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  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 15 October 2017

    10/15/2017 12:15:32 PM PDT · 140 of 156
    Fishtalk to All

    Sunday political talk shows on

    Oct 15th, 2017

    Not much Harvey Weinstein talk but enough to titillate.

    Rex Tillerson appears to calm the restless natives re his possible departure.

    Oh, and of course John Kasich….all the time, whenever they let him.

    Sunday FreeRepublic talk show thread below.

    FOX NEWS SUNDAY (Fox Network): H.R. McMaster, President Donald Trump’s national security adviser; Sens. Bill Cassidy, R-La., and Chris Murphy, D-Conn.

    Fox contributor Marie Harff praises the NFL and asks for more protests on knees

    MEET THE PRESS (NBC): U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley; Gov. John Kasich, R-Ohio.

    Kasich….why him all the time? Haley did great job.

    FACE THE NATION (CBS): Secretary of State Rex Tillerson; Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.

    Lindsay Graham sounds almost American

    THIS WEEK (ABC): Haley; House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.; Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine.

    Nancy Pelosi-Dem minority leader House, Collins, Dem-lite member of Senate

    STATE OF THE UNION (CNN): Tillerson; Collins; Rep. Robin Kelly, D-Ill.

    weird state of the cartoon involving Trump and his three wives

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 15 October 2017

    10/15/2017 9:05:54 AM PDT · 110 of 156
    Fishtalk to kabar
    Hiya cousin Mike!

    Israel took out the nuclear facilities in Iraq and Syria. That is the lesson we should have learned.

    Indeed I recall the Israel bombing of Saddam's nuclear reactor which proves Saddam did, indeed, have weapons of mass destruction.

    I vaguely recall about Syria.

    So why not pay Israel to take out Iran and NK's nuke warehouses?

    There's got to be a way to keep nuts away from nukes.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 15 October 2017

    10/15/2017 9:00:53 AM PDT · 108 of 156
    Fishtalk to Fishtalk

    And now let us discuss my first father-in-law, Dad of my first husband who was my first love at age 14, married at 18. He left me three years later and broke my heart into a thousand pieces.

    HIS father was the civil engineer over all of Anne Arundel county Merryland. His mother was at first a school teacher, taught 3rd grade, then went on to become a psychotherapist for Johns Hopkins, worked as a counselor for the United Auto Workers in fact.

    My girlfriend told me right from the start that my father-in-law spooked her, that she felt his eyes undressing her whenever he was around.

    I pooh-poohed her. Goodness my in laws were big people on the town, important....head engineer for Anne Arundel county, whatever that meant.

    Then Rick leaves me with a broken heart.

    His mother was nice about it, telling me that I will meet someone else....I was about 22 at the time. Yeah, this big woman about town teaching kids and married to a pervert who thought it was just fine to put his arm up women’s skirts in his surround.

    You know I never told my husband about it, nor his woman of the world wife. I DIDN’T THINK THEY WOULD BELIEVE ME!

    So a few years later I chance to see former mother-in-law in a local restaurant, said Hi, reported on my new marriage and new baby and she was sweet.

    As she walked away all I could think is does that woman, a teacher of chidren mind you, have any idea the creep she’s married to?

    Powerful men.....they think they have the right to feel up a woman if they want.

    And y’all wonder why I was such a women’s libber in my day.

    I....on the other hand, might not have been a teacher or psycho-therapist for the UAW, but I was very pretty AND quite smart. I didn’t know who I was half the time.

    As I watched my former mother-in-law walk away after restaurant greetings I shook my head sadly.

    How pathetic that woman has no idea just who she is married to. And she acts like she’s better than anyone else.

    Just a bunch of words above but I bet EVERY female on the planet has had unwelcome gropes that they don’t discuss.

    It’s not a compliment. It’s a damn insult to have some guy think he can put his hand on your private parts....that YOU’LL LIKE IT!

    Bah, humbug!

