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  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 17 August 2014

    08/17/2014 8:01:35 AM PDT · 58 of 100
    Fishtalk to Jane Long

    Proving that I was right.

    The admin is asking for some time....wanted time before naming I understand tried to take down the video of the robbery.

    So Obama raises money, gins up the base, gets out the vote.

    I know this is true and I’m pretty sure the pubs know it.

    No opposition party is a large part of this country’s problem.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 17 August 2014

    08/17/2014 7:15:32 AM PDT · 47 of 100
    Fishtalk to Fishtalk
    So guys, below a snippet of an email I just received. Forgive me for lack of humility but I needed a ray of sunshine soooooooo bad and this is it.

    Also looks like I might get free tickets to some events. Yeah I ask for them because hey, I'm going, I write about it, I give them publicity (when I put up a post it takes many minutes to get back into the site) somebody should pay my way.


    Anyway....well this part of my life has been going well for me, let yon reader think I am loosing my happiness. Got a great story about a local guy arrested the day AFTER his election-prosecution led by Beau BIDEN-and I wrote a great piece about him. Did because a)-everything I wrote was true and b)I took a stand. Maybe more on this later


    Not sure I told you, but it was so comforting to receive your handshake last Monday night after my little talk at the GOP meeting. The look in your eyes, coupled with your firm handshake told my spirit, "everything is gonna be alright". I wish I could bottle you and sell to every good candidate I meet. We'd be gazillionaires. ....

    FYI...I'll be arriving late to the debate, well right on time, as I will be coming from the Teen Challenge Crab Feast and Watermelon Extravaganza at Trap Pond. I hope to see you at both events. If you don't have tickets yet, I know folks who have extra to both and would love to see them put to good use.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 17 August 2014

    08/17/2014 6:56:05 AM PDT · 37 of 100
    Fishtalk to Rome2000
    but the truth about the shooting has yet to be established

    You're right, of course.

    Suppose the cop DID over-react and shoot the guy when he maybe should have tased?

    We DO know that the gentle giant got into fisticuffs in the guy's police vehicle, that he tried to take his gun.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 17 August 2014

    08/17/2014 6:15:11 AM PDT · 22 of 100
    Fishtalk to Fishtalk

    Rick Perry. This is the guy who told us peons out here in la-la land that we should be ashamed for not inviting the illegals in with open arms.

    Oh yeah! That’s when he was running for the Republican presidential nomination wasn’t it? When he wanted the money from the chambers of commerce?

    Now that he sees what those unguarded borders-which was supposed to be taken care of the LAST time we granted mass amnesty to some five million-he sings a different tune.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 17 August 2014

    08/17/2014 5:37:52 AM PDT · 16 of 100
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!


    They couldn’t do better than Chuck Todd for God’s sake?

    I consider George Steponallofus to be the best Sunday talk show moderator. Then Chris Wallace.

    None of the rest are worth a mention.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 17 August 2014

    08/17/2014 5:28:42 AM PDT · 13 of 100
    Fishtalk to shalom aleichem


    I always thought he looked like a chimpanzee. Glad it’s not just me.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 17 August 2014

    08/17/2014 5:25:08 AM PDT · 11 of 100
    Fishtalk to JPG


    I hear tell Gregory was paid off millions to go away but just don’t go away mad.

    Next thing you know someone will find his dead body hanging from a pole and the world will mourn.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 17 August 2014

    08/17/2014 5:23:12 AM PDT · 10 of 100
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!


    I LOVED your treatise on Robin Williams.

    As a mother of a child who ALWAYS threatens suicide, I see nothing good about killing yourself.

    Robin Williams bought nothing to the table and then killed himself that his wife and children must live with. Living with suicide/suicide threats is a horrible thing.

    I too think there is way more to Williams’ suicide than we’ve been told.

    We should boo hoo for a rich guy who lived in a mansion and has a wonderful career?

    Y’all can but I won’t.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 17 August 2014

    08/17/2014 5:16:33 AM PDT · 3 of 100
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    Morning AB, All

    Been another awful week for me, but I am fine. Two words, Munchausen syndrome…...two words stabbing my life severely.

    Anyway, I sign in today because, as always, I enjoy this thread and do like to watch the Sunday talk shows.

    Thank you AB, for doing this thread. As always you provide the links and guests and monitor us quite fairly.

    Like you all, I have been watching the events in Missouri. You know what I think?

    Obama’s busy fundraising cause he knows the Dems are going to take a beating this coming election. He’s got to raise da money before the hatchet falls down and the public shows, at the voting booths, what they think of him.

    So he’s asking those people in Missouri to hold back on the details of the “gentle giant’s” crimes. The cop who shot him is in hiding and this too is part of the plan.

    This way they get Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson their day in the racist sun, Obama’s voters get a couple of days of outrage until the truth comes out.

    Yeah, I think this is all part of the plan.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 10 August 2014

    08/10/2014 8:11:07 AM PDT · 48 of 77
    Fishtalk to grania

    I consider Steponallofus one of the best talk show hosts around. Yeah he’s a lib but I hear he don’t like the Clintons anymore and again, of them all.....he’s going to be hosting Meet the Depressed soon.

    My prediction.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 10 August 2014

    08/10/2014 8:09:48 AM PDT · 47 of 77
    Fishtalk to DanZ

    I understand every word you wrote.

    And it gives me pause.

    I still don’t think I could race at my best (or do whatever talent at hand should I kill someone in a competition if you get the drift) had I killed someone. But then you would consider me not giving my best and you would be right.

    Then I’m a woman so that might matter.

