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  • Vanity: Redditor Makes Case That "Russian Hacking" is DNC Cover Story

    05/25/2017 11:01:54 PM PDT · 17 of 45
    chuckles to TigerClaws


  • Unusual activity at NAS Ft. WORTH

    05/25/2017 10:35:38 PM PDT · 23 of 31
    chuckles to fella

    We just have an excess of fuel to burn before the first of the month. If they can burn it all before the first they will ask for 20% more next year. They are probably burying some and throwing a couple of F15’s in a hole for good measure.

  • Kim Dotcom: An open letter to Seth Rich's family regarding hacking claims

    05/25/2017 7:54:08 AM PDT · 21 of 72
    chuckles to TigerClaws
    If this is the same guy I'm thinking about, way back when, he was running a pirate site running all over the world avoiding justice. he was eventually cornered and arrested. he would post pictures of himself on yachts on island coves with beautiful women sitting on his lap of lard. He would speak of inventing fantastical inventions and money was pouring in and all you had to do to get in on this deal was, are you ready?.....send him money.

    It might not be the same guy, but his name was Kim and he was fat. I think it's the same guy. He must have gotten some sort of deal to be out of prison. I thought he would have gotten 30 years or more.

  • Manchester terror attack: How to change your Facebook profile picture to pay tribute to victims

    05/23/2017 8:25:56 AM PDT · 5 of 37
    chuckles to miss marmelstein

    How about taking a Koran from a 10 year old and throwing it into a burning pyre with about 10k more? That would be symbolic but would accomplish something. Then pass a law like in Saudi Arabia that bans Korans in the country. Anyone caught with a Koran is canned 85 licks.

  • Techie Question

    05/21/2017 1:31:44 PM PDT · 4 of 15
    chuckles to chuckles

    I’m not even a techie, but it sounds good.

  • Techie Question

    05/21/2017 1:30:57 PM PDT · 3 of 15
    chuckles to NYAmerican

    One “l” in Jihad watch works as it should. When you get to save it to favorites.

  • The Doomsday Vault That's Supposed To Store Every Known Crop On The Planet Is In Danger

    05/19/2017 8:35:05 PM PDT · 28 of 34
    chuckles to DUMBGRUNT
    ...After the X-rays, all the seeds are genetically modified....

    I was thinking the same thing. Many years ago the gubmint wanted to irradiate all the food supply. It would kill all the e coli, salmonella, fungus, ect and make food last a long time. The eco nuts threw a fit, They can't seem to figure out what is good and what is bad. Eggs are good, then they are bad, then good again. Saccharin=bad, now it's back. Silicone causes cancer, now they are putting it back in boobs. In the 70's we are gonna freeze, today we're gonna burn. Peak oil is here, today, not so much. If we lose our food supply, Democrat rib eye steak will have to do.

  • Every Good Church Is Messy

    05/13/2017 5:01:03 PM PDT · 41 of 82
    chuckles to mapffel

    All I can say is it’s all about Christ, not how you are treated. If you were in love with your wife and they told you you must treat her bad and divorce her, would you do what they said or cling to your wife? Find a better church, or better yet, find a non denominational one. Denominations are traditions of men by definition.

  • We Will Defend and Resist: Prepare for Workplace Raids and Audits

    05/13/2017 4:37:32 PM PDT · 16 of 25
    chuckles to BenLurkin

    If they aren’t doing anything illegal, why would they get arrested? This is the ole ruse confusing illegals and legal immigrants.

  • North Korean missile landed in Sea of Japan: Suga

    05/13/2017 4:28:38 PM PDT · 2 of 8
    chuckles to sushiman

    It’s time to shoot these things down if they get out 20 miles or so.

  • Trump to sign executive order launching voter fraud probe

    05/11/2017 10:49:43 AM PDT · 46 of 50
    chuckles to HarleyLady27
    Frankly, I think this is a waste of time and money. What we need to do is mandate a purging of the voter roles right now, whether they find fraud or not. Every name should be positively verified precinct by precinct. Knowing that 10 votes were illegal or 10 million votes were illegal doesn't really matter because it's already done. Stopping fraud in 2018 and up should occupy our time and money. It's not that hard or time consuming to verify if a person is alive or dead and where they live. Most precincts could easily be verified between now and 2018. We will find vacant lots as addresses and fictional people or even dead people. Comparing SS# and addresses would go a long way toward the purge.

