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  • Why Is General Mattis Nominating the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’s Stooge’?

    03/09/2017 1:53:04 PM PST · 1 of 20
    This is mystifying except we have seen several other Trump appointees keeping Obama hold-overs of the worst sort. This nomination should be withdrawn on general principles of OMG.. what a mess this person created in Egypt!!! Why would we want more of that?
  • Platform of Wednesday’s International Women’s Strike Calls for ‘Decolonization of Palestine’

    03/07/2017 9:23:09 PM PST · 1 of 56
    The companies that are supporting this need to be informed. This isn't a feel good virtue signaling moment. Seriously, these people are enemies of America.
  • 13 out-of-office replies to use when joining the Women's Strike

    03/07/2017 9:14:02 PM PST · 77 of 81
    dalight to 2ndDivisionVet

    That would be good news, I will check another tomorrow. These people are idiots.

    Why would they want to get into bed with these people:

    “Platform of the Women’s Strike calls for Decolonization of Israel.”

  • 13 out-of-office replies to use when joining the Women's Strike

    03/07/2017 4:35:12 PM PST · 34 of 81
    dalight to 2ndDivisionVet

    Just walked out of a Panda Express that had a sign on its door that they will be closing on the 8th for the Strike. I told the guy running the place my strike (against Panda Express) won’t be ending for years. I hope he is happy. But, frankly, this should be the fate of any business who decides to mix politics with my meal.

  • Breitbart employees threaten exit over Yiannopoulos

    02/20/2017 5:52:27 PM PST · 49 of 126
    dalight to Secret Agent Man

    The sad thing about this is that these folks just discovered the Milo was a homosexual. He is telling a truth about his life and this conflicts with the “Will & Grace” lies that Hollywood spins out. Breitbart loved this guy when he was causing the “right” sort of trouble, but now all of the sudden they have to deal with the reality of a human being. Milo is telling a deep truth about the connection between older men and boys in the homosexual community. And, frankly we are on the path for this crap to be legalized, because no one is willing to deal with this honestly. It is just part of the homosexual - sexualization process. And, our society has completely stuck its head in the ground about this, and the result is that when someone dares to utter the truth, “Off with their head.” Well, thats the way it goes.

    The world of PC realities verses real realities. This sucks for Milo because in point of fact, he has been betrayed for being himself. Now, it was “unwise” to the extreme saying what he said, but this is the very thing that Breitbart put him forward to do. “Just say anything.”

    This is an Alinsky attack, and for that reason alone Breitbart has to retain him. Then they have to deal with the fact they have been fronting him. This is done by dealing openly with how each new generation of homosexuals comes into being. It isn’t “born that way.” That is a huge lie and people keep it up by trashing the guys like Milo who actually start explaining how they got to where they are.

    It isn’t going to be pretty. It isn’t pretty. But, thats how we got here in a society that has no clue what truth even looks like. Making ugly things pretty enough for folks to forget that they are ugly. If those folks want to walk out.. I guess they need to go. Milo will have to do his own soul searching, but in the end, this dose of reality might be the very best thing for him. A chance to step back and reconsider some things, and perhaps make some better choices.

    I pray for his soul. Milo has to be told, and acknowledge that “no, this isn’t a good idea.” And, then he needs to share his story and come to grips with the world that lied to him. Then he can talk about the LAWS that prevent him from seeking any assistance and prevent any provider of assistance from helping him with dealing with the trauma he has started to share. These are hideous times.

  • Pro-Trump Singer Joy Villa Talks 'Overwhelming Support,' Hitting Top 10 Thanks to Grammys Dress

    02/17/2017 8:03:51 PM PST · 1 of 62
    Amazingly, Billboard writes a balanced article with actual reporting.
  • Carlson Takes On Radical Who Says ‘Milo A Fascist, Must Be Stopped By Any Means Necessary’

    02/14/2017 12:34:30 AM PST · 4 of 50
    dalight to 2ndDivisionVet

    Something she said just struck me as matching the face she was making..

    “You gotta nip it, in the bud!”

  • Mattis unhappy over travel ban, drafting list of names of military interpreters to be admitted

    01/31/2017 12:27:13 AM PST · 28 of 93
    dalight to 2ndDivisionVet

    This is why I called quits on Hot Air. Allahpundit is just unbearable. There are better sites out there.

  • The Genetics of Politics | Liberals vs. Conservatives

    01/22/2017 9:37:45 PM PST · 5 of 5
    dalight to tbw2

    This guy almost apologizes for his shadow, but among his weasel words, he manages to actually explain r/K in terms of human behavior without calling up ideas of Social Darwinism that you seem to be channeling.

    Do Fathers Matter: What Science is Telling Us About the Parent We’ve Overlooked.

    This guy is from the Left, but manages to cover all of the bases and put paid to the tropes of Feminist Dogma just the same.

    SF & NF types will exist as long as humanity and no.. they will not self-select out of the breeding pool because these are emergent or epigenetic aspects. Read the above book. It explains this in terms of the current science rather than the flawed version Molyneux (who is a good guy and fairly reliable) is sharing. SJW is a thought process not a biology. Its like saying people who are interested in Politics have this or that characteristic. The whole concept is lame. SJW is a product of the American School System and our current POP culture that rewards these behaviors.