    Maybe if Stewart were to say something, not exactly, but JUST WHAT YOU would be great?

    Take a stand, pitch the argument.....hey, I’d be cheering.

    Anyway.....interesting development here. we shall see.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 10 August 2014

    08/10/2014 7:32:32 AM PDT · 37 of 77
    Fishtalk to Qiviut

    It’s how those Arabs do.

    What you have is a bunch of sons of camels with no particular talent except their ancestors were in charge of the oil fields.

    So the population has no discernible middle class and they can’t have any kind of army as armies tend to turn on people.

    The only way the sons of camels can keep their power is to harness the restless “class” of commoners-everybody who is not involved in oil- in the form of terrorism.

    In fact those Muslims came over here many years ago and began to recruit Muslims from the jails and the disaffected black folk of the era.

    It is how Valerie Jarrett first into all this and some would say Barack. They get the academic nothing-burgers like Ayers and send a couple of those punks to college, teach them community activism and how to steal elections.

    Put a thug in charge of the justice department and we got our own little nest of wannabe terrorists right here in America.

    I mean come on, give me a couple of weeks and I could recruit you a whole bunch of nothing-burger thugs because hey, for reasons of genes and environment, some humans are born with a need to kill. It’s small matter to find them, every country has them.

    This is what this ISIS is but come on, Obama, in a fashion, is one of them.

    A bunch of thugs taking over Iraq. How sad is that?

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 10 August 2014

    08/10/2014 7:02:11 AM PDT · 27 of 77
    Fishtalk to DanZ

    Dan, I dunno, maybe you’re right.

    I disagree....this is not a over-reach of political correctness.

    He accidentally killed that kid.

    Could YOU go out and race had that happened to you?

    Maybe I’m not a race car expert but it’s just a tactless thing to do.

    Trust that even if he does race I do not care. But you can bet the libs will out and boo-hooing about the thoughtless NASCAR drivers.

    I’m done.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 10 August 2014

    08/10/2014 6:59:36 AM PDT · 26 of 77
    Fishtalk to Fishtalk

    CHRIS COONS! I got a Chris Coons story.

    I have a Part D prescript plan that allows you, as most do, to “pre-order” your meds at their site. I just click on the box that says something to the effect “click here and your scips will automatically be refilled and mailed to you.”

    Been doing this for years, works well for me.

    Except last time I went to doctors my blood work was amazing, so said the doctor. “Let’s cut out your Tricor,” Doc said.

    Only thing, on that very day my next three months scrip of Tricor was mailed out and I couldn’t get a hold of the part D jerks to stop it.

    “Too bad,” they told me.

    Trico for three months cost ME about $175.00 so I lost that money!

    But wait! It gets better!

    For the cost to me is only 35% of the cost so the REAL cost-so they say- is almost triple that. And you get charged what the TOTAL cost is before going into the donut hole. I am, every year, over the limit and have went into that donut hole to a cost of a couple hundred bucks.

    I get samples and all from my docs to avoid this but this time I have no choice.

    So not only have I lost the $175, at year end I will go into donut hold with the almost $600 bucks this scrip cost.

    So I wrote mine Senator Chris Coons a letter and goodness they all got back to me cause I sent a letter to everyone.

    Coons’ people called me back, asked that I get a copy on my doctor’s letterhead that my doc did, indeed, stop the scrip. They couldn’t get me back the $175 but the Coons people thought they could help with the donut hole thing.

    Well they couldn’t. I just got a letter from them saying...TOO BAD!

    I mean, come on, this Part D company allows me to pre-order and I would return the pills.

    TOO BAD is what they so.

    I MUST BE PUNISHED! I must be punished to the tune of over $800 cost to me!

    Coons’ people couldn’t help.

    Also, since Coons talks about corporations....come on...Delaware is the home of corporations...or used to be.

    Now they all leave because hey, it’s Delaware, run by Democrats like Coons right into the ground.

    This past week I had to drop Bank of America for they have NO branches in Delaware!

    Had BOFA since 1988, don’t especially like them but routine and all that. Don’t hate them either.

    Bank of America will not set up in Delaware because, as they told me....”Delaware is too destructive to business.”


    Now Coons is some kind of business expert?

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 10 August 2014

    08/10/2014 6:44:49 AM PDT · 22 of 77
    Fishtalk to DanZ

    What is EPL?

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 10 August 2014

    08/10/2014 6:06:05 AM PDT · 14 of 77
    Fishtalk to rodguy911

    I’m not real sure I understand your sig line. Care to expand?

    Heh, you got the Munchausen syndrome right.....I got a story that....well anyway...

    I wrote a book about it! Wrote it in 1998 but had to give up all rights to it by my daughter or she would never allow me to see my granddaughter again. So she told me.

    So I gave up all rights, burned all my copies of the book, such was my terror. Daughter always bribes me by granddaughter thread, don’t think she’d ever do it.

    So I check into Amazon, the book was copyrighted in 2005 and IT’S SELLING!

    The book is fiction, titled “Attention, Please”, it’s fiction but there are characters in it from my own life, not uncommon for writers. My publisher evidently kept the rights to my book and put it on Amazon!

    Heh. Well I meant well.

    Look it up....the plot is about a woman who catches a presidential candidate, looking like about to win, molesting a child.

    She tries to get someone’s attention and no one will do a thing about it.

    So she does something desperate.

    I sat this weekend and read that entire book and first, IT’S A GREAT BOOK!

    1998....I wrote in 1998, when my daughter was 21. Now she’s 37 and it’s the same old, same old.

    Yeah, she made me destroy the book (I told her I did but I didn’t).