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 15 October 2017

    10/15/2017 8:46:33 AM PDT · 105 of 156
    Fishtalk to All

    So I’ve a few moments and I begin to think.

    We have some nut with a bad haircut in North Korea building nukes and for years that same family’s been in charge and the world stoops and sends them money to not bomb America and, perhaps, South Korea.

    Meanwhile North Korea sells nuke technology to Iran and such.

    So Obama starts a new payoff system that America pays Iran not to bomb America.

    MEanwhile, for years, down in Pakistan, India has a nuke bomb so America steps back and allows Pakistan to have one and serious folks, there’s no bigger group of nuts and traitors than in Pakistan.

    Who decides who gets nukes and who does not? Didn’t Ghaddafi give up his nukes on demand by America?

    The UN would be the medium for this if the UN wasn’t a big joke, let us laugh at them.

    It’s confusing and needs clarification and some kind of rule of law.

    More coming up as my brain swirls.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 15 October 2017

    10/15/2017 6:55:52 AM PDT · 38 of 156
    Fishtalk to LouisianaJoanof Arc

    Speaking of about that Mandalay Bay security guard was going to guest on a slew of shows, including our beloved Hannity...AND HE DIDN’T SHOW UP ANYWHERE???

    I got a theory.

    I think the guy might be lying, maybe he somehow shot himself to be a hero.

    But I could be wrong. Could be that Jesus Campos notified the head of security that he’d been shot, that no one knew the guy doing the shooting would soon enough begin shooting into the crowd.

    So they’re keeping Campos under wraps lest the truth get out, that the casino hotel didn’t react fast enough.

    As a news junkee I find this story very intriguing. Paddock has a background and a motive. I just don’t believe this guy, whose pic should be under “NORMAL AND AVERAGE” all of a sudden decided to shoot a bunch of strangers.

    It’s a mystery.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 15 October 2017

    10/15/2017 6:51:39 AM PDT · 34 of 156
    Fishtalk to TTFlyer

    John Kasich is DETERMINED, DETERMINED I tell you, to be our next President.

    Here he is on Meet the Press telling us that because his wife woke up one morn and said he should be president....


    Kasich’s wife thinks he should be president....there you have!

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 15 October 2017

    10/15/2017 5:50:50 AM PDT · 13 of 156
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    Morning AB, All. As always, thank you AB for doing this thread so reliably and keeping the peace with gentle thread policing. Thank you Bray for weekly written wisdom, Thank all yon contributors for excellent commentary to flesh it all out.

    Below are the words from my daily political diary. It is quite long so scroll on by if not interested. But do stay around and add your commentary and point of view to the thread.

    Tuesday Date-10/10/17

    Senator Corker takes on The Donald…with some help from McConnell.

    I can’t stand Mumbles McConnell. Nothing, absolutely nothing, about that man appeals, from being a man to being a politician to being a decent human being.

    I think he’s none of those things.

    Yes he’s the Senate Majority leader but these types of GOP politicos usually end up being Democrats Lite.

    And where’s the truth between this Corker guy and President Trump? Trump claims by tweet that Corker begged him to an endorsement and perhaps an appointment to Secretary of State.

    Corker tweeted out a denial on all of it.

    Somebody’s lying here.

    And Mumbles McConnell steps in, after Corker went whining to him, no doubt, and tells the world what a wonderful man Corker is.

    We hear Marsha Blackburn is running against Corker. Let’s get that guy outta there.

    McConnell’s words below:

    “Sen. Corker is a valuable member of the Senate Republican caucus and he’s also on the Budget committee and a particularly important player as we move to the floor on the budget next week and he’s an important part of our team,” McConnell said Monday in Kentucky, according to the Associated Press>>>>

    Wednesday Date-10/11/17

    Harvey Weinstein….those women asked for it.

    First, let us establish that this Harvey Weinstein is one ugly guy.

    Now I understand that ugly is not everything but looks do tend to be the first thing we notice about people upon first meeting. Especially meetings between opposite sexes.

