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  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 22 January 2017

    01/22/2017 9:54:49 AM PST · 288 of 353
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    Totally agree.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 22 January 2017

    01/22/2017 8:41:37 AM PST · 252 of 353
    Fishtalk to Deplorable American1776


    They are out of business now, or taken over by Bank of New England.

    But yeah, William G. Fish Sr., President of Baybanks.

    Billy, my husband, was allowed to over-draw on his account but he always had to pay it back.


  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 22 January 2017

    01/22/2017 8:20:16 AM PST · 226 of 353
    Fishtalk to GOPJ

    Somewhere, one day, a relic of our era will be found.

    It will be a curtained icon, like the Wizard of Oz. Future archeologists will ask what it is.

    “This is the podium where Hillary Clinton controlled things after she lost the election to Donald Trump,” they will discover.

    “So how did that work out?” they might ask.

    “Well they tried several versions of the recounts, first just a couple of states and she bribed that Jill woman to keep at it.”

    “And how did that work out?”

    Shrug. “Not so much.”

    “Anything else?”

    “Well they tried riots around the election.”

    “And that worked?”

    Shrug. “No”.

    “Anything else?”

    “Well they did try to bribe the electors to vote against Donald Trump. Told everyone there was a chance they’d keep Trump out of office.”

    “And that worked out?”


    “Well there was the inauguraton,” they would go on. “They spread the word that there would be riots, that the rains would come....”

    “And that kept them from watching? Kept them home”

    “They also did that big women’s march the day after the inauguration.”

    “And that worked out well?”

    Shrug. Not so much.

    “They also released fake intelligence documents right before the inauguration that had Russia declaring Trump hired prostitutes to pee on a bed in Moscow.”

    “And that worked out?”


    Hillary is behind all this, the Clintons if you will.

    But it will soon all go away....and they will find the great Wizard of Oz curtain and who is behind it.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 22 January 2017

    01/22/2017 7:55:24 AM PST · 206 of 353
    Fishtalk to GOPJ

    I ask, softly, what the hell happened to all those big, brave motorcyclists suppose to show up at this thing?

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 22 January 2017

    01/22/2017 7:53:51 AM PST · 205 of 353
    Fishtalk to Fishtalk

    So we are later into the thread and Trump is now President.

    I want to touch on an issue that will soon be causing rancor, sadness, joy, confusion, you name it...over this immigration thing.

    And I only got some thoughts on the matter as goodness, my priest is from India, my tenant is from Guatamala and the people who do my nails are from Vietnam.

    I have learned very much these past few weeks and now that we have a president who is going to finally right this out of whack immigration system, let me share some thoughts.

    First, my tenant, Beelow, well he declares he is legal although I have my doubts. He did, however, slap down something in front of me at my kitchen table that would, I assume, show his legality.

    It was his passport and hey, I didn’t know what the hell to look for. Beelow is quite an honest guy I caution and maybe he is legal. He’s not a known liar or anything. So don’t take my comments out on him.

    I do know he does not have a driver’s license and I got to wonder why.

    Anyway, Beelow is a DACA person, or so he claims. He was brought to America by his parents. Now he might not meet the age requirements to be exempted under DACA but it doesn’t matter because Trump is eliminating a bunch of Obama’s executive orders.

    Whatever the case, I DO think that DACA (the exec. order that allows those brought to America as youths to not be deported) people, to include Beelow and his wife, should NOT be granted any kind of blanket amnesty.

    I do not think that everybody here, illegally and for whatever reason, should be given amnesty of any kind.

    I think they should have to learn English, they should have to pass a citizenship test, they need to be documented and damn they need to get driver’s licenses if they don’t have any.

    Do I think they should be deported first?

    Well there’s your debate and for now I am not going to argue. I can’t imagine sending Beelow, who’s lived in America now or almost 15 years, and his wife, who speaks very little English by the way and this should not be, would do anybody any good.

    Beelow has three children, all born in America. I don’t suppose they’d have to be deported but I don’t know.

    The long and short of it, YOUR elected officials created those illegal sanctuary cities which was an invite, let’s get real, to all illegals if they could make to our shores.

    My own state of Delaware made the University of Delaware a sanctuary university, whatever that means, and who the hell had the authority to do that?

    I know some arguments are that it don’t matter that San Francisco was named a sanctuary city, those people knew they were breaking the law when they came here without papers.

    If a banker puts out piles of money on a table in front of the building, and some thieves come along and take it....what the hell.....I understand why that’s not quite the same thing for those stealing the money as maybe using a gun and sticking people up. There is a difference.

    First thing, get rid of sanctuary cities and sanctuary universities and arrest any elected official who thinks it’s within their purview to break our own federal laws.


    I will not argue this point further as it’s a delicate subject around here. But I am a decent and fair human being and I hope this problem gets handled methodically.

    I don’t see deporting Beelow and his kids as any kind of solution, assuming Beelow is illegal.

    And I do NOT think it’s going to happen.

    But blanket amnesty is also not the answer.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 22 January 2017

    01/22/2017 7:31:19 AM PST · 177 of 353
    Fishtalk to rodguy911

    I am watching KellyAnn on This Week as she takes on Steponallofus.

    I so wanted her to ask George how he can justify hosting a political talk show having given donations to the Clinton foundation.

    Steponallofus too asked how Spicer could have repeated falsehoods, Lord these people are obsessed with crowd size, no?

    Also mentioned a petition to have Trump release his tax returns.


    There is no law that contenders for office have to produce tax returns. So what right do they have making their own laws.

    And I will point out, if Kelly doesn’t, that no one much cared about those tax returns and other candidates, including Romney who got knifed in the back for being so stupid only did it voluntarily.

    Trump still got elected.


  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 22 January 2017

    01/22/2017 7:15:45 AM PST · 158 of 353
    Fishtalk to bray

    When you watch it, please tell me why Chuck Todd, who I despise, insisted that Sean Spicer’s words were “provably false”.

    First I wasn’t sure what narrative Todd, with an IQ of around 12, was referring to. Spicer did say the attendees at the inauguration was the largest ever recorded.

    But Todd never made that clear what provably false statement was said by Spider.

    Like I said, I have no respect for him and think he is very stupid.

    Like Kellyann said, it was the media that showed those pictures alleging the attendees for Obama’s inauguration was way higher first. All Spicer did was deny that and he cited some statistics of his own.

    I wanted to so bad what would be part of the provable false statement.

    Because how on earth did Todd know this?

    I suppose it’s that picture which does seem to make it appear that there are way less at Trump’s inauguration but it looks like on of the pics has metal housing or something....just a strange set of circumstances.

    Again, why does this matter?

