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  • Pope's reported comment to a gay man may indicate a new level of acceptance of homosexuality

    05/22/2018 10:09:33 PM PDT · 166 of 173
    chuckles to Biggirl
    ..."Be careful not to bring in Jewish practices that have no place in the new covenant."...

    NOT TRUE! Jesus is Jewish. Peter=Jewish. Mathew=Jewish. John=Jewish. The people of God are the Jews. Esau was the father of the Edomites. The spirit of Edom is in the haters of the Jews today. God said in Malichi 2, Jacob I have loved, Esau I have hated. There are only 2 peoples today. The Jews and those that have been adopted into God's family, and Esau and his descendants. Esau even married the daughter of Ishmael along with two Canaanite women. The Canaanites were contaminated with the seed of demons that fell to earth and mated with the daughters of men. These demons have the seed of the Serpent and contaminated ALL flesh except Noah. His generations were perfect. Right after we read Genesis 6:1, we are introduced to Noah and the Flood to destroy the whole earth and all creatures in it. God made man in His image and now they resembled more of the devil than God. God destroyed all life save what was on the Ark, but the demon seed was probably brought on board with Noah's wife and certainly was with the 3 wives of Noah's sons as ALL flesh was corrupted. Nimrod was the first giant after the Flood. Nimrod was the first "type" of the Beast. He decided to build a tower to Heaven without God. God stopped that. Nimrod made himself "god" and his wife was the "mother of god". Their son was Tammuz and their daughter was Thyatira. Since Nimrod died, Tammuz was said to be Nimrod reincarnated. This was the genesis of the Babylonian religion. It took many forms in different places with Nimrod being Zeus, Jupiter, and dozens of other names. Isis, Ashteroth, Ishtar, and many others were Semiramis, Nimrod's wife.

    This was the belief of Constantine of Rome fame. Easter speaks of eggs and bunnies because Semiramis was said to have landed on a river bank as an egg and started spring. She is the god of fertility. Easter and Passover are NOT THE SAME DAY. Any modern calendar will show this.

    OTOH, Leviticus 23 clearly tells us the so called Jewish Feast days are actually GOD'S feast Days. Jesus said Moses wrote of Him. The Sabbath is Friday night to Saturday night, so Saturday was observed at the Synagogue. Jesus came to fulfill the Law, not to do away with it. A Christian should resemble more of a Messianic Jew than this made up mish mash of traditions made up by men. The Bible is very specific about what God wants from His people. Jesus Himself told us not to have repetitive repeated prayers. How many "Hail Mary's" and "Our Fathers" are you required to repeat? Jews are God's chosen people and Israel is the apple of God's eye. It is absolutely imperative to bless Israel and to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Look at the haters of the Jews. Hittites, Canaanites, Jebusites, Hivites, Edomites,( the last Edomite was Herod the great that killed all Jewish babies under 2), and a dozen other "ites",and Philistines. Babylonians, Egyptians, Nazi's, Al Quida, and now Isis. ALL have fallen. but the Hebrews are still here and they will be here till the final day. God's last action on this planet will be to come rescue Israel surrounded by all the armies of the earth. When Jesus gets through, the blood will be up to a horses eye for 184 miles in Armageddon.

    No Jesus did NOT come to make a new religion, He came to fulfill the Hebrew covenant. As Gentiles, we need to be with them. What you are saying sounds like "replacement theology". Christians have NOT replaced Israel in Scripture. We are "completed" Jews that have been adopted. The Old Testament is full of covenants made by God to His people FOREVER! He doesn't break His covenants, we do. Read Hosea and see what He thinks of His Bride.

  • Pope's reported comment to a gay man may indicate a new level of acceptance of homosexuality

    05/22/2018 9:16:10 PM PDT · 165 of 173
    chuckles to Biggirl
    ..."Grace is what saves us."....

    No, faith saves us through grace. This is EXACTLY why Luther broke off from RCC. You must repent and believe Jesus is the Christ. Then Grace will be given for MISTAKES. The Word of God judges us. Jesus said I did not come to judge you, but My Word will judge you. The Word doesn't change. Many today think, "God loves me so I can do what I want and no big deal". The Law is still the Law, but it should be in your heart. If I love my wife, I can't commit adultery and still say I love her. If my wife is out of town and doesn't know where I am, I still can't go messing around thinking she won't ever know. God knows and He cares.

