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  • Russia funded Facebook and Twitter investments through Kushner associate

    11/05/2017 12:33:26 PM PST · 13 of 24
    dalight to Skywise

    I just wondering if they invested in McDonalds or Amazon or CNN? Gees... quick don’t look at that smoking pile of dung in the Democrat party.. someone invested in FaceBook and Twitter.. “OH THE HUMANITY!!!”

  • A New Report Raises Big Questions About Last Year’s DNC Hack

    08/10/2017 8:58:51 AM PDT · 14 of 45
    dalight to rjsimmon
    One nit to pick. Transfer rate is in bits per second (bps) vice bytes per second.

    Megabytes per second is correct in this situation. Normally when you buy Internet speed it is calculated in bps or kbps but as speeds have increased it is now being discussed in Mbps. However, you will note that your computer reports speeds in MBytes per second. Thus a 5Mbps connection only yields 625K Bytes per sec. A 22.7 MBps connection would be 180Mbps (megabits) and generally you can't buy more than a 100Mbps Fiberoptics connection unless you are in the NOC.

  • Natalia Veselnitskaya a Democrat plant?

    07/12/2017 5:59:08 PM PDT · 50 of 81
    dalight to HarleyLady27

    Interesting article that lays this out very well.. and it is stunning. MUST READ.

    Curiousor and Curiousor – Natalia Veselnitskaya Pictured With Obama Officals in DC on June 14th, 2016…

    Shows John Kerry meeting with the Father-in-Law of Emin Agalorov in May 2016. How Veselnitskaya visa hearing was the same day as this meeting and her parole was spirited along by Preet Bharara (fired by Trump) and Obama’s ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul who is also Veselnitskaya’s friend. mmmmm....

  • Scientists solve 400-year-old mystery of Prince Rupert's drops

    05/09/2017 1:33:41 PM PDT · 41 of 44
    dalight to Ancesthntr

    Many of the properties of Prince Rupert’s drop are due to unique properties of glass that are not shared by lead or tungsten. Rather, the lead would yield and release the stored compressive forces due to the shape and cooling that occur in this glass. Lead will still be lead and tungsten will still be tungsten. Glass is significantly stronger than steel or titanium. The theoretical limit for glass 2.6 million psi! But in common situations the normal tensile strength is set at 10,000 psi. Much much less. This is because glass is brittle. The smoother the surface the more stress it can take.

  • Scientists solve 400-year-old mystery of Prince Rupert's drops

    05/09/2017 1:19:04 PM PDT · 35 of 44
    dalight to Red Badger

    This just gets at the ridiculousness of Metric measures.

    The metric unit for force is a Pascal. This is a stunningly small amount of force. One Newton per Square Meter. So, one atmosphere of pressure which for most people is not a very familiar measure (kind of like a furlong per fortnight) is equal to 101,000 Pascals. This is why Mega-Pascals are used for many situations needing to be described in the “real world” however, this unit kind of sucks for that purpose too.. because 1 Megapascal = approx. 145 psi. So your normal water pressure in your pipes should be 80 psi or less. That is .5517 Megapascals. Arrg. Or 552 Kilopascals. Argg again. The concept was to avoid conversion constants in basic units.. but this is a hopeless idea. What you get is a series of wrong sized units that are not practical for human usage. So you still end up multiplying and dividing and applying many more conversions.

    Science designed by a committee and enforced by the mouth of a gun. One wonders if the whole global warming hoax would have been possible without the forced introduction of Metric units to make people unable to estimate anything but the most basic units in their heads. When we get to beams and strength of materials this issue makes the most brilliant scientist liable to huge errors due to slipped decimal places.

    To get a quick idea of this problem.. it would seem that 8 chicken feathers would produce about 1 pascal of force on sensitive enough scale. But, this might be in error.. because these calculations need to be worked at e-5 scales. A chicken feather is 0.0082 grams approx. So, a 9.8 Meters per second squared conversion might be needed to convert grams into newtons. Fun. Yes. this was designed by the French to be easier. SO my question is 0.8 chicken feathers? 8 chicken feathers or 80 equal to one pascal?

  • Why Is General Mattis Nominating the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’s Stooge’?

    03/09/2017 1:53:04 PM PST · 1 of 20
    This is mystifying except we have seen several other Trump appointees keeping Obama hold-overs of the worst sort. This nomination should be withdrawn on general principles of OMG.. what a mess this person created in Egypt!!! Why would we want more of that?
  • Platform of Wednesday’s International Women’s Strike Calls for ‘Decolonization of Palestine’

    03/07/2017 9:23:09 PM PST · 1 of 56
    The companies that are supporting this need to be informed. This isn't a feel good virtue signaling moment. Seriously, these people are enemies of America.
  • 13 out-of-office replies to use when joining the Women's Strike

    03/07/2017 9:14:02 PM PST · 77 of 81
    dalight to 2ndDivisionVet

    That would be good news, I will check another tomorrow. These people are idiots.

    Why would they want to get into bed with these people:

    “Platform of the Women’s Strike calls for Decolonization of Israel.”