    For they admit that even though Obama had an amazing turnout for his inauguration, Ronald Reagan had even more. Including ME!

    But hey, Obama was America’s first black President. Obama had a reasonably calm campaign, there weren’t blocks of people ready to burn cars because of his election.

    The media, as I understand and allow me to explain, wanted to have viewers conclude that so many showed up for Obama’s inauguration because he was a better man than Trump.

    And THAT is why Trump had Spicer go out and do a smackdown.

    And there was that silly thing about the MLK bust....that was an out and out lie.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 22 January 2017

    01/22/2017 6:37:17 AM PST · 111 of 353
    Fishtalk to bray

    And Chuck Todd had no answer to Conway’s question as to why the media reported that the Martin Luther King bust was removed....a total lie?

    Todd had no answer but it sure is a sign, no, of how they don’t intend to stop.

    I’d be mad if Trump didn’t fight back.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 22 January 2017

    01/22/2017 6:26:29 AM PST · 95 of 353
    Fishtalk to All

    Now watching Meet the Press. Chuck Todd and Kelly Conway duking it out.

    Chuck Todd wants to know why Sean Spicer got up on the podium and first thing, told a lie.

    Said lie being that Trump’s inauguration brought out the most people ever.

    Here’s what I will explain.....the press releases stories, and pics, everywhere, pointing out the lack of crowds as compared to Obama.

    First, why?

    For my entire life I never once gave much thought about how many people came to inaugurations, including one myself attended.

    So why did the press think this was a story to go sending out as if a big deal?

    Because it’s part of a grand plan to debase and mock Trump throughout his presidency. I don’t care how holier-than-thou Wallass says it was with no taste for the admin to fight back. Unless the admin stands up and points out the direction of the commentary Americans will consider it business as usual.

    Kellyann is making Chuck Todd look very stupid.

    “It is not your job to give your opinion, Todd,” Kelly says.....”it is your job to report the news.”

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 22 January 2017

    01/22/2017 5:41:18 AM PST · 47 of 353
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    I hear Fox did not renew Will’s contract.

    thank God.

    Lookit, it ain’t rocket science. Look at the ones failing and the ones succeeding beyond all expectations.

    Tucker Carlson for example. Guy was a stage pundit wearing a bow tie. Now he has a prime time news program replacing....who? Meghan Kelly.

    As for George Will, ain’t nobody liked this guy for quite a while. So no new contract....yay!

    And now Chris Wallace thinks his silly self can first day on the job gang up on Trump and his press secretary?

    Let’s throw his butt out too.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 22 January 2017

    01/22/2017 5:33:23 AM PST · 39 of 353
    Fishtalk to abb

    I saw that and I will forever not like this man.

    First, indeed Sean Spicer did the right thing. I think for President Trump to go after the lies RIGHT AWAY is best how to handle it.

    Sorry Chris suck.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 22 January 2017

    01/22/2017 5:18:26 AM PST · 26 of 353
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    Good morning Freepers. As always, allow me to thank AB and his fine posting of this thread every Sunday. For today will be a Sunday talk show political day of great proportions not to mention it’s raining here so what better way to pass a Sunday.

    Also thank Bray for weekly wisdom and all yon commenters for your….well comments. And a special shout out to Rodguy, one of the best commenters on FreeRepublic.

    Week Just Passed

    Obviously the big news of the Week Just Passed is the inauguration, if not the sudden disappearance of FreeRepublic web site.

    I watched every minute of the inauguration, including the pre-ceremonies, during, and after, including all the Balls, the speech, some of the riots and of course, I adored Melania’s outfit.

    So allow me, one of the few on this forum speaking for females, to describe.

    It was a beautiful powder blue. The sheath fit Melania perfectly with a matching jacket, perfect for a chilly DC day and totally matching the outfit. She wore long gloves, classy, that same blue bringing azure to an overcast day. Her shoes also matched.

    During the luncheon ceremonies Melania could remove the gloves and jacket and still look as marvelous as when she started out that morning.

    As for the inauguration speech, well I was taken aback.

    Not in a bad way mind you. But goodness, President Trump was surrounded by the “establishment” as he ranted on about how none of them listened to us.

    Which is true and I am so glad this man isn’t going to turn into a wimp sandwich now that he has power. But I thought it more of a campaign speech than an inauguration speech.

    Although again, I sure did love it.

    Beyond that, my only big thought of this past weekend is how very tiring all this pomp and circumstance has to be. Goodness, the guy is 70 years old and while he is quite healthy….well I couldn’t do it is what I am saying here.

    On a Personal Note

    My mother-in-law calls me every Thursday and we had just a great conversation this past week. First, MIL is very liberal, lives in Massachusetts, is 87 years old, just broke up with her boyfriend (thought I’d throw that in) and voted for Barack Obama….TWICE!

    First thing she says, with worry in her voice, is she hopes no one kills Donald Trump.

    Yes she was one of those forgotten, those that Obama ignored even though she voted for him. Plus her grandson, Matthew Fish who is now 14 and will someday be President, was devoted to Trump.

    Thus MIL is a bit more Conservative this year.

    So I got to talking about how I attended Ronald Reagan’s inauguration, which I described on this thread last week.

    GUESS WHAT SHE TOLD ME?? Like to knock my socks off.


    Indeed she and her husband, Bill Fish Sr, President of the Baybanks in Massachusetts and dedicated member of the military, were on their honeymoon. They had friends in DC so they stayed with them and attended Truman’s inauguration.

    Well I thought it was just great.

    MIL also asked me what I thought of Pence because, insert smile here, the Fish people are originally from Indiana, having moved to Massachusetts when my husband, Bill Jr., had just turned 16.

    She’s big into politics this year but, as is her wont, she must worry. It’s what she does.

    Anyway, watching the Sunday talk shows today with an eagerness and so glad FreeRepublic is working.

  • Live 3 Day Inaugural Thread (January 19-21) —Trump Family Train Deplorables

    01/20/2017 7:40:18 AM PST · 1,800 of 2,219
    Fishtalk to Family Guy
    I'm happy to be able to hang out with like minded people here on Free Republic on this historic day!

    Me too.

    Last night I watched that presentation and turned the TV sound all the way up, much to the consternation of my dogs. I stood during the National Anthem, I cried, I laughed, I sang.

    Thank God that awful alleged black man will finally be gone. He take his perfectly creased pants with him, his source of sending thrills up journalists' legs, his pastor who damns America, his horrible handling of foreign policy, race relations....take it all with him!

    Because God does, really, Bless America.

