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  • "I Don't Trust Deutsche Bank" David Stockman Unleashes Truth Bomb

    02/09/2016 8:38:51 PM PST · 13 of 15
    chuckles to ameribbean expat

    CNBC stated that DB had $75 trillion in derivatives and credit swaps. They were trying to figure out how much was in oil, China, ect. You could feel the spine shiver as they went to commercial. Then they had a Citi guy say the WORLD is in a death spiral. Now we have to wait a year to see if we can get a tax cut, kill the EPA and other regulators and try to survive.

  • Pope believes Putin is the man to help Christians around the world

    02/09/2016 9:16:10 AM PST · 21 of 26
    chuckles to mac_truck
    ...."Crimea still is Christian"....

    So you are saying Russia having a deep water port is better for over a billion Christians over the world and the 200 million Christians in the US will benefit with Russia having a no ice port with access to the Mediterranean as better for us? Do you think Putin won't push the button on Christians? Jews?

    In my mind, having a firewall separating atheist Russia from the rest of the world is a good thing. What pope Francis is drawn to is another fellow traveler having power over the west, not Jesus. I fail to see any Christianity when Putin attacked innocent women and children with no mercy to gain territory. You must have missed the Russians cutting the babies out of pregnant women and hanging their bodies out of windows as they destroyed Crimea. Did you think that was a "good shot" when they shot down a passenger plane over Ukraine?( filled with Christians I might add)

    Being occupied is not the same as being "part" of Orthodox Russia.

    Were you born before Reagan and the Berlin Wall? Maybe you have no memory of what exactly we are talking about. Google "Russia Ukraine war" and look for pictures. It might give you an idea of what it means to be part of Russia. My daughter is 31 and has no real memory of what the whole world went through for 70 years hiding under school desks, and watching their mischief in Cuba, Africa, Europe, well, basically all over the world. The problem I see with the new pope is he is a Jesuit. He will be conflicted between politics and Jesus because most Jesuits think Jesus was a Communist. When you see trouble in S. American countries, the root of it is many times a bunch of Jesuits starting revolutions and ending up involved in murder and war crimes. Look at Venezuela and Chavez. He felt God was on his side and local priests heard his confession and fed him Eucharist right before he put bullets in hundreds of people's heads.

    Francis could very well support despots thinking he is doing God's will. Pope John was instrumental( with Reagan, and Thatcher), in knocking the Soviet Union down. Just because the snake is smaller doesn't mean it's not poisonous and afraid to bite.

  • Pope believes Putin is the man to help Christians around the world

    02/09/2016 7:51:07 AM PST · 2 of 26
    chuckles to Trumpinator

    Crimea was Christian and Ukraine is Christian. He murdered thousands in both places. This pope is scary nuts.

  • Are These the Last Days? Pondering a Text of St. Paul's

    02/08/2016 6:54:00 PM PST · 30 of 69
    chuckles to FreedomStar3028

    The word is “harpazo” in Greek, 1 Thess 4:17, translated as caught up. In Latin, it is more like the word rapture. I don’t do Latin so I rely on the Greek G726 in Strongs. “Harpazo” appears 13 times in the KJV. We go to meet Jesus in the air. He doesn’t set foot on earth till after the Tribulation. Some words not in the Bible is pope, nuns, and cardinals.

  • Are These the Last Days? Pondering a Text of St. Paul's

    02/08/2016 4:01:01 PM PST · 24 of 69
    chuckles to Cats Pajamas

    see #23

  • Are These the Last Days? Pondering a Text of St. Paul's

    02/08/2016 3:57:20 PM PST · 23 of 69
    chuckles to FreedomStar3028
    It's sort of involved and is taught in Bible study. The verse referred to about not knowing the day or the hour refers to the Rapture spoken of in Thessalonians. It's not referring to the "Second Coming" of Christ". These are two separate events.

    You will find several Bible verses speaking on "thief in the night" speaking to many Christians not knowing, or believing, in Jesus calling us UP to Him in the heavens BEFORE the Second Coming. These people will be left behind because they weren't looking for the "Thief". The thief in the night for the Jews was the chief priest walking in the night to find guards sleeping and took their garments. On some Feast of Trumpets in the future we will be removed as Christians to meet Christ in the air and will avoid the coming Tribulation. Rev 3:10 speaks of the Church of Brotherly Love being spared this test. The letters to the churches in Revelation are probably the most important verses in the whole Bible other than Jesus explaining how to be saved. They describe each one of us and speaks to what we need to do to avoid the AntiChrist and the judgement on the Earth. There are some denominations that don't believe that the Church will be Raptured and therefore will be left behind to face the AntiChrist and the Seals, Trumpets, and Bowels of God.

