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Chris Lane Murder Suspect James Edward Danced, Twirled and Laughed During Booking Process
The Gateway Pundit ^ | Aug 25, 2013 | Rachel Pulaski

Posted on 08/27/2013 5:23:13 AM PDT by KeyLargo

Chris Lane Murder Suspect James Edward Danced, Twirled and Laughed During Booking Process

Posted by Gateway Guest Blogger on Sunday, August 25, 2013, 5:12 PM

By: Rachel Pulaski

On Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace spoke with Stephens County OK District Attorney Jason Hicks regarding the Stephen Lane murder. Hicks said 15 year old James Edwards was “dancing and doing twirls, laughing and cutting up during the booking process, he thought the whole thing was a joke.”

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Culture/Society; News/Current Events; US: Oklahoma
KEYWORDS: banglist; chrislanes; hatecrime; mediabias; murder; oklahoma
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1 posted on 08/27/2013 5:23:13 AM PDT by KeyLargo
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To: KeyLargo

Twinkle Toes will soon meet new friends.

2 posted on 08/27/2013 5:25:32 AM PDT by ClearCase_guy (21st century. I'm not a fan.)
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To: ClearCase_guy


3 posted on 08/27/2013 5:26:28 AM PDT by ConservativeMan55
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To: KeyLargo

Time to judge them not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.... Local news is saying the gun was stolen a few months ago from a local pawnshop.

4 posted on 08/27/2013 5:27:41 AM PDT by kjam22 (my newest music video:
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To: kjam22

Sharpton speaks: ‘Nothing to protest’ about white man’s murder by black teen

August 23, 2013 by Joe Saunders 90 Comments

Al Sharpton has standards.

That’s why he wouldn’t lower himself to the level of a race-baiting demagogue who hypes up just any old crime to push himself into the headlines.

alsharptonFor starters, all the perpetrators have to be the same race. Then, it has to be racially motivated – and only Al Sharpton gets to decide whether it is or not. Finally, “the system” has to show to Sharpton’s satisfaction that it’s not working as intended.

5 posted on 08/27/2013 5:29:32 AM PDT by KeyLargo
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To: KeyLargo

They did this atrocity because Holder’s tolerance
of these crimes TELEGRAPHED that they should.

They laughed and danced because the DO”J”’s
inaction against blacks TELEGRAPHED in ‘green lights’
that the “law”, under Obama and Holder,
is not functional against black criminals and terrorists
of any color, but exists ONLY to protect their felonies.

6 posted on 08/27/2013 5:29:41 AM PDT by Diogenesis
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To: kjam22

...but these kids could be President Obama’s triplet sons!

Only solution, hang ‘em high.

7 posted on 08/27/2013 5:29:49 AM PDT by Netz
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To: Netz

I think public hanging needs to be re-instated in this country. Yep...

8 posted on 08/27/2013 5:31:03 AM PDT by kjam22 (my newest music video:
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To: KeyLargo

Fry him. See how he laughs then.

9 posted on 08/27/2013 5:34:01 AM PDT by Old Yeller (Who am I to judge homosexuals? That's what the Tony Awards are for.)
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To: FReepers; Patriots; FRiends

FReepathon Day 58 ... PLEASE Donate Today!
Less than $10.9k to GO!
$25 Keeps FR ALIVE

10 posted on 08/27/2013 5:36:10 AM PDT by onyx (Please Support Free Republic - Donate Monthly! If you want on Sarah Palin's Ping List, Let Me know!)
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To: KeyLargo
he thought the whole thing was a joke.”

To him it is a joke. His life goal is to live on welfare or maybe supplement his income via dealing drugs, pimping or robbery. He has no aspirations to ever get a job, so a short stint in jail (and as a juvenile he will AT MOST get a short stint) is no more of a deterrent to him and his ilk that having to take a few college course is to a real human beaing - less because it doesn't involve any effort. The only solution to people like this is to kill them.

11 posted on 08/27/2013 5:37:59 AM PDT by from occupied ga (Your government is your most dangerous enemy)
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To: KeyLargo
Next time he twirls, I hope it’s at the end of a rope.
12 posted on 08/27/2013 5:38:12 AM PDT by fatnotlazy
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To: Diogenesis

Indication of demonic influence. And I have not a doubt that o’Holder and his boss are under demonic influence. There is no other explanation for so much seething hatred.

