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  • Why Jewish Americans vote Democratic

    10/08/2013 10:59:42 AM PDT · 134 of 134
    dalight to Zionist Conspirator
    D: I believe Reform Judaism is a necessary step

    ZC: Right there's your problem.


    You are not accepting reality. Not the reality that people are lazy, or the reality that the Orthodox tradition is actually a fairly successful model for an extremely limited sized group.

    Rather, Orthodox Judaism has extreme scaling problems. Scaling problems are the same sorts of problems the ObamaCare people are whining about right now.

    For example, the Sabbath of the Land. This is always deeply unworkable except as practiced by a "sub-set" of the people. This is why it continually gets rejected once it is scaled up. It has the same error as HMO's that depend on being applied to a minority; and when the majority tries to implement the rule, whole sets of negative consequences are revealed .

    However, the Sabbath of the Land is an absolute and necessary practice. Neglecting it leads to depletion and dissipation of the soil, eventually to the creation of barren dead dustbowl conditions.

    How to square this circle? Rotation. This is what every US farmer knows. Crop rotation plus fallow years. If you ask Priests to choose who will stand fallow each year, you get the results of any bureaucracy, corruption and mismanagement. However, individuals guided by conscience and economics would coordinate this cycle without intervention through the market mechanism.

    Orthodox Judaism depends on the Shabbos Goy, the rule breaker that allows the Jew to keep his rules. This is wrong on so many levels. Judaism going forward must be able to sustain all humans so that God's promise to Abraham can finally be realized.

    Orthodox Judaism failed the vast majority of Jews in the 1800's and 1900's. The problems aren't corrected in any variant of modern Orthodox Judaism, so you get "more of the same." Reform Judaism went off of its own rails because of its unwillingness and inability to see the path forward once they stepped off of the glorious path of established Rabbinic Judaism that came before it. Yet even this has been provided for us, the Oral Torah..needs to be revisited.

    The argument against this is just the same as that that restrains Americans from doing a new "Constitutional Convention." Why? Because, today politicians are just no match in our eyes for the people who wrote the original and we fear the outcome of letting the silly people who have borrowed 16 Trillion dollars in the name of our children to rewrite that last mooring post to sanity.

    Yet, with the Oral Torah, this is what we must do. It isn't easy. But, it hasn't been for any previous generation so far, either.

  • Why Jewish Americans vote Democratic

    10/08/2013 5:12:28 AM PDT · 132 of 134
    dalight to Zionist Conspirator
    In other words, if you separate the Written Torah from the Oral Torah, you've left the ball park.

    There have been folks questioning the veracity of the Oral Torah since the time of Hillel and Shammai. The Karaites attempted to live without implementing instructions that Oral Torah provides and this is a bit of a blind alley.

    Mixed into Oral Torah is a mishmash of all sorts of data of excellent to extremely dubious quality.

    However, the other guidance of Oral Torah is that it is not supposed to be written. Ooops. The concept with this is that it must change with the time to assist Jews to accomplish the keeping of the Commandments in their own time and in the context of their own lives. As the Jerusalem and Babylonian Talmud are fixed in the pre-dark ages.. its not a huge surprise that some bits now are pretty badly misfitting our understanding of our current "reality."

    However, a dispassionate review of these materials also yields that the vast majority of this material is amazing, and shockingly relevant. The Reform movement pretty much have rejected the Talmud then reconnected in a "pick and choose" sort of stance, but unfortunately the "Progressive" or "Pragmatic" stance requires a "objectively identifiable and incontrovertibly acceptable" end point goal or standard. The movement right now is like a ship without a destination so shock.. the Socialists moved in with their "Socialist Utopia" as a substitute for the Messianic promise that provided a sense of direction for Jews since the Tannaim.

    Shockingly, I reject the Messianic idol as this confuses the mind just the same as any other idol. However, the most important debate I ever joined in was with a Chassidic Rabbi who is the head of our local Yeshiva on this very topic. Deut. 17:15 vs. Samuel 8:7-8. I was attempting to accept the Rabbi's position as a true position and then trying to find how it could be a true position because I also deeply accept that the same author's hand is on both of these texts.. how could this inconsistency be resolved? The answer is that the Messianic hope provides the same sort of unifying power that a King provides as a leader allowing people to rise above their own petty problems and work toward a common and righteous future. However, a deeper understanding requires us to ultimately reject kings because as Jews there is only God and God is quite sufficient.

    These two seem in conflict but instead, these are different levels of experience. Temporal leaders are a blessing, we look to leaders to help us coordinate our efforts and these leaders must be worthy of our affection and acceptance. But, as humans, any leader will be flawed. The hope of an "ultimate" leader who is flawless is helpful to those who cannot deal with the "nothing" nature of God.

    I believe Reform Judaism is a necessary step to allow Jews to bridge the gap from the Messianic expectation to being able to directly focus on Loving God. Unfortunately, unmooring from this central goal to connect as a greater community, not just selected scholars, to an "adult" relationship (not that kind) with God is not easy and it seems like lots of wondering around in the darkness is part of the deal.

  • Why Jewish Americans vote Democratic

    10/08/2013 4:11:10 AM PDT · 129 of 134
    dalight to ExTexasRedhead
    Not all Jews are Liberal! Many Jews here on FR. BTW, Notre Dame had the leading proponent of abortion, OBayMe, speak so Catholics have their Liberals as well.

    Not to be sarcastic, but if you click the name of the poster you can see the date when they initially signed up to post on FR. I lurked for a couple of years before beginning to post. But, you will see my date is right in the middle of the RatherGate explosion... Almost a decade ago... enough time to notice that there are other Jews here. Or perhaps you count me as incredibly dense. (A matter that several folks will insist is actually quite correct.)

    However, not many open Reform Jews as they get it from both sides.. as the Orthodox here have a very low opinion of Reform Jews.. and with some good reason in General but Generalizations are always distortions of reality when you accept them as anything more than an approximation.

    In General Jews in the Reform movement are politically clueless and have been systematically deceived. This deception is maintained and managed by group conformity pressures and it will take time to unwind this if it is possible. I often find myself defending the Reform movement here even as I shake my head in wonder as they frustrate me so just the same.

  • Why Jewish Americans vote Democratic

    10/08/2013 3:52:27 AM PDT · 128 of 134
    dalight to Netz
    There are quite a few closet Conservatives because they're scared of being called a Barry Goldwater intolerant boob which is unfair and inaccurate.

    About 23% of Reform Jews are conservatives. And, no they aren't scared of being called Barry Goldwater unless they are over 70 or so.. lol. Gees. No, it is a case of liberal intolerance making it unsafe to say anything they don't like. Its just that simple. One way street if you let it, no way street when you throw a flag. This is what it is like around me.. folks avoid political comments because they know that both sides will have their say and that isn't acceptable. I found that when I insist on balance, balance occurs.. but with a price.. as folks like me are "called" divisive and that comes consequences. Most folks find those consequences to be unbearable. I just ask God to help keep me going the right way.. and I try not to mess as much this year... as I did last.

