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Welcome to 40 Days for Life: 40 Days for Life kicks off February 22 in 258 locations! ^ | 02-21-12 | 40 Days for Life. com

Posted on 02/21/2012 10:35:11 PM PST by Salvation


40 Days for Life kicks off February 22 in 258 locations!

 40 Days for Life locations

On February 22, the next 40 Days for Life campaign begins in 258 locations in the United States, Canada, England, Australia and Spain. Sign up for campaign updates with the box at the upper right ... pray and fast for an end to abortion ... and see the list of locations to find -- and get involved -- in the campaign nearest you!

FIVE more abortion centers close following 40 Days for Life

 40 Days for Life in Storm Lake, Iowa

On March 1, the Planned Parenthood abortion center in Storm Lake, Iowa will shut its doors. Just last fall, this location was the site of a 40 Days for Life vigil, coordinated by Sue Thayer – who once cerved as manager of that very facility ... until she was fired! Be sure to see Sue's story.

 40 Days for Life in Saginaw, Michigan

Earlier, we received word from the Michigan attorney general’s office that TWO abortion centers which have been sites of multiple 40 Days for Life campaigns — in Lansing and Saginaw — have been permanently CLOSED after they were found to be operating illegally. A judge ordered them shut down PERMANENTLY.

Then, it was announced that GYN Special Services Clinic, located in Regions Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota, would be closing its doors. Brian Gibson of Pro-Life Action Ministries, the 40 Days for Life coordinator in the Twin Cities area, describes the closure -- and the impact of 40 Days for Life -- in this short video. (on the site)


 40 Days for Life in Rockford, Illinois

Finally, it was announced that an abortion center in Rockford, Illinois -- the site of three 40 Days for Life vigils as well as many years of constant prayer by faithful volunteers -- had closed its doors forever. In announcing the closure, the facility's owners said it was clear that the community no longer supported the abortion business.

With the closure of the Storm Lake Planned Parenthood center, this will now make 21 abortion centers that have shut down during or following 40 Days for Life campaigns outside their doors. To God be the glory, and congratulations to all the pro-life groups and individuals in these cities whose years of fervent prayers and faithful efforts have been rewarded!


What 40 Days for Life has witnessed (so far!)

 40 Days for Life in Glendale, California

There have now been nine coordinated 40 Days for Life campaigns since 2007, mobilizing people of faith and conscience in 422 cities across the United States and Canada, plus communities in Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Belize, Denmark, England, Georgia, Germany, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Puerto Rico and Spain.

During these unified efforts, participants witnessed countless blessings from God:

After so many years of legalized abortion, many people of faith are experiencing a renewed sense of HOPE!


Take the leap of faith and get involved with 40 Days for Life

Have you been to pray at a 40 Days for Life vigil yet? You may ask, “What do I do?” or “What sign should I bring?” The answer is simple; the only sign you really need to bring is yourself, for you represent God’s love.

Concern about going to pray at the abortion facility is common — and normal. 40 Days for Life campaign director Shawn Carney shared some thoughts at the national Students for Life conference.

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To: Faith

Women have abortions because they have lost hope.

Abortion centers are hopeless places. They survive on
fear and despair. When you are there praying, you are
the last sign of hope for the baby as the woman enters
to have the abortion ... and the first sign of hope —
and first impression of mercy — as the woman exits
after the abortion.

This hope and mercy come from Christ, in whom all things
are possible. Thank you for bringing His hope and mercy
to the places they are so desperately needed.


It was cold and snowing outside Planned Parenthood in
Dover, and Darla and her two teenaged sons were thinking
about leaving early. They’re glad they didn’t.

A woman came up to talk. She told them she had six
children ... but aborted her seventh. At the time, she
thought she couldn’t handle another child. Now, she
considers that the worst mistake of her life. And she’s
worried that a friend is about to make the same mistake.

The friend is a teenager who is pregnant. Her family and
most of her friends are pressuring her to abort — all
except this woman, who knows abortion’s impact firsthand.

The teenager walked out of Planned Parenthood, met her
friend, and spoke briefly. The woman then returned to
talk to Darla and her sons.

“You ARE making a difference out here,” the woman said.
“My teenaged friend has decided, because of your presence,
that she cannot go through with an abortion.”

Darla said, “I am so thankful that the Holy Spirit
prompted us to stay, despite the bad weather.”


Laura left a note on the 40 Days for Life blog. She
brings a group of families to pray at a San Jose
abortion center every week — including a number
of children.

“It breaks my heart to see how some people do not even
respect life after birth,” she said, noting the escorts
that glare at them and the drivers who offer rude
gestures as they speed by. “But we get so many positive
responses from drivers too. They honk and wave, and
give us thumbs up.”

On a cold, windy day, a driver slowed down and shouted,
“Put your kids back in school!” The group just continued
to pray quietly, until a stranger walked up to shake
their hands and thank them for being there.

“Never lose hope,” Laura wrote, “and never stop fighting
for these precious babies, wounded mothers, boyfriends,
husbands, families, doctors, nurses, and everyone
involved in abortion. The tide is changing.”


“Did you know that our prayers at the vigil are just
the visible sign of 40 Days for Life?” asked Ann in
Richmond. “In the quiet places of our city, prayers
are being lifted to the Lord for an end to abortion.”

She listed just a few of those places:

* In the evening hours at a small chapel
* In the rooms of elderly residents
* In the cells of inmates at a nearby prison
* In the classrooms of students
* In the homes and cars and churches of the community

“We have great back-up at the vigil, great prayer cover,”
she said. “God sees all who join us and hears all of our
prayers. Thank you very much to everyone who prays for an
end to abortion, at the vigil and beyond.”

51 posted on 03/11/2012 11:45:54 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: All

Day 20 - March 12



We pray for humility in our work for God's Kingdom.


Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, who being in the form of God did not consider it robbery to be equal with God, but made Himself of no reputation, taking the form of a bondservant, and coming in the likeness of men. And being found in appearance as a man, He humbled himself and became obedient to the point of death, even the death of the cross.

-- Philippians 2:5-8


There is no limit to what we can accomplish when we don't care who gets the credit.

Jesus Christ's life on earth exemplifies a total submission to the will of the Father. His humility, compassion, gentleness and thoughtfulness are reflected over and over again in the New Testament. He was God incarnate, yet He chose to be born to a humble, working class home.

How absurd it must have seemed to the rich and powerful that the Son of God, the Messiah, the one foretold by the prophets, the 'King of the Jews' was born and raised as a simple peasant.

During His thirty-three years on earth, He sought no riches, claimed no secular power and gathered no possessions. Yet, His short time on earth changed more lives, softened more hearts, and gave hope to more people, than all the rich and powerful human 'kings' combined. And, at the end of His life on earth, by dying on the cross, He opened the door to eternal life for those who heed his words and follow in his footsteps.


O Lord, help us follow in the footsteps of Jesus. Let us humbly and diligently work to restore legal protection for the unborn, the disabled, the medically dependent and all innocent children of God whose lives are threatened. Let us remember the old adage that "He can never lead who has not first learned to obey." And, Lord, grant us a peaceful heart as we labor in your name. Amen.

Ernest Ohlhoff
Outreach Director, National Right to Life

52 posted on 03/11/2012 11:47:39 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: Faith
It's another Good News Monday! So I'll get right to the
information I know you want to hear.

So far during this 40 Days for Life campaign, we are
aware of ...

... 256 babies who have been saved from abortion!

Here are just a few of the 256 stories of mothers who
changed their minds.


A young woman walked past 40 Days for Life vigil
participants and straight into Planned Parenthood.

"She was not able to receive any free services or
options counseling," said Brian in St. Louis, but
"she was however showered in prayer the entire time
she was in the abortion facility."

Those prayers were answered. The woman left Planned
Parenthood and spoke to one of the volunteers. She
said while she was inside Planned Parenthood, she just
didn't feel right. She had changed her mind and decided
against the abortion.

"We must remember that it's not by human hands that
these children are saved," Brian said, "but instead
by the work of the Holy Spirit."


Vigil participants prayed as they watched a difficult
scene unfold. A woman had arrived for an abortion. The
child's father, who was opposed to the abortion, tried
his best to stop her -- until the security guard finally
ushered him out of the abortion center. He then waited
in the parking lot.

The woman remained in the building, and didn't come out
until hours later -- after the abortionist had left for
the day. She finally walked out, she got into the car
with the baby's father ... and they began to drive away.

Bob, one of the volunteers praying outside the abortion
center, said the car approached the group and stopped.
"They told us they had changed their minds and were
going to keep their baby."

It was, Bob said, an emotional moment. "The radiance
of their smiles in realizing they had not done what
their consciences had undoubtedly told them was wrong
was amazing. What an experience. Praise God!"


At the 40 Days for Life vigil in Lincoln, Sue watched
as a young woman walked out of Planned Parenthood and
sat down on the steps. "I thought maybe she was having
second thoughts," she said.
"When I got her attention and it was quiet, I asked if
she wanted to talk," Sue explained. "She said she had
decided against the abortion, and gave me a huge smile."

Sue and the other volunteers then prayed for the young
woman and her child's safety. "I am sure God is saving
more babies here," she said.


Janice says several women leaving the abortion center
in College Park have told vigil participants that they
did not have abortions -- because they saw the people
who were praying outside.

"Come pray in front of the clinic and help save lives,"
Janice said. "You really can make a difference! If you
are unable to join us in front of the clinic, please
say an extra prayer for the unborn. Each life saved --
as well as their families and friends -- will be
forever grateful."

53 posted on 03/12/2012 9:58:14 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: All

Day 21 - March 13



We pray for the conversion of all those who refuse to acknowledge that human life belongs only to God.


Then the word of the Lord came to me, saying: "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations."

-- Jeremiah 1:4-5


To be or not to be? There is no question!

The question of "being" is something philosophers have long pondered. What is the meaning of being and what is the source? In the passage before us, we have our answer. We have being because we are known by God.

For God to declare that he knows and sets apart the prophet Jeremiah even before he is conceived indicates that our being rests in God's own being. Because He is and because He wills we, therefore, are and do. The Apostle Paul says as much when he declares before the philosophers of his day, "In Him we live and move and have our being" (Acts 17:28).

One of the tragedies of the abortion culture is that life in the womb has been so heartbreakingly devalued. To embrace the arguments of the "pro-choice" crowd one must conclude that the child in the womb doesn't exist, isn't there, has no being. But nothing could be further from the truth. That child is known by God and, as such, has being.


Lord God, we confess that in You we live and move and have our being. Because You are, we are. May we find grace from You to affirm the being of every human and may we labor to make this truth known to the world around us. Amen.

Rev. J. Kirk van der Swaagh
Pastor, Conservative Congregational Christian Conference

54 posted on 03/12/2012 9:59:49 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: Faith

We start the second half of this 40 Days for Life
campaign with HUGE news — and amazing proof that God
is at work through your efforts!

Just watch this new video at:

This short video documents the historic closure of a
Planned Parenthood center on the very day it went out
of business following the first — and ONLY — local
40 Days for Life campaign held outside its doors.

It gets better — this local 40 Days for Life campaign
was led by the woman who managed that Planned Parenthood
center for more than 17 years!

You will hear from her in this short video. You’ll
also learn about ANOTHER Planned Parenthood facility
that closed the same day — following a local 40 Days
for Life campaign in the public right-of-way outside.

Watch the inspiring video now at:


Marie in Stafford says the 40 Days for Life vigil there
takes place outside a small Planned Parenthood office.

“We have no opportunity to interact with clients unless
they come up to us, which never happens,” she said.
“I’m sure some of our volunteers wonder if we are
making a difference.”

But Marie knows that isn’t the case at all. A woman —
she thinks it was the center’s director — came out at
the end of the day. As she drove past the volunteers
who were praying, she rolled down her car window and
called out, “GO HOME!”

“Thank you, Lord, for the evidence that we are making
an impact,” Marie said. “They do feel our presence
inside that clinic!”


