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Delicís sentence enraged Serbs and Croatians
Blic ^

Posted on 09/16/2008 3:06:53 PM PDT by BabaYaga

THE HAGUE- The former leader of Bosnia's Muslim army, Rasim Delic, was jailed for three years yesterday by the Hague Tribunal for allowing the torture of Bosnian Serb soldiers by a Mujahideen unit in 1995.

By majority decision, Delic, who was the chief of staff of the Bosnian Army in 1995, was found guilty of violating customs and laws of war, when he did nothing to prevent cruel treatment of Serb prisoners by a Mujahideen unit under his command.

Judge Bakone Justice Moloto, citing the "appalling brutal" mistreatment meted out by Islamic foreign fighters, said that tribunal judges had decided by majority that Delic was guilty of one count of cruel treatment by soldiers under his command. Prosecutors argued that Delic had known of the Mujahideens' inclination to violence and had failed to punish their atrocities. Moloto himself had dissented in the ruling, saying there was not enough evidence that Delic could have exercised sufficient control over the Mujahidin.

General Delic is acquitted of charges related to multiple murders of Serbian and Croatian prisoners in several locations in central Bosnia. Although it has been proved that the Mujahideen unit had been part of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina since August 1993 under an effective control of Delic, judges concluded that he did not know about the atrocities, so he could not have prevented them.

The judge panel confirmed Mujahideens’ cruel treatment over Serbian prisoners in Livade and Kamenica Camp in July and August in 1995. According to the indictment, three soldiers from the Bosnian Serb forces were captured and subsequently beheaded by members of the Bosnian army. Other soldiers were said to have been severely beaten and tortured over several days, on occasion by means of electroshocks.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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Of course there`s a lack of evidence, simply because because that there are the crimes that The Hague has no interest in.
1 posted on 09/16/2008 3:07:06 PM PDT by BabaYaga
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To: joan; Smartass; zagor-te-nej; Lion in Winter; Honorary Serb; jb6; Incorrigible; DTA; vooch; ...

I wonder where the Pulitzer-prize winning photos documenting these abuses can be found?

Just a minor oversight, I’m quite sure.

2 posted on 09/16/2008 3:14:59 PM PDT by FormerLib (Sacrificing our land and our blood cannot buy protection from jihad.-Bishop Artemije of Kosovo)
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To: BabaYaga

As Bill Clinton used to say after the White House shredders had been working overtime, “There is no evidence.”

3 posted on 09/16/2008 3:29:31 PM PDT by Cicero (Marcus Tullius)
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Slightly google on keywords bosnia and mujaheddin can provide dosens of articles and videos
that can make one think that in no chance this man should be jailed just for 3 years!

The Coming Balkan Caliphate: The Threat of Radical Islam to Europe and the West by Christopher Deliso. One can find it here,
or in 0.013 sec you can see 26 events found here,
and also that it cites regular meetings between al-Qaeda leaders and leaders of the Bosnian Muslim government, including General Staff Chief Rasim Delic and Interior Minister Bakir Alispahic.
Not enough? Well, on the page of Mr Ali Ahmed Hamad - Al Qaeda man one can learn that Mr Hamad agreed in 2005 to testify against Gen Delic and speak about the role of the Mujahideen, foreign Islamic fighters who came to Bosnia mainly from Arab countries during the war.

There`s also some video evidences like this:

The tape shows some of the crimes committed by the unit against Bosnian Serbs during the 1992-1995 war in central Bosnia.

The footage shows mujaheddin "sharpening axes" which they later allegedly used to behead a Serb soldier, and a speech is also recorded of a mujaheddin saying, "They call us terrorists. We are terrorists and we will destroy all the enemies of Allah."

In addition to the hair-raising scenes of corpses and mutilation, there are also pictures of living prisoners of war that the mujaheddin had tied up and abused, Tanjug described the scenes broadcast on Bijeljina's BN TV.

There is also footage of the mujaheddin playing football using, instead of a ball, "a decapitated head."

The El Mujahid was a unit consisting of fighters from Islamic countries, who, as they say on the tape, came to Bosnia to "fight for Allah", with the alleged approval of the then Bosnian war council, under whose command they fell, as part of the Muslim Bosnin Army.

The unit was formed in 1993, and according to the clips, that same year, an order was read out saying that they formed part of the Bosnian Army, and had the approval of the then Muslim leadership.

