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Thereís Finally a Persuasive Case of Election Fraud, and Republicans Donít Care (N. Carolina)
The Atlantic ^ | 12/6/2018 | David A. Graham

Posted on 12/06/2018 10:50:27 AM PST by Signalman

Edited on 12/06/2018 11:36:02 AM PST by Admin Moderator. [history]

One early sign that something about McCrae Dowless wasn’t on the up-and-up came in November 2016.

With the race between North Carolina Republican Governor Pat McCrory and Democrat Roy Cooper down to a razor-thin margin, Republicans filed claims of voter fraud with county boards of election around the state. The GOP was aiming to delegitimize Cooper’s lead and to legitimize years of effort to overhaul voting laws to make them more restrictive, claiming serious fraud.

In Bladen County, in the southeastern part of the state, Dowless, who had won a race for soil and water commissioner, alleged that “literally hundreds of fraudulent ballots” were cast in his race. When he was called before the North Carolina State Board of Elections to discuss his complaint, he was unable to answer specific questions about his allegations. More astonishingly, Dowless at one point deflected a question by invoking his Fifth Amendment right to avoid self-incrimination—even though the board was hearing a complaint he himself had filed.

It was a portent. Today, Dowless stands accused of orchestrating a sweeping voter-fraud operation in Bladen County—allegedly to benefit a Republican candidate for U.S. House. The state board has refused to certify the results of the race pending an investigation, leaving the final makeup of the 116th Congress in doubt. Meanwhile, in an ironic twist, Republican lawmakers 100 miles north in Raleigh are close to passing a new voter-ID law. After years of searching for proof that voting fraud is rampant in the Old North State, there’s finally a persuasive case—and it’s a kind of fraud the new law is unlikely to stop.

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No mention of what happened in Orange County, CA
1 posted on 12/06/2018 10:50:27 AM PST by Signalman
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To: Signalman

The Washington General Republicans exist for the sole purpose of losing to the Democrat Globalist Trotters.

2 posted on 12/06/2018 10:54:43 AM PST by brownsfan (Behold, the power of government cheese.)
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To: Signalman

This is big on the Democrat social media propaganda pipeline.

Nonstop propaganda.

3 posted on 12/06/2018 10:55:02 AM PST by ifinnegan (Democrats kill babies and harvest their organs to sell)
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To: ifinnegan

Yes, indeedy, if there is no other to steal an election, drum up accusations of vote fraud by the other side. Sickening.

4 posted on 12/06/2018 10:56:27 AM PST by erkelly
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To: erkelly

Only accusations of Republican voter fraud are being taken seriously this is absolutely outrageous.

5 posted on 12/06/2018 10:59:33 AM PST by Williams (Stop Tolerating The Intolerant.)
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To: Signalman

"Didn't Democrats do the same exact thing in California?"


6 posted on 12/06/2018 10:59:48 AM PST by Drew68
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To: brownsfan

< golf clap>

7 posted on 12/06/2018 11:22:39 AM PST by FreedomPoster (Islam delenda est)
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To: Signalman

The GOP must seize on this opportunity immediately. The Democrats around the country are FINALLY admitting voter fraud occurs.

This case might be proof of it occurring in 1 race, but the TOTAL number of absentee ballots this guy requested (600) is less than the margin of victory for Harris (900+), so cannot possibly (alone) result in a change in the winner. Even this article makes it apparent that at least some number of the 600 ballots requested had been returned and counted. The “mystery” is what happened to the remaining ones? (not voted? “voted” and not submitted? etc.)

GOP needs to begin messaging about comprehensive Voter ID and election security reforms now! We need to keep the Russians and other foreign powers from influencing elections, and we need to secure the vote. We have to be certain that all legal voters are EN-franchised, and that no legal voters get DIS-enfranchised by the inclusion of illegal votes.

That means strong voter ID laws; it means secure methods of issuing, collecting, and counting absentee ballots; it means states sharing voter rolls with other states (no voting twice!); it means regularly purging voter registration lists; it means securing early voting locations and processes; it means accounting for every ballot printed, issued, and returned; it means assuring the chain of custody of every ballot - beginning to end; it means no votes by illegal aliens for any Federal office (and State-wide offices too, if I had my way).

The statement should read like this: “Today, I - Senator Rino Spineless, of the great State of North Carolina - rise to join my Democrat colleagues in condemning ALL acts and instances of voter fraud. If the allegations in my home state are true, they represent the worst behavior among our citizens and simply cannot be tolerated anywhere in the Union. Fortunately, we know with mathematical certainty that these alleged actions did not, would not, and could not have changed the outcome of this race, and we should waste no time in certifying and seating Mark Harris as the new Congressional Representative from NC-9. Simultaneously, I am immediately introducing legislation, and calling on all Senators to support me in the creation of a blue-ribbon panel that will thoroughly investigate these alleged improprieties in North Carolina, substantially similar actions in Orange County, California, and also the apparent malfeasance in Broward County, Florida. We should ALL be in complete agreement that anyone - ANYONE - that is the “winner” of an election that is potentially tainted, should be removed immediately upon discovery and proof that shameless practices, such as “ballot harvesting” or voting by non-citizens - produced a result different than intended by those who legally voted.”

