Since Dec 15, 2003

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Quantum God

By Guy Robert Whitney


The first thing that passed through my mind as I began
work was; "How dare I?" How could I think that I could defy the laws
of semantics and actually Communicate anything of God to anyone. "I
have to try." I responded,


In the Beginning the Universe was without form and
void. But God was there. That is who/what God IS, that which was
before there was anything. God is still there. God is the very
framework and background and initiating force of everything that we
can see, feel or know.

Then God said let there be Light!. And Time began. All was chaos
and confusion. But God could never allow this lawlessness to continue and
swiftly ordered all into law and order and cycles and simplicity. The
universe grew more and more beautiful and complex. The very laws of
God demanded Growth, Change, Diversity. A point was reached when it
was, if not stable, then predictable, proceeding with nothing essentially
New. But God had not finished The universe was dividing into two
One whole still, whole in the heart of God, but a duality a
polarization had occurred. God had breathed the Breath of Life into
the World. This polarity deepened and grew. Again God's law had
taken Beauty more Beautiful. Then Life began to assume it's own
duality, a rich harmony based in and an echo of the primal split.
Male and Female were they created, Life reaching to Life to create
Beauty and change and growth. Life followed it's cycles and rippled
through time to God's Law but even then God was not finished. God
had let life produce a Mind, a Soul to
for God always in accordance with God's Law.