    Back to the pope. He claims that sodomy is OK because that's the way they are born. I'm born a heterosexual, but I still cannot have sex outside of holy marriage. The penalty is plain enough in several places in Scripture where even and altar boy should know what God requires. If this man is God's vicar, then their is trouble in heaven. Jesus said you will know them by their fruits. He also said "My sheep hear My voice." he obviously doesn't hear from God and is producing bad fruit.

    The problem in the RCC is they are so convinced that the RCC will never fail, they put up with all kinds of error. The references they cite in Mathew are completely misunderstood by Catholics. Peter has nothing to do with being a pope. What Jesus was saying was that Peter was blessed because the Father revealed to him that Jesus was the Christ. This revelation is what the Christian church is based on. It has nothing to do with popes or catechisms or baby baptisms and any one of a dozen other made up traditions in the RCC. If you read the history of the early church, James coordinated missions and church government after Jesus ascended. It was over 300 years before a pagan Roman named Constantine made Christianity forced on people. They didn't repent. They had no change of heart. That had to be RCC or die. That is NOT what Jesus started. The RCC used thuggish tactics for several centuries to force it's power over the people. That's why the Bible says the harlot fornicated with all the kings of the earth. How many other denominations were backed by the kings of Europe? These same principles were used in the Mafia for years.

    All I try to do is get RCC's to at least look at their past and see what Revelation says about them. A good movie is "The woman Rides The Beast" for a quick primer. All of it provable historical fact.

    IMHO, the world has only a short time longer. Between homosexuality and murder, including aborting babies, the time has to be short. I want as many people to go in the Rapture as possible. To be left here to face the Beast will be unthinkable. You will physically be forced to give up your life by beheading to claim Jesus as savior. They will most likely kill your family in front of you to show they mean business. It makes sense to me to at least check out the dogma the RCC and others are spouting before this terrible day comes. There will be many that will say didn't we prophesy and cast out demons in your name, and He will say He never knew you. The Bible is for Christians. Lost people won't read it. Jesus is warning His people that they must work for Him to produce fruit. Many if not all the Parables speak of the Last Days and what is expected of His followers. We read them and say, Well that certainly doesn't apply to me. Salvation is simple. Jesus did it all. All we have to do is say I will make you Lord of my life. But do we?

    Mathew 25 is huge to understand. 5 wise and 5 foolish virgins. Virgins are required to marry the High Priest. A harlot fornicates with other gods. Jesus has washed His Bride in the Word of God. We have been adopted into the Hebrew family of Abraham to receive the same covenant he received for being willing to sacrifice his son. This is the covenant of "faith" that saves us. Our covenant is a new and better covenant with Jesus blood and the Holy Spirit to seal it.

    All I ask of Catholics is to at least read what I write and check it out. I am the watchman on the wall sounding the alarm. If you choose to reject it, then it's on you and not me. I will have done the Great Commission.

  • Pope's reported comment to a gay man may indicate a new level of acceptance of homosexuality

    05/21/2018 10:49:19 PM PDT · 133 of 173
    chuckles to Biggirl
    Thank you for your forgiveness. Jesus said if you love Him you will DO His commandments. Emphasis mine. He said not to worship idols. Do you have statues in your house or yard? He said He is the only Mediator between God and man. Do you pray to Mary or other dead people? He said forbidding to marry is a doctrine of demons. Need I say more?

    What I said in post 98 is all truth. The RCC won't even bother to read it. It's like that controversy over hearing Yanny or Laurel. All you hear is Catholic bashing and I call it truth. If you can't admit the pope is a joke after saying sodomy is OK because you are born that way, what else will you believe because some pope or cardinal says so. Read what Scriptures say about sodomy and then tell me the pope is right. How far are you willing to dive before you pull the ripcord? If you can't bring yourself to admit the RCC is on the wrong track, then you either haven't read the Bible or you don't understand it.

    How do you read Jesus is the only Mediator and then pray to Mary? How can you read not to pray to idols and then pray to a statue of someone or something? If the shroud of Turin was real, so what? Worship the deity that was in it, not the shroud itself. Catholics have finger bones and hanks of hair and all sorts of other so called relics that they parade around and fall down worshiping. Daniel wouldn't bow to a statue, why would you? Almost everything about the RCC came from paganism. There is very little left that resembles the church Jesus started. Revelation tells everyone that they will be left behind to meet the Beast if they don't repent and you see nothing to repent for. It's difficult to see how you can say they read their Bibles. It's very simple, there is a relationship between people and Jesus and the other is religion that is based on Babylon. The Babylonian religion is based on getting to heaven without God, by mans works. The first act of religion was in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve covered themselves with fig leaves. You can't cover your sins. Your Priest can't cover your sins. Repeating prayers dozens of times doesn't do it. All of this is covered in Scripture. If you think being Catholic will get you there, you are mistaken. You must be born again. That has nothing to do with taking classes. It would take hours of typing to explain how confused the RCC is to the aims of God's church.

