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Posts by chuckles

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  • Old news from January: Paris mayor plans to sue Fox News

    11/19/2015 7:59:07 AM PST · 3 of 4
    chuckles to granada
    I was a telephone repairman for 30 years in Houston and believe me, there are zones I had to have a cop with me while I worked on their phone. A white man in certain neighborhoods caused near riots. If they cut a cable in certain spots, 2-3 cops were required all day to protect the workers. They would steal tools off the truck while parked over a manhole or throw bricks and other things down the hole. Another would be to find bullet holes in your truck if it was parked a couple of hours. One female was raped and murdered trying to get dial tone to a customer.

    I've seen the video's of people trying to drive through European neighborhoods and they get attacked. Some of the things done and said would warrant execution in a carry state in the US. My own daughter is a cop and she will tell you there are certain places where she isn't allowed to go unless she has multiple backup. She is instructed to wait for them if she gets there first.

    An easy solution would be to send a hidden camera into one of these neighborhoods and record what happens. Any volunteers?

  • German people's anthem against Islamic Colonization [John 5]

    11/17/2015 8:37:09 AM PST · 2 of 2
    chuckles to Jan_Sobieski
    I believe this is the end of days. Read Lev 18:22-30 and see our fate. God has sent the Muslims to overtake the saints as in Rev. This is all setting up for the final battle. America is finished and Europe is already taken over. If the Muslims just in France went out into the streets, they could stop all activity in France and demonstrate the "resistance is futile". A million man army is now in Europe able to defeat every country at any moment. Voting won't do it anymore.

    I'm certainly not advocating submission to Allah, but just demonstrating how the Bible's predictions are Yea and Amen. We have been warned since the 1960's to repent. We haven't won a war since Viet Nam even though the whole world knows we are 10 times more powerful than any other country on the planet. God wins our battles, not tanks and planes. Just as in the Bible, Israel sent priests and singers praising God out before their army to win their battles. We say we don't need God and lose EVERY war. Killing babies must be answered and now legalizing sodomy, IMO, is the final insult to God. Luke 17:26-30 speaks of this. Projecting the Rainbow covenant on the WH was a Satanic signal from the days of Noah and then he speaks of Lot who watched Sodom's destruction. Satan is a counterfeiter and steals God's signs and signals to confuse the world. The unholy trinity is Satan, the beast, and the false prophet.

    You correctly state that we must return to our Christian heritage to stop this. 2 Chron 7:14 states this, but realistically, do you believe this is likely? Even churches are now marrying sodomites and they even stand before the pulpit.

    Being a soldier for Christ entails more than watching football from your Lazy Boy after church on Sunday.

    There are many in the church today that equate Allah with Jesus and speak of Ecumenicism and actively seek sanctuary city status and call on refugees to be delivered. Just this morning on Drudge one of their Syrian refugees is now missing from the Catholic center that he was assigned in Baton Rouge.

  • New Kentucky Governor Says All the Kim Davises Are Off the Hook

    11/16/2015 8:24:00 AM PST · 13 of 14
    chuckles to DiogenesLamp
    Rather than just cursing the SCOTUS, it's seems time to reverse many bad decisions and remove them that seem to find all these "hidden" laws that no one else seems to find.

    I keep wondering why we are still discussing gun control when the Second Amendment is perfectly clear, has been understood for over 200 years and it's a right given to us by God. Yet they, daily, keep trying to read into it something that just isn't there. Just as finding abortion in privacy rights. I guess as long as I torture and kill a 2 year old behind closed doors, it's not really anyone's business. Marriage is not discussed in the Constitution and the ninth and tenth Amendments cover whose jurisdiction it is, on items not specifically discussed in the Constitution. Public school is not discussed, but religion is. It's says Congress shall make no law,..., but yet they did. Christianity is the only religion not allowed in school by laws, yet kids are being taught the pillars of Islam and dress in ME garb every year. Do we have freedom of speech to say Islam is a worship of Satan and his prophet, or is that "hate" speech? We now have hate crimes as if some crimes were worse than others. If I kill someone for $20 or kill them because they are Muslim, is one worse then the other? Apparently so.

    The original intent of the Constitution has been lost for a hundred years. To pretend we can't change things is just a lie from the devil as it's proved every day that is IS changed all the time.

    The answer seems to be a Constitutional Amendment, which is very hard to get, that SCOTUS judges should stand for election every 6 years or so. Newt Gingrich had an inventive solution of cutting their pay out of the budget. Just stop paying 4 of the 5 judges and see how long they last. This is the power the congress has had from the beginning but they are told they can never use the power they have. They are the closest to to the people and would hear first about someone that is unhappy. If they heard from their voters that ObamaCare was not popular, they could say, well you can out vote us but we won't finance it. At some point they would have to relent. Same with gay marriage. Same with gun laws. Everyone that voted for restrictive gun laws were quickly sent home, but they still send another bill up for a vote. If they started to withhold money, the bills would dry up.

    It's time to dump the SCOTUS and start over with Christians that are patriots or they will soon be deciding cases based on Sharia overriding the Constitution. I'm sure even atheists would rather live under Christian principles that Islam. Living under atheist rules ends up with atheists hung right next to the Christians.

  • Warning! Ben Carson wants to Microchip everybody! (Their title)

    11/15/2015 10:47:12 PM PST · 68 of 79
    chuckles to Yashcheritsiy
    I'm voting for Cruz, but I did hear him say "to put it in your wallet" with my own ears. He is a good man but probably not POTUS material. If Cruz and Rubio, and Carly, don't make it, I would be proud to cast my vote for him. I just think Cruz will end up on top after Trump finally trips on his wagging tongue and hurts himself.

    Cruz is my Senator and I have heard him speak for many years, even before Senator hood. His arguments before the SCOTUS are wonderful. He gets standing O's everywhere he speaks and is brilliant. When he gets more air time, his numbers will shoot up. More air time for Carson,...not so much.

  • Warning! Ben Carson wants to Microchip everybody! (Their title)

    11/15/2015 10:36:58 PM PST · 67 of 79
    chuckles to dfwgator
    The Antichrist will be an Assyrian, homosexual, have one eye and a gimp arm, and speak blasphemy against God. Carson fits none of those. Read Daniel 11 and Zech 11. There are literally dozens of scriptures on what the Antichrist and his false prophet will be like. Besides, The reason for the mark is to renounce God and to swear challenge to The beast. It kinda defeats the purpose if it's your medical records. There won't be any trickery involved or what would be the point? Just as Shadrach and company were supposed to worship the statue, That is what the Beast will require of the people on earth. I plan on being in heaven with Jesus and leave all the head chopping for the Pew sitters that will be left behind.

    If you read Rev 13:9-10, we see the people that are left behind cannot even shoot anyone or steal food after the Rapture or they won't be considered "Christian" and their names will not be in the "Book of Life". Attention all preppers.

