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  • Massachusetts college (Hampshire College) starts flying US flag again

    12/02/2016 8:26:37 AM PST · by tcrlaf · 29 replies
    AP ^ | 12-2-2016 | AP
    The Massachusetts college that drew nationwide criticism when it stopped flying the U.S. flag on campus following the presidential election says Old Glory is back up. Hampshire College in Amherst returned the flag to full staff on Friday. The flag was lowered to half-staff after the Nov. 8 election. The flag was found burned on Veterans Day and the college decided to take down all campus flags on Nov. 18. The decision drew widespread condemnation and a protest by veterans groups and their supporters outside campus.
  • Meth Lab Found Underneath Walmart Parking Lot

    08/10/2016 2:23:33 PM PDT · by Gamecock · 40 replies
    ABC7 ^ | 8/9/2016
    AMHERST, N.Y. -- A suspected meth lab was uncovered in the heart of Amherst, N.Y. Police believe a culvert is how the suspect or suspects got underground, WKBW-TV reports. All of it was happening in a very busy section; the suspected meth lab was found underneath a Walmart. Covered head to toe in protective gear, members of the state police hazmat team descended into a manhole, busting what they call a suspected underground meth lab. One by one, police reeled in buckets of evidence, including pop bottles, suspected methamphedamine, spray paint cans and other meth-making materials. But perhaps the most...
  • Reports: Gunman on campus at UMass Amherst, shelter in place ordered

    02/18/2016 3:16:43 PM PST · by My Guns Never · 43 replies
    Students and staff at the University of Massachusetts Amherst campus have been ordered to shelter in place after reports of a gunman on campus. FOX25 has received several tweets from members of the campus community but has not heard back from campus officials about the situation.
  • The One Weird Trait That Predicts Whether You’re a Trump Supporter

    01/18/2016 8:47:32 PM PST · by Another Post-American · 151 replies
    Politico ^ | 1/18/16 | Matthew McWilliams
    f I asked you what most defines Donald Trump supporters, what would you say? They’re white? They’re poor? They’re uneducated? You’d be wrong. In fact, I’ve found a single statistically significant variable predicts whether a voter supports Trump—and it’s not race, income or education levels: It’s authoritarianism. That’s right, Trump’s electoral strength—and his staying power—have been buoyed, above all, by Americans with authoritarian inclinations. And because of the prevalence of authoritarians in the American electorate, among Democrats as well as Republicans, it’s very possible that Trump’s fan base will continue to grow. My finding is the result of a national...
  • Authoritarian Leftist "Activists" Demand The End Of Free Speech, Extensive Re-Education

    11/17/2015 3:18:52 AM PST · by Former Proud Canadian · 59 replies
    Intellihub ^ | Alex Thomas
    AMHERST, Mass. (INTELLIHUB) — Hard left authoritarians at Amherst College have issued a series of demands, under the threat of civil disobedience, that include the complete end of free speech on campus as well as extensive re-education for offenders. The demands, issued in support of the so-called uprising at the University of Missouri, read like a literal fascist manifesto and are conclusive proof that the mainstream media supported protests at multiple colleges over the last few weeks are not about racial equality but rather are about totally and completely shutting down the speech of anyone who disagrees with the opinions...
  • Amherst College students protest free speech fliers, seek punishment for offenders

    11/13/2015 1:24:14 PM PST · by jazusamo · 91 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | November 13, 2015 | Jessica Chasmar
    Student protesters at Amherst College issued a list of demands Thursday which include disciplinary action and mandatory "racial and cultural competency" training for students behind a series of signs on campus that lamented the death of free speech. The group Amherst Uprising is demanding that university President Biddy Martin issue a statement saying the university does "not tolerate the actions of student(s) who posted the 'All Lives Matter' posters, and the 'Free Speech' posters," which charged that the First Amendment was the "true victim" of the University of Missouri protests, The Daily Beast reported. The students demanded that the people...
  • Amherst students demand crackdown against free speech

    11/13/2015 10:26:44 AM PST · by randita · 101 replies
    Campus Reform ^ | Peter Fricke
    Protesters want the school president to denounce the actions of students who displayed "All Lives Matter" and "Free Speech" posters. They also demand he warn the student body that in the future "racially insensitive" speech would merit disciplinary actions. Students at Amherst College are demanding that the school's president accede to a list of demands that would effectively eliminate free speech on campus. The demands, which were presented in person Thursday evening to college President Biddy Martin, are outlined in a letter published by Amherst Soul, which also notes that the students expect action to be initiated within "24-48 hours"...
  • Amherst Town Meeting Sep 10, 200112 hours before the first plane struck the WTC(UMASS prof said...)