The footage also shows the arrival at the mujaheddin camp of then Bosnia President Alija Izetbegovic.

The tape shows the camp from the inside, their training, life, religious practices and preparation for war in the "name of Allah".

Mujaheddin war cries can be heard, while there is also footage of the reading of an order that from August 13, 1993, that they are recognized "by the Bosnian state and are part of the the armed forces of the then muslim state of Bosnia-Herzegovina," and that they are there in "the name of Allah". This tape was found by the Council of Concentration Camp Victims of the Republic of Srpska, whose president, Branislav Dukic, says that the footage came from the Bosniak side.

4 posted on 09/16/2008 4:05:03 PM PDT by BabaYaga (BRE!)
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To: FormerLib

Like someone said “all Bosnians killed in war were killed by Serbs and all Serbs killed in war commited suicide”/s!!

5 posted on 09/16/2008 4:10:16 PM PDT by BabaYaga (BRE!)
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To: BabaYaga; FormerLib; Bokababe; Fred Nerks; Kolokotronis; lightman

What do you expect from a kangaroo “court” designed by the muslm fifth columnist “international law professor” (in Chicago) Cherif Bassiouni!!!!’

Meanwhile, many “mainline” clergy (e.g., ELCA, Episcopal) and politicians in our own country consort with the muslim “American” Society (mSA), a branch of the muslim Brotherhood that wants to build an America ruled by sharia law. Bassiouni also aims to extend the reach of sharia.

The muslim fifth columnists in the US need to be exposed for exactly what they are, and those who collaborate with them need to be deposed from power!!!!

6 posted on 09/16/2008 4:41:17 PM PDT by Honorary Serb (Kosovo is Serbia! Free Srpska! Abolish ICTY!)
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To: Honorary Serb
US law professor Bassiouni wins second Hague Prize.

Bassiouni, a professor of Law at DePaul University College of Law in Chicago and President Emeritus of the university's International Human Rights Law Institute, was given the award for his work "distinguished contribution in the field of international law," organizers said.

Bassiouni was one of the driving forces behind the creation of the Hague-based International Criminal Court and also wrote a key report on atrocities committed in the Bosnian war.

He has served as a U.N. human rights expert in Afghanistan.

Introduction to Islam by M. Cherif Bassiouni

The Middle East Institute would like to thank Xenel Industries Ltd. of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Alireza family for their generous support in the design and maintenance of this web site. We also thank the author, Professor M. Cherif Bassiouni, who graciously authorized the electronic publication of his book in order to further our mission of improving American understanding of the culture of the Middle East.

The entire text of this book is also available as a downloadable PDF.)

© 1999, Middle East Institute

Preface/ Acknowledgments/ In the Beginning/ The religion of Islam/ Islamic Law - The Sharia/ Schools of thought in Islam/ The social system and morality of Islam/ Economic aspects of Islam/ Islamic Civilization: an overview/ The Present and the future/ About the Author

7 posted on 09/16/2008 5:05:53 PM PDT by Fred Nerks (FAIR DINKUM)
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To: Fred Nerks; BabaYaga; FormerLib; Bokababe; Kolokotronis; lightman

1. Thanks, Fred, for backing me up. As shown by your post, everything I said about Bassiouni is true, with no propagandistic exaggeration whatsoever! And any skeptical Freeper or lurker can use Google to verify for himself/herself that what I said about the mSA is true as well. The extent of muslim fifth-columnist infiltratation of the highest levels of American and Western European society is hard to believe, but really happening. And it is getting worse over time.

2. The HAGUE PRIZE? The “human rightser” perpetrators of The Hague are now giving fakey prizes (designed to imitate prestigious international awards) to their own. It’s just like Hitler giving Quisling a “Nuremberg Prize” for Nazism beyond the call of duty!

3......He has served as a U.N. human rights expert in Afghanistan....

Yikes! After bashing the Serbs, Bassiouni has more recently turned his attention to our American troops fighting that necessary war against international muslim terrorists in Afghanistan.

Given Bassiouni’s record in the Balkans, it’s hard to believe anything he says about Afghanistan, isn’t it?

And it’s high time that our Americans elites learn that using muslims to keep the Serbs down is sure to come back and bite us in the end.