    If you weren't following the Commandments of God at the time of the Rapture, you get left behind as a foolish "virgin". Then there will be no more grace given to go to heaven, but you must literally die to get there. That is the saints mentioned under the altar crying out for vengeance. The vengeance won't come until the last holdout is killed. Salvation is different than Rapture. You can be saved, but not go in the Rapture. Read the letters to the churches in Rev 2-3. The letter to Philadelphia says they will be spared the trial coming to the whole earth. The rest of them pretty much say God knows their works, but hey have some area God wants them to work on. The church at Sardis is the dead church and is singled out that Jesus will come as a thief and they won't be watching for Him to come. They will even have their name blotted out of the Book of Life. The church at Smyrna is the persecuted church and He just tells them to "Fear Not". They will be killed for Christ and get their white garment for that. He is basically saying you can either live for Me, or die for Me and be rewarded. It's better to live for Him now, than spend your Sunday in a Lazy Boy watching the boob tube thinking everything has been taken care of when you were 18 years old. You MUST be found, "so doing" when Jesus comes for His Bride, or you won't come. Since we are no longer under the Law, He gave us a new commandment in the New Covenant. Love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and love you neighbor as yourself and you will be in the church of Philadelphia. The Bride is the Christians that died under water and rose as a new creature by the Holy Spirit. If you just got wet, that's not being "born again". The thief on the cross believed God, but was not baptized, so he died in Christ and went to heaven. If you want to be Raptured, then that involves water baptism and producing Spiritual fruit for Jesus Christ.

    If I could talk to you for 5 minutes and not know that you are a born again Christian, you probably aren't going in the Rapture. If if it breaks your jaw to say "Thank you Jesus" or "God Bless You!", There might be a problem. If you don't read your Bible or go to church regularly, there might be a problem. If you are ashamed for anyone to know you are a Christian, well, you get the picture. If you haven't been "immersed" in water, you must go through the water baptism to die to the flesh and live in the Spirit. That's not sprinkling with a rose or getting wet as a baby. You must personally accept Christ. Mamma can't do it for you. Your denomination doesn't save you. If you are truly saved, there should be fruit and that entails more than just staying out of jail. It's all there word for word in scripture.

    Oh, and one last thing,....Rev 1:3 says that you will receive a blessing for reading Revelation. The blessing is that the book makes plain how to avoid being left behind. Matt 24 is a mixture of verses about the Rapture and the Second coming. You have to discern which is which. Verse 3 also makes it plain that Revelation is a prophesy. That means it didn't happen in 70 AD as some believe. John was in exile until at least ~84-90 some odd before he was released to Ephesus where he died. It's a prophesy, not historical.

  • Ted Cruz Wins the Night

    11/11/2015 7:34:38 AM PST · 48 of 75
    chuckles to Mr. K
    Rubio showed his heart when he was for amnesty. He caught hell and changed his tune. We are looking for someone that this is down in their soul as part of their DNA. This is why Cruz will pull ahead, IMO. Cruz is a bulldog and follows his true beliefs whether anyone likes it or not. That is the only way we will get what we want.

    If everyone is willing to make a deal, they always deal it away when the pressure comes. It's like abortion. What kind of "compromise can you make on abortion? You either have a dead baby or a live one. Their really is no middle ground other than maybe placing limits on the age of the fetus. If we placed a strict limit say at 21 weeks or so, you might get enough votes to pass something, but that still murders many children. Other than something on that order, we are stuck with murder, anytime, any age, anywhere. Taxes are what we could compromise on, but little else. How about sodomy? Some could get married while others not? Their are just some things that can't be compromised on.

    If you broke the law to get in here, you have to go back. Nothing short of that should even be considered. I don't want lawless people as citizens. People forget if you just come illegally, you brak many other laws with that. They drive without insurance, no licence, can't read road signs, ID's with wrong names and addy's, sign up for bennies they can't qualify for, ect. SCOTUS said we must educate them, but why don't the schools turn in their names to ICE? The school gets paid for body's, not just legal ones. Fine the schools for illegals in their classes and offer rewards for turning them in.

    Their are hundreds of ideas, but we seem to lack the will of the people in the people in charge. Rubio will be just one more that doesn't "get it".

  • Jesus Christ, the Key to Unlocking All of Scripture

    11/11/2015 12:29:37 AM PST · 42 of 42
    chuckles to Red Badger
    The Ark of the Covenant is in Heaven. (Rev 11:19) Everything here is a copy of Heaven's temple. (Heb 9:23)

    Somewhere in Jeremiah I think it says that the Ark will be forgotten on Earth.

  • Jesus Christ, the Key to Unlocking All of Scripture

    11/10/2015 9:37:13 AM PST · 25 of 42
    chuckles to Kaslin
    I teach Sunday School at my church and am constantly awe struck at the lack of knowledge for the average adult Christian. I'm 64, so I still remember when we prayed in school, used the Bible for History, and left our doors unlocked BTW.If you just had access to Genesis, you should be able to see Jesus as Savior and King. Passover in Exodus was a visual picture of Armageddon and our salvation through the blood of a sacrificial lamb on Passover. Leviticus sets up the "Lord's appointed Feast days" that would be the dress rehearsals for things to come, Moses was shown as a "type" of Jesus throughout the wilderness, and Joshua is a picture of Revelation in the Last Days showing Joshua taking the occupied land from the usurpers. Even to the 2 witnesses showing up at key times throughout Scripture. All of the prophets wrote of the Last days Joel, Amos, Zep, Zech, Hosea, Ezekiel, and of course Daniel, is more of the same.

    When people say they don't understand Daniel or Revelation, the Bible is self explanatory, you just have to read ALL of it. You have to understand a "woman" is a church, or religion, Bread, meat, milk, and honey, is the Word of God, Birds, wild beasts, serpents, are all demons. Branches are people, the root or vine is Jesus, a horn is a king, stars are angels, and on and on. All symbols are explained somewhere in the Bible. In Mark 8:22-25, Jesus healed a blind man, but when he first touched him, the man said he saw "men, like trees, walking. Jesus had healed his Spiritual sight first. Then healed his worldly sight. It was more important for him to see things Spiritually than have worldly sight. Men walking like trees is all through the Scripture. Olive trees are Spirit filled men.

    Jesus spoke in parables and explained them to His disciples. He did Not explain everything to everyone. I had it explained to me this way,...Jesus wants true believers, believers with the Holy Spirit burning inside them, to hunt for the answers. It's like a child on an Easter Egg hunt. Some eggs are right out in plain view, but others are hidden behind, underneath, and even inside other objects, depending on how bad you want the answer. People tend to stop looking when they are satisfied they know it all, or at least enough, or maybe when it takes a little work.

    Much of it is in plain sight, yet we miss it. If we look at Noah and the Flood as a type for Judgement Day, it shows that Noah was warned of the impending destruction and followed through with preparation. But what many miss is Noah was told 7 days before the rain started to get into the Ark.(Gen 7:4) If getting into the Ark is comparable to the Rapture, we will know when it is coming, which many say you CAN'T know. If you know the Feast of Trumpets and know that it has a "last Trump" and you see all through Scripture hints of trumpets blowing before that day, then you find out that the Jews will tell you "the day no one knows" is Rosh Hashanah, just as we know "Turkey day" is Thanksgiving, They know "Trumpets" is 2 days, or One long day, according to them. What else do we know about Noah's Food? We know a Covenant was made to Noah to never flood the world again and gave us the Rainbow. Satan is a counterfeiter and a liar. Look at Luke 17:26-36. Could the projection of the rainbow on the White House be a sign of coming judgement? Why was Lot used in verse 28? Satan has repurposed God's sign to mankind for his purpose. Leviticus 18:22 tells us God will judge the country that accepts sodomy. Do we not know the time of the season?