  • Pope's reported comment to a gay man may indicate a new level of acceptance of homosexuality

    05/21/2018 11:17:44 AM PDT · 98 of 173
    chuckles to Rebelbase
    Thank you! Finally some backup. I have been posting here for quite some time about the Whore of Babylon trying to get some real study from the RCC. They have attacked me as catholic bashing, but never really said anything except "Your a Protestant so your are wrong". Nothing seems to get them to read history and the Scriptures. The whole religion came from Nimrod( the first type and shadow of the Antichrist), Semiramis, his wife, Tammuz, their son that was the supposed reincarnated Nimrod and their daughter, Thyatira. The RCC was born from paganism in the 4th century under Constantine. The religion of Babylon was far from new. Ezekiel 8 speaks of weeping for Tammuz in the Temple and a morning service to the sun god with their backs towards the Temple. God calls it an abomination. Easter and Christmas are pagan days brought to Christianity to please the pagans that were forced to change under Roman rule. Peter was never a pope as there are no popes, cardinal, or nuns in Scripture. Forbidding to marry is a doctrine of demons. James, the brother of Jesus, ran the church after Jesus ascended.

    All this is historically provable, but in order to keep the myth of the RCC alive, the RCC just calls names instead of reading their Bibles. They aren't even allowed to read a Bible unless someone in the RCC explains it to them in the spin of the RCC.

    Catholics think that I hate them, but that is far from the truth. All I ask is that they wake up before it's too late. Even God calls them to "Come out of Her" in Revelation 18:4. They are doing good works and have much to point to as "Treasure in Heaven", but it won't matter if their loyalty is to Babylon and it's pagan practices. How on earth they can pray to statues and say they don't worship idols is beyond me. How they can pray to dead people instead of the sole Mediator, Jesus, is beyond me. They have explained it to me 100 times and they still can't hear what they are saying is anti Biblical. If Mary was sinless, why not just sacrifice her for sin and save Jesus? The Queen of heaven and the Mother of God were both names for Semiramis. The evidence is everywhere.

    The reality of Scripture shows we should be worshiping more like a Messianic Jew than a pagan Caesar. If we are to follow Jesus, it would require looking more like what Jesus did while on Earth. He worshiped in Jerusalem, not Rome. He followed the Leviticus Feast days, not pagan ones. We worshiped on the Sabbath, not Sunday, named after the Sun god. He has nothing to do with eggs, rabbits, Santa, and other pagan icons. The days are listed in Lev 23 and are written as God's Feast days. They belong to Him and speak of Jesus. If you are looking at Easter and Christmas, will you miss His Rapture of the saints on Trumpets? Jesus Himself said to "Watch" or He would come as a thief in the night. The only Revelation church promised to avoid the Tribulation that is coming is the church of Philadelphia.

    Just as an aside, I've heard that the RCC believes Revelation already happened in 70 AD. It was written around 90+- AD. A prophesy is not a prophesy if it's written after the fact. Do they believe in the Rapture. Thessalonians clearly speaks of it. Enoch was Raptured, Ezekiel was Raptured, why not the church Bride. If our Bridegroom loves us, would he leave us behind to suffer the Beast? Noah was put in the Ark while God's indignation was dealt out. Lot was removed while Sodom burned.

    My reasoning behind bringing the truth to Catholics is over love. I would do the same for Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, ect. How far are they willing to follow a man that clearly is NOT lead by God? In Revelation 17:6, John marveled at the Harlot drunk with the blood of the saints. The angel answered him with "Why do you marvel?" The RCC has murdered more Christians than Muslims, Hindu's, pagan's of all stripes, or any other of 1000 religions put together. They have followed popes that are 12 years old, bastard children of other popes, popes that bought their position, and sexual deviants, yet they act like they have been chosen by God.

    I know these words strike up anger in Catholics, but we are talking about eternal things here. At least do a study of what was said here to see if it's true. To listen to 12th century writers from the RCC would be like reading the writing's of Hillary in the 2016 election. They will always insist that they are right and we just don't have the secret knowledge and interpretation that they have.

