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  • Will the protests end after Floyd's funeral? (Vanity)

    06/03/2020 10:48:37 PM PDT · by L.A.Justice · 31 replies
    June 3, 2020 | Self
    George Floyd's funeral will take place on June 9...Next Tuesday... Do you think the protests will still go on after his funeral? I switch the TV channel whenever a TV reporter interviews some protester... I also switch the TV channel whenever I see some public official praising protesters... I guess I am getting tired of the protests... There should be some drivers out there who are sick and tired of protesters blocking roads... There should be some business owners who are sick and tired of protecting store windows because of those protesters...
  • So what do this all do for Trump and the GOP in November? (VANITY POST)

    06/03/2020 6:58:57 AM PDT · by MplsSteve · 84 replies
    6/03/20 | MplsSteve
    In advance, I apologize for the Vanity Post - but I did want to take a minute to gauge Freeper opinion on recent developments. This thread is a bit long but please read it. We've had the COVID-19 scare for quite some time now. It has had a negative effect on this nation, economically and socially. Combine that with the recent rioting in many US metro areas (including mine - which has thankfully died down for now) and my question is this... How do these things bode for President Trump and the GOP in November? Do the American people rise...
  • Vanity - TV Commercials all have virtue signaling, all local news the same in MN

    06/02/2020 10:49:22 PM PDT · by jurroppi1 · 27 replies
    Self | 6-3-2020 | Self
    Anybody else seeing all of the SJW/virtue signaling commercials and banners on their TV on all shows, news, etc? It's just so saccharine how much they are pandering to the element of society that is systematically trying to bring down our nation. There is no attempt to disguise the agenda here, it is just overt as can be. Newcasters interview protesters saying they want and expect charges filed on all 4 police officers in the George Floyd "Murder" and they want 4 convictions - no sense of irony in their calls for "justice". They are taunting anyone who disagrees or...
  • Step out of the way honest protestors and let law enforcement do what's necessary! (a message I'm posting on mixed forums elsewhere)

    06/02/2020 11:01:27 AM PDT · by ETL · 9 replies
    June 2, 2020 | self
    So, we have communist/anarchist organizations leading these and past riots, attempting to overthrow the U.S. government. AND communists in China intentionally sending over a deadly virus killing thousands of Americans and causing enormous economic devastation to the United States. Great times we're living in, eh, Liberal Dems? Still going to continue marching alongside these communist-led terrorists and thugs and defending communist China? You need to step out of the way and let law enforcement and other agencies do what's necessary! Because you'd be among one of the first groups to go should these communist-led thugs and terrorists succeed. _________________________ "The...
  • How to bring the riots to a screeching halt

    06/02/2020 10:13:56 AM PDT · by MeneMeneTekelUpharsin · 106 replies
    Growing up a long time ago | 2 June 2020 | Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin
    The riots can literally be brought to a halt quickly. As fast as possible, or order them made, convert 12ga shotgun shells to shoot rock salt. Shoot protesters who become violent, loot or throw things with rock salt in the legs, buttocks or back (not the head). They are finished for the session once hit. Some will have to pull every piece out with tweezers. Nothing will stop the pain short of pulling out the salt. This was a very effective method used many years ago before these ignorant young people were born to deter theft of watermelons and the...

    06/02/2020 5:40:18 AM PDT · by Plain and Simple · 88 replies
    6/2/20 | Plain and Simple
    As they say, follow the money. These are paid agitators who are wrecking our cities/communities. They are not spending their own money to travel. Let's find the source and destroy it.
  • Our Nation's Capital was attacked and the FBI and CIA knew nothing about it?

    06/02/2020 6:17:06 AM PDT · by fightu4it · 75 replies
    Does the FBI really want us to believe that they had no idea that an attack on our Capital was coming?
  • any evidence of soros funding for antifa/blacklivesmatter

    06/01/2020 9:23:20 AM PDT · by ckilmer · 32 replies
    Vanity | 6/1/2020 | cakilmer
    I've seen soros mentioned many times as being a supporter of blacklivesmatter/antifa. However, I've never seen any evidence-- either direct or indirect. Can anyone post evidence of soros backing for blacklivesmatter/antifa. For that matter where do these organizations get their money.
  • Planned Mayhem

    06/01/2020 5:15:23 AM PDT · by Wuli · 42 replies
    6/1/2020 | Wuli
    Planned mayhem is for me the accurate way to explain what has gone on across the country this weekend. The Left lost on the phony "Russia" hoax, and on "impeachment", and has been losing on the "pandemic" & the lock downs, is doomed to lose with Biden and had no "burning" agenda to promote. So they HAD to create one, manufacture one. This is supposed to be their new "1968", and we all know how that went for the Left. Today seems a "sober" Monday, but that is not coming from me. It's the mood I see coming from everywhere...
  • Come on people. This is a place for discussion, not to get offended by my or anyone's question or response.

