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  • Elite Race Horses Killed as Wildfire Expands to Training Center

    12/08/2017 2:05:17 AM PST · 5 of 15
    Captain Rhino to Captain Rhino

    BTW, my comment is really about a report I read earlier concerning a small facility where the evacuation order occurred in the middle of the night and all the horses died.

  • Elite Race Horses Killed as Wildfire Expands to Training Center

    12/08/2017 2:00:09 AM PST · 4 of 15
    Captain Rhino to nickcarraway

    Other than admiring their beauty and having ridden on very gentle ones at my uncle’s farm when I was growing up, I know very little about the psychological nature and behavior of horses.

    Ignorance admitted, I cannot help but ask why not simply release them from their stalls and pins and at least give them the chance to save themselves by fleeing under their own power?

    Yes, it would be a royal pain rounding them up afterwards. Yes, there would probably be frightened horse-vehicle accidents.

    Do insurance and lawsuit considerations really override all consideration for their lives? Is it really “better” to have the horses provably dead (”hopefully” from smoke inhalation before the flames reached them) in their stalls/pens?

    Sounds like a perfect “damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation” for horse stable/training center owner/operators.

  • The Unexamined Brutality of the Male Libido (NY Slimes)

    11/26/2017 8:11:18 PM PST · 49 of 64
    Captain Rhino to NorthMountain

    Actually, he is (at least publicly) straight and married:

    But seeing as he lives in Sodom East (NYC) and is a liberal journalist, his world view is thoroughly corrupted.

    And like all good liberal hacks, he has no problem in painting with a very very broad brush when it comes to the group target for their hate.

    The problem with his analysis is that he thinks that the problem is based in male sexuality when it is really the corrupting nature of power being expressed through abusive sexual conduct by certain men towards women and men the abusers feel are vulnerable.

    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely goes the old saying. But everybody knows that and rather that recognize these scandals are yet another example in a very long line of examples, Mr. Marche has decided that all men everywhere, whether they have this power or not, are to blame and must reform themselves by talking to each other.

    That will probably work among his fellow travelers in echo chamber of Manhattan. I’d like to see him try to strike up such a conversation in, say, Waco, Texas or Kingman, Arizona. He might, if he is lucky, get off with just an explicative-laden dressing down.

    Since the article is underpinned by claims of the need for equality between the sexes, it is curious to note that there haven’t been any salacious disclosures yet concerning sexually abusive conduct by powerful women. It is hard to believe that the the corrupting nature of this kind of power is limited only to men. Is it that powerful women express its corrupting nature is other ways? Or are the abuses out there but being suppressed through consensus (or intimidation) because it would be distracting from the “all men are evil” narrative being put forward by the anti-patriarchy, anti-white, and LBGT elements of the liberal/left?

  • Bald Kathy Griffin Unhinged=> ‘I’m on a Hollywood Blacklist; My Legal Bills Are Through the Roof’

    11/19/2017 6:58:01 AM PST · 128 of 161
    Captain Rhino to Maskot

    Wow! From”come to Jesus” to alien chest bursters in consecutive sentences!

    The free association is strong in this one. ;-)

  • Bald Kathy Griffin Unhinged=> ‘I’m on a Hollywood Blacklist; My Legal Bills Are Through the Roof’

    11/19/2017 5:16:41 AM PST · 106 of 161
    Captain Rhino to Telepathic Intruder

    She mentions no bookings and blacklist. The “blacklist,” while possibly real in effect, may not be physically producible or proveable say, through emails, in a court of law. Cancelled bookings under contract are another matter. And if there are enough cancellations and they are close enough together, you could, I guess, allege a conspiracy.

    Allegations involve research and filings by lawyers. And lawyers, especially entertainment lawyers, are expensive whether they win or not.

    QED: No bookings (income), legal fees through the roof.

    Liberals being hoist on their own petards. There is a lot of that going around right now.

  • Bald Kathy Griffin Unhinged=> ‘I’m on a Hollywood Blacklist; My Legal Bills Are Through the Roof’

    11/19/2017 3:26:53 AM PST · 50 of 161
    Captain Rhino to Telepathic Intruder

    The popularity arc of actors and actresses as they age is pretty steep. She was already in the process of “aging out” of the business. Offending fans and becoming dangerously controversial to supporters is a terrific way to steepen your already naturally declining popularity.

