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  • In Reversal, Gov. Gary Johnson Now Supports Mandatory Vaccination

    08/31/2016 10:32:26 PM PDT · 13 of 13
    Celerity to FreedomStar3028

    Ideas so good, they are MANDATORY.

    If anyone would hold anyone else down, my family - anyone and forcefully inject them with a questionable chemical then I imagine the rest of their short time on this mortal coil will be spent in screaming agony.

    I couldn’t hold off everyone in the world, but I wouldn’t want to be the first 13 people to test my resolve.

  • Levin posts Scythian Reborn's vanity - calls it a smear

    08/31/2016 8:45:27 PM PDT · 19 of 33
    Celerity to usafa92

    “Looks like Mark is still lurking.”

    I would LOVE for Mark to post here.

    With his professional word-craft he should be able to engage us without a challenge.

    Mark, you out there ? Show us we are wrong. We know you have a login now.

  • Levin posts Scythian Reborn's vanity - calls it a smear

    08/31/2016 8:42:52 PM PDT · 14 of 33
    Celerity to usafa92

    What I see here, is that Mark slammed all of FR with this Face**** post.

    Read the two pages - People defended him. It was back-and-forth banter.

    But what Mark did was try to throw FR under the bus - and on the day that Jim stood up and reminded us of how good Mark (can) be.

    Another total lack of journalistic discipline. I encourage Mark to re-write his post.

  • A Rapture, of Sorts?

    08/31/2016 8:00:06 PM PDT · 29 of 35
    Celerity to Riley

    The love of Christ and the acceptance into Heaven is one of the easiest things there is.

    I don’t understand why more people don’t seek it.

  • Mexico angry at president's 'humiliating' meeting with Trump

    08/31/2016 7:55:27 PM PDT · 56 of 84
    Celerity to Extremely Extreme Extremist

    What I find more amazing is that there were no attempts on Trump’s life.

    Obama wouldn’t even go there with that level of security. Trump did it and boldy walked right by the Cartels with his middle finger extended.

    President Trump, already.

  • Puzzling Pixels - Video of Hillary Rally Politically ENHANCED in Post-Production..?

    08/31/2016 7:53:28 PM PDT · 24 of 50
    Celerity to gaijin

    Absolutely every IOTA of evidence I’ve seen about this entire race has been raising flags with me.

    But what still doesn’t connect: Brexit, Duterte’s election and the fact that Trump truly means what he says and demonstrates it even when no one is looking.

    Trump is either a true outsider or he’s one of the best tricks every devised by mankind. But the Brexit and Duterte successes prove that wrong.

    On one hand the world is finally enacting change. On the other, everywhere I look and seriously - everything I see - is complete fakery.

    This is the most confusing and frankly scary time I think the world has ever witnessed. We are either about to become a “prison planet” full of slaves or we are about to turn the tides and create a wonderful planet with (at least some) prosperous people again.

    Revelations becomes clearer and clearer everyday. The next turn could either be the second coming of Christ or the coming of the Anti-Christ. Trump matches the description of neither.

    Nor does Hillary. Nor Obama. The Anti Christ will be loved by the entire human race. His words will unite all of the people and they will bow before him without hesitation.

    But this tipping point is on the fulcrum that is so sharp and has such steep sides that my mind is about to melt.

    How can even the most pious among us make this call ? We can’t. Thus, Revelations. It’s to a point where this is no longer faith to me. This is real. The only thing that our minds have the ability to process is the Rapture. There is no control or mastery of any domain even within ourselves.

  • Olaudah Equiano detailed the most common form of slave procurement

    08/31/2016 7:25:42 PM PDT · 15 of 15
    Celerity to AlmaKing

    Combinations of books are available for it, but my library is gone and I actually got more -supporting- info from youtube and the productions of those in the sovereign study, “crash course” on credit and other readings about maritime law.

    As an analyst, when I work with data I have to have some background info to understand it and build trends and forecasts. So it’s my job to put 2 and 2 together sometimes, back up the relationship with credible facts and sources and then build arguments from there. So I won’t just grab something like the Magna Carta and build a single stream of predictions and trendlines from there - I will match something like the Magna Carta to a series of other interactions to support the overall structure of what I’m building.