    To keep from writing a book here and wasting a bunch of time for people that believe differently, Can we all agree that God has rehearsals for what He is about to do? The Feasts of the Lord spoken of in Lev 23 have given us The Passover murder of Jesus, Unleavened Bread in the Temple cleaning, and First Fruits with Jesus rising from the grave. 50 days later Pentecost came giving us the Holy Spirit verses the Law on Mt Sinai, thousands of years earlier. God has drawn this picture and kept them to the day and hour he promised. The next thing on God's clock is Rosh Hashanah, or Feast of Trumpets. It must happen on some Trumpets Feast in the future or God has been fooling His people for eons. In Israel, the day no one knows is known to be Rosh Hashanah because it lasts 2 days. Just as Turkey Day is known in America as Thanksgiving, Jews know this day.

    Now, has there been an end of days before in Scripture? The Great Flood of Noah was just such a day. Matthew even tells us, as it was in the days of Noah to get our attention for the End of Days. If we look at Genesis 7:4, God warned Noah to get in the Ark 7 days in advance of the rain. Noah didn't get one drop of God's judgement on his head. The same with Lot. Lot and family were warned at least 3 days before fire fell. Jonah was sent to warn Nineveh before their judgement and they repented. The way to avoid God's judgement is for the people to repent. At some point, we won't repent.( I believe that day is now) Read Leviticus 18:22-30 and tell me if we can fix this before God comes. I highly doubt it.

    There is MUCH more on these prophesies in the rest of the Scriptures. Isaiah, Ezekiel, Joel, Zech, and many others all address this coming calamity.

    Rev 1:3 tells us the book is a prophesy and we are blessed to read it. Some claim it happened in 70 AD but it was written in 92-94 AD and John tells us it is about things to come. Would you not feel blessed if you read it, believed it, and followed it's Truth to avoid having your head removed by the Beast?

    If you look back at the times God spoke to His people, they heard His voice, but others heard lighting and thunder as the men with Paul on the road to Damascus. A word study of "lightning and thunder" throughout the Bible will reveal much about who hears what.

    Talking about this on FR, I'm sure will get the flames going, but that's fine for me. My Job is to warn people so there blood is not on my head. Many people only believe what someone tells them and never look into what they said. That includes Bible teachers. The Bible was written by a Spirit, to Spiritual people, for Spirit filled people. It can only be understood by people with the Holy Spirit. This is why Jesus wrote in parables for the most sensitive subjects. If people want to know God things, they can find it in the Bible if they look. It's not kept secret, but you must hunt for it to find it. People that love the Lord will search out the Truth but others won't think it's that important and stop looking. When Jesus calls us to His Wedding Feast, we will spend the next 7 years in the "Ark" He built for us while the world is destroyed. There will be "foolish virgins" left behind lacking in "oil" and they will either take the mark and end up in hell, or lose their head for Christ. I think this is good to know info even for your children as they will face the Beast if they are left behind. God tells us that to die for our friends is love. What people miss is, if we are friends of God, We will die for Christ. You are said to die to your flesh under water at your baptism and are raised as a new creature. If you didn't kill your flesh under the water and continued to live in your flesh, you will face the Beast and MUST lose your life for Christ to be with Him. If you decide to take the mark to live, you just bought yourself no more than a couple of years, then you will receive a plague and die, then be thrown into the lake of fire.

    Give your life to the Lord, get Raptured, spend eternity in Heaven, avoid the head chopping. It's all good!

  • Are These the Last Days? Pondering a Text of St. Paul's

    02/08/2016 8:14:40 AM PST · 5 of 69
    chuckles to Don Corleone
    ...."Only God knows the day, the time or the hour."....

    Not true!

  • Ted Cruz and the Body of Christ

    02/05/2016 8:03:38 AM PST · 26 of 39
    chuckles to Boogieman
    The "woman" refereed to in chp 12 is Israel. Jesus was born of the Jews, persecuted by Herod, and is to rule with a rod of iron, and has ascended to heaven.