    The OT is not another book, but another covenant. The NT takes off directly on the promises of the OT. The OT prophesies the coming Messiah, and the NT shows the prophesies can be trusted to happen just as described and even more noteworthy, on exactly the same days predicted. As Jesus gave up His Spirit on the cross, the Lamb was having his throat cut in the Temple, even down to the minute. All is to show the Bible as trustworthy, yet we treat it as a book of fables and moral stories. Just look at the level of knowledge a young person has today about Spiritual things. Even adults spout off the wall theories with no scripture or misused scripture to back their theory. Pride has taken over the church thinking they know enough, or can't be known, or don't need to know. It is pride that tells us we can't be taught anymore. Scripture tell us we are destroyed for lack of knowledge. There are people that will be left behind thinking they know enough, but will face the Antichrist and the choice to die for Christ, or chose hell. If we read the letters to the churches in Revelation, we find The church at Philadelphia is promised to be kept from the hour of trial coming to test the whole earth. (Rev 3:10) Probably most of the church will be left behind because they fit one of the other 6 churches spoken about.

    When Jesus was asked the most important commandment, He replied to love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and love your brother as yourself. All the other "stuff" is nice to know, but not required for a Philadelphia heart. The term "thief in the night" speaks of Christians that aren't watching, aren't found "so doing" When the Thief comes. If you knew when he was coming, you would have watched. Virgins are not lost people, but some Christians can be foolish virgins. Servants do what they are told, but lack the love Jesus is looking for in His bride. We should examine ourselves and see if we have died to the world completely and only live in Christ. The left behind church is spoken of in Rev 4:5, crying out from under the altar. Notice robes were given to them then, but others had their garments when they came. Read Matt 22:1-13.

    We do what we do because of love. Either we love Christ, or we love the world. We cannot have 2 masters. Just as Noah and Lot were rescued, He will rescue His bride before destroying the earth. Is earth your home or Heaven? Don't be an "earth dweller". ( look for that phrase and pay attention when you find it)

    Those with ears to hear, let them hear.

  • ACLU: As a Matter of Science, Biologically Male Transgender is ‘A Girl Through and Through’

    11/06/2015 11:29:45 AM PST · 71 of 106
    chuckles to xzins

    It’s actually a clitoris, but he promises to keep a condom on it.

  • Parables Aren't Just Stories, Many Are Riddles -- Here Are Two

    11/06/2015 10:31:17 AM PST · 12 of 17
    chuckles to Salvation
    The reason for parables was to impart knowledge from God to His people. To understand the Spiritual meaning of the verses you need the Holy Spirit. From Genesis to Revelation, the same terms are used over and over to represent the same things so a story can be explained only if you know the code. For instance, a tree is a person, an olive tree is an anointed person. A woman is a church, bread, meat, milk is the Word, locusts, birds, beasts of the field almost always denote demons or evil spirits. Mark 8:22-25 illustrated this. The man was blind, but when Jesus spit in his eyes, he saw trees walking like men. He was still physically blind, but his spiritual sight was healed. Jesus later healed his physical sight, but even if He hadn’t, the man could now see spiritual things, which Jesus thought was more important than regular sight.

    An quick example would be Isaiah 4:1. It should read this way,..In the Last Days, 7 churches in Revelation 2-3, which 7 represents all religions, will call themselves Christian( one Man), we will make up our own doctrine and call what we want righteous, only keep calling ourselves Christian even though we know He would not approve, just so we can not be called Antichrist or Satan worshipers. That explains abortion, sodomy, fornication, and other sins accepted in the church today. The parable of the virgins speaks of His Bride getting ready to go with Him while others that are foolish,…not so much. Levin is sin, Egypt is the world, Sodom is sexual immorality, a horn is power like a king, and on and on. If you can’t read this way, you will inevitably misinterpret what Jesus was saying to us.

    A most important read is the letters to the churches in Revelation 2-3. The church of brotherly love in Philadelphia does it right and in Rev 3:10 is promised to be Raptured out of the Tribulation. All the others will remain behind to meet the Beast. In each church, Jesus says He knows their works, but you need to change something to go with me. The letter to Thyatira is speaking to the RC church specifically. Repent or be left behind in the Tribulation. vs Rev 2:22. If we look at Matt 12:31, Jesus was talking about blaspheming the Holy Spirit and after that, only spoke in parables. Matt 13:13-17, speaks of why He spoke in parables. What He explained is, if you don’t have the Holy Spirit, you can’t understand it and will NOT turn from your evil ways. This is where He fully explains that you need eyes to see and ears to hear, to fully understand what the meaning of the parable that He is speaking. Anytime you see “ears to hear” you should know there is more to what you read than the words on the page. As a last example, Matt 13:35 specifically says He is revealing secrets hidden from the foundation of the world. That is why you should recoil when someone describes parables as “moral stories”. You can’t possibly understand hidden secrets from God if you don’t read the Word in the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the seal of God saying you belong to Him and will be with Him in Heaven. To think you can read the Bible on your own is foolishness. The Holy Spirit is our teacher.

  • German Synod Group Criticises Harsh and Merciless Attitudes to Divorced and Homosexuals

    10/22/2015 8:45:00 AM PDT · 15 of 26
    chuckles to BlessedBeGod
    While not wanting to start a fight here, let's just say that the Bible predicts all this at the end of days.

    We know from Zech 11:17 that the "Worthless Shepard" will leave the flock, have a wounded arm and blind eye. We know that Daniel 11:32 says he will corrupt with flattery and in Verse 37, he will not regard God, be homosexual, and conceited.

    Knowing there will be a "falling away" of the church in the latter days, IMO, this is what they are talking about. Instead of the church changing the culture, the culture will change the church. In Isiah 4:1, it says there will come a day when churches( women) will eat their own food( make their own doctrine), and declare their own righteousness( call evil good, and good evil), but still want to be called "Christian"( take His name). As the churches with collars and robes, take on sodomy in their midst, the real Christians will have to break away or take on the plagues coming to the mainline denominations. The "whore of Babylon" is the world church that goes along to get along. It is the church that fornicates with the kings of the earth. In Revelation 18:4 an angel begs for the ones that have been left behind to suffer the Wrath of God to "come out of her" or suffer as the lost have suffered. You can either hang on to your church denomination, or hang on to Jesus, but not both.

  • Why isn't Ted Cruz doing better in the polls? What's your opinion? (Vanity)

    10/22/2015 8:16:34 AM PDT · 65 of 78
    chuckles to Artemis Webb
    Don't wring your hands too much. It's a long time before the election. There is an old saying in politics that you don't want to "peak" too soon. The probability of Trump staying on top for another year is unlikely. Meanwhile Cruz has money, more than most. He has a ground game in all 50 states already, the others, not so much.

    I'm not saying Carson or someone else might not float to the top, but Trump would have to stay on top for a long time to get elected. With his mouth,....I just doubt it.

    It's already clear Cruz is the smartest guy on a stage, but he doesn't get the exposure needed to be a factor yet.

    As for him not getting into the food fight with the rest of them, if you notice, he hasn't said anything about anyone in the group. People seem to think he has some sort of agreement with Trump to leave him alone. I haven't heard anything about Fiorina, Carson, Rubio, et al. He's just a nice man that has been portrayed as a bomb thrower. If you stand before the SCOTUS, you don't want to call them names to win your argument. Why make comments about your fellow candidates and ignore Hillary? IMHO, this will come to the top at some point, when people are sick and tired of the name calling and want to hear more solutions.

