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  • Hillary Clinton Received Secret Memo Stating Obama Admin ‘Support’ for ISIS

    06/15/2016 3:11:22 AM PDT · 74 of 127
    cricket to Titus-Maximus
    Hope Trump ready to shout - albeit, with 'gravitas' - this disclosure. And many more, for that matter and of course. He need not 'get ugly' with Hillary; he has only to tell the 'truth' of Hillary.

    (Add here; that Paul Ryan, doing something meaningful, now that this public, would be most helpful. Hard to get these crimes their 'due attention' as Philip Haney, well knows.)

    Philip Haney - he helped establish 'Homeland Security';and became 'whistleblower' - not first time, sharing his story and now, what it his book See Something, Say Nothing - interview on Hannity per link below* (if did not see).

    We need a Congressional Investigation of this Orlando horror; but with Homeland Security - and Jeh Johnson, as focus; and with that BHO; given one of his first orders of business;(and that of the Muslim Brotherhood, it would appear) was to target and disable 'Homeland' per it's 'terror intel'. Haney's disclosures should be made 'loud and clear'. . .and those guilty held accountable for what are essentially, treasonous acts against America.

    And while at it; let us hear too; more of the truth of Huma Abedin; and Hillary. . .before Hillary gathers further steam; and all ends up, 'too late' - as it almost is - for America.


  • Ranch Owner Recalls Finding Justice Antonin Scalia’s Body

    02/14/2016 1:39:05 PM PST · 53 of 75
    cricket to windsorknot
    /God rest his soul/

    And pray for America's . .now that Justice Scalia is gone. Things always work out for our worst President. All, pathetically, amazing...

  • Ranch Owner Recalls Finding Justice Antonin Scalia’s Body

    02/14/2016 1:30:57 PM PST · 49 of 75
    cricket to Marie

    Wondering same and why not more I ncredulity here. Almost 12 hour wait to get body out? What, no helicopter available anywhere to properly expedite?

    Am betting if a guest had a heart attack at dinner table and needed medical assistNce, or one had to make quick trip to Washington...there would not be 12 hours of confusion and poor handling. Suspect also, , that private plane service readily available and air strip available for use, to/for/by guests at this very exclusive - and remote - ranch.

    (And Justice of the Peace’ approves death call w/o having seen body and then ‘no’ autopsy? Unbelievable!)

  • Ranch Owner Recalls Finding Justice Antonin Scalia’s Body

    02/14/2016 12:35:08 PM PST · 13 of 75
    cricket to Timpanagos1

    Incredible to read no autopsy. being performed. . .and that it took close to 12 hours to remove body. (What, no helicopters available ? And no Coroner to make death MO?). Is it Texas Law, that an absent Justice of the Peace can make this call?

    No tin foil, but this does beg a few questions...or should.

  • Is the World Coming to an End?

    10/11/2015 9:57:19 AM PDT · 54 of 74
    cricket to metmom
    Well, for those Christians who are being massacred by an Islamist enemy throughout the Middle East, and wherever else this enemy is on the march. . .their 'End of World', already is.

    For rest of the 'infidel world' - the one this enemy, beholds - in an absence of moral,rational judgment, per our responding to such threat - our 'end of world'. . .will follow.

    Allowing a Genocide; a Patricide; a 'War on Western Civilization'. . .is a gross and deadly misunderstanding of 'Love Your Neighbor'. And with End of World, as we know it, consequences.

  • Chris Harper Mercer Photos: Pictures of Umpqua Shooter

    10/01/2015 9:10:58 PM PDT · 32 of 45
    cricket to Jack Hammer

    He is ‘white’ and appears so, but is ‘bi-racial’. . .but no specifics. This was included on his profile/info. . .which is now, apparently, unavailable. Or just now, in temporary glitch - or different pics moving slowly. .’whatever’?

  • Chris Harper Mercer Photos: Pictures of Umpqua Shooter

    10/01/2015 9:05:32 PM PDT · 31 of 45
    cricket to T-Bird45

    No. ..but some site ‘changing’. . .or loading slowly. There was more info; and more photos - and a few perhaps ‘removed’ or lost in space, including one of him with rifle; and one wearing what might have been a last pic of him in suit. And one in what may have been, his last apartment - before moving home (?) Or he is in ‘basement’ or some such, at home. . .Clearly; he planned for all of these to be shown; so that he would be remembered. . .