    Kathy is now “discovering” that there is a great deal more to the American public than the cardboard cutouts offered up by the echo chambers of west and east coast liberalism.

    In addition, she is discovering that the celebrities and notables of the liberal left are, in fact, cowards who will not support her when she decides to do and say shocking things that offend persons on the right and left, even when done under the cover of “artistic license.”

  • Wisconsin College Democrats leader resigns after 'I f---ing hate white men' tweet

    11/16/2017 3:19:55 PM PST · 63 of 71
    Captain Rhino to Gay State Conservative

    Her “explanation” for her actions reads like the PC version of sarcasm.

  • At Air Force Academy, A Perfect Hoax For The Age Of Trump

    11/16/2017 1:24:08 PM PST · 29 of 31
    Captain Rhino to Ann Archy

    Cadets are on probation while students at any of the service academies. This dismissal is for a character and moral integrity issue. Big leadership hit. The cadet is no only not going to be an Air Force officer, he is not going to be an officer in any branch of the services ever. And the incident probably cast a cloud over any attempt to enlist in the armed forces as well.

    As for non-military government service, the dismissal will come up in any security background check.

    With the passage of time and sustained superior job performance, the young man might transmute the incident into what it probably was, a sophomoric prank that went badly sideways when adult political activists, military and otherwise, saw a “teachable moment.”

  • Illinois Democratic Rep Danny Davis ‘Sees Nothing Wrong’ With Changing The National Anthem

    11/09/2017 5:40:54 PM PST · 52 of 68
    Captain Rhino to drewh

    For reference and discussion purposes, here is the entire third stanza:

    “And where is that band who so vauntingly swore,
    That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion
    A home and a Country should leave us no more?
    Their blood has wash’d out their foul footstep’s pollution. No refuge could save the hireling and slave
    From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave, And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

    Contextually, the stanza is a continuation of the narrative of the preceding two stanzas and the band being referenced is the British naval and ground forces come to bombard and seize Fort McHenry. The reference to slaves is being interpreted by these offended geniuses of the Left as a reference to black slaves. But the terms “hireling and slave” were frequently applied during this period to foreign mercenaries and persons impressed into British military service. You may recall that impressment of US sailors on the high seas by British warships was one of the primary reasons for the War of 1812 to begin with. Not every reference to “slave” refers to blacks in bondage.

    If the Democrats think they are disliked now, just see what happens if they take up this imbecilic line of “reasoning.”

  • Hundreds of recruits get sick at Marine boot camp

    11/01/2017 7:32:17 PM PDT · 36 of 51
    Captain Rhino to jonascord

    Neither the drill instructors nor the base troops are ill. It makes you wonder if mess hall food is the culprit since they all eat in the same mess halls, follow the same daily menus, and eat food items being drawn from the same commercial vendors.

    The question is “What would the recruits eat that drill instructors and base troops might not be eating?”

    Well, a lot of drill instructors are married and draw commuted rations (COMRATS) allowance. If they do, they would have to pay for their meals in the messhall. The on-duty drill instructors do take the recruits to their meals and do eat with them. This duty rotates during the day and overnight, so the drill instructors are being exposed to the mess hall and its food. Base personnel are in a similar situation. Some draw COMRATS, some don’t. The ones that don’t, do eat at the mess hall. So there is some exposure for them as well.

    However, if MREs were being served as the midday meal out at the firing ranges or during maintenance week, the drill instructors might choose not to eat the MREs to avoid having to pay for them. Base personnel might not eat them because they can rotate going to and from the mess hall or because the Marines drawing COMRATS may choose to get fast food/bring food from home/go hungry to avoid having to pay for them.

    The recruits, on the other hand, will eat the MREs as they have no alternative.

    I wonder if the vector is contaminated MRE meals?

    BTW, like your tagline. Haven’t got a clue as to what the club is about but it sort of sounds like being a competitor for the Darwin Award. You have to be killed (or nearly killed) to find out you are a finalist.

    Semper Fi!

  • 'Boys Can Be Wonder Woman': Promoting Tolerance or Child Abuse?

