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  • Trump Wine Flying Off the Shelves at Wegmans Despite Boycott

    02/17/2017 9:21:07 PM PST · 21 of 22
    CutePuppy to KC_Conspirator; markomalley; Jumper
    From Trump winery seeks more foreign help: report - TH, by Mark Hensch, 2017 February 17 :

      A Virginia winery owned by President Trump's son Eric has requested permission to bring in nearly two dozen foreign workers, according to a new report.

      The Trump Winery in Virginia is seeking 23 workers from overseas to plant and harvest grapes there this spring, BuzzFeed reported Thursday.

      The Department of Labor published a request from the winery, which is also known as Trump Vineyard Estates LLC, earlier that day.

      Thursday's posting says potential workers will earn $11.27 hourly working at the 1,300-acre estate from April 3 to as late as Oct. 27. ..... < snip >

      ..... BuzzFeed added that companies owned by President Trump or bearing his name have sought to hire at least 286 foreign workers since he launched his White House run in June 2015.

      Many laborers now work as servers and housecleaners at Mar-a-Lago, the report said, Trump's luxury resort in Palm Beach, Fla. ..... < snip >

    This is structured as part of the H-2A visa program for temporary / seasonal agricultural employment of foreign workers.
  • Kremlin says it wants apology from Fox News over Putin comments

    02/06/2017 8:43:43 PM PST · 171 of 182
    CutePuppy to Helicondelta; Enlightened1; henkster; octex; Grampa Dave; All
      The irony is that the Saudi King is the biggest shareholder of News Corp (Fox News) after Murdoch. .....

      ..... Last I saw was that it was only about 10%.

    That's not accurate. Saudi King never had investment in News Corp / Fox Entertainment Group.

    One of the more than 100 Saudi princes, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who is very prominent as an investor via his financial vehicle Kingdom Holding Company, had 6.6% of pre-split News Corp, but by the end of 2014 has sold most of his B-shares in post-split News Corp (NWS) leaving him with only 1% stake in News Corp, while keeping entire 6.6% stake in the new 21st Century Fox (FOX) which had spun off from its parent NWS in 2013.

    Rupert Murdoch and his family has about 39.5% of the voting power in News Corp., while only holding 14% of ownership in the company, due to dual-class shareholder structure of the company, same as with Fox. Many companies that are run by the founders have similar structures, e.g. GOOGL / Alphabet, Facebook, CBS / Viacom etc.

    The selling of News Corp shares was done mostly throughout first half of 2014, "to rebalance portfolio" and reduce exposure to several lawsuits against News Corp. in UK related to "spying on employees" which ended with both News Corp and 21 century Fox cleared of charges.

  • Trump Foreign Profits in Violation of Constitution, Suit Claims

    01/24/2017 3:50:25 AM PST · 19 of 56
    CutePuppy to Cobra64; greeneyes; Fhios; Fedora; Eleutheria5; rottndog; All
      Trump's people took care of this a few days ago on 11 January 2017 ... "Trump plans to donate hotel profits from foreign government payments to U.S. Treasury"

    Have to read the "fine print" here.

    1. As you can see, this only refers to "foreign government" payments (which would be rare or non-existent) not private parties doing business with Trump Organization or its many affiliates, so that's a sleight of hand trick / diversion.

    2. Even if (1) above is true (and it's tremendously difficult to track and/or enforce) it doesn't avoid the emolument clause.

    3. Trump / TO are now both the lessor and lessee of this particular hotel and there is an iron-clad clause in the GAO contract about prohibiting any government official's ownership / stake in the hotel.

    The only question at this point is one of "standing" / "injured party" but these would not be hard to find even if this particular suit is thrown out on this ground.

      Are they paying excessive amounts for their patronage of Trump businesses and hotels? Or are they in line with the market value?

    The market value / market rates is entirely irrelevant to the issues at hand.

    Bill / Hillary / Chelsea Clintons Foundation was "creative" way of avoiding the legal problems while she was SoS, but created a different set of problems in and of itself.

  • Alibaba job boom: Jack Ma chats with Trump about creating 1 million US jobs over 5 years

    01/11/2017 1:19:17 AM PST · 95 of 95
    CutePuppy to ConsCA; RegulatorCountry
      But, they have been thinking about this expansion for a couple of years. So, it's probably just to get on the good side of Trump. At one point, they had selected office space in Silicon Valley - but that fell through.

    It's a nice photo-op for Jack Ma and Trump but announced 1 million new jobs is entirely speculative and unrealistic since there is really nothing that is going to be "built" except [possibly] the new sales channel, for some who already sell on eBay and Amazon and from their own web stores. It's mostly a promo for Alibaba, to help increase market share in the US.

    Worth mentioning that Yahoo! (aka Altaba / "Alternate Alibaba") after the sale of IP and most operations to Verizon) owns 14% of Alibaba (BABA) which could be worth approximately US$35-$40bn, besides holding a 35% stake in Yahoo! Japan subsidiary - becoming essentially a financial equity holding company and similar to ETF / "tracking stock" of Alibaba (which is no longer necessary since BABA ADR has been trading on NYSE since 2015).

  • Donald Trump hits back at 'Hillary flunky' Meryl Streep's Golden Globes dig

    01/10/2017 10:49:07 PM PST · 118 of 118
    CutePuppy to alexander_busek; SeekAndFind
      While I support Trump %100, I still think that it's about time that he start ignoring pinpricks like those from Streep.

    Not only this makes him look thin-skinned, petty and lacking self-control (unless it's a diversion designed to occupy the media from other events, in which case there were many better options), but it also makes him look somewhat hypocritical because a little more than a year ago (just before campaign got under way) he "loved" the now-"overrated" Meryl Streep:**

      Q: Any actress you love?

      Trump: Julia Roberts is terrific, and many others. Meryl Streep is excellent; she's a fine person, too. The problem is I'll name three or four or five and then the hundred that I know will be insulted, and I don't mean to insult them.

    "A phone and a pen" or Twitter should be put to better use, or else it will keep one very busy responding to irrelevant triviality.

    "Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't" - Margaret Thatcher


    ** Ref: The Donald Trump Conversation: Murdoch, Ailes, NBC and the Rush of Being TV's "Ratings Machine" — HR, by Janice Min, 2015 August 19

  • Cinnamon Cools Your Stomach, New Study Says

    11/22/2016 11:48:40 AM PST · 46 of 47
    CutePuppy to logi_cal869
      Your cavalier attitude reflects a bias toward those in the medical field...

      Blaming the patient with 'assumption of risk'...

    Sorry, I expressed nothing of the sort. I merely commented on the facts of the state of [litigious, government- and insurance-run] medicine today, as well as society's attitudes.

    I think you may have misinterpreted or misunderstood my comment.

  • Donald Trump Meeting Ari Emanuel in New Jersey

    11/21/2016 8:47:16 PM PST · 124 of 127
    CutePuppy to nclaurel; jjotto; dsc
    Just in: additional info about Ari Emanuel:

    Excerpts from Donald Trump Meets With Ari Emanuel: Inside Their Long-Standing Relationship - ABC, by Lesley Messer, 2016 November 21

      ..... Though Emanuel was Trump's agent for some time, WME-IMG told CNN Money that the firm no longer represents the president-elect. .....

      ..... In June, Trump told The Hollywood Reporter that Emanuel, whom he called "a very good friend of mine," offered to helm a movie about the GOP candidate for the Republican National Convention. "He calls me a lot. I call him a lot, and we talk. ..... "But yeah, I might do something with Ari."

