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  • Boom: Surge in support for keeping Electoral College

    12/06/2016 8:51:32 AM PST · 40 of 56
    chuckles to GonzoII
    The problem here is kids aren't taught history anymore. We are a democratic republic, not a democracy that is repeated over and over by almost everyone. A democracy could decide by 50+1% that we will return to a slave owner nation. It was explained to me in grade school as "mob rule".

    Then they spent much time using examples how people in Kansas or Rhode Island would NEVER get anything they wanted due to their population. All the politicians would spend their time and money in NY and California with a few visits to NJ or Chicago and Texas.

    If you can imagine many of these red states today losing on every issue all the time to ideas common in NYC and San Francisco, soon you can imagine the guns coming off the mantle to demand representation on some issues. Just because people with weird ideas seem to congregate in NYC and Ca. doesn't mean they should have more influence in the rest of the country. Why give Washington DC any representation with over 90% voting Dem every election. They vote Dem to grow government and keep their jobs. If a majority of homosexuals live in Ca. then don't be surprised Dems win by a large margin each election. People in the Bible belt would never get anything they wanted. You could teach the advantages of the EC for a week in public school and fix the misinterpretation of the reason we have electors elected to represent us each Federal election.

    In fact, one of the wrong moves we have done over the years is have direct election of Senators. The purpose of states choosing Senators was to have states wishes recognized somewhere. The House was designed to have the people represented by their choice, but the Senate was supposed to have the chore of representing the rights of the state.

    The way things are right now, if there is any changes, right or left, the chance of violence is increased. The Constitution is the touchstone we go to to pay homage to the past and the bond made with our Government 227 years ago. It has served us well for a long time and it should be difficult to change. I think all of us at some time or another has taken thought of some invisible "red line" they would NOT cross and be forced to take up arms. I think changing the EC might be one of them as deleting it would relegate the majority of states opinions to the waste basket forever. The only remedy after that would be force and bloodshed.

    Looking at other direct democracies throughout history will show they don't last a couple of decades before large changes must redesign the government. A republic allows you to design just laws for everyone, that are approved by a majority, that everyone MUST follow, instead of passing laws like ping pong balls changing in the wind depending on who is elected at the time.

  • News conference called on Obama's birth certificate

    12/02/2016 3:10:22 PM PST · 109 of 109
    chuckles to Vendome
    ...."It’s pointless because he has nothing"....

    I have enough in my browser cache to put her away for life.

  • Move On Miss Sloane

    12/02/2016 7:02:00 AM PST · 7 of 20
    chuckles to yetidog
    Hmmmm, anti gun movie in a Trump year,....Hmmm,....I think I'll pass.

    Can you imagine the pitch the writers had to do to get the money for this one?

    Man, what a waste of money!

  • Diaper Man’s Connection to Bethel Redding

    12/01/2016 8:10:00 PM PST · 4 of 5
    chuckles to Morgana

    ping for later.

  • Pope Warns Trump: Do Not Back Away from UN Climate Pact – Pope Declares ‘Crisis of Climatic Change’

    11/29/2016 6:39:35 PM PST · 86 of 116
    chuckles to Dilbert San Diego
    The pope is a Jesuit. That's the problem. He would follow Marx over Jesus. That's not hyperbole. They have supported revolutions, murder, money laundering, gun running, ect. just to see a leftist installed in a country.

    When you study South American politics you will find many nuns and priests murdered by the local dictator when he found the church working against them. It's always the revolution that takes preeminence over murder and criminal behavior. This is another reason you find people like Hugo Chavez popular among the people they devastate. The local religious leaders support the left and enable their oppression of the people. Just look at Nicaragua, Ecuador, and several others down there that couldn't exist without help from the church. Jesus was NOT a communist, no matter what a Jesuit tells you. If you trace back the support of abortion and sodomy in the church, you most likely will trace it back to Jesuit's. Go to Mass, NYC, San Francisco, ect and see what the local church supports. In Kansas, abortion is murder, but in New Jersey, it's the woman's right to choose. Father Phleger(sp?), of Obama fame in Chicago, is a great example of what I speak of. Listen to one of his messages and you will puke.

    The church is in serious trouble with this pope and supernatural means may be required to fix it.

  • Reddit CEO admits editing pro-Trump users' comments

    11/26/2016 12:00:02 AM PST · 11 of 16
    chuckles to bobk3
    I just watched "The Enemies Within" this week and I can tell you they have spent decades undermining America to eventually destroy it. They have gathered together Blacks, Hispanics, women, gays, you name it, to get rid of freedom and capitalism. They will NOT go quietly into the night. This would have been LITERALLY our last election without blood, IMO, if Trump had lost. They are aimed at creating Venezuela of the north before it's over.

    If you get the chance to see it, watch "The Enemies Within". I watched it on Amazon.

  • Progressive Christians to “Take Back Their Faith” After Election

    11/25/2016 9:29:35 AM PST · 33 of 46
    chuckles to Sam's Army
    There is no such animal as progressive Christianity. You are either a follower of Christ or you are not. Making up your own Jesus is idol worship. When someone carves a stick and worships it, he has made up a deity in his head and makes it god. There is the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, and Satan. There is no others. If you can't accept what Jesus has offered, you are lost forever. If you think Jesus would bless chopping babies up for cash, you have "missed the mark", as they say. If you think God changed His mind after Sodom and Gomorrah, you read a different Bible than I do. If you use politics to decide what God thinks, you don't understand the relationship. Jesus said,( in red writing), that you must hate your mother and father and a half dozen others to be worthy to follow Him. Of course He doesn't want you to hate anyone, but what He is saying is NOTHING should come between you and Him, even family. If you put politics ahead of Him, you cannot be His. He will tell you, I never knew you! There are many verses that prophesy these things in the Last Days.