    Cruz is the smartest candidate with all the ideas and it will show soon enough. Timing the popularity of a candidate is the Holy Grail of consultants and so far Cruz is holding back, not being #1 and certainly not #15. As well as not wanting the #1 slot this far out, you certainly don't want to make news being #13 with less than 3% or so this far out. The first few primaries will cull out many and cut off money way before the race gets interesting. I won't get nervous until the first couple of primaries come in and Cruz is not in the top 3. If he finishes anywhere in the top 3 or so, the more conservative states will be coming up to make a way for him to slingshot to the top. This is the way it has always worked in the past, but we have not had a #15 person field in my lifetime before.

    Having said all this, never underestimate the stupidity of the American conservative voter to eff up everything hanging on to Rand Paul or Santorum till the bitter end. You can already find posts here that talk of "I'll stay home if so and so doesn't win." Then there is always Bush with hundreds of millions of dollars available to take his 5% to the bottomless pit.

  • Cruz offers his choice for House speaker

    10/13/2015 7:38:05 AM PDT · 21 of 36
    chuckles to Isara
    IMHO, we are playing with fire here. What we are watching is the birth of a 3rd party. In the past, the unhappy folks were able to change the GOP, like the Silent Majority, or the Christian vote, the gun people, the national defense people, ect, all gathered together to stop the libertarians from ruining the country. The "Rockefeller Repubs" just want a tax cut with a trade treaty and to hell with everything else. The social issue types have nowhere to go, the gun people have nowhere to go, ect.

    Now, I think, The tea party types have bolstered the party, but even have trouble getting committee assignments. If the tea party types form a 3rd party, they may take the social conservatives, gun people, and fiscal conservatives with them, but as long as we split in two, we will always be smaller than the dems. It would be better if the Tea Party took over the GOP, but as you can see, there is about 20-30% that might fit in the Tea Party type vote. The libertarian vote wants to jettison the social conservatives to smoke dope and take God off the money. The establishment wants to get their tax cut and spend more money.

    If we don't have a core platform that has something for everybody, we may see people split off or stay home. We are in trouble if half the party thinks following the Constitution make you a "wacko bird".

  • Newt Gingrich: If 218 Republicans wanted me to be Speaker again, Id have to serve

    10/09/2015 8:11:22 AM PDT · 20 of 36
    chuckles to SeekAndFind
    I would take Newt in a heartbeat. He's forgotten more idea's than Repubs even think about. How about cutting the pay of judges that won't judge right? Welfare Reform came from HIM! Contract for America, working for food stamps, upgrading gubmint computers out of Fortran into the future, and more. Do you realize there are computers today that no one can work on if they go down?

    I don't have a single problem with Newt as speaker. The Dems are right about one thing, we shoot our wounded. Newt did great things and was thrown out. Pelosi is still waiting in the wings to pounce and the Dems will let her. When you find a mind like Newt's, you have to expect a flub now and then. No one is 100%.

  • SHOCKING IMAGE FINALLY APPEARS: When the Pope met the "transexual" woman and her "fiance"

    10/07/2015 10:19:42 AM PDT · 23 of 46
    chuckles to pepsi_junkie
    I believe Benedict was the last. This guy is a poser. It's happening faster than the spokesmen can redefine each statement he makes. The only thing I can figure is he is one that didn't get caught yet with an altar boy. One of his first statements was on how to rethink treatment of sodomites. Now "global warming"?

    Just as Obama will be a permanent stain in American history, Francis will be the bane of RC's from now on. Keep in mind he was voted in. That means the Cardinals feel he was what RC's needed for the "new" day coming. The Bible speaks of "falling away" of the church in the Last days.

  • Brilliant: Charles C.W. Cooke nukes every liberal gun control argument on MSNBC

    10/05/2015 8:57:37 AM PDT · 16 of 20
    chuckles to chuckles

    PS.....remember the devil is a liar!

  • Brilliant: Charles C.W. Cooke nukes every liberal gun control argument on MSNBC

    10/05/2015 8:30:46 AM PDT · 14 of 20
    chuckles to Sean_Anthony
    I'm waiting for someone to suggest we raise up better citizens instead of banning guns. Why not suggest we pray in school and have Bible study as history classes like was done for 170 years in America? Why not stop giving out SSRI pills like candy? Why not force commit obvious mentally ill people to an institution?

    I grew up in the 50's and 60's and we left the doors open and the keys in the ignition and had NONE of the gun laws we have today after the '63 gun law to stop mail order guns. Every one had guns but they had little need to shoot people because the people feared God. Without Godly people in society, you cannot have enough police and jails.

    What we have today is what we saw in Ferguson MO. breaking into stores to steal a pair of sneakers due to a perceived wrong because a man tried to kill a cop and failed. Their minds are so scrambled with the lies of the devil, they throw their lives away for nothing. Is the best we can do is take down a Confederate flag to stop an empty soul from murder?

    It's the quality of the citizens we are turning out that is the problem, not having guns that have been around for hundreds of years. Why are we depressed if we know God loves us and died to save us? We need more Bible and not more pills. In my day common sense laws put people in mental institutions instead of on the streets. Can't we figure out a law that would protect the rights of grandma that forgot to pay her water bill from a son in law that wanted to inherit the farm when she gets hospitalized?

    All I know is I remember a much different America from my youth that young people today have never known. We see many libertarians today that have never known the liberty we had in the '60's. Passing thousand of laws have actually harmed us instead of making a brave new world. What we had was patriotism and Christ. Anyone desecrating the flag would have been beaten up as a traitor to his country, not hailed as a hero and put on a book cover. Our founders knew a true patriot knew Christ and served him for the common good of the country. A non believer knew that we were living under the plan of the Bible even if you chose not to believe. No one was forced to pray even if the opportunity was given for everyone to pray. We pledged our allegiance to the flag even if we didn't like some things the country was doing. We all had a bond to the country because we were under a common cause for liberty.

    Today, a child can not join anything and drift along in their own bubble until they are filled with every form of evil spirit that tells them to rebel. Rebel against what? God? Democracy? White people? Black people? If you have no common anchor to hold to, you can rebel against whatever slight the devil says you need to rebel against.

    If you look at this guy in Oregon and the guy in S Carolina, look at their eyes. They are empty bodies of flesh filled with darkness. There is no law to pass to make a demon into a person. Certainly taking a flag from a flagpole won't change a soul, and making more "gun free zones" won't stop the killing.

    It's time to look to our roots to see God's plan for a successful and blessed country. As older folks die off, there are less people that can remember what freedom even looks like. It would be interesting for a candidate to suggest we return Bible study and prayer to public school to fix the problem we have today. They would jump out of their skin and cry out about the Separation of church and State, which of course is not even listed in the Constitution. It would be an interesting argument to make about "Original Intent" if we went back to ALL the Bill of Rights" original intent. We would not "see" the right for abortion, and the Federal right to regulate marriage, and of course the writer of the 14th Amendment actually listed aliens were NOT to become citizens if they had a baby here.


    09/28/2015 11:45:28 PM PDT · 14 of 98
    chuckles to gwgn02


  • Rev. Graham on White House Gay Rainbow: 'May it Remind Us of God's Judgment to Come'

    09/20/2015 11:50:20 PM PDT · 86 of 86
    chuckles to Campion
    I have several commentaries that all say it's Rome. The meaning you are looking at fails to take into consideration that Jerusalem was Roman at the crucifixion. Certainly Jerusalem wasn't close to being Sodom or Egypt at the time of Christ, but Rome certainly was as sinful as Sodom and as oppressive as Egypt. They are speaking in spiritual terms and must be spiritually discerned. The kings of the world have not as a rule been connected to Jews in any form or fashion, but for literally hundreds of years the RC church has "fornicated" with all the kings of Europe from the beginning. Go to Youtube and watch " A Woman Rides the Beast" for more. Another good source is Chuck Missler's study of Revelation session #10. There were bastard children of popes selected to be the next pope or other high positions in the church. The corruption was so complete, it's was mind boggling. That was the main reason for the break off of Luther and others was their fear for their souls if they stayed in what was obviously a Satan led enterprise. It was worse then the Mafia is today.