As Beth and James were ending their prayer time at the
40 Days for Life vigil in Tempe, a young woman drove up
and spoke with them.

“Thank you for what you are doing,” she said. “The
mother of my baby was a victim of incest.”

There were tears in her eyes, and her voice was
shaking. “If she had listened to people,” she said,
“I would not have my beautiful son. To think that
his life and the lives of other babies are not of value
— that’s just wrong.”

“She thanked us again,” Beth said, and they prayed for
God’s blessings for the woman and her son.

55 posted on 03/13/2012 9:58:01 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: All

Day 22 - March 14



Pray for fathers who participated in the decision to abort their child, and for those who did not have a voice, that they would find freedom and healing in Christ.


If indeed you have heard Him, as the truth is in Jesus: that you put off, concerning your former conduct, the old man which grows corrupt according to the deceitful lusts, and be renewed in the spirit of your mind, and that you put on the new man which was created according to God, in true righteousness and holiness.

-- Ephesians 4: 21-23


According to the Guttmacher Institute, one-third of American women will have had an abortion by age 45. Seldom reported however is the fact that an equally significant number of men have played a role in terminating a pregnancy. Some have participated through persuasion, or by providing the financial means for the abortion. Still others were against an abortion, but had no sway in the decision to terminate their child.

Only in recent years have we realized that men suffer from their loss, as more and more seek healing. Warren Williams, founder of Fathers and Brothers Ministries says he believes men are coming forward for help because God instilled in men a desire to be a protector of their lineage, a provider for their families, to be a husband and father.

Men are suffering and grieving the loss of their children, and though their grief may be expressed differently than that of a woman, it is grief nonetheless and they too need tender care and biblical counseling to experience forgiveness and healing.

Intervention at the appropriate time in the decision-making process may spare both the young man and woman from the lifelong pain and trauma of abortion. Biblical counseling for post-abortive men and women is essential for them to heal and begin their life anew in Christ.


Dear Heavenly Father, We pray for young men who participated in the termination of their child and are broken as You are over their loss. Forgive their sin, Lord, and bring opportunity for healing and renewal of their minds in Christ Jesus. For those suffering from an abortion they did not choose, restore their joy as they learn to forgive others and trust You with their future. In the name of Christ, who heals the brokenhearted, amen.

Carmen Pate
40 Days for Life board of directors

56 posted on 03/13/2012 10:01:52 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: Faith

In the first half of a 40 Days for Life campaign
volunteers can be hesitant and some in the community
may be skeptical of the ongoing vigil ...

... BUT by the second half of the campaign, the focus
shifts to the reality of abortion in the community and
the campaign effort begins to rapidly snowball!

In fact, we are starting to get reports of clinic
workers on the brink of conversion (more on this in
a future e-mail) and the numbers at the vigils are
growing — and growing fast!

Here are a few examples.


Students at the Father Pierz School of Religion are
taking part in the St. Cloud campaign. The school
administrator says these 8th to 12th graders watched
a video on abortion, made pro-life posters, then
participated in 40 Days for Life events outside
Planned Parenthood.

“We talked about how women who are seeking abortions
need our love,” said the administrator. “Women who have
had abortions need our love more than ever — and the
love of Jesus.” Students were inspired to stand up for
what they believe in and to not be afraid to stand up
against abortion.

“The students held their posters with pride as cars
drove by and honked or waved. Every time a car would
honk, the students would cheer loudly,” she said. “It
was a beautiful site to witness.”

For pictures of the vigil in St. Cloud, please go to:


“As these days tick by and we stay out consistently,
we are starting to attract more attention and
reactions,” said Erin in Lancaster.

She said it’s especially gratifying to see teenagers
and young adults at the 40 Days for Life vigil in
Lancaster. “It is our age group that has the largest
percentage of abortions,” Erin said, “and we need to
represent what freedom God has blessed our generation:
freedom in truth, goodness, love and life.”

There have been some unfriendly reactions to the vigil,
Erin said, “but it seems that for every one bad gesture
or comment, there are maybe twenty affirming ones. That
is better than expected!”

To see some photos of the vigil in Lancaster, please
go to:


About 50 people gathered outside Planned Parenthood
recently for a special event during the Canton 40 Days
for Life campaign — the Day of Mourning for African-
American Babies and All the Unborn.

About 12 percent of the total U.S. population is black.
But an estimated one third of all abortions involve
black mothers. Other estimates suggest that as many
as half of all black pregnancies end in abortion.

“The event, conducted by Pastors Walter and Darleen
Moss, was an hour of prayer, praise, sermons and
testimonies,” said Linda in Canton. “Due to his stand
for all the unborn and his willingness to speak out
from the pulpit, his road has not been easy.”

She thanked them for speaking the truth and spreading
the Word of God with the love and compassion of Jesus
Christ. “We are so blessed to have both of them leading
us to building a Culture of Life,” she said.

For photos of some of the Canton events, please go to:

57 posted on 03/14/2012 10:28:14 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: All

Day 23 - March 15



For the medical community, that the truth they know about the human body may become awe and wonder at the God who made it.


Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in Your book they all were written, the days fashioned for me, when as yet there were none of them.

--Psalm 139:16


Human beings -- God's tapestries.

Psalm 139 is a psalm that reveals the enormity and otherness of God. His divine attributes are on display: omniscience (2-4), omnipresence (7-12), loving-kindness (17-18), justice (19-20), righteousness (23-24), and omnipotence. Yet, when it came to express this last attribute, what example did the psalmist use - God's creation of mountains, seas, or far-flung galaxies? No, he used none of these. To express the wonder of God's unparalleled creative power the writer mentions the fashioning of the human in the womb (14-16).

The Hebrew word used to express God's forming of us in the womb, raqam, is the same term for needlework or embroidery. In other words, we are a tapestry that displays God's artistic mastery. And, like the artist who knows his creation down to the last detail, God intimately knows us. This reality provokes the writer to awe and wonder. He proclaims, "I am fearfully and wonderfully made."

What is true for this psalmist is true for each human being. Each is fashioned by God and known by him and we can proclaim on behalf of each, "I am fearfully and wonderfully made."


Gracious God, help us to appreciate the wonder and beauty of Your creation. Help us proclaim on behalf of every one of our fellow human beings, "I am fearfully and wonderfully made." May the knowledge that we are intimately known by You shape our lives and actions. Amen.

Rev. J. Kirk van der Swaagh
Pastor, Conservative Congregational Christian Conference

58 posted on 03/14/2012 10:32:45 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: Faith

just got back from visiting the Roanoke, Virginia
campaign, where 40 Days for Life is having a huge
impact in the exact spot where lives are changed —
the public right of way outside the abortion center.

The changes that can be experienced there are profound
— and sometimes unexpected. Here are three examples.


A dad wrote to say he and his teenage son were praying
outside the Planned Parenthood abortion center as part
of the 40 Days for Life vigil.

“We parked the car, crossed the street and walked up
to the black iron fence that surrounded the facility,”
he said. “Almost instantly, tears began to flow from
my eyes and would not stop; my heart felt like it was
being wrenched in my chest.”

His son only had one comment the entire time they were
there: “It feels so sad.” He later told this father he
did not want to speak, “out of fear that he would be
reduced to a sobbing mess on the concrete sidewalk.”

On the drive back home, the teen pulled out his phone
and started calling friends. His dad heard him tell one
friend after another such things as, “I don’t care what
they’re telling you in school. That’s a life inside a
woman, not just a blob of flesh or a tumor! Don’t ever
get an abortion! Don’t encourage someone to do it! Don’t!”

“I was taken aback,” the dad said. “I had never seen him
exhibit such a conviction. The vigil changed him. I
think it changed both of us in ways we could not have

For pictures of the vigil in Cincinnati, please go to:


Debbie left a note on the 40 Days for Life blog about
her conversation with a man outside the abortion
center in Haverhill, where she was taking part in
the peaceful vigil.

She spoke to the man, and he told her his daughter was
inside. Debbie asked him, “Is there any way you can
change her mind? That’s your grandchild!”

As he walked toward the building, Debbie told him the
group would be praying. “He turned and gave me thumbs-up.”

About 10 minutes later, the man and his teenage
daughter walked out. “I asked is she going to keep
the baby — and he said we’re still talking about it,”
Debbie said. She then gave them information about the
local pregnancy care center — and the teen smiled.

“I’m still praying for them,” she said, noting there
are so many influences in the world that will tell
them there’s nothing wrong with abortion.


Carolyn and several others were standing in prayer
outside the abortion center in Fairfax when a woman
got out of her car and walked over to the volunteers.

This young woman explained that a year ago, she was
pregnant — and had scheduled an appointment there for
an abortion. When she drove past the building beforehand,
she saw people praying — and she changed her mind.

She then showed the volunteers a picture of her
4-month-old child.

She had wanted to stop by and tell her story, Carolyn
said, “and to thank us for what we were doing. It was
an amazing ‘God moment,’ and a very encouraging one
that I wanted to pass along.”

59 posted on 03/15/2012 9:30:42 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: All

Day 24 - March 16



That we may realize the generational impact of abortion.


Isaac prayed to the Lord for his wife because she was barren; and the Lord granted his prayer and Rebekah his wife conceived. The children struggled together within her, and she said," If it is thus, why do I live?" So she went to inquire of the Lord. And the Lord said to her, "Two nations are in your womb, and two peoples, born of you, shall be divided; the one shall be stronger than the other, the elder shall serve the younger."

-- Genesis 25:21-23


Human beings -- God's tapestries.

What an answer to prayer!

Who dares to say that the unborn are not human, with distinct personality and character right from the moment of conception? This account emphasizes the vitality and uniqueness of the twins who, because of Isaac's prayer for his wife, were conceived in Rebekah's womb.

When Rebekah was told by the Lord that the older would serve the younger twin, God already knew that Jacob and Esau would lead turbulent and conflicted lives. God knows us and knows all about us, including our personality and disposition long before we are actually born, indeed, from the moment we are conceived in our mother's womb.

What a tragedy of gargantuan proportions that babies, planned and endowed by the Creator, with distinct and unique personalities and with, perhaps, a future and destiny intended for greatness, have their lives snuffed out by cruel abortionists before they ever see the light of day! May our prayers that the dreadful scourge of abortion in our land may vanish be as fervent as Isaac's were for Rebekah.


O, God, you formed us in our mother's womb and planned a unique and special life and purpose for each of us, and we do thank you. Grant that we may pray and work for an end to abortion, especially in these 40 Days, so that no unborn baby you have made may fail to achieve your divine intention for him or her because of intentional abortion. We pray this for the sake of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Rev. Ben Sheldon
President Emeritus, Presbyterians Pro-life and National Pro-life Religious Council

60 posted on 03/15/2012 9:35:38 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: Faith

A few days ago, I shared the great news about two
40 Days for Life locations in Iowa where Planned
Parenthood facilities closed.

That makes 22 locations where 40 Days for Life
vigils have been held on the public right-of-way
outside — and the abortion centers shut down.

Praise God!

Sometimes ... the abortionist just stops showing up!


The 40 Days for Life vigil in Columbia takes place
outside a Planned Parenthood office that has had a
hard time keeping an abortionist on the payroll.

For months at a time over the past few years, this
center has been unable to offer surgical abortions
because no one would perform them.

Earlier this week, the local team in Columbia
learned that for at least two weeks, there will
be no abortions at Planned Parenthood.

“We’re not sure what the reason is,” said Kathy in
Columbia, noting that Planned Parenthood is being
very tight lipped. They are just “not scheduling
appointments in Columbia until March 27.”

“Please continue to join us on the sidewalk as we
thank God for His gifts to us,” said Kathy.


Volunteers in Richmond marked the midpoint of the
40 Days for Life campaign with a candlelight vigil.
They also shared stories that they pray will have
happy endings.