    Isa 4:1 speaks of this.

    Isa 4:1 And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, "We will eat our own food and wear our own apparel; Only let us be called by your name, To take away our reproach." In that day= last days. 7 women= women are churches 7= Christian churches. take hold of one man= Jesus. We will eat our own food= make up our own doctrine. And wear our own apparel= garments are righteousness and our righteousness is as filthy rags before God. Let us be called by your name to take away our reproach= I want to be called Christian, even though I call evil good, and good evil, being called Christian is catchier that being called the church of Satan or follower of Babylon.

    If Jesus is King of Kings, following a political dogma over Christ won't work. Don't "imagine" what Jesus would do, but do what Jesus would do. Listening to false teachers will get you into hell.

  • News conference called on Obama's birth certificate

    11/24/2016 10:51:12 PM PST · 55 of 109
    chuckles to Vendome

    No! The Truth always matters. Just like the investigation needs to go on for Hillary. He can pardon her if he wants, but she need to be confronted with what she did one way or another. What about Huma and all the other creeps that broke the law,....ignore them also? I think not.

    Mention the name "Nixon" and watch the reaction from people that weren't even born then. She and Bill need to be remembered the same way. As it is 10 years from now she will be the mistreated woman always being stepped on by mean men. Feminists will weep thinking of what might have been. No,... there is a name in the Bible that is well remembered,....Jezebel.

  • What Your Favorite Rifle Cartridge Says About You

    11/22/2016 7:50:10 PM PST · 121 of 137
    chuckles to MtnClimber

    I have 2 Ranch Rifles and another Mini 30 and all are accurate. The Mini 30 is probably the least, but look at the round. No problem taking deer at 150 yds. The 2 Mini 14’s are VERY accurate. If you are experiencing problems, maybe have a look at a defect in the stock. I have them scoped with 3x9’s( cheap) and they can hit a quarter at 100 yds, certainly no more than a silver dollar with bench rest at 100yds. I’ll bet a gun shop could find something and fix it cheaper than a new bull barrel bought and mounted. The way the action fits in the stock along with the trigger box is critical and I was told not to keep disassembling it by more than a few. I was told back in the Army not to take my M-14 apart very much. It seems to loosen the action in the wood to do that.

  • Why Was Christ Crucified Between Two Thieves?

    11/21/2016 12:46:31 PM PST · 32 of 36
    chuckles to lurk
    It was prophesied in the OT that He would die among the transgressors,( Isa 53:12) Contrary to what you said, God almost always tells His prophets what is coming before hand. Bible study is just that, studying the Bible. It is meant to be a lifelong pursuit. A good reference Bible will help you at home, but that means you have to pay attention to the notations and read the references in the center column. As Paul warned the Corinthians, he would love to get them off the milk and onto the meat, but they were yet carnal.

    The Bible is like an Easter Egg hunt. There are eggs right out in the open that even a child can understand, yet there are eggs hidden where you have to have the desire to pursue the highest egg count in the end to understand. Most of us pick up the eggs meant for the 5 year old and say, "This is too easy" and move on to other pursuits, never understanding that God has told you so much more if you choose to pursue them. Remember the verses "Knock and it will be opened to you" or "Seek and you will find". The holy Spirit is you teacher and will open your understanding as you seek God.

    If you have a reference Bible like mine, you can go to Isa 52-53 and see a whole slew of stars next to the prophetic verses and Jesus fulfilled each and every one. To NOT do so would mean He is a pretender and NOT the Messiah. Jesus was prophesied hundreds of years before His appearance and then appeared and fulfilled each and every prophesy. This way you can have complete confidence that the Bible is true and that Jesus is the Truth, the Way, and The Life, and no one comes to the Father except through Him. Ask a Muslim how many prophesies of Mohammed have come about?

    Now that SHOULD strengthen everyone's faith that the Bible is True and accurate in all things, but ask 5 people their opinion of Scripture and you will see varying opinions, from complete disbelief, to absolute Truth. I have come to the faith that the Bible is absolute truth, breathed into man, by the Holy Spirit as it says in Scripture, BTW. The trouble comes when we stop the reading of the Bible and even more so, studying the Bible, as of course we all know it's myths and fables according to the world. I'm old enough to remember praying in school and actually having classes in public school in Bible study. Even atheists knew the Bible but just didn't believe. Today, ask a teen who Noah was, or Jonah, or David and even who Jesus is, and many cannot even recall what they did. We have kids today that never heard of Jesus, let alone the Antichrist.

    I'm flabbergasted many times that people know almost nothing about Scripture when it's the most printed book in world history and almost everyone has access of some sort to the Bible. For me it's almost as if blind men are walking across a highway without a dog or a stick and expecting to get where they want to go without even asking directions. People place their entire eternal destination on wives tales and rumors from atheists and liars. God gave us His complete story and we somehow don't want to even read it, let alone speak of it.

    Google "Blair Wingo, Allow me to reintroduce the Christ" and listen or read her poetry. In this poem she pretty much speaks on this very subject. An idol is something we have "carved out" in our minds that becomes our "god." Today's gods bare little resemblance to the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. It's all there in the Bible if we just would read it and absorb what God is telling His people.