    So going out on a limb here I’m thinking few women saw Weinstein and fell in a smitten faint at his feet.

    Somebody ought to, kindly, take this very unattractive man in a room somewhere and explain about ugliness and how he is so ugly women want to run from him, not dive into his pants.

    I’ve been listening to the stories of women he outright raped, women whose mouth he filled with his very handsome penis, whose clothes he removed or ripped them off.

    I’m betting not a single female was lusting for this beast.

    But one story I read, a narrative that I strongly suspect has lots of repeats, is by a woman who Weinstein attacked. She tells a sad story about how she begged him to let her be but Weinstein, his handsome, handsome self, had his way with her.

    What’s odd, this woman did admit to later “dating” Weinstein and some on….what nut job dates the man who raped her?

    There’s something really wrong with these important politicos and Hollywood types.

    They rape children and get applause at the Oscars, they have their way with woman no matter how ugly they are, they are people with absolutely no morals or social standards.

    To add to the shock, Donna Karran comes up with the old mantra that it is the WOMAN’S fault if handsome men like Harvey Weinstein have their way with her, that the woman was dressed a bit too provocatively.

    That’s an old saw from back in my youth when the defense attorney used to come with such a silly excuse.

    Yes, it’s a bit dumb to wear low tops out in public, skirts that barely cover the rear.

    But that does not give a man, even a very, very handsome man like Harvey Weinstein, the right to rape her.

    Liberals….such hypocrites.

    Thursday Date-10/12/17

    The NFL debate continues on and perverts come out of the woodwork.

    Let us begin with Sean Hannity’s interview of President Trump.

    It was a good review of events ongoing and a hope and prayer that tax reform gets passed.

    That being said, please with these NFL jerks. I have not watched or listened to a football game since they began this kneeling during the national anthem.

    Now we have perverts coming out of the woodwork over in Hollywood and who, really, is surprised?

    The funniest is the Jimmy Kimmel story.

    Seems Kimmel, the nitwit with no talent who thinks he can lecture us about guns….well he too has a cute video showing woman looking for something in his pants.

    It’s a comedy routine where women grope within the guy’s pants looking for, then guessing what is, the object in Kimmel’s pants.

    It’s kind of R-rated, to say the least.

    And this guy lectures US?

    Get rid of the perverts and traitors, what you all say?

    Friday Date-10/13/17

    Seriously, girls in Boy Scouts?

    What will happen to the organization made for females….GIRL SCOUTS????

    Would you let your daughter join the….boy scouts?

    Did you know that our current Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, gave his approval for gay boy scout leaders?

    This whole thing smells of a sex orgy.

    Saturday Date-10/14/17

    Week Wrapped Up

    Lots of talk about the new tax plan. Some talk about reviving the Obamacare repeal. President Trump reveals he will not re-certify that awful Iran deal.

    But first, let us discuss groping men.

    Indeed I have been groped in my lifetime, three times, unwelcome and embarrassing.

    One of the gropers was my very own father-in-law, indeed, my husband’s father who put his entire arm up my skirt one night as he dropped me off to the house in which me and his son lived.

    I quickly pushed his arm back out from under my shirt and jumped out of the car.

    Another grope was a drunk Uncle, put his hand up my blouse after he drank a bit too much.

    Finally the VP of my salaried employees union lifted up my blouse one night as he and I worked to put out the monthly newsletter.

    I screamed at him, asking him what the hell he was doing?

    I’m thinking there’s a bunch of women out there been groped inappropriately. For there is something about men in power that has them of a mind that women’s bodies in his surround belong to him.

    I look at that Weinstein guy and folks, there are none, NONE uglier than him. What the hell is he thinking? Does he really think that beautiful women see his fat belly, his ugly mug, his hairy arms….and immediately want to put his private parts into their mouths?

    Harvey Weinstein had a blessed life. He got to hobnob with the hoi-poli, he had money, he had a stellar career, lovely children and a beautiful wife.

    And yet when he dies that awful man will always be remembered as a bug in society, a nothing-burger.

