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Keyword: birther

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  • Bombshell: Washington Post Confirms Hillary Clinton Started the Birther Movement

    09/26/2015 12:21:20 PM PDT · by Brad from Tennessee · 46 replies
    Breitbart ^ | September 26, 2015 | By John Nolte
    New analysis from the Washington Post removes any doubt that the anti-Obama Birther movement was started in 2007 and 2008 by Hillary Clinton, her campaign, and her Democrat supporters. As Breitbart News reported earlier this month, other left-wing media outlets, like Politico and the Guardian, had already traced the Birther movement back to Democrats and Ms. Clinton. Using his wayback machine on Wednesday, the Posts David Weigel took an in-depth look at the origins of the false rumors that President Obama is a practicing Muslim who was not born in a America. Weigels reporting contains the final pieces of a...
  • Lewandowski raises question of Obama's birthplace

    08/03/2016 7:12:27 PM PDT · by Elderberry · 240 replies
    The Hill ^ | 8/3/2016 | Jesse Byrnes
    Donald Trump's former campaign manager on Tuesday suggested President Obama concealed his birthplace by not releasing his college transcripts. Corey Lewandowski, now a CNN contributor, remarked on the issue during a panel discussion on the network about Obama's criticism of Trump, the Republican presidential nominee. "The question was, did he get in as a U.S. citizen or was he brought into Harvard University as a citizen who wasn't from this country? I don't know the answer," he said. Lewandowski said earlier that Obama was "fair game" for attacks if he continued to rip Trump. Political commentator Angela Rye interjected that...
  • FLASHBACK: Birtherism: Where it all began

    07/25/2016 7:59:04 PM PDT · by NoLibZone · 39 replies
    DNC and then Politico ^ | 04/24/11 | DNC and then Politico
    Just when it appeared that public interest was fading, celebrity developer Donald Trump has revived the theory that President Barack Obama was born overseas and helped expose the depth to which the notion has taken roota New York Times poll Thursday found that a plurality of Republicans believe it. If you havent been trolling the fever swamps of online conspiracy sites or opening those emails from Uncle Larry, you may well wonder: Where did this idea come from? Who started it? And is there a grain of truth there? The answer lies in Democratic, not Republican politics, and in the...
  • BREAKING (Since April): Government Of Kenya Has Released Obama's Authentic Birth Certificate

    BREAKING: Government Of Kenya Has Released Obama's Authentic Birth Certificate ⋆ US Herald Bob Amoroso "There is something on that birth certificate that he doesn't like." That was one of the many quotes from frontrunner and Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, about Obama’s mysterious and sketchy past and of course where this guy was actually born, and those persistent rumors of two different identities and Social Security numbers. Perhaps after almost 8-years in office the answer as to who the man sitting in the Oval Office is, may actually be revealed. According to reports, the Office of the Principal Register of...
  • Is Barack Hussein Obama a Naturalized Citizen?

    06/27/2016 4:36:21 AM PDT · by Elderberry · 99 replies
    The Post & Email ^ | 6/26/2016 | Sharon Rondeau
    WHY THE NEED FOR BIRTH CERTIFICATE, SELECTIVE SERVICE FORGERIES? On Saturday, former Colorado Representative Tom Tancredo authored an article published at Breitbart News in which he deplored that the Obama regime last year quietly provided a new option to naturalized citizens in their taking of the oath of allegiance. Under the Obama administrations expansive interpretation of executive authority, legal immigrants seeking citizenship through the nations Naturalization process are now exempt from a key part of the Oath of Allegiance, Tancredo began his piece, noting in the next paragraph that new U.S. citizens are no longer required to bear arms on...
  • Why Cruz Campaign Proves we are No Longer a Nation of Laws but Men (Women)

    05/03/2016 8:38:20 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 38 replies ^ | May 2, 2016 | Michael Ware
    Our Founding Father, John Adams is quoted as saying: We are a nation of laws and not men. He said this to express the fact that we were not ruled by men. Whether king or emperor, all were to be governed and judged the same. Unlike the many nations of the world, swept up in divine right or democratic despotism (France), we were a nation that was founded on a written law. This law, the Constitution, was to be the final authority. We were not to look to figureheads or talking heads. We were to look to the standard, and...
  • New Jersey Judge Rules Ted Cruz Eligible To Run For President

