that Christie didn’t know but I say these people take their cue from the top.

    Still and so....interesting observation about the 2020 race. Maybe by then Christie will seem positively conservative compared to the reigning Hillary.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 5 July 2015

    07/05/2015 6:12:54 AM PDT · 50 of 166
    Fishtalk to mac_truck

    Thank you Mr. Truck. Looking forward to new Pastor.

    As for Donald Trump, if they beat on this very rich guy the likes of you and I do not have a chance.

    I’m not sure of Father Tom’s pledge of allegiance thing....his last name is Flowers....not making this up.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 5 July 2015

    07/05/2015 6:10:43 AM PDT · 47 of 166
    Fishtalk to Fishtalk

    I just don’t know why NJ’s Chris Christie thinks he should be President.

    For one thing, being a veteran of the infamous George Washington bridge, I’m still mad at him for shutting down a lane to get even with a political opponent. I don’t care what the guy says that he didn’t do it....I got a bridge to sell anyone who thinks he knew nothing....bridge has one lane permanently closed.

    I drive that bridge a lot. Few weeks ago went over it to go to Massachusetts.....had one lane close, took me 55 minutes to go nine miles.

    I think a politico that would intentionally hurt their own constituents is not a good presidential contender.

    Also, just throwing it out there, the man is fat, ugly and ill-spoken.

    My two cents.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 5 July 2015

    07/05/2015 6:06:15 AM PDT · 43 of 166
    Fishtalk to rodguy911

    Why does one have to paint rods?

    Enquiring minds want to know.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 5 July 2015

    07/05/2015 6:05:28 AM PDT · 42 of 166
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    Get a load of this pic of me in this post. This is MY Blog and a co-Blogger went after me. So I stopped writing completely.

    Now don’t go siccing Humblegunner on me....THIS IS NOT MY BLOG POST. It’s a horrible pic of me and a nasty article.

    Also still dealing with Discovery channel, Dr. Phil, Wilmington News Journal......for biting my daughter. Someday I will write the lots of offers.

    I suppose Father Tom will learn of my notoriety soon enough. I’ve been hiding for a whole month now....had to go to Massachusetts for a couple of days just to get away.

    Watching Christie some thoughts on him, give me time to gather my thoughts.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 5 July 2015

    07/05/2015 5:28:40 AM PDT · 21 of 166
    Fishtalk to Fishtalk

    Je jure fidelite au drapeau des Etats-Unis
    Et pour le Republique que ce drapeau represent
    un seul nation, indivisible, sous le regard de Deux
    avec de la liberta et de le justice pour tous.

    Above, the pledge in French. In French IV in high school we had to recite it every day in French. Yeah, once I was quite the linguist, even got accepted at Fort Meade NSA to learn Russian.

    Back in the day of the Cold War I might add.


  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 5 July 2015

    07/05/2015 5:02:02 AM PDT · 8 of 166
    Fishtalk to Fishtalk

    oh....and thank you AB for doing this thread and equal thanks to yon wise commenters.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 5 July 2015

    07/05/2015 5:01:32 AM PDT · 7 of 166
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!
    Morning AB, All…. I am loving Donald Trump this week. Man speaks the truth and they don't like it; they don't like it at all. More intriguing is the Rubio/Bush reaction. Yeah, I know they're from Florida but still……

    Also, met St. Jude the Apostle's new Pastor, pic of me below with the guy.

     photo patfishandpastor_zpsvkjgypau.png

    OMG it's so cool! First thing I am told, by a Wilmington liberal guy moved down to mighty Sussex couple years ago is that Father Tom is a Tea Partier through and through. Liberal guy tells me he might have to change churches.

    So I meet the Pastor, see above, and tell him I am a Tea Party Blogger and it was instant like. He smiled at me and told me he already had three people walk out of mass.


    Heh. Indeed before masses, especially yesterday which was July 4, we all stand up and say the pledge of allegiance….well I just don't know. 4th of July is one thing but before all other masses?

    Not that I mind…I hasten to add. Damn….I can say the pledge of allegiance in French… many people can do that? But he's got the congregation talking.

    He told me he already met state local Rep for Lewes Delaware, Steve Smyk, who, of course, I already know and who is a member of our church. He said he met state Senator Ernesto Lopez…..heh, who of course, I also know very well.

    I told Father Tom we were going to get along just fine.

    My friend who looks like Diane Feinstein (more on this later) took the picture. I told Father Tom that we were both name Pat and looked just alike.

