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We are the resistance!! Perhaps the last line of resistance!! [FReepathon thread XVII]
Click here to pledge your support! ^ | May 1, 2012 | Jim Robinson

Posted on 05/01/2012 1:50:57 PM PDT by Jim Robinson

Edited on 05/01/2012 1:54:29 PM PDT by Jim Robinson. [history]

This FReepathon thread is intended for FReepers who believe in and support our pro-life, pro-family, pro-limited government conservative causes, enjoy reading and participating on FR, think it's a worthwhile endeavor and would like to help us keep it going. All others should jump to my disclaimer posted at the bottom of this post. Do not be a disrupter.

We are the resistance to creeping socialism and the culture of death and have been since inception in 1996. We are pro-God, pro-life, family, guns, constitution, liberty, limited government, strong defense traditional American conservatives and will accept nothing less in our elected representatives. We defend our God, defend our Liberty, defend our rights, defend our constitution and defend our founding principles.

We believe this nation was founded on the principle that all men are created equal by God and endowed by Him with our inalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Our current government has stretched itself way beyond its constitutional limits, granted itself powers not enumerated for it and which were reserved to the states and the people, has abused and trampled on the constitution and the rights of the people and has otherwise has made itself destructive to our founding documents, principles and of life and liberty itself.

Government derives its just powers at the consent of the governed. We do not grant our consent to oppressive government or to government officials who do not defend the constitution, defend life and defend liberty!!

We believe the federal government should be altered by removing all functions and powers it has granted to itself which are not enumerated for it by the constitution and all such functions and powers must be returned to the states and the people per the tenth amendment. And we believe that "law" unconstitutionally enacted, upheld or sustained either by congress or by executive or judicial fiat, ie, such as Roe v Wade be immediately overturned, rescinded, stricken, abolished, etc, and that the fundamental, inalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness be fully restored. The government must abide by the amended and legally ratified constitution in all respects!!

If this sounds simplistic, well it is. The founding principles are straight forward. Our Declaration, Constitution and Bill of Rights are clear. Words have meanings. We should not allow lawyers, judges, power hungry politicians, greedy special interests, leftist ideologues, etc, to twist the clear meanings, original intent and principles of liberty to suit their tyrannical purposes.

The constitution must be upheld and our liberty fully restored!!

The two major political parties are hell bent and riding hard to strengthen their grip on unconstitutional power. The GOP-e can hardly wait to strip the pro-life, pro-family, pro-gun, pro-liberty, pro-borders planks from its platform. Romney is their ticket to get it done. If staunch pro-life, pro-liberty, pro-gun, pro-borders, pro-small government conservatives can be turned, then obviously these principles are no longer a serious threat to the usurpers. DO NOT LET THEM TURN YOU!!

Do not let them do this. Do not give Romney and the GOP-e a mandate to chuck the life, family, small government and liberty planks from the platform!! You know Romney's record. And you know he's lying about any conservative conversion. He is no conservative, never has been, never will be, but has always been a liberal/progressive/statist bald-faced liar and petty tyrant. RomneyCare is tyranny! Government sanctioned/forced abortion, same sex marriage, gun control, crony capitalism, etc, all positions Romney has advocated for, are tyranny.

Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.

We are the resistance!! And perhaps the last line of resistance.

Many of our so-called Republican "leaders" are taking the big tent path of party over principle by throwing their support behind the most dishonest liberal/progressive/statist wannabe nominee ever to run on the Republican ticket (at least in modern history). They are forsaking their prior principled stands for truth, life, family, constitutionally limited government and liberty. They know in their hearts that this wrong, but do not want to be seen as bucking the party.

They want to claim the banners of the Reagan Revolution, the Republican Revolution or the tea party rebellion or the pro-life conservative movement, but are unwilling to give up their places in the party power structure. They do not want to be seen as rebels against their own party, even if the party is leading us down the primrose path to destruction. Even Newt appears to be giving up his place in his "Republican Revolution" to now loyally holding for the company line, regardless of principle. Jim DeMint likewise. Even Sarah Palin is giving up some of her "rogueness" and is now surrendering to the corrupt crony capitalist bastards that she famously railed against just yesterday.