  • 13 out-of-office replies to use when joining the Women's Strike

    03/07/2017 4:35:12 PM PST · 34 of 81
    dalight to 2ndDivisionVet

    Just walked out of a Panda Express that had a sign on its door that they will be closing on the 8th for the Strike. I told the guy running the place my strike (against Panda Express) won’t be ending for years. I hope he is happy. But, frankly, this should be the fate of any business who decides to mix politics with my meal.

  • Breitbart employees threaten exit over Yiannopoulos

    02/20/2017 5:52:27 PM PST · 49 of 126
    dalight to Secret Agent Man

    The sad thing about this is that these folks just discovered the Milo was a homosexual. He is telling a truth about his life and this conflicts with the “Will & Grace” lies that Hollywood spins out. Breitbart loved this guy when he was causing the “right” sort of trouble, but now all of the sudden they have to deal with the reality of a human being. Milo is telling a deep truth about the connection between older men and boys in the homosexual community. And, frankly we are on the path for this crap to be legalized, because no one is willing to deal with this honestly. It is just part of the homosexual - sexualization process. And, our society has completely stuck its head in the ground about this, and the result is that when someone dares to utter the truth, “Off with their head.” Well, thats the way it goes.

    The world of PC realities verses real realities. This sucks for Milo because in point of fact, he has been betrayed for being himself. Now, it was “unwise” to the extreme saying what he said, but this is the very thing that Breitbart put him forward to do. “Just say anything.”

    This is an Alinsky attack, and for that reason alone Breitbart has to retain him. Then they have to deal with the fact they have been fronting him. This is done by dealing openly with how each new generation of homosexuals comes into being. It isn’t “born that way.” That is a huge lie and people keep it up by trashing the guys like Milo who actually start explaining how they got to where they are.

    It isn’t going to be pretty. It isn’t pretty. But, thats how we got here in a society that has no clue what truth even looks like. Making ugly things pretty enough for folks to forget that they are ugly. If those folks want to walk out.. I guess they need to go. Milo will have to do his own soul searching, but in the end, this dose of reality might be the very best thing for him. A chance to step back and reconsider some things, and perhaps make some better choices.

    I pray for his soul. Milo has to be told, and acknowledge that “no, this isn’t a good idea.” And, then he needs to share his story and come to grips with the world that lied to him. Then he can talk about the LAWS that prevent him from seeking any assistance and prevent any provider of assistance from helping him with dealing with the trauma he has started to share. These are hideous times.

  • Pro-Trump Singer Joy Villa Talks 'Overwhelming Support,' Hitting Top 10 Thanks to Grammys Dress

    02/17/2017 8:03:51 PM PST · 1 of 62
    Amazingly, Billboard writes a balanced article with actual reporting.
  • Carlson Takes On Radical Who Says ‘Milo A Fascist, Must Be Stopped By Any Means Necessary’

    02/14/2017 12:34:30 AM PST · 4 of 50
    dalight to 2ndDivisionVet

    Something she said just struck me as matching the face she was making..

    “You gotta nip it, in the bud!”

  • Mattis unhappy over travel ban, drafting list of names of military interpreters to be admitted

    01/31/2017 12:27:13 AM PST · 28 of 93
    dalight to 2ndDivisionVet

    This is why I called quits on Hot Air. Allahpundit is just unbearable. There are better sites out there.

  • The Genetics of Politics | Liberals vs. Conservatives

    01/22/2017 9:37:45 PM PST · 5 of 5
    dalight to tbw2

    This guy almost apologizes for his shadow, but among his weasel words, he manages to actually explain r/K in terms of human behavior without calling up ideas of Social Darwinism that you seem to be channeling.

    Do Fathers Matter: What Science is Telling Us About the Parent We’ve Overlooked.

    This guy is from the Left, but manages to cover all of the bases and put paid to the tropes of Feminist Dogma just the same.

    SF & NF types will exist as long as humanity and no.. they will not self-select out of the breeding pool because these are emergent or epigenetic aspects. Read the above book. It explains this in terms of the current science rather than the flawed version Molyneux (who is a good guy and fairly reliable) is sharing. SJW is a thought process not a biology. Its like saying people who are interested in Politics have this or that characteristic. The whole concept is lame. SJW is a product of the American School System and our current POP culture that rewards these behaviors.

  • The Genetics of Politics | Liberals vs. Conservatives

    01/22/2017 7:40:32 PM PST · 3 of 5
    dalight to tbw2

    If this was an issue of Genetics, then the trend we have seen would be hopeless. Fortunately, this theory especially as presented by Molyneux is about Epigenetics rather than Genetics as people commonly understand this. Nevertheless, even if this was the case, then the trend to “Socialism” would be baked into the population as a response to the events of the previous generation, rather than any education or information that either side might support. This is clearly flawed.

    r & K are reproductive strategies based on animal behavior rather than human behavior. The instinctual basis for this tie indeed exists, but how we interpret and act upon these urges is not fixed. Nevertheless, a better match can be found by fitting “Progressive” vs “Conservative” politics in Myers-Briggs T vs. F - Thinking vs. Feeling type which has been noted frequently when describing how “Progressives” vs. “Conservatives” interpret information. There is some cross-over between “r” vs. “K” and MBTI “T” vs “F” and there is evidence that MBTI primary function preference is Epigenetically or Birth environment determined because this basic preference is essentially fixed and develops within the first year of life.