    We have to be careful of the Revelation women. One is the Bride church, one is Israel, and one is the RC church on the beast.

  • Ted Cruz, a Public Firebrand on Social Issues, Is Cooler When Wooing Donors

    02/05/2016 7:44:22 AM PST · 23 of 36
    chuckles to nclaurel

    We have many in my church that I know don’t take off their taxes. They have commented that tithe money is between them and God and if they give to get the deduction, it’s for the wrong reason. I argued with them that if you give anyway, why not get the benefit and they would say they just wanted to keep it out of the reasoning for giving. They would describe feeling dirty taking off their taxes and would rather just leave it out. It’s just the way some people are.

  • Shoot or Don't Shoot: Buck with a Broken leg

    02/05/2016 7:33:40 AM PST · 15 of 50
    chuckles to w1n1
    Has FR turned into Democrat Underground? Half the people here want to vote for Democrat Trump and now this? Let's start a thread on single payer next.

    Here's the answer for all you liberals out there,...Shoot the bastard, gut and skin him, and be eating backstrap by this evening.

  • Ted Cruz Said He Was a Christian First and an American Second?

    02/04/2016 2:58:27 PM PST · 55 of 101
    chuckles to Citizen Zed

    I am Christian first, husband/father second, American third. As you can see, America has turned against me. God will never forsake me or leave me and I can count on my wife and daughter much more than Obama. Then there are these stupid people that seem to be oblivious to Trump being a Democrat. Trump will be Obama’s 3rd term. Until the country gives me a Godly leader, my flag is off my flag pole.

  • Ted Cruz Said He Was a Christian First and an American Second?

    02/04/2016 2:53:45 PM PST · 52 of 101
    chuckles to scooby321
    ..."See Beitbart"...

    Who is Beitbart??? Where can I find him? I heard he was dead.

  • New Hampshire Poll

    02/04/2016 2:33:14 PM PST · 62 of 67
    chuckles to odawg

    A caucus is different than a primary. NH voting will more likely be in the hundreds of thousands rather than 50k. In Texas it will be ten’s of millions.

  • The Plausibility of Ted Cruz

    02/04/2016 10:28:32 AM PST · 59 of 79
    chuckles to dynoman
    You need to be one of the Priests, problem solved. Jesus told us we would be saint's and priests and we win in the end. I don't understand how people don't know this and preach it in their pulpits.

    I keep reading here on FR( you think they would know better)that Cruz's dad is some sort of snake handler preacher. Go to church. Learn your Scripture. All will be explained.

    If you go to a church with a bunch of men in robes, swinging bowls of incense chanting a bunch of repeated sayings, you probably won't get much Scripture explanation. Read your Bibles.

  • Trump Helps Reclaim Georgia Suicide's Farm

    02/04/2016 10:08:04 AM PST · 11 of 40
    chuckles to ElainaVer

    The story about Trump helping a guy with his mortgage for changing Trumps limo tire was false according to Snopes.

  • New Hampshire Poll

    02/04/2016 9:54:55 AM PST · 18 of 67
    chuckles to WhistlingPastTheGraveyard
    ..."New Hampshire is not a state to be taken seriously"....

    I agree. Why do we really care what a bunch of NE libs think? I think it's ~1.4 million population. Much smaller than Houston Tx. S Carolina is more interesting to me for a trend.

  • A Simple Guide for Buying and Carrying a Self-Defense Handgun

    02/04/2016 9:44:29 AM PST · 44 of 51
    chuckles to S.O.S121.500

    Thanks, I will check them out. Been thinkin about the Glock 26.

  • A Simple Guide for Buying and Carrying a Self-Defense Handgun

    02/03/2016 6:06:19 PM PST · 4 of 51
    chuckles to Extremely Extreme Extremist
    I've been around guns all my life, but am now considering concealed carry to get it out of my truck and on my body. I've only used holsters when hunting or other "gun" times like the range. The big problem is I'm fat,...real fat, like 300 lbs fat. I don't want to open carry, but can't imagine a few hours with a gun on a paddle inside my pants.

    Anybody here have a suggestion( besides the comedians about losing weight. If I could I would already have done it), for a solution. I know in the past I've seen a Sheriff or two at 400 lbs or more and I know they carried a backup or two. I'm sure that there are a few out there like me that have found a good solution.

