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  • Donald Trump Raises Questions About Ted Cruz's Canadian Birth

    03/23/2015 2:43:34 PM PDT · 31 of 105
    chuckles to Jewbacca
    I wrote that I would be supporting Cruz and one of them said he wouldn't vote if Cruz was the candidate to protect the Constitution.

    Let that sink in a minute while considering Obama.

  • Selling on gunbroker, gunsamerica or similar

    03/07/2015 4:44:31 PM PST · 15 of 19
    chuckles to TurboZamboni

    I always lose mine in a river I canoe, often drunk. I haven’t bought any guns since Kennedy was shot and all the paperwork.

  • “Righteous” reputations of churches that don’t care (Protestant Caucus)

    03/04/2015 8:35:38 AM PST · 10 of 12
    chuckles to Alex Murphy
    I didn't see the perps new church address. Was he Baptist or non denom? I came out of Baptists to non denominational and they do background checks and get letters from previous employers. I suppose you could get into a cult meeting in a garage with no paperwork, but most churches of any size need something. This stuff is just too wide spread to ignore anymore. One problem, ( IMHO) is the spread of homosexuality. They are not chastised in the general public anymore, so you could get one applying for youth minister and not really find out if he/she doesn't volunteer info. It would be easy to have a job or come from teaching and pass yourself off as normal unless you have hurt someone and police were called. What we find is a youth leader that is watched like a hawk around young girls, but no one cares if he hangs with the boys, so no one watches. A female could start the girls softball team and no one would care,...easy pickings.

    I hate to say it but any adult WANTING to work with young people should be double watched no matter the setup.

  • Hillary's email server traced to Internet service registered to NY home

    03/04/2015 7:23:14 AM PST · 26 of 45
    chuckles to Liz

    Hoteham= Vince Foster. Start searching the parks around her house.

  • Another Recession is on the way

    03/02/2015 11:34:49 PM PST · 22 of 23
    chuckles to Mr. Jeeves
    I disagree. It doesn't work anywhere else, so I don't think we can keep the plates in the air any longer than Argentina did. There may be a few differences because we can print our own money and the wold uses the dollar as the world currency, but eventually people will quit taking it for debts if we can't back it with nothing more than ink. Recently China, and countries in the ME with Brazil and a few others wanted to have their own currency and cut us out. Didn't work, but it may some day.

    Just think about borrowing from China with dollars and paying them back with money worth half. There is a certain pain level they will reject. They stopped buying bonds when QE started and haven't really stepped up as they had before. For years now, the FED prints money to buy our own debt and then expands the Balance sheet. At some point trillions will be foisted on the market for someone to buy. I don't think there will be any takers. Eventually the interest rates will have to rise just to get a bite. Then we have the scenario I was speaking of. We CAN"T pay higher interest rates. As the rates rise, the debt rises, until it get's ridiculous like maybe 12 percent and the interest on the debt is waaaay more than the whole budget. We owe more but get less until it's upside down.

    I don't know where the line is, but I know it's out there. As people say that's far enough, it quickly goes exponential. How long did it take for the markets to go from normal to 666 on the S&P? 5-6-700 points a day doesn't take long to go to zero.

  • Another Recession is on the way

    03/02/2015 11:19:05 PM PST · 21 of 23
    chuckles to exit82

    It was a sarcastic way of agreeing with you.

  • Another Recession is on the way

    02/28/2015 11:52:12 AM PST · 14 of 23
    chuckles to stephenjohnbanker

    What people seem to not comprehend is how much interest we will pay if rates got to say 5%. It will be multiple trillions a year just in interest. Interest rates must stay below 2-3% forever just to survive. Try explaining $1 trillion to someone then say we have 18 of those we owe, soon to be $20 trillion +. We are done. It just depends on when the music stops because there are no more chairs.

  • Another Recession is on the way

    02/28/2015 11:47:08 AM PST · 12 of 23
    chuckles to exit82
    Don't forget the solar eclipse Mar 20, 2015. Solar is for the world and lunar is Israel. Gay marriage will be decided this year so read Leviticus 18:22. The land has been defiled and it will vomit it's people out.

    We now have a Muslim president, abortion on demand, and soon gay marriage in all 50 states. Do you see 2 Chron 7:14 happening before Sept 13, 2005? I don't think so. If America is destroyed, it will be because God is a homophobe, at war with women, and a racist.

  • Why support for Israel is important

    02/25/2015 7:58:01 AM PST · 27 of 27
    chuckles to Netz
    This is why this subject is very important to me. As we look at some churches,( see post 20), they teach error, but our biggest foe is in the universities. Many campuses are demonstrating against Israel right now. Their idiot professors are teaching the skulls full of mush that Israel is bad. I shudder at the new crop of citizens and their right to vote in the future. My sphere of influence is mostly in church. I teach Sunday school in my church and have seen some of these people. It is a challenge to give them the verses that make them mistaken and have them not reject it out of hand, for they have grown up with this taught to them even from family and their pastors. I have no say to the students and there are many more of them.