    04/12/2016 4:04:24 PM PDT · by CA Conservative · 104 replies ^ | Apr 12, 2016 | Christine Rousselle
    A judge in New Jersey has ruled that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is indeed a natural-born citizen and is therefore eligible to be on the New Jersey ballot. Cruz, who was born in Calgary while his father was working there, is an American citizen via his mother's American citizenship.
  • N.J. judge hears challenges to Cruz eligibility

    04/11/2016 12:20:43 PM PDT · by RoosterRedux · 401 replies ^ | Maddie Hanna
    A New Jersey administrative law judge on Monday heard two challenges to GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz's eligibility to appear on the New Jersey ballot, based upon the Texas senator's birthplace in Canada. The judge, Jeff Masin, didn't decide the challenges to Cruz's eligibility to appear on the June 7 primary ballot, but said he would issue a decision Tuesday. The decision is expected to be reviewed by Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno, who is New Jersey's secretary of state. One of the challenges was brought by three South Jersey citizens, and the other by a law professor who lives in...

    Today I discovered that the reason I could not find a section of the Nationalization Statues is because the section had been scrubbed. This is not an accident. The section removed had confirmed that the interpretation of the State Department based on the Constitution and relevant case law was that Naturalization did not convey natural born status for Constitutional purposes. The Foreign Affairs Manual (FAM) and associated Handbooks (FAHs) are a single, comprehensive, and authoritative source for the Department's organization structures, policies, and procedures that govern the operations of the State Department, the Foreign Service and, when applicable, other federal...
  • Ted Cruz risks primary disqualification in N.J. resulting from charges of ballot access fraud

    04/10/2016 8:21:55 AM PDT · by RoosterRedux · 733 replies
    Ted Cruz risks primary disqualification in New Jersey resulting from charges of ballot access fraud. A primary ballot disqualification hearing is scheduled by the Secretary of State for Monday, April 11 at 9:00 a.m. in Mercerville, New Jersey. Washington D.C. Law Professor Victor Williams charges that Ted Cruz fraudulently certified his constitutional eligibility for office to gain ballot access. Williams demands that Cruz be disqualified from several late-primary ballots: "Cruz committed ballot access fraud in each state when he falsely swore that he was a 'natural born' American citizen." Cruz was born in Calgary, Canada and held his resulting Canadian...
  • Now Donald Trump is launching a birther attack against Marco Rubio

    02/22/2016 4:29:31 AM PST · by Marcus · 175 replies
    Blasting News ^ | February 22, 2016 | Mark R. Whittington
    Donald Trump, the mercurial businessman who is running for president, has been given to saying alarming, crazy things. He has gone birther on President Barack Obama, suggesting that he was really born in Kenya. He has claimed that one of his chief political rivals, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas is ineligible to be president for having been born in Canada, albeit by an American mother. He has accused former President George W. Bush, brother of Jeb Bush, of lying about WMDs in Iraq and of knowing about the 9/11 attacks in advance. Trump is now turning his full, crazed birther attack...
  • Trump: I'm not sure Rubio is eligible for presidency

    02/21/2016 4:55:28 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 132 replies
    CNN Politics ^ | February 21, 2016 | Eric Bradner
    Donald Trump says he's not sure whether Marco Rubio is eligible for the presidency. And Rubio says it's just the latest in a line of Trump's "outrageous" comments designed to suck up media attention. Rubio is a U.S. citizen who was born in Miami. He is, in fact, eligible for the presidency -- even though his parents migrated from Cuba. But Trump stirred controversy on Saturday by retweeting a message suggesting that neither Rubio nor Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who was born in Canada to a U.S. citizen mother, meet the constitutional requirements for the Oval Office....
  • Donald Trump Fires Up Birther Conspiracy About Marco Rubio

    02/21/2016 1:36:25 PM PST · by justlittleoleme · 170 replies
    The Huffington Post ^ | 02/21/2016 | Amanda Terkel
    First it was President Barack Obama. Then it was Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas). Now, Donald Trump isn't sure whether Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) is eligible to be president. Rubio was born in Miami to immigrant parents. He is eligible to be president. In an interview on ABC's "This Week" Sunday morning, Trump played down the importance of his tweet -- but he left hanging in the air doubts about Rubio. "It was a retweet. ... I'm not really that familiar with Marco's circumstances," Trump said. "I mean, let people make their own determination," he added. Host George Stephanopoulos followed up,...
  • Two Candidates NOT Born in the US Received Electoral Votes in 1796 Presidential Election [vanity]

