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Terri's Fight - (Daily Thread/Updates) November 11-13
Various | November 10, 2003 | sweetliberty

Posted on 11/10/2003 8:35:02 PM PST by sweetliberty

(Thread 7 - November 11-13)

Link back to thread 6 - (Nov.8-10)
Link back to thread 5 - (Nov. 5-7)
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Contained in Thread 6:

*Correction on thread 6. In the heading where it says, "contained in thread 4," it should read, "contained in thread 5."

Contact information for Judge Greer, probate documents listed for Terry and Michael Schiavo, article from April, 2001 when Terri's feeding tube was ordered by Judge Quesada to be put back in pending deposition of Cindy Shook Brashers, link to clip of Steve Schiavo calling in to Glenn Beck's program, link to information on Schiavo/Centonze property value, link to transcript of On the Record interview with Ken Connor, link to American Patriot Friends Network, link to website, article about the testimony of Trudy Capone, link to post about co-sponsor of Terri's Bill in the House, Frank Attkisson giving legal reasons for the need for intervention on Terri's behalf, link to Hospice Patients Alliance website, statement that 9 neurologists have said that Terri is NOT in a PVS, Washington, information via email/fax, summary of legal expenses that Schiavo paid out of the money awarded to him for Terri’s care and rehabilitation, also see chart here for summary of legal expenses, This Round to Terri, But Fight Not Over article in Catholic Standard & Times (10/23/2003), another article, Schindlers Wonder What Happened the Night Terri Collapsed form Catholic Standard and Times:, and a serious question that is raised and needs to be researched.

Also in thread 6 (breaking it down into 2 paragraphs due to the length): information on holdings of Jodi Centonze, was Terri beaten(?), liability claims against Terri’s doctors, chronology of cases against Michael Schiavo, Schiavo v. Bush, who’s paying hospice(?), some quotes from George Felos’ book here and here, Jodi Centonze insurance connections, link to Village Voice article: Lying about Terri Schiavo, federal prohibition of use of funds for assisted suicide and euthanasia, the model husband according to George Felos (also see addition here), findings of Florida medical board on Dr. Hammersfahr and some facts about Judge Greer regarding this case.


Click on pic for Terri's website

This thread serves as a place for posting all new general information and references, along with links following Terri's case, plus information on cable news and talk radio shows dealing with the issue, court cases and press releases. This is also the place to post contact information, prayers and general discussion.

If you have something that qualifies as BREAKING NEWS or FRONT PAGE NEWS, please post it on a separate thread in that category in order to give it maximum exposure and then post a link to the article/thread here so that it will be included in the next update of links. Also, if you post links to articles from original sources and there is also a thread on FR, please link to the FR thread. Many original links become corrupt over time and we want to be able to access the information at will.

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House speaker Byrd defends law keeping brain-damaged woman alive

Terri Schiavo's parents discuss their pain, heartache & resolve

TOPICS: Activism/Chapters; Constitution/Conservatism; Crime/Corruption; Government; News/Current Events; US: Florida
KEYWORDS: attorneyfromhell; buttout; cultureofdeath; daily; euthanasia; florida; forcesofevil; georgefelos; guardianfromhell; hino; merchantsofdeath; michaelschiavo; righttolife; schiavo; schiavothread; schindler; terri; terrischiavo; terrischindler
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To: lonevoice; All
I'm really begining to think there was a switch where the 1996 and 2000 scans are concerned. Like even the TROLLS will tell you, you DON'T re grow a ceribral cortex between 2000 and 2002 or EVER for that matter. Although we should NOT count out a genuine miracle of GOD going on here because of the intense prayer from all the branches of Christianity Protestent, Orthodox and Catholic that has accompanied the FReeping in this case. (What Man can not do on his own Man's CREATOR can!!!!) However we also can't discount that Terri IS the poster girl for BOTH sides in this case, Pro Death and Pro Life and of the two the Pro Death side has the most access to the evidence and is also most likely to manipulate it in dishonest ways.
251 posted on 11/12/2003 10:01:37 PM PST by Coral Snake (deathculture(HospiceOf TheFlorida$uncoast == Andersonville + Aushwitz)
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To: All
Check out the Junk and lies being told by those that don't understand what is realy happening here, or just don't care, or enjoys murder of the disable,weak,poor,sick,etc..

The majority of the american people are being fool,lied,
and deception by the master and owner of the media's...

"Florida oversteps as Schiavo's guardian"

This fool BORIS, needs to study the facts first, and understand this case is about attempting murder on women, who is a on-going victim of domestic violence of 13 years...
Beat her, make money out of her,kill her, and be RICH $$$, and then BURN the body, and have the courts do the job....

Do you realize , how many evil men/women are watching this, and getting ideas in.......HOW TO _________and make $$$..
this case
252 posted on 11/13/2003 12:56:41 AM PST by Orlando
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To: Orlando
253 posted on 11/13/2003 4:39:50 AM PST by pickyourpoison
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To: pickyourpoison

A thousand words about the Terri Schiavo you
never knew

Careless Whisper was her favorite song. She rode horses.
She saved birthday cards. She didn't go to prom.

By KELLEY BENHAM, Times Staff Writer
Published November 13, 2003

She was named Theresa Marie, after Saint
Theresa of Avila, but they called her that
only when they were mad, which was
almost never.

She drew pictures of dogs and horses,
Bambi and Thumper, and her Labrador
puppy, Bucky.