    It's sorta like cockroaches, you see one, you know that there are hundreds hiding in the walls, even if they keep it to themselves.

    If this isn't challenged right now, it will expand out of control very quickly. I think this discussion will move to the forefront when Bibi comes to speak. I welcome the chance to blog and respond to these misinformed people. If Bibi could forge a Birth Cert like Obama, I would vote for him for POTUS, but until then I will vote for Ted Cruz. I think it would be a good question for the Candidates to establish which ones have discernment and which ones don't. There could be some that are for Israel because they are democratic and an ally. IMO, it should be deeper than that. If they believe it is Biblical to support Israel, I think they would be steadfast in their support. I'm really not interested in being "fair" with others just to be fair. Support for Israel isn't negotiable for me. If you believe God goes before you in battle, you can't very well be victorious persecuting His children. This is the most worrisome thing for me today is have a country that has turned on Israel at the very time the End of Days are at hand. The US won't fare any better than Egypt or some other 3rd world snake pit. I don't think Americans believe they could suffer the same fate as Christians in Syria, but if you let this happen in your own home, how will we escape God's judgement on the land. Many don't understand the parable about separating sheep and goats. Jesus speaks of nations, not people. As a Christian, we will be saved when we die, but our nation will pay the price for allowing sin in the nation. A Christian may live and die and go to Heaven over a 70 year span, but judgement on the nation is today. That means your money, your children, grandchildren, and all your property are all under judgement, sorta like Job. Being a Christian in the US is a lot better than being a Christian in Egypt. If people don't believe that can happen to the US, all you have to do is look at Viet Nam. We won every battle yet lost the war to 5 ft rice farmers with inferior weapons. It is indispensable to be blessed by God.

  • Why support for Israel is important

    02/24/2015 10:33:56 PM PST · 17 of 27
    chuckles to Netz
    I'm not sure about others, but I think you will find the most dedicated supporters of Israel will be evangelical Christians.

    There are some people that question "Who killed Jesus" and argue over the Jews or Rome. Jesus specifically said, "No one takes My life, but I give it willingly." To argue over who killed Jesus misses the whole point. Either my sin killed Jesus, or I am going to God on my own righteousness. It has nothing to do with who drove the nails or who allowed Him to be Crucified. The whole point is my righteousness is as filthy rags and I need the sacrificial blood of Jesus, or I choose to meet God without a blood covering. Some Catholics seem to dislike Jews thinking people might blame them or something, I can't say why. Some white power bigots hate Jews because they are bigots and they have to hate someone. Then you have the Louis Farakhan types that are some Muslim hybrid negro fascist that have to hate Jews.

    I just got through reading a story about Michelle Malkin calling out a Jewish comedian over Christians with ashes on their foreheads on ash Wednesday. Malkin asked if she would make fun of Muslims on whatever holiday they don the ashes. The fight that ensued ended up with Malkin being accused of Antisemitism. The comedian was probably an atheist that was racially a Jew, but they wanted to make Malkin look like it was religious. Either way I'm sure she won't make fun of Muslims to get her throat cut.

    The anti Jewish Tweets were just horrendous.

    That's why I'm posting. Real Christians support Israel. If you don't,.... I question your faith. I pray that American Jews would stop supporting the Dems that want you dead. The northern Jews and Fla Jews ALL support Dems that want the Palestinians to push you into the sea. I can't figure out why they vote for them. Kinda like Catholics that vote for Dems that kill babies and support sodomites. Makes no sense.

  • Why support for Israel is important

    02/24/2015 10:13:36 PM PST · 16 of 27
    chuckles to Netz
    That was a quote from Obama's book "The Audacity of Hope, page 261. If anyone read it you would know what was coming. He was talking about the Japanese internment camps in WWII. He basically said if it came down to choosing Islam over Israel, he would choose Islam. Things become clearer when you know where his head is. The talking heads stare in confusion as he makes decisions about Muslims and make the wrong decision every time. It baffles them, but he already told us what he would do. That's how you get a deserter for 5 Taliban generals. That's how you get to snub Netenyahu. That's how you get soldiers withdrawn from ISIS battlegrounds. That's how you get Muslims in the White House on Ramadan. That's how you get invited to meetings that honor Palestinian terrorists and the LA Times squashes the pictures. That's why no one talks about him going to a madrassa as Barry Soretoro in Indonesia and signing in as a Muslim. That's how you live with a Muslim roommate in college and no one cares. That's how you can recite the evening call to prayer in Farsi and no one thinks anything of it.