  • Why Jewish Americans vote Democratic

    10/05/2013 11:54:29 PM PDT · 122 of 134
    dalight to Netz
    It is not easy swimming against the grain, never has been. Keep being a trailblazer at your synagogue. Of course they’ll look down on you but then again, when events turn out as you predicted they will be silent and look down at their shoes.

    One day two years ago or so, I decided not to continue attending our "study group" sessions. I found out that all of the "closet" conservatives quit attending without me being there to make the room safe. So, I returned.

    However, silence on the part of conservative bashing, is not the same as welcoming anything that is anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, or anti-global warming... these "orthodoxies" have been messaged in as group values and it is not possible to begin to untwist the web of half-truths that sustain this silliness.

  • Why Jewish Americans vote Democratic

    10/05/2013 10:12:26 PM PDT · 120 of 134
    dalight to Zionist Conspirator
    Torah was written entirely by G-d, 974 generations before the Creation.

    I find myself insanely wanting to take another bite out of this.

    You can make this argument, and it is actually great teaching.

    The horrible teachings are the ones that are being espoused by Scientism. (The worship of science) And its traveling companions, the most unsavory and nightmarish of these is Atheism. Atheists espouse to believe in nothing. And, nothing is the one unique thing that this entire universe will not permit; and further one could argue this is true beyond this and any multiverse and any imaginable unlimited context that be speculated by the mind of man.

    Rather, Atheists are shrinking violets and timid against the challenge of accepting the true majesty of our existence and our relationship to all else that isn't our own mind. I argue that the reason we as Jews eschew idolatry is that it blinds the eyes from coming to terms with God as "Not a thing." God is outside of our ability to sense, measure, or perceive with our physical senses. Yet, we can perceive God at every moment through our connection to him via our soul, which is also "not a thing" but rather a connection that is of God's level of existence and thus outside of our ability to comprehend anymore than a "flat-lander" can comprehend a cube. Kabbalistic study and teaching tries to scratch at this insight, but as you dig deeper, we find that this "nothing nature" is Gods most important aspect.

    We are commanded to LOVE God, not because God is an affection junkie, but rather because this is a huge honking arrow on how to actually connect with God. How to realize Gods blessings and how to reflect these blessings on each life no matter how great or small that we touch. This occurs because of our very inability to focus on God as an image, concept, being, or anything of substance or location.

    Rather, this love is real, and as such manifest in our current moment and reality and it has no outlet or direction except for the focus of attention of the individual who gives his heart and soul and very life to God. So instead, that love is focused on God's creation and the lives and misery of those around us. And, we are called to act. Torah has been given to us to help us choose to act in ways that assure that the consequences of our actions will not just create new evil.

  • Why Jewish Americans vote Democratic

    10/05/2013 9:19:38 PM PDT · 119 of 134
    dalight to Zionist Conspirator
    The Torah doesn't come from clay tablets, nor does it have multiple sources of any kind. According to Tradition the Torah was written entirely by G-d, 974 generations before the Creation.

    This fact was conveniently left out of the Torah itself and this is an external teaching. (As you say Tradition) But, ultimately, such reckonings are meaningless and frankly destructive aim to opening the minds of the current swarms of humanity.

    Maimonides and my Great Great Great... G'father aside.. I would argue, be careful not to worship Torah for this is also a form of idolatry. And, as they say, you are welcome to your own and many agreeing opinions, but even an overwhelming consensus doesn't make non-sense into a fact. Ask the Global Warming crowd.

    Fortunately for Torah, the document bears the level of distortion you wish to apply to it and rewards those who use this to assist them in accepting it. So, good for you. If this satisfies you, good enough.

    But, for me, I know the crisis we are navigating is entirely created because this explanation was blown up as misleading, manipulative and indistinguishable from any other explanation made up out of whole cloth.

    We both know though, that often, parables and explanations that bright minds share with those trying to learn are indeed blessings. So, there is no fault that attaches necessarily in such teachings, except when they are false on their face to the person hearing them. Then such explanations destroy the credibility of the teacher and thus the value of the lesson.

    Nevertheless, the real problem is that this line of teaching has been tried and lost 70-80% of the worlds Jews to every manner of distraction. You can argue that perhaps these folks are best completely lost. I would argue this is a distinct possibility but not what Abraham would have probably wanted if you could ask him today.

    I would argue that God is perfect and Torah is a blessing, because the hands of man are too obvious on the pages of Torah. Nevertheless, I also argue that God shapes and fashions this world and all that is in it with the hands of man, as well as, older ways. So a deeper thinker would say, every letter of the Torah was created by God and this would not at all be an untruth.

  • Why Jewish Americans vote Democratic

    10/05/2013 8:43:27 PM PDT · 117 of 134
    dalight to justiceseeker93; ml/nj; ExTexasRedhead; MadMax, the Grinning Reaper; Netz; Daveinyork; ...
    A lot of it is brainwashing and mythology passed down through the generations, starting with immigrants from pre-Soviet Eastern Europe from whom the majority of today's American Jews are descended.

    The answer to this is context. In some contexts, Jews are wildly open minded. In others, Political Correct thinking forms an implacable group norm. I belong to a "Liberal" congregation and my presence is like a huge wet blanket because I will "reproach" when people make statements that I believe are unfair even at the cost of my own acceptance. I am just tolerated because of this and not eligible for any leadership position or position of authority. It is a price if you see it as that. But, we see this same system in the Universities of America.. Conservative voices are tolerated at best and completely excluded if they cause "too much" pain.

    This is not necessarily what you could call brain washing but the techniques are definitely those of the commissars and these people are concentrated primarily in the secular and leftist (Reform, Humanist and elements of the Modern Orthodox communities) but the "theoretical" work to understand how the tactics of just a few well placed "minders" or operatives can move a whole community even against their own interests have just been recently exposed as part of the growing body of knowledge called "Crowd Sourcing."

    Though I don't expect many folks to get this, the best summary the power of "Political Correct" speech codes and the creation of "group norms" that are enforced by group members is available here:

    Dunbar, Altruistic Punishment, and Meta-Moderation

    Every Tea Party Member, Every Pro-Lifer and any real "Human Rights activist" needs to understand this process, and especially the leaders need to get their heads around this data.

    This is how the Black community, Jewish Community, and many others are continuously played into rejecting all messages of the reality of their situation vs. the fantasy that their "appointed" leaders are spinning. Margaret Sanger and bunch understood with without the graphs and such. They knew if you got Black Ministers and Rabbis to accept abortion as a "positive" good then their congregations would happily create their own "gas chambers" and kill their very own children so that in just a few generations, these unwanted people would be wiped from the face of this earth.

  • Why Jewish Americans vote Democratic

    10/05/2013 8:19:01 PM PDT · 116 of 134
    dalight to Zionist Conspirator
    "Higher criticism" was actually intended by its pioneers to be a vindication of chrstianity by showing that the Torah was (has veshalom!) a "Pharasaic" imposture written later than the Prophets, and that chrstianity was a "restoration" of this alleged original, "pure," pre-Torah form of "prophetic Judaism."