    It’s a good book, seriously.

    Anyway, the story is bizarre. In fact, the protagonist writing the book states plainly that she wrote it just to tell the story of her daughter.

    Ain’t making this up.

    I might have to write another book. And this time I will make sure daughter gets a copy.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 10 August 2014

    08/10/2014 5:57:33 AM PDT · 13 of 77
    Fishtalk to rodguy911

    I think you’re right RG.

    Come on, a bunch of thugs join together to start a THUGATHON and America can’t stop it?

    I pray every day that this administration does, or does NOT do, something that will incense the public.

    I’m thinking Obamy granting amnesty to millions of illegals might just be the thing but hey, they’re falling on Israel and Americans, even the LO FO voters aren’t going to take kindly to a bunch of hoodlums acting like they’re some kind of army.

    The Lamestream, I need not say, should be profiling these hoodlums, giving them the publicity they wan t.


  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 10 August 2014

    08/10/2014 5:50:53 AM PDT · 10 of 77
    Fishtalk to Fishtalk

    Anybody here see that video of NASCAR driver killing that guy? Driver’s name is Stewart.

    Man every liberal will be on TV telling us how NASCAR is full of Teabagger types and the sport should be banned.

    Sometimes NASCAR drivers even get concussions.

    I saw a video of it....come on....the kid...he’s only 20, gets out of his wrecked car AND STANDS ON THE TRACK FULL OF RACING CARS!

    People die doing that!

    Good thing the victim wasn’t black cause Obama would be out saying he looks like his son and how Stewart should be tried for mass murder.

    Sometimes victims do really dumb things.

    But I don’t think it a good idea for Stewart to race again today. It just really looks thoughtless.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 10 August 2014

    08/10/2014 5:33:26 AM PDT · 9 of 77
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    Morning AB, All

    Been an awful week but I’m okay, dogs are okay, life is okay.

    I ask y’all to look up the term Münchausen syndrome and some day, not today and not even soon, and I will share a story that will blow your collective minds.

    I even wrote a book about it.

    Anyway, thank you AB for doing this thread, Bray for his thoughtful posts and RG for showing up every week. Thanks to the rest of you and your fine input as well.

    I’ve taken to writing a “National Scene” post for my Delaware Blog (and more great stories some day about this) every Monday and, of course, I use this thread as source.

    Take care and will be watching and opinionating.

    It’s what I do.

  • U.S. General Is Reportedly Killed by an Afghan Soldier

    08/05/2014 12:53:47 PM PDT · 81 of 108
    Fishtalk to kabar

    Thank you cousin Mike.

    I shall use your data in an upcoming blog post of mine.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 3 August 2014

    08/03/2014 8:33:54 AM PDT · 109 of 209
    Fishtalk to bray

    Very well said, Bray.

    and, of course, correct.

    There’s one hole in all of this debate as I see it. (as I type this dog gets up and walks into kitchen, comes back, lays down with a grunt. human starts hitting that keyboard, so she thinks, no chance of food on any level).

    Understand I am trying to look at the glass as half full. you are right about the reason, loose but true, that Romney lost.

    What is missing here, at least in terms of the pubs, is a LEADER.

    Actions must be taken now that require first-an acknowledgement that we can’t play chess by the rules if the guy we challenge has all Queens. It’s not a gentleman’s world. Lying is not dishonorable; it is a fine tool to win the game.

    second, adjust the rules of play that they may win for god’s sake. Sit around and spin up things like this admin does. Man they’re so good at it my mind boggles.

    A good leader, and right now I don’t know what it will take, maybe a mass outbreak of Ebola, god forbid, that will unite the entire country....but a good leader will be he or she that can lead the troops and convert the populace.

    like what you wrote....why can’t a repub go out and mention that impeachment of Bush....get sound bytes, sight bytes....I saw a few mentions of it but again, the Dem spokesnoids are so good. I bet in practice they make them stare straight ahead at something.

    “Now when Gregory asks you about the Bush impeachment, stare straight ahead and say, over and over...’nancy Pelosi said impeachment was off the table’....even though she never did.

    The repubs need to practice this stuff.

    Alas, the very nature of the conservative sorts, using the term loosely for a moment here, is that they are independent, tend to want glory alone and not share. Add to it this current crop of content RINOS up there and we are indeed, playing poker with a pinochle deck.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 3 August 2014

    08/03/2014 7:33:52 AM PDT · 70 of 209
    Fishtalk to ROCKLOBSTER

    So you might to read my chicken story, post 63.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 3 August 2014

    08/03/2014 7:28:23 AM PDT · 64 of 209
    Fishtalk to rodguy911

    I enjoy the Hot Air Sunday thread and really love Allahpundit.

    I got asked to join Hot Air, did I tell you?

    Ah someday maybe.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 3 August 2014

    08/03/2014 7:27:05 AM PDT · 63 of 209
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    That was a great story AB.

    May I add a couple more chicken anecdotes? Says me, whose granddaughter rides a school bus 3 hours a school day and brags that she knows her chicken trucks.

    About these folks from Hondouras, et al....they have CHICKENS IN THEIR HOMES!

    they live like 20 of them in a single house and they keep chickens inside. Every morning, right around the corner from me, you hear a rooster crow. From INSIDE a house. My next door neighbor, who I dislike intensely...but he calls up somebody every day about the rooster in the house.

    And talking about dogs with chickens...heh. We once lived on a farm, three years in Rocks, Merryland....we were terrible farmers. We had chickens and our pet dog joined up with some wild dogs and one night they raided the chicken coop and killed all the chickens. My father got mad and tied a dead chicken around the dog’s neck.