    02/21/2016 12:18:51 AM PST · by matt1234 · 75 replies
    me ^ | 21 Feb 2016 | me
    To shed light on the Cruz birther issue, I researched the question: "Has a candidate NOT born in the US ever received electoral votes in a presidential election?" The answer is "yes." In the 1796 election, James Iredell, born in England, and Samuel Johnston, born in Scotland, both received electoral votes. I did not find evidence that these votes were invalidated by Congress, which they can do and have done; but I did not research that extensively. Links with evidence at post #1?
  • Chicago judge to hear Ted Cruz presidential eligibility suit

    02/19/2016 5:01:48 PM PST · by Kaslin · 35 replies
    Hot ^ | February 19, 2016 | TAYLOR MILLARD
    Ted Cruz’ eligibility to be on at least one state’s ballot is going to get a court hearing. A Chicago judge is scheduled to hear arguments today in a lawsuit claiming Cruz can’t run for president because he’s not a "natural born citizen". Via USA Today (emphasis mine): Lawrence Joyce, an Illinois voter who has objected to Cruz’s placement on the Illinois primary ballot next month, will have his case heard in the Circuit Court of Cook County in Chicago. Joyce’s previous objection, made to the state’s Board of Elections, was dismissed on February 1. He appealed the decision and...
  • Ted Cruz Is In The US Senate Illegally (and not eligible for the presidency)

    02/16/2016 7:07:28 PM PST · by NKP_Vet · 124 replies ^ | February 16, 2016 | JB Williams
    US Senator Ted Cruz, from Texas, has been under fire in his bid for the White House due to his Canadian citizenship records which make it quite clear that he does not meet the Constitutional "natural born Citizen" requirement for the Oval Office, despite the opinion letter from his Harvard friends. Following a total lack of vetting on Barack Hussein Obama in 2008 and 2012, many insist that no one ever enter the Oval Office again without proper vetting, including proof of meeting all Constitutional requirements for office. Obama's massive destruction of our Constitutional Republic has placed the issue of...
  • Dear Trump Supporters... Shove It! [Jim Robinson responds at 198]

    02/16/2016 11:38:31 AM PST · by pgyanke · 239 replies
    Vanity | 2/16/2016 | pgyanke
    Dear Trump Supporters, You say you don't support Ted Cruz because he's a liar (even though he backs up everything he says) and plays dirty politics (like sabotaging Dr Carson's run in Iowa). The former has been dealt with every time it's brought up. I want to deal with the latter definitively. You say that Ted Cruz deliberately sabotaged Dr Carson in Iowa. However, it has been shown conclusively that Ted's team got the information from CNN who got the information from Dr Carson's team. If that hurt Dr Carson's results... show me one person who changed his vote because...
  • Canadian Ted Cruz: Does He Have Documents To Prove He's A US Citizen And Eligible To Be Pres?

    02/12/2016 7:32:25 AM PST · by NKP_Vet · 134 replies ^ | February 10, 2016 | Mac Slavo
    According to the Obama administration, because Obama's mother was U.S. citizen and because he was reportedly born in Hawaii, he has the necessary qualifications to be President. But many, dubbed "birthers" by Obama supporters, still believe he was born in Kenya. If true, the argument goes, he would not be qualified to hold the Executive office because regardless of his mother's citizenship, he was not born on U.S. soil. The latter is a legitimate argument and one that appears to be supported by the Constitution, though no court has ever clearly defined the meaning of a "natural born citizen." Republican...
  • Ted Cruz Not Eligible To Be POTUS, According to Most Plausible Interpretation of Constitution

    02/10/2016 1:55:32 PM PST · by drewh · 337 replies
    Hot Air ^ | 2/10/16
    With Ted Cruz the victor of the first contest of the GOP nominating calendar, we can no longer avoid the question mischievously posed by Donald Trump: Is Cruz ineligible to be president? Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother and a Cuban father. The Constitution says that only a “natural born citizen” can be president. Is Cruz a natural born citizen? (You may recall that before he attacked Cruz on this front, Trump spent months flogging a ludicrous version of this critique against President Obama, who was actually born in the United States, unlike Cruz.) The words natural...
  • Birther Challenge Against Ted Cruz Dismissed By Illinois Board Of Elections