    All this has been forgotten today. Now higher criticism is considered a nefarious plot against chrstianity, and most people don't even know the traditional Jewish teaching that every single letter of the Torah comes directly from G-d (in fact it is forbidden to reject a single letter of the Torah). This is now actually considered a "chrstian" concept (Protestant, to be precise) and most people think Jews don't have a dog in that fight.

    Well put..

    I honestly am one who welcomes the additional data exposed by this source theory. But, I am also someone who believes that this text is one of the best preserved and keenly one of the most if not the most reliable history of all available texts in this world.

    Just as in the "Christian" Bible, these sources when viewed in an accepting rather than rejecting context are complementary "witness" statements. Just as the exposition of the four disciples have deep contradictions, this is the nature of true witness statements rather than colluded fabrications that fear rather than proclaim and value truth. The two histories preserved into our modern five Books of Moses have been identified as stitching together of the records kept by the Northern Kingdom and the Southern Kingdom. Rather than omit a single word, the "Redactor" just folded these together side by side because no word was more replaceable or sacred and this was just passed to us as our inheritance. Both of the accounts agree on matters of substance but also vary in focus and nature of the text and narrative.

    For some reason, I don't understand, people just look at these texts and their dating and say.. well these are too new. But, they know darn well, that the old records were on clay tablets and not sheep skin. Thus when the first Temple was destroyed, this old text and all of the lost books referred to in the transcriptions of this text were lost. Why is that such a mystery? For the people of that time it was a misery, but what can be done?

    Archeology is slowly unearthing what support that is possible considering that there are people who want any evidence destroyed. They depend on people rejecting God so that they might continue to reap the wealth and power they achieve by the enslavement of people who don't understand that faith is the foundation of freedom.

    The Bible as a whole is an amazing document. Like a fractal image, changing yet staying the same, bringing meaning in ways that people of all of the hundreds of generations from the time of Abraham could use in their own time. Abraham's relationship and understanding of God is just as hard to pass on today as it was in his time. But, he didn't have this wondrous text and the work of the brightest minds of every generation after to help him pass this to Isaac. We are infinitely blessed and this document is so much more than what a single human could accomplish, and a message aimed at the hearts of each living soul in each generation, and someone dares to claim that God couldn't accomplish this?

    People who think this small only consider the pebbles in front of them and think they are the entirety of the wonders of this universe.

  • Why Jewish Americans vote Democratic

    10/03/2013 6:49:24 PM PDT · 65 of 134
    dalight to justiceseeker93

    Well, I’ll wade into it. My best answer is “Group Think.” Its like asking why Blacks in America consistently vote Democrat when they are being really systematically exterminated by those same people? Its hard to explain but it comes in the form of peer group pressure, the impossibility of having a civil conversation, and the almost unified reliance on MSM and NPR for news. You get lots of people systematically mislead that you just can’t set straight. Does that make any sense?

    I live this every day, greeting, loving and being with Liberals who you just can’t tell the truth or you will be hounded and ostracized. I never quite understood this until I started studying Crowdsourcing. And it turns out.. groups are maintained by “conformity police.” The left has infiltrated the Jewish community and the further they from Orthodox the easier it is to get them to buy into the lies that these people are spreading. This is because of guilt. Jews who are at all religious and not orthodox feel a sense of guilt about not keeping to the law. Even when what has been settled by the Rabbi’s of 1400 - 1800 years ago is just non-functional in 2013...

    Talmud is a blessing and a curse. The oral law was never to be recorded and then it was. The oral law is the “How-to” implementing code for following the Commandments in Torah. IF this how-to mismatches reality, you get craziness. If you suspend the how-to by refusing any how-to you get what happened to the Karaites who just tried to follow the law as it is written and ended up sitting in the cold and the dark every Saturday among other problems. There is still a community of Jews who hold to this though as they are deeply suspicious of the Rabbis who wrote the Talmud.

    Opposite of the Karaites is the Conservative/Reform/Liberal Judaism movements. These movements represent the still religious (non-secular) Jewish community and they rejected Talmud almost whole cloth in the 1800’s and the Conservative and Reform movements have slowly been walking back.

    You have to put this in context. In the early 1800’s a theory called Higher Criticism was formed that showed pretty definitively that 4 distinct sources could be teased out of the text of the first 5 books of the Bible (Torah). This was kind of meant to hurt the Jewish community and it destroyed it in many ways.. but it has come to bite the Christian community just as hard. This co-incided with the age of the “Enlightenment” where “Scientism” started replacing faith in God as the ultimate source of truth and value for the elite and the educated.

    We saw the rise of Spinoza’s rejection of God and the variations of Atheism and the rise of “faux” Judaism in the form of Communism. Communism replaces God with Mankind as a community and substitutes the achievement of a perfect society of the “proletariat” for the Messianic age. Much of philosophy and science have been bent toward this goal, regardless of whether the people working this call themselves Communists or not. At the front end, these social minded reformers made the lives of the beneficiaries of their programs lives better but just as we see, ultimately, Communism is implemented by tyrants who think they know better than the masses and end up deciding to kill anyone who opposes them and that gets to be one pile of people as their suffering grows. And, in spite of what ever they call this faith, Progressivism, Liberalism, Socialism, Environmentalism it keeps gaining believers and delivering misery for humans.

    But, this is the issue with “faux.” or fake. Because the Bible teaches these lessons too, being kind to the stranger, providing for the sick and the needy, making sure they are treated with dignity and the same as any other person. So, certain individuals have attached themselves to the religious community and overlaid the goals of Communism/Socialism with the Biblical messages from Torah and by insisting that God is just a “concept” are able to walk away from the moral clarity of actually believing in God. They instead substitute working for “Social Justice” which isn’t at all what Torah teaches about Justice, and “Tikkun Olam” repairing the word, when they don’t have a clue just exactly what that means except, more social justice which translates into supporting the leader’s schemes to create a socialist utopia.

    SO, as a group, Jews in America except for some of the Orthodox are deeply misled and working against their own interests and no one can tell them different. But, doesn’t that describe about 50% of all Americans?????

  • Tea Party Primary Challenger for John Boehner's Website

    10/02/2013 2:59:02 PM PDT · 1 of 2
    I found this posted in my tread on Tea Partier Announces Primary Challenge to John Boehner published at Human Events and some folks might want to donate.

    10/02/2013 2:50:22 PM PDT · 45 of 50
    dalight to jdwinteregg

    Well, you are more than welcome! Sounds like Glenn Beck got 100% behind you today. (not by name) Its going to be interesting.


    10/02/2013 10:48:04 AM PDT · 30 of 50
    dalight to unixfox

    Doc Thompson interviews this guy extensively and this is linked in the article. He is bright, committed, and willing to stand up and fight.

    I know he is active in the Cincinnati Tea Party and the Fredrick Douglass Republican movement.

    What I don’t know is a link to his Campaign page. I will reach out and see if this is available yet. He just announced September 30th.


    10/02/2013 9:46:46 AM PDT · 5 of 50
    dalight to lancium
    From the article:
    Despite the long odds, a Sept. 4 Human Events/Gravis poll of Republican voters in Boehner’s district showed that 50 percent would welcome a primary challenge to the Speaker.

