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  • Syria Update: Peter Hitchens Reflections With A Warning About The Consequences Of War

    04/20/2018 5:29:24 AM PDT · 11 of 16
    Captain Rhino to Nifster

    Why must leadership be the only source of irrational action?

    The command and control situation on the ground is hardly perfect.

    The revenge motif runs deep in Arab culture and there has certainly been enough violence to produce deep reservoirs of it on both sides. It is just as possible that this act (the chemical weapon attack) was organized and carried out by a subordinate Syrian commander with access to the weapons; one who did not care about anything except getting revenge for the death of (fill in the blank).

    It might be the truth that neither the Syrian or Russian leadership had anything to do with the ordering the attack except...for the maintaining of the research, production, and storage facilities that make such attacks possible. And surprise! That, and only that, is what got attacked by the western powers late last week.

    Kill to your heart’s bitter content; but not with these weapons.

  • Nearly Two Hours on Critical Race Theory, White Privilege, T4G, and More

    04/19/2018 4:31:23 PM PDT · 19 of 20
    Captain Rhino to wbarmy

    Yes. There is nothing like overseas travel to make an American appreciate just how fricken lucky they really are.

    Growing up and during my enlisted time in the Marine Corps I had seen Mexico, South Vietnam, India and the Philippines. I used to tell people that, if they thought they had a good working definition of what being poor was, they should go to India and find out they were still talking about the middle class.

    The eye opener for my daughters was a family vacation that we took to Cancun in 2000. They were in their early-mid teens at the time and an overbooking fiasco by the travel and hotel companies sent a number of the families and couples in our travel group from a nice pyramid-shaped hotel in the Zona Turista down the coast to an all inclusive beach/diving resort at Akumal. (Akumal is just north of Tulum and the Mexico-Belize border.) Getting there was a 2-3 hour ride through the Mayan countryside.

    Once there, we made some excursions including a day trip to Chichen Itza. This involved another several hour trip through the Mayan jungle via the old colonial capital Merida. Along the way, they got to see a lot of real poverty.

    In the years since, both have done a lot of travelling in Europe, Japan, China, Central and South America.

    To this day, they both still agree that one of the biggest strokes of luck they ever had was simply to be born an American citizen and grow up in the United States.

  • 'Opposing Netanyahu's policies doesn't make us anti-Semitic'

    04/16/2018 6:43:37 PM PDT · 27 of 32
    Captain Rhino to Eleutheria5

    Senator Sander’s use of “we” is annoying.

    Is he afraid that the use of “I” would not carry sufficient gravitas? Or perhaps expressing his viewpoint as a personal viewpoint would make him too responsible for his words?

    In any event, his “we” has no majesty to it, it reminds me more of Gollum from LOTR.

    Well, heck! There’s your answer. Bernie has multiple personalities and “we” is his personal, personal pronoun.

  • Black teen who wanted directions shot at by white man

    04/14/2018 6:43:17 AM PDT · 55 of 88
    Captain Rhino to RegulatorCountry

    Thank you for posting a link to this standard daytime urban breaking and entering burglary technique. For those unfamiliar with it, it goes like this:

    1. Be a young, fit, male between 15 to 30 years old of any race.
    2. Be intent on breaking into unoccupied homes to steal easily stowed small items that can be sold quickly.
    3. Dress like a student, wear a hoodie to disguise yourself and carry a backpack for your burglary tools and loot.
    4. Cruise the target neighborhood looking for homes that look like the owners might be away at work (cars absent in front being a prime clue)
    5. Knock on the door/ring the door bell to see if the homeowner/occupant answers.
    6. If someone answers, make some excuse about needing directions to X (part of your cover story) and leave looking for another possibly in occupied house.
    7. If there is no answer, go around back where you are out of sight and check the back doors and windows to see if there’s one that can easily be broken into using the burglary tools in your backpack.
    8. Glove up, break-in and steal sellable small items that can be easily carried in the backpack.
    9. Depending on the value of the items stolen, assess whether you should continue trying other homes in the neighborhood.
    10. Continue until you feel uneasy (two to three times) then depart the neighborhood on foot to your car/bus stop to make your escape
    11. Sell your loot locally or on line.
    12. Repeat until caught.