    02/03/2016 8:39:58 AM PST · by Walt Griffith · 29 replies
    RedState ^ | February 2, 2016 at 11:33 pm | Ulysses Arn
    The Illinois Board of Elections of Monday ruled on a birther challenge to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's eligibility to be on the Illinois March 15th primary ballot.
  • Birther Challenge Against Ted Cruz Dismissed By Illinois Board Of Elections

    02/03/2016 5:59:48 AM PST · by Cincinatus' Wife · 97 replies
    Red State ^ | February 3, 2016 | Ulysses Arn
    The Illinois Board of Elections of Monday ruled on a birther challenge to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's eligibility to be on the Illinois March 15th primary ballot. The board said that, "Further discussion on this issue is unnecessary." As they rejected the challenge, as well as another separate challenge against Sen. Marco Rubio. Popular Grove lawyer Lawrence Joyce brought the challenge, he was one of the lawyers representing people in 2008 and into 2009 seeking to have Barack Obama disqualified from serving as President using the same birther arguments that were made against Cruz. Those birther challenges against President Obama...
  • Cruz "Birther" Suit Attorney Suspended From Practice?

    01/26/2016 6:40:33 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 39 replies
    Behind Enemy Lines ^ | 01/15/2016 | Gene Berardelli
    It appears that the attorney who filed the so-called "birther" lawsuit "in pro se" against Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Newton B. Schwartz, Sr., has some ethical and legal issues of his own. In documents obtained from the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania court system, an attorney by the same name was "suspended on consent" from practice in 2015 by the State of Pennsylvania for "engaging in the unauthorized practice of law" in the state of Louisiana - a state where he was not licensed to practice. READ THE FULL TEXT HERE The documents also refers to Mr. Schwartz's age (at...
  • Cruz: No Actual Voters Ask About the ‘Silly Birther Attack’

    01/24/2016 2:17:53 PM PST · by Isara · 156 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 24 Jan 2016 | Pam Key
    Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “MediaBuzz,” while discussing the controversy over if his birth in Canada to an American citizen mother causes him to be not eligible to run for president of the United States, Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz ..... no “actual voters” ask him about the issue.Cruz said, “We were in the midst of a bus tour, 26 counties in six days, enormous enthusiasm, but from what you look, looking at the media, it was a great field test. We would do, at pretty much every event, a press gaggle -by the way, a lot of other...
  • Ineligible for the Office of President

    01/21/2016 8:36:15 AM PST · by Oldpuppymax · 96 replies
    Coach is Right ^ | 1/21/16 | Evalyn Bennett
    It is critical for U.S. citizens to understand the meaning of the Constitution’s term “natural born citizen” when choosing a prospective Commander-in-Chief. The candidate must be free from all possibility of foreign loyalties through either his or her parentage or place of birth. Why is the adoption of a narrow interpretation of “natural born citizen” essential to the future of our nation? If it is sufficient for a person to have only one U.S. citizen parent in order to be considered a “natural born” citizen, then dual citizens could become President, including dual citizens of countries hostile to the United...
  • Cruz citizenship case should be tried in court of public opinion ("the political question doctrine")

    01/19/2016 12:05:02 PM PST · by Faith Presses On · 77 replies
    Reuters ^ | 1/19/15 | Akhil Reed Amar
    (snip) The problem is not, as some commentators have claimed, a legal doctrine known as "standing" -- a rule that requires that a person who comes to court must have a proper legal interest at stake in the litigation. Rather, the biggest barrier is a principle of judicial restraint known as "the political question doctrine." A key idea underlying this doctrine is that the Constitution itself, in its text or spirit, sometimes takes a certain sort of constitutional question away from ordinary courts and makes some other decision-maker the real judge -- a special court for a special question. In...
  • Ted Cruz Conflicting Stances on Birthright Citizenship [14th Amendment]

    01/19/2016 11:30:34 AM PST · by Enlightened1 · 72 replies
    Youtube ^ | 09/25/15
    Ted Cruz's Amazing Stances on Birthright Citizenship and the 14th Amendment from 2011 to 2015.
  • Vanity - My letter to the Maine GOP on Cruz Eligibility