    He threw away a perfectly good life because he thought he had rights he did not have.

    Very few can stand Harvey Weinstein now. Let us boo and mock the asshole.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 8 October 2017

    10/08/2017 12:23:25 PM PDT · 81 of 92
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    Oct 8th, 2017
    Below the online link to FreeRepublic’s Sunday political talk show thread\

    As expected there was much discussion on gun control, either total or something call a bum stock.

    Also some intriguing discussion on the issues between Trump and Tillerson and a few others we are led to believe.

    President Trump does not sound like he puts up with nonsense is how I see it.

    FOX NEWS SUNDAY (Fox Network): Steve Wynn, Wynn Resorts CEO; Erich Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America.

    Loved Steve Wynn who described how it’s done the right way

    MEET THE PRESS (NBC): Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La.; White House budget director Mick Mulvaney; Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.

    Diane Feinstein will run for re-election, Steve Scalise great guest

    FACE THE NATION (CBS): Feinstein; Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president and CEO of the National Rifle Association.

    Feinstein again, going after bumstocks., Wayne LaPiere

    THIS WEEK (ABC): Reps. Seth Moulton, D-Mass., and Scott Taylor, R-Va.

    More gun arguments

    STATE OF THE UNION (CNN): Sens. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., and Ron Johnson, R-Wis.

    More guns as it never stops with these people

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 8 October 2017

    10/08/2017 6:44:54 AM PDT · 38 of 92
    Fishtalk to HokieMom

    Speaking of Tillerson.....I do really like that guy.

    So I am curious if there is any truth to a contretemps between him and Trump.

    Now I know they make up stuff but at times there might be some fire near the smoke.

    Also, watched Diane Feinstein on Meet the Press. By golly she’s going to take away those bumstocks which probably had nothing to do with anything.

    Also, it would appear she is running again BECAUSE THE WORLD NEEDS MORE DIANE FEINSTEIN!!!!

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 8 October 2017

    10/08/2017 5:44:29 AM PDT · 17 of 92
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    Morning AB, All. As always, thank you AB for doing this thread so reliably and keeping the peace with gentle thread policing. Thank you Bray for weekly written wisdom, Thank all yon contributors for excellent commentary to flesh it all out.

    Below are the words from my daily political diary. It is quite long so scroll on by if not interested. But do stay around and add your commentary and point of view to the thread.

    It grab your gun week, a national holiday whenever some nut job gets it in his head to go shoot a bunch of people.

    Of course the logical thing to do is TAKE AWAY THE GUNS OF ALL THE INNOCENT PEOPLE!!!

    IF a terrorist runs into a crowd with a truck then take away all their trucks, or course. If they use knives….CONFISCATE THEM!

    If we are to ever achieve complete safety from our fellow man, we should not be allowed any item that could harm us. We should sit in our chairs all day, quiet, do not talk to avoid hurting feelings with misspoken words. Do not criticize anyone, do not complain, get a handler to take care of you.

    Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    Tuesday Date-10/3/17

    Las Vegas Shooting

    There is, as of this writing, great confusion over the actions of this Paddock character, who shot and killed almost 60 people, injuring over 500 others, during a concert in Las Vegas.

    Again, as of this writing, the nut job’s motives are not known but let’s discuss a few other nut jobs.

    First, there is CBS’ fine, fine lawyer, who evidently drank a bit too much vodka. Excerpt from online write up below:
    Hayley Geftman-Gold, the network’s now-former vice president and senior counsel, took to Facebook after a gunman opened fire at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas, killing at least 58 people and sending more than 500 others to hospitals.
    “If they wouldn’t do anything when children were murdered I have no hope that Repugs [sic] will ever do the right thing,” Geftman-Gold wrote in a now-deleted message that was first reported and captured by The Daily Caller.
    Geftman-Gold continued: “I’m actually not even sympathetic bc [sic] country music fans often are Republican gun toters [sic].”