    09/10/2015 7:20:53 PM PDT · by RaceBannon · 37 replies
    Amherst Town Meeting, 10 September 2001 on YouTube ^ | Uploaded on October 2, 2011 | usmc7242 RaceBannon
    This town hall meeting took place Sep 10, 2001 in Amherst Mass 12 hours before the first plane struck the towers in New York City, before the Pentagon was hit, and before Flight 93 was taken down in a suicide dive by the terrorists who were beign overrun by brave Americans. This video is significant because of the statements made at the 40 minute to 50 minute mark and again at the 1 hour 10 minute mark which were in response to comments made at the 45 minute mark. Keep in mind this was made 12 hours before the World...

    06/24/2015 1:56:39 AM PDT · by RaceBannon · 12 replies
    Amherst town meeting ^ | 09/10/2001 | RaceBannon
    This town hall meeting took place Sep 10, 2001 in Amherst Mass 12 hours before the first plane struck the towers in New York City, before the Pentagon was hit, and before Flight 93 was taken down in a suicide dive by the terrorists who were being overrun by brave Americans. This video is significant because of the statements made at the 40 minute to 50 minute mark and again at the 1 hour 10 minute mark which were in response to comments made at the 45 minute mark. Keep in mind this was made 12 hours before the World...
  • ormer student sues Amherst College over rape investigation

    05/29/2015 6:10:25 PM PDT · by rickyrikardo · 13 replies
    Boston Globe ^ | MAY 29, 2015 | Walter V. Robinson
    A former Amherst College student has filed a lawsuit claiming he was falsely accused of rape, not given a fair investigation by college officials, and denied justice, even after he presented the college with text messages he said indicated he was innocent. The lawsuit, filed Friday in US District Court in Boston, names the prestigious Western Massachusetts institution as a defendant, as well as a number of college officials. The plaintiffs name is listed only as John Doe. In the fall of his senior year, the suit alleges, he was falsely accused in October 2013 of having committed rape when...
  • UMass bans Iranians from some engineering, science programs

    02/16/2015 8:55:59 PM PST · by ConservativeStatement · 21 replies
    Associated Press ^ | February 16, 2015
    AMHERST, Mass. The University of Massachusetts at Amherst has banned Iranian nationals from admission to certain graduate programs in a move that school officials say aligns its policy with U.S. sanctions against Iran. The university will no longer admit students from Iran to some programs in engineering and natural sciences.
  • Amhersts War on Frats

    05/19/2014 8:22:35 AM PDT · by Academiadotorg · 10 replies
    Accuracy in Academia ^ | May 16, 2014 | John K. Wilson
    Amherst College, which banned fraternities and sororities in 1984, has now taken this an alarming step further: starting July 1, any students participating in an unofficial fraternity or sorority will be punished, and could be expelled. A college has the right to ban fraternities only in the sense of refusing to recognize gender-biased exclusive social groups as official student organizations. When it seeks to punish students for being members of off-campus groups of any kind, as Amherst is doing, it is violating student rights. I happen to agree with banning most fraternities and sororities. Registered student groups should not have...
  • After John Ashcroft Visit, UMass Must Remember That Free Speech Works Both Ways

    04/20/2014 1:09:14 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 16 replies
    MassLive ^ | April 18, 2014 | Ron Chimelis
    Just when you think you know a state ... Hours after an outpouring of support for gay basketball player Derrick Gordon had sent a message that tolerance reigns in Massachusetts, John Ashcroft came to Amherst on Wednesday. The former attorney general of President George W. Bush spent his University of Massachusetts visit fending off hecklers who called him a hyprocrite and a war criminal among other things. I am not here to defend Ashcroft. I am here to dispute hypocrisy, a label that becomes attached to university communities such as UMass when freedom of speech and opinion is treated as...
  • Dozens arrested at Massachusetts Blarney Blowout (UMass Amherst campus)