    01/18/2016 7:19:37 AM PST · by Cboldt · 94 replies
    Vanity ^ | January 18, 2016 | vanity
    My letter to Jason Savage, the executive diretor of the Maine GOP ... There is evidence that Cruz is a naturalized citizen of the US. He was born in Canada, and the SCOTUS case of Rogers v. Bellei, if applied, would assign Cruz the status of naturalized citizen of the US. I understand that certification of his qualifications emanates from the RNC, and that the Maine GOP is powerless to challenge the certification. A certification that is clearly false, as any competent court would find, if it found it had jurisdiction. I also understand that I am voting, in the...
  • Mark Levin's Tortured Defense of Cruz Eligibility

    01/17/2016 5:18:24 PM PST · by usafa92 · 274 replies
    Trump Campaign Analysis Blog ^ | 1/16/2016 | Greg Buls
    Mark Levin has spent years defending the Constitution, his radio show bumpers refer to him as "Mr. Constitution". In his view, the constitutional debates and the views of the founding fathers should determine its meaning. Levin has abandoned this standard in his defense of Ted Cruz's eligibility to run for President. This is evident in at least two ways - ignoring the founders' intentions and arguments, and suggesting that there are only two types of citizenship: naturalized and natural born. Levin revisits this issue with exasperation every day, knocking Mr. Trump and others for discussing it. Last week he referred...
  • Iowa Gov. Branstad: Questions about Cruz's eligibility are 'fair game'

    01/16/2016 1:14:20 PM PST · by Red Steel · 41 replies
    Politico ^ | January 11, 2016; 12:34 pm EST | Staff
    Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad believes the question of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's eligibility in the presidential race is "fair game." "When you run for president of the United States, any question is fair game. So let the people decide," Branstad told reporters on Monday during a weekly press briefing, according to The Des Moines Register. Canada-born Cruz has said that the legal case for his eligibility is clear based on his mother's U.S. birth, and he released his mother's birth certificate on Friday. Branstad has vowed to stay neutral in the Feb. 1 caucuses. But those close to him say...
  • Here's Why the Ted Cruz Birther Story Isn't Going Away

    01/16/2016 2:29:17 PM PST · by BlackFemaleArmyCaptain · 64 replies
    Mother Jones ^ | 1/15/2016 | AJ Vicens
    A lawsuit was just filed questioning his eligibility to serve as president. And that's not all. It's unclear what will come of this complaint, but this isn't the only birther action that Cruz is contending with. Also on Thursday, the Arizona Republic reported that Rep. Kelly Townsend, a Republican state legislator from the Phoenix suburb of Mesa, is "circulating a measure at the Arizona legislature that would call a U.S. constitutional convention to outline what it means to be a natural-born citizen." The paper notes that Townsend hopes to get her Legislature on board before reaching out to other states,...
  • Just One Funny Thing About That Lawyer Filing the ‘Birther’ Lawsuit Against Ted Cruz

    01/16/2016 10:17:03 AM PST · by Isara · 53 replies
    Independent Journal Review ^ | January 16, 2016 | Mike Miller
    During Thursday night’s Republican debate, Donald Trump warned that sooner or later, a lawsuit would be filed challenging Ted Cruz’s constitutional eligibility to become President of the United States.The lawsuit came “sooner” – the very next day.It get’s even better: the Houston lawyer who filed the suit in federal court in Texas has been suspended from practicing law in two different states.As reported on PJ Media, Newton B. Scwartz, Sr. engaged in legal matters in both Pennsylvania and Louisiana without having been admitted to do so – nor did he seek temporary permission from either state.Image credit: screen shotIn Louisiana,...
  • Thanks to Lawsuit, Cruz’s Eligibility to Continue Being Stupid Issue We Have to Talk About

    01/15/2016 3:34:30 PM PST · by TBBT · 111 replies
    The Corner ^ | 1/15/2016 | Ian Tuttle
    And . . . there it is: Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz should be disqualified from the race because he isn't a "natural-born citizen," a fellow Texan claims in a "birther" challenge filed against the senator in a U.S. court. The suit seeks a court definition of the term to clarify whether Cruz - who was born in Canada to an American mother - can or can't serve if elected. "This 229-year question has never been pled, presented to or finally decided by or resolved by the U.S. Supreme Court," Houston attorney Newton B. Schwartz Sr. said in his 28-page...
  • Cruz: Trump may not be eligible under the birther theories he espouses