  • Complaints filed to police over Jerusalem chief rabbi's anti-LGBT remarks

    11/20/2016 10:43:17 PM PST · 18 of 23
    chuckles to Tax-chick
    I just gave a message to my church about Idol worship. Many think of carved stone or wood as an idol. Today of course we have added TV, money, sex, food, etc. But what most don't think of is carving a new god in their mind. The god that accepts sodomy might be one today. How about the one that thinks baby's aren't babies while in the womb. The God of the Bible doesn't even resemble any of the god's we find in mainline churches today. The preacher will even preach that he can't preach on these subjects because they are "political". No, it's Biblical and they need to preach it.

    Worshiping a god that doesn't agree with the Bible is no different than falling down in front of a carved stump. When Peter was told not to preach Jesus, he quickly decided to follow God's law and not man's law.

  • The Walking Dead Discussion Thread: Season 7 Episode 5

    11/20/2016 10:32:21 PM PST · 24 of 40
    chuckles to Harpotoo
    ...."Another crappy episode,"....

    The wife and I were just saying the same tonight. I'm already sick of the Saviors. The kid with one eye needs to stab a guy with a Mini Gun and then pick it up and wipe them out and we need another plot to emerge. Dad bowing down to Negan makes everyone sick and he will end up losing the chick with the sword. No one wants the weepers bowing down. He'd be better off dying as the red headed guy did, at least with a little honor. Let's move on people. Maybe find a cure or something and finish the show.

  • Pope Francis Driving Unprecedented Wedge in Vatican

    11/18/2016 1:20:41 AM PST · 14 of 15
    chuckles to Robwin
    ..."What does that say about the leadership of the Church?"...

    Same thing I've said for decades now.

    I started years ago complaining that the government of the church needed to do something about The Kennedy's, Kerry, Pelosi, Biden, ect for voting for abortion( and later sodomy) and nothing happen in the church. How does Massachusetts keep voting Dem if most are RCC's? NYC? Chicago? The same Bishops hobnob with criminals, mobsters, politicians, et al, and then preach pro life on Sunday. Kennedy dies and there are thousands acting like he won't burn in hell after the life he lived. I would watch the usual suspects vote on Planned parenthood and make the rounds on the talking head shows with ashes on their foreheads like they had repented or something. Jesus said we would know them by their fruit. They say who am I to judge? Well, I'm a fruit inspector when it comes to murdering babies.

    It's the leadership in the church that is demon possessed. People here would ask why I would "bash" the church and accuse me of Catholic bashing. Well, as Rev Wright says, the chickens have come home to roost. Francis has to go, how do you get him out. Going from John, to Benedict, to Francis shows the decline in the church dramatically.

    Sure, people will say "My priest is fine and I get the Word each weekend" or "I have a conservative parish" or whatever, but we all see the top is rotten.

    There will come a time to decide between Jesus, or the church. It's happened to Lutherans, Episcopalians, Methodists, and others. To think it won't happen in the RCC is burying you head in the sand.

  • Pope Francis Driving Unprecedented Wedge in Vatican

    11/18/2016 1:20:20 AM PST · 13 of 15
    chuckles to Robwin
    ..."What does that say about the leadership of the Church?"...

    Same thing I've said for decades now.

    I started years ago complaining that the government of the church needed to do something about The Kennedy's, Kerry, Pelosi, Biden, ect for voting for abortion( and later sodomy) and nothing happen in the church. How does Massachusetts keep voting Dem if most are RCC's? NYC? Chicago? The same Bishops hobnob with criminals, mobsters, politicians, et al, and then preach pro life on Sunday. Kennedy dies and there are thousands acting like he won't burn in hell after the life he lived. I would watch the usual suspects vote on Planned parenthood and make the rounds on the talking head shows with ashes on their foreheads like they had repented or something. Jesus said we would know them by their fruit. They say who am I to judge? Well, I'm a fruit inspector when it comes to murdering babies.

    It's the leadership in the church that is demon possessed. People here would ask why I would "bash" the church and accuse me of Catholic bashing. Well, as Rev Wright says, the chickens have come home to roost. Francis has to go, how do you get him out. Going from John, to Benedict, to Francis shows the decline in the church dramatically.

    Sure, people will say "My priest is fine and I get the Word each weekend" or "I have a conservative parish" or whatever, but we all see the top is rotten.

    There will come a time to decide between Jesus, or the church. It's happened to Lutherans, Episcopalians, Methodists, and others. To think it won't happen in the RCC is burying you head in the sand.

  • Catching a Bullet Trick

    11/17/2016 10:23:53 AM PST · 5 of 14
    chuckles to SolidRedState

    Maybe some of the anti Trump protesters will try this.

  • Breaking: Media List of “Fake” News Websites Includes: Breitbart, Infowars, Zerohedge, Tw(tr)

    11/16/2016 10:28:06 AM PST · 72 of 89
    chuckles to lafroste

    I’m going to watch my copy of “1984” this afternoon. I’m sure I will notice some more similarities I’ve forgotten. I’ll bet schools don’t require 1984 or Animal Farm anymore.