  • Trump, Pope Francis among Nobel Peace Prize nominees

    02/03/2016 5:52:06 PM PST · 3 of 6
    chuckles to monkapotamus
    This is from the Onion, right?

    I can just hear Trumps acceptance speech,....and kill the Muslims before you arrest the Mexicans and then put your woman back in the kitchen.

  • LIVE THREAD:Donald Trump Rally in Little Rock, AR at Barton Coliseum at 5:00 PM CST today

    02/03/2016 5:35:34 AM PST · 43 of 1,086
    chuckles to ObozoMustGo2012

    Huck said no on FNC yesterday. Huck is not even in Ark. today.

  • Just an observation.

    02/02/2016 8:23:48 PM PST · 17 of 21
    chuckles to chuckles
    I guess I should have left the part about Cruz out. This was not about Cruz per se, but about a Godly man. I'm from Texas so I have watched him for awhile as he rises in politics. My point was the nation is just about finished and nobody seems to know it. Let me say that another way. The nation can probably get a lot worse, but who wants to live in that? The America that I was given is not the country we have today. My father was a B-24 bottom turret gunner in Europe. All volunteer, every mission. He died awhile back, but I'm absolutely sure he didn't do it for gay marriage and abortion. He told me to my face, America should have lost the war. He went in 1941 and got out at the surrender of Germany. They had daylight bombing. They would send out 100 planes and 10-12 would come back. He said we never even knew anybody's name before there was someone else in their bunk. He couldn't believe we had enough people and planes to just crash into the ground. As he looked back on his war years, he knew it was God that won the war, and for sure got him home.

    As we look back to Viet Nam, what do we remember of those years? The pill, free sex, drugs, burning the flag, rebellion, loss of faith. We never lost a battle, yet lost the war. You can explain away what you want, or blame what you want, but lose, we did.

    If we look at the Biblical significance of what is happening today, The Antichrist will be an Assyrian,( that would be N Iraq or Syria), He will put together a coalition of Europeans to fight in the great war against Israel,( Europe has already lost, as more refugees are already there than in all their military's put together), he will have one eye and a withered arm( Zech 11:17) and probably be a homosexual.(Dan 11:37) The false Prophet will easily fool the ones left with tricks that look like miracles because they don't know the Scriptures. If we turn on Israel, we will be cursed by God. The Bible says we did abandon them. Zech 14:2 says ALL Nations, that would include America.

    I'm just sad this great country must fail on my watch. Leviticus 18:22-30 explains that we cannot be ignored after gay marriage. Judgement is coming,...and I believe soon. I know I will be painted as a Bible kook for believing the Word of God but it is a matter of my faith. I'm just a voice in the wilderness trying to put "The Other Side" out there. Eze 33:1-33 says we are put here as watchmen. It's our duty to warn when the trumpet sounds to keep their blood off our head. There is more to being a Christian than sitting in a pew and voting. Anyone that relies on God's providence would do, it doesn't have to be Cruz, but I know about Cruz. Don't listen to what they say, but look at their fruit.

  • Just an observation.

    02/02/2016 6:04:33 PM PST · 1 of 21
  • BREAKING: Mike Huckabee Suspends Campaign

    02/02/2016 3:42:48 PM PST · 47 of 47
    chuckles to unlearner
    I just walk into my precinct voting station, show my voter card and ID, they give me a ballot, and I sit down at a little first grade table and color in a circle next to Ted Cruz, and then stick it into a ballot reader and hope it is programed to give Cruz a vote when his circle is colored, and not Rubio or whatever the media darling is that day. It usually takes about 15 minutes and some cream to get the little table and chair off my 300 lb butt, but hey, most of us here all look about the same after a lifetime of bacon, beef, and pork, topped off with some Blue Bell cookie dough.

    People that don't live in Texas have no idea about Blue Bell cookie dough. There is a stack of rocks out by Brenham Texas with a ladder that goes to heaven with angels carrying down half gallon buckets of Ice Cream and they carry back some of our cows. It goes 24/7 and they can't keep up.

  • NH Polls

    02/01/2016 11:41:51 PM PST · 36 of 39
    chuckles to jstaff

    I support Cruz 100%, but don’t fool yourself, the Christian vote carried Cruz and NH is full of pagans. They act like someone that prays is akin to putting people on the rack. You will here many times before Friday that we aren’t electing a pope. S Carolina could be a different story though. I pray Cruz goes right into the black churches and makes his pitch there. Most just give them up to Hitlery without a peep. If Cruz could get a measurable slice of the black vote in SC, he might carry it off.