    The problem is that up to Step 7 above, the lost student was indistinguishable from the daytime burgler. While the husbrand is responsible for shooting at the fleeing teen and will be called to account for it in court, let’s not discount the role of his wife in emotionalizing the situation and the role of past experience (both personal and in the neighborhood) in creating the emotional lens the couple were interpreting events through. And last, but not least, the police investigating this case have their own lenses and agendas in interpreting the evidence.

    Here is where things get tricky. Unlike CCW, having a gun in the home imposes no training requirement. How, without impacting fundamental 2nd Amendment rights, do you “train” the average home defense gun owner about the proper use of the firearm in home defense and the severe liabilities they face if they get it wrong?

    As a retired firefighter, the husband should have had a better capacity to manage the stress of the situation and controlled his impulse to shoot at the fleeing teen. That shot, fortunately a miss, is already proving very costly and the process has barely begun.

  • BBC Scotland Video Says Holy Communion ‘Smells Like Hate’

    04/13/2018 6:32:35 PM PDT · 4 of 17
    Captain Rhino to marshmallow

    Question to Freepers on the eastern side of “The Pond:”

    How is this video not incitement to hatred when far less virulent remarks directed at say, LGBT or Muslims, will get you, at a minimum, a visit and a warning from the local constables?

    Is there not even the pretense of equal application of the law anymore?

  • The odds that a gun will kill the average American may surprise you

    03/26/2018 5:02:22 AM PDT · 55 of 80
    Captain Rhino to jonrick46

    What is the source on this chart?

  • The odds that a gun will kill the average American may surprise you

    03/26/2018 4:58:20 AM PDT · 53 of 80
    Captain Rhino to blueplum

    Drowning is in the top chart; the risk of death by drowning is 1:1,133.

    The bottom chart is a regression analysis that plots research funding vs frequency of the risk /cause of death. The solid line is shows the calculated average in funding based on frequency of a particular risk/cause. What the chart shows is that drowning and firearms death research is significantly underfunded compared to its frequency.

    The article omits WHY it became necessary to restrict the CDC’s research in the mid-1990s. Researchers tend to have some personal interest/motivation in the topic being investigated and it was no different for gun violence research. They were the same crowd wanting to ask about gun ownership during physical exams because they want to classify gun ownership as a disease vector needing control.

    Unfortunately for them, the more granular studies being published at the time of the ban showed a very low risk of gun death among whites and much higher rates among blacks and ethnic groups, especially young males. This, of course, makes arguing for universal gun confiscation very difficult for advocates to support with “impartial data” because of the obvious concentration of the problem in certain populations. Aside from the obvious 2nd Amendment issues, if gun ownership restrictions were implemented in those population groups, it would deprive the law-abiding members of these historically underserved communities of their principle means of defending themselves from violent criminals within their communities and racially-motivated thuggery from outside.

    If and when this area of research resumes, it is going to be absolutely necessary that it be organized, conducted, reviewed, and reported in as non-partisan a manner as possible. This is going to require a lot of detailed and constant vigilance on the part of the pro-2nd Amendment community to keep the data being produced as close to ground truth as possible.

    In addition, I hope the prohibition on partisan advocacy by researchers will be maintained. In my view, the prohibition would extend beyond active advocacy into any professional or personal association with any group taking a position on the issue. Such restrictions would also have to apply to the researcher’s activities if they subsequently leave the government.

  • NPR Lets David Hogg Slam Opponents as Old People Dying Off on the 'Wrong Side' of History

    03/25/2018 9:05:31 AM PDT · 94 of 118
    Captain Rhino to dforest

    No, he is actually drunk on all the attention, encouragement, and support (including financial) he is getting from the left/liberal crowd. They, of course, are exploiting him and other students because they are telegenic useful idiots. David doesn’t really know the full meaning of what he is saying (or rather being told to say by various handlers). He is too young to have the experience to understand that a lot of words amount to nonsense and, quite frankly, are insulting to the people he is trying to persuade.

    Come to think of it, his energy is actually coming from the typical nihilism of youth: we will tear down the corrupt world of our elders and build a paradise in its place.