  • Live 3 Day Inaugural Thread (January 19-21) —Trump Family Train Deplorables

    01/20/2017 7:30:38 AM PST · 1,744 of 2,219
    Fishtalk to trisham

    Funny story..... the last time I attended an inauguration, the only time now that I think about it, was....TADA....President Ronald Reagan!!!

    Indeed me and a friend went to D.C. as part of some planned protest by women and we were all supposed to wear green. Me and the friend, who turned out to become my daughter’s teacher the following two years, ran around D.C. during the inauguration parade carrying five gallon buckets because we found them and needed them to stand above the crowd.

    We made our way to the ramps off of the place where they swear them in and I was maybe 20-30 feet away from President Reagan and wife Nancy.

    And though I was there in some sort of silly protest as I was a stupid women’s libber what knew nothing, let me tell you that Ronald Reagan was an amazingly handsome man and Nancy is a tiny women but as classy as they came.

    So I got it into my head that I was going to shout bad things about Reagan and, heh, a couple of DC cops came up to me, turn me around to face the railing, kind of roughly, pinned my arms behind my back and told me, meanly, that if I didn’t shut up they would be snapping handcuffs on me.

    Today go to hell I watch all those stupid protesters...and by the way not another woman showed up that day wearing green.

    So I am talking to my mother-in-law now three or four husbands from that time. She tells me, after my story about Reagan, that she and her husband attended the inauguration of HARRY TRUMAN!

    Wow! I was just intrigued. She told me it was her honeymoon and she and husband went to the inauguration while staying at a friend’s place. Her husband (fourth husban’d father) was in the military at the time.

    Just a great story....both of us I’d argue.

  • Final Obama Press Conference - 2:15pm ET

    01/18/2017 11:49:27 AM PST · 121 of 228
    Fishtalk to A_Former_Democrat

    You heard the old saying....

    .....don’t go away mad, just go away.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 15 January 2017

    01/15/2017 1:18:56 PM PST · 181 of 196
    Fishtalk to upchuck

    That would be Ric Flair and I’m glad somebody asked.

    Technically I did not have dinner with Ric Flair. Actually me, my daughter and my husband had dinner with Ric Flair.

    We’d went to the Baltimore Civic Center to watch a wrestling match. After we went to Baltimore’s Little Italy to have dinner.

    so who should be sitting across from us? Not only Ric Flair, but his whole entourage.

    My daughter went over to get autograph (this child who was so abused....folks she had a charmed life....her own car, big suite for a room....went on trips....charmed). I guess she told Flair that we were over there and had just watched his match because they all began shouting and asking us to join them.

    So we did!

    It was a loud, raucous and rollicking dinner, back in the days before cell phones to take pics and/or videos.

    Also spent some time with Hulk Hogan once.

    Husband was a major league wrestling fan.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 15 January 2017

    01/15/2017 11:41:21 AM PST · 167 of 196
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    BTW AB, I noted that I didn’t include my gratitude for you doing this thread every week so reliably in my initial post, regrets.

    Gonna put it on my Bucket List that I don’t forget.

    Also thanking Bray for weekly wisdom and yon commenters for joining in and keeping me on even keel.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 15 January 2017

    01/15/2017 8:31:32 AM PST · 142 of 196
    Fishtalk to kabar

    Why are you all yelling at John Brennen not mentioning this uranium deal?


    I know I’m preaching to the choir but it is yet another example of how we unconsciously excuse these clowns when they don’t their jobs.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 15 January 2017

    01/15/2017 8:29:48 AM PST · 141 of 196
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    I think that it’s all being orchestrated by Hillary herself.

    Caveats, a couple....first this includes Obama because we all know Valjar and Huma are running those shows. Second I totally agree with your assessment, after Trump is president this will all dry up and blow away like a dead leaf in autumn.

    Got an important question for yon readers but let me expand on my Hillary thesis.

    First, where the hell is she? I know she showed up in the woods a few weeks back but that was part of the plan; show the world that Hillary has moved on.

    Then she assumed her seat behind the big talking head ala Wizard of Oz.

    She promised Booker a couple hundred thou for his run for NJ Governor. God knows what she agreed to for that ugly Lewis guy....probably been slipping him millions right along.

    She got a bunch of them to agree to torment Comey and somehow got somewhat moderate Feinstein to defend all this.

    Now here’s my question to yon readers. and know that I am perfectly serious although once upon a time I never would have thought such a thing.

    Given how Obama has shown no shame at all in implementing any last minute things he possibly could...something I thought I’d never see in my day....just suppose that the oft-repeated speculation of taking over the country by martial law were to happen?

    Okay, ending run-on sentence.

    I mean a month ago I’d scoff at the notion, that this is America, such things do not happen. Of course recent actions by Obama, especially the Israel thing, make me consider.

    So however it happens and for sure we’d have to get Hillary behind the curtain to help, but somehow some big thing is faked and a very vague need for martial law is determined a need. Obama implements martial law and the inauguration does not happen.

    What would you do?

    “You” being a generic, you specifically, you as a country...even me.

    Because while us deplorables are sane and rational people, surely there is a line not to cross.

    Would this be that line?

    And if you don’t want to hear my story about childhood Nancy Pelosi how about the time I had dinner with Ric Flair?

    Some of you guys should know him.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 15 January 2017

    01/15/2017 7:37:04 AM PST · 104 of 196
    Fishtalk to mylife

    Speaking of....please look closely at Diane Feinstein as you would be looking at my friend....who I call....Diane Feinstein.

    I look a little like her too. People always ask if my friend and I are sisters.


  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 15 January 2017

    01/15/2017 7:27:50 AM PST · 92 of 196
    Fishtalk to rodguy911

    I would like to take this opportunity to tell about my own -one and only- experience with inauguration.

    Indeed I did attend the inauguration of Ronald Reagan, bless me very much.

    It was wild.

    First, I did NOT go to that inauguration because I liked Ronald Reagan. In fact, this was right in the day when I was a women’s libber with no class and it was rumored that all females should report to D.C. WEARING GREEN!

    Serious, look it up.

    So I put on green, the idea just to tell ole Reagan that he was not going to take away my rights. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing.

    I went to the inauguration with, of all people, my daughter’s teacher!

    So we couldn’t see for the people in our way along the parade route so me and Betsy Clark (teacher’s name) found two empty 5 gallon buckets and we carried them all around D.C., standing on them, showing the President elect Reagan our great green outfits. Yeah we followed the limousine through D.C., wow I can’t believe I ever did that.

    Somehow we made it to the steps of the capital and we got a great spot. I was only about maybe 20 feet from Reagan.

    By the way, NOBODY else showed up that day wearing green. I am quite sure nobody got our point, me and Betsy.

    So I’m at the place of the inauguration speech and I’m full of myself. I am making nasty wisecracks, loudly telling Betsy how I am going to stop this new president from hurting I dunno.