    However, we are not confined to the limits imposed by MBTI or r/K or any of these models which are about bias and preference. Humans are unchained by the shackles of pure instinct by their amazing ability to operate in worlds of ideas and concepts. Tom Wolfe passionately argues that Darwin got it wrong in his argument that Mankind evolved from Apes. He isn’t arguing that Homo Erectus didn’t, but that Mankind is something that is a different class of animal that evolution cannot explain, but rather contradicts. Instead, Mankind developed and has been shaped by the emergence of Language itself.

    The Kingdom of Speech - Tom Wolfe

  • Explosion Injures Six at Ohio’s Stuart Station

    01/13/2017 9:26:13 AM PST · 46 of 50
    dalight to Little Bill

    This unit is controlled by a huge analog computer that about half the size of a basketball court. It is possible to cook the secondary superheater or the high temperature reheater section which will get you popped boiler tubes.

    But, when it comes down to it.. start-up is very different from operation in these units. But, I never actually had any training on this just the same so I don’t have a clue about the tricks or the challenges.

  • Explosion Injures Six at Ohio’s Stuart Station

    01/13/2017 8:25:46 AM PST · 44 of 50
    dalight to VTenigma

    Vtengma wrote: “That will probably work out as well as New England buying from Hydro Quebec, $.38 a Kwh. National average is $.09”

    Ouch! Yes, this was Obama’s plan.

  • Explosion Injures Six at Ohio’s Stuart Station

    01/13/2017 8:24:05 AM PST · 43 of 50
    dalight to Ruy Dias de Bivar

    It could be called once through but it definitely has a Reheat Stage. Super Critical Boilers just jam the water in on one end and it comes out as steam on the other. Older types have steam separating headers that recycle hot water through the Boiler section. After this the steam is superheated and sent to the Turbine. This is all about funny properties called Enthalpy and Entropy and how energy can be ripped out of the heat imparted in the steam.

    In a Supercitical unit, the water is actually pushed into the unit at 4500psi.. and by the time it gets to the Turbine simple hydraulic resistance decreases the pressure to 3600psi. The water never really flashes to steam, hence supercritical, and instead it just gets hotter. It goes through the water walls to contain the fireball of the furnace, then through the economizer to pick up heat from the last gases leaving the furnace, then through the primary superheater, then the secondary superheater then down to the Turbine.

    Steam leaving the turbine is fed back up the the Reheater and then back down to the Turbine one more time and then into the Condenser where it is cooled to near room temperature by the cooling system which creates a vacuum. If you ever heated a gas can with water in the bottom and screwed the lid on, you can see what this does.. schlooop! The suction pulls that last steam across the biggest low pressure turbine blades before it gets cooled. This wrings that last tiny bit of energy out of the steam.

  • Explosion Injures Six at Ohio’s Stuart Station

    01/13/2017 7:38:42 AM PST · 35 of 50
    dalight to Foundahardheadedwoman

    This wasn’t a coal explosion, at least not likely. That would have blown out the back of the plant where the coal grinding equipment is. It is right below the boiler and the coal pipes go up outside of the part of the plant where all of the damage is.

    The damage is in an area below the main turbine floor called the mezzanine. Lots of pipes and stuff there but not really much machinery. There are high pressure feedwater heaters in this zone but they run cooler than the main steam and reheat steam lines or the turbine.

    But, lots of things could be the cause, just not coal.. this is the least likely.

  • Explosion Injures Six at Ohio’s Stuart Station

    01/13/2017 7:30:43 AM PST · 32 of 50
    dalight to Haiku Guy

    No, this is not at all suspicious. But, oddly, this event could prove devastating politically. Funny how that sort of thing is. This plant was already in trouble, facing being closed due to Obama’s promise to make the cost of Electric energy go up. This might be the nail that closes this plant permanently and almost a year early.

    The impact of this on Ohio Congressional District #2 - Brad Wenstrup could be enormous. This is part of why Obama targeted these units along the Ohio River for closure. This is where all of those “bitter clingers” live. Stuart and Killen Station are about 1000 direct jobs in the two poorest Ohio Counties. There are about 2000 indirect jobs in Southern Ohio dependent on these Units and perhaps another 500-1000 Coal mining jobs as well.

    Brown and Adams Counties are Purple not Red. Ohio 2nd for the moment is dominated by Clermont Country which is still BLOOD RED. But, Ohio 2nd also has a large number of voters in Hamilton County who are splitting 50/50 but trending blue. If Brown and Adams go Blue.. Ohio 2nd will flip. And, as this tragedy was designed to blow up in Wenstrup’s face, regardless of the explosion, this is now almost baked into the cards. Someone better wake up.