  • Saudi Arabia Issues Warning To Trump: Don’t Stop Saudi Oil Imports

    11/16/2016 7:59:57 AM PST · 45 of 67
    chuckles to bananaman22
    Here is what I've wanted for years now. Bring coal back for electricity. Produce Nat Gas and export it to Europe to relieve the pressure Russia is putting on them. Finish all pipelines to make sure we are strategically protected from all scenario's. Produce all oil that is economic and sell any excess. Stop subsidizing any energy source to let the market decide what is best. Wind and solar cannot produce without government money we don't have.

    What this gets us is energy security, an export to sell for trade imbalances, pressure on Saudi Arabia and Russia, and relief for Europe from Russia blackmailing them.

    We shouldn't leave coal in the ground when we are the "Saudi Arabia" of coal. Us using our own coal frees up other energy for sale elsewhere. Nat Gas is flared off right now that could be sold for quite a profit. If Nat Gas is $2-$5 and Europe is buying from Russia for $10-$14 with the threat of cutting off the valve in Eastern Europe controlled by them. If Russia is boxed in from causing trouble, you know it will do the same for the ME.

    I'm 65 yo and the ME has been turning screws on the world and especially the US since I was in my 20's.We need to buy from and have the infrastructure to move energy from our friends to insure protection from our enemies. Alaska, Canada, and Mexico could back up what we can't produce in the US proper. This is a once in a lifetime alignment of the stars if we just take advantage of it. If you noticed, we could have been doing this for decades now but no one seems to want to make America Great Again until now. If Trump lets this opportunity slide by, He isn't the deal maker he said he was, or he's just another politician trying to please the lobbyists. We have all 3 branches and soon will own the courts. There is no excuse this time for not securing our energy future for a hundred years right now. If you look at things like I do, you see pols, both Rep and Dem that have allowed our country to be raped by the ME and threatened by Russia when we had the solution all along. The Dept of Energy is as useful as the 3rd teat on a male hog unless they use some sort of strategy to insure the energy independence of the US. Someone remind me of ANY plan they have come up with in the last 50 years that used any kind of strategy to help the US. If for no other reason, Russia is about broke right now and a low oil price for an extended time would beak them, and I shouldn't have to remind people that the ME finances trouble all over the world with our energy money. They pay their people with oil money and it would rearrange their priorities very quickly.

  • Bloomberg Reporter: Ted Cruz Under Consideration for Attorney General

    11/15/2016 11:12:32 PM PST · 118 of 226
    chuckles to SeekAndFind
    SCOTUS! Yes!Yes!Yes!


    Senator-fine with me.

  • Wildly condescending ’60 Minutes’ host blames Trump for America’s fears, scolds HIM for riots

    11/14/2016 8:59:33 AM PST · 83 of 104
    chuckles to tekrat
    Here is where Trump may make an error if someone doesn't remind him that the press is NOT his friend. Back when Gingrich and Rep took congress, Rush Limbaugh told his audience that Newt was in the press too much and someone needs to remind him they are NOT his friend. Sure enough, it didn't take long to turn on him and eventually destroyed him. He eventually took all the blame for everything and was drummed out of the Speaker ship. How many times have you seen Pelosi on the news? She lost the house a couple of times and she is still there.

    If Trump is going to these set up interviews, and be painted as the craziest imbecile and the "honeymoon will be over Jan 21,2017. Someone needs to tell him to do what he wants to do and send someone else to talk to the press. They are NOT his friend and he can't make them friendly. He may think these people are still friendly from his TV days, but they will never be that again.

  • 2016 Election Results (Why am I not seeing 306??)

    11/14/2016 8:32:27 AM PST · 6 of 94
    chuckles to Freemeorkillme

    The official state authorities have not called Mich or NH yet. Trump has the requisite 270 so the race is called, but the “official” number is not finished yet.

  • Prayers of Protection for Those Exposing Pedophile Ring

    11/14/2016 8:29:42 AM PST · 31 of 54
    chuckles to TennTuxedo
    ...."You do pray to angels to pray to God for you."....

    1 Tim 2:5 says there is only one to pray to, that being Jesus. Angels are dispatched by God, they can't follow what you say. If you pray to something or someone, they are your deity, not the God of the Bible. Jesus has been given all authority in heaven. When the veil ripped from top to bottom in the Temple, we ourselves gained access to God through Jesus Christ and Him alone. The separation was repaired by His sacrifice. Praying to God through dead people or angels is blasphemy to Jesus's sacrifice.

    By praying to a dead person, you are having a seance. The spirit you raise is NOT the spirit you might think. There is only one to pray to and that is Father in heaven in the name of Jesus.

    Rom_8:34 Who is he who condemns? It is Christ who died, and furthermore is also risen, who is even at the right hand of God, who also makes intercession for us.

    Heb_7:25 Therefore He is also able to save to the uttermost those who come to God through Him, since He always lives to make intercession for them.

    Jesus died to make intercession for us. People didn't die to give us anything. Angels didn't sacrifice themselves for us. If Mary could have died to pay for our sins, why did Christ have to? She was a "daughter of men", another name for "sinner". Jesus was born of God ergo the Son of God. No other sacrifice could remove the gulf between God and man. Pray to God in the name of Jesus to be heard in heaven. There is no other name under heaven to be heard. Praying to men and angels is idol worship.

  • Prayers of Protection for Those Exposing Pedophile Ring

    11/14/2016 12:21:45 AM PST · 19 of 54
    chuckles to sockmonkey

    You are not to pray to angels. Pray to God. Do not worship angels. Jesus is your advocate. Each time a saint bowed to an angel, the angel said DON’T DO THAT. If the Angel said to take your shoes off because you are on Holy Ground, that was Jesus, the Angel of the Lord.