    Good luck with that but I’m not holding my breath.

    I’m from the baby boom generation and these kids can’t even hold a candle to the nihilistic havoc we caused during the 60s and 70’s. And we did it without smart phones and social media networks, I might add. And yet, despite all that youthful emotional energy poured out in the streets and into society, somehow, paradise did not occur.

    The social and political order turned out to be pretty resilient to fundamental reordering and many of the “fresh”, “new” ideas/approaches to social problems being proposed were/are/or continue to be either half baked or come with very serious downsides. To be sure, some positive changes DID occur, but these changes to society were not an unalloyed success, and, in many ways, society got worse because nihilism is, at base, destructive and nihilists are, fundamentally, cynics; that is, destroyers.

    I’d tell David to consider all the teens that DID NOT show up yesterday and especially to look closely at the backgrounds and ages of the people (and not all of them were teens) who did show up before being so confident in his pronouncements about shaping the future.

    He is running on adrenaline at the moment and eventually that, along with his 15 minutes of fame, will run out. David is going to be pretty perplexed when the politicians move on from him once they have used up all his energy and he becomes a stale annoyance from a PR perspective. Too bad his parents (isn’t Dad an FBI agent?) are allowing this to happen to him. Well, he is 18; maybe they don’t have much control over him anymore.

    By the why, what did David do during the shooting? What personal acts of heroism did he perform? There were some students and teachers that did act heroically during the shooting. Some were shoot, some died.

    Let’s not forget them.

  • Nurses must announce their 'white privilege' before treating Aboriginal patients.

    03/24/2018 7:02:17 AM PDT · 33 of 75
    Captain Rhino to Mom MD

    Although the article does not identify the composition of “The Board” who imposed this rule on the nurses and midwives, I suspect you would find they are mostly guilt-ridden, Kool-Aid drinking white liberals.

    I doubt that the average aborigine or Torres Island native cares about their white nurses or midwives announcing their “white privilege” before treating them so long as they carry out their duties with the care and compassion expected of the profession.

    This is not just liberal “virtue signaling.” Requiring this announcement serves no PRESENT DAY medical purpose since, I feel pretty certain, the level of care provided NOW is not based on the patient’s race to begin with. This is bureaucratic abuse of employees by their supervisors for political purposes. If following this “practice” is made a requirement of employment, I consider a lawsuit to stop it.

  • Driver crashes into sign, continues on with post stuck in windshield

    03/24/2018 3:19:30 AM PDT · 12 of 14
    Captain Rhino to Tolerance Sucks Rocks

    Spectacular picture of the post through the windshield heads the article. How the driver was not killed/immediately incapacitated is a miracle.

    Unfortunately, if he is a typical DUI driver, probably nothing except death or incapacitation will stop him from endangering others.

  • Clinton Tumbles Down the 'Marriage Gap'

    03/20/2018 8:22:08 AM PDT · 9 of 26
    Captain Rhino to Kaslin

    What I want to know is why anyone in India would want to pay money, a lot of money, to listen to this three time loser make excuse after excuse about how it is not her fault.

    Most Indians and other South Asians I know are much smarter than that. At the least, they would insist on the speaker actually being inspirational.

  • Shocking new pictures lay bare Death Row inmate's injuries from botched execution he said was...

    03/07/2018 8:17:59 AM PST · 42 of 104
    Captain Rhino to ctdonath2

    Air tight cages filled with nitrogen is an execution method used by pest removal specialists here in urban Virginia. State law forbids catch, relocation and release.

    The nice thing about the nitrogen gas execution method is that there is an extremely abundant, no cost supply of the gas. So no possible interference with the supplier by groups opposed to the death penalty like there has been with lethal injection drug suppliers.

  • Now There's a Play Called 'Kill Climate Deniers,' Because Why Not

    03/06/2018 8:37:31 PM PST · 35 of 36
    Captain Rhino to Salman

    From the US Holocaust Memorial entry on book burning:

    “Also among those works burned were the writings of beloved nineteenth-century German Jewish poet Heinrich Heine, who wrote in his 1820–1821 play Almansor the famous admonition, “Dort, wo man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt man am Ende auch Menschen”: “Where they burn books, they will also ultimately burn people.”

