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  • Charlotte Observer:Girls must overcome ´discomfort´ at seeing male genitals in locker room

    05/19/2016 11:14:40 AM PDT · 125 of 259
    Captain Rhino to Nachum

    Here is a link to the actual editorial:

    From the comments being posted below it, the editorial board isn’t getting a lot of love from its readers. And deservedly so.

  • Seattle's homeless emergency episode 3: Women in black

    05/14/2016 11:16:46 AM PDT · 4 of 5
    Captain Rhino to SandyInSeattle

    Did my BA in History at UW in the mid-late 1970s. Seattle was pretty thick with communist/socialist agiprop even then. Not surprised to read that things are still the same (or worse) four decades later.

    Love your tag line. Think I will go over to Amazon and buy a unicorn horn of my own.


    05/13/2016 8:59:15 AM PDT · 94 of 149
    Captain Rhino to traumer

    Some biographical information on Ms. Vanita Gupta:

  • Feds open Texas border to 4,000 Cubans, security interview lasts just 1 hour before release

    05/12/2016 6:07:06 PM PDT · 37 of 38
    Captain Rhino to Wolfie


  • Feds open Texas border to 4,000 Cubans, security interview lasts just 1 hour before release

    05/12/2016 7:05:38 AM PDT · 25 of 38
    Captain Rhino to Wolfie

    Yep. Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966:

    Special treatment for persons fleeing the Cuban “workers’ paradise.”

    With the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the US, do you think this “ticket to ride” will be revisited by the Congress and Executive Branch?


  • White House’s Susan Rice: U.S. national security agencies are too white

    05/11/2016 2:38:38 PM PDT · 112 of 126
    Captain Rhino to morphing libertarian


    When they push race based quotas, it’s diversity. When you use the same logic to point out the need to rebalance the equation, you are a racist.

    BTW, the second bullet should have been:

    - An immediate DECREASE in the number of American Indians in the federal workforce (over represented by 1.0%)

    The number of Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders is proportional. (4.9% in the federal workforce, 4.8 % of the population.)

  • White House’s Susan Rice: U.S. national security agencies are too white

    05/11/2016 12:31:49 PM PDT · 96 of 126
    Captain Rhino to stocksthatgoup


    Race/Ethnicity/Number/Percentage of U.S. population (2010 Census)

    Americans 308,745,538/100.0 %

    Non-Hispanic White 196,817,552/63.7 %
    Non-Hispanic Black 37,685,848/12.2 %
    Non-Hispanic Asian 14,465,124/4.7 %
    Non-Hispanic American Indian or Alaska Native 2,247,098/0.7 %
    Non-Hispanic Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander 481,576/0.2 %
    Non-Hispanic some other race 604,265/0.2 %
    Non-Hispanic two or more races 5,966,481/1.9 %
    Hispanic or Latino 50,477,594/16.3 %
    Total 308,745,538/100.0%

    White American 223,553,265/72.4 %
    Black American 38,929,319/12.6 %
    Asian American 14,674,252/4.8 %
    American Indian or Alaska Native 2,932,248/0.9 %
    Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander 540,013/0.2 %
    Some other race 19,107,368/6.2 %
    Two or more races 9,009,073/2.9 %
    Total 308,745,538/100.0%

    Not Hispanic nor Latino 258,267,944 83.7 %
    White Hispanic 26,735,713 8.7 %
    Black Hispanic 1,243,471 0.4 %
    American Indian or Alaska Native Hispanic 685,150 0.2 %
    Asian Hispanic 209,128 0.1 %
    Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander Hispanic 58,437 0.0 %
    Some other race Hispanic 18,503,103 6.0 %
    Two or more races Hispanic 3,042,592 1.0 %
    Total 308,745,538 100.0%

    If Ms. Rice truly wants the federal employment to reflect the racial composition of the United States, she will be in favor of:

    - An immediate DECREASE in the number of African-Americans in the federal workforce (over represented by 4.8%)

    - An immediate DECREASE in the number of Asian American/Pacific Islanders in the federal workforce (over represented by 1.0%)

    - An immediate INCREASE in the number of Hispanics in the federal workforce (under represented by 9.0%) (This number is suspect as the Census enumerates persons and employment in the federal government requires citizenship - well, atleast for the moment.)

  • U.S. Justice Department Won´t Seek Death Penalty Against Benghazi Suspect

    05/10/2016 7:12:36 PM PDT · 18 of 25
    Captain Rhino to Nachum

    Not surprising.

    After all, no person in a position of responsibility on the American side was penalized for this fiasco. So why would we want the actual mastermind and commander of the attack to be held responsible?

