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Putting a solid definition on the current administration
Foxnews ^ | Published January 08, 2013 | Dr.Keith Ablow

Posted on 01/10/2013 8:14:17 AM PST by Capt.Michaels

Putting a solid definition in place to allow us to focus on what we need to do.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Your Opinion/Questions
KEYWORDS: disorder; narcissism; narcissists; selfcentered
Okay, after reading this article all the lights came on in my brain. "Oh wait" this explains everything. I do not excuse or feel empathy in anyway for these evil people in office. I just needed something simple, to the point, and clearly defines the evil regime and their people

After all the conversations, all the blogs I’ve read about them, and all the talk about how they refuse to accept reality. I.e. what’s coming in the future at this rate. I finally realized one word to summarize a dumbocrat without getting all out of breath trying to examine the UNREAL shocking lack of reality and the perplexed thoughts in our brains that follow the discussions or article. In return this causes frustration and major distractions for some of us trying to reason out how someone can come up with 1 +1 = 3. What’s even more amazing is a while reading the definition you will be like, yep, Yep. Omg YES!

Most Democrat(s)are a Narcissist. Especially, the current administration.

Definition of Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Narcissistic Personality Disorder involves arrogant behavior, a lack of empathy for other people, and a need for admiration-all of which must be consistently evident at work and in relationships. People who are narcissistic are frequently described as cocky, self-centered, manipulative, and demanding. Narcissists may concentrate on unlikely personal outcomes (e.g., fame) and may be convinced that they deserve special treatment. Related Personality Disorders: Antisocial, Borderline, Histrionic. Narcissism is a less extreme version of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Narcissism involves cockiness, manipulativeness, selfishness, power motives, and vanity-a love of mirrors. Related personality traits include: Psychopathy, Machiavellianism.

Oh, but it gets better. There is Collective Narcissism.

Collective narcissism (or group narcissism) is a type of narcissism where an individual has an inflated self-love of his or her own ingroup, where an “ingroup” is a group in which an individual is personally involved.[31] While the classic definition of narcissism focuses on the individual, collective narcissism asserts that one can have a similar excessively high opinion of a group, and that a group can function as a narcissistic entity.[31] Collective narcissism is related to ethnocentrism; however, ethnocentrism primarily focuses on self-centeredness at an ethnic or cultural level, while collective narcissism is extended to any type of ingroup beyond just cultures and ethnicities

1 posted on 01/10/2013 8:14:29 AM PST by Capt.Michaels
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To: Capt.Michaels

Secular. Collectivist. Leninist.

2 posted on 01/10/2013 8:20:47 AM PST by lurk
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To: Capt.Michaels

Thanks for the post, Captain. There have been some mental health professionals who have termed Obama a narcissist, as early as 2008.

3 posted on 01/10/2013 8:26:06 AM PST by popdonnelly
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To: Capt.Michaels

They are MARXISTS COLLECTIVISTS LENINISTS COMMUNISTS and combinations of all of the above with a little NATIONAL SOCIALIST thrown in to sweeten the mixture. Watch them. Listen to them. Check out their backgrounds. Read their writings. It ain’t any damn mystery.

4 posted on 01/10/2013 8:29:17 AM PST by Don Corleone ("Oil the the cannoli. Take it to the Mattress.")
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To: lurk

lol..true imo, but it seems like this world really nails it down and something that spikes them. Something mentally describing what they may deny to my face, but convicts them and torments them when alone. :o)

5 posted on 01/10/2013 8:43:28 AM PST by Capt.Michaels (Chance favors the prepared mind.)
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To: popdonnelly

You know, I barely do remember those discussion in 2008, but there so much media biased back then. I missed the boat with frustration over the results of 2008. I Very clearly wide away now. :o)

6 posted on 01/10/2013 8:44:07 AM PST by Capt.Michaels (Chance favors the prepared mind.)
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To: Don Corleone

Oh yeah, so true. For this reason I bought a few of their sorry freaking books. When my wife saw one of them she was upset for obvious reasons. Until I explained the reason why I bought them was for proof. They are buried under a pile of books like the “pile” they are. I wanted documentation from their own dumb words that cannot be deleted from webpage or changed by re-distribution. They can deny all they want to, but I can physically show what an arse they really are when they deny/lie like they always do. :o)

7 posted on 01/10/2013 8:48:18 AM PST by Capt.Michaels (Chance favors the prepared mind.)
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To: Capt.Michaels
That is their WHY....not their definition, IMO.