    Just starting from square one, if you follow this pope down this road, you have no idea where this is going. Romans 1:32 lists a bunch of sins beforehand and then explains that if you approve of them, you are as guilty as those that practice such things. many women say they would never have an abortion themselves, but they don't want to block abortions for other women. They are just as guilty as the woman that has the abortion. If the official line of the RCC is going to be sodomy is OK, then You will be guilty of following the same. Don't have these sins accounted to you by following a false religion. Follow the Bible only! Denominations are the traditions of men. You can follow God or the traditions of men, but not both. You will love the one and hate the other. God must come first before the RCC, the pope, or your priest. There is a pure religion. it is called the worship of God. The real God,.... the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. There were no popes, cardinals, or nuns, then, just God and His people.

  • Pope's reported comment to a gay man may indicate a new level of acceptance of homosexuality

    05/21/2018 9:16:46 AM PDT · 69 of 173
    chuckles to bk1000

    In Revelation he is called the False Prophet. He will be the side kick of the Beast.

  • Seeking suggestions for best concealed-carry pocket pistols

    05/19/2018 12:40:23 AM PDT · 82 of 91
    chuckles to Dusty Road

    My daughter is a cop.

  • Seeking suggestions for best concealed-carry pocket pistols

    05/17/2018 4:11:53 PM PDT · 53 of 91
    chuckles to Billthedrill
    If you live in Texas, you can't pocket carry. Every gun must have a holster.

    Well, lets just say you can't legally pocket carry.

  • Boy Scouts Lose 425,000 Boys 1 Week After Announcing Name Change

    05/09/2018 9:45:13 AM PDT · 70 of 89
    chuckles to DannyTN
    ..."The conservatives in the Southern Baptist Convention took back the leadership."...

    So your saying Baylor isn't teaching evolution anymore? News to me.

  • Boy Scouts Lose 425,000 Boys 1 Week After Announcing Name Change

    05/09/2018 9:39:16 AM PDT · 68 of 89
    chuckles to butlerweave
    ....."Start a New Boy Scouts"....

    That seems like a sound proposition, but as we've witnessed before, people always want someone else to do what needs to be done. As the school system fell apart, I suggested that people home school their kids. You get hit with a barrage of statements like I pay taxes so they need to do what I want, We both work and don't have time, I don't have the education to do it, and on and on and on. The truth was that they really didn't like their children. I heard statements like I can't wait for school to start to get them out of my hair and similar statements that let me know the schools could be teaching killing babies, sodomy, fascism, communism, and much more, and the parents wouldn't care.

    As people have stated here, the followers of the Beast have been working on destroying scouting for well over 30 years. During that time no one has stepped up to get into the decision making arm of it, people that have have buckled under the weight of lawsuits, and no one has stepped forward to form a new arm of a wholesome form of raising boys that can stand up for themselves and be future leaders. There have been many millionaires that are conservative that could have stepped up to start a new group but didn't. The Catholic church could have, the Southern Baptist convention, and many more could have, but didn't.

    Blogs are important places to put forth ideas, but more important is to raise your own children the way you want to, yourself. We home schooled our daughter for 11 years and during that time we took her camping and hunting so that she could have an appreciation for the wild and learn how to take care of herself. We took her to church and she is a born again Christian that loves Jesus. She is 33 now and has a political science degree with a minor in psychology and now has a career in law enforcement. She's never had an abortion, never taken illegal drugs, never divorced, and is a marksman that shoots at least as well as I do and can build a fire and skin and dress her own deer.

    The point I'm trying to make is the days of dropping Jr off at a scout meeting and coming out with a grown man that is capable of sustaing themselves has long been over. No one is coming to the rescue, we, as parents will have to do it ourselves.

    Don't send your child where God is not welcome! Don't make any compromises and insist on excellence. Love your child enough to spend quality time with them. Writing cheques is not the same as love.

    I kept looking for "school choice" to be clamored for by politicians, but it NEVER came. Even black Americans understood the advantages of taking the money where the child goes instead of plowing more money into a failing mess. We never got it and I feel we never will. It's time for parents to take charge of the raising of our own children and stop looking for an organization to do it for us.

    I agree with your premise that someone with money and organizational skills should step up to start a wholesome organization for boys, but until someone does, don't wait for it. If you do, you will be waiting when your son is already a father himself, or in the military, or in jail. From a parent that watched his daughter grow up, by the time a kid is 10-12, they should have a moral center, respect their elders, and have common sense. You won't be convincing a 14 yo boy to change if they already aren't close to acting like they should. What I've seen is them waiting to leave home to get away from the slavery they think they are in. If they are taught right from wrong back when they are 8-12, there is a good chance that will carry this into adulthood. Church and scouting was a help and reinforcement back in my day. Today, well, nuff said.