Not going to say they’re now RINOs and I still like them a lot, but I am mighty disappointed to see them cave so easily. Didn’t have much faith in Hannity resisting the big tent liberal/progressive march to totalitarianism, but will be greatly disappointed to see Rush and the Great One fold their tents in misguided party loyalty (or fear of the Marxist clown) if they cave.

The fear of Obammunism has them all running scared.

To hell with that rubbish. Vote straight conservative!! Elect as many Reagan/tea party/movement conservatives into every local, state and federal office as is humanly possible!! We keep the "leaderless" tea party rebellion going regardless of the backsliding, backstabbing Republican "leaders." No one ever claimed that the tea party had to be loyal to the "GOP-e." Hell, they’re the ones we’re rebelling against!!

The truth is Obama is a clown. A petty Marxist tyrant and useful idiot of the highest order. And we all know this. Even the other side knows this. They are now sadly recognizing that he is not their savior. Not the one they’ve been waiting for. I look for some of their leaders and their congress critters to soon come to the realization that Obama must go. He should not be feared. He should be shamed, shunned and driven from office like Nixon or impeached, tried for high crimes and treason and incarcerated.

We do not retreat, we reload!!

Here’s how we win as tea party rebels:

Turn out and vote straight conservative in November and in all future elections. Do not tremble in fear of the Marxist clowns. Have faith in God and in your fellow Americans. Keep to the righteous path. Stand tall for truth and liberty. Do not cave for the liberal/progressive RINOS. Karl Rove, et al, can go straight to hell!!

Take control of local and state governments to free our people at the local level and demand a full restoration of the tenth amendment to return the power to the states and the people per the constitution. Build on our conservative majority in the house and retake the senate!

Don’t be afraid of the corrupt treasonous Obama, fight the Marxist bastard! He’s now blatantly ignoring/bypassing the constitution and the congress and the will of the people on a daily basis and he'll become event more desperate when he's completely isolated and will commit even more blatant crimes against the constitution. As each week and month passes, he commits yet another horrendous act and another count that can be added to the articles of impeachment. Demand that each of these high crimes and abuses of office by Obama gets a full congressional investigation by the Republican controlled house and senate. Demand our media reports the truth. Report it for them. Tie the corrupt Marxist bastard up in congress, in the courts, in the media and in the court of public opinion. Demand that he be impeached and removed, then charged, tried, convicted and jailed!! His co-conspirator Joe Biden, too!! Will be even more important, in this case, that we have a strong pro-life, pro-small government, pro-liberty Republican Speaker of the House!! VOTE STRAIGHT CONSERVATIVE!!

Protest and rally every chance we get!! Turn out like never before to vote straight conservative!!

Demand that we impeach and remove corrupt, treasonous, overreaching, abusive executives, constitution trampling judges and justices, and corrupt high level appointees at every level of government. Vote out all corrupt, crony capitalists from their elected posts. Recall the corrupt governors and other corrupt officeholders all across the land where possible. Impeach, recall, investigate, charge, try and incarcerate the corrupt, constitution trampling, bribe taking crony capitalist bastards!!

Restore our constitutional limits on government, restore the constitutional balance of powers between the branches and between the federal government, the states and the people. Defrock the black robed injustices and rulers. Dump socialism, crony capitalism, the culture of death, and restore our God given inalienable individual rights!!

Secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity!!

Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.

We are the resistance!!

If not us, who?

If not now, when?

I will not go to my maker with the blood of millions of innocent unborn children on my hands or vote for a man who would willingly and wantonly deprive me or my children of our God given liberty. I will not vote for or support a man with an abortionist/liberal/progressive/statist record like Mitt Romney's. Period!! I do not tremble in fear of Marxist clowns!! I place my faith in GOD and the decent liberty loving people in America!!

If this lying abortionist/statist bastard is the cream of the crop of the Republican Party, then it won't be a case of me leaving the party, the party will have left me.

If you believe in resisting the usurpers, fighting tyranny and restoring Liberty as I do, then please keep the donations and checks coming in. And be sure to turn out in November and vote your conscience. Vote straight conservative. We need tea party conservatives voted into as many local state and federal offices as humanly possible. The Republic you save may be your own!!

