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Relationship between Russian Collusion and Contact Tracing for the ChiCom Flu (Vanity)
Vanity ^ | May 10, 2020 | ConservativeInPA

Posted on 05/10/2020 9:45:01 AM PDT by ConservativeInPA

This post shows the illegal use of surveillance technology and how the same methods can be used with contact tracing.

There is a pattern of civil rights abuse by the deep state, Democrats and a complicit media. The word 'pattern' is used in a very precise manner. It is a template that is to be used over and over again. It is important to recognize this pattern because it will be used again.

The pattern was used in the failed coup attempt against President and to disenfranchise 63,000,000 voters. Let that sink in. Hopefully it will be enough for you to continue to read, research and draw your own conclusions.

First, some well documented background: Read this about Obama and surveillance from and see how the deep state and Democrats used technology as part of their coup on President Trump and his supporters. There was a thread posted on Free Republic about this last night. Most comments in the thread were in exasperation over Hussein's involvement, but you are urged to temporarily remove your emotions and recognize the basis of a pattern.

The article details how thousands of illegal surveillance traces were performed for political purposes. It is a difficult and long read. It is well documented using links to source documents. It contains a lot of technical language that you need to take the time to understand and put into context.

The remainder of this post puts this information in context and save the time of analyzing and assimilating all that information, but you are urged to go back and read the article. The coup was made possible by creating fear. In this case, there is an underlying basis of fact. Russia, and other states; China, NK, Ukraine, and Iran, were influencing our elections. As they always do. That fear was fed and used as a context to investigate.

The investigative tools were put into place years ago and well known by the deep state. In this case, it was NSA surveillance. The FBI and others used to surveillance to build false narratives. Information was fed into the Steele Dossier from the surveillance. It wasn't always accurate. For instance, a Michael Cohen was in Prague, but it wasn't Trump's lawyer, it was another guy named Michael Cohen.

LTG Flynn's phone calls with the Russian ambassador were recorded and fully known before he was setup by Obama and the FBI. That was surveillance, and it did not matter that the contents of the phone call were perfectly legal and benign.

You know the litany of stories fed to the media by anonymous sources. Some were related to surveillance and others were concocted from thin air. Recognize that surveillance is just one of the tools of the deep state. Surveillance is used in combination with other nefarious means to create doubt in the American public and establish additional investigations by willing Democrats and even Republicans.

The goal in this case was to remove President Trump from office, to tarnish the Republican party for generations and implement a progressive/Maxist political agenda without any barriers.

Now let's break down the pattern using a little abstraction.

1.) Goal: There is a political goal to be acheived, but that goal should be not explicitly stated to the public.
2.) Hoax: An event based in reality is exagerrated to create fear.
3.) Tools: The event and the generated fear is used as a context to use surveillance and conduct investigations.
4.) Misuse: Surveillance is taken out of context and combined with other fabrications as attacks on those that are barriers to the goal.
5.) Support: A complicit media is fed information and to sway public opinion and to continue the cycle of fear.
6.) The take down: Removal of the barrier.

That is the pattern. That is the template. Now you can apply this pattern to other things in the future, or right now for the call to use contact tracing.

1.) The Goal: Remove President Trump from office, tarnish Republican's reputations, eliminate barriers to implement progressive and Marxist agendas.
2.) The Hoax: COVID-19. It has a basis in reality, but it is not much worse than the seasonal flu. It is being manipulated to generate fear.
3.)Tools: Contact tracing, used in conjunction with other surveillance tools.
4.) Misuse: This is to happen in the future. Lies will be manufactured to take down barriers.
5.) Support: The media has been persistently fear mongering and attacks the President and his allies daily.
6.) The take down: A variety of options exist: a.) Another impeachment. b.) Disinformation used to sway public opinion in the Presidential election. c.) Make changes to how the election is conducted and use voter fraud. d.) Feel free to add to the list. If you can think of it then it will be attempted.

No consideration is given to people's constitutional freedoms and liberties. It is only a minor barrier solved through the use of fear in a hoax where people willingly give up their freedoms for security. We will not be secure by giving up our freedoms. We will lose both freedom and security.

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1 posted on 05/10/2020 9:45:01 AM PDT by ConservativeInPA
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To: ConservativeInPA

Brought to you by Big Tech and other leftist/liberal types. Persons B through G in the above graphic would be required to get a test and/or self quarantine? If you didn't do so, would they send someone round to pay you a visit? Persons H and I would just get a warning and advice on social distancing. Don't worry, it will be totally private and would never be used improperly by leftists. Conservatives warned about the Patriot Act being used against citizens. It was used against a citizen running for president plus a few members of his team. I think I'll watch Enemy of the State tonight.

2 posted on 05/10/2020 10:24:44 AM PDT by Pollard (whatever)
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To: Pollard
I see you get it.

This will be used to falsely identify person J, who is not in the diagram. That is the target. Person J will deny contact with person A. He will resist the removal of his liberties and taken into custody against his will. Associations between person J and others will be made. Then stories will be concocted to show person J and others were working against the state. The later has nothing to do with COVID-19. It is just a context to investigate, associate and lie.

All of this when there isn't a problem. It is a hoax to begin with.

3 posted on 05/10/2020 10:41:13 AM PDT by ConservativeInPA (It's official! I'm nominated for the 2020 Mr. Hyperbole and Sarcasm Award.)
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To: ConservativeInPA

And when they go after person J’s family and friends, he/she will plead guilty of a crime they didn’t commit, become a convicted felon and have their guns and other rights taken away. If the dems get power for 8 years again, they could remove the rights of most of the right so that they never lose another election and here’s socialism/marxism/communism.

4 posted on 05/10/2020 11:07:04 AM PDT by Pollard (whatever)
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