  • If convicted, Hillary may get house arrest

    05/10/2016 12:07:23 PM PDT · 42 of 42
    Captain Rhino to slumber1

    Actually, the article did contain this caveat:

    “This all presumes that the Justice Department pursues a successful prosecution and also that Obama will not pardon Hillary.”

    Ahem, those are pretty big assumptions, especially considering the election is in just six months.

  • FBI Confirms “Enforcement Proceeding” Against Hillary

    05/02/2016 7:45:26 AM PDT · 46 of 106
    Captain Rhino to xzins

    Trump needs to now begin beating the email scandal drum at every opportunity.

    He needs to ask why the investigation is taking so long.

    He needs to call out both the Attorney General and White House for the delay.

    He needs to label any further delay as partisan corruption.

    He needs to remind Hillary and her supporters of her own words: “No person is too big to jail.”

    He needs to excoriate her for her elitism in setting up a private email server to deliberately circumvent security restrictions on cell phones.

    He needs to call her intelligence into question (she will really hate that!) for somehow being unable to recognize classified information unless it is marked. So much for her experience!

  • Tennessee Bill Grants Immunity for Toleration of Second Amendment Rights

    04/29/2016 12:43:19 PM PDT · 5 of 6
    Captain Rhino to marktwain

    The “duty of care” mentioned in the last sentence of the excerpt has a special meaning in the law. Here is a short article on the term:

    Just by chance, the article cites the factors that Tennessee law evaluates to determine whether a duty of care exists in a negligence action.

    - The foreseeability of the harm or injury;
    - The possible magnitude of the potential harm or injury;

    - The importance or social value of the activity engaged in by the defendant;
    - The usefulness of the conduct to the defendant;

    - The feasibility of alternative conduct;
    - The costs and burdens associated with the alternative conduct;
    - The relative usefulness of the alternative conduct;
    - And the relative safety of the alternative conduct.

    The first two factors deal with the threat. The second two will the activity being engaged in. The last four with the alternative measures that could be taken to minimize or eliminate the threat.

  • College Prof: I Can’t Write Recommendations For People Who Like Guns

    04/20/2016 1:51:05 PM PDT · 16 of 48
    Captain Rhino to markomalley

    Based on the comments below the article, the professor’s views are not getting a sympathetic reception from the audience.

  • Republicans know Hillary Clinton is not going to be indicted. They just can’t say so.

    04/12/2016 8:57:40 AM PDT · 28 of 68
    Captain Rhino to jmaroneps37

    So those 150 FBI agents assigned to the investigation and the Director of the FBI being personally involved is all for show?

  • U.S. deploys B-52 bombers to Qatar for fight against Islamic State

    04/09/2016 2:41:25 PM PDT · 39 of 50
    Captain Rhino to Mariner

    Probably not.

    B-52s can carry massive numbers of JDAMS and have the crew size and endurance to stay on station for hours and hours while FACs and FAC(A)s identify and designate successive targets to attack. B-52s are also useful for the less sophisticated types of attack such as ARCLIGHTS (if that mission term is still in use) when big concentrations of enemy combatants need attention as in, say, Mosul and Raqqa.

    Moving the bombers to Qatar eliminates the present considerable transit times to/from other locations. Every gallon of fuel not carried aloft is another seven pounds of payload that can be carried into the fight.

    However, being based in an Arab country exposes them to ground attack by ISIS or its sympathizers. Hope the ground security plan to protect these strategic assets is air tight.

  • America’s Super Battleships That Never Were

    04/04/2016 12:20:58 PM PDT · 22 of 25
    Captain Rhino to GreenLanternCorps

    Here is a link to a Wikipedia article on “Maximum Battleship” studies done during the WWI period by the Navy at Congressional request:

    More detail on the design effort is provided here:

    All the designs had their sizes and displacements constrained by the requirement to pass through the Panama Canal. Here is a page with a model of the Tillman IV-2 with 15 18” guns disposed in 5 turrets (2 forward, 3 aft). Model is done in the style of the Iowas but very brutal looking. Definitely a slugger.

  • The U.S. Navy’s Improbable Rise to Power

    04/04/2016 11:32:01 AM PDT · 11 of 21
    Captain Rhino to central_va

    I recall reading an article years ago where a senior Marine (4 star type one each) wrote that there was no real competition between the Army and the Marine Corps for mission because the Marine Corps is a battle winner while the Army is a war winner.

    I took the general to mean that the Marine Corps is historically an assault force to be used primarily for short periods of very intense combat and then to be withdrawn to rest, regroup and refit. Given that operational reality, the Marine Corps has, shall we say, a certain “attitude” about how it postures its force structure, equips and trains those forces, and a very deep commitment to mission success regardless of casualties. (Well, at least it did while I was in and I’m pretty certain it still does.)