      ..... According to The Washington Post, Trump gave $50,000 to Rahm Emanuel's mayoral campaign in 2010 ..... "I like Rahm, I've always liked him as a person, and more importantly, Ari, his brother, is my agent. So I did make a contribution to him...," he told Rush Limbaugh in 2011 .....

      ..... In September 2015, WME-IMG acquired the Miss Universe Organization from Trump. Ari Emanuel told The Hollywood Reporter "He was running [for president]. He wanted to sell it," Emanuel explained. "[WME-IMG] said, 'Great, we want to buy it.'"

      ..... Emanuel donated to Hillary Clinton's campaign... However, he indicated to The Hollywood Reporter that it wouldn't necessarily preclude him from taking Trump back as a client had he lost the election. .....

  • Cinnamon Cools Your Stomach, New Study Says

    11/21/2016 2:18:08 PM PST · 38 of 47
    CutePuppy to logi_cal869
      How doctors can peddle this crap with a straight face is beyond me (COI is the only logical explanation).

    Most doctors don't have a choice or flexibility but to follow "the protocol" if they want to remain insured (and in practice) so diag almost always have to be followed by the "standard" prescriptions.

    Some good doctors may explain the potential side effects and/or also recommend trying some alternative or parallel treatments or procedures, especially to their long-time patients, but it may come with some assumption of risk. It could help them if the patient is somewhat knowledgeable and would ask questions, then they could veer off the protocol slightly and say "you could try this or that"...

  • Cinnamon Cools Your Stomach, New Study Says

    11/21/2016 1:25:16 AM PST · 36 of 47
    CutePuppy to wally_bert; logi_cal869; ladyjane
      I'll stay with my Prilosec.

      Btw, if you're taking prilosec, you're worsening your health ...

      It is good you don't get the side effects of Prilosec...

    Be careful with long-term intake of PPIs (proton pump inhibitors) like Prilosec, Prevacid and Nexium. They are usually relieving GERD by significantly reducing gastric acid which is necessary for proper digestion, so the cells are still producing HCl which may result in later "overcompensating" PPI inhibition by overproduction thus intensifiying GERD / acid reflux, as well as creating other digestive issues.

    There are also other possible side effects, one of which is severe reduction in magnesium in the system (that's why Nexium capsules contain some magnesium, but it's not nearly enough) and magnesium depletion is already very common, even in people who don't use PPIs.

    If you take magnesium supplement, make sure it's a very absorbable (high-bioavailability) form, i.e., not magnesium oxide which is the one mostly sold in drug stores (citrate, malate, taurinate/taurate, amino acid chelate etc. are much better forms — there are threads on FR that describe advantages of each). Yet it's best not to use PPIs at all, if possible, especially over long term.

  • Cinnamon Cools Your Stomach, New Study Says

    11/20/2016 5:00:34 PM PST · 25 of 47
    CutePuppy to cloudmountain; caltaxed; corkoman; logi_cal869
      ... There have ALWAYS and ALWAYS been smart folks around, geniuses too, who figured out good herbs and spices THOUSANDS of years ago. REINVENTING THE WHEEL syndrome.

      ... Cinnamon has no effect on the stomach; its beneficial effect is in the colon.

      ... Cools??? Low pH is supposed to be "hot"?

    The article describes how researchers used first-of-a-kind "smart pill" sensor capsule to measure precise temp and gas (in this case, CO2) before and after intake of chemical or food agent. It provides factual, in vivo scientific foundation and mechanism to things people may have "known" for a long time. It's a scientific approach to prove or disprove what the people think they know.

      < snip > ..... This work is part of a bigger study into gut health using swallowable gas sensor capsules or smart pills. ..... "The capsule is swallowable but indigestible, which has enabled real-time and precise gas measurements in different sections of the gastrointestinal tract in animal models." ..... < snip >

      ..... "Our experiments with pigs and cinnamon show how swallowable gas sensor capsules can help provide new physiological information that will improve our understanding of diet or medicine... They are a highly reliable device for monitoring and diagnosing gastrointestinal disorders."


    "There are known knowns - there are things we know we know... There are known unknowns - we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns - the ones we don't know we don't know" - Donald Rumsfeld

  • Donald Trump Meeting Ari Emanuel in New Jersey

    11/20/2016 2:47:24 PM PST · 87 of 127
    CutePuppy to nclaurel; jjotto
    I am not familiar with Ari ...

    The HBO multi-season series Entourage was based on Ari Emanuel (the Hollywood "talent super-agent"). Emanuel only agreed to the show if actor Jeremy Piven was going to play "Ari Gold" — his fictional character in the series.

    Two Hollywood Mega Agencies Combine Forces, With Clients the Likes of Oprah Winfrey and Gisele Bundchen | William Morris Endeavor Acquires IMG: The Rise of Ari Emanuel - ABC, by Susanna Kim, 2013 December 18

      ... "Ari has a lot of ink," Patten said, in part because of the fame of his other Emanuel family members. It doesn't hurt that Emanuel's brother, Rahm Emanuel, was one of the most powerful congressman, chief of staff for President Obama, and now mayor of Chicago, while his other brother is a world-renowned doctor, Patten added. ..... < snip >

      ..... "Ari is thoughtful and insightful, profane and louder than a Marshall amp when required and someone who has created a persona on the knowledge of how to use real power," Patten said. "A lot of people know him from the caricature in Entourage: superagent Ari Gold. That is part of the secret of his success. A lot of people know about him." ..... < snip >

      ..... "Emanuel was one of the first to recognize that the new money flowing into Hollywood was from corporate America, so he opened doors and made it easy for brands to work directly with entertainment assets," Raih said. ..... < snip >

  • Cinnamon Cools Your Stomach, New Study Says

    11/20/2016 2:25:51 PM PST · 1 of 47
    Cinnamon is not the only spice with gut-cooling properties. According to Ayurveda (ancient [mostly Indian] healing and preventative medical science) coriander, cumin and some other spices are also cooling agents.

    Useful article on some spices and their relation to digestion, enzymatic and bacterial response and overall health : Five Spices to Rock your Digestive World - LifeSpa, by John Douillard, 2014 October 9

  • Bill Clinton Took Twice As Many Flights On ‘Pedophile Island’ Billionaire’s 'Lolita Express'....

    10/08/2016 12:13:44 AM PDT · 38 of 61
    CutePuppy to RitaOK
    It's not "news" — there are a lot of documented [and substantiated] material on the Web...

    Search Trump Epstein or lolita (this is a site that has a lot of material on sexual and financial history of The Donald) but there are many others. While you are there can also check Trump Ivanka.

    Here is, BTW (I don't know it is has been posted), the history of Trump and his own lawyers having to protect themselves from Trump's "I don't recall" convenient memory lapses — Toggle navigation Share on Twitter You Won't Believe What Donald Trump's Own Lawyers Did When Meeting With Him - RS, by streiff, 2016 October 06,

    Trump donated to state attorneys general reviewing his business: WSJ - Reuters / WSJ, 2016 October 05 . . . and . . . Donald Trump's Charity Scandal Is About to Go National - TDB, by Tim Mak, 2016 October 05

    A couple of articles on his financial self-dealings (out of thousands some of which I posted and explain during the primaries) :

    The story of Donald Trump's Atlantic City comeback is even worse than his collapse - CNBC / Vox, by Matthew Yglesias, 2016 October 06 . . . and to accomplish that he was doing this: When Donald Trump Went to Washington and Got Himself a Tax Break - NYT, by Nicholas Confessore, 2016 October 06

    There is a lot more, in the same vein, but that's not what people want[ed] to hear / see / pay attention to... maybe until now...

  • Bill Clinton Took Twice As Many Flights On ‘Pedophile Island’ Billionaire’s 'Lolita Express'....