Keep the leaderless tea party rebellion going into November and beyond!!

Click the link above to donate via secure server or mail checks to Free Republic, LLC - PO Box 9771 - Fresno, CA 93794.

Thank you all very much!!

Prayers up for our Republic!!

God bless.

DISCLAIMER: I retired a previous thread as it was being used by posters who obviously do not agree with our purposes here and or no longer enjoy participating on FR or no longer believe it is worthwhile. Hopefully, they'll respect us enough to stay off our official freepathon threads. If they no longer enjoy participating on FR, no longer respect us, no longer believe we are a worthwhile endeavor, etc, then perhaps they should consider leaving. I'm certainly not asking them to donate, but I do expect them not to be disruptive to our purposes here.

Thank you all very much.

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To: DJ MacWoW; onyx; RedMDer; TheOldLady; JoeProBono; Lady Jag; deoetdoctrinae; The Cajun; MEG33; ...
I Feel Good!
Go Ahead: Click It!


Never Never Land





& Nevada!

FReepers are the greatest!!

41 posted on 05/01/2012 3:03:17 PM PDT by trisham (Zen is not easy. It takes effort to attain nothingness. And then what do you have? Bupkis.)
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To: FReepers; Me; trisham; TheOldLady; DJ MacWoW; JoeProBono; RedMDer; The Cajun; Lady Jag; STARWISE; ..



Thank you very much, dearest onyx!!

We are the sovereigns and we do not give corrupt, oppressive, liberty depriving, usurping government our consent!! We are the resistance!!

Woo hoo!!

And this just in:

$100.00 from Missouri
$10.00 from Never Never Land
$20.00 from Maryland
$20.00 from California
$20.00 from Missouri
$10.00 from Massachusetts
$10.00 from Oregon
$60.00 from Nevada

Thank you all very much!!

And we are now over THIRTY-EIGHT percent!!

FReepers are the greatest!!


42 posted on 05/01/2012 3:05:00 PM PDT by onyx (SUPPORT FREE REPUBLIC, DONATE MONTHLY. If you want on Sarah Palin's Ping List, let me know.)
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To: everyone

please click the pic

43 posted on 05/01/2012 3:07:59 PM PDT by trisham (Zen is not easy. It takes effort to attain nothingness. And then what do you have? Bupkis.)
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To: DJ MacWoW; onyx; trisham; TheOldLady; JoeProBono; All
This is FreeRepublic!
We are the resistance!!

The Place for Conservatives
WooHoo! Thank you donors! Lets roll!

44 posted on 05/01/2012 3:09:04 PM PDT by RedMDer (
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To: Jim Robinson

I’m with ya, Jim! NO to liberals and statists! NO to Obama AND Romney!

45 posted on 05/01/2012 3:09:20 PM PDT by backwoods-engineer (I will vote against ANY presidential candidate who had non-citizen parents.)
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To: FReepers
Thank You Wonderful, Fabulous FReeper DONOR PATRIOTS!!!!


& OREGON FReepers!!!!

