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  • Update: Facebook ‘Everytown’ pro-gun page taken down

    04/20/2014 9:27:11 AM PDT · 5 of 15
    Celerity to rktman

    I’m still trying to grasp this.. but the page is back up.

    Says it was created 15 hours ago. I’m now a member of it.

    I don’t know why it went down.

  • People Are Obsessed With The Video Game 'Goat Simulator,' Where You Play As A Goat

    04/14/2014 9:17:08 AM PDT · 11 of 11
    Celerity to GAFreedom

    Check out the youtube videos of gamers who are playing it. I’ll throw some links up here. Well, not links, but copy-pasters.

    Here is a 10 minute video that covers two of the references.

  • People Are Obsessed With The Video Game 'Goat Simulator,' Where You Play As A Goat

    04/13/2014 8:57:20 AM PDT · 3 of 11
    Celerity to Alex Murphy

    This game is FULL of satanic references.

  • Holder: We Want to Explore Gun Tracking Bracelets

    04/07/2014 2:26:24 PM PDT · 48 of 88
    Celerity to Secret Agent Man

    You know what ? If all bets are off the table, and they are breaking the contract - Then I want to “explore” some stuff too.

  • NM:Legal Immigrants Have Same Right to Concealed Carry Permit as Citizens

    04/07/2014 9:01:44 AM PDT · 6 of 10
    Celerity to cripplecreek

    I would love to see the Dems flip out about THIS.

    Oh, and long time, no see Cripplecreek ! Hope all is going well.

  • Dear Anti-Vaxxers: You Want Pure Nature? OK, Die Young.

    04/06/2014 11:39:13 AM PDT · 86 of 150
    Celerity to Hojczyk

    People seem to forget a major facet of the anti-vaccination debate:

    Before Vaccines were created by doctors in the hopes of preventing disease, illness and horrible death. Now we have our Government behind the effort.

    Our government has demonstrated nothing but loathing and harmful intent to it’s people.

    I am a pretty intelligent guy, with a background in chemistry and biology (Although not bio-chemisty and human biology) and I don’t understand the chemicals that are in play - fully. Doctors would tell us “Listen, this seems to work” but only Government comes in and says “You (have to) do this”.

    And that is where the hair on the back of my neck stands up. When the government says “Do this” it is NEVER for our benefit.

    So yea, the government is why I choose not to vaccinate.

  • Colorado to Consider Controversial Vaccination Law: Is Not Wanting to Vaccinate a Parental Right?

    03/25/2014 2:01:42 PM PDT · 28 of 30
    Celerity to CharlesWayneCT

    This is kinda ... Well, Insane.

    Also, I think I know you personally - We’ll have to get caught up in mail or something here to see if there was a connection at some point.

    But you see, Vaccinating is an exercise in statistical analysis. I can counter any pro-vaccination argument with statistics because that’s just the way it is.

    “I won’t let your kid around mine because you don’t vaccinate” Dumbest thing ever said. I guess that parent has no confidence in their vaccines, in actuality.

    “You’re the reason these illnesses are coming back” They aren’t coming back. If they are, then this too is a true testament to how vaccinations don’t work. You’re claiming that success has occurred where it actually hasn’t.

    “We managed to knock these diseases out when Vaccines were dished out” Again, then why are we worried ?

    “Not vaccinating your kids means you’re willing to put them at risk because of something that you believe that the rest of the world has accepted as fact, is a lie.” Yes. Global warming is pretty mainstream too. Or is Global cooling ? Either way, it’s illegal in some areas of the world to even question this agenda. But I’ll tell you what my thought is before it’s also declared a thought crime : “Why would I side on ANYTHING that the democrats / progressives / communists / globalists / greenies / tyrants all agree on?” This is the crux of the issue.

    I have seem the following pieces of evidence that have affected my decisions not to vaccinate:

    1 There is a connection between vaccinations and Autism. Ok, I don’t know all there is to know on this, no one really does. But just the fact that the two have been connected is enough for me to take a step back, re-evaluate and withdraw from the practice until clearer data IS available. THAT is responsible parenting.

    2 Government has it’s hands in the vaccination programs. In fact, Government is jumping into more and more of the medical field through legislative fiat. Medicine is no longer the domain of the doctor, it’s the domain of the government. A government with a clear and steady history of doing harm instead of good. Again, a flag is raised and I want answers and proof before injecting myself or my kids with ANYTHING.

    3. I don’t care if it’s a saline solution with a lollipop afterwards. It’s a needle injecting things into our bodies that we aren’t privvy to learn about. These chemicals are secret, they are questionable, and to blindly trust ANYONE is totally foolish. When I get the answers I need, you may be able to put that something in my child. Until then, you try and you die.