She grew up in a four-bedroom colonial on
a half acre in the suburbs of northeast

Overweight most of her life, she would cry
when she had to buy school clothes.

She loved to peel skin after a sunburn.

She could keep a secret.

Her eyes are brown.

She attended Our Lady of Good Counsel school, where short, stout Sister
Idalea knew the best way to pull a kid's hair to make it hurt.

She loved a boy named V.J. Mandez, but he did not love her back.

She learned to drive in a Ford Country Squire station wagon.

She got cold easily. She kept a blanket on the bed even in summer.

She once ran into the house crying because she had run over a rabbit. No one
could console her. Her father went outside, came back, and said she was
mistaken, there was no dead rabbit in the road. When she finally calmed down
and left the room, her dad said, "Man, she nailed it."

She drank nearly a gallon of iced tea a day.

She read Danielle Steele novels. In their defense, she would say, "They are not

She liked to drive her T-top Trans Am past construction sites. She liked

She slept with her back to the window, so if she was murdered in the night she
would not see it coming.

She weighed 200 pounds when she graduated from Archbishop Wood High

On her first real date, with a guy named Michael Schiavo, her brother and his
friend stood on the front lawn and cheered.

She met Michael her second semester at Bucks County Community College.
He was a year older, a foot taller and blond. He was the first guy who ever
noticed her.

She has her mother's bushy eyebrows.

At Christmas, she would sneak around the house trying to find where the
presents were hidden. Her father set up a train around the tree.

They said grace before dinner and had roast beef on Sundays.

She wrote a letter to John Denver asking him to sing at her wedding. He never
wrote back.

She was not a great cook. She made a banana cake with green bananas and
laughed when everyone told her how horrible it was.

She clerked at Prudential Insurance in Pennsylvania and in Florida, but wanted
a job with animals.

She always made someone else kill the roaches.

Michael proposed after five months of dating. Her parents thought they were
too young.

She was married Nov. 10, 1984, at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church in
front of about 250 guests. It was the wedding she had always wanted, except
that she refused to wait for warmer weather so she could have a horse and
carriage. The tuxedos were gray.

She collected Precious Moments figurines.

When her Christmas tree was crooked, she called her dad for help. He told
her to go buy a tree straightener. She called all over looking for one.

Before college she lost more than 50 pounds on a NutriSystem diet.

When she was about 7, her brother Bobby threw a brick at her head and
made her cry.

Bobby locked her in a suitcase once and couldn't get her out. He ran for their
mom while the suitcase jumped up and down, screaming.

She drove 30 minutes out of her way five days a week to visit her grandmother
in a nursing home.

Her friends teased her that at the beach she was always the one the sea gull
pooped on. "Don't lie next to me," they would say.

She worked at a dry cleaner in high school.

The movie Jaws made her cry. She was terrified of the ocean for the rest of her

Her gerbils were always getting loose and winding up in the air conditioning unit
in the basement.

She was born Dec. 3, 1963, the first child of Robert and Mary Schindler.
Robert was a salesman, mostly. Mary stayed home with Terri, and then Bobby
and Suzanne.

On Saturdays, she went to Mass with her mother.

She was not strong and would not work out.

She bought her brother Bobby his first Bruce Springsteen record, Darkness on
the Edge of Town, in 1978. He's been a fanatic ever since.

She always wanted to be a veterinarian and wrote TV zookeeper Joan Embry
for advice. Embry said to finish college.

An average student, she dropped out of junior college.

She saw doctors for a benign lump in her breast, a wart on her toe and dizzy

As a child she would spend hours in her room arranging her stuffed animals.

She loved Wham!

When Bucky the Labrador collapsed, she performed mouth-to-nose
resuscitation on him. He died in her arms.

She and Michael lived in her parents' basement in Pennsylvania, then in a
condo her parents owned in Florida. They paid rent, $400 a month, when they

She saw An Officer and a Gentleman four times in one day.

She quit using birth control in 1989 but did not get pregnant.

She is allergic to Benadryl.

She had an intolerance to salad and dairy products.

The night before her wedding, her father sat on the floor of her bedroom and
watched her sleep. He was crying. She knew he was there, but never told him.

She loved the TV show Starsky and Hutch so much that she and her friend
Sue Pickwell wrote hundreds of letters to Paul Michael Glaser. He, or his
people, eventually wrote back.

At 26, she was 5 feet 4 and weighed 110 pounds. When she took off her shirt
at night, Michael could see her bones.

She dyed her hair blond and bought a bikini.

She went to clubs with her brother because Michael worked nights. When
guys hit on her, she would giggle, grab her brother and say, "I'm here with my

She had neat handwriting.

She had a good tan.

When she rode on the back of Bobby's motorcycle, she held on so tight she
left marks on his skin.

Early on Feb. 25, 1990, she collapsed on the floor in the hallway outside her
bedroom, gasping.

- Information for this story came from interviews with Terri Schiavo's brother,
Bob Schindler Jr., and her childhood friend Diane Meyer, and from court
transcripts, Newsday and the Associated Press.

Floridian headlines
A thousand words about the Terri Schiavo you never knew
254 posted on 11/13/2003 4:42:40 AM PST by Snykerz
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To: Snykerz
She got cold easily. She kept a blanket on the bed even in summer.