    Everyone seems surprised and he's already told you he's a Muslim. It's also the point of my post that if you call yourself a Christian, YOU MUST SUPPORT ISRAEL BECAUSE GOD SAID TO. He doesn't support Israel so where does that leave Obama? You have to be careful saying such things or people will attack you like they attacked Guliani. Then they quote the only Bible verse they ever memorized, "Do not judge lest ye be judged" Jesus did say you can judge them by their fruit and I'm their fruit inspector. A Christian will have Christian fruit.

  • Why support for Israel is important

    02/24/2015 8:50:21 PM PST · 11 of 27
    chuckles to Lake Living

    Yes, this is always a quandry for many Christians. They might say, “Well at least I’ll be outta here when the trouble comes.” They don’t seem to realize that we aren’t the children of God’s Wrath, but we can surely be the center of the wrath of the world. It will be a time like no other, and if you think of it, that’s pretty bad if you look at Noah, WWI, WWII, and other times like the depression and dust bowl. I can’t imagine WWII in Europe, but it will be worse than that. When God pours out the vials and seals and such, we won’t be here under His wrath, but Satan can get pretty bad when he sets his mind to it. Especially if he feels he can kill God’s people. Just think of being a Christian in Syria right now.

  • Why support for Israel is important

    02/24/2015 8:38:20 PM PST · 10 of 27
    chuckles to chuckles

    I hope that each of us would watch and listen in our own churches and nip their very thing in the bud. There are always some that think it’s OK to support the destruction of Israel.

  • Why support for Israel is important

    02/24/2015 8:34:20 PM PST · 8 of 27
    chuckles to PrairieLady2
    Thanks for this!!!

    I started to write exactly that, but didn't want to go too long and I wanted to just make the point and go. I'm one of the few that teach the Lord's days in Leviticus 23 and their connection to God's people and what He was trying to teach us about prophesy.Many Christians are bored to tears and I'm so excited I can't stand still. To understand God has revealed His plan through these days makes the Bible come alive for me. If you look at Jesus through the eyes of a Jew, you see what He wads trying to tell the people. It can be shown that Jesus was born on Tabernacles, the Rapture will most likely happen on Trumpets, then Judgement Day on Yom Kippur, and Jesus returns to rule and rein on Tabernacles again. People always get crossways when I say Rapture happens on Trumpets because no one knows the day or the hour. They don't understand Trumpets is the day no one knows because it's 2 days. Ask a Jew the day no one knows and they know. It's like "turkey day" is Thanksgiving for us.

  • Why support for Israel is important

    02/24/2015 8:22:03 PM PST · 6 of 27
    chuckles to faithhopecharity

    Ask yourself, if you were Iran, with the POTUS we have now, would you rather hit America or Israel? Hit us and Obama would be forced to respond. Hit Israel and watch Obummer go golfing. Quote,....If it comes to Islam and Israel, I will chose Islam.

  • Why support for Israel is important

    02/24/2015 7:45:04 PM PST · 1 of 27
  • Extreme Long Range Pellet Rifle

    02/24/2015 10:04:10 AM PST · 52 of 109
    chuckles to Georgia Girl 2

    My dad did the same. We hunted and certainly weren’t against killing meat, but dad insisted that we eat what we shoot. One sparrow later and I was cured.

  • Jihad vs Crusades (548 Moslem battles for Conquest, 200 battles fought in Spain alone)

    02/24/2015 8:26:19 AM PST · 26 of 26
    chuckles to Titus-Maximus
    I think what we see here is a lack of education on the middle ages and Crusades. For people that don't know who Biden is but can recite the latest Taylor Swift song, we know nothing about the Crusades, so when someone tells them we were brutal to the Muslims, they have no idea what happened the previous 400 years. Muslims, OTOH, are taught from birth that somehow we weren't supposed to be mad about the lands that were taken from us. This is the price of teaching them how to put condoms on banana's, but leave out history of the world. If you ask most kids about history, they don't know who we fought for our freedom in 1776, they don't know why we went to war in WWII, or who we fought, they don't know who won the Civil War, they just know the "Stars and Bars" is somehow bad. They believe the First Amendment is about free speech but deny we have freedom of religion or assembly. The second Amendment was a big mistake, and they have never heard of the other 8. When the 9th and 10th are explained to them, they still thing states rights is racist. This is the most useless, ignorant generation in American history.

    Many here may be saying,...not my kid, but ask them some questions and see. I chose home schooling mine and am forever grateful we made the right choice.

  • Jihad vs Crusades (548 Moslem battles for Conquest, 200 battles fought in Spain alone)

    02/22/2015 4:06:05 PM PST · 6 of 26
    chuckles to bunkerhill7

    Just to show how stupid we were then, and still haven’t learned, the Muszzies overtook most of Europe before the first Crusade. It was over 400 years of death and beheading’s before the first Crusade. Many of the Muzzie ships we sent to the bottom were filled with Christian slaves at the oars. Mohammed invented this crap in the 600’s and I believe the first Crusade was about 1000+. The Muszzies are mad because when we went to take back the Christian lands we killed women and children. They had been raping them and beheading them the whole time. It was called war in the middle ages. Today we have moved on with smart bombs and lasers, they still rely on beheading.