They watched as a car with an out-of-state license
pulled into the abortion center’s parking lot. But
the two people inside never got out. They sat there
for half an hour, drove away — and did not return.

A short while later, prayer continued as another
couple walked toward the building. One of the
volunteers asked if they wanted to talk, but they
entered without stopping. Within about 20 minutes,
however, they left the abortion center, turned up
the street and walked away.

Ann in Richmond said they prayed that both couples
“have a change of heart ... and chose life for their
child. Praise God for faithful witnesses who stand
and pray and who offer the love of Christ.”

For pictures of the vigil in Richmond, please go to:


Here’s an update on an item from earlier in the
campaign. The Orange County team shared the story
of Fernando, a man who rides his bicycle 10 miles
to pray at the 40 Days for Life vigil for several
hours every day. Getting to the vigil site was a
challenge because he had to stop often to fix the

After the story got out, Fernando got some
unexpected assistance — a repair job for the
bicycle, complete with new tires and tubes, thanks
to anonymous donors. It was a kind gesture that he
really appreciated.

The Orange County prayer volunteers were also
joined by an unexpected guest — a woman who was
on her way into Planned Parenthood.

“She shared that she had an abortion in the past,
but that this time she wanted to continue with her
pregnancy,” said Alejandra. “She joined the vigil
to help other women avoid getting an abortion.”

The volunteers offered the woman post-abortion
healing referrals. “Please pray for her as we try
to reach out to her and help her,” Alejandra said.

61 posted on 03/16/2012 11:30:55 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: All

Day 25 - March 17



That God will bless us with His gift of strength as we respond in obedience to His call.


Deliver those who are drawn toward death, and hold back those stumbling to the slaughter. If you say, 'surely we did not know this', does not He who weighs the hearts consider it? He who keeps your soul, does He not know it? And will He not render to each man according to his deeds?

-- Proverbs 24:11-12


In this age of technologically advanced communication, ignorance of human rights abuses is no excuse. We know there are persecuted Christians in China, there is genocide in Darfur, and there are babies aborted and women and families devastated right in our own communities.

"But I can't save them all" you say. God isn't asking you to. He has equipped each of us with time, talent, and treasure to do what we can when He provides the opportunity. He has given us His Holy Spirit to empower us as we abide in Him. He is asking us to be on His side in speaking out and protecting those who can't protect themselves.

When we are obedient to His calling to get in on the work He is doing, we will experience intimacy with Him in a whole new way. Our faith will increase as we see God at work! You have responded to His call during this 40 Days for Life campaign.

Let your efforts be for His pleasure and His purposes. Pray without ceasing!


God Almighty, we pray for continued guidance and strength as we intercede on behalf of the young women and their babies who are stumbling to the slaughter. Open the eyes of the mother's heart to see her child as you do - a precious gift to be treasured. Let her feel Your loving arms around her and may she be assured that you have a plan and a future for her and her child. Give her reason not to enter the abortion clinic. Give her wisdom and discernment to find life options through a local pregnancy care center and may she boldly choose life. Thank you, Lord, for hearing our prayer. Because of Your Son's sacrifice we pray, amen.

Carmen Pate
40 Days for Life board of directors

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To: Faith

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

On this day, I’d like to offer a special hello to the
40 Days for Life team in Dublin. Today, I’m going to
visit the 40 Days for Life campaign in Silver Spring,

St. Patrick is known for bringing Christ to a pagan
culture. In the midst of the festivities today, we
remember his faith and courage as a missionary of
the gospel.

It is faith and courage that similarly inspire us to
bring the hope and love of God to our culture at
abortion centers during 40 Days for Life.

Yes, we’re all Irish today. But let’s take a look at
the faith in Spain.

Frank in Madrid sent me some stories and pictures that
show the problem is the same all over the world. But
so is the solution.


For Pilar, a psychologist in Madrid, praying for 40
days outside an abortion center reinforces her faith.
“The surroundings impress me, the contrasting realities
present in a very limited space: the Eucharistic temple
of St. Martin of Tours and the clinic in front of it ...
the coming and going of passers-by and the prayer group
like an island before that center where life is cut off.”

Frank, a New Yorker living in Madrid, says that each
campaign “shakes me out of my lethargy with the hope
of doing something important for God and the salvation
of souls.”

Sometimes people that see them praying on the street,
in front of the abortion facilities, say a word of
congratulations. Other times, they insult them or spit
on them or laugh at them. In the newspapers, they are
accused of “intimidating” the abortionists.

“The owner of the Callao abortion center in Madrid
called the police because eight of us were on the
other side of the street praying in low tone for the
end of abortion,” explains Candela, who works as a
television producer.

María Angeles, a professor at the University of
Seville, believes that “whoever has not seen the
empty eyes of a woman who has just aborted, whoever
has not understood the nervousness created at an
abortion center by the presence of some women ...
cannot understand the reality of abortion and how the
only hope springs from prayer.”

Francisco, who is retired, put it simply: “The remedy
is God. We must ask for it. Publicly.”

Nacho, a 33-year-old historian, prays in front of the
Triana abortion facility in Seville. “To pray humbly
and simply on the street is no merit of mine but of
the Lord, and if by this testimony on the street some
people are moved to stop for a second and think and to
give a second chance to the lives of the weakest, why
not do it?”

“Above all,” Fernando said, “we are convinced that by
praying, we are going to end abortion in Spain and in
the whole world.”

To see photos from 40 Days for Life in Spain, please
go to:

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To: All

Day 26 - March 18



Pray that we fully recognize in the unborn child our brother, our sister, and we recommit ourselves to care for them.


Cain said to his brother Abel, "Let's go out to the field." And while they were in the field, Cain attacked his brother Abel and killed him. Then the Lord said to Cain, "Where is your brother Abel?" "I don't know," he replied. "Am I my brother's keeper?" The Lord said, "What have you done? Listen! Your brother's blood cries out to me from the ground."

-- Genesis 4:8-10


After Cain committed the first murder in human history, God asked him, "Where is your brother?" He replied by saying, "I don't know."

In 1973, the Supreme Court was asked the same question, and gave the same answer. Unable to admit that the unborn children are our brothers and sisters, the Supreme Court said in its Roe v. Wade ruling, "We need not resolve the difficult question of when life begins." Boil all that down to three words, and it's, "I don't know."

The question, "Where is your brother?" will be asked at the final judgment. Each person will answer it and be judged by it. May we be judged to have recognized and loved all our brothers and sisters, born and unborn.

By participating in the 40 Days for Life, we have been answering that question each day, going to where our brothers and sisters are killed, and proclaiming that we have a responsibility to them. By all the pro-life work we will continue to do, we likewise answer that question which reaches from one end of human history to the other.


Father, today we hear your voice, and we respond to the question you ask each of us: "Where is your brother?" We recognize in the unborn child our brother, our sister, and we recommit ourselves today to care for them. Yes, Father, you have entrusted us to the care of one another. We rejoice that you have given us the grace to respond. As we work to renew our culture, we look forward to the great day of the coming of your Son, when every eye will see him, even of those who pierced him, and every knee shall bend, and every tongue confess, to the glory of God the Father, that Jesus Christ is Lord! Amen.

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life and President, National Pro-life Religious Council

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To: Faith

Today I am sharing only one story. I cannot give you
the location, but it starts with a rare blessing —
someone calling the wrong number.

When you pray and fast for an end to abortion and
work together with local pro-life organizations, it
can save lives.

The caller on the other end of the phone line asked,
“Is this Planned Parenthood?” Well, it wasn’t. In
fact, she had reached Planned Parenthood’s neighbor
— a local pro-life organization.

The organization’s staff member who answered quickly
realized there was an abortion-minded woman on the
line. So she offered the woman a free ultrasound.
The woman wasn’t interested — and said she really
just wanted Planned Parenthood, so there wasn’t much
else to say.

The pro-life staffer again told her the ultrasound
would be free — but that if she went to Planned
Parenthood, they would charge her.

At that point, things started to change. The woman on
the phone agreed to an appointment for an ultrasound.

So the staff member called a pro-life pregnancy center
to set up the ultrasound. The people at the pregnancy
center said they had just spoken to this same woman,
who had called them about 30 minutes previously.

“We have been praying that you guys would be able to
reach her before she reached Planned Parenthood,” said
the scheduler at the pregnancy center.

“I was amazed at the specific way they prayed and how
God answered that prayer,” said the staff member who
had originally received the “wrong number” phone call.

How could this woman have confused both a pro-life
group and a pregnancy center with Planned Parenthood?
“The only explanation is God’s intervention and
answers to prayer!”

The young woman, however, did not show up for her
ultrasound appointment. But the next day, she turned
up unannounced at the pro-life office.

“She told me that she had had an abortion in the past
and was considering having another,” the staffer
explained. “This new baby was not her husband’s baby.
She had gotten pregnant by another man while separated
from her husband. The more details I heard about her
life, the stickier the situation seemed to be. I could
see that she was struggling a lot and seemed to think
that abortion would be the answer to her situation.”

She wanted to know how far along the pregnancy was so
she could “take care of it soon enough.” That enabled
the staff member to talk about fetal development —
that there was already a living human being there from
the moment of conception.

“After hearing about the baby’s life inside the womb,
she expressed sorrow and said she had murdered her last
child. She wondered how God could ever accept her into
heaven since she had broken this commandment to not
murder, and we talked about the gracious gift of
salvation that God offers through Jesus.”

This time, the woman accepted the free ultrasound offer
and was able to see the image of her child. She thanked
the pro-life staff for their help and said she would be
talking to her boyfriend about the decision.

“We are praying for her,” said the staff member, “that
she will not ignore what she now knows about abortion
— and about her baby — and that she will choose life.”

Please keep this woman and her child in your prayers.

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To: All

Day 27 - March 19



We pray for the gift of openness to children.


God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him, male and female He created them. And God said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the earth."

-- Genesis 1:27-28


God's intention is that we multiply and fill the earth.

One of the most pernicious lies that sociologists have foisted off on the public is that the earth is becoming overpopulated. What kind of a sadistic god would create the earth and human creatures on it, only to have them literally reproduce themselves into oblivion? The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is our divine Creator, has commanded us to multiply and fill the earth and far from letting the population get out of control, He has, in fact given his human creatures a dominical role over all the lesser creatures. The "birth control" movement, which had its beginnings with Margaret Sanger in the early years of the last century, has led, in many parts of the world, to a birthrate that is drastically below the normal replacement rate.

God's Word assures us that children are a blessing, that they are a reward of faithfully trusting and serving God and that they are the crown of their parents' old age. The spread of the contraception mentality that has so permeated our culture is, undoubtedly, a factor in the ready acceptance of abortion. God's commandment to multiply and fill the earth has never been withdrawn. May He help us to accept the gift of children and give him thanks for every baby who is born into the world.


Father of mercy and grace, we thank you for the gift of our children. Grant that every fiber of our being may rejoice when a new baby, our own or any else's, is born into the world. Help us to welcome them as we would welcome you, for whenever a new baby is conceived, another life to bear your image and another voice to praise and worship you, is beginning. In Christ's name we pray. Amen.

Rev. Ben Sheldon
President Emeritus, Presbyterians Pro-life and National Pro-life Religious Council

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To: Faith
In Psalm 126, we read: "The Lord has done great things
for us, and we are filled with joy." When we go to
pray in front of abortion facilities, we go with joy.

Today we look at the fruit of offering joy in a place
of despair -- and praise God that thus far during this
40 Days for Life campaign, we are aware of at least ...

... 352 babies who have been saved from abortion!

Here are just a few of the great reports of the Lord's


40 Days for Life vigil participants watched as a car
pulled up to the abortion center. A woman got out --
while a man and three small children waited in the
parking lot.

A volunteer went to see if the man would speak to her.
He did -- telling her it would just be too difficult
to have a fourth child.

A counselor told him of the help available and how
abortion is not a solution for his wife. She told
him that he had three beautiful gifts from God in
the back seat ... and God was giving them another
beautiful gift -- the baby his wife was carrying.