8 posted on 09/16/2008 8:33:48 PM PDT by Honorary Serb (Kosovo is Serbia! Free Srpska! Abolish ICTY!)
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To: Honorary Serb; SunkenCiv

Bassiouini needs to go on our Enemies List - if he’s not already on it:

9 posted on 09/16/2008 11:05:57 PM PDT by Fred Nerks (FAIR DINKUM)
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To: Fred Nerks
According to the indictment, three soldiers from the Bosnian Serb forces were captured and subsequently beheaded by members of the Bosnian army.
One year in prison for each victim? Instead, the bastard should be drawn and thirded. Thanks Fred.
10 posted on 09/16/2008 11:59:55 PM PDT by SunkenCiv ( hasn't been updated since Friday, May 30, 2008)
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To: Honorary Serb; Fred Nerks
Thanks for the info, I didn`t know about this "persona non grata" in charge, well, from the truth point of view, not from the muslim side. As you probably know, it is not the first time that muslim butchers are almost released of the charges - remember Oric and Haradinaj (released) for the "lack of evidence". Muslim officers got 8,5 years in total. It is outrage.

I mean what is with that farce - they chose sides, decided to see the things in black and white, rejecting the truth that do not fit in their propaganda program - so why they charged them at the first place. Just to maintain the ilusion of the "fair court"??? They don`t have to do this. Free butchers are welcomed as heroes (to torture civilians one really has to be special kind of psychopat), Serbs get angry almost always, Croats get angry and Muslims are content always, they are always victims and heroes. With this kind of approach, this constant humiliation of serbian people, brainwashing, puting upon "always guilty" frustration, in Balkans never will be peace.

For those who can understand serbian/croatian/"bosnian" - on B92 blog recently appeared a seria of texts dedicated to the serbian victims in Srebrenica region: Srebrenica from another angle: crimes over the christian - orthodox civilians in Eastern Bosnia 1993-1995.
As far as I know it is the FIRST time that the subject like this show up on B92. It is based on the author research that contains withnes testimonials of refugee families from Skelani and Bratunac,
several internet data bases including UN report Provisional list of victims of muslim terror over the serbian people, the lists that are collected in the 3 books of Milivoje Ivanisevic: "Hronika naseg groblja" - The Chronicle of our grave-yard, "Zlocini nad Srbima 1992--1995." - Crimes against the Serbs 1992-1995. and "Srebrenica jul 1995." - Srebrenica july 1995.
Like the author of the blog said: I will talk about the victims and not the butchers, they just make me sick.

The blog also shows the chart of burned and looted serbian villages in eastern Bosnia, but also in western Serbia (!!!):

From the same books author - M. Ivanisevic: "Licna karta Srebrenice" - Srebrenica` personal card (id) in 23 chapters. Please, if somebody understands, read it. I hope it will be translated in english.
The similar comment can be read also:

Republika Srpska i optuzbe za genocid - Republika Srpska and charges for genocide

For me, reading this blog was complete revelation because it stands agains all the liberal brainwashing, making taboo of anti-serb crimes, that everybody who dared to speak in public about those were labeled as extremist, nationalists, fascists, clero-fascists, nazis, bandits, morons, a genocide-deniers, a genocide-deniers, a genocide-deniers, a genocide-deniers, a genocide-deniers, a genocide-deniers, a genocide-deniers....
To speak about serbian victims and to call for a memory on them was a crime and stil is for the paid "humanists", it is "relativisation of a crime". Is it??? Of course not.
It`s just constant brainwash pressure organized to put every brain cell into psycho-slavery, to engrave "GUILT" on every Serb genetic code.
They also used the situation that media were almost completely silence about this and many people just don`t know the truth.

On english - just from some of the sites there are numerous texts: Articles on Srebrenica or Srebrenica And the Politics of War Crimes

I also spoke to some of the refugees and some serbian soldiers about this Silvertown (Srebrenica) mess. Ahh, it`s for crying out loud.

11 posted on 09/17/2008 8:20:55 AM PDT by BabaYaga (BRE!)
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To: BabaYaga

Thanks for the information, Baba!

I always said the the ICTY is a political and propaganda, NOT a judicial body, and should have been abolished a long time ago (see, for example, my tagline). It really should never have been created in the first place.

Some of the same people responsible for demonizing the Serbs, bombing them, and dismembering their country, have been and are in the process of subverting America domestically. That can only end in the creation of an islamic America.

12 posted on 09/18/2008 7:18:28 AM PDT by Honorary Serb (Kosovo is Serbia! Free Srpska! Abolish ICTY!)
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