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  • Who will live cast to FR?

    01/19/2020 7:58:02 PM PST · by VanShuyten · 64 replies
    Who will live cast to FR?
  • VANITY: Impeachment Delay - Why?

    01/18/2020 7:47:22 AM PST · by blabs · 16 replies
    01/18/2020 | Self
    Just my two cents, but I think the impeachment delay tactic was necessary to support the premise of the case - Motive, not about anything else like Pens, or fear. As we've been told by the mainstream media "narrative", Trumps actions were not about trying to get truth about the illegal doings in Ukraine and its role in the Russia hoax, but about digging up dirt on Trump's rival. Since there has been no Democrat candidate selected, two things need to happen prior to the formal impeachment hearings to begin. One, Joe Biden needs to be named the DNC candidate,...
  • Motion to Dismiss Not In Current Resolution

    01/16/2020 11:02:06 PM PST · by BEJ · 30 replies
    Mitch McConnell has stated to model trial rules after the Clinton impeachment rules. However, as it stand tonight according to Laura Ingraham, it will not include a provision for a motion to dismiss. What the hell is going on! Any thoughts?
  • What is a Patriot to do?

    01/16/2020 8:54:48 PM PST · by logit1 · 58 replies
    This is a serious question. What is a Patriot to do in America today to further the cause? You can't be involved in any "organized militia" activity or you will be labeled and put on lists. You can't start a Tea Party group or you will be targeted by government agencies. You can't really trust the Republican Party...we have seen their true nature. Really what can one do to help?
  • Can Lindsey Graham be Trusted?

    01/16/2020 8:42:58 AM PST · by AnthonySoprano · 81 replies
    Self Vanity ^ | 1/16/2019 | Self Vaniy
    Can Lindsey Graham be Trusted? Why do the Dems move with Urgency and the GOP Senators just let things flounder?
  • USPS Skimming Stamps? - Vanity

    01/11/2020 9:13:56 AM PST · by RideForever · 45 replies
    1/11/2020 | Self
    I found myself in the beginning of mailing 60 notices, and at the end of a roll of stamps. After poking around I found an unopened roll of 100 ct Forever stamps, with 2016 on the band securing the stamps, and continued to apply stamps to envelopes ... until I ran out! Again! Apparently the 100ct roll only contained 50! And the backing for the stamps was only about 4 feet long (stamps are 1" wide). So I gathered up all the contents of the seal around the coil and the entire backing, which had been split off in 4...
  • Fox News Commercials

    01/10/2020 5:06:38 PM PST · by pkajj · 76 replies
    Vanity | Jan 10, 2020 | Self
    No disrespect to Mr. Mike Lindell, but the My Pillow commercials are becoming quite monotonous. He needs some fresh material. Also, disappointed that he has to go to Egypt for his cotton. What’s wrong with home grown American cotton?
  • Shut Down University Indoctrination! Two Solutions.

    01/08/2020 7:33:08 AM PST · by wintertime · 71 replies
    self | 1/8/2020 | self
    Discard brick and mortar universities! 1) Free or nearly free education exists **NOW**! The missing ingredient is private systems of certified testing. Should it cost a quarter of a million to become a doctor or engineer? The more reasonable cost is a tenth of that. Most of the material needed to be mastered in the STEM fields is**ROTE** and changes little from year to year. It can be learned at home through the Internet and used textbooks. Yes, some fields require laboratory and clinical rotations. These need a brick and mortar setting....BUT... these experiences can be found or created outside...
  • Name names of terrorists who have been educated in the US

    01/08/2020 5:15:59 AM PST · by bgill · 16 replies
    The msm needs to report a list of all terrorists and high ranking enemies who have been trained and educated in US universities. Many FRiends remember when angry Iranians were taking the desks of US students back in the 70s. It wouldn't be a surprise to know what careers they hold today.
  • Vanity: Does the Downed Ukrainian Plane Bear Telltale Signs of Foul Play?