    4. The idea of Government has only helped in a handful of scenarios. Seat belts are not one of those. Everyone knows a seatbelt can save your life - But to mandate it’s use is tyranny, pure and simple. For any leader to tell me that I have to follow their will is completely intolerable. I’m aware of seat belt effectiveness. I wear one all the time. But to require it frankly insults me - And I won’t tolerate it. The only place the Government appears to be helping is in our wildlife and huntin management. I have evaluated the hunting practices in several states with thorough resolve - And the State Game commissions have a very good hold of how to preserve game animals. I appreciate their efforts, and I have been show how it works.

    That’s all I ask for. Just demonstrate to me how it works, and what it is. Sell me on the issue, don’t require me on the issue.

  • Colorado to Consider Controversial Vaccination Law: Is Not Wanting to Vaccinate a Parental Right?

    03/24/2014 7:57:00 AM PDT · 6 of 30
    Celerity to Harmless Teddy Bear

    Most people who choose not to vaccinate aren’t fearing the chemical itself : All medicines are complex and mysterious and we simply don’t understand them.

    And when compared to the Polio vaccine or the vaccines of yesteryear - Modern vaccinations have more influence from the government than from our doctors. And therein is the problem. We see new data that links serious issues to the vaccine - And the government telling us to take them. When the government tells you to do something, It’s NEVER in your best interest.

    Lastly, These forms also have lines that say things like “I understand that opting out of a vaccination program puts my child’s life and health at risk” and then it requires signature. What you’re doing is signing your kids away. You’re signing a piece of paper that will allow the state to come and take the kids. That’s intolerable.

    I choose not to vaccinate now. I have vaccinations from when I was a kid but those vaccines are different than what we are facing these days. It’s a totally different ballgame.

  • PA: Scofflaw Governments May be Held to Account in PA

    03/21/2014 8:30:01 AM PDT · 5 of 7
    Celerity to marktwain

    As a Connecticuteur expatrioted back to Pennsylvanian - I can attest to this absurd handling of rights throughout various areas of the state.

    The State constitution is pretty clear. The language was changed from the US 2nd amendment into something a bit more clear:

    “The right to own and bear arms shall not be _questioned_.”

    So the state had in the past changed it from Infringed to Questioned. Certainly admirable and encouraging, but areas of the state have completely trampled this notion.

    I live in a solid conservative town in NEPA. We are surrounded by liberals on all sides, but we remain as a stong hold-out of decency and reasonable living.

    Our town has a Sheriff. This sheriff is a champion of the people, and is VERY 2a friendly (He’s actually all Amendment friendly). We have a town police department that is peppered with gun-grabbers and jobbers alike. We have a state police contingent that passes through the area that is completely anti-gun. We also have several prisons in the area and the state is attempting to do what Connecticut has done : Relegate our Sheriff and Deputies to sole prison duties. A travesty.

    Our “close” proximity to Philadelphia has most of us on edge. Philly is as far from us as CT is, but Philly is the basis of all of our laws, in reality. Harrisburg is another progressive wonderland where our policies are ACTUALLY born. Pittsburgh is as far separated from us as Los Angeles is.

    From our local and state police we have a lot of officers who are “confused” about the laws - And don’t even bother to defend them constitutionally. They see a man walking along with a rifle across his back, and pull their guns on him. The Sheriffs understand that this guy is prolly just on his way to .. well who the hell cares (?) he has a right to do so so no explanation is necessary.

    A few months ago we had a guy slip into the town meeting and shoot the place up. A citizen ended the attack with a studious shot to the center mass of the attacker, and life went on. There is no outcry in that area to ban guns (In fact, the end result was to evaluate the behavior of Zoning Committees, those of whom this attacker went after because they were telling him what to do with his homestead).

    PA is surrounded by evil (NY, NJ, OH, MD, and points east) but the state itself is a bastion of hope and pride as we try our best to fight off the spread of the Progressive disease. In my area (Nestled up in the armpit of New York) sees a LOT more New Yorkers than Pennsylvanians. I’m the only one here from CT it seems. These people own vacation homes and try to change NY to make it another NY and those who expatriate from NY are actively involved in keeping Pennsylvania Pennsylvanian and leaving their (our) tyrannical states behind.

    I had the same issues in Colorado - But a little different. Throughout Colorado were Californians coming in to destroy the place and turn it into another California. At least up here we have expats who are truly leaving their disgusting states in the rear-view mirror as they integrate into a more Free life.

  • Police investigate shooting(Hartford, CT)

    03/15/2014 12:45:28 PM PDT · 2 of 4
    Celerity to matt04

    Malloy still ok.

