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Veterans Day and the Holocaust survivors (Saturbray) ^ | 12/1/18 | bray

Posted on 12/01/2018 6:20:03 AM PST by bray

And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. Matthew 25:40

You can tell everything you need to know about a person or gummit by how it treats their enemies. America is really two Americas, one is full of bullies and thugs and the other believes in freedom and liberty described by the founders of this country. The Fathers believed in a small gummit which the individual was given as much power as possible without creating anarchy. They understood if you gave each person an opportunity to maximize their own lives they could move the country as a whole which has led to the greatest freedom experiment in history.

On Veterans Day our group Forests for Oregon sponsored an event for our wonderful WWII Vets and two Holocaust survivors to hear their incredible stories. Our first speaker was Jack, an airman who flew 33 missions in a B-17 over Germany. He told how he grew up in PA and always dreamed of flying so the Army Air Corps was his natural choice. He spoke of the hollow feeling of watching your buddies going down next to you and seeing no chutes.

He also spoke of how his brother after the war joined the Army and was stationed in Berlin. His brother sent him a picture of bombed out Berlin with a note which said, “See what you did.” He spoke sadly how he lived his entire life with the guilt of what children, women and animals were under that rubble.

The Jews were no longer able to tell their stories due to their age so the pastor did a slide show telling it for them as they watched on. Ira is 89 yrs old and when he was a child escaped Czechoslovakia, to Hungry after the Nazis invaded. He was in the Budapest Ghetto wearing the Jewish star. After his father was taken to the death camps he and his mother and sister were shipped to Auschwitz. When he arrived they were split up, he went to the work camp and his sister and mother went to the gas chambers.

His first story was how he had not reacted to an order fast enough so a guard threw a pitchfork through his foot sending him to the clinic where a Jewish doctor took care of him. After a couple days the doctor released some of the prisoners and kept the others. Ira was released even though his foot was still injured and had no idea why he was back to work. He later found the ones who were left in the clinic were sent to the gas chambers.

Later he told of how they had two types of shirts, one cotton and the other wool. He saved his bread rations and traded them for a wool shirt and traded a prisoner for his cotton one. A week or so later the guards divided the group up and had the cotton shirts go one way while the wool shirts went the other. He found out the cotton shirts went to the gas chambers. He survived four camps and was eventually liberated from Dachau prison weighing 75 lbs as a 17 yr old boy.

His wife Ava was also a Czech whose family also escaped to the Budapest Ghetto. One day they rounded up the Jews after her father was taken and took her mother. Her mother was on a train heading for the death camps and knew she had to find a way off the train to save her two daughters. When it slowed and the doors opened she dashed off the train heading for the woods when a guard cried, “Halt!”

She spoke fluent German and got on her knees and begging to let her go or her daughters would surely die without her. The guard told her if he let her go he would be shot. He said he had a wife and three children at home and said in a minute he was going to turn around and go check the next car and when he did she should do what she needs to do. When he turned she ran out into the woods.

It took her two days to sneak back to Budapest and when she arrived her daughters were gone. When she asked where they were she was told the children had been marched down to the river. The next slide was of a memorial of brass shoes on a dock at the river. Eight hundred children were lined up and when they got to the front they were told to take off their shoes and shot in the back of the head then thrown into the river and her daughters were in the line.

She ran to the guard taking off her wedding ring and begged for their lives. He took the ring and gave her the two girls and they survived the rest of the war in the Ghetto. God was looking out for this woman and her daughter was Ava who was at the Veterans Day. She gave us a good view of what the National Socialist Workers Party looked like.

The last Vet was Art who was on a small sub chaser down in the Pacific. One of their primary missions was pulling downed pilots out of the water. He spoke how they were looking for the crew of a downed B-29 and had found all but one. They searched and searched and finally gave up.

As he was relieving crew members his first one was the guy on the stern where the engines and exhaust was. When he relieved the sailor the guy said he imagined he heard a voice but with all the noise it had to be his imagination so don’t say anything. Art agreed and suddenly got sea sick. As he was giving breaks he got sicker and sicker until he was near passing out. Finally, he decided he had to tell the Captain what he heard.

The captain asked how long ago this was and he said twenty minutes not really knowing how much time had gone by. He turned the ship around and ran twenty minutes then turned off the engines. As soon as they shut down the engines they heard the man shouting in the water. They all celebrated the miracle they just witnessed. The man who they pulled out of the water told him he was praying they would come back and his prayers were answered through Art getting sea sick.

At the end of the event Ava cornered Jack and said, “Thank you, thank you, thank you, if you had not did what you did, I would not be here.”

Nazi Germany is what happens when a country worships man and the earth rather than God. They were a pagan religion who followed a Super Aryan cult attempting to evolve into a superior race of Germans who would become gods and live forever. The lower races had to be exterminated so not to dilute the superior Aryan species they were attempting to evolve into. Their Bibles eliminated the Jews and replaced them with Germans and Jesus became Hitler in many of the Aryan churches, the cross was replaced with a spear. The all powerful gummit was their path to the new world or the Third Reich where they would all become gods and everyone else was their slaves.

This is what evil looks like and what man without God is capable of. The Jews were picked for two reasons, they are God’s Chosen people and they had much of the wealth to pay for the war machine. There are people in this country playing with this evil as we see the violence against a group they do not agree with and need to silence. There is a group who thinks they are superior and have a need to oppress the inferiors who do not think the right way.

There is another path. The only thing that stops this from happening is Jesus. He says to treat your enemy with love since anyone can be a friend to the ones they care about, but your enemy is much harder. He says to give your enemy your coat.

It is time for America to really choose which path they are going to take. One leads to the river and gas chambers and the other to the man in the ocean watching his life sailing away. America is sea sick right now. Are we going to keep sailing or are we going to turn and shut down the engines to hear for that man floating in the water praying for a miracle?

Pray America Wakes

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1 posted on 12/01/2018 6:20:03 AM PST by bray
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To: <1/1,000,000th%; abclily; AbeKrieger; AFPhys; airborne; Alan H; Allegra; Always Right; ...

enough brayin

2 posted on 12/01/2018 6:22:38 AM PST by bray (Pray for President Trump)
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To: bray

Great piece Bray. Thank you. I had 2 uncles who were in concentration camps. One was a priest...the other an opera singer. They were studying in Germany. Their camps were liberated by American soldiers and they were eternally grateful to the Americans who helped them.
As much as I disagreed with a lot of GHW Bush’s policies( and that of his son),I am grateful to him for serving this nation.

3 posted on 12/01/2018 7:11:41 AM PST by pugmama (Come fly with me.)
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To: bray

You probably already heard this one, but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made a statement comparing the people trying to enter this country illegally to the Jews escaping the Nazis. Yes, she really is THAT STUPID!

4 posted on 12/01/2018 7:31:40 AM PST by Enterprise
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To: bray

Bray, thank you so much for writing this. It should be published in every newspaper in our country! So many of our young adults are completely ignorant of this history.

5 posted on 12/01/2018 7:46:14 AM PST by abclily
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To: abclily

That is exactly why we had the event.

6 posted on 12/01/2018 8:07:07 AM PST by bray (Pray for President Trump)
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To: pugmama

When I was about 10 yrs old (for context, I’m 46 now) I was in line at a grocery store with my grandmother...the women in front of us had the tattoo. I was a history nerd even then, and couldn’t help but stare. She caught my gaze and said “It’s ok young man, I’m still alive”

3rd most pivotal event in my life thus far

7 posted on 12/01/2018 10:34:27 AM PST by SirLurkedalot (10/10/51-7/7/16 RIP Dad, I'll be missing you until I cross over to Eternity)
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