    It’s visualized like building a tower. If you have a single line stretching to the top, what you have is a wobbly stake in the ground. But if you found several lines into the ground, then build a lattice work of relationships and interactions you’ll have something more like a cage or 4 legged tower with guy wires when you’re done.

    One is easy, the other is tough.

    A few important things to know:
    Slaves WERE taken from Africa but not all slaves. In fact, very few slaves come from Africa. Most slaves began as native americans, Mexicans and Creoles. In second and third generation slaves the cross breeding blurred those lines.

    Some slavery IS started by hunting down individual human beings. This is why the Sudanese tribes put those horrible plates in their ears and lips. They do it to look unappealing to slave traders (Yes.. even today. Arabic countries still get their slaves locally sourced.. more on that in a few)

    To really get people onto boats, peacefully and easily it’s better to just convince them. The trip to the US and the establishment of work and livelihood was very expensive. Most people would trade their artifacts for currency that could be used in the new land to buy a small plot of land or establish themselves as laborers in the New World. Seeing that, the great banking houses (Like Lloyd’s of London) developed a system to remove the wealth from the person and transfer it to some kind of new wealth while they skim off the top.

    In context : A rich African family wishes to immigrate to the US. They take all of their worldly possessions and simply sell the lot to an investment group in exchange for money that will work in the destination land (Say.. Belgium). In Africa their possessions are priceless. But in Belgium the total value of that stuff is garbage. So they aren’t going to issue a Belgian fortune for African goods. What they will do, however, is keep those African goods that may trade well in Haiti, while moving Haitian sugar into Belgian markets to make a killing on one good and then buy another good at rock-bottom pricing. This still happens today. That’s what Lloyd’s of London still does (Although Insurance is the primary name of that game)

    A complete package is setup by an inventive company called “American Express” which specifically moves people into America. They issue Credit “which is like cash” for real foreign money and then drop off their clients on the shores to those who backed up their credit (Their new masters to whom they are indentured servants) The credit is useful on the plantations where they can use it to buy shovels and food and water and shelter. They will work off their debt to the plantation owner and in exchange get nothing until they are finally released from indentured servitude.

    Now, think about African Diamond mines. In Africa the miners are actually paid. They are paid $3 a day but then charged $1 for a shovel and $2 for water. Something like this happens in Credit only instead of flat-out charging the days wages ... compound interest is created. The slaves never get out of debt.

    A new generation born slaves have no idea what is going on, and they are traded as flat-out property and simply labor until they die or whatever. The debt is carried over for some cases, for other the contracts are forgotten but most the contracts aren’t fully satisfied because minimum payments only extend the contract terms.

    How did Credit card companies start ? Seriously - How do you start a credit company ? There are instruction manuals on starting a credit company, but no one has yet to successfully do that. The Discover card did this through counting security trading as cash following a re-insurance model established by the great re-insurers like General Reinsurance and National Reinsurance. Because Insurance is a winning game, flat out. Insurance companies don’t lose. They create nothing but mazes that end in their favor - you losing.

    Finally, think about a job working in a museum. Imagine you were getting paid for that job, but that pay was only good in the gift shop. That is economic slavery, and that is what a nationalist-only currency gets you. Since 1972 when we left the gold standard, our entire currency has been technically slavery. Although it doesn’t feel like it.

    Imagine a plantation filled with hundreds of strong, angry blacks all capable of teaming up on their masters and killing and overthrowing them. Ask yourself : “Why didn’t they do just that ? They had everything they needed to break away !” the truth is that most early slaves WANTED to be there. It was what they asked for, and it was what they thought they were getting. Interest and Compound Interest was something other countries simply never had. And something you COULD NOT have unless the currency was Credit.

    This is just fine in International Waters, where Maritime law exists. Which is why slaves stopped coming from Natives, Canadian natives and Mexicans after awhile and started coming only from over-seas .. including Creole cultures.