    Such a lovely person. Of course she got fired. May she spend every second of every minute of every hour regretting this very dumb statement she was stupid enough to make publicly..

    She will always be despised for it. WE LOVE YA HAYLEY!!!

    Then there was Hillary Clinton and in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, thank God this woman was NOT elected.

    First thing she says….what if this guy had silencers on his guns?

    Say what?

    If I have learned nothing about Hillary Clinton since the election I have learned how incredibly stupid she is. Her followers are just as stupid.

    Of course Jimmy Kimmel, a guy with no talent whatsoever, launches into invectives about Republicans who obviously invite these people to shoot them and we all should give up our guns, of course.

    I believe this guy was shooting likely Republicans at a country-western concert.


    Think people, don’t make Hillary do all our thinking.

    Wednesday Date-10/3/17

    Of course we need gun control!

    Over and over and over again the libs get on the TV screaming that we must take away the guns.

    Forget that they are killing people with cars, vans, knives and bombs…..WE GET RID OF THE GUNS FROM THE INNOCENT PEOPLE WE ALL WILL BE SAFE!!!

    My neighbor calls me and tells me that getting machine guns should be against the law. I tell her IT IS AGAINST THE LAW!!!

    Imagine that, a criminal didn’t obey the law and managed to get a machine gun!

    You don’t believe? Go into a gun store and ask to buy a machine gun, see how far you get.

    Hillary, God bless, demands that silencers on guns be banned and….thank you Lord that this woman is not President. Proving that God does really bless America.

    If we ban silencers…what? Nobody will ever shoot anyone ever again?

    Or how about this one? Ban what the libs call the gun control loophole?

    This is when some old fart buys a couple of old guns for his stellar collection and does not need a gun permit for such a dastardly act.

    They pick sound bytes, these people who want so desperately to control us. And stopping the purchase of useless guns at gun shows is one way to keep us down. The public with no brains has umbrage that Grandpa Joe can buy a gun at a show and not need a gun permit.

    Does anybody really believe Grandpa Joe does not have any other guns, that he goes to gun shows to buy his first and only gun?

    Yeah, it gets old.

    But let them try.

    It won’t happen with Trump but Hillary would have pushed through a ban on ALL guns.

    And America will take to the streets, write it down.

    You’ll not take away our guns and walk away with a smirk.

    Cause we will use our guns as defense against those who would take them away.

    Thursday Date-10/5/17

    Bumstocks to the garbage!

    The libs are out and about and attempting to take away our guns, even if piece by piece.

    The latest and greatest attack on guns is making these things called BUMSTOCKS illegal.

    Who knew there was even such a thing, much less use it to reconfigure a gun?

    It would seem that the lovely Steve Paddock somehow used this thing called a bumstock to make his weapon fire repeatedly, like a machine gun.

    Because machine guns are illegal people, although the libs came out to ban them because they believe banning the same things over and over must do some good.

    Please make them stop with this stuff. I don’t believe even the total outright banning of guns….ALL guns, would not have stopped this guy.

    Would not have stopped most criminals and don’t tell anyone I told you this….but CRIMINALS COMMIT CRIMES.!!!

    Only law-abiding gun-owners are hurt by gun control laws and the liberals want to control us.

    SO TAKE AWAY THEIR GUNS is the mantra.

    I do not believe this will ever, not ever, happen.

    Not in America.

    Somebody tell the libs to go live in Australia where guns are illegal and yet people still are getting killed by guns.

    Friday Date-10/6/17

    Las Vegas shooter update

    Please do not believe that I have any update on the Las Vegas shooter never mind my misleading headline.

    Like News junkees across the nation I have been watching and speculating.

    Right now I think the perp wanted to make the casinos look bad. He loses money there and if he shot up a bunch of people out of a casino window it would hurt the gambling business.

    But also like everyone else, I’m just guessing. This guy is a mystery, about as ordinary a person as is on the planet.

    He has enough money to live on with no great concern. He seems healthy enough. I don’t buy that mental illness stuff but that might ultimately end up the final verdict.