    What a waste.

  • Mother of Houston teen allegedly shot by girlfriend’s dad wants murder charges

    03/15/2014 9:48:57 AM PDT · 2 of 48
    Celerity to redreno

    My wife and I had to loudly repeat the headline and article to understand what happened.

  • Need advice on Wisdom Teeth please...

    03/13/2014 5:22:33 PM PDT · 85 of 92
    Celerity to faithhopecharity

    I’m an adult who let them go. The pain subsided, but now at age 37 the rot is kicking in. And the rot is just unbearable. A bad situation got worse.

    Get them pulled. By any means necessary.


    03/05/2014 11:28:11 AM PST · 4 of 15
    Celerity to thackney

    About a gallon of water for a million BTUs ?

    This doesn’t even sound like an issue.

  • [CT] Gun-grabbing cop goes ballistic: 'I'm the master!'

    03/04/2014 10:06:14 PM PST · 42 of 44
    Celerity to Marie

    Thank your for your support on this position : I know it’s a bumpy road for people who speak like we do. We have got to keep a level head during these times.

    If people are misguided and mis-educated about the threat that we face - Then a lot of people will die needlessly.

    At times like this, people are looking for justification. And that is what both sides are feeding themselves. Justification. But Justification doesn’t win wars. WE must look at this honestly:

    The state of CT is within their US Constitutional right to ban firearms. (10th amendment) The 2nd Amendment protects the people from a _federal_ move to remove our rights to own and bear arms. CT has it’s own state Constitution (The first, in fact) that words a citizen’s right to own and bear arms. The constitution of the STATE must be amended for this to happen legally. Malloy and his team of commie traitors have toed the line with the specifics of the laws : Their decrees are LEGAL. they should NOT be. We need to clean more in CT than just this latest law. The whole thing is corrupt, and the STATE constitution is being broken.

    We MUST ensure that accurate information is being distributed.

  • [CT] Gun-grabbing cop goes ballistic: 'I'm the master!'

    03/04/2014 10:00:36 PM PST · 41 of 44
    Celerity to grobdriver

    Oh, I can write TOMES on this subject. I’ll keep it simple:


    We are still learning how to deal with each of these onslaughts. We are, like a 12 year old, believing everything that’s said and when we get pinched, we stop believing anything that that’s said. We’re simply too bad at this whole “Revolution” thing to know what’s going on. And if anyone wants to counter me, I’ll pull it apart. It’s simple, and this notion is going to save lives : “NOT ONE OF US has this figured out. And to think otherwise is to put yourself and others at grave risk”
    We are doing what we think is appropriate - But “what’s appropriate” is only appropriate on a level playing field. Where laws are followed, constitutions are observed, and freedom is present. The CCDL has, without knowing it, hurt the movement more than helped it (Oh, I can smell the rotten tomatoes you’re throwing at me now) (Give me a moment to explain, and message me if you need further explanation) The CCDL has encouraged thousands of people to register their weapons. If they had stayed the line with me, the CT State registration program would have fallen flat on it’s face. But instead, their pleas to register and comply while the lawsuit is being heard has lead to more registrations and (frankly) DANGEROUS scenarios in the state of CT. Two points on the CCDL that we should ALL know at this point:

    1. The government = The state legislators, the voters, the police and the courts CREATED this law. Do not look to them to reverse it. You don’t go to the courts to reverse a law that members and influencers from the courts helped to pass. It may not be the same judges, but it’s the same system. That system is designed NOT to free you - It is designed to control you.
    2. Registration is pointless. (I’m going to branch here for a moment, but stay with me) There is no reason to register your car. Period. Registration doesn’t help the owner out in the slightest - And to those in CT who pay taxes for their car in their town, also pay road taxes in at the pumps. You’re being taxed double. Ok, back to the topic: Registration isn’t going to help anyone. It will only hurt people. I know, I know, you’ve heard this before. Allow me to clarify:

    Regis = To the king. Registration is NOT licencing, is not permitting, and it’s not titling, liening, or deeding. Registration means that you hand over your property to the regent and from that moment forward you are being allowed to use it. (Does the car thing make sense now?)

    When you register, you’re allowing the Regent to take your property, lock it up, or tell you when and where you may use it, hold it, or even look at it. This is what Northern Ireland enjoys. You can own a gun, but you register it and it goes into a safe and you don’t have a key.

    By Maritime law, this Registration ALWAYS means that you are giving your property to the Regent for them to control. If your weapons are confiscated and you have NOT registered them - You have a case to get them back. Once you register, you have no case to get them back. You have signed them over.

    This means that you have no legal leg to stand on when you’re before a judge, fighting an unjust law.


