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DAILY DOOM ANTIDOTE: Who out there is really voting for Obama? October 1st, 2012
HillBuzz ^ | October 1, 2012 | Kevin DuJan

Posted on 10/01/2012 5:54:12 PM PDT by 2ndDivisionVet

To counter the gloom and doom spread by the corrupt, vintage media (which has definitely become a Ministry of Truth pumping out nonstop Democrat propaganda) let’s today examine who out there is really voting for Barack Obama in 2012. From where I sit, things shake out like this:

Those Voting for Obama No Matter What:

* Blacks — who will vote out of race-pride like they did in 2008. Black voters are the most racist in the country, supporting Obama with 95% of their numbers. Once again, blacks will prove that the job a person does in office is not as important as his skin color. However, many blacks who feel they never got anything personally from Obama will stay home on election day. Black preachers are encouraging their congregations not to vote because of both Obama’s support for gay marriage and his closeted gay lifestyle (and history in bathhouses like Man’s Country in Chicago). Obama can’t beat his black turnout in 2008 and will instead get a much lower number of black voters than he needs to win. If he loses Pennsylvania, it will be because blacks in Philly didn’t mobilize like they did in 2008.

* Gays — the gay community pumps out a constant propaganda campaign declaring all Republicans evil. The majority of gays who will vote this year will believe this garbage and vote for Obama just because he is a Democrat and gay people are taught when they come out that if they are gay they must always vote Democrat. But a lot of gay guys in particular are very flaky and might not bother showing up on election day. A great many lesbians are small business owners so perhaps they will defect and vote Romney (FYI: lesbians are not as impacted by the anti-Republican propaganda because they do not spend as much time in bars and in gay culture as guys do).

* Muslims — Barack Obama has overseen the toppling of Egypt and Libya where radical Islamofascists have now taken over. This is a wild success as far as Muslims are concerned…so he’s got this vote locked up.

* Jews — like the adage goes: Jews are lefties first, Democrats second, and Jews last. Perhaps a good number of them will sit home because of the damage Obama continues to do to the economy. The fact that Obama has put Israel in grave danger because of his encouragement of the Islamic takeover of secular Middle Eastern governments regrettably means nothing to a great many Jews.

Groups Who Will Vote for Obama in Reduced Numbers in 2012:

* Youth vote — college kids will vote for Obama because their professors tell them too but there’s no “cool factor” to doing so in 2012. All the hopeychange hype is SO FOUR YEARS AGO. Obama is like the New Kids on the Block or the Cabbage Patch Kids to a lot of these people in that he was something their older brother or sister was really into a while ago that they don’t really relate to. Former Obama voters might be smarting from a lack of jobs and the nonfulfillment of all they were promised under “Hope and Change” banners. Expect the “youth vote” to drop down to 2004 levels. Kids will find something better to do with their time.

* Hispanics — I think all the screaming about abortion at the Democrat Convention may have damaged Obama with a lot of Hispanics. Remember that Hispanics have no loyalty to either party. They are unique in this. I think Democrats underestimate the negative impact of giant vaginas walking around screaming about wanting to kill their babies on TV during the coverage of Charlotte last month. I also think they underestimate the number of Hispanics who don’t want to reward law-breakers with amnesty. No way this group improves upon Obama’s 2008 numbers. But, honestly, that’s true for ALL the groups of his voters. There is just not a single group in his coalition that will give him HIGHER numbers this year than in 2008…meaning the last election is Obama’s ceiling. We’ll know his floor when November 6th rolls around, but it’s looking to be lower than Kerry’s was in 2004…which means Romney wins as his ceiling will be much higher than McCain’s in 2008 or Bush’s in 2004.

* Women who are turned off by nonstop abortion advocacy — this is something else Democrats are underestimating: women who abhor abortion and are insulted by being treated like giant, sex-crazed fiends who delight in killing their unborn babies. The Democrats’ convention was appalling. There are many moms out there who want nothing to do with the party after that abortion-fest.