    01/15/2016 1:15:14 PM PST · by Isara · 93 replies
    Hot Air ^ | January 15, 2016 | Ed Morrissey
    Time Magazine called this the “your mama” response in presidential political debates. Since the entire eligibility issue for Ted Cruz hinges on his mother’s status as a natural-born citizen of the US (thereby making him one despite his birth in Canada), Cruz’ pushback against Trump seems appropriate — if a bit of a reach. Cruz obviously prepared for this moment, and delivered his attack with considerable flair and relish:Donald Trump Vs. Ted Cruz over Natural Born Citizen Issue - 6th GOP Debate (Video) Trump, the bombastic billionaire, remains atop the polls nationally but locked in a tight race with Cruz...
  • New citizenship suit challenges Ted Cruz's eligibility to run for president (Cruz sued in Texas)

    01/15/2016 12:47:55 PM PST · by jimbo123 · 42 replies
    CBS News ^ | 1/15/16 | REENA FLORES
    A Houston attorney is filing a lawsuit in a U.S. District Court challenging Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's "natural-born" citizenship and his eligibility to run for president, fulfilling a recent prediction by GOP front-runner Donald Trump. "This 229-year question has never been pled, presented to or finally decided by or resolved by the U.S. Supreme Court," 85-year-old Newton B. Schwartz Sr. said in his complaint, according to Bloomberg News. Schwartz called on the nation's highest court to take up the issue quickly, saying that "time is of the essence" as the country's first nominating races in Iowa and New Hampshire draw...
  • Houston attorney asks Supreme Court to rule Ted Cruz ineligible for presidency

    01/15/2016 10:55:31 AM PST · by justlittleoleme · 176 replies
    The Dallas Morning News ^ | January 15, 2016 | Bobby Blanchard
    Sen. Ted Cruz might finally get the chance to prove he is eligible to run for president once and for all. A Houston-based attorney has filed a lawsuit against Cruz, asking the U.S. Supreme Court to settle whether Canadian-born Cruz is eligible for the presidency. Noting that the Iowa caucuses are just weeks away, the attorney asks the court to expedite the case as quickly as possible. "This 229 year question has never been pled, presented to or finally decided by or resolved by the U. S. Supreme Court," wrote attorney Newton Schwartz in his lawsuit that he filed Thursday....
  • Ted Cruz Destroys Donald Trump On The Birther Question At Fox Business GOP Debate

    01/15/2016 8:36:46 AM PST · by Isara · 179 replies
    Politicus USA ^ | Thursday, January, 14th, 2016 | Jason Easley
    Ted Cruz and Donald Trump threw down over the birther question. Cruz was ready for Trump and blew him up by pointing out that by his own standard, Donald Trump wouldn’t be eligible to run for president because his mother was born in Scotland.Video:Donald Trump and Ted Cruz Clash at the Fox Business GOP Debate (Video)Cruz got a question about Trump’s birther claims. Sen. Cruz pointed out that Trump said his lawyers examined Cruz’s citizenship, and it is a non-issue. Cruz delivered the line of the night, “Since September, the Constitution hasn’t changed, but the poll numbers have.” Cruz said...
  • Has Breitbart Gone Full ‘Birther’ On Ted Cruz?

    01/14/2016 2:12:57 AM PST · by Cincinatus' Wife · 78 replies
    The Daily Caller ^ | January 14, 2016 | Rachel Stoltzfoos
    Breitbart News published at least 30 stories in the past week about Donald Trump's theory that Sen. Ted Cruz is ineligible to run for president because he's not a natural born citizen, moving into birther territory despite a previous categorical statement from a lead editor that Breitbart is "not a birther site." "I think pretty categorically, I think I can talk for our editorial team and I can certainly talk for Andrew [Breitbart]," Breitbart editor-at-large Ben Shapiro said in 2013, responding to criticism over the site's coverage of President Barack Obama's birth certificate. "We're not a birther site." A spokesman...
  • Trump Campaign Loses Texas State Director

    01/13/2016 10:19:31 AM PST · by don-o · 47 replies
    Texas Tribune ^ | 1/13/16 | Patrick Svitek
    The head of Donald Trump's presidential campaign in Texas has left his post. Corbin Casteel, who was named Trump's Texas state director in October, said Wednesday he has left the campaign, but declined to comment further. In an email, Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks confirmed the departure but offered no details. It is unclear what now becomes of Trump's efforts in Texas with less than two months until the March 1 primary. Casteel had built a paid staff of four with an office in downtown Austin.
  • Donald Trump says Ted Cruz should leave the presidential race