    But I made those D.C. cops and the next thing I know they had my hands behind my back and told me if I said another word they would snap handcuffs on me and haul me off to jail.

    True story, yon reader may insert guffaws here.

    Well you only got to tell me twice. I shut right up, told those cops (I called them PIGS which didn’t amuse them....y’all know the story of the PIG painting in congress, right? Heh, well I started it....wink wink..) that I would not say another word, to please let me go.

    I heard all of Reagan’s inauguration speech, could see the whites of his eyes. I despised the guy.

    Well I am not proud of any of this but it’s a true story.

    Coming soon to a post near you, one of my favorite childhood playmates...NANCY PELOSI!

    I am not making any of this up.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 15 January 2017

    01/15/2017 6:30:03 AM PST · 36 of 196
    Fishtalk to rodguy911

    I have a friend, real nice guy, who loves MArco.

    Now we all know that Rubio turned out to be a big zero although he had big ambitions.

    But he is never going to go far and he damn near lost his Senate seat in Florida. There’s also some serious concerns about Rubio’s sexual leanings.

    Well at least I am concerned. We got a slew of legislators playing both sides of the fence and yeah, like they demand their tax returns I want to know whether they like girls or boys.

    And if they don’t want to tell me, okay. But I will keep my suspicions in that case.

    So this friend got on Facebook praising Rubio all the hell over the place for “speaking truth to power”.

    What? Tillerson is right now a nominee, he does not have any power.

    This was all just loser Rubio trying to re-gain his lost creditability.

    I told my friend off, very publicly on Facebook, that he shouldn’t allow a fondness for a candidate forever keep him defending losers.

    It’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    By me Rubio showed the world his deceit and selfishness by how he acted.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 15 January 2017

    01/15/2017 5:56:15 AM PST · 22 of 196
    Fishtalk to who knows what evil?

    Thanks for clarifying.

    Leahy, like you said, is still a scum bucket.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 15 January 2017

    01/15/2017 5:17:15 AM PST · 9 of 196
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    Week just passed

    Let us begin with my most favored of actresses, a lady I have admired ever since she saved me and mine from alar in the apples. Remember Meryl Streep testifying before congress, almost destroying the apple business when there was no danger in this alar stuff, which didn’t even exist?

    Or how she gave pedophile Roman Polanski a standing ovation, creep can’t even come back to America for his crimes?

    And now she’s going to lecture ME, a genuine and proud-of-it deplorable, on the president I and my fellow deplorables elected?

    A zero, a real genuine zero.

    I did, in fact, watch the hearings of Jeff Sessions and heh, saw Senator Leahey ask Sessions if a man grabbing a woman’s genitals is a crime.

    Lord spare me. Isn’t Leahey the guy who shared a “waitress sandwich” with that horrible Ted Kennedy?

    And Donald Trump did never grab an unwilling woman’s genitals…..why do these dumbbells keep making themselves look so stupid?

    Oh, and that thing about Trump and the prostitutes urinating on the bed….this top secret revelation aided by our very loyal John McCain?

    Dear Lord I been reading all about this folks, in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, and….well first of all, please let’s get rid of this horrible McCain person.

    Second….in 2013, a year when I am quite sure Trump was considering a presidency run, we are to believe he hired a bunch of prostitutes to pee upon a bed Michelle and Barack allegedly slept upon? In Moscow no less, a city known for its surveillance cameras? We are to believe Trump is THAT stupid?

    Of course we all know it’s false. The bigger story here is John McCain’s participation in obtaining this piece of crap.

    Finally, we have Civil rights legend, a man with no character whatsoever, John Lewis, a nothing-burger that once crossed a bridge, fifty years ago. Now he’s a big loser, sold his soul, not attending Trump’s inauguration as he claims Trump is illegitimate.

    A zero….throwing any good he ever did in his sad life, along with Corey Booker who publicly betrayed Jeff Sessions.

    Zeroes…..selling their souls.

    On a Personal Note

    So here, at this time, I am going to reveal….insert drumroll here….TADA!

    For the first time….my bucket list!

    No, I am not going to die anytime soon. But I do believe I am only going to live ten more years and hey, I am happy to have them.

    My sister suffered horrible stroke at two years younger than I am now. Father died age 65, mother died age 73, all siblings get sick around my age…..sludge for blood, heart bypasses, the whole nine yards.

    If I am to live ten more years in what I now have is reasonably good health (so it hurts when I walk, I can live with that) then I intend to fulfill my bucket list.

    Frankly I think my idea is so good that everyone should sit down, calculate their life span per the statistics, and make your own bucket list.

    Some items might take longer than a few days,….or months.

    Below, my bucket list!

    1.-Yes at number one I do want to be a good person. Do not bestow halos upon me. I am being very selfish here. For when I go home to my Maker I want to be the best person I could have been. Not that I will achieve perfection but at least it will be on my mind.

    2-GOING ON A CRUISE! Indeed I have NEVER been on a cruise and before I die (or lose my health) I want to go on a five day cruise.

    3-I want some part of my life to become a Hallmark movie. So okay, I did binge-watch Hallmark over the recent holidays and I do so love those movies. I could write those stories but hey, just once I’d love for my daughter not to get bogus restraining orders, for my son-in-law not to accuse me of making my daughter crazy…..for a family that loves one another. I dunno, maybe a guy somewhere in there but I am still on the fence about men in my life.

    4-Before I go I want to write everyone who I care enough about, who has influenced me in some way, a letter, leaving them with my thoughts. Writing is my strength after all and I think I could do it. Not sure yet about writing about the creeps in my life but considering it. What the hell, I’ll be dead so why not?

    5-This probably doesn’t belong on my bucket list as it’s a job for God. But I’d really like for God to give me a miracle. Don’t know what or how but I’ll stick it on my bucket list and maybe it’ll happen.

    6-Yes before I did I want to get back my reputation. I did NOT build a fence on anyone else’s land though the courts in Sussex county found me guilty and I got to pay those awful people from New Jersey five thousand bucks.

    I never hurt my daughter, was never a danger to her, she’s crazy, yet she calls up radio stations and tells all the world I killed my husband.

    Yes, horrible things have happened to me and it might take ten years for me to be vindicated. So it’s on my bucket list.

    7-A SPIRAL PERM. Come on, I’m 66 years old and I want a damn spiral perm. I am trying to talk my beautician niece to do it but they always give me a hard time. Way I figured, for the right amount of money you can get anything so somewhere out there is a beautician who will give me a spiral perm, is that too much to ask?