13 posted on 08/27/2013 5:38:15 AM PDT by MHGinTN (Being deceived can be cured.)
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To: KeyLargo

I truly hate what this country has become.

14 posted on 08/27/2013 5:40:10 AM PDT by ScottinVA (If you don't care about Antonio Santiago, sure as hell don't whine about Trayvon Martin.)
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To: KeyLargo

Is that the White kid on the right?

Pray for America to Wake Up

15 posted on 08/27/2013 5:41:25 AM PDT by bray (Coming soon: The Republic of Texas 2022)
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To: KeyLargo

Let’s pretend George Zimmerman had done the same thing. Would he be called a racist?

16 posted on 08/27/2013 5:41:27 AM PDT by SoFloFreeper
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To: from occupied ga

Yup, post natal abortion would be apt for this clown.

I’d love to see him twirling on the end of a 20 amp 440 volt conduit, unrestrained in a chair. Bet he could do a few 360s before he expired.

17 posted on 08/27/2013 5:41:58 AM PDT by Mouton (The insurrection laws perpetuate what we have for a government now.)
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To: KeyLargo

Look these kids think that what they did made them look like heros to the powers that be. The black community was fully hyped up centered around Saint Trayvon.

Talk show hosts should be flooded with demands that they get the truth out. Conservative Republicans should be making stump speeches exemplifying what was done to Zimmerman

If racial unrest follows Zimmerman jury decision, blame it on Activist Obama
Saturday, July 13, 2013 12:08:14 PM · 18 of 26
mosesdapoet to rktman
This is reference to an editorial run in Canada Free Press. The Canadians got it right.! Too bad half of the so called conservatives talk show hosts I’ve been listening to can’t seem to be willing to connect the dots to what a heavy hand his imperious highness played in this example of socialist justice meted out to serve the policies of the state . Turning this into a show trial replete with wall to wall tv coverage.. Taking some poor guy of mixed race including black doing his job and painting a target on his back to fullfill a socialist agenda.

The regime and the media set the premise for the trial narrative and their presentations ignoring the setting where the incident took place..An area having a “Neighborhood Watch” and the person working security just doing his job. Why was this episode politicized ?...The first was to gin up the base for purposes explained herein but there was another second agenda..

If some of those so called conservative talk show hosts had interviewed guests who run such watches and had the courage to fight PC and defend Zimmerman they would have exposed the regime and the media for the frauds they are. The few who are still “milking this” by accepting black callers.

Allowing them to mis-state the facts such as as Martin was “stalked” or Martin was “stopped” and “questioned” when there was no right to do so. Instead these hosts fail to cite the simple facts outlined and documented here, allow the callers miss-conceptions go unchallanged, or cite examples of policy or corruption let alone ask them what has Obama done for you? Or even dismiss them as unfortunately being used and deliberately mis-informed..

Particularly a “gated” neighborhood watch.When you enter one of these and start wandering around no matter if you are white, blue, red, green, or black. You can be asked your purpose for being there. You are on private property. And yes those on patrol can and do leave their vehicle and follow on foot if they lose sight of the person they’re observing..That’s the Watch Captain’s who is really a security guard’s job.

It’s the second time the President of the United States has interjected himself into a confrontation between those in authority on legal grounds reasonably questioned and released someone involved in a curious activity in a patrolled area. Could this attitude be based from the idealized communist concept that there is no such thing as “private” property because the state (collective) owns the land ? and is the second purpose of selecting this episode to paint a target on Zimmerman’s back

In both cases those representing “authority” were reported as “white” . In the second case the person working security was attacked on private rights of way while on foot who discontinued an observation and was returing to his vehicle after being suggested by the police to do so. Legally he could have approached Saint Trayvon but didn’t..The hooded tall figure was allowed to continue on his way.unimpeded. But didn’t. That figure turned out to be a Martin Trayvon who doubled back and attacked the “neighborhood watch” worker as he was returing to his vehicle. Knocked him to the ground and began beating him severly. Saint Trayvon, the attacker, was subsequently killed in a struggle over the Neighborhood Watchman’s legal pistol.

In the second case both were dark skined.

The facts of this case are still being shamefully being concealed by the media to the extent they are advancing and are complicit in permitting a putrid injstice of the worst order,organized and instituted by our governent, to be committed .While denied. It began as a miscalculation when a surname of a Jewish origin shot up and lighted the heavens like a star shell in the darkest of nights. It would have been difused if the media used pictures of both side by side because they look like cousins. And the area where this occured of paycheck to paycheck struggling homeowners of all races trying to protect themselves had been reported and not some ritzy all white enclave.they portrayed..Worse yet the media is still pilling it on with ABC editing a a black jury members (remember when they were all white)t remarks to make it sound like she accused Zimmerman of murder .

