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  • Artificial womb for premature babies successful in animal trials

    04/26/2017 9:53:31 AM PDT · 14 of 15
    Captain Rhino to BenLurkin

    From the article:

    Partridge described the apparatus in operation as “an awe-inspiring sight”, but the authors acknowledge that the public may be wary of the technology.

    “I don’t want this to be visualised as humans hanging on the walls in bags,” said Flake. “This is not how this device will work or look.”

    The human version will have the appearance of a fluid-filled incubator, with a dark cover and interior, and the baby would be monitored by cameras. Flake predicts that such a set-up, while unfamiliar, is likely to be less distressing for parents than the current situation in which fragile infants typically undergo a host of invasive procedures, including intubation, ventilation and surgery.

    The authors also ruled out the prospect of an entire gestation taking place externally, as depicted in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, where babies are routinely decanted into the world from artificial wombs.

    “The reality is that at the present time there’s no technology on the horizon,” said Flake. “There’s nothing but the mother that’s able to support that [initial] period of time.”

    Yes. At the present time...

  • Latest Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria Was Likely Staged

    04/24/2017 5:56:06 AM PDT · 7 of 19
    Captain Rhino to davikkm

    Theodore Postol, a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) = Tool

  • North Korea Threatens To Strike US Aircraft Carrier To Show 'Military's Force'

    04/23/2017 7:11:25 AM PDT · 39 of 80
    Captain Rhino to Strategy

    “If there is to be a war, it is desire of the United States that Japan strike the first blow.”

    Is the Carl Vinson CVBG a mobile Pearl Harbor being dangled before the North Koreans? Only this time, the United States is more than able to strike back immediately and with overwhelming force.

    The North Koreans, like the Iranians, don’t seem to realize that having nuclear weapons endangers them more than not having them. Without them, there is no existential threat being posed to the nuclear armed adversary and, no matter how provocative their activities are, use of counterforce nuclear weapons cannot be justified - especially to the larger global community of nations. Once they have the nuclear weapon and the means to deliver it to their adversary’s territory, the threat can be deemed existential and use of nuclear weapons -perhaps even preemptively - can be justified.

    This focus on the power of the weapon is akin to a juvenile fixation and is a liability to any government. It is particularly dangerous to totalitarian regimes that exclude or punish constructive criticism. Lacking the counterbalance of a strongly presented argument in dissent, it’s deliberations and decisions are being conducted in an echo chamber filled only with voices of synchopants.

  • Requiring CCW for Employees: A Smart Move

    04/22/2017 11:39:13 AM PDT · 30 of 30
    Captain Rhino to WildHighlander57

    I have never seen one but even if I did, it would just be CYA and not really necessary.

    Virtually every DoD contractor employee handbook I have ever seen forbids bringing anything dangerous or hazardous into the workplace - especially firearms. Almost all of the person-to-person interaction is between DoD military, DoD government civilian, and DoD contractors and we are all covered by the same rules.

    For some companies, it is a firing offense to even have a weapon in your car if it is parked on company property.

    Of course, the high security and/or prime target facilities are fenced, controlled entrance operations with lots of armed guards. Like going through screening at an airport or at a courthouse entrance.

  • Requiring CCW for Employees: A Smart Move

    04/22/2017 7:36:21 AM PDT · 10 of 30
    Captain Rhino to bigbob

    Very interesting.

    As a DoD contractor employee, I am required to obtain and maintain a minimum Secret clearance whether or not I am actually using it. It is a “condition of employment.” In 27 years, I have had very few jobs that required even occasional access to classified information.

    Sounds like requiring CCW is roughly the equivalent. Cleaver way indeed to screen potential hires.

    Certainly deals with the “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.” issue.

  • Professor laments his sleepless life under Trump: ‘I live in a fragmented, cruel world’

    04/19/2017 6:32:23 PM PDT · 53 of 95
    Captain Rhino to dynachrome

    No, no! Allow the good professor to continue to reside in the Hell of his own devising.

    Nowhere in the quotes from his Op/Ed screed, does he acknowledge the Democratic Party ran one of the most corrupt, manipulative, and privileged candidates in modern history. He does not do so because to admit that would be THE unpardonable sin for a liberal; daring to depart from the party line and think for him or herself.

    Let him stew in his own juices. I hope he gets an ulcer.