    01/13/2016 9:17:24 AM PST · by justlittleoleme · 479 replies
    The Dallas Morning News ^ | January 13, 2016 | Christine Ayala
    WASHINGTON— Donald Trump stepped up his attack on Sen Ted Cruz’s eligibility to run for president Wednesday calling for Cruz to drop out of the race. Donald J Trump @realDonaldTrump"Sadly, there is no way that Ted Cruz can continue running in the Republican Primary unless he can erase doubt on eligibility. Dems will sue!" Trump recently warned the GOP that if Cruz becomes the nominee ,the party would be risking the White House. Trump claims Democrats would hold up the election in court, litigating whether or not Cruz is considered a natural born citizen.Trump’s views on Cruz’s eligibility have changed...
  • On this “Natural Born Citizen” Issue, Part I: From Alexander Hamilton to Lynch v. Clarke

    01/12/2016 3:53:27 PM PST · by Idaho_Cowboy · 42 replies
    Red State ^ | May 21, 2012 | Jake Walke
    No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President... -Article II, Section 1 of the United States Constitution This is a passage that has weighed heavily upon us in recent years. There are those among us, known commonly as "Birthers" who dispute the eligibility of various politicians to be President or Vice-President of the United States. The most popular target of the Birthers is Barack Obama, of course, but of late, Birthers have been training their sights on...
  • In his own words: Ted Cruz on his U.S. citizenship

    01/12/2016 8:00:15 AM PST · by TangoLimaSierra · 153 replies ^ | 1/8/16 | Byron York
    MASON CITY, IOWA -- Thanks to Donald Trump, the Ted Cruz birther issue emerged this week on the edges of the presidential campaign. Cruz, born in Canada to an American citizen mother and a Cuban father, is an American citizen by birth, according to U.S. law. But Trump suggested there might be a question of whether Cruz meets the constitutional requirement that the president be a "natural born citizen," and that the issue could be tied up in litigation, thus creating a problem for Republicans if Cruz were to be the party's nominee. At a town hall in Mason City...
  • Ted Cruz and George Washington Vs. The Left

    01/11/2016 6:55:01 PM PST · by TBBT · 34 replies
    National Review - Postmodern Conservative ^ | 1/11/2016 | Peter Spiliakos
    I have my concerns about Ted Cruz, but the natural born citizen stuff is silly and idiotic. It is going to come up in the next debate and here is a suggestion for how Cruz might deal with a question. You don't have to ask me. You have to ask the Founders. The Naturalization Act of 1790 said that a child born to a United States citizen who is outside the US is a natural born citizen. That law was passed by the first Congress that included James Madison who is the Father of our Constitution. That law was signed...
  • Rand Paul: Ted Cruz is a natural-born Canadian

    01/11/2016 6:06:32 PM PST · by TBBT · 98 replies
    Hot Air ^ | 1/11/2016 | Allahpundit
    It's hard to see this as anything but pure spite towards Cruz, of which there's plenty in Paulworld, for surpassing him as the "conservatarian" choice in the primary. In theory, I guess, raising enough doubt about Cruz's eligibility could cause some libertarians and "constitutionalists" to run away from Cruz and back to Paul, but how much is that worth to Paul? Five percent, maybe? He goes from an also-ran in the low single-digits to an also-ran in the high single-digits while potentially tipping the race to in Iowa to Trump, the least libertarian candidate in the race. And meanwhile Paul...
  • Carly Fiorina Joins the Cruz Birther Bandwagon

    01/11/2016 4:35:32 PM PST · by TBBT · 127 replies
    Redstate ^ | 1/11/2016 | Leon H. Wolf
    I'm convinced at this point that the Cruz "birther" non-issue should be a litmus test for whether a Presidential candidate is a serious person or not. The issue is not close on the merits, and any person of even reasonable intelligence and discernment can tell that it is a nothingburger. The only people who would actively peddle it are the misinformed, the unintelligent, or the dishonest - none of which is a good quality in a Presidential candidate. When you throw in the fact that Trump (and now Fiorina) are trying to have their cake and eat it too by...
  • Cruz continues to lead in Iowa polls, despite left wing Trump attacks