    Very few American blacks can trace their DNA to Africa. The term African-American is a smoke screen to hide their true lineage and the true nature of companies still in existence.

    Lastly (I know I did a “Finally” before.. but I’m not an author so bear with me) Did you ever wonder why the following things are true:
    1. You get credit at age 18
    2. That credit starts good. You don’t have to earn anything.
    3. When you do good things with your credit, it doesn’t really go up. It goes down pretty easily but building credit isn’t a matter of demonstrating financial responsibility it’s a matter of taking out loans and repaying those loans with interest. If you take a $5000 loan and repay it a month later you will gain no credit. You must pay the interest on it first. When you make principle-only payments you can then pay off the original amount to get credit built.

    This is because your Credit is not based on labor. It is based on the trade of your birth certificate (Which is mandatory) and you.. as a documented citizen.. are held as collateral in international waters / international trade / maritime law matters. This is why even with an A+ international credit rating, the United States (Not the United States of America) must still produce collateral to get loans. They must present collateral and the US collateral is all used up. (Which is why our national parks closed down during the last government shutdown. They closed down because those lands, for those few days, belonged to someone else (China)) because we were defaulting on our loans and collateral had to be presented in Deed (But not Title.. that’s different)

    Your Birth Certificate is your Deed. That’s Maritime law. In the US people no longer get Deeds - or at least, Deeds are worthless in every court. Title is used in American real estate because a Title is a land-based regency declaration. Deeds are necessary to insure in the Maritime. So if you want to get Lloyds to insure you, you had better have a deed.

    This is also why Shipping came to a halt for 4 days this year. Those ships had to stay in international waters because title and Deed needed to balance or else war was going to break out. International banks needed those items to stay in their waters until the currency used to transfer them from their holdings to onshore holdings was proven to be valid. The Fed probably won’t engage a negative interest rate in that same way again. Oh yeah. The Fed is why we aren’t in WWIII right now. Something that people in the Treasury (Ahem Ron Paul cough cough) simply won’t tell you.

    But yeah, look at the history of American Express and you’ll see why it’s not accepted everywhere, and it’s acceptance is not allowed by law. Lots of countries are pissed about that, and not every country plays in that sandbox. You’ll see acceptance throughout Europe but wait until you see what happens in the UK, as what happened throughout the middle east and other Sharia-controlled economies. And Communist economies. Because communist and sharia compliant banking is Credit on steroids.

  • Olaudah Equiano detailed the most common form of slave procurement

    08/31/2016 5:03:33 PM PDT · 3 of 15
    Celerity to ProgressingAmerica

    As usual, a common form of slave trade is to get slaves to willingly and happily walk onto slave ships.

    This is done through Credit, and makes the names of MasterCard, American Express and VISA make a little more sense. Actual wealth is converted to Credit which means nothing. Then attempts to convert credit back to cash are dashed because no one in America wants Credit (Which is marketed as being usable only on the open seas.)

    This is maritime law, and it has enslaved more people than you may think. Ever wonder why your money “is no good!” on a cruise ? Because when you’re out at sea, they are trading on the Maritime markets and your cruise-bux aren’t actually anything. This is why you convert before heading out into the blue yonder.

    Your real money goes through processes at sea.

    Maritime law allows for the human slave trade in all formats and affects. It allows for the private sale of all things. Your birthcertificate is a left-over of maritime laws that have actually allowed the US to trade Credit with China for many, many years.

    On open seas, there is a trade market that many are not aware of. It is unregulated and it’s pretty dark.

    Credibility: I have served as a data analyst for high-finance markets and hedges. I have also performed calculations and created formulas at the major credit companies and the Credit Bureau. Caveat Emptor.

  • Like A Boss – Donald Trump Delivered Stunningly Impressive “America First” Remarks in Mexico…

    08/31/2016 3:56:00 PM PDT · 6 of 81
    Celerity to Talisker

    This guy is already President Trump.

    He put everyone to task - by putting himself to task. I LOVE IT.

    This guy is our new Reagan, without a doubt.