  • Chris Harper Mercer Photos: Pictures of Umpqua Shooter

    10/01/2015 8:58:34 PM PDT · 28 of 45
    cricket to bolobaby

    Could be wrong; but seems some pics have been removed; but ‘loading’ pics/posts may be the issue.

  • Chris Harper Mercer Photos: Pictures of Umpqua Shooter

    10/01/2015 8:56:38 PM PDT · 26 of 45
    cricket to Roman_War_Criminal

    He admired IRA - those ‘Conservative Republicans’ in Ireland.

  • Chris Harper Mercer Photos: Pictures of Umpqua Shooter

  • Chris Harper Mercer Photos: Pictures of Umpqua Shooter

    10/01/2015 8:09:42 PM PDT · 1 of 45
    So tragic; sad;and so insane - albeit; in looking at his man/boy; one can only wonder, how great the sickness; How 'ever' such a madness - and will - sans Conscience. Pics don't allow, the 'whole' story. Pathological, narcissistic sociopath? Pharma/Depression? All the above? What? And what a waste of lives; a horrific stealing of life. . .
  • UCC SHOOTING RAMPAGE: At least 13 reported dead including shooter

    10/01/2015 5:07:59 PM PDT · 110 of 123
    cricket to Diogenesis
    No reason for Media to make mention that in assessing the mystery command to 'state your religion' per Perps command, before shooting victims; that MEDFORD ISLAMIC CENTER, is right down the road.

    No reason, of course; to go there. . . yet. Name of perp, might be first clue; and who knows, he could be a Columbine copy cat. Should know 'soon'. given, Authorities, no doubt; already do.

  • Anyone watching this community college president?

    10/01/2015 3:47:22 PM PDT · 42 of 49
    cricket to jmranchman

    The perp asked victims to state their religion. . .

    MEDFORD ISLAMIC CENTER, just down the road. May explain; why Obama giving condolescences; and his agenda message, ‘early’. . . Of course; we can assume nothing; until otherwise informed.

  • Hillary Clinton: Bane of the Secret Service

    10/01/2015 2:25:55 PM PDT · 41 of 48
    cricket to Dr.Deth
    You are right; and plenty of confirmation; including earlier books; by those 'with integrity' doing public service, per their exposing the worst of ambition. Have read a few; including this one. . .It does not either; take a practiced eye; to see, recognize the fraud within, of Hillary.
  • Hillary Clinton: Bane of the Secret Service

    10/01/2015 2:17:06 PM PDT · 40 of 48
    cricket to Dick Bachert

    Great story-telling. May it become a ‘myth’ of sorts; that carries the truth to any/all ‘Leftist’ constituency, who otherwise, ‘cannot get it’. . .

  • Hillary Clinton: Bane of the Secret Service

    10/01/2015 2:03:18 PM PDT · 39 of 48
    cricket to Pearls Before Swine
    Read the book; and no question; Kessler speaks to truth of Hillary. Have only to recall ex FBI Agent, Gary Aldrich's book. . .'Unlimited Access' as he recounts his duty served as one of 'two' FBI Agents in service of 'First Family' at White House. There are more, of course, who reveal such truths and only have to go to 'Amazon', to check out.

    Amazing, that Hillary - and Bill - for that matter; 'still' engender Media loyalties who aid and abet their public image. Given now, numerous other avenues - and willingness per 'public service' - for sharing Hillary 'truth'; it must be even more challenging to maintain the image of a Hillary, that does not exist.

    This is, of course; what Leftists generally 'must do'. . .as the 'truth' is NEVER, their friend. And their 'real', is never ours.