    They love this confusion, but they are TERRIFIED of what is about to happen. They are waiting for us to take out a LEO. The upper brass craves this. You see, (And I’ve always said this, look it up) A successful gun confiscation program is always possible, in any state and any area. All that has to be considered are the losses. When the losses are acceptable - then it’s full steam ahead. Tyrants know that during the first kristalnacht They will lose about 10 LEO for every 1 well armed, well trained patriot (Think Dorn). This will be terrible. National guard will be called in. Hell, maybe the UN will be called in. Either way, second wave will yield about 10 patriots lost to every 1 LEO. And THAT is the figure they are looking for.

    CT isn’t a very armed state. It’s also NOT ON OUR SIDE. (Read that again: CT IS A COMMUNIST SHITHOLE) We are the minority there. No voting scheme in the world is going to change that. Malloy will be re-elected and he will act to the cheers of 80% of the state. Of the stark minority of Republicans in CT a large percent of them are RINO shit-for-brains. Of the non-rinos a percent are gun owners. Those who are gun owners are of solid citizenry. These are decent people, who would not consider an act of violence. The CT Gun owner is the safest, most forgiving and pleasant person in the country.

    And that is their undoing.

    I have been YELLING at people to get out. To leave their high-paying jobs and pump gas in another state. To leave their exquisite homes and move into a trailer somewhere else. And it’s tough. It’s tough to walk away from success in favor of freedom. But I left CT and moved to PA (I still commute and work from home) and I also left a pretty nice house (at a great loss) and moved into a small apartment in a conservative town. I know how hard it is.

    So the general health of the state ? It’s miserable. The enforcers, the gun-grabbers and the tyrants are well trained for this, they are funded, they are applauded. The CT gun owner is severely outnumbered, disorganized, and frankly too goddam stupid to work on the same battlefield as the Communist. Plain and simple.

    We are good people, but we simply don’t understand how to work against someone who cheats at every chance, lies, manipulates and throws dirt in our face. We are reasonable, decent people and we can’t grasp how to fight this war. And until we do, we MUST maintain a position of strategic retreat until we all fall shoulder-to-shoulder with the middle America patriot. When you grab your rifle and say “Come and take it”, and you’re not backed by a MOB of people willing to die with you - then you are just a bug on the windshield of the CPUSA.

    I feel in PA that I will be standing with countless brothers and sisters, all rifles loaded and primed - And we will make this sort of stand (Even figuratively) and that simply won’t happen east of the Hudson river.

  • [CT] Gun-grabbing cop goes ballistic: 'I'm the master!'

    03/04/2014 3:45:00 PM PST · 31 of 44
    Celerity to All

    I would like to bring everyone back to the realm of reality on this one.

    I’m in CT and active in the scenario. Many others who are active in the scenario fight me on many points. They won’t listen to me beyond the words that I am about to type right now:

    Sgt Vance is totally correct.

    Everything that he has said here is true. And it is the correct response. He is required to enforce the law, as his subordinates are. CT, as well as all Americans, waived many of their protest and juris away many, many years ago. We have been asleep at the wheel.

    Sgt Vance isn’t “right” though. You see, this whole problem isn’t a “now” thing and it’s not a “him” thing. The problem existed far before Malloy, SAFE, or Feinstein. It existed before color television.

    What these people are saying and doing isn’t nearly as important as us keeping our heads about us, and finally agreeing what it is that we want to see and the liberty that we want ourselves and our kids to experience.

    Let not your mind be clouded by this guy - Our gun rights are gone, and they aren’t coming back for as long as our overlords live. When a right disappears, it’s not going to come back - not with out a frightening body count.

    So confiscation or no confiscation, Neither side is winning here. Only the overlords that have been playing the game for keeps, while we have been asleep at the wheel.

  • Ala. Vet Tried to Hire KKK Hit Man to Kill Black Neighbor

    03/01/2014 5:10:59 PM PST · 15 of 22
    Celerity to All

    So what’s the penalty for hiring a hitman NOT in the KKK to kill a white man ?

    I guess we should start there.

  • Olympic TV announcers: Go Russia! Booooo USA!

    02/09/2014 2:01:02 PM PST · 31 of 63
    Celerity to henkster

    You should have warned me ! I think I destroyed my keyboard with spit coffee !

  • Sandy Hook Killer Had 'Movie Depicting a Man/Boy Relationship' on His PC

    02/01/2014 9:31:50 AM PST · 12 of 56
    Celerity to BenLurkin

    Is his older, gay sugar daddy the owner of the Civic ?

  • State of the Union 2014

    01/30/2014 11:51:55 AM PST · 5 of 6
    Celerity to P-Marlowe

    One thing that a few polls have been talking about, that I want to weigh in on:

    51% say that he’s not a strong leader.