    10/02/2013 9:41:56 AM PDT · 1 of 50
    JD Winteregg is a serious candidate. Listen to interview with Doc Thompson on Morning Blaze. OH-8 is ready and open to a Primary Challenge, if for nothing else, to wake up Boehner to the fact that he has a home district.

    09/06/2013 1:51:09 PM PDT · 41 of 62
    dalight to RS_Rider

    “Why don’t they try recalling him NOW?”

    This is the difference between a “generic” challenger and a real challenger. You have to have a candidate to run against him. In Ohio 2 we have had stacks of good candidates.. but Ohio 8 is missing any real alternative contender. This has been the problem for 3 cycles. Ultimately, the Tea Party farm teams will provide these candidates but it takes time to lift folks from the Minor Leagues to the Big Show.. folks don’t get that.

  • Washington Post Hits Ted Cruz With 12 'Birther' Stories In Two Days

    08/21/2013 8:53:44 AM PDT · 21 of 319
    dalight to Lakeshark

    Look at it this way, he certainly meets the Barack Obama test. I met his dad and that man is an American. However, think another word. “STANDING.” Finally, someone has it. Now, let a Republican primary challenge his qualifications and then get a court to define “Natural Born American” once and for all. That might be the most interesting outcome..

  • Video uploaded before Explosion in Waco Texas shows DHS trucks Setting Up - Weird.

    04/21/2013 12:46:22 PM PDT · 28 of 51
    dalight to Wiggins

    Thats how it starts.. about half of it.. then he goes for a walk.. this is doing the viral thing.. I suppose.. I am liking the Waco Anniversary theory.. but hating that they didn’t use these trucks to actually do something to save lives..

  • Video uploaded before Explosion in Waco Texas shows DHS trucks Setting Up - Weird.

    04/21/2013 12:44:02 PM PDT · 26 of 51
    dalight to txrefugee
    April 19th is the anniversary of the Clinton administration’s massacre of the Branch Dividians, which burned 84 people, including 24 children, alive. Perhaps DHS was anticipating some trouble in Waco on that day.

    Another great point.. could be that is what was up.. but it would be a terrible shame that they didn't keep track of what was happening in the surrounding area.. like a fire at a Fertilizer plant.. perhaps..

  • Video uploaded before Explosion in Waco Texas shows DHS trucks Setting Up - Weird.

    04/21/2013 12:37:38 PM PDT · 23 of 51
    dalight to pepperdog

    Yea.. whats that about.. all of these stories that DHS didn’t know there was Ammonium Nitrate at a Fertilizer plant?

  • Video uploaded before Explosion in Waco Texas shows DHS trucks Setting Up - Weird.

    04/21/2013 12:36:12 PM PDT · 22 of 51
    dalight to kingu
    Seems like a reasonable deployment given the unknown nature (and much speculated ‘Tax activist’) of the bombings in Boston and the April 19th anniversary of the deaths in Waco.

    I didn't check that.. Wanted to confirm the post was genuine so checked before and after to make sure he was from Waco really.. but didn't know anything more than this was a bit off.. and wondered what it means.. I looked and looked in coverage for when this Fire was called in and no luck.

    You explanation seems reasonable.. but these guys carry real "Communications" with them.. if this thing was called into 911 system.. and it was.. because Firefighters died on the scene.. in the explosion.. then given the threat.. (that you would have thought someone would have considered.. considering.. Fertilizer Plant..) Why were these guys sitting on their hands and not clearing West at least?

  • Video uploaded before Explosion in Waco Texas shows DHS trucks Setting Up - Weird.

    04/21/2013 12:06:00 PM PDT · 14 of 51
    dalight to Truth2012

    I have searched and searched reports and not found any mention of when this was called in.. which will come.. I guess.. but.. rather than conspiracy.. lets just talk about why if DHS was there.. weren’t they evacuating???? as the previous Nitrate explosion in Texas killed thousands..

    Lets get to the right story and if something even stupider shows up.. we will deal with that..

  • Video uploaded before Explosion in Waco Texas shows DHS trucks Setting Up - Weird.

    04/21/2013 12:03:08 PM PDT · 13 of 51
    dalight to Responsibility2nd

    Nope.. never heard it.. Was in Dallas last year for Glenn Beck thing.. I was struck by HOW HUGE everything is.. and HOW HOT it gets. Been to Waco years back.. too.. nice town..

    Do folks still pull off the road to let you pass?

  • Video uploaded before Explosion in Waco Texas shows DHS trucks Setting Up - Weird.

    04/21/2013 12:01:12 PM PDT · 11 of 51
    dalight to cripplecreek

    Cripple.. obviously, you are NOT big on checking your facts before opening your yap. I have been quiet around here for a while.. but there is a record to check.. and yet you didn’t. So, don’t be surprised if serious people don’t take you seriously..

  • Video uploaded before Explosion in Waco Texas shows DHS trucks Setting Up - Weird.

    04/21/2013 11:55:34 AM PDT · 7 of 51
    dalight to Responsibility2nd

    You know he used that same words.. “goobermint” , never heard that term before.

  • Video uploaded before Explosion in Waco Texas shows DHS trucks Setting Up - Weird.

    04/21/2013 11:54:18 AM PDT · 6 of 51
    dalight to Nifster

    Thats not true.. check the link.. UStream recorded the upload Tuesday at 6:58 PM.. thats as dated as you get.. its contemporaneous.. and in a stream of other non-conspiracy minded reports.. the guy is just doing his thing.. but its a data point. If you watch the thing.. he gets off of his feet and goes and shows you the trucks..

  • Video uploaded before Explosion in Waco Texas shows DHS trucks Setting Up - Weird.

    04/21/2013 11:52:02 AM PDT · 5 of 51
    dalight to cripplecreek

    Cripple, just weird... but yea... could come to that.. when was this thing called in to EMS? If it was that morning.. then this would make some sense.. but if you check the thread.. DHS is saying Ammonium Nitrate at the facility was a big surprise which is why Fire Teams were doing what they were doing... but if DHS knew to be there.. then why not evacuate?

    Why look for conspiracy when there is just plain huge incompetence to be found everywhere??

  • Video uploaded before Explosion in Waco Texas shows DHS trucks Setting Up - Weird.

    04/21/2013 11:43:10 AM PDT · 1 of 51
    This guy is definitely from Waco. Video blogging the response now.. silly videos like visiting local store before.. in his narrative he says he saw these trucks rolling in as he was getting home from work.. perhaps 5:30PM? What was the timing of the first EMS call from the West Fertilizer Plant?
  • Witnessing to Jews

    09/02/2012 11:32:27 PM PDT · 5 of 10
    dalight to Former Fetus
    This endeavor is a huge, and fruitless waste of time. Worse, as it is an attempt to pervert a relationship sanctified by God himself, it is one that carries consequence, as an evil act, and not one of salvation.

    However, any Christian who can "convert" any Jew is welcome to the attempt. As long as coercion or threat is not part of the attempt. Otherwise, we are each free to share what we feel is the good news of God's love.