  • What’s News About Hillary’s Back Brace?

    05/09/2018 8:12:32 AM PDT · 5 of 44
    chuckles to simpson96

    Democrats have no spine anyway.

  • Revolvers: Perfect or Out-Dated for Personal Defense?

    05/08/2018 10:10:15 AM PDT · 31 of 71
    chuckles to FLT-bird
    I had a Jam-O-matic once, but took it apart and started to examine the relevant parts. I found a bent ejector. Replaced the ejector and no more jams. Stove-piping was what it did 90% of the jams.

    Most guns are designed well enough, but quality control is sometimes suspect. Cheaper guns are usually cheap for a reason. I've shot several boxes through this "Jammer" with no problem now, but feel like the ejector was some sort of inferior metal, maybe even pot metal. I would love to have a replacement part made with stainless or something else, but who would try to make a living from spare parts from other guns? The old ejector would flex just pushing it with my fingers. It's now just a shooter at the range because I just can't trust it with my life even with a new ejector that is working now at 100%. Is the next round going to be the one I have to fire at multiple perps and it decides to fire once?

  • Romans Ch. 10

    05/02/2018 10:24:11 AM PDT · 6 of 9
    chuckles to servantboy777
    ...." Jesus came to change who we are, not what we've done."....

    Very important observation! People seem to be obsessed with "sin". Jesus took care of that on the cross. If we accept "adoption" into the Family of God, then we are given the right to become "Sons of God".

    Sons of men CANNOT enter Heaven. Sons of God are "created" by God. That is why we have to be "crucified in Christ" and reborn as a "new creature". Adam was created by God as a Son of God. He fell to sin. Angels are sons of God as shown in Job, but some fell. Jesus is the only begotten Son if God, as God personally provided the seed to the woman. Adam was created and angels were created. We are created by God when we receive the Holy Spirit and we are "like" the angels. A man would be destroyed looking directly on God and being in His presence would burn up. We will receive a resurrected body when we die and can be face to face with God in Heaven without destruction. An unrepentant man that hasn't received the Holy Spirit will face God with his own righteousness, or self righteous, and has not received a new body.

    If we look at Jesus as He left the tomb, Mary didn't recognize Him and thought He was a gardener. Two of His own disciples walked with Him 7 miles and didn't know who He was until they broke bread and saw His wounds.

    Adam and Eve walked and talked with God in the Garden before the Fall, but lost fellowship with Him from sin. Satan thought he had defeated God's plan, but God Knew what it would take from the foundation of the world to have His creation returned to Him. Peter said he couldn't wait to "put off this tent". Our earthly bodies have been called tents, Tabernacles, Temples, and houses. When Jesus said He must go prepare a place for us, He wasn't speaking of Heaven, that was created back in Genesis 1. He was preparing a "mansion" for us compared to these "tents" we live in now. 1 Corinthians 15 speaks extensively on resurrected bodies. A "tent" describes a temporary dwelling in a place that is not your home.

    Changing who we are is the main object for a Christian. When a person in the Bible met God, their names were changed. Abram became Abraham, Sari became Sarah, Jacob became Israel, and Saul became Paul. This denotes a rebirth and a change to another person. In Revelation 2:17, there is a reference to a new name for us written on a white rock. We also get "new manna", which refers to a new word from God not revealed in Scripture. In Rev 3:12 He refers to another new name for people that never leave the Temple.

    Everyone has a theory about the "mark of the Beast" and what it is. I believe it could be the very name of the Beast tattooed on people saying they belong to him. It doesn't have to be a SS# or some RFID chip, or any of a thousand other theories. It plainly says it his name. In order to go to Heaven, "chuckles" has to die and a new creature has to be born. We must sacrifice ourselves to renew our minds daily. If people can't see a difference in the old me and the new me, have I really changed? I MUST bear new fruit to be a new tree.( trees are people in Scripture)

  • Five Reasons Why Pope Francis’ Answer Was Demonic

    04/28/2018 12:21:39 PM PDT · 13 of 55
    chuckles to amihow
    Jesus said, "You will know them by their fruit". The pope just lied, of many. I can judge sin, but I can;t judge the sinner. Pastor's and teacher's will have a harsher judgement. What does that mean for a man shepherding millions?

    This one man is doing more harm to the church than a thousand have done in the past. These are the basic tenants of Christianity 101. No one comes to the Father except through me, and there is none good no not one. We are saved with faith through grace, and not through works. His father could have had everyone be baptized and then sold everything and gave to to the church, but if didn't believe, he's not in heaven. No works saves anyone. If you are saved, then works are expected.