  • Breaking: Latest ATF Surprise Could Drive Ammo Prices Through the Roof

    08/31/2016 1:59:59 PM PDT · 19 of 30
    Celerity to Lurkinanloomin

    Before this is all over, we’ll be fabricating our own weapons from scratch.

  • Which cartridge do you use for long range hunting?

    08/31/2016 12:50:21 PM PDT · 32 of 76
    Celerity to TexasGator

    Is the deer wearing a blue helmet by any chance ?

  • Ozzy Osbourne: 'I think Adolf Hitler was gay' (Ozzy Re-Writing history)

    08/31/2016 9:12:54 AM PDT · 61 of 122
    Celerity to jerod

    “”I was born in ‘48,” Ozzy tells “As a kid in England, I used to play on bomb sites. The insanity of it all got me interested. “

    He was born in 48. Born.

    My guess is walking in 49.

    My guess is his parents didn’t let him “play on bomb sites” until he was maybe 4.


    Even in 48 all of the “bomb sites” were cleaned up and in 53ish the place was just fine. When he says “bomb sites” what is he talking about ?

    Is this his Arnold Schwartzenegger “SS used to walk my streets in Austria when I was a boy” moment ?

  • New Documentary Is Wrong: The ‘Star Wars’ Prequels Are Just Plain Bad

    08/31/2016 7:22:28 AM PDT · 30 of 84
    Celerity to Crimson Elephant

    “ALL the Star Wars movies are bad....”

    Here here.

    I’ll still watch them because it’s neat to see all the CGI junk flying into each other. And I’m entertained. My brain isn’t stretched and worked by plots. It’s just eye candy.

    But at this point, all of the movies are like this. Some of our brainy sci-fi movies run for a single movie and that’s it. Although I, like everyone, totally love Firefly.

  • Abolish the Senate. It’s the only way to rein in modern presidents.

    08/30/2016 8:08:19 PM PDT · 25 of 146
    Celerity to Tolerance Sucks Rocks

    Did the Washington Post just give Calvin Coolidge credit for something ?

    And not “for starting the depression” ?

    Wow. Did the editor, named Screwtape, take the day off ?

  • Trump's Weirdo Doctor Uses Windows XP, Which Could Be a Violation of HIPAA

    08/30/2016 6:05:47 PM PDT · 90 of 91
    Celerity to all_mighty_dollar

    It was a short line to be drawn between Buzzfeed and our modern media.

    Buzzfeed now controls more of what you see and hear than any single company in the world.

  • Why crossbows aren't regulated

    08/30/2016 6:34:34 AM PDT · 14 of 35
    Celerity to marktwain

    “The gun haters do not want it, because it does not lead to gun registration and gun confiscation.”


    Also, crossbows are horribly dangerous to the user. A rifle is far safer.

    One slip up on these things, and there are many places to slip up, can cost you a hand or finger instantly. And in order to decock it you have to shoot an actual bolt into a soft target. The ground destroys the bolt. It’s a really inconvenient weapon.

    Carrying it in the woods is terrible, they are delicate and just like high powered bows the bolts / arrows have to be perfect. Tiny fractures that the eye can’t detect will blow up literally in your face.

    Bows are pretty dangerous too but not as bad as these. A rifle is the safest, easiest to handle hunting weapon out there. I dispel so many myths with my crossbow. (Which is for sale now, BTW)

  • The Trump Gnome

    08/29/2016 10:20:46 PM PDT · 3 of 27
    Celerity to rockinqsranch

    They couldn’t make a Hillary Gnome.

    It would fall over all the time.

  • Huma Dumping Weiner After Another Stupid Sexting Scandal Is Bait & Switch to Draw Attention Away...

    08/29/2016 7:39:57 PM PDT · 39 of 57
    Celerity to fatima

    “.. live during the DNC.He looked high like he was on speed and talked that way too”

    EVERYONE in the Party had to be that way that night. The whole thing is falling apart and no one knows that more than those at the top.

    Is Anthony on the sex offender list yet ? Why not ?

  • The Killer Hiding in the CDC Map

    08/29/2016 7:37:50 PM PDT · 12 of 36
    Celerity to null and void

    Slate actually reported something important ? And well ?


