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Tragic Photo Undermines Media Credibility on ‘Manufactured Crisis’ at Border
News ^ | June 29, 2019 | Jeffrey Lord

Posted on 06/29/2019 3:19:47 PM PDT by Kaslin

All kinds of Democrats said it, so why not their allies in the media?

I’m speaking here of the media chorus that insisted — insisted — that what President Trump, in an Oval Office address to the nation in January called a “humanitarian crisis” at the border — was in fact nothing more than a “manufactured crisis.”

It’s one thing for partisan Democrats to make such a preposterous charge thinking they can get away with it. They are in this case, after all, seriously Trump-hating partisans.

But the media? Those who insist that an “Apple is not a Banana” because “Facts Come First.”

In light of the now viral photo of Salvadoran Óscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez and his two-year-old daughter Valeria face down in the water in the Rio Grande — drowned in an attempt to enter the country illegally — even Nancy Pelosi has been shamed enough to reverse course and get a border bill passed, albeit over the vociferous objections of the likes of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her progressive allies.

But the focus here is on the media - and the utter resistance to acknowledging what in January was in plain sight. A stubborn refusal to acknowledge a fact that has now resulted directly in the deaths of that father and young child. So here, for the record, is a list of some of those in the media who insisted - insisted - that the “humanitarian crisis” Trump said was quite real was nothing more than a “manufactured crisis.” Or, as it were, they were telling their audience that an apple is really a banana.

Townhall put together a montage insisting not only that Trump had made up a “manufactured crisis” but outright lied that there was a crisis at the border in the first place. The clip begins with CNN’s Don Lemon asking:“This last ditch effort to persuade Americans that there is a crisis at the border - did it work?

Then the following media people appear, saying as follows:

Eddie Glaude on MSNB: “This is a manufactured crisis. At the heart of this whole thing are a whole bunch of lies.”

MSNBC’s Steve Schmidt: “We have a president who will go on TV tonight and lie and lie and lie some more. This is a manufactured crisis.”

CNN’s Chris Cuomo: “Wouldn’t we (CNN) be there ‘cause it was a crisis , they were being overrun? (Don Lemon: “Yeah.”) There’s something manufactured about this.”

Univision’s Jorge Ramos: “There’s no crisis. It’s a manufactured crisis.”

CNN’s Symone Sanders: “This is a manufactured crisis.”

CNN’s Don Lemon: “This whole mess is manufactured. It’s a manufactured crisis. A non-crisis at the border that’s really not fooling anybody.”

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin: “This whole thing is absurd. It is a completely manufactured, you know, appeal to the ugliest sentiments. And frankly, you know, I wonder about our complicity in just talking about this.”

MSNBC’s Steve Schmidt: “It’s complete and utter nonsense trying to solve a problem that in fact doesn’t exist because there’s zero net illegal immigration coming across the southern border.”

CNN’s Don Lemon on the President: “He’s determined to convince you that there is a crisis at the border. They’re playing the public - you - for suckers.”

Over at Fox, Tucker Carlson put together his own montage of mainstream liberal media acolytes insisting as follows:

NBC’s Chuck Todd: “Folks, the President has manufactured one heck of a political crisis for himself.”

CNN’s Amanda Carpenter: Donald Trump is manufacturing a national security crisis.

CNN’s Jen Psaki: “You will hear them say is that this is a manufactured crisis. It’s not a national security crisis.”

Politics Editor for The Root, Jason Johnson: “From Nancy Pelosi down to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, no one will give him a dime for this project.” To which MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace responded: “Because it’s manufactured

Former Bill Clinton press secretary Joe Lockhart on CNN: “It's a manufactured crisis for the president to get a political win.”

Doubtless there’s more of this kind of utter wrong-headed frothing denial out there in the media.

But there is one fact that is now crystal clear.

Óscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez and his two-year-old daughter Valeria are dead precisely because there is in fact a serious, serious humanitarian crisis at the border. And for all those in the media who insisted this was a “manufactured crisis” and a “whole bunch of lies” that was “playing the public for suckers” — they need to take another look at that tragic photo.

And the damage that photo- and their own words — have inflicted on their own credibility.

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1 posted on 06/29/2019 3:19:47 PM PDT by Kaslin
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To: Kaslin

We used to call this Depraved Indifference.

2 posted on 06/29/2019 3:36:36 PM PDT by eyeamok
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To: Kaslin
This crisis was manufactured - by the news media. They had loads of fun dumping on Trump as the reason for the crisis.

Then Trump called their bluff and said, OK, we do have a crisis so give me the money needed to address the border. Ooops. Trump outmaneuvered them and used their own lie to force the money out of them. So, now they suddenly discovered the whole thing was manufactured.

Sorry, media libs, you've been pwned.

3 posted on 06/29/2019 4:15:23 PM PDT by colorado tanker
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To: Kaslin
Any sane, intelligent person (those two qualifiers alone omits liberal politicians and their media lackeys) can see that the democRATic Socialist Party's talking points memo to the media has been that the border problem is not a problem at all but a "manufactured crisis."

It is not by any coincidence that the same exact wording is used by all of the politicians and these media talking heads when they respond to Trump's claim that there is a "humanitarian crisis" at the southern border.

Apparently, it is a "manufactured crisis" only until they can latch onto a photo of a man and his toddler daughter drowned in the Rio Grande trying to get across the US border.