    However, Jews who are properly educated are more likely to shake a Christian's faith than the other way around.. and thus, its is normally bad form to put someone in a position where they must not share their thoughts so as not to offend one who is genuinely reaching out in love.

    If all of the evil schemes of the past to force Jews into converting to this or that had been able to succeed, there would have been no Jews more than 2000 years ago. So, let go of this idea that animated the Inquisition and the Pogroms of the Czars.. it is unseemly.

  • Beck's Aug 24th Event in Jerusalem: Will any GOP candidates attend? should they?

    05/24/2011 11:23:43 AM PDT · 215 of 235
    dalight to greyfoxx39
    The Flying Inmans have done battle on FR against the religion of the Romneys, the Becks and now the Huntsmans for several years and faced opponents who have attempted to see us banned, and who have threatened FR with the loss of their donations if that did not succeed. We have been called Nazis, jihadists, arsonists, and of course your favorite, "bigots" innumerable times. This is nothing new to us.

    Good enough. I am familiar with these legal terms. I have been encouraged not to discuss the issue.

    This is the first time I have crossed the Flying Inmans, and you have clearly and cogently stated the chaos that follows you. I am now and will continue to be a supporter of this site. I like some of the things that I have seen you post, but on balance I don't care for the lot of you. If that gets me banned, then I will join that crowd.

  • Beck's Aug 24th Event in Jerusalem: Will any GOP candidates attend? should they?

    05/24/2011 11:03:45 AM PDT · 212 of 235
    dalight to Elsie
    Says the great arbiter of Maturity and Knowledge.

    Read the link. It is pretty ok. I can't agree 100% but it gets to the deeper issues that we face when confronting Islam.

    I believe ultimately, Islam has to come down in a gale of laughter, which it cannot withstand, as the Cartoon thing showed. But, it will take courage we haven't found yet.

    Attack Mormonism by attacking the tenets of the faith, which are a hard sell to anyone.

    Attack Romney through his record, but, just understand, the guy is going nowhere.. he stood up and made a horses tail out of himself trying to defend RomneyCare and it was the most impassioned defense of ObamaCare made yet.

    Newt fried himself in exactly the same way.. stick a fork in both of them.. they are done.. only the MSM believes they are relevant. I lost all interest in Newt when he supported Dede Scozzafava. But, his attack on Ryan, then support of the individual mandate woke everyone up. But, in the end, as much as he sucks (Romney).. I will take him over the guy in the Whitehouse.. but I won't like it.

    And frankly, If they all showed up in Israel on August 24th, I would be cool with it. After losing hope, I have secured the possibility of getting there.. but not on any of the expensive tours.. and not to any of the Christian events.. but, I loved the Restoring Honor Rally and I think this is important too..

    Some folks rightly wonder if attacking our President's policy from Foreign soil is acceptable for a Presidential Candidate.. I just happen to think the policy is such a horror that in this case it justifies it. Just as if some president in the future would propose destroying the Vatican, yea.. be there and say no.. seriously. I am sure lots of folks would say good riddance.. but for me.. I like the Pope. The institution is on balance a source of good and I will defend it, just the same way as I ran to Washington when the Dems were organizing to make Iraq into another Vietnam. And this, even though, we armed and trained the Iraqi's so that they are potentially the most formidable force in the Mid-East other than Israel. This may come back to haunt.

  • Beck's Aug 24th Event in Jerusalem: Will any GOP candidates attend? should they?

    05/24/2011 10:32:25 AM PDT · 192 of 235
    dalight to Godzilla
    Face it dalight - you singled out a freeper in an attempt to bully them into silence because they dare to expose romney’s mormonism and how it would influence any potential presidency. YOU sir mentioned mormonism FIRST. You sir mentioned romney FIRST. It is all in #17 and there is NO WAY nana was refering to either in post #12.

    Read my reply to Greyfox. You are all wet. My point is, was and will be, this thread isn't about Romney. It isn't about anything now.. except for silliness, but that's par for the course once a thread has been hijacked.

  • Beck's Aug 24th Event in Jerusalem: Will any GOP candidates attend? should they?

    05/24/2011 9:50:55 AM PDT · 186 of 235
    dalight to Admin Moderator
    2). And if you don't change your ways of mentioning "actionable" or "libelous" posts - it'll be you who won't be here.

    Noted. That is reasonable.

  • Beck's Aug 24th Event in Jerusalem: Will any GOP candidates attend? should they?

    05/24/2011 9:45:49 AM PDT · 185 of 235
    dalight to Godzilla; Admin Moderator; Jim Robinson; Tennessee Nana; Colofornian; ejonesie22; greyfoxx39
    Stop challenging his credentials you say

    Stop examining his character you say

    Find any quote in my entire history of FR where I say this about Romney, and I will Opus out today. Otherwise, stick to the facts. I know its challenging.

  • Beck's Aug 24th Event in Jerusalem: Will any GOP candidates attend? should they?

    05/24/2011 9:41:42 AM PDT · 183 of 235
    dalight to greyfoxx39; Colofornian; dalight; Elsie; FastCoyote; svcw; Zakeet; SkyPilot; rightazrain; ...
    In my years of posting on the RF, I doubt I have seen a more sanctimonious batch of posts that those posted by dalight who has consistently lectured others for bigotry while employing total bigotry in doing so.

    I have been mostly ignoring crap on this thread, and somehow this got cleared with clearing the old pings.

    Grey, you are also a credible poster, you are welcome to your opinions and I don't care what names you call me.. mostly you are sane, present your arguments based on fact and frankly, your history is full of interesting and worthwhile posts. To some point, I have taken a hard core Jewish approach to get these folks to see that viewpoint matters. We can do our thing here, have a strident and powerful viewpoint and leave room for others around here. However, when viewpoint drifts into what we in the Jewish faith call Lashon Hara, the wicked tongue.. the sin is on you.

    It normally is a fine line and posters around here delight in dancing around it. Some of your friends here don't have a clue where that line is.

    As for any bigoted statements you might claim I have made, I am happy to consider your examples and defend them or accept that I was wrong. Just remember that, Judaism and Christianity share much, but some things we will never agree on. Defending these differences is not bigotry, it is just the fault lines. Bigotry is not the same as having certainty of one's faith. Bigotry is selling that Romney or Beck are evil people because of what Joseph Smith did.

    It is important that people understand the nature of Mormonism, as facts, as interpreted against the holdings of mainstream Christianity, or Judaism, or what ever. I look at your posts and see someone doing that. Nana's posts do not. Your analysis of Mormon dogma and self aggrandizing and how this relates to folks like Beck, Huntsman and Romney is good stuff. Where it in this thread as related to what drives Beck, it would be of note, Unfortunately we just get to suck on asinine charges like "Rapist", and other crap spewed by these lesser lights.

  • Beck's Aug 24th Event in Jerusalem: Will any GOP candidates attend? should they?

    05/24/2011 9:15:02 AM PDT · 181 of 235
    dalight to ejonesie22
    We are blessed and lucky to have you here to save FreeRepublic then.