    10/07/2016 11:34:24 PM PDT · 35 of 61
    CutePuppy to GrandJediMasterYoda
      I mean seriously, what the hell is going on here?

    What's going on is that if you are Hillary and have a huge "unfavorable" rating, you would go out of your way to help other party choose someone with even higher unfavorable rating and a ton of scandals that match or exceed your own.

    Need to take two guesses who that was as soon as Donald J. Trump entered the race (after talk with Bill Clinton who reminded him that 70-year old Donald may not have another chance to realize his life-long dream, and what does he have to lose, when the worst-case scenario would be showcasing Trump brand once again)?

  • Newly Discovered Video Of Obama: ‘Saddened Whites Are Still Superior’ [VIDEO]

    10/05/2016 6:18:45 PM PDT · 37 of 48
    CutePuppy to HKMk23
      Look, as bad as the mainstream media are about accuracy, the LAST thing Conservatives need, or can afford, is to buy into alternative news sources that do the same reprehensible things as the NYT but in reverse.

      This bogus and misleading headline is exactly that...

    Unfortunately, a lot of these supposedly "conservative" "alternative news sources" are no better than liberal so-called "news / opinion sources" when it comes to either accuracy or just plain sense or logic...

    They often exist only to repost the news with no new original insight, and all too often twist and/or distort the meaning of the content or phrase and, to top it off, give it a totally misleading screaming "shocking" headline, to grab the eyeballs of their chosen audience.

    This is so it can make its way to "news" aggregators / integrators like Google News or, sadly, Drudgereport which is relying more and more on what used to be called "tabloids" — "If it bleeds it leads" is a fear-/anger-based news media psychological phenomenon, and it can't allow even slightest time for facts or making sense.

    The saddest part is that conservatives shouldn't need to resort to this, and are only fooling themselves and their audience.

  • National Anthem protests spread to college football, WNBA

    09/25/2016 12:43:03 PM PDT · 34 of 43
    CutePuppy to Mjreagan; Altura Ct.; Molon Labbie; cherry; Tennessee Nana; ReaganGeneration2; Jay W; ...
    Other people can "exercise their own freedom" as well as players:

    Walk out of the stadium and demand a refund... Stop attending the games and let owners know why... Stop watching the games, if you haven't already done so (lower ratings will hit advertisers, then stations, then teams)...

    Management and coaches can bench the players (or dismiss for cause, if the contract has the "behavior / harm clause") no matter how "valuable" they are, which will result in them losing value next season — now some professional players may not care because they are "rich enough" already, but for most and for college / school players it will be an irreparable career hit.

    And don't call it boycott - EVERYBODY can simply "exercise their rights and freedoms," not just spoiled brats.

    If the spoiled brats don't mind the hit to their pockets and their reputation by exercising their "rights and freedom" to display their politics and ingratitude instead of their sport skills, so be it.

    BTW, the police can't usually walk out on the game because most of the teams are paying for "security / police protection" — either to the city, if they have a contract, or to the off-duty and/or retired police officers who often supplement their income this way and may be under contract.

  • New York blast: Sikh hailed as hero for helping arrest terror suspect

    09/21/2016 4:36:37 PM PDT · 1 of 33
    Interesting detail that didn't seem to make much news in major American media.
  • Bradley Cooper's DNC appearance irks some 'American Sniper' fans

    07/28/2016 5:31:37 PM PDT · 42 of 46
    CutePuppy to Rastus
      Cooper was spotted by TV cameras seated at the meeting in Philadelphia alongside his Russian model girlfriend, Irina Shayk.

        He *is* conservative and he's there getting sensitive information from the DNC on behalf of his Russian masters and the Trump campaign! It's so obvious!

    Finally someone put 1 and 3 together... It is obvious, don't people watch spy movies anymore?

  • Alexandria [VA] police officer says she was denied service at Noodles & Company

    07/27/2016 3:12:15 AM PDT · 45 of 56
    CutePuppy to Viking2002; All
    Refuse to serve an on-duty cop: a First Amendment social statement. Refuse to bake two dykes a 'wedding' cake: a federal snivel rights case.

    Police officer is not a member of "protected class" — the concept which should be entirely foreign, illegal and done away with in a "classless" society with the First and Fourteenth ("equal protection of the laws") Amendments.

    The "right" of some not to be "discriminated" against is, in itself, discriminatory...

  • What One Million Recently Fired Chinese Coal And Steel Workers Are Doing Now

    07/24/2016 4:59:22 PM PDT · 46 of 47
    CutePuppy to PJammers
      When the collapse happened, the story out of Washington was it was our fault.

    Depending on who was telling the "story," one of the many different "stories" out of "Washington" (i.e., the same politicians who created the regulatory mess in the first place) was that it was "our" fault... "We" (the people / humans) have what is known as a "confirmation bias", so we tend to see, hear and choose the "stories" we would like to believe in the first place (or be comfortable with, or get angry about — depending on whichever your natural tendencies or preferences usually are and/or whichever chemical, hormonal or situational/circumstantial mood is at the time)...

    Just because the "Big Short" is telling you just one of the "stories" and manages to make sweeping conclusions by injecting its political "color" and point of view (however clumsy, as Jeffrey Tucker and others pointed out) doesn't mean that it is the correct point of view unless you really want to believe it, or have no [other, real] facts before you.

      They blamed poor loan decisions and the fact that the poor banks were forced to lend to minorities.

    And you don't see anything wrong with them laying off that blame on someone else, other than themselves? As an example, isn't Dodd-Frank law named after the two people who were the principals in demanding relaxed lending standards to accommodate certain "disadvantaged minorities" and "poor" (not necessarily poor, but those who were not able to afford higher mortgages when market prices went up which is usually what happens with higher demand) and who were screaming the loudest, standing in the way of reforming the "accountable" federal agencies and GSEs, in the name of the "social justice"? "We" always want to put the blame on someone else for "our" own mistakes or misfortunes — those who were able to "flip" the properties and were the winners in the "musical chairs" game of "flipping" real-estate before mortgage market collapsed felt/feel pretty smart for taking advantage of the opportunity provided to them by the government and dutifully executed by the banks, some of which saw the danger and have taken the measures to protect themselves — i.e., "insurance" or selling most of the "paper" in the forms of MBS and CDOs to others who were either "greedy" or had no [real] choice in the matter). Are we ever blaming or asking the questions of those who were buying the properties knowing they had no means or reserves to pay back the mortgage?

      Well, we had no other choice but to bail them out.

    The "bank bailout" really had nothing to do with whose "fault" it was, it had everything to do with stopping the collapse of the [U.S. and the world's] financial system, which was necessary and proper, as the government (and the Fed / Central Banks) is ultimately the "last resort" in these rare occasions. And of course, the government was in great measure responsible for this particular financial crisis (compare with the Dot-Com / Internet / telecom / technology crash of 2000-2001 when no "heroic measures" needed to be and were not taken because the "financial system" was not affected while the finances of many people, financial institutions, pension funds that participated in the "bubble" became vapor or suffered greatly...)

    And the "bank bailout" eventually didn't cost taxpayers a penny, most of the loans were repaid with interest and in the aggregate the Fed and the government ended up with the surplus of money made on the "bailout"... not even mentioning the money from all the phony "nuisance" and "social justice" lawsuits against the surviving banks that followed and are still going on today from federal agencies and states' and cities' Attorney Generals and every two-bit "regulators" who see the banks as nothing more than a "pot of money" they can tap whenever they want money and burnishing their political cred, ambitions and careers.

      "It wasn't the banks fault."