  • The Genetics of Politics | Liberals vs. Conservatives

    01/22/2017 7:40:32 PM PST · 3 of 5
    dalight to tbw2

    If this was an issue of Genetics, then the trend we have seen would be hopeless. Fortunately, this theory especially as presented by Molyneux is about Epigenetics rather than Genetics as people commonly understand this. Nevertheless, even if this was the case, then the trend to “Socialism” would be baked into the population as a response to the events of the previous generation, rather than any education or information that either side might support. This is clearly flawed.

    r & K are reproductive strategies based on animal behavior rather than human behavior. The instinctual basis for this tie indeed exists, but how we interpret and act upon these urges is not fixed. Nevertheless, a better match can be found by fitting “Progressive” vs “Conservative” politics in Myers-Briggs T vs. F - Thinking vs. Feeling type which has been noted frequently when describing how “Progressives” vs. “Conservatives” interpret information. There is some cross-over between “r” vs. “K” and MBTI “T” vs “F” and there is evidence that MBTI primary function preference is Epigenetically or Birth environment determined because this basic preference is essentially fixed and develops within the first year of life.

    However, we are not confined to the limits imposed by MBTI or r/K or any of these models which are about bias and preference. Humans are unchained by the shackles of pure instinct by their amazing ability to operate in worlds of ideas and concepts. Tom Wolfe passionately argues that Darwin got it wrong in his argument that Mankind evolved from Apes. He isn’t arguing that Homo Erectus didn’t, but that Mankind is something that is a different class of animal that evolution cannot explain, but rather contradicts. Instead, Mankind developed and has been shaped by the emergence of Language itself.

    The Kingdom of Speech - Tom Wolfe

  • Explosion Injures Six at Ohio’s Stuart Station

    01/13/2017 9:26:13 AM PST · 46 of 50
    dalight to Little Bill

    This unit is controlled by a huge analog computer that about half the size of a basketball court. It is possible to cook the secondary superheater or the high temperature reheater section which will get you popped boiler tubes.

    But, when it comes down to it.. start-up is very different from operation in these units. But, I never actually had any training on this just the same so I don’t have a clue about the tricks or the challenges.

  • Explosion Injures Six at Ohio’s Stuart Station

    01/13/2017 8:25:46 AM PST · 44 of 50
    dalight to VTenigma

    Vtengma wrote: “That will probably work out as well as New England buying from Hydro Quebec, $.38 a Kwh. National average is $.09”

    Ouch! Yes, this was Obama’s plan.

  • Explosion Injures Six at Ohio’s Stuart Station

    01/13/2017 8:24:05 AM PST · 43 of 50
    dalight to Ruy Dias de Bivar

    It could be called once through but it definitely has a Reheat Stage. Super Critical Boilers just jam the water in on one end and it comes out as steam on the other. Older types have steam separating headers that recycle hot water through the Boiler section. After this the steam is superheated and sent to the Turbine. This is all about funny properties called Enthalpy and Entropy and how energy can be ripped out of the heat imparted in the steam.

    In a Supercitical unit, the water is actually pushed into the unit at 4500psi.. and by the time it gets to the Turbine simple hydraulic resistance decreases the pressure to 3600psi. The water never really flashes to steam, hence supercritical, and instead it just gets hotter. It goes through the water walls to contain the fireball of the furnace, then through the economizer to pick up heat from the last gases leaving the furnace, then through the primary superheater, then the secondary superheater then down to the Turbine.

    Steam leaving the turbine is fed back up the the Reheater and then back down to the Turbine one more time and then into the Condenser where it is cooled to near room temperature by the cooling system which creates a vacuum. If you ever heated a gas can with water in the bottom and screwed the lid on, you can see what this does.. schlooop! The suction pulls that last steam across the biggest low pressure turbine blades before it gets cooled. This wrings that last tiny bit of energy out of the steam.

  • Explosion Injures Six at Ohio’s Stuart Station

    01/13/2017 7:38:42 AM PST · 35 of 50
    dalight to Foundahardheadedwoman

    This wasn’t a coal explosion, at least not likely. That would have blown out the back of the plant where the coal grinding equipment is. It is right below the boiler and the coal pipes go up outside of the part of the plant where all of the damage is.

    The damage is in an area below the main turbine floor called the mezzanine. Lots of pipes and stuff there but not really much machinery. There are high pressure feedwater heaters in this zone but they run cooler than the main steam and reheat steam lines or the turbine.

    But, lots of things could be the cause, just not coal.. this is the least likely.

  • Explosion Injures Six at Ohio’s Stuart Station

    01/13/2017 7:30:43 AM PST · 32 of 50
    dalight to Haiku Guy

    No, this is not at all suspicious. But, oddly, this event could prove devastating politically. Funny how that sort of thing is. This plant was already in trouble, facing being closed due to Obama’s promise to make the cost of Electric energy go up. This might be the nail that closes this plant permanently and almost a year early.

    The impact of this on Ohio Congressional District #2 - Brad Wenstrup could be enormous. This is part of why Obama targeted these units along the Ohio River for closure. This is where all of those “bitter clingers” live. Stuart and Killen Station are about 1000 direct jobs in the two poorest Ohio Counties. There are about 2000 indirect jobs in Southern Ohio dependent on these Units and perhaps another 500-1000 Coal mining jobs as well.

    Brown and Adams Counties are Purple not Red. Ohio 2nd for the moment is dominated by Clermont Country which is still BLOOD RED. But, Ohio 2nd also has a large number of voters in Hamilton County who are splitting 50/50 but trending blue. If Brown and Adams go Blue.. Ohio 2nd will flip. And, as this tragedy was designed to blow up in Wenstrup’s face, regardless of the explosion, this is now almost baked into the cards. Someone better wake up.

