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Leaders Commission Todd Bentley at ‘Lakeland Outpouring’ (CHARISMA MAGAZINE BARF ALERT)
Charisma magazine ^ | 6-24-08 | Paul Steven Ghiringhelli

Posted on 06/27/2008 12:30:58 PM PDT by Terriergal

Leaders Commission Todd Bentley at ‘Lakeland Outpouring’
The special service was billed by leaders as one of the greatest moments in revival history
Leaders Commission Todd Bentley at ‘Lakeland Outpouring’
[06.24.08] Canadian revivalist Todd Bentley, leader of the “Lakeland Outpouring,” was commissioned as an evangelist last night in a special ceremony in Lakeland, Fla., that was broadcast into millions of homes by God TV.
California pastors Ché Ahn and Bill Johnson, along with Canadian pastor John Arnott, laid hands on the 32-year-old Bentley while Peter Wagner, leader of the International Coalition of Apostles, read a statement about the need for apostolic alignment. Other prominent leaders from the apostolic and prophetic movements stood on the platform to show their support for Bentley and to endorse the revival, which began in early April and is now in its 83rd day of continuous meetings.
The ceremony, held in a 10,000-seat tent, took place after some charismatic leaders raised questions about Bentley’s claims, methods and theology. They asked Wagner to oversee a dialogue, and he responded by organizing Monday evening’s event so that Bentley could have more accountability—or what Wagner calls “apostolic alignment.”
“I believe last night was truly historic and a true sign of unity,” Bentley told Charisma today. “Many streams converged and I know last night’s commissioning will truly help bring God’s outpouring to a much larger part of the body.”
Participating leaders at the ceremony included Wagner; Ché Ahn, pastor of Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, Calif.; John Arnott of Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship in Canada; Bill Johnson, pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, Calif.; and Rick Joyner, founder of MorningStar Ministries in Charlotte, N.C.
Wagner said to Bentley on the platform: “This commissioning represents a powerful spiritual transaction taking place in the invisible world. With this in mind, I take the apostolic authority that God has given me and I decree to Todd Bentley, your power will increase, your authority will increase, your favor will increase, your influence will increase, your revelation will increase.
“I also decree that a new supernatural strength will flow through this ministry. A new life force will penetrate this move of God. Government will be established to set things in their proper order. God will pour out a higher level of discernment to distinguish truth from error. New relationships will surface to open the gates to the future.”
In a newsletter released earlier this week, Bentley said Wagner was the one who suggested having an official ceremony in which Bentley could be commissioned.
“I am no church historian, but I do not know of any other time in history, since the book of Acts, have so many different apostles and so many different prophets and movements and leaders [been represented],” Bentley said of the capacity crowd. “This is so much bigger than [anything else] ever before. The devil is shaking in his boots because the apostles are gathering and the prophets are gathering.”
Though the outpouring has enjoyed mostly favorable publicity and is stirring excitement in charismatic congregations worldwide, it has also spawned a debate among leaders dialoguing behind closed doors. These backroom discussions over aspects of Bentley’s teachings were partly what prompted leaders to lay their hands on him last night.
Reportedly 214 nations could watch leaders take turns praying and prophesying over Bentley. It remains to be seen if the ceremony will persuade some still opposed to the meetings to abandon their objections.
Bentley has outgrown three venues in Lakeland since his April 2 visit to Ignited Church led to what he describes as an encounter with an angel in his hotel room the next day.
Critics complain that Bentley entertains extra-biblical practices and has devoted some of his past teachings to “third heaven” experiences and angelic encounters. They say it’s bizarre for him to claim he has met the apostle Paul and angels named “Winds of Change” and “Emma.” They also object to what they believe are exaggerated claims of healings and resurrections.
Bentley recently responded to critics in an open letter posted on his Web site called “Lifting Jesus High: Bringing biblical light to your questions about the Lakeland Outpouring and Todd Bentley”.
In the document, he said his supernatural experiences have always brought him closer to Jesus. He denied believing in female angels, stating that he didn’t understand why God chose an angel named Emma, other than that the angel had “mother-like nurturing qualities.”
Regarding his encounter with an angel called “Winds of Change,” Bentley said it shouldn’t come as a surprise to Christians that an angel with such a name could usher in a new move of God.
Leaders who have expressed private concerns about Bentley’s ministry turned down Charisma’s request for public comment.
To counter accusations that accounts of healing are embellished, Bentley declared last night that his team of interns is working 80 hours a week collecting medical records and other proof of healings so that the Lakeland Outpouring becomes “one of the most well-documented revivals in history.”
Those affiliated with Bentley’s Fresh Fire Ministries claim that he understands the meetings are much bigger than him. “This is not the Todd Bentley revival show,” a Fresh Fire spokesperson told Charisma.
Organizers said nightly meetings will continue in Lakeland indefinitely. Bentley also plans to travel to other U.S. cities for one- or two-night events. “Entire cities are about to come under the glory of God … I’m talking about in America!” Bentley shouted during last night’s meeting.
“I feel that what’s going to be released tonight is a city-taking, nation-taking anointing,” he continued. “We’re going to the cities, then the nations. My dream has never been for a mega-ministry, it has been for a movement. I want to be part of a movement.”
—Paul Steven Ghiringhelli

TOPICS: Apologetics; Charismatic Christian; Current Events; Ministry/Outreach
KEYWORDS: charismania; lakeland; revivalism; toddbentley
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What a joke. I hope people will figure out Charisma magazine is just a junk rag fit for the trash heap now.
1 posted on 06/27/2008 12:31:02 PM PDT by Terriergal
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To: Terriergal

What are you talking about? Todd Bentley is real authentic and so is any magazine that reports on him.