    Sorry, but unfortunately, that's not the prevailing view, probably not even on FR, where I constantly see the incessant blame for Great Recession and sluggish economy laid on the "banksters" and The Fed and calls for wholesale "perp walks."

    Again, "we" always want to blame someone else for the troubles, and the politicians who are often actually responsible for the societal problems (minimum wage, mandates, regulations, ObamaCare, "public" debts and deficits, just to name a few) are great at pointing fingers and convincing people — who are not known for researching the facts, especially when they are drowned in media carrying the [liberal / Krugmanian] point of view on most things of financial nature — of some large scale "industry" malfeasance.

    "Big Short" is not swimming upstream here, trying to sell people on what they either already believe, or are very receptive to believing... In terms of Hollywood's "production values" it is well made and has plenty of stars, it's also a fun "commercial" for ill-advised and stifling Dodd-Frank "reform" of banking industry, giving even more power and creating more (and more expensive) government bureaucracies.

  • What One Million Recently Fired Chinese Coal And Steel Workers Are Doing Now

    07/23/2016 7:52:01 PM PDT · 44 of 47
    CutePuppy to PJammers; Excellence
      The Big Short is playing on Netflix. If you haven't seen it, I would strongly recommend doing so.

        People need to see this movie. It does an outstanding job of explaining how the major banks ripped the American people off. I don't understand why there wasnt riots. Oh that's right, "Blame the poor and immigrants ".

    If that's what you got from the movie, then you bought the political propaganda and Krugmanism it is selling (i.e., "Wall Street and big banks are responsible for the Great Recession and people should have gone to jail and big financial institutions need to be broken up and we need a lot more regulation of "Wall Street" and the banks") behind a pretty good story by Michael Lewis about few (not even the largest, by far) short sellers who figured out how to use leveraged CDS (Credit Default Swaps) — issued mostly by AIG's London-based financial derivatives office, to insure against mortgage "paper risk" — to short the MBS/ CDO market. One of the big problems was that because there was no central clearance, CDSs were seriously oversubscribed, which exacerbated but by no means caused the Great Recession.

    Read more in Did 'The Big Short' Get It Right? - Newsweek, by Jeffrey A. Tucker, 2016 January 2

    There are several movies about the period, most are crappy left-wing pseudo-documentaries (like Charles Ferguson's Inside Job (2010) or Michael Moore's Capitalism: The Love Story (2009) etc. etc.) that make up the "facts" about "Wall Street" or "The Fed" but completely leave out or mention only in passing the role of the government regulations and mandates (like CRA, FHA and HUD, among others) and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac which have been responsible for relaxing the lending standards and forcing banks to make certain percentage of subprime loans — which they had to package into MBSs and CDOs and sell, often to the agencies, to reduce their own risk (which was neither illegal nor imprudent)...

    From the rest, though, I would only recommend Margin Call (2011) and Too Big To Fail (2011), in that order...

  • Ivanka Champions Equal Pay for Women, Child Care

    07/22/2016 5:45:48 PM PDT · 1 of 62
    From Ivanka Trump: My Father Will Change Labor Laws to Benefit Women - FBN, 2016 July 21

      Ivanka Trump, the daughter of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, cast her father as a "fighter" for working people, particularly working women, in her remarks ..... < snip >

      ..... Then, matching a campaign promise by presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, she vowed her father would "fight for equal pay for equal work and I will fight for this too, right alongside him." ..... < snip >

    Ivanka Trump is currently writing a book "Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success," due to be published next year.

  • CalPERS posts worst year since 2009, with slim returns

    07/20/2016 1:54:20 AM PDT · 30 of 30
    CutePuppy to monkeyshine; TexasGator

    OK, you two, stop with your PDS (Public Display of Sanity) - you are spoiling a perfectly good bashing party...

  • Deutsche Bank to close almost 200 branches

    07/20/2016 1:14:34 AM PDT · 10 of 10
    CutePuppy to nickcarraway
    Trump's bank.

    True, DB is one of the few remaining banking / WS institutions which would [unhappily] still do business with Trump (after he destroyed so much of their and their investors and customers capital) but DB didn't / doesn't have much choice in the matter at this point — it is trying to save some of the value of previous loans while some segments of the real estate market are still going [relatively] strong...

    They had a settlement in 2010 to extend part of $640M loan on his Chicago Trump International Hotel & Tower after DB countersued Trump on his attempt to get out of paying off the interest and principal (essentially defaulting) on a debt he used to buy the property near the peak in early 2008 while at the same time "warning" everybody that the real estate crash is coming and to be ready for opportunities to buy... Since then, they pretty much had to roll over the loans several times until they can get their money back, but nothing is going to new projects. (Ref: Donald Trump sued Deutsche Bank to get out of $40 million debt over Chicago property two years after rooting for housing collapse - NYDN, by Cameron Joseph, 2016 May 24)

      < snip > ..... In a counter-suit, the German conglomerate fired back that "Trump is no stranger to overdue debt" and called his lawsuit "classic Trump" after highlighting his casino's bankruptcies. ..... < snip >

    Most WS / financial institutions won't do business with him, lest they end up with more losses after they've had a painful experience of "investing in Trump" before ** (Ref: Art of the spin: Trump bankers question his portrayal of financial comeback - CNBC / Reuters, by Emily Flitter, 2016 July 18)

      < snip > ..... BANKING ON "TRUMP THE SALESMAN" ..... < snip >

      ..... Though it was true that a personal bankruptcy would have made it harder for the banks to collect what Trump owed them, he had little leverage in the talks, they said. He, too, would have been seriously hurt in a bankruptcy, especially since he had personally guaranteed so much of what he had borrowed. In Pomerantz's analysis, he would have been able to hold on to little else beyond his home and his pension plan. ..... < snip >

      ..... The banks decided they could recover more of the $4 billion they were collectively owed if they sold Trump's holdings one by one, waiting until the market recovered, rather than taking possession of the assets, four participants in the talks said. ..... < snip >

      ..... "We had to be sure he would pay attention," Pomerantz said of the liens on Trump's personal holdings. "We would meet with him every Friday morning. He was under very strict restrictions by the banks." ..... < snip >

      ..... The banks did not recover 100 percent of what they were owed and several lenders vowed never to work with Trump again. ..... < snip >

    ** Ref: Who will buy New York's Plaza Hotel? Chinese or Arabs - FR, posts #2, #9, 2016 March 20

    So here's the Trump's revenge — new Trump's GOP platform includes reinstatement of Glass-Steagall, which is the same as Democratic Party Sanders / Warren / OWS plank. Isn't it wonderful that both parties are working together on the "Wall Street problem"? ***

    *** Ref: GOP platform pushes for big-bank breakup, return of Glass-Steagall - CNBC, by Michael Nagle, 2016 July 18


    *** Ref: GOP platform to call for return to Glass-Steagall - The Hill, by Peter Schroeder, 2016 July 18

      < snip > ..... Paul Manafort, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump 's campaign manager, told reporters gathered in Cleveland Monday that the GOP platform would include language advocating for a return of that law, which was repealed under President Bill Clinton.

      "We also call for a reintroduction of Glass-Steagall, which created barriers between what big banks can do," he said.

      Including that language in the GOP platform comes shortly after Democrats agreed to similar language in their own, calling for an "updated and modernized version" of the law. ..... < snip >

  • Sowell: The Dumbest Idea

    07/19/2016 7:01:04 PM PDT · 57 of 65
    CutePuppy to piytar; Pollster1; jazusamo
    My informal rating is about 2200.