The Place for Conservatives

   2012 Q2 Scoreboard — ranked by total receipts   

Rank Location Receipts Monthlies
Total # Avg/Per Total # Avg/Per
$3,777.00 108 $34.97 $1,120.00 76 $14.74
2,740.00 92 29.78 982.50 64 15.35
1,470.00 56 26.25 725.00 46 15.76
4 Ohio 1,338.00 33 40.55 295.00 25 11.80
5 Pennsylvania 1,142.50 35 32.64 270.00 18 15.00
6 Virginia 1,097.00 28 39.18 477.00 27 17.67
7 Georgia 1,061.00 20 53.05 255.00 18 14.17
8 New York 835.00 33 25.30 345.00 24 14.38
9 Alabama 825.00 24 34.38 320.00 17 18.82
10 Arizona 740.00 26 28.46 325.00 19 17.11
11 Missouri 740.00 25 29.60 195.00 12 16.25
12 Michigan 727.67 19 38.30 281.67 17 16.57
13 North Carolina 710.00 29 24.48 305.00 21 14.52
14 Maryland 672.50 24 28.02 362.50 22 16.48
15 Illinois 619.00 25 24.76 226.00 13 17.38
16 Connecticut 572.51 14 40.89 80.00 5 16.00
17 Colorado 570.00 21 27.14 275.00 17 16.18
18 Wisconsin 547.00 20 27.35 187.00 11 17.00
19 Washington 545.00 19 28.68 320.00 17 18.82
20 Australia 510.00 2 255.00 10.00 1 10.00
21 Alaska 450.00 3 150.00 60.00 3 20.00
22 Tennessee 450.00 19 23.68 175.00 15 11.67
23 Louisiana 428.00 8 53.50 183.00 10 18.30
24 South Carolina 420.00 13 32.31 85.00 7 12.14
25 New Jersey 370.00 14 26.43 128.33 7 18.33
26 Indiana 320.00 15 21.33 205.00 16 12.81
27 Oregon 310.00 14 22.14 130.00 8 16.25
28 Mississippi 299.00 12 24.92 164.00 9 18.22
29 Minnesota 275.00 16 17.19 205.00 15 13.67
30 Massachusetts 270.00 13 20.77 255.00 16 15.94
31 Arkansas 240.00 10 24.00 85.00 7 12.14
32 Oklahoma 235.00 10 23.50 220.00 14 15.71
33 Hawaii 185.00 7 26.43 85.00 5 17.00
34 Nevada 170.00 9 18.89 90.00 7 12.86
35 United Kingdom 160.00 4 40.00 30.00 1 30.00
36 Kansas 155.00 12 12.92 95.00 10 9.50
37 Idaho 155.00 9 17.22 120.00 5 24.00
38 Montana 135.00 5 27.00 60.00 3 20.00
39 Kentucky 135.00 6 22.50 40.00 3 13.33
40 North Dakota 100.00 1 100.00 30.00 1 30.00
41 New Mexico 95.00 6 15.83 50.00 4 12.50
42 Iowa 90.00 3 30.00 40.00 2 20.00
43 Utah 90.00 4 22.50 70.00 3 23.33
44 South Dakota 80.00 5 16.00 75.00 5 15.00
45 Nebraska 75.00 6 12.50 65.00 5 13.00
46 Vermont 75.00 3 25.00 55.00 2 27.50
47 West Virginia 65.00 3 21.67 50.00 2 25.00
48 Canada 55.00 4 13.75 20.00 3 6.67
49 Rhode Island 50.00 2 25.00 30.00 1 30.00
50 Delaware 36.00 3 12.00 16.00 2 8.00
51 Wyoming 30.00 2 15.00 10.00 1 10.00
52 New Hampshire 30.00 1 30.00 108.50 5 21.70
53 Germany 30.00 2 15.00
54 Puerto Rico 25.00 1 25.00
55 Thailand 25.00 1 25.00
56 Norway 20.00 1 20.00 20.00 1 20.00
57 Uruguay 20.00 1 20.00
58 France 12.00 2 6.00
59 District of Columbia 10.00 1 10.00 10.00 1 10.00
60 Maine 7.00 1 7.00 27.00 2 13.50
61 Armed Forces - Pacific 5.00 1 5.00 5.00 1 5.00
62 Bulgaria 5.00 1 5.00
Never Never Land 1,073.00 39 27.51 1,113.00 91 12.23
63 locations total $28,504.18 946 $30.13 $11,566.50 763 $15.16

46 posted on 05/01/2012 3:11:09 PM PDT by onyx (SUPPORT FREE REPUBLIC, DONATE MONTHLY. If you want on Sarah Palin's Ping List, let me know.)
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To: DJ MacWoW


47 posted on 05/01/2012 3:15:01 PM PDT by RedMDer (
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To: Jim Robinson; All
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48 posted on 05/01/2012 3:16:25 PM PDT by patriot08 (TEXAS GAL- born and bred and proud of it!)
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To: FReepers; Monthly Donors; TheOldLady; Ron C.; RedMDer; LibLieSlayer; BuckeyeTexan; glock rocks; ...
THANK YOU, TheOldLady!!!

40 New Monthly Donors !!! !

Woo Hoo! Woo Hoo!
Thank You, FReeper Sponsors!!!
Thank You, New Monthly Donors!!!

Thank You All Very Much!!