    01/11/2016 5:16:00 AM PST · by TBBT · 87 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 1/11/2016 | Rick Moran
    Ted Cruz continues to lead in six out of the most recent eight polls coming out of Iowa (and tying in a seventh), despite blistering left-wing and birtherism attacks from Donald Trump. Polls reported in Real Clear Politics show him leading anywhere from two to ten points over Trump. Trump has remarked that he has attracted much larger crowds than Ted Cruz, but so has Shamu the Killer Whale at Seaworld; it does not mean, however, that Shamu is going to win the GOP nomination for President. If the polls are correct, it must mean that many people who show...
  • Nolte: The Cultural and Media Reality of the ‘Cruz Crisis’(Levin & Cruz NBC)

    01/08/2016 7:53:13 AM PST · by xzins · 98 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 7 Jan 16 | JOHN NOLTE
    Levin, who knows plenty about the Constitution, believes the debate over Cruz's eligibility to be president is "stupid." But he adds, without realizing that this is the only point that matters, "Liberals love this stuff." As of now, Ted Cruz has a legitimate chance at winning the Republican nomination, and because Levin is 100% correct when he says "liberals love this stuff," my question is a simple one: As "stupid" as this issue may be for Levin, do we want to litigate it in front of the American people today or three weeks before the general election...? If Cruz is...
  • Cruz Citizenship Kerfuffle Is a Distraction

    01/07/2016 11:20:55 AM PST · by Kaslin · 109 replies
    Rush ^ | January 7, 2016 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: Well, we're getting closer to the day that actual votes are going to happen, which is why all of this kerfuffle is effervescing up and boiling over. I mean, the nonsense on whether or not Ted Cruz is a natural born citizen. It's stunning. Greetings, folks. Great to have you here on the Rush Limbaugh program and the EIB Network. The telephone number if you want to be on the program is 800-282-2882. The e-mail address, The latest to join this bandwagon suggesting that Ted Cruz may want to actually go to court and get some...
  • Congressman Readies Ted Cruz Eligibility Lawsuit With Eye on Mom[Rep. Grayson]

    01/06/2016 3:42:13 PM PST · by Theoria · 56 replies
    US News ^ | 06 Jan 2016 | Steven Nelson
    A Florida Democrat and some Obama "birthers" agree about Cruz. Billionaire businessman Donald Trump suggested this week his nearest rival for the Republican presidential nomination may be ineligible for office and won a daylong echo across the political press, despite Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's attempt to brush off the commentary. In raising the issue, Trump said Republicans should be concerned about Democrats hog-tying Cruz with a yearslong legal challenge -- and indeed an effort to do just that already is afoot. Rep. Alan Grayson of Florida, an attorney and Democratic Senate candidate, tells U.S. News he will file a lawsuit...
  • BREAKING! TRUMP GOES BIRTHER on Ted Cruz citizenship, Cruz responds hilariously!!

    01/05/2016 4:37:54 PM PST · by Isara · 266 replies
    The Right Scoop ^ | Jan 5, 2016 | soopermexican
    Uh oh it looks like el Trumpo has been reading some far right fringe blogs because now he’s bringing up doubts around Ted Cruz’s eligibility to be president!!From the Washington Post: Donald Trump said in an interview that rival Ted Cruz's Canadian birthplace was a "very precarious" issue that could make the Texas senator vulnerable if he became the Republican presidential nominee."Republicans are going to have to ask themselves the question: 'Do we want a candidate who could be tied up in court for two years?' That'd be a big problem," Trump said when asked about the topic. "It'd be...
  • Blogger admits Hawaii birth certificate forgery, subverting Obama claims

    07/04/2008 6:27:41 PM PDT · by ckilmer · 64 replies · 2,390+ views
    Israeli Insider ^ | July 3, 2008
    Blogger admits Hawaii birth certificate forgery, subverting Obama claims By Israel Insider staff July 3, 2008 Bookmark to del.icio.usDigg This Story A crop from the image for which opendna aka Jay McKinnon takes credit (see context in reproduction below). Posted on Photobucket and in comments attached to the Daily Kos blog post where the purported Obama birth certificate appears Jay McKinnon, a self-described Department of Homeland Security-trained document specialist, has implicated himself in the production of fake Hawaii birth certificate images similar to the one endorsed as genuine by the Barack Obama campaign, and appearing on the same Daily...