Then it is a tragic example of Trump's policies at the border.

4 posted on 06/29/2019 4:38:50 PM PDT by HotHunt (Been there. Done that.)
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To: HotHunt

“Apparently, it is a “manufactured crisis” only until they can latch onto a photo of a man and his toddler daughter drowned in the Rio Grande trying to get across the US border.”

That depends on how they approach it. That picture could have been a man and his daughter trying to cool off in the heat by lying in the water with their heads turned away from the camera enjoying a cool dip. They may have been suffering from the really hot day and just found the way to cool off. The media will make of it what they want to show to the public and will lie like a rug to make their point.

Look what happened with George Zimmerman who shot Trayvon Martin when he arrived at the police station with doctored tapes to hide his head wound by one network while another network doctored the 911 call he made prior to having to take action to protect his life. They will do anything to fill their ageneda.



5 posted on 06/29/2019 5:06:29 PM PDT by Redwood71
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To: Redwood71
Ironically, I haven't even see the photo of the man and his daughter in the river. But it doesn't matter. It's the fact the the Left is blaming Trump for the tragedy.

I agree with what you say about the media showing the public only what they want them to know.

This is the reason I don't "watch" TV news anymore. Since I know that it is all agenda or narrative driven or outright fake news, I decided during Trump's first campaign to not waste my time listening to what the Trump haters wanted me know about how evil a person Trump was.

By all accounts from people close to him or who have known him for years, he is a very gracious, generous, nice man. He is not anything like the Left has made him out to be.

Is he perfect? Heavens no. Is he exceptional? Absolutely. He is an extraordinary man who stepped on the world stage at the exact moment the US needed a president who was not your typical politician. No one else at this time is able to compete with his presence and personality. He is almost unique in that regard.

He will win the 2020 election by being himself and continuing to do what is necessary to save America from the Marxists in the democRATic Socialist Party who are bent on destroying the country as the Founding Fathers and the constitution envisioned it.

6 posted on 06/29/2019 6:18:44 PM PDT by HotHunt (Been there. Done that.)
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To: HotHunt
Link to photo
7 posted on 06/29/2019 7:29:51 PM PDT by zeebee
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To: zeebee
Thanks for the link.

It is a tragic situation. My wife and I just got court-ordered custody this month of our 25 month old granddaughter, who lives with us. Heart wrenching for us because we can identify with the deceased little girl in the photo.

Not to be insensitive or inhumane, but besides being tragic, events like this happen throughout life all over the world under normal circumstances. People die from bad choices and accidents all of the time under everybody's watch. Life is not guaranteed when you are taking part in risky behavior. Obviously there is no way to determine exactly why the man and his child ended up dead in the river. If they were trying to cross the border by swimming to cross the border, it is unfortunate and sad.

But what's even sadder, is the news media and Trump's usual suspects in his opposition, the open border democRATS and the RINOs, will take this tragedy and turn it into a human interest story to justify attacking Trump and his administration's immigration policies.

IOW, Trump was responsible for drowning these two people. Exactly the kind of imagery and narrative they want going into 2020.

8 posted on 06/29/2019 8:37:04 PM PDT by HotHunt (Been there. Done that.)
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To: HotHunt

Well said. You might have even added one point I consider very important in the changes made by certain presidents.

I feel that there were so many capable people of being president during our founding years because the candidates at that time had neither a blueprint or someone to live up to in success. Over many years now of presidential styles, we have too many that want to follow in the footsteps of someone that may, or may not depending on how you look at it, been successful. Each one is the next somebody. So they end up trying to be 70/30 politician businessman. And if you’ll notice, a majority of the successful presidents were from the governor ships and not from a political body like the house or senate. They actually ran a business like a state dealing with all the needs to include having the right mentality to be a CEO and not a politician.

Then along comes Trump. His political experience is of “the deal” and not the feelings or falsehoods of trying to seem sympathetic to those we are being challenged by. “The deal” must be fair, both ways, so that’s what he strives to do.

He was hired to run this country just like a fortune 500 company (we call it elected). And that he has done.

Every deal has been fair and concise. He has played within the rules and even been less critical of the mistakes and on purpose foolish actions of everyone that has gone after him including his own political party. Far more than I would have been. And that’s his success. He can sit back and wait for fools to self destruct as they get further and further within themselves and, sooner or later, go anal/cranial insertion at which time he can point it out and they can run back under the rock they slither out from under. And it has nothing to do with emotion, politics, or dislikes.

What he has done to Pelosi is a perfect example. She is cornered with her back to the Pacific with no where else to go before treading water. And she’s trying to back out of her actions like a french tank. Bye Nancy. And Trump orchestrated the entire thing is just now becoming visual to the libs as they are now on the run for their political, and possibly in non-prison lives.

This is what a president does. And if they check the tally success sheet, they’ll notice it works financially, diplomatically, fairly to all our citizens. And the media is running too as they are not publicizing the investigations on their buddies. Time will tell. And Trump can sit back and smile. They fell into another trap. He didn’t start it, but it will finish. And he now doesn’t have a horse to lose. That’s how a successful business man wins. That’s Trump.


9 posted on 06/30/2019 8:36:42 AM PDT by Redwood71
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To: Redwood71
Roger that. Well-stated.


10 posted on 06/30/2019 8:41:32 AM PDT by HotHunt (Been there. Done that.)
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