    10/30/2017 8:52:38 PM PDT · 20 of 21
    Captain Rhino to impetrio1

    Boys can be Wonder Woman!! Mon Dieu!

    Is this not, in today’s PC parlance, gender appropriation??

    Only a transitioning boy, a TransGirl, can properly claim the role of Wonder Woman.

    Maybe all those little girls who want to dress up as Moana should just claim to be TransPolynesian. Or maybe TransPolynesian Questioning if they want to go back to being themselves after Halloween.

  • Russian AI Chatbot Found Supporting Stalin And Violence Two Weeks After Launch

    10/29/2017 10:41:05 AM PDT · 13 of 28
    Captain Rhino to Enlightened1

    Expanding the thought train:

    Imperfect humans = imperfect programming.

    Imperfectly programmed computers interacting with imperfect humans

    Imperfectly programmed computers giving imperfect advice to imperfect humans

    Imperfect humans imperfectly implementing the imperfect advice received from the imperfectly programmed computers

    What could possibly go right?

    And the proponents of AI dare to refer to the critics as Luddites.

    There may come a time when the considerable human capacity to muddle through despite everything is overcome by the sheer magnitude of the disaster.

  • Data wiped from server at center of Georgia election hacking lawsuit: Report

    10/26/2017 2:53:11 PM PDT · 28 of 32
    Captain Rhino to Bitman

    Article says that the FBI imaged the server in March (2017, I presume) as part of their investigation.

    Normally, I’d say that the image still exists. But this is the Obama legacy FBI, so...

  • American Airlines may be 'unsafe' for black passengers, NAACP says [No mention of Chicago?]

    10/26/2017 10:44:06 AM PDT · 34 of 34
    Captain Rhino to SoFloFreeper

    Speaking of math, did the NAACP include any sort of stastical analysis to accompany their announcement? Something along the lines of “ during the period dd mmm yyyy to dd mmm yyyy, x,xxx,xxx African-Americans flew on American Airlines. Of these, xxx or percent had incidents that may have involved bias or prejudice on the part of airline staff or other passengers.”

    No? Perhaps because the resulting percentage of incidents would be so small as to be truly trivial. I write this not to minimize the serious incidents when they do occur but to point out that with so many persons flowing through the system every day, incidents involving every race, age and sex have to be expected as a part of people in all sorts of moods interacting with a lot of other people who are also in all sorts of moods. Given the attitudes of passengers, ground staff and crew in many of these incidents and the resulting restrictions on what can and cannot be done, I am surprised there are not more on-the-ground flight cancellations.

    The air transport system generally works well enough that people continue to fly on it DESPITE the increasing impositions being placed on them in the name of security and by the airlines (who seem to be in a constant search to find the tipping point between maximizing profit but still providing just enough service that people continue to fly).

    Personally, if my destination is within a reasonable day’s drive (450-650 miles) and I have the flexibility in my work schedule to do so, I will always drive.

  • 'We don't want them back': No mercy for foreigners who joined ISIS

    10/21/2017 4:39:22 PM PDT · 39 of 49
    Captain Rhino to ForYourChildren


  • Trump Signs Order Allowing Recall of Retired Air Force Pilots

    10/21/2017 6:29:14 AM PDT · 37 of 60
    Captain Rhino to x1stcav

    Although my service (enlisted and commissioned) was with the Marine Corps, I am going to assume that the Air Force also has a number of ground, non-flying TO billets that call for pilot officers. Releasing a “desk-bound” active duty officer to return to flying is probably how they would be employed. In addition, they would probably recall much younger (relatively speaking) retirees before going for the 69 year olds (of any rank)since, if they were going to be flying, it would be alot easier to requalify them. Right now, it is just the authority to recall up to that many officers. I hope the Air Force has a specific slot identified for each retiree they intend to recall. I also hope there is some compensation provided for the significant amount of income a lot of these pilots will probably lose.

    I had just retired (like 3 days before) when Desert Shield went down in 1990 and, as a logistics officer, expected to be recalled to colors. I was in a northern VA office full of recently retired Marines. After a month or so, the Commandant put the word out that the retired community should relax since not even all of the active duty and reserve Marine Corps was involved in the deployment of forces. Ultimately, as I recall, only select pilots, intel and civil affairs officers were recalled.