  • BREAKING: Mike Huckabee Suspends Campaign

    02/01/2016 11:26:44 PM PST · 45 of 47
    chuckles to unlearner

    I don’t get your post at all. Texas is not a caucus state, but we do have primaries. You can support Cruz I suppose, but we just go vote if you live here in Texas.

  • [FLASHBACK] Cruz Tries to Claim the Middle Ground on Immigration [Post-Gang of Eight 2013]

    02/01/2016 11:02:00 PM PST · 53 of 54
    chuckles to Greetings_Puny_Humans

    The amendment Cruz added to the bill said any illegal in the country was forever banned from citizenship. He gutted the effect of the bill.

  • Trump’s cringeworthy gaffe during Communion at Iowa church

    02/01/2016 7:10:34 AM PST · 90 of 154
    chuckles to nitzy

    I was thinking the same thing. The Bible tells us we will have to answer for every idle word from our mouths. I think making fun of a Brother praying might fit that. It’s just astounding that any Christian could support Trump over Cruz. Cruz is a lifelong born again Christian and Trump hasn’t been to church in 30 years. I think is shows a terrible shortcoming in our churches today to be fooled so easily. America is truly headed for Judgement.

  • Could this be Donald Trump?

    01/29/2016 12:54:09 PM PST · 62 of 90
    chuckles to Above My Pay Grade
    Everyone needs to read Leviticus 18:22-30 and realize what is coming. If we refuse to elect a Godly man, God will put His own man in office to punish us. Between turning on Israel and gay marriage, the tally is stacking up and God will hear from Heaven just as he came to punish Sodom.

    Oh, and for all you atheists that wonder why bad things happen to good people, well, this is it. When you kick God out of the country, why do you wonder why our prayers are not answered? We will get the leadership we ask for.

  • Michael J. Kennedy, Lawyer for Underdogs and Pariahs, Dies at 78

    01/29/2016 12:39:22 PM PST · 5 of 7
    chuckles to Borges

    I think I just got a chubby.

  • Woman says she is a cat trapped in the wrong body - she hisses at dogs..

    01/29/2016 8:55:47 AM PST · 33 of 43
    chuckles to GrandJediMasterYoda

    I wonder if she likes “cat sex”? Males have a penis that is sorta like their tongue. It is said to have the texture of a bastard file. As the female howls for mercy as she is raped, the male renders the female a bloody mess. Sexy, right?

  • Is a secret sniper killing off Isil's high command in Libya?

    01/29/2016 8:39:28 AM PST · 17 of 27
    chuckles to wtd

    I would hope someone is.

  • Pope Francis Asks Protestants to Forgive Catholics for Persecution

    01/27/2016 11:59:52 AM PST · 47 of 123
    chuckles to Campion
    Your whole screed is missing an important fact,....The RC church started when Roman Caesars took it over. That's why they call it Roman catholic. It was when Rome took the church in about 400 AD that the church became Roman. I don't want to be mean, but Catholics aren't Christians according to the Bible. The church fell to government control where Rome mixed Babylon idol worship and other forbidden rites in with the true religion. Read the Scriptures about the Whore of Babylon and her fate in Revelation. Christians were fed to the lions, crucified, burned, and slaughtered by the sword for literally thousands of years by the RC church.

    Your argument is not with me but with God and history.

  • Indiana Senate poised to take up LGBT rights bills

    01/27/2016 11:50:11 AM PST · 25 of 27
    chuckles to Olog-hai
    One of the main themes in the Bible is changing a worldly man into a spiritual man. Normal people look at the world with fleshly eyes so they do, say, and think, like the world. If a spiritual person says an evil man is God's man, the world thinks you are crazy, but Scripture says many times Israel was punished by men put there by God.

    The question is always, "Is this person God's man or not?" The answer is always yes. If we elevate Trump to the top spot, he either need to have a come to Jesus moment and repent, or we will have a fleshly leader making wrong decisions. A real Christian, like Cruz, Huckabee, Carson( yes I know he's Adventist), probably Fiorina,( look at their fruit) and others, would ask God to help him/her with their decisions. If you listen to Trump, it's pretty obvious HE will be in charge. Fascism here we come. If you just made up your mind about abortion 3 years ago, I'm not sure you have the right motivation to fight for righteousness. Same with sodomy and other issues. I've seen this many times before. A pastor will boast that he was delivered from drugs and alcohol 3 years ago and they may fall back after a year or two. If you were delivered 20 years ago and have not fallen, I may trust you as my Shepard.