  • Dogs cannot get ‘autism’, Brit. Vet. Assoc warns after ‘anti-vaxx’ movement spread to pets

    04/26/2018 12:30:25 AM PDT · 24 of 24
    chuckles to ek_hornbeck
    Watch "Vaxxed" before you call me a flat earther. Calling names is always the last resort of a Democrat that has no answer. It used to be on Youtube for free. They actually caught the CDC destroying documents, forging documents, and other crimes. A doctor that treated stomach disorders found the correlation with vaccinations. Have you noticed how many Crohn's patients there are today. Almost none 50 years ago. Autism discoveries came later.

    If you can't afford an hour to watch a video, I don't want to hear anymore from people who have no clue what they are talking about. I had a nephew this happened to. He got the shot at 12 mo. and had seizures on the way home from the doctor. He had seizures for the next 29 years until his death. he had just gotten a clean bill of health from the very doctor that gave him the vaccination. He was NEVER the same again.

  • Dogs cannot get ‘autism’, Brit. Vet. Assoc warns after ‘anti-vaxx’ movement spread to pets

    04/25/2018 11:00:41 AM PDT · 13 of 24
    chuckles to Gamecock
    What this is really about is to try to equate animal vaccines with human. If you watch the video's about vaxxing, they all suggest the problem is giving up to 12 vaccines at one time in 3 shots when they are 1 year old. Many of these children have fever and start to have seizures and the docs say that is to be expected with some children. The problem is, these "some children" invariably end up autistic. If they would spread the vaccines out over a couple of years and wait till they are 3-4 years old, why not try that awhile. Docs go nuts and say what if they get whooping cough at 15 months? Well, children lived through whooping cough, measles, and other diseases for millinea before vaccines. The advent of autism was almost unheard of 50-60 years ago. Today it's 1 in 50 and getting worse.

    It's definitely environmental. Why not take a couple thousand kids aside and try something different and just see.

    All this story is dong is comparing apples and oranges. The parents who have autistic children deserve better than this.

    Manny of the kids doing shootings might fit the term "autistic spectrum" but due to privacy, it's not readily exposed. Some have been put on SSRI's and the news will never tell you. 30-40 million Americans take SSRI's today. Once you get on them you can hardly stop taking them. ALL,....ALL school shooters in the recent past since the 80's were either on SSRI's or getting off of them. Columbine is a textbook example. Were they autistic? We don't know, but they were on SSRI's. They had difficulty relating to others. Did this guy in Fla. relate to those he murdered? He was on SSRI's. People on SSRI's don't cry. They don't have feelings for others. My father in law was on SSRI's and his wife of 45 years died. He didn't ever cry until he died. He even stated that he couldn't cry for her. He had feelings of suicide.

    I've seen people try to stop taking SSRI's and it looks like they are sopping heroine. If you complain to the doctor, they say why are you stopping taking them? If you want to be an unfeeling Stepford wife for the rest of your life, keep taking them.

  • Why Bill Johnson (Bethel) Believes The Bible Is Not Enough

    04/25/2018 10:19:52 AM PDT · 154 of 445
    chuckles to Sontagged
    I've looked up the definition of "apostle" and generally it seems to mean "sent out". I can see the 12 original apostles being sent out by Jesus. But after them, I suppose the Holy Spirit could send someone out. The problem lies when an "apostle" doesn't teach what Jesus taught.

    If someone claims to be an apostle and teaches a "new" gospel, then it becomes a "new" religion, not the same as Jesus taught. Since Scripture says God is unchanging, then the sender wasn't God. A "new" revelation is fine as long as it agrees with the 1st revelation. If a prophesy is made and it doesn't come to pass, should we kill them?

    Making sodomy acceptable to God messes up much of the purpose of the Bible if Jesus used "as it was in the days of Lot", as a descriptor of His imminent return. The days of Noah describes extensive violence. As I watch trucks running over people on sidewalks and 50 people being shot watching a concert for no reason, One might forget the millions of babies murdered in the womb with almost no fanfare each year.

    We don't need a new apostle giving us new revelation if it disagrees with the old apostles and the old revelation.

    As an example, a church I actually attended, voted in a new pastor after the old one left. I had been there probably about 7 years. The new guy preached fairly good sermons, but periodically would put some statement in I found fault with. As time went on, I found out he was enamored with Bill Johnson. I was the Sunday school teacher there and he gave me several books to read by Johnson. The books were alarming for me, but I didn't get too upset. As he gave me another book, I told him I had enough to read in the Bible to keep me busy for a lifetime. A couple of weeks later, he dissolved Sunday School. Said he need more time to preach and still get out for lunch. Later, he was overheard saying those over 55 yo should just leave to get rid of the Pharisees in the church. We were too judgmental.