    By contrast, the Army has to have the size, force structure, and in-depth logistics needed to sustain combat operations of widely varying intensity over long periods of time and it must supply forces for a multitude of highly varying missions in widespread locations.

    There is certainly mission overlap (especially the part about closing with and destroying the enemy with fire and close combat) but the breadth of mission responsibilities is a lot larger than for the Marine Corps.

    Once you shift focus in that way, a lot of difference in the size, composition, capacities, and institutional attitudes between the two forces makes sense.

    You could assign Army missions to the Navy but you would soon find the Navy building another Army-like force to perform them. Or the Marine Corps would morph into something that, due to its sheer size and wide mission set, wasn’t quite the Marine Corps any more.

  • Mars Colony Will Have To Wait, Says NASA Scientists

    03/31/2016 3:44:44 PM PDT · 68 of 73
    Captain Rhino to Truth29

    As I understand it, Orion is a possible “threefer:”

    1. Crew transfer vehicle for the ISS.
    2. Transfer and on-orbit vehicle for Moon return missions
    3. Transfer and on-orbit vehicle Mars manned missions

    As for a permanent manned base on Mars, there is no reason for it as long as Mars remains just a place where very expensive, government-funded scientific research missions go to hang out. (”The Martian” (great movie) being an excellent example of this.)

    Other than claiming bragging rights, robots can do the work cheaper, a heck of a lot cheaper, than humans with all their “needs” can.

    Find a real economic incentive (profit $$$) for establishing permanent bases on the Moon and Mars (outside of supporting government funded activities) and business will respond.

    If you can make it pay (and it will have to pay pretty big to justify the risks and investment), people will want to play.

    I.K. Brunell and the Great Western.

  • Mars Colony Will Have To Wait, Says NASA Scientists

    03/31/2016 3:24:23 PM PDT · 67 of 73
    Captain Rhino to blackdog
  • Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson entertains presidential campaign

    03/26/2016 11:52:51 AM PDT · 8 of 34
    Captain Rhino to kevcol


    Sure, great choice.

    If he gives his famous eyebrow twitch during negotiations, the other side will know something really bad is about to happen.

  • Muslim shopkeeper stabbed to death hours after message wishing beloved Christian nation happy Easter

    03/25/2016 12:39:31 PM PDT · 45 of 59
    Captain Rhino to the scotsman

    The investigators will, of course, be puzzled, unclear, and uncertain about the “true” motives of the attackers. They will caution about jumping to conclusions. They will want to be thorough, so there are no mistakes and, consequently, the investigation may take some time. But the one thing they can state with certainty right now is that this crime has nothing, absolutely nothing whatsoever, to do with Islam.

  • Mass Deportations Would Leave America Poorer

    03/25/2016 11:28:47 AM PDT · 49 of 55
    Captain Rhino to Kaslin

    The analysis is flawed because it presumes every single one of the immigrants will be fully processed through the system. Once the immigrants here illegally come to understand that they all ultimately be will arrested and will be deported, a significant number will choose to leave voluntarily.

    How do you create that understanding?

    Criminal sanctions against Americans who employ them.
    Cut off of entitlements and benefits
    Stop “catch and release” at the border

    Yes, some cost still but not nearly as much as projected.

    BTW, invest some money on the legal immigration pathway, so we can apply some quality control to the people we are letting in.

  • 6-Year-Old Girl Taken From Longtime California Foster Family for Being 1/64 Native American

    03/23/2016 5:50:48 AM PDT · 74 of 74
    Captain Rhino to Delta 21

    I know that a step relation is supposed to be non-biological.

    The question is that the court found that Lexi was 1/64 Choctaw through her father (1/32). But the supposed Choctaw connection was through a step grandfather. So, in the common interpretation of a step relationship, there actually is no Choctaw blood relation at all.

    The court says otherwise. So what reasoning was used to turn a step relationship into a blood relationship?

    As for the genetic breakout, it was meant to illustrate just how far removed in time even a direct Choctaw relative would have to be from the child to create so dilute a blood relationship. It was meant for those persons who might be unclear that to be 1/64th required a person to be 7 generations removed from the single person in their parentage who was of full Choctaw blood. Allowing 20 years per generation, that places the introduction point somewhere in the late 1800s.

    That’s a pretty long reach back for establishing a claim. Just how far back would the court go? 1/128th? Even further? Is there any limit?

    Ironically, under the old racial classification laws of the South, “one drop of blood” was (sometimes) enough to classify a person as Black:

    Maybe the court would accept any “relationship,” however distant, to support a claim under the law. On its face, the ruling looks like the court is doing a bit more than just impartially interpreting the law.