  • They found the buses! Dozens lined up just blocks away from the Austin protests.

    11/10/2016 6:44:12 AM PST · 46 of 171
    chuckles to maggief


  • Who Won The Popular Vote?

    11/09/2016 3:35:10 PM PST · 44 of 67
    chuckles to Clintonfatigued

    This is a red herring thrown out every election by the left. The American system as designed to stop high population states from swamping the more rural states with their fascism. Just because NY and Ca are loaded with libs doesn’t mean they get to decide for Wy what they do with their guns. Every cycle, the same ole bunch starts whining about how we are a democracy and this isn’t fair. We are NOT a democracy and this is why democracy isn’t good. We are a republic, or better yet, a democratic republic. We elect people to represent us and make laws that everyone must follow. Democracy is basically mob rule. If we lived in a democracy, we could vote 50% +1 and get slavery back, or get all the guns picked up. We have a Constitution with a Bill of Rights that is enforced for all unless you get an Amendment passed to change it. With a democracy, you get the mob to vote your way and it’s done.
    The Constitution is plain about the electoral college and it’s not some antiquated thing with no purpose today. It’s working and has always worked to pick the president the STATES want.

  • Excuse my party-pooping rant, but...

    11/09/2016 10:55:50 AM PST · 46 of 55
    chuckles to fwdude

    I’ve been looking for the final counts around the country and they seem to be frozen at last night levels. Are there still states that haven’t been called? Did AZ get called? What was the final count for Trump? Do we have union vote counters that just decided to stop counting at 93% and go home? Are some counties filling out ballots as we speak before finishing the count? Maybe we need illegals counting doing the jobs Americans won’t do.

  • “Don't Stop Believin” – Journey (1981)

    11/08/2016 11:09:31 AM PST · 14 of 14
    chuckles to simpson96

    I love the group, love the song, but you must know this is the Dem these song back when Bill was running.

  • Women are decorating Susan B. Anthony's grave with 'I Voted' stickers

    11/08/2016 10:08:31 AM PST · 39 of 60
    chuckles to Mrs. Don-o

    She was pro life, but also helped the Republican party. If she could have voted it would be for Republicans. The Libs are co opting Republican icons as their own like they have Lincoln. If you ask the average lib, they think he was a Democrat.

  • Need Android help

    11/08/2016 7:33:55 AM PST · 20 of 20
    chuckles to indyman777
    Ping to the top. I'm pretty sure I can get it rooted. It's the other stuff that scares me. When you start to see commands like erase the cache and a couple of other things involved with wiping your SD card, I need to know what is right and wrong. I need a backup I know I can find because it looks like the backup would be on my SD card. Then I have to take an image from my PC and get it to my tablet and put it somewhere. Probably again the internal memory of the tablet.What program does what?

    Reading some of the sites that do this you see that they even can overclock the tablet and give new capabilities to it without throwing it away. What we are doing here is trying to upgrade the tablet without throwing it out for a new one. Samsung has quit upgrading to get people to buy a new one every couple of years. Most of the sites talk about upgrading their phones to new operating systems and their phone is suddenly better.

    I don't know if people notice, but after awhile, their "new" phone starts slowing down and getting more "glitchy" as time goes on, until you finally get disgusted and buy a new phone. Chances are what they are asking the phone to do could be done, but only with a new OS.

    The OS my tablet has won't overclock, but getting the OS a couple of numbers higher allows a 1.2 ghz to 1.4 ghz turbo upgrade. Certain camera chips can be ungraded to higher megapixels, ect. The phone or tablet you have has usually been hobbled with software, not the hardware, and you might stretch the useful life of the device by years if you are able to change the OS yourself. It was well known the first Samsung tabs had higher capability that the original software gave it. Just like my desktop had a 3.2 ghz dual core chip and a limit of 2 gigs of memory, I have overclocked it to 3.8 ghz and reflashed the Bios to accept 3 gigs of memory. The BIOS image was modified by 3rd party people. You can put 4 gigs in it and it recognizes it, but it only will use 3 gigs. That allows me to keep an almost 20 year old MB and run even Windows 10 if I choose to. I have an I3 and an I5 laptop and the desktop is just as fast for what I do. I'm still on 7 just because I don't like 10. I think many of the 2-3 yo phones are thrown away that could be upgraded to the newest OS and extend their usefulness. many of the newest features, people could live without, like fingerprint security, a new camera from 10 megapixel to a 20 megapixel. What difference in the real world are we talking about? If you have the money,...great, but many would just as soon keep their old phone if it would just run faster and do what it did when it was new.

  • Need Android help

    11/07/2016 11:29:55 PM PST · 8 of 20
    chuckles to MountainWalker
    The web is full of custom Roms for this tablet. Of course none of them are guaranteed to work, especially without bugs. There are many that have several kudo's that they work fine, but you know how that goes. The Tablet is old enough now that it doesn't really fit what I want to do with it anymore. I figure if I can swap OS's, I can always go back to the original providing I can understand exactly how they work.