  • Chilling: Netanyahu Glares at UN Delegates for 45 Seconds for Their 'Deafening Silence' on Iran Deal

    10/01/2015 1:19:20 PM PDT · 49 of 65
    cricket to Kaslin
    An absolute disgrace of inauthentic - immoral - Leadership posing as moral Representatives of a 'world humanity'. Imagine, the UN; imagine America. ..with the wisdom and courage; and yes, authenticity of Bemjamin Netanyahu. The UN is nothing more than a 'World Theater' of the absurd. Freaking; unabashedly, pathetic, per their hypocrisy of purpose.. .and the threat they promise and deliver.
  • Planned Parenthood president: These extremist videos are nothing short of an attack on women (Barf)

    07/30/2015 9:35:04 AM PDT · 37 of 54
    cricket to Biggirl

    Desperate they are here; but they cannot escape themselves (Libs never can, of course) whereby they are attempting to redirect the truth of extremism, and hope easy audience follows such. They only thing extreme, of course; is the content - and the truth it speaks to - per these ‘extreme’ videos.

  • 'Muslim-free' Florida gun store sued (by CAIR)

    07/30/2015 9:12:52 AM PDT · 36 of 40
    cricket to DeoVindiceSicSemperTyrannis

    Love that. Of course; Libs/Lefties HATE discretion/judgment of any kind; save for those ‘they’ make and impose upon others. No surprise re CAIR, but this is a business that does require ‘discretion and judgment’. (They might want to use the signage above, however. Whereby ‘any’one might have opportunity to be offended.)

  • Texas residents condemn plan for Muslim cemetery

    07/19/2015 8:22:14 PM PDT · 57 of 57
    cricket to PROCON
    So past time, for people to 'get' that Islam is not 'just' a religion. . .(if one at all, in fact; and more to truth.) It IS a life/death - cradle to grave - all encompassing, political, cultural, social, personal ideology - with it's own ORDER to all the aforementioned; and with it's own laws/legal/financial to orchestrate Muslims in their world. Islam's truth is a totalitarian 'reality' by design, which takes precedence, by every measure,over our world - and 'any other'. This, by turn; marks Islam as 'ideology'; and not an authentic religion.

    With that; Islam stands as a seriously Official 'State of Mind'; and it no surprise, that ISIS is enlarging upon that, as these Nazi Islamists claim themselves as the 'Official, Controlling Islamic State' as they slaughter their way across the Middle East. . .and wherever else, their feet - and their hate - can take them per the Islamic 'caliphate agenda'.

    Islam, as a 'political system' alone (and it is much more). . .CANNOT be contained under our Constitution; our Laws. . .and it CANNOT be served, under our 'Freedom of Religion'. Islam IS a Foreign Entity. . .a foreign Government' by all it's intents and purposes. Islam flies many flags; and one of these we are promised by the 'best' of Imams; will fly over our White House, or rather, in short time; their White House.

    (ISIS has it's own Islamic flag logo, of course, but would offer that any of 'Islam's flags' - unlike like 'our' Confederate Flag - stand as an ultimate threat to whomever it's carriers, cross paths with.)

  • Don't Mess With Obama At His Finest Hour

    07/19/2015 6:32:45 PM PDT · 14 of 22
    cricket to lbryce

    When Obama goes ‘dark’. . .it is seriously, ugly dark. (No question, Obama determinedly sends the worst vibrations he can muster. . .with message therein, palpable and immediate.)

  • Jeb Bush: Republicans Don't Need Conservatives to Win White House, Should Not Defund Exec Amnesty

    12/02/2014 4:38:58 PM PST · 60 of 192
    cricket to EternalVigilance
    Jeb and likewise his ‘peers’, are becoming the ‘gift, that keeps on giving’; just not to Republicans. . .There is a ‘reality show’ here. . .sadly, not much more. That said; will offer that Jeb is a nice person; with a good heart. . .and by and large; was a good Governor. His judgment on critical ‘today’ issues, however; appears MIA. There is such a thing; as ‘too much Establishment’. As Jeb and his ‘en group’ of Repubs, give witness.
  • Mitt Romney: Republicans Should 'Swallow Hard,' Pass 'Permanent' Amnesty Bill

    12/02/2014 4:29:00 PM PST · 392 of 424
    cricket to lentulusgracchus
    Well, do think, we have had for sometime; 'more' than enough for the Chamber. Meantime; per open invitation and promises of all things 'wonderful', thousands crossing our border; including enemy terrorists; druggies; sex traders; all with 'criminal and 'threat', as their commonality and given only the Obama 'wink' and with blind eye. We can be certain, that whatever numbers they throw out; they can be easily doubled - and more - to get to the truth of the matter; and to get to the reality of America's tipping point.