  • Explosion Injures Six at Ohio’s Stuart Station

    01/13/2017 7:07:58 AM PST · 28 of 50
    dalight to Little Bill

    Well, it is more likely that it is a sort of stress/corrosion creep that occurs at corners and junctions where the stress intensity can be just a tad higher. You will see this form as radial cracks around opening for pressure sample points and such.. but if the crack is aligned with the run of the pipe then it can open up like a hot dog in time.

    The steel used to make these high pressure lines has 2.5% Chrome and it is pretty creep resistant at temperatures around 1000 degrees which is the design temp for this sort of line. In the boiler itself, this material is run as high as 1150 but at a reduced life expectancy. To have a failure down near the Turbine would require some additional stress amplifier or stress/corrosion mechanism to get the ball rolling even at 40+ years. Unfortunately, this sort of thing is all too common.

  • Explosion Injures Six at Ohio’s Stuart Station

    01/13/2017 6:59:31 AM PST · 26 of 50
    dalight to headstamp 2

    The concept for NY is that they plan to buy power from Ontario Hydro and think the cost will not go up.. but as these Coal Fired units die or are forced off line, the crap is going to hit the fan. Stuart Station uses a technology that was introduced in the late 1950’s and 1960’s called Super Critical steam or Universal Pressure.

    Stuart has Boilers designed by Babcock & Wilcox. Only about 120 of these units were ever built but they represent perhaps 20% - 25% of all of the generation in the United States. Unit 4 at Stuart Station is UP 106! This is what I mean. Unit 1 which blew up is UP 54, I believe. Unit 1 was built in 1965, Unit 4 - 1969. Most American coal fired generation is about this age or older.

  • Explosion Injures Six at Ohio’s Stuart Station

    01/13/2017 5:58:28 AM PST · 23 of 50
    dalight to GWynand

    I agree, it is all torn up under the turbine. The front wall is blown out in front of the maintenance pod. No one is saying much so it is hard to know. The whole plant may close because of this.

  • Explosion Injures Six at Ohio’s Stuart Station

    01/13/2017 5:55:18 AM PST · 22 of 50
    dalight to UCANSEE2
    Actually, this plant was in the process of being forced to shutdown by Obama’s EPA regulations.

    This and the plant up river are both being targeted. No replacement facility is planned. This is one of the newest electric generating stations in America. We are in deep doo doo. (JMSS generates 0.5% of US total electric output.)

    Judging from the damage outside, the explosion was underneath of the main turbine. This would indicate some sort of pipeline rupture, main steam or reheat line. This unit is 42 years old, the design life was 30 years.

  • Falwell Explains Why Liberty University Students Had to Attend Ted Cruz's Announcement Rally

    03/23/2015 6:08:58 PM PDT · 71 of 115
    dalight to Politicalkiddo

    Only the On-Campus students have this requirement. But, they also must attend Christian religious services each morning if I remember correctly. You can still go to Liberty University and not do these things by not being an on-campus student. Liberty University ON-LINE.

    As my daughter graduated from Liberty Univ. last year.. I am somewhat familiar with this, but being Jewish, on campus was beyond the pale. But, it wasn’t our plan anyway.

    That said, beyond the one and only stupid professor who taught one of the two required Christian Philosophy classes, an openly and frankly militant Jewish student was 100% comfortable with these people. It is a great school that offers 1000% more freedom of thought and expression and opinion than any State run University. It is a shock. But, the number of professors that asked for her input, and frankly even corrected the Christian students using her answers was stunning. Other than that episode, Liberty was a joy and cost the same as our in-state fees, best school in the US at this time. And, they are growing leaps and bounds because of it.

    My Daughter attended our local State run University to take Judaic Studies courses and her professors at this school had to use the formulation “If God exists.. .then.. “ in any statement that refers to God. In Judaic studies this was oppressive. Sending you children to these places is just about child abuse. Except, they aren’t children. But, it is a huge waste of money and you are paying for them to be indoctrinated into hating everything you love.

    So.. it is a bit rich going on and on about nobody’s gonna tell me what to do..

  • Election may exacerbate tensions among American Jews

    03/23/2015 5:26:15 PM PDT · 31 of 32
    dalight to MadMax, the Grinning Reaper

    As it turns out, some Jewish leaders who were deaf to J-Street’s anti-Israel lean have decided that it is going too far this time.

    “But on March 9, Fingerhut announced he wouldn’t address the conference because of speakers whom he found “problematic,” reported JTA news service. Hillel’s chief administrative officer, David Eden, cited as an example Saeb Erekat, the longtime chief Palestinian negotiator who had recently compared Israel to the Islamic State, or ISIS, JTA reported. The State Department and Israel deal with Erekat.”

  • Controversy over Facebook Emotional Manipulation Study Grows as Timeline Becomes more Clear

    07/07/2014 10:31:43 PM PDT · 22 of 22
    dalight to cpdiii

    “Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia”

    You know this reminds me so much of where we are with Democrats and Republicans.. both on the take and playing games while they seriously propose people like Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton for President.

    But, as to the terms of 1984.. you are so right on the money.

  • Was The Department Of Defense Behind Facebook’s Controversial Manipulation Study?

    07/06/2014 3:58:47 PM PDT · 16 of 16
    dalight to DBrow

    Truth is, unless something changes, Facebook is so over. They may, but their brand was damaged by the fact that the kids are leaving in droves and the oldsters don’t use it the way that it was designed. I look for Facebook to wither away in a few years like AOL. Not gone.. but half forgotten.

    But, it is the use of these techniques on Google, Bing and other search engines that could be really problematic.

  • Was The Department Of Defense Behind Facebook’s Controversial Manipulation Study?

