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  • Rat poison and racism have a lot in common Genesis 1:26-28

    03/20/2018 11:56:34 PM PDT · 5 of 6
    chuckles to Iscool
    You saved me the trouble. God is Spirit. He took on the color of a Jew with Jesus as a man. The "image" of God has nothing to do with skin color.

    It hurts me to see some so silly. They spend a lot of time and effort coming up with something so silly.

  • In need of Win 10 help ( laptop)

    03/20/2018 9:12:16 PM PDT · 27 of 37
    chuckles to TigerClaws

    Try Windows 7. No, that’s not sarcasm. 10 is for losers. I’ll wait for 11 or 12 or maybe 13. I’m too stupid to learn Linux. I tried 10 on 3 different computers. Went back to 7. No problemo.

  • Official Washington flocking to Doomsday Camps

    03/19/2018 11:25:30 AM PDT · 88 of 107
    chuckles to SVTCobra03
    There are even "prepper" verses in Revelation.

    Rev 13:10 He who leads into captivity shall go into captivity; he who kills with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.

    What he is saying is if you plan on killing to get your food, or maybe rape your neighbor, or steal others food, your not going to last long. He talks about the "patience of the saints". What exactly is that?

    Rev 14:12 Here is the patience of the saints; here are those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. Rev 14:13 Then I heard a voice from heaven saying to me, "Write: 'Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.' " "Yes," says the Spirit, "that they may rest from their labors, and their works follow them."

    What he is explaining is, if you are claiming to be Christian, you must act like a Christian even when there is no law. You can't kill or steal, commit adultery or fornication, and to sum it all up, you must love your neighbor as yourself if you claim to love the Lord with all your strength, mind, and soul.

    If you miss the Rapture, then you must serve the Lord even with the Antichrist as ruler of the earth. What verse 13 is saying is you will be blessed if you go ahead and die with your works unspoiled. If you start to murder and steal to live, it will go against the record of your works if you break Commandments in the Last days.

    Most people seem to miss the "big picture" of the Bible thinking it's all about life here on earth. Our life here is to get ready for your "real" life to come. If I tell you the earth and sky will burn, then you know this life is temporary. The "Real Life" is in eternity with heaven or hell as the only destinations offered. Reality for a Christian comes from faith in something he hasn't seen.

    Jesus died for you and you are expected to die for Him. You can die to your flesh in the baptismal, or you can die to your flesh at the hand of the Antichrist. The souls heard from in Rev 6:9-11 are these people that were NOT Raptured, but were left behind to face the Beast. The "Bride" Jesus comes for in the Rapture are those that gave up their flesh for Him and lived their life for Him after Baptism. These were referred to in Mat 25 as "wise virgins". The foolish virgins were left behind to buy and sell. If they take the mark, they are lost. They receive the same plagues as the non believers and end up in hell no matter if the claim Christ or not. This is where "prepping comes in. Th3ese people will try to survive as long as they can, but what God is looking for is faith. They are relying on their own strength and not God's. You must NEVER take the mark or DENY Christ. That's hard to do in the Satanic Kingdom run by the Spawn of the Beast. Just give up your life for the Lord and you will be accepted in Heaven. Why fight it for a maximum of 3 1/2 years more life.

    Jesus said many times "I never knew you" to people that obviously called themselves Christians but didn't live the life of one. If you deny Him before men, He will deny you before the Father. Why would you fight for life here knowing God wants you for eternity? No one wants to die, but everyone dies once, and then the Judgement. Your first death should be at Baptism. If you are baptized and really serve God from then on out, you will never die. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. If you don't lay down your flesh at baptism, then you will be left behind to face the Antichrist. If you haven't even committed to Jesus you will die and the SECOND death is a doozy. It will involve hell and fire.

    Jesus is doing everything possible to not lose even one soul. We have been given many chances for eternal life. Once the church leaves, the "pew sitters" will be obvious and will realize what happened. If you think it was "space aliens", you obviously didn't read your Bible carefully enough. There is a level of dedication Jesus is looking for in His Bride. Salvation can still be had, but you will face the Tribulation in the flesh. I don't look down on prepping for disasters, but to believe they have a chance in the Last Days is foolish. I'm sure there were plenty that thought they could tread water long enough to survive the Flood if it came. It did and they couldn't.