    Meantime; waiting; watching; we had better soon see, the Repub plan for our Border security. . .no doubt(?); soon to be unveiled. (Or; Repub foolishness factoring itself; at Boehner's behest?)

  • Mitt Romney: Republicans Should 'Swallow Hard,' Pass 'Permanent' Amnesty Bill

    12/02/2014 6:37:32 AM PST · 385 of 424
    cricket to TomGuy
    One thing to compare the Repubs with the Democrat Party - and who shares more of the 'others' political MO; but what is now operating, controlling and destroying our Country by way of 'fundamental change' is something beyond the norm of what was. . .Democrat Politics.

    We cannot forget, that we are still, firmly in the grips - if not death hold - of radical Left President and 'team'; all Marx/Alynsky inspired, and whatever other 'ism' you want to add to the totalitarian mix under the misnomer, or just euphemism of 'Democratic' Party. As disappointing/frustrating is our Establishment Repub Leadership - we have many 'good' coming up 'strong'. All will be lost, if we wash our hands of Repub Party; because there is NO hope, and only third-world promise, with the Radical Dem Party continuing it's channeling of 'inauthentic' power. Radicals who gladly wield power in ridicule of our Constitution and Rule of Law.

    To that; do believe there is greater hope for America - our Military (and their success); our Departments of Justice; State; Education ET Al; greater hope for 'morally sane' policies per immigration, welfare, energy, Business/Trade/Commerce; greater hope in sustaining our Individual Rights and the Freedom that frames all of them.

    Our choice is Hope versus none at all, if we allow the absolute worst the world offers to prevail, as American Leadership.

  • To Quote Obama, Mr Brokaw: Elections Have Consequences

    12/01/2014 6:23:51 AM PST · 3 of 8
    cricket to Kaslin

    Always love the sound of a ‘political hammer’. . .hitting the nail on the ‘head’. . .and ‘on center’. That Shawn Mitchell does so, with wry humor, even better.

  • Mitt Romney: Republicans Should 'Swallow Hard,' Pass 'Permanent' Amnesty Bill

    12/01/2014 6:10:09 AM PST · 369 of 424
    cricket to Iron Munro; cricket
    (OK, cricket. ..try again; that did not make sense. Just for 'record'. . .)

    Think too; ignorance an easier word for mindless, shallow thinking Repubs. ..whereas 'evil' simply fits, those whose day begins with the thought, 'how can I maximize' my efforts to usurp the 'Freedom' - the inalienable Rights - of any/all citizens/individuals who still are enjoying and benefitting from such 'privelege'. ..

  • Mitt Romney: Republicans Should 'Swallow Hard,' Pass 'Permanent' Amnesty Bill

    11/30/2014 7:12:20 PM PST · 366 of 424
    cricket to Iron Munro
    Am hoping, Repubs are not put in this place 'again'. .although; all signs appear to be, that our Repub Establishment, (no question they can match Obama's 'poke in the eye') will do just that. . .but to point; yes per the 'evil'. There is, also; the 'point' of a a lesser evil; or greater as in, 'much greater'. Think too; ignorance an easier word for mindless, shallow thinking Repubs. ..whereas 'evil', simply fits, those whose day begins with; 'how to maximize' their efforts to usurp the 'Freedom' of all citizens/individuals. ..who are not useful idiots; and who are likewise, committed Leftists. . .
  • Mitt Romney: Republicans Should 'Swallow Hard,' Pass 'Permanent' Amnesty Bill

    11/30/2014 6:27:50 PM PST · 364 of 424
    cricket to fruser1
    Don’t vote for democrats, regardless of their party affiliation.

    Good advice; include here 'any Office'. . .no Dems, period; and that includes 'Office' of 'Mosquito Control' as well.