    Last official ELO, long time ago, is 2537, racked up in just a few relatively high level tournaments. Record against two ex-WC is +1.5/2 (1 win, 1 draw). To get higher (over 2600) the curve gets much steeper and requires a lot of time, energy, travel, sense of financial stability and unconditional support.

    Like you said, there were several other, potentially much more interesting and lucrative challenges and opportunities, with much less family-related stress and sacrifices.

    But the intensive training, at young age, in logic (and by extention, STEM+ and other disciplines), strategy and tactics is invaluable and serves well for the rest of the life.

  • Trump Campaign Denies Reports Mike Pence Picked as VP

    07/15/2016 2:53:05 AM PDT · 214 of 221
    CutePuppy to nikos1121
      Interesting that Condi Rice was approached. She was my pick. I thought she'd be amazing. Would have really turned some heads. Surprised she turned him down. I like to see her in his administration...

    Condoleezza Rice preemptively, publicly and categorically took herself out from consideration more than a month ago, as well as Govs. Nikki Haley (SC), Susana Martinez (NM) and Mary Fallin (OK), though Fallin is expected to speak at the convention... That Condi was approached again at this late time shows the paucity of candidates in her league left for consideration, to enhance the ticket.

  • Alvin Toffler, 'Future Shock' Author Who Predicted Disconnection of Modern World, Dies at 87

    07/03/2016 5:00:32 PM PDT · 47 of 48
    CutePuppy to j.argese
    I used the word "prediction" as in a thing to come.

    That's how I understood your post — you actually put it in quotes.

  • Silicon Valley Reacts to Autonomous Tesla Crash

    07/02/2016 12:56:57 AM PDT · 34 of 37
    CutePuppy to Ben Hecks
    I have no desire to be on the highway with a driverless car, a drunk or a pothead.

    They all are / will be around you, anyway. And believe me, you'll be much better off with the driverless cars — some might even help you avoid drunks and potheads at the wheel.

  • Alvin Toffler, 'Future Shock' Author Who Predicted Disconnection of Modern World, Dies at 87

    07/01/2016 3:47:29 PM PDT · 44 of 48
    CutePuppy to nickcarraway; ifinnegan; All

      Toffler was a radical student at NYU in the 40's, who said he was more interested in political activism than grades. He later worked at a union-backed newspaper and in the progressive media.

    "If you are not a socialist in your 20s you don't have a heart, if you are a socialist in your 40s you don't have a brain" - Winston Churchill

    From Wiki:

      Toffler graduated from New York University in 1950 as an English major, though by his own account he was more focused on political activism than grades. He met his future wife, "Heidi", when she was starting a graduate course in linguistics. Being radical students, they decided against further graduate work and moved to the Midwest, where they married on April 29, 1950.

      Seeking experiences to write about, Alvin and Heidi Toffler spent the next five years as blue collar workers on assembly lines while studying industrial mass production in their daily work. ..... In their first factory jobs, Heidi became a union shop steward in the aluminum foundry where she worked. Alvin became a millwright and welder.

      His hands-on practical labor experience helped Alvin Toffler land a position at a union-backed newspaper, a transfer to its Washington bureau in 1957, then three years as a White House correspondent covering Congress and the White House for a Pennsylvania daily newspaper.

      They returned to New York City in 1959 when Fortune magazine invited Alvin to become its labor columnist, later having him write about business and management. After leaving Fortune magazine in 1962, Toffler began a freelance career, writing long form articles for scholarly journals and magazines. .....

      His 1964 Playboy interviews with Russian novelist Vladimir Nabokov and Ayn Rand were considered among the magazine's best. .....

      Toffler was hired by IBM to conduct research and write a paper on the social and organizational impact of computers, leading to his contact with the earliest computer "gurus" and artificial intelligence researchers and proponents. Xerox invited him to write about its research laboratory and AT&T consulted him for strategic advice. This AT&T work led to a study of telecommunications which advised its top management for the company to break up more than a decade before the government forced AT&T to break up.

      In the mid-'60s, the Tofflers began five years of research on what would become Future Shock, published in 1970. .....

    From Toffler Associates:

      ..... Alvin Toffler's wide life experience infused his work as a keen observer and predictor of global trends. His notable career includes work as an editor at Fortune magazine, a White House correspondent, and an educator.

      From the beginning, he pursued knowledge up close. His earliest career was as a welder, a post he took in order to become fully informed about assembly lines and industrial mass production. This experience led to a stint as a newspaperman, writing first about labor before shifting his focus to business and management, and then to the computer and telecommunications businesses.

      The Tofflers bravely forecast many of the realities of contemporary society and politics, including the acceleration of daily life, the decline of the nuclear family, cloning, virtual reality, information overload, and the threat of terrorism. Many of these predictions have come to bear and the central thesis of their work has proven absolutely true — that a knowledge-based new economy would replace the Industrial Age. .....

    Sounds like he wanted to think and write from personal experience, so he went out and got a range of different experiences, in labor, politics and [information] business. He seemed to me leaning libertarian, but I didn't see him pushing or colouring any particular outcome in his books, just what the future might bring — whether I desired or agreed with a particular potential outcome (based on my knowledge or experience), it was a fascinating, educational and enlightening read. I don't automatically discard good or interesting ideas just because they come from someone I don't like or ideologically opposed to, or who they were in their youth, just as I do not automatically accept bad and known flawed ideas just because they come from someone I like or respect.

    It always helps to be prepared and have strategies for the future new or recycled old ideas with new gist or lipstick (what we see in "gun control" and "minimum wage / dignity of work" and "isolationism vs globalism" etc.) — whether we like it or not, it helps to know what to expect so we could either be ready for them, help advance some of them or lead the fight against some of them.

    "Ignorance may be a temporary bliss but it comes with permanent consequences"

  • Alvin Toffler, 'Future Shock' Author Who Predicted Disconnection of Modern World, Dies at 87

    07/01/2016 11:42:26 AM PDT · 39 of 48
    CutePuppy to ifinnegan; nickcarraway; Pontiac; ManHunter; j.argese; wardaddy; lee martell; Kipp; Jack Hammer

      I found an old copy of Future shock a few years ago and read it expecting it to have been wrong, like most of the prediction books. But it was not. It was pretty darn accurate. .....

      How much was he predicting vs working toward? .....

      Could you please provide one example of his "predictions" from "Future Shock" which had NOT come to pass within 50 years of it's publication? .....

    Futurists are not — nor do they claim to be — clairvoyants, mediums or psychics, so "prediction" is not an accurate way to describe or evaluate the content.

    Futurism, not unlike good [technological] science fiction, is not about hard "predictions" — rather it's a vision of one or more possibilities or paths the civilization or [some] societies may take based on the state and trends of current technology and political or population shifts.

    It's not necessarily what they personally want to happen or are afraid that would happen, rather these are things or paths that they see that have a good chance and high probability of happening and how they might evolve and affect people in different societies.

    Often, even if the technology comes true, it may not be either economically viable at that period of time for society as a whole or there may be other new technology that, while not necessarily better may be cheaper or better promoted and catches the people's fancy or will be imposed on them by the industry or the governments. There are too many variables so exactly which paths the society will take is impossible to "predict" but getting some of the minor future developments "wrong" shouldn't detract from the overall value of the content — it's an opportunity to escape the daily news cycle and learn about things we don't necessarily know, understand or think about and look a little further ahead.

    Alvin and Heidi Toffler's book Third Wave (1980) was a sequel to Future Shock (1970), which later was followed by Powershift: Knowledge, Wealth and Violence at the Edge of the 21st Century (1990). However, in 2006, an updated theme of Third Wave was published in a much expanded book Revolutionary Wealth (2006), which I would highly recommend — particularly because many of the things described there as "the future" have already happened, and some are happening with lightening speed... whether we like it or not, it helps to know what to expect so we could either be ready for them, help advance some of them or lead the fight against some of them.