    Check out these verses in Gill, Pulpit, Barnes, Cambridge, and I'm sure many other commentaries to read for yourself.

    Having said all that, it is very possible that when the false prophet and the Antichrist set up their new world religion, his throne could be in a new temple built in Jerusalem. We will have to wait and see for that. It is strange that the new pope hates capitalism, loves socialism, and believes in global warming. Europe is already warming up to this "new" thinking. I fail to see all that in Scripture, but you never know what the new Bible will say. One more reference to the RC church in Revelation is, Rev 2:18->. Many if not most believe Thyatira refers to the RC's. The name Thyatira was the name of the daughter of Nimrod of Babylon. It speaks of committing adultery with her and we know that is idol worship. You can't pray to statues and worship finger bones and hanks of hair and remain on God's good side. When Scripture states Israel was an adulterous nation, God was remarking of her idol worship. He is looking to "marry" the church and wants a virgin dressed in white robes. It's the same with Christians, we need to only worship God and not others, such as Mary and a few dozen other people that aren't any more than any other saint in heaven. Certainly not a statue or medal of any said person should be prayed to. The Bible is clear that there is only one Mediator and that would be Jesus.

  • Who Really Won Last Nights Debate? The Betting Markets Weigh In

    09/17/2015 4:24:41 PM PDT · 14 of 40
    chuckles to onyx
    I wonder if anyone noticed Carson dissing Bush 43 when he said he was against the AFGHANISTAN war! I can't believe he would take a 3000 death, 4 airplane, Pentagon, 2 tower hit and then try to outwit the enemy without bombing them to hell. Take out how you might feel about Iraq or Bush. You can't attack America and not answer back.

    I like Carson, but that was pitiful.

    Cruz or lose.

  • Homosexual Movement Is Grave Threat to Freedom

    09/03/2015 10:00:52 AM PDT · 9 of 11
    chuckles to hoosierham
    A couple of months ago, I was able to give a Wed night message at my church. I called it "hard verses". The main thrust was Mat 10:34. Basically if you choose anyone or anything above Christ, He's not happy. If your son or daughter tells you they are gay, you must cling to the Word of God and not change your views over family. If your son get's busted for dope, all the sudden many families think the drug laws need to change. God's Word is unchanging. This situation will cause a "crisis of belief" for every Christian. We are all subject to choosing the world or Christ at some point in our walk. The lady in Ky that issues marriage licenses is suffering that now. Anyone left behind for the AntiChrist will have to decide what to do when they hold your child down and hold a sword over his neck, and ask if you will take the "mark". Even Jesus, in the garden, asked if there was any other way before submitting to the Father's will. A relationship with God is a personal thing and going with the flow is not a good strategy.

    If Jesus told a disciple to "Follow Me" and he said I must go bury my father and then Jesus said to let the dead bury the dead, that illustrates the importance Jesus puts on obedience. I consider Cheney a good man, but this error will hurt him with his walk with God. Our response is to pray that the Spirit will convict him of his error and strengthen him, knowing our turn will surely come. It's easy to point fingers and quote verses until this hit's our own home.

    A few years ago, everyone in the family wanted to come to my house for Thanksgiving, about 17 in all. We had no problem but one of my nieces was living with her boyfriend and I let them know that they can't do that here. It was very cold in this household for awhile, as I was so 19th century, but eventually they were saved and got married. They attend church now, teach Sunday school, and work diligently in their church. If you allow this today, you look like a hypocrite and the younger ones think what you say is not serious. It's the same in our youth class in church. If they see the older people living in sin, they don't take God's word seriously. Now we have whole churches bending God's word so the people won't leave the church. The church should affect the culture, not the culture change the church. The Corinthian church had these problems and Paul didn't hesitate to tell them the solution. I personally cling to the Word, but have a broken Spirit for those going through these trials. You have to know it destroyed him when his daughter came forward. If it didn't, he wasn't saved in the first place. He made some calculations and changed his posture to God. It makes you start to examine his judgment when something faces the country. Does he choose the right thing, or compromise with an enemy for expedience? Sorta tells you why we support despots that hate us all over the world. They figure it's easier than constant war. How's that working today? War will come anyway if you choose God. We keep forgetting who is running the world system for now.

  • A transgender teen used the girls locker room. Now the community is up in arms.

    09/02/2015 7:26:01 AM PDT · 77 of 100
    chuckles to GrandJediMasterYoda
    It's taken me a few years, but I finally figured out that I am a lesbian trapped in a man's body. I do have the advantage that I have equipment that allows me to skip batteries and straps to follow my perverse lifestyle. Now that the laws have changed, I can now shower with the girls in gym class. I think I will apply for a job as a girls softball coach so I can come and go into the girls locker room. You should see their faces when I knock the soap out of their hands. Bwa-hahaaahahahaha!


  • Ann Coulter At Trump Rally: "God Hasn't Given Up On America Yet"

    08/25/2015 10:24:52 PM PDT · 35 of 41
    chuckles to freedom6178
    It's not a matter of God giving up on us. We are shaking our fist at him and screaming profanity at the top of our lungs. If projecting a rainbow on the WH doesn't doom us, there is no God. At least apologize to Sodom.

    Read Luke 17:26-30 and tell me that isn't fulfilled with the counterfeit rainbow on the WH.

  • Ted Cruz Not Happy With Question From Megyn Kelly, Says Its What Liberal Journalist Would Ask

    08/25/2015 10:15:34 PM PDT · 57 of 86
    chuckles to bramps

    The answer they need to practice is Yes, the illegals will be sent back and they are free to take their kid with them. What parent would leave a toddler in the states? They may not even be allowed back if they leave the kid with grandma. It is almost a dare to ask this question. They expect them to freeze and I wouldn’t. Make the illegal look like the a$$ for leaving the kid. If I was moving to Belize, I certainly would bring my children. This isn’t rocket science.

  • Ted Cruz shows presidential qualities while grilling pork and lesbian activist

    08/22/2015 11:34:34 AM PDT · 31 of 65
    chuckles to GreyFriar
    I'm a Texan and you haven't seen anything yet! He gets standing O's everywhere he speaks in Texas. he is, for lack of a better term, magnificent! He is so quick on his feet, and nothing surprises him. Just watch him carefully and you will see him smile and kindly answer every question in a thoughtful manor, no matter how stupid the questioner is. His time arguing cases before courts has made him razor sharp. He has his own opinion on every subject and is able to persuade his opponents to his side. He is not a feaux Christian either. I've seen him in local town-halls and he will make a believer out of anyone that hears him. This is why the media FEARS him. They are busy with Trump right now, but if trump stumbles, and I believe it will be inevitable, Cruz is the likely replacement for the conservatives and Tea Party types. Bush and Rubio will always be the establishment picks, but I think the conservatives smell blood in the water. Now is the time for conservatives to choose their candidate and I believe Cruz is it. Trump is the Low info voter candidate for the R's. He just regurgitates stuff he doesn't believe because he is a showman. Cruz really believes conservatism is the only way.