  • Mitt Romney: Republicans Should 'Swallow Hard,' Pass 'Permanent' Amnesty Bill

    11/30/2014 6:20:38 PM PST · 363 of 424
    cricket to gaijin
    Room for disagreement; but think one could legitimately consider. . .had Mitt been Prez; there would not have been the planned invites to come across our Borders and be rewarded - as was MO of Obama, Inc. (This tsunami did not 'just happen'. This an Alynsky MO from get-go.)

    Think it more the case; that we would have had a more sane policy. ..yes; like follow the laws already in place - for starters - and secure border. Somehow, doubt too; that Ebola would be the political ' opportunity' that Obama has made of it - and with predictable disastrous consequences. (Maybe too; the Ebola 'unfolding' is Alynsky in action?)

    Had we a Repub President. . .there would not have been a 'Benghazi';and certainly not, Ferguson. And we would not own, the worst boondoggle of 'health care'. And too; and not 'least'; our Military would still be in tact rather than in 'tatters'. And 'totalitarians' of whatever 'ism', would not be running our schools from Obama's 'Czardom', of Dept. of Education.

    WhatEVER the case; we have one ugly 'turning of America'. . .and think only those who are America-hating, totalitarian Leftists (a redundancy here), suffering Classic Marxist Personality Disorder, are capable of so much destruction of a nation, good and great; while taking so much pleasure by it all. (Add a 'Muslim Complex'...and destruction factors.)

    Are their serious issues with Mitt? Absolutely; both he and Jeb, (Boehner/McConnell) seem to suffer from same 'Party Muse'. If Establishment wins. . .and so likely that; we need to ask, if the 'fault is in their 'stars' of are they actually, fixable. (Much depends on 'good Repubs in Congress. ..)

    OTOH. . .had we won the Presidency; we may not, now have House and Senate (Did Repub hierarchy sacrifice America for 'that' plan?). Too early to see our success; but our Establishment Repubs hardly instill confidence - and thus far; no evidence that we should be.)

    Of course; there IS absolutely power - and celebration - in numbers; and we need to continue to allow good Repubs to succeed. . .because they will eventually; outnumber those who are 'less than'.

  • Mitt Romney: Republicans Should 'Swallow Hard,' Pass 'Permanent' Amnesty Bill

    11/30/2014 4:27:49 PM PST · 362 of 424
    cricket to Cheerio
    Swallow hard; and should Repub Constituency then humm 'Hail to the Chief'. . .as their Leadership cast their votes? Thank You Mitt; for another reminder; why you should not 'run' a second time. Only problem; is that most of the 'acceptable' candidates - as deemed by your like-minded, Establishment Repubs, that is - think same. Those 'others', do not get time of day from Repub Leadership. . .all beyond pathetic. Why not try the novel, first. . .Close Border. . .FOLLOW laws; already, long in place; and if Government succeeds; we can up the ante. . . (Perhaps wiser; to tell us what you would do about ISIS and IRAN. . .)
  • Sterling is well and truly finished after disastrous CNN interview

    05/13/2014 8:58:14 PM PDT · 47 of 59
    cricket to EveningStar

    He is ‘essentially’ a Demrat. Changing parties when you are in your late 70’s is not really changing your world view. Maybe ‘Monica’ , Bill and “blue dress’ sent him running. Albeit, he was not against chasing a few of his own, it seems. And, then Magic, too. Not his kind of Democrat, either - per values thing. According to this latest interview. . .

  • Sterling is well and truly finished after disastrous CNN interview

    05/13/2014 8:46:56 PM PDT · 46 of 59
    cricket to Uncle Chip

    While a bit clumsy, there is no question, he speaks of ‘Magic , without thought of ‘color’- a sure bet to mark you as a racist.

  • Eric Holder: No Plans at DOJ to Investigate Secret Waiting Lists and Veteran Deaths at VA Hospitals

    05/13/2014 8:40:00 PM PDT · 41 of 57
    cricket to Fungi

    Maybe, after Benghazi,,Trey Gowdy will get there.