    Time to take a week off, wait for the hurricane and speculate on that Hollywood director with an obsession for having females watch him take a shower.

  • Vegas Shooter’s Girlfriend Says He Would Lie in Bed Moaning, Screaming

    10/05/2017 3:23:31 PM PDT · 115 of 170
    Fishtalk to NautiNurse

    Interesting. Thanks

  • Vegas Shooter’s Girlfriend Says He Would Lie in Bed Moaning, Screaming

    10/05/2017 2:21:00 PM PDT · 70 of 170
    Fishtalk to tumblindice

    I suppose you are a male.

    And no, she is not a beauty. She is in her 60’s bear in mind.

    But allow me to point out that Mr. Paddock will win no prizes in the looks department either.

    I’d say they strike me as a dating couple of that age.

  • Vegas Shooter’s Girlfriend Says He Would Lie in Bed Moaning, Screaming

    10/05/2017 2:17:41 PM PDT · 66 of 170
    Fishtalk to BenLurkin

    What is TMI? I am a bit too stupid to figure it out.

  • Vegas shooter had 200+ reports of suspicious activities, large financial transactions in casinos

    10/04/2017 1:59:37 PM PDT · 20 of 198
    Fishtalk to Oldeconomybuyer

    Allow me to agree with you.

    There’s something going on and it’s being released with care.

    I admit, with shame I suppose, but it is damn intriguing.

  • Paul Ryan Sides with Hillary: Shelves Bill to Deregulate Suppressors

    10/03/2017 2:04:47 PM PDT · 89 of 162
    Fishtalk to DCBryan1

    Thank you.

    I really did not know that.

  • Paul Ryan Sides with Hillary: Shelves Bill to Deregulate Suppressors

    10/03/2017 1:51:43 PM PDT · 80 of 162
    Fishtalk to servo1969

    I wish I knew what a suppressor was.

  • CBS fires executive for 'deeply unacceptable' post after Vegas shooting

    10/02/2017 4:08:08 PM PDT · 83 of 119
    Fishtalk to keat


  • CBS fires executive for 'deeply unacceptable' post after Vegas shooting

    10/02/2017 3:13:33 PM PDT · 72 of 119
    Fishtalk to xzins

    I think whoever hinted at a booze connection had it right. No way a sober person would write that.

  • CBS News Retracts Story That Tom Petty is Dead. TMZ Says Petty, 66, May Not Survive the Day(NewTitle

    10/02/2017 2:11:04 PM PDT · 136 of 231
    Fishtalk to TTFlyer
    You can stand me up at the gates of hell but I won't back down

    One of my top ten favorite songs of all time.

    RIP Tom Petty.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 1 October 2017

    10/01/2017 12:23:23 PM PDT · 120 of 129
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    Okay AB.....let’s use the recent election in your home state, Alabama.

    I, a confessed political junkee, was all confused. Trump was endorsing Strange, as was McConnell but that would not have effected me.

    I knew nothing about either candidate except for some sound bytes by Moore to the effect that homosexuals are sinners.

    Which they are but I thought such rhetoric would only push the Republicans further in the morass.

    It was, I am shamed to admit, Rush Limbaugh who could have convinced me but he did not. Rush kept talking about Strange and how Trump endorsed.

    Never once, until AFTER the election, did Rush laugh and say he knew Trump was just endorsing Moore to appease McConnell.

    Well I didn’t know that. All I knew is Trump endorsed him and Moore thought homosexuals should be burned at the stake.

    Now my vote, or lack thereof, didn’t hurt anything except as indicator of how us voters are hornswoggled and misled by the very leaders we look up to.

    This is not to dish Rush and, indeed, Rush himself says he never endorses a candidate during a primary.

    What we need is a group of committed leaders to lead us out of the swamp. Maybe Rush needs to start endorsing primary candidates.

    Maybe Levin and Hannity need to lead us to group actions.

    I don’t have the answers but I do know the problems.