    07/06/2014 12:13:57 PM PDT · 5 of 16
    dalight to Excellence
  • Why Facebook's 'Voter Megaphone' Is the Real Manipulation to Worry About

    07/06/2014 12:04:48 PM PDT · 11 of 12
    dalight to huldah1776
    Would they be able to stop people from doing it personally? Tweeting, emailing, actually telling people why we need to vote for the better candidate even if they are not the perfect candidate (Jesus has never been on a ballot).

    I want to say no, but I know of many people who tried to post to FB during the 2012 election cycle and had their content blocked, or got blocked themselves. So, yes sometimes they seemed to do that. But, this is more subtle. Letting the "robots" nudge you, as Cass Sunstein would say..

  • Why Facebook's 'Voter Megaphone' Is the Real Manipulation to Worry About

    07/06/2014 12:01:37 PM PDT · 10 of 12
    dalight to null and void

    If you think this one was fun.. off into pajama land..

    Was The Department Of Defense Behind Facebook’s Controversial Manipulation Study?

  • Was The Department Of Defense Behind Facebook’s Controversial Manipulation Study?

    07/06/2014 11:59:49 AM PDT · 1 of 16
    This is the blogosphere digging a bit deeper.. This is the best summary paragraph I can find in this piece that traces through the initial posting of Military Funding for the Facebook study, that was then denied by the Researcher, but the public record undoes the denial.

    This seems to be about using Facebook in foreign countries to affect the outcomes of events, but as we saw with the NSA, a government who sees its citizens as potential enemies can quickly repurpose this sort of capability.

  • Controversy over Facebook Emotional Manipulation Study Grows as Timeline Becomes more Clear

    07/06/2014 11:37:04 AM PDT · 12 of 22
    dalight to Excellence
    I don’t understand the whole “manipulated the newsfeed” thing. But then I only have one “friend” on my facebook, and that is my son. It’s how we pass stuff back and forth when he is out of state.

    Lets just say, you were the sort of person who has 300 Facebook friends, instead of just the one. Facebook chooses who's posts you see unless you choose specifically to force it to show you all of the posts that everyone makes..

    Its all or what they suggest. This is the game. Then Facebook tailors what it suggests to you based on their "algorithm." If this is set up to filter out posts that would say things to you that they don't like.. they might cut these out, and the things they are pushing, or being paid to push, these magically show up.

    But, this is deeper.. as Google uses a very similar system to prioritize what you see as a search result. Such that they could use your interactions doing simple searches to modify your mood, present a biased view of the facts in a specific situation, etc. This is the bigger issue at stake here..

    We know and understand the economics that go with search engine optimization and how this pays for these services.. but they can be used just the same to do things that are not just about raising revenue for operations.

  • Controversy over Facebook Emotional Manipulation Study Grows as Timeline Becomes more Clear

    07/06/2014 11:21:18 AM PDT · 9 of 22
    dalight to tbw2

    No, I believe that was up to Candy Crowley and her friends.

  • Controversy over Facebook Emotional Manipulation Study Grows as Timeline Becomes more Clear

    07/06/2014 11:20:21 AM PDT · 7 of 22
    dalight to Thorliveshere

    I check once in a while to see pics of grand babies. Mostly, otherwise, I am somewhere else.

  • Controversy over Facebook Emotional Manipulation Study Grows as Timeline Becomes more Clear

    07/06/2014 11:15:17 AM PDT · 4 of 22
    dalight to drypowder

    Most folks I know pretty much have. But, think deeper. Social networking sites change and morph, but these tactics are available to the operators and now that they are public knowledge, the question is what should be done about it?

    Imagine Google shaping the queries you do on their search engine, not just by whom will pay for “placement” but by how they will manipulate your thinking and opinions?

  • Why Facebook's 'Voter Megaphone' Is the Real Manipulation to Worry About

    07/06/2014 11:04:55 AM PDT · 7 of 12
    dalight to Mr. Jeeves

    As you are probably a conservative, they would happily would have given you one of those if they had thought of it, I am sure. ;)

  • Controversy over Facebook Emotional Manipulation Study Grows as Timeline Becomes more Clear

    07/06/2014 11:01:43 AM PDT · 1 of 22
    Facebook changed user agreement 4 months after controversial study was begun.
  • Electronic Privacy Information Center Challenges Facebook's Manipulation of Users

    07/06/2014 10:54:01 AM PDT · 5 of 8
    dalight to VictoryGal

    Not about privacy, about manipulating peoples emotions for economic and political gain. The “privacy” angle is just the nature of the legal framework this was pursued under by EPIC. It was all about the things Facebook did in 2009 and 2010, that recently were published in an Academic study that raised eyebrows when people started putting 2 + 2 together.

  • Electronic Privacy Information Center Challenges Facebook's Manipulation of Users

    07/06/2014 10:50:56 AM PDT · 4 of 8
    dalight to a fool in paradise

    I have to agree, but also, agree that part of this is by user preference, to not be inundated. So picking choosing what is relevant is what this process should be doing. But, that Facebook can be engaged by a political party to specifically and selectively alter your feed in a way as to modify your behavior.. is kind of beyond the pale... if you would. (When a feature becomes a bug.)

  • Why Facebook's 'Voter Megaphone' Is the Real Manipulation to Worry About

    07/06/2014 10:44:42 AM PDT · 3 of 12
    dalight to a fool in paradise
    You are kind of missing the point. This article says that in 2012, Facebook was selectively choosing whom to encourage and whom to discourage to go vote on election day.