    So yesterday friend Pat picks me up….SHE is the Cantor, and as we walk in she meets some friends of hers and introduces me. "Are you guys sisters or something?" the guy asks.

    Heh. So I guess that means that I too look like Diane Feiinstein…..heh.

    Anyway…..daughter situation still awful but I'm getting through it. Got an appointment with a therapist myself cause I need help getting through this.

    At any rate, I'm back to Blogging and trying to get my life in order. And yeah, Donald Trump has me smiling.

    For if we've learned nothing via the Donald Trump lesson it's the ways they have to punish you, PUNISH I TELL YOU, for daring to utter that which they do not want to hear.

    In short, this Donald Trump thing is a lesson to us all….do not speak politically impolitic or THIS WILL HAPPEN TO YOU!

  • Trump says Rubio is Weak on Immigration, Praises Ted Cruz and Mexicans

    07/04/2015 9:23:00 AM PDT · 31 of 68
    Fishtalk to Lurkinanloomin

    I think you’re right.

    He almost had me fooled for a moment.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 28 June 2015

    06/28/2015 9:50:42 AM PDT · 101 of 124
    Fishtalk to animal172

    You are correct. Also think she was in my house while i was at church. I not agree to such a thing again.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 28 June 2015

    06/28/2015 9:48:18 AM PDT · 100 of 124
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    Turns out all of you warning me were right. She did not show up. Ifell for it, hope I’m not already in trouble.

    What an awful thing.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 28 June 2015

    06/28/2015 8:31:10 AM PDT · 80 of 124
    Fishtalk to Cboldt

    You are right, Cboldt, of course, about activist courts everywhere over-riding the voters’ wishes.

    I think Americans, silly us, thought that our constant denial of same sex marriage via the ballot box, meant something.

    So the SUPREME....just the name makes us bow in reverence t the mighty ones so much wiser than us....court says Ben can marry Brad so we shrug....hey, it’s love. We all need love, right?

    Soon we shall realize how we were overruled and hornswoggled by the elite who think they rule us.

    But I’m probably wrong.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 28 June 2015

    06/28/2015 7:20:00 AM PDT · 62 of 124
    Fishtalk to DanZ

    Speaking of the Pope....our new Associate Pastor DID NOT KNOW HIS NAME! He had to ask the Deacon if the Pope’s name is Francis.

    The Pope is not doing so well and not held in high regard by even Catholics.

    He needs to stick the religion and forget such as socialism and climate change, give me two breaks with that man.

    Father Swami....his name is Father Swami.


  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 28 June 2015

    06/28/2015 7:11:04 AM PDT · 59 of 124
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    AB your post is so spot on.

    I live in one of the largest homosexual enclaves on the East coast, called Rehoboth Beach. They are wealthy round these parts, and most are religious.

    But they are the exception. Homosexuals are not, as a rule, faithful to one person. Most of us know this but it is politically incorrect to say so.

    I think you’re right, AB, the country got caught blindsided by the same sex marriage thing and will regret it mightily in years to come. Cause in due course there will be multiple wives for the Muslims and Mormans (we have a right to LOVE multiple mates now, don’t we?).

    Not to mention the horrible impact this is goig to have on our social security/welfare system.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 28 June 2015

    06/28/2015 6:57:06 AM PDT · 47 of 124
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    Hey AB!....Just being here is enough AB....this is one of the few places where I can speak freely without her stalking me.

    Couple things.....first new associate pastor did mass today, oh my God, he is from India...handsome....and his name is Father SWAMI....I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP!

    In fact my seat mate says, once they announced his name....that he was from India. I whispered to her hat surely, surely they are jesting us with that name!

    But no, that is his name!

    Also....just two minutes ago daughter called me....she’s NOT supposed to in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost....she says..”Mom, we can’t go on like this. Let me come see you. I won’t bring my phone (which she uses to video and audio record everyone WIHOUT THEM KNOWING IT!)....I will remove the papers for the PFA....please let me come over.”

    Dear Lord she wanted me out of her life for a full year....NO CONTACT! And let’s not forget her radio tirade which EVERYONE in Sussex county heard. She also called the Wilmington News Journal which I wisely refused to be interviewed for.

    She is coming over at 10:30 but I just don’t know and I don’t trust her.

    So if I don’t come back on....I’m probably in jail.