Now we KNOW why Michael R. Schiavo kept (or keeps) her hospice room at 64 degrees. I guess when he moved the temperature to 80 during the last dehydration/starvation attempt, she liked the warmer temperatures and continued to resist death. Why didn't Larry King ask him about the temperature in the hospice room.
255 posted on 11/13/2003 5:50:24 AM PST by Theodore R.
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To: All
from The Oregonian

Schiavo portrayal incomplete


Recent articles and letters about the Terri Schiavo controversy have shown a serious bias and omitted crucial facts about the case.

There is no evidence at all that Schiavo "would have wanted the plug pulled" except the unsupported word of her husband. No one else who knows her believes this.

She is not being "kept alive artificially," except for a feeding tube. Her breathing and other functions work normally on their own.

Many doctors familiar with the case say that she is not comatose but at least somewhat conscious and that she could greatly improve with therapy -- therapy that her husband has systematically denied her. Several nurses who have taken care of her over the years say that at times she has even spoken to them. For the other side of the story, see, especially the many links to independent sources of information. The reality of this case is very different from how the media have made it appear.

J. D. Gresham

256 posted on 11/13/2003 5:52:27 AM PST by msmagoo
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To: msmagoo
257 posted on 11/13/2003 5:53:50 AM PST by manna
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To: Orlando
At the risk of trivializaing your post, your writing made me wonder if Michael R. Schiavo parks in "handicapped-only" spots. I bet he thinkis only he could get away with doing so. My goodness, he seems to get away with doing everything else!!! What is it with FL and Schiavo?
258 posted on 11/13/2003 6:37:44 AM PST by Theodore R.
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To: Theodore R.
Did you note the sentence how she was afraid of being murdered? She slept with her back to the window.....
I saw on local news station this am that Felos will be on BayNews 9 tomorrow at 12:30 along with a lady from "Not Dead Yet" to talk about "the constitution crisis regarding Terri's Law"(per newsperson's view of what is going on.)Does anyone know who the lady is from "Not Dead Yet" I hope she can keep up with Felos, he can be mean!
259 posted on 11/13/2003 6:53:32 AM PST by lilypad
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To: All
I continue to send letters to news organization to please see the issue at hand. Everyone was dedicated to educating the Fla govt regarding this issue and it's time to focus on the editorials and articles where we find them. Below is the letter I sent to the guy from the Daily Trojan. Thanks to those who post the articles so we know to whom to respond.

Dear ___
Your editorial position at the Daily Trojan would indicate that you are a student and young enough to be connected to the online community and that it plays a significant part of your everyday activities. It is astounding to me that you would so easily miss the tides of change enveloping the world of journalism.

The people interested in the Schiavo case get most of their information online and from nontraditional news sources. The information at hand about the Schiavo case is reams of paper in the real world.

George Felos et. al. would like to define this as a "right to die" case. Hundreds of thousands of people who have been folloing the Schiavo case know it is unequivocally a right to fair treatment case. At some point, a jury awarded her 1.25 million dollars believing Terri Schiavo deserved and would benefit from treatment. If she was awarded funds for treatment and rehabilitation, why has it not only been not provided but succinctly refused?

How can you go logically from requesting funds for treatment in the 1990's to now seeking the right to die? She didn't want to die then, but does now? This is the heart of the matter. And this is the reason that hundreds of thousands of people from across the United States took time from their busy days to contact the Florida government and communicate to them the gross mistreatment of Terri Schiavo at the hands of her husband guardian. And the government responded. *That is your story.* Is it not stunning to to you that such a monumental mass would be so moved as to become activists for one woman's condition? Don't you have to ask yourself why this would be so? These are not ignorant masses.

I venture to guess you are humane and would want your grandmother treated with tender loving care (despite her mental faculties) and yet you blithely accept Ms. Schiavo's current treatment and condition. Try to get ahead of the curve and not let your issues be determined by old world media.

Best wishes in your future.
260 posted on 11/13/2003 7:30:35 AM PST by a5478 (a5478)
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To: Orlando
You can tell his (Boris guy) ignorance from the statement that Mikey is the only one "fit" to make the decision.Lord help us!
261 posted on 11/13/2003 7:39:42 AM PST by lilypad
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To: lilypad; sweetliberty; floriduh voter; dandelion; FL_engineer; All
Oh, wow, thanks for the tip that Bay 9 is going to broadcast it! Sure enough, they mention it on their website here, looks like we may really be able to hear it, they have a link to listen to their streaming audio.

Bay News 9 Homepage

I saw the mention of this debate on some thread a few days ago, here's the link for the sponsoring club:

Tiger Bay Club: Schiavo Debate Info

The Tiger Bay Club of Tampa
Friday, November 14, 2003
12 Noon (ET)
"CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS: Death with Dignity Denied or Saved from Murder?"
George Felos, Attorney for Michael Schiavo
Diane Coleman, Founder of "Not Dead Yet"

I don't know anything about Diane Coleman, is she a good speaker? I hope she runs rings around Felos and nukes his double-speak with piercing clarity!

262 posted on 11/13/2003 7:41:37 AM PST by TheSarce
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To: saveterri1
Update! "...I didn't know that Pearse's views had changed since 1998. He no longer opposes the removal of Terri Schiavo's feeding tube.

'Here's why:

'Most of the medical testimony, given at trial and after Pearse issued his recommendations, concluded she would never recover.

'The primary reason for Michael Schiavo's conflict of interest is gone. Only about $50,000 of the original $700,000 settlement remains. The rest reportedly went to Terri Schiavo's care and legal fees.