    8-Yes of course I intend to write the story of my life. I understand not a darn person will read it or care. But I tell you, if I could sit down and read a book about my mother or grandmother, any ancestor, I would be delighted. I do have a precious and beautiful granddaughter who might read it.

    9-I want to do something for dogs. Tentatively I want to start a Blog to help locate and place rescue dogs. Got ten years to do this but it’s a definite plan.

    10-Finally I want to have a grand pajama party. I want all my friends, I’d name names but y’all wouldn’t know any of them except maybe Diane Feinstein.

    I want to open a bottle of vodka and I’m not against funny smelling smokes.

    I want us to laugh, get drunk, high, talk about politics….a big pajama party for old ladies….that’s the ticket.

    As an addendum…..of course I have every intention of writing my own eulogy.

    Wish me luck guys.

  • NAACP demands Trump apologize to John Lewis

    01/14/2017 3:16:54 PM PST · 78 of 197
    Fishtalk to Lord Castlereagh sick of it too.

    Please let it be possible for these people to over do it.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 8 January 2017

    01/08/2017 2:45:00 PM PST · 171 of 183
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    Thanks. Good idea. Will do.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 8 January 2017

    01/08/2017 2:16:10 PM PST · 168 of 183
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    Matthew was invited to the Model United Nations at Harvard. What an honor to be invited as a freshman. Way to go Matthew!!

    On a positive note and if anybody is still around, above is a message I got from Matthew Fish’s mother.

    Wow....Model United Nations at Harvard...I didn’t even know there was such a thing.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 8 January 2017

    01/08/2017 1:54:42 PM PST · 166 of 183
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!


    Well here’s the lowdown.

    Walmart only charged me four bucks.

    But the hospital charged $76 for that. My pic is a refill but the amount is the same.

    Read it again....Walmart charged me four bucks and the hospital charged me $76 bucks.

    something wrong with this picture.

    I got pics of the hospital bill and all. I am just not going to pay it. Bear in mind, Cigna told me not to pay it.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 8 January 2017

    01/08/2017 1:29:55 PM PST · 164 of 183
    Fishtalk to Fishtalk
    Below...SEVENTY SIX BUCKS  photo photobucketseventysixbucks_zpspbp19vzx.jpg
  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 8 January 2017

    01/08/2017 1:17:30 PM PST · 163 of 183
    Fishtalk to markman46

    They seem to think $104.95 is a little bit of money. It’s only a little bit of talc and a few pills.

    I am not going to pay it, trust, but they call me and they call me and I tell them over and over and absolutely nobody is in charge.

    Give me time, I will find somebody in charge, maybe that corrupt Sec. Of Health here in Delaware.

    And lookit, I am someone who did a lot of this stuff in my lifetime; I got some experience. What about those older people who don’t understand a word of this?

    Cause trust me, be it straight Medicare, a Medicare Advantage plan, or private insurance, it’s all very similar. The medicos charge and they got their sneaky ways.

    I’m thinking seniors are overpaying in this country by the millions, just because they don’t understand it all.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 8 January 2017

    01/08/2017 8:44:13 AM PST · 137 of 183
    Fishtalk to ROCKLOBSTER
    But your daughter does sound like a welfare parasite.

    She is now living in an "assisted living" facility. Which she is not eligible for, so I am told.

    But hey, she wins. She wins every times she tries. Before this assisted living she lived at three different homeless shelters. She refuses to own a car and despised that house that Beelow takes care of. Hey, it's a beautiful house and had a magnificent kitchen.

    Oh but yeah this is sad but if ever anybody was a welfare maven it is my daughter. She loves the crazy people and wants to be homeless. I been studying this guys, this goes on every day in our country.

    Daughter gets everything she wants, even her cigarettes and recreational pot from either the gubmint or she swindles it from the crazy people. She does that very well.

    anyway, I know this is not about my daughter and do not forget, heh, I have worked at many a hospital in my life, in accounting. The stories I could tell, even worked at a ghetto hospital in Baltimore, near the zoo, where all the riots happened. This hospital was supported by something we called "grants" which, grants.

    grants to study funny walks, grants to test for HIV, grants to take economic surveys.


    Well let me shut up but I leave you with a hard thought.

    Hospitals are one of the few businesses that MUST provide service even if they know, or are pretty sure, that they won't get paid for it.

    It's part of the matter I argue.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 8 January 2017

    01/08/2017 8:20:30 AM PST · 113 of 183
    Fishtalk to ROCKLOBSTER

    I’ve already spoken to the hospital. Cigna has spoken to the hospital.

    Nobody’s taking that charge off the bill and give me time, I will get it dealt with.

    The hospital will justify the cost of the medicated talc powder. I don’t know how but hey, if they want to charge $76 for two ounces of talc, why can’t they? Well yeah, if the insurance does not pay but hey, the insurance refused to pay. I spent a couple of hours on the phone one day dealing with this.

    So the money is still on my bill and sooner or later it will end up on my credit record. It’s how they do and yeah I’ve fought those battles before and won.

    But take this to the bank, nobody at that hospital will remove those charges. NOBODY. Ain’t going to happen.

    Oh, and my daughter, afflicted by Muncheussen where one fakes 39 years old. I calculated HER costs to taxpayers and it is now at ELEVEN MILLION DOLLARS!

    But they don’t want to deal with Muncheusen although they all know it.

    Don’t just think it’s welfare parasites/illegal immigrants driving up the cost of health for decent people like me willing to pay our share.

    Myself, and you all, are why Donald trump got elected.

    Wait and see how he handles the situation.

    Whatever the outcome, I shall honor, respect and obey.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 8 January 2017

    01/08/2017 8:06:52 AM PST · 110 of 183
    Fishtalk to GOPJ

    The jury is still out for me on this Cigna Medicare supplement.

    I can tell you that all my medical people, be it my general practitioner, the cardiovascular guy, the local medical clinic, the local hospital....they all complain about CIGNA.

    Funny thing is, the stuff they complain about always make sense.

    “Cigna turned down this payment because we did it a month ago,” one frustrated medical secretary told me.

    Heh. Well should Cigna pay you for a procedure, good for five years as I am to understand, again when you just did the test?

    Sometimes I get medical “Cigna won’t let us do this fluoroscopy cause we did a photosynthesis two weeks ago.”


    This is why you are not supposed to pay but what Cigna tells you to pay. Oh yeah, you can pay more, the medicos would surely take it.

    For the most part Cigna has responded very well to my questions and hey, they are waaaaaay better than Medicare.

    I’ve dealt with Medicare when my now deceased husband had a brain infection. I’ve dealt plenty with private insurances and don’t forget my employment history as a quasi-human resource guy in various companies.

    I understand about health insurance, yes I do. And I sure understand medical bills.