  • What Will It Take? (To reverse Obama's 'soft coup d'état)

    02/17/2015 11:01:24 PM PST · 36 of 52
    chuckles to fivecatsandadog
    I'm old enough to remember the turmoil during the Clinton years. Everybody was crying about revolution then also. Just vote for Ted Cruz and he will solve a lot of what ails us. Either that or appoint me president. I don't think I could be elected if Cruz doesn't make it.

    When Clinton was being impeached and the Repubs folded like a lawn chair, people were threatening to move to Belize and Panama. If we do have a revolution be sure and get the ones with Obama stickers on the bumper first. That way we won't have to do it again for awhile. It usually take a 150 years or so for a majority to go slap dab nuts. You might run out of ammo in NYC and Chicago. Get the ammo in LA and use it on San Fran. A quick trip through Dearborn Mich might also be advised.

  • Will the Tea Party Abandon Ted Cruz Now That His Teen Pot Experimentation Has Been Exposed?

    02/04/2015 8:28:25 AM PST · 126 of 153
    chuckles to 2ndDivisionVet
    That's nothing! I have a witness willing to testify that he saw Cruz tear a tag off of a mattress back in 1973. Mary Jane is a misdemeanor in most places and a mattress tag is a felony. Of course Clinton raped and murdered and that didn't seem to make a difference to anyone. I tried my outrage switch over this and it just doesn't work. The same people feigning outrage did cocaine and heroin back in the day and probably have meth in their pocket right now. I never heard back from PETA about eating dogs by pols, so I guess I'll wait for the next "SHOE to DROP".

    Cruz for prez 2017

  • Turn Off Your Heat: Living in a cold home will make you a healthier, stronger, better person

    01/25/2015 11:38:45 PM PST · 54 of 92
    chuckles to Jack Hydrazine

    As a child, we had a heater in the living room, but it got to the 40’s sometimes in the rest of the house. When we got ready for school, we would get in front of the heater to dress and put our clothes on the heater for 30 seconds or so before we put them on. We had no air conditioner till the 60’s, so we slept with the windows open and fans blowing. I was tougher then. I still sleep with the thermostat at 69 now. At 70-71 degrees, I kick the covers off and figure why spend the money for a couple of degrees. I would go to about 66, but my wife would get the rest of my money in the divorce.

  • Ted Cruz Gets Praised by Sen. Chuck Grassley

    01/25/2015 11:30:38 PM PST · 2 of 6
    chuckles to 2ndDivisionVet

    I didn’t watch every single speaker at the King speek-a-thon, but Cruz got the only standing ovation I saw. I think Newt may have got one also, but I’ve already erased the DVR. The crowd seem to like Palin, but I thought it was flat. Unusual for her. Perry was fair but it seemed like fake animation to get the crowd going. I don’t think it will work long term. Carly Fiorina did better than I thought she would, but I don’t think it will ever happen. Mitt and Bush will get their clocks cleaned by Cruz, IMHO.

  • Pastor JD on recent events and the Rapture

    01/11/2015 11:23:31 PM PST · 14 of 42
    chuckles to firebrand

    ping for later.

  • OK, is ANYONE here really off the grid ?

    01/06/2015 12:37:11 AM PST · 149 of 152
    chuckles to Alas Babylon!

    Yes, If coal was readily available, that’s what I would concentrate on. In fact, there was a website a couple of years ago you could by a small unit( maybe 10x10x 12 ft tall) that you could have on your own property. Hitler ran his whole war on coal and did pretty darn good with it. My dad flew B-24’s to Ploesti to blow up the oil refineries, but stopping coal was much tougher. There is no doubt coal could supply all your needs with some land and some automation to feed the plant.

  • OK, is ANYONE here really off the grid ?

    01/03/2015 4:49:21 PM PST · 61 of 152
    chuckles to knarf
    Most homes have a 200 amp main in the box. Lets say you think you can make it on under 100 amps. My 5kw generator puts out 30 amps under full load, so that equals 15kw to run a normal house. Of course there are times you don't run a tenth of that, but you never know. Now consider what you would have to have to run even 10kw to get a few window units and a couple of bulbs and other toys. You need a pond the size of a football field to get the head pressure needed to turn a 10kw under load. You need a yard full of solar panels to get even 3kw with batteries. Then think about maintenance.

    IMO, the way yo go would be to start to build a water converter to H2 and save it in a tank during quiet times and use it when you need it. There is a web site dedicated to off the grid somewhere in New Jersey where a guy did it. It was about $250k investment, but he even ran his boat and cars on H2. The most obvious problem was the acre or so of solar panels on his house and yard.( God forbid a hail storm) How long would it take to pay $250k @ 271 a month. If you can get nat gas to your home, that's the answer. Nat gas will be cheap for the near future. Coal would even be cheaper but that means a fire in the house again.