    Dying for a Christian is a reward. The people "left behind" will mourn, but us "left behind" should do everything possible to rejoin them in Heaven. Put the Kingdom of God first, and everything else will be added to you. Put Jesus second, and you are gambling everything no matter how much food and bullets you have.

  • Mystery of three-fingered skeletal remains (trunc)

    03/16/2018 10:17:51 AM PDT · 77 of 78
    chuckles to Dogbert41
    There is no way to tell if they all had that trait, but if it's genetic, I would imagine many of them did. 2 Samuel 21:20 tells of one. The point of all this is to show that God Flooded the earth because His creation had been corrupted. There had been sin from Adam and Eve, but God chose to destroy the earth and everyone in it, save 8 people. If you read Gen 6:1-8, it's obvious to me that whatever happened in verse 1&2 caused verse 9 and beyond. Most people I speak to aren't aware of how much the Bible speaks of these chimera's. There are many verses on Giants in Deut, Num, Sam 1 and 2, ect, all the way to Amos 2:9. For whatever reason, some miss the point that the 12 spies came back from Canaan saying they were like grasshoppers in their eyes. If you take the time to read The Book of Enoch and Jasher, much of these things are explained in more detail. This is when many today start to squeal that it's not in the 1611 KJV so it can't be good. Well, much of it was in the KJV until the 1800's when the Bible Society took much of it out. The Book of Enoch was quoted by Jude 1:14 and Jasher in Joshua and 2 Samuel. Our patriarchs read these books and believed them. Many of the left out books were translated in the Septuagint. None of this affects our salvation, but they do help understand more of our history.

    I tell people they need to study Jewish history, law, and culture to understand what Jesus was doing and saying. If Jesus is going to marry a Bride, maybe we should understand the "Day no one knows", and other cultural phrases, to understand what Jesus was telling His people. Jews know exactly what days Jesus spoke of. Trying to understand "The corrupted seed", will come into play in the Last days. In the dream Daniel was asked to interpret, Daniel 2:43 speaks of this seed that wouldn't mix with clay,( are we not made from clay in Genesis?). The war of seeds started in Genesis 3 will go all the way to the end of time till Satan and his seed is thrown into the pit. I believe this "seed" was introduced to mankind in Gen 6:1 and manifested itself as giants throughout Scripture. Much of what we see as evil in the Bible is seen among these giant infested people. The sons of Anach is just one bunch. Rephaim, Emim, Amorites, Anakin, Zuzim, and more, were references to these giants.

    This demon seed was introduced before Noah's Flood, but came back for sure with Nimrod after the Flood.(probably through Mrs. Noah)( all flesh was corrupt except Noah) If you read the Septuagint, it describes Nimrod as a giant and a hunter of giants. Rabbi's teach that he murdered his way to be the first dictator after the Flood. In Rev 6:2, the first seal is opened and a white horse( fake Christ) with a bow( either military might or it could mean majesty because Jesus has a bow surrounding His throne) to conquer. This person will be a Nimrod look alike. Is it possible that he has the defective gene passed down from before the Flood?

  • Mystery of three-fingered skeletal remains (trunc)

    03/13/2018 11:53:37 AM PDT · 62 of 78
    chuckles to BenLurkin
    I don't know. David killed one of the giants at the time. He had 4 brothers. Og was the king of the giants in Bashan. The Rephaim and Ammorites had giants in them. There were several tribes mentioned in Scripture speaking of these hybrids that raped the women in Gen 6:1. This was an attempt to corrupt the seed of God. The war declared by God in Genesis 3 between the Seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent, was the idea that started Satan trying to stop Jesus, the seed of the woman, from killing the seed of Satan, the Antichrist. All the Hebrew children were killed when Moses was born in Egypt. All the Hebrew children were killed when Jesus was born. Another attempt by the devil to stop the seed of God was to corrupt human DNA in Gen 6. Immediately after that happened, we are introduced to Noah and a worldwide flood.