  • Alvin Toffler, 'Future Shock' Author Who Predicted Disconnection of Modern World, Dies at 87

    07/01/2016 12:38:50 AM PDT · 37 of 48
    CutePuppy to Captain7seas
      And Dear old Newt advocated his ideas like "The Third Way".

    You keep getting it incorrectly — "Third Wave" is not "Third Way" — which is entirely different, political concept of public-private economic integration, which was promoted by the Clintons and Tony Blair. **

    ** Ref: Donna Shalala to head Clinton Foundation [long history with Hillary] - FR, post #38 by CutePuppy, 2015 March 08

    • To: Captain7seas; Cincinatus' Wife

      If I remember correctly, back when Newt first was Speaker he held a press conf. on CSPAN where he advocated reading Alvin and Heidi Tofflers book which was about advancing the Third Way.

        You remember incorrectly. Alvin Toffler's book Third Wave (1980) was a sequel to Future Shock (1970), which later was followed by Powershift: Knowledge, Wealth and Violence at the Edge of the 21st Century (1990). However, in 2006, an updated theme of Third Wave was published in a much expanded book Revolutionary Wealth (2006), which I would highly recommend - particularly because many of the things described there as "the future" have already happened, and some are happening with lightening speed... whether we like it or not, it helps to know what to expect so we could either be ready for them, help advance some of them or lead the fight against some of them.

        Third Wave in Tofflers' terminology is the Information Age, contrasted with the Second Wave which was the Industrial Age, assigning the First Wave to the Agrarian Age **. It has nothing to do with the Third Way which is a euphemism for a fascist socialist tight public-private economic integration, which was promoted by the Clintons and Tony Blair, among others. ***

  • The brutal numbers behind a very bad month for Donald Trump

    06/21/2016 3:13:06 PM PDT · 74 of 81
    CutePuppy to Sarah Barracuda; Berlin_Freeper; lee martell; LS; Lakewood; Al; Nero Germanicus; marygam; Roccus; ..
      Yeah only thing about the argument about Reagan being down 20 points is that I read the same thing when Mitt Romney was running in 2012 and was down in the polls, people reminded us all about Reagan being down..>

    Actually, "favorable / unfavorable" ratio is a better predictor of the elections outcome — Romney had 47% vs Obama's 42% in the beginning, but he was stuck at 47% while Obama's steadily rose to 51% by the end of October, so while polls were all over the place and Romney & Co. (as well as most Drudgereport readers) were sure of his victory, the outcome was very clear for a couple of months before election.

    Also, most comparisons to 1980 Reagan-Carter polls are invalid for many reasons, including but not limited to very different sophistication and frequency of the polls and number of polling organizations / methodologies, entirely different political dynamic ("Iran hostage crisis"), vast changes in the numbers and nature of the available media and information channels, states delegates / electoral college count and realignment vs national two-factor / multi-factor percentage polls, and of course, the individuals involved and their [un]favorability...

    BTW, Obama's favorability rose within the last year from the low 40s (where it stayed for most of his presidency) to the 51% (which explains why he is now more active in campaigning for his de facto "third term" — that Hillary would represent — which has not been accomplished since Ronald Reagan).

    This recent article demonstrates very well why comparisons of current polls to the polls during Reagan election in 1980 don't hold water and represent more of a wishful thinking than a reliable historical precedent (again, pay closer attention to favorability numbers than any other):

    This Is Not 1980, And Donald Trump Is Not Ronald Reagan - Redstate, by Dan McLaughlin, 2016 March 15

  • Minimum wage, maximum mess in Oregon

    06/12/2016 11:24:08 AM PDT · 1 of 17
    Another fine mess on the road to hell paved with politically correct seemingly "good intentions".
  • Silicon Valley Venture Capital Pioneer, Tom Perkins, Dead At 84

    06/10/2016 3:54:47 AM PDT · 6 of 10
    CutePuppy to Nifster; nickcarraway
      Ah yes the vulture capitalists.... the necessary evil of the start up company

    Why is providing necessary capital to startup companies is necessarily vulture and/or evil?

    Some are, but it's mostly for those companies that are "in distress" — there are enough VCs and so much money floating around that for many startups there are a lot of opportunities to pick a firm that will provide not just money but also direction and experienced business advice along with potential symbiotic relationships with other companies, usually overseen by some position(s) on the company board of directors.

    Quite a few startups have an idea or a product, but very little in the way of the business plan. VCs might be the ones who would see the bigger picture or the market(s) and have the capital and relationships to make it into reality.

    VCs often become good partners. Cisco and appointment of John Chambers to CEO is just one such example.

  • WOW! Paid Hillary Protester Met with National Review Editor to Plot How to Take Down Trump

    05/25/2016 9:57:19 PM PDT · 40 of 45
    CutePuppy to DIRTYSECRET
      I was on a Naitonal Review Post Election Cruise in 2010. 800 people signed up. The best showing ever. If Trump wins(even if he doesn't) find out the numbers my friends. I don't think they will be so proud.

    Wouldn't the numbers from 2008 and 2012 — the presidential elections years — be the better comparison, i.e., apples-to-apples, regardless of results?

    And, would the 'Victory Cruise' be much bigger than 'Losing Cruise' or are we talking about a pretty small number of people — i.e., the sample of "like-minded" people willing to go on any cruise is too small to make any reasonable conclusions?

  • SHOCK POLL: Trump Leads Hillary Among Hispanic Voters [VIDEO](by 10 points)

    05/13/2016 5:52:14 PM PDT · 44 of 45
    CutePuppy to af_vet_1981; AustinBill; GilGil; GraceG; Augie; All
    Thanks for complilation. What we see is the gradual increase of Hispanic support (with the minor exception of GWBush, which provided him with the slimmest winning electoral margins in 2000 and 2004) and Blacks / AA support for Democrats, but the one striking point is the massive reversal of increasingly larger and fastest growing electoral group in the US: well-educatied, affluent and influential in professional, legal and medicine, science and technology areas — Asians, which like Jews should be natural allies of the "conservative" Republican party, yet there is little outreach from the party and the candidates or attempts to explain what conservatism / Reaganism is.

    Increasingly, GOP tends to win during low turnouts - meaning in the "out" years.

    With the 2016 campaign built on personalities, rather than ideologies and practical solutions to everyday problems, it's not surprising that numbers are changing for the worse for the GOP.

  • Trump Picks Former Goldman Partner And Soros Employee As Finance Chairman

    05/07/2016 6:34:55 AM PDT · 83 of 86
    CutePuppy to Robert DeLong; circlecity; Milhous; coloradan; RaceBannon
      While employed at Goldman, he purchased the remains of IndyMac Bank (now known as OneWest Bank), the Pasadena, California-based mortgage lender that collapsed in 2008

      At best it is 8 tears.

    The article is from ZeroHedge which means that most of its timeline is inaccurate. He didn't work at Goldman when the group which included his hedge fund Dune Capital Management, George Soros, John Paulson, J. Christopher Flowers and Michael Dell acquired bankrupt IndyMac from FDIC receivership. Mnuchin was named Chairman and CEO of renamed OneWest Bank Group.