'The case itself has been closely scrutinized by judge after judge, and their findings have been unanimous. The judges thought they knew what Terri Schiavo would have wanted. 'They also found Michael Schiavo credible. Even with a conflict of interest, Pearse said, he could be right about his wife's wishes.

'One day, this all must stop.

'Pearse has a word for what is needed.


'That's what courts are supposed to provide, Pearse said. They are supposed to sort through our biggest disputes and put them to rest.

'Once the governor and Legislature stepped in and pushed through Terri's Law, the courts were denied their usual role.

'Pearse called the law stunningly bad policy.

'Note to the GOP: Pearse is a Republican.

'He predicted, as others have, that Terri's Law will be struck down as unconstitutional, a case of unequal protection under the law. The concept means that it's illegal to give Terri Schiavo a right that others don't get. Terri's Law was written to cover her situation and hers alone.

'The fight now is on two fronts.

'In one court case, Michael Schiavo mounts a challenge to Terri's Law, before Pinellas Circuit Judge W. Douglas Baird. The other battle is before Judge Greer, as it has been for years. Terri Schiavo's parents are asking, as they have repeatedly, for the ouster of Michael Schiavo as his wife's guardian. Like Pearse, the rest of us can only watch."

263 posted on 11/13/2003 8:10:34 AM PST by daylate-dollarshort
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To: daylate-dollarshort
Here's the link!
264 posted on 11/13/2003 8:35:38 AM PST by daylate-dollarshort
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To: Snykerz
Here's the FR thread:

A thousand words about the Terri Schiavo you never knew

I don't know if these are referenced here yet either.

Florida governor, lawmakers defend 'Terri's Law'

Oregon Bishop Speaks Out in the Case of Terri Schiavo

Governor Sidetracks Schiavo 's Lawsuit

Schiavo's case is really about religious right

Roy Moore:Media 'will not print the truth'

In the last one, while not just on Terri's case, Judge Moore does give his opinion about it.

265 posted on 11/13/2003 9:52:01 AM PST by sweetliberty ("Having the right to do a thing is not at all the same thing as being right in doing it.")
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To: sweetliberty
LIFE AND DEATH TUG OF WAR - Florida governor, lawmakers defend 'Terri's Law'- House speaker's brief argues legality of starvation-stopping measure
266 posted on 11/13/2003 10:10:05 AM PST by JustPiper (18 out of 19 HiJacker's had State issued Driver's License's !!!)
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To: All
Can anyone tell me if they have any information about a Federal Agency in regards to the American's With Disabilities Act investigating the Terri Schiavo situation? My mother said she saw a blip of it on Fox this morning? Anyone?
267 posted on 11/13/2003 10:21:00 AM PST by atruelady
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To: TheSarce
I saw Diane Coleman on MSN with Abrams report a few nights ago and she was on with some female atty ( I think her name was Weintraub or something like that)who was very loud, and obnoxious,who of course sided with the death squad.In my view,this atty made mincemeat out of Diane Coleman, not on facts, but by being downright pushy and loud.She kept repeating that Terri's wishes were clear and convincing. This is not good for the folks who do not know all the story to hear this.I hope Diane can be more convincing than she was the other night and given the opportunity to speak.
268 posted on 11/13/2003 10:47:11 AM PST by lilypad
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To: TheSarce; lilypad; sweetliberty; floriduh voter; dandelion; atruelady
>>I don't know anything about Diane Coleman, is she a good speaker? I hope she runs rings around Felos and nukes his double-speak with piercing clarity!

ummm, sorry, but I don't think so. I caught a portion of a 3-way debate with her on Abrams Report this week.

It was Coleman (FOR Terri, and FOR the disabled)
Abrams and that viscious Weintraub woman (arguing AGAINST Terri)

Coleman HAD a good message but wasn't forceful or a great orator like Alan Keyes. Most casual observers tuning in for the first time would barely have noticed what Coleman said due to the forceful slamming by the MSNBC tag team pair.

I've given up on Dan Abrams. He's a jerk and has made up his mind that Terri has to die as soon as possible. Abrams defends MS every other sentence.

Coleman might do better on the radio, with Felos since Felos holds his temper better than Weintraub, and from what I've seen Felos does let his opposition talk. Hopefully the radio moderator will also assure equal time and fairness. Maybe Coleman's appearance on the Abrams show will hopefully make her more polished on the subject too.

God, wouldn't it be great to enlist Alan Keyes to our cause???

oooooh, I just checked and he 'might' already BE on board, or nearly on board Terri's team...

This page is well worth the read...
Alan Keyes' Chief of Staff heralds Schiavo victory

And this may be his email address...
according to the link at the bottom of this page... Alan Keyes - Archive

269 posted on 11/13/2003 11:00:06 AM PST by Future Useless Eater (Freedom_Loving_Engineer)
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To: lilypad
I see we had the exact same impression.

I had NOT seen your comments yet when I was composing mine.
270 posted on 11/13/2003 11:02:43 AM PST by Future Useless Eater (Freedom_Loving_Engineer)
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To: FL_engineer
Diane Coleman participated in a press conference in front of Hospice. THE LOCAL MEDIA LEFT HER ON THE CUTTING ROOM FLOOR. I was aghast. She'll do a good job tomorrow. She represents the disabled who can't do public speaking and who were horrified by Terri's Court Order.
271 posted on 11/13/2003 11:04:36 AM PST by floriduh voter (Breaking at FR Site)
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To: TheSarce; sweetliberty; Ragtime Cowgirl; windchime; EternalVigilance; GWB and GOP Man; sarasmom; ...
Friday's a big day. Bay News 9: Covering Tiger Bay Luncheon with debate between Not Dead Yet and Felos.