    Anyway, we must keep the UN out of here. While it’s a more entertaining read than cholera outbreaks, there is plenty out there on the other things that UN forces bring with them. Rape, murder, child molestations, you name it.

    This is why the UN must be kept out of here at all costs.

    As far as the 2.27billion necessary to start a new water system - Haiti can do this. But first they need to get out of this trance that they are in that others will help them. They’ll need to clean up the drug dealers, Duterte style and they’ll need to oust the corruption that pretty much makes up the entire organization. In short, Only a complete reset will make things right again.

    And I feel this way about the US as well.

  • Google sending Trump emails to Spam

    08/29/2016 6:08:51 PM PDT · 5 of 38
    Celerity to stocksthatgoup

    In my “spare email” and “Spare facebook accounts” I subscribe to and make sure that a ton of DNC spam hits me. And I make sure to flag everything as spam, junk, or offensive.

    I understand how the algorithms work. Now they have completely side-stepped my understanding of course... by simply allowing all of the Leftist swill to bypass content filters but still. I mark everything I see from the Left as junk, offensive or spam.

    Do whatever you can to destroy the data. It may not seem like much but I can already see the dents on their hull. It’s working. Keep destroying the data.

    Imagine if every member of FR signed up on a leftist forum. And didn’t post. Just ruin their data. Change the facts. And imagine if we all just spammed the hell out of them. the sites would be shut down one after the other.

    I know we could shut down Democratic Underground. I’ve been cruising that cesspool for a day now and they are ready to implode on their own.

  • Socialist presidential candidate Gloria La Riva: We salute Colin Kaepernick

    08/29/2016 5:57:24 PM PDT · 13 of 27
    Celerity to GuavaCheesePuff

    Gloria might want to remember that if she is taking votes away from Clinton - she’ll be killed.

    Just saying. Don’t run for any party that risks taking the spotlight and potential oval office from Hildog.

  • Huma Dumping Weiner After Another Stupid Sexting Scandal Is Bait & Switch to Draw Attention Away...

    08/29/2016 5:56:02 PM PDT · 4 of 57
    Celerity to blueyon

    I’ve always thought the Weiner scandals were created by Hillary to keep Huma inline. And since Huma broke some news, and there is rumor that Huma released a bunch of Hillary’s stuff I think this is Hillary once again punishing Huma.

    And the presence of a toddler .. her son .. in the photos and scandal I think send another message. I think Huma is a hostage.

    Not that I care she’s a musloid pigdog anyway. But still. I think Hillary is behind this.

  • What Will Happen After November 8th?

    08/29/2016 5:50:39 PM PDT · 33 of 53
    Celerity to vannrox

    When Trump is elected, the left will SAY they will riot. But they won’t.

    A few BLM skits here and there, but that is a weekly thing anyway.

    Leftists and lazy and fearful. Their fear - to paraphrase Yoda - leads to hatred. But they are so afraid of us on the right that it’s comical.

  • What Will Happen After November 8th?

    08/29/2016 5:19:24 PM PDT · 27 of 53
    Celerity to Old Yeller

    Operation Chaos !

    This is what is so great about technology. I can ruin a bus schedule without actually touching the bus. No one has to destroy someone’s hard work.

    And I’m not talking about keeping people from work. I’m talking about rallies, events, pressers anything that the left holds dear. Anything. If they like eggs in the morning I’ll make sure they get pancakes. Or nothing.

    You know what kind of havoc a Jacob’s ladder will do in a warehouse in DC ? Just that sorta crap. Cellular comms working, but working like crap. Mis-placed calls. Erased contact lists.

  • What Will Happen After November 8th?

    08/29/2016 4:38:01 PM PDT · 15 of 53
    Celerity to vannrox

    I’m retaliating. At that point, it’s on.

    I’m not picking up a gun but I’ll make sure that every system that is within my reach is destroyed. From train schedules to lunch menus.

    I’m going to be the Tasmanian Devil with a keyboard.