    03/08/2014 4:08:20 PM PST · by Olog-hai · 19 replies
    Associated Press ^ | Mar 8, 2014 6:55 PM EST
    Police in riot gear have arrested at least 35 people participating in the pre-St. Patricks Day Blarney Blowout at the University of Massachusetts flagship campus in Amherst. [] Amherst Police Capt. Jennifer Gundersen says officers used pepper spray to disperse the crowd.
  • Amherst resident to again request Amherst fly commemorative flags on anniversary of 9/11

    08/28/2013 4:37:43 PM PDT · by matt04 · 4 replies
    Town Meeting member Larry Kelley Monday night plans to again ask the Select Board to fly the towns 29 commemorative American flags to mark the 12th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. The Select Board amended its commemorative flag policy to allow the flags to fly on the light posts and utility poles every five years to mark the attacks that killed nearly 3,000 at the Pentagon, World Trade Center and in Pennsylvania, but Kelley believes they should be flown every year so people remember. He said the thousands of students coming to town to school were just six...
  • Seven Foreigners Arrested After Trespassing at Quabbin Reservoir (Video)[Massachusetts terror?]

    05/15/2013 8:27:56 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 19 replies
    Gateway Pundit ^ | May 15, 2013 | Jim Hoft
    Seven foreigners from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Singapore were arrested for trespassing at the Quabbin Reservoir on Tuesday. The Quabbin Reservoir in Massachusetts is one of the countrys largest man-made water supplies. (VIDEO-AT-LINK) CBS Local reported, via Free Republic: Shortly after midnight Tuesday, seven people were caught trespassing at the Quabbin Reservoir. State Police say the five men and two women are from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore, and cited their education and career interests for being in the area. The men told police they were chemical engineers and recent college graduates....
  • Lawmaker to investigate gun seizure ( Buffalo, NY )

    04/12/2013 11:18:27 PM PDT · by george76 · 27 replies
    WIVB ^ | 12 Apr 2013 | Eli George
    AMHERST, N.Y. - A state lawmaker is calling for an investigation into how an Amherst man's guns were taken away by mistake. State Assemblyman Ray Walter says when he saw the news coverage of David Lewis' case, he knew immediately something was "seriously wrong." Walter wants some answers, when he meets face-to-face with the State Police Superintendent in Albany next Tuesday. Lewis said, "It's been very embarrassing. I feel like I've been let down, and my privacy's been invaded." Lewis was forced to turn in his seven handguns and stripped of his pistol permit. After State Police in Albany identified...
  • Gun permit suspended over medication (NY)

    04/09/2013 9:41:30 PM PDT · by neverdem · 74 replies
    WIVB ^ | 09 Apr 2013 | Al Vaughters
    AMHERST, N.Y. (WIVB) - The NYS SAFE Act is billed as a necessary law to protect the public and keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people. But Hamburg attorney Jim Tresmond says his client was notified by letter that his gun permit was suspended upon the recommendation of State Police, who learned the man is on anti-anxiety medication."Claiming that he had taken some psychotropic medications, and that he no longer could be eligible for the pistol permit," Tresmond said.The permit holder lives in Amherst and Tresmond accompanied the man as he turned in his seven handguns used...
  • UMass-Amherst professor defends her gov't-funded duck genitalia research

    04/05/2013 12:21:26 PM PDT · by matt04 · 32 replies
    he past few days, the Internet has been filled with commentary on whether the National Science Foundation should have paid for my study on duck genitalia, and 88.7 percent of respondents to a Fox news online poll agreed that studying duck genitalia is wasteful government spending. The commentary supporting and decrying the study continues to grow. As the lead investigator in this research, I would like to weigh in on the controversy and offer some insights into the process of research funding by the NSF. My research on bird genitalia was originally funded in 2005, during the Bush administration. Thus...
  • Geologists: Shale gas likely under Connecticut River Valley, but would be hard to exploit