  • During...Clinton, the U.S. enjoyed more peace and economic well

    12/29/2014 6:55:19 AM PST · 29 of 37
    chuckles to WhiskeyX

    The only reason there are any fond memories of Clinton are newt Gingrich and the Republican Revolution. I can’t understand anyone not shouting that from the rooftops every time it’s brought up. Remember “The era of Big Government is over”? He crapped his diaper with tax hikes, slowed the economy, and brought in a Republicans landslide. It was smooth sailing except for Monica after that. He was basically a lame duck after 2 years. He agreed with the Republicans and was allowed to keep his pants down and ride in a big jet for 6 years.

  • Windows 10 getting put through its paces by 450,000 'highly active' testers

    12/23/2014 4:10:31 PM PST · 5 of 19
    chuckles to SeekAndFind
    Let me guess, it takes 50gigs of memory, four 7 core chips running @5ghtz and a 4 terrabyte disk, with a $500 video card to play a movie. Oh and it checks email and posts on Face Book.

    If you stop and think about it XP runs everything just fine except they quit using IE after 8. I just don't see the need for much more than what we have right now unless you render video or something. Now if it blocks spam and malware, I'm in.

  • Another Witness in Michael Brown Shooting Found Dead

    12/09/2014 10:02:54 AM PST · 92 of 94
    chuckles to God luvs America
    "Snopes is claiming its false;"..........

    They aren't SUPPOSED to be identified. That doesn't mean they haven't been. I'm sure there are leakers in this case. Somebody knows and is leaking.

  • The Pope prayed at a mosque last weekend – Is this the cool, progressive thing to do?

    12/06/2014 10:17:32 PM PST · 55 of 64
    chuckles to Cry if I Wanna

    Read 1 John 2:1. Our Advocate in Heaven is Jesus. 1st Timothy 2:5 says we have ONE Mediator that is Jesus. Read all of 1st Timothy 4 about the doctrines of demons. The whore of Babylon is the Roman Catholic Church spoken of in Revelation 17-19 that sits on 7 hills and has fornicated with all the kings of the world. Revelation 18:4 says to come out of her or get the same plagues as everyone else. 1st Peter 5:13 calls Rome Babylon. Peter was in Rome when he wrote the letter. Mathew 6:7 tells us not to have repetitious prayers. Praying to Mary is just one of the sins the Catholic church follows. Praying to relics is idol worship. Praying to statues, praying to dead people that have no power to answer prayer. Believing Mary had no other children when the Bible says so explicitly. James took over leadership of the church after Jesus ascended. The church was built on the revelation of the Holy Spirit that Jesus was the Christ, not Peter as pope. There are no popes mentioned in the Bible. There are no cardinals or nuns. Read the Bible, don’t read the Catholic literature.

  • Ann Coulter: Would It Kill You To Hire More Black Cops? (Yes)

    11/26/2014 2:08:27 PM PST · 71 of 71
    chuckles to cripplecreek
    Maybe I didn't write as clearly as I thought. I was talking about the average black youth. I know for a fact that there are blacks that qualified for anything. There are black cops in Ferguson, just not that many. I would be perfectly satisfied with Allen West as POTUS, for instance. I voted for Allen Keyes for POTUS way back when. I'm sure now that Detroit is a low as it can go, now they put in some conservatives with common sense to try to save the day. Ferguson is as we speak starting to realize that they have no jobs now and their boss may not reopen. They will realize that the cop cars that burned will be paid for by them or they won't have them now. If Sharpton and his ilk would have just stayed home, it would be over now and they could salvage a decent Christmas out of this. When all liberal things have been tried, they will eventually find out what I knew in the 6th grade.

    My post was about the average nondescript black person in Ferguson. Even if 60% of the people are black, they can't even scrape up 10% with a GED and a clean record that wants to be a cop.

  • Ann Coulter: Would It Kill You To Hire More Black Cops? (Yes)

    11/25/2014 7:33:54 AM PST · 37 of 71
    chuckles to cripplecreek
    I'm just talking averages now so don't shoot, but the average black 20 year old will have a rap sheet already, less education, bad English, and general lower moral character. This is not to say there are none qualified, but their standards do not meet society's standards for the most part. No one wants a felon on their police force. No one wants a person that would steal on their PD. It's like,..." Why are so many blacks poor? If you drop out of school and have babies before your 18, you will most likely end up on government assistance. It's not about race, but culture. If having a job and a clean rap sheet makes you look white, then you are doomed to end up in a ditch.