    Another system would be to prioritize who get looked at first. Anyone over 80 that is still voting should be looked at. Put an asterisk by anyone located in a nursing home. Maybe they could be required to re-register every election. The Dems have vans canvassing the nursing homes to make sure they vote whether they are in a coma or not. Could it be illegal to stop them from voting if they don't know what day it is or who is running? We have recently had voters that were 130 + years old. I'll bet they are still drawing SS checks at their family's address which would cull SS fraud from the rolls as a bonus. There is a sweet spot where people still got checks mailed to them and they died. When they went to all direct deposit, some relative just gave their own account number for deposits and are still cashing checks deposited for persons dead for 30 years. When my mom died, the bank knew before some of my family members that she had passed, but before such checks, the government depended on honesty to stop the checks. Now when the coroner makes a death cert, a copy goes to DC electronically. Another plan might include checking death certs on file with voter roles. If you go precinct by precinct 1 or 2 people could get this done in a few months. I doubt most precincts in the US have more than 5k registered voters on the rolls. If a precinct gets large, they make a new one.

    There is a group in Houston called "True the Vote" that has volunteers to do much of this legwork.

    Running SS# would be another technique to catch the double registrations. It would be easy to catch someone registered in 2 or more locations, even a different state. Of course having ID at the polls would eliminate much of this, but hey, that doesn't appear possible anytime soon. A cop at each polling place would also be valuable when a violation is detected. Detention of a voter until they can prove they are who they say they are would stop much of this. Offers of free ID and giving them 2 years to get it would speed things up. If a detainee didn't have proper ID, it takes as long as it takes to approve their vote. That would stop the wino's from coming through for their $5 or a last minute voter that got mad at someone last week. It would take some effort to make sure their voter registration was up to date. I want every LEGAL voter to have their right to vote, but if an illegal voter comes through the line, they have negated my right to vote as far as I'm concerned.

  • Newly discovered dinosaur named after Zuul from 'Ghostbusters'

    05/11/2017 10:11:09 AM PDT · 17 of 24
    chuckles to WKUHilltopper

    For me, it just shows how bankrupt the “scientific” community is today. Most of their theories and pontifications are cartoonish today anyway.

  • Vanity: The Next FBI Director ?

    05/09/2017 10:01:23 PM PDT · 97 of 104
    chuckles to TomasUSMC

    Trey Gowdy or Allen West. I want somebody so patriotic and trustworthy they fart red white and blue. Not interested in partisan bickering but following the Constitution.

  • Federal gas tax increase - - please!

    05/09/2017 8:18:10 AM PDT · 66 of 83
    chuckles to finnsheep
    You would be better suited at the DU with this sort of thinking. I thought there was some sort of test to join FR. The reason there is an FR is we already know that Socialism doesn't work, so we don't suggest socialist solutions for any problem.

    I was taught in grade school that government equals force, that taxes go into a holding pen to be fed to a large hole in the ground after the politicians take their cut. I believe the last audit showed a dollar goes to DC and 1/3 stays as the other 2/3's goes to local pols and they go into debt for whatever the project was to begin with.

    Many don't remember we financed the Mexican wall twice in the past but today, we have no wall and the money is gone. Raising the gas tax has NEVER gone to fixing the roads. We recently got rid of a tax on phones that was from the Spanish/American war and paid all the way to the Bush Administration.

    The way this was done in the past was to have a bond election where people actually voted on roads and bridges they wanted and the money could only go towards the project, and when the road was finished, the bonds could be paid off.

    A gas tax for a Democrat was just an excuse to make gas harder to buy to "save the planet". People still need to get from A to B, so the gas is still bought, just at a higher price, wasting money and the planet still gets the same amount of "poisons" to breathe.

    Why not raise Social Security taxes instead? How about a Medicare tax raise?....Why gas? Social Security and Medicare are both going broke every few years and they never pay for themselves. Medicare is about $800 billion to a $trillion of our debt ever year. We can't pay for medical for just the people over 65 and yet now we are trying to pay for everyone's healthcare. We pay Social Security for 40 years and draw it all out in a couple of years, only to live for another 30 years. Socialism doesn't work,....EVER! Look at Venezuela today.

    Back in grade school, when I was growing up, my Social Studies teacher taught us about the Soviet Union, Cuba, East Germany, Viet Nam, and China. When you find out Russia didn't even have enough toilet paper, an American 13 year old dumps on socialism right quick. Also, we saw Corvettes and Camero's compared to that 2cycle thing the Ruskies were driving. I knew Venezuela was finished when they said they ran out of toilet paper.

    Any tax is soon thrown into a huge pot and the original use of the money is quickly forgotten. Your gas tax will eventually pay for abortions or fuel for Air Force One to go golfing somewhere at the same time there are multi-million dollar congressional hearings to figure out why our roads are still bad.

    If you don't send them any money, they can't waste it. That's the principle a conservative should operate on. As far as bullets and tanks, we always seem to have the money somewhere when they cut food stamps and Medicaid. Of course, they always seem to have money for a raise for congress even if there is no inflation. Notice the healthcare congress gets is NEVER the healthcare we are offered.