    LOL. You seem to be sane and mostly on point. Don't volunteer to be part of this group. They may be fellow travelers and value the same things you do, but their tactics and sloppiness are at best problematic.

    You should be looking out for them rather than me. I just was posting in this thread and the crazies flew in.. Nana said something I found a bit off the wall, and I checked her history and it is a problem. These other silly people volunteered to become fellow travelers. Each has given me some hope and Nana took it back away. The rest, the jury is still out. Keep it up, I have no beef with you.

  • Beck's Aug 24th Event in Jerusalem: Will any GOP candidates attend? should they?

    05/24/2011 9:02:40 AM PDT · 178 of 235
    dalight to Godzilla; Admin Moderator; Jim Robinson; Tennessee Nana; Colofornian
    So you claim not to have a dog in this fight - yet you vociferously defend romney - to the point of trolling to get a conservate, anti-romney freeper banned. Perhaps you need to stick to the truth instead.

    I applaud the anti-Romney, though, I think he is a non-starter, just a fly in the ointment, his time has come and gone, he will never rise above RomneyCare.. and his defense of it was political suicide. With stuff like this, who needs to be offensive, sell religious bigotry, and make libelous statements? Folks who insist on that crap don't belong here. Change your ways, and you do belong here. Its that simple. The investment was not in Romney but you, with the hopes we might get some real posters rather than pains in the tail.

    But, I will point out for the umpteenth time, this thread is about Politicians going to Israel to declare their support for her and to tell Obama to pound sand if he thinks he can gain by destroying her. It isn't about Romney!!!!

  • Beck's Aug 24th Event in Jerusalem: Will any GOP candidates attend? should they?

    05/24/2011 8:43:32 AM PDT · 174 of 235
    dalight to Godzilla; Admin Moderator; Jim Robinson
    You don't like rinos like mitt being bashed? hmmmmm

    Stick to the truth and stay on topic and you can have at it all day long.

    Hijack an interesting thread and chase off the sane people, I get irritated.

    If you would or any of your pack of crazies would actually check, it is obviously who I am supporting. And its not Romney, TPay, Huckster, or any of the other midgets who have put their name in though I do like and appreciate Herman Cain. I want him in the Senate. I am a huge West fan but he is not running. If he would become a Governor for a bit I would be interested in him for President in about 12 years, but for now.. he is just a personal hero, but I decided not to bring my candidate into this bizarre land of hatred and twisted logic.

  • Beck's Aug 24th Event in Jerusalem: Will any GOP candidates attend? should they?

    05/24/2011 8:13:06 AM PDT · 172 of 235
    dalight to Colofornian
    The Republican party's initial social issues "rights" issues it took on was the "twin relics of barbarism" -- slavery and polygamy.

    BTW now you are getting interesting, facts evidence, debate..

    The problem is though, that to do this the Republican party also asserted in unconstitutional ways, the primacy of the Federal government to affect these changes against the wishes of the States. This is a stance for which we are paying dearly today.

    I will reply to your prior foolishness with the fact that people of the time, just didn't feel that way, you are interpreting events through your own value system, not theirs. If kidnapping was charged at the time, and proven, then this certainly would be a fair and appropriate statement to make, but Nana didn't bother to know and state the facts, but rather went for the libelous and more defamatory lie. Understand? The rest of the crap you are selling equating insisting that we observe the law of the time and the custom of the time in judging the behavior of the time is equivalent to supporting slavery and thus you call me out for my support of slavery, is absurd on its face, and a lamentable drift into dementia..

  • Beck's Aug 24th Event in Jerusalem: Will any GOP candidates attend? should they?

    05/24/2011 7:59:45 AM PDT · 171 of 235
    dalight to Colofornian
    The people group behind Islam are traced back in Galatians 4 to Hagar's child.

    Mohammad, taught the connection of the Arabic people to Ishmael the son of Hagar. The actual trace is not anywhere near as clear. His point was to assert the primacy of his faith over Judaism which had rejected his teaching. But, in making this claim, he took on the aspects as well of Genesis 16:12 “And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him”.

    But your interpretation is quite foolish and naive. A site that explains the dynamic between these faiths in a mannor that Christians can relate to is: Isaac or Ishmael


  • Beck's Aug 24th Event in Jerusalem: Will any GOP candidates attend? should they?

    05/24/2011 7:47:27 AM PDT · 170 of 235
    dalight to Colofornian; Admin Moderator; Jim Robinson
    Is this what FR is becoming with certain posters? They'll muscle into Romney threads...start dropping legal action hints and implied threats left and right in an attempt to get posters to not say anything negative long run about Mitt Romney?

    This isn't a Romney thread, these folks sacked the thread with blatant bigotry, and libels about Mormonism, that even though I have very little sympathy for Mormon teaching, clear and blatant religiously bigoted statements are generally unacceptable and specifically prohibited by our TOS. If these folks were saying this about Judaism, the whole community would be up in arms. I can't insist on my defense and not provide it to others.

    This thread was about Presidential candidates going to Israel to attend Glenn Beck's event and it was throroughly hijacked into an anti-Mitt (which would be ok without the libels) and anti-Glenn Beck coupled with more libels that someone can actually act on..

    If the behavior of this group weren't pernicious, and not drawing complaints of other freepers, I would have let it go, but instead, it seemed reasonable to draw these people out, expose them for who they are and let you understand the nature of the problem and the disruption they cause.

    Its not about not saying anything negative about Romney, its about making sure what we say is factual, foundationed in evidence, and logical argument and doesn't violate our TOS so that FR is exposed to Legal and Moral risk.

    Specifically, the attack against Beck is fraught with peril couched in the terms of obvious calumnies. (The making of false and defamatory statements in order to damage someone's reputation; slander.) They are seeking to create monetary damages through the vehicle of FR to the Mercury Radio Arts company. The thread topic was reasonable, and these people if they knew how to argue their points would be valuable, but instead, they are just leaving a record that could draw this institution into court and putting a huge exclamation point on it by citing reasons of religious intolerance as the primary reason to oppose and damage the commercial interests of Glenn Beck and this firm. We can speak freely, but only the truth is a defense, and where an animus can be proven, a willful intent to harm regardless of the facts, it is a recipe for disaster.

    However, the presence of my counter statements and statements of FR policy are equally protective, but this is but one thread. It is not my business to watch these people and I would have preferred to not have engaged them, but after the 20th or 30th post haranguing me, I decided they were enough of a problem to bring to your attention.

    God bless you and thank you for this forum.

  • Beck's Aug 24th Event in Jerusalem: Will any GOP candidates attend? should they?

    05/24/2011 6:54:05 AM PDT · 167 of 235
    dalight to Colofornian
    (I think the slave industry would have absolutely "loved" your legal aid or PR spin back then!)

    You still aren't very interesting. But, you have managed bizarre, and unhinged. As logic, reason and fairness are not necessary in the conduct of your argument, I don't know where to go.

    You have accepted that the rape charge is unfair, you haven't recognized that such a charge would never have been considered or laid at the time because such a marriage would neither be considered immoral or illegal, with the exception that in the case of Joseph Smith, he was already married. People seriously, and strenuously objected to this.