    12/13/2012 5:47:50 PM PST · by matt04 · 7 replies
    Fracking, the controversial method of extracting shale gas or other petroleum from deep below the earth's surface, might be possible in the Connecticut River Valley, geologists say. But the rock deposits likely to bear gas are thin here and difficult to access, making commercial exploitation of the resource unlikely in the near future. It's not hard to hit, said James L. Coleman Jr., a research geologist with the U.S. Geological Survey. It's hard to do anything with once you get it. Coleman was one of the speakers Thursday at a day-long conference on the future of shale gas, hydraulic fracturing...
  • Upstate New York Food Truck Shut Down For Not Having a Permit that Doesnt Exist Yet

    10/04/2012 5:36:12 AM PDT · by Altariel · 9 replies
    Institute for Justice ^ | Unknown | Unknown
    For the past two years, Peter Cimino has been selling gourmet tacos in business parks in Amherst, N.Y., a suburb of Buffalo. In his bright lime green truck, creative entres like chimichurri chicken and tomatillo pork sizzle. His Lloyd Taco Truck was personally invited by the owner of the Amherst Commerce Park to enliven the area and Pete was operating entirely on private property. But on Monday, Amherst shut his business down. A police officer even threatened to tow away Petes taco truck, for not having a permit. Theres just one problem: Amherst doesnt have a food truck permit yet.The...
  • UMass, EPA agree-plan to replace contaminated windows at Lederle Grad Research Ctr over 15 yr period

    09/12/2012 4:58:08 PM PDT · by matt04 · 10 replies
    Federal environmental officials and the University of Massachusetts have entered into a consent agreement for which the university will remove windows contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyl at the John W. Lederle Graduate Research Center over 15 years. According to a prepared statement from the Environmental Protection Agency, UMass discovered that the window glazing at the research center was contaminated with high levels of contaminants after finishing a window-caulking project in 2009. UMass has agreed to replace and dispose of all 900 PCB-contaminated windows over the next 15 years at a cost of about $3 million. The university will complete window cleaning,...
  • Amherst Town Meeting, Sep 10, 2001, 12 hours before the first plane struck the WTC

    09/09/2012 4:51:28 PM PDT · by RaceBannon · 24 replies
    self YouTube ^ | 09/09/2012 | RaceBannon
    This town hall meeting took place Sep 10, 2001 in Amherst Mass 12 hours before the first plane struck the towers in New York City, before the Pentagon was hit, and before Flight 93 was taken down in a suicide dive by the terrorists who were beign overrun by brave Americans. This video is significant because of the statements made at the 40 minute to 50 minute mark and again at the 1 hour 10 minute mark which were in response to comments made at the 45 minute mark. Keep in mind this was made 12 hours before the World...
  • Amherst College president Carolyn Martin to graduates: "embrace reality and avoid narcissism"

    05/21/2012 12:48:39 PM PDT · by matt04 · 6 replies
    A whimsical student address, forgetting the national anthem then remembering it after the commencement began -- and a stellar list of honorary degrees recipients were part of Amherst Colleges 191st graduation ceremony Sunday. San Francisco native Elias R. Johansson-Miller, summa com laude with a bachelor of arts double major in English, and Theater and Dance was selected by his peers to speak for the senior class. His thesis is Creating and Believing in Going Public. Though he had some serious things to say at the tail end of his speech, Johansson-Miller spent most of it making jokes, talking about...
  • Al Gore at Hampshire College: Global warming is real and needs to be addressed now

    04/29/2012 9:04:03 AM PDT · by matt04 · 55 replies
    Former Vice president Al Gore on Friday refuted claims that global warning is a myth, saying that 97 to 98 percent of the worlds scientists attest to its veracity. Gore was the keynote speaker at the inauguration of Hampshire College President Jonathan Lash Friday. The theme of Lashs inauguration was Educating for Change: critical thinking in a critical time. Now there are some talk radio show hosts, they say that (global warming is) not (real)," Gore said. "Its up to you; my point is we must respond. What the scientists tell us is going to take place if we do...
  • The Algore effect, Freeze Warning for Eastern Hampshire, MA