* Occupy Wall Street Sympathizers — I have a hunch a lot of these people will either sit out the election “to teach Democrats an election” or will vote for the Green Party or something. These people are frustrated and broken hearted that OWS didn’t return in full force this spring like it was supposed to. To them, the “movement” fizzled and was flushed away and they resent that Obama did not support it more strenuously. There are a lot of far-left lunatics who are greatly disappointed in Obama for not doing more damage to the country. Will they go to the polls to reelect him? I think a lot of them will stay home. It will be similar to Republicans sitting home in 2008 in protest of McCain.

* White People Who Waited Their Whole Lives For A Black President — I have to actually admit that I do think it’s cool there is a black First Family. I just wish that it was Allen West and his wife living in the White House. A lot of people voted for Obama in 2008 because they thought it was time that America had a black president…and they were proud of electing him, despite knowing nothing about this guy. They gave him the benefit of the doubt because they wanted to make history. A good portion of these people will vote for him again despite him being such a disappointment and failure. They just won’t vote against a black man who is president. That means a lot of them could stay home, however.

* People Who Belong to a Union — the unions are Democrat controlled and unions control Democrats. If you are not in a labor union, you should never vote Democrat and if you are in a union you probably do vote Democrat because you want to protect your job-for-life-regardless-of-performance special status. But even amongst union members, people are dissatisfied with Obama’s lack of job creation and his Keystone Pipeline refusal to make America energy independent (while creating thousands of new union jobs). I doubt union guys will vote Romney, but they might sit their butts at home.

People Who Will NOT Vote For Obama No Matter What:

* McCain Voters — because I just can’t see anyone who voted McCain in 2008 liking anything about the Obama presidency enough to vote for him over Romney this year. It was really hard voting for McCain because that guy is just so creepy and infuriating. His pasty face, shock of white hair, and weasel-like habit of selling out whatever principles he claimed to have whenever he wanted media love and attention never sat well with me. I voted for Sarah Palin to become Vice President and tried to ignore the McCain part of that vote. This time around, whether you love Romney or not you have to admit he is much more palatable than McCain. And thought Ryan is not as exciting a pick as Palin was four years ago, he’s still super-awesome. Together I feel they are a ticket that is much more appealing than voting for McCain…and so no one who cast Republican votes last time around will be switching sides. Obama’s done nothing to pull these people away from the GOP.

* People Who Sat Home in 2008 to Teach Republicans A Lesson — these guys are voting this time and won’t play games. If they do play games again and hand Obama a second term, these people aren’t serious voters or Republicans anyway but are just attention-seeking lunatics. McCain lost Ohio because something like 300,000 of these people sat home on election day four years ago. That’s not going to happen again.

* Tea Party Americans — You think they were out and proud in 2010? Just wait until November, baby. This has been building for four years now and it’s lunacy to think that between 2010 and 2012 these people either became unenthused or decided that Obama “wasn’t so bad after all”. These people are going to give Democrats a shellacking that makes 2010 look like a warm-up. The thing is: the media spent all its energy and exhausted its credibility pretending the Tea Party didn’t exist from 2009 to 2010…and it then spent 2010 to the present claiming the Tea Party is dead. You don’t see any reporting on the Tea Party…but yet the Tea Party Americans are still fired up and active. The media is ignoring this because they are wish casting at the Ministry of Truth: they don’t want the Tea Party to be real or exist so they just ignore it. This will lead to heart attacks and brain aneurysms at MSNBC on election night. I can’t wait to do the live-blog-transcript of that.

* People Who One or Work for Small Businesses — why on Earth would these people vote for Obama if their jobs and livelihoods depended on it?

* People Who Work in the Medical Field — again…why on Earth would you vote for Obama if you knew Obamacare would create havoc in your field of employment?

* People Who Work in the Coal Industry — ditto on the not supporting a man who seeks to destroy you.

* Those Who Believed Obama Was A Magical Black Man — these are the sort of fools who appear in Stephen K. Bannon’s “The Hope and the Change” and who claim they were duped and deceived into believing Barack Obama could work miracles four years ago. I have to say that I think these people are morons who acted more out of white guilt than anything…and that their votes were race-based as they liked being the nobel and enlightened white people who deigned to support a magical black man who they assumed would solve all their problems like he was Will Smith in a golf movie. Idiots. But not stupid enough to make the same mistake twice.