    IMHO, Trump was bought and paid for by Clinton to serve as a foil against her so she could win for sure. Now she will be indicted and Trump could win. The big problem is Trump is a Dem and will be shown eventually to be just that. Things are spinning out of control. Cruz is the natural choice for conservatives and it would be a shame for him to be second fiddle to a Dem shill. How conservative can he be from NYC? Tax hikes, abortion, gay marriage, go down the list and Trump has been there,...on film. All will come out soon and the Repubs will be invested in a Dem.

    Cruz or lose!

  • Did Black Lives Matter Organizer Shaun King Mislead Oprah Winfrey By Pretending To Be Biracial?

    08/19/2015 6:32:43 AM PDT · 14 of 26
    chuckles to maggief


  • Stockton police Lt Toby Will placed on leave after sending anti-gay marriage letter to local paper

    07/18/2015 4:12:49 PM PDT · 13 of 18
    chuckles to Excuse_My_Bellicosity
    In a very short time, Christians won't be able to own a business or have a job. If you worship on Sunday, will you be able to be Christian on Monday. IMHO, shortly, Bibles will be burned and the Word of God forbidden to be preached. This has been the way of the world from the beginning. I'm sure many here will say, "Not in my America", but I'm sure you have to agree, we've lost America a good while ago. Just as dope has been made legal, business still can fire for a failed drug test and you can't get hired if you fail.

    Now that sodomy is no longer a sin, an abomination, evil is good, or bigotry has now been defined as Leviticus 18:22, Christians have been relegated to NAZI status. If you had a KKK member on your police force, how long would he have his job once the rally photo was revealed? So much for freedom of association.

    People have always thought about the End of Days, and what it would be like to be forced to "take the mark" or die, well, here it is! You can take the mark anytime you choose. We have many already saying they are devout Christians, BUT, I'm forced to hand out marriage licences to gays. Some have resigned, most not. It will take a while for the results of this to sink in fully, but a Christian is now a dog to be hunted down. The proverbial toothpaste will not be going back in the tube.


    07/10/2015 8:34:22 AM PDT · 22 of 25
    chuckles to trubolotta
    ...."This country will be saved by the Christians"....

    No, it won't be saved by anyone. The Bible is quite clear God saw this coming from the Garden of Eden. IMO, the die was cast years ago when we took prayer from school. We taught evolution, didn't teach the Bible, and became tolerant of fornication, adultery, abortion, homosexuality, and inventors of all kinds of evil. God knew what would happen when He wrote Leviticus 18:22. Be sure the land will vomit us out soon. America has already fallen.

    When the rainbow was projected onto the White House, the counterfeiter used the covenant sign of God to Noah, to show his contempt for what God has made Holy. In Luke 17:28, God added the clincher to prove the reason for the destruction to come. If Sodom had to be overthrown for sodomy, why would America be different? As Noah was saved from God's judgement, Lot also was saved from God's judgement. The land in the valley of Sodom, however, was not! America is for our purposes, finished.

    Had the Christians observed 2 Chron 7:14, perhaps God would repent from the action to come, but obviously we haven't. Instead, the other prophesies are being filled as we type. There is a "falling away" of the church, they look for tickled ears and refuse sound doctrine. They have a form of Godliness, but deny the power thereof. The persecution of the church has only now begun and most have no clue what it's like in Syria, or Iraq to be a Christian. Be sure it's coming here. The church will not stand together and the sheep will scatter to become food for the "beasts".

    We now have the "Blood Moons" coming spoken of throughout the Bible and the anniversary of Sept 11 is quickly coming. We had another warning Sept of 2008 with the stock market crash.

    I hear many Christians saying they will be ruptured out before the persecution starts. Sorry, but we must suffer persecution from man, or the Bible is not true. We are not the children of God's wrath, however, just as Noah and Lot were removed from the wrath from Heaven.

    No, America will not be saved and even Israel will be cornered to bring the fullness of the eventual return of Christ.

    What are we to do? Live for Christ as each day were your last. Testify of the judgement to come to everyone with ears. Be watchful of the times and seasons so the thief won't wreck your house. Remember that Noah had no idea when the rain would start, but God told Him seven days before the rain started,( Gen 7:4). Lot was given a chance to warn his daughters husbands about the destruction to come. We will know, IMO, if we are watching and listening. 1 Thes 5:4 says we will know if we are sons of the light. All the talk of not knowing the day nor the hour is for others. To a Jew, the day no one knows is The Feast of Trumpets, as it is 2 days. Just as we know "Turkey Day" is Thanksgiving, a Jew knows what day the Trumpets will sound. This year it's on Sept 13, 2 days after Sept 11. The next Blood Moon will be Sept 28, right after the Jubilee year starts. If we make it to Jan 2016, I will be surprised without a major Biblical happening in the world.

  • Trump 2008: Bush Is Evil, Talk to Iran, Obama Cannot Do Worse Than Bush

    07/10/2015 7:10:15 AM PDT · 48 of 78
    chuckles to SeekAndFind

    I’m sure that after a while it will come out that Trump voted for Clinton and Obama. That will be hard to explain away for most Repubs. He’s never been a conservative. I said the same for Bloomberg, but nobody seems to care.

  • I Have a Theory and I Want Your Opinion on it.

    07/01/2015 6:08:05 AM PDT · 78 of 95
    chuckles to nikos1121

    She will win even if indicted. Notice NO ONE has mentioned she might be indicted.

  • Iowa poll: After New Hampshire, Trump takes second place

    07/01/2015 6:05:19 AM PDT · 19 of 25
    chuckles to Cringing Negativism Network

    Trump voted for Clinton and Obama,....nuff said. He’s a dem.

  • Rev. Graham on White House Gay Rainbow: 'May it Remind Us of God's Judgment to Come'

    07/01/2015 6:00:10 AM PDT · 85 of 86
    chuckles to Campion

    Rev 11:8 does speak of Jerusalem but that’s not what they speak of in 17:18 The whore of Babylon is Rome. Who fornicates with all the kings? RC Church. City on 7 hills.

  • Rev. Graham on White House Gay Rainbow: 'May it Remind Us of God's Judgment to Come'

    06/29/2015 8:12:12 PM PDT · 56 of 86
    chuckles to ChocChipCookie

    In 1 Peter 5:13 Peter identifies Babylon as Rome as he wrote the book from Rome. many believe the Pope is the False Prophet found in Revelation serving the Antichrist. Rev 18:4 calls the believers to leave the RC church or receive her plagues. In 1 Timothy 4:1, the doctrines of demons includes forbidding to marry. 1 Timothy 2:5 says Jesus is our mediator, not Mary or any one of dozens of other dead saints. There are many other reasons the RC church is in error, but it must be found on their own. They believe more in the church than in Word of God. The church won’t save them, however. They even misuse the verse in Mathew to declare Peter the 1st pope. Historically, James is clearly the leader of the church after Jesus ascended. There is no pope, nuns, or cardinals anywhere in Scripture. They are trying to insist Jesus had no brothers even though Scripture makes it clear that He did and Mary died a virgin. They are trying too hard.


    06/29/2015 5:57:16 PM PDT · 149 of 150
    chuckles to exit82

    Viva Jonathan Cahn!


    06/29/2015 1:10:38 PM PDT · 147 of 150
    chuckles to exit82
    One thing I missed writing about in post #91 was remember Katrina wiped out New Orleans. What is unique about New Orleans? I'm 64 and my father said to never date a girl from New Orleans because she might be a he. 9-11 was NYC and Sept 2008 stock crash was NYC but also affected America. Next Sept 2015 is 7 years after 2008 and we still haven't repented. God is big on Sabbatical years. Remember Israel was in bondage for 490 years for not letting the land rest every 7th year. Next year is a Jubilee year and God usually does stuff in a Jubilee year.

