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  • Migrants are at it again; throwing stones on policemen on the Macedonian-Greek border!

    11/28/2015 12:19:36 PM PST · by SteveSCH · 23 replies
    Here's some footage from today's clashes between the Macedonian police and the supposed "Syrian" migrants.
  • Bundy: HOAX EXPOSED: Full Clip Of Bundy’s Non-Racist, Pro-Black, Pro-Mexican, Remarks Vs. NYT

    04/25/2014 5:06:59 AM PDT · by foundedonpurpose · 146 replies ^ | Apr 24, 2014 | Jack Flash
    HOAX EXPOSED: Full Clip Of Cliven Bundy’s Non-Racist, Pro-Black, Pro-Mexican, Anti-Government Remarks Vs. NYTimes’ Deceptively Edited Version Home » Feature » HOAX EXPOSED: Full Clip Of Cliven Bundy’s Non-Racist, Pro-Black, Pro-Mexican, Anti-Government Remarks Vs. NYTimes’ Deceptively Edited Version Apr 24, 2014 199 Comments Jack Flash jfjfjfjfjfjfjfjjfjfjfjf SEE THAT CLIVEN BUNDY IS ACTUALLY AN ADVOCATE FOR BLACKS, HISPANICS Watch Bundy explain how we need to keep things from going backwards for blacks, and how the Federal government has created a neo-slave class via entitlement dependency that is so bad it is arguably worse than plantation slavery was. It is 100% clear...
  • The Catholic Roots of Obama’s Activism (Marxist roots, plus first name of 1988 girlfriend?)

    03/23/2014 3:01:21 PM PDT · by Seizethecarp · 91 replies
    New York Times ^ | March 22, 2014 | JASON HOROWITZ
    This Thursday, Mr. Obama will meet with Pope Francis at the Vatican after a three-decade divergence with the church. By the late 1980s, the Catholic hierarchy had taken a conservative turn that de-emphasized social engagement and elevated the culture wars that would eventually cast Mr. Obama as an abortion-supporting enemy. Mr. Obama, who went on to find his own faith with the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr.’s Trinity United Church of Christ, drifted from his youthful, church-backed activism to become a pragmatic politician and the president with a terrorist “kill list.” The meeting this week is a potential point of...
  • CPAC Audience: Legalize It!

    03/08/2014 6:12:42 AM PST · by PaulCruz2016 · 123 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 03-07-2014 | John Sexton
    There are things you expect to see at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and there are things you don't. One of the things you probably don't is an audience cheering and applauding arguments for legalizing pot and bemoaning the war on drugs. A panel titled "Rocky Mountain High" held Thursday afternoon started out as a debate between Mary Katherine Ham of Fox and Hot Air and Christopher Beach a staffer for former Drug Czar William Bennett's radio show. But as the debate wore on it became clear the real disagreement was between Beach and the overwhelming majority of the...
  • Hillary Clinton Calls Putin 'A Tough Guy With Thin Skin'

    03/05/2014 3:58:59 PM PST · by gooblah · 63 replies
    NBCnews ^ | First published March 5th 2014, 3:31 pm | Carrie Dann
    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday called Russian President Vladimir Putin a "tough guy with a thin skin" and said he is "squandering the potential" of Russia with his aggressive posture in Ukraine. "I know we are dealing with a tough guy with a thin skin," she said during a speech at UCLA, citing her experiences with Putin during her time at the State Department. "I know that his political vision is of a greater Russia," she added. "I said when I was still secretary that his goal is to re-Sovietize Russia’s periphery, but in the process he...
  • Picture: Same woman appears as a grieving Sandy Hook Parent and as James Holmes' attorney

    04/08/2013 2:19:28 PM PDT · by Nachum · 29 replies ^ | 4/8/13 | Nachum
    At the link an image which might suggest that the Attorney for mass muderer James Holmes was also one of the grieving parents of Sandy Hook. Third image places her with her husband as a 'crisis actor" with her husband. Last name "Sexton".
  • It gets even uglier in Wisconsin