8 posted on 12/06/2018 12:07:18 PM PST by Be Free (When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.)
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To: Signalman

It’s not just in North Carolina that the GOP seemingly “doesn’t care”...

Across the nation, there have been signs of improprieties - and indeed, it is a long-standing “tradition” for Democrats in every corner to play shenanigans regarding elections and the rules.

From “legal” election fraud (ballot harvesting), to manipulation of the count by officials and the “surprise discovery” of boxes of uncounted ballots at “just the right time”... Democrats consistently cheat.

Yet who are the first to cry foul at the slightest hint that they lost? The same-said Democrats. When they can’t manufacture or fake enough votes to steal a victory -they file lawsuits, they force recounts (and recounts and recounts in hopes of buying time to “find” more lost votes).

Democrats pass legislation that further enables vote stealing... while standing against ANY meaningful legislation that would PROTECT the vote and its integrity. Imagine that.

Republicans take things to court when they have clear-cut, and very specific instances that can possibly be corrected via court action.

But overall - Republicans prove time and again that they have NO backbone. IN the US Senate - the Democrats have the functional majority if they have at least 35-40 seats.

9 posted on 12/06/2018 12:10:11 PM PST by TheBattman (Democrats-Progressives-Marxists-Socialists - redundant labels.)
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To: Signalman

There is no such thing as election fraud.

10 posted on 12/06/2018 12:18:08 PM PST by VanDeKoik
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To: VanDeKoik

Good, reopen Dana Rohrabacher’s race and four others in California as well as the Enema-McSally race. Whoever this guy is, if he really did do this which there is no evidence of, he’s awesome for giving them a taste of their own medicine.

11 posted on 12/06/2018 12:28:24 PM PST by jyo19
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To: Be Free

>>>The GOP must seize on this opportunity immediately.

The NC GOP did that in 2013. They did an analysis and found little to no evidence of in-person voter fraud and found several cases of absentee voter fraud.
So naturally, they tightened in-person voting requirements - voter ID, reduced early voting days and locations, etc. They also chose to ease restrictions on absentee voting.

12 posted on 12/06/2018 12:38:18 PM PST by oincobx
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To: oincobx

In-person fraud (or impersonation fraud) is practically impossible to detect, so it should be no surprise that little-to-none is found. It’s like keeping Barney Fife in the squad room all night, and then declaring that no speeding occurred because no tickets were written. There literally is no evidence of impersonation fraud, as nothing is captured that can prove it.

I agree that absentee-voting is even more open to fraud. Particularly when you allow ballot harvesting, and chain-of-custody is routinely broken. Here, you’d just play the odds: under 35, minority, urban - much more likely to vote Dem., so a Dem harvester turns in them, and trashes the rest. Inverse is true for a GOP harvester. And that’s to say nothing of the propensity of Democrat strongholds wanting to count absentee ballots where signatures don’t match and can’t be confirmed - ala Palm Beach and Broward Counties.

All I’m saying is the GOP has a golden opportunity to make all of our elections more secure, and assure “1 man, 1 vote”. They should seize it. Minimally the Dems will shut up (always good). Optimally we’ll get some needed reforms and oversight, so it’s more important who votes, than who counts the votes.

13 posted on 12/06/2018 1:37:45 PM PST by Be Free (When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.)
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To: Signalman

So far as I can tell, they have ONE person who has said someone came to him, helped him get an absentee ballot, and later collected that ballot from him. This is “ballot harvesting”, and california made it legal and had hundreds of thousands of them, and teh democrats think that is great because it helps every person vote;

except here they think it is a clear sign of fraud, and suddenly recognize that a person could fill in a ballot and turn it in without being the person the ballot belonged to.

14 posted on 12/06/2018 2:06:12 PM PST by CharlesWayneCT
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To: Signalman

Lol. We already know that the Pubes are cowards.

15 posted on 12/06/2018 5:04:56 PM PST by Seruzawa (TANSTAAFL!)
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To: Signalman

Funny, with all the ‘concern’ expressed about voter fraud I would think an actual case where not only an election, but a primary (against a sitting member of Congress) where wide-spread, organized fraud may have effected the result would get some attention.

A sitting member of Congress had his seat ‘stolen!’


16 posted on 12/06/2018 7:47:11 PM PST by CharleysPride (Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Thank you, President Trump.)
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To: Signalman
Posted this classic before, but some may not have seen it. Note that not only do all those "different" voters write the exact same way, they all made the error of signing in the print your name box and vice versa. What are the odds? :-)

17 posted on 12/07/2018 9:23:25 AM PST by Oatka
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