    I can't predict things happening, but we are certainly asking for it. If God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, then,IMHO, he will act.

  • Its time to kneel down and pray for our nation

    06/26/2015 8:13:53 AM PDT · 24 of 149
    chuckles to Salvation

    Too late for prayer. Judgement has been rendered. Read Lev 18:22 to the end of the chapter. Notice God was talking to the Jews,.... His people. We will NOT be held guiltless!


    06/26/2015 7:51:36 AM PDT · 91 of 150
    chuckles to ealgeone
    My church has already anticipated this and is changing the by laws. We have added that no one but a member of the church can be married or rent the church or have any dealings with the church and to be a member you have to be saved and be bearing fruit. Nothing we do will be against the Word of God. We used to rent the church out to defray costs and perform weddings for anyone that asked. That's over. The by laws say that we must put changes before the body for a period of time( I forget how long) but we will be voting next month. If you do away with your 501c3, you will be in the same boat as a BAKERY! This is where Obama comes in.

    I hear he has already been working on executive action to force churches into the Gospel according to Obama. What I predict is he will force churches to lose their 501c3 status if they don't play ball, then attack them as a business with no 1st Amendment protections.

    In other words, The fuse is lit and it's just a matter of time. Do yourself a favor and read Leviticus 18:22 to the end of the chapter to see what is about to happen. This country is up for grabs to mexico, ISIS, $18 trillion in debt, or just a random act of nature, but the land is no longer ours. We are about to be repossessed.

  • FBI investigates Valerie Jarrett's extensive Communist family ties

    06/25/2015 5:12:00 PM PDT · 52 of 54
    chuckles to Yaelle
    ...."Ok, now you are just telling inflammatory lies. You know he wouldn’t need to be a citizen. Stop spreading untruths."....

    Sorry, I was typin faster than I was thinkin. I see your point if terrorists can eat in the WH and an illegal alien can come bitch at the president, Putin might be a welcome change.

  • Crime in America

    06/25/2015 12:22:23 PM PDT · 6 of 7
    chuckles to ManHunter
    You and ryan71 are right that at some point it may happen and cause some "tipping point" for America. I have heard many arguments back to before Buba Clinton that we would take up arms to defend our country, only to watch the event come and go without so much as a peep. We all have,( except for the ones that lost them in a tragic boating accident), our weapons and ammo, gathering dust in a closet and threaten to dust them off several time a decade over some perceived fatal encroachment on our rights. I think most of us are waiting for someone to take the initiative to form a group, besides the produce manager down at Krogers. The Tea Party was such a group that was going to band together and make things happen, but they have folded with the slightest resistance from the establishment.

    The whole point of my post was trying to get people to remember when things were better, much better. How tough could it be to re introduce prayer back in school? Certainly easier than banning guns. The saying "There are no atheists in a foxhole" comes from someone scared that their end is getting near. Are we not there yet? Does anyone really think things will just keep going on without some punishment from God? Over and over in the Bible the Jews would stray and they would end up defeated and destroyed, and slaves.

    Take a moment to read Leviticus 18:22 to the end of the chapter and tell be it doesn't concern you that the land is defiled and the LAND will vomit out it's inhabitants. That's you and your children and grand children, even if none of you had anything to do with the Gay marriage vote. IMO, the whole reason Sodom and Gomorrah was written about was a warning of what was to come. Why would a Christian believe God changed His mind about sodomy? The crime, murder, rape, theft and violence is bad, but the country hasn't been destroyed yet, but I can promise you, it's coming. China could do it, Russia could do it, ISIS could do it, $18 trillion could do it, Even Mexico could do it if God leaves us and declares "Ichabod".

    As a Christian, I know that God win's our battles. Just look at WWII. We should have lost, but we won victory. Then look at Korea and Viet Nam. In Nam, we won every battle, yet lost the war. Was God pleased with Woodstock? Sex, drugs and rock and roll? Was it the birth control pill that would allow fornication and no abortions? We have come to believe our bravery and superior weapons will save us. 3000 died in 2001 with a few men armed with box cutters. Sept 2008, the largest loss of money in history was because we won't repent. 7 years later, God is still waiting for us to repent. Sept 2015 is coming and all we have to show for another 7 years is gay marriage will be legal. We are walking a tightrope, blindfolded, and shaking our fist at God yelling "What are you going to do about it now!!!"

    If we are not on God's side, He is not on ours and we will discover just how much we need Him.

  • Crime in America

    06/25/2015 11:50:34 AM PDT · 5 of 7
    chuckles to I want the USA back

    I’m not sure exactly what you are saying. Do you not think black on black crime would be helped by black exposure to the Word of God? A look at the reaction of the victims families to this horrendous calamity should be clearly show the difference between the Black Panthers reaction and a true Christian reaction. We need more people with the heart of the S. Carolina church families and less of the blood thirsty murderers like we have seen so much in the news in Baltimore. I, for one see no difference in a black Christian and a white Christian, as long as they follow the Jesus of the Bible. Rev Wright’s church not being one of them.

  • Crime in America

    06/25/2015 11:06:24 AM PDT · 1 of 7
  • FBI investigates Valerie Jarrett's extensive Communist family ties

    06/25/2015 8:16:28 AM PDT · 6 of 54
    chuckles to yoe

    Even if Obama was boinking her, how did she pass a background check for a security clearance? Van Jones was a card carrying, no doubt about it, commie, and got in. There were several more that became “czars” that couldn’t pass a background check on a bet, so they just get appointed. If Putin was a citizen, he could get in this WH.

  • Climates and Pontiffs change, Christ never does

    06/24/2015 4:04:32 PM PDT · 25 of 25
    chuckles to Buckeye McFrog
    Thank you for at least reading it in the spirit given. There is Truth in almost every Christian denomination or it wouldn't be Christian. The trouble comes when we add our spin onto the Gospel of Christ. Soon enough we always head down some rabbit trails that get us too far from the main subject. A short search in my history at FR will show I have been griping for literally years about the government of the Catholic church being owned by the liberals. There was no other way to explain Kennedy, Pelosi, Kerry, Biden, and the list goes on. How on earth can a RC stronghold in Mass. vote Dem every election if the system wasn't sold for a bowl of stew. If the pope says a gunsmith can't be christian, how on earth can a sodomite loving baby killer be a Catholic?

    Many RC's would attack saying "It's great in my parish", or my particular church is old school. Now it has morphed into what I feel is the Obama of the RC world.

    If you look at it objectively, Francis can't be the Vicar of Christ. The only realistic thing that can happen now is independent thought in the church. If we follow the leader blindly, we will definitely end up in a ditch. It should be obvious to any historically savvy RC that the church has been led badly in the past. Some are in some sort of denial that the church is led by God and we need to submit to authority. Well, the answer there is, Did the church submit to the authority of God when they picked this guy? Francis is so bad, IMO, that he will set the church back 1000 years if not destroy it all together.

    I can't even imagine 1.5 billion people being led by someone who follows an atheist to get his science opinions. How far will he take the church to "re think" or relationship to gays? Just being a Jesuit for me is a frightening event for the faithful. IMO, the RC church is lining up with the Last Days prophesies perfectly to put the church in dire danger.