    Detroit could be successful if they had just elected qualified blacks. They are out there but not many and they don't appeal to the average black because they think they are acting white. It's like oil and water. To say you want enterprise zones and cut taxes will get puzzled looks at a minimum, and outright violence at it's peak. To burn down a city because a black thug robbed a store and tried to murder a cop and ignore black shootings that make Chicago more dangerous than Afghanistan is a sign that mass mental illness reign in a whole culture.

  • Throw Back Thursday: Reactions to the “60 Minutes” Joel Osteen Piece

    11/20/2014 8:18:11 AM PST · 25 of 39
    chuckles to Gamecock

    This is why I don’t understand why FR puts Osteen stuff on here and then won’t allow comments due to some misplaced honor system to protect devotionals here. Why don’t we just print Al Sharpton’s crap and deny any comments because he’s a Reverend? I don’t see the difference.

  • Self-publishing vs. traditional publishing: How to choose?

    11/16/2014 11:31:25 PM PST · 13 of 39
    chuckles to 2ndDivisionVet


  • US Catholic Bishops Try to Calm Anxiety Over Pope

    11/12/2014 3:48:10 PM PST · 29 of 32
    chuckles to Nervous Tick

    The Antichrist and the False Prophet are not the same. The whore of Babylon is the False Prophet from the city on 7 hills. That’s Rome. Islam hasn’t fornicated with all the kings of the Earth. The Antichrist could be a Muslim, but must be from the old Roman Empire. Read Daniel.

  • US Catholic Bishops Try to Calm Anxiety Over Pope

    11/11/2014 11:39:48 PM PST · 27 of 32
    chuckles to Nervous Tick
    ...."You need a whole lot more than an open mind to interpret The Revelation that way..."

    Alright, how do you interpret it, or do you just name call? What denomination has been the right arm of kings and dictators for thousands of years? What city is on 7 hills? Why did Peter call Rome "Babylon?"

    Ignore it at your own peril. It's not just me thinking this stuff up. It has been interpreted this way for at least 200 years or more.

  • US Catholic Bishops Try to Calm Anxiety Over Pope

    11/11/2014 9:52:03 AM PST · 21 of 32
    chuckles to cloudmountain
    If you read Revelation with an open mind, you will see the Catholic Church is the harlot that fornicated with all the kings of the earth. You see that Rome is the city on 7 hills. You see that Peter wrote 1st Peter in Rome and called it Babylon in 1 Peter 5:13. The false prophet that aligns with the Beast is the pope.

    If you would, read Revelation 18 with an open mind. It is a description of the fall of Rome and an angel is begging "my people" to come out of her before it's too late. I know every fiber of your being will resist the truth, but The Catholic church teaches error and pride is blinding it's followers. 1 Timothy 4:3 speaks of "doctrines of demons" forbidding to marry. There is just too much evidence that Catholics are following error to look away. At some point you have to evaluate if you love Jesus or the Catholic church. Jesus will not tolerate double mindedness. Just as worshiping Mary is forbidden and explained in 1 Timothy 2:5, and worshiping idols is forbidden even in the 10 Commandments even as Catholics have statues everywhere and are seen bowing and praying to them around the world. Worshiping relics and repetitive prayer is expressly mentioned in Scripture.

    You say you must be on the right side because you are "attacked". Are you being attacked because of Jesus or because you support a false church? I'm certainly not attacking you, but exhorting you to read Scripture for yourself and use your own discernment to see if what you believe lines up with God's Word. Trying to prop up a false religion is too heavy a burden and always will end in failure. It's not the end of the world to admit a mistake has been made and repent. It's not about beating someone over the head , but about your salvation and your family's salvation. This isn't an attack, but a pleading to just consider what is plainly written in Scripture. In some cases it's easier to bring someone to Jesus from atheism than to convince a Catholic they are following the wrong path. The love of the church outweighs the love of Jesus in almost every instance. Just trying to convince someone Jesus had brothers and Mary had other children and Jesus died to cover her sins, is like pulling teeth, even when you show them the Scripture that says so.

    God bless you and I pray you will at least read the Scriptures given and pray that the Holy Spirit will show you the meaning of said Scripture. Blind people cannot see and deaf cannot hear. Ask The Holy Spirit to open your eyes and ears to the truth. If you still see it your way, then fine. You have at least looked into it and not followed what you were told since birth. For me, Revelation was so plain I could not accept Catholic teachings, and in my mind, time is VERY short to choose. There are no popes, cardinals, and nuns, even mentioned in Scripture. It is a governmental system set up by men to rule men, just as Islam is not a religion, but a political system to rule men under a bunch of laws. When you realize Jesus wants your love and not a system of rules and regs. Telling you that you must be a Catholic to be saved is a lie from the pit when you understand Grace and only Grace. The priest can't forgive your sin, Mary can't do anything as Christ is our ONLY advocate in heaven and the Apostles are just men that served God. All believers are saints and don't need a vote from Rome. The real church was built on the revelation of the Holy Spirit, not on a man named Peter. The list of error is almost endless.