    "But that said, assuming the “manipulations” used by Facebook in 2012 had a positive effect on its users’ voting behavior, then it is quite likely that Facebook actually tilted the 2012 election towards Obama. This is because membership and usage of Facebook is not uniform across different demographic groups in the United States. According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, women are ten points more likely to use it than men; young people are almost twice as likely to be on Facebook than people over 65; and urban dwellers are slightly more likely to use it than rural folks. (it's no coincidence, I think, that socially progressive campaigns like the movement for marriage equality are benefitting enormously from Facebook's reach and companies like Upworthy are driving huge levels of engagement through Facebook.)

    Assuming that the “contagion effect” is uniform, a nudge that increased voter participation by adult American Facebook users probably pushed more Obama voters than Romney voters to go vote, because Obama did better with women, young people and urban dwellers. Women were 53% of the overall vote, and they went for Obama over Romney by 55 to 44 percent. The youngest voters, 18- to 29-year-old, went for Obama by 60 to 37 percent. Big city dwellers gave Obama a whopping 69 percent of their votes; mid-sized city dwellers gave him 58 percent.

    When I asked Professor Bond directly if it were possible that the Facebook contagion effect helped increase Obama’s vote more than Romney’s, he answered, “I would say that it is possible, but that we didn't test for this at all and it would be quite difficult to tell for sure." He noted that "Democrats and Republicans seem to have been equally responsive to the [2010] treatment" but also that they observed variations in the contagion effect by demographic group."

  • Electronic Privacy Information Center Challenges Facebook's Manipulation of Users

    07/06/2014 10:34:23 AM PDT · 1 of 8
    It look like this has been an issue before. There is a consent decree blocking this sort of research by Facebook that came out of manipulations done in 2009 and 2010.
  • Why Facebook's 'Voter Megaphone' Is the Real Manipulation to Worry About

    07/06/2014 10:26:31 AM PDT · 1 of 12
    This Facebook Scandal may be a bit deeper.
  • Why Jewish Americans vote Democratic

    10/08/2013 10:59:42 AM PDT · 134 of 134
    dalight to Zionist Conspirator
    D: I believe Reform Judaism is a necessary step

    ZC: Right there's your problem.


    You are not accepting reality. Not the reality that people are lazy, or the reality that the Orthodox tradition is actually a fairly successful model for an extremely limited sized group.

    Rather, Orthodox Judaism has extreme scaling problems. Scaling problems are the same sorts of problems the ObamaCare people are whining about right now.

    For example, the Sabbath of the Land. This is always deeply unworkable except as practiced by a "sub-set" of the people. This is why it continually gets rejected once it is scaled up. It has the same error as HMO's that depend on being applied to a minority; and when the majority tries to implement the rule, whole sets of negative consequences are revealed .

    However, the Sabbath of the Land is an absolute and necessary practice. Neglecting it leads to depletion and dissipation of the soil, eventually to the creation of barren dead dustbowl conditions.

    How to square this circle? Rotation. This is what every US farmer knows. Crop rotation plus fallow years. If you ask Priests to choose who will stand fallow each year, you get the results of any bureaucracy, corruption and mismanagement. However, individuals guided by conscience and economics would coordinate this cycle without intervention through the market mechanism.

    Orthodox Judaism depends on the Shabbos Goy, the rule breaker that allows the Jew to keep his rules. This is wrong on so many levels. Judaism going forward must be able to sustain all humans so that God's promise to Abraham can finally be realized.

    Orthodox Judaism failed the vast majority of Jews in the 1800's and 1900's. The problems aren't corrected in any variant of modern Orthodox Judaism, so you get "more of the same." Reform Judaism went off of its own rails because of its unwillingness and inability to see the path forward once they stepped off of the glorious path of established Rabbinic Judaism that came before it. Yet even this has been provided for us, the Oral Torah..needs to be revisited.

    The argument against this is just the same as that that restrains Americans from doing a new "Constitutional Convention." Why? Because, today politicians are just no match in our eyes for the people who wrote the original and we fear the outcome of letting the silly people who have borrowed 16 Trillion dollars in the name of our children to rewrite that last mooring post to sanity.

    Yet, with the Oral Torah, this is what we must do. It isn't easy. But, it hasn't been for any previous generation so far, either.

  • Why Jewish Americans vote Democratic

    10/08/2013 5:12:28 AM PDT · 132 of 134
    dalight to Zionist Conspirator
    In other words, if you separate the Written Torah from the Oral Torah, you've left the ball park.

    There have been folks questioning the veracity of the Oral Torah since the time of Hillel and Shammai. The Karaites attempted to live without implementing instructions that Oral Torah provides and this is a bit of a blind alley.

    Mixed into Oral Torah is a mishmash of all sorts of data of excellent to extremely dubious quality.

    However, the other guidance of Oral Torah is that it is not supposed to be written. Ooops. The concept with this is that it must change with the time to assist Jews to accomplish the keeping of the Commandments in their own time and in the context of their own lives. As the Jerusalem and Babylonian Talmud are fixed in the pre-dark ages.. its not a huge surprise that some bits now are pretty badly misfitting our understanding of our current "reality."

    However, a dispassionate review of these materials also yields that the vast majority of this material is amazing, and shockingly relevant. The Reform movement pretty much have rejected the Talmud then reconnected in a "pick and choose" sort of stance, but unfortunately the "Progressive" or "Pragmatic" stance requires a "objectively identifiable and incontrovertibly acceptable" end point goal or standard. The movement right now is like a ship without a destination so shock.. the Socialists moved in with their "Socialist Utopia" as a substitute for the Messianic promise that provided a sense of direction for Jews since the Tannaim.

