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  • Three Essential Firearms

    10/21/2019 4:37:06 AM PDT · 198 of 199
    Bodega to PROCON

    keep me on your list, please.

  • SIG SAUER Selected by U.S. Army for Next Generation Weapons with New Ammunition Technology, (TR)

    09/03/2019 6:27:00 PM PDT · 41 of 44
    Bodega to PROCON

    Put me on all lists for pro 2nd

  • ‘The Supreme Court Is Not Well. And the People Know It.’ [Mega Barf Alert]

    09/03/2019 3:28:51 AM PDT · 58 of 69
    Bodega to Salvation

    Yes, 80 years, Salvation. Our country has been going down hill a long time... since the Revolutionary War. It doesn’t take long for potential terrorists (wishing to maintain arms only for themselves), potential dictators and their minions to decide what the USA will looke and act like absolutely and millionaires to secrete movst of their money into terrorist organization who see an opportunity to gain singular control.

    We are almost there...those 15 billionaires must be feeling pretty cocky by now.

  • Union Bosses Fear Workers Will Stick with Trump: ‘It’s a Serious Problem’

    09/03/2019 3:15:18 AM PDT · 53 of 95
    Bodega to elcid1970

    This problem has been going on since WWII. I need to do some searching but this I can tell you:

    My dad was a mining engineer, primarily gold. He worked all over the the northern aspects of Nevada and northern Ca in the 1930’s. He got a good job in the Philippine Islands, asked my mom to join him, they married and had two kids, one born just before the war in 1939 and another just before we were put into concentration camp in Santo Tomas about 4 years later. Three and half years later after internment we were liberated. He was never able to get another job as a mining engineer because he had to join a Union. He never carped or complained as far as I know about anything (not in front of us kids anyway ) but he had very bitter and harsh words for Unions which he never joined and never supported. The few times he talked about them, he sounded like he was living today. He knew the Unions are dictating every single aspect of their members lives. work and human life.

    I wonder how one disarticulates a structure like the Unions?

  • Model agency head wanted for questioning about Epstein’s sex ring has disappeared like a ‘ghost’

    09/03/2019 2:53:17 AM PDT · 32 of 39
    Bodega to gaijin

    No lidding. You have hit the nail on the head, gaijin. On the head.

    Whoever is really and truly in charge of finding culprits is excellent at disappearing people wanted for heinous crimes if the people snatching is not to the benefit of the people in charge.

    It makes me wonder how many have already truly disappeared!!

    H-liar-y and her henchmen like Billygoat should be highest on the list unless there are others even more involved.

    This kind of stuff just disgusts me so much. They are immoral and disgusting humans...any person involved in any way in this whole Epstein story of dis-gracing the human lives of the people they have sexually and otherwise abused shouild be hung in public.

  • Boy born blind paints picture of American flag for President Trump

    09/03/2019 2:43:57 AM PDT · 5 of 11
    Bodega to Maudeen

    I have always wondered why we dont’see what disabled (in any way) people can create. If they are sighted they generally love color presented in any way shape or form. If they can hear they generally really like music. I wonder how many would become very creative if given a chance?
    It is always a wonder to me how what we create is perceived. I am an artist and have used most of the tools available to people who communicate through their art. Now, due to a new disability, acrylic pours is exciting to me. I can pour beautiful pictures with color combinations that are thrilling though drawing is becoming a distant memory.
    The definition of disability may have to change, too. The Elderly are often very disabled and not assisted to be creative in our current medical/öld folks homes” climate. There is no reason they should not be creating art, music, dance even if they have to have assistance.

    I would love to hear a concert created wholy by Elders.

    In reality it doesn’t even cost very much compared to other aspects of their care. Sigh.

  • London mayor Sadiq Khan rips Trump for managing Hurricane Dorian emergency response <tr>

    09/03/2019 2:26:25 AM PDT · 23 of 77
    Bodega to jmacusa

    I love this comment. Khan’s reaction is rather like men commenting on the trouble and pain and complaints of inability to do certain physical activites when women are pregnant. Men simply cannot know what that is like.

    I simply do not know what it would be like to be President of the USA. I can imagine...think of the balancing...the good USA äctions” against the bad The USA’s gov has done some very legally, intellectually and emotionally bad things to our own citizens. Almost always there was a “reason” but in the end the decision was made by whoever was our President. Deciding must be very hard.

    I am glad DT was outside in the world in the sun, clouds and winds and using that connection to make decisions. It helps alot.