    Thanks for your reply and applause.

  • 6-Year-Old Girl Taken From Longtime California Foster Family for Being 1/64 Native American

    03/22/2016 12:51:22 PM PDT · 55 of 74
    Captain Rhino to SeekAndFind


    100% = I am 100% Choctaw
    50%= My parent(1) was Choctaw
    25%= My grandparent(1) was Choctaw
    12.5%= My great grandparent(1) was Choctaw
    6.25%= My great great grandparent(1) was Choctaw
    3.125%= My great great great grandparent(1) was Choctaw
    1.0625%= My great great great great grandparent(1) was Choctaw

    For this little girl to be only 1.06% Choctaw, there has only been one Native American in her bloodline in the last seven generations.

    The article states: “Her father, who had a criminal history, never lived on a Choctaw reservation and didn’t have any social, political, or cultural ties to the tribe, according to the court documents. But officials determined that Lexi is 1/64th Choctaw based on his ancestry.”


    “The documents said that Lexi is related to the Utah couple, who are not Native American, through her step-grandfather.”

    Is a “step-grandfather” even a blood relation? Step grandfather, to me anyway, means something like the second husband of the grand mother AFTER she had the girl’s father.

  • Boeing Echo Voyager Unmanned Submarine is similar in length to WW2 German U-boats (Coastal Type II)

    03/17/2016 7:12:07 PM PDT · 39 of 39
    Captain Rhino to 21twelve

    Even their late war one man suicide torpedoes clocked in at about 50 feet:

  • U.S. General Admits F-35 Is Actually Three Separate Airplanes

    03/14/2016 3:32:46 PM PDT · 26 of 26
    Captain Rhino to PAR35

    “A fact that also applies to the F-35. A substantial part of the cost is for upfront engineering on a new product. Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.”

    I thought you were complaining about the high cost of the carrier. Compared to the developmental cost of the F-35, developing the USS Ford was really dirt cheap. Just acquiring four squadrons (48 aircraft) of F-35C ($337 million each) cost as much as the USS Ford including its development costs.

    Here’s a link claimimg to detail the actual cost of the F-35 aircraft.

    Note that the costs given at the link are delivered costs not the airframe cost minus the engine.

    I used this link for basic specifications on the F-35:

    To give some perspective, here is a comparison of the cost of various models of the F-35 with precious metals (prices as of 14 Mar 2016) and other expensive things:

    Gold: $1236/ounce
    Platinum: $948/ounce
    F-35C: $605/ounce (@$337 million per aircraft)
    Palladium: $570/ounce
    F-35B: $485/ounce (@$251 million per aircraft)
    F-35A: $317.89/ounce (@$148 million per aircraft.)

    (Accusations of cooking the books on the F-35A price to make the Air Force program look good.)

    Classic Grey Sevruga Caviar: $180/ounce
    Chateau lafite Rothschild 2003 Bordeaux: $47/ounce
    Silver: $15.35/ounce
    USS Gerald R. Ford: $5.46/ounce (including $4.7 billion R&D costs); $4.00/ounce ($12.8 billion ship acquisition cost only)

    My question is what is it about the F-35 that makes it so fantastically expensive? You could by 17,000 lbs of GOLD for the cost of one F-35C. (BTW, the cost driver isn’t the engine.)

    “One last point, during full scale war against a capable naval adversary (something we haven’t had to do for awhile), the CVNs will require continuous air, surface, and subsurface protection.”

    That’s what the rest of the CVBG is for. The primary weapon of an aircraft carrier is its attack aircraft. It carries only short range defensive guns, missiles and countermeasures. BTW, the requirement that a CVBG be provided to defend the aircraft carrier has been known to the Navy since it started building carriers.

    As the nature of the threat changes, so do the CVBG’s defensive systems. Right now the big threat appears to be the Chinese carrier killer ballistic missiles, Russian high speed Shkval torpedo, and supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles from multiple countries. To counter the missiles, the US Navy has an anti-ballistic missile variant of the Standard Missile (fielded) and the Mach 7 Rail Gun (in development).

    I don’t know what specific countermeasure the Navy is going to ultimately adopt against the Shkval (and similar high speed torpedoes) but I’m sure they are not sitting on their hands. Got a feeling it centers around making the wartime lives of Russian and Chinese submariners very short and terrifyingly exciting.