After a while, the woman came out in tears. There
would be no abortion. She then returned to the
abortion center and got her money back.

"What courage they had," the volunteer said. "What a
wonderful God we serve!" 

For a picture of the vigil in Nashville, please go to:


A young couple had been parked down the street for
more than half an hour. But all of a sudden, they got
out of the car and made a dash for the abortion center.

One of the prayer volunteers tried to speak to them.
"The girl looked confused -- and the boyfriend was set
on her going in. I called out to her and she turned
and smiled at me." She said to the young woman, "You
do not need to go through this. You should make the
decision. After all you're the one who is pregnant."

They went inside -- and later stormed back out. "She
evidently had second thoughts and came to discuss them
with the boyfriend," the volunteer said. "He took her
back into the clinic. They came out again and the girl
looked happy. The boyfriend drove out recklessly and
screeched all the car tires."

Please pray for this young couple -- and their child.


One of the women praying at the 40 Days for Life vigil
in Fort Wayne was able to speak to a woman outside the
abortion center.

"I asked her if she wanted a free ultrasound and she
seemed a little confused," the volunteer said.

She explained that if they went to the pregnancy care
center next door to the abortion center, she could
have the ultrasound right away -- and it would be free.
If she went to the abortion facility, they would only
set up an appointment for another day -- but expect
her to pay $100 right now.

She agreed to go to the pro-life center. After the
woman saw the ultrasound image, she decided to keep
her baby.

"She has three children already and was panicked at
the reality of the fourth child," said the volunteer.
"I can’t help but think about how close those three
children came to never knowing the sibling that was
spared! It's hard to fathom how many people may be
completely unaware of a sibling who was never given
the right to live."

To see a photo of the Fort Wayne vigil, please go to:

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To: All

Day 28 - March 20



Pray that those standing in peaceful vigil will extend mercy and grace to others as they remember that Christ did not treat us as our sins deserve.


You have heard it was said, 'you shall love your neighbor, and hate your enemy.' But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you.

-- Matthew 5: 43-44


Perhaps it is obvious by now that not everyone thinks this campaign is a great idea! In fact, those on the front lines standing in peaceful vigil are perhaps being cursed and hated for what God has called you to do. Because we are all fallen creatures, our natural response may not be as Christ-like as we would hope it would be.

So, how do we keep our natural response in check, while allowing the Holy Spirit to empower us to love, bless, do good, and pray for those who hate us or would do us harm?

Consider first the Holiness of God. It seems that sin has clouded our ability to think clearly about God's nature. We simply don't have a clue of how outraged God is by our sin, what an insult sin is to His person, or how sin fires the flames of His wrath. Praise God that He didn't leave us in our depravity destined for His divine wrath!

Ephesians 2:4-5 says, "But God, who is rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us, even when we were dead in sin, made us alive together with Christ; by grace you have been saved."

Because of God's mercy and grace towards us, we who receive Him receive eternal Hope. Those who curse you, hate you, spitefully mistreat you and persecute you need that same Hope. That is the only way we can ever expect them to behave differently. Ask the Holy Spirit to love them -- through you -- so they are drawn to the Hope that is in you, that is Christ Jesus.


Heavenly Father, may we reflect your character of grace and kindness to those who hate us and curse us. Guard our hearts and our tongues as we respond in love to words and actions meant to rile us or cause us harm. Let others see the Hope that is Christ in all we say and do. In His precious name we pray, amen.

Carmen Pate
40 Days for Life board of directors

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To: Faith

Christ said those who follow Him could face persecution.
And He was certainly right about that.

Whether it’s “pledge a picketer” efforts, media
misrepresentations — or something altogether novel —
we’re pretty much seeing it all during this campaign.
The abortion business does not like 40 Days for Life.

What to do about it? Just keep praying! This is, after
all, a spiritual battle. Here are a couple of stories
about campaigns under attack. Please keep ALL of the
258 campaigns in your prayers.


The London 40 Days for Life coordinator, Robert
Colquhoun, said, “We have been totally harangued by
the media with lies and intimidation.”

Indeed, the campaign has been in the middle of a media
firestorm. Newspapers have published stories about
40 Days for Life participants “harassing” women
outside the abortion center where the London vigil
is taking place. Of course, there was no such behavior
in evidence.

Vigil participants were also accused of taking pictures
of women entering the facility. Also not true — they
had cameras to record the people who were directing
their anger at the people praying.

One newspaper had a headline with the word “intimidation”
in it — right above a photo of three people quietly
praying, with their eyes cast down at the pavement. The
photo spoke louder than the abortion center staff’s
trumped-up accusations.

Robert appeared on BBC radio’s morning news along with
Ann Furedi, the CEO of BPAS, which is England’s largest
abortion chain.

Robert fielded a barrage of loaded questions from the
interviewer with an air of calm confidence and outlined
the 40 Days for Life mission — and the necessity of a
peaceful prayer presence outside the abortion facility.

An estimated 4 million listeners heard the interview.

For a link to the BBC radio story, please go to:


We’ve received reports from several locations that
suggest the abortion centers are trying something
new in their efforts to get 40 Days for Life prayer
vigil participants to go home: fertilizer. And lots
of it.

The idea, apparently, is to spread the stuff along
the public right-of-way and generate a foul odor in
the area where people are praying. In at least one
of the locations, the sidewalk itself has been
covered in awful-smelling fertilizer. A staff member
said they’re just maintaining their landscaping.

Of course, fertilizer does help things grow. What’s
growing on the concrete outside the abortion centers?
The vigil!

“We have dedicated vigil people who will not let this
keep them away from the vigil,” said one of the local
leaders confronted with this tactic. “If they think
this will make us go away, they are very wrong.”

“It did not deter us at all,” reports the coordinator
of another campaign, “and now God has sent the rain
for hours, which washed away the smell.”


Need a bit of positive encouragement? Then take two
minutes to go watch a short video of the midpoint
event for 40 Days for Life in Toronto and recall the
words of Isaiah: “Here am I; send me.”

To see the video from Toronto, please go to:

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To: All

Day 29 - March 21



We pray for the grace to be strong when others ridicule or oppose us.


Anyone who does not take up his cross and follow me cannot be my disciple.

--Luke 14:27


To stand up for what is right means we stand against what is wrong, and that means that those who love what is wrong will oppose us, just as they opposed Christ. Taking up the cross means we continue speaking and standing for the right even when that opposition comes.

We experience this, in particular, when we are out on the streets, where people are not expecting the pro-life message and where they did not go to hear it.

We must remember to never take the opposition personally. When people ridicule or yell at us, we might get a guilty feeling or be tempted to think we did something wrong. We did not. The insults are not being hurled at us personally, but rather at the truth of what we are standing for, and at the demands of the moral law.

There are many who are trying to run away from those demands, or who have managed to tuck the abortion problem away into a distant corner of their minds where it can no longer disturb them. By standing publicly for the cause of life, we have short-circuited that denial and frustrated those efforts to ignore the issue. Therefore, some will be angry, perhaps not fully realizing why.


Lord, thank you for the grace of being pro-life, and of standing strong when others may ridicule or oppose me. During this 40 Day campaign, may your peace fill my soul, especially when I may endure the opposition of others, and may I become more like your crucified and risen Son. Amen.

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life and President, National Pro-life Religious Council

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To: Faith

A few days ago I mentioned that this is the time
during the 40 Days for Life campaign where we see
abortion workers’ hearts begin to change ...

... and now we know of employees who are leaving the
abortion industry.

In fact, there have been FIVE of them!

I can’t disclose the campaigns — I’m told there are
others who are also considering leaving, and any
publicity could only add to the pressure these people
are currently facing.

One abortion worker met prayer volunteers at the
40 Days for Life vigil outside and said with a smile:
“This is my last day in this hell hole!”

It is not a cliche to say that ending abortion is
about hearts and minds — it’s a reality. Praise God
for these victories ... and keep praying for all
abortion center workers.


Here’s another story where for privacy reasons, I
can’t give you the location. But we know of a woman
who visited an abortion center to set up an appointment.
40 Days for Life volunteers in the public right-of-way
outside prayed for her as she walked into the building.

Inside the abortion facility, she was given an
ultrasound exam. When a staff member saw the image,
she suggested that the woman NOT have an abortion.

Yes, that’s right. The person who performed the exam
recommended AGAINST an abortion ... because the
ultrasound clearly showed TWINS.

The mother’s next stop was a pro-life pregnancy center.
She still needs prayer — the twins’ father remains
set on abortion. And of course, please pray for that
employee as well.


The 40 Days for Life team in Birmingham marked the
middle of the campaign with a Walk for Life through
the streets of the city.

“It was the first time such an event had ever been
organised in this city and we were overjoyed by the
response we received,” said Aline in Birmingham.
“There was a crowd of about a hundred people, some of
whom came from a distance to witness to life in a town
which hosts two abortion centres, one of which is one
of the biggest in Europe.”

The day started with rain, a temperature around
freezing — and heavier rain in the forecast. “As we
always do when things are beyond our control, we left
it all in God’s hands and once again, the sun broke out
just a couple of minutes before we set off,” she said.

Shoppers were amazed at the sight of people walking,
praying, singing hymns. Many people took pictures. And,
Aline said, “there was no sign of hostility.”

The event ended with two minutes of silence in memory
of the 7 million children aborted since Britain
legalized abortion in 1967.

“Finally, as if to show us that the sunshine was all of
God’s making, the rain poured down on us afterwards and
there were even hailstones.” All in all, Aline said,
“what we saw was very encouraging.”

For photos of the Birmingham campaign in England, please
go to:

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To: All

Day 30 - March 22



Let us pray that pastors may not be distracted from the priority of caring for human lives.


Now in those days, when the number of the disciples was multiplying, there arose a complaint against the Hebrews by the Hellenists, because their widows were neglected in the daily distribution.

-- Acts 6:1


More folks learning left some yearning.

It is the dawning of a new day. There is much excitement in Jerusalem. Many who dedicated themselves to the faith became disciples (the word disciple means "learner"). The unprecedented church growth was miraculous and undoubtedly brought much satisfaction to the new leadership. The apostles, however, were about to experience growing pains in their master plan of evangelism.

Projects that engage the community, especially those that are evangelistic in nature, are high on the list of priorities for every duty-bound pastor. Church attendance is a constant concern for every pastor and often his or her worth is measured by it. Unfortunately, just as the original twelve pastors in Acts, they can be so focused on getting people in that they inadvertently end up pushing some people out.

Murmuring is a deplorable deterrent to a harmonious fellowship, yet God used it to get the disciples attention. Those that needed daily attention due to their age and social status were being neglected. This neglect of the Hellenist widows during the daily distribution of food was causing undue grief and needed to be corrected by the leadership. By God's grace the problem was dealt with, but the lesson remains.

And during these 40 days, let us pray that today's church not make the same mistake of forgetting the contributions of our seniors, or the needs of the weakest among us, the unborn.


Father, in the Church's desire to engage our communities with the gospel let her not disengage from those who need their care and company the most. Let us gain wisdom from those who have gone before us and cherish their experiences and perspectives. Help us to appreciate every soul in the body of Christ and minister properly to everybody. Amen.

Rev. Clenard Childress
LEARN (Life Education and Resource Network)

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To: Salvation

We had a couple of turn-aways today. Praise God!

73 posted on 03/22/2012 11:01:44 AM PDT by Faith
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To: Faith

Great news!

Here’s Shawn Carney for today.

The largest spring 40 Days for Life campaign yet is
having a HUGE impact. Yesterday, I mentioned the five
abortion workers who’ve left their jobs. But while
some employees are experiencing conversions, others
are getting frustrated.

The abortion industry doesn’t want YOU on the sidewalk
— you represent the only REAL choice.

Reports from local leaders make it clear that for
those who run the abortion business, there is only
one acceptable choice once a woman enters their
building. Here’s one sad example.