    This is my first year with Cigna and I did not change back. I got worried when the medicos were all complaining about Cigna but heh, first, they accept Cigna. If it were so bad why don’t they not accept? Believe me I checked that my medical people were covered by Cigna....”if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.”

    Second, none of these complaints seems bad to me. By me, a fairly up-to-date individual on these sorts of things, it’s sound like the medical people messed it up.

    It’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 8 January 2017

    01/08/2017 7:57:25 AM PST · 101 of 183
    Fishtalk to All

    Obama’s been talking on This Week with George Steponallofus and it gets old.

    This man is so full of himself.

    I forget who I read about the departing President but truer words were never spoke.

    First, Barack Obama, despite being the second worst President in American history (Carter was the worst), has a fairly high approval rating.

    This is because, as I recall the narrative, that Obama is fairly well liked in America.

    Yeah, it’s tangled and complicated but I’d go along with that sure, I think Obama (but not Michelle) would be a great guest at a party I held. Further, I think Obama has a sharp wit and when listening to him he can be charming and, of course, witty.

    So while America doesn’t much like Obama’s policies, which were really orchestrated by Valjar and the Muslim Brotherhood for the most part, America does kind of like Barack, our pride and joy, our first black President.

    And Lord but that man can talk and he can lie with a truthful smile on his face.

    But as pointed out by the author of the piece I liked, if Barack keeps acting like a spoiled and petulant brat, which he is with his attacks on Donald Trump and, as well cause it’s not good protocol, also on Hillary Clinton.

    I am listening to Barack on This Week and he sounds so good. He sounds like a caring and thoughtful ex-president.

    He doesn’t love this country and never did.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 8 January 2017

    01/08/2017 7:39:01 AM PST · 88 of 183
    Fishtalk to All

    While I’m in a sort of writing mood, let me tell the story of the $76 container of medicated talc.

    First, know that I have what is called a Medicare Advantage plan. It is Cigna, if anybody knows of it. This means that Cigna, NOT Medicare, takes care of all of my medial bills. Cigna, as I am to understand, gets reimbursed by Medicare.

    Anyway, my medical people accept Cigna here in Delaware where we have an older population. Obama desperately tried to get rid of Medical Advantage plans....NOT the same thing as a Medicare supplemental plan.

    So I went into the hospital to have a stent put into my vein going into my leg. It was at first to be an out-patient thing but they said if they did the stent (evidently there was some question if the cardiovascular guy could get to the blockage) then I would spend one night in the hospital.

    So the did the stent, all went well, no problems. I spent the night in the hospital but where the incision was made to insert the stent was rubbing on my fat belly and at some point it became irritated. The nurse came in, handed me a vial of sort of talc powder with medicine in it, so I was told. I was to sprinkle this stuff on the irritation and I did and it helped.

    Then I was given a daily dose of my medicine, medicine I could have brought with me to the hospital but they told me not to. It was about four pills, cholesterol med....that sort of thing.


    Anyway, like Medicare there are co-pays with Cigna but it’s handled very differently. Not that important.

    But I am told by Cigna WHAT to pay in the form of co-pay and it NEVER matches what the medicos, be it out-patient or a hospital or even a doctor’s never matches what they say I should pay.

    As a Cigna patient, I am to pay what Cigna tells me to pay.

    My co-pay for this little medical procedural, nightly hospital stay, payment to the cardiovascular guy....was $300.

    I sent the hospital $300 bucks BUT....they charged me $405.95.

    So this is $105.95 MORE than Cigna authorized me to pay so I didn’t pay it.

    Of course they call me, they are going to hang me in public square, I will be turned over to the Russians to hack.

    So I must study what’s going on.

    Turns out that the extra $105.95, get this, includes $76 bucks for that container of medicated talc (hey I got a fat belly hangs down and I use Desitin, about four bucks from Walmart, and it works fine) with the rest being for those few pills that I could have brought with me from home but they told me not to.

    Seriously? $76 for two ounces of medicated talc powder? Over $25 bucks for four pills that I already had?

    I have been talking to Cigna, who told me the hospital, if they expected payment for that talc costing over a thousand bucks a pound they would have to submit THAT part of the bill to Cigna’s pharmacy.

    Of course I am still fighting this and it will probably end up on my credit record and I shall suffer. Because I assure you nobody at that hospital will ever remove those charges from my bill. Maybe I can get somewhere with Cigna.

    Whatever....if this isn’t an example of how absurd hospital costs are and why it’s a hot mess....I just can’t imagine a better example

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 8 January 2017

    01/08/2017 7:22:13 AM PST · 82 of 183
    Fishtalk to kabar

    Kabar, sorry, I am not even going to read your post.

    First, you call him my “beloved”. That’s just crude.

    I said I am not going to argue this point.

    You may now have the last word.

    I shall ignore.

    carry on.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 8 January 2017

    01/08/2017 7:18:32 AM PST · 77 of 183
    Fishtalk to All

    I still listen to Mark Levin although I admit he wears on my nerves.

    He seems to jump on every nuance of Donald Trump and it’s so not classy. Okay, he didn’t like Trump during the campaign but he could have some class about it now.

    Anyway, softly I say, I listen to Levin but not as often and my goal is to not be so infused with pro-Trump speak that we don’t see the forest for the trees.

    Last week Levin said something so very true about this Obama care repeal.....

    The pubs have been saying, FOR YEARS, that by opening up state insurances to national sales the cost of insurance would go down.

    They’ve also mentioned health savings accounts and NOT forcing males to by birthing health insurance.


    I think Mark’s right. First, this thing about state health insurance gurus, folks nobody has more of corrupted state health insurance commissioner than Delaware.

    The only reasons states keep this under their own power is so....well so they can KEEP their power.

    You want abortions Delaware will give abortions with some kickback from Planned Parenthood.

    Local medicos and health practices contribute mightily to campaigns of corrupt state insurance commissioners that do their bidding.

    In short, this solution alone would bring down the health insurance premiums by half.

    Also, that health savings about that many moons ago.

    Levin points out that all of this is just big talk from the Repubs, they don’t want the states getting mad and taking away their power. They don’t want Grandma to get mad when she gets to panic over withdrawing all her money from her health savings account.

    I got a story to tell about my own recent hospital stay and my battle over a $76 container (about two ounces) of medicated talc powder.

    More on this later.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 8 January 2017

    01/08/2017 5:18:57 AM PST · 18 of 183
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    The week just passed

    I loved that PE Donald Trump called Schumer a clown. Because if ever there was a clown that deserved to be called a clown, it would be Schumer.

    I am to understand that the guy who did that attack at Fort Lauderdale airport was somehow involved as a Muslim.