    04/28/2012 3:57:31 PM PDT · by matt04 · 13 replies
  • Live stream: Watch Former Vice President Al Gore speak at Hampshire College

    04/27/2012 12:40:34 PM PDT · by matt04 · 22 replies
    Former Vice President Al Gore is scheduled to speak at the inauguration of Hampshire College President Jonathan Lash, which is set to start at 3:30 p.m. Friday. Gore served as Bill Clinton's vice president from 1993 to 2001, lost his bid for the presidency in 2000 and won a Nobel Peace Prize with the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 2007. You can watch a live stream of the event put together by Hampshire College below or follow along on Twitter by searching the hashtag #jlash.
  • Former Vice President Al Gore scheduled to speak at Hampshire College

    04/24/2012 4:47:41 PM PDT · by matt04 · 9 replies
    Former Vice President Al Gore will be in town Friday as the keynote speaker at the inauguration of Hampshire College President Jonathan Lash. Gore, who served as vice president under President Clinton for two-terms, ran unsuccessfully for president in 2000. In 2007, Gore won the Nobel Prize with the U.N Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. An Inconvenient Truth, a film about his campaign to educate people about global warming, won two Oscars in 2006. In 2005, he co-founded Current TV. Lash has been serving at the college's sixth president since July. ... The theme of the inaugural is Educating for...
  • British used bioweapon in US war of independence

    08/19/2011 12:05:56 PM PDT · by Pharmboy · 22 replies
    New Scientist Blog ^ | 19 August 2011 | Debora MacKenzie
    (Image: Everett Collection/Rex Features) A document has just gone on display at Mount Vernon, Virginia - the museum in the former home of George Washington, first US President. It is an order dated 1777 and signed by Washington himself to send troops that had not been vaccinated for smallpox - or survived it - to Philadelphia to be vaccinated. These troops were then to join up with the main army, where the disease was raging. It sounds like amazing foresight for its day. "Washington's careful handling of the smallpox epidemic at the beginning of the war was a significant...
  • Video: 'Occupy' demonstrators storm Bank of America, TD Bank branches in downtown Amherst

    11/18/2011 8:42:07 AM PST · by matt04 · 49 replies
    The various "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrations around the country declared Thursday to be a "day of action" in the ongoing protest of big banks and Wall Street policies that they blame for a sagging economy. While thousands protested in Manhattan, Los Angeles and other cities, several hundred people took to the streets of downtown Amherst. According to video supplied to The Republican by Julie Varney of, demonstrators assembled in front of Bank of New England branch at South Pleasant and Amity Streets. At one point, the footage shows demonstrators storming into the bank lobby to disrupt business. After several...
  • Amherst talk seeks to address the myths and truth of Sharia law

    10/17/2011 11:45:35 AM PDT · by matt04 · 10 replies
    Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain fears that Sharia law could permeate the U.S Court system if we allow it." In Oklahoma, the 10th Circuit court is examining the constitutionality of a 2010 law banning Oklahoma courts from citing, or using, Sharia law. But Sharia law, law based on Islam and its central religious text the Quran, could not be imposed in this country, says Dr. Mohammad Ali Hazratji. Hazratji is hoping to address some of the disinformation he sees out there about the law Wednesday at the South Congregational Church as part of the Hampshire Mosque lecture series Understanding Islam....
  • UMass students rally at student union as part of OWS movement; profs urge change to socialism

    10/16/2011 3:59:43 PM PDT · by matt04 · 37 replies
    More than 200 students gathered outside the University of Massachusetts Student Union to continue their call for economic justice as part of the Occupy Wall Street movement, which enters its 26th day. ... Student after student on Wednesday told stories of parents losing jobs and health care, or of having mounting student debt caused by what they say is Wall Street greed. Some bore signs reading 1 percent stop bogarting your stash. There were chants of one solution, revolution, and a call to spread the word about Occupy UMass so there would be enough students and others to occupy a...
  • Lawn sign advances feud between mosque, neighbor