  • Carrie Fisher Will Not Be in Episode IX After All and Other Star Wars Revelations From This Weekend

    04/17/2017 7:41:28 PM PDT · 22 of 31
    Captain Rhino to Snickering Hound

    Glad to see somebody else noticed that. Her facial expressions were also pretty wooden.

    I thought she’d had a stroke and had not fully recovered from it.

    According to her biography in Wikipedia, she had suffered for decades from bipolar disorder and was getting electro shock therapy every six weeks for a long period.

  • Man who filmed the United Airlines passenger: 'I don't blame the security guards at all'

    04/13/2017 5:58:53 AM PDT · 87 of 191
    Captain Rhino to Psalm 73

    Landing the airplane enroute is typically the airline solution these days to in-the-air incidents involving unruly/out-of-control passenger(s). So it is not a far stretch to now expect that policy to be extended to ground operations whether or not security might be available to assist in solving the problem. Once you rule out the use of any kind of force, having the flight cancelled at the gate over a non-compliant passenger becomes the only realistic option left to an airline.

    I will hand it to United though, They somehow managed to assemble a flight of @200 random passengers that, to a person, had such urgent business on Monday morning that none of them would accept $800, a free hotel and flight the next day.


  • Historic Aircraft Carrier USS Independence On Course for On Time Arrival at Scrapyard

    04/12/2017 9:10:39 PM PDT · 30 of 48
    Captain Rhino to central_va

    Actually, the reasons they are so hard to sink is also the reason why US carriers are only scrapped in US shipbreaking yards or sunk in extremely deep water in midocean. There are secrets to their construction - learned through hard experience in combat - that the United States doesn’t want exposed to hostile powers.

  • Army Considers Bringing Battle Rifles Back To War

    04/07/2017 4:27:19 AM PDT · 61 of 109
    Captain Rhino to husky ed

    I went to Marine Corps boot camp at San Diego in 1967. Qualified with the M14. After graduation, went up to Camp Pendleton for ITR. Carried and fired the M1. After a year in ground electronic repair school (in San Diego at the time, now at 29 Palms), went back to Camp Pendleton for Staging Battalion enroute to Vietnam. Carried and fired the M16.

    Of the three rifles, I liked the M1 the best. Beautiful balance; great shooting rifle. However, on a fully automatic battlfield...

    BTW, while the M16’s design demanded that you keep it clean, it’s initial reports of being prone to jam were, if I recall correctly,at least in part tied to a bad lot of Lake City ammunition. I ran some through my M16 while in-country. Something about the interaction between the propellant gases and the lubricant made the carbon fouling really adhesive. Very difficult to clean afterwards.

  • California high school replaces girls’ bathroom mirrors with ‘notes of affirmation’

    04/06/2017 7:27:12 PM PDT · 47 of 47
    Captain Rhino to KarlInOhio

    I stand corrected.

    I expected her to be tall (6’3”) but her photos didn’t show her as being unusually taller than her teammates. Turns out they are giraffes after all.

    Thanks for your research.

  • California high school replaces girls’ bathroom mirrors with ‘notes of affirmation’

    04/06/2017 9:35:56 AM PDT · 24 of 47
    Captain Rhino to TheCipher

    Unless all the other girls in her lacrosse pictures are also giraffes (it’s possible), it’s likely a typo.

  • PETA Says Milk is a ‘Symbol of White Supremacy’

    04/01/2017 9:22:48 PM PDT · 85 of 101
    Captain Rhino to maro

    Using “PETA logic,” all Muslims should abandon their faith because a very small percentage of them (ISIS and other terror groups), use Islam to justify their barbaric acts.

  • 'You're Not Capable Of Writing A Clear Sentence': Tucker Takes On 'White Genocide' Prof

    03/31/2017 4:48:48 AM PDT · 17 of 58
    Captain Rhino to SkyPilot

    Love it. It is even better when delivered by the SNL clown character (whose name escapes me at the moment) that he created.

    The only way it could be better (funnier) is if it was delivered in rhyme (with appropriate body posturing and gang-sign signifying) to a heavy rap backbeat.

  • 'You're Not Capable Of Writing A Clear Sentence': Tucker Takes On 'White Genocide' Prof

    03/31/2017 4:41:08 AM PDT · 12 of 58
    Captain Rhino to markomalley

    Actually, the sample is pretty typical college-level political science writing. Meaning that it is Leftist/communist-biased in its worldview, it embeds heavy advocacy for that viewpoint, and considers the only valid analyses of these issues must be based on its decades-long processing and reprocessing of them FROM WITHIN THAT WORLDVIEW. Basically, it is an echo chamber.