Next: Terri's fight on OPRAH. Finally: The Schindlers ON LARRY KING LIVE AT 9:00 PM EST. All confirmed.

272 posted on 11/13/2003 11:11:32 AM PST by floriduh voter (Breaking at FR Site)
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To: daylate-dollarshort
Some of us can even watch at the Tiger Bay Luncheon.
273 posted on 11/13/2003 11:14:31 AM PST by floriduh voter (Breaking at FR Site)
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To: floriduh voter
When will they be speaking, FV? I can't stomach the pitiful 'news' people on BayNews 9 long enough to check anything there. I'll set the VCR and fast-forward through the 'news' people and their comments.
274 posted on 11/13/2003 11:51:56 AM PST by windchime
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To: FL_engineer
Dan Abrams' father, Floyd Abrams, is a big liberal, but I cannot think of his organization.
275 posted on 11/13/2003 12:06:25 PM PST by Theodore R.
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To: atruelady
Can anyone tell me if they have any information about a Federal Agency in regards to the American's With Disabilities Act investigating the Terri Schiavo situation? My mother said she saw a blip of it on Fox this morning? Anyone?

There was talk about this several weeks back right about the time Jeb Bush signed Terri's Law. I have been wondering myself what is happening with this.....will do some investigating.

276 posted on 11/13/2003 1:13:59 PM PST by pollywog (Psalm 121;1 I Lift mine eyes to the hills from whence cometh my help.)
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To: sweetliberty; All
Do you think this thread might have become a little quieter because of the active troll on it? I remember on the last couple of daily threads there were posters commenting that they stay out of all the other Terri threads because of the trolls. Up until very recently this thread has been nearly free of disruption. Maybe it's only me, but I realize I've visited this thread less in the past few days because I'm so sick of the trolling. Of course, we can always scroll past it, and I do, but the troll posting really long (and frequent) posts makes it more like an obstacle course. Wishing Free Republic had an "ignore" feature.
277 posted on 11/13/2003 1:32:42 PM PST by lonevoice (Legal disclaimer: The above is MY OPINION)
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To: FL_engineer
"that viscious Weintraub woman"

That woman needs to go back to school and retake "Being Human-101." I think she failed it the first time around.

278 posted on 11/13/2003 2:04:11 PM PST by sweetliberty ("Having the right to do a thing is not at all the same thing as being right in doing it.")
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To: FL_engineer
"God, wouldn't it be great to enlist Alan Keyes to our cause???"

My dream choice would still be Ann Coulter. She'd have Felos' b**ls in her purse. I'd even be happy just to see her do a little reading up on the merchant of death and his delusional musings then do a column, but I would especially like to see her go head to head with him on TV. She'd send him crying home to Mama.

279 posted on 11/13/2003 2:11:50 PM PST by sweetliberty ("Having the right to do a thing is not at all the same thing as being right in doing it.")
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To: sweetliberty
LOL! You have such a way with words. ;o)
280 posted on 11/13/2003 2:33:34 PM PST by shezza
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To: sweetliberty
In her purse? LOL! I think she'd make a wallet out of them. ;-)
281 posted on 11/13/2003 3:08:33 PM PST by lonevoice (Legal disclaimer: The above is MY OPINION)
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To: sweetliberty; pc93
My dream choice would still be Ann Coulter. She'd have Felos' b**ls in her purse.

LOL! so true!

I need some help. I am looking for a document. It was the doctors notes from Mediplex(?)(not sure about that). It is the document that stated Terri was making progress. It was on but that url now takes you directly to any idea where I could find this one? I've looked at terrisfight but I don't see it there.

282 posted on 11/13/2003 3:18:05 PM PST by wisconsinconservative (Christian, Conservative.......and proud of it)
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To: FL_engineer; sweetliberty; Robert A. Cook, PE; Robert Drobot; pc93; HiTech RedNeck; sfRummygirl; ...
I assume you have, but in case not, have you seen this article?
Federal Judge Dismisses Parents' Lawsuit in Terri Schiavo Case

October 2003

...the hospice workers responsible for removing the tube may have to choose between violating Judge Greer's order or Florida law. Under Title 46, Chapter 825, Section 102 (3)(a) of the Florida Criminal Statutes, the crime of "neglect of an elderly person or disabled adult" occurs as the result of:

"A caregiver's failure or omission to provide an elderly person or disabled adult with the care, supervision and services necessary to maintain the elderly person's or disabled adult's physical and mental health, including, but not limited to, food, nutrition, clothing, shelter, supervision, medicine and medical services that a prudent person would consider essential for the well-being of the elderly person or disabled adult."

283 posted on 11/13/2003 3:22:40 PM PST by nicmarlo
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To: wisconsinconservative
Could this be it?
284 posted on 11/13/2003 3:22:55 PM PST by Chocolate Rose
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To: sweetliberty
I was just reading on another thread that Ann Coulter mentions Terri in her column.
285 posted on 11/13/2003 3:31:22 PM PST by pickyourpoison
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To: nicmarlo; FL_engineer; Budge
Weren't one of you collecting info on an accounting of award money?