  • Faith schools which 'indoctrinate' children against homosexuality face being closed down...

    11/03/2014 11:24:13 PM PST · 33 of 43
    chuckles to 2ndDivisionVet

    Please people, it’s already in the USA. Home school your kids now or there won’t be anything left to save. Don’t throw rocks at the Brits until you check out your own child’s classes.

  • Joel Osteen: Origins & Errors of His Teaching (a Film by Keith Thompson)

    10/31/2014 8:41:32 AM PDT · 26 of 108
    chuckles to fishtank

    ping for later.

  • Southern Baptists tell pastors: hold line on gays

    10/29/2014 12:58:06 AM PDT · 8 of 36
    chuckles to ckilmer

    Persecution is NOW. You won’t have to wait 20 years. Houston already has a law, they are just having trouble enforcing it, but it will come soon.

  • Francis’ Patient Revolution

    10/24/2014 1:47:05 PM PDT · 13 of 18
    chuckles to marshmallow
    A quick search on my name will show my past posts on the fate of the Catholic church as I see it. I've been saying for several YEARS now that the likes of Pelosi, Kerry, Biden, and the Kennedy's, have been running the Church for decades. The liberal end of the church has been getting away with murder, literally, forever. Liberals from all over the world can put in place abortion mills and laws to protect them on Monday, and take the Eucharist on Sunday. They go on TV with the spot of ashes on their foreheads while defiling the Words of God for the whole world to see.

    I would get the expected chides from the usual suspects telling me the gates of hell won't prevail against the church. What church? Which church? The one that rapes alter boys and covers it up? The one that showed up for Ted Kennedy's funeral after his life of murder and debauchery? I know Godly men and this ain't it.

    Only a brave few priests ever withheld Eucharist, or even let out a peep. Pelosi visited the pope and stated abortion was Not a settled issue before the sun set that day, and it barely raised a kerfuffle.

    The Saint Malachy prophesy has been discussed several times and now I fear it's here. Evangelical Christians have explained to me that in Revelation, Babylon is Rome, The harlot in Babylon was the pope, and the city on 7 hills is Rome. The doctrine of demons mentioned in Timothy is "forbidding to marry". The false prophet was the pope aligning the "new world religion" with the beast.

    I have to say, if the new pope changes the stance of the Church to support sodomy, that has to say something to the Church. Many churches have already fallen to support gay marriage trying to keep up with the culture.

    Revelation 18: 2--24 is referring to the destruction of the Roman church, according to them, and God has people there that he asks to "come out of her".

    The point of this post is, How far will we go before we question what is happening today, as we blog. Not what some paper says from hundreds of years ago, but what is in front of our eyes right now.

    In my opinion, we are watching the destruction of Catholicism in front of our very eyes. There is NO WAY to reconcile sodomy with the teaching of the Church. If someone wants to change eating meat on Friday, or what language is spoken in mass, give the reasoning and do it, fine. But sodomy? What can the new pope possibly say that can change thousands of years of doctrine? If the whole Bible is about the marriage of Jesus to His church, how can the church ever support divorce? Considering our stance on birth control, how can we condone abortion? You say "We haven't condoned abortion.", but how do we explain Pelosi, Kerry, Biden, and any Kennedy, still receiving Sacraments from the church?

    Like I said, this has been welling up in me for decades. I'm not one to follow the traditions of men, and if we can change our stance on sodomy, something is very wrong in Rome.

  • Lockheed Martin's Fusion Reactor: The Next Big Thing? Or No Big Deal?

    10/16/2014 8:16:02 AM PDT · 15 of 24
    chuckles to SeekAndFind
    I'm just surprised the Skunk Works is working on this. I would rather be paying for a drone or satellite with a laser that loiters over a country that zaps thousands at a time as they march people out to ditches to put bullets in their heads. If we had that, we could just release it over Syria and Iraq and pick out black flags to zot. 24/7 scanning streets and buildings looking for certain people. Facial recognition, infrared, super microphones for voices, speech recognition, literally Big Brother in the sky.

    The only problem is with Obama, he would turn it on the Tea Party and invite ISIS in the WH for Ramadan.

  • Does the (Third Jewish) temple need to be rebuilt?

    10/16/2014 1:07:42 AM PDT · 28 of 54
    chuckles to chuckles

    PS. Jesus will rule and reign from the temple for 1k years and EVERY NATION will be required to come there for Tabernacles unless they don’t need any rain. Egypt will loose rain and get plagues.

  • Does the (Third Jewish) temple need to be rebuilt?

    10/16/2014 1:03:59 AM PDT · 27 of 54
    chuckles to Slyfox

    No, the temple will be physical so the Beast can sit in it. The 7 year trib starts when Israel signs a peace treaty. The Jews will immediately start to build. I’m told they already have the implements ready to go. The Beast will declare He is God from there to begin the final 3 1/2 years.

