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To: milan

In the Beginning the Universe was without form and
void. But God was there. That is who/what God IS, that which was
before there was anything. God is still there. God is the very
framework and background and initiating force of everything that we
can see, feel or know.

Then God said let there be Light!. And Time began. All was chaos
and confusion. But God could never allow this lawlessness to continue and
swiftly ordered all into law and order and cycles and simplicity. The
universe grew more and more beautiful and complex. The very laws of
God demanded Growth, Change, Diversity. A point was reached when it
was, if not stable, then predictable, proceeding with nothing essentially
New. But God had not finished The universe was dividing into two
One whole still, whole in the heart of God, but a duality a
polarization had occurred. God had breathed the Breath of Life into
the World. This polarity deepened and grew. Again God's law had
taken Beauty more Beautiful. Then Life began to assume it's own
duality, a rich harmony based in and an echo of the primal split.
Male and Female were they created, Life reaching to Life to create
Beauty and change and growth. Life followed it's cycles and rippled
through time to God's Law but even then God was not finished. God
had let life produce a Mind, a Soul to
for God always in accordance with God's Law.

Intelligent Life is God's Will manifest.

How did we get Here?

Mankind is, and always has lived in the heart of God.
can be no measure of distance from us to God. No measure of time
is not with us, of us. Indeed nothing in all God's World can be
separate from God. Or each other. The Light that God created merely
refracted through the lenses of Gods Mind, God's Law to produce the
worlds and stars and all that is and will be. We are God's Children,
not God's toys. There are inescapable laws that must be followed.
Nothing impossible to God's Law can happen, but it would be wrong to
say that all that happens or that we do is God's Will. As the soul
of God becomes the breath of life in one of our souls free will if
given. We always can and Always DO only that which God allows yet
the Law of God is not a jail, it includes choice and desire. We
choose our actions but God's Law holds us responsible for it.
Everytt choice and action changes all patterns we
a part of, indeed every thing IS one pattern so everything we do IS a
change to that pattern. One with echoes and resonances and
universe is not done growing, it is not done changing. We are
perfect since we are perfectly ourselves. But that perfection is for
here and
We are but a slice of the Mind of God in Time. We have free will
never break the law. We cannot even be sure that any particular
thing we do is choice or a conflux of patterns we cannot affect. How
can we know what God WANTS us to do? How do we know there IS a God?

Are we alone?

Much about God is unknowable, it must be accepted that
is so to progress in finding God. The Facet of the Soul of God we
is just a facet, one confluence of universal thread in the tapestry
that is All. That Facet cannot Be the whole jewel and also we cannot
be other than the facet. Those that try to Know too much of God must
rely on lies and distortions and illusion to construct their vision
of God. The Facet has turned away from the jewel and called itself
God. To try too hard to define God is to attempt to BE God. But
since we already ARE of God in
our being this only blinds us to Truth. This universe came to be and
is, was shall always be root and branch a product of what was
"before" the Light, That which gave the universe an environment to
grow in. The Mind
God is not the mind of as man. The minds of Man are infinitesimal
parts OF the Mind of God. The finger knows the brain is there even
if it
understand why it moves as it does. If the finger cares about
is being the best finger it can for the purpose of the Mind. IT is
important to worry about what God wants you to Do as it is to worry
about what you should Be. To know what you should Be first you must
know who
Are. God's reality decreed you would be a Human Being.
702 posted on 12/15/2003 2:46:58 PM PST by WitchPoet
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To: WitchPoet
How can we know what God WANTS us to do? How do we know there IS a God?

Well, there is an instruction manuel: the Bible. There is also distance learning: Jesus. There is an on site instructor: the Holy Spirit. And there is a Dean of this college: the Father. Together, they pretty well sum up where we came from, what we have done wrong, what we are to do, and what we can expect.

That was a very pretty post you gave me, but I am a simple guy. I have to face my limitations as a human: what was your point in the post?

703 posted on 12/16/2003 3:51:04 AM PST by milan
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