How can you question a man who rode inside a pillar of fire to heaven, where he had surgery performed by angels?


2 posted on 06/27/2008 12:39:09 PM PDT by KentuckianaHeadhunter
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To: Terriergal
What a joke. I hope people will figure out Charisma magazine is just a junk rag fit for the trash heap now.

Do you know for a fact that God isn't behind this revival? We pray for revival daily, and when it breaks out, people want to stand in the way of His movement.

3 posted on 06/27/2008 12:41:26 PM PDT by NRA2BFree (If you need help, ask God. If you don*t, thank God!)
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To: NRA2BFree
This is so much bigger than [anything else] ever before

I don't know that much about this revival, but I know this statement took me back. The Apostle Paul boasted in his infirmities, not in his "superior" ministry.

4 posted on 06/27/2008 1:07:49 PM PDT by dawn53
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To: NRA2BFree


When “leaders” of the “revival” tell someone not to pray as Arnott and Howard-Browne have done, that should throw up red flags for everyone involved. Sorry, God may move in individual lives but the revival as a whole is counterfeit.

5 posted on 06/27/2008 1:33:22 PM PDT by Blogger
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To: NRA2BFree

Sorry, but God isn’t the author of confusion. This is no different than the Toronto and Brownsville (Pensacola) movements where people acted like animals in the name of God. Pathetic.

6 posted on 06/27/2008 1:36:52 PM PDT by TommyDale (I) (Never forget the Republicans who voted for illegal immigrant amnesty in 2007!)
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To: NRA2BFree

Watch any or all of these videos and answer your own question.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8 (a look at pagan practice that looks like Lakeland):

Part 9:

Bonus material:

No doubt, more to come! Bentley is productive.

7 posted on 06/27/2008 1:41:51 PM PDT by Manfred the Wonder Dawg (Test ALL things, hold to that which is True.)
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To: Terriergal

“... while Peter Wagner, leader of the International Coalition of Apostles....”

I see Wagner has dreamed up another self-exalting name for himself and his cronies. I’m just surprised he didn’t add “and Prophets” to the name of his coalition. What deluded frauds (or con men).

8 posted on 06/27/2008 1:48:29 PM PDT by Cecily
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To: NRA2BFree

Ishmael always comes before Isaac....wait for Isaac.

History records others who have spoken to angels and have mystical experiences, who felt that that their new revealed truths were going to take the world by such man was Mohammed, hence 22 per cent of the world lies under
Islam’s grip. Bentley uses similar language.

Christ is going to bodily rule the Earth and set up his kingdom in the new Jerusalem...”Hence you will see the Son of Man coming in the clouds in great glory...”

Paul’s truth’s were revealed to him(other than the Damascus) generally through the Holy Spirit, though he did mention a man being caught up to “third heaven” once where he heard words that were”not lawful for men to speak.

Paul never mentions angels visiting him to impart truth, it was by direct communications with Christ or by revelation of the spirit backed by corroboration with known accepted scripture at the time.

And this is the tricky part because I do believe that the outward works of the Holy spirit and miracles and other “giftings” were not just the 1st century. God even promised that in the latter days that he would pour out his spirit upon all flesh...

Yet we have a crafty enemy that knows the fallability of even God’s elect to seek after signs when the only genuine sign that Christ would show this generation was the sign of Jonah. There are many false Christs and some of them may even be empowered to perform lying wonders...

400 years into captivity, Satan knew that God had promised that Israel would be freed so he crafted the destruction of Israel’s first born through the pharoah’s...yet Moses was miraculously protected and even raised by the Egyptians who were other-wise sworn to kill his infant brethren...Oh the praise the mercy and wisdom of God! Satan knew that a move of God was a foot so he attempted to strangle this move in it’s “crib” so to speak...but failed! Satan may be attempting again in our time to cloud God’s genuine move of the spirit with his own lying counter moves!

A new move of God is afoot now that may ultimately lead to the empowerment of his people to bear up under adversity until Christ should come and set up his kingdom; until such time as the rapture or the great “catching away” and the ultimate tribulation on the Earth; at the end of which Christ shall reign in the New Jerusalem! When such a rapture should come has always been argued, but my main point is that at the end of it all, Christ reigns supreme!

Now I surmise Satan, knowing that his time is short is going to put his “magicians” out there to counter in the minds of the unsaved the true spiritual works of the Spirit filled... much like Pharoah’s magicians attempting to counter Moses and Aaron’s works. The results of course were disastrous for Pharoah.