    Shockingly, I reject the Messianic idol as this confuses the mind just the same as any other idol. However, the most important debate I ever joined in was with a Chassidic Rabbi who is the head of our local Yeshiva on this very topic. Deut. 17:15 vs. Samuel 8:7-8. I was attempting to accept the Rabbi's position as a true position and then trying to find how it could be a true position because I also deeply accept that the same author's hand is on both of these texts.. how could this inconsistency be resolved? The answer is that the Messianic hope provides the same sort of unifying power that a King provides as a leader allowing people to rise above their own petty problems and work toward a common and righteous future. However, a deeper understanding requires us to ultimately reject kings because as Jews there is only God and God is quite sufficient.

    These two seem in conflict but instead, these are different levels of experience. Temporal leaders are a blessing, we look to leaders to help us coordinate our efforts and these leaders must be worthy of our affection and acceptance. But, as humans, any leader will be flawed. The hope of an "ultimate" leader who is flawless is helpful to those who cannot deal with the "nothing" nature of God.

    I believe Reform Judaism is a necessary step to allow Jews to bridge the gap from the Messianic expectation to being able to directly focus on Loving God. Unfortunately, unmooring from this central goal to connect as a greater community, not just selected scholars, to an "adult" relationship (not that kind) with God is not easy and it seems like lots of wondering around in the darkness is part of the deal.

  • Why Jewish Americans vote Democratic

    10/08/2013 4:11:10 AM PDT · 129 of 134
    dalight to ExTexasRedhead
    Not all Jews are Liberal! Many Jews here on FR. BTW, Notre Dame had the leading proponent of abortion, OBayMe, speak so Catholics have their Liberals as well.

    Not to be sarcastic, but if you click the name of the poster you can see the date when they initially signed up to post on FR. I lurked for a couple of years before beginning to post. But, you will see my date is right in the middle of the RatherGate explosion... Almost a decade ago... enough time to notice that there are other Jews here. Or perhaps you count me as incredibly dense. (A matter that several folks will insist is actually quite correct.)

    However, not many open Reform Jews as they get it from both sides.. as the Orthodox here have a very low opinion of Reform Jews.. and with some good reason in General but Generalizations are always distortions of reality when you accept them as anything more than an approximation.

    In General Jews in the Reform movement are politically clueless and have been systematically deceived. This deception is maintained and managed by group conformity pressures and it will take time to unwind this if it is possible. I often find myself defending the Reform movement here even as I shake my head in wonder as they frustrate me so just the same.

  • Why Jewish Americans vote Democratic

    10/08/2013 3:52:27 AM PDT · 128 of 134
    dalight to Netz
    There are quite a few closet Conservatives because they're scared of being called a Barry Goldwater intolerant boob which is unfair and inaccurate.

    About 23% of Reform Jews are conservatives. And, no they aren't scared of being called Barry Goldwater unless they are over 70 or so.. lol. Gees. No, it is a case of liberal intolerance making it unsafe to say anything they don't like. Its just that simple. One way street if you let it, no way street when you throw a flag. This is what it is like around me.. folks avoid political comments because they know that both sides will have their say and that isn't acceptable. I found that when I insist on balance, balance occurs.. but with a price.. as folks like me are "called" divisive and that comes consequences. Most folks find those consequences to be unbearable. I just ask God to help keep me going the right way.. and I try not to mess as much this year... as I did last.

  • Why Jewish Americans vote Democratic

    10/05/2013 11:54:29 PM PDT · 122 of 134
    dalight to Netz
    It is not easy swimming against the grain, never has been. Keep being a trailblazer at your synagogue. Of course they’ll look down on you but then again, when events turn out as you predicted they will be silent and look down at their shoes.

    One day two years ago or so, I decided not to continue attending our "study group" sessions. I found out that all of the "closet" conservatives quit attending without me being there to make the room safe. So, I returned.

    However, silence on the part of conservative bashing, is not the same as welcoming anything that is anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, or anti-global warming... these "orthodoxies" have been messaged in as group values and it is not possible to begin to untwist the web of half-truths that sustain this silliness.

  • Why Jewish Americans vote Democratic

    10/05/2013 10:12:26 PM PDT · 120 of 134
    dalight to Zionist Conspirator
    Torah was written entirely by G-d, 974 generations before the Creation.

    I find myself insanely wanting to take another bite out of this.

    You can make this argument, and it is actually great teaching.

    The horrible teachings are the ones that are being espoused by Scientism. (The worship of science) And its traveling companions, the most unsavory and nightmarish of these is Atheism. Atheists espouse to believe in nothing. And, nothing is the one unique thing that this entire universe will not permit; and further one could argue this is true beyond this and any multiverse and any imaginable unlimited context that be speculated by the mind of man.

    Rather, Atheists are shrinking violets and timid against the challenge of accepting the true majesty of our existence and our relationship to all else that isn't our own mind. I argue that the reason we as Jews eschew idolatry is that it blinds the eyes from coming to terms with God as "Not a thing." God is outside of our ability to sense, measure, or perceive with our physical senses. Yet, we can perceive God at every moment through our connection to him via our soul, which is also "not a thing" but rather a connection that is of God's level of existence and thus outside of our ability to comprehend anymore than a "flat-lander" can comprehend a cube. Kabbalistic study and teaching tries to scratch at this insight, but as you dig deeper, we find that this "nothing nature" is Gods most important aspect.

    We are commanded to LOVE God, not because God is an affection junkie, but rather because this is a huge honking arrow on how to actually connect with God. How to realize Gods blessings and how to reflect these blessings on each life no matter how great or small that we touch. This occurs because of our very inability to focus on God as an image, concept, being, or anything of substance or location.