    As for the roosters...somewhere my Dad got hold of a Rhode Island Red, big handsome fellow, raped every chicken in the hen house and soon all baby chicks had some shade of red.

    The Rhody got in a fight with our little banty rooster and....yes, killed him.

    Roosters don’t fool around.

    Funny stories and now my granddaughter tells us SHE KNOWS HER CHICKEN TRUCTS!


    I know most of these Ecuadorans, etc. Hey, they’re nice people, keep low profile. None of them have a driver’s license and if you get into an accident with any of them there’s usually twenty of them in one car.

    At Christmas we have a big celebration in the Georgetown circle and they bring out these big-ass keyboard things....makes beautiful music, takes two of them just to play it. then there’s the drum things and nothing captures the holiday quite like it all.

    Oh no, we don’t hate these people. I don’t care what Juan Williams and George Will say, I am perfectly fine living amongst these folks. I just want a logical system that allows them to enter after a decent health screening and tracking all the requirements after.

    We need to have a national discussion over this and the Ruling class wants to shove it down our throats.

    They can call me all the names they want. I am a nice person and my granddaughter plays with these children just fine. Though every one of them have at least three names, sometimes more....Juanita Gonzales that. to sit through an assembly as they call their names is to spend more time hearing their names than anything else.

    Anyway....this latest thing with the admin doing what it wants....they should have rolled out Obamacare so well.

    Because I think they got away with it and not in small measure by the Repubs looking the other way.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 3 August 2014

    08/03/2014 6:38:22 AM PDT · 34 of 209
    Fishtalk to kabar

    Cousin Michael!

    So good to see you!

    I been having a real bad couple of weeks so it’s always nice to see family.

    And Rubio....glad you agree with my distrust. He tried. The pub base was intrigued with Rubio but he took advantage.

    This is a political class war, this immigration thing. The Blue Blood Ruling Class gets money from the Chambers of Commerce but loses votes from the hoi polloi like us.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 3 August 2014

    08/03/2014 6:35:07 AM PDT · 30 of 209
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    You’re right, exactly, AB.

    Not sure about Puerto Ricans but we got Mexicans here in Delaware that do all the landscaping. They wear long sleeves on the hottest of days and never sweat. I hired a company, American owned, but the workers were all illegals, I’m sure. But I was nice to them, continually offering them water, which they eventally accepted, dear Lord they worked all day without any water!

    The Hondurans and Ecuadorans work for the chicken industry and no, most Americans won’t be running around catching chickens (there really is a job called “chicken catcher”) for minimum wage. As a joke I asked around and most folks said sure, they’d do it....but for no less than $25 an hour.

    Same as for working the processing plants where they are up to elbows in blood and guts.

    So to keep the Hondurans and Ecuadorans from being deported, here in Delaware but in other parts of the country, this grand scheme was hatched...FOR THE MONEY!!!! The scheme brings in these kids. Here in Delaware they brought them in in dead of night and already they are at their homes.

    so the chicken factory workers, as was the plan, CANNOT BE DEPORTED!

    Why? They have children to care for. Some of the children are theirs and some are relatives.

    It’s part of a plan hatched a couple of years ago and once the Obama admin got the money, boom....they are brought in.

    THAT’s the story behind the story and I don’t believe for one single minute not a single solitary Republican knew nothing about it.

    Even now the pubs shuffle and waffle and talk around the subject. They too are glad Obama did this, their campaign coffers will be filled.

    This is a political Elite problem and America might be slow on the uptake but we’re learning.

    Let that Ebola virus get loose and the country will implode.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 3 August 2014

    08/03/2014 6:18:23 AM PDT · 17 of 209
    Fishtalk to Fishtalk

    Marco Rubio all of a sudden real quiet about immigration reform. Wallace mentions his former aggressive support of immigration reform and how his poll numbers are down to SIX PERCENT!

    The big problem with immigration, folks, is that the gubmint did NOT close the borders like they were supposed to do when Reagan granted five million illegals amnesty.

    But the Blue Blood Elite Ruling class does not want to admit this and hey, we understand such as fences and locks out here in la-la lan d.

    In summary, what we have are a group of individuals who think they are elite and can do it THEIR way.

    The public, ALL OF US, do NOT like it.

    So far as I’m concerned I won’t even consider Rubio for anything requiring my vote.

    He tried to fool us but me? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 3 August 2014

    08/03/2014 6:11:11 AM PDT · 15 of 209
    Fishtalk to Fishtalk

    will not be legal ...

    I meant to type “will NOW be legal...”.

    It’s part of the plan. Next year they will be attending school next to my granddaughter.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 3 August 2014

    08/03/2014 6:08:54 AM PDT · 13 of 209
    Fishtalk to Diogenesis

    Okay, let me get this out there....I do NOT believe Obama cares which way America goes, his job is to be a handsome personable spokesnoid for a bunch of folks behind him, and to get as much money as he can.

    I assert that Obama got lots of bucks for two things this past week-1)-betraying Israel for Tukey and Quttar. Lots of money exchanged from Quttar I suspect, with France as the in-between and Switzerland as the banker. 2)-the Border children. I have a first hand insight as to what this is all about....give me time.

    For Delaware has a chicken industry that employs mostly Ecuadorians and Hondurians, meet a bunch of them every damn day. So money changed hands for this as all these Hondurians etc are illegal but NO MORE!

    Their children were shipped in, yes they were. Delaware is opening a special school to teach them English and to keep folks like me from getting mad as our greandchildren must attend school in a tent.