  • U.S. General Admits F-35 Is Actually Three Separate Airplanes

    03/14/2016 10:51:27 AM PDT · 24 of 26
    Captain Rhino to PAR35

    For $16 Billion you get 75 combat aircraft

    For $1.432 Billion (1989 price ($750 million) inflation adjusted for 2016, it is probably more like $2 to $2.5 billion) you get an LHD with between 6 to 20 AV-8Bs depending on the specific amphibious assault ship class (LHA/LHD)and the mission configuration. MEUs typically have 6-8 AV-8Bs; when specifically designated to conduct “Harrier Carrier” operations (Sea Control), the ships can have up to 20 AV-8Bs.

    Keep in mind that the USS Ford is the class leader for a new class of large aircraft carriers and a substantial part of the $16 billion is all the upfront engineering and research and development cost that won’t be expended for later ships of the class.

    Among other things that you don’t get with the “smaller” LHA/LHD option is the aviation fuel bunker and the bomb/missile magazine capacity of the latest “full size” aircraft carriers. You also don’t get the very sizable aviation ordnance, fuel, and maintenance divisions needed to keep up with around the clock, continuous flight operations. All this requires space for things and space for people that only the big bird farms can supply. An interesting operational planning/integration issue will occur when the shorter-ranged Marine squadrons are periodically deployed aboard CVBGs as part of routine air group squadron rotations. As is often pointed out, Marines may fly the aircraft but the Navy pays for them.

    One last point, during full scale war against a capable naval adversary (something we haven’t had to do for awhile), the Amphibious Squadrons and Groups that LHAs and LHDs are part of will require continuous air, surface, and subsurface protection. They must have outside escort. By contrast, a carrier battle group (CVBG) is a complete offensive package that can defend itself and others when called upon.

  • Bomb-sniffing dog discovers 2 Hellfire missiles bound for Portland

    03/14/2016 4:50:41 AM PDT · 61 of 66
    Captain Rhino to PeterPrinciple

    Um...this flight originates in Lebanon, New Hampshire and terminates in Portland, Maine.

    It’s okay. An Air Serbia route of (Beirut) Lebanon - Serbia - Portland, Oregon doesn’t make any sense. Looking at the Air Serbia website, the only destinations they serve in the US are Chicago, Miami, and New York. If Portland, Oregon was the ultimate destination, the cargo was going to have to be transferred to a different carrier somewhere along the line.

    However, the ultimate destination address could be fake and the shipment was intended to “go missing” somewhere in route. Fairly common practice for drug smugglers to use fake addresses and have an insider-tipped team collect parcel service deliveries from front doorsteps. These missiles are fairly large, so maybe the pickup team was within some airport cargo handling operation.

    One poster to the article did note that these missiles are laser guided and, even if it is “fire and forget,” the missile still requires a control system to activate it and designate the target to be attacked. Where are those components?

  • Police officer in Maryland fatally shot in "unprovoked attack"

    03/14/2016 3:16:47 AM PDT · 15 of 43
    Captain Rhino to rineaux

    Handsome officer. Undeserved fate. RIP.

  • Libertarian Commentator Lauren Southern Assaulted by ‘Anti-Fascist’ Protesters

    03/09/2016 7:03:03 PM PST · 10 of 16
    Captain Rhino to massmike

    I guess she doesn’t realize urine is just the first liquid these criminals will throw. Eventually it will be gasoline and/or acid. Using the “logic” of the Left, such escalation in violence will be justified as preemptive or preventative because is forestalls the further damage that having and expressing opinions contrary to their received doctrine will cause. They are already dangerous because it is clear that they have no individual or group emphaty to keep them from physically attacking others who offend them.

    She should report them and quickly.

  • LIVE: Asteroid “B2Bomber” approaches close to Earth (webcast to begin at 12am EST)

    03/09/2016 12:57:31 PM PST · 16 of 31
    Captain Rhino to fhayek

    Some blasts from the past.

    And, yeah, all those complaints won’t make a spot of difference if a rock that big going that fast slams into the Earth.

    Think I need a drink. It’s after 5:00 pm somewhere, isn’t it?

  • New Ruling: Ofc. Porter Must Testify Against 5 Officers In Gray Case

    03/08/2016 11:15:09 AM PST · 23 of 30
    Captain Rhino to RightFighter

    So what is the penalty for continuing to refuse to testify even if granted use and derivative use immunity?

    Indefinite jailing for contempt of court? How does that compare to the perjury penalty or the penalty if convicted on the original indictment?

  • Here Are: The 23 Classified Memos Sidney Blumenthal Sent To Hillary Clinton

    03/07/2016 2:06:16 PM PST · 32 of 35
    Captain Rhino to Dustoff45

    “I would love to hear that Sidney got himself in deep trouble over all of this. There seems to be blood on his hands also.”

    If that is so, he will probably turn up dead at some point soon. People with real, provable dirt on the Clintons have shorter than normal life expectancies.