    All of this is a spiritual battle and Gideon was chosen to deliver Israel in battle. He didn't even believe it. Their relationship with God is the most important qualifier for POTUS, IMHO. God could use a child to deliver America from its enemies, if need be. Wrong decisions come from a weak relationship with the Decider. Salvation only comes from one place.

  • Indiana Senate poised to take up LGBT rights bills

    01/27/2016 8:53:37 AM PST · 21 of 27
    chuckles to grobdriver
    This has never been about left or right, Rep or Dem, worker or business. As from the beginning, it has been between good and evil, God and Satan, blessing and cursing. Putting a good label on evil doesn't change that it is evil. Having knowledge and wisdom is the key and that only comes from God. The way Satan arranges things, he will win no matter who is elected. In the past, when elections had someone against abortion, it always ended up with both candidates buckling to abortion and the Godly candidate closed out as an extremist. God allows that when His people turn on Him. We are now vulnerable to attack, famine, economic ruin, or even revolution. Lev 18:22-30 speak of defiling the land and the land will vomit us out. Defiling the land is universal and the verses aren't limited to Israel or the Old Testament.

    Christians find it hard to believe that Obama was God's man for America. If we won't repent, expect more of the same and even worse. Look at Trump, a NYC liberal, pretending to be conservative, pretending to be Christian, and even the elect are fooled. A 4 year term of a new York liberal would sink America for the next 50 years with the SCOTUS picks. Yet God is arranging it that whether Hillary or Trump wins, the slide to Gomorrah continues. If America were to pick even a marginal Christian, maybe the 1 Chron 7:14 requirement may come about. IMO, if we had a Christian in the WH, God would bless him/her and America with success. Christians in America have forgotten that God fights our battles before us. Wisdom is freely given to those that will ask, but pride says our flesh is wiser than God.

    How else can you explain conservatives supporting Trump? Gun people supporting an assault weapons ban voter. Christians voting for someone calling second Corinthians "Two" Corinthians. A person that gave money to Planned Parenthood just a couple of years ago. Said with his mouth he supported them. Conservatives that support him support eminent domain, and support of Hillary Clinton and Obama. Would a conservative ever support single payer? We have been spiritually blinded and will soon be in a ditch.

  • Pope Francis Asks Protestants to Forgive Catholics for Persecution

    01/27/2016 7:57:37 AM PST · 29 of 123
    chuckles to marshmallow
    I don't think the Prots are worrying about an apology. God is still waiting, however. The letter to Thyatira in Rev 2:18 is to the RCC. They are promised the Tribulation in Rev 2:22 if they don't repent of their sin. Then we have whole chapters on the whore of Babylon Rev 17,18. Rev 17:6-9 explains what John saw that amazed him. Why would Christians murder so many Christians? When Constantine and Augustine fornicated with the church, she became the go to prostitute for thousands of years and murdered anyone that tried to get out from under them. During the 12-13th centuries, many popes were bastard children of popes and kings and even had children appointed to offices to keep the money in the family. In Rev 18:4-5, Jesus calls His people out of her as judgement cannot hold back any longer. 1 Tim speaks of Jesus being the only Mediator, and the doctrines of demons includes forbidding to marry. Peter was never a pope as James took over the church when Jesus ascended. There are no popes, nuns, or cardinals, in Scripture. It is the "traditions of men".

    I know this is a waste of time to anyone that isn't looking for what God wants, but a short search in Scripture makes the RCC naked for what it is in God's eyes. Worship of a denomination is just as sinful as worship of idols. It's the revelation of the Messiah by the Holy Spirit that was the foundation of the church, not a man called Peter. Peter was never more than just another Apostle. God makes us saints and priests according to Scripture, not a vote of men.

    The church God set up was from about 33AD to around 400AD. Then Rome took over the church dictating what Christians were supposed to follow. That system was in effect till Martin Luther and even then many things in the break off church were modeled after the Babylonian church of idol worship. The true church, the church Jesus Christ set up, was more like the churches setup in the first 3-400 years. A start would be "A Woman Rides the Beast" on Youtube. There is plenty more after that, but keep in mind, the time is getting real short for your decision.