    These fallen angels corrupted ALL FLESH except for Noah. Noah was perfect in his generations. Whatever got on the Ark was NOT of God and His creation. Dinosaurs didn't make it on the Ark. Since all flesh was corrupt except Noah, His wife and children carried the seed corrupted by demons. According to the Septuagint, Nimrod was the first Giant mentioned after the Flood. They went on to populate Canaan so the Spies that entered Canaan told Joshua we were grasshoppers in their eyes and brought back one cluster of grapes on a stick carried by 2 men. A careful study of giants in the Bible reveals about 8-10 tribes of Giants throughout the Canaan land. Satan knew the plan of God to bring Abraham's descendants back to Canaan when the left Egypt as slaves, so he had 400 years to dig in with Giants running things in Canaan. Amos 2:9 speaks of God destroying the Amorites as tall as trees. It also speaks of killing their "fruit" which is their offspring. This upsets some when Scripture speaks of Saul, Joshua, and others being told by God to destroy everything, even women children and even the animals in a certain place. God was destroying the corrupted seed in that place. These Nephilim had the power to corrupt even the animals( aka dinosaurs). God didn't want even the dogs and horses to reproduce. They taught the women they took to be witches and cast spells in the occult.

    I don't remember any scriptures that say they wore bells and rings, but they very well could have. They may have worn bones in their noses because they were reported to be cannibals. Remember when Noah left the Ark, God told him to not eat flesh with its life, that is, its blood. (Gen 9:4) It is believed they were so large they could chase down an animal like a buffalo and pick it up, rip off a leg, and eat it while they were still running. God doesn't want you to eat things still alive. Many of the rules God made after Gen 6 was aimed at what the Nephalim taught people to do.

  • Mystery of three-fingered skeletal remains (trunc)

    03/12/2018 11:07:10 PM PDT · 20 of 78
    chuckles to Dogbert41

    The Nephilim have 6 fingers and toes with two rows of teeth, besides being 13 ft tall.

  • Stricter Age Restrictions on Gun Purchases Don’t Make Sense

    03/12/2018 9:26:02 AM PDT · 12 of 37
    chuckles to SeekAndFind
    What they are saying is Cruz would NOT have been a loony tune if he was just 21. I don't think mental illness works that way. Immaturity generally doesn't make people aim loaded guns at people. It DOES make them think they can drive after a quart of rum. It almost always makes them think a Democrat supports them. Voting Democrat always endangers America. Voting Democrat could mean millions die. It certainly has for babies. According to Leviticus 18:26-30, they put the whole nation in danger. They gave $150 billion to a country shouting "Death to America". They pulled troops out of Iraq to form ISIS. How many have died since?

    Raising the voting age makes more sense, but if they do raise the gun age, then raise the age to vote and the age to drink. The age of majority should be the same. There is not some brain development quirk that says you can drink and vote, but you still need more development to own a gun. That is arbitrary thinking.

  • Book details Al Gore’s quest to become world’s first ‘carbon billionaire’

    03/11/2018 2:07:06 PM PDT · 9 of 25
    chuckles to PJ-Comix

    ping for later

  • Vaccines Don't Overload Babies' Immune Systems, Study Finds

    03/10/2018 8:35:02 PM PST · 43 of 43
    chuckles to nickcarraway
    OK, I have a correction to make. I just went to Youtube thinking I would just post the link to the free movie, "Vaxxed". Well since Google bought Youtube, Vaxxed the movie has been removed. They are also removing Christian content. Maybe it can be found on Netflix, I don't know, but even if you have to buy it, it's that important if you have children or grandchildren.

    "Silent Epidemic" is also good, but I'm not sure if it names names and shows the proof the CDC lied.

  • Vaccines Don't Overload Babies' Immune Systems, Study Finds

    03/10/2018 8:16:00 PM PST · 42 of 43
    chuckles to Tuscaloosa Goldfinch
    I don't want to be accused of conspiracy theories, but after living my life and observing what's been happening to my immediate family and friends, I then see this documentary about vaccinations. It explains all of it in detail. Just as Hillary lied and commited felonies and got away with it, the CDC is lying and covering up and Congress can't even get the documents they ask for. Just like I lived through the Waco disaster under Reno and Clinton, you can see that the government can get away with even hundreds of murders and nothing happens.