  • Eric Holder: No Plans at DOJ to Investigate Secret Waiting Lists and Veteran Deaths at VA Hospitals

    05/13/2014 8:38:01 PM PDT · 40 of 57
    cricket to originalbuckeye


    Can only think. . .by hanging, ‘upside down’. (Of course, without a conscience to keep one awake, sleep does come easily.)

  • CAIR: Remove ‘Islamist Extremism,’ ‘Jihadism’ From 9/11 Museum Video

    05/13/2014 9:34:43 AM PDT · 13 of 44
    cricket to jazusamo

    Were it not for ‘jihad’;there would be no 9/11 as we know it.
    Pray the ‘reason-capable’ do not get weary, because these jihad-lovers, will never tire per their efforts to have 9/11 ‘their way’.

  • ‘Tonight Show’ Favorite, Comedian David Brenner Dies At 78

    03/15/2014 8:57:06 PM PDT · 55 of 59
    cricket to Rome2000

    Only the ‘celebrities’ will be left. - if they even last, that is. Not that anyone cares. . .

  • Flight #MH370 Tinfoil thread

    03/15/2014 8:51:00 PM PDT · 90 of 166
    cricket to DoughtyOne

    Sad to say; but if passengers are alive; they are not safe...

  • California Driver’s License Program Hits an Unexpected Snag (Illegals don't trust govt)

    03/15/2014 5:24:16 PM PDT · 36 of 36
    cricket to HiJinx

    The are learning. . .because; indeed; they should not.

  • ‘Tonight Show’ Favorite, Comedian David Brenner Dies At 78

    03/15/2014 5:19:14 PM PDT · 3 of 59
    cricket to COUNTrecount
    Seventy-eight? How did that happen. . .(Still, no doubt; seventy-eight years young.) Peace to David; his family and all near and dear, who will miss him.
  • FDR to Stalin: “I Would Give Saudi King 6 Million Jews”

    03/15/2014 4:01:08 PM PDT · 23 of 23
    cricket to SJackson

    Have seen this and wondered. . .do the Democrat Jews know their American hero/President said this. (Do the Blacks ‘get’ who the ‘slave-holders’ were. . .and are - even as the Dem Party prepares for them - and the rest of us, for that matter - their newest ‘update’ per ‘plantation living’?)

    (Do they even understand ‘who’ is Obama; and where it is; he comes from?)

  • Michigan Cancer Patient Who Warned ‘I Will Die’ Because Obamacare in Political Firestorm

    03/11/2014 6:19:02 PM PDT · 18 of 29
    cricket to cricket

    (As for ‘invetigate’; not exactly shorthand. . ./;-#)

  • Michigan Cancer Patient Who Warned ‘I Will Die’ Because Obamacare in Political Firestorm

    03/11/2014 6:10:17 PM PDT · 17 of 29
    cricket to Hot Tabasco
    No reason to invetigate. . .this story was proven to be 'null and void' back when the Dems were breathing their death breath into it. (While sucking blood out of truth, because that is what the Left does. And they do it well; as they must; of course.)

    [A TV ad by a pro-Obama superPAC that is based on the story of a GST worker who suggests that his wife’s death from cancer years later was due in part to losing health insurance when the plant closed got a “false” from Politifact and drew criticism for being misleading. But the Romney campaign has released its own version of what happened at GST Steel. The video features a former executive, Huselton, who says that Bain’s actions actually saved the company.

    “There’s this vampire story that Bain comes in and shows it’s teeth and sucks the blood out of the operation,” says Huselton. “It’s really quite the opposite. We went out looking for a blood donor. Bain came in, and the way I look at it actually gave us a blood transfusion.” ]

    link for 'more'

  • Michigan Cancer Patient Who Warned ‘I Will Die’ Because Obamacare in Political Firestorm

    03/11/2014 5:40:26 PM PDT · 10 of 29
    cricket to Olog-hai
    Still waiting for Repubs Ads pointing out the Dems War; not just on 'women'; but sick women. . .and not just 'American citizens'; but sick ones too.

    As well their War on our Military; their 'War on Business; Education; 'America's children - both healthy and sick. How about their 'War on American Prosperity'; the War 'for' the Left's transformation of our Country and with that; our own, collective and altogether 'unthinkable' future.