Emergency motion in right-to-die case Family seeks delay of ruling on removal of woman's feeding tube

Posted: November 14, 2002

...Schiavo was awarded $630,000 in damages in a malpractice suit in 1992 based on this explanation. Some $1.7 million also was awarded and placed in a medical-care fund for Terri. Schiavo stands to inherit the money upon Terri's death.

At this point, however, the medical fund is nearly tapped. According to court records, Felos has filed a series of petitions seeking reimbursement for attorney fees totaling $358,434. In July of 1998, shortly after Felos filed Schiavo's motion to remove the feeding tube, the total in the fund was $718,000. As of last month, $110,000 remained.

286 posted on 11/13/2003 3:32:35 PM PST by nicmarlo
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To: All
Is Oprah scheduled for tomorrow, Friday 14th?
287 posted on 11/13/2003 3:36:46 PM PST by pollywog (Psalm 121;1 I Lift mine eyes to the hills from whence cometh my help.)
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To: pollywog
Yes. See post # 272 by floriduh voter
288 posted on 11/13/2003 3:42:01 PM PST by Chocolate Rose
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To: atruelady
I came upon this activist group, nothing yet on the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Not Dead Yet, The Resistance
OCTOBER 14, 2003

Starvation of Terri Schiavo is the Future of Hospice

FOREST PARK, IL: Disability activists are saying the impending starvation of a brain-injured woman in a Florida hospice confirms their worst fears about "end of life" advocacy. Representatives of Not Dead Yet, a national disability rights group opposed to legalization of assisted suicide and euthanasia, claim that the impending starvation of Terri Schiavo is both the tip of the iceberg and a sign of what's to come.

"Terri Schiavo is going to be killed in the hands of a hospice facility operated by the Hospice of the Florida Suncoast," says Stephen Drake, research analyst for Not Dead Yet. "This organization is one of the regional 'Rallying Points' of Last Acts, a mega-funded project which coordinates 'end of life' advocacy around the United States. The CEO of Hospice of the Florida Suncoast is on the board of directors of Partnership for Caring, the organization that coordinates funding for the 'Rallying Points.' Both organizations have received some of the estimated 150 million dollars the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has invested in 'end of life' concerns."

Drake also notes that George Felos, Michael Schiavo's attorney, was chair of the board of Hospice of the Florida Suncoast until he took Michael Schiavo on as a client. Since then, Felos has reportedly pocketed most of the $700,000 awarded for Terri's medical care in legal fees to end her life....

289 posted on 11/13/2003 3:42:26 PM PST by nicmarlo
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To: nicmarlo

That's more money than was orginally mentioned. I thought it was 1.2 million.
290 posted on 11/13/2003 3:44:15 PM PST by pickyourpoison
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To: sweetliberty

Remove Dennis Kucinich's
feeding tube!

Posted: November 13, 2003
1:00 a.m. Eastern

© 2003 Universal Press Syndicate

In the current battle over whether to remove the
feeding tube from Florida woman Terri Schiavo,
the basic positions are:

She is in a permanent vegetative state; no
she's not.

She is unconscious and does not react to
stimuli; yes she does.

She will never get any better; yes she will.

She would not have wanted to be kept on a
feeding tube; you don't know that.

The only thing everyone seems to agree on is that
the husband is creepy. Terri's parents are fighting
like mad to keep Terri alive. The husband, Michael
Schiavo, is living with another woman with
whom he has one child and is expecting another.
Yet he has mounted a monumental crusade to
have Terri's feeding tube removed.

Terri is not brain-dead and requires no
extraordinary means to be kept alive. She is
breathing, her heart is pumping, her organs are
functioning. All she needs is food and water. (Of
course, all three are technically true of Kate Moss,
too.) But her husband wants to starve her to
death. As Larry King asked him, why not "walk

That is the eternal mystery of this case. Assuming
everything Michael says about Terri is true – she
has no consciousness, she will never recover, and
she would not want to live with feeding tubes –
well, then, she's not in pain, bored, angry or upset.
Dennis Kucinich has been in a persistent
vegetative state for 20 years – how about not
feeding him? Why is Michael Schiavo so obsessed
with pulling Terri's feeding tube? Why can't he
just walk away?

Michael's answer to Larry King was this: "Why
should I, Larry? This is Terri's wish. This is Terri's
choice." As King pointed out, Terri's alleged
"wish" was not memorialized anywhere in
writing, only in Michael's memory. Michael
responded to this point by invoking the courts:
"It's been decided for six years of litigation that
this was Terri's wish."

I note that "six years of litigation" is not enough to
end the lives of child-molesting serial killers on
death row. The same people who want to kill Terri
believe that death-row cases are never final, no
matter how many courts and juries have spoken
over how many decades.

Moreover, it's not as if court after court has heard
testimony on Terri's wishes and have all
unanimously agreed that Terri would have chosen
death. One lone Florida circuit court judge, George
Greer, credited Michael's testimony, finding "clear
and convincing" evidence that Terri said she
would not want to be kept alive on feeding tubes.
Because Judge Greer was acting as the finder of
fact, his finding is essentially unreviewable by any
other court. Even the notorious Florida Supreme
Court – which has a history of jumping in to try to
save a dead man – refused to review the case.