    We are at 1 in 50 children are now on some point of the Autism spectrum, just think of the anguish of these millions of parents when they find out they have been lying about vaccinating their babies. If Crohn's can be added in there and maybe even more, we are talking about 1 in 20 kids are affected in some way. All of the school shooters were either on, or trying to get off of SSRI's. Why are so many children depressed or having mental problems. In my day, there were no suicides or murders,... none. If you were sad, you weren't diagnosed with a mental disorder.

    I'm pretty passionate about getting the word out to see this movie. I've sent it to people I thought might be interested, but they immediately think you are a kook. We need about 10 congressmen to look into this, but everyone is telling them it's been looked at a dozen times and its a hoax.

  • Vaccines Don't Overload Babies' Immune Systems, Study Finds

    03/09/2018 11:07:49 AM PST · 38 of 43
    chuckles to Tuscaloosa Goldfinch
    All true, but many today don't know this info and take their babies up to be abused thinking they have no choice. Also, there is something cleansing about admitting you've been lying for 30 years and maybe a little prison time instead of retirement on the gubmint dime. I home schooled my daughter, so after her initial set of vacs, we didn't take her there anymore. She did get sick after her 12 mo, shots though with a high fever. She was always a colicky baby and we raised her on soy milk. She was finally diagnosed about 9yo. She's 33 now and taking Humira. There are very few cases of Crohn's before the 70's and 80's. There are 100's of theories, but no one ever looked at vaccinations.

    I think the point here is there are many ailments that didn't exist 50 years ago that are common today. Let me just throw something out there at random,....What if the reason we have so many gender confused homosexuals could come from cooking their brains with 103 deg fever from a vaccination? I grew up in the 50's and 60's and only know of 3-5 homosexuals until I was 30-40 yo. Now days, many of my friends children are "out". They will say it's because they hid it back then, but I just never knew this many existed. If something has happened to our children's environment over the last 50 years to release imperfect children, you would think we would want to know what caused it.

    If this explains autism, we need to get this fixed and pronto. My niece married a man with an autistic son. He's about 13 right now and terrifies the whole family with his "fits". He plays video games 12 hours a day and I hope he never gets a gun or even a knife. Yes, his father owns guns. On Thanksgiving and Christmas, it feels like playing hot potato with a grenade with no pin.

    The question about giving your grand kids vacs should be, do you really worry that they will get Diphtheria, Tetanus, Measles and Mumps, before there 2nd birthday? hopefully they won't be exposed to that many people outside the home before they are 2-3-4. The odds are pretty good, unless they are put in Day Care. I guess you can imagine I think mom should stay home for the first few years at least. Mine home schooled ours and didn't go back to work until she graduated HS.

    BTW, one of my nephew's had seizures in the car on the way home from getting his first vacs at 12mo old. The doc said it happens sometimes and not to worry. About 2 yo, they said he had CP, probably from the cord around his neck when born. He spent his entire life having 50-100 seizures a day as he laid in bed being fed with a stomach tube. He passed at 29 yo. Keep in mind, he was perfect until his first vaccination. His first seizure was withing an hour of his shot.

  • Vaccines Don't Overload Babies' Immune Systems, Study Finds

    03/08/2018 10:33:16 PM PST · 14 of 43
    chuckles to nickcarraway
    THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE LIE!!! Go to Youtube and watch VAXXED. It absolutley tells names and shows the numbers by real doctors that Autism comes from vaccines. The CDC was caught changing the numbers to make it look better than it was. If you were a doctor in the 70's & 80's, you probably didn't even know what autism was. Today it's at least 1 out of 50 are Autistic and it's getting worse every year. Some estimate that it will be 1 out of 2 by 2050. It's definitely from environment and not genetic. My daughter has Crohn's and they told me it was genetic. My family and my wife's family has NO Crohn's anywhere, not one. How many Crohn's commercials do you see every day now? Doctors connected Crohn's to vaccinations to find autism was connected also.

    Please watch the documentary before pooh poohing this. I'll wager right now the Florida shooter was Autistic. We are going to have a nation of autistic children that can't relate to people very soon unless the truth comes out. My daughters disease has already caused her a lifetime of grief. Parents of Autistic children are living in their own hell right now. If you don't get a vaccination for your child, they can actually take your child from you. Do illegals have a shot record to go to your school? Please take the time to at least look at this movie before making up your mind.