    05/10/2011 9:39:37 AM PDT · by nonamer · 47 replies
    The Buffalo News ^ | May 9, 2011, 10:24 PM | Jay Tokasz
    A feud between two Transit Road neighbors -- a homeowner and a mosque -- turned ugly this weekend when the homeowner staked a sign on his front lawn insinuating that the new 11,600-square-foot Islamic worship site is home to a "bomb making" operation. Michael Heick, who lives next door to the Jaffarya Islamic Center of Niagara Frontier, put a small sign that reads "Bomb Making Next Driveway" to northbound traffic on Transit Road. The next driveway on the same side of the road as Heick's home heading north is the Jaffarya Center, at 10300 Transit. Mosque members and other area...
  • Extravaganja organizers back down from stmts. that smoking marijuana was allowed on Amherst common

    04/19/2011 4:55:37 PM PDT · by matt04 · 2 replies
    AMHERST Organizers of the 20th annual Extravaganja on the Town Common admitted Tuesday that they were wrong when they told the public police had agreed not to cite anyone caught smoking marijuana. Emily Butler, a spokesperson for the University of Massachusetts at Amhersts Cannabis Reform Coalition, said there had been a simple miscommunication with the police and we didnt mean to mislead anybody. We should not have led them to believe that smoking would be tolerated, Butler said in an email. The current (coalition) officers will make sure that this miscommunication does not occur in future years. In the...
  • On day 2, pro-pot Extravaganja festival called "a Renaissance of freedom"

    04/17/2011 11:39:21 PM PDT · by matt04 · 5 replies
    AMHERST Rocker Steve Miller is a self-declared midnight toker, but hes got nothing on hundreds of people on the Amherst town commons Sunday who sparked up at noon. The 20th annual Extravaganja festival, put on by the University of Massachusetts at Amhersts Cannabis Reform Coalition, kicked off Saturday and continued for two days, the first time it has lasted more than one day since its inception. The event was chock-full of speakers, vendors and bands and was meant to raise awareness of the pro-marijuana legalization movement. This year was also the first time participants were allowed to smoke marijuana...
  • VANITY -- My debate team went against Chris Coons, and WON!

    09/16/2010 8:23:19 AM PDT · by Dr. Sivana · 13 replies
    self | 9/16/2010 | self
    When I saw that Coons spent time in Yale, and was a two-time National Debate Champion, I had to look him up.The name wasn't familiar to me at first. While the Yale debate team was good, they weren't tops when I was involved. First, I saw Coons' age ... 47. That means we attended college at the same time, and then I saw that he did his bachelors' work not at Yale, but at Amherst. Then everything clicked. I don't have television, and I tend not to view much video on the Internet for news. I remembered the Amherst team....
  • Massachusetts town welcomes detainees but Barack Obama misses deadline to close Guantnamo

    01/22/2010 5:36:13 AM PST · by Schnucki · 22 replies · 703+ views
    Telegraph (U.K.) ^ | January 22, 2010 | Alex Spillius
    President Barack Obama misses his own deadline for closing Guantnamo on Friday, amid difficulties in relocating inmates overseas and delays in putting dozens on trial. But a university town in Massachusetts is doing its utmost to encourage his effort, having become the first in the country to pass a resolution welcoming detainees from the prison on the US naval base on Cuba. Amherst remains a liberal hot spot in a state that until the shock election of Republican Scott Brown to succeed Edward Kennedy in the Senate was regarded as reliably Democratic. Unlike Thomson, Illinois, where residents expect a jobs...
  • Amherst Sees 7m Foreclosures Poised to Distress House Prices

    09/30/2009 10:45:33 PM PDT · by TigerLikesRooster · 24 replies · 1,319+ views
    Housing Wire ^ | 09/24/09 | DIANA GOLOBAY
    Amherst Sees 7m Foreclosures Poised to Distress House Prices By DIANA GOLOBAY September 24, 2009 10:34 AM CST Advertisements Recent analysis by the Amherst Securities Group indicates the housing industry will not only worsen as a delayed pipeline of foreclosed loans begins to liquidate, but that the Administrations Making Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) will have no lasting effect on keeping delinquent loans current. The early signs of stabilization seen among housing industry observers may soon recede as an overhang of the shadow inventory of foreclosures waits to enter the market. The general outlook that the housing market has bottomed...
  • Tiny Texas Brokerage Crushes Wall Street With Daring Mortgage Trade

