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Rand Paul: Time for GOP to soften war stance
Press TV ^ | 27 Jan 13

Posted on 01/31/2013 5:08:50 PM PST by xzins

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To: xzins

“The Republican Party needs to broaden its appeal by softening its edge on some volatile social issues and altering its image as the party always seemingly “eager to go to war,” U.S. Sen. Rand Paul”

My biggest fear coming true.

He is more like his nutty father than I thought.

Crossing off my watch list.

If he can’t grasp that “seemingly eager to go to war” is “peace through strength” mixed in with standing up to the Jihadist terrorists (who just hit our Embassy in Turkey btw)...He is is daddy’s boy and I want nothing to do with him.

51 posted on 02/01/2013 5:45:19 AM PST by rbmillerjr (We have No Opposition to Obama's Socialist Agenda)
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To: rbmillerjr
If he can’t grasp that “seemingly eager to go to war” is “peace through strength” mixed in with standing up to the Jihadist terrorists...

He led the fight to stop the sale of F-16s to Egypt and the cash giveaway. Don't blame Paul if the filthy republicans in the Senate are arming and funding the jihadis.

I'm putting him at the top of my 2016 vote for list.

52 posted on 02/01/2013 5:50:42 AM PST by Sirius Lee (All that is required for evil to advance is for government to do "something")
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To: xzins

I kind of agree with Him.

Here’s my thoughts. I don’t mind going to war when necessary. I view the Afghanistan and Iraq war as necessary. What I don’t like is what’s happened since the initial stuff. I don’t like the ROE’s our government has chained our soldiers to abide by. They get our troops killed. I don’t like that we don’t just kill the enemy with overwhelming force and then get out. I don’t like how we don’t fund our troops with the best possible equipment.

In short; If we are going into a necessary war, I am fine with that. But we better support and allow our soldiers to do their job. If we don’t, then I don’t want any part of it.

53 posted on 02/01/2013 5:56:08 AM PST by justice14 ("stand up defend or lay down and die")
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To: justice14

I agree with not wishing war on anyone. We all know, though, as the Bible says, “there is a time for war and a time for peace.”

Unfortunately, Rand spoke poorly here and seems to indicate that “republicans” adore war. Two things: (1) That’s tremendously unfair when one looks at which party has been in power over the centuries of this nation, and (2) There is no party more appealing to our troops right now than the republican party, and there is no group more knowledgeable about the horrors of war than those who’ve served.

I think Rand Paul spoke poorly here and did himself no good.

And I’ve not even touched on the “gay marriage” thing, a danger to any society in that it will change that society for the worse. (There’s a reason it’s been rejected throughout history. Others have seen such societies and seen their ills and rejected them.)

As a parting shot, let me suggest that the first shot of the Civil War was fired by democrats at Ft Sumpter and that the president of the Confederacy, Jeff Davis, was a democrat secretary of war, democrat member of the House, and democrat Senator.

Abe Lincoln did not start the Civil War. He was heavy-handed, but he finished it.

54 posted on 02/01/2013 6:06:41 AM PST by xzins (Retired Army Chaplain and Proud of It! True supporters of our troops pray for their victory!)
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To: Sirius Lee

“I’m putting him at the top of my 2016 vote for list”

And you’ll have company with the 3 % of Ron Paul’s Cult following.

Enjoy irrelevance.

55 posted on 02/01/2013 6:08:37 AM PST by rbmillerjr (We have No Opposition to Obama's Socialist Agenda)
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To: rbmillerjr
Enjoy irrelevance.

...said every smug RINO who championed romney - oh wait, how did that work out?

56 posted on 02/01/2013 7:43:38 AM PST by Sirius Lee (All that is required for evil to advance is for government to do "something")
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To: zeestephen

Libertarians are usually all in on “Rule of Law”

Fixed it for you. Most of us L have only been ‘open borders’ 1) when the above is followed 2) The W.o.Poverty (social nets/etc.) are rolled-back 3) Min. wage laws rolled-back

From any discussion, noting the above, would (most likely) stem the illegal flow and get the gov’t out of where its nose doesn’t belong.

57 posted on 02/01/2013 8:30:13 AM PST by i_robot73
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To: Sirius Lee

You are already practicing being irrelevant and being incorrect.

Not a champion of Romney.

Palin and Cain guy.

58 posted on 02/01/2013 11:01:58 AM PST by rbmillerjr (We have No Opposition to Obama's Socialist Agenda)
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To: i_robot73


My concern about Libertarians is ENTIRELY their position on LEGAL immigration.

I’m not aware of any “L” who has called for reductions in Legal Immigration and Chain Migration.

We are creating at least 1 million new citizens EVERY year.

According to the Pew Hispanic Center, first generation Hispanics vote 80% for the Democrat Party.

Fourth generation Hispanics vote 60% for the Democrat Party.

Since John Kennedy was elected in 1960, no Republican candidate has received more than 40% of the Hispanic vote (the 44% claim for Bush in 2004 is vigorously disputed).

In New Mexico, the female Hispanic Republican governor received only 39% of the Hispanic vote!

On the issue of LEGAL immigration, the Wall Street Journal, the Chamber of Congress, and Libertarians are avidly working for their own political destruction!