  • [Criminal] Obama Could Be Calling His Lawyers After The Revelation Allen West Just Made

    10/14/2014 7:43:11 PM PDT · 40 of 67
    chuckles to grundle
    What he is doing is getting rid of real soldiers that won't fire on American citizens and replacing them with those that will. He has already replaced much of the officer corps with his own cronies. This is basically what Maliki did in Iraq. All the well trained officers we trained in Iraq were replaced with somebody's brother in law that knew Maliki and would follow his orders. Then ISIS showed up and the ran because they weren't trained.

    If you are going to have a coup, you need your own people,.....meaning Dem loonies. He still has 2 years to get it done. If he decides to declare martial law and the military backs him, it's time to dig up the back yard and clean the ammo. If he still has some real officers left, they will belay the order.

  • ‘Set your girls free’: Monday is National No Bra Day (Photo)

    10/13/2014 7:26:54 PM PDT · 78 of 176
    chuckles to Iron Munro

    I’ve never really thought about it but if Hillary gets elected that will be the second homosexual president for the US in a row. Is she Muslim?

  • White House: "Why We Need to Raise the Minimum Wage, in Less Than Two Minutes": (Video)

    10/13/2014 10:48:44 AM PDT · 15 of 17
    chuckles to plangent
    You are correct, but it controls more than just unions. Let's say you make $9 an hour now. You aren't on minimum wage, but you will be raised to $10 immediately, the new minimum wage. You go to your boss and say, hey, I've been here 2 years and the new guy makes the same as me. Then the $11 dollar guy says what about me?

    About 500,000 would lose their job immediately, and their would be disruption all up and down the line. Instead of just costing the employer another $3 an hour for a couple of workers, everyone will be clamoring for a raise. Many will have to be let go, and many more will be disappointed because Mr. Boss CAN"T PAY. Even if they drag the raises out over 3 years, the boss has to figure out how to raise productivity, cut costs, and possibly raise prices. We end up paying for this somewhere along the way. So if you get a raise from $17 an hour to $20 an hour over a couple of years, Bread goes from $1.35 a loaf to $2 a loaf for cheap bread and phone, electricity, and cable all eats up more than the raise you got.

  • Yup, Piers Morgan is Trying for FOX News

    10/08/2014 9:08:04 AM PDT · 23 of 52
    chuckles to From The Deer Stand

    Don’t tell us, send an email to Fox. I bet I sent 1000 emails about Colmes and Geraldo and they finally were able to figure it out.

  • REJECTED: Kroger Managers Are Refusing To Accept Bullying Tactics of Moms Demand Action

    10/08/2014 9:04:02 AM PDT · 8 of 19
    chuckles to Buckeye McFrog

    What they were hoping for is the headline, “Kroger disses open carry”. It didn’t matter no one was doing it. IMO, open carry does make people nervous. They don’t know if you are planning a jihad or your wife just left you, or you just got fired. Concealed carry does none of this. If you are toting a rifle around a store on your shoulder with a 30 rd mag, and you so much as twitch, someone with a concealed carry might react. I’m 63 and have lived in Texas all my life. NO ONE, ever carried anything openly except to the gun store to get it worked on in all those years. To carry an AK into Kroger just makes no sense unless you have a bad motive. I know they all say they want to make a point, but the point IS hurting the rest of us. Even charter members of the NRA would be nervous seeing a 22 year old Iranian walking through Kroger with an AR. Remember, EVERYONE uses the same rules. How about Mike Brown bringing a .308 into 7-11 in Ferguson? What would you think? Not everyone is a trained gun owner fighting for gun rights. If I saw a young male, any flavor, enter an establishment with open carry I and my family were in, I would immediately unsnap and start moving for the door. That’s just a natural reaction. I don’t know you and you don’t know me, and from what I see today, most have no idea about gun safety. My dad taught me at 8 yrs old with threats of beatings and never touching a gun again if I didn’t follow the gun rules. Today, you take an 8 hour course while nodding off to sleep and you get a gubmint license.

  • Public school 'purges' Christian authors from library

    09/29/2014 8:22:39 AM PDT · 22 of 28
    chuckles to Whenifhow

    Just stop and think a minute about this one statement,.....”banning books authored by Christians”. This isn’t Christian themed books but the author was a believer. First of all, how would you know? If it’s a famous Christian pastor, well everyone would recognize that, but Joe Blow may be the most devout Christian ever, certainly more than Joel Osteen. How would you know by reading the title and author? If Joe Blow writes a novel about a cancer patient coming to know Christ and being cured while in treatment, why is that not the same as an atheist writing about their cure from cancer from mere luck? Then, you just get to the point of anything by Billy Graham pulled and person saved at a Billy Graham meeting left on the shelf just because he isn’t Billy Graham. What a mess. Our Founders were so much wiser than the crew we have today it’s frightening.