  • San Francisco police kill suspect in trunk of car

    03/08/2018 1:27:32 PM PST · 12 of 26
    chuckles to nickcarraway
    The story says they were hollering at him in Spanish warning him bullets were coming his way. When they scraped him out of the trunk, they discovered he was from Somalia. /s

    Guess the mayor should have let ICE pick him up instead of the garbage men.

  • A (apparently) new malware is making the rounds, called Log 1

    03/06/2018 12:27:53 AM PST · 27 of 29
    chuckles to Chances Are
    I run AVG and Malwarebytes. If it doesn't show up, there is nothing there. It sounds like someone turned on Remote desktop and is jerking you around. They can start to move things around and even erase stuff if you let them. Of course, turn off remote desktop. DISCONNECT FROM THE INTERNET! Either unplug your Ethernet, or cut off your WiFi and run the virus checkers. I've even run them from safe boot.( press F8 or F4 depending on your version of windows. If nothing comes up, forget about it.

    There are some Youtube video's that show some IT guys speaking with them on the phone. One guy infected the guy trying to get his money. It was a hoot.

  • The Impossibility of Life's Evolutionary Beginnings

    03/05/2018 10:53:46 AM PST · 45 of 88
    chuckles to ml/nj
    I know that, but I was talking to a person that was just told to build a boat and would he do it or skip it because he didn't believe what God told him. I could have said God told him to build a house, or got to Africa, or anything else God might tells someone to do. If God told him to build an Ark, would he build a boat or an Ark? If he told him to build a boat, would he just go play golf?

    As God told us He made the earth and universe in 6 days and rested on the 7th, many pooh pooh that and believe Satan rather than God. You replied so fast after I posted, maybe you should read the post rather than look for a reason you might correct me. The difference between an Ark and a boat was not the aim of the statement. Believing God was.

    There is a large quantity of people that say they are Christians and say in the same sentence that Genesis is a lie. Then they spend a half hour trying to massage, twist, and squish, the Word of God to fit some atheists view of science. I wanted to show them what God sees in them, not argue over a boat or an Ark.

  • The Impossibility of Life's Evolutionary Beginnings

    03/05/2018 10:29:15 AM PST · 42 of 88
    chuckles to DuncanWaring
    If there is an Omnipotent Creator who states "Gen 18:14 Is anything too hard for the Lord?", why would it take more than 6 days to create everything? Is there some sort of law that says things will get better if you wait long enough? No, in fact the law states everything gets worse with passage of time. The Bible sates that we get our righteousness from BELIEVING God. It's not based on sin or works, but on faith. if God tells you there is a flood coming and you need to build a boat, do you ignore it or build the boat?

    What many "Christians" will find out is calling yourself Christians doesn't make you a Christian. There will be many that will Hear from Jesus, "I never knew you". They will be the foolish virgins in Mat 25 that are left behind where they "buy and sell". Most Christians think taking God's name in vain means cussing, but what it really means is calling yourself a Christian while calling Him a liar. Being the Bride of Christ means we take His name, but if you have His name, do you say He lies? A wife would not do that.

    In Romans 1:18-32, Paul explains that God will give us up to a debased mind, because we will not admit that He is Creator. He explains that we will think ourselves wise and become fools by doubting Him. Have we given up the use of the woman and have vile passions and are doing things not fitting?

    If a preacher told you the cure was to repent( 2 Chron 7:14) and replace evolution with Creationism in school was the cure for the explosion of Homosexuality, would you see the connection or call the preacher a fanatic weirdo? Introducing evolution was the start of the explosion of evil that is overtaking us today. Read verses 28-32 and besides the sodomy thing, all the others are on the rise. Verse 32 tells us those that agree with these things are as guilty as those that do them, so if you vote for homosexuality, you are guilty of homosexuality or abortion, or any of the other sins listed.

    Logically speaking, if you disagree with Genesis 1 and 2, exactly how do you logically explain Jesus rising from the grave? Being born of a virgin? Raising Lazarus? Healing the blind, deaf, and cripples? Where do you exactly draw a line? Peter tells us a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as a day for God. Is he telling the Jews that there will be 6 thousand years and then a "day" of rest will come with Jesus ruling and reigning for 1000 years?