    06/11/2009 7:09:27 PM PDT · by FromLori · 43 replies · 2,085+ views
    Todays Wall Street Journal carries the amazing story of a small Texas brokerage that pulled a fast one on some of the biggest banks in the world. The short version goes like this. Amherst, the Texas brokerage, and others sold hundreds of millions of dollars of credit default swaps on bonds back by $29 million of subprime mortgages to JP Morgan, Goldman, UBS RBS and other banking giants. The banks paid steeply for the swapsup to 90 cents for every dollar of insurancebut thought it was easy money. After all, these were Lehman packaged California subprime loans made in 2005,...
  • 80 liberals each pledge $1 million - hope to copy success of think tanks run by conservatives

    08/07/2005 12:37:45 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 157 replies · 3,298+ views
    Houston Chronicle ^ | August 7, 2005 | THOMAS B. EDSALL
    <p>WASHINGTON - At least 80 wealthy liberals have pledged to contribute at least $1 million each to fund a network of think tanks and advocacy groups, to compete with the potent conservative infrastructure built up during the last three decades.</p>
  • UMASS Amherst to give credit to students who campaign for Barack Obama

    09/23/2008 11:28:35 AM PDT · by wrhssaxensemble · 7 replies · 341+ views
    AP; Boston Herald ^ | September 23, 2008 | Associated Press
    <p>University of Massachusetts officials yesterday quashed efforts by an Amherst campus chaplain to offer two college credits to any student willing to campaign in New Hampshire this fall for Democrat Barack Obama.</p> <p>Chaplain Ken Higgins told students in a Sept. 18 e-mail, If youre scared about the prospects for this election, youre not alone. The most important way to make a difference in the outcome is to activate yourself. It would be just fine with McCain if Obama supporters just think about helping, then sleep in and stay home between now and Election Day.</p>
  • UMass sophomore's death ruled a suicide (flying leap)

    04/08/2008 9:40:42 AM PDT · by Disturbin · 1 replies · 88+ views
    Mass Live ^ | April 7, 2008 | George Graham
    AMHERST - Investigators have determined the Friday morning death of a 20-year-old University of Massachusetts student was a suicide. Liam O'Donnelly of Hingham died of multiple trauma, Terrel W. Harris, communications director for the state Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, said of the autopsy finding. UMass Amherst Police responded to a report of someone jumping from the 17th floor of the John Quincy Adams residence hall around 3:30 a.m. that day O'Donnelly was a sophomore studying resource economics at UMass. Campus spokesman Edward F. Blaguszewski said O'Donnelly lived in a single-person room. The case was investigated by campus...
  • Bylaw sought covering (illegal) immigrants

    03/08/2008 9:29:46 PM PST · by vrwc54 · 30 replies · 883+ views
    The Springfield Republican ^ | 03/09/08 | Diane Lederman
    AMHERST - In the fall, Select Board Chairman Gerald S. Weiss read a story about an Amherst restaurant worker who was deported to her native El Salvador after being involved in a Northampton accident. He doesn't want that to happen here and wants the town to adopt a bylaw that would protect non-U.S. citizens. Weiss presented the proposal to the Select Board Monday night and the board will discuss whether to support it at a future meeting. Town Meeting would ultimately decide whether to adopt the change. The bylaw proposal follows a Town Meeting resolution adopted in 2002 that asked...
  • UMass student loses grade suit (boo hoo)

    10/24/2007 9:51:43 AM PDT · by Disturbin · 44 replies · 195+ views
    The Republican ^ | Oct 24, 2007 | Eric Athas
    AMHERST - University of Massachusetts student Brian C. Marquis may have to settle for the "C" he received in a philosophy course. A judge in U.S. District Court, Springfield, has determined Marquis failed in his effort to prove grounds for a civil rights case against the university over the letter grade he contended didn't match the numerical rating he'd received. Marquis sued the university last winter, claiming UMass officials violated his rights. The lawsuit was dismissed recently by Judge Michael A. Ponsor, but Marquis says he might not be finished. "Grades are very serious, and they should be taken seriously...
  • Amherst College's Policy of Discriminating Against Wealthy Applicants