  • Bernie Sanders: Whites don't know what it's like to be poor

    03/07/2016 7:45:31 AM PST · 41 of 82
    Captain Rhino to SeekAndFind

    Bernie and Hillary are just playing to their base: Blacks, Latinos, and Kool-Aid drinking, guilt-tripping Liberals. They complain about what Trump says but are shameless in their own pandering.

  • Moving the giant sub B-307 to the AvtoVAZ Technical Museum

    03/04/2016 5:43:36 PM PST · 12 of 13
    Captain Rhino to Talisker

    Fred Thompson, US Senator and great actor. RIP

    Another great movie outtake as well

  • There Are 1,800 Reasons Why the Controversy Over Hillary Clinton's Emails Is Far From Over

    02/29/2016 3:52:36 PM PST · 12 of 13
    Captain Rhino to nascarnation

    Actually, it is a heck of a dilemma.

    Nearly 1 in 15 of her emails contain some form of classified information. There are emails FROM HER directing her aides to strip heading material off of documents so they could be sent to her electronically. So her claim of never sending classified over her unsecure unclassified private email server is pretty weak.

    Security regulations are pretty clear concerning the responsibility that each clearance holder has to safeguard classified information from unauthorized disclosure whether or not it is properly marked.

    There are really only two explanations for this situation:

    1. She is too stupid to recognize classified information when she sees it, or

    2. It was done deliberately.

    We all know that she is “wicked smart” (to quote President Obama from her campaign ads on the Internet) , so that pretty well eliminates excuse No. 1. In passing, we should also note that she somehow managed not to have a State Department Inspector General for the first 5 ½ years of her term as Secretary of State. Very convenient if you are running classified material over your “home brew” email server.

    So that leaves No.2 and the indictments that should flow from it. SHOULD.

    Sources within the FBI are reporting the investigation is essentially complete and that the findings have been turned over to the Department of Justice. Attorney General Lynch has said that career prosecutors (implying they are non-political) are making the necessary assessment of the information. Unfortunately, political appointees and a corrupt White House are overseeing the process.

    Tick Tock. Tick Tock.

    Waiting this out until after the election is not an appealing option for DoJ or the White House. The longer the delay, the more political it looks. The longer the delay, the less time the party has to spin up Joe Biden as the alternative to Bernie Sanders. The longer the delay, the longer the Trump campaign (referred to in this week’s Rolling Stone edition as the “Trumpdozer”) will savage her, the DoJ, and the White House over the delay.

    Tick Tock. Tick Tock.

    So how do indictments before the convention play out? Problem is 1800+ classified emails is major felony territory. So no plea bargain with a slap on the wrist is going to be tolerated by the intelligence community, the FBI, and , we hope, those “career” prosecutors in the DoJ. Do the Clintonistas on the campaign staff who came over from State now throw themselves on their swords? Probably. However, since she said “No bank too big to fail! No person too big to jail!” , the woman of the hour is going to have to bear some responsibility, blame, and punishment as well. It will have to be significant or that to will look pretty suspicious.

    Tick Tock. Tick Tock.

    Some polling says that if Trump gets the nomination, he is nearly certain to win the election. (Yeah, Dewey thought the same thing in ’48.) Trump may wrap up the delegates needed tomorrow. After that, things will get really interesting.

    So, facing indictment and a probable loss in the general election, what will Hillary do?

    Personally, I think she will get sick, very very sick. So sick, in fact, that, despite her willingness to fight on, she must withdraw from the campaign under doctor’s orders and, in so doing, will endorse (eventually) Joe Biden as the person to lead the party to victory in November. (No, not Bernie. He polls even worse against Trump than she does.) The party now rallies around its new standard bearer.

    She withdraws from public view. The white hot spotlight shifts to follow the new story. The indictments come down quietly and are dealt with quietly. Fines, really big ones, are levied. People lose their security clearances; some may even have to go to jail. But not for too long and they will be provided for afterwards. For Hillary, the fines and lose of security clearance are nothing. Sick as her doctor certifies she is, she will not see jail.

    Tick Tock. Tick Tock.

    Hillary slowly recovers and begins making speeches again, perhaps for not quite as much money as before. She eventually begins to resume work at the Clinton Foundation using her still considerable influence to broker deals that, among other things, make her very rich. She begins to groom Chelsey for as her surrogate.

    The immediate crisis passes. For the moment, the Republic (or what passes for one these days) is safe.

    Tick Tock. Tick Tock.

    For now.