A young man, who was waiting outside Planned Parenthood
for his girlfriend, approached the 40 Days for Life
prayer vigil. He said his girlfriend was four months
pregnant but didn’t want the baby because the pregnancy
was the result of rape.

“After talking with us he was very impressed and
touched and wanted to get back to his girlfriend to
convince her to keep the baby,” said Alejandra in Orange
County. “Frustrated, he came out as Planned Parenthood
didn’t allow him to have access to her.”

He said that he couldn’t even call her. When they
arrived, the Planned Parenthood staff took her phone
and gave it to him. “Clearly,” Alejandra said,
“Planned Parenthood doesn’t want the women to have
any contact with the outside while they are inside
having an abortion.”

She said it was a very sad morning, as they later saw
the “waste removal” truck entering the Planned
Parenthood facility to take away the aborted babies.

To see photos of the Orange County vigil, please go to:


As part of its community outreach, the 40 Days for
Life team in Reno hosts a Life Chain to draw attention
to both the seriousness of the abortion problem in the
area and the local vigil outside the abortion center.

“We had approximately 60 people present, standing on
both sides of South Virginia Street,” said Carol Marie
in Reno. “We had passing cars and buses give thumbs-up
and honks of support — as well as the occasional
dissenting passerby. There were participants from at
least seven different churches.”

For photos of the Reno event, please go to:


Theresa in Cincinnati wanted to thank a group of eighth
grade students from St. Nicholas in Sunman, Indiana —
about 45 miles away — who were able to join the 40 Days
for Life vigil.

“Bless them for coming the distance and all who’ve show
support from the Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky area during
this 40 Days for Life campaign,” she said. “Let us
continue to gather in prayer, fasting and community
outreach to bring the love of Christ to those in need!”

To see a picture of this group at the Cincinnati vigil,
please go to:

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To: All

Day 31 - March 23



Pray for opportunities to share with an abortion-minded woman that the newness of life she is seeking is found only in Christ.


Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold all things have become new.

-- 2 Corinthians 5:17


An unexpected pregnancy is perceived by many young women as the end of their life as they know it. News of an unexpected pregnancy pulls the rug from under her well laid plans. Sadly, these women may choose abortion as a matter of self-preservation, believing that an abortion will help return life to normal and give them opportunity to start anew.

They don't see abortion as killing a child, but rather as saving their own life. Of course, abortion will not bring the newness of life they are seeking, but instead will bring death to their child, lifelong regret, and unexpected -- possibly devastating -- consequences to their own life. But abortion will be the choice made if we don't meet them at the crossroad between life and death with a better way.

Almost without exception, these young women are looking for love, acceptance, and to be valued. In their efforts to have those needs met, they have become promiscuous. Most, if honest, will admit the needs were only met momentarily, if at all, during their brief encounter, and afterward the needs returned unmet.

The truth is, only Christ loves them unconditionally with an everlasting love. Only Christ will accept them as they are, and only Christ sees them for their true value in Him. He has a perfect plan for each woman and her child if only she will allow Christ to transform her life as she surrenders to Him. No, an unexpected pregnancy is not the end of life, but rather can be the beginning of two beautiful lives if God's plan for them is given opportunity to unfold.


Heavenly Father, you give us a new song, a new purpose, a new direction, a new perspective. You remind us that the thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but Christ came that we might have life, and have it more abundantly. Give us boldness to share this Good News with those who are at the crossroads and may they choose life for their children and enjoy newness of life in You. Because of Christ we pray, amen.

Carmen Pate
40 Days for Life board of directors

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To: Faith

How close is your nearest 40 days for Life campaign?

Even with a springtime record 258 cities taking part,
many people are traveling far — really far — to pray
at the peaceful vigil. But for so many dedicated
faithful the need is great, the urgency is high ... and
the journey is but a small obstacle.

This first story comes from Canada, where some people
are really going the extra mile — well, kilometer. For
these volunteers, the trip from home to the vigil site
takes upwards of FOUR hours!

As we enter the home stretch of this campaign, be
encouraged by these efforts and challenge yourself
before this campaign ends — it may help save a life!


“The prayer vigil in Vancouver, BC is really taking
off,” said Peter, the local coordinator. “We’ve had
groups coming out all the way from Powell River —
that’s over 170 km away (about 105 miles) and you need
two ferries to get here. And they’re coming out again!”

Students from Christ the King Seminary in Mission,
British Columbia came to pray on a rainy day and
stayed for four hours. A Benedictine priest also
brought students from another seminary that same day.

Peter also said a visit from Canadian Martyrs Catholic
Church was reported by a prominent Chinese language
newspaper, the Sing Tao Daily.

He provided a translation of the article, part of
which noted that the volunteers “braved the cold
weather to participate in the 40 Days for Life prayer
campaign outside the BC Women’s Hospital, catching
the attention of passing drivers and earning honks
in support.”

To see photos of the Vancouver vigil — and an image
from the Chinese language newspaper’s online report —
please go to:


Patricia writes that it was a very quiet morning at
the 40 Days for Life vigil in Southfield. Only staff
cars were in the abortion center’s parking lot when a
taxi quickly pulled up into the driveway.

She found it curious that the car stopped near the
street and didn’t go all the way into the lot. But
it soon became clear what was happening — the taxi
driver had just stopped to pray.

“He got out of his door looked at the building for
about a minute, blessed himself and turned to look at
us. We waved. He waved back,” Patricia said.

The driver then walked over to the vigil participants
and said, “What they do in this place is very bad.
I can’t stay because I am working.”

“We had a little discussion with him sharing some
personal things,” she said. His final comment was
about the gift and blessing of fertility. “You should
not kill someone because you are healthy.”


Marge in Cleveland shared the story of a young woman
who approached the abortion facility in Cleveland where
a 40 Days for Life vigil is in progress. She stopped to
talk to the people praying, telling them she was
pregnant and was there to have an abortion.

“I told her there were many places she could receive
help,” said Marge. “She was struggling because she
already had a 4-month-old child.” She quickly accepted
a list of places where she and her children could find

“She went back and sat in her car for some time,”
Marge said. “All the while, I prayed for her that God
would change her mind.”

After a time, she started the car, headed towards the
exit — and gave Marge a great big smile as she said
she had decided not to have the abortion. “A saved
baby!” Marge said. “All the glory to God!”

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To: All

Day 32 - March 24



May we come to know that divine life, in relationship, creates human life.


In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.

--John 1:1-3


"In the beginning" was God. Always, before all times, there was God. This particular God -- the God of the Bible, the God of St. John's Gospel -- is different from all other gods. This God is alive and full of life. This God is not the picture of deadness and death, aloneness and isolation. This God is the picture of life, relationship, and unity. For within this God, within this one God, there are three divine persons who live, who love, and who work -- together. This is the glorious mystery of the Trinity. The Trinity means divine life. The Trinity means three, living Persons -- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit -- who relate to each other. The Trinity means mutual love and service among three Persons.

The Word was always with God the Father. This Word was, is, and will be the Trinity's second person. The Word is also the Son of God or, as revealed in time, Jesus Christ. God the Father and God the Son live, love, and work for each other. As one, they create "all things" together: the Father creates all things, including all human life, through the Son.

So the Father, through the Son, creates all human lives. The little one swimming in his mother's womb, the infant smiling in his father's arms, the child crying in pain in a hospital bed, the energetic teen running another mile, the old man gasping for his last breath -- all were created, at their beginning, by the Father through the Son. No exceptions. Divine life creates human life.


O God, may we always be quick to call you Father. And when we call you father, let your Spirit remind us that we, and all people, from their beginning to their last day, are your children. We praise you, Father, that you sent your Son to reveal to the world that all people are His brothers and sisters, that all people are your children. Through Jesus Christ we pray. Amen.

Rev. Paul Stallsworth
President, Lifewatch (United Methodist Church)

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To: Faith

Some inspiring stories and great pictures today ...
from 40 Days for Life campaigns from Miami to Manassas
to Montreal!


Our 40 Days for Life national director, David Bereit,
just visited two South Florida campaigns — one in
Miami and the other in Broward County, where the
Pembroke Pines site is a first-time 40 Days for Life

At the two vigil sites, he shared words of encouragement
with participants and prayed with volunteers.

Both sites have had consistent vigil coverage at all
hours — despite the heat and humidity — thanks to the
dedicated local leadership and the faithfulness of many

To see photos of David’s visits to the South Florida
vigils, please go to:


Bishop Paul Loverde of the Arlington, Virginia Catholic
diocese has a regular pro-life outreach. Once a month,
he offers a respect life Mass ... then goes to pray
outside one of the abortion centers in his diocese.

Last week, he visited All Saints Church in Manassas,
then traveled to the 40 Days for Life vigil site for
prayer. Said Mike in Manassas, “300 people came to
pray with us!”

To see what 300 people at a 40 Days for Life vigil
site looks like, please go to:


The 40 Days for Life vigil in Montreal seems to have
struck a nerve. Brian in Montreal said about two dozen
university students showed up, “banner and noise-makers
in hand ... parking themselves directly in front of our
banner. They stayed nearly three hours, spending this
time chanting and enjoying the support from pro-choice

As they left, he said, “they swarmed our banner,
plastering it with stickers. Fortunately, there wasn’t
any damage.”

A couple of hours later a mother, with her 18-month-old,
arrived with a homemade pro-choice sign. On another
occasion, a young woman asked whether they knew their
presence was intimidating to women. Said Brian, “I
wondered if our visitor had seen the sign at our prayer
site offering free help to pregnant women.”

Brian says there have been cold, windy days — but the
spirits of the prayer volunteers are never dampened.
Many travel from afar to spend hours in prayer.

“Also, the site is drawing diverse prayer groups,” he
said. “The vigil is a magnet for individuals who
otherwise do not see one another. For example, over the
weekend, persons from different faith communities
converged to pray and share fellowship.”

To see some photos from the vigil in Montreal, go to:


Prayer vigil participants pretty much had the abortion
center’s staff and clientele outnumbered on a Saturday
morning. Around 30 people were there praying ...
representing more than a dozen local churches.

Trudy in Jacksonville says that pro-life turnout is
fairly typical for a Saturday. She sent photos of some
of the people standing on the sidewalk — with a
mostly-empty parking lot behind them.

To see the pictures from the Jacksonville vigil, please
go to:

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To: All

Day 33 - March 25



As we pray for the end of abortion, let us pray for the expansion of the pregnancy help center movement worldwide.


The dragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth, so that when she bore her child he might devour it. She gave birth to a male child, one who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron, but her child was caught up to God and to his throne.

-- Revelation 12:4-5


You don't need to be a theological scholar to get the essential point of Revelation 12. Something BIG is afoot. It has something to do with the birth of Christ and the children of God.

It involves a war in heaven, with powers and principalities beyond our expertise. But the battles are fought here on earth.

The crux of the matter centers around the babe of Bethlehem and the cross of Calvary.

It continues to unfold down through the ages, through us, the children of God, who put their faith in Christ and take up their cross and follow him.

We are waging a war of love against all things that destroy body and soul.

The intensity waxes and wanes, but like labor pains, they grow and culmi-nate in new life.

The unleashing of legal abortion nearly 40 years ago stirred up prayer (lamentation really). Many were then led to start pregnancy help centers and maternity homes.

Today there are over 3,000 such ministries that did not exist 40 years ago.

They reflect a movement of God on our watch: Christians driven to give their time and charity to end abortion one woman at a time.

Let's pray this movement expands worldwide. Let's pray for thousands more Christians to start, serve and support pregnancy help centers.


O God, from generation to generation, you have called your people to be the very aroma of life amidst a culture of death. Now it is our turn. Prepare me. Send me. Use me. I am eager to do my part. Stir your people everywhere to take up this great work.

Rev. John Ensor
Vice President, Heartbeat International

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To: Faith

Much attention in a 40 Days for Life campaign is on
the mother and her unborn child — and saving the life
of the baby scheduled to be aborted.