    The “Kill Climate Deniers” play is part of the process of “socializing” the idea that (fill in the blank) deniers are an impediment to liberal progress and deserve whatever happens to them. Whatever. Happens. To. Them.

    Think that’s an exaggeration? Right now, there are Democrat-controlled cities, counties, and states where just using the “wrong” personal pronouns can get you brought up on charges.

  • Saying ‘God Bless You’ When Someone Sneezes is Islamophobic ...

    03/05/2018 6:50:28 PM PST · 15 of 43
    Captain Rhino to ebb tide

    Do they identify “Inshalla” (sp), a common Muslim expression usually translated into English as “God Willing” as “Christophobic” (new word)?

    In fact, do these awoke social justice warriors identify any words or phrases that might be offensive to persons of any other religion EXCEPT Islam?

    Yeah, I thought so.

    The only species of fragility being demonstrated here is the snowflake variety, Muslim suborder.

  • Isaac Watts: A Child's Morning Prayer

    03/01/2018 3:37:56 AM PST · 9 of 19
    Captain Rhino to EliRoom8

    This is a useful prayer for every Christian upon waking, not just children.

    Copied and saved for daily use.

    Thanks for taking time to post it.

  • Air Force Academy apologizes for 'microaggressions' after making Michael Jordan reference in email

    02/19/2018 3:53:03 AM PST · 19 of 45
    Captain Rhino to Enchante

    No, the microaggression was NOT mentioning somethings are unacceptable/incompatible with military service.

    No, the microaggression was NOT mentioning Michael Jordan in a positive light.

    Yes, the microaggression was mentioning black thug culture in a negative light because, as you really should know by now, ANY critical reference to the behavior, viewpoints, speech, or politics of one of the favored underclass is inherently biased/bigoted/racist. I don’t know if Master Sergeant Parrish is black or not l, but it would make no difference because microaggressions can be generated at the subconscious level and, any way, occur solely based on whether or not the receiving party’s feelings are hurt.

    By the way, the receiving party is any member of the favored underclass (or their self appointed and empowered, spittle spewing “allies” from the “woke” privileged class) from now until the end of time. Consequently, if you have written anything, anything at all, no matter how long ago or under what particular context or circumstance, that could be taken, even in the most extreme exaggeration, as being offensive, it is the same as if you had just said it with full malicious intent to offend.

    According to this viewpoint, once guilty of even one such offense, the offending party is a bigot and the only acceptable remedy is immediate apology and permanent withdrawal from further public life. I have a feeling that the Vice Commandant apologized because the Master Sergeant would not. The announced “staff training” is nothing more than a 1970’s era Maoist “self-criticism” session dressed up in new clothes.

    Afterwards, those deemed insufficiently repentent (or not repentent at all) will be removed for reeducation. Master Sergeant Parrish is about to get a bad fitness report and PCS orders for using insensitive language while calling out cadets for not abiding by Air Force grooming regulations.

    It is said that the fish rots from the head down. The Air Force Academy is where many of the service’s future leaders are born/educated. Let us hope that the PC culture currently infecting it has not matasticized to the larger community of AFROTC units on the nation’s college campuses. The outlook is not good as Air Force leadership was been hosting a massive infection of liberalism for a long time.

  • Scientists Create a New Form of Light by Linking Photons

    02/18/2018 3:18:24 PM PST · 19 of 29
    Captain Rhino to Moonman62

    To appropriately apply the famous Fermi quote: “Well, where are they?”

  • Marine Corps Eases Requirement that Has Inhibited Female Infantry Officers

    02/13/2018 6:31:09 AM PST · 85 of 91
    Captain Rhino to 5th MEB

    Reported to bootcamp end of July 1967. Since you mention So.Cal, can I assume you are a “Hollywood” Marine? I was living in Yuma at the time of my enlistment, so I definitely went to MCRD San Diego. First Battalion.

    As I mentioned in my previous post, I got my postcard draft notice midway through bootcamp. When I asked one of the platoon DIs how to respond, he said (and I quote) “Just write ‘Presently on active duty with the United States Marine Corps.’ Add your service number and mail it back to them.”