    No, FR will not support a gas tax, ever! Whatever project you have planned for the money will never get done and the tax will never expire.

  • The Ark Of The Covenant Has Been Discovered

    05/07/2017 2:12:44 PM PDT · 36 of 50
    chuckles to sparklite2


  • Elderly woman with 2 dogs assaulted at pool party (GRAPHIC; VANITY)

    05/07/2017 2:05:56 PM PDT · 19 of 52
    chuckles to TigerClaws


  • Bishop John Stowe leads prayer at LGBT Catholic gathering [Catholic Caucus]

    05/06/2017 12:54:43 AM PDT · 16 of 19
    chuckles to Luircin
    ...."Why isn’t every attendee being excommunicated or at least disciplined?"....

    I've been saying that for literally decades! When I ask how Pelosi, Kerry, any Kennedy, or Biden get the Sacraments after just voting to murder babies or ok sodomy, I usually get back, "Stop Catholic bashing!!"

    I guarantee you if someone would refuse to give the Sacraments until they publicly repented, You would see some of them change their votes. I remember Pelosi visiting the pope and she came out saying abortion was not a settled issue. If some cardinal or bishop would take her to the woodshed, it would stop a few percentage of Dems from voting Dem. I keep asking how 50-60% of Catholics vote Dem? Somebody is not teaching the flock right and need to be disciplined.

    The whole thing is going to corkscrew into the ground someday with a pope coming out of the closet or a nun claiming her baby's daddy was a cardinal. Just look at the priest scandal and altar boys. How can you go for decades as a queer pedophile priest and nobody do anything? I believe there are so many people protecting the denomination they have no time for Christ.

  • Smashing the Patriarchy (and Asian Salad)

    04/30/2017 2:15:00 PM PDT · 3 of 6
    chuckles to nettles
    But a lost person looking at this would see Christianity because that's what is being portrayed today. The left has glommed on to Islam because the Christians don't accept Allah as God. For whatever reason Christians are the "bad" people. A Christian would look at an atheist's portrayal of Christians and see the falsehoods plainly, but someone relying on what a Harvard professor might think Christ said or did with no Holy Spirit background might not.

    I can't really blame them because many churches today are accepting a false gospel of abortions and sodomy. There is almost as much confusion in the church today as in pagan times. The thing that never changes is the idols we set up to throw our babies into the fire as with Molech and sodomy as in Sodom and Gomorrah and the Roman Empire. We carve out a piece of wood and bow down to almost anything this week and re-carve a chunk of it next week because our minds have changed about who God is. He has clearly stated who He is, but we refuse to agree with it. Sodomy and adultery are the same yesterday as they are today. The difference today is "Everybody does it", so God must be wrong.

    Has anybody noticed that the future is always portrayed as a "dystopian" mess no matter what movie or book comes out? They write their fears down on a script, but have different reasons that we got that way. This one fears religion. The Walking Dead is fear of stupid government inventing a virus and it getting loose. Babylon AD was a similar view of false religion. They all have a lack of God as the central theme. If we know the lack of God will destroy the world, why won't we change?

  • Seeing My Father Pray the Rosary Saved Me From Homosexuality [Catholic Caucus]

    04/30/2017 1:45:22 PM PDT · 10 of 12
    chuckles to BlessedBeGod

    ping for later.

  • 1984: A Book Review

    04/29/2017 5:51:09 PM PDT · 5 of 48
    chuckles to dainbramaged
    I'm 65 yo now and 1984 and Animal Farm were required reading back in my day. We spent time discussing the dangers of political spin and analyzed the language used to fool the people. In the '60's and 70's, these staples were replaced with "Rules for Radicals". A book dedicated to Lucifer. As we watched the Soviet Union dwindling, Castro driving his 1950's cars with 10lbs of rice and beans for a week, and East Germany boiling their water for a bath from coal dumped on the front sidewalk, everything we learned from 1984 and Animal Farm has been forgotten in less than one generation. Just look at Venezuela today. They use the same language that destroyed all the socialist countries in the past, but they keep saying the same phrases that destroyed half the world and murdered over 200 million in the 20th century. The same language is used in the Democrat party today. America is on the cusp of total breakdown if the people won't wake up. You can see that these "nice, kind, tolerant" people burning things and beating Americans and destroying property, just as was done in the 1930's with the Hitler youth and brown shirts. Instead of burning books, they just attack the book writers. Nobody reads anymore anyway. The only few citizens being turned out today come from private school or home school.

    Another book being neglected today is the Bible. Without which there is no future for America anyway. The wisdom and principles in the Bible are the backbone of the United States. God does bless His people. It's time we decide if we are His people.