  • Google Will Now Fact Check Candidates Live During Debates

    01/26/2016 7:38:09 PM PST · 18 of 33
    chuckles to proust

    They missed the report on Trump paying off the guys house for changing Trumps limo tire. Proven false. But the kicker was Trump didn’t correct Falwell after he said it. How Christian.


    01/26/2016 6:45:12 PM PST · 12 of 13
    chuckles to grumpa

    Sorry, I don’t “get” what he’s trying to say. Is he saying Jesus isn’t coming back?

  • Tony Perkins Just Endorsed Ted Cruz

    01/26/2016 6:27:06 PM PST · 18 of 40
    chuckles to conservativejoy

    This is great, but give them about 12 milliseconds and you will hear the name Duggar. The guy on 19 kids and counting that molested his sisters worked for him. Do you think Trump will hold his tongue?

  • Private Jet en route from Anchorage to Des Moines tonight [vanity]

    01/26/2016 8:59:56 AM PST · 461 of 461
    chuckles to A CA Guy
    ..."You want to say that about Ronald Reagan and Junior as well?"...

    Read a bio of Reagan and you will see the kids grew up with a distant father in Hollywood. I love Reagan, but family life when the doors are closed is quite different than the public side. How you turn out is no accident. Being raised in a broken home, alcohol and drugs, selfishness, cruelty, and on and on, have much to do with how children turn out. If you read about Jr, he makes it plain he hated dad. The daughter reveled also. Micheal was just glad to have anything as he was adopted. How did the others feel that they had a distant dad and he adopted another one that got love they didn't get?

    This stuff is not that simple, but it comes from the environment they are raised in.

    Sarah I'm sure was a fine mother, but for some reason her daughters seem to miss the moral lessons from church. Maybe the examples were others that flaunted their sin in front of her. Maybe it was the world's sin allowed into the house. I don't know and am not going to spend my time analyzing what went wrong, but society holds the parents responsible for a reason. It can start as early as throwing a screaming fit in Walmart with no consequence. They spend their forming years throwing fits to get what they want and it overwhelms mom or dad. Fornicating before marriage comes from somewhere. If you are raised in church and end up shoplifting and fornicating and more, church was just somewhere to go and not emphasized at home. Many pastor's kids turn out rotten because all they get is rules and no love. You can beat you kid or neglect you kid and the results could very well be the same. Most people today are neglecting their kids today. Day care, school, phones, two jobs, ect. make you kid think mom doesn't care or she would pay more attention. To the outside, everything looks fine, until they are caught naked in a mop room at school. It is natural for kids to push the limits they have. If you have kid trouble, move the limits.

  • Private Jet en route from Anchorage to Des Moines tonight [vanity]

    01/26/2016 8:32:14 AM PST · 459 of 461
    chuckles to Iscool
    ..."Kinda odd that someone would think the 40% who support Trump are showing a failure in judgment"...

    Wouldn't be the first time. We have Obama, I shouldn't have to remind you of that.

    When a man says he he is for sodomy, he's for abortion, is anti gun, wants single payer, and then turns on a dime, and is against all these things, it shows he doesn't have any values. His values will revert back to when he wasn't running for anything.

    He's a Dem!!!!, plain as day. Republicans from NYC are just RINO's wanting a tax cut. They have NO values. Bloomberg is just another clone example of what is coming. The same people that LOVE Trump voted for Deblazio(sp). The people in NYC aren't like the people from Tulsa or Phoenix.

    He can't wait to "make deals" with Pelosi and Dirty Harry. How is that different than McConnell and Boehener? I thought we were mad at RINO's? Usually the adult in the room making the hard decisions is not liked. Change is hard. Expect 4 more years of the same thing if we get Trump. I bet he even uses his pen and phone to get most of it done.

    Just an example of what I'm talking about,...How many politico's say they are pro second amendment, but we all know we need some necessary common sense regulation? I remind you, he's from NYC.

    PS. that's why I don't believe Chris Christy. If he were pro gun, they would have better gun laws in NJ.

  • Private Jet en route from Anchorage to Des Moines tonight [vanity]

    01/26/2016 8:13:36 AM PST · 458 of 461
    chuckles to A CA Guy
    ..."Why blame her for having a stupid child?"...