    We have never seen a stronger leader in our lifetimes. Problem is, he is leading our enemy. He is very effective and should never be underestimated.

  • Penn State student arrested for constructing 'weapons of mass destruction'

    01/27/2014 7:35:33 AM PST · 30 of 34
    Celerity to All

    A bit out from left field here, but I have noticed a new cultural thing that has stemmed, I believe, from popular TV shows like Dexter, Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy.

    Setting up labs and operations seems to be tempting to a lot of americans. We have allowed the worship of these bad, bad characters and somehow fell in love with them - Going beyond Justification into full-blown affection for them

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Cops flush with leads in Fort Pierce toilet lid attack

    01/27/2014 7:28:50 AM PST · 10 of 19
    Celerity to sportutegrl

    Reminds me of the opening scenes of The Boondock Saints.

  • 25 Fuel Efficient Cars That Are Not Hybrids

    01/19/2014 9:45:23 AM PST · 39 of 85
    Celerity to All

    tricky words. My Tahoe is very efficient.

    Yes, it consumes more fuel - but it simply does more with that fuel.

    Compared to my Mustang V6, lets say on the highway. I get 19 with the Tahoe, 29 with the Mustang. The mustang is a bit more fun, but the Tahoe is carrying the troops, dual airconditioners, radios and gear. Not to mention whoever I put in it - with no effect on it’s mileage. When I did this sort of thing with my Honda Civic hatchback (1991.. I LOVED that car) it would go from 40 mpg to 28 mpg and barely kept up with traffic.

    All things being equal 19 MPG is certainly less than 40mpg - But things aren’t equal. My vehicles do more than a modern econo car.

  • Man Posts On Facebook About “Police State” And Guess Who Shows Up?

    01/19/2014 9:39:26 AM PST · 36 of 110
    Celerity to All

    I’m wondering what you have to say on FB to make waves. I mean, my feed is EXPLOSIVE with anti-government rants, threats and egging-on.

    Not a peep.

  • Maine’s governor wants to make it easier for children to work

    01/11/2014 9:55:56 AM PST · 33 of 34
    Celerity to Traveler59; All

    I was given my first job at 13 at a computer shop, doing filing. I had to simply file papers into a filing cabinet in alphabetical order.

    But I quickly moved up to the workbench, and at age 14 was building computers on weekends, my weekends, days off, and afterschool were spent building computers.

    At age 18 I graduated highschool and looked for other work. I worked in a kitchen (As typical for an 18 year old) but I did computer work on the side. This is 1994.

    at age 19 I broke into my own business as a computer technician and consultant. I ran my own company until I was offered permanent position at my dream job of Yale University. Head of helpdesk at age 26. Stayed for a few years, and then left to go back into business for myself.

    It wasn’t college that helped me do this. It was working at a young age doing stupid things that turned into better things. It gave me a HUGE advantage in the marketplace, and I think that employment at young ages does nothing but help.

  • Study: Nearly half of all black males are arrested by age 23

    01/06/2014 8:14:08 PM PST · 36 of 86
    Celerity to Nachum

    With the stroke of Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy’s pen, I was made a felon.

    Luckily, for me and my family, I have left that god forsaken state. But it begs the question : I haven’t told CT that I have left with “their” guns. So I’m on the list now of people who have not registered.

  • 21st century bird watching: Drone guide

    12/24/2013 6:10:35 PM PST · 4 of 10
    Celerity to MarkBsnr

    These things are pretty damned big.

  • Preppers' Twelve Days of Christmas

    12/21/2013 7:34:32 PM PST · 18 of 34
    Celerity to All

    10 cords of wood ? Oh the thought of it just gave ME wood.

    In my town my neighbors have upwards of an acre on each property of seasoned wood. I’m so jealous. It’ll take me years to get to their level.

    But you betcha - when Sandy hit ? We all had a better week than the week before. We still manage snow and debris together a year later.

  • Motorist checkpoint in Reading draws questions

    12/17/2013 1:15:08 PM PST · 73 of 105
    Celerity to All

    I know Pennsylvania.

    I live in Pennsylvania.

    And Philadelphia ain’t no Pennsylvania.

    That hell hole belongs to New Jersey now. And it’s full of tyranny.

  • Pennsylvania newlyweds killed man for thrills, police say

    12/09/2013 7:23:15 AM PST · 43 of 43
    Celerity to All

    Thank you for the corrections on my geography.