Who's going to be NMD #41?


49 posted on 05/01/2012 3:16:25 PM PDT by onyx (SUPPORT FREE REPUBLIC, DONATE MONTHLY. If you want on Sarah Palin's Ping List, let me know.)
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To: Patriots
"Experience teaches us that it is much easier to prevent an enemy from posting themselves than it is to dislodge them after they have got possession. "

~George Washington

Please support Free Republic
click the pic

50 posted on 05/01/2012 3:17:31 PM PDT by trisham (Zen is not easy. It takes effort to attain nothingness. And then what do you have? Bupkis.)
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To: FReepers; onyx

Donate here!

14 posted on 11/07/2011 5:09:59 PM PST by SunkenCiv (It's never a bad time to FReep this link --


51 posted on 05/01/2012 3:17:36 PM PDT by RedMDer (
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To: RedMDer

I’m so glad that I’m not the only one! Look at my color posting and check spelling.

52 posted on 05/01/2012 3:18:49 PM PDT by DJ MacWoW (America! The wolves are here! What will you do?)
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To: FReepers; All
WooHoo! Missouri!

The Place for Conservatives

WooHoo! Never Never Land!

The Place for Conservatives

WooHoo! Maryland!

The Place for Conservatives

WooHoo! California!

The Place for Conservatives

WooHoo! Massachusetts!

The Place for Conservatives

WooHoo! Oregon!

The Place for Conservatives

WooHoo! Nevada!

The Place for Conservatives

53 posted on 05/01/2012 3:22:46 PM PDT by RedMDer (
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To: Jim Robinson

Check in the mail tomorrow! A fine C note:) keep up the good work.
Tea Party on!

54 posted on 05/01/2012 3:25:41 PM PDT by MotorCityBuck ( Keep the change, you filthy animal!)
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55 posted on 05/01/2012 3:27:18 PM PDT by RedMDer (
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To: FReepers
One morning a blind bunny was hopping down the bunny trail and tripped over a large snake and fell, kerplop right on his twitchy little nose.

'Oh please excuse me,' said the bunny. 'I didn't mean to trip over you, but I'm blind and can't see.'

'That's perfectly all right,' replied the snake. 'To be sure, it was my fault. I didn't mean to trip you, but I'm blind too, and I didn't see you coming. By the way, what kind of animal are you?'

'Well, I really don't know,' said the bunny.. 'I'm blind, and I've never seen myself. Maybe you could examine me and find out.'

So the snake felt the bunny all over, and he said, 'Well, you're soft, and cuddly, and you have long silky ears, and a little fluffy tail and a dear twitchy little nose. You must be a bunny rabbit!'

The bunny said, 'I can't thank you enough. But by the way, what kind of animal are you?'

The snake replied that he didn't know either, and the bunny agreed to examine him, and when the bunny was finished, the snake asked, 'Well, what kind of an animal am I?'

The bunny had felt the snake all over, and he replied, 'You're cold, you're slippery, speak with a forked tongue,....You must be a POLITICIAN'

56 posted on 05/01/2012 3:28:19 PM PDT by DJ MacWoW (America! The wolves are here! What will you do?)
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To: RedMDer
The new background is.....


57 posted on 05/01/2012 3:30:07 PM PDT by onyx (SUPPORT FREE REPUBLIC, DONATE MONTHLY. If you want on Sarah Palin's Ping List, let me know.)
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To: All
Have you considered becoming a monthly donor? It's easy to do!

Just click the pic, and sign up today!
Sponsors will contribute $10 For each new monthly sign-up

58 posted on 05/01/2012 3:31:20 PM PDT by trisham (Zen is not easy. It takes effort to attain nothingness. And then what do you have? Bupkis.)
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To: All


59 posted on 05/01/2012 3:31:33 PM PDT by JoeProBono (A closed mouth gathers no feet - Mater tua caligas gerit ;-{)
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To: ConorMacNessa
God Bless and Keep You.

THank you very much, dearest ConorMacNessa!!!!

60 posted on 05/01/2012 3:34:19 PM PDT by onyx (SUPPORT FREE REPUBLIC, DONATE MONTHLY. If you want on Sarah Palin's Ping List, let me know.)
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