    Very elitist, almost clubby, its distain for outsiders.

    “Oh, my dear, don’t you know that approach to democracy was discussed and dismissed as subversive, anti-progressive, bourgeois intransigence by Comrade Bulganin at the 3rd International in 1928? Tsk,tsk. You really do have a lot to learn. I honestly don’t know how you are going to do it.”

  • No Need For Basic Income: Five Policies To Deal With The Threat Of Technological Unemployment

    03/27/2017 2:43:10 PM PDT · 8 of 23
    Captain Rhino to 2ndDivisionVet

    Interesting read. Author forgot to discuss what happens when we cede control to “Big AI” in recognition of its superior intellect and it returns the favor by deciding that the solution to an inability to feed further increases in the population of basic income recipients is to begin reducing their daily calorie intake. Followed by reductions in access to electrical power, clothing, transportation, medical care, etc.

    and it will be empowered to reduce it, and reduce it, and ...

    Billions will starve, very slowly. Billions more, previously disarmed in the name of social order, will be “controlled” (murdered) by police and soldier robots when they rebel with stones and clubs against being starved to death.

    All those production improvements, technological breakthroughs, and new disease cures predicted to arise with AI may end up being purchased at a terrible price.

  • China Is Building a 100,000 Strong Marine Corps

    03/26/2017 1:35:49 PM PDT · 20 of 47
    Captain Rhino to Captain Rhino

    Make that 36k for 6 brigades and 54k for 9.

  • China Is Building a 100,000 Strong Marine Corps

    03/26/2017 1:10:18 PM PDT · 19 of 47
    Captain Rhino to Capt. Tom

    Here is a link to the Wikipedia on the PLAMC:

    The Wikipedia article gives the size of a PLAMC brigade as 6,000 Marines.

    The Wikipedia article gives the composition of a PLAMC Brigade as:

    Each Brigade comprises all or most of the following:

    1 x Armoured Regiment (1 x Tank Bns and 2 x Armoured Rifle w/Type 05 Amphibious Assault Vehicle and Type 05 Amphibious Infantry Fight Vehicle),
    2 x Marines Bns,
    1 x Howitzer Bns w/PLZ-07 SP Howitzer
    Missile Battalion (HJ-8 & HJ-73 ATGM’s and HN-5 SAM’s),
    A mixed Engineer and Chemical Battalion;
    Communications and Guard Battalion;
    Field Maintenance Battalion

    All that armor will be of little use on those tiny artificial islands the Chinese are building in the South China Sea. Heck, probably couldn’t even park all the rolling stock on some of them.

    The article cited above says there will be 6 brigades created (up from the three listed in the Wikipedia article) 6 x 6K = 35K, not 100k. Even if it was 6 in addition to the 3 already established, that is only 53K.

    Either way, that’s a lot of force structure unaccounted for.

    Wonder what else is being planned?

    As for putting them on those islands: cut them off and let them starve. But only after bombing its infrastructurew to pieces. Then they can starve and die of thirst.

  • Germany hate crime: Nearly 10 attacks a day on migrants in 2016

    03/18/2017 7:21:59 AM PDT · 31 of 32
    Captain Rhino to skr

    The article omits one important data element: how many of these attacks on migrants had migrants as both the attacker and the victim? From reports I have read, quite a number of these incidents occur exclusively amoung members of the migrant community.

  • Swedish Minister: Country Needs to Integrate Returning Islamic State Fighters

    03/14/2017 8:47:30 AM PDT · 37 of 41
    Captain Rhino to davikkm

    Apparently, providing material support for or actually joining and fighting for a terrorist organization is not a crime in Sweden...otherwise, how could the minister propose?? ...oh, yeah, this is Sweden.

    However, I do agree. There is really is only one reliable way to deal with these detached and radicalized “youth;” detach them permanently from society. And, from a cost/benefit view point, a bullet in the head (perhaps 2 or 3 just to be sure) is far cheaper than a life sentence (actually only 20 years) in the EU. Benefit: absolute certainty that the executed terrorist will personally cause no further harm to anyone or anything. Cost: buck two eighty tops. Of course, secret proceedings, secret execution, incinerate the body, and scatter the ashes.

    “Yeah! I got your reintegration right here!”