    Then one day he was giving his sermon and claimed that Jesus was NOT GOD until he was baptized by John in the river. He gave another sermon where Jesus met the woman at the well and he claimed Jesus didn't know why he stopped at the well. He was just tired and needed water. Well, I was taught that Jesus was the Son of God when He was born of Mary because the angel said so then. If Jesus is God, He is Omniscient. If Jesus is God, He is the Word spoken of in John 1. If he is the Word, He wrote the Bible. He surely knows what's in it and why it's there.

    I left.

    I hear from other members that they are looking for falling gold dust and feathers falling from the ceiling of the church now. This all came about over the period of 2-3 years. Upon further study, I found out California has sent 7-8 "missionaries" that meet in a town about 75 miles from my town and they have spread this same message to 20-30 churches in East Texas now. This has gotten bigger than a few outliers. Many now are selling DVD courses and you can visit the Redmond base church for courses if you pay. These courses are as much as $4500 for about 6 weeks. IMO, this has surpassed the idea of a cult and gone on to a denomination. They generally use music to draw in the young people. I recently found a worship team I love called "Upper Room" in Dallas, and the first sermon I heard was straight out of Bill Johnson's playbook. It's way past time for an expose on 60 minutes. There are too many today that have NO IDEA what's in Scripture.

    Today, there remains about 8-12 left from about 150. Those that come, come from as far as 60-70 miles away. I don't know how they keep the lights on. I've also heard he has preached whole sermons out of a Bill Johnson book with no scripture to back it up. He quoted Johnson from the pulpit. I knew Bill Johnson was a problem, but I didn't know there were more.

    Just as another aside, Todd White used to go there in Bethel, but recently is found in Gateway church in Dallas. I love Gateway, but they have 5-6 campuses and many tens of thousands of members with BIG names going there. I can't discern if Todd left BECAUSE of error, or if he came to spread "Bill Johnson". He has been used as a preacher a few times. I hate to be suspicious but it's almost like cancer and I've seen it first hand. I can't believe Robert Morris would release the pulpit to a usurper.

  • Putin, Medvedev attend Easter service in Christ the Savior Cathedral

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    chuckles to Cronos
    No, I'm saying Easter is a pagan day. Christmas is a pagan day. First Fruits is the proper Biblical day to observe the resurrection of Jesus because that is the day set aside for thousands of years by God to observe. Was Jesus not the "first fruits" of the dead? The days we are to observe are listed in Leviticus 23. Was He not murdered on Passover? Was he not put in the ground on Unleavened Bread? Was the Holy Spirit not given on Pentecost?

    By remaining confused on these days proclaimed in Scripture by God as the Lord's days, you could very well miss the Rapture that will come on some Feast of Trumpets in the future. Jesus told us to Watch! If you don't know when to watch, how will you know what day to watch for?

    Being left behind to face the Antichrist is a horrible thought. This is the importance of what I'm trying to get across to you.

    1Thess 5:1-8 tells the Jews they know the times and seasons. The word "seasons" is "Moed" spoken of in Genesis and Leviticus 23. He will come as a theif when you aren't watching if you have no idea when he will come. You can die to your flesh now at Baptism, or you can die physically when the Antichrist chops your head off. You must be reborn "Spiritually" to be His bride. If you are hanging on to some man's teaching in a denomination, you haven't submitted to His will, which is found in Scripture, not what some man has told you. Any learned Jew knows "the day no one knows" is Trumpets because it is 2 days and starts when a priest sees the new moon.

    Being left behind will be horror beyond description. Will it be all because you won't read Leviticus 23 and then follow what God says to do? Jesus plainly said if you love me, you will DO what I have commanded you to do. If you have read of the Last days, you know it is God's Bride and Babylon,....nothing else. If you choose Babylon, I don't care how "Christian" you think you are, He will tell you, I never knew you". There are multiple Scriptures for this. People say "Haven't we cast out demons in your name and prophesied in you name?" This is speaking of Christians that go to church and call on Jesus to do things for them. Jesus never knew them. These are NOT lost people looking for fire insurance in the Last Days.

    Isaiah 4:1 speaks of these people.

    Isa 4:1 And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, "We will eat our own food and wear our own apparel; Only let us be called by your name, To take away our reproach."