  • Turkish Spokesman: U.S.-Backed Kurds Are In Cahoots With Russia And Syria

    02/29/2016 10:31:01 AM PST · 14 of 16
    Captain Rhino to Trumpinator

    Yeah, the Kurds are in cahoots with Russia and Syria. All three are trying to kill all the members of ISIS they can.

    Turkey, on the other hand, appears far more interested in killing Kurds than ISIS.

  • Three Prince William (VA) Police Officers Shot Responding to Shooting

    02/27/2016 8:48:23 PM PST · 29 of 37
    Captain Rhino to fatima

    Sounds like the opening to “DREDD” where he briefs trainee judge Anderson before her first street patrol:

    “...You may be engaged in armed combat. Twenty percent do not survive their first day. ...”

    FWIW, I live on the other side of I-95 about 1 1/2 -2 miles from where this shooting took place.

    FWIW2: Virginia does execute its murderers. (But only after the usual decade and a half of judicial appeals nonsense.)

  • USAF reveals Northrop's B-21 long-range strike bomber

    02/26/2016 6:41:05 PM PST · 59 of 64
    Captain Rhino to TalonDJ

    You’re welcome.

    BTW, to get the 174 number that Deptula says is the minimum requirement, you are essentially replacing all the B-52s (as well as all the B-1Bs and B-2s).

  • USAF reveals Northrop's B-21 long-range strike bomber

    02/26/2016 10:21:09 AM PST · 21 of 64
    Captain Rhino to sukhoi-30mki

    Back in September 2015, when this acquisition was announced, I worked up this post:

    “As of January 2013, 78 of the original 744 B-52 aircraft were operational in the U.S. Air Force. (All are B-52H models.)

    The USAF had 66 B-1Bs in service in September 2012, split between four squadrons organized into two Bomb Wings: the 7th Bomb Wing at Dyess AFB, Texas, and the 28th Bomb Wing at Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota.

    A total of 20 B-2s remain in service with the United States Air Force, which plans to operate the B-2 until 2058.

    78+66+20 = 164 strategic bombers of three different generations in service.

    An 80-100 unit acquisition program represents a 48-60% replacement of the existing force.

    If you just count B-52s and B-1Bs, the in service numbers drop to 144 and the replacement percentages go up to between 55-70%.

    If we use the 14 aircraft per B-1B squadron as a nominal per squadron target, 80-100 aircraft equips 5-7 squadrons. To maintain operational capability equivalent to four B-1B squadrons, you can go as low as 66 aircraft. Strategic plans, the need for operational rotation of units, and maintenance/overhaul/rebuild planning establish the requirement for multiple squadrons. There also have to be a certain number of aircraft in storage and available for R&D purposes.

    ASSUMING the B-52 component is just going to be retired without replacement and that the B-2 bomber capability replacement will be the subject of another program, the 80 aircraft purchase is probably the lower number needed to maintain USAF strategic bomber capability equivalent to the existing B-1B fleet.

    The USAF, if it can keep acquisition costs contained, will probably get 80 aircraft. Anything above that will be a bonus.”

    If you throw in the 20 B-2s, you get 100 aircraft. (The B-2, as noted above, was going to be the subject of another acquisition program. But that was last September and maybe things have changed.)

  • Russia will refit nuclear powered guided missile cruiser with mach 5 hypersonic 3M22 missiles

    02/21/2016 1:29:42 PM PST · 10 of 35
    Captain Rhino to ClearCase_guy

    Also rail gun.

  • Apple: FBI changed the password on San Bernardino terrorist’s phone and then forgot it

    02/19/2016 6:11:21 PM PST · 26 of 71
    Captain Rhino to goodwithagun

    So much for never writing the password down.

  • Black Lives Matter Activist Snubs White House Invite

    02/19/2016 11:10:27 AM PST · 21 of 21
    Captain Rhino to rktman

    Not likely. From the end of the article:

    “She concluded by writing that the federal government cannot be counted on to bring about the change she’s calling for in America. ‘We assert that true revolutionary and systemic change will ultimately only be brought forth by ordinary working people, students and youth – organizing, marching and taking power from the corrupt elites.’”

    IIRC, BLM is being organized and controlled by the Revolutionary Communist Party. Her ending statement is straight Communist agitation/propaganda.

    They (BLM and the Revolutionary Communist Party, among others) have no idea how much Black/Brown/White/Red/Yellow blood (citizen and non-citizen alike) the current US government would shed to win the existential fight she seems to be proposing. They simply have no idea.

  • Obama’s ‘Moderate’ Syrian Deception

    02/17/2016 6:10:41 PM PST · 15 of 19
    Captain Rhino to marvel5

    The Syrian Deception.

    Sounds like a chess move.

    Unfortunately, our President and the suave Francois over at State are not even good checkers players.