    03/25/2011 12:14:46 PM PDT · by Nachum · 18 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 3/25/11 | Lee DeCovnick
    Disturbing news continues to trickle out from Norte de Venezuela, the state formally known as Wisconsin. Despite the best efforts of the MSM to embargo information concerning the shockingly bad behavior of thousands of public employee union members, more ominous information has come to light. From the Pierce County Herald on March 14th, 2011 we read of the uncivil reception Governor Walker received before a speech to a GOP Lincoln Day fundraiser in Washburn. WASHBURN - Wisconsin's protracted family fight over the budget and public employee unions moved to this Bayfield County town Saturday evening, as embattled Gov. Scott Walker...
  • They Just Don't Get It

    11/06/2010 10:19:01 AM PDT · by dangthis · 24 replies · 1+ views
    Nov 6, 2010 | dangthis
    I just think that the talking heads, all of them, that they just do see it yet. They are all asking themselves if Obama has heard the message sent to him from this election. They are waiting for him to get it. Only they don't get it themselves. Some are asking if he is an ideologue. Here is what they are missing in all this. I decided to help them by creating the news right here in this forum. It's needed because they just don't get it yet. They have forgotten that Obama is a true student of Saul Alinski....
  • Barack and Hillary: Ideologically Identical

    09/07/2010 2:31:56 PM PDT · by opentalk · 7 replies
    Big Government ^ | Sept 6, 2010 | Ben Barrack
    The security of our nation is in danger as a direct result of the policies, ideology, and affiliations of our president. Those who clamor for socialism despite its miserable track record invariably defend it by saying it simply wasn’t implemented correctly. Perhaps those relying exclusively on historical accounts warrant a pass in light of a dynamic taking place between Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton right now. Back in April, the Los Angeles Times published the results of a poll that showed support for Hillary rising and support for Obama falling among voters. That trend appears to be continuing....
  • Clinton Wedding Raises Questions of Interfaith Marriage

    07/29/2010 8:43:14 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 56 replies · 2+ views ^ | July 28, 2010 | Janice Shaw Crouse
    Click here to find out more! When asked about the significance of her daughter, Chelsea, marrying Marc Mezvinsky, who is Jewish, and thus being married in an interfaith union, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responded, “Over the years, so many of the barriers that prevented people from getting married, crossing lines of faith or color or ethnicity have just disappeared.” True, the barriers have disappeared, but serious difficulties remain. While some scholars argue that mixed-faith unions “serve as a refiner’s fire” that make the relationships stronger, the statistical evidence indicates this is all too frequently not the outcome. The American...
  • Saint Shirley Sherrod: Shut Down for Good of the Country

    07/22/2010 6:57:33 AM PDT · by kristinn · 352 replies · 9+ views
    Thursday, July 22, 2010 | Kristinn
    Former USDA official Shirley Sherrod, who claims she was falsely smeared as a racist while she herself falsely smears Republicans and Fox News as racists, said this morning that she would like to see, the website that made her famous, shut down for the good of the country.CNN's American Morning reported on Sherrod's demand:She said if Breitbart's site were shut down, "That would be a great thing, because I don't see how that advances us in this country ... at a time when we should be trying to look at how we can make space for all of us...
  • Something we would like to see more often: reports on what you see in your neighborhoods

    03/26/2010 10:55:35 PM PDT · by American Dream 246 · 23 replies · 665+ views
    Hillbuzz ^ | 03/27/10 | Hillbuzz
    Here’s something we want to see more of from all of you out there who are quiet and never comment on threads. Every day, when we run our Open Thread, we’d love reports on what people in your neighborhoods, towns, communities, cities, and social groups are talking about. It’s fascinating for us, and helps us get a good handle on what real Americans are engaged in, instead of what the MSM tries to cram down our throats. We try our best to do this for you here, to tell you what we are hearing on the ground here in Boystown....
  • White House Stepping Up Criticism Against Israel { 0bama employing ALINSKI type jihad on Israel }

    03/14/2010 8:55:41 AM PDT · by Tigen · 22 replies · 720+ views
    INN ^ | 3-14-10 | Reported
    "insult" and an "affront." The White House is sharpening its criticism of Israel
  • Chris Matthews: Alinsky 'our hero'

    12/26/2009 10:49:47 AM PST · by antidemoncrat · 28 replies · 1,632+ views
    World Net Daily ^ | 12/26/09 | Aaron Klein
    "I always try to remind myself of Saul Alinsky when I get confused," Matthews said on his "Hardball" show, speaking to guest Sen. Bernie Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, on the topic of President Obama's health care plan.
  • Dembski Exam [IDer Dembski promotes Alinski!]