  • Streisand: I’ll Leave The Country If Trump Wins

    08/29/2016 4:07:12 PM PDT · 131 of 173
    Celerity to vette6387

    Brolin called into WPLR on September 11th and wished the interviewers a “happy nine eleven” they hung up on him.

    And I thought she left when bush was elected ?

  • How new Trump party can ensure Democrats never win another election (Vanity)

    08/29/2016 9:44:44 AM PDT · 19 of 20
    Celerity to Scythian_Reborn

    Queen Mu-Mu doesn’t need to make _specific_ campaign promises. She needs a large percentage of people to cheer her.

    You see, elections don’t matter with her. The election-cheat machine is perfected. All she needs is some kind of illusion to achieve a 49/51 split so that we don’t riot when the election goes to her.

    The actual numbers are more like 15-20% Hillary voters. And if we went on that and the usual democrat campaign promises (We’ll somehow make things better for blacks) then when she steals the election we’ll all be VERY suspect. So instead she promises everything to everyone. You want your guns ? She’s all for the 2nd amendment. You want your dollar to go further ? She does too! IT’s all garbage.

    The truth is that she needs enough “ra ra” to pull off the illusion that 51% of the country voted for her.

    I really, really wish we could somehow demonstrate the Trump vote before it happened. Imagine a petition of over 2 billion signatures ? That will dispel her efforts to rig the election pretty badly.

    This will end up in gunfire.

  • How new Trump party can ensure Democrats never win another election (Vanity)

    08/29/2016 9:40:29 AM PDT · 18 of 20
    Celerity to dfwgator

    “Don’t bring Bob Dole into this.”
    - Bob Dole

  • Police investigate after mosque door is bricked shut (Parchin, Germany)

    08/29/2016 9:30:30 AM PDT · 9 of 12
    Celerity to oh8eleven

    Were there musloids inside ? Was it on fire ?

    This is a job half done. Well... one third done.

  • Huma Abedin separates from Anthony Weiner after latest sexting report

    08/29/2016 9:29:03 AM PDT · 10 of 82
    Celerity to servo1969

    “I ask for respect for our privacy”


    And the state should take your son away from him. Period.

  • Men Are Judged By Their Airplanes-Trump Earned His, Obama Never Earned His Or Anything Else He Uses

    08/29/2016 9:27:57 AM PDT · 33 of 34
    Celerity to rockrr

    I would have thought that even the lefty-leftist-of-the-left would see how the DNC media machine worked against their own candidate, and would stop and genuflect on how that same media machine spreads crap about Trump

    But they aren’t that smart. ALL Bern-outs should be Trump fans. You don’t get free college but you get a job that pays enough to pay the debts down.

  • Men Are Judged By Their Airplanes-Trump Earned His, Obama Never Earned His Or Anything Else He Uses

    08/28/2016 10:14:46 PM PDT · 27 of 34
    Celerity to rockrr

    It’s hard to tell because they lack the ability to express complex concepts and philosophies. They are just over there name-calling and being triggered by nothing ... To nothing that it’s hard to keep up.

    I still see that there are TON of Bernie avatars.. And I don’t recall this being the case but I guess there is some “You can only post once every 3 days” BS that I can’t really get a read on.

    I mean the place is just falling apart. Like a Don Hertzfeldt cartoon.

  • Men Are Judged By Their Airplanes-Trump Earned His, Obama Never Earned His Or Anything Else He Uses

    08/28/2016 5:44:17 PM PDT · 18 of 34
    Celerity to Stayfree; All

    I’m actually hanging out at Democrummy underground now.. That place is falling apart !

    It’s GREAT !

    Any of the pro-Clinton posts are plants. “I’m a 65 year old woman” but then in other comments that 65 year old woman seems to speak with the lingo of a 20 year old.

    Read it ! These people are completely unravelling !

  • Men Are Judged By Their Airplanes-Trump Earned His, Obama Never Earned His Or Anything Else He Uses

    08/28/2016 5:35:58 PM PDT · 15 of 34
    Celerity to Stayfree

    “community organizer (whatever that is)”

    I’ll tell you exactly what it is. It’s someone who gives out packs of Kools to poor blacks in exchange for a democrat vote.