    Rather, this love is real, and as such manifest in our current moment and reality and it has no outlet or direction except for the focus of attention of the individual who gives his heart and soul and very life to God. So instead, that love is focused on God's creation and the lives and misery of those around us. And, we are called to act. Torah has been given to us to help us choose to act in ways that assure that the consequences of our actions will not just create new evil.

  • Why Jewish Americans vote Democratic

    10/05/2013 9:19:38 PM PDT · 119 of 134
    dalight to Zionist Conspirator
    The Torah doesn't come from clay tablets, nor does it have multiple sources of any kind. According to Tradition the Torah was written entirely by G-d, 974 generations before the Creation.

    This fact was conveniently left out of the Torah itself and this is an external teaching. (As you say Tradition) But, ultimately, such reckonings are meaningless and frankly destructive aim to opening the minds of the current swarms of humanity.

    Maimonides and my Great Great Great... G'father aside.. I would argue, be careful not to worship Torah for this is also a form of idolatry. And, as they say, you are welcome to your own and many agreeing opinions, but even an overwhelming consensus doesn't make non-sense into a fact. Ask the Global Warming crowd.

    Fortunately for Torah, the document bears the level of distortion you wish to apply to it and rewards those who use this to assist them in accepting it. So, good for you. If this satisfies you, good enough.

    But, for me, I know the crisis we are navigating is entirely created because this explanation was blown up as misleading, manipulative and indistinguishable from any other explanation made up out of whole cloth.

    We both know though, that often, parables and explanations that bright minds share with those trying to learn are indeed blessings. So, there is no fault that attaches necessarily in such teachings, except when they are false on their face to the person hearing them. Then such explanations destroy the credibility of the teacher and thus the value of the lesson.

    Nevertheless, the real problem is that this line of teaching has been tried and lost 70-80% of the worlds Jews to every manner of distraction. You can argue that perhaps these folks are best completely lost. I would argue this is a distinct possibility but not what Abraham would have probably wanted if you could ask him today.

    I would argue that God is perfect and Torah is a blessing, because the hands of man are too obvious on the pages of Torah. Nevertheless, I also argue that God shapes and fashions this world and all that is in it with the hands of man, as well as, older ways. So a deeper thinker would say, every letter of the Torah was created by God and this would not at all be an untruth.

  • Why Jewish Americans vote Democratic

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    dalight to justiceseeker93; ml/nj; ExTexasRedhead; MadMax, the Grinning Reaper; Netz; Daveinyork; ...
    A lot of it is brainwashing and mythology passed down through the generations, starting with immigrants from pre-Soviet Eastern Europe from whom the majority of today's American Jews are descended.

    The answer to this is context. In some contexts, Jews are wildly open minded. In others, Political Correct thinking forms an implacable group norm. I belong to a "Liberal" congregation and my presence is like a huge wet blanket because I will "reproach" when people make statements that I believe are unfair even at the cost of my own acceptance. I am just tolerated because of this and not eligible for any leadership position or position of authority. It is a price if you see it as that. But, we see this same system in the Universities of America.. Conservative voices are tolerated at best and completely excluded if they cause "too much" pain.

    This is not necessarily what you could call brain washing but the techniques are definitely those of the commissars and these people are concentrated primarily in the secular and leftist (Reform, Humanist and elements of the Modern Orthodox communities) but the "theoretical" work to understand how the tactics of just a few well placed "minders" or operatives can move a whole community even against their own interests have just been recently exposed as part of the growing body of knowledge called "Crowd Sourcing."

    Though I don't expect many folks to get this, the best summary the power of "Political Correct" speech codes and the creation of "group norms" that are enforced by group members is available here:

    Dunbar, Altruistic Punishment, and Meta-Moderation

    Every Tea Party Member, Every Pro-Lifer and any real "Human Rights activist" needs to understand this process, and especially the leaders need to get their heads around this data.

    This is how the Black community, Jewish Community, and many others are continuously played into rejecting all messages of the reality of their situation vs. the fantasy that their "appointed" leaders are spinning. Margaret Sanger and bunch understood with without the graphs and such. They knew if you got Black Ministers and Rabbis to accept abortion as a "positive" good then their congregations would happily create their own "gas chambers" and kill their very own children so that in just a few generations, these unwanted people would be wiped from the face of this earth.

  • Why Jewish Americans vote Democratic

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    dalight to Zionist Conspirator
    "Higher criticism" was actually intended by its pioneers to be a vindication of chrstianity by showing that the Torah was (has veshalom!) a "Pharasaic" imposture written later than the Prophets, and that chrstianity was a "restoration" of this alleged original, "pure," pre-Torah form of "prophetic Judaism."

    All this has been forgotten today. Now higher criticism is considered a nefarious plot against chrstianity, and most people don't even know the traditional Jewish teaching that every single letter of the Torah comes directly from G-d (in fact it is forbidden to reject a single letter of the Torah). This is now actually considered a "chrstian" concept (Protestant, to be precise) and most people think Jews don't have a dog in that fight.

    Well put..

    I honestly am one who welcomes the additional data exposed by this source theory. But, I am also someone who believes that this text is one of the best preserved and keenly one of the most if not the most reliable history of all available texts in this world.

    Just as in the "Christian" Bible, these sources when viewed in an accepting rather than rejecting context are complementary "witness" statements. Just as the exposition of the four disciples have deep contradictions, this is the nature of true witness statements rather than colluded fabrications that fear rather than proclaim and value truth. The two histories preserved into our modern five Books of Moses have been identified as stitching together of the records kept by the Northern Kingdom and the Southern Kingdom. Rather than omit a single word, the "Redactor" just folded these together side by side because no word was more replaceable or sacred and this was just passed to us as our inheritance. Both of the accounts agree on matters of substance but also vary in focus and nature of the text and narrative.