    Money was paid and all these Delaware illegals, those that contributed to the “Obama Stash” will not be legal as they are in charge of children.

    Follow the money.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 3 August 2014

    08/03/2014 6:04:17 AM PDT · 12 of 209
    Fishtalk to rodguy911

    Hey thanks RG....always nice to have friends online.

    Between these border children, 117 of which came to Delaware and will be attending school with my granddaughter, and this questionable decision to bring Ebola here.

    I understand why it was done but do we remember the rollout of Obamacare?

    This administration is not the most efficient is what I’m saying here.

    And I know full well why these children were brought here, more on this later.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 3 August 2014

    08/03/2014 5:29:49 AM PDT · 7 of 209
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    Morning AB, All.

    Thank you AB for doing this thread every week.

    Been a terrible week just passed for me but again, I won’t bore you. I do know I need to find my happiness and that’s where y’all come in.

    One of my greatest sources of happiness is this particular Sunday morning thread. And I do enjoy watching the Sunday political talk shows as well.

    With my awful week I been looking forward to discussing border children and Israel all week so let’s discuss!

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 27 July 2014

    07/27/2014 8:25:10 AM PDT · 121 of 180
    Fishtalk to Recovering Ex-hippie

    I don’t hear too much impeachment talk.

    That will never work.

    We’d have Clinton going around sobbing, saying “See....every chance they get the Republicans try to impeach a Democrat President.”

    Obama would have all the celebs....Beyoncé, Kanye West and his little daughter, North West-yes that’s her name....RoseAnn probably....Man it would be a laugh fest. to wait until November when I do think the American people are going to deliver a big message.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 27 July 2014

    07/27/2014 8:18:01 AM PDT · 113 of 180
    Fishtalk to Fishtalk

    David Brooks said...I paraphrase, but closely: “I used to think the problem was Washington, “ he said during a round table on Meet the Press…”but now I know the problem is…..”.

    Yon reader should guess.


    He really said this. The problem is NOT Washington...but US dolts out here in the country.

    Seriously. He really said this.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 27 July 2014

    07/27/2014 8:08:43 AM PDT · 100 of 180
    Fishtalk to Morgan in Denver

    So to my complete surprise David Gregory of Meet the Press shows a video, provided by Israel I must assume, that shows, in front of our lying eyes, rockets being launched from a UN School.

    The guest being interviewed, some Hamas apologizer, was insulted! “David, you do me unfair, showing me this video without preparing me or allowing me to ascertain what is going on.” As I paraphrase.


    This is exactly what Israel has to do, to fight back long and hard against the mighty Arab PR machine.

    The Arabs, or the sons of camels nutjobs within, use an oppressive religion to control the people. It’s why they don’t allow Christians. Christians follow Christ. Christ was a much better human than Mohammad, who especially liked young girls.

    They don’t, and CAN’T have an army. I believe the vast majority of people in the Arab countries would love to have a life like America’s Middle class. Indeed the peoples of every country in the world would like it.

    But there’s no constitution thing and elections throughout the world are suspect, at best. It’s difficult for just ONE person to rise in power to kill and dominate the people but usually it’s a group of some sort.

    It’s the so-called terrorists in the Muslim world, versus the elite sons of camels Saudis who have all the money. The Saudis finance the terrorists all over the world because….well the terrorists control the population. The disgruntled testosterone-fueled populace amongst the oil-wealthy nothing-burgers, those that might rise up and, say, start a constitutional type gubmint, can join a terrorist group and get all that anger out of them system.

    Better shoot rockets at Israel, for no reason, than to maybe take control of their own country, build some roads, start a free gubmint, maybe grown an economy….than to shoot rockets at those that oppress for the luxury they quite like.

    I mean this is the narrative and has been the narrative since Arafat and it will keep on going until Israel boom, just blows that silly little country off the map. What a waste of money and good peoples’ time Palestine is.

    The Arab spin machine is amazing. Man they are able to get people to stand still as they are murdered by mastery of political correctness as people stand still for the burglar’s gunshot lest we insult his abused childhood. They outright buy media outlets….Saudi has a big money investment in Fox News in fact. They come here to America with a grand plan to sign up the prisoners to become so-called “Black Muslims”. They recruit and groom one to be the spokesnoid for their cause.

    That guy is our current President, raised and trained on ascension to purchased power and milking the power for all its worth.

    Somehow this administration is getting all kinds of cash from the sons of camels and no way is their grand experiment going to go public and admonish Israel.

    It will be up to Israel and the American people to finally figure it out and somehow, someway, state they’ve had enough.-

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 27 July 2014

    07/27/2014 5:37:03 AM PDT · 23 of 180
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    Morning AB, All.

    I have a terrible week this past.

    But not to worry yon reader, I shall not bore you with the details.

    Today begins a new week and so it shall be better.

    My fine state of Delaware took in 117 of those border kids and trust, my granddaughter will be going to school this fall in a tent. Already it’s 50% immigrants. Now she gets a shoddy education and looks like I did her wrong bringing her here.

    What irks me more than anything...NO ONE CAN STOP THIS?

    Okay, let me shut up.

    Thank you AB, for doing this thread and greetings yon readers.

    Be interesting to see what the talk show crowd does with this subject this week.

    Oh....and the great Arab lying spin machine doesn’t seem to be working so well on the Gaza thing. I see a couple of “Mohammeds” on today so let us see their stupid reasoning as to why they should be bombing a neighboring country.

    In the day of Arafat this nonsense worked.