    10/16/2006 9:18:07 AM PDT · by brookwood · 26 replies · 814+ views
    Amherst website ^ | 10/16/2006 | brookwood
    Why Granting Socioeconomic Preferences in College Admissions Is Wrong I believe Amherst Colleges policy of granting admissions preferences based on socioeconomic status is wrong. It is wrong because it is inefficient, wasteful, and pointless; but I begin with a discussion of why it is morally and ethically wrong, because these considerations are paramount. Moral Issues The history of discrimination against the bourgeoisie has been as pernicious as discrimination against any group in history. The wealthy have been exiled to gulags in the Soviet Union, suppressed and brainwashed during the Cultural Revolution in Communist China, and murdered by the millions in...
  • Terror Raid in Western New York

    08/23/2006 6:13:01 AM PDT · by freeperfromnj · 58 replies · 1,886+ views ^ | Updated: 8/23/2006 7:06:52 AM | Lynne Dixon
    The FBI says it's all part of an ongoing investigation into a group of Sri Lankans with terrorist plans. The FBI says there were no plans to attack Americans, but that the group, known as the "Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam" was targeting their home country of Sri Lanka. Officials say that terror group is responsible for assassinating a former prime minister of India. The Joint Terrorism Task Force raided the Amherst home. Neighbors say three men were taken out in handcuffs. They say the task force also removed files, a computer and suitcases. While it's not clear what role...
  • Raid In Amherst Nets Terror Suspects

    08/22/2006 7:59:08 AM PDT · by callthemlikeyouseethem · 20 replies · 1,144+ views
    WBEN 930 AM ^ | August 22, 2006 06:41 | WBEN Newsroom
    Amherst, NY (WBEN) - Federal agents raided a home in Amherst, and arrested three people they say are linked to an overseas terror cell. The FBI raided a home on Shetland Drive over the weekend, and the three unidentified suspects were charged with raising and laundering money for the Tamil Tigers terror group in Sri Lanka. WBEN's Tom Puckett has more in the audio link above, including assurances from police that the local community was apparently not a target.
  • Virginia County secretly removes Confederate flag from official seal

    03/03/2006 11:37:56 AM PST · by Rebeleye · 1,330 replies · 8,277+ views
    The Daily Press, Hampton Roads, VA ^ | March 2, 2006 | Associated Press
    The removal of the Confederate flag from Amherst County's official seal has upset Southern heritage groups, who contend residents weren't told of the change. County officials acknowledge the image was quietly removed in August 2004 to avoid an uproar.
  • Protesters mix with floats, dancers, big cow at Amherst's July Fourth parade

    07/05/2005 5:54:14 PM PDT · by gringo_in_Akita · 12 replies · 398+ views
    Daily Hampshire Gazette ^ | July 05, 2005 | DAN CROWLEY
    AMHERST - Two A-10 fighter jets tore across the Amherst sky just as the Independence Day parade came to a close Monday afternoon. Below, a crowd of July Fourth revelers, and a much smaller group of peace and anti-war activists, lifted their heads from the streets and took a pause as the Warthogs flew overhead. Loud as thunder, the military jets were a late addition to an otherwise festive and peaceful Fourth of July parade that brought thousands to Amherst's downtown on a beautiful summer day. The parade was Amherst's fourth since a group of volunteers revived the Independence Day...
  • 1,100-square-foot mural creating stir at UMass

    01/30/2005 1:56:18 PM PST · by ConservativeStatement · 44 replies · 1,361+ views
    AMHERST - Are the images that now cover the walls outside Hampden Gallery at the University of Massachusetts campus obscene, thought-provoking, crude or ingenious? Some people cannot get past the naked forms in various acts of sex and violence. For others, the drawings in black marker by Austrian artist Heimo Wallner tell a story of society, filled with everything from violence, love, weapons and fame to pop music, torture, virtue and drugs. And for some, it's hard to understand or process the hundreds of figures and their actions.