    Because children are raised by somebody.

  • Why Trump will Win

    01/26/2016 8:10:17 AM PST · 57 of 58
    chuckles to IDontLikeToPayTaxes
    ..."Are you seriously suggesting that Donald Trump is the AntiChrist?"....

    No, but he will be like Trump. He will say eff you, and the people will love him. He can say he's for abortion and then say he's against, and people will cheer him. Even Trump has said he could shoot someone in 5th Ave and his polls will go up. That's the Antichrist effect. The Antichrist will come from Assyria though. That would be from northern Iraq or Syria. He will have one eye and a withered arm. Most likely homosexual. Ever wonder what the homosexual movement is for? It's to get the world to accept the coming beast. He will be a political and military genius. He will even be able to fool the "elect". All stated plainly in the Bible.

  • [FLASHBACK] Cruz Tries to Claim the Middle Ground on Immigration [Post-Gang of Eight 2013]

    01/25/2016 11:29:58 PM PST · 44 of 54
    chuckles to Greetings_Puny_Humans

    My understanding of the amendment added to the gang of 8 bill was a poison pill by Cruz. He single handily killed the Rubio bill. He can’t say anything other than he wanted his amendment to pass with the bill or we would have gotten amnesty. His amendment was so destructive that rubio and the other 7 let it die. Now I know this is too complicated for your average burger flipper. They make it look as if he flip flopped, but he never did and single handily saved us from ruin.

  • Cruz Should Launch An Independent Bid For President

    01/25/2016 7:36:07 AM PST · 68 of 84
    chuckles to reviled downesdad

    I favor armed revolution over a 3rd party run. 3rd parties never do any good. Armed revolution,....maybe. We may have to have one anyway to take the RINO party back from the NYC RINO’s trying to implement Single Payer and eminent domain.

  • The End of Prayer Shaming

    01/25/2016 7:20:21 AM PST · 4 of 7
    chuckles to FES0844
    ..."Hope it goes viral."....

    I just "infected" my contact list to make it go viral. Should be a plague by tonight.

  • How Ted Cruz Can Win Iowa

    01/24/2016 3:40:40 PM PST · 30 of 104
    chuckles to 2ndDivisionVet
    ...."Reagan lost in 1968 and 1976."....

    Yeah, but if Cruz, or at least a conservative doesn't win this time,.....there will not be a next time. We will find out why America is not mentioned in Revelation of the Bible. Just think about at least 2, and maybe 3 SCOTUS judges are going to the next winner. The damage will be for more than the next 50 years. We CAN'T recover from that.

  • Why Trump will Win

    01/21/2016 1:30:01 PM PST · 12 of 58
    chuckles to mac_truck

    The Bible says the Antichrist will be impressive also.

  • Free Republic Caucus 2016 01/20

    01/20/2016 12:32:31 AM PST · 145 of 476
    chuckles to onona

    Vote Cruz

  • Mr.L: Why Sarah Palin Endorsed Donald Trump

    01/20/2016 12:11:49 AM PST · 28 of 38
    chuckles to erkelly
    We are Cruz fans because Cruz is a conservative. To elect Trump is like electing McCain and calling him conservative. Trump is for single payer health care like Bernie. He just changed his mind about abortion and sodomy. If your 60 and just figured out you don't want to kill children, I don't know. He's a Christian that just figured out God thinks sodomy is bad? Abortion and sodomy won't even be on his radar. Is it the wall? Cruz will build a wall, he has said so for years now in Texas.

    You guys will wake up with Trump thinking you really have done it now, and he will be just like any other weak kneed Rockefeller Republican. Not different enough from a Dem to even tell the difference.

    Palin was either bought or she has made a terrible mistake. I can't even believe a Christian would fall for someone that says "Two Corinthians", and believes he has ever even been in a church.


    We only get to do this every 4 years and we can't wait another 4 years to start to fix this. Just think of the SCOTUS judges Cruz would nominate instead of Ginzberg look a likes. If we get just one more liberal judge, America is finished.

  • Overwhelming – List of Ted Cruz Supporters

    01/19/2016 11:53:41 PM PST · 141 of 235
    chuckles to TigerClaws

    What good is winning if he’s a Democrat? He will practice his deal making with Pelosi and Dirty Harry. His supreme court justices will be NYC libs.