  • Pennsylvania newlyweds killed man for thrills, police say

    12/07/2013 7:51:12 AM PST · 14 of 43
    Celerity to BenLurkin
    In that photo, near the middle of the state is that blue section. Guess where Sunbury is.
  • Cats Recognize Their Owners Voice But Choose To Ignore It

    12/02/2013 6:53:55 PM PST · 82 of 142
    Celerity to omega4179

    Mine as well. In fact, mine is more obedient and “by my side” than my Pugs were.

    Those dogs were hot air balloons with fur.

  • Government Releases Crime Map For The US

    12/01/2013 1:08:36 PM PST · 7 of 30
    Celerity to mrsdeb

    In North East pennsylvania, you’ll see a shard of reason. Surrounded by blue. If you follow Pennsylvania news, the most horrific crime takes places in EXACTLY these areas.

  • The real purpose of Obamacare

    11/29/2013 9:22:06 AM PST · 30 of 32
    Celerity to Noumenon

    I agree with this. Do you have other essays ?

    You have narrowed down something that I have been trying to phrase for quite some time. What “they” mean when they say “resource based economy”. You have the hit the nail on the head with your assessment of converting human effort into “resource”.

  • The real purpose of Obamacare

    11/29/2013 9:16:54 AM PST · 29 of 32
    Celerity to Excellence

    When the fedgov develops a repair contract, they won’t even put it up for bidding. It goes in a pile because that contract is a money-maker for whatever company bids on it. While it’s not being bid on - the fedgov puts a value on it pretty much at random. There are no rules to set the price.

    So the contract will be worth, say “ten billion dollars”. Of course, when the bidding begins the value becomes real. But during that fiat value stage, it’s held as an asset.

  • The real purpose of Obamacare

    11/28/2013 10:10:34 PM PST · 18 of 32
    Celerity to ReaganĂśberAlles

    The real purpose of Obamacare:

    You can call me a tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist, or you can call me whatever you like. I’m going to tell you why I belie.. no, why I know what Obamacare is about.

    As an I.T. analyst, I have done work for some serious gov’t interests. Mostly in high finance, I took a particular shine to infrastructure utilities.

    I worked for the “power grid” at the turn of the century. During this time I witnessed some of the most frightening things in my life. Much of it, I’m not allowed to talk about. A lot of it - You already know. Case in point: the United States electrical grid is in SERIOUS disrepair.

    I asked the big-wigs about this, and we spoke frankly (As well, I did some digging around). This country was built by hand. My grandfather helped to build highways that today - with all of our technology, machinery and desire can NOT repair. Our grandfathers performed feats that we can’t even up-keep - despite having more than twice their population.

    I worked with executives from the oil industry. They describe the foundations of Oil: a guy with a pick axe. “Flashforward” and pumps are designed and built, work crews are assigned, new techniques form. It turns out that that same guy who swung the pick-axe had to design and build all of that machinery and procedure. The guy swinging the pick axe didn’t just contact petroleum engineers for the position: He had to invent the techniques to discover the oil, get the oil, transport the oil, and sell the oil. That all happened in a matter of a year or two upon actually getting the end of his pickaxe wet.

    Today, we simply don’t have this ability. We’re lost. All of this tech and we have no clue how to even get a highway repaired with it. Twice the population, less than half of the drive. I pushed on with those executives:

    “Why are there these approved contracts, but no one is doing the work ?” The answer scared the hell out of me. “These contracts are being held”. They won’t tell me who is holding them.

    But let me return to Obamacare, and I’ll infuse it with what I know about infrastructure contracts: The government borrows money (as credit) from all over the world. You don’t simply get those loans because the president is a nice guy. You get these loans the same way we all do: Collateral.

    Those mega-millions infrastructure contracts were being held as collateral. And Obamacare exists to squeeze income from every american so it can borrow against it. Because the US is out of money, and out of assets to hold in collateral.

    Why do you think all those federal parks and memorials were not only “closed” but “guarded” with paid guards during the shutdown ? Simple.

    We didn’t own them.

    What was it that brought back the lien ? Agreement on Obamacare. suddenly, the gates open. The furloughed workers get backpay. We kick the can down the road some more.

    But you see, when we risked the postponement of Obamacare, our credit went to hell. But with the passage of it, we are holding it as an asset on a balance sheet. After that government start-up, a lot of contracts were go again. The infrastructure is still toast - I knew about that since 1996 when I almost watched the East Coast shut down (Yeah, no one knows about that one) and today power all across the NE is flickering. (Have you New Englanders noticed this over the past few weeks?)