I say the definition of this current administration is TRAITORS!

A person who commits treason is known in law as a traitor. To avoid the abuses of the English law (including executions by Henry VIII of those who criticized his repeated marriages), treason was specifically defined in the United States Constitution, the only crime so defined. Article III Section 3 delineates treason as follows:

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted.

I say, we go back to the punishment the old English dished out, to those who were Traitors....In English law, high treason was punishable by being hanged, drawn and quartered (men) or burnt at the stake (women), or beheading (royalty and nobility).
8 posted on 01/10/2013 8:52:56 AM PST by Lucky9teen (Peace is that brief glorious moment in history when everybody stands around reloading.~Thomas Jeffer)
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To: Capt.Michaels

The opening at the end of the alimentary canal through which solid waste matter leaves the body.

9 posted on 01/10/2013 8:55:44 AM PST by listenhillary (Courts, law enforcement, roads and national defense should be the extent of government)
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To: listenhillary

Traitors that they are. However, the roles will be clearly reversed(portrayed as)in their state run media when We, the citizens of America, restore this country to the God fearing, indivisible, Constitution United States of America. After shoving reality up their alimentary canal. :o)

10 posted on 01/10/2013 9:12:21 AM PST by Capt.Michaels (Chance favors the prepared mind.)
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To: Lucky9teen

Keep in mind defining their personality, that which is, Narcissist, is not for them. It’s for use. So we have a clear understanding of how to deal with them. Kind of like the terrorist in 9/11. We know their personality and how we must deal with them. Which in return gives us a clear conscious to do what we must do.

11 posted on 01/10/2013 9:13:25 AM PST by Capt.Michaels (Chance favors the prepared mind.)
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To: popdonnelly

II don’t know enough about psychology or psychotherapy to say exactly what the problems are with “O”.

However... I have enough familiarity with normalcy to tell you that there is certainly some pathology going on there.

You sort of got that animal, gut feeling just as if you know NOT to get into an elevator alone with a creepy guy or to go over to the other side of the street if a loud drunk is coming toward you. It’s instantaneous and undeniable.

We get lots of automatic and instinctive signs for self-preservation from our subconscious. Americans have abandoned them or have had these natural mechanisms bred out of them.

• You got your education at taxpayer expense but you hate America? No problem, that’s cool.
• Your best friends HATE America and SAY SO PUBLICLY? No problem, that’s cool.
• Your wife was never proud of the US-and SAYS SO? No problem, that’s cool.
• You can’t produce a proper birth cert. and get angry if asked? No problem, that’s cool.
• You can’t claim direct experience or education in governance or statecraft? No problem, that’s cool.
• You are PROUD of your disconnect MOST American voters? No problem, that’s cool.
• You encourage the enemies of the US? No problem, that’s cool.
• No school records? No problem, that’s cool.

And on and on…

Too bad. Not knowing poison AS poison when you see it, creates tremendous problems. Especially, if it is an insurmountable impediment to proper decision making for adults who don’t recognize or else choose to ignore the signs.

There were red flags (still are) all around “O”. The MSM mocks anyone who acknowledges this. (I guess that’s ONE way to breed it out of people to doubt or challenge anything!)

12 posted on 01/10/2013 9:44:38 AM PST by SMARTY ("The man who has no inner-life is a slave to his surroundings. "Henri Frederic Amiel)
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To: Capt.Michaels

NIGCOM: Narcisistic, Incompetant, Gun-hating, COMmunist

13 posted on 01/10/2013 10:02:45 AM PST by Brooklyn Attitude (Obama being re-elected is the political equivalent of OJ being found not guilty.)
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To: Don Corleone


And Michelle is First Wookie OTUS.

I really, really don't like her attitude.

14 posted on 01/10/2013 11:06:50 AM PST by hummingbird
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Very true and good point. I think in response to this very well pointed out issues is the next real question. Where do we draw the line and rise up? The sad reality is the narcissists will have their answer if they push this current pot of poo through. Regardless, sooner or later. “It” is coming if something doesn’t change the current course. I don’t see that happening either. So with all the rumblings the next really, really seriously horrible question is. Are you getting ready and making the proper plans? Talking about future plans. For example the very first time in Marines me and my squad/platoon had to face the reality of possible war and likewise possible capture. We made a conscious clear decision. We agree not to be captured. I will take more of them with me so less of them can hurt more of my men. I will NOT go quietly.

15 posted on 01/10/2013 12:42:11 PM PST by Capt.Michaels (Chance favors the prepared mind.)
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