    God tells us he uses the foolish things to save us, such as a man living a sinless life, laying it down for our salvation, rising from the dead after 3 days, and ascending into Heaven. Is there anything in that statement that is any more impossible than God speaking the world into existence?

    I was born again at 43 and accepted the literal meaning of the Bible, and my Spiritual life suddenly made sense. When you accept what God has written as it's written, you can suddenly see the Spiritual message he is trying to say to His children. If you can't or won't accept it, will you really be His child? If we worry about someone ridiculing us on FR, are we really a believer? I read the Bible several times over and never saw Jesus admit to His followers that they came from apes or pond scum, and the earth is really billions of years old. Satan OTOH, asked Eve, "Did not God say" and then say, God lied and you will not surely die. Did not Satan temp Jesus with His own Scriptures taken out of context and Jesus came back with the Word of God to Satan to send him running? Do you really believe you can call God a liar and ever hear "Well done" good and faithful servant?"

    If we follow the Word of God, we see many places where God defied the law of physics. Can a man walk on water? Has a scientist tried to replicate that? They can't replicate even an amino acid formed on its own, so how will life come from non life without supernatural intervention? It is a dangerous game to gamble with your eternal soul because some atheist says the Bible isn't true and it's the dictionary example of lukewarm to take some and leave some. You will not be allowed to be on the fence in your heart.

  • Why We Should Lower the Voting Age to 16

    03/04/2018 2:45:24 PM PST · 157 of 165
    chuckles to Trump20162020

    No vote without a job!

  • More Than 30,000 Callers Blast ABC over View Co-Host Joy Behar’s ‘Anti-Christian Bigotry’

    03/03/2018 10:21:22 PM PST · 18 of 21
    chuckles to Mears

    Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice.”

  • Who Wants To Arm Teachers? Republican Men

    03/02/2018 9:29:02 PM PST · 26 of 71
    chuckles to mdittmar
    I have to admit I see problems with teachers being armed. If I walked through a school, I could probably spot 6-7 males that I wouldn't mind being armed. The problems lie when the union says it must go by seniority. Maybe a guy thinks he's John Wayne, and he's not. How about the feminist that got her CCL a year ago and thinks she is now the Tomb Raider? We could all look seriously at ex military or police, but I also know guys that are on pills now. I want someone( like myself) that started shooting at 8, bought my first rifle, a 7.62 Russian mouser at 12, shot in a rifle club from 10-13, went hunting with my father at 10, joined the Army at 19, owned guns all my life, have never had an accidental discharge, load my own pistol and rifle ammo, and shoot my open sight M1A at 300 yds and hit a pie plate 4 out of 5 times.

    I know that's a tall order today because I'm 66 years old and that was a different time. Many of the male teachers today are pulling kids out from under desks to crawl under themselves. But there are a few candidates that I believe could pass muster if they aren't new to guns and have had some experience in the field where they wouldn't shoot more kids than perps and might not flinch and pull their shots under pressure. How about a few deer or hogs killed and field dressed under the belt so they will know what to expect when they shoot a perp and guts are on the wall. Shooting targets are much different than shooting people. You must make decisions quickly and have your mind made up before it happens.

    I'm not against it, but there has to be more required than just a CCL and a written test. I can almost guarantee a problem with the teachers union. It will never be a judgment call, but a formula the school board or someone else will vote on. Then there is always the fact that most teachers are Dems. They will be hesitating to take a life because they don't like guns, never hunt, and are against the death penalty. Anyone can learn to shoot to pass a test, but having the commitment to do it is another thing. How many times have you heard of someone having the drop on a perp and they freeze to pull the trigger? The whole program would be fraught with trouble depending on the school district, the part of the country and the political leanings of the area. Then there is always the Chicago district where a 6ft 225lb 15 yo is beating the hell out of the French teacher and some guy loses it. I find if you don't have a BB Bat, Pepper spray, or a taser, you might pull a .40 Glock to fix the situation. I've never understood why ANY teacher is unarmed today. Rather than pull your Glock, wouldn't it be better with a 2x4 carved in wood shop or pepper spray?