    05/29/2020 10:30:04 PM PDT · by wanganghi · 21 replies
    So I posted a question, "Are the protest (started in Minneapolis) now becoming riot is similar to Hong Kong Protest?". I asked that question, because I saw the protest in Minneapolis and I saw Hong Kong protest. I know that protest got started in Hong Kong, because of Mainland China is eroding Hong Kong's autonomy and democracy. Minneapolis protest started when George Floyd was killed by a policeman. As the protest escalate in both cases, police got involved, because violence has occurred. I understand in Hong Kong's case, Beijing Communist people and anyone supported the communist China tries to demoralize...
  • A Modest Proposal

    05/03/2020 5:53:02 AM PDT · by grey_whiskers · 58 replies
    The velveted paws of the typing tabby ^ | May 3, 2020 | grey_whiskers
    Just a thought. Canada is banning assault weapons. Is it time to organize a massive boycott of Canada?
  • Masks

    05/02/2020 6:52:14 PM PDT · by Kevin in California · 185 replies
    OK, this is my opinion and my opinion only but this COVID 19 thing has now reached ridiculous mode. Me, I've yet to put on mask since all this BS commenced. I've been to the grocery store many, many times. I've been to Lowes and Home Depot many, many times. I've been to the liquor store (need my triple IPA' many, many times. I've even been seeing my ladyfriend (she's a RN) on occasion and to this day, I've yet to wear one of those stupid masks. How many times have you worn one?
  • Vanity: It's time to hold some news media criminally responsible...

    03/30/2020 6:23:51 AM PDT · by Magnatron · 51 replies
    My Withered Brain | 30 March 2020 | Me
    I don't do vanities, and if it gets pulled, it gets pulled, but I need to bring up a heart-breaking episode my wife related to me. My wife is a nurse, and she works in an assisted living facility. There are two sides to the facility, memory-care and assisted resident care. This facility is struggling with limited staff and the residents are under lockdown and not allowed to have visitors. My wife was helping a resident -- a woman in her 80s that has been in decline. In the facility, the residents have televisions. In this particular room, CNN was...
  • (Vanity) CORONAVIRUS PATIENTS - post here?

    03/29/2020 6:41:01 PM PDT · by the OlLine Rebel · 144 replies
    N/a | 3/29 | Me
    Any FReepers with COVID-19? I’ve heard a couple today. Thought it might be good to have a repository of experiences.
  • What Are You Going to Do When Isolation Period Ends?

    03/29/2020 3:59:45 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 148 replies
    Self | March 29, 2020 | PJ-Comix
    Okay, so it looks like the isolation period is going to be extended to the end of April. It's going to be a long haul since I am already going a bit stir crazy. Only going out once per week for food (and one other pit stop last week to pick up our new Coronavirus car on a GM deal). Fortunately some of this isolation is mitigated by watching lots of stuff on TV. However, the sense of wanderlust remains. So my question to everybody is: What will you be doing once the isolation period ends? I am definitely thinking...
  • The Covid Creations Cookbook (VANITY)

    03/29/2020 2:34:41 PM PDT · by gbunch · 7 replies
    Self | March 29, 2020 | Greg Bunch
    I have been using this time of social distancing to get many things done, not just for myself, but for my fellow man. I realized that when the coronavirus is finally behind us, there will be a huge problem for many people. That problem is, of course, massive quantities of hoarded items, which will take up space in people's homes while spoiling and decaying. Such items will not only be a tremendous economic waste, but an entirely new health hazard as well. Therefore, I worked hard and proactively in anticipation of this coming crisis, getting out ahead of the curve...
  • Vanity: What happens if a candidate dies before the election.

    03/29/2020 2:23:19 PM PDT · by LexBaird · 80 replies
    Self | Lexbaird
    Does anyone know what the legal process becomes if, after a Presidential candidate gets the nomination of a Party but before the General Election, that candidate dies or becomes totally incapacitated? I bring to mind when the Missouri Senator Mel Carnahan died in a plane crash and was elected anyway, with his widow being appointed. Does the Party just get to substitute in whomever they want? With Bernie having heart issues and Joe slipping deeper into dementia (or back in 2016, with HRC passing out regularly), is there any established law or procedure to handle this sort of thing?
  • Trump Fun to Watch against the DemocRATS and their Media

    03/29/2020 11:31:22 AM PDT · by CptnObvious · 6 replies
    Vanity | 3/29/2020 | Self
    Isn't Trump Fun to Watch against the DemocRATS and their Media? They fume and plot to get him and they race around like Keystone Cops in the old silent movies. They have their billy clubs out and race around in their paddy wagons but they just can't get him. They either fall over with their shoelaces tied together, end up bashing themselves or one another or just run out of gas. The lastest was over ventalators in New York. Cuomo said that Trump was denying them ventalators. Trump fires back that Cuomo had not kept the ones in 2015. Cuomo...
  • Things are changing, give it a think...

    03/10/2020 4:53:46 PM PDT · by onona · 57 replies
    vanity ^ | today | me
    So think about the potential changes to life / education / industry due to the response in the US from CV. Colleges just changed to allow online completion (south carolina) for the remainder of the school year. Fedgov - got the insurance companies to waive costs for testing, and to give breaks to companies to allow workers to stay home. Fedgov - covering test costs - diagnostics Fedgov - payroll tax cut (holiday) impacts both workers and employers (helps for unpaid sick leave). And so....... these are the type of things that people should look at and say, wow, could...
  • Origin of Coronavirus? (vanity)

    03/09/2020 6:59:22 AM PDT · by Crucial · 42 replies
    3-9-20 | Myself
    It appears to me that the outbreak of the coronavirus is the fault of lax pathogen containment procedures on the part of the Chinese government at minimum. This is only a general theory that I've been able to piece together from various podcasts but it seems to make sense given the facts. The Coronovirus or its immediate predecessor was CREATED in 2015 by an international project in which both the United Stated and China were participants. The head Chinese researcher whose name I have only heard and have not read (I am not very good at spelling Chinese names even...