  • Guns stolen in curious burglary are 'one of a kind': National Civil War Museum official

    02/15/2016 3:15:56 PM PST · 6 of 10
    Captain Rhino to CASchack

    From the article:

    “The exact value of the stolen guns is unknown, Snyder said, because the firearms are so unique. It’s hard to get an accurate appraisal, he said.

    The market for these particular stolen guns appears to be narrow. An average burglar may not know how or where to sell them for cash without triggering suspicion.”

    Might be a professional burglary contracted for by a specific client. Sort of like unusual art thefts where the stolen item (usually a painting) never turns up on the market afterwards.

  • Mexicans do not have respect for anything not Mexican

    02/12/2016 2:18:02 PM PST · 9 of 63
    Captain Rhino to MeneMeneTekelUpharsin

    Am I correct in assuming you are only speaking of 1st generation Mexicans (whether in the United States legally or legally) who either speak English very poorly or do not speak it at all?

  • Bill introduced to end the draft

    02/11/2016 3:24:31 PM PST · 46 of 56
    Captain Rhino to 2ndDivisionVet

    Stupid idea.

    If it becomes necessary to mobilize for war (either before or after the fact), already knowing basic information about the pool of eligible citizens and resident aliens (yes, they are eligible for the draft, as well)and having an established system for them to be called into service in an orderly manner will be an important first step. If we disband the Selective Service and this need arises in the future, we would simply have to rebuild it all over again.

    The former Marine Congressman fronting this legislation probably doesn’t appreciate the recruiting difficulties that would be experienced supporting a very rapid expansion of the armed forces using voluntary enlistment alone. He also probably isn’t aware that the proudly volunteer Marine Corps accepted draftees during WWII, Korea, and even Vietnam.

    Today’s armed forces are small compared to those required to fight a major world war. For some perspective, consider that the present Marine Corps active forces are about 2 1/2 MEFs (division/wing/logistics group teams). During World Ward II, active Marine Corps forces were the equivalent of 6 MEFs. The US Navy presently has 233 commissioned ships. During WWII, it had over 1200. During WWII, the US Army numbered 51 infantry and armored divisions in the European Theater alone. The Eight Air Force of “12 O’clock High” fame had approximately 100 heavy bomber squadrons in it. The total US armed forces during WWII numbered some 14 million persons, if I recall the figures correctly. The current armed forces number approximately 1.4 million active and 800 thousand reserve.

    I am not suggesting that the next major world war will require the force densities suggested by WWII order of battle numbers. But, if this future war goes on long enough and doesn’t go nuclear, a substantial mobilization will be required once existing regular forces begin experiencing significant casualties and other loses. Armed forces recruiters struggle to fill current force structure requirements. There is simply no way they could find enough qualified persons to voluntarily fill out a force structure that had to be two, three, or more times as large and filled FAST.

  • Taiwan earthquake: Tin cans found in the construction of toppled high-rise

    02/08/2016 1:08:09 PM PST · 15 of 23
    Captain Rhino to BenLurkin

    This criminal practice cropped up in an earlier Taiwan earthquake.

    News reports at the time, specifically mentioned finding empty cooking oil cans secreted inside of structural walls by corrupt builders as a way to cut costs/increase profits by reducing the amount of concrete and rebar being used.


    02/05/2016 1:53:54 PM PST · 18 of 24
    Captain Rhino to massgopguy

    IIRC from another article, the school is discontinuing in-school observances of the holidays. The holidays themselves are still being observed when mandated.

    Valentine’s Day is one of those not observed “holidays.”

  • German University President: MANDATORY Arabic for ALL German Schoolchildren

    02/04/2016 11:57:49 AM PST · 31 of 35
    Captain Rhino to Reaganite Republican

    Stockholm Syndrome

  • The Fermi Paradox Is Not Fermi's, and It Is Not a Paradox

    02/03/2016 4:56:23 AM PST · 81 of 82
    Captain Rhino to MosesKnows

    An additional thought.

    With the probability of an encounter very low, a good working rule, for planning purposes, would be to assume we are alone in the galaxy. Not alone in the absolute sense of the word as that would bar the possibility of any life of any kind elsewhere. But alone in the effective sense of the word as it relates to the presence of advanced space faring civilizations (of which, we are still young babes in our stellar nursery).

    While this assumption would no doubt disappoint the: 1)sci fi writers, 2) gamers, 3) generals and other contingency planners, and 4) the space battleship builders and other merchants of death, it would simplify interstellar mission planning by removing contingencies to be prepared for.

    It would also be interesting to think about the protocol to be followed the first time human explorers out there actually do come across incontrovertible evidence of another space faring civilization.