    I've built Intel boxes since the 286 in 1984 and MS3.1, but I have NEVER been able to understand the architecture of Linux. It's like it came from Mars and I have to make it work. Everyone seems to think I should know what a tar ball is and which partition to put it in. I have loaded dozens of machines with Linux of all stripes and I can always get to the desktop and say,....What now? I can't even update Firefox to the latest version with it right there in the browser window. Why can't they just have a file named Android 4.1.exe and you double click it and go to the bathroom and come back with an updated machine? No, you need the proper version of Debian or Suse to fit an OS named Mint or Ubuntu, and the right program to extract the file and then it won't go to the place it's supposed to go. I feel like that movie with Adam Sandler golfing, where he hits the ball with a hockey stick and hollers "GO HOME, GO HOME", and it just won't go.

  • Need Android help

    11/07/2016 10:45:17 PM PST · 4 of 20
    chuckles to Berlin_Freeper

    Been to that exact page for a couple of weeks now watching vids and reading posts. They all act like I’m supposed to be a Linux guru. I’m pretty sure I can get it rooted, but what then? I want it backed up,...I want to know where the backup is,...and I want to know how to get the backup restored before I even start to do this.

  • Need Android help

    11/07/2016 10:27:17 PM PST · 1 of 20
  • Did Judas and Pontius Pilate End up in Hell?

    11/06/2016 1:10:51 AM PDT · 73 of 107
    chuckles to Not gonna take it anymore
    ...."If Pilate went to purgatory"....

    No such thing as purgatory.

  • Texas Community Goes Underground for Doomsday Prep

    11/04/2016 11:48:31 AM PDT · 11 of 12
    chuckles to nickcarraway
    All of this is for nothing if you are a Christian. Revelation is clear that if you don't go in the Rapture, you MUST be killed for Christ to go to heaven. Lets say you are skilled enough to survive the purge by the Beast for 2-3 years, Rev 13:10 tells us if you kill by the sword, you must die by the sword. Don't think you are going to get a pass by killing your neighbor to get their food and ammo for yourself. In that verse "the patience of the saints" is mentioned. What is that, you might ask? Rev 14:12 tells you that you must keep the Commandments of God and the faith of Jesus to have the patience of the saints. Most preppers I know are looking to kill or be killed, steal rather than starve, rape women, and jut basically act like the Walking Dead clans in this lawless time. Remember, the only reason you are still reading is you might be interested in what is required of a confessing Christian in this trying time.

    Finally, lets read Rev 14:13. God is telling us that we would be blessed to be dead by now. He is relaying that there is NO HOPE from here on out, so just give up and die for Christ. You had the choice to kill your flesh in the baptismal and live as a new creature for Christ. If you are left behind in the Rapture, you match the foolish virgins that said they were Christian, but Jesus didn't know them in the wedding party and they were left behind to "buy and sell". The mark of the Beast will be offered and if you must not take it. If you are still running around without the mark, why are you avoiding going to be with Jesus? If you take the mark, you just bought no more than 3.5 years at the most and you will get sick and burn in hell for eternity. If you are still hiding, you must live a Christian life in a world of murder, and sin.

    Jesus is coming for His Bride. Those are the ones that love Him now, more than this life in this foreign country. Fall in love with Jesus. Serve Him now. Look forward to His coming. Have faith that He is who he says He is. If you say you love Jesus, but hang on to this world, you are double minded. The Earth is temporary and eternity is reality. There is nothing wrong with having extra food and supplies in case of emergency, but we MUST loosen our grip on this world to be pleasing to God. If your Bride said she loved you, but never seems to want to come be with you, can you still believe her? Any Bible reader can tell if God's judgement is here or just man's judgement. If it's God's judgement, you won't escape living in a hole in the ground.

  • Man Found Hiding Under 11-Year-Old Girl's Bed

    10/31/2016 12:29:32 AM PDT · 34 of 45
    chuckles to Berlin_Freeper
    Is their a pic of the 11 yo.

    Carlos Danger

  • (vanity) Did Weiner cut a deal?

    10/29/2016 12:53:07 AM PDT · 36 of 94
    chuckles to UCANSEE2

    Yeah I thought the same thing. Your boss gives you an I7 with all the bells and whistles,( you know they buy the best with tax money), and tells you to take it out of town and beat the hell out of it with a hammer. So you take it home and reinstall windowz and call it yours. Then your stinking perv husband gets busted and they take your stuff to the FBI lab and find emails she said she erased with Top Secret stuff and you say WADEAMINUTE!! It ain’t mine! Let’s make a deal!

  • Genisis 18:32 "For the sake of 10 I will not destroy it" (vanity post)

    10/28/2016 11:28:52 PM PDT · 27 of 29
    chuckles to KittenClaws
    I think you missed the point of the Bible verse. God said "There is none good, no not one." Jesus and the angels came to Abraham before destroying Sodom to tell him they would get Lot and family out. The bargaining was a waste of time because God had already rendered judgement and sent the angels to execute judgement. The bargaining is a natural reaction for most people thinking surely God won't really do this, when it is promised all through out Scripture. Lev 18:22-30 is pretty clear what God thinks of homosexuality as is several places in Scripture. Lev 18:22 is about the land. If you go to Luke 17:26 we find as it was in the days of Noah. Well the rainbow was a covenant between Noah and God and Satan has projected it on the WH as a counterfeit. The very next verse was about Lott,Sodom and Gomorrah. Both subjects speak of coming judgement. Not one drop of rain,( judgement) or brimstone,( judgement), fell on Lott. That doesn't apply to man's violence, but to the judgement of God. There will be wars and rumors of wars, famine and pestilence, but it will be man made.

    We will be held responsible for removing God and prayer from school, fornication, drugs, homosexuality, and of course abortion. We are God's people and we are the ones sitting on the sidelines doing nothing. 2 Chron 7:14.

