Since Dec 25, 1999

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Here's a link to my new music video. 56 year old Conservative Christian. Avid OU SOONER fan.

Semi-Retired after 33 years in oil and gas industry. Acquired real estate license recently. Seems like a nice semi-retired past time.

I'm a big music fan. Musician since age 8. Guitar, Drums, Base, Mandolin, harmonica, banjo, some keyboards.

Was a Freerepublic member for about a year under the name one_fundie before getting Kjam22 registered.

Live in Oklahoma City suburb.... Have small home recording studio. "Crank It Up Studios"

We own a little ranch in SE Oklahoma. Cattle, barns, house, shop, river, two ponds, pasture, woods.... I think we get closer to closing up shop and moving there every day.

Right now...I play more golf than Obammy. A couple of golf club memberships. Now a good day is playing golf around noon and listening to Rush on IHeart Radio.

11 more months of Obammy may destroy this country. But what can you do. I live in the redest state in the US. Visited Florida on golf trip a few years back. Wow... no wonder they can't count votes there.

Favorite Quote: "You know, I believe we each have two lives. The life we learn with, and the life we live with after that" By Iris

Mrs Kjam22 and Bentley the dog in the pic below :)

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I got to fly this WWII trainer the other day.... Now that was fun!

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