    Not in this day and age is my thought.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 20 July 2014

    07/20/2014 9:07:49 AM PDT · 106 of 132
    Fishtalk to Cheerio

    On a small level I am going to agree with you Mr. Cheerio.


    It depends on what happens with the so-called “tea party”. As we all know, the tea party does not exist; it is but an acronym for Middle Class America.

    The left wants to wipe out the middle class. Except I am not sure just how big this tea party/middle class is. I think we’re a pretty big group that, like cats, can’t be herded. They love to mock us only because when they begin mocking this Tea Party....we tend to shrug and think “musta be talking about that guy over there. I’m no racist.”

    So many people might not consider themselves “tea party” but would proudly proclaim themselves to be part of the middle class.

    There’s too many people in a middle class in a country and America has created a most dreaded monster in its vibrant and sprawling middle class. Makes it difficult for dictators and despots and oppressive religions run by sheiks to run and control things.

    I am of a mind that the Ruling class will overstep its bounds just one time too many and this MIDDLE CLASS....not the TEA PARTY but they are one and the same, is going to fight back.

    And, with instant mass communication so easy today, as we drive, or poop or read our Kindles, we can share pics and directions, boom, no problem.

    Hey, maybe it’s a dumb idea but I still say our numbers are mighty. Once the majority of those numbers are offended, be they Republican or Democrat, the middle class will rise up.

    I don’t see any kind of armed rebellion. Maybe a country wide work stoppage....something that will so affect America’s middle class that the vast majority of them are going to flex their muscle.

    If that does not happen, than I agree with you Cheerio, the country will be fundamentally changed. I will always respect the will of the majority but will also always assert to a voice in my country’s political process just as the transgenders of 3% get with all pride and kowtows by Obama. Because the middle class is sure a whole lot more than 3% and we have a right to a voice without being audited and mistreated.

    okay, I’m done.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 20 July 2014

    07/20/2014 8:56:14 AM PDT · 95 of 132
    Fishtalk to rodguy911

    It’s okay RG. I thought it was funny.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 20 July 2014

    07/20/2014 7:54:43 AM PDT · 56 of 132
    Fishtalk to rodguy911

    I’ve seen their commercials.

    I think they should be a little more aggressive. Like Harry Reid speaks terrible about them, American citizens innocently running a business and employing people.

    If I were a Koch brother or on their Board, I’d suggest a commercial something like this:

    We are the Koch brothers. We run steel mills, coal mines, factories....(and so on). We employed 1.5 million people last year (or whatever). We provide full health care to our full time employees, we deliver needed services, we bring prosperity to local communities and cities.

    We ask that you remember this when Senator Harry Reid insists on going out in public and using his senatorial bully pulpit to bash and debase our business.

    Send your resumes to.....”

    Why don’t some of these businesses do this? Throw it back at them?

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 20 July 2014

    07/20/2014 7:50:42 AM PDT · 54 of 132
    Fishtalk to rodguy911

    Gregory tells Kerry that THIS is the lowest moment in American-Russian relations. Kerry says OH NO! Then Kerry lists all the things Russia is doing with America....especially on Iran.


    There is no need to tell us all the nice things Russia has done. Downing a civilian airliner is a terrible thing; a prelude to a loss of civilization between nations.

    Then Kerry goes on to tell Russia to step up. Evidently Kerry first repeated the administration line and then tentatively took a little state department stance.

    Then Kerry goes on to speak harshly of Hamas and its constant lobbying of missiles into civilian areas in Israel. He says that there is nothing right about Hamas doing this BUT.....

    There’s always a BUT isn’t there?

    BUT, Kerry says, we need to get a “cease fire” so we can discuss the underlying issues.


    What “underlying issues”? Israel giving the pee poor humanity living on the Gaza strip more land?

    They never stop lying.


  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 20 July 2014

    07/20/2014 6:43:33 AM PDT · 22 of 132
    Fishtalk to ROCKLOBSTER

    Or how about the drug cartels shooting at our border guards?

    Foreign policy expert Carly Fiorina says US should supply more than MEALS to the Ukraine!

    Iran given four more months as they missed the deadline, whatever deadline there was. Cousin Michael can you help me here?

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 20 July 2014

    07/20/2014 5:33:46 AM PDT · 8 of 132
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    Morning AB, All,

    Hope all is well with yon fellow freepers.

    Last week when the plane fell from the sky and war raged in Israel, I quickly booted up the puter and went right to FreeRepublic.

    I type this with hopes that yon freepers contribute to the freepathon because every once in a while you need FreeRepublic more than you might think.

    Thank you AB for doing this thread. Thank you yon fellow freepers for joining in and offering your many and varied wisdoms.

    Lots on this week but for now, my first ire comes at, guess who?

    President Obama!

    Yeah I know….so what’s new?

    Lookit, for a country to deliberately blow a passenger airline out of the air is an act of war and nothing less.

    And Obama’s at fundraisers and as of yet has refused to even mention Russia in connection with that downed aircraft.

    And if blowing an airplane out of the air ain’t enough, now the Russian sepratists in Ukraine are BUSY MESSING WITH THE BODIES AND WRECKAGE!

    Still, nothing from Obama.

    And how about Israel and Gaza?

    Anybody remember Arafat? He spent years lobbing missiles at Israel as Albright and Hillary kissed his perverted face.

    Just who the hell do those people think they are, since when is lobbing rockets into a neighbor country an okay thing to do?

    I’m hoping that this talk show Sunday is filled with explanations and where America is going with all this.

    Maybe I’ll be surprised and our pathetic president will show some courage.

    One can dream, can’t one?