    Here is the link to condensed version of Steven Mnuchin's business career: Trump Names Former Goldman Partner, Soros Money Manager As Finance Chairman - FR, post #288, 2016 May 05

  • What MakerBot exit means for N.Y.C. and the 3D business

    05/03/2016 6:32:31 PM PDT · 1 of 11
    High taxes, expensive mandates, onerous regulations, increasing costs of doing business (like increases in minimum wage, medical insurance, increases in mandatory paid leaves from work etc.) are forcing even the most creative and relatively high gross-margins businesses out of production in the U.S. If "inversions" to escape double or triple taxation are shut down by sleight of hand by DOJ, SEC or other administrative agencies, there will be plenty of companies doing design and manufacturing elsewhere, with the money flowing one way - out of the U.S. ...

    10 years ago U.S. corporations had $2T in cash on their balance sheets — $1.2T in the U.S. and $800B outside; today corporations have about $3T in cash, of which $800B are in the U.S. and nearly $2.2T outside (which they cannot bring home, lest they be taxed another 45% tax on it, so they keep reinvesting it there, providing jobs, and building plants and other infrastructure.)

    Tariffs, VATs and higher taxes are not going to fix this, more likely just exacerbate the exodus of capital from the U.S. and diminishing the capital formation in the U.S.

    "Capital will always go where it's welcome, and stay where it's well treated" - Walter Wriston

    "The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen" - Dennis Prager

    "Big government is not the solution to our problems. Big government is the problem" - Ronald Reagan

    "One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results" - Milton Friedman

  • FBI arrests brother of San Bernardino terrorist and 2 others on marriage fraud charges

    04/28/2016 6:13:57 PM PDT · 14 of 14
    CutePuppy to Eddie01; Dr. Ursus; outpostinmass2
    Good, only took 5 mos.

    It might be related to the [new] information they've gotten recently from the recovered iPhone (thanks to the Israeli digital forensic company, no thanks to Apple management and their phony 'privacy' argument).

  • Are the GOP rules really rigged against Donald Trump?

    04/26/2016 2:24:17 AM PDT · 1 of 103
    * (Abramson is a senior fellow at the London Center for Policy Research, and director of policy at the Iron Dome Alliance. Ballabon is CEO of B2 Strategic where he advises and represents corporate and political clients on interacting with the government and media.) *

    "Open" primaries that allow "Operation Chaos" subterfuge in many states is not a new subject and should have been dealt with by national and states' party leaderships long time ago.

    Getting 95% of the delegates while getting 60% of the vote in a large state like NY and then complaining about "rigged" and "unfair" system may be considered "good politics" or strategy in the primary (like Charlie Sheen's "Winning!!" refrain), but it should not confuse anybody but low-information voters or be tolerated by anyone but the audiences of Comedy Channel and late-night "comedy news" shows.

    Today's celebrity-driven culture (particularly of younger generations, like Millennials or younger Gen-Xers) favour those with name recognition (see Eddie Murphy's "The Distinguished Gentleman" (1992))  —  whether in politics or "entertainment"  —  and/or those who mass media wants to elevate and make the "king" or the "queen" (if only temporarily, for "15 minutes" or only to set up an easier "kill" later.)

    Current election rules and limits on personal donations give enormous advantage in primaries to ego-driven super-rich with little or no ideology or attachment to the constituents of the party, but who don't need to spend tremendous amount of time and money on fund-raising efforts just to be able to stay in the race, e.g., Perot, Romney, Trump. These rules also need to be changed and simplified, or we will keep getting the "lesser of the evils" candidates who represent, at best, a small fraction of what "we" [want to] believe in.

  • The Latest: Trump says bathroom laws 'discriminatory'

    04/21/2016 7:23:07 PM PDT · 238 of 264
    CutePuppy to TexasCajun; don-o; Bruce Campbells Chin; Yashcheritsiy; Vigilanteman; bramps; Cobra64; ...
    People are finally figuring out that Donald Trump is in the TransParty — he can "identify as" a Democrat, Republican, UniParty or independent depending on how he feels and who he thinks he is talking to at the moment...

    Depending on circumstances that transpire, he can be transparently transgressive or translucently transactional, but always transitionally transposing and transforming, and whatever he says can be translated and transfigured to take on some kind of almost transcendental meaning.

  • Trump 1991: Reagan's Tax Reform A 'Catastrophe,' U.S. Is Like The Soviet Union

    04/21/2016 12:19:52 AM PDT · 47 of 47
    CutePuppy to babble-on; KansasGirl; PROCON; RaceBannon; norwaypinesavage; All
      The ability to shelter income through tax losses in real estate limited partnerships was severely curtailed, and it hurt people like Trump whose equity required the cheap financing pipeline to stay open. I think this was the middle of one of Trump's many bankruptcies.

    1986 tax reform signed by Reagan was a compromise (like most of these "sausage" bills are) that further built on the 1981 general tax reductions and simplification — one of which was about getting rid of counterproductive and revenue-costly "tax shelters" that were used in a lot of shady and outright phony real-estate deals which existed only for purposes of tax "losses," on top of which many of them were also partly or entirely financed by other local, state and federal tax incentives. **

    And no, that had nothing to do with Trump's many bankruptcies which destroyed about $5B in wealth of Other People's Money, while some hundreds of millions of these dollars ended up in Donald's pockets (yet he still grossly underperformed the average annual gains in real-estate and equity markets over time, though he did build the "Trump brand"). And Trump is still using phony "charity" loopholes (like "conservation" on his golf courses) through his Foundation, while bragging how "charitable" he is... **

    ** Ref : The son-in-law also rises: For Jared Kushner, championing Trump marks break with Democratic past - Kushner Cos. CEO was an active donor to liberal politicians in NJ, NY - FR, posts #75, #81, 2016 April 07

    Ref : Fresh document trove sheds light on Clinton-Trump ties - FR, post #56, 2016 April 12

    ** Ref : Who will buy New York's Plaza Hotel? Chinese or Arabs (What Donald Trump's Plaza Deal Reveals About His White House Bid) - FR / NYT / TSC / DR, posts #1, #2, #9, 2016 March 31

    ** Ref : Here's what Trump gets wrong - FR / CNBC, posts #2, #49, #54, 2016 March 16

    Ref : Is the Media Protecting Donald Trump? - FR / FBN / TCP, posts #1, #96, 2016 March 09

    ** Ref : Reports question Trump's giving to veterans groups - FR / FN, posts #1, #115, #122, #124, 2016 January 29

    ** Ref : In Ego, Obama and Trump Are Two Of A Kind - FR, post #275, 2015 October 25

    THCR / DJT stock - Trump's chumps

    The [often irrelevant non-tangential single-factor] ridiculous comparisons of ideals, character and motives of Trump to Reagan — as a way to win or blunt the opposite argument — are so inapplicable, superficial and phony that they shouldn't belong on FR (though, unlike Trump and his supporters, I wouldn't advocate banning them) :

    "Great minds talk about ideas. Average minds talk about events. Small minds talk about people. And the smallest of minds talk about themselves"

    I think everyone can clearly see which part belongs to Ronald Reagan and which parts belong to Donald Trump.

  • Is There Not Cause to Fight for Conservatism?

    04/20/2016 10:17:08 PM PDT · 51 of 91
    CutePuppy to montanajoe; writer33; TheWriterTX; KansasGirl; PROCON; RaceBannon; norwaypinesavage; babble-on; ...
      Reagan united the three legged stroll of Conservatism e.g. fiscal responsibility, religious liberty and overwhelming military superiority.

    ... While Trump has been busy dividing, alienating and destroying the people whose support and votes he would need to have even a decent showing in the general election, not even talking about the damage to down-ballot/down-ticket races who can't win the ir races hitching their wagon to Trump's half-baked, unserious 'ideas' and incoherent mesh of Ron Paul-ish and liberal economic and foreign policy 'philosophies' — just like he's been doing in his failed businesses, with the same kind of 'hyperbole and bravado' sales pitch (what does his brand stand to lose, anyway?)...