  • Melania Trump fury: FLOTUS defended after 'troublesome' comparison to Michelle Obama

    09/03/2019 1:05:56 AM PDT · 6 of 58
    Bodega to jospehm20

    Yes, she is NOT like Mike. Thank goodness. I really appreciate Melania and I hope her knoledge of humans and human behavior across the globe stands her in good stead.

    Just curious. I have heard nothing about the Obama girls who I understand were adopted. How are they faring?

  • Bernie Sanders’ Perpetual Motion Green New Deal - Greenfield

    09/03/2019 1:00:02 AM PDT · 13 of 14
    Bodega to Louis Foxwell

    Please keep me on. Thank you. Yours, Bodega

  • The Best Explanation for Our Spate of Mass Shootings Is the Least Comforting

    08/04/2019 6:55:15 PM PDT · 37 of 99
    Bodega to Veto!

    Yes, that very thought has been going around in my mind. If the shooter is a Dem that isn’t a popular idea, but if the shooter is a Rep or conservative, that would be a grand idea. And so we have the Dayton Killer.

  • Send Her Back

    07/19/2019 6:43:18 PM PDT · 8 of 11
    Bodega to sanjuanbob

    I agree with every remark. That is truly remarkable!! I want those 4 women and any others, men or women and their kids gone who don’t respect our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    I have said it before and will again, the Peace Corp and overseas reconstruction jobs our young people did were a huge boost to our young people understanding what our country stood for. There is nothing now that will rivet their attention like that did...they got to smell the gutters, the piles of garbage, and use, actually use, the Arabic toilets. I know it made a believer out of me and I was very thankful to get back in the USA. There never has been a country with a higher regard and more helpful to its citizens in general than the USA.

  • Petition to Stop Doctor From Getting Fired After Reportedly Asking Muslim Woman to Remove Veil

    05/26/2019 6:10:35 PM PDT · 21 of 23
    Bodega to Secret Agent Man

    Note this behavior only occurs in white cultures.
    To what behavior are you referring?

    If s/he is truly a female the only way to know will be by visually examining her and palpating her abdomen and examining the vaginal vault. Otherwise you, as the examiner, may not have an unslit throat at the end of the exam. I think there must be a limit to our tolerance of other cultures personal space. To many things can go wrong....

  • How the Tech Giants Contributed to the Coup against Trump

    05/15/2019 9:29:07 AM PDT · 22 of 27
    Bodega to gaijin

    When Zuckerberg suspends people, bans people, he is acting as an EDITOR. Yet, as he does that more and more it seems he is a PUBLISHER.Hey, in publishing you incur LIABILITY for the stuff you personally write, but even for stuff others wrote and YOU published; when NBC rigs trucks to explode or NBC recuts George Zimmerman audio, they can tell you all about that.

    Why is Zuckerberg permitted to act as editor but NOT publisher..?
    I agree! I haVE WONDERED about this since 2010. It is because he is part of the 15 billionaires who own the internet and all publishing and all communications. They act at the bidding of Soros. I kid you not. Isn’t it great to be a Soros minion with no opinions?

  • Two inmates charged in ‘sextortion’ plot that drove young Army vet to kill himself

    05/15/2019 9:23:28 AM PDT · 32 of 38
    Bodega to Wuli

    After reading about this young Army Vet committing suicide over an allegation he knew he could not fend off, or defend himself from, I found myself yet again furious with those who despise our country and want something else, virtually anything else, in its place. I am so sorry for his family. He and they did not deserve this.

    As soon as those AH are found guilty and the administration supporting their activities, I want them hung. We who pay taxes and in our prior lives, lots of taxes, do not need them in this country leeching off our tax monies. Execute them.

    Now about those who are from foreign countries including Somalia, let’s send them home unless they will swear in front of God and Country they will support our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Send them and all who think our Constitution is worn out and our Bill of Rights are inoperable back to their countries of origin no matter how far back genetically that is. They deserve to be in Communist/socialist countries since that seems to be what they will support.

    I am so fed up with our wishy-washy wimpy liberals bent on destruction of the finest country in the world.


    05/05/2019 6:19:50 PM PDT · 87 of 94
    Bodega to dfwgator

    My feelings about the TSA are so bitter and angry I will not fly anymore. First they stole my carving tools on a trip. Then they stole an heirloom knife my dad gave and other things...all of which were declared and properly packaged. That is inexcusable and nothing was done.

    Then another trip because of my double mastectomy and failed replacement silicone “breasts”, one TSA agent was overly curious and fondled my whole chest. This was a guy, I presume. He was silent the whole time. I told him to stop it or I would report him. He didn’t and I did. Nothing happened.