But each of those children also has a father — someone
who is legally in no man’s land. He has no rights —
and often no influence.

Steve, the 40 Days for Life coordinator in Glendale,
California, tells the story of one such man — a guy
he refers to as “Bill.”


“Our ‘Women DO Regret Abortion’ and ‘Men Regret Lost
Fatherhood’ signs were out as we prayed for all those
affected by abortion,” Steve said, as Bill — a man
in his early 40s — walked by, pushing a young girl
in a stroller.

“What you do here — does it work?” he asked. “Yes,”
Steve responded. “We pray for the women, the babies
and the abortion workers and sometimes they change
their minds.”

“My wife, she had an abortion here last Friday,”
Bill said.

Steve was a bit stunned. “I am so sorry for your
loss,” he said. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m okay,” Bill said. “I just don’t understand.
Why did she do it?”

His wife was having problems with morning sickness, but
Bill kept telling her in a couple more weeks it would
be okay. “Now, my wife is sad and says that she regrets
that she did it.”

Steve and another man encouraged Bill to seek post-
abortive counseling for him, his wife and perhaps
marriage counseling together.

“We provided him contact information to several local
organizations that would help him start the healing
process and to deal with all the emotions he now had
and that he would have as the shock wore off and the
realization set in that he and his entire family would
have to deal with something that has forever changed
his family.”

“Could God forgive us of this?” Bill asked tentatively.

“Yes, he can!” Steve answered. “There is no sin God
cannot forgive.”

In reflecting on this conversation, Steve said, “I am
routinely amazed by how God uses the 40 Days for Life
ministry as a means for healing to all those affected
by the horror of abortion.”

Still, he said, “I can only imagine that path that
Bill will travel now; asking for an answer to ‘Why did
she do it?’ when there is no answer. How does he deal
with his wife’s actions, coupled with her regret, while
processing his own grief and loss?

“How does he deal with the fact that his wife’s family
was counseling her to get the abortion against her
husband’s wishes? How does he someday tell his beautiful
daughter that she was going to have a little brother or
sister, but her mommy decided to get an abortion and by
law, he couldn’t stop her?”

Steve knows there are no human answers. “I do know
where Bill can find the answers,” he said, “and they
are in Christ Jesus, the great redeemer and healer of
our souls. He is the only one that can help Bill
forgive himself, his wife, his family and cause
healing to occur.”

Steve said he is “left with the resolve that there
is so much more work to be done to end the horror of
abortion. To you, my brothers and sisters in Christ,
I call on you to join me as an active participant on
the front lines ... we need you!”

There is still time for action. Find a 40 Days for
Life location near you at:

... and get involved!

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To: All

Day 34 - March 26



We pray for the conversion of abortionists and all abortion advocates.


"Wash yourselves, make yourselves clean; Put away the evil of your doings from before My eyes. Cease to do evil, Learn to do good; Seek justice, Rebuke the oppressor; Defend the fatherless, Plead for the widow."

-- Isaiah 1:16-17


God is just.

Inscribed around the inside of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC, are the immortal words of Thomas Jefferson: "I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just." If the deist, Jefferson, knew in the depths of his being that God is just, how much more ought we Christians to reflect on this profound truth? The justice of God, like his holiness and his purity, encourages us to seek justice for all people. It is the evil deeds and wrong, selfish attitudes of our modern society that have led to the cavalier acceptance of abortion and euthanasia. But, as Jefferson also said, "his justice will not sleep forever."

God is calling us today to seek justice, to encourage the oppressed, and to defend the orphans and widows of our society. It is a noble calling! It is one which every true believer, every God-fearing man and woman, should heed with no hesitation and no reluctance. To follow the God of justice and truth is to stand unequivocally for the right to life of everyone, especially the unborn, the physically disabled, and the terminally ill. God's word through the prophet Isaiah is as relevant in today's 21st century world as it was in Isaiah's 8th century BC world. May God's grace help us to defend the unborn's right to life as well as that of the already born.


O God, our heavenly Father, give us courage and wisdom as we seek to eradicate the evil in our society. Help us to realize that your divine Spirit alone can change hearts and minds so that all your human creatures may enjoy the fullness of life you intended for them. I pray this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. Amen.

Rev. Ben Sheldon
President Emeritus, Presbyterians Pro-life and National Pro-life Religious Council

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To: Faith
Here we are -- the final Monday of this 40 Days for
Life campaign. And the stories of God's miracles keep
rolling in!
In the first 33 days of prayer and fasting, there
have been ...
... 496 babies saved from abortion -- that we know of!
Here are just a few stories from the sidewalk.

You may remember a story last week about an abortion
center employee advising a young woman not to have an
abortion after her ultrasound showed pictures of twins.
Well -- a campaign director in another location wrote
me to say the SAME THING happened there!
It's not the first time this employee has suggested
that a client visit the local pro-life pregnancy
center. "We're trying to pray her out of the abortion
business," the director said.
That's at least TWO SETS OF TWINS saved by ultrasound.
BUT WAIT! It gets better!
Keep in mind that abortion facilities usually have a
policy: DO NOT let the client see the ultrasound. Once
they see a baby rather than a "fetus" or "blob of
tissue," they’re much more likely to choose life. And
it's not just a baby they see -- it's THEIR baby.
We then heard another story of an employee who showed
a young woman her ultrasound image. She took one look
and headed for the door.

"Abortion?" she said. "NO WAY!" ...
... because the ultrasound image showed ...
Praise God -- times four!
A volunteer at the 40 Days for Life vigil outside the
abortion center in Modesto struck up a conversation
with a man on the sidewalk, showing him a model of
what the child in the womb looks like at 12 weeks.
Never, he said, had anyone in his family ever had
anything to do with an abortion -- until that day. He
told her he had driven his son and his girlfriend to
the abortion center to schedule the abortion of his
grandson. The three left shortly afterward, and
returned the next day.
This time, another volunteer approached the man and
showed him an image from the brochure -- the child in
the womb at 16 weeks. That "really seemed to change
his mind," said the volunteer. "When he saw how
developed his 17-week-old was, his eyes sort of bugged
and he immediately rushed back into the abortion center
to try and stop the abortion."
Later on, the first volunteer saw the three of them
driving out of the parking lot. They rolled down
their window and told her they had changed their mind!
A young man pulled off the road to talk to vigil
participants at 40 Days for Life in Southfield. "He
was beaming as only a proud new father can," said Mike.
This father of a newborn wanted to thank one of the
prayer volunteers for talking him and his wife out of
having an abortion during last fall's 40 Days for Life.
"I'm struck with awe and humility to be part of this
wonderful vigil for life," Mike said.

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To: All

Day 35 - March 27



Pray that all believers participating in 40 Days for Life will make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace (Ephesians 4:3).


And the glory which You gave Me, I have given them, that they may be one just as We are one: I in them, and You in Me; that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have loved them as You have loved Me.

-- John 17:22-23


Christ prayed that all those who would believe in Him would be united in single purpose and spirit, just as He and the Father were united.

I find it convicting to consider that those who would run to Jesus with their sins, seeking forgiveness, and falling in love with the Savior, often run from Christians today. Is it because they see division and dissension instead of unity and peace?

No doubt Christ is pleased to see the body unified and praying together during these 40 days. This is exactly what we see when we read about the beginnings of the church. Both the unity and the prayer are conspicuous, along with the results of unified prayer.

Acts 2:46-47 tells us, "So continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, they ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart, praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved."

No doubt the enemy is disheartened to see the unity in prayer, fasting and peaceful vigil, and he will continuously try to disrupt the bond of peace among brothers and sisters in Christ. Let us guard our hearts and minds, exhibiting the love of Christ that He so graciously gives us, so that those watching will see the love among us and know that He must love them too!


Heavenly Father, give us grace in every situation to work toward unity. With humility, gentleness, and patience, may we endeavor to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. There are hurting men and women Lord at the crossroads of life and death who are looking for love and peace in their lives. May they see Christ in us and be drawn to the abundant life that only He can give. It is in Christ's precious name that we pray, Amen.

Carmen Pate
40 Days for Life board of directors

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To: Faith

As I’ve traveled during this 40 Days for Life campaign,
there is one constant factor: unity.

Just two nights ago, I spoke at an event in New Jersey
and an Evangelical pastor came up afterwards, smiling.
“I’m sure glad the Reformation has not stopped us from
working together to end abortion,” he said.

This event had Catholics, Protestants and Evangelicals
in attendance, and his comment reflected the unity that
the pro-life movement should be proud of.

This unity is a gift — and the abortion industry sees
it as a threat. We’re seeing the evidence at 258 vigil
locations. Here are just a few examples.


Linda in Fort Collins says a class from Holy Family
Church comes to pray at the vigil every Saturday
morning. As they were concluding their prayer hour,
a couple came in from Greeley, a town about 30 miles
away. The couple only spoke Spanish, but a few of the
kids were able to talk to them.

The woman was told to visit Planned Parenthood because
there was some sort of complication with her pregnancy
and that she could die if she had the baby.

One of the student’s parents arrived and picked up the
conversation, telling the couple that Planned
Parenthood does abortions — and it would be much better
for them if they scheduled an ultrasound through the
pro-life pregnancy resource center, where there would
be no pressure to abort the baby.

A prayer volunteer gave them additional information
about all the help that’s available locally.

“The couple left,” Linda said. “Praise God!”

To see a picture of a youth group praying at the Fort
Collins vigil, please go to:


Speaking of youth groups at 40 Days for Life vigils ...
Elizabeth in Jacksonville sent a photo of the girls’
soccer team from Jacksonville Christian Academy in
prayer outside the abortion center. That’s just
excellent — young people sending a message of hope to
other young people — so we’re really glad to see that.

“They came out to the vigil Thursday afternoon in place
of their practice time,” Elizabeth said. Their coach
“reported very positive responses from those who passed
by.” The team spent over an hour praying in the public

To see the picture of the school group in Jacksonville,
please go to:


The Planned Parenthood facility in Cedar Rapids does
not currently do surgical or RU-486 abortions. But the
40 Days for Life volunteers praying on the sidewalk
outside know they’re making a difference.

“The response from people driving by has been very
positive lately,” said Jim in Cedar Rapids, “and we’ve
seen some success.”

When volunteers talk to clients about the things
Planned Parenthood does in other places, they start
to think about getting routine health services from
somewhere other than America’s leading abortion chain.

They’re also able to give information about local
pro-life resources to women who go there for
pregnancy tests.

They also heard from a teenager who had an appointment
to remove a contraceptive implant. “She said she would
rather be abstinent and not return as a client,” Jim
said. “How often do you hear that from a teen that’s
used Planned Parenthood’s services for several years?”

Jim said with continued prayer, “we hope webcam (RU-486
distributed via the internet) and surgical abortions

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To: All

Day 36 - March 28



That those who have forgotten their purpose may discover it in God and therefore have the courage to choose life.


These all wait for you, that you may give them their food in due season, what you give them they gather in; you open your hand they are filled with good. You hide your face, they are troubled; you take away their breath, they die and return to their dust. You send forth your Spirit, they are created; and you renew the face of the earth.

-- Psalm 104:27-30


"I am a feather on the breath of God."

As the quote above portrays, we are upheld by the power and purpose of God. Our very existence on earth, from our body's first breath to its last, when we leave it to return home, is our Father's choice and happens only by His willing to do so.

He who created the universe also created that which is "me." I do not "have" a soul - I AM a soul, as well as a body. My entire purpose in this life is to find my way back to my Creator.


Beloved Father, remind us today that there is no truth but you. Do not let us fall prey to the evil one's lie that we may choose death. Remind us right now that you, who created all life, are in control of all life, and let us know right now that you who created all life, are in control of all life, and let us choose life always.