    Correlate Obamacare milestones to markets - and pay particular attention to Bitcoin and Litecoin (The gold and silver equivalents in the virtual, online currency markets). Watch what happened to them during the past few months. They are trading at percentages that are approaching the dollar. This is that Zinga exchange that I was SCREAMING about just a year ago. These markets will tell you all you need to know about the modern era of market vectors (I find a problem with people that use Gold and Silver for this purpose: Gold and Silver ARE STABLE. They do NOT appreciate or depreciate. They ONLY depreciate and appreciate when you measure their value in modern Fiat currency. When gold goes down, it is NOT gold that’s going down - its the dollar that goes up.)

    I seriously don’t believe that the Democrats, Communists, Elites or Obama’s gang WANT single-payer healthcare. Single payer is a known quantity. Obamacare is dangling a HUGE carrot in front of the Fed and IMF because all of the numbers associated with it make Single-payer models look silly. Listen, Single payer model will still extract money from the debt-enslaved US populace; but Obamacare stands to extract MORE and unlike the service provider portion of Single-payer (Which the global community knows very well) the provider portion of Obamacare is completely unknown (!) That means pie-in-the-sky speculation based on totally unknown landscapes.

    I really don’t think those who are playing this game WANT us on single-payer.

  • Will George Zimmerman be the next Adam Lanza? (See where they're headed?)

    11/28/2013 7:45:10 PM PST · 21 of 63
    Celerity to All

    George Zimmerman has been threated by about a gagillion people.

    He NEEDS a gun.

  • Thug charged with hate crime after he brutally attacked Orthodox Jewish man at random

    11/24/2013 7:38:39 PM PST · 6 of 24
    Celerity to Mercat

    How can someone say, with a straight face, that it was a hate crime - But then say that it was “Random” ?

  • 'Catching Fire' in the Coming Century: Will We Heed Its Pointed Warning?

    11/24/2013 6:17:13 PM PST · 3 of 44
    Celerity to Bratch

    Can’t we just watch a damned movie ?

  • Poll: If Voters Had Known They’d Lose Their Insurance, They’d Have Voted For Romney [link only]

    11/24/2013 5:20:15 PM PST · 6 of 62
    Celerity to grundle

    Frankly, I recall Romney having some scary opinions and ideas about our 2nd Amendment.

    I’m actually glad things went the way they did - MANY eyes have been opened to the true nature of our Government.

    Control, subjugation and permanent econo-slavery that will last generations.

    Now that it’s becoming clearer I’m finding a LOT more people coming to me asking “What should I do?” Sometimes you have to go through hell to get to heaven.

  • Congresswoman mugged near Capitol Hill

    11/20/2013 8:04:47 PM PST · 39 of 54
    Celerity to All

    Me bet is that she’s lying.

    First off, She’s a Dem from NY. So that’s about 80% of my statement right there.

    She said some telling words: “It could have been worse”. I think she’s going to warp this around to be an anti-gun message. “Could have been worse... What if he had a gun?”

  • Miner being called a hero: Man died trying to save co-worker from carbon monoxide poisoning (CO)

    11/19/2013 9:44:36 AM PST · 13 of 14
    Celerity to heartwood

    Especially in CO.

    Sorry, had to apply some humor. It’s still tragic.

  • You Are a Rogue Device (DHS violating 4th amendment)

    11/12/2013 1:45:29 PM PST · 11 of 55
    Celerity to DariusBane

    The 4th Amendment:

    Keep in mind - in Free Republic, the opinions of LEO are very polarized. It’s a complex issue. Comments like yours (Or the comment from the other thread TOWARDS you) don’t help that.

    One thing at a time. The LEO power answers will come when we can all get a grip on the things that LEO have to deal with, and when the LEO also wake up to find out that they have been lied to, used, and put into harm’s way for poor reasons.

    I’m on your side, but we need to keep focused on a problem that all (Pro and anti leo) can agree on: The top of the command chain needs to be shut down and replaced.

  • Just had a major DUH! moment

    11/10/2013 9:11:44 AM PST · 13 of 71
    Celerity to GunsAndBibles

    Recall that your phone is not usable when it’s wrapped up.

    I have something neat that takes a lot of the guess work out. I have a smartphone and a used 10 minute pre-paid kid’s phone. (Not a smartphone).

    I use Google Voice, and Google voice allows a single phone number to ring multiple phones. When I’m at work, and need the smartphone capability, I do. When not, I store the phone in a “faraday cage”. (Microwave)

    When it comes to a “faraday cage” not just a screen will work. Because your car is a faraday cage, technically, and you see that your phone works just fine within it.

  • Memories of Futures Past (Why the Left wants to change the Constitution)

    11/02/2013 9:32:56 PM PDT · 2 of 12
    Celerity to 2ndDivisionVet

    It terrifies me to think what today’s people would write into a constitution.

    We’ll need to be subjugated, tortured, and killed to write a Constitution as it has already been written.

    The lives of our forefathers and the sacrifices they made will be in vain.