Judge Greer's finding on Terri's wishes may be
immune from legal review, but it's not immune
from criticism. He's a finder of fact – he's not God.
A few years ago, Judge Greer found that Helene
Ball McGee did not have reasonable cause to
believe domestic violence was imminent and
denied her an order of protection. Two weeks
later, Mrs. McGee was stabbed to death by her
husband. So judges can make mistakes.

Judge Greer's pivotal "finding of fact" in the
Schiavo case determining a life-or-death issue is
based on something Terri allegedly said after
watching a TV show. Michael didn't know his
wife was bulimic, but he distinctly remembered
Terri's remarks about a TV show. (It was an
episode of "Melrose Place," during which she said
that Heather Locklear's shoes were "to die for.")

After watching "Bambi," I'm against deer hunting.
Then I go out the next day and order venison.
Maybe we could have a higher standard of proof
before the government orders a woman to die.

Despite Michael's insistence that he has a vivid
memory of Terri expressing her wishes regarding
death, note this exchange on "Larry King Live":

KING: I have a 35-year-old daughter. I've never
asked her this question. I don't know if she has a
living will. I hope she does. But if she doesn't, I
don't know the answer to the question. Because
most 35-year-olds, I guess, don't talk about it.

SCHIAVO: Nobody talks about death, Larry.

Michael apparently forgot to add – except for that
one night I remember so clearly, Larry, when my
wife, Terri, talked to me about death and
expressed her firmly held desire not to be kept
alive on a feeding tube.

If you start making damning admissions on "Larry
King Live" – with your lawyer sitting next to you,
no less – you have a problem. Larry King can
interview Louis Farrakhan and make him look like
a charmer.

As even the New York Times admits, Michael did
not recall Terri's clearly stated desire to be taken
off life support until after the million-dollar
settlement was paid, most of it going for Terri's
medical costs – and the remainder to her husband.

What offhand comments might Terri have made if
she had read in the Baltimore Sun about Rod
Brandner, who indicated that he was coming out
of a coma by squeezing his son's hand in response
to questions less than two hours before his life
support system was to be turned off?

Or what if she had read the Associated Press news
story on Chris Trickle, who lost 5 percent of his
brain when he was shot in the head, but later
came out of a nine-month coma to breathe on his
own, eat three meals a day, and tell his girlfriend
he loved her?

What would Terri have said after hearing that
Gregory Dygas' mother refused to believe the
doctors' assurances that Gregory was brain-dead
and should be taken off life support, and six
months later watched as Gregory sat up, talked
and watched television?

What offhand remarks might Terri have made
after reading about Terry Wallis, the Canadian
man who just last summer awoke from a 19-year

Or how about that case in Minnesota last year
where the guy who'd been in a coma for decades
suddenly reappeared and ran for Senate? What
was his name? Walter Mondale?

(Note for the record: I want heroic measures taken
to keep me alive, and I demand the immediate
arrest of anyone trying to remove my life support.)

In the absence of a living will, I would think the
courts ought to be erring on the side of life. But
short of that, couldn't we at least all agree that the
courts should not defer to the pull-the-plug
demands from anyone who:

1.expresses an unseemly enthusiasm for
another person's death;

2.was the only person present when the
incident leading to the persistent vegetative
state occurred;

3.stands to make money off the person's
death; or wearing a "W.W.C.V.B.D.?" (what would
Claus von Bulow do?) bracelet?

Special Offer!

Ann Coulter's newest blockbuster is here!
"Treason" contends that liberals have been wrong
on every foreign policy issue, from the fight
against communism at home and abroad, the
Nixon and the Clinton presidencies, and the
struggle with the Soviet empire right up to today’s
war on terrorism. Autographed copies now
available through WorldNetDaily's online store!

Ann Coulter, well-known for her television
appearances as a political analyst, is an attorney and
author. Dubbed "one of the 20 most fascinating
women in politics" by George magazine, Coulter has
appeared on ABC's "This Week," "Good Morning
America," NBC's "Today," "Politically Incorrect with
Bill Maher," CNN's "Larry King Live" and CNBC's
"Rivera Live."

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291 posted on 11/13/2003 3:48:25 PM PST by Snykerz
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To: pickyourpoison
that's what I thought, as well.
292 posted on 11/13/2003 3:50:29 PM PST by nicmarlo
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To: pickyourpoison; sweetliberty
This is from ONE lawsuit:

2. In November 1992, in the trial of a medical malpractice action brought on Terri's behalf and styled Barnett Bank Trust Company v. C. Stephen Igel, MD, Pinellas County Circuit Case No. 92-939-15, Defendant Schiavo testified that he intended to care for his wife as long as she lived, that he intended to adhere to his wedding vows, that he felt "wonderful" about being married to Terri, and that he intended to learn more about nursing so he could care for his wife for the rest of his life.

3. At the time of this testimony and ever since the time of this testimony, Defendant was and has been and is romantically involved with a series of women not his wife, including a woman with whom he presently resides and to whom he refers as his "fiancee."

4. The malpractice jury awarded the Defendant $640,000 in damages for the loss of consortium of his wife Terri and awarded a net of $l.2 million in damages to Terri's guardian of the property.

But we know there were 2 other doctors sued by MS. One settled with him for $250,000 (Michael Schiavo v. Joel S. PRAWER, M.D.). The other "voluntarily" gave up his license...that was Michael Schiavo v. Dr. Robert NEUHARDT (and we don't know if he gave MS money, too).