  • A Vatican enemies list?

    10/20/2016 9:57:59 AM PDT · 5 of 6
    chuckles to ebb tide
    Why can't a pope just say," If you support a person that supports abortion, you are as guilty as the person that has an abortion." (Romans 1:32) Same with sodomites. Rom 1 24-29)

    How can a whole denomination sit silently while their own adherents support Satanic heresies? RCC's have voted Dem over 50+% for decades now without a peep. Famous Catholics push their rebellion right in the face of the papacy, like any Kennedy, Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, and a thousand others, and still receive Sacraments. What is preached where whole states, like Massachusetts can remain Dem for decades and remain predominately Catholic?

    RCC's seem to enjoy the power they have in the NE to the point is has become a meme for Governors, mayors, police chiefs, Aldermen, ect are all Catholic, but never use their power for anything rightious. In fact many times they are connected to organized crime, but are cozy with their Bishop or Cardinal? If you ask a non catholic what stands out as a trait of RCC's you will many times get "anti abortion", yet in reality the majority votes Dem every 4 years.

    Now we have gay marriage instituted and yet again,...not a peep from RCC's. It's more difficult to get the tooth paste back in the tube once it's out, but RCC's are quiet yet again.

    How far away can the acceptance of women priests, divorce, and a dozen more doctrinal apostasies be from acceptance?

    Remembering we barely said a peep when prayer was taken from school, how long are we to leave the LIGHT under a basket? Has salt lost it's flavor? If we do nothing and say nothing, what exactly is our purpose for being here? We certainly aren't "building" God's church on Earth. If we agree with the "world", how can we claim the Earth is not our home?

  • Gun Owners Better Vote Trump

    10/19/2016 10:03:15 AM PDT · 33 of 36
    chuckles to july4thfreedomfoundation
    I've been on FR a lot of years and have seen this topic come and go many times. I've read and heard this rhetoric many times. The question always is, do you mean it? Who's gonna do it? Have you joined a militia? ECT. I find many are big talk and no bite. If there was mass confiscation, the most likely scenario would be to bury them or hide them somewhere, which puts them out of reach if you need them.

    Another thing most civilians don't know is what tech the military has now. You could bury them in Colorado on a mountain and a pass with a helo would find most stashes in 10 minutes. They have machines that can see through your walls, and see you in your bedroom with no open windows and place a .50 cal in your brain pan and never even know they are outside. They can turn your phone into a microphone with a GPS location to follow you right to the hole you intend to bury them in. If you join a militia, they probably have recorded your meetings and followed the members home to watch them.

    Unless you have been in the military at a high level, most people have no idea what could be done today to find "bad guys".

    You might be right the first few weeks as cops get shot, then the military, but very soon, the big dogs will be unleashed and you would have SEALS, Delta Force, ect on your case. You and your family would be dead and weapons confiscated before breakfast.

    The trick here is don't let someone get in office that doesn't want to enforce the Bill of Rights. A good thing right now is I don't know of any,( there could be a few) cops that would do this and they aren't cool with BLM Clinton. But there are always a few that need the job or operate without principle that might take the order. If this was a federal order, it would probably be the military in the first place. Joining a militia would eventually be necessary, but you have to know you would be on the radar very early.

  • Okeefe Twitter hinting at something big?

    10/19/2016 8:59:21 AM PDT · 33 of 152
    chuckles to bella1
    The deal is we just have a couple of weeks to get stuff out. If you know about the bone head morons that are high on dope 24/7, they barely know who is running.

    We, that follow this stuff don't understand it has to be repeated a thousand times for the brain dead to pick it up. Many are already voting. It's past time for the "October surprise".

    The morons have already voted and the ones that haven't don't follow the news. We could find a body in the basement and they would say it's a Rep conspiracy. Just go read the WAPO comment section for 5 minutes and see what I'm talking about. We need the crap dumped NOW!

  • Arlington Refugee Resettlement: No Questions Answered, No Reporting Allowed

    10/18/2016 8:17:48 PM PDT · 11 of 20
    chuckles to MtnClimber
    I just heard a rumor a couple of days ago about a few Syrian refugees moved into my town of 2500. Congressman was called and he knew about it but didn't know where they were located. They seem to move them in in secret and keep it that way as long as possible.

    How am I going to deliver my welcome basket if I don't know where they live?/s

  • A Christian view of the election

    10/18/2016 2:57:16 PM PDT · 22 of 32
    chuckles to reasonisfaith
    IMHO, after a person is saved, they quickly forget where they came from and pride starts moving in so they forget quickly that they were pretty bad before they received grace by faith. It's forgotten that they did NOTHING to deserve salvation and the person they revile is loved by God just as they were.

    If a homosexual comes to church, he/she is looking for something they can't find on their own. We need to accept them, but explain to them their sin, just like the ones I had forgiven, cannot be tolerated in the Kingdom of God.

    The church at Corinth had sin in their midst and Paul told them how to handle it. I've been told Trump has recently been born again. I don't expect him to be perfect overnight. Sanctification takes a lifetime.

  • A Christian view of the election

    10/18/2016 2:48:22 PM PDT · 21 of 32
    chuckles to xenia
    ..."We have never had a Franklin Graham type for President,"...

    I'm 65 yo and can tell you scandals like we have now would not have worked in the past. No one expected POTUS to walk on water, but rape? Hundreds of mistresses? Lies and treason? Selling access to government?