Father, please let us hear your voice more today than yesterday. Keep lighting the pathway home, for us and for all who participate in this 40 Days for Life campaign. Father, we're on our way. Through Jesus Christ our Lord, amen.

Vera Faith Lord
Director, Alpha/Omega Life Ministry
Representative of the Orthodox Church to the National Pro-life Religious Council

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To: Faith

Today we focus on people who are not famous — and
probably never will be.

Far away from the spotlights of our celebrity-driven
culture, they’re regular people, humbly doing the little
things — and often, doing them with enormous courage.

They’re the heart of 40 Days for Life ... and they
deserve a big THANK YOU ... ALL of you!


I recently spoke at the 40 Days for Life vigil in Fort
Wayne — one of SEVEN campaigns in the Hoosier state.

At the vigil, a woman walked up ... gave me a hug ...
and shared that she had an abortion years ago. She
knew she needed healing when she got involved with
40 Days for Life in 2010.

“After coming out here and praying,” she said, “I got
connected to local post-abortion healing along with
the Silent No More awareness campaign. I shared my
story for the first time at the 40 Days for Life
vigil site.”

I told her, “Thank you for your courage.” It reminded
me that it was the powerful testimonies of women who’d
had abortions that had really drawn me into the
pro-life movement when I was in college.

To see a photo from my visit to the Fort Wayne vigil,
go to:


Ginny in Santa Cruz is thankful for everyone who’s
been praying at the 40 Days for Life vigil — but she
noted a couple of people who go the extra mile.

One is Rae Ellen, whom she described as a real trouper.
Rae Ellen uses a wheel chair. “For the last three
years, she has come down almost every Saturday to pray
outside of Planned Parenthood. For all four of our
40 Days for Life campaigns, she has come down 5 or 6
days a week — even in the rain.”

Ginny also mentioned Bob, another volunteer who uses
a wheelchair. He’s a regular at the vigil outside
Planned Parenthood every Saturday. Bob has been a bit
under the weather of late, so “please pray for him,”
she said. “All the babies need this powerful prayer
warrior back again.”

To see a photo from the 40 Days for Life campaign in
Santa Cruz, please go to:


Kathy in Columbia sent a picture of students from
St. Joseph Cathedral School in Jefferson City who
visited the 40 Days for Life vigil. “The children
came to pray,” she said, “and pray they did!”

Kathy also mentioned a woman who had visited Planned
Parenthood more than a year ago. She wanted to have a
baby, and figured a place called “Planned Parenthood”
could help her. She told them she wanted to get
pregnant. They told her to come back when she did.

“Well,” Kathy said, “she still hasn’t gotten pregnant.
And when she went in this time, they told her they
don’t help with things like that. So we are still
trying to figure out what ‘Planned Parenthood’
actually means.”

To see the picture of the school group in Columbia,
please go to:

86 posted on 03/28/2012 10:04:25 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: All

Day 37 - March 29



We are the defenders of true freedom. May our witness unveil the deception of the "pro-choice" slogan.


Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

--2 Corinthians 3:17


Norma McCorvey (the former Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade) used to work at an abortion mill named "A Choice for Women." She now realizes what a cruel irony that title was. She saw first hand, just as pregnancy resource center counselors see, that women don't get abortions because of freedom of choice, but rather because they feel they have no freedom and no choice. They feel trapped, abandoned, desperate and afraid, and have been led to believe that abortion is their only option.

As Frederica Mathewes-Green has written, no want wants an abortion like she wants a Porsche or an ice cream; rather, she wants it like an animal caught in a trap wants to gnaw off its own leg.

"Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." That doesn't mean that the Spirit allows us to do whatever we want or to decide for ourselves what's right and wrong.

Rather, it means that the Spirit gives us the freedom to do what is right, the power to choose what is good, when we see it before us and yet feel pulled in the opposite direction. Liberty means that we no longer have to feel doomed to do what we know is wrong.

We are the people of the Spirit of the Lord, and when we take action on behalf of life, especially by being present at abortion mills, we are acting on behalf of true freedom, and imparting to those who are in bondage the power to do what is right.


Come, Holy Spirit. You are the Spirit of freedom, the source of all that is good, the power to do what is right. Fill us, and fill those who are in bondage today, feeling doomed to do what is wrong. Set them free, and help us to hasten them on the road to freedom, where your grace overcomes every temptation. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life and President, National Pro-life Religious Council

87 posted on 03/28/2012 10:06:09 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: Faith

Just four days left in this campaign! I have HUGE news
today, but I must keep some details confidential.

THREE MORE abortion workers have QUIT THEIR JOBS!

That makes a total of EIGHT during this campaign ...

... and a total of 69 who’ve left the abortion industry
during 40 Days for Life campaigns since 2007!

Please keep these three people in your prayers as they
seek new employment and go through this transition in
their lives.

I also have good news from Virginia and some quick
stories of babies saved (including another set of
twins). Here are the reports from the front lines:


The Planned Parenthood abortion center in Virginia
Beach — where a 40 Days for Life vigil is in progress
outside — has cut its business hours. They’re now
open four fewer hours each week.

“Does this mean they are struggling financially?”
asked Marcia in Virginia Beach. “I do not have an
answer, but obviously they are not flourishing if
they are cutting back hours.”

Since this new location opened, abortions had been
scheduled on Tuesday mornings. But now they don’t
open til noon on Tuesdays. At first, it was believed
that abortions would just be scheduled later in the
day. But not so! They did no abortions Tuesday of
last week.

“This means one third of their usual abortion business
did not happen last week,” said Marcia. She checked
with someone who monitors all of the abortion centers
in the area, and abortion numbers were down everywhere.

“Is this the fruit of prayer and fasting?” Marcia asked.
“I believe that it is. Let’s go for a strong finish!”

To see some photos from the Virginia Beach vigil,
please go to:


“There have been five more babies saved from abortion
in Charlotte since we last reported,” said Andrea.
“That makes a total of 46 for this campaign!”


“Over the past week in Pensacola, those praying in
front of Pensacola’s last remaining abortion facility
witnessed five mothers choose life,” Ernie reported.
“Praise God for these blessings!”


“Five babies were saved last week in Montclair,”
Christine wrote, “bringing the 40 Days for Life
campaign total to date up to 16!”


“I just learned about three more turnarounds at the
Southfield 40 Days for Life site,” said Mike. “One of
them was a set of twins. Praise the Lord!”


“Another mom carrying twins chose life for her baby on
Saturday,” said Jenny, “so two more from Louisville!
God is so good!”

88 posted on 03/29/2012 9:40:29 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: Salvation

Day 38 - March 30



Pray that we become vessels of hope to all around us, especially to those who minister in the pro-life movement.


On the first day of the week, very early in the morning, the women took the spices they had prepared and went to the tomb. They found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus. "Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; he has risen!"

-- Luke 24:1-5


This meditation, based on a sermon I once heard, is adapted for pro-life concerns.

It's Friday. Jesus is on the cross. He has been killed by his enemies; he is off the scene. But that's because it's Friday. Sunday's comin'!

It's Friday. Abortionists continue their work 3,300 times a day, tearing off the arms and legs of little babies and crushing their heads. But that's because it's Friday. Sunday's comin'! It's Friday. Pro-abortion groups receive blood money from billionaires who are as deceived as they are. But that's because it's Friday. Sunday's comin'!

It's Friday. Liars attempt to speak for all women and hide the pain of abortion, and ignore the evidence of how it harms women, and call abortion a blessing. But that's because it's Friday. Sunday's comin'! It's Friday. People of hardened hearts guard the clinics and usher desperate women in to have their abortions, while keeping them from the pro-life people who want to give them hope. But that's because it's Friday. Sunday's comin'!

Hope does not mean that we ignore or minimize the evils around us. It means, rather, that we see the whole picture, which is that evil is conquered because of what happened one Sunday morning. The power of sin and death has been broken by the Resurrection of Christ. We are called to proclaim, celebrate, and serve that victory, waiting in joyful hope for Christ's return and the full flowering of the Culture of Life! Indeed, Sunday's comin'!


Lord, fill your people with new hope. Make us vessels of hope to all around us, especially to those who minister in the pro-life movement, that as we engage in the difficult work ahead, we may experience the peace and joy that come only from you and that nobody can take away from us. We ask this through Christ our Lord, amen.

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life and President, National Pro-life Religious Council

89 posted on 03/29/2012 9:41:29 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: Faith

have two stories to share today, both about the
results of praying in front of an abortion center
during the 40 Days for Life campaign. But first —
a special prayer request.


The London 40 Days for Life team will pray tonight
outside the BPAS abortion facility. BPAS is the
British equivalent of Planned Parenthood ... and they
are NOT happy about 40 Days for Life!

Bishop Alan Hopes and other clergy will lead an hour
of prayer for an increased respect for life in the UK.

It is certainly needed ...

... several facilities are under investigation for
doing illegal sex-selection abortions, and abortion
providers have just been granted permission to
advertise on television.

But vigil participants will not be alone. Pro-abortion
forces plan a “noisy” counter-demonstration.

Since 40 Days for Life began, BPAS has been rallying
the media and others to attack the London campaign at
an unprecedented level. One BPAS spokesman even told
the media there was “no moral justification” for Bishop
Hopes to get involved!

A pro-abortion advocate said, “Their protest (meaning
40 Days for Life) should be banned.”

The good news, of course, is that this shows the
campaign is working!

PLEASE keep the London campaign in your prayers,
especially during this event. The vigil (and the
counter-protest) begins at 7 pm London time. That’s
2 pm Eastern, 11 am Pacific in North America.

40 Days for Life’s national director, David Bereit,
and I visited England just before the start of the
campaign and met a dedicated group of prayerful
volunteers. Have you seen the video of that visit?
You can watch it by going to:


Andrew, the coordinator of the 40 Days for Life
campaign in Germantown, writes of women who have
decided against abortion — including one who found
out it would be a two-day procedure. “She left and
did not come back,” he said.

Infamous abortionist Leroy Carhart travels to
Germantown every week to perform late-term abortions.
But there have been two weeks during this campaign
that Carhart never arrived — meaning no abortions
for those weeks.

“God is continuing to answer our prayers,” Andrew said.
“We are making a difference. Germantown is continuing
to take notice of our constant presence. Please come
out and pray.”

For a picture of a candlelight vigil at the Germantown
site, please go to:


Mary said she was about halfway through her prayer time
at the 40 Days for Life vigil in Sterling Heights when
a small car pulled up and parked. A young woman got out
and asked Mary if she knew Sue.

The woman explained that three years ago, she had met
Sue, who was praying in about that same spot.

The young woman had come for an abortion. She was
pregnant and she was about to be evicted from her home.
Quite simply, she didn’t know what to do. After talking
to Sue, however, “I had my baby — my son. Come see!
He’s in the car.”

“I met her beautiful, boisterous, all-boy, 3-year-old!”
Mary said. The young mom’s life is back on track. “She
said she’s doing well now, has her own place, and the
boy’s dad is active in his son’s life.”

Mary said this woman just wanted to tell everyone how
important this work and your prayers have been.

“Praise the Lord!” Mary said. “He always knows when I’m
getting a bit discouraged. I always read the stories on
the national 40 Days for Life site and think, ‘WOW!’
Well, today I had my WOW moment.”

To see some photos from the Sterling Heights vigil,
please go to:

90 posted on 03/30/2012 9:37:51 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: All

Day 39 - March 31



Pray that volunteers will replace exhaustion or discouragement with rejoicing over the miracles we have seen thus far, and enthusiastic service as God takes us on to victory!


In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while, if need be, you have been grieved by various trials, that the genuineness of your faith, being much more precious than gold that perishes, though it is tested by fire, may be found to praise, honor, and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ.

-- 1 Peter 1:6-7


We have reason to rejoice when we consider the many babies whose lives have been saved during the 40 Days for Life campaign. Add to those lives, the women and men who have been spared from a devastating decision and now have opportunity to make a plan for their baby that is both life affirming and God honoring.