    Interestingly, the one non-retired Marine in the office, an infantry captain with a year or two left on his obligated service, was eventually recalled and sent to Camp Lejeune to command one of the replacement infantry companies being formed for deployment. But Desert Storm was so short and one sided that he was released before even being assigned to a unit. After being released, he returned briefly to our area and used his EAS orders to arrange shipping for his household goods to Florida. He was single, had family in the state and interested in computer simulation. He went to Orlando as I recall, since it was then (and still is now) a major center for the training and simulation industry.

    Twenty seven years on, I hope he enjoyed all the success he wanted.

  • Report: IRS refuses to give back $59G to vet after seizing his business cash

    10/17/2017 5:38:43 AM PDT · 37 of 62
    Captain Rhino to Thumper1960

    No. The problem here is multiple, closely spaced ALL CASH deposits that seem to be kept under $10,000.00 to avoid the reporting requirements.

    Here’s the rub: had he not taken the advice he claims to have received from the bank, filled out the paper work and made the over $10k all cash deposits, he would have been investigated but ultimately found to be acquiring the money legitimately.

    His “crime” was structuring the deposits. His co-conspirator in the crime seems to be the bank who gave him this advice. Of course, there is no written record because Mr. Oh says the advice was given orally. Maybe it did or maybe it didn’t. Sometimes, the accusation of an attempt to evade is true.

    Total confiscation of the deposit seems unjust in this case. However, there has to be some penalty for attempting to evade the law even for an otherwise legitimate business owner.

    The law does have a valid purpose in identifying attempts to avoid taxes or criminal money laundering attempts. Here is the IRS webpage on it:

  • We won’t give back a cent of Harvey Weinstein’s tainted $250,000 says the Clinton Foundation

    10/15/2017 6:47:50 PM PDT · 61 of 66
    Captain Rhino to SES1066

    Wasn’t there a report by a charity monitoring group in 2016 that said the pass through rate for the Clinton Foundation was abysmally low; something on the order of 10-20%?

  • Trump too tough on Iran, North Korea, [Hillary] Clinton says

    10/15/2017 6:27:10 AM PDT · 28 of 35
    Captain Rhino to Mark17

    In my undergraduate days at the University of Washington (a long, long time ago), I enrolled in a survey political science class as part of satisfying my general distribution requirement. The instructor was the head of the political science department and described himself as a “reformed liberal.” By this, he meant that he had come to see the absurdity of many of the positions and beliefs of the left.

    He made your point one day when discussing the communist revolution in Russia. He noted that revolutionary theorists had concluded that the revolution would fail unless the middle class bourgeoise was destroyed completely. Critics then pointed out that they, the theorists, were members of that social class and would be destroyed along with the rest. The theorists agreed wholeheartedly, saying it was necessary, even desirable for the sake of the revolution and the masses. The professor concluded by saying that the theorists had such devotion to their revolutionary philosophy that they were perfectly suicidal in advocating for its implementation.

    The left/liberal you met was a direct descendent of those revolutionaries. As the professor would have pointed out, this is not political science. It is secular religion mascarading as political science.

  • Navy 'Sniper': What's So Special About Russia's New Ka-52K Katran Attack Chopper

    10/14/2017 5:11:34 AM PDT · 2 of 3
    Captain Rhino to sukhoi-30mki

    Both the Russians and the Chinese have plans to add significant amphibious capabilities to their navies. It will be interesting to see whether the force structures and afloat capabilities of their navies/naval infantry/marine forces evolve to give them the sea based maintenance and sustainment capabilities required for true out-of-area amphibious operations.

    For example, will enough squadrons of this new Ka-52 attack helicopter variant be acquired so that the capability can be maintained afloat continuously? Ditto for afloat aviation maintenance and the number of helicopter landing ships as well. Since the strategic situations and force projection requirements of the Russians and Chinese are different from the United States, the manifestations of their amphibious doctrine can be expected to differ as well. However, once deployed, there are immutable physical and operational realities that come to bear. The interesting part is how each operator, reflecting their own cultural, political, military and fiscal realities, decides to organize, equip and train to create the desired capability.