    I know we had the Tea Pot Dome and Alger Hiss and other things, but the majority of the country thought these were bad things and needed to be prosecuted. NOTHING seems bad enough to disqualify Clinton, but talking dirty will get you sexual assault charges. I'm still so angry about the IRS going after the Tea Party I shake just thinking about it. Nixon was impeached partly for his enemies list and his use of the government for it.

  • A Christian view of the election

    10/18/2016 2:38:54 PM PDT · 20 of 32
    chuckles to frnewsjunkie
    ..."We’re talking ‘evil’ here"...

    I agree. People need to stop thinking about what he said and look at what SHE will do. Just take ONE promise she makes and assume congress stops everything else.

    Wide open borders! America will be finished in a couple of years.

    Tax hike! The economy will crash back to below 2008 levels. Gun control! I have to watch what I type here, but let's just say America WON"T accept that without force.

    Foreign policy. Let's just say I haven't seen any in 8 years.

    To withhold a vote for Trump for bad language is beyond stupid.

  • A Christian view of the election

    10/18/2016 2:30:39 PM PDT · 15 of 32
    chuckles to jonno
    ..." she now is solidly supporting Trump."....

    This should be the normal "evolution" of the election. Last time out, evangelicals nixed Romney because he was a Mormon. So we got the Muslim. ....Makes sense to them I guess.

    I have lots of problems with Mormonism, but we aren't picking the church we go to. I'm sure most of us could agree with the moral stances Mormons take on abortion, sodomy, freedom of religion, ect. I don't think Romney's big issue was to get everyone to drink milk or wear special underwear. The filter American Christians put people through would filter out most of their own family members, let alone a fellow believer.

  • A Christian view of the election

    10/18/2016 11:57:47 AM PDT · 1 of 32
  • Avoid the gut shot, or you'll gag

    10/18/2016 8:21:02 AM PDT · 6 of 8
    chuckles to w1n1

    I was wondering what they expected to find. When you pull the trigger, the fun is over and the works starts. If it’s that hard, don’t hunt and save the animal for me.

  • The Feast of Tabernacles - The Establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven!

    10/15/2016 1:16:20 AM PDT · 4 of 6
    chuckles to The Ignorant Fisherman

    ping for later

  • Nations, Fighting Powerful Refrigerant That Warms Planet, Reach Landmark Deal

    10/15/2016 1:11:47 AM PDT · 22 of 48
    chuckles to justlittleoleme

    R12 was banned 30 years ago. The Ozone hole is the same size as it’s always been. But Freon went from 88 cents a can to $9 a can. The next iteration will be even higher.

  • Dems Seek to Subvert Catholic Church

    10/14/2016 10:35:57 AM PDT · 4 of 9
    chuckles to mainestategop
    I was about to post that The Dems in the church are already on their way to destroy the church. When you have Pelosi, Biden, Kerry and others, together with this new "pope"( I had to put it in quotes), changing the teachings of the church, get ready for at least a split in the church, just as the protestant denominations have experienced. You end up with believers and heretics using the same name. Isaiah 4:1 says in the last days there will be 7 women claiming the same man, and inventing their own doctrines with righteousness coming from themselves, but they still want to claim Christ so they can still be called "Christians". At this rate they could worship Satan and tell others they still qualify as Christian.

    This will be the cause of Ecumenicism. It's coming, get ready.

  • Anyone here a member of the American Nationalist Party?

    10/14/2016 12:43:05 AM PDT · 17 of 28
    chuckles to MrShoop
    Yeah, that's the first thing I thought of when I heard "nationalist". Probably Neo Nazi.

    If we can't rearrange the Rep party, it's over people. Trying to lift up the Constitution party or even start a new party is the tallest order. If you had the organization to bring the NRA, Christians, military and police, and bring them all to a new party like the Constitution party, it might work. The most likely thing however is to split the Rep party in 2 pieces and never win an election again. Rebuild the Rep Party from within.

    One very fixable problem is to convince Christians to vote! Then convince them to vote conservative. If we have 55+ % of Catholics voting Dem, that's a big problem. I keep wondering which priests are preaching sodomy is OK, or baby murder will be forgiven, or any one of a few dozen more sins the Dems stand for. Every election we go through this scenario with most Catholics voting for Satan and his minions. They get cover from Biden, Pelosi, all the Kennedy's, and more, voting Dem and still getting the Sacraments. I keep bringing it up and people start in on me about Catholic bashing instead of mobilizing against Pelosi and company. There are good people in the pews, but the higher ups, from Bishop's on up are in the political machine to get Dems elected. I keep griping about Jesuit's and now we have a Jesuit pope. The Jesuit's would rather foment revolution and overthrow a government than worship God. Just watch the South and Central American countries and see where the trouble starts. The Jesuit's are the ones propping up Chavez types all over the world.

    Now we know Hillary and company want the same thing here. I think someone called it Christian democracy. I got news,...Jesus is NOT a democracy. The King of Kings is NOT interested in what politicians think.

    The NRA will go where the best deal is. The military and police will go where they don't burn the flag.

    We could build a winning conservative party, but it take real work to do it. The churches will have to ditch the idea that both parties are equal in the eyes of God, and preach it from the pulpit even if it means legal trouble. The Apostles went to jail and took beating to preach the Word. It looks like we could loose a 501c3 or two for God. Everybody staying home, or splitting into splinter groups like Libertarians and Constitution party's won't get it done.