    For some reason, I don't understand, people just look at these texts and their dating and say.. well these are too new. But, they know darn well, that the old records were on clay tablets and not sheep skin. Thus when the first Temple was destroyed, this old text and all of the lost books referred to in the transcriptions of this text were lost. Why is that such a mystery? For the people of that time it was a misery, but what can be done?

    Archeology is slowly unearthing what support that is possible considering that there are people who want any evidence destroyed. They depend on people rejecting God so that they might continue to reap the wealth and power they achieve by the enslavement of people who don't understand that faith is the foundation of freedom.

    The Bible as a whole is an amazing document. Like a fractal image, changing yet staying the same, bringing meaning in ways that people of all of the hundreds of generations from the time of Abraham could use in their own time. Abraham's relationship and understanding of God is just as hard to pass on today as it was in his time. But, he didn't have this wondrous text and the work of the brightest minds of every generation after to help him pass this to Isaac. We are infinitely blessed and this document is so much more than what a single human could accomplish, and a message aimed at the hearts of each living soul in each generation, and someone dares to claim that God couldn't accomplish this?

    People who think this small only consider the pebbles in front of them and think they are the entirety of the wonders of this universe.

  • Why Jewish Americans vote Democratic

    10/03/2013 6:49:24 PM PDT · 65 of 134
    dalight to justiceseeker93

    Well, I’ll wade into it. My best answer is “Group Think.” Its like asking why Blacks in America consistently vote Democrat when they are being really systematically exterminated by those same people? Its hard to explain but it comes in the form of peer group pressure, the impossibility of having a civil conversation, and the almost unified reliance on MSM and NPR for news. You get lots of people systematically mislead that you just can’t set straight. Does that make any sense?

    I live this every day, greeting, loving and being with Liberals who you just can’t tell the truth or you will be hounded and ostracized. I never quite understood this until I started studying Crowdsourcing. And it turns out.. groups are maintained by “conformity police.” The left has infiltrated the Jewish community and the further they from Orthodox the easier it is to get them to buy into the lies that these people are spreading. This is because of guilt. Jews who are at all religious and not orthodox feel a sense of guilt about not keeping to the law. Even when what has been settled by the Rabbi’s of 1400 - 1800 years ago is just non-functional in 2013...

    Talmud is a blessing and a curse. The oral law was never to be recorded and then it was. The oral law is the “How-to” implementing code for following the Commandments in Torah. IF this how-to mismatches reality, you get craziness. If you suspend the how-to by refusing any how-to you get what happened to the Karaites who just tried to follow the law as it is written and ended up sitting in the cold and the dark every Saturday among other problems. There is still a community of Jews who hold to this though as they are deeply suspicious of the Rabbis who wrote the Talmud.

    Opposite of the Karaites is the Conservative/Reform/Liberal Judaism movements. These movements represent the still religious (non-secular) Jewish community and they rejected Talmud almost whole cloth in the 1800’s and the Conservative and Reform movements have slowly been walking back.

    You have to put this in context. In the early 1800’s a theory called Higher Criticism was formed that showed pretty definitively that 4 distinct sources could be teased out of the text of the first 5 books of the Bible (Torah). This was kind of meant to hurt the Jewish community and it destroyed it in many ways.. but it has come to bite the Christian community just as hard. This co-incided with the age of the “Enlightenment” where “Scientism” started replacing faith in God as the ultimate source of truth and value for the elite and the educated.

    We saw the rise of Spinoza’s rejection of God and the variations of Atheism and the rise of “faux” Judaism in the form of Communism. Communism replaces God with Mankind as a community and substitutes the achievement of a perfect society of the “proletariat” for the Messianic age. Much of philosophy and science have been bent toward this goal, regardless of whether the people working this call themselves Communists or not. At the front end, these social minded reformers made the lives of the beneficiaries of their programs lives better but just as we see, ultimately, Communism is implemented by tyrants who think they know better than the masses and end up deciding to kill anyone who opposes them and that gets to be one pile of people as their suffering grows. And, in spite of what ever they call this faith, Progressivism, Liberalism, Socialism, Environmentalism it keeps gaining believers and delivering misery for humans.

    But, this is the issue with “faux.” or fake. Because the Bible teaches these lessons too, being kind to the stranger, providing for the sick and the needy, making sure they are treated with dignity and the same as any other person. So, certain individuals have attached themselves to the religious community and overlaid the goals of Communism/Socialism with the Biblical messages from Torah and by insisting that God is just a “concept” are able to walk away from the moral clarity of actually believing in God. They instead substitute working for “Social Justice” which isn’t at all what Torah teaches about Justice, and “Tikkun Olam” repairing the word, when they don’t have a clue just exactly what that means except, more social justice which translates into supporting the leader’s schemes to create a socialist utopia.

    SO, as a group, Jews in America except for some of the Orthodox are deeply misled and working against their own interests and no one can tell them different. But, doesn’t that describe about 50% of all Americans?????

  • Tea Party Primary Challenger for John Boehner's Website

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    I found this posted in my tread on Tea Partier Announces Primary Challenge to John Boehner published at Human Events and some folks might want to donate.

    10/02/2013 2:50:22 PM PDT · 45 of 50
    dalight to jdwinteregg

    Well, you are more than welcome! Sounds like Glenn Beck got 100% behind you today. (not by name) Its going to be interesting.