    01/08/2020 7:16:26 AM PST · by TigerClaws · 55 replies
    The images here are taken from Reuters video. If you look at the circled area, these are EXTERNAL damage. This is indicative of anti-aircraft missiles. The missiles explode just before they impact the plane. Shrapnel results from the explosion, which impacts the plane. This looks similar to the hull of the plane downed in the Ukraine/Russia conflict (Malaysian Air Flight 17). Possibliities: 1. It truly was just an accident with very suspicious timing. 2. One overly nervous Iranian anti-aircraft commander got nervous and shot by mistake. 3. The strategic move is to take out citizens of a U.S. ally...
  • It's Unanimous

    01/08/2020 4:35:50 AM PST · by Jim Noble · 32 replies
    Vanity | January 8, 2020 | Jim Noble
    We finally have consensus. The Iranians don't want the US in IraqThe Iraqis don't want the US in IraqAND, the Americans don't want the US in Iraq.So who or what is keeping us there?
  • Vanity: Why is Trump funding Planned Parenthood?

    01/06/2020 6:23:24 PM PST · by spacejunkie2001 · 38 replies
    1/6/20 | me
    The time has come to truly make our nation great and it will not be great until we, as Americans, stop paying for abortions. The killing of babies is sinful and barbaric and somehow we've allowed 'late term' abortion to be different from any other abortion. Somehow, if it's after 6 months or so in gestation, it's bad, but otherwise, totally unspoken of. I love Donald J. Trump. I think he's a good leader. But, the time has come for his heart to burn with sorrow that our nation is providing record dollars (it's gone up since he came into...
  • Why do I feel like I'm back in the the mid-1980's?

    01/03/2020 12:41:26 AM PST · by DallasBiff · 67 replies
    1/3/2020 | Dallasbiff
    Ronald Reagan bombed Libya, after quadaffi bombmed a Berlin nightclub.
  • Whataburger

    12/26/2019 6:59:00 PM PST · by Smellin Salt · 74 replies
    As a native Texan, some of my earliest memories involve Whataburger. I love Whataburger. It's always been a matter of pride that me and Whataburger share the same birth city, Corpus Christi, Texas. As a youngster, I remember the Whataburger on 14TH street in Kingsville, Texas. Since those days, I have always seen Whataburger as a step above any "fast food" burger out there. I absolutely love that I can walk into a Whataburger at 7 AM and order a burger. So the sellout to a Chicago investment company hit me hard. I tried to maintain a wait and see...
  • What happened to tard boy Kims Christmas gift?

    12/26/2019 7:01:47 AM PST · by mylife · 42 replies
    my fevered brain ^ | 12/26/19 | mylife
    I got cookies and some Home canned peaches.
  • Did you ever love America

    12/24/2019 9:49:47 AM PST · by simka · 25 replies
    If you ever loved America don't ever vote Democrat.That party defines the term "Organized Crime". The Clinton's pay for play is staggering. Obama sold our principal seaport to the Chinese and Hillary sold our Uranium to the Russians to name a few. They have encroached on every one of our freedoms with overreaching laws that increase their power and diminish ours. The Dems want open borders in the belief that migrants will vote for them without considering that it is destroying our economy. They are a rabid group that will do anything for power.From KKK to Kavanaugh to impeachment their...
  • Judge Judy show: Alleged "Trump supporter" sued a hairdresser for a bad haircut

    12/23/2019 10:19:23 PM PST · by KJC1 · 12 replies
    Not a joke. I somehow watched the Judge Judy show today and an older "gentleman" who claimed to be an attorney from San Antonio, TX sued a hairdresser for shaving off his hair instead of cutting it as he wished. He stated he paid $10 for the haircut. After the "verdict" he said he was a "Trump-Supporter" and the hairdresser was a "Trump-Hater" who shaved his head because he supported Trump. Did anyone else see this? It was ridiculous.

    12/23/2019 8:15:58 AM PST · by Plain and Simple · 15 replies
    12/23/19 | Plain and Simple
  • Public Notice of the Impeachment has already been Given!

    12/20/2019 5:11:39 AM PST · by Petrosius · 40 replies
    December 20, 2019 | Petrosius
    Speaker Nancy Pelosi has threatened to withhold sending the notification of the Impeachment to the Senate until she gets guarantees of a "fair trial." Yet public notification has already been given, in the Congressional Record. All that Senator Mich McConnell needs to do is read this record on the floor of the Senate and then proceed either to a trial or a motion for dismissal. If he proceeds to a trial and the House does not send any managers, he could then easily move to dismissal on the basis that the House has failed to present its case.
  • The Sixth amendment to the Constitution of the United States...

    12/19/2019 9:12:04 AM PST · by djf · 15 replies
    Bill of Rights | 1787 | Madison, et al
    In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial... As much whining and groaning and moaning I heard from the Dems yesterday about the Constitution I figured I'd post this... They don't even know what they're talking about!