Whether directly, or indirectly, you have contributed to these testimonies of praise with your sacrificial service. Perhaps you have been grieved by various trials during your commitment to 40 days. The attacks of the enemy come in many forms -- difficulties in relationships, finances, health. Or maybe you are physically and mentally exhausted and have been marking off the days on your calendar, eagerly waiting for Day 40.

Consider these trials in light of God's plan for you. The Apostle Paul understood the big picture when he said in Romans 8:18, "For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us." This is our Hope and our victory. Let us rejoice in the opportunity to give that Hope to others in our path.


Dear Heavenly Father, We sing to You a new song, for You have done marvelous things. Forgive us when we allow circumstances to defeat us. You give power to the faint and You increase strength in those who have no might. We rest in You dear Lord, and ask You to empower us again for Your service as You work out Your plan for us and through us. May You receive glory through our victory in Christ, in whose name we pray, amen.

Carmen Pate
40 Days for Life board of directors

91 posted on 03/30/2012 9:42:10 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: Faith

I’ll get to the London update in just a bit!

Over these last 38 days, babies have been saved ...
abortion workers have had changes of heart and quit
their jobs ... and two abortion centers have closed
for good.

Guess what? YOU can still be part of it!

It’s not too late to pray at any of the 258 campaigns.
Saturday is usually the busiest day for abortions, so
know that your presence and you prayers are needed —

Please check for a location near you:

... and, if possible, join the vigil.


Yesterday, I asked for prayers for the London campaign,
as they were holding a major evening vigil in front of
the abortion center — and they were told to expect a
pro-abortion counter-protest.

So here’s a quick update.

“The event was a massive success,” said Robert, the
40 Days for Life coordinator in London. “We had around
400 to 500 ... at least! A really positive vibe and
loads of media interest, too.”

The vigil participants prayed and sang hymns. Even the
media characterized the vigil as “peaceful.” A
pro-abortion group did show up — blowing whistles,
banging drums and chanting slogans. But they had no
apparent impact on the vigil.

Robert sent a picture of the people praying outside
the abortion center — this is one you REALLY want
to see! Please go to:

Now ... on to the rest of today’s report!

The heart that God impacts the most during a 40 Days
for Life can be your own — just read these stories
from the 40 Days for Life blog. For each of these
prayer volunteers, this is personal.


“This Lent was my first experience with 40 Days for
Life. I was very nervous the first day I showed up to
pray with people I had never met. I asked myself who
or what am I afraid of. It was a very good question
to ask myself.

“As a post-abortive woman myself, it was a huge step
to take in honoring my son, who was lost to abortion
in 1976. I am very grateful to God that I was able
to stand there, hold my head up, and pray ... to at
last DO something productive on this issue.”


“I am inspired to say, ‘Never to stop fighting for
life.’ I had my first abortion at age 14 and hardly
knew what it meant — then another through the
following years, still not understanding that it
was true lives being terminated.

“When a friend talked me out of a fourth at age 23,
it was the best thing me friend could have done. My
one and only son is now 18 and graduating high school.
It was the best decision I ever made.”


“The devotional by Carmen Pate on Day 31 struck a
personal chord with me.

“I was one of those women seeking love and acceptance
wherever I could find it because I was living far away
from God. I, too, was faced with an unplanned pregnancy.

“I, too, wanted to ‘get rid of it’ (the pregnancy)
because it felt like it was the end of my life as I
knew it. It was a devastating feeling at the time.

“My doctor had the good sense to order an ultrasound at
four weeks, where I saw a tiny human heart — a beating
and alive heart. I knew in that moment that I couldn’t
stop that heartbeat. I got the sense that I had a duty
to protect the tiny person growing inside me.

“My daughter is now 13. She has been such a blessing in
my life. So, yes, my unplanned pregnancy was the end of
my life as I knew it. And I thank God daily for that.

“God bless all of you for your dedication and devotion
to preserving life and to loving and praying for the
unborn children and their mothers.”

92 posted on 03/31/2012 9:07:26 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: All

Day 40 - April 1



Let us keep our eyes fixed on the New Jerusalem, where death will be no more.


He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away." He who was seated on the throne said, "I am making everything new!"

--Revelation 21:4-5


Every activity we undertake in defense of the sanctity of life is prophetic, inasmuch as it points to the day when "death will be no more." Every victory we have when an act of abortion is prevented is prophetic of that day when death itself will be definitively conquered. Every triumph of grace in this world, whereby someone is brought to see the value of life and given the strength to welcome it, is a breaking into our history of that definitive future in which the old order of things will have passed, and all things will be made new.

As pro-life warriors, we must keep our eyes fixed on heaven, and our hearts secure in the hope that the day is coming when all evil will be conquered. It is the future that shapes the present; it is victory that informs the battle; it is the destination that determines the journey.

Daily, we are called to reflect on heaven. When we weep, we are to think of the day when every tear will be wiped away. When we face the destructive power of death, we are to think of the day when death is swallowed up in victory. When we labor against abortion, we are to think of the day when we will have the rest and peace of the final triumph of life. Heaven is as real as earth, and its joys will be as real as our present sorrows.


Father, you are the God of hope. Your word fills us with the vision of the world to come, when every tear will be wiped away, and death will be no more. Father, how we need that hope, how we are strengthened by that vision! Keep our hearts focused on heaven, and diligent in the labors of earth. As we struggle against the culture of death, root our souls in the assurance of victory. We pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life and President, National Pro-life Religious Council

93 posted on 03/31/2012 9:08:47 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: Faith

We made it!

Day 40 reminds me of Augustine’s famous advice: “Pray
as though everything depends on God; work as though
everything depends on you.”

You have done just that. We’ve seen faithful
volunteers in 258 cities pray, fast, do community
outreach and hold peaceful vigils in front of 258
of the most hopeless places in our world.

Your prayers have brought one thing in particular to
the public right-of-way ... HOPE.

Hope is what the abortion industry is afraid of. Hope
is what makes women scheduled to have abortions turn
around. Hope is what leads abortion workers out of
that industry. Hope is what transforms our world.

It is amazing what can happen when you go to the
sidewalks and let the love of Christ be present in
places that thrive on hopelessness.

This could not be done without your faith, courage
and selflessness.

Let me be the first to say thank you for your efforts
these past 40 days. Your prayers sent a clear message.
Here’s a great example from this campaign.


When Seth Peters heard that Planned Parenthood was
planning a 17,000 square foot abortion center in
Auburn Hills, “minutes away from my parents’ house,
where I had been lovingly raised and where I still
call home, I was heartbroken and angry.”

He signed up to bring a 40 Days for Life vigil to the
proposed location — joining other community voices
speaking out against the abortion chain’s plans. He
received support from many local sources.

Adjacent property owners had previously filed suit,
noting that deed restrictions would not permit an
abortion facility there. Planned Parenthood may be
tied up in court — but not about to give up.

“Planned Parenthood is hungry for this site,” Seth
said, noting that it sits near a low-income
neighborhood, a college campus and a wealthy suburb
— all prime targets for abortion.

He pushed ahead with vigil plans, even though a number
of people didn’t see the need for prayer at a place
where abortions are not currently taking place. “That
is unfortunate,” he said, “because it’s a bit like
waiting until the hurricane hits before you board up
your windows.”

Planned Parenthood got tired of waiting. They bought
an empty medical building in nearby Ferndale and plan
to open an office there tomorrow. That facility will
not offer abortions, but will refer women to other
locations that do.

“You can see how effective prayerful vigilance has
been thus far in keeping Planned Parenthood at bay
in Auburn Hills,” Seth said. “The fact that they have
shifted to Ferndale can be considered a victory.”

At the very least, he said, “this campaign was about
planting seeds and praying that abortion will end at
this Auburn Hills location before it ever has a chance
to begin.”

Clearly, there’s a lot of work to be done ... and a lot
of praying to be done. But I know that with God’s help,
we are witnessing the beginning of the end of abortion.

94 posted on 04/01/2012 9:17:32 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: All

Day 41 - April 2


Pray that the witness of 40 Days for Life bears abundant fruit, and that we begin again each day to storm the gates of hell until God welcomes us into the gates of heaven.


On this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.

-- Matthew 16:18


When we read this verse, we usually think that the Lord is promising that the church, which is His Body, will withstand all the attacks launched against it. Of course, that is true. But when we think about it more carefully, we realize that in a battle, the gates do not run out into the battlefield to attack the enemy. Rather, they stand still to defend the city from the enemy attacking it. So when the Lord says that the gates of hell will not prevail against the church, who is doing the attacking? It is the church storming the gates!

The church, all of God's people in Christ, is called to take the offensive, to run into enemy territory, and to gain ground for Jesus Christ. We do not wait for an invitation; we already have a command. We prepare, but we do not wait for circumstances to be perfect; we already have one who has gone before us.

During these 40 days, we have stormed the gates. We have taken the offensive. We have pushed forward the boundaries of the kingdom. And we must keep doing so, in numerous ways. Indeed, the gates of hell will not prevail. The gates of falsehood will flee in the presence of truth. The gates of sin will melt in the presence of grace. The gates of death will fall in the presence of the church, the People of Life!


Father, we praise you. We have heard the voice of your Son, and therefore we can make our voices heard. We have done battle with the power of evil, and therefore we can have compassion on those still within its grip. We have been freed from the kingdom of darkness, and therefore we can bear witness to your Kingdom of Light. May the witness of all your people through these 40 Days for Life bear abundant fruit, and may we begin again each day to storm the gates of hell until You welcome us into the gates of heaven. We pray in the victorious name of Jesus Christ our Lord, amen.

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life and President, National Pro-life Religious Council

95 posted on 04/01/2012 9:22:03 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: Salvation

Another successful campaign! Praise God for all the babies saved and lives changed. Salvation, thank you so much for keeping this thread going. May God bless you.

96 posted on 04/02/2012 12:05:17 AM PDT by Faith
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To: Faith
Today is "Day 41." We take time now to look back at the
blessings God has provided during the 40 Days for Life
campaign that just ended, of course. But just as
importantly, we also look to the future.

For this campaign, we have received reports of ...
... 668 babies spared from abortion -- that we know of!

Many of the local campaigns are still compiling reports,
so it's highly likely that this number will increase as
the national team receives more of their updates.
Praise God!


Cyndy had the opportunity to talk with a couple on the
sidewalk outside the abortion center in Reno. The wife
had been told that she needed an abortion because she
and the child could die if she continued the pregnancy.

"Cyndy gave them our resource list," said Carol Marie
in Reno, "and thank God, they used it." They were
referred to the emergency room. "The following day,
rather than returning to the abortion site, they
visited the local pregnancy center for life-affirming
help," Carol Marie said. "Praise God!"


Abortion is not legal in Ireland -- but there are
agencies that encourage women to travel to England
to abort their babies.

Carolyn in Dublin says the vigil "is so far successful,
thank God." They are able to refer women for pro-life
assistance -- and away from abortion.

"We have confirmation of one baby saved," she said,
"and we are in regular contact with the couple."

As Rich was praying at the 40 Days for Life vigil in
Poughkeepsie, he noticed a red SUV enter the Planned
Parenthood parking lot. One of the volunteers walked
over to talk -- and to offer some information, which
the driver accepted.

The car then parked close to the entrance, and the
prayer team could see if was a mother and her two
teenage daughters. After a while, Rich said, "The
mother came over to us and told us that her daughter
was NOT going to have the abortion. She was very
strong on that."


Mary in Little Rock says a couple from Memphis came
for an abortion on the advice of four doctors, who
all said the baby would die and possibly the mother.

The volunteers told them there were other options to
consider. The woman was referred to a pro-life ob/gyn
who specializes in high-risk pregnancies. "Against all
odds," Mary said, "their baby continues to live. She
is 7 months along ... we are praying for a miracle."

God has granted many miracles in this campaign. We
can always join in praying for one more!

97 posted on 04/02/2012 11:13:08 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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