    In that day means the last days. 7 women speaks of the churches in Rev 2-3. One man is Jesus. We will eat our own food means they will "MAKE UP THEIR OWN DOCTRINE! Wearing their own apparel means they will "call evil good, and good evil". Only let us be called "Christian" to take away our reproach. They don't want you to call them pagan or witches, which is what they will look like to God. How can you justify reading simple Scripture and saying "we don't have to do that anymore. Has murder suddenly become legal? Abortionists say it is. Is sodomy legal now? Many churches say it is. Has First Fruits been changed by God or men? Daniel 7:25 speaks of Babylon changing the times and Laws. Has not the RCC boasted that they changed the Sabbath? The sun god was worshiped on Sunday-the 1st day of the week. The Bible clearly gives the Sabbaths we are to worship on. There is nothing in there to change the 3rd Commandment. God hasn't changed ANY of the Commandments. The RCC did.

    I swore I was done posting to you, but I keep hoping the Holy Spirit will remove the scales from your eyes. You are so bitter and foaming at the mouth, I doubt you have even read a single reference I've given you. Maybe another person will read this and come to their senses. I don't know, but I continue to pray that people will be able to read plain language in the Bible and realize they have been duped by Satan and his demons. God's days are listed in Leviticus and Easter isn't listed there. Easter is Satanic and will fall when Babylon is defeated in Revelation. It is absolutely EASY to find this information anywhere. Even secular history books have the evidence of the RCC and how it was born in the 4th century. Only the RCC worships at statues, icons, medals, portraits, and even pieces of toast burnt in a way that resembles some nondescript face. There was a picture of a melted ice cream cone on a sidewalk with 20-30 people on their knees looking at a possible face on the ground. NO one knows what Jesus looked like or even Mary. That is why God says make no images,....period! There is no record of Jesus or any Apostles worshiping anything but God. This superstition comes from the RCC. Get a good Bible teacher and read your Bible. It's all there.

  • Why Bill Johnson (Bethel) Believes The Bible Is Not Enough

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    chuckles to Sontagged
    I've seen "NAR" a bunch of times here and hate to admit, I don't have a clue what it means.

    Oh, and I question everything I don't see in Scripture. God would NEVER say something in Scripture and then reverse it. I have had several prophesies come true said over me, but it was for me and agreed with Scripture. Because a man says he's a prophet doesn't mean he is. And I always wonder who's voice told him what.

  • Why Bill Johnson (Bethel) Believes The Bible Is Not Enough

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    chuckles to Sontagged
    Personal revelation is fine, but the Bible is the unchanging, inerrant word of God. Learning the Bible is plenty for most people today. I have had personal revelation before and it's wonderful, but learning the Bible is absolutely necessary to understand God. Individual revelation is usually for the individual. The Bible is for everybody.

    I love the music from Bethel and others, but the teaching there is pitiful. Many churches today are trying to emulate Bethel. I was a member of a church for about 7 years and the pastor left. He was replaced by a guy that loved Bill Johnson. I had to leave.

  • Putin, Medvedev attend Easter service in Christ the Savior Cathedral

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    chuckles to Cronos
    I won't be responding to your posts on this thread anymore. If you don't know Peter was never a pope and James took over the church when Jesus ascended, and there are no popes in Scripture, no cardinals, no nuns, that forbidding to marry is the doctrine of demons, and bowing to statues is idol worship, Then we have hardly anything in common. If you can't read Revelation and see the RCC "fornicated with all the kings of the earth", shed more blood of the saints than all religions put together, is dressed in purple and scarlet, lives on 7 hills, and more, then I can't help you.

    I continually pray that the scales would fall from their eyes, but they call evil good and good evil, and follow traditions of men.

    The whole purpose of me posting anything is to try to show you the Scriptures that speak to the problems in the RCC. As they say the pope is infallible, we see the new pope make a fool of himself and the church and the church defends him. As we get closer to the Last days, Gods Word tells you you must leave the harlot or you will receive her plagues.

    Maybe a quick look at "The Woman Rides the Beast" might help. It's on YouTube. One video might do better than a day's worth of typing by me. Just know the church at Thyatira is the RCC. Read Rev 2:18-29. It's the longest letter to the 7 churches. Only the church at Philadelphia will miss the Tribulation. If you are following Babylon, then why would Christ take you as Bride? Rev 3:10. The false prophet will most likely be a pope. One man could be responsible for the destruction of up to a billion people. If you can't see you are following Babylon, I have to assume there are many more like you taught error. Anyway, God bless and I hope you will at least look into the truth at some point.