    But, strangely, your position is what was considered the Liberal position at the time. But, then, some 20 years later, the Republican party was the Liberal party and the Democrats were the Conservatives. The rise of the primacy of the rights of the individual, the core value of the Liberal philosophy started in a good place to us all now, in the dignity of the individual and the basic right to self determination which is offended by the concept of life-long imposed servitude as property.

    Yet, this same philosophy became extended to form the basis of the primacy of the woman's interest over the life of her unborn child that is the foundation of the "right" to abort. Something that I hope we can agree offends the basic dignity of life, yet these "rights" are but extensions of "rights" that we as 21th Century individuals find truly basic.

    Oddly, though, it was not Jewish custom that led exclusively to the acceptance of the one man, one wife norm that we cherish today. In fact, this was a Roman sensibility that became increasingly more accepted in Jewish and then early Christian society. Augustine of Hippo came out and clearly defined this norm, "That the good purpose of marriage, however, is better promoted by one husband with one wife, than by a husband with several wives, is shown plainly enough by the very first union of a married pair, which was made by the Divine Being Himself." And by the 5th Century, Polygamy was only infrequently practiced in either the Jewish or Christian communities. The Jewish community accepted the absolute ban of this practice by Rabbi Gershom in the year 1000CE. It was this 1000+ year history that Joseph Smith assaulted, but he was by no means the first or the last, as the proponents of gay marriage are following that outrage with the greater outrage of legalizing plural marriages once again. But, understand, it is the dignity of women that is offended by plural marriage, not the explicit teachings of the Bible. But, as Augustine pointed out, both the man and the woman's dignity and respect for each other is best served by the one man, one woman formulation and this has become a basic tenant of both Judaism and most branches of Christianity.

    As for Mormonism, God puts these things here for a reason, and its up to us to discover and understand this reason. Islam is here to do the role they are doing which is declared in Genesis. Perhaps the why is as you understand it, simply to teach us to say no. So, I can't and won't fault you for doing this. But, I believe your behavior is undercutting your message.

    BTW, David Einhorn is one of my hero's from that time, was threatened with being tarred and feathered literally for taking an anti-slavery stance in his congregation in Philadelphia. However, Einhorn was considered a Universalist even though he was a Jewish Rabbi and his ideas animated the core of what is called Classical Reform Judiasm, which with the Quakers and Unitarians and others were the primary opposition to slavery at the time.

    One can imagine what you would say about these people, but understand that you are adopting the ethics and morals they held dear. And there is a reason, it is the message is more important than the messenger.

    Keep care.

  • Romney advisors: Sarah Palin’s candidacy would help him dramatically (Michele Bachmann too)

    05/23/2011 9:11:18 PM PDT · 45 of 84
    dalight to SeekAndFind
    I am so thankful to be in the land of the sane once again.

    Allahpundit posts anything and everything he can to put a negative line out on Palin. Part of this is just traffic baiting, but the guy is pretty low most of the time.. I saw this article and skipped it because of his name.. hate giving him the traffic.

    Some have said Guliani would help Palin and you would think he would help Romney as well if he got in.. but Palin will slaughter Romney in Iowa, South Carolina, and beyond. I can't see how that helps him.

  • Beck's Aug 24th Event in Jerusalem: Will any GOP candidates attend? should they?

    05/23/2011 9:01:02 PM PDT · 163 of 235
    dalight to Colofornian; Tennessee Nana
    Colofornian, Don't feel bad, I just decided not to waste my time with you. I thought Nana could be brought back from the brink, but I was wrong.

    Also, remember to look at the post being replied to.. it helps in sorting our who the "you" refers to.

    As for Nana, I went back in her history about 5 months.. and her posts were pretty consistent. I haven't taken the time to look at yours. You really don't interest me that much at the moment as you are seemingly a member of this pack.

    We had to live with a pack like you in the threads for the candidate I really like, but fortunately, the leader of this group is gone an it is a blessing. I haven't bothered to figure out who is the leader of yours. I keyed in on Nana because she said something trollish, then I wondered who she was.

  • Beck's Aug 24th Event in Jerusalem: Will any GOP candidates attend? should they?

    05/23/2011 8:44:44 PM PDT · 162 of 235
    dalight to Tennessee Nana; Jim Robinson; Admin Moderator
    akid it was your sanctimonious self that was trying hard to get me nanned from FRee Republic

    You are the person trying hard to get banned. I am sure you will accomplish it.

    I will not be voting for Romney either as I have already said several times anyone can look at my record and know who I support in short order but you have never bothered, even though I invited you to do this. Your statements are vile, and you know better. I have not treated you with any bigotry, and I was glad for your single rational post.

    This post is irrational in my opinion. Obviously, you will not be asking anyone who actually knows what scripture says, but you are welcome to worship as you please and believe as you please. I have made no claims other than to judge your behavior here on FR. This is inside of my rights. As for your immortal soul, that's not my province. So spare me your thoughts on this. Spare me your Mitt bashing and your name calling. Stick to the facts and you will always be welcome. This is a foreign concept to you, but so be it.

    I suspect you need to brush up on your understanding of the Holy Trinity, unless you would place Jesus above the Father who is master of all, the creator and the source of all. You make statements that directly oppose those made by Jesus and Paul and tell me that you know much.. but what ever you believe, you believe and I am fine with that.

    And, I noticed you didn't copy JR on the post where you claim he agrees with you. I am interested at this point, if he is interested in going on the record agreeing with your libels. He would be a different guy than I think I know, though we have only met briefly and I am sure he doesn't recall me as anything other than a pest. But, I have been wrong in the past and I am sure I will be wrong again in the future. My recommendation is that you are unsafe to continue here. But, this isn't my house. Its JR's and the Mods have the only and the last say, not me. I have learned over the years to trust them to do the right thing.

    Have a good life.

  • Beck's Aug 24th Event in Jerusalem: Will any GOP candidates attend? should they?

    05/23/2011 6:37:51 PM PDT · 159 of 235
    dalight to Tennessee Nana
    But unlike you, most of our Jewish posters call God...G-d..

    This is merely an affectation. For certain posters here I adopt this style in their thread, but it has nothing to do with Jewishness.

    The religiously bigoted opinions of small minded sanctimonious hypocrites like you sound like from your posting history does not effect me in the slightest..

    It is interesting to see you call me a hypocrite, oh hypocrite who calls people names and jumps to conclusions without proof, over and over. You are barely a Christian though I am sure you would never understand that.. and a conservative has the moral sense to be sure before making outrageous claims. And I am sure, nothing I say will affect you as even my praise isn't of interest.

    If you looked at my posting history, you haven't looked much..

    Now as for the other things.. I will point out..

    The Gospel of Mark 12:29-30 mentions that Jesus considered the beginning exhortation of the Shema to be the first of his two greatest commandments: "The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord: And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment." KJV So, it seems to me, he would never agree with you on this.