    Ref : The son-in-law also rises: For Jared Kushner, championing Trump marks break with Democratic past - Kushner Cos. CEO was an active donor to liberal politicians in NJ, NY - FR, posts #75, #81, 2016 April 07

    Ref : Fresh document trove sheds light on Clinton-Trump ties - FR, post #56, 2016 April 12

    Ref : Who will buy New York's Plaza Hotel? Chinese or Arabs (What Donald Trump's Plaza Deal Reveals About His White House Bid) - FR / NYT / TSC / DR, posts #2, #9, 2016 March 31

    "Great minds talk about ideas. Average minds talk about events. Small minds talk about people. And the smallest of minds talk about themselves"

    I think everyone can clearly see which part belongs to Ronald Reagan and which parts belong to Donald Trump.

  • In meeting with Orthodox, Donald Trump reveals Israel advisers: His Jewish lawyers

    04/16/2016 12:21:52 AM PDT · 17 of 18
    CutePuppy to 2ndDivisionVet; SJackson
    Related articles:

    Fearing Trump, Republican Jews give Cruz another look - JP, by Ron Kampeas, 2016 April 12

      LAS VEGAS — Ted Cruz came here to woo Republican Jews over the weekend, and in the absence of his opponents for the GOP presidential nomination came away with qualified support based not on who he is but who he is not — Donald Trump.

      Trump and Ohio Gov. John Kasich skipped the spring meeting of the Republican Jewish Coalition, leaving Cruz as the sole hopeful to address the 560 Jews packed into a conference room at The Venetian casino resort.

      Trump's high negative approval ratings among women and minorities coupled with his seeming fecklessness on Israel — pledging neutrality one week and support the next — seemed to drive many in attendance to give Cruz a second look after months of shunning the Texas senator for his social conservatism and reputation for not making nice with other Republicans. ..... < snip >

      ..... No one questioned Cruz's Israel bona fides, and his impassioned expressions of support for the country earned standing ovations, the longest when he swore to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. But his more important qualification was the possibility that he could beat Trump, whose candidacy, as folks whispered in conversations in the corridors, would lead inexorably to President Hillary Clinton. ..... < snip >

      ..... After Cruz spoke, many in the room appeared reassured. ..... < snip >

    Cruz, acknowledging social issues gap with Republican Jews, stresses Israel support - JP, by JTA, 2016 April 10

      Ted Cruz appealed to Republican Jews to back him for his outspoken support of Israel, while acknowledging differences with the constituency on social issues and immigration.

      "I recognize that is a question that many people here wrestle with," Cruz said Saturday at the Republican Jewish Coalition's leadership meeting, which gathers annually in Las Vegas, after one of the attendees earned applause for saying Cruz's attitudes on abortion and gay marriage were unpopular with Jewish Republicans.

      But Cruz, the Texas senator running for the Republican presidential nod, said he would not abandon his social conservatism.

      "No Republican has ever won without campaigning and running as a fiscal conservative, a national security conservative and a social conservative," he said.

      Cruz was the only one of the three remaining presidential candidates to attend the RJC confab, and held separate private meetings with donors over the weekend. He is seeking Jewish support in his bid to keep front-runner Donald Trump from accruing enough delegates to win on the first round of voting at the convention. Cruz believes he can win a second round of voting. ..... < snip >

  • In meeting with Orthodox, Donald Trump reveals Israel advisers: His Jewish lawyers

    04/15/2016 6:34:21 PM PDT · 15 of 18
    CutePuppy to Greetings_Puny_Humans
      Who's demanding? ... if a Jewish columnist like Ben Shapiro demands we take in Muslims because we are "big,"

    I really don't care what Ben Shapiro or anyone else "demands" what does any of this in any way have to do with the subject of the thread?

  • In meeting with Orthodox, Donald Trump reveals Israel advisers: His Jewish lawyers

    04/15/2016 6:14:01 PM PDT · 13 of 18
    CutePuppy to Greetings_Puny_Humans
    Israel's population consist of more than 20% percent of Muslims and more than 20% of Arabs. Israel does take refugees from other countries on a regular basis — as a matter of policy, particularly Druze from Lebanon or Syria, which are considered official religious minority, with some special rights and independence accorded to them.

    I doubt there is a huge flood of Syrian refugees trying to get to Israel, nor do think demanding that a tiny country like Israel with all the geopolitical and religious problems and constraints should take "their fair share" of Muslim refugees is in any way reasonable.

  • In meeting with Orthodox, Donald Trump reveals Israel advisers: His Jewish lawyers

    04/15/2016 5:26:16 PM PDT · 11 of 18
    CutePuppy to sheik yerbouty
    Everyone knows that Trump is not the first person to ask that question of American Jewish population in general nor is he the first to refer to certain segment of population as "you people."

    What is strange is asking that question of Jewish journalists, especially when Orthodox Jews are solidly in conservative camp and usually generously donate to and vote for GOP candidates.

  • In meeting with Orthodox, Donald Trump reveals Israel advisers: His Jewish lawyers

    04/15/2016 5:14:44 PM PDT · 9 of 18
    CutePuppy to Don Corleone
      Who knew My..Gyn Kelly was Jewish?

    Exactly, that's what immediately caught my attention. Why would Trump even have the need to mention Megyn Kelly at the meeting with the invited Jewish reporters? That is so immature and insecure.

  • In meeting with Orthodox, Donald Trump reveals Israel advisers: His Jewish lawyers

    04/15/2016 4:50:42 PM PDT · 7 of 18
    CutePuppy to Yashcheritsiy
      Thanks for highlighting all the places that were solely the article author's opinions.

    Only one highlighted sentence was author's opinion, the rest are either direct quotes by Trump or the facts about the meeting. "Eye of the beholder"?

  • In meeting with Orthodox, Donald Trump reveals Israel advisers: His Jewish lawyers

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    CutePuppy to CutePuppy
    Some bullet points from the article:

      • Trump's chief "Jewish/Israel 'policy' advisers" are real estate and bankruptcy lawyers.

      • Trump said that he cancelled his planned visit to Israel in December 2015, not Netanyahu.

      • Trump said "the world would be much better off if Saddam Hussein of Iraq ... had been left in power ... because now you've destabilized the entire Middle East."

      • "Tell my friends from, in some cases Israel, how loyal was Mr. Trump to you, Corey?"

      • When Ttump saw that almost all reporters around the table were Orthodox he immediately summoned some "Orthodox Jews of his own" into the room. "It was an exchange reminiscent of ... the first episode of "Mad Men" ..."

      • Trump on Hillary Clinton: "She's been saying strongly in favor of Israel and so do I. ... She's not a trustworthy person..."

      • Trump talked about his Jewish 'philantropy' saying that his father bought some Israel bonds.

      • Trump chastised American Jews for supporting Democrats and Barack Obama fundraisers: "Someday you people will explain to me what you're doing."

    • Now that Trump confirmed (there was little doubt) that his ghostwriter for AIPAC speech was his son-in-law Jared Kushner, some information on him and his Democrat family, donations and ties (I wonder if that was the [only] reason why Ivanka and Eric Trump 'forgot' to register for NY GOP primary — after all, their votes are not needed in NY primary, so why mess up the Trump brand with the 'Republican' label?):

    Refs: The son-in-law also rises: For Jared Kushner, championing Trump marks break with Democratic past - Kushner Cos. CEO was an active donor to liberal politicians in NJ, NY - FR, posts #75, #81, 2016 April 07

    Refs: Fresh document trove sheds light on Clinton-Trump ties - FR, post #56, 2016 April 12