    Another time after the above, I started undoing my clothing while still in the time I got to the inspection of human body check out, I was down to a very light shirt and shorts...they hurried me through that time.

    I have found traveling by car is superior in every way even though it may take longer. If somebody wants me somewhere quicker they can hire a private plane. I still might drive, instead.

  • Nanoparticle Scientists Warn Tattooed Folks: Ink Doesn't Stay Put

    05/01/2019 6:59:55 PM PDT · 26 of 38
    Bodega to BobL

    Hey!! Not normal? What’s that all about, anyway? Just kidding. Was the following normal?

    I had to have a double mastectomy. Even as we were discussing that my husband and youngest daughter were discussing breast replacement with silicone implants. Everybody got to choose the breast size they wanted on my body (tells you where I ranked in that group!). I got what they wanted. Within several months I was back in the operating arena waiting to get them out as in gone permanently due to extreme pain especially with movement where the silicone implants were.

    When the implants were examined after removal their covering was mostly gone, so the pectoral muscles were removed also. It turns out the macrophages just loved that covering and the silicone. After gobbling it up, those little cells moved that silicone all over my body and especially in the pectoral muscles.. The relief of being rid of heavy artificial breasts was enormous.

    Later, home and recovering, I looked at my “self” in the bathroom mirror and was horrified by the raw scars. I couldn’t stand to look at them myself. A year later I was contemplating getting a tattoo to hide repaired wounds

    It worked just great even though the ‘tatooist’ was concerned about the thinness of my chest skin. Nothing came of any worry and I still have a lovely though slightly blurry tattoo of flowers and wolves across my chest.

    I don’t think that effort and the results were abnormal. Just a normal thing to do to not look so damaged. I bet lots of people do the same thing.

  • AOC, Tlaib and Omar are great arguments for America

    05/01/2019 5:53:25 PM PDT · 11 of 19
    Bodega to GrandJediMasterYoda

    I just turned on Netflix, and guess what they had front and center?

    “Knock down the house! The AOC story!”

    I’m cancelling.
    I cancelled NetFlix when the Obummers became a lead story above all other stories. I hope I never see another picture of Barack or Michael. Such a travesty at all levels, not only their relationship but Barack’s relationship to the USA. Treasonous.

    NOT any more Net Flix in this house.

  • NRA’s Wayne LaPierre claims he is being extorted, pressured to resign by Oliver North

    04/26/2019 6:17:34 PM PDT · 54 of 80
    Bodega to E. Pluribus Unum

    I dropped my NRA membership several years ago when they endorsed all the Dem incumbents in the NEW MEXICO elections.

    I told the NRA : Why do you think these Dems will support the 2nd when they don’t even believe in the Constitution to BEGIN with???
    Exactly and why I quit,too. I have asked often how can we support any one of any group who is not Absolutely 100% for the Constitution and Bill of Rights? How can anybody do that and replace it with what? “What” being what the socialists believe but will not provide facts, as they see facts, to support their views. La Pierre has been a loser for while. I wonder who got that money?

  • Pro-Abortion Democrat Legislator Tells Pro-Lifers Castrating Men Would Help End Abortion

    04/24/2019 4:54:57 PM PDT · 37 of 45
    Bodega to ClearCase_guy

    So, I sit here and muse
    ,..if a woman can get her tubes tied to prevent pregnancy, why can’t a man get his vas deferens tied off? What the hell is the difference?

    The only difference I can discern according to our society’s values is it will diminish a man’s sense of self whereas tubes being tied ënhances a woman’s sense of self worth? What???????

    I think it makes a vas deference and we must changing society make it more equal. ...rolling her way out of the computer room!

  • America Finally Admits Recycling Doesn’t Work

    04/24/2019 4:47:23 PM PDT · 79 of 96
    Bodega to RedStateRocker

    ...I refuse to spend a buck replacing something that can be repaired.*************************

    Me, too. I repair everything even appliances as long as I can lift it. Clothes, shoes, rugs, walls, ...everything. Oh, well, there is one exception. When my toothbrush gets down to about 3/8 of an inch in bristle size, I call it quits. It is a wonderful challenge to repair stuff from China and, frankly, quite futile actually. So, when I do buy something “new”to do an old job, I go to auctions and by thick pots, rugs, chairs, tables, etc from them. My car and truck are 20 years old and they are still going even at current highway speeds. I love my truck and car...I don’t even want a new one. But I have to admit the seat on the Honda is getting hard as a you know, I just added a nice soft cushion! Ha. Have to take the dash apart as soon as the weather is good for a guaranteed three to find some lose wires or something. No AC, no heat, no know...not good!