Now I claim no special revelations, I just read the Bible and the same Satanic patterns are discernible through-out the history of God’s people and the world.

God’s 2 witnesses are coming as well as the rise of the 144,000 and the Devil knows it!
Elijah has come and again is coming; so said our Lord of John the Baptist and of the mightier works of the Spirit to come!

9 posted on 06/27/2008 1:49:12 PM PDT by mdmathis6
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To: mdmathis6

Spoken with the wisdom that comes from James 3.

10 posted on 06/27/2008 1:57:36 PM PDT by DarthVader (Liberal Democrats are the party of EVIL whose time of judgement has come.)
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To: Terriergal
Peter Wagner, leader of the International Coalition of Apostles...

The International Coalition of Apostles?


11 posted on 06/27/2008 2:04:24 PM PDT by Oliver Optic
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To: Manfred the Wonder Dawg

Todd Bentley glories in himself:

Todd claims to have a demon - a Christian CANNOT be possessed by a demon!

Bentley’s strange doctrine:

False Christs:

Bentley’s gobbledygook:

On fire?:

It’s beyond disgusting. How anyone - much less any Christian - could think this madness is of God strikes me as lunacy.

12 posted on 06/27/2008 2:19:04 PM PDT by Manfred the Wonder Dawg (Test ALL things, hold to that which is True.)
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To: Manfred the Wonder Dawg
I've been researching him almost non-stop in the 3 days since first hearing his name.

I have come away with the sad belief from my discernment that he is demon-possessed, as well as a heavy, heavy burden for something with regard to this. I know not what the Lord has planned, but He has burdened me for a reason I know.

It doesn't really matter. God's way is the Best Way ANYway and I'll do as He asks.

After "discovering" TB this week, it was joyous when I discovered a minister via YouTube. And heard one of the greatest sermons of the modern age. Paul Washer's address to the Youth Conference. WOW.

13 posted on 06/27/2008 5:42:23 PM PDT by kimmie7 (<<<---- Too surly for the hoarde.)
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To: kimmie7

A good friend of mine who pastors a church in north Texas is a personal friend of Paul Washer. My grown son listens to Washer. That message was the first one I heard from Washer. Pow!

Check out this link for a message to the Southern Baptist of Texas in 2006, delivered with little notice. The speaker is one of the elders of a local church that I am desperately wanting to join - struggling with worldliness in my church and my desire to contend vs leave.

Check out this link for a video that gives Biblical instruction for discerning Truth from error:

14 posted on 06/27/2008 6:05:16 PM PDT by Manfred the Wonder Dawg (Test ALL things, hold to that which is True.)
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To: Manfred the Wonder Dawg

Just to keep as much information as possible together:

More heresy and anti-Christ:

Biblical encouragement:

15 posted on 06/27/2008 6:26:03 PM PDT by Manfred the Wonder Dawg (Test ALL things, hold to that which is True.)
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To: Terriergal

Those people do not want Christ. They do not want The Truth

People have not changed in 2008 years. They want to hear what makes them “feel good”. They want “spirit-y experiences” not truth.
That is why the phonies like Bentley,Osteen, Copeland, Hihn, Charisma, et al are so popular. Heck today’s pop-preachers can say ANYTHING mixed with bits of scripture and as long as it makes folks FEEL good they do not exmamine the message.
They are literally blinded to truth.Plus of course folks buy the books and send donations and attend “revivals” etc $$$

And boy do the pop-preachers and their followers get steamed if you tear at the seams of their message. They ALWAYS accuse their critics of being from Satan.

16 posted on 06/27/2008 6:43:37 PM PDT by biscuit jane
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To: biscuit jane

bentley: “...I want to be part of a movement.”

Mr. Bentley you are part of a movement... ;/

17 posted on 06/27/2008 6:48:37 PM PDT by biscuit jane
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To: Manfred the Wonder Dawg

We just left our church for the same reason. And joined a Grace! Authentic Biblical preaching of the Word as well as a Shepherd who takes his job seriously! We have since left the original church and are attending Grace regularly. As a result, our entire family’s spiritual walk has deepened (even my 9 year old son’s!) and we’re discovering such gems as John Macarthur, Piper and Washer. Like finally getting a drink of cold water after working in the fields all day!

Wonderful wonderful!

18 posted on 06/27/2008 7:05:31 PM PDT by kimmie7 (<<<---- Too surly for the hoarde.)
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To: biscuit jane

They have itchy ears. So very sad.

19 posted on 06/27/2008 7:07:00 PM PDT by kimmie7 (<<<---- Too surly for the hoarde.)
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To: NRA2BFree

It takes effort and courage watch and listen to these kinds of “preachers” objectively. They are very sly at getting folks to conform to their gospel and they try to intimidate, silence or marginalize those that question them.

It might be fun for you and your son to study/test the gospel of Bentley against The Gospel of Christ and see what you find.

Here are a couple of resources to assist in discernment-

Take care,

20 posted on 06/27/2008 7:07:43 PM PDT by biscuit jane
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