    A future of abject degradation, that promises to come to pass; if our Leadership does not speak up with one voice; and now. . .

    Viable messages; not being articulated. Warnings. . .without voices. . .whereby, instead; our worst enemy moves forward; because we allow them to 'define' us, and in their own worst, self-image, of course. (Have only to witness Sandra Fluke and where 'that' went; and 'her' along with it.)

  • Political Writers Now Blaming Shutdown on Racism - Ben Shapiro -

    10/16/2013 10:17:40 PM PDT · 15 of 21
    cricket to Verginius Rufus

    Legitimate having Confederate Flag speak to Gov tyranny; however.

  • Political Writers Now Blaming Shutdown on Racism - Ben Shapiro -

    10/16/2013 9:58:21 PM PDT · 13 of 21
    cricket to sheikdetailfeather

    The only bone these people can chew; and we will hear them; nawing on this; until next election - and next election. . .

    Would say Repubs could come with some great ‘counter attacks’ - but why go there? They could level this ignorance - showing the ‘racism’ of 0-Care. Sure it is there. As in all of Zero’s policies - whereby Blacks have been most negatively impacted by Obama. . .but they won’t.

    Of course; don’t think even now- given all the heat on Cruz - that any Rrpub has even thought of the ‘racist’ card; when Dems attack Cruz. Nor, for that matter; when they likewise; have gone after him.

    Meantime; my kudos are for Cruz- not Boehner - Et Al; and those too long; self-annointed, Repubs

  • Ted Cruz will try to do all of this again. Will John Boehner let him? (Peter King a hero to Dems?)

    10/16/2013 9:37:45 PM PDT · 20 of 60
    cricket to 2ndDivisionVet

    They - being essentially - the same Party. Repubs don’t get ‘rid ‘ of anybody. They just ‘eat ‘ their own- and only, in a manner of speaking.

  • GOP complaint: Ted Cruz is no team player

    10/07/2013 10:20:55 PM PDT · 29 of 120
    cricket to Oldeconomybuyer
    Message to Repubs: Lead. . .follow; or get out of the way. And stop whining!

    OMG. . .so many RINO's; so little time.

  • When the Bleeding Heart Becomes the Iron Fist

    10/07/2013 6:35:39 AM PDT · 16 of 27
    cricket to Rummyfan
    No question the as to the 'revelatory' of Obama - if only for those who otherwise; 'could not see/hear' his truth. No question; that Obama gives 'witness' to the world; as to just what a tiny, vindictive. . .viciously punitive and totally dishonest man he is.

    More to point; that Obama's ego and Will; appear to 'inflate; the more he gives of himself; is the best example - and warning - of the danger; that lies beneath the fraud; and the morally; 'inauthentic' presence; we 'know' by person; as Obama.

  • Pope Francis: “Listen to what God is telling you”

    10/07/2013 6:14:09 AM PDT · 5 of 12
    cricket to Josa

    Think he is at least ‘more’ of the mind; that everyone has allowed themselves; to be lead astray. . .and so, imagines his job, is to get ALL the sinners; ‘home’.

    By it’s own grandiosity; a spiritual ‘error’ perhaps; but an admirable journey; if ‘solo’, and one does not ignore; that their ARE others who share the same road; albeit; see a somewhat different scenery - as they travel it.

  • Pope Francis: “Listen to what God is telling you”

    10/07/2013 6:07:18 AM PDT · 4 of 12
    cricket to markomalley
    Could he not allow that those 'designs' and determinations; for one's life that inspire many; are not just a more deep-seated' connnection to 'God's Will? Like maybe 'they' had that conversation - before they got here? (Or. . .while they were sleeping; dreaming. . .thinking?)

    The Pope's personal 'Way' is admirable; but why dismiss; 'out of hand'; what could be someone elses 'God-inspired' journey. . .destiny?

    Was excited, intially; with his becoming the Pope; then wondered - given more I read of his MO - if this man was not better suited to the life of a Monk; or just keeping to what seems an exemplary 'solo' spiritual journey.

    (Spiritual 'egalitarian' thinking; suffers same inherent flaws/dangers/error; as does it's counterpart; in the 'real' world. . .)