    08/10/2009 8:52:29 AM PDT · by antiRepublicrat · 12 replies · 628+ views ^ | August 8, 2009 | Richard Dawkins
    Thanks to Baron Scarpia for alerting us to this website, which outlines the rigorous academic standards [Quote-miners, please note: this is sarcasm] which William Dembski’s students have to achieve in his courses on Intelligent Design and Christian Apologetics at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary: If you follow the links, you will see that it is full of gems: we won’t spoil them for you by flagging them all up, but – just to whet your appetite – you will notice that, at both undergrad and masters level, there are courses for which 20% of the final marks come from having...
  • A Contrived Crisis? - You Decide.

    02/23/2009 6:03:35 AM PST · by AJMCQ · 17 replies · 1,077+ views
    Canada Free Press ^ | February 23, 2009 | Nancy Morgan
    Through a series of supposedly random but arguably deliberate chain of events, America is poised to jettison 220 years of a free market system called capitalism, in favor of the tried and failed system of socialism. This writer, and others, are now starting to question how we reached this point. Last summer, as McCain and Obama were in the midst of their campaigns to capture the presidency, a series of events dramatically changed the focus of the campaign from Iraq to the economy. From that point on, Obama took the lead and eventually won the presidency. June 26, 2008: Democrat...
  • Is Obama Following the Leninist Line?

    12/09/2008 10:21:49 AM PST · by Sammy67 · 21 replies · 1,380+ views
    RightSideNews ^ | 12/9/08 | Cliff Kincaid
    Is former Weather Underground terrorist Jeff Jones claiming that Barack Obama's "centrist" appointments are a "smokescreen" and that he is pursuing a strategy of governing that would "make Lenin proud?" That shocking information is being reported by many different conservative blogs and Internet sites as proof that the President-elect is pursuing a political strategy designed to confuse people about his revolutionary agenda. Obama may be a Marxist attempting to fool people, but the "Jeff Jones" post on the Rag Blog website doesn't necessarily prove it. It turns out that the "Jeff Jones" claiming Obama to be a disciple of Lenin...
  • Rules for Radicals - Lest you ever forget.

    10/14/2008 4:21:59 PM PDT · by xcamel · 15 replies · 589+ views
    The web ^ | 1971 | Saul Alinsky
    Rules for Radicals In 1971, Saul Alinsky wrote an entertaining classic on grassroots organizing titled Rules for Radicals. Those who prefer cooperative tactics describe the book as out-of-date. Nevertheless, it provides some of the best advice on confrontational tactics. Alinsky begins this way: What follows is for those who want to change the world from what it is to what they believe it should be. The Prince was written by Machiavelli for the Haves on how to hold power. Rules for Radicals is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away. His “rules” derive from many successful campaigns...
  • THERE IS ONLY THE FIGHT...An Analysis of the Alinsky Model

    04/30/2008 5:17:09 PM PDT · by Eye On The Left · 7 replies · 621+ views
    GOPublius ^ | May 2, 1969 | Hillary D. Rodham
    "THERE IS ONLY THE FIGHT..."An Analysis of the Alinsky Model A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree under the Special Honors Program, Wellesley College, Wellesley, Massachusetts. Hillary D. Rodham Political Science 2 May, 1969 [from page 10...] "Alinsky outlines American history focusing on men he would call 'radical,' confronting his readers again with the 'unique' way Americans have synthesized the alien roots of radicalism, Marxism, Utopian socialism, syndicalism, the French Revolution, with their own conditions and experiences:Where are the American Radicals? They were with Patrick Henry in the Virginia Hall of Burgesses;...
  • Hillary and Bill Use Alinksy Tactics To Bring Down Obama

    01/24/2008 5:36:06 AM PST · by vietvet67 · 16 replies · 132+ views
    American Thinker ^ | January 24, 2008 | Kyle-Anne Shiver
    Obama was up; now he's down. Even though Obama seems to be harnessing the South Carolina black vote that will give him that state's delegates, he has been feeling the brunt of the Clintons' mastery of the tactic of polarization, taught decades ago to Hillary by Saul Alinsky. Obama is being forced into the position of being the black candidate. Successfully polarizing Obama, who has attempted to run as the anti-polarity uniter, a man in the middle, has not been a lazy-day walk in the park for the Clintons, and surely would not have been attempted if Obama hadn't trounced...