  • My Thoughts on Viewing Billy Graham Lying in Honor

    03/02/2018 1:49:08 PM PST · 14 of 16
    chuckles to sonrise57
    I quit worrying about what others say. Ive been on FR since before Monica had dirty laundry and have been called everything in the book. When your flesh dies, you try to live in the Spirit. If calling names can stop you speaking of Jesus, then Satan has won. If believing Scripture gets a call of uneducated southerners who are racist war mongers. I prefer the title Jesus Freak. Was Jesus a fundamentalist extremist? Was going to the cross for someone like me a waste of His life? If He could do that for me, I can look foolish for Him. Thinking themselves wise, they became fools. If you really fall in love with Him, nothing else matters.

    This is supposed to be a conservative site with many Christians. Try to reply to someone that God created the universe in 6 days. You will be called ignorant and uneducated. Then quote Romans 1:18-32. The reason we have sodomy, murder, envy, strife, unforgiving people, ect, is because we won't say God created the universe. If you don't believe the universe was created by God in 6 days, you will never get prophesy. Is there anything to hard for God? We have been given over to a debased mind. There is a reason the world is getting worse, yet they can't admit that they just don't believe God and Genesis. They believe their mind is just fine and that we are the kooks. They will have their day in front of Jesus to explain their differences with the Word of God.

    At some point you have to believe God, or call HIM a liar. If you have trouble with Genesis, you will have a fit with the virgin birth, the sun stopping in the sky for 3 hours, the blind seeing, the lame walking, leprosy cured, and dead men coming out of tombs. Did Goliath die from a stone from a teen? Did one angel kill 185k in one night?

    We all look through the Scriptures trying to discern what we want to believe and don't. When you believe it all, then you receive righteousness imputed to you. Noah found righteousness because he believed God. Abraham got the same. If you want to be used by God, you have to believe what He says. If all Satan has to do is call you a name, you've lost before you start. You have already beaten the odds by believing in Jesus. He's calling you and everyone else to step out in faith to be useful to the Kingdom. Just think of Paul being imprisoned, beaten, stoned, and finally murdered because he didn't care what people thought about him. Worrying what people think about you means you haven't completely put your flesh to death. All of the Apostles were put to death for their faith, save John. Jesus told you that He was persecuted, so would you be also. Peter said he didn't know Jesus 3 times. Was that a good experience?

    Think about your conversion experience and ask yourself if you really want His blood covering. Has something changed in the way you felt that day? If you would do it all over again, then contemplate what you agreed to do. If you are ashamed of Him, He will be ashamed of you. Every statistic shows the church is struggling. It's because we are His hands and feet, but we aren't "going out". If Christians "went out", would we have prayer in school? Abortion? Gay marriage? Obama for 8 years? School shootings? I grew up in the 50's and 60's. We left the keys in the car and our doors were not locked. I bought my first rifle a 7.62 mm Russian mouser from Sears for $12 at 12 years old. I took it home on my Sting Ray bike with ape hangers right through town. No one said a word. My parents didn't have to OK it. A few years later, they took prayer from schools. No One said a word. Any crime chart you look at got worse from that day on. Murder, Rape, Robbery, assault, burglary, you name it, it got worse. If my parents had marched in the streets with signs, formed rally's to remove politicians and judges, They would have been the "kook's of the day. After all, everyone knows prayer doesn't really work. Now we have children deciding they are the opposite sex or something in between and if I tell someone we need to acknowledge God as our creator as in Romans 1, you can almost hear the howls. In the next few years, you won't believe what is in store for these stiff necked people. All we have to do is 2 Chron 7:14, to bring sanity back to the world. What are the odds? Most don't even see the problem let alone the solution. We just watched as a woman refused to sign her name to a marriage license and she was locked up. Believing in the Word of God has made us unemployable today. Prison will be next. Our families will be in jeopardy for what we say we will believe. Scripture says there will be a day we will be forced to renounce the name of Jesus or we will be beheaded. We can take the mark of the Antichrist today. There is no need to wait for that day. Silence is an answer. Not voting is an answer. Indifference is an answer,

    God Bless You.