So, add $640,000, $1,200,000, (the Barnett Bank case against Dr. Igel) and $250,000 (MS's case against Dr. Prawer)(at least) = $2,090,000....there may be other awards we don't know about, too (i.e., Dr. Neuhardt, possibly).

293 posted on 11/13/2003 4:08:58 PM PST by nicmarlo
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To: pickyourpoison; sweetliberty
oops, link to article posting award money: Michael Schiavo Is Being Charged With Perjured Testimony and Fraud On the Court

From the website

294 posted on 11/13/2003 4:10:38 PM PST by nicmarlo
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To: nicmarlo
Here's a $1.9 million figure:

Terri's parents have often suggested the same is true of Michael Schiavo and on their web site,, there is an extensive discussion of the $1.9 million won in Terri Schiavo's malpractice case and the fact that Michael Schiavo is the one who would inherit it when she dies.
295 posted on 11/13/2003 4:29:22 PM PST by nicmarlo
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To: wisconsinconservative
PDF of originals from friends of Terri website

Entire PDF Reports ‘transcribed’ to FreeRepublic


Physical Examination -- 6 - 27 - 90

*patient is awake, eyes are open
*easily startled to her name or when bedrail fell down

*significant amount of tone in the head and neck.
*severe hypertonicity of all four extremities; plantar flexor contractures, some shoulder limitation
*"again, tone is quite significant in all four extremities and difficult to achieve range of motion of the left hip and knee while she is in a supine position."
*she does give eye contact to family members
*she will close her eyes to any threatening response around her face and blink appropriately
*no verbal output during this exam but it has been reported by husband and other family members and therapists over at College Harbor.

Treatment Plan Review from Mediplex rehab, Bradenton, 1/29/91

*Vocalizing when prone in P.T. [physical therapy]
*Occasionally will say "STOP" to nursing during procedures.

*to TR [recreation?] groups. More relaxed to therapists voice, touch (habituation)

3-15-91 Monthly summary

Ms. Schiavo was readministered the sensory stimulation assessment measure on March 13, 1991. The results show a slight increase in a few response areas . . .

296 posted on 11/13/2003 4:33:45 PM PST by cyn (
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To: sweetliberty
Since this seems to be a slow period re: breaking news about this case, I took a moment to go off on a diversion.

Years ago, I used to play around with anagrams so I wondered what I could come up with for M.S.

I came up with this: "Ah ha!  Cosmic Evil."

It seems appropriate.

297 posted on 11/13/2003 4:39:46 PM PST by isrul
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Doctors: Terri case not 'death with dignity' issue
October 22, 2003

But Dr. Jane Orient with the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, or AAPS, claims the opposite is true: "Dehydration is a cruel, painful death."

"It is unconscionable that the state ordered removal of her feeding tube in the first place – it's nothing less than state-sponsored euthanasia," maintains Orient. "She is not dependent on advanced medical interventions. Nothing is mechanically pumping her blood, or forcing oxygen into her lungs. She is simply being fed through a gastrostomy tube."

Last week the General Assembly of the Catholic Medical Association passed a resolution that concurred with Orient's view. It declared removal of Terri's feeding tube "without first undertaking rehabilitation therapy to ascertain her ability to swallow and digest nourishment" constitutes "depriving her of life without due process of law," according to Florida Statutes Section 744, 3211.

Would we allow a retarded child to be starved to death?" queries Orient. "Where are the 'compassionate end-of-life' groups such as the Robert Wood Johnson 'Last Acts' initiative, and why aren't they weighing in on this?"

Multiple physicians solicited by the Schindlers believe Terri, who vocalizes, laughs and appears to respond to her parents, could be rehabilitated to some extent. Some have even offered pro bono treatment, even though Michael Schiavo was awarded nearly $1.5 million dollars in malpractice suits to pay for Terri's rehabilitation and nursing expenses shortly after her mysterious collapse at home in 1990 during which oxygen was cut off to her brain for several minutes.

298 posted on 11/13/2003 4:49:03 PM PST by nicmarlo
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To: nicmarlo
Schiavo's husband says he'll fight back

Michael Schiavo's love for Terri will drive him to battle a new law that kept her alive, his attorney says.

By WILLIAM R. LEVESQUE, Times Staff Writer
Published October 24, 2003

...When doctors moved to reinsert Mrs. Schiavo's feeding tube Tuesday, Bushnell said it appears that officials at Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater, where Mrs. Schiavo was taken, had difficulty finding anyone to do the job. She said they may have been deterred by the threat of litigation.

Mrs. Schiavo's treating physician resigned, apparently refusing the job.

A doctor, whose identity has not been revealed, was located at about 11 p.m. on Tuesday, Bushnell said. A lawsuit against him or the hospital will be considered once the constitutionality of the statute is resolved, she said.

"At this time," Felos said, "we only have limited resources and energy. Our primary focus is to obtain a Florida state court order declaring the law unconstitutional."
299 posted on 11/13/2003 4:56:11 PM PST by nicmarlo
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To: nicmarlo

Terri Schiavo and the culture of death
by Charles Colson

...Two years after her trauma, Terri’s husband, Michael Schiavo, was awarded $2 million by a jury in a malpractice suit against her doctor. The money would go to keep her alive. At the trial, Mr. Schiavo testified that he believed his marriage vows—”till death do us part.”...

Well, Michael’s timeframe seems to have shrunk a bit.

300 posted on 11/13/2003 4:58:15 PM PST by nicmarlo
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