    Father Swami.....that’s his name and I could not understand a word of his homily.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 28 June 2015

    06/28/2015 4:50:23 AM PDT · 7 of 124
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    Once again the Sunday talk show thread up nice and early so I can sneak in a post before leaving for 8:30 am mass.

    Did I tell you we’re getting a new Pastor? Indeed Father Jim is leaving and , tween you and I, he’s not taking it very well. And you know our Assistant Pastor died,,,,,right during mass, recal? Well getting a new one of those too.

    Also two new Deacons and a new Director of Religious Ed.

    Tomorrow is welcoming mass for new Pastor, choir is singing, of course.

    Stopped doing all Blogging due to notoriety of daughter, who called up local radio station and told all of Sussex county that I killed my husband and was trying to kill both her and my granddaughter. And she got a restraining order against me, yes she did the most abused form of punishment....EVER.....

    But I shall start writing again tomorrow for many, many friends....who heard nutball Munchausen inflicted daughter on the air and knew right away she was nuts...THITY NINE MINUTES ON THE AIR TELLING THE WORLD I WAS A MURDERER.

    Discovery channel still investigating and Dr. Phil begging for th story.

    Okay....done for now....won’t mention again in the thread.

    Am still reeling from same-sex marriage thing. Shows today should be interesting.

    Thank you AB, as always, for doin this thread.

    Oh, and they’re coming to take my gun....did you know? Seems if you have PFA against you you must turn in your gun. I told magistrate day of hearing I would bring it straight to the police department, toot de sweet.

    Alas, I just can’t find it. They’re going to have to come get it from my cold dead hands.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 21 June 2015

    06/21/2015 8:40:56 AM PDT · 41 of 72
    Fishtalk to shalom aleichem

    What’s LAP?

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 21 June 2015

    06/21/2015 8:39:58 AM PDT · 39 of 72
    Fishtalk to shalom aleichem

    Karl Rove DID say that, but followed up with “And that’s not going to happen.”

    I thought he sounded awkward but to say Rove advocates repealing the second amendment it’s a bit of a stretch.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 21 June 2015

    06/21/2015 8:33:15 AM PDT · 37 of 72
    Fishtalk to Fishtalk

    My friend, Pat looks exactly like Diane Feinstein. Exactly.


  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 21 June 2015

    06/21/2015 7:25:54 AM PDT · 25 of 72
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    Indeed Happy Father’s Day to Dads everywhere.

    Had an interesting compliment today, left me feeling a bit giddy though it’s mostly nothing.

    Was leaving church today and as I pushed my way through the crowd a lady walked up to me and said “I love when you go to communion and are singing. You sound so beautiful.”

    Now folks, I am a good choir singer and within a range of five notes I sound pretty good. But I am no soloist and never lead the singing, or cantor, as we call it.

    Also, my friend has been joining me for masses of late, she’s also in the choir, lives around the corner, stayed with me the entire day when my daughter got a protection from abuse against me, yes she did, someday I shall tell the story.

    SHE is a good singer, a soprano, sings at funerals, weddings, etc. She is also named Pat and looks just like me. I am not making this up.

    Anyway between the two of us we sing loud and pretty....she has the prettier voice but I dunno, I come right in with my alto/tenor/sometimes bass range and it sounds right nice.

    So to have someone so enamored of my singing (and note it was ME, NOT the other Pat, she complimented) was something new.

    No it’s not been a good week, I am suffering, lonely and isolated. I hide on my back deck because my daughter will have me arrested if I even look at her.

    My crime? Telling everyone that she has Munchaussen and fakes medical problems.

    It’s way more complicated but let me give you a tidbit....her husband, whom she TOO got a PFA on and had him arrested EIGHT now totally in love with my daughter’s sister....who is my stepdaughter.

    Heh.’s quite the story and don’t forget that I wrote the book! Everybody’s reading this book and it now sells for $26.95....for a PAPERBACK! Also the Discovery channel still working on and I’ve not yet talked to Dr. Phil but he’s very interested.

    I have been paying attention to the news, but of course.

    That horrible kid who shot those people, my heart sobs over that. Because out of all the evil mass shooters in the world, he is the only one who actually spent an hour sitting and socializing with those people he killed.

    That’s evil, people....either evil or he’s so drugged up he don’t know left from right, up from down.

    I think the world would be better off without him.

    Also, about my Pope....sheesh.....I think he should shut up about global warming. Now that I think about it, maybe he should shut up about everything.