    I have moved on to a non denominational church now, But I do care greatly for all Christians that they not be misled. When I read the letters to the churches in Revelation, I see Jesus warning the churches that are misled that they must repent or pay some price. IMO,( this is my own belief, not taught too many places), I believe you can be saved and go to heaven, but you might not be invited to the wedding feast after Rapture. An example might be the church at Philadelphia, Jesus says they are doing good so in verse 3:10 Jesus says they will be kept from what He is about to do to the whole world. They will be Raptured. In the other churches, He has something against them and asks them to repent. There is some statement that indicates they will be left behind if they don't. Rev 3:3 talks about Him coming as the Thief when they aren't watching. Even so, some will overcome. Those will follow God and not Dogma. The parable of the virgins tells us that 50% of the church will be left behind where they "buy and sell". They are Christians, not the lost, but they haven't been adorning themselves while waiting for the Bridegroom. IMO, They can be saved if they stay to the end, but they will face the Antichrist and be beheaded for their faith if they refuse the mark. 1.5 billion is a large number to be left for the Beast to hack on. Look at the invitation to the wedding where everyone found an excuse not to come. It's time to sober up and be anxious to attend our wedding. Don't be left behind. IMO, time is short.

  • Climates and Pontiffs change, Christ never does

    06/17/2015 11:20:50 AM PDT · 20 of 25
    chuckles to Buckeye McFrog
    I'm not trying to start a fight, but just have a conversation. Revelation 18:4 tells Catholics to come out of the Whore of Babylon and we know Babylon is Rome from 1 Peter 5:13, as he was in Rome when he wrote it. We have most of the "doctrine of demons" in 1 Timothy 4:1 covered with Catholicism, especially forbidding to marry. There is much more concerning worshiping Mary, making idols in your car, in the yard, on the road, ect. The Bible says we are a Royal priesthood, forever forgiven, so why do we need priests to absolve us from anything? The misinterpretation of Mat: 16 to make Peter a pope is the basis for the whole RC movement. The "church" is based on the revelation from God that Jesus is the Christ, not on a man. There is literal hours of arguments to be made about the faults in the Catholic religion. Many don't even consider RC's Christians. I am not one of them. Romans 10: 8-9 tells us how to be saved and it has nothing to do with a man made denomination.

    There are many Catholics that confess Jesus with their lips, yet feel being Catholic is the key to salvation. God has accepted Catholic believers if they believe, but as the Last Days grow close, IMO, he is looking for those to stop relying on false doctrine and come out and come close to Him. A heretic for a pope should shake many RC's out of their slumber. People that decide to follow the RC church, rather than God will not remain blameless, IMO.

    This latest horse apple about the environment should wake even the most devout Catholic that something is amiss. Readjusting the beliefs about gay marriage is another. If this guys stays for a couple more years, you may get a Bishop named Caitlyn Jenner formally named Prince or something even more bizarre. I knew we were in for a tough time when I found out he was a Jesuit. Look up Father Michael L. Pfleger to see what brain damage Jesuits have. IMO, RC's are about to discover the fate of Methodists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, and others that have forsaken the Word of God for the laws of men. In many non denominational churches, when a preacher goes astray, they are removed and another is voted on. If you rely on a church government, chances are small that things will make a meaningful change. Just as we see in the gay priests molesting alter boys, almost nothing has really been done farther than some adjustments around the edges. Changing thousands of years of RC dogma is as easy as the pope issuing a paper. Glenn Beck was just complaining that his daughter was attending Fordham U and was taught by priests that sodomy wasn't the problem in Sodom. This is universal idiocy, not just Catholics, but everyone must deal with the cards they were dealt.

    It's time for all believers, not just RC's, to re examine their faith and make sure it's in Christ alone and not some dogma construct from men. As we see in Revelation, there are churches that are not where Christ would have them be. We have foolish virgins and wise virgins. We have servants that will experience the gnashing of teeth and outer darkness. Servants and virgins are not "lost people" but are church members. Don't be the person saying "Didn't we cast out demons in your name?" and the Lord says "I never knew you."

    This is not meant to start a fight, but just to make a statement and quote God's Word. If anyone reading just stops a moment to ponder what was said, then that is the effect I was seeking. Everyone must work out their own salvation, and we have God's own words to guide us. The Holy Spirit is our teacher and an inquiry of Him is the right way and essential. God freely gives to those that ask and opens doors that are knocked on. Relying on a mans opinion is not it. Anyone that really cares will seek out the Truth.

  • Adblock Plus launches Adblock Browser: Firefox for Android with built-in ad blocking

    05/20/2015 10:07:04 PM PDT · 12 of 20
    chuckles to chuckles

    PS. There is also the case where you listen to the ad, then you listen to the video you wanted in the first place, then another add plays automatically and the next video plays that you didn’t ask for, the you finally stop the video to read the comments below and another video starts to play while you are banging on stop. They just play without any clicking and won’t stop until you just kill the whole window. I’ve even gone to the bathroom with the video stopped and 2-3 minutes later, I hear another ad and another video starting back up. It’s just no fun anymore fighting the bloodsucking leeches.

  • Adblock Plus launches Adblock Browser: Firefox for Android with built-in ad blocking

    05/20/2015 10:00:16 PM PDT · 11 of 20
    chuckles to Utilizer
    OK people, this is a fortuitous story for me. I was about to write a post asking how to get my browsing experience back and this comes up. I know you guys probably know all the secrets, but I'm out of the loop. Every site, and I mean every site now has pop ups, automatic starting adds that I can't stop talking, and almost every conceivable pisser offer known to man. I click on a page and an add starts automatically while I'm trying to read the page. Then a pop up page comes up and you click the X to close and a box comes up offering to stay on the page I'm trying my best to close. Then the page underneath starts playing another add. If I finally find the box that is talking, there is NO BUTTONS to stop it, mute it, or pause it. If I go to The Blaze.com, you can hear an add start automatically, but it cuts out every other word or syllable. I don't have any malware or virus according to MalwareBytes and AVG. I have Ghostery and Addblock plus.

    I'm hoping someone has something besides ridicule.

  • Concealed carry permit holders kill hundreds (Most slanted article of the week)

    05/20/2015 9:45:47 PM PDT · 19 of 33
    chuckles to 2ndDivisionVet

    If Zimmerman had done something wrong, he still wouldn’t have his permit. All shootings have been good shoots. The other permit holders probably did the same or you can bet they would have told about it. Some people just need killin!

  • In Beaumont, Ted Cruz Spars a Bit

    05/19/2015 11:03:58 PM PDT · 13 of 17
    chuckles to 2ndDivisionVet

    Cruz will draw more attention when the debates start. Right now, they think he doesn’t have a chance. He will destroy the others and show himself as the most principled each time. His arguing before the higher courts and even the Supreme Ct has prepared him for this.

  • Colorado Handgun Purchase (Vanity)

    05/09/2015 4:28:13 PM PDT · 10 of 89
    chuckles to keat

    Buy a gun she CAN get where she’s at and get the one she wants whenever. Another option would be for dad to open his safe and loan her something. There are about a half dozen more but she needs protection, not the gun of her dreams. The final option is to get the hell out of California.

  • Ted Cruz reached out to the Pentagon about martial law conspiracy theory

    05/04/2015 10:14:38 PM PDT · 469 of 485
    chuckles to GeronL

    They know about it and don’t seem concerned at all. IMO, they are being paid well for it. I know personally the County Judge knows about it. When asked he just said it’s for military training. What kind of military training? He didn’t know.