    Now, this is a bit of a mistranslation one supposes for the sake of keeping questions to a minimum, but the line actually goes . "Shema Israel, Adonai Eluhenu, Adonai Echad. "Hear, O Israel; The Lord is our God, The Lord is One."

    But before you go banging at me.. lets listen to Paul too..

    in 1 Corinthians 8:6 vis-à-vis the risen Christ: "But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him." KJV.

    I am God's servant and that is good enough for me.. I thank God each day for Christians, though folks like you worry me just the same. If you ever wonder why Jews fear people who call themselves Christians, look in the mirror. Then you will understand why they behave the way they do.

    My advice and I believe you will be too ashamed to do it is to take all that you have written and all that I have replied to your pastor, and see how he advises you. Tell me how that comes out.

    Keep care..

  • Beck's Aug 24th Event in Jerusalem: Will any GOP candidates attend? should they?

    05/23/2011 7:15:21 AM PDT · 141 of 235
    dalight to Tennessee Nana; Elsie; Colofornian; caww; greyfoxx39; Admin Moderator
    By the way, awesome post, the post you should have made all along. This is FR stuff and justifies the Mods patience.

    Americans dont have to go to Israel with Beck to do this

    Men don't have to do anything, this is what we call free will

    2. Beck claims he thinks he was “asked to go” Who asked him to ??? He has not ever said. THIS is important.

    No, frankly it isn't. Events of the past few days have proven that Beck for what ever reason is once again right on the money. And, this is correct in both senses of the double entendre. He is going to make a fortune on an insane bet only a few days before, and perhaps Obama was forced to accelerate plans because of him or Obama's plan always was to attempt to force Israel to capitulate so he can declare that he "made peace" in the middle east. The peace he seeks is the false peace of impending Horror. Nevertheless, it is a call for people to decide where they stand. Pay attention to the message not the messenger. Analyze the message for yourself and decide if it is a true message. God talks to us all, often to the wicked with urgency and hope, that they might do his will.

    Throughout the Torah there are generally accepted 613 separate statements attributed to God instructing humans on how they should act. The 10 Commandments encase the minimum standard only, what is necessary for humans to participate in the community of God. However, the first of the Commandments has turned out the be the hardest for many people. But, Commands, Requests or Suggestions it is all the same, the consequence is the same, the urgency in the end is just the same. Love suggests where as Love also demands. To the free spirit, who lives in God's presence, a suggestion is good enough. And, it is received with gratitude and appreciation.

    3. God is concerned with the people of Israel, the Jews, the people of His spirit...not the Nation of Israel, the secular government..the physical..

    Yes, this is so true. So true. God is deeply concerned.

    4. Didya ever think of PRAYING for Israel. In the Name of Jesus of course....and asking God whast He wants ???

    You may pray to Jesus, I don't. I have to read the ten in accordance with my tradition. Nevertheless, before I prayed on this issue, I believed that Israel was a problem not a solution. I was straightened out. Israel is a test. Will you pass? Will we?

    5. God will have His way regardless...

    Though God is the master of all, his favorite vehicle for his work is us. He delights when we listen, and he corrects when we don't. He is patient knowing that even a million years is but a second, and impatient because the suffering of even one child is a horror.

    Bless you. Keep posting like this and you will be a credit to FR.

  • Beck's Aug 24th Event in Jerusalem: Will any GOP candidates attend? should they?

    05/23/2011 4:48:16 AM PDT · 113 of 235
    dalight to Tennessee Nana
    dalight you introduced Romney and mormonism into the thread so you must want them to be addressed..

    Cool, a nearly cogent post.

    You made a post that seemed off of the wall, and rather than fly off of the handle, I took the time to look up your posts and read what you have been writing. Due diligence requires this, perhaps you had a point and I wasn't getting it.

    Your post was, "I would hope that Gov Sarah Palin doesnt appear to give any credence to this sham..."

    This stuck me as odd. My mom who is 82 has decided to go to this and a number of events because, regardless of who is saying no, no has to be said or Israel will exist no more in a very short time. This is a reality, just because Glenn Beck says it doesn't mean it isn't so. But, here you were calling the event a sham. And I thought, odd. So I looked up your previous posts and found, to my surprise, that you have been trolling threads bashing Romney, Beck and Mormonism in general and in these threads folks have been calling you out and saying stop this crap.

    You think you are educating people, but in fact, you are just filling our threads with crap. This is your own crusade, you and a number of fellow travelers and in the general world, it is called a dirty trick. But, worse, it is an appeal not to reason, but rather an appeal to bigotry.

    I am not going to get sucked into defending Mormonism, or Islam, or Communism. All of these systems of thought are flawed in my eyes but you see, per force, I also see Christianity as flawed. Yet, I love Christians and sincerely believe they are a blessing to this green earth and all of God's creation. I know Mormons and have worked for them and I read and love Orson Scott Card.

    The book of Joshua instructs the Israelites to kill and dispossess the Caananites from all of the land. And, when they wouldn't, couldn't even though it cost them Israel in the end, was this God's intention all along? It is a bitter pill when you confuse love and hate.

    As for your question about laws of states 40 years after, the discussion was about when did laws regarding to the age of consent get passed originally and why?

    As for Joseph Smith his problem with the law was not that the question of whether she was too young, at the time the practice of marrying a 14 year old was perfectly acceptable. The issue was Bigamy, which people seriously frowned on and which was against the law in the State of Illinois. But, I really don't care about the rest of it with regards to defending anything about it. Monogamy is a blessing. Faiths that respect human dignity are inherently "liberal" but small "l" liberal means about 180 degrees away from what is generally accepted as "Liberal" thought today, big government socialism and the inevitability or tyranny.

    Yet, none of that matters. In your zeal, one supposes to expose the "depravity" of the Mormon faith, based on characterizations based on your views of the behavior of Joseph Smith and the mind bending doctrines of that faith, you skip over the line from that cause and into simple religious bigotry. Many if not most of the Mormons I know are really good people, I don't know how this comes to pass, especially given all that is generally known about their faith, but there it is. Mormonism used to teach Racial bigotry, but they renounced it. It used to teach Polygamy and yet they renounced that even though zealots attempt it regardless. But, that is the nature of zealots.

    You are acting out of zealotry too, though, and this is a form of evil borne of the sin of pride. As it is said, "Thou hypocrite, cast out first the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye."

  • Sarah Palin buys a house in Scottsdale , Az

    05/22/2011 8:31:05 PM PDT · 13 of 87
    dalight to jeltz25
    But if she runs for Kyl’s seat that would be the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. I hope she doesn’t do that.

    I really doubt that she is interested in Kyl's seat. She turned down the one MurCOWsky eventually took. In her book, she stated that the Senate was a dead end. And frankly, it would be a demotion. The East Coast Liberal Republicans are dreaming about this and praying.

  • Beck's Aug 24th Event in Jerusalem: Will any GOP candidates attend? should they?

    05/22/2011 8:22:47 PM PDT · 102 of 235
    dalight to Godzilla
    May be we have another closet romney supporter in our midsts.

    Dream on.. Your whole line of argument is lame. But, at least you don't need 20 pages to say it.