    Long live this republic. Do whatever it takes to bring its usurpers to proper justice.

  • I Want to Be Friends With Republicans

    11/02/2013 2:10:00 PM PDT · 21 of 57
    Celerity to Secret Agent Man

    “libs always mean the opposite.

    his version of ‘friends’ is holding the pistol to the back of a conservative over the trench of dead conservatives.”

    THIS. THIS RIGHT HERE ! That is the way we should be viewing these vermin.

    You sir, are totally correct. And I think it’s about time we all sat down and started to see your way of thinking. Your tagline is also pretty damned good too.

    A toast to you !

  • Dead Man Walking

    10/26/2013 12:02:00 PM PDT · 38 of 63
    Celerity to jameslalor

    Insurance is a scam. The guy in the article couldn’t afford the treatment, he couldn’t afford the monthly insurance payments, and putting money in the bank “for a rainy day” was the smartest thing he could do.

    Insurance companies never lose. There is profit to be made. And in the fundamental principle of Insurance - they are to hold your funds for you, and then provide the up-front if something should happen. They expect you to continue to make payments into their system after the issue is resolved and you’re feeling better.

    So it’s like walking into a bank with an agreement for “An open loan, whenever I need it” and “I’ll just start paying you now. I may need it a month down the road, a year or possibly never.”

    With such a statement loss is assumed. A company doesn’t want “loss” so they do whatever is necessary to keep you paying and not taking. I mean, duh.

    Real problems occur when the service vendor (Doctors, supply companies, medical technical companies, etc) find this sort of thing to be a cash-cow. An MRI is certainly a fine piece of equipment, but to charge $10,000 for a scan regimen is a bit ... steep. But the insurance “will pay for it”. When the insurance companies refused to pay such high prices (That’s far beyond the contribution of the Insured customer) the courts and the government stepped in and required them to pay it.

    So as usual - the root of ALL this problem is government. Were it insurance, they would keep prices far, far down to keep their losses at a minimum. Insurance adjusters and price-setters are onhand to negotiate with these companies that want to charge $100 for an aspirin (These are real numbers, btw)

    The government created the problem, and now they want to sell us a solution. That is how government works, and it needs to be simply taken out.

    Stop paying taxes, resist this government, give them nothing. No more. No compromises. Whatever it is they want you to do : Do the opposite. They are not out for your best interests.. .They are out for your money.

  • Celebrities Are Doing Another PSA About The Government, But They're CRITICIZING IT.

    10/26/2013 8:57:32 AM PDT · 11 of 16
    Celerity to Marie

    I was happy to see John Cusack, who if we recall called for the violent death of gun owners.

    I hope he’s starting to see WHY Americans should own guns with no question or limits.

  • Wayne LaPierre: Junk science drives administration’s gun policies

    10/21/2013 4:11:42 PM PDT · 4 of 13
    Celerity to SC_Pete

    I reiterate your post : There is no science in this. There is no concern for safety, now is there a concern for crime rates.

    It is ALL control. Our one chant against the gun grabbers should be this : “We will not be subjugated (Anymore)”

    I paren’ed the “Anymore” because we are all already subjugated.

    I find out recently that I can have a shotgun in my trunk for any reason, but apparently I’m not “supposed” to have my Bow in my trunk outside of bow hunting seasons, or without my hunting permit.

    I’m carrying the bow. I would carry it ON ME if it were more convenient than carrying it in my trunk.

    Come to find out while I’ve been focusing so much attention to the gun drama that I have turned my back on other things. There is a push to remove Bows from the hands of civilians (Even though their primary (read: about 100% of the time) is hunting.) Also, we have got to stop registering our cars, being forced into birth certificates and paying a federal income tax.

    The Free Republic is still not at arm’s reach, my FRiends.

  • Yes, This Is YOUR Fault

    10/20/2013 6:28:20 PM PDT · 50 of 62
    Celerity to kiryandil

    I wish I could ! But they don’t _get_ IT !

    My friends, family, even my wife doesn’t seem to _get_ it !

    They are all miserable. All say things to me that equal the same thing : They want my lifestyle.

    My lifestyle is RIGHT HERE. I don’t have extra arms, a time machine or telepathy. I’m a normal dude that simply said “ENOUGH” and tried (went through a TON of failures) to change things.

    So my employees are no different. They ask me : “When did you become self employed?” and I say “18.” And then they say “I wanna be like you !” and I say “Cool ! Stay late tonight with me and develop a budget for next year that will allow 15% growth!” and they say “Yeah... I .. I uh .. gotta go home and .. uh ... play world of warcraft”

    So there you have it. Guess who just declared their worth to my company ?