    The references I had of ACORN in Chicago doing this are, of course, wiped from the internet. But over at the DU the moonbats are un-ashamed of this practice. But they accuse “repukes of doing the same thing”.

    Whatever. They are all $@@holes anyway.

  • [Vanity] In all honesty, what would you do if someone burned the U.S. flag in front of you?

    08/28/2016 4:51:22 PM PDT · 11 of 64
    Celerity to GuavaCheesePuff

    I keep my head down until the big stuff comes.

    If someone is going to physically burn the flag, the fire that started it has been lit for a while.

    And I don’t care about them. They are meaningless. Just meat for the grinder.

  • Trump's Weirdo Doctor Uses Windows XP, Which Could Be a Violation of HIPAA

    08/28/2016 1:36:09 PM PDT · 88 of 91
    Celerity to TheCipher

    As long as there is a chance to bash Trump, everything is on the table. I guess.

  • It’s ‘Digital Heroin’: How Screens Turn Kids Into Psychotic Junkies

    08/27/2016 7:21:09 PM PDT · 35 of 53
    Celerity to MamaB

    8 years is a good time to do it, I think. But my 2 year old will spell out words on a keyboard. Won’t touch a crayon, pen or pencil.

    It’s strange, but I’m working with it. The fact that my 2 year old (2 tomorrow, actually) is spelling words is a testament to _something_.

  • African American Trump Supporter Got Standing Ovation After Speaking On The Black Community Must See

    08/27/2016 7:18:03 PM PDT · 10 of 18
    Celerity to GilGil

    “It just can’t be that simple.”

    you’d think that giving people a shot to start their own business would be on the same plain as building a Dyson Sphere around our star.

  • African American Trump Supporter Got Standing Ovation After Speaking On The Black Community Must See

    08/27/2016 6:47:52 PM PDT · 2 of 18
    Celerity to GilGil

    Only one thing cures poverty.


    Only one person has any experience, willingness, or even desire to give us work.

    President Trump.

  • Justin Welby: 'I Am Constantly Consumed With Horror' at the Way the Church Has Treated Gay People

    08/27/2016 6:46:54 PM PDT · 4 of 51
    Celerity to marshmallow

    I’m constantly consumed by horror at how the world treats the church.

  • It’s ‘Digital Heroin’: How Screens Turn Kids Into Psychotic Junkies

    08/27/2016 6:38:44 PM PDT · 20 of 53
    Celerity to Lazamataz

    “I hang around liberals when I need a diet. :)”

    Still not worth it.

  • It’s ‘Digital Heroin’: How Screens Turn Kids Into Psychotic Junkies

    08/27/2016 6:37:57 PM PDT · 19 of 53
    Celerity to nickcarraway

    The way that tablets are used in SciFi movies is great. The expectation / reality is starkly opposite.

    And that’s what happens whenever you give the masses an amazing technology. They abuse it and have sex with it.

    I’m getting my daughter on a balanced digital environment. I’ve given her an e-reader to start with (removed online functionality, and she uses it for books).

    But we only use it together. When we’re done, I take it with me. We don’t set time limits on things, we set tasks on them. Before bed we still read and she has access to her books all day long.

    I’m getting ready to incorporate a 21” tablet PC into her life. It’s a windows 10 computer with a kid-friendly interface already built in. But it’s content will be similar. e-books, a notepad, some photos and video capability.

    This is what the sci-fi movies have shown me. They have shown me a world where people refer to the computer screen, but then put them down. 5 minutes is usually spent with them.

    A computer is not a communication device. It CAN be, but even the video calling and stuff that relatives do diminishes their time together when we travel the several states to see people. It’s having a negative impact.

    So the next approach is to build a solid face-to-face relationship with everyone, THEN supplement it with video calling. But she’s two years old, so there is plenty of time.

    At 2 years old it seems that the parents are more excited to put tech in front of them than the kids are to adopt it themselves.