* People Afraid of Being Called Racist for Not Supporting Obama — I don’t have a guess on how many of these people existed in 2008 but I do believe some people cast ballots for Obama because they believed someone would know if they didn’t and would then call them racists. Other people might have wanted to see a black man become president just to shut people like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Henry Gates up already. Obama’s election satisfied all these people but there is no similar emotional push to “reelect the first black president”. Minus that emotion, either these people vote Romney or they stay home but they are not voting for Obama again.

* Seniors — they don’t believe the Mediscare stuff. They like Paul Ryan and understand that Obamacare will destroy Medicare as they know it. They also know they don’t have many elections left in them and they want to leave the country in better hands for their grandkids. No way they vote Obama again this year.

* People Who Are Watching the Middle East Burn and Know Obama is Responsible — not sure how many of these people exist, but Americans who follow foreign policy know Obama is either in over his head or is deliberately trying to set the world on fire. Either way, I can’t see anyone who really follows foreign policy giving Obama their votes. Either they stay home or they vote Romney.

* The Unemployed — if you have been looking for work for months or years then you are not going to be voting for Obama. Once again, you will either sit home or you will vote for Romney hoping that he will improve your situation. The class warfare tactics are not working and people think giving the country over to a businessman and a guy who loves math is probably a great idea.

* People Who Are Turned Off By Celebrity and Lavish Spending — the Obamas have run up quite a tab on taxpayers’ dime. The bill comes due on November 6th. Those who don’t want the US to have a spendthrift royal family will not be casting votes for Barack Obama. A lot of people are VERY angry hearing about the $35 million oceanfront Hawaiian estate that Penny Pritzker and other wealthy Chicagoans are purchasing for the Obamas to move into come 2013 as their Ferdinand-and-Imelda-Marcos-esque escape plan.

Who am I missing up there?

What groups do YOU think will vote for Obama no matter what…and which ones will not vote for him for any reason this year? Who is going to sit the election out this time?

This is an open thread, so please tell us whatever else is on your mind.

Tell us what is happening on the ground NEAR YOU, too. Anecdotal evidence from wherever you live is the best reporting around right now.

— PS: More Doom Antidote can be found collected HERE –

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1 posted on 10/01/2012 5:54:18 PM PDT by 2ndDivisionVet
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

I hate to even think this but maybe the skewed polls and media propaganda are only forecasting what the vote will be when counted.

Between fighting every voter ID law in the country, outsourcing the actual vote count, and using their media and polls, I think they’re pretty certain they’ll get the numbers they’re forecasting.

My big question is,where the hell is Congress? How did they let the outsourcing of the vote count pass? Where are they when the WH is telling private companies not to hand out the pink slips until after the election.

Is anyone on the people’s side?

2 posted on 10/01/2012 6:12:08 PM PDT by Kenny
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

By the time Scytl is done counting the votes we all will have voted for him.

3 posted on 10/01/2012 6:25:04 PM PDT by null and void (Day 1350 of our ObamaVacation from reality - Obama, a queer and present danger)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

All of Harvard, Columbia, Yale,Ithica, UCal, almost all college student bodies and profs. All school teachers. The Black community. All illegals, excons just released. Uhm that’s just off the top of my head.

4 posted on 10/01/2012 6:56:57 PM PDT by GreatRoad (O < 0)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

Don’t forget that Obozo has been endorsed by Hugo Chavez and Vladimir Putin. I am sure they will find a way for those two to vote in the United States.

5 posted on 10/01/2012 7:02:00 PM PDT by VRWCRick
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

OK.. You forgot to mention folks that love Nat King Cole music.. SO..I’m voting for Obama.. :)

6 posted on 10/01/2012 7:07:56 PM PDT by carlo3b (Less Government, more Fiber..)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

I just saw an interesting article from the Guardian UK site called: “Latino voter eligibility at all-time high
in US but turnout likely to remain low.”

There are 4 million more eligible Hispanic voters this year than 2008, reaching an all-time high of 23.7 million, 17% of the electorate. However Pew found only 50% voted in 2008 snd LESS are expected to vote this year. There seems to be a voting disinterest after 2008, maybe due to the economy, this could affect turnout in FL, CO and NV.

7 posted on 10/01/2012 9:49:18 PM PDT by plushaye (Election 2012 Prayer Force)
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