    But of course. The people who propagandize ISIS or even our country’s BlackLivesMatter….they know the nut jobs out there will join their cause.

    This way they achieve their goal, which is to terrorize us, but they get to hold their hands up, nice and clean.

    Did y’all know that Obama gave self a medal?

    “Ash Carter yesterday pinned a military medal — the Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service — on his boss, as Warner Todd Huston reported for Breitbart”.


    But then pride and dignity aren’t words used often to describe Barack Obama.

    Finally, yeah I been watching those hearings on the so-called cyber-attacks on our elections by the Russians.

    I figured out the reason for all this brouhaha being made over this Russian thing.

    Of course it’s for Hillary.

    They like to create their own history, these communist/liberals.

    Like John Kerry changed “swiftboating” into a verb meaning to lie about, the Clintons and their buddies will, in the future, refer vaguely to that election that the Russians took away from her.

    And it don’t help that John McCain and Lindsay are sticking their ugly mug into all this.

    I predict there will be big arguments between Trump and McCain once Trump is President.

    On a Personal Note

    Allow me to begin this missive with a caveat. Beelow is from Guatamala, he currently rents the house my daughter, Munchausen afflicted, destroyed. He was brought to America when a teenager by his parents. This type of immigration makes him a “Dreamer”.

    I do not want to get in any argument with any Freeper about daring to be human to immigrants or other crimes I may have committed. Trust that no one despises illegal immigration more than me, only I blame the idiots creating these “sanctuary cities” against all laws, not the people taking advantage of the offer, and I especially don’t blame the poor kids brought to America by their parents when they were underage. Now they are not legal, some would argue, through no fault of their own.

    That being said, I do believe that President Trump is going to take care of these immigrants. I don’t know how but I am confident that this country will get on the right track and no, I do not believe that blanket amnesty should be granted to anyone not here legally. That would include Beelow and he knows how I feel. I suspect Trump will make these dreamers learn English, if they don’t already know, take citizenship tests, get papers of some sort, pay your damn taxes, get legal drivers’ licenses.

    Meanwhile, me, as American as they come with ancestors here since the 1600’s, is learning about….well things.

    Today I share the story of the Guatamalan and the snow storm.

    Part of Beelow’s rent has him taking care of my yard, both in the summer, which is no problem, and in the snow storm.

    In the interim I have come to meet Beelow’s family, four boys they look like a set of Russian dolls, tallest to smallest. Beelow takes care of my house that he rents for money but also for his labor. He is quiet, his kids are respectful. The neighbors have all come to grow fond of them. Many of the people in our community employ Beelow to do their landscaping. As for Beelow, he has come to meet many neighbors, knows more of them than me.

    Beelow has his own company, such as it is, but he also works daily for a professional landscaper. He works harder than any human being I’ve ever known besides my father, he always looks nice, he’s reasonably versed in English though we have language issues. He invited me to his siblings’ (he really calls them siblings, so cool) homes for both Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I put on my shrewd eyes and wonder about me spending those holidays with a bunch of Guatemalans. Heh. Maybe next year.

    He told me of his dream to have his own business and believe me he does a wonderful job, takes pride. I had Beelow doing my landscaping for over two years when he approached me about renting my house, which he had been mowing but when he realized it was empty he wanted to live in it.

    It was a godsend for me. My daughter had ripped out all the appliances, she painted huge black images on the walls, she let her dog poop all over the place. Beelow moved in, no questions asked. He has painted the walls in that house, installed appliances. He has decorated the outside of that house with the Christmas lights visible for miles.

    Amazing. He’s just been amazing.

    Beelow knows that he must clean my sidewalks etc. when it snows.

    Yesterday it snowed, about eight inches, in fact.

    Beelow shows up with some kind of roller thing I guess that distributes salt. This and a shovel.

    Which was fine to do my short sidewalk but Beelow decided he was going to clean my entire driveway. My driveway is pretty big.

    Now I DO have an electric shovel, which we got hooked up and hell yeah, he did clear my entire driveway! He also cleaned my porch, my back deck, the front of my garage and of course, the sidewalk.

    He then ponders going into business shoveling snow.

    I then must sing a song for Beelow…”There is NO snow in Guatamala!” Beelow laughs and tells me that, heh, no, there is NO snow in Guatamala.

    Imagine living somewhere where there is no snow. I mean in an entire country with NO snow.

    So Beelow and I discuss this wonderful big business he’s going to create (and I really think he will but he WILL be a legal citizen, I promise this) and he considers removing snow.

    He likes my snow shovel but he really needs some big thing, Beelow tells me. Beelow has very good tools for his side business, he knows what he needs. He also, I don’t know how he does it, has a labor force that he sends out. Sometimes they show up at my door, with warning from Beelow, and they work all day. I got the best yard in this community and now, heh, I got TWO houses with great yards! And don’t forget those gorgeous Christmas lights!

    But Beelow was taken aback by this snow. I must suppose he’s seen snow before but this time he was cleaning it up and surprise, surprise, you only got to mow the lawn once but when the snow is falling you might have to shovel three or four times!

    He was also quite cold. Finally I told him to go home and get warm. But hey, my porch, my back deck, my entire driveway and my sidewalk are shoveled AND SALTED!

    He told me if there was more accumulation he would come back tomorrow.

    Meanwhile, let’s see what the Trump administration does about these illegal immigrants. All of Beelow’s children were born in America.

    The people you elected did this. Even, last month, to making, get this, the University of Delaware a sanctuary campus.

    I think it will be interesting to watch how Beelow, and his wife who speaks very little English…..get through this.

  • The First 100 Days: Fox News Anchor Martha MacCallum Lands 7 PM Timeslot With New Show

    01/05/2017 12:22:25 PM PST · 5 of 84
    Fishtalk to guido911

    I am okay with her.

    Glad they moved Tucker to the 9pm slot, will garner more viewers.

    Also very, very glad they moved Megyn Kelly the hell off Fox cable news.

  • Trump: The dishonest media likes saying that I am in Agreement with Julian Assange - wrong

    01/05/2017 7:21:13 AM PST · 33 of 33
    Fishtalk to Daniel Ramsey

    Here’s the thing....I am a political junkee, not that I’m necessarily proud of that. But I’d argue I am more in touch than an average person.


    This whole thing, and as I watch these senate hearings today, is only making this administration and our gubmint appear as we always suspected.

    If we need 17 damn intelligence agencies than THEY MUST BE STUPID!

    Further, I hadn’t given much thought that these agencies might actually be political tools but given 17 intelligence agencies all declaring Russia hacked the election I ponder that the admin just calls up the intelligence agency of the week to get affirmation on whatever political issue they are trying to push.