    Obviously, they had dealt with this issue before. What puzzles me is why can I remember his exact words 50+ years later?

    By the way, can you still remember your service number? I can and I use it all the time. However, I must admit I cannot remember the serial number of my bootcamp M-14. Just a slacker, I guess.

  • Marine Corps Eases Requirement that Has Inhibited Female Infantry Officers

    02/12/2018 8:05:28 PM PST · 73 of 91
    Captain Rhino to MSF BU

    Personally, I like the requirement for some sort of national service obligation. However, first you need a plan to gainfully employ all those draftees and then you need to fund it.

    Even during the worst part of the.Cold War when the armed forces were much larger than now, the actual percentage of draft age men who were called up was small in comparison to the total numbers in their respective age groups. There wasn’t enough force structure to absorb all of them. So there were plenty of deferments and exemptions. College? Yes. Family bread winner? Yes. Farmer? Sure. Critical industry? Yep. Criminal? No thanks. Homosexual? The door is over there. Physically unfit to serve? Gee, what a shame. And, of course, there were a lot of men who just sweated it out year by year hoping their number would not be called up until they passed out of the prime eligibility zone.

    As for me, I registered for the draft on my 18th birthday, enlisted in the Marine Corps the same day, shipped out for boot camp a week later and received my draft notice about midway through boot camp. So I was more or less destined to serve.

  • Marine Corps Eases Requirement that Has Inhibited Female Infantry Officers

    02/12/2018 4:12:59 PM PST · 64 of 91
    Captain Rhino to MarvinStinson

    Any idea what billet the single female officer who passed IOC is filling?

    Besides plain curiosity, I ask because passing IOC is a prerequisite for Intelligence Officers (MOS 0202) as well as for Infantry Officers (MOS 0302). She may be working on a headquarters staff somewhere rather than leading a platoon.

    As for lowering the standards, I’m not so sure. They still have to take the multiday combat endurance course/test which hasn’t been changed. So now what they are saying is if you can’t make it on Day 1, it isn’t an automatic fail.

    So, is Day 2, 3, etc. going to be any easier? Are you kidding, this is the Marine Corps! If you are all broken down at the end of Day 1, what do you think your performance on subsequent days is going to be? If you manage to somehow not quit and get to the end but perform poorly, how do you think that is going to “inform” the judgement of the tough as nails IOC staff on whether or not you ought to be a Marine Infantry Officer?

    It is not just the women that crash and burn during the test, there are a number of male 2nd lieutenants that don’t make it as well. At present, they all get a fail that ends their chance of being an Marine Infantry Officer. There probably are a number that, with further conditioning/training (or just better luck) might make excellent Marine Infantry Officers. By making a bad day not an automatic fail, maybe some latitude is being shown here towards salvaging some of them as well. Again, they have to pass the same tough jury to graduate.

    By the way, if you look at the number of Infantry Officer billets in the Marine Corps (and I have as part of my work as a defense analyst) you would find that MOS 0302 is sort of the Officer utility infielder MOS. There are many more MOS 0302 billets than are required to staff its infantry battalions. By several hundred percent. This initially struck me as strange until I realized that by specifying MOS 0302 you 1) got a trained general purpose type leader, 2) in a expansion of the service for a big war effort, you will already have a trained pool of junior officers on hand to build out the force with and 3) in a big war, you are going to go through that pool of junior officers pretty damn fast.

    Just for reference purposes, my USMC service dates are 1967 to 1990. Two tours with the infantry; radio operator on an infantry battalion in Vietnam (3/26) and as a an infantry battalion Logistics Officer (S-4, MOS 0402) with 1/6. Private to Gunnery Sergeant ; MECEP; then 2nd Lt to Captain. Turned down promotion to Major to retire. Knees could not take the running anymore (blew one out in OCS, blew the other out a few years later on Okinawa).

    IOC was never an option for me. After my first knee operation, the surgeon said to take it easy on my knees or I would be walking with two canes by the time I was 40. Took his advice. Knees (both) finally needed replacement in 2015. Unfortunately, there is no surgery to fix my lower back (injured it doing sit-ups but really it’s mostly old age).

    Semper Fi!