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Brilliant Leadership: Obozo's 2013 State of the Union proposals and how they turned out
Vanity | January 28, 2014

Posted on 01/28/2014 7:07:36 AM PST by Zakeet

Note: This list was taken in part from the Washington Post article titled Obama’s 2013 State of the Union proposals: What flopped and what succeeded.

You can check there for much more detail, and their take on Zero's brilliant leadership. Not surprisingly, I was a tad more critical of the Community Organizer than they were.

Who's right ... well, judge for yourself.

Zero's 2013 State of the Union proposals:

  1. Realize massive Medicare savings through reforms
    Status: Obamacare is a disaster and he's out of other bright ideas.

  2. Close tax loopholes for the wealthy
    Status: And spank the fat-cat donors that put these clowns in office ... you gotta be kidding.

  3. Comprehensive tax reform that encourages job creation
    Status: Boosting employment taxes and launching Obamacare, another tax increase, was just the ticket.

  4. A budget that replaces reckless cuts with smart savings and wise investments in our future ... done without the brinksmanship that stresses consumers and scares off investors
    Status: That one is so stupid that I don't know where to begin.

  5. Pass the American Jobs Act
    Status: Another money wasting proposal that fortunately hasn't seen the light of day.

  6. Set up a network of manufacturing hubs
    Status: Never dawned on him to ease up on all the sorry regulations and programs that are killing the jobs market. At any rate, this has not happened although Sparky might just try to pencil whip these through with some Executive Orders.

  7. Enact a market-based solution to climate change
    Status: You're kidding. This administration has no idea of what a free market is, and the only solution to climate change is to somehow regulate the sun's output.

  8. Set up an Energy Security Trust to fund R&D to shift cars and trucks off of oil for good
    Status: (laughing) Not even the Democrats in Congress were dumb enough to fall for this one.

  9. Pass a ‘Fix-It-First’ public works program
    Status: We've already got so many public works programs that they couldn't get support for another one.

  10. Set up a Partnership to Rebuild America that attracts private capital to upgrade infrastructure
    Status: Strangely, nobody in the private sector thought they were under-taxed enough to contribute a single penny toward this boondoggle.

  11. Enact a $3,000 tax credit for refinancing home mortgages
    Status: A $40 billion per month bankster bailout and a wrecked housing market was deemed enough for now.

  12. Pass a program of high-quality preschool for every single child in America
    Status: Nope. And while we're on the subject, what in the world is a high-quality government preschool.

  13. Redesign high schools to make them more tech oriented
    Status: Better yet, teach kids more math and science to make them more tech oriented. Fortunately, this proposal for more tools to play computer games and troll porn sites has gone nowhere.

  14. Enact comprehensive immigration reform
    Status: Amnesty hasn't gone anywhere yet ... but the Rino Pubs might just give in to pressure from the Chamber of Commerce.

  15. Bring gays, lesbians and transgender people, Native Americans and immigrants under the protection of the Violence Against Americans Act
    Status: The Pubs caved in and pandered to the Rat base. Score one for the Bozo.

  16. Pass the Paycheck Fairness Act for women
    Status: Nope. Females will have to be content with earning more than men for the same work for the time being.

  17. Raise the federal minimum wage to $9.00 an hour
    Status: Nope. Unskilled labor unemployment rates were deemed high enough for the present time.

  18. Prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon
    Status: Iran doesn't have the bomb yet only because they haven't had a chance to spend all of their frozen funds that Einstein Obama gave them.

  19. Complete negotiations on a Trans-Pacific Partnership
    Status: Fortunately, they are still working on this great "free trade agreement" to transfer more American jobs to Asia.

  20. Keep the pressure on a Syria
    Status: Lurch, Hillary and Zero really came through on this one ... to the point where the US was abandoned by Britain and upstaged by Putin.

  21. A nonpartisan commission to improve the voting experience in America
    Status: I have no idea what this is ... but it sounds like one of his most brilliant ideas ever ... and apparently they met, cooked up some ideas that will be laughed at and ignored, and spent a lot of money.

  22. Tough new gun laws
    Status: Fortunately, the Wee Wee was ignored completely.

TOPICS: Your Opinion/Questions
KEYWORDS: leadership; obama; stateoftheunion Comment #1 Removed by Moderator

To: Zakeet

IMHO, the STATE OF THE OBAMANATION IRON CURTAIN SPEECH tonight will include the following:

* An increase in Federal Wage Control regulation of increased redistribution of taxpayer wealth to the least skilled workers under Obamanation minimum wage control.

* Approval of the XL Pipeline if the evil Republicans will approve of, for an unspecified time, unlimited redistribution of taxpayer wealth as authorized by US President Valerie Jarrett.

* An increase in the total number of illegal alien invaders from Mexico that will receive an increased redistribution of taxpayer wealth and full voting rights.

* An increase in the redistribution of taxpayer wealth given away to the least qualified high school student loan candidates.

* An increase in the redistribution of taxpayer wealth to fund Republican-caused cost overruns to the following essential Obamanation Iron Curtain Programs:
****Obamacare re-education camp style advertising to the Obama-Youth;
****IRS Harassment of the evil Republican enemies of Obamanation;
****NSA spy on your neighbor;
****Benghazi Cover Up hush money to victim witnesses;
****purchase of teleprompters for all Democrat 2014 Federal Candidates;
****purchase of hollow point small arms ammunition for non-military Federal Bureaus;
****and increased manufacturing of Obamanation Barrycades.

* An increase in the redistribution of taxpayer wealth to pay for the cost of the Air Force One trips required after completion of this State of the Obamanation Iron Curtain Speech.

BTW, don’t be an evil Republican and oppose the inevitable Obamanation Iron Curtain, MOVE FORWARD!

It has allowed RINO Boehner to keep his job as Obamacrat Speaker of the House, and it can also keep the food stamps flowing to more and more of the lost Middle Class.

Do not try to build the American Dream for yourself, embrace the Obamanation Iron Curtain, MOVE FORWARD!

2 posted on 01/28/2014 7:09:03 AM PST by Graewoulf (Democrats' Obamacare Socialist Health Insur. Tax violates U.S. Constitution AND Anti-Trust Law.)
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To: Zakeet

His speeches are so pandering and ambiguous it’s hard to remember anything he says. I can’t believe he crammed all of that into one address.

3 posted on 01/28/2014 7:10:20 AM PST by Baynative (Got bulbs? Check my profile page.)
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To: FReepers

Click The Pic To Donate

Support FR, Donate Monthly If You Can

4 posted on 01/28/2014 7:16:37 AM PST by DJ MacWoW (The Fed Gov is not one ring to rule them all)
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To: Zakeet

I’m waiting for the Republicans to just start booing him.

Speak for the American people.

5 posted on 01/28/2014 7:21:33 AM PST by struggle
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