  • It’s ‘Digital Heroin’: How Screens Turn Kids Into Psychotic Junkies

    08/27/2016 6:28:28 PM PDT · 15 of 53
    Celerity to Lazamataz

    “I now directly burrow into another person’s brain and eat their thoughts.”

    You must be starving.

  • God Has Not Called Us to Be Nice

    08/27/2016 6:18:55 PM PDT · 27 of 38
    Celerity to Bullish

    “If we were all namby-pamby, nicey-nice Christians then Christianity would have been wiped out centuries ago.”

    Which is happening right now, and for the very reason you have stated.

    We should be in constant combat with Islam. Until none remain.

  • It’s ‘Digital Heroin’: How Screens Turn Kids Into Psychotic Junkies

    08/27/2016 6:16:10 PM PDT · 2 of 53
    Celerity to nickcarraway

    “psychotic junkies”.... Wow.

    Those are powerful words.

    The virtual games are a great extension of the physical games we all loved. As far as Minecraft being “Digital Legos” Lego already brilliantly handled that with their interactive legos. So kids could physically build stuff and then integrate it with programs and functions from the computer. Those functions never came in a “finished form” so the kids had to apply some basic programming to make it happen.

    Brilliant. And what happened ? No one bought it. Too tough. Too much work. And this is what you get.

    But all of those games.. like Arma. Arma has a mod for it called “Arma city” or something like that. It’s a digital version of cops and robbers. It’s a lot of fun, and it’s addictive. But the problem is not that parents are letting their kids play the virtual games - it’s that their parents aren’t letting them play THE REAL game. Could you imagine a bunch of kids today running around with bandanas and cap guns playing cops and robbers ? The parents would be put in jail !

    All of our problems come down to ONE SINGLE THING. Democrats.

  • Obligation to vote?

    08/27/2016 6:12:11 PM PDT · 23 of 24
    Celerity to RKBA Democrat

    This election isn’t fair ALREADY.

    They are calling this even split for Hillary Mu-Mu, when her rallies draw people in the tens, and Trump is drawing people in the thousands.

    And we can’t say “That’s how dems are” because Bernie was making a big splash too. So we KNOW that Hillary is going to steal the election but she’s stealing it right now. Like. Right now.

    She’s going to be declared the winner. It’s going to happen. Lets stop saying that they are going to “let Trump be president”. We must be preparing right now a trip to DC. Armed and angry. We must be preparing soldiers and law enforcement to stand down and let us take this.

    We’re at that point. I don’t even feel like a nutjob saying it. We will have to take it back.

    Well, I say that.. But the truth is that Brexit happened and Duterte got elected. So lets just see. If constables and poll places are occupied by our people then I can see an honest count being done.

    Because I seriously, seriously think that anyone working these polls will see only a few Clinton votes go through. I don’t even have to ask people to rig an election. The raw numbers are there. The Democrat party is split. Mathematically, the chances of her honestly winning this election is very, very narrow.

  • Hillary Clinton Receives 1st Classified Briefing as Democratic Nominee

    08/27/2016 10:33:11 AM PDT · 33 of 57
    Celerity to King Moonracer

    With Huma at her side, the Brotherhood already knows this stuff. She probably called them as they were leaving the briefing room.

  • Hillary Clinton Receives 1st Classified Briefing as Democratic Nominee

    08/27/2016 10:32:21 AM PDT · 32 of 57
    Celerity to Mariner

    I thought she wasn’t receiving these briefings because she already knew them ?

    Wasn’t she already part of this process?

  • Obligation to vote?

    08/27/2016 10:31:21 AM PDT · 10 of 24
    Celerity to Salvation

    I’m not paying my taxes. Screw that.

    But if we don’t vote, then we’ll be truly coming to our priests asking about our decisions to pick up guns and kill other men.

    Voting is a great way to save lives.

  • Colin Kaepernick explains why he sat during national anthem

    08/27/2016 10:29:27 AM PDT · 20 of 51
    Celerity to CincyRichieRich

    I’m sure he’ll continue to vote the same way that his oppressed people have for over a century.

    There is no shortage of these idiots.