    And it ain’t just Democrats, although they are the best at politicizing every damn thing. I think George W. somehow got the intelligence agencies, all 93 of them, to say Saddamn had weapons of mass destruction. I know it’s claimed Saddam trucked them out to Syria but something about all that was weird. Saddam WANTED WMD but couldn’t quite get them. The Israelis had bombed one nuke reactor of Saddam’s and they would not have allowed him to accumulate any huge stockpile. Dubya, with the tacit consent of the world, used a mythical stockpile of WMD’s just to get Saddam out of there after th attacks of 9-11 and it was a good thing no matter what the politicos with no courage say.

    There’s also Benghazi. didn’t we have some Rep from one those 184 intelligence agencies testify that Benghazi was caused by a video?

    Finally the damn FBI comes out and tells us Hillary was not evil or filled with bad intent, she was just stupid.

    I was born at night, but not LAST night. Hillary had her own server because she wanted to keep what she was doing from US,the people. Cause selling America to the highest bidder is looked down upon in some circles.

    So even though a self-proclaimed political junkee, I have learned that there is no such thing as a fair and impartial gubmint bureaucracy.

  • FOX NEWS executives will announce Tucker Carlson replaces vacating Megyn Kelly...[tr]

    01/05/2017 6:55:45 AM PST · 34 of 43
    Fishtalk to silverleaf

    I actually began taping Tucker’s show at the 7pm slot as that’s not a good time for me to watch.

    I never tape Fox shows so this was a first.

    Tucker does a good job and I love to see him take on liberals.

    They never win.

  • Trump spokesman says there's still 'zero evidence' Russia influenced presidential election

    01/03/2017 9:53:41 AM PST · 40 of 48
    Fishtalk to xzins

    I think you are right.

  • Ford Cancelling Mexico Plant, Invest $700 million in MI expansion instead

    01/03/2017 8:41:03 AM PST · 87 of 219
    Fishtalk to All

    Wow, I am so impressed.

    And yeah, winning is quite nice.

    Even I, a deplorable of the highest level, didn’t much think of what Obama could do to save these businesses from leaving.


    This deplorable sits and wonder what the hell Obama was doing, selling our country?

    Well yeah.

  • Washington Post retracts story about Russian hack at Vermont utility

    01/02/2017 9:26:48 AM PST · 29 of 75
    Fishtalk to HiTech RedNeck

    I don’t know what the hell they were doing.

    It was on a couple of Blog posts where I put up chapters of a book I was writing (and have completed by the way) called “Clarion Call.”

    And since you asked, it IS a great book. It is the story of, well coincidence of coincidence now that I type this, the nationwide electrical grid going down.

    all the politicians disappeared and the story is how Americans, without benefit of any elected people, manage to get the grid up and running again.

    After about two weeks getting the electrical grid working Americans wanted nothing to do with the politicos suddenly showing up when it was deemed safe.

    The people started a whole new government and that’s what the book is about.

    Anyway, had a lot of Freepers reading this book. Clarion Call, by the way, was a company kind of like Uber, composed or ordinary citizens doing something they are good out via this company’s app. If you bake cakes, Clarion Call puts out a call for cake bakers....cake bakers respond.

    Like that.

    With no electricity, Americans, on their own and with the help of the talent database of Clarion Call, get the country up and running again.

    Hey, it’s a good book and yeah, I had about 800-900 hits every time I put up a chapter and most of them from Russia.

    I finally closed it down because this was when the IRS was going after people and I figured I might be in trouble with this book the Russians so adored.

    True story, I know it sounds odd.

    Way I figure, the Russians have people that browse the Internet looking for strange stuff and hand to God, my Clarion Call book is really, really good.

    Yeah I finished it.

    This year I am going to publish it. If anybody wants I will send a link to a chapter.

    Freaking yeah, THE RUSSIANS HACKED ME!!!


  • Washington Post retracts story about Russian hack at Vermont utility

    01/02/2017 9:14:32 AM PST · 10 of 75
    Fishtalk to HiTech RedNeck

    There have been several times when I checked the stats on my Blog. At least twice, scaring me, were thousands of hits from.....?


    One was from Bellarusse if I knew how to spell.

    This is no big deal for bigger web sites but you get a little home Blogger like me getting hundreds, sometimes thousands of hits, in one day.....

    .....that is damn odd.

    Which means pretty much nothing but give the Dems and media credit....all that’s been in the news, the Sunday talk shows, Fox, CNN and everyone else....has been this Russia “hack” which is a big lie.

    Somebody called up the post and told a lie about that laptop at Joe Blow’s electric company. The Washington Post, bowing to whoever was at the other end of that call, probably Valjar but perhaps a Hillary supporter....the Wapo prints the story.

    I believe they all knew it was not true. The idea was to throw the words, the notion, the concept....out there that lookit how dangerous the Russians are, now they hacked into the electric grid.

    I believe it was known to be a lie but Jane Snowflake, she hears this and calls everyone she knows, posts on Facebook, sends out on Twitter...that the Russians have hacked the electrical grid...

    Of course Jane Snowflake never gets the Wapo retraction.

    All part of the plan. They treat us like little children, figuring out the many ways they can fool us.

    They think we were all born at night....LAST NIGHT!

  • Obama to deliver farewell address in Chicago on January 10

    01/02/2017 7:46:03 AM PST · 19 of 74
    Fishtalk to ptsal

    You got it perfect.

    today I am in a mood to sit and listen to him, unusual, but I know he will be going away, such as it is, soon.

  • Obama to deliver farewell address in Chicago on January 10

    01/02/2017 7:36:19 AM PST · 3 of 74
    Fishtalk to COUNTrecount

    I hope some Freeper posts a live thread, or use this.

    Because I just can’t wait to hear more of this man’s gloating over nothing.

  • Happy New Year, everyone!! And our 1st QTR FReepathon is now underway!!

    01/01/2017 1:42:50 PM PST · 86 of 148
    Fishtalk to Jim Robinson

    Well it let me use my debit number on Paypal.

    Still say something not right about your system

    But yeah....I threw in some bucks.

  • Happy New Year, everyone!! And our 1st QTR FReepathon is now underway!!

    01/01/2017 1:28:37 PM PST · 81 of 148
    Fishtalk to Jim Robinson

    I am unable to contribute.

    I am using a debit card but it always worked also as a credit card.

    I give up.

    Been trying for half an hour.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 1 January 2017

    01/01/2017 12:03:01 PM PST · 146 of 161
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    Well thank you AB.

    But you had some pretty good stuff here today yerself.

    Keep up the good work guys and consider throwing some money in the Freepathon bucket.