The result as we have seen is that another marxist axiom (division) has been implemented which has resulted with gangs of black youths murdering happless whites and “hispanics” who happen into areas usually where a black population is the majority. Those media outlets who by their delberate misuse of the instrument of the 1st amendment are just as complicit in those deaths as the regime is. Other forms of media particularly the black media had the duty but not the obligation to verify and report factually. But instead quoted the reports from various “mainlining” socialist media sources: Some examples here all of which serve the first purpose of selecting Zimmerman as the target. What is the result ? Black youths believing they would get top level peer approval began attacking happless white and hispanics which may have wandered into their area which resulted in murders or serious injury and some cases stalked their white victims. In reality those victims are martyrs to the cause of American socialism., and the political opposition says nothing..

The Secondary Purpose

Using propaganda from the party that hypenated itself from God at their 2012 convention into demo-coms, and believe that all groups should be hyphenated , Afro-American, Hispanic-American, etc..Decided Zimmerman to be the egg that is to be broken,. sacrificed, so that we have an omlet..

Just like Stalin did to the Ukrainian land owners known as Kulacks whom he executed, (and used that egg example) in a soclal engineering plan to organize collectives during a Russian drought..Because as we have learned there seems to be the intention to use a collective data base to create collectives.where a utopia of uniforimity of conformity exists. As was done in Detroit, and Oakland California.only this time a poor whitey or blacky won’t be able to move.

Just as with the energy plan where the cost of fuel used for energy and transportation and that includes raising the price of transporting gas and oil by rail, that favors a key contributer (Buffett) while the regime has been recently ridiculing the impact the completion of a pipeline, has skyrocketed those costs. Placing many on fixed or limited incomes dependent on government handouts. Resulting from this regimes socialist policies which go blameless. Now call for the sacrifice of Zimmerman who must die for another communist plan.. We all move together in centers designed and approved by comrades running the collective who (just like Obamacare aren’t in it) won’t ever live there.

What could the first purpose be ?

What better way to cover up Bengahzi, Fast and furious, IRS, Wind and Solar panel gate, NSA spying on US, Over-riding the constittution? Don’t look into who accompaines Obama on his many trips around the world at taxpayer expence ? Were they the heavy hitters or their friends holding the president’s hand isn’t that pay back at US taxpayer expence?. Isn’t that an impeachable offense ??

Now if somebody even suggests impeachment. Get to your black base voters, whom you’ve done nothing for,.all worked up. Pick on some security guard who’s doing his job. Accuse him of being racist ,even though he is part black..But his last name sounds “jewish.”Who’s doing surveilance in an mixed race area of modest means a where there’s been robberies and burgalries by young blacks. Now call that surveilance stalking, the area he’s patrolling owned by rich whities,and the guard of course he’s white.That person he’s watching a 10 year old black kid and a saint ,not six foot two 165 pound 16 year old, who gets killed fighting over a gun. . Now paint a target on the security guards back .Ain’t that neat ? What better way to discourage any investigation into malfeasance and corruption by organizing the base for riots in the streets ? Think it’s too far fetched ? Think it’s not working ? Look again

To date the political opposition known as Republican has yet to mention or comment on this example of how this regime operates. Time to ask them why ?

Background info

Note sources used here are from which is a news gathering source who’s members voluntarily post articles from authentic attributable known sources and link those original news sources in their postings Their purpose is getting comments from members on the selected topic The author is a member..

You are encouraged to Print up or email -pass it on....Why ? Time to expose citizens to the face the facts that they may believe whatever activity they get involved in is perfectly legitimate and legal. If it suits their purposes this regime and its adhearants will paint a target on their back. Wether it’s a black hispanic who gets turned in a “white hispanic” or union members losing their health care benefits if Obamacare gets funded.

18 posted on 08/27/2013 5:44:24 AM PDT by mosesdapoet (Serious contribution pause.Please continue onto meaningless venting no one reads.)
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To: KeyLargo
That's what happens when the main character from Clockwork Orange is your hero.

I hope the government brews up a fear drug for the little dervish.

19 posted on 08/27/2013 5:44:28 AM PDT by PATRIOT1876
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Comment #20 Removed by Moderator

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