  • IDF starts Gaza ground invasion

    07/17/2014 12:55:34 PM PDT · 3 of 132
    Fishtalk to Red Badger

    Watching on Fox. Amazing.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 13 July 2014

    07/13/2014 8:20:00 AM PDT · 113 of 240
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    Oh my AB is angry with me.

    Well first, I was referring to a comment by Rocklobster as he and another poster on this thread engage in a love fest over the very elite trying to work with the Dems that they too may remain part of the Ruling Class.

    I never thought of you as a RINO lover, AB...never even crossed my mind.

    Hey, I live in purple Delaware....with one county bright red, one light purple, one bluer than an morning sky. In the 12+ years I’ve been living here it’s went from Repub to Dem control and hey, that’s ok. The will of the people and all that.

    I do NOT think that for the party representing me should be changing with the demographic or else they should join the other party. MY principles didn’t change but those I elected DID.

    Still, it’s a matter of degree isn’t it? I’d easily have no issue with a Repub that didn’t oppose abortion (as opposed, say, to one who ENCOURAGED it) but Mike Castle went too far.

    I am reminded of Charlie Crist....say, weren’t we told to trust this guy, that he had to say some things, don’t us worry about how he sounds like forked tongue? So where is Charlie now?

    Say he’s now a Democrat? Who’d a thunk?

    Or Thad okay he won but the pub elite spent millions and right now they’ve got millions from the Chamber of Commerce crowd.

    The middle class, which is mostly us, are mostly happy, law-abiding folk....and we’ve been called names before. Nixon called us the silent majority....a vast wasteland.

    We don’t turn things around quickly out here and la-la land and that might be a good thing. We are in the millions and our power is in our numbers but it’s a power difficult to harness.

    Still I’d argue, with Charlie Crist and Thad Cochran the trend is to slowly but methodically get those Elites out of there.

    Just my two cents and now they’re only worth a penny.

    Mike Castle too was part of this changing trend and he was going to lose soon to a Democrat anyway. I’d argue the base is winning but it’s slow. Yet still today, yay many years after the great Castle throwover we are still out here in la-la land trying to overthrow the elite and hey, it’s one step backward and two steps forward sometimes.

    In the end the numbers will win.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 13 July 2014

    07/13/2014 7:26:54 AM PDT · 75 of 240
    Fishtalk to ROCKLOBSTER


    We got rid of Mike Castle here in Delaware and every day I wake up and am glad he’s gone.

    Given what they did to get Cochran elected will you RINO fans EVER GIVE IT UP?

    No....I don’t care that they get the best offices and committee chairmanships....I don’t care how happy that makes THEM!

    I care that they represent me and every day I am glad that Chris Coons is in there instead of Castle.

    Cause the enemy I know is safer than the enemy who pretends to be my friend.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 13 July 2014

    07/13/2014 7:22:05 AM PDT · 72 of 240
    Fishtalk to Morgan in Denver

    I think you are exactly right.

    Every morning Obama gets his marching orders from Michelle and VALJAR. Obama is the public face of the effort to destroy America’s middle class and his job is to go out and say what he’s told to say.

    Meanwhile in the background of course the power behind the throne won’t let this guy go and be photographed at the border. “Whatever you do,” Mooch tells him, “don’t go anywhere near that border.”

    See, if the president says something at first it is viewed as accurate, the truth.

    The administration knows this so he must keep up the public sham and hey, the guy is the absolute BEST at it.

    Only a fool full of himself could act like a jerk, joking about moats and alligators.....and for a while he gets away with it.

    If anything is going to bring this administration down it’s this immigration thing.

    Don’t forget that the Republicans are helping with this destruction of the middle class looking for some crony capitalism money.

    And while most of those imported will vote Democrat, the RINOS espousing this “immigration reform” don’t care. They want their share now, the future be damned.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 13 July 2014

    07/13/2014 7:14:43 AM PDT · 65 of 240
    Fishtalk to Fishtalk

    So I watched Israeli prime minister Netanyahu talk on Fox News Sunday and he was, as always, very good.


    Back in the day when Hillary and that awful female secretary we had were kiss Arafat’s ass the jerk was lobbing rockets at Israel and with the help of America, Arafat and his backers were getting away with it.

    Eventually Arafat died and the asshole had to be buried in somebody’s back yard!

    Now they are doing this again?

    David Gregory spoke to the foreign minister of Iran and he’s going on about the poor children being killed in GAZA. So does Gregory say anything about Hamas PUTTING those people in the way of Israel’s incoming defensive rockets?

    These Arabs pee upon our feet and tell us it’s raining.

    They are the absolute BEST at controlling the spin....the best.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 13 July 2014

    07/13/2014 7:08:29 AM PDT · 55 of 240
    Fishtalk to Morgan in Denver

    I’ll tell you what....MOST of America is in the interior. As an aside, didn’t I hear that Delaware was asked to take some of these? Delaware has a HUGE illegal immigration problem for our chicken industry and they all come from Ecuador and Honduras.

    I predicted that Delaware would get hit with this as this is all to provide crony capitalists with cheap labor thank me very much to explain this.

    Three years ago ABC’s “Home Makeover” came in and built some shyster soup woman a new house and soup kitchen and rumor is that the big area around it would be a tent city.

    The place had been zoned NON-SIT-DOWN EATING (or something) and ABC knew this BEFORE they ever broke some dirt. Now a few years later the place sits fallow save for the boyhood friend of Moochelle’s brother who lives there as, again, they build a soup kitchen in an area non-zoned for sit-down and now I know what was the plan. This is only about 3 miles down the road from me. So look for me in the evening news cause this is Sussex county and WE’RE READY!

    I’m told even Markell turned down the Democrats.

    Already I got an invite to attend some kind of prayer meeting at this site and hey, I’m going to go. This coming Saturday so if you don’t hear from me next Sunday send out the guards!

    I see why the spinm eisters don’t want pics of those kids on the trains or Obama walking amongst them. They WANT to keep all this under wraps and so McCain carried on and put on a show that he be admitted.

    Well was he? If so, WHERE ARE THE PICTURES?

    Americans are shocked because so many are not aware that there is NO fence on our border and our president is bussing them in.

    We know fences and locks here in America and while Obama desperately wants to destroy America’s middle class, THIS will not be tolerated.

    Coming thoughts on Israel.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 13 July 2014

    07/13/2014 6:01:25 AM PDT · 23 of 240
    Fishtalk to Alas Babylon!

    Morning AB, All....

    .....So today is my cooking day as most of you might know. I have some shrimp out to thaw as they make a great little dish with some cocktail sauce. I find that with just feeding myself I am having to adjust all my quantities, indeed even my choices as cooking for beloved husband was very different than preparing meals just for me.

    Beloved deceased husband would never, for example, eat shrimp of any kind. He’s born in Indiana and those folks think seafood is immoral.

    Gerald, the black and white cat who always helps me cook, however, considers shrimp quite the delicacy and so I must cover, and hide and watch the shrimp as I drain it in a colander that hooks over my sink.

    Well Gerald, despite the cutting board and kitchen items piled on top of it spends many minutes pondering how to get to the draining shrimp and next thing I hear crashes and falls and the sound of tinkling metal.

    Gerald begins to MEOW very loudly and as I rush to see what the hell I note Gerald is trying to get his paw out of something, there are utensils all over the floor and shrimp are everywhere.

    Somehow Gerald got his CLAW stuck in one of the little colander holes and folks, it was agony and screaming, both human and cat, as I tried to wrest his claw out of that little hole.

    I might need to obtain some type O blood but I did get Gerald’s claw out of the hole.

    He was on his last legs, life was ebbing from him, only the shrimp could save him. Psssst, what’s one claw when you got a big pile of shrimp?

    Thank you AB for doing this thread every week and big this week I suspect will be that border problem.

    If ever there was a ham-handed move by a Presidents it’s this one. Most Americans didn’t even know about this onslaught at the border and it would have been better to not to show it for all of the country to see.

    We understand fences and locks out here in la-la land and I think one of the more revealing glimpses this past week was that video that went viral of that black woman ranting about all this.


    She said it all even better than I could.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 6 July 2014

    07/06/2014 9:14:33 AM PDT · 120 of 164
    Fishtalk to ROCKLOBSTER

    Great post.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 6 July 2014

    07/06/2014 8:16:51 AM PDT · 90 of 164
    Fishtalk to rodguy911

    Here is the scene, as I envision.

    President Obama enters the room, skeptical that his team of spinmeisters “decorate the lies” is how he phrased it, came up with a way to get around the American public’s silly rules about immigration.

    Barry sat down next to Michelle, one of the KEY, if not THE key person on his decorate-the-lies team. He smiled quickly but was time for business.

    “You think the VA was great,” Michelle whispered so softly that Barry had to bend toward her. “We had a couple Repubs get grumpy from all the complaining but we got millions through that system.”

    Valerie Jarrett entered the room and both Michelle and Barry held their breath. VALJAR being present meant business was about to happen.

    “And the Benghazi thing,” Michelle said after watching VALJAR leave the room. Evidently things were not ready.

    “So far that’s going nowhere but this team pulled it off.” Barry smiled at his wife; they’d discussed this plenty of times.

    “The IRS, heh,” Michelle continued, scanning the room for VALJAR.

    “We’re getting things done, sure, shell,” Barry said. “We got big funds for that terrorist thing and already they’ve forgotten all about Bergdahl. Got the pipelines money. And I think we got some Iranian money coming in for a little bit of Iraq action. Val got that....she tells me lots of bucks.”

    “wait till you hear about this immigration solution. It’s genius.”

    Barry shifted his upper torso at these words from Michelle. The immigration money is out there but there was yet any funds coming in cause the capitalist cronies want cheap labor in exchange for big bucks.”

    “Well it better be good, Shell, cause I got a call yesterday from a big wig at the World Bank upping the price another ten million. Hell we even got Boehner and McCaonnell on line with us , only took an offer of a million bucks into selected campaign coffers.”

    Both Obamas closed mouths as VALJAR again entered the room. She turned right around and walked back out. Michelle Obama leaned over to her husband. “They’re going to arrange an influx of thousands, maybe in the millions, of young kids from Ecuador, Honduras. Barry, it’s brilliant PR!”

    Barry sat and pondered this idea. His team did do a good job of not only figuring out ways around the law-for that they also needed Holder- but the clever spin on it. He admired them, he sure did, but a bunch of kids suddenly appear at the border?

    “Come on, Barry. The American public will like it! What’s a better story than a young child fleeing oppression and gang balance to make their unchaperoned way to the shores of America. We got Mexico in on it-cost us a bundle- lot of work getting this all set up.”

    President Obama sat and pondered this plan. VALJAR again entered the room. Barry let out a slight smile.

    The American public would love this story, Barry thought, leaning back to hear VALJAR’s version of things.

    President Obama didn’t count on the fact that the very public whose hospitals are filled, cars are wrecked by uninsured, schools are filled by non-English speaking students....


    Just a little fiction ran through my head last night and thought I’d share.