59 posted on 02/01/2013 11:44:35 AM PST by zeestephen
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To: xzins
World War I - President Wilson (D-NJ)
World War II - President F. Roosevelt (D-NY)
Korean War - President Truman (D-MO)
Bay of Pigs/Cuban Crisis - President Kennedy (D-MA)
Vietnam War - President L. Johnson (D-TX)
Botched Hostage Crisis - President Carter (D-GA)
60 posted on 02/01/2013 12:20:49 PM PST by 2ndDivisionVet (I'll raise $2million for Sarah Palin's presidential run. What'll you do?)
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To: xzins

The story never changes nor do the principle adversaries. Jesus faced the same challenge from Satan in the garden. Right and wrong can’t be compromised upon nor has light have anything to do with darkness. I pray that Christians will awake to the fact that this has gone beyond politics. America was founded on G-d breathed principles and is collapsing before our eyes because politicians (and our society) have compromised with the Devil. I will no longer be a part of a political system that “goes along” to get votes. If G-d condoned such, Shadrack, Meshack and Abednigo wouldn’t have braved the firey furnace to save their souls. Be careful what political policies you support. Your personal choice is probably more important than you realize.

61 posted on 02/01/2013 12:22:53 PM PST by Aleya2Fairlie
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To: zeestephen

I believe you misread my post. There was no talk about amnesty. Merely following the Law, as it exists, and getting the gov’t out of the areas it has no Constitutional basis for being within. You are correct though, in that we should be more selective and thoughtful for whom we allow to stay; too many these days do not care to immigrate like my own great-grandparents (I’m only 3rd gen myself).

Interesting though. It’s usually at least ONE of the (L) positions, taken to the fringe, that ‘everyone’ uses to write off the Libertarians; then whine and complain when the GOPe bends them over, w/out a lube up, and/or reach-around. Odd, no?!

There is no (L) group in Congress pushing for MORE/legal immigrations. There is the GOP, though, that is willing, AGAIN, to grant amnesty to 20+MILLION ILLEGAL aliens in this Country right now.

Please stop bashing a group whom has almost NO power in Congress. Your own party hasn’t fought for the Constitution, nor followed the same, until the (well backed by We the People) bill to not pay Congress; then they all found Jesus and rose Holy Hell (excuse the phrases).

62 posted on 02/01/2013 3:23:16 PM PST by i_robot73
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To: Marcella

It’s only settled in Texas (and the other 30 or so states that have voted for marriage amendments) if our masters on the Sup Court allow the decision made by Texans to stand.

If Roberts and/or Kennedy side with the liberals and vote to strike down traditional marriage laws and amendments and impose recognition of gay unions, then the states would meekly obey.

I’d love it if I were wrong. It’d be great if a state like Texas simply refused to obey such a renegade decision. But I don’t think it would happen.

63 posted on 02/01/2013 4:29:56 PM PST by Aetius
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To: i_robot73
Sorry - I tried, but apparently failed, to pointedly exclude the Amnesty issue in my response.

My point was Legal Immigration over the last 30 years, which is close to 20 million new citizens, plus another 10 million Green Cards, plus several million more “permanent” work visas.

I've been one of top immigration posters at Free Republic for almost 10 years.

In 2006-2007, during the Bush Amnesty, I got so disgusted with the Cato Institute I stopped reading it (and the WSJ editorial page, which I had read since the 1960’s).

If the mainstream “L” position on immigration has been modified, I apologize for not knowing that.

Your criticism of the GOP is spot on.

Uneasy alliances and political compromise is the price we pay for having any political power at all.

If you spend much time at Free Republic you will notice that Conservatives have never been more demoralized and fatalistic.

After the Gingrich implosion in 1996, after the Bush second term betrayal on immigration and Harriet Miers, after the McCain and Romney nominations, after relentless attacks from the likes of Chris Christie and Joe Scarborough, after the relentless incompetence of Boehner and McConnell, after 40 years of having no national strategy against the relentless attacks by the Hard Left MSM, many of the Conservatives here at Free Republic are at the point of walking away from the GOP, and, essentially, walking away from politics all together.

64 posted on 02/01/2013 6:07:20 PM PST by zeestephen
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To: zeestephen

You are welcome, please remember Rand Paul is not Ron Paul. He is his own man and so far I like most of what he has to say.

65 posted on 02/02/2013 6:30:11 AM PST by jpsb
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To: zeestephen

NP, at least we’re able to have a civil discussion about the same; I’ve come across too many, even here, that think party over principle is the winning order of the day (defines insanity yet again :P).

Falling into the (L) party, I’ve been nearly consistently disgusted with the 2-party cartel. For me, it was always too easy to see that the Dems dominate and the GOP was happy to be in the minority while doing the 2-steps-forward-1-step-back Left shuffle; while still being called stalwarts of the Founders *spit*. Neither follow the Const., nor any of the Laws they themselves pass (and the base reason to be against the current amnesty push).

I’ve been more than shocked that the blinders are starting to come off, though I fear the downward trend of our Republic is too steep to recover from w/out a true Civil War (not the so called same from the past).

I’m glad to see these ‘awoken’ Citizens start to question our ‘leaders’ and walk away from the current parties; I can hope they at least stay in the political loop. But even I am afraid, as noted previously, that even the ballot box these days